Jennifer Hoffman – Claim Your Divinity in Each Moment – 8-22-16

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The divine path is yours within each moment, it is not your reward for living a good life or for being a source of light for the world during your life. Divinity does not live in heaven or in the afterlife; it is not part of the detached realm of Source or God or beyond the veil. You are a divine being who has chosen to enter the limitation of humanity and then integrate your divinity within your humanity to become a fully integrated expression of God as human. Suffering exists because the connection to divinity is limited. When you claim your divinity in each moment, you make each moment an outward expression of the divine within you and raise each experience to the frequency of the divine.

Your divinity does not require holiness; it is an expression of the wholeness of your being, human and spiritual, and has nothing to do with religion or worthiness. It is yours whether you ask for or acknowledge it, or remember that it is within you. It is something that is always there, waiting for you to reconnect to it. When you acknowledge your divinity you remember that you are of God and are equal to God and you bring that energy into each moment.

You are an emanation of Source light and can never be disconnected from, less than, or unworthy of that which is your Source.

There is no payment, suffering, or waiting required for your Source connection. Those who believe that God is ever apart or separated from humanity are simply misinformed.

God is in you and is everywhere around you; the divine is you and you are the divine. It is your choice to live each moment as a divine expression of your humanity, or as a human trying to be good enough to be worthy of divinity.

Suffering exists when you forget that you are divine, that you are fundamentally a spiritual being and that the world exists for you to experience it as divine and within the energy of your divinity. You choose difficult, challenging, and painful life experiences which you try, within your humanity, to transform so they are worthy of divinity, rather than claiming your divinity in each moment so that every aspect of your life resonates at the frequency of divinity. Then everything you choose has an experience of divinity, which is part of your soul mission and ascension path.

When you claim your divinity in each moment you lead with your divinity and bring that energy into the world.

The world needs your divinity, not your humanity. It does not need more suffering; it needs sources of divine transformation. You become this source when you claim your divinity in each moment.  The highest expression of your energy is the integration of human and divine, of spirit and human, which is the full expression of heaven on earth.

When you live as a divine being, you express your divinity in everything that you do and invite the co-creative partnership of the Universe in everything. That is an affirmation of your faith, your connection to Source and your willingness to reclaim your divinity and live your life as a spiritual being in control of your reality, willing to experience the world in the way that you choose. Re-member your divinity to you by remembering that you are divine and claim your divinity in each moment. Expect your needs to be met, your dreams to come true, your reality to reflect your heart’s desire. This is how you remember that you are divine and act as a divine being, within your divinity.

This week’s messages has been an Archangel Uriel channeled message. I hope you enjoy it. For more information about Archangel Uriel, visit

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Jennifer Hoffman – June 2016 Energy Report – 6-4-16


Jennifer Hoffman  –  June 2016 Energy Report   –   6-4-16

We’re nearly halfway through 2016 and if you feel like you have made no progress this year, you are probably right in more than a few ways. So far 2016 has felt like one big retrograde with each small step forward accompanied by several huge steps backward. But this month the energy clears and we have a double 6 vibe (June is the 6th month, 2016 is a 9 and 9 + 6 = 15, which adds up to 6), so we can see movement, grounding of higher vibe energy, and concrete progress, with a big caveat – we must align internally first, before we act externally. June’s energy is like a rose – the outer petals open when the inner ones are ready—and it’s also the month that roses traditionally begin to bloom. May’s five retrogrades helped put us into position and now we’re entering a new month with new options, opportunities, and a big desire to move forward, which we have been awaiting for a long time.

June jumps out of the starting gate with a new moon on the 4th that brings in the energy of nearly every planet in a grand cross configuration in mutable (transformation) signs, with an emphasis on the ‘outer’, slower moving planets, so everyone gets to experience this. This is an energetic activation that takes us to the edge of the transformation cliff. The tension of a Grand Cross means that all of the planets are facing each other across the ‘line in the sand’. Do we dare cross the line to see what’s on the other side? This new moon also hits the March 10, 2016 eclipse points, re-activating them for another round of experience. Was anything happening for you then that is coming around again?

We have been shown everything in our reality that limits our joy thanks to five months of relentless clearing, now we have to decide whether we’re ready to take that leap into our expanded, unlimited potential. Eventually we get tired of going around the transformation merry-go-round and are ready to jump off. This is one of those times.

While it appears that there are so many options available and we don’t know which one to take, the choice becomes easier when we view it from the standpoint of what makes us happy and what serves our intention. With the intense clearing of the last five months you may gone through a major mental, emotional, and spiritual house cleaning, but that’s OK because starting in June our energetic families will begin to appear and we are going to learn a whole new level of relating and relationship. We are out of soulmate cycles and into kindred spirit connections, people with whom we have no karma with and who share our energetic frequency and vibration. Are we ready for karma- and drama-free relationships? Let’s find out.

Bloom is the keyword for June but it has to be intentional blooming and we have to know what kind of flower we’re going to become. Shakespeare said “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but we’ll be disappointed if we are expecting a beautiful, sweet-smelling rose and end up with a stinky marigold (which are also beautiful but they smell bad). Intention is now interwoven within all of our energetic channels. To powerfully manifest we must also set powerful intentions. Not wishes or hopes, but intentions that are clear, direct, and focused on what we want in our new joyful, joy-filled realities.

And if your life has been cleared out of energetic debris in the past few months you have a clean slate to begin anew. You can’t spend any time regretting the past this month, or judging yourself for your past choices. We make choices in each moment based on what works for us in that moment. Our options may change in the next moment but that doesn’t make the previous choice wrong, it just means that it no longer works for us and our new reality. And remember we don’t leave anyone behind, we need to recognize the energetic sovereignty of every human – they are in full control of their energy and of their choices and they must also run out of energy road on their path before they will see the need to choose something else.

This month’s full moon is at 29 Sagittarius, a closing cycle to the May 21 full moon at 1 Sagittarius whose rare conjunction with retrograde Mars and powerful outer planet aspects set the stage for ‘no holds barred’ transformation that was combined with the end of what was quite a challenging Mercury retrograde. That either gave us even more reason to consider staying on the transformation path or to turn away from it because it was too hard, too much, too challenging, or we were too tired. And what was started then can be finished now, if we’re ready. Timing and readiness go together now and we can’t force either one.

The big event in June is the exact Uranus/Eris conjunction on June 23, just after the Solstice, the first of three connections between 2016 and 2017. This hasn’t happened since 1927 and that time brought about the Great Depression, big changes in the social agenda, and the beginnings of women having a stronger place in society. Eris is the goddess of discord, Uranus is the planet of revolution. Eris was first discovered in 2005, when our big push into the ascension cycle began. Now, 11 years later, we are beginning to understand the power that this dwarf planet embodies. When discord and revolution come together, you can expect some fur to fly. This configuration has been brewing for several months and we have it exact in June. We can expect changes in the social structure, more social revolution, and more protests from people who want to see real change in how the world is run. It will make this month very exciting indeed.

And children born under the Uranus/Eris conjunction will have a strong revolutionary nature. They will be a generation of world leaders who will not be content with the status quo, who will not accept a world run by despots, greed, and power mongers. So if you have a child born at this time and you discover that they don’t like being told what to do and are free thinkers you can blame their Uranus/Eris conjunction.

June is traditionally the month when couples marry, so relationships are a strong focus this month but while you may find new love (and you will if you are ready for it), there are two powerful relationship aspects we need to consider. The first is our relationship with ourselves and the second is our relationship with our Self, or our human/Source partnership. Look at the Gemini glyph pictured here, independent and yet connected. That’s the perfect balance of human and divine, where we aren’t leaning on Source for support and instruction, and are confidently standing in our power using divine guidance as a tool, not a crutch. The connection is above and below us, balanced and equal. We are at our most powerful when we can embody this level of congruent, harmonious connection. It fits with the 2016 theme of ‘Congruent Harmony’, where energy fits and flows in the most balanced way.

It’s easy to give our power away to our divine connection too, believing that it knows more than we do. But this is a co-creative partnership and both partners, human and divine, must act in balanced, congruent harmony so the energy flows are equal. We intend and create energetic space for manifestation and receiving, and the Universe responds in a way that is perfectly aligned with our intention.

