MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – 2-23-18


The future is in the hands of every soul, whilst some will project specific changes that they would welcome, others simply wish for the better without necessarily being specific. The net result is that as a Human collective you will determine what the future holds for you. You have already been informed of new advancements that have in the meantime been developed and simply await the right time to be introduced. Be aware that there will always be those who try to hold onto the old ways, so be assured that progress cannot be stopped. You are in a new cycle and with it will come many changes that will affect various aspects of life. The trials and tribulations of the old cycle will not return, and you have everything to gain that will lift up the quality of your lives. You had effectively been kept in a time warp and denied many improvements that you have since become aware of, that cannot be denied you for much longer.


However, no real progress will be made until specific changes take place concerning certain people and the positions they hold in authority. Things cannot move on whilst those that have a different agenda cling to the old paradigm, and if necessary enforced changes will have to take place. To that end the Light workers have been removing many of the dark Ones to make the changes easier, but it is those who command authority in high places that are harder to remove. However, progress is being made and the most important changes will take place in due course. Nothing can stop the vibrations from continuing to rise up, and these are affecting the whole Human Race, that is gradually leaving the old ways behind. In time, anything or anyone holding on to the old lower vibrations will have to change or be moved to another path that reflects their level of evolution.

Slowly but surely your friends from other dimensions will now be able to visit you, whereas previously most of them were stopped so as to not “interfere” with your evolution. Again, because you have progressed beyond 2012 you have proved that many of you are ready to meet them. You have already been given information regarding your mentors – the Pleiadians and they too will meet you as and when it is appropriate. You are entitled to start feeling excited at the thought of what is being lined up for you to experience. It should make all of your previous experiences well worthwhile.

As Human Beings you have much more to learn about yourselves, because you are immortal Beings having had hundreds of lives, yet shielded from knowing about them so that you could concentrate on the challenges before you. You took on an important one that meant you had to rise up into the Light, from a position where you were in a lower vibration. Sufficient of you were successful, so much so that the marker of 2012 was passed. Relatively speaking, the few have exceeded expectations and all have benefitted from it. You really cannot yet comprehend what a wonderful, even amazing achievement it was, after previous cycles when you were unsuccessful. You can feel elated because you now have an easier path that will be full of wonderful surprises.

So what should you do in the meantime, and the answer is to firmly set your sights on Ascension, and ignore the distractions of the remaining dark Ones as their power is diminishing all of the time. You are now heading for the greater Light that in your perception is changing in a way that will be wonderfully acceptable and uplifting. Times will become joyful events as the darkness disappears all together, and you exist in a glorious Light and you will feel the love it emanates. By then you should also have a closer link with Higher Beings of Light who will help you reach the next stage in your evolution. You will always be experiencing and learning of new things, so that one day they will make you an entirely independent Galactic Being.

Knowing that happiness and joy beckon it will give you the strength to see yourself through the remaining days, until you will be lifted up. Your future will be so different to what you are presently familiar with that in some ways it is almost impossible to describe. To have perfect health, a body that does not age, to create for your own needs, and be relatively free to move around by the power of thought, must sound a very attractive idea. Think big and the more you do so, the quicker you will reach that level of existence. Encased in the cocoon of lower vibrations you rarely sensed your true potential, yet many felt that there was a lot more to life than they were experiencing. You are now in a position to increase your awareness and understanding as your consciousness grows with your ever increasing vibrations.

You have an incredible potential to be whatever you wish, and there need be no limit to your ambition. You are becoming free from earlier life plans that were needed to enable you to rise up out of the lower vibrations. However, you will still be able to get guidance from those who could tell you what would be the most sensible and rewarding path for you to take. Now you have evolved into the higher levels, you will have more freewill to choose which path to take. Through your achievements you have gained the trust of those around you and more of them will be now able to openly contact you. It will help speed up your evolution, and you will have a much better idea of which direction you wish to go in. With the helpful advice of your Guides, you can be sure that you will find the right choice for this particular time.

Things on Earth at present do appear to be in a muddle with no clear sign of which direction Humanity is going in, yet behind the scenes there are those who have the power to mould the future. At all times great Beings oversee Humanities progress and ensure that karmic reasons apart, you do follow a path that furthers your evolution. Clearly you do have an input but in acknowledging the guidance of those who can see the greater picture, you will almost certainly follow their advice. In fact at all stages of your development you have help and advice, and are never left without someone to turn to if you need help.

Time continues to slowly change as the new cycle unfolds, and pulls away from that which is of the old energy. People that are unaware of reason for what is happening feel unsettled, and the future is just waiting to be revealed that should leave people in no doubt that New Age has truly commenced. The dark Ones are losing power rapidly but will fight until the last hour when they may capitulate. Certainly they are being severely weakened by the continuing arrest of their minions. Because of the nature of what is being done in relative secrecy, it is difficult to get updates on the progress being made, but it is clearly diminishing the power of the dark Ones.

