THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Dr Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, Drake Baily –


DUANE:   Very revealing show.   Important information to know about our Shift.


Published on Oct 16, 2018

Quantum Shift with the gang. Here is the newest news on galactic updates, and current affairs. This might not be the whole story, so please help us, to help you by doing your own research. Get involved and help create the reality we desire. Dr. Hulda Clark Royal Rife Bio-frequencies Spooky2 Quantum entanglement

BLOSSOM GOODCHILD – Channeling The Federation of Light – 10-12-18 –

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Hello. Well, after a three week break and not being able to get through to you yesterday, I suddenly feel LIGHT headed and feel you are here. Go for it! We thank you for heeding our request. Indeed we are…Read more

via Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – October 12, 2018 — Sananda

MIKE QUINSEY – Higher Self Message – 20-5-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia

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October 5, 2018

You are rapidly approaching the end of the year and, looking back, realise that time is still speeding up. The vibrations continue to lift up and slowly but surely many souls are also experiencing a change in their vibrations.

The result is they feel more at ease and less inclined to have drastic mood changes and feel able to experience some negativity without any lasting effect. A peaceful and fulfilling experience beckons and calmness in the face of any upsetting experience.


Thanks to

You can be a catalyst for peace when conditions are very changeable as at present and will find people gravitating towards you for that reason. It is all part of your evolutionary experiences, and by example you encourage other souls to follow your way of life.

At present the outer world continues to be in a turmoil, yet at the same time it is, so to say, clearing up old problems and thereby releasing karma that has often accumulated over many centuries.

However, now that you are in the New Age you cannot take it with you, and it has to be worked out and finally cleared once and for all.

You can expect to see some remarkable changes around you when old enemies put their differences behind them and settle for peace. It must come and will be encouraged by those who can see ways of making a settlement that appease all concerned. The time for wars and any actions that hold up peaceful advancement will no longer be acceptable and the warmongers will find that their plans are being foiled and prevented from becoming live.

Soon it will become evident that the expense of war and all it entails is extremely wasteful both in the cost of money and human lives. Indeed, there is already reluctance among younger people to entertain any actions that are not in the interests of world peace. They are what you would call a new breed who have a wider understanding of how Humans can work together and achieve peace. Their voices will be heard and they will be acknowledged for the insight and good sense that they have.

Your Space family are eagerly waiting for the time when they can openly arrive on Earth, but, as already mentioned, desire to do so when their safety is assured. Understand that they long ago moved beyond the use of force to achieve their aims, and whilst they would be forced to defend themselves if threatened, they can do so without resorting to warlike action. They come to you in absolute love and peace, ready to help you take your place among them.

For some of you it will be renewing your links with family who have come from places outside of the Earth. Many will no doubt be pleasantly surprised to find that they are from the higher dimensions, and volunteered to take embodiment on Earth and helped Humans get past the marker of 2012.

You will find that service to others is quite normal once you have risen up and is all towards giving those who need it a helping hand. When you often hear that “All are One” you are indeed linked to an unbreakable bond that unites all souls wherever they may be.

You may have had your evolution held back by the dark Ones, but in the long run you will not lose any of the advantages that so far you have been denied. In fact, many new ideas have already been developed and are ready to be made available to you. Some have crept into your way of life as it has been impossible for the dark Ones to withhold everything from you.

So in some respects you may not be so far behind as you might imagine. However, modernisation is sadly lacking in many areas and you are paying for it in more senses than one. Advancement cannot be stopped but simply slowed down, so you will suddenly go forward in leaps and bounds once you can get started.

Fortunately you are just beginning to recognise the extreme damage you are doing to the environment and the animal kingdom. You will be prompted to take sensible action and, with “unseen” help, be able to clear up problems faster than would have seemed possible. The most pressing need is for suitable action to be taken to remove the pollution from your seas before it causes needless loss of marine life.

Show goodwill and the intent to overcome the serious problems created for so much of your sea life and almost indifference to the damage you have been causing and you will almost certainly get help. You are seeing the result of years of neglect that has caught up with you. Lessons will undoubtedly be learnt as you accept the responsibilities to look after your environment.

The move towards a more settled Earth is taking shape and many moves are occurring that will result in leadership changes that are appropriate to fulfil the needs of the people. The old ways are already things of the past and cannot be restored. New ideas abound everywhere, but many are still being held back by those who will not change their ways.

There are also those who have invested in long-term changes that do not reflect the new approach to everything that is needed to bring the New Age into complete manifestation. Have no fear because changes for the better must come, and very soon you will see new ideas coming into being at a time when they will be most welcome and appropriate for the tasks ahead.

It is sad to say that at a time when peace on Earth is getting nearer, there are groups of beings working purely for self with a total disregard for the needs of the people. They have chosen to try and dominate others using the Solar System, rather than working in harmony for the good of all.