If you’re ready to be finished with the lessons, healing, and clearing and to‘shake it off’, and explore other life paths, then June is perfect for that. But don’t expect the ‘easy’ solution; instead, expect the solution that exactly matches your intention. We receive exactly what we intend, ask for, and are aligned with. The Universe doesn’t make up the difference or pick up the slack. Confident, clear, focused intentions creates the best outcomes. What are you going to ask for? Start with what has been your area of greatest concern in your life. In these powerful times we have a lot of energy at our disposal so by choosing the most powerful thing in your life, you create a large space in your energy container that can be filled with new energy.

This is also a month when the questions that have been troubling you, the situations you were not clear about, the decisions that you couldn’t make yet, may become very clear for you. You’ll see what can bloom in your life, what is past its prime, and what can be cut away because its time is over. In gardening terms it’s called ‘dead heading’, removing flowers that are finished blooming so the plant doesn’t support them and to encourage more flowers. What needs to be ‘ dead headed’ in your life now? It may come up in June so be prepared. Have a wonderful month.

Starting this month I am introducing something new, a Monthly Energy Mastery Class to provide you with tools, techniques, tips, and information to help you navigate the month’s energy in these fast moving times. At the beginning of each month, starting in June, we will have a live and recorded call that will feature a deep dive into the month’s energy and frequencies, what you can expect and what to watch out for, how to use the month’s energy in your life, a meditation and energy exercise, and some tools you can use to help you navigate the month in a more powerful way.

The recordings are yours to download and listen to, and you can purchase a single call or a block of 3 or for the rest of 2016 (these two options are not available after June 4, 2016). The June call will be on June 4, 2016, click here to visit the website for more information and how to sign up.


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Jennifer Hoffman – August 2015 – Energy Report – 8-4-15

If I had to sum up August’s energy in one word I’d start with relief, now that July is over. It was a long, tough month that seemed to drag on forever. But everything we overcame helped us set new energy boundaries, opened new avenues of potential, and cleared a lot of debris from our individual and collective realities. August starts with a full moon and Venus retrograde, which indicates endings are stronger than beginnings. Saturn is also closing out a 33 year cycle, and a larger 99 year cycle is ending. Also, all of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) change sign this month so the collective energy is moving now. The ascension train has left the station and is gaining steam. Remember that endings and beginnings overlap, so be aware of the beginnings that arise as you’re disconnecting from what no longer serves you because they’re happening at the same time.August has a very spiritual element to its energy, and this doesn’t have to do with spirituality or religion, but the power and energy of spirit, the divinity portal which is the gateway to the expression of our multi-dimensionality. We have danced around  this concept for over 30 years and now it’s time to put it into action. The first step isn’t inviting our alien friends to dinner, it’s clearing the blocks to the expression of our divine self within our own belief systems, which we have been doing for many years now. It’s the second step that counts now, which is the question ‘What does it mean to be divine?’ and we find that answer in Jupiter changing signs on August 11.

Jupiter moves from Leo to Virgo this month, which also happened in September 2003. That’s when Archangel Uriel first appeared to me and asked me to work with him — I said ‘no thank you’ at first (then I changed my mind). It’s when we began the real work of ascension and for many of us, me included, it’s when things really hit the fan, so to speak. I have never been as scared, penniless, felt as out of control, helpless, and hopeless as I did at that time. With Jupiter in Virgo in 2003 we became full fledged Martyred Healers and started working to heal the world. We were going to get the world to ascension, no matter what it took. And it took nearly all we had and more. We fully took on the role of Light Workers and nearly worked ourselves to death. That work continues but in a much different way, we turn a corner in August to become shining ‘light beacons’.

Now we get to take on a new paradigm of that energy because in the last 12 years we have become wise to the ways of energy and we learned something from the last Jupiter in Virgo transit, that we can’t heal the world by putting ourselves on the cross. We can be in service to the world but not as a servant, we have to be the master and a victor. So now we can embrace Jupiter in Virgo and enjoy the full complement of Virgo’s energies, which include compassion, grace, attention to detail, and perfection. It’s the sign of health too — and the interest in healthier eating, exercise, and a cleaner environment began in 2003, the last time Jupiter was in Virgo. Watch it gain even more momentum now. Those of you in the alternative health fields should see a big upswing in your businesses, as well as growth of anything that has to do with being more health aware. We’re taking another turn at that role again, this time from a more empowered perspective, one that serves us first, meets our needs, engages our energy and potential, without the cross and the martyrdom.

Another big August aspect is Saturn going direct on August 1 as it prepares to leave Scorpio. This is the biggest event of the century because it also marks the end of a 99 year cycle that began in 1917 (see my video below with that explanation). Saturn grinds across the final two degrees of Scorpio all month, leaving for good on September 19, just in time for the Autumn Equinox. To know what it means in your life, go back to 1982 and 1983, when it was last in Scorpio, and before that, to 1950. That decade saw the entry of the first strong Indigo generation into the earth’s energy grids and now, two Scorpio cycles later, they’re going to finally get their mojo moving.

Here’s the video explaining the 99 and 33 year cycles

A lovely new moon at 22 Leo on August 14 is a great marker between these endings and beginnings. That’s when we’ll feel the potential of August in a more direct way, as the first two weeks may be taken up with tying up loose ends, as months that begin with a full moon often do. And this is also part of the action that is possible in August; indeed, new beginnings are more fruitful when they aren’t dragged down by the past’s emotional and psychic baggage.

We have Uranus the pioneer and revolutionary in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and Chiron, the wounded healer and our karmic reminder, in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. As Uranus tries to yank us out of our discomfort, Chiron reminds us to clean our mess first, like doing your homework and cleaning your room before you play outside. While you may want to move forward, be sure to take care of the healing and closure that may come up this month. You have to do it anyway and if you don’t take care of it now, you’ll have to do it later. Who wants to be stuck in the house with a mop and a broom while everyone else is having fun playing outside?

If you feel energized and motivated now, one of August’s gifts, it’s a resurgence of your energy and the need for us to take action. That doesn’t always mean ‘doing’ things, action starts with choices, which begins within our ‘being’. Set intentions for the outcomes you want to create, then see what comes up for clearing. Don’t be too anxious to reach the end of the journey because as you create your beginnings, many other things become possible. Be the explorer now, consider what else is possible. So much of our energy has been involved in healing and transformation, what happens when you put the obligations aside and intend some joyful, abundant living? No matter what we intend for the world, we have to include ourselves in the love, abundance, joy, and peace that we so compassionately intend for others.

August is a month for self awareness, self care, self indulgence, and self focus (notice the emphasis on the ‘self’?). Release your judgments, especially those that involve doing the ‘right’ things, being good, and being enough. Indulge your dreams and visions for the life you want to live, and give yourself permission to relax, refresh, and renew yourself before the big push that happens in September. While you’re creating your big energy container, make sure you empty it occasionally, as new intentions always bring up old beliefs, patterns, and limitations. No stress or pressure, just clean up as you move forward.

August is a time to step back from the work of being and doing as the world’s healers and teachers and let the dust settle a bit. We’ll know what to focus on after we take time to asses what’s left to do, decide what we want to keep, and what we are ready to let go of.  We have done so much work already, let’s see how much the collective is capable of (probably a lot more than we know), they do need to participate in this process too. We have done the heavy lifting for a long time, they are ready to participate and we need to give them the chance to do that.

The energy this month is more relaxed and lesss frantic, and we have several new energy cycles starting now, so we don’t need to work so hard. Spend some time this month thinking about what your ‘awe-filled, amazing, re-visioned’ life looks like, so you can empower that with your energetic consent. August’s keyword is ‘indulgence’, which means gratification, allowing, tolerance, and permission. How can you indulge yourself in some way this month, giving yourself permission to enjoy what you have worked so hard to create, and taking time to smell the beautiful flowers in your life’s garden?  Have a wonderful month.


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Jennifer Hoffman – Seek Clarity First | Enlightening Life – 5-20-15

elo_lakeviewJennifer Hoffman

The need to know the reason for lessons is one way you try to understand why you experience life challenges. But nothing happens to you without your direction, control, willingness, andparticipation. Every event and experience is part of the path of  reconnection to wholeness which you create for each lifetime. When you ask for answers you place others, including Source, in control of your life path, in the hope that somehow what you receive will explain and justify the pain, doubt, confusion, and suffering that you experience. There is only one answer and you will find it when you seek clarity first.