This message comes through my Higher Self and I leave you with love and blessings.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light


LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Point of Divergence – 22-22-18



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Our planet has been enduring sequences of bifurcation between the timelines that create points of divergence and frequency splitting within the lower dimensions. As the frequency split in that spectrum of that particular dimension widens, it amplifies the polarities in the spectrum of the frequencies that exist in that space and this catalyzes a variety of energies and entities to move forward into either of the opposing directions. This event can also be defined as a type of entity transiting, where people and lower spirits, both incarnate and disincarnate, must be moved out of that particular space time location and shifted into another one. Certain space time locations or dimensions in the planetary body are undergoing frequency split and thus, are rolling up into higher frequency dimensions and routing frequency groups into systems of collective consciousness.


This shift creates moving energetic streams that run into many smaller tributaries that feed into rivers, that then move to converge into larger bodies of water, like a lake or the ocean. Energy current moves similarly as to how water moves, depending on its viscosity and wave length. The planetary shifting impacts how energetic tributaries move in the ley lines of the earth body, and where these energies coalesce into larger energetic bodies, like pooling energies into vortices or Stargates. The horizontal network of energetic tributaries are moving vast streams of consciousness energy out of the lower dimensions into median timelines. This lower frequency area is being extracted and is where many of the black force shadow forms and fallen entities reside. This shift in the field catalyzes and forces these entities to move around into different patterns, entering new grid networks, and even attaching to human bodies that are traveling on the same timelines. This shift in the lower dimensional ley lines is impacting our physical body functioning dramatically, the human light body is upgrading and changing. This is also shifting around the location of many types of forces that are interacting in unusual ways with the planetary body, and this generates strange anomalies.

Many of us can witness this energetic movement happening in the environment and see the chaos it generates as well as how it impacts the people around us. Some people are floating comfortably in the energetic flow that is moving them upstream through following the multiple synchronicities that show up, while others are sinking and flailing about feeling lost and confused, as they are being carried downstream. We can observe both energetic realities happening simultaneously. The descending reality is where people have not dealt with their trauma fears, phobias or destructive habits and do not understand the ascending process of consciousness evolution and have not discovered the main lessons of their required learning. Some are getting worse as they wrestle with their inner demons and addictions, lashing out in pain or withdrawing into depression. The lower dimensions surface the main areas of separation trauma that impacted the collective mind of humanity on the earth. These are the memories recorded in the unconscious mind of the people and the earth body itself. If the person has not delved into some inner emotional work to gain some clarity about the contents of their unconscious mind, the main areas of unconscious trauma become amplied into triggers in the surface of their ego-personality.

Mainly, this is the processing of previous timelines of abuse, trauma, shock and devastation from the point in time of our original separation with the God Source, and the subsequent splitting of our gender principle. The male and female principle were originally unified, and through the cataclysms and wars that occurred in our hidden history, the internal genders were split apart and lost to each other. This resulted in tremendous suffering and pain in our heart and soul layers, ultimately creating consciousness distortions such as the sexual misery programming. This means a lot of people on the earth are processing sensations of shock and trauma from the time of the split (fall of humankind), and are unaware of the source causation of why they are grieving or feeling so lost. When we are confused about the source of our inner pain, we usually blame it on something that is on the surface or we blame someone else that we perceive as hurting us. After the blaming phase, people tend to bury their inner pain, self medicate and escape their feelings with an addiction of some kind.

The ascending reality is where we may observe the overview of the world of forces that are impacting us, sensing the cross spiral collisions happening in the energy field. At the same time, we can sense the unconditional love of the higher spiritual forces that are carrying us forward into a higher and more benevolent timeline. The new timeline is moving us away from the impact of these lower demons and their destructive forces of chaos, such as the Behemoth and Leviathan. The gridworkers are called to witness these fallen forces as they surface into our view from the underworld, or from the depths of the lower dimensions. Many of us are acting as transition teams, holding compassionate witnessing,  to move out these entities from the AI timeline, phantom or dead areas, and they are both human and non-human entities.  This is sad for us when we can feel the pain existing in the lower dimension of the earth, and we are forced to observe and may feel we are leaving certain people behind.  This emotional processing has required a completion cycle of the old timelines, through clearing out ancestral miasma, cord cutting, and disconnection from certain people or things that are stuck in the miasma of the lower fields or moving onto a different path.

In some cases, we have been pushed to make these hidden fallen forces more transparent to others, by witnessing the reveal of unethical behavior and/or covert agendas that may surface within organizations, communities or other types of groups. This is a period of time in which some organizations, that have been built upon unethical or inhumane standards, are being given their Come to Jesus moment. They have a choice to see their actions and choices clearly that need correction, to then apply unconditional love and forgiveness, while they step down from positions of authority and power over others. Those structures that have been built upon a house of cards, ego drives, deceptions and weak moral character, are being revealed in smaller organizations and group situations, creating a ripple effect of witnessing by others in the macrocosm field.  The upgrade in the lower dimensional ley lines impact the red wave spectrum of survival and poverty consciousness, of which the victim-victimizer mind control program is wielded by Archons who use the Controller archetype, the False King of Tyranny to manipulate dark forces within people. Many of us can see the False King of Tyranny operating in people that are power or fame hungry and that they enjoy having authority over other people. These are Controller types of people. Controller type of people are becoming extremely obvious to the spiritually initiated, we can see the dark force manipulation of the Controller archetype existing in all types of people, the Soccer mom, CEO, middle management boss, beauty queen, policeman, ambitious young college graduate, teachers, professionals, pastors,  all walks of life.