They are oblivious to the changing times on Earth, and will eventually be left behind to play out their warlike activities. They can do so because the freewill granted to you all that is the key to everything that is taking place.

It comes at a price that says you are responsible for your actions, and will have to suffer the consequences. It is the only way you learn to become peaceful beings and can evolve to the higher levels of vibration. Fortunately there are many souls who have advanced their evolution so much so that they are firmly on the path to Ascension. There is no back-door way to it and your only compensation is that you will always be given another chance to succeed. Help is always at hand even if it is not always apparent.

When a cycle comes to its conclusion all that was established through it is no longer applicable, inasmuch that the old is no longer being extended but instead a new energy is taking its place. Therefore as the old has served its purpose it makes way for the new that is more advanced and will gradually lift you up to a new level.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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SOUL SISTERS TRUTH – Grab The Popcorn! – The Show Is About To Begin! – 10-1-18 – ENERGY, LIGHTWORKERS



This last full moon changed everything for everyone on earth. Pluto going direct has just added to all that is about to unfold. It’s about to get crazy and it’s all going to happen really fast. Grab your popcorn and watch the show.

What happened with Kavanaugh this week is about to set off a chain of events that is the catalyst to the mass arrests beginning. We are going to first watch the Democratic party implode and then the Republican party will follow. They seem like enemies but at the top they all work together to screw the American people as much as they can. There is no honor among these people. It will be every man and woman for themselves. Watch the blame game and telling on each other begin. That is why Trump had to be elected. He is not a politician and can’t be bought, bribed, or controlled. You have to be a certain level of awareness for who Trump really is to be revealed to you. He is very important to our mission. I told people 25 years ago he would be president one day and they all thought I was crazy. I am not so crazy now. All will be revealed to everyone soon Pluto going direct ensured this.

The event is not a wave. The waves got us there but when it happens, it will be one big flash of light that hits the entire earth at once. My guides told me this was very important to let you know, for 2 days they kept emphasizing this to me. They kept interrupting me saying “A Big Flash Of Light Is Coming” and they want you to know this.

I know this weekend was rough for everyone, the energy was off the charts. Saturday night I began to feel it in the back of my neck, then my entire body. I first started to feel the headache, then the body aches followed and of course a new batch of hives. The hives drive me crazy.  Eventually my back of my head and spine were full of energy and pressure. I am getting no sleep up and down and my whole body sweating. Sweat will drip off even my legs. I didn’t even think there were sweat glands there. I know the sweating indicates I am doing a massive amount of astral traveling in my sleep. This energy is also activating your DNA. This this energy also sent the masses in the 4th dimension into kundalini. Most of my coworkers are in kundalini now and they have no idea what is happening to them. The chaos is about to begin and we are needed badly. Lightworkers may have noticed that they are seeing the numbers 911 constantly, 911 is the call to lightworkers that our real mission is about to begin. You may also have noticed seeing a lot of 1’s, 4’s, and 7’s. These are not just synchronicities these numbers are activating your DNA and getting you ready to step fully into your mission. What is about to happen will make what we have already been through seem like cakewalk. It is about to get real serious real fast.

Many lightworkers were recently relocated and positioned. This was to get us into a safer place before the collapse begins. It is all about to collapse. When Metatron showed me, he took me way above the earth. We both looked down and he pointed for me to watch. At first a couple small boulders tumbled to the earth. Then a few more and then a massive rock slide just overtook the whole earth and it showed me everything crumbling and collapsing. This was our systems and structures collapsing not the actually earth being destroyed. It is all about to happen really fast and it will be amazing to see.



KRYON – THE STORM – 9-5-18


Published on Sep 5, 2018

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways. For more info visit…

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D Updates – Posted 9-30-18

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Published on Sep 29, 2018


Hi Mom!🤗😘 I love you.
I give messages, thats just part of what im supposed to do as my service, if they dont resonate or make sense, dont force it. Not all messages are meant for everyone, just whoever it resonates.
I was also seeing something with JKF and the containment or plasmic field around the planet, Dominic testing… 2020 came through in dream/meditative state no real message… Along w a visual of myself in 2022. Lighter feeling new world- 2024/2025 💓💓Anyone else dealing w attacks, projections, gossip and just bs from others (especailly if you share info publicly) stay strong in your inner knowing & connection to God/Divine/Source! Dark forces want you to react, they want you to be triggered, they want you to fail, they want to mock or slander your name, they will use others to get to you, they want to confuse you and create doubt within yourself, they want you to keep quiet. DON’T!!! Your spirit is powerful & when your intentions are pure & not malice- you will always be the one in harmony, high vibe & in contentment in the end.. Cause and effect, law of rythm. Energy is reactive, you get what you give. Always. **spiritual growth is not a competition, neither is youtube😂 Any youtuber getting attacked by another…just know they feed off others, thats why they do it. This is a Spiritual, energetic, Psychological war… Collective timeline events are not going to effect anyone in alignment or anyone who trusts in their connection from within, its all an illusion anyways. We are avatars.. these bodies are just the vehicle we are using to have an experience. All suffering begins and ends in the mind. Stay in compassion always- dont feed the system your energy by reacting, its a distraction.