But what you need to know in order to understand the reasons for your challenges and pain is clarity about your purpose and mission in creating them, the healing you desire, your continuing search for wholeness, and the transformation that you hoped to achieve with them. Without clarity, answers have no meaning or value because to have clarity you must also acknowledge your power and the control you have over every aspect of your life.

Every healing path is a journey in reconnection with your power, value, deserving, and worthiness. Any challenge or painful experience is a reminder that you are unworthy of joy, peace, and love which is a decision you make through the ego. It is your humanity that creates the pain-filled path to reconnection, while Spirit merely asks you to remember that you are already divine, powerful, worthy, valuable and valued, loved, and whole.

When you ask questions from the point of receiving clarity, you can learn where you have disconnected yourself, for Source can never and would never disconnect from you. When you simply want answers, you make yourself a victim of your experiences.

Clarity reveals the purpose of your lessons, how you created their details, and what you wanted to atone for or resolve through them. Clarity requires acceptance of your power and with it, the creation of your path, no matter how painful it has been. You can provide your own answers when you have clarity because there is only one answer to any question about your life path, which is a return to wholeness and reconnection to Source. There is no other answer.

Seek clarity and then use it embrace the truth about yourself, you are already whole, connected, you are an emanation of Source light so you are already divine, and you are worthy of love and are always loved. The search for wholeness and connection can never be completed because you cannot receive what you already have, and you cannot be given what is already yours by your divine birthright.

With the gift of clarity comes the awareness that will allow the bright light of your highest aspects to shine so you can become the beacon of light who creates a joyful, love-led path that powerfully proclaims your sovereignty over fear, and your masterful co-creative partnership with Spirit whose purpose is to fulfill your mission of bringing heaven on earth.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Are You Speaking My Energy Language? – 12-27-14

Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman

by Jennifer Hoffman

December 23, 2014

Have you ever tried to talk to someone whose language you didn’t speak? Or communicate with someone who wasn’t listening or paying attention to you? What happens when language or attention aren’t the problem, but you still cannot connect and communicate with someone? As we move into greater awareness of ourselves as energetic beings, we will become more aware of the energy of the people around us, those we can connect with easily and those we cannot. Energy is the way we connect with everyone first, and everything flows from that connection when it happens and doesn’t when it is not present.

As unglamorous as it sounds, all of our connections with people are based on energy. Any emotions we have around the people in our life all got their start from the kind of energy we connect with. When we share a frequency and vibration, we connect and communicate well. If not, they can be talking and while we hear the words, we have no idea what they are saying. If we cannot process their energy, then the connection cannot happen and no matter how much we may want to force it, it won’t happen. They may be speaking our language but we won’t be able to understand a word they’re saying because on an energetic level, we are not speaking the same language at all.

We assume that we can easily communicate with everyone who speaks our language (as in uses the same words we do) and that isn’t always true. Depending on their accent, pronunciation, and talking speed, they may sound like they’re speaking a foreign language. While we can hear them, we can’t understand them very easily. The same thing is true from an energetic perspective. We’re all human so we should be able to understand each other at a basic level, right? That isn’t always true. There are many humans that we cannot communicate with very easily. But, if we began all of our connections asking whether we were aligned and resonating energetically, we would dispel a lot of mis-communications. While we assume they hear and understand us, many times they don’t. And if there isn’t a strong energetic connection, we are not fully present or engaged, so we don’t really hear them either.

When we don’t have a strong energetic alignment or connection with someone, our conversations can be based on assumptions – we anticipate what they are going to say and only listen to half of what they do say. Or, we’re physically or mentally multi-tasking during our conversations so we are only catching part of what is said and filling in the blanks. Or we don’t want to be in that conversation so our hearts and minds are closed to everything but the sound of their voices. Do we really listen to everything people say or do we listen halfway and assume the rest with what we think or know they are going to say?

But now our energy is more finely tuned and our needs are more exacting, so it is no longer as easy to connect with people at the basic levels of most of our conversations. Now we are looking for energetic alignment and resonance, for dimensional matches, and for multi-dimensional connection. When we listen now, it is with our whole being and if we can’t find those points of alignment, we have very little to say because our connection points are missing.

Connections and relationships that do not have an energetic alignment are energy drains and to fit them we have to manipulate our energy, which doesn’t feel good and is out of integrity with our intention. Instead of spend our time trying to align with all of our connections now, we seek those that are more fulfilling, easier to manage, and feel better. Rather than holding conversations with anyone who wants to talk to us, we seek out people who are a source of inspiration, enlightenment, and with whom we can share an energetic alignment. We have evolved from hearing and listening to fully connected communicating. It is no longer enough for us to simply speak the same language, we need to be speaking with the same energy.

Now, before we connect with someone, we’re asking ourselves more questions about alignment and integration, looking at their energy, and seeking strong connection points. If we cannot find a good fit, we’ll move on. While we may initially have fewer connections, they will feel genuine and powerful. Otherwise, they will feel heavy and tiresome, and they will be short-lived. Integrity and alignment are a big part of our new paradigm and it works both ways. We cannot be in integrity with those we don’t align with and we can’t be in integrity with ourselves when we try to connect with people who don’t easily align with us. Paying attention to what serves us means setting our intention to be in a flow of grace and ease, in all areas of our life. And when we stay in integrity with our own energy, we invite connections that empower and uplift us, with people that we also empower and uplift.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman – The Language of Your Reality – 11-12-14

Jennifer Hoffman

We all have conversations with ourselves, most of them occurring within the privacy of our thoughts. During these conversations we make decisions, argue, criticize, judge, and determine the course of every aspect of our lives and this creates our reality as well as determines how others will connect with and relate to us. This inner dialogue plays an important part in our lives and unfortunately, it is mostly negative. We often don’t need someone in our lives to be mean to, criticize and judge us; we do a good job of that ourselves. And we can talk ourselves out of a situation before we even allow it to unfold. This inner dialogue can follow one of two paths: it can be static, keeping us in the same,  old, negative mindset, pushing us down as soon as we try to get up, or it can be dynamic, expansive, moving us forward, and acting as a positive, uplifting force in our lives.

If our inner dialogue is static, it reflects our fears and doubts. For example, when you look in the mirror, do you say ‘I look great today.’ Or do you say ‘I’m overweight, look old, I hate my hair, could use a new face’, etc.? This static dialogue keeps us stuck in the same old patterns of thinking and behaving. And in order to move ourselves out of it we must change the way we talk to ourselves, then that will be reflected in the way others talk to and about us. Even though our inner dialogue is mostly private, it has an energy of its own that others pick up on. Have you noticed that if you don’t feel good about your appearance, someone will make a remark to that effect? They’re picking up on the negative energy that you are generating from your static inner dialogue.

When our inner dialogue is dynamic, it takes our fears and doubts into consideration and then moves on anyway. So, a dynamic inner dialogue would find one good thing about your appearance, no matter how small, and focus on that. Yes, you may be overweight but you have a great smile, for example, or you dress well, you are kind, have great hair, or always have something nice to say to everyone. When our inner dialogue is dynamic it creates positive energy around us so that others must respond to us in a positive way. Dynamic inner dialogue creates the energy that we need to make changes in our lives. What is the difference between the two? Imagine going on a job interview and you really want the job. You are sitting in front of the hiring manager, saying all of the right things, wearing the right clothes, but your inner dialogue is saying ‘I know I’m not going to get this job.’ What do you think the interviewer is picking up on that she will use in making the hiring decision?

This is what happens when you are trying to make positive external changes and your inner dialogue is static, or negative. It’s like trying to drive a car with one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake pedal. You alternate between moving forward and stopping and not getting anywhere easily, quickly, or gracefully. The focus of our inner dialogue determines the course of our lives so we need to ensure that it is positive and dynamic, reaffirming our worth, value and perfection, staying away from criticism, judgment and negativity.