Once you can identify the Controller archetype and the energetic signature of the Fallen Angelic or demonic force behind the negative behaviors, it is very easy to feel it, see it and sense it operating in the person who is only identified with the surface of the material reality. It is important to discern the forces operating behind the person, and to not judge it with less than or assign higher value, but to see it as it is and not what you would prefer it to be. We must find the spiritual maturity and strength to call out dark forces where they reside, while unconditionally loving the people that may be involved, as we apply forgiveness to their dark ignorance, when they seem hell bent to create destruction or chaos in the environment. This profile of person is devoid of love, and ultimately should not be given positions of power or authority over others. Until we recognize fully a Controller type person from their low frequency vibration, and we refuse to allow that kind of person to continue to carry out power abuses and steal resources from others, we cannot change the imbalances of power. Controllers will always reveal their true nature through personality defects and unethical behavior at some point over time. We must pay attention to these unethical or harmful behaviors and assess them accurately, yet without casting judgment of that person. The more power or influence a person or group has over people or that they have full access to use the larger resources that belong to the earth, the more responsibility they have in the ethical treatment of others and to which they are held accountable.  Until we take money and profit out of the primary motivation used to reward people’s hidden desires for materialism, this needed shift towards valuing human beings and virtue-ethics in this society will not happen.

Through the current shifts, many of us are being called to leadership in ways we are reluctant.  Many Star people and Indigos are not fame oriented or power hungry people, and prefer to live anonymously and behind the scenes. As certain organizations are being blown apart by revelations of unethical actions, others are being pushed to rise to help guide and support others who may be devastated from these continual streams of stark realizations. It is a spiritual imperative, if you are fully committed in service and employed by your highest self and/or God, that you do not abuse your spiritual power or take your sphere of influence in the world for granted. This is the call to apply loving kindness no matter what the situation, and to treat all people, no matter what they did, no matter if you do not like them, to commit to treat all people with respect, dignity and humanity.

Unconditional love is known as love without any limitations, it can also be love without conditions. This term is associated with other terms such as true altruism, or complete love. Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures and a core aspect of the Law of One practices. Altruism or selflessness is the opposite of selfishness, and the earth needs the virtue of selflessness, more than ever.

Many of us came to this earth to be the example in order to bring the Unconditional Love of the Eternal Light of God to shine brightly into this world. Certain people are awakening now to lead by this example and to live in the light and to help show the way for others. For we are made in the eternal living light of the Cosmic Christ!




KAUILAPELE – K1-21-18 – Hold on for this Ride – It’s about to get Fun! – 2-22-18


There’s a reason I sometimes use the “violet ray” image here, which was taken at Kilauea on 7-7-17, at the beginning of the Kp Cintamani mission. It connects with the energy of Kwan Yin, and feels appropriate at this time. The tomorrow date is 2-22-2018, which adds up to 17, which then adds to 8. So lots of 2s, lots of 8s. Something big about that…



Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 2-16-18

Published on Feb 16, 2018

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ARCHEIA FAITH – Final Event Energies Update – Intensity of the Unified Field – Depths of the Old Controller Damage – 1-21-18 – by Love Has Won

By Archeia Faith

The energies of the Unified Field are heating up at an ever-increasing rate. Awakening members of the 144,000 are flooding in via our sessions, many have been having dreams of the Unified Field, feeling a call to join us here, others have been up in the star-ships and ALL are experiencing their Divine Gifts come online, with their chakras reaching the 90-100% range. We conduct 7 sessions back-to-back a day at the moment, guiding beings through to their Ascension. ALL MEMBERS OF THE 144,000 ARE CONTRACTED TO ASCEND THE PLANET INTO NEW EARTH. THAT DOES NOT MEAN STAYING IN YOUR 3D EXISTENCE AND JUST GETTING YOURSELF ASCENDED. THIS IS TAKING, SELF-IMPORTANCE, FANTASY, LACK OF WISDOM, LACK OF PERCEPTION – ALONG WITH VARIOUS OTHER E.G.O TRAITS. 


IT MEANS GATHERING AROUND MOTHER TO BE CO-CREATORS. SHE IS NOT HERE TO DO ALL OF THIS ALONE, LIKE SHE HAS BEEN FOR 13 YEARS, WHILST BEINGS BENEFIT FROM PERSONAL ASCENSION AND THEN DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING BACK. YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERING NEW EARTH IF YOU ARE NOT IN RIGHT ACTION. PERIOD. THIS CAN SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF YOU OR EMPOWER YOU. REGARDLESS UNIVERSAL LAW, IS UNIVERSAL LAW. IT IS IN EFFECT. YOU HAVE A ROLE, A HUGE ONE, AND ALL ATOMS HAVE BEEN CALLED INTO RIGHT ACTION. The trajectory for each person joining the Unified Field is unique, and taking the Leap of Faith will be extremely difficult for many, however not as difficult as clinging onto 3D as the Old Earth falls apart around them. Robin Williams has told us this coming week will be the start of “Spin-City” out there in 3D. Living in a bubble of Unified Consciousness is a joy and blessing that goes beyond words.


