The New Earth Times, Edition 15 – Sananda: It’s Time to See Your World as We Do – Channeler Kathryn e May – The Blue Avians: Unite As The One Human Family via Ute Possega-Rudel – 8-6-15

It’s Time to See Your World as We Do 
Community Corner: “The Blue Avians: Unite As The One Human Family”
Ute Possega-Rudel
It’s Time to See Your World as We Do
By Sananda
Last night on the BlogTalk Radio program we talked with you about the rising energies as we approach the Lion’s Gate.  The time between July 4 and August 8, 2015 will reach a glorious crescendo in the coming two days.  Hold on, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, you are experiencing new heights of vibrational assistance to help carry you ever higher in your personal Ascension.  (link below)
It has been a time of intensive training for those of you who have asked to release all old patterns.  As Mother God told you, your higher dimensional teams, in consultation with your Higher Self, have been working diligently to arrange the most effective and efficient circumstances to help you uncover the persistent attitudes and patterns that are carry-overs from childhood.  It is impossible to live a life on Planet Earth in recent years without having to contrive strategies for survival based on the particular kinds of threats and imbalances you had to navigate in your early life and beyond.
Each style is different, based on individualized feelings of inadequacy, fear of being rejected, annihilated, punished, disrespected and so on, depending upon the severity of violence or danger you may have experienced.  This is where it is very helpful to have read Who Needs Light?, Kathryn’s book that was designed to prepare you for just this moment.  It is carefully designed, with editorial help from Mother and Father God, to walk you through from childhood to the present, examining all remaining feelings and thoughts that hold you to the lower dimensional Matrix.  Those who have read it and done the personal exploration it inspires will find these current challenges a familiar extension of previous trainings, and you will move through them with a comfortable momentum.
The rising frequencies have a many-faceted effect on your brain and body.  Although you may feel the dramatic shifting within as disconcerting or even bothersome, I can assure you it is not only “for your own good,” it is necessary for your Ascension.  Your Arcturian medical teams are working with each of you to help you integrate the changes, but it will greatly ease your way if you consciously invite them to work with you in healing and making the transition to your beautiful crystalline body.  They are ready, on call, to be of maximum assistance, but like any successful healing project, your participation in the co-creation of your own growth brings maximum benefit, and I might say, maximum delight for your team.
Now I would like to talk with you about something you have asked us to address.  You have been hearing in both the cabal media and the channeling circles that there is a major economic event coming in September.  Depending upon the source, it is billed as  an end-of-the-world disaster or as the major shift you have all awaited eagerly.  I can reassure you – it will be both.
For those who have invested all their energy and time in selfishly hoarding all the resources and worldly goods they can command, it will undoubtedly seem like a monumental disaster.  The one thing that gives them security is their command over others in the form of massive wealth – and the maintenance of a great chasm between themselves and others, whom they see as “the masses.”  On the other hand, for those of you who have long anticipated the RV, GCR, NESARA, an end to debt slavery and the establishment of truly representative constitutional governance, it will be the greatest triumph imaginable.
Question, Dear Friends, the source of the “news.”  Who in the cabal-owned media would be happy about the collapse of the international banking system that pours the world’s wealth directly into their pockets?  To them, the demise of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, their private cookie jar, would seem disastrous, unthinkable.  And of course they decry the end of political systems where they can buy representatives who will pass any law they suggest  (GMO crops?  Getting rid of healthcare??  Less regulation on food, banking and pharmaceuticals???)  What loving person would promote a more toxic and dangerous world for their neighbors and their grandchildren, no matter how much it profited them?
If the money in your treasuries had not been emptied wholesale into the coffers of the secret governments, you would not have to choose between supporting your schools or providing medical care for those who need it.  This, Beloved Ones, is the “disaster” that lies ahead: Abundance for all.  Freedom to live as you have always dreamed – without debts and without servitude to a grinding and competitive job that leaves your soul hungry for real nourishment.  Rather than ever-increasing hours at your desk, imagine this: music, painting, dancing and every form of creative pursuit you can imagine will be available to you, as creator, observer and celebrant – whatever suits your talents and desires.  You will delight in the new energy and drive you will experience when you are being deeply fulfilled.