Each time a fear comes up, acknowledge it-you know it’s there so don’t try to hide or ignore it.  Then find a way to change it from static to dynamic so that you can move forward through it and create what you want in your life. Once your inner dialogue is dynamic, the outer you will radiate self- confidence and joy, and you will attract people, experiences and situations that mirror the positive energy you are creating around you. This week, review your inner dialogue. Is it static or dynamic, critical or loving? Don’t judge yourself, just change the negative, judgmental, critical dialogue to one that is positive, self-affirming, and loving and watch how that change is reflected in your life and in how others relate to you.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Expect and Accept – The Living is Easy – 9-29-14

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for


Summary of Brenda’s September 27, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  You’ve transitioned from an AM to FM frequency. So you feel as if you know where you want to be, but have no idea how to get there. Your physical body is adjusting to the new you. Self-love is the key. Try being of earth for 24 hours without belittling yourself in some way. If you feel joyful radiating peace to those of earth, that is one of your roles. But if you don’t, please don’t allow guilt or narcissism to enter your thought processes.


The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “You Are a Belief and Creation Maverick”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.


Dear Ones,

Perhaps new earth appears to be a magical tale with little or no reality. Such would be logical given the eons of earth fear you have lived through. You were trained to think the worst – even in the best of times.

Many of you are berating yourselves for not creating more rapidly or other negative self talk – as if you wish to remain in fear. Do not fret so. Do not stress yourself so. Allow yourself to be.

As you berate yourself for being less than, you are judging yourself in 3D fashion. How do you stop the phrases within your being that you are not good enough, wise enough or strong enough to move into new earth?

You are of new earth. Your quandary, your fears are a bit like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – searching for the wizard to help her return home, only to discover she had that ability all along.

Perhaps that thought makes you angry. Have you not channeled, meditated, requested, begged for whatever your dream is to no avail? All 3D techniques.

You have done all you need to do to create your dream. You thought of it – in fact, think of it almost daily – now just expect it when it is right for you.

Once you exit your cocoon, you push the ‘easy’ button. You need not do anything more than what you already have. Live your life knowing that all is well and your dream is on its way.

Please understand though that this first physical dream will be the most challenging for you to create. Not because it is difficult, but because you have yet to set the belief pattern within your being that all is well in your life and it will become even better.

Most of you who exited your cocoon believe that creation is possible – just not for you now. It is a major hurdle for you to jump over before you fully accept that creation is almost an elementary part of your new skill set. “Prove it to me and for me” continues to be your mantra even though you wish to create with all your heart. So let it go. Let it be. Do not push. Do not berate yourself. Just be.

Such is almost impossible for most of you. Not because you do not wish to let it be, but that you cannot yet imagine life can be that easy – and yes, joyful.

Is not your first instinct when thinking of your physical dream, to imagine that somehow you are not qualified, competent or capable of creating? All personal judgments based on your eons of 3D lives, instead of your current reality.

You believe you can ‘push’ your creation through somehow. And if such does not occur, you are doing something wrong. You are in the wrong place, with the wrong person, using the wrong technique. All thoughts that tell you that you are a bad person. And all thoughts directed by fear.

Your only piece now is to expect and accept – which is extremely difficult for most. Not because you have attempted such before, but because you have never attempted such before on earth in this lifetime or any other.

This is a new lesson with a new learning curve. Instead of cramming for an exam out of fear of failure, it is time to let go and play in the sunshine knowing full well that your physical reality is on its way in the time right for you. You have dreamed it – and therefore created it. No work or fear is required – or productive.

Fear of failure is counterproductive.

For this is new earth, with new guidelines. Foremost of which is easy and fun. Exactly opposite of your 3D world.

Relax into joy and creation and all will occur as you wish – when you wish. Push yourself to create that which you have dreamed in whatever fashion and you will delay your dream.

Just as you once learned that you must be prepared for tests in your 3D schools, you must now learn that preparation and the resulting fear are counterproductive.

Let it be. And it will happen. Push and create fear around that element from berating yourself to blaming the Universes – and you will wait a very long time for your creation for you have reverted to the slow, old-fashioned 3D creation.

Now you are thinking you are merely delaying the inevitable – you will dream and create nothing. Another fear piece that has little to do with your new world and life. You have exited your cocoon. You are no longer surrounded by 3D limitations. But first, you must acknowledge that to yourself – and live as such.

You are no longer hiding your skills or joy. A big piece for most of you. Not because you are limited in skills, but in self-vision.

Come out from under your 3D fear rock and enjoy the laziness of a beautiful sunny afternoon. You are fully capable of doing so. You just need to convince yourself that no ‘boogeyman’ of fear exits. Enjoy the sunshine with your new earth family. The living is easy. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life – September 2014 Energy Report – Moving from Healing to Wholeness, Human Beings into Divine Humans, Limitation into Expansion, Fear into Love, Judgment into Acceptance

“September ushers in the final four months of 2014 and whether you think the year has gone by quickly or slowly, we have all been part of a deliberate process of shifting the entire alignment of every aspect of the energy we live in and with. Michelangelo said that he recognized the figures in the marble he worked with and merely chipped away the excess marble to reveal them. We have been doing the same thing, removing layers of emotional debris from lifetimes of karma, soul wounds, contracts, commitments, disappointments, betrayals, sadness, pain, and fear, to reveal the love, joy, and beauty of our core selves.  It’s time to put some ‘divine into our vibe TM‘ and move from healing to wholeness, we do that by choosing our most powerful outcomes and then aligning with the energy that will make them possible.

For those interested in astrology, Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs (an aspect called mutual reception), Saturn in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, and Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This makes these planets’ energies and impact extra powerful, so the learning and transformation take on a whole new level of meaning and impact, which translates into a ‘DO IT NOW’ kind of learning experience. Has that been your experience of 2014 so far? It gets a little easier in September but only if we have the courage to press on. We’re almost where we want to be and exactly where we need to be for that to happen.

What has this year revealed in your life so far? If it has been a tough year for you, its because you may have arrived at the point of greatest unhappiness. Sometimes we have to get to that point before we can decide that we deserve to have something else. Our journey of transformation, evolution, and ascension is not linear or a forward movement, it’s often back and forth and sometimes we can go way back before we decide to that we have had enough. The way out of misery is through and then up, but so often we get lost in our struggles and stop focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.

The challenging truth that we are all facing now is that we are the source of power that we’re seeking to make our dreams come true. And in  September we need to create a connection with that truth because it is what will pull us across the 4D bridge into the higher dimensions we have been catching glimpses of for the past few months. We know that they are out there, we just have to be willing to cross that bridge into the unknown territory of higher dimensions, without being afraid that we’ll be disappointed in the results.

Mars changes sign in  September, moving from Scorpio into  Sagittarius. In Scorpio it dredged the depths of our limiting beliefs, actions, and thoughts. In Sagittarius it can help us expand into our higher truth, as long as we are willing to believe it. Mars has been especially active this year, spending eight long months retrograding through Libra where we learned about balance, then it moved into Scorpio with an unrelenting focus on truth, alignment, and honesty, and now it’s moving into a more expansive space but don’t get too comfortable with that. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher as well as the zealot. Everything in moderation is a keyword for September.

We have long defined humanity’s struggle with life as trying to gain victory over our humanity. But that’s like fighting fire with fire. Our journey is about learning to move from healing to wholeness, from human beings into divine humans, from limitation into expansion, from fear into love, from judgment into acceptance, and that can only be done via an energetic re-alignment that include our divine aspects. We don’t have to be less human because our humanity includes the potential to integrate the highest energies and dimensions in the Universe. We have to be more wholly aligned with all of our energetic aspects and expand those to include our divinity. Divinity is about wholeness, not holiness.

We have been sowing the seeds for this all year and it is now possible in September. As we begin the month we have a chance to review where we have been so far, jettison our emotional and psychic baggage and start making our moves, beginning with intention and alignment.

Everything that is aligned with our lower vibes has to go so we can replace them with higher vibe alternatives.

What does that mean to you?

Look at where your life is limited, where you feel stuck, blocked, unhappy, or afraid.

Do you have the courage to change, even if you are not sure what that means or where it will lead you?