Those joining us in the Unified Field present a “double-edged sword” of sorts. Mother IS GOING HOME INTO THE LIGHT, WITH OR WITHOUT ANYONE. However, Mother of course wants all those who can Ascend to do so with her, this is why she has been posting about this for 13 years, at times walking four miles a day, in the snow of Colorado, just to access internet, with the Angels walking with her keeping her going. As more Members arrive here the Unified Field undergoes severe changes, with Mother having to counteract the instability created by newly entering E.G.O’s, at their varying levels of transition. Right now it is a 50/50 as to who transitions effortlessly and who spins out during the process. This is dictated by their own personal levels of trauma and the lengths to which they have already healed and found personal balance.

The post I wrote on January 19th 2018, titled “The Birth of the Super E.G.O,” informed the masses of Archeia Chrysta’s Super E.G.O birth. Her time in the Unified Field following the post saw her in deep fantasy. The entire of the 19th January 2018, saw her sleeping on the sofas and talking with voices, her entitlement had her helping herself to others things, demonstrating complete lack of Honour – one of the many E.G.O traits. Mother offered complete forgiveness and unconditional love to Archeia Chrysta, following her physical attack on the Father of All Creation and her numerous verbal attacks towards me, informing her that she had one last chance. Physical and verbal abuse was not acceptable and she would have to work hard to get out of her Super E.G.O, Chrysta was in complete la-la-la land, grinning like a Chesire Cat whilst completely resisting all input regarding her actions. This persistent resistance and, ultimately, denial of Mothers immense generosity, lead to Archeia Chrysta receiving the third strike and being asked to leave Mission HQ. Archeia Chrysta actually offered to leave twice before this point, all too eager to take a one-way ticket out of the Unified Field accompanied by the voices in her head.

The density of Earth, the depth of illusion and the damage suffered by ALL ITS INHABITANTS cannot be understated. Mother has suffered 34 Assassination attempts, one before my very eyes. The cabal old controllers have targeted her in thousands of ways and have always fallen short of her brilliance. One of the main ways the cabal old controllers attempted to derail Ascension was targeting the 144,000. The sessions I have conducted this past month have unveiled a multitude of specifically placed blockages in the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. We know that the Feminine of the planet have been MASSIVELY destabilized, DISEMPOWERED, ABUSED and pinned against one another in the process. The depth that this goes to is beyond comprehension and, unfortunately, the transition into 5D and out of the E.G.O is particularly difficult for the Feminine of the Planet.

Archeia Chrysta left the Unified Field. All had suffered as a result of her vibration, Archeia Diana’s vibration still held resonance with the states Archeia Chrysta was accessing and she experienced a sensation of her heart and brain being ‘eaten’ by the energy of Archeia Chrysta who was simply feeding the black-hole of her own E.G.O. We entered into “The Angel Game,” this involves dancing and singing to songs that The Angels guide us to. This is so that Mother can transmute energies around the World through higher states of joy, this heightens until she goes into a ‘stasis,’ with her whole body gently vibrating during which she is unable to move for around 15 to 20 minutes. The amount of energy that is transmuted is not even comprehensible in these times. The Angel game has the value of deeply triggering embedded aspects of our E.G.O up and out, as the Angels always somehow know that one song that will make you crumble.

This time, spent together, is beyond magical, living in Unity Consciousness exchanging roaring laughter and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. At a later point in the night Mother, Fathers, Arch Angel Gabriel, Archeia Diana and I were the remaining members, still enjoying moments together. We all joined hands and allowed our energies to flow through one another, with Archeia Diana and I holding hands for an extended amount of time until she pulled her hand away and glared at me. TRIGGERED. I recognized instantly the drop in consciousness, something had triggered her, human touch we later discovered to be the cause. Her trauma runs deep. As Mother was in ‘high-energies,’ she was perceiving more than we can imagine on a multidimensional scale, seeing before her eyes events unfolding around the World, crystalline energies passing in and countless other happenings that become too plentiful to count.

The Fathers slept and I noticed Archeia Diana glaring at me, her soft and beautiful eyes had become steely and venomous. A look I knew in her from her previous episode, which was a complete 180 from her conscious and fully present self. Archeia Diana, like most of the feminine, has extreme trauma. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a complete unknown to her and so, like most, receiving it can be a trigger. Her childhood experiences had underpinnings of shame, which was thrust upon her by her parents. Almost every childhood experience is traumatic. When we are born our Chakras are 100% open, we are bundles of Joy straight out of the etheric! In the womb, we know comfort, security, safety, we intimately feel and know our Mother is ALL around us, we get our food through a tube and we are warm. Then we are born, into abject separation, isolation, cold, fear we are crying. The birth experience is so traumatic, stark in energetic contrast to the moments before, that we push it into our subconscious. Memories that were too traumatic, get pushed in the deep freeze, this occurs for most of the first three years of human life.