As I’ve been saying for months… after summer it all begins in a big way- mass arrests, shifts, exposing, events, mass awakenings, increase in plasmic wave density/transmissions with less distortion… all unfolding in several collective timelines collapsing into one unified field. Changes in technology, measurement system using “new” energy (not new, just telling the collective its “new”😂) & money will begin to be made aware to the public but may not be rolled out more towards November. Many will feel energy wave w ears ringing, itchy skin, heart palpitations. People will begin seeing large fleets of ships in 12 different locations. Im seeing dates for different collective events, (not THE event, talking about events leading to that and creating mass shifts/change) just waiting for confirmation before I mention more because the time is intuitive. The only way out of fear is within, the soul is the persona, the spirit connects you to the creator.. Connect and listen to your spirit, you recieve direct guidance. We are all just pieces of the same cookie🍪. Stay true in your knowing, if it doesnt resonate, its not meant to. Honor your Free Will and the Free Will of others.

THE ARCTURIAN GROUP via Marilyn Raffaele – 9-30-18 – Live As An Observer

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Marilyn Raffaele

SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

Dear readers,  welcome to these times in which the birthing of a new consciousness both personally and globally is taking place.  You are ready.  It is time.
You have paid your dues in preparation and were aware that a great deal of chaos would be taking place, yet you chose to come because you wanted to be here and be a part of it.  Many others wanted to be on earth as well but were deemed not sufficiently prepared for the shift of consciousness now taking place.
You came into this lifetime with the intention of completing anything unfinished from other lifetimes and tie up  loose ends with regard to people and belief systems.  Completing something left unfinished from another lifetime is often the reason two people marry only to discover that they have nothing in common.  Relationships of this sort frequently represent the pre-birth intention of one or both to bring closure and resolution to something unresolved involving the person who is now the partner or others in the family group.
When an individual feels spiritually prepared, he/she often chooses to be born into a family or situation that is enmeshed in the particular  belief system or issue that he feels ready to clear from himself.  By doing this, the energy of the issue that he still carries (strict religious beliefs, male domination, abuse,etc. ) is reactivated, and the person once again finds themselves a part of the particular negative pattern.
However, now, having attained a higher level of awareness, he/she is able to see it from a new level, rise beyond  it, clear it from cellular memory,  and  once and for all be free of something that may very well have plagued him/her through lifetimes.  When some negative energetic situation that has been  carried through family lineage for lifetimes is finally healed and dissolved in this higher way rather than just humanly repressing it, the  lineage is broken and descendents will no longer inherit it.
The particular issue or belief system  can no longer exist in his/her experience because his/her awakened consciousness no longer holds the substance from which the issue was formed in the first place and so is no longer being created.  This is why the best people to help  others with some particular problem, are those who have been through and risen above that same problem.  It is not unusual for an evolved soul to choose to experience and then rise above some three dimensional  issue such as alcoholism in order to serve as a light for others.
Remaining stored cellular memory from intense experiences of both good and bad are and have been clearing from your energy field for some time. A great deal of clearing takes place as you sleep and is often reflected in dreams.  Some energy clearings manifest physically as unexpected aches or pains which can be intense and  traumatic if the person is unaware of what is happening.   Clearings  of this sort usually just fade away (some more quickly than others) as their frequencies shift to new and higher levels.
You knew and were prepared to do the required inner work before incarnating–work that would enable you to add the Light of your awakened consciousness to the universal three dimensional  consciousness  that holds mankind in bondage.  Never doubt that you knew what you needed to do before coming and that you were also aware that some of it would be difficult.
Experiences judged to be failures according to third dimensional thinking are more often than not graduations for the serious student of truth–experiences that are necessary in order to better recognize some false concept or belief they may still hold.  Consider any so called “failures” to be simply notches on your awareness belt.
If  you are living the truth, then you are doing the work dear ones.  Trust that you are right where you are supposed to be and that everything is proceeding according to plan  because you as  humans are not really running the show.  Try not to despair or fall back into the hypnotism of three dimensional appearances, becoming enmeshed in the games of duality and separation that are being played out at this time even if those around you say you must be more practical. (According to their belief system) .
The real essence of every individual  regardless of appearances,  is and can only ever be Divine Consciousness because that is all there is.  Those who do not yet know this live their lives according to the false concepts and beliefs that make up third dimensional consciousness.  Your job is to silently acknowledge the reality behind all appearances at all times and in all circumstances.  A consciousness imbued with truth can actually shift another out of their illusions if the other is receptive. This is Light work.
                                                ONE WITH GOD IS A MAJORITY