Are fear, lack, and limitation addictions or habits for you? If this is how everyone in your family lives, then they probably are. You can break those habits and addictions and learn to live from a more healed, whole, and fulfilled point but you’ll be the first, the pioneer, so you won’t have any idea of where that leads you. It takes courage to be the pioneer or to live in a higher vibration when you don’t know what that means for you or what results you will get but once you take a step towards the 4D bridge and get a glimpse of  higher dimensions and other ways of being, there is no turning back.

September’s keywords are transition, transformation, and re-alignment. Our movement potential is forward, when we are ready. It’s about timing now, not time, and timing refers to energy, alignment, resonance, frequency, vibration and our own internal readiness for transformation, with a focus on wholeness (not holiness) and a push to raise our vibes and create the human/divine partnership. Have a wonderful month.”


Are you ready to raise your vibes to bring in the divine? Then come to my Raise your Vibes LIVE workshop September 12 & 13, 2014 in Kansas City, MO. More details are on the event page here. There are 50 spaces available so we can have opportunity to work closely on raising your vibes to levitate your life to new heights of potential and possibility.

You can read more about these topics, a more thorough description of this month’s keywords, and a new energy exercise for September by joining the Light Beacons community. Full energy reports will be posted there monthly, as well as an audio of the monthly energy report, more detailed monthly tools and topics, along with the other benefits of joining the community.

Click here to learn more about the Light Beacons community.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman – August 2014 Energy Report – 8-4-14


Message from Jennifer Hoffman  /  Monday, 4 August, 2014

August brings a welcome relief from the intensity of July, which is always a tough month for me. Whether it’s the Cancer sign water energy that douses my Aries fire energy, or the heat of the summer which I don’t really care for, I have never felt comfortable in July. I’m an action person and I need to be moving, creating, doing something, and feeling useful and July never does that for me. Well, we get a little bit of action opportunity in August, together with forces to ensure that we’re taking action in a considered way, keeping in mind that what we do must serve us in the best way. Action without a plan or potential outcome is a recipe for unfulfilled expectations. And to ensure that you use August energies in the best way, you should plan to relax, refresh yourself, renew some aspect of your goals or dreams, review the past only for the lessons it contains, and set a course for your new future, which is just another word for unrealized or unactivated potential.

If you have been hoping that some time this year you would feel like you have the green light to surge ahead, you may be a little disappointed in August. I say ‘a little’ because you may feel more motivated this month, once we have processed the hammering we received towards the end of July, which should be fully resolved by August 10th’s full moon. We have a lot of support for creation this month, with some restraint because we have both Mars and Saturn in  Scorpio to put on the brakes, along with Neptune energy to make sure that we are using our spiritual gifts, guidance, and intuition in the process.

Yes, we have to consider the brakes here because Mars and Saturn together are the proverbial ‘irresistible force meets the immovable object’. At best, we can use this energy to carefully consider each step and take intentional, guided, confident action. At its worst, this energy is like trying to drive with one foot on the gas and one on the brake, we don’t go anywhere fast but make a lot of noise, burn rubber, and create a lot of smoke. Together they are downplaying the tremendous creative energy that we have in August, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in bold, outrageous Leo, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I find it interesting that a Scorpio/Leo square is so prominent this month because Scorpio is the sign of our inner world, the deepest, darkest places  and Leo is the sign of the Sun, bold, creative, outspoken, outgoing, ‘out there’, and willing to take risks. With Scorpio though, we’re asked to take action that really serves us, to risk within our limits, to ‘look before we leap’, act from our inner guidance,  and to be clear in our outcome, rather than hoping for the best with our eyes closed to what we know is not going to work out.

I recently worked with a client who has been trying to make a profound life change for the past two years and is still stuck on ‘start’. She knows what she wants to do but she is afraid and that’s OK. The problem is she is trying to pretend that she is not afraid, she is not honoring her fears and addressing them in the context of her actions, so every time she moves forward, her fears pop up. They would go away if she would address them but she sees this as a sign of failure – she should be stronger than her fears, they shouldn’t bother her, she is more powerful than that, and she can ‘will’ them away. And yet, her fears remain. Until she is willing to honor her fears and satisfy their requirements, she will continue to be stuck on start and will not move forward.

Fears let us know where we need security, validation, and comfort. And if those qualities were missing in any part of our lives, they’re going to pop up with every change we try to make. It isn’t a sign of weakness to be afraid, but it is not very wise to pretend those fears don’t exist. This is Saturn/Mars in Scorpio challenging our creative drive and bold actions, so that we can face our fears, to know what they are, find their source, and then plan around them. Are you afraid of the dark? Bring a flashlight and extra batteries. Do you think you won’t have enough to eat? Pack a lunch. Do you think someone will not like you? Wear your favorite outfit, stand up proud and tall, and remember that you can’t please everyone but if you’re happy, you have won both the battle and the war. Learn to throw your own celebrations and invite people who really love and resonate with you to them.

This is a month to take action when you feel it’s right and best, and most importantly, that it serves you and your desired outcome. We need to stop looking for approval and validation from people who don’t share our vision. People usually judge our goals relative to their ability to see themselves doing the same thing. If they can’t make that connection, they won’t think you can either, no matter how right or perfect that action is for you. Don’t ask someone who doesn’t like camping for advice about camping gear. That’s not a silly comparison, we do it all the time. Keep your own counsel, share when you feel that it’s right and you’re speaking to the right audience.

But above all, make sure that each step serves you — your intention, your outcome, your joy, peace, and gives you the self validation that lets you know you are on the right path because it feels right and good. Use this month’s Leo creative energy to explore your potential and the limiting energy of Mars/Scorpio to double check your plans, so you know that you are making moves that will create what you want. If you don’t think it’s the right time to act, then don’t. You’ll have other opportunities next month. And use this month’s keywords, relax, refresh, renew, and review (and it isn’t even a Mercury retro month — that happens next month) to consider your options and leave a little room for miracles and blessings from a benevolent Universe that is waiting for you to go public with your dreams. The future represents everything you have not done until now — it is another word for unrealized potential. Make your potential real by taking guided, soulful, considered action that serves you.

Have a wonderful month!

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.  You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to


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Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life – Energies of July 2014 – 7-1-14

Enlightening Life: The Energies of July 2014
by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 30 June, 2014

In the 2014 predictions, which you can read here, I wrote that the second half of 2014 would be much different than the first half and that period begins on July 1. It is quite appropriate that the month begins with Mercury turning direct and during the month Mars and Saturn will both end their long retrogrades, and four planets will change signs. That’s a lot of activity for one month but we are ready for it, aren’t we? July will open the doors to change, releasing a lot of stagnant energy and inviting us to step into the changes and transformation we have been waiting to make for a long time. That time we have been hoping and waiting for is now here. All we have to do is decide what we’re going to do with the energy.

The difference between change and transformation, on an energetic level, are profound. With change we simply substitute one thing for another, in the same way that we change our underwear every day. With transformation we get a total makeover so even the people who know us well no longer recognize us. We have the opportunity for transformation now — are we willing to take it and become a new version of ourselves? That’s what we are being invited and compelled to do but as much as we say we want it, making the commitment and aligning with and integrating the energy is a whole new ballgame.

Let’s face it, this has not been an easy period for anyone, starting with the early 1990s and really gearing up in the early 2000s. My life has taken some hard and unexpected turns during that period, and I  know yours have too. I have, at times, tried so hard to make changes but the timing was off, things weren’t right, I had other things to do that I wasn’t aware of and work to do that was keeping me firmly grounded in a place I did not want to be in. But my wishes didn’t seem to be as important as the tasks at hand and this has been our experience, until now.

There is nothing that holds us back now, except perhaps the discomfort that comes from being suddenly released after a long period of confinement. It may take some time for us to learn how to let go of the missions that have been our life purpose for so long, but they are as eager to be rid of us, as we are of them. Everything is seeking transformation now, and we will probably not need to ask where the release needs to happen as it will be quite obvious, in the form of situations and relationships that we are no longer aligned or resonate with.

Our hands and hearts, so accustomed to shouldering heavy burdens of healing, are now free to seek other avenues. Can we let go of what we know has been our life purpose and soul mission and allow ourselves to step into a new purpose that serves our joy? Change is in the air but it is the promise of transformation, at a soul level, that is our new path. If we’re going to be aligned with new energy, we need to be willing to become new versions of ourselves, to reconnect with the full scope of our power that we have denied ourselves in service to our healing missions and this requires transformation first, and then our acceptance of the changes that will arise from it.