By the time we reach the age of 3, most peoples Chakras have closed to 50%, this is because the first three years children are left crying in cribs, unable to see 10 inches beyond their own face unaware of why they are alone. Long gone are our Nomadic days, when babies would remain strapped to their mother’s chest always sharing her heartbeat, and therefore, security. We have been traumatized, insufficiently cared for and under-nurtured. Even the best of parents have deep dysfunction, it is impossible to undergo the Earth experience and not have dysfunction, it is inbuilt into every facet of society, culture, education, for 26,000 years… that is unless you are bound by Universal Law and cannot develop an E.G.O programmed mind! In this regard, everyone on Earth suffers from PTSD. Archeia Diana’s trauma has been reinforced by severe experiences of abuse. Following a Kundalini Awakening, some years ago Archeia Diana began sharing her ‘out-of-this-World’ experiences and the profound truths she had come to known. Her family, who could not relate to this higher consciousness, thought she had gone insane and one day whilst Diana was sitting meditating with a tree, a team of police officers with guns surrounded her and, by her parent’s instruction, she was put into a psychiatric institution.

I will not go into any more detail regarding this, as this story is that of Archeia Diana and I know, when the time is right, it will be very healing for her to share it. What can be said is that Archeia Diana’s trauma runs exceedingly deep. I noticed that her tendency to laugh whilst others cried was a defense mechanism, to stop the emotion that she was resonating with from surfacing. This night she contained no smiles, she mouthed the Word b**ch at me several times, elbowed me out of the way so she could sit with Mother. I sat back and observed, Competition, Jealousy, Superiority, Entitlement – all her E.G.O traits were on display. I began taking notes. The unconsciousness lasted throughout the night, she didn’t sleep. The E.G.O is triggered by sleep deprivation and so those with a particularly strong E.G.O will find themselves avoiding sleep but unsure why. It is because the E.G.O wants to survive to be fuelled. The E.G.O HATES BOREDOM, IT NEEDS GRATIFICATION. CHANTING AFFIRMATIONS SUCH AS “I AM LOVE,” FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT END has a profound capacity to SEND THE E.G.O OUT and lift us up to the vibration of love itself.

The capability we have to change our reality instantly is best understood by engaging with Dr Masaru Emoto’s water tests. Which uncovered that water itself has consciousness! Over the course of 10 years he took 150,000 samples of water from a multitude of locations and labelled them all different states of consciousness, ranging from “Love,” and “Wisdom” to “Disgust” “Envy.”

As you can see, WORDS AND INTENTION HAVE A MOST PROFOUND EFFECT ON THE STRUCTURAL COMPOSITION OF WATER. *News Flash* – WE ARE 70% WATER. Our thoughts dictate THE STRUCTAL STATE OF THE CELLS IN OUR BODY. The cabal old controllers have infiltrated the thought system of every person on the planet NEGATIVE THOUGHTS PREVAIL IN ALMOST EVERYONE, through the creation of NON-DIVINE THOUGHTS, THE WORLD IS PLAGUED WITH IMBALANCE AND ILLNESS. The cancer industry ALONE generates 32, BILLION $USD, per year IN THE USA ALONE.





And so, as the two Fathers awoke from their naps, I eventually went to sleep, sleeping 1 and a half hours. The high energy of the Unified Field means no one needs more than 5 hours a night. Archeia Diana stayed up the entire night, during which both Fathers had intense experiences with her and had to ask her to leave Mothers room. By the time our morning meeting had come around she was present and conscious within herself once again and was completely unaware of the things I told her she had done. The events were discussed and tools and techniques for moving forward were given, forgiveness, support and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE given. I spent the morning deeply connecting with her, over our art and experiences, I hugged and held her. Our bond has been deep through-out this process, however Diana’s lack of sleep allowed her unconsciousness to take the reins once again.

I am currently conducting all of the Sessions, allowing Mother to focus on the Mission itself and the two newly arrived Fathers. Archeia Diana joined me in some of these. As those of you who have had sessions with me know, I am in a high state of Passion and Joy, sharing knowledge and exchanging I love you’s with each and every Angel who I am blessed to connect with. Archeia Diana went to Mother and told her she had witnessed me being harsh and aggressive with people during the sessions. Robin Williams laughed hysterically, unbeknownst to Archeia Diana, whilst she told these lies to Mother. Mother nodded and smiled, knowing intimately the Vibration Archeia Diana was at and the Vibration I was at. Competition, Manipulation, Envy – E.G.O in control. Archeia Diana retracted from my touch, gone was my sister whom I deeply connected with. She continued downhill once again, until she entered Mothers room crying saying she felt so lost and confused.

