Galactic Updates – Kent Dunn, Pari Bince – 12-6-18

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Michael Golzmane – Every Shift in your Experience is preceded by a Shift in Consciousness

Michael Golzmane

Michael Golzmane

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Aluna Ash- 9D – New Earth Shift – 11-27-18

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Published on Nov 27, 2018

Alot a physical purging for many can bring up a lot of symptoms some of you are feeling flu like symptoms, I was on and off over last couple weeks. Drink plenty, rest plenty, stay focused on your spirit. May feel waves of energy move through body.. may feel like anxiety at times. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time feeling like circumstances are completely out of their control, just know that this is part of the clearing unconscious imprints that’s taking place there- is an uprooting of karmic frequencies individually and collectively. This is clearing the realms & timelimes to move into higher ones

We are all going through upheavels, changes, purges at some level.. be kind & gentle to yourself and others right now. Staying out of duality, division and judgment about another’s path or where another person is at at this moment in time, is SOOO helpful in raising the collective consciousness, there is no right or wrong there is only perception and experience that we are playing out due to the laws of cause and consequence. I’ve definitely felt the physical symptoms due to imprints of diff things coming from past lives and childhood that i didnt even know about or remember. Theres definitely a remembering and Awakening of the unconscious mind and all imprints within the different Realms of our psyche that were playing out energetically/astrally in the diff planes within the physical

I almost let projections get the best of me and came very close to deleting my channel!😂 thinking back now its ridiculous lol.. dont allow anyone to project negativity on to you to the point it messes with your mind, *return to sender* in love. Its a spiritual war. I love you guys & im very grateful for your support




This is the true story of a shift. It took place on October 28th, 2018, at approximately 2:00 PM Central Standard time in the United States.
At that moment, and for no obvious reason, the van I was riding in, along with most of my family, 7 people, careened at 70 mph into a guard rail and then the cement base of a utility pole. I’ve been told we were airborne at one point and that the van resembled an accordion when it stopped. I believe I left my body. There were no fatalities and I’ve been told by more than one being that we were intentionally saved; a miracle.

One of us, a 21-year-old beautiful man, has already undergone surgery and will require more before his body is completely healed. Please pray for our friend P.E.

What do you do when something like this happens? For me, I pick up my pen and write. I write out loud now to share an insight. It comes from the place I am in right now; a new life on a planet in which nothing looks or feels the same, yet somehow has everything still in it.

I may still be in shock, yet most of my conversations since Sunday center around love, relationship, honesty and “other”. I have so many stories of angels, some of them human, some of them unseen.

Those of us in this accident are now altered in ways unseen and beyond our blackened eyes.

I don’t know where we go from here.

If you asked me right now what life will be like after we move into another frequency, or shift into another dimension or relocate to the new earth, I’d tell you that:
Physically it looks pretty much the same.
Mentally it feels like an avalanche of new thoughts are cascading and struggling to find a place to settle.
Emotionally it is crystal clear what matters. What matters is love. Each time, every conversation, all of your entrances and exits.
Spiritually there is a calm.

Because this comes packaged with horrific trauma, there is fear, anger and confusion wrapping it all up.  There is a feeling of frozen.

My world has stopped for now. Yet what’s in it that continues, is love.

Does this make sense? All of my most recent telepathic interactions seem to have foretold and then explained this event. I do not label it “event” lightly; it changes everything in my world.

I’ll share a few words from those personal conversations, it feels as if they are meant for us all…

From October 24th, 2018
“The place you are going is not another planet, but a new version of this one… the world will feel altered in a massive way… Everything now becomes different. You’ll have to depend on love for sustenance. It will be a time when what will come to the surface is who you truly are, and you will, in that time, show that love that you are. Prepare yourself for it with calm, inner resolve and kindness to all those who touch your coming days. You are about to embark on a journey… a memory happens in these coming days of the time when everything changed.”

From October 31st, 2018
“The next phase has begun in earnest now. There are legions of angels surrounding each of you to assist in your healing. There is not death here but instead the possibility of re-birth and renewal and transformation. You will not be of service to others now without a strong base. The importance of love and of each other will be maintained in each of you as steps in a very gradual process. You all move forward right now…you are seeing a new world, a world in which other and your relationship to other now takes priority. You’ve entered a new earth Sophia. Welcome. People come first, every time.”