What does it feel like to not be a healer in every situation? What kinds of relationships can we have if our primary intention is to be served at our level of service, to receive in equal measure to what we so freely give to others? This is one of the things we must address as we enter July and a new phase of our individual and collective journey.

Those who have relied on others to bear the burden of their pain and healing will now have to learn to rely on themselves. Those who have supported and at times encouraged this level of co-dependency will find that they have neither the time nor the energy to do so.  The time of the Martyred Healer is over, as is the era of the Light Worker. We are now Light Beacons, shining our light from our own space of joy, peace, love, fulfillment, and abundance so that others can know what it is to lived from a place of being that is healed, whole, and complete. We are better healers when we remind others of their power, rather than feeling pity for their pain. We are also better healers when we are happy and living in joy, than when we suffer and struggle with energy that doesn’t belong to us. The earth and humanity do not need us to show them their pain, they need to know that there is an alternative and will look to us to show them the portal that they must pass through by themselves.

July’s themes all begin with the letter ‘E’, expanded, energized, enlightened, and evolved, where we expand our ability and willingness to receive and hold energy at new levels of frequency and vibration we are energized with our new purpose and mission and use the new energy to create a new life and way of being that serves us and that we love, we shine our light brightly as beacons of inspired transformation for others, and we evolve into new, higher frequency ways of being.

We are also going to have opportunities to fulfill our dreams of relationship because this new energy requires partnerships, on all levels, and that includes creating loving, fulfilling, romantic relationships with partners who are kindred spirits (no more soul mates or karmic partners) and who are also ready for relationships that begin at an equal level of completeness and healing.  Does it get much better than that? After months and years of waiting, I think we’re finally here and I am looking forward to the movement and transformation, as I know you are too. Have a wonderful month.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.  You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to


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Jennifer Hoffman – Creation Energies – You Have Become a Literal Light Beacon – 6-2-14

rainbowabundance·2,410 videos




You Have Become a Literal Light Beacon

June 2, 2014 at 4:47 pm 28 comments

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

The summary of Brenda’s April 26, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Those at the forefront are shifting faster and deeper daily. An apt analogy is a pre-cell evolving into a tooth or hair cell – part of the body, but with a unique role. As you evolve in new earth, your joy path may evolve also – just as was true when you became an adult. Each of you, including those newly awakened and those yet to awaken, is an important member of the Universal choir with the perfect voice/vibration for that choir.

The next “Creation Energies” show will be channeled either Friday, June 13 or Saturday, June 14.

New “Brenda’s Blog” channels WILL CONTINUE to be posted weekly.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “No One Can Dictate Your Joy”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,
Thank you for accepting your delightful new role of sparkle producer for those who wish to follow.

Some of you question that thought for you do not feel as if you sparkle – or even shine. You feel dull and grey. Such is not at all the case, but you do not yet see yourself as we and others do.

Indeed, your sparkles shine through your most difficult days. Some of you feel as if you live in a grey cloud. Even if you feel as if you are not producing or feeling anything, you are shining as brightly as the sun shines through clouds.

Perhaps you wonder why such a topic is important at this time – or if the assertion of your brightness is even believable.

We remind you that children and nonhumans seem attracted to you. You have maybe noted birds, insects or larger essences hovering around you. Or children mesmerized by your presence. You merely need to smile at small children and they notice you – most often, even return your smile.

For children and nonhumans are open to your shining presence.

Perhaps you remember religious art works with halos above the beings portrayed. Such is true for you now – even though you do not see or sense it.

Do you realize that a halo was merely an artistic means of displaying a golden, sunshine aura – such as you now have?

Again, you question the validity of this statement – why does not the person you are uncomfortable with note your sunshine aura? Perhaps they do – and that is why they respond with discomfort or even anger in your presence.

You are beyond dreaming of a new life. You have transitioned into it.

That last statement does not seem possible to most of you. You continue to work, play and seemingly react as you have always. Such is not the case. If you were to question those who have not yet transitioned to their new life, they would relay that you seem more calm and loving than before.

That statement is not a dictate of how you should be, but an indicator of how you are even though you do not yet sense it. This new you is the result of your changed perceptions of your current life and many others.

We promised you would restructure your current 3D life and many others – if not all – once you moved into your new life. So you have. You merely need to acknowledge to yourself that such is true.

Yet another piece of self-love.

You have moved your personal mountains to create a new life and new earth.

Now you need to acknowledge what children and other earth entities already know – you are a bright and shining sun to all who encounter you.

And your bright sparkle encourages others to follow your lead – just as was true for those portrayed in religious paintings.

You are a light bearer, a beacon. Most of you did not understand that the phrase, “beacon of light” was meant literally. It was and is.

Even though you will not be the last to create a golden aura about you, you are the first group in this lifetime.

You are the beacons of light noted by those who allow themselves to return to self-love. Such is the “earth standard” for now and forever.

A standard you dared create. You merely need to believe you have done so.

Young children and nonhumans have not yet created perceptions of what is possible. It is time for you to shift to the same.

All is possible.

You have a golden aura of sunshine and sparkles for all who allow themselves to sense that such is true – including yourself. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Energies of March 2014 – 3-3-14


As the saying goes ‘March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.’ That may hold true for the weather, as March typically begins with winter weather and ends with warmer, spring-like temperatures. But for everything else, I think that March is going to enter like a semi-toothless lion and end like a hungry one, with a new set of teeth, looking for its next meal. We have endured many months of inaction and we’re now ready for some changes, nearly anything will do at this point. Those will come in April, as for March, big, life changing outcomes aren’t quite supported, but the decisions and choices behind them are.

Mercury is now direct but Mars and Saturn are both retrograde. This means that communications may pick up but action won’t. Marsh retrogrades approximately once every two years and it’s the planet of action so when it’s retro it’s a little like trying to drive a car with a foot on the gas and on the brake, you get a lot of noise and smoke but not much action or forward movement. It doesn’t mean that action is impossible, just that it’s time to take conscious, considered action and ask questions like ‘do I want to do this,’ or ‘why am I doing this’, instead of taking ill-considered action. You may need to rest more and not feel like doing anything at times, that’s all part of Mars retro, which ends on July 20 (including the shadow period).

This isn’t a bad thing though because if you look at the energy movements we have been experiencing since 2012, everything has brought us back to ourselves, to our core and center. How do we make choices and decisions, what criteria do we use and where do we put ourselves, in the beginning, middle or the end of the process? Or are we an afterthought, where our needs come after everyone and everything else is taken care of? How does this impact our ability to manifest what we want and maybe we’re not manifesting what we want because we’re asking on behalf of everyone else?

This month we’ll get a good look at where our energy is centered and have time to do some course corrections. If a situation is not moving forward, do a clarity and direction check – are you doing what you want to do and are you clear about what that is? If not, retros encourage time outs, re-thinks, re-assessments and very often, release. If you don’t always make choices in a thoughtful, considered way, you’ll have time to do that now. So instead of rushing out the door and getting to your destination to find that you left your wallet or important papers at home,  or you’re still wearing your slippers because you forgot to put your shoes on, March’s energies will slow you down enough to help you plan more carefully.

Maybe you’re doing too much and you need to take some things off of your plate. Perhaps you have been putting some things off because you didn’t have time before and now they are staring you in the face, demanding your attention. If this is your ‘old’ normal, you get to create a new normal now. I had noticed that my car battery was starting to fail last week but didn’t have time to go buy a new one. Then I was stuck at the airport with a dead car battery (in frigid temperatures), so I got a jump start and stopped by the auto shop to buy a new one on the way home. My car now has a new battery, so that problem is taken care of. If the old one hadn’t died at the airport, I would have put it off again but I had to take care of it then because I knew it was dead and wouldn’t start again.

Look at whatever situations come up for you this month as a chance to resolve an issue that has probably been around for a while, you just haven’t taken care of it. Maybe there are things you ignore because you think they’re too hard, maybe you are just tired of taking care of things and wish they would go away or resolve themselves, or maybe you’re just tired of trying so hard. We need to sit back and relax sometimes, to re-prioritize our priorities and give ourselves a break. Now you have the chance to do that and you can make the process effortless, you just have to make it, and you, a priority. It’s OK to stop and smell the roses, and the world won’t end if you do.