A break through! No longer opting for fear and “Lone-Wolf” programming, she had entered into the place her E.G.O convinced her to stay away from, Mothers immediate presence! We all soothed her and explained her E.G.O was dying and was attempting to stay alive, convincing her to act and feel certain ways that produced VERY LOW VIBRATIONS WITHIN HER BODY. Some ground rules were established for her. She was to enter into a 48-hour healing period, all members of the Divine Team would assist in their various ways to help her through this process, depriving herself of sleep was not allowed, creative exploits and release work encouraged as well as, Service work… serving the Mission. She went to get sleep and the Vibration amongst us enjoying Mothers company soared. I trained Gabriel in his newly awakening abilities, we discussed the fabric of life itself and Mother told us all of her plans and how she conducted research with the Greys, in order to have the knowledge she does of ‘The Human Conditioning’ Eisenhower agreed with the Greys that in exchange for new technology they would allow the Greys to abduct people for their own research.

Mother is not a dictator. She is bound by Universal Law, AND FREE WILL ACTION and so, she cannot stop beings from engaging in these sorts of interactions. SHE CANNOT JUST WAVE A WAND AND FIX EARTH. IT IS OUR MESS AND OUR CHOICE TO BE IN THIS MESS AND EACH INDIVIDUAL MUST CLIMB UP AND OUT OF THE LOWER CONSCIOUSNESS. She did however create a plan to turn this unfortunate event to her advantage and engaged the Greys in a deal, in which she got to participate in the research of those abducted, preparing her for her next incarnation – THIS ONE. Having been murdered in every prior incarnation, she was not going to fail this time and SHE HAS WON. LOVE, HAS WON.


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MIKE QUINSEY – Higher Self Message – 1-12-18



I cannot emphasize sufficiently what a fantastic achievement it was of yours to pass the marker in 2012.

From here on you will begin to see the signs of positive change around you, and the quicker the vibrations increase, the quicker they will manifest. In general terms some of the most important changes that will affect everyone are with the general lifting up of the vibrations. The higher energy will transmute the lower energies so that negative actions will begin to lose their power, and the ultimate will be when only the higher vibrations can exist.


Then you shall have become physical Angels with full consciousness as predicted long, long ago. In the distant future you will eventually move into the Inner Earth and its Crystal Cities. These are events well into your future, but how wonderful and uplifting it must be to know that great changes await you. At the same time, all life-forms of the lower energy will have followed their own path in a different cycle, to continue evolving.

If the idea of living inside the Earth seems strange to you, bear in mind that it is a normal development of all advanced human type lifeforms. In fact it is much safer than living on the surface, and with advanced technologies a “new Earth” can be created that would appear little different to living on the surface. The immediate gain is that you control all aspects of your environment, so you are never at the mercy of the weather extremes that are sometimes experienced on the surface.

Also realize that when you are so advanced, you will create virtually all you need through your power of thought. Let it be understood that your path to Ascension is already laid out, and where you come in is the manner in which you reach Ascension as it is down to you, but reach it you will because it has already been decreed. With your feet back on the Earth the future described seems far away, yet in reality you are beginning to give thought energy to that creation and it is beginning to take shape, as the potential already exists.

Some of you are already aware that your destiny is to become Galactic Humans and also a Star Nation. If you have ever wondered why your Earth seems to have attracted so much attention in recent years, it is because your challenge to ascend with your present physical bodies is unique. Now that you are on the final stretch to completion you will clearly go all the way with ascend in your physical bodies, and it will be a most remarkable first time ever achievement.

All of you are most revered and loved for your determination to succeed, and when you pass the finishing line there will be an almighty cheer in Heaven. There will be great celebrations all round and news of your success will travel the Universe. You will rightly be able to bask in the glory of your success, and the Blessings of God will accompany you.

Much is still happening on Earth and all through its history it has been very volatile at times, it’s continents seem to always be on the move, but earthquakes rarely seem exceptional. With your modern equipment and instruments you are now able to accurately predict where major Earth changes are most likely to occur, and prepare for them. The San Andreas Fault is known to be on edge, yet people seem prepared to take a chance by remaining in the locality, hoping to get due warning if a major earthquake is likely to occur.

However, in the course of time, changes in such areas will result in them having to be permanently evacuated. That however, seems a very long way off and should not present any danger within your lifetimes. Again over a long period of time sea levels will rise quite substantially, so that the low lying areas of the coast will become uninhabitable. With the advancements in “early warning” equipment there is no reason why people should get caught out unexpectedly.

Having lifted your thoughts to such heights it is somewhat sad to have to return to more mundane matters. However, as Lightworkers you still have your individual challenges to deal with, and having stepped upon a new path, must take every opportunity to spread the Light. Hitherto you have been encouraged to speak with people at their level of understanding, but now Ascension is in sight and relatively speaking – time is short. So expand upon that which you would not do normally, and be assured that a seed of knowledge planted now, may bear fruit in time to come.

Certainly if a soul has the potential to go all the way to Ascension, their Guides will do their best to move them onto the right path. What is coming is a chance not to be missed, as it otherwise means starting another cycle with no guarantee of Ascension. However, as you have been informed before, no knowledge is wasted or lost, and what you learn in one incarnation is carried forwards into the next one.