Many of you have become impatient or discouraged because you cannot “see” the changes you hoped would materialize in recent months.  Truly, the major change that hasn’t come yet is the increase in the size of your bank account.  Everything else is evolving, shifting just as it needs to, as part of the gradual buildup (or the tear-down) of existing systems.  This was imperative for a smooth transition.  You see, the same people who complain that “nothing has happened” are the ones who promote the idea of apocalypse to come.  As you are fond of saying, you can’t have it both ways.
Look with me, from our higher perspective, to see how everything is moving forward even more gracefully than we could have imagined.  Our greatest hope is that we will move from the rigid and controlled systems of the Matrix to the freedom and joys of Paradise on Earth without chaos and trauma, avoiding any undue suffering and disruption.  Above all else, we wish to allow each individual the opportunity to grow, to fulfill the life purpose of soul growth they came here to live out.
You see, Dear Friends, you did not come here to Earth primarily to experience wealth or to change the political systems.  You came here to learn to love more deeply, to experience your connection to God more surely, to strengthen your resolve and to be of service to humankind in their long-anticipated Ascension.  As it turns out, in terms of your soul development, the delays you thought were holding up your “Prosperity” were actually a gift that has allowed all of you to be better prepared, more balanced, more advanced in your Mastery.  Look how you have grown in maturity, wisdom, tolerance and curiosity (rather than fear) about the unknown.  Most of all, the dawning of your Unity Consciousness has blossomed steadily.
Consider the interesting phenomenon of the growing number of channelers who are bringing through similar messages in recent months.  Some of you used to question the “discrepancies” and variations in the material they brought through for you.  This was mostly because of the “six blind men describing an elephant” effect.  The knowledge we wish to impart to you is so vast and so unknown in your cultures that we must give you pieces to examine and weigh, and once you have mulled a bit, we give you more.  Some people gobble up the information, while others need time to ponder all interpretations.  It has been very valuable to us to have scribes with different personal styles and different audiences at various levels of Ascension.
The process of introducing more and more information in a gradual way has brought us now to a convergence point.  This is why you will notice more Unity in the messages we are bringing through to you – those of you who are ready to see the golden threads that unite in Truth. To extend the elephant analogy, many points of view are coalescing and expanding with the nurturing energies of the Lion’s Gate to produce the picture of something whole, wonderful and Divinely inspired.  All is truly advancing according to plan, with added moments of unanticipated delight and celebration as we observe the wondrous changes in our beloved Earth incarnates.
You are beginning to see the synchronization that is possible between you and us when we are in direct and intimate contact.  We are all growing and expanding in consciousness as a result of this new closeness.  You see, we are joined by the golden threads of our multidimensional grid, which we use to telepathically join with one another in higher dimensions.  We share our thoughts, ideas and feelings freely as we wish to.  We also enjoy convening in our Councils to work together, formalizing our decision-making process, because we enjoy the feelings of joy and camaraderie of being close.
We are now able to include you more and more in the Co-creative process, as you are including us in your daily lives.  As we do this, reaching to meet one another through the thinning Veil, we are strengthening the energetic threads that bind us together across dimensions.  Our crystalline grid – “the tie that binds,” is glowing with the flow of shared energy, increasing communication and growing Light.
You feel our presence as we feel yours, as surely as you know the energy signature of your closest friend or partner.  It not only makes us glow with pleasure, but it also lights up the grid we have Co-created – you, me, our angels and Masters, Galactic friends, and Mother and Father God.  Each one of us has made a contribution and left our mark forever on the great multidimensional communication system that carries the Light of our shared Love in our increasingly triumphant moments.
Together with Mother and Father God and my beloved friends in the Company of Heaven, I am transmitting to you across our living grid.  I am sending my waves of Love, respect and admiration as we move forward together.  Fall into step with us, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  We glory in your fascinating company.
I am your Sanada.


Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 6, 2015
Community Corner
The Blue Avians: Unite As The One Human Family  
Ute Possega-Rudel

When the Blue Avians are contacting me, it happens in the heart, as a warm, soft touch and I recognize their presence.  I am telling this because who could think of an A.I. creation that feels warm and would touch us directly in the heart.
The touch feels very familiar to me and appears to be an old memory.  This alone brings tears to my eyes.  Like I would meet family.
It is interesting, I discover more and more family in the universe, obviously from places, galaxies and stars where I have been existing on my journey through the cosmos, learning and experiencing, discovering and evolving in understanding denser realities and painful separation.  To understand the nature of creation, consciousness and how it expands and differentiates in different places and dimensions.
While I am writing this, the soft touch in my heart continues and becomes even more intense, like a kind of confirmation.  I am an explorer of possibilities.  And bring these, as member of a dedicated group, to all kinds of star civilizations to help them to evolve.  Who knows whether already now in parallel worlds.  ‘Yes’, it says.
The Blue Avians now tell me, that I am here on this planet, to study this place – with all its highest possible heights of ecstasy and joy and love to the lowest possible deep of sorrow, desperation and terror, –  which is only possible if one fully incarnates here.  Besides that, it is a very lonely journey here in this place.  I am also here as a messenger to bring their spiritual presence into the awareness of humanity.
This is not, they say, to be our new gods, but to remind us of an old relationship humanity once had with them.  They say:
We have been always friends with humanity.  Especially at the time before the fall of consciousness.  We have been eager during all these millenniums to reconnect with humanity, as soon as you wake up sufficiently. 
Now is the time when you  will remember this connection in your heart.  We are like fuel to help you to awaken and return to your heart, where you once came from.  We inspire you to release your sole identification with the thinking mind and return to the greater intelligence of the heart. 
Our message is brief:  Humanity, you are on your right path.  In the near future things will happen that will bring you together, helping you to unite and rediscover unity and love for one another.  Whatever will happen on your planet, it is not to confuse you but to unite you more profoundly than ever before.  To rediscover your happiness at heart, when you leave the old ways of alienation from one another behind for good and find new and great energy and joy joining  together as the one human family that you always have been. 
We are here to reflect this to you, we are from this moment on the helping presence for you to remember who you are.  Not as your spiritual leaders, but as your friends who did not loose what you once lost.”
This is the end of their message.
Much love!
In La´Kech,

DAVID IAN COWAN – The Resolve to Awaken – Recognizing Others as Extensions of Ourselves – 6-11-15

David Ian Cowan

I must decide to see each relationship I encounter as first a relationship with my Self. I can then own my own will and power of choice, and can act from true intelligence. I begin to see you, no matter what your behavior may appear to be on the surface, as my perfect teacher, even as a savior from my own illusions.

I have drawn you into my script so that you can mirror to me the part of my mind that is still in need of healing, that still holds a vestige of the past. The One Self we both represent has conspired perfectly to create an opportunity for its own healing and recovery through this relationship, should I choose to take the opportunity.

Imagine if enough people on Earth did this all at once. Would we drop all the ridiculous fears and prejudices that have only served the ego and its thirst for conflict? Would we be the fulfillment of the motto from the 1960s peace movement, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

I must determine within myself to remain vigilant with my own thoughts before attempting to “read” meaning into others’ thoughts. I need to recognize the voice of the ego (critical, jumping to conclusions, judging, separating, comparing, and complaining) versus the Voice of Spirit (quiet, neutral, accepting, non-reactive, inclusive, and loving) and then make a choice.

Us vs. Them?
The ego is usually the first to speak up—often loudly and belligerently. The ego typically makes broad claims such as “He’s such a loser” or “Women are all like that.” It will then pat you on the back for your wisdom, and assure you that you are right and they are all wrong.

The Voice of Spirit, which is always “on,” quietly reminds you that we are all the same, we come from the same Source, and we want the same things. Spirit will show you that all behavior is rooted in love; the “good” behavior is clearly demonstrating love, but that which we judge as “bad” behavior is nothing other than a call for love.

The bad behavior is just the best way a person knows how to demonstrate that they are not experiencing love in that moment. If they did not know of love on some level, they would not know what they are missing, and so would not act out. A child only acts out if it is tired or missing comfort, food, or recognition. Essentially no difference.

The World and Others Are Extensions of Myself
Once I resolve to see the world and others as extensions of myself, each relationship in any circumstance becomes a portal to deeper Self-understanding, acceptance, and love. The end game here is that once we “get it” on the level of Unity Consciousness, the next phase of planetary evolution will begin in earnest. Maybe only a small percentage of us have to consciously “get it” before a spontaneous wave of awakening overtakes the world.

We have yet to fully come together and snap out of the spell of separation, but this is inevitable and is already happening. Our only real choice in the meantime is “How much longer do I want to suffer?”