November 2nd, 2018
“Your life extends beyond this physical realm and what it is you will see when you allow your sight is all of the components, each of the players and those players include my kind. (This being identified himself as an archangel.) Your relationship to your world is forever changed…as part of your own evolution, and here is meant for all of you, this accelerates things.”

I am not sure of much right now, but there is one thing I know. When everything around you dissolves you will find your core truth. That core is your foundation and viscerally it feels like 100% rock-solid pure love. You’ll realize it, and when you do, you’ll begin to notice it everywhere and in everyone. I have no doubt that the shift is within us all. We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation and so much love,

ALEXANDER, INDIGO LIGHT – The November 2018 Shift – Faith and Creation – November 6, 2018 – Rose Rambles dot org


Alexander covers the energies of early November,

emphasizing the necessity for faith

and creating a new reality

in this grounding stage for this paradigm shift.

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via The November 2018 Shift: Faith and Creation ~ November 6, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

DANIEL SCRANTON – We Are Your Cheerleaders ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 10-22-18



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the best possible cheerleaders for all of you. We know that at times what you need more than anything is encouragement. You need to know that there is more for you, and you need support in getting to where you are going. Now, the reason we say we are perfect for this role is that we have ascended. We ascended to the fifth dimension, and then the sixth, and then the seventh, and so on, and we know how challenging this experience can be.

We are very pleased to be a part of your ascension experience as we cheer you on from the non-physical. We can remember what it was like to be in that fourth dimension, so eager to move into the fifth, and there were beings who helped us at that time. We also recognize that there are parts of your experience that we did not have to face in ours.

You live in a reality where the polarity is greater and where the emotions run hotter. We also recognize that you have more strength than we did, and we are so impressed by what you have endured there on Earth that it brings us tremendous joy to be able to support you and encourage you in the ways that we can. We are always looking for new ways to do so.

In this transmission, we just want to assure you that it will all be worth it, and as much as you want to get to the fifth dimension, and to have all of those experiences that you want to have as quickly as possible, the journey itself is the true experience. It is what you signed up for. It is what you knew you were ready for, and it is the most delicious experience that you can have in a physical body.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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AWAKENING 5D HEALING – The Shift Update and Meditation Mantras – 10-15-18




Time is changing, rather our perception of time, is changing. Our understanding of how time works is evolving. Sequences, spirals, circles, secrets of the universe misunderstood, hidden or dismissed. The truth has always been hidden in plain sight. We are taught time is linear. We are conditioned to think in linear terms. Our lives are constructed around linear benchmarks. The key to deprogramming, opening our minds is energy. Time is a smokescreen for energy. Energy is the missing variable. The hidden element that turns everything we have been told on its head. When we take on board the longevity of our soul, the multiple lifetimes our soul will experience, the time pressures we are put under here evaporate somewhat. We can breathe. We have time, chances, opportunities to grow and evolve. We learn we travel with the same souls, we see each other again. We can slow down, smell the roses, be present. The spiral universe sprinkles her magic, mindfulness is evolution.

Thanks to

Everything in the multiverse vibrates, nothing stands still. At a cellular level we are vibratory beings. Our vibration interacts with our environment and vice versa. We can zoom out into the cosmos and see planets as cells, everything vibrates. Alignment requires release of heavy lower vibrational blocks. Upgrades require this. We recalibrate when our inner vibration merges with higher wavelengths. We operate within a mystical fabric of time and space. Loopholes, worm holes, portals and vortices are all possible. Primary points set the foundations of our lives. Timelines switch, sway, flow and form with each passing thought. We can flicker in and out of dimensions. Our auras energetically emanating rainbow colours, light, dark, shade and shadow. We are creators. When we see dark, feel dark, we manifest more dark. When we are bathed in love light, we create more love, more light. We bring joy to our lives. The monumental task for lightworkers is to be in the heart of darkness and still remain balanced, secure in a sacred circle of light. Healers, this is our mission.

The matrix is a manifesting machine. If the collective consciousness is in fear vibration, we will perpetuate cycles of fear. We are heading into another shift cosmic friends. The 3d matrix is being fused with, replaced by, the 5d light matrix. The system may be knocked offline for a few hours, even a few days, use routines to stay grounded. We can transform negative to positive by moving into love frequencies, manifesting positivity. The matrix locks us into low bandwidths with relentless conditioning, chaos and cruelty. The less we expose ourselves to matrix narratives of apocalyptic doom and gloom, the higher our vibration will be, the more we will manifest love. Positive engagement, adding our voice on the material plane, empowers us. We are here, ground zero, but it doesn’t have to be the way the programmers want it to be. We corrupt the coding with calm vibrations, we glitch the matrix with truth rhetoric, we spread light like a virus. We can reset the algorithms to positeeeeve.