Many still think of Light workers as being only those who channel, are active in one or more healing modalities, or teach classes of spirituality, etc.  Light work is nothing more than living out from (be-ing) your highest awareness of truth in each and every mundane and seemingly ordinary activity of the day.
You are a Light worker when you silently and secretly acknowledge the Divine nature of the person serving your table at lunch, the person collecting your garbage, and your child’s teacher, as well as the CEO of some large and possibly corrupt corporation or your nosy neighbor.  No one is more Divine than another in spite of appearances to the contrary, some are simply more awake than others.  It is folly and separation at its finest to worship some person from the past or present simply because they know and live realities  that are fully present within all.
Like it or not, you become a Lightworker the moment you awaken to truth and cannot go back to the seemingly more easy life you think you had when spiritually asleep. The Genie of awareness can never be put back in the bottle although many try when life becomes difficult.  Have you ever attempted to once again be the old you, the one you were when you simply believed what you were told and had many like minded companions only to have an annoying little inner voice say; “You damn fool.”?
Everyone chooses to live on earth in three dimensional energy in order to gain wisdom and eventually  remember their Divine nature through experiences of duality and separation.  In order to do this, an individual must experience all facets of third dimensional living–being male, being female, being a warrior, being a king, being  beggar, being black,white, red, brown, being homosexual, being heterosexual, being smart, being dumb etc. etc.
The retarded person you feel sorry for may very well have chosen the experience and is not atoning for anything done in the past, as many believe.  Experiencing a mentally handicapped life may well have been on the soul’s  “bucket list” so to speak.  Difficult lives are  planned before incarnation with the help of Guides and  input from those around the person who will be affected as well because they too will learn and evolve from the experience of being  the parent, sibling, teacher, caregiver, etc.)
Never categorize a person or situation because the reality behind appearances can never be fathomed. Even the most intelligent human mind is by itself very limited.  There are the accumulated energies of hundreds of lifetimes and interactions playing out in most all human situations, much more than can ever be analyzed with three dimensional thinking.
It is difficult not to judge  and become angry as the darker side of humanity continues to be exposed. These times are especially problematic for those who have believed in and relied on  falsehoods  promoted by ignorant and un-awakened governments, religions, experts, friends, and family.  At this time, the world of illusion is collapsing for many and they believe they have no where to go.
Lightworkers do not ignore world problems nor does it mean they cannot assist those who find themselves floundering in the midst of their collapsing belief system.  Rather, this is where and when Lightworkers silently, secretly, and sacredly do the work.  Often the action of simply throwing out a tiny seed of truth, nothing more,  along with love and gentle support,  will serve to open a tiny crack that allows the suffering one to begin seeing life on a higher level.  Some will plant the seed they have been given and others will not, but that is not your concern.
Learn to live as an observer in these chaotic times, simply doing whatever it is you do from a level of consciousness that has learned to be detached from outcomes and does not give the power of spiritual reality to appearances.
At this point you are aware that there is no death and that three dimensional situations can only exist as long as they are energetically fed.  The material world you see and experience with your physical senses is in reality, the very real spiritual world  being interpreted and viewed through the limited awareness of a third dimensional consciousness that consists of concepts and beliefs in duality and separation.
Man, as an expression of the one and only Power and Reality, is  a creator.  What are you choosing to  create?  We have brought this up many times, but it must be reiterated because many, even some considered to be spiritually awake, believe themselves to be at the mercy of outside people, places, and things, and until they allow the truth they know to become their attained state of consciousness, they will be.
Lower, denser, and heavier frequencies are unable to align with and enter into Light.  Your defense and  shield is always your enlightened consciousness.   Trust your intuition always, and know that we are not saying that you can walk down some dark alley in an unsafe part of town with only an intellectual knowledge of this truth and expect no harm to come.  We are saying that your state of consciousness appears outwardly as form.
Never doubt that you bring your state of consciousness with you wherever you go because it is you.  Entering a convent or monastery, or moving to another state or home simply to avoid some unpleasant situation will not eliminate the  experiences.  They may take a different form, but if the energy of them  is still present, it will manifest.  Consciousness always expresses itself.
Learn to be the consciousness you are (I AM)  rather than just bearing witness to it outside of yourself (separation).
As you live each day from your highest level of awareness, more will be given.  Truth flows energetically and increases as you allow what you already have to flow out.  Consciousness can not exist as empty space, and the truth you live and allow to flow out immediately fills in with more.  Truth is infinite.
All third dimensional situations are temporary and many of you have reached a readiness to leave behind the things that may be holding you in bondage to something finished.  You are ready to be free.
It is time.