Bringing Love Into Any Situation, Past, Present, Or Future
If I am truly done with suffering, then I am ready to embrace the Path of Forgiveness. On this path, giving becomes receiving. On this path, only love is real. All the rest is simply the illusion of love’s absence. Because of my Divine inheritance, I have the power to bring love into any situation, past, present, or future.

There is great power to be released and realized in these understandings. At first, there can also be great confusion, as we realize the terrible cost of conditioned illusory thinking upon our own life’s story and the collective human saga. We realize how needless the historical litany of human suffering has been, how pointless the centuries of war, struggle, and conflict have been, and all for naught … if we don’t learn by them! We are so deeply entrenched in our judgments, many of which are upheld by institutions, “-isms,” and generational beliefs weighed down by piles of moldy cultural baggage that we call “history.”

The Dark Night of the Ego Leads to Spiritual Awakening
The period of “reality adjustment” as we recognize our blindness and awaken to Universal Truth is called in some traditions the “dark night of the Soul.” As the Soul is Divine and knows not of the dualistic concept of darkness, this period of adjustment is more accurately described as the “dark night of the ego.”

I would guess that a large number of folks who believe they are depressed are rather experiencing the early signs of Spiritual Awakening. You have to see the illusion for what it is and become “disillusioned”—this is a necessary step before you can embrace the reality hidden behind the veil.

The “Spiritual emergence” movement in psychology is devoted to helping people through these early birth pains of the sudden onset of awareness. Researchers have discovered that many of our “diagnosed” conditions are natural reactions to sudden leaps of consciousness that simply need to be supported and assimilated into the former worldview and self-concept of the awakener.

Remember to Meditate Before You Medicate!
Fear not, and try to remember to meditate before you medicate! Unlike chemical intervention, a crude and potentially harmful form of intervention based on a backward perception of causality, the choice to go into silence has no dangerous side effects and is freely available to all.

Please be encouraged that once the awakening has begun, like a pregnancy, it must come to fruition. There’s no going back, and that’s a good thing! We are not called to create a perfect future, as this is likely impossible here on Earth School.

The future, as an aspect of the illusion of time, is being charted with each and every decision we make in this very moment. We are only called to respond to what is before us now. Trust: Spirit has your back, and will only lead to new “nows” that will build on and reinforce the peace you are accepting for yourself now.

It is most important to recognize that all Spirit is asking from you is your willingness to change. This will, being One with Divine Will, is all that is required for the Divine Messenger to support you in every way you can perceive toward the goal that is given each of us. Spirit will accomplish this mission, even with as little as 1 percent willingness on your part; that’s how willing and determined Spirit is to lead you home.

Source:“The Resolve to Awaken: Recognizing Others As Extensions Of Ourselves” by David Ian Cowan, not dated, at…

Original link: The Resolve to Awaken: Recognizing Others As Extensions Of Ourselves

SAINT GERMAINE – Service To All – vs – Service To Self – – By Steve Beckow – 6-10-15

St. Germaine 90*

Saint Germaine  via  Steve Beckow

Given events behind the scenes, which cannot be discussed for the sake of those involved, it seems a wise move to begin considering matters related to life after the receipt of abundance. In researching the subject, I came across this channeled message from St. Germaine through Goldenlight, from mid-2014.

It seemed so, well, germane that I wanted to repost it here.

We particularly need reminders of the original intent of this wave of abundance because, with our currency exchange, we could be hit by a wave of fear that we’ll lose our abundance if we contribute to others. But we forget that our work as financial wayshowers is to distribute that abundance, after taking care of ourselves.  Those who prove the best at it, I’m told, will receive more.

So be prudent, be wise, but don’t overlook the very raison d’etre for the Reval – service to all through contributing, sharing.  Nova Earth is a world of sharing, what I like to think of as a co-operative commonwealth.

Your planet and many of the beings on it are raising into the higher dimensions and this incoming worldwide prosperity and abundance is a part of this transition. And all who will be benefactors of this prosperity are assisting in this paradigm transition.

So in visualizing this RV happening and in manifesting it into being, be ever mindful of how this financial prosperity will bring global harmony and well-being to all living things, including the planet herself, a planet which was on the verge of dying but has now transcended this and “risen from the ashes,” so to speak.

You are the stewards of this planet, and have been entrusted with the care of her surface. We will not go into the subject of the beings who live on the inner Earth; these beings are a higher-dimensional society descended from Lemuria, a higher-dimensional society which became intertwined with Atlantis and suffered its own demise on the surface of the planet, but survived and moved into the interior of the Earth and still thrives as a higher-dimensional society in the NOW. This is a topic for another day.