The three personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, have been in retro phases since early December 2013, which is very rare. Their energy impacts everything we do, communication, movement and travel, all emotional connections, action, desire, anger and joy. Do you feel like you have been missing in action in your life? This month you can start thinking about the action you would like to take, beginning with what you want and then look at what stands in your way or limits your progress. This is a great month to take twice as long to think things through, to give every outcome a chance to percolate,

Saturn goes retro about 6 months a year so we’re used to that and it’s adding energy to the suggestion that we re-create ourselves in new ways. It encourages us to deeply within and get in touch with those aspects of ourselves that we often ignore because other things and people are either more important or more insistent.   Because forward movement is a little blocked, you may take time to think things through more carefully, to expand your plans to integrate new ideas or possibilities. It’s a time to be flexible and open to new ideas, just in time to prepare for April’s energies, which are a powerful catalyst for change. And we can all celebrate now that Mercury is direct and February is over.

Have a wonderful month.

If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman – The Energies of January 2014 – 1-7-14


The Energies of January 2014: Jennifer Hoffman. January 6, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

January started off with a bang, so to speak, as we had a powerful new moon on January 1, which hasn’t happened in 19 years. That, coupled with an ongoing Venus retrograde that takes us back to late 2005 and early 2006, we may feel like we’re going backwards instead of forwards, reviewing a past we would just as soon forget.

But while there is lots of energy and potential available, we have to step into it, embrace the potential, align with it, and integrate it into our lives, all big themes for 2014. If you have heard me say this 100 times, be prepared to hear me say it 1000 more times because no matter how much we want something, we have to be aligned with it and have the ability to integrate it into our lives. The energies of January are all about what we believe and think we deserve.

Venus is described as ruling money, beauty, and love, but it is really about value. And value is about deserving. We are so willing to give our time, thoughts and energy to what we value but so often, we pay attention to what we do not value, what does not serve our joy, or bring us peace, love, and abundance.

With Venus retrograde all month, we can take a closer look at what is valuable to us, beginning with ourselves. Do we value ourselves, our path, our life, and our own journey? Everything in our life is a mirror of what we value, but is it valuable to us? Do we love it? A good way to answer that question is to ask ourselves if we want more of it, in unlimited quantities? If not, then it’s time to change our value system and start looking at what we think we deserve.

Everyone asks the question “What do you want?” and it’s so hard to answer because we truly don’t know. We are usually more clear about what we don’t want because that is what we have so much of in our lives. A better way to phrase that question is to ask “What do I deserve?” It works like this — think about a challenging situation in your life, maybe it’s financial limitation, or you’re lonely, or you feel unfulfilled. Now phrase it like this “I deserve to have financial limitation”, or “I deserve to be lonely”, or “I deserve to feel unfulfilled”. When you put it like that it sounds silly, but it makes it easy to see the difference between where you are and where you want to be.

Now change it around, “I deserve to be financially abundant”, “I deserve to be in a loving relationship”, or “I deserve to be fulfilled in all areas of my life now.” Then you have a better starting point to begin the process of deciding how to get to where you want to be. And since you (hopefully) don’t really believe that you deserve to be limited, lonely, and feel unfulfilled, you will be able to create more empowering beliefs about what you deserve that will get you to where you want to be. Ascension is happening to each of us, as well as in the world. We ascend, or raise up, our vibrations as part of this process. And deserving, value, being valuable and worthy, are all part of this process.

Before you try to make a choice, look at your options and their outcomes from the point of deserving. This way you are connecting with the choice in a empowering way and creating a powerful value system in the process. I think it works better than affirmations, which are too often easy to say without creating the appropriate alignment and integration to make them believable, feasible and workable.

January’s new moon lights up the Uranus/Pluto square, now in its third year of activity. We have two more aspects this year, in April and November, and the final one is in March 2015. It has been a long, slow and relenting process. If you don’t think that much is happening, think of how glaciers move and carve up the ground beneath them.

Mars in Libra adds fuel to the transformational fire, so to speak, from now until July, when it moves out of Libra. It is going to remind us to continue to take action, to be clear about what we deserve, to be in the energy of love and use that as our impetus to fuel the change we want to see in the world. If we have allowed a world of in-humanity, social injustice, economic disparity, cruelty, intolerance, discrimination, and apathy to be created, we’re going to have to be inspired (or in spirit), demand social justice, economic equality, compassion and kindness, tolerance, focus on our one-ness, and accept ownership of our role as the creators of the world’s reality to create the bottom up transformation that will become the new Earth paradigm.

It all begins with us, we are the masters of 3D energy and whatever we decide to do with that energy is what will happen. The ‘power over’ 3D paradigms are collapsing but they won’t go down without a fight. Higher dimensional ‘power with’ paradigms are waiting in the wings, but we need to create space for them. Be empowered, be clear and confident, know that you are valuable and have value and this is what will allow us, individually and collectively, to be the beacon of change that the world is seeking.

January 31 is the Chinese New Year and it’s the year of the Horse, a highly auspicious year. Think of all of the beauty, grace, speed, and power of the horse — this is what this new year holds for us. It’s also the day that Venus goes direct, just as Mercury prepares to go retrograde on February 1, its shadow period begins January 23.

All of the activity this month makes me think of a very busy intersection and the only thing that keeps the cars from running into each other is split second timing. A key to navigating this busy month (and it will be like this until May) is to avoid distractions and stay focused on your path. Remember, everything you do in your life extends to the world. You can make a difference because you are the difference.

Have a wonderful month.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Life as a miracle – Universal Laws – via Lilou Mace

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Jennifer Hoffman – 2014 Predictions – The Year of Love – 1-2-14


Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”. I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction.

Since they are read by millions of people from dozens of countries, and who can translate and interpret what they read in different ways, sharing these predictions is a mission that I take very seriously and I write them with a great deal of care. That said, at different times during the year I refer to the predictions I made (which I do not change once they are published),  and I am surprised at how accurate they are.

I have written a new program for this year, a 6 week series that will cover the main points of the 2014 predictions in detail. You will receive 2 chapters a week, as well as a weekly live call with Q&A. We will focus especially on the Expanded  I AM Presence and the Year of Love, and how you can align with and integrate these powerful aspects into your life. Full details are at the end of the predictions and I am offering this at a very special price until January 3. Go down to the bottom of the page for more details.

The details of exactly ‘what will happen’ are not always part of the information I share with you, as it is more focused on what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways. Because we have evolved so much during the past year, sometimes knowing the different potentials serves as a decision making guide, rather than a dire warning of the upcoming year’s events.

I think we began 2013 at somewhat of a disadvantage because we were disappointed that ‘nothing happened’ on 12/12/12, followed by even less on 12/21/12. At some level we all wanted proof of a higher power, of some kind of divine or extra terrestrial intervention and when that didn’t happen at all, we were all disappointed. But one thing that did happen was the global participation in the anticipation around 12/12/12, which was the biggest heart opening humanity has ever experienced. This kind of shared connection and interest will continue throughout this year, as it is one aspect of our new human and earth paradigm.

I want to stress that in 2014, unlike previous years, we will have an increasingly powerful impact on all world events and the ability to raise everything to its highest potential and best possible outcome through our individual and collective intention. Everything we do in our own lives has an expanded, exponential impact, everything is connected, on every level. We are each connected to the earth and its energies, to each other, to the Universe and to Source. It’s all one big ascension process and we are at its center. It is our completion of the ascension journey that allows the rest of the universe to ascend. So we have to do this now – no pressure here, we can’t get it wrong but we can do things that will allow it to move just a little bit faster.

No matter how ‘bad’ things appear to be, there are many different possible outcomes, even though we may initially only be aware of one, which will be the one that resonates at our own energetic frequency and is aligned with our vibration. It is also aligned with our own healing path, which is the initial purpose (but not the only purpose) of every lifetime. Once we complete that level of healing, we are free to move on to other lessons and to a new life path and purpose.