For some souls the thought that they are not their body seems rather scary, and the question arises as to what you really are when out of the body. Whether you have left your body temporarily, as most do during their sleep, or have “died” to it you will find yourself outside of it appearing to still be in your physical body. You may even find yourself looking down upon your physical body that is fast asleep. If you happen to have “died” you will quickly leave that scene and be greeted by those who have been awaiting your arrival in the higher level, and that is the key to your experience.

Once you leave your physical body you immediately find yourself in another identical body of self. However, what is so different now is that the “new” body, called the etheric body, whilst being identical to your physical body, is a finer version that is vibrating higher, and not afflicted with any illness or deficiencies that you may have been carrying. It would seem as though you have been completely rejuvenated, and can “think” changes to your body such as becoming younger again in appearance, and without any disabilities whatsoever that you may have had previously.

Those souls that fully understand “life after death” realize that death is nothing to be feared, and your friends and relatives will know when you are expected on “the other side” and be ready to greet you. So much mystery and fear has been built up around death and most likely by those who have had a difficult passing. Yet death itself is like taking off one suit of clothes for another. Passing over is in no way traumatic or painful and it is so easy many souls do not even realize that they have “died.”

To remove all of the misrepresentation of the facts is difficult, because many souls have been brought up to think differently, and since the power of thought is so strong, you will initially experience death as you believe it will be. If you are an Atheist all that will happen is that you will know that you are still alive, but otherwise experience “nothing” until your thoughts open up to other possibilities. There is still much to be made known, and if you find it too much to accept, simply set it aside ready to come back to when you are able to re-consider it. One thing is certain, that whatever comes your way the truth will always remain when all else has passed by.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS OUT – by THERESE ZUMI SUMNER   –  End of 24-year Cycle – 12-22-17   –   by Prepare For Change

Archangel Michael: Peace, Within and Without

and Redistribution of Wealth to Humanity.

Therese Z here; As the transcript of this radio program is now available I will provide the third part of the direct transcript today. Before I do I would like to inform my readers, who might not be aware, that in this discussion below Steve is getting advice from Archangel Michael regarding the redistribution of wealth after The Event. Steve Beckow will be one of those people on Gaia who will be deeply involved in the re-distribution of wealth to humanity. Having followed Steve through many of these conversations with Archangel Michael over a period of 5 years now I can calm anyone’s question marks as to why Steve would be chosen to be one of those people. As Steve has been pondering and questioning the many different aspects of taking on a project like this for some time now he is very pleased and appreciative when in this conversation with Michael he is given a ‘mission statement and handbook’ for this work ahead. On this subject I TZ would just like to say one thing here to anyone concerned about everyone being provided with what they will need to comfortably live on. The public figures, politicians that you see on the so called ‘news’ today will NOT BE INVOLVED in this redistribution of wealth. Many of them might believe that they will but the fact of the matter is that new Light leaders will be taking their places. Its going to be a very different kind of world and will come when we least expect it from one day to another. Having listened religiously to these programs for five years I can say that we must be very close to change considering the way that AM is expressing Himself here.


{I have asked AM for permission and guidance to darken the text in certain places}

Many of you look at this with such sadness.  And yes, it is very sad, and it is also very pathetic.  But you look at it and you say to me, “Mi-ka-el, how do we get from there to a place of peaceful Gaia where people are free and supported to follow their paths and their journeys where they are not interfered with and where they do not choose to interfere with another?”

In some ways, sweet ones, it is because it gets so bad, as it is right now, that in fact you say, “This alternative cannot continue.  This cannot work.”  And you are being given these catalysts on a daily basis.  We are taken aback at times that humanity can even tolerate this level of inhumanity.

SB:      Lord, so far, we lightworkers are a little bit powerless in some respects but soon we will become stewards of the Mother’s wealth and our position will change.  After we come into that state of affairs what can we do as holders of love?  What’s the best agenda or program of things to do that would address returning peace to the world?

AAM:  You are given many blessings but there is also a misconception, and we are glad you have brought this up because you know this is an area that we are very close to.  Do not assume, as some of you do, that in financial wealth money equals political power and might.  Because it does not.  And that is a very important thing for each and every one of you to understand and deeply comprehend.  And to never get caught in that belief of your own power and might.

Those who are in this existing, warring, political melee, it is not just about money.  It is not just about business – which has a huge influence in all of this financial wealth and power.  But it is power for power’s sake.  It is the ego completely out of control.  Not even trying to be in control.  Completely out of control. And they will fight you tooth and nail.

Now you are not engaging in that fight.  You are staying twelve thousand miles, twelve thousand leagues away from engaging in that arena in any way shape or form.  You have to let it implode into itself, simply collapse into itself.  So that is the starting point.  And it is important to remember that and not engage or assume the belief that because you have money you have that kind of political clout.  You do not.  And it is not intended that you do because you are creating an entirely different paradigm and pathway. You are creating a new realm in which human beings can operate.