Back to the paradigm of service to all vs. service to self: Yes, it is important to take care of your individual needs first, turning afterwards to how you can assist in raising the vibration of other living beings (including humans, animals, plants, elementals, and the Earth herself), through kindness, generosity, sharing, compassion, and in a general upliftment of all.

In restoring the Earth to its former pristine condition, in treating all animals with reverence and respect, and in honoring the plants, animals and elementals upon your Earth, as well as in sharing your abundance, well-being and prosperity with all other human beings.

Service to self underlines separation, destruction of the Earth, cruelty to all other living things, and the lower vibrations of inequality, separation, and lack whereas service to all encompasses not only your own needs and well-being but also the needs and well-being of other living beings and the planet as a whole. It is this service to self which almost destroyed your planet and was the catalyst for a paradigm shift of Great Change.

Many of you will be coming into millions, if not billions, of dollars and this windfall can do much to benefit the well-being of the Whole, including your entire planet, Earth, animals, plants, and human beings. Eventually your planet can become a moneyless society… money is an Earth creation and does not exist in the higher dimensions, as the beings living there have embraced the concept of caring for the well-being of All.

Everything is energy and when all beings begin to emanate the higher vibrations of peace, harmony, joy, oneness, unity, love; respect, caring and compassion for other living beings, and all the higher-vibrational feelings, then harmony and unity result. Many humanitarian projects and dreams are underway and steps are now being taken to fulfill them. Let us meditate now upon all the good this wealth can create.

Let your vision be one of contributing to and fostering global well-being and let the extra wealth coming to you be used not for separation but for cooperation, not for division but for harmony. Show the world what sharing looks like, what caring for the well-being of not only self but also for others, of the Earth, and of the whole looks like, and in return the harmonious and joyful feelings that will come from making the world a better place will be a feeling that is shared by all, creating a global harmony and well-being that is shared by all, not by the elite few.

This RV and GCR (1) are symbolic of a transition from Service to Self towards Service to All…..this includes focusing on your own well-being, self love and self care as well as others’ well-being, loving others, and caring for others…of resources and positive vibrations being shared by all for the good of all which in turn has the effect of creating the highest good for each being. The positive energetic vibrations then circulate freely among all, eliminating strife, and accentuating harmony and joy. And in realizing this, each being acts from the standpoint of this awareness. (“St. Germaine: RV and GCR Symbolize Paradigm Transition from Service to Self to the Higher Dimensional Awareness of the Well-Being of All,” as received by Goldenlight, May 18, 2014 at

Rob Behr – Portrait of a Light Warrior – Back into Unity – by Georgi Stankov –

Light Warrior

Rob Behr, April 13, 2015

A different label, but nevertheless the same as we all experience.
For me my almost 63 years of being in the flesh sure has been a rollercoaster of remembering through tough experience and survival in every bit of it as was the same in the many lifetimes in earth history helping sustaining then (little) present light needed in preparing the whole for this grand finale of final so(u)lution.

It was never easy for none of us, we came time and again, we did what we could and now we will one way or the other finish this whole endeavor, go back within or without, with form or formless and still be, again, the warrior of the Beginning, when we helped create and obliged ourselves with this great responsibility to also finish at the End what we helped set into motion at the Start.

 It’s comparable with raising my family, having raised them actually, and seeing the difficulties that they will encounter in the world which you as a parent do not like but still understand that remembering and maturing back into the being before you landed here, makes it a must and an obligation for anyone to experience the choices to – at some point – recover from what I would like to call “illusiamnesia” (amnesia from the state of illusion) to then hopefully wake up  to what’s real and discover how close the route to conscience really is. A road full of hindrances and asking for great endurance and just letting it happen. A road with angst for failure for your loved ones and a road with difficult responsibilities in choosing time and again and not to falter yourself. And then knowing that someday you will meet the point when, whatever the outcome, they will find their way and your job is done.

There is an end to everything and sometimes we forget that the state of being in the flesh that we now experience is of such low density that it is difficult to comprehend the changes we must endure for staying in the body while transmutation of it is also going on 24/7. Living in your house while it is being rebuild is, I think (and experience for so many years) one of the most difficult things and hey!, it is also the reason why the group of First Hour attendees is small. It’s tough but sure is maybe only bearable for the bravest, right?