We create our reality, the new paradigm is here. What we do not want will dissolve over time. We reinforce what will only be energetic memory for a short while. We manifest memory, expectation of what we see, hear and experience. Fluctuations, ripples, breakbeats, loops and jumps all will be experienced as we quantum leap through space and time. One minute to midnight, stay grounded in light. We are manifesting different realities. Some may already be aware others do not see them. Multiple realities operating at once in Gaia’s frequency field. A quantum world. A sensory, Smart world. The coming days may feel alternately zen, fluid, blissful or low energy, heavy limbs, foggy thoughts. Some may experience bouts of justified paranoia, others may have transdimensional reality shifts. Third eye hyper awareness will be experienced as we anchor our light to Gaia’s grid. Ripples in our reality. We stay grounded, balanced, cultivating inner strength with healing, meditation, rest, creativity and nature.

Be mindful of the present for it will pull you out of tricky sensory head space. Instincts will be on high alert. Stay settled with daily routines and grounding mantras. This is what is being seen and foreseen. There is a reason for the offline loopholes, the reset. A backdoor portal will again open. The portal will enable many thousands of souls to incarnate out of the 3d matrix. Those caught in the lower realms of the dark web, their souls fractured by prolonged exposure to the 3d matrix, are being offered an escape route. This energetic shift will release trapped souls in lower wavelengths. They will see source light, a backdoor portal will open. Their saviours, ascended beings invested in humanities liberation, welcoming them. Sovereignty, even in their vastly diminished soul identity, is still a priority, they choose to go or stay. Karmically wounded souls whose free will has long been compromised, not all will take the red pill. The path beyond the portal is theirs to choose. They can return immediately, inhabit their 5d light matrix avatar, reignite their souls and raise their consciousness. Or they can choose rest and respite in off shore sanctuaries. Spaces between lifetimes where we can be.

There may be glitches that are noticeable to all. People’s vision is being crowded by shadows, their rest disturbed by conflict and confusion. Release is being managed by others, beings full of compassion and courage. People who exist in compassionate bandwidths, are moving up into 5d realities. Yet all are still coexisting on the material plane, for now. Some report they are in the new paradigm, 5d earth, others may feel they are navigating multiple dimensional realities on a daily basis. These words may resonate despite no direct experience of quantum fluctuations. For realignment from root to crown meditate daily. Meditation raises our vibrations, we become consciously aware of cosmic transitions, lightwaves and upgrades. Lightworkers quantum leap with Gaia to the fifth dimension, to create the new earth. There is no fear for any warriors of light, healers, shamans, teachers, carers and the compassionate whose soul signature is wired to higher wavelengths.

The old earth will be birthed in separation. The old earth may be the apocalyptic manifestation of dark arts programming, conditioning, war, chaos and trauma. Vastly diminished in numbers by the liberation of sleepers. Spells were cast that are now being broken in high frequency rays of light. The crystalline structures activated at the core of earth are gearing up for further transition. A shift upwards, the matrix will crash in some places, in others it will go into high alert. The pantomime being played out on our global stage will become more desperate to distract. The political moves to embed police state protocols across the inhabited globe reflect lower earth. The laws and rules of savagery held in lower dimensions. Love, gratitude, humility are the keys to exit lower earth, to share the ride with Gaia.

Using mantras we can reshape our mindset, reprogramme our daily lives by creating new algorithms, repetitive synaptic firing, positive grooves. We take back control of our lives within the 3d matrix. We move with universal love flow, we navigate obstacles with clear, focused intention. We reset our energetic dial to love frequency. Meditation is the balm to soothe transition, unifying, balancing and expanding our mindbodysoul trinity system. Anchor our light through this transition, the great shift of energetic planes. Be mindful, reflective, grounded and calm. In light and love beautiful people.


I create a sacred circle of light around me protecting me from all lower frequencies and vibrations and anything that may mean or cause me harm.

I power up the pyramid of light that surrounds me under the protection of my higher self.

I am connected at all times to universal love frequency.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.

I cloak my light from all darkness, let it be so.

I am one with universal love frequency at all times.

I am protected by my guides, higher self, angels and ascended beings of light.

I surrender to universal love flow, grounded to Gaia.

I release all that may be holding me back from my higher path.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I am grounded in love light.