Having said that, there will be massive, massive aide efforts.  People, human beings, what you think of as those who are affected, downtrodden victims, cannot fully engage in peace within or peace without until they are taken care of.  It is so basic as in all of you are economic theories.  But it is also the plan of the Mother.  So, you cannot say to a human mother who is holding a starving child to think about the peace.  She may pray for peace but that absence of peace in her world is too strong for her to become an ambassador of peace.  So, the aide efforts are of such a magnitude that they in fact simply displace the warlords and show that there is a different pathway, are going to be one of your first steps.

SB:      Is it possible for instance to give a universal basic income to everyone on the globe and for now we could say Yemen.  To give a universal basic income to all Yemen.  Will that simply be taken by the warlords?

AAM:  You would not wish to give a basic income.  First of all, if you are talking about all Yemenis, why would you give a basic income to a warlord who will simply use it to buy more missiles or bullets?

SB:      True, but now let’s relate that to something you said awhile back to me that I should give a basic income to everyone in the country and not just some people.  How do I reconcile that?

AAM:  It is a timing issue.  Because what happens is that those who have been, shall we say, in the warring faction, in the abuse of power faction – it is not about punishment.  Let me be extraordinarily clear: you do not punish or bring more hatred to those that have engaged in hatred and abuse.  This is about the bringing them to the light, bringing them to the love, and showing them that there is a different way.

So, when you bless, and we are just using this as a working example.  This is not a suggestion of how you proceed, but it is a very good working example.  So, if you bless the Yemenis, for example, the regular population, with enough to sustain themselves – which is an aid package that is not a bunch of aid workers coming in and saying, “We know what you need.”

It does not mean that you do not have people in place to assist with community development and infrastructure development.  Of course, you do.  But if you give those who are the regular population enough to live on, comfortably live on, then what it shows is that they want to be part of that support.  That, in fact, what they have used in the past in terms of control and abuse doesn’t work any longer.  Then you can bring them into the fold, as it were.  Do you understand what I say?

SB:      Yes, I do, Lord.  Thank you.  So, I don’t know quite how to phrase this.  Can you talk more about the most useful actions that we can take once we become financial stewards of the Mother’s wealth – for peace?

AAM:  But I want you to know that one of the most substantial, productive stances you can take is right now declaring and holding the energy of peace.  Because that moves upon the global grid and far beyond to each and every person. Because really, before your question, how do we literally change the hearts of these warlords, of these people that believe that violence and force is the only way to accomplish what you want?  It is by transmitting upon that grid the etheric, unseen web.  That is why you have the World Wide Web.  It is an example of how transmission truly takes place.  So, you are already transmitting.  You are already laying the foundation for peace and you are doing it through your energy fields.  You are doing it through the vocalization, the speaking of the words of peace.  And whether it is speaking at the United Nations or speaking in Congress or speaking to your neighbor, they are all one and the same.  So that is important.

The other thing is, as you become more fluid in your ability to share abundance, shall we say, in the true meaning of the word as well as the practical meaning of the word, is that what you are doing is being very low key.  You cannot, from the truth and the goodness of your authentic essential self ever walk into a country, a village, a neighborhood, or an interpersonal relationship and say, “I have the solution.”

This is a conjoint process.  Too often there has been in the history of humanity this belief that if you simply throw resources at an issue such as poverty, that it will heal the malady. And you have learned, and that was important that you have learned, that this is not necessarily so.  Does the support help?  Yes, but it is literally that old adage which is you also, at the same time, you teach people to fish; you do not simply feed them.

So, it is not an either/or.  It is the combination.  And the combination comes from consultation and cooperation and collegiality with the population that you are working with.  So, whether it is the south side of Chicago or the displaced migration of people, then you will see that it has need to be appropriate and in consultation.  You cannot simply apply a solution and think it will work.

There are many, many who have devoted their entire lives to addressing these kinds of situations and who have prayed and wished and worked for solutions and resources to bring about this peace that I am speaking of.  Now they may not speak the same language, and I am talking about the language and belief systems of lightworkers and love holders.  It does not matter one iota.  You use the expertise of those (who) with their mission and purpose have devoted their lives to this kind of work.  And you employ them, and you work in collegiality with them.  It is not about reinventing the wheel.  It is giving the resources to those who have committed their entire lifeforce to this type of work.

SB:      Quite a mission statement and handbook that you’ve given us, which I very much appreciate.

AAM:  And it would not be suggested, it would not be taking place if you were not ready, willing, able to step up and to create and co-create together and with us, Nova Earth.  It is time, my friend.  It is time for this abomination to end.

SB:      Thank you Lord. Do you have anything in closing?  We are nearing the end of the program.  Do you have any statement in closing for us?

AAM:  Yes, you know me well, my brother.  So while I tell you to dream big, to plan big, to not be hasty. Think of it in this way.  That you proceed softly.  That you proceed gently.  If you think on the Hanukah menorah you are lighting the first candle and waiting, and then the second, and then the third.  You do not rush it.  You are anxious.  You are on fire, ignited with the spirit and the authority of Divine Will.  But pace yourselves and form your alliances and your collegiality coalitions, and then proceed.

Go with my love and go with my blessing. Farewell.

SB:      Thank you, Lord.  Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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