Maybe not a good analogy but still usable is the years of pain, fear, living between edges of surviving and dying being experienced by deployed troops. They had no idea whatsoever what was awaiting them, yes they left home with a good portion of fear but also with companionship and conviction that they do the right thing. Well, most veterans will think differently if you could ask them about it after all they experienced and besides that, many do not fit anymore in the believe system they left. Instead of leaving hardcore fields of death to get back to peace and happiness many experience a second round of pain and death (repulsion).

Having said that and as part of my (this) incarnation as a military professional also in deep pain and fear, I yet experience that this second phase of my life since 1992 is actually a blessed experience. I rather have 10 times the pain of the LBP and the discomfort of the whole process (that indeed never seems to end), than the experience where the conviction ends in an illusion of deadly proportions. I rather be in the illusion and then wake up than the way around with scars on the soul and the energy centres of the physical temple.

I believe that being here the way we experience all, is the only option to help heave this world, this sector of creation and this humanity or what qualifies. If Source Creator or God of the Universe or whatever you want to name the Force of the higher dimensions, should do the work then isn’t that exactly what God is doing? Aren’t we? I am that’s for sure as I know so. But are you? Then if we are the hands in the physical then the only way of dealing with it is enduring and making the best out of it. And what I do is to constantly train myself to stay on top of it, meaning, by keeping the wheel in my hands while flowing with the changes I am enabling myself to discern and prepare in time, to take hold of diet, unwanted intruding of others, repulse anxiety and/or any kind of stress and have joy like watching a good movie or simply by enjoying life. And believe me, I can’t tell you how many times I have been at all low, experiencing death in the physical but knowing it is a transmutation death when all atoms, all cells are literally being overhauled and even completely changed. Then I give into it and thank God for the experience. Well, the last months it does not seem to stop so I have the opportunity to thank God a lot (grin..).

Yes it is maybe one of the heaviest experiences of all but the thing is that when you make a deal with yourself (you have to be ready to do so, it has to come from your deepest being); when you agree with this being that you are, this amazing warrior of light, this creator god with the hands in the physical, to accept whatever comes and agree and know that it is the most dense world and why we are here and have to change, then we can accept whatever comes, physical death, health, ascension with the body or without, well.., whatever comes. By having accepted this I am already since a long time able to enjoy all of my pains and changes. And I tell you I feel that I am still in my infant years and that I am not old at all, not going to live 25 years more or 60. Simply because I am one that never accepted the word old and never accepted the way of thinking of this society. If I am infinite and immortal, then how can I think in terms of old? No way, not part of my believe system, never will be, period!

And yes, to end this writing (again an end), I really experience Unity, but not with human. Back in the days as a ‘Way Shower’ before this whole new age thing became a next society pool of influence and deceive, well not all people in there, but the thing people were thinking was that love and unity was going to be a ‘horizontal’ thing, from man to man. But only few considered that love and unity comes from the real inner work (‘vertical’) that gives this pure connection with the light realms, with your higher being and God or Source Creator or the Force. And then, when you finally have this harmonious connection again in unity with the divine light and divine love, then all people with that same connection are connected automatically and of course by frequency/vibration and thus in Unity.

I feel we do progress a lot towards the End and it will be successful. And remember, the way we go through it can vary individually. But I believe that if you do what you should and further stay positive and with great conviction while accepting the transition as it is, then the outcome at the end is exactly what was meant for each of you (us). But to get there we should indeed pull all the strings together into a harmonious way of discerning, living and enduring.

Thanks for reading about what I think and about some of my experiences as a Light Warrior.


Rob Behr

Unity Consciousness – John Lennon, Imagine – Inspires Crowd To Sing At Paris March – American Kabuki – 1-14-15

John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Inspires Crowd To Sing At Paris March

The Huffington Post UK
By Paul Vale
Posted: 14/01/2015 17:29 GMT Updated: 4 hours ago
There have been many remarkable responses to the attacks in Paris last week that left 17 people dead, from the national anthem being sung in the French parliament for the first time in 100 years, to the candlelit vigils held around the world in solidarity with the fallen.
However, perhaps the most uplifting is this crowd at a Unity rally in the French capital on Sunday singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. The music was played from a window above the streets, with the crowd spontaneously joining in. After the famed final line, “I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one,” the crows burst into applause.