Creation follows energetic focus and intention and since we said we wanted to be in our power, this is our chance to embrace and use it, to see how that can work in our lives and in the world. We can change the world when we are willing to first become the example of the transformation we can envision for the world as we embody it in our own lives.

That doesn’t mean we can turn everything into sweetness and light, far from it. It means that we can shorten the timelines of events so that it doesn’t take decades for things to unfold, as it has in the past. While that has consequences (be careful what you ask for because you will get it comes to mind here), it also means that if we want the truth to be known, it will come out very quickly. Then we have to decide what we are going to do with that truth. Anything you have been ‘sitting on the fence’ about, so to speak, unable to make up your mind about or decide one way or another, will become crystal clear for you.

You may even get knocked off of your fence, if you leave outcomes up to chance or decide you can’t decide. Choices are made on the basis of your conscious or unconscious intention (sometimes you will have to figure out which one you are using) and will manifest for you. We’re moving into full-on energetic connection now, and things can move very quickly. We also have work to do this year, part of which is getting our work done so we can have some fun.

This is one year where the saying ‘nothing is set in stone’ will be obvious because everything can and may be changed. None of this is out of our control but we have been saying that we want joy, love, peace, abundance and success for a long time and now it is going to materialize. Our lives will expand to accommodate these things, which will push our energy limiters out while inviting our energy expanders in.

And this is especially true now. As we enter 2014 we are coming out of what has been, for many, a truly difficult year that challenged them to the very core. This core challenge may have included a choice to decide whether they were finished with their earth path or not. Many chose to be finished, while others decided to stay. In 2013, particularly towards the end of the year, I lost track of how many condolence messages I shared with people who lost husbands, wives, partners, friends, family members, and pets.

Their time was finished and while that isn’t always easy to understand, it is going to carry over into 2014. Many people, in their soul aspects, fulfill a specific mission on the earth and they leave when that is finished. It isn’t easy for those they leave behind, but one of the lessons we will have to learn in 2014 and beyond, is to start acknowledging our soul aspects and energy, instead of just seeing ourselves and each other through the human aspects and the emotions.

Here are some of the major aspects for 2014:

The Year of Love

2014 is ‘the Year of Love’ and that doesn’t mean that everyone will fall in love this year, although many of you will. Here I’m referring to love as an energy, which we humans then translate into love the emotion. It’s easy to get lost and confused in the emotion of love, decide who does and doesn’t love us or how we are or are not loved by the people, situations and connections we have, including our Source connection. But that is not love the energy, which is nonjudgmental, always loving, always present and insists on bringing everything into balance with its energy. Be ready for this because it is going to make a powerful statement in 2014, starting on January 1, with the New Moon.

The Eye of the Needle

The ‘eye of the needle’ that I have referred to many times is from the Bible, Matthew 19:24, which says ‘It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’ I believe that the reference to a ‘rich man’ is a mistranslation and it should be ‘burdened man’. The burdens here simply refer to karma, guilt, shame, and anything that burdens us, which also refers to pain from the past. It is impossible for us to pass through the narrow portals  into higher dimensions, which are karma free,  when we are carrying the burdens of the past. We have spent much of 2012 and 2013, releasing these burdens. We will have additional assistance this year in letting go of even more of our limitations so we can fit through these dimensional portals.

Nothing is done in violation of our free will, which is always in effect, even though it sometimes feels like we have no choice in matters. 2013 was a year that challenged us to acknowledge, experience, embrace, and transform some of our most difficult life lessons, so we can enter a multi-dimensional path unencumbered by the burdens of the past.

This is one area we are still working on and that will continue through 2014. We do not have to consciously experience all of our pain, although we can do that if we want to,  this is the difficult path. The easier path is to choose, as things come up, whether we will allow ourselves to follow that path or to choose another one. 2014 is a year of revolving doors, as things leave other things are waiting to take their place. Remember that what you want to get rid of is just as anxious to leave. New light, energies, people and situations are ready to enter into the spaces you are creating for them as you release more dense energy from your life.

The Expanded I AM Presence

We are being gifted in 2014 with something brand new, which fits into 2014′s theme of expansion and that is our expanded I AM presence. This is what we have always viewed as our Source connection but now it has become something far more important, relevant to our new paradigms and our movement into new dimensions of being, and aligned with our ascension path as we move into greater awareness of ourselves as dynamic, powerful, limitless spiritual beings.

Embracing our expanded I AM presence is the next step on our path and it will be how we successfully navigate the next decade, as we powerfully create its foundation in 2014. There are four parts to it: Intend and Integrate, Align, Allow and Authentic, Mastery and Manifest. They are briefly described here.

These are key themes for 2014, and they are all focused on how we work with energy because we participate in the universe energetically. Emotions are an expression of energy which is how we translate energy into a language we can understand. But if we are to be powerful on our life path, we must choose to be involved in it on an energetic level and learn how to work with energy to manifest the path we choose to follow.

Integration is how we fit energy into our lives. We often do it backwards, trying to manifest things out of need or fear, and then we have no place for the energy to flow. Anything that we want to create, no matter how badly we need or want it, must fit into our lives. Releasing is one way we create space for new things, which is why this has been such a powerful theme for the past several years.

Intention is how we acknowledge our ability as co-creators of our reality. It is our job to set the path for the energy, and we do this with intention. Then the energy flows into the path we have created for it. Intention creates a container for energy to flow into and every desire is an intention. Rather than ask with a hopeful “I wish” or “I want”, say “I intend” which sets a powerful path for energy to align with you and what you want to create.

Alignment is critical because without alignment, nothing fits, nothing works and we feel stuck. Being out of alignment is like having a car but no key. We want to connect with energy but we are not on its path.

We allow energy to flow into our lives, this is about being willing to receive and it is the second step in manifestation.

Being authentic requires honest, commitment and being willing to honor ourselves.

Reality is the result of manifestation, it is how we direct and move energy to flow into the spaces and containers we have created for it. Without our consistent, persistent manifestation, the world just creates itself from the energies that are available to it.

Mastery is our birthright, we are masters of the third dimension and of its energy. When we approach life as a victim we relinquish our power and take whatever happens to come our way. This is fear-based thinking and it leads to fear-based results. We cannot be powerful until we acknowledge our power by claiming our mastery. The worlds needs masters to initiate change and we are on the cusp of our most powerful and important transitions now.

You may be sighing in exhaustion, wondering how much more you can take, but let me assure you, the hardest work is already done. We have mastered this because we have been through the labor which, by the way, is the process that prepares the body to give birth. The birth part comes after the labor, it’s the (relatively) easy part. We’re now in the birth process and as those of you who have given birth know, the body knows what to do. This is the part where we put out experience and learning into action. That’s mastery in a nutshell; we get to take everything we have already learned and start eliminating the things we don’t want to repeat, as we look towards the new, fun and exciting things that we want to create for ourselves. For many of us, it is the first time that we get to have fun, so let’s make the most of it. The world needs us to show it what healed, whole living is about. We can do this.

Here are my general observations about what 2014 will hold for us, for humanity and the earth:

A global desire for transformation

We got a taste of this in 2013, the ‘power of the people’ at work. For example, the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed over 1200 people, created a global protest against the use of slave labor in the garment industry and forced the entire industry to change its production methods. While workers protested, consumers across the globe supported their efforts, wrote to retailers and demanded an end to these practices.

This desire for change will continue as we seek new ways to change the 3D paradigms of ‘power over’ to 5D and above paradigms of shared power, connection, and self empowerment. Our awareness of our connection to each other will fuel our desire to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity, respect, honor, and fairness. This is how we are going to manifest the peace, joy, love and abundance that we want to see in the world.

Earth Changes

2014 will see more earth changes, most of them man-made, from unsafe, unsound, and unsustainable practices that have long been done, some in secret, others more open but their true impact is not reported. I see frakking as an ongoing problem, causing more earthquakes and sinkholes in the US, especially in the upper Midwest, Texas, and some of the eastern plains states, like Tennessee and Kentucky. Weather this year will be troublesome, especially in the late spring and early summer. Europe may have damaging winds and unusual strong storms, most of them from HAARP technology being used to manipulate growing seasons.

The volcano at Yellowstone will not erupt this year but I see activity around it in 2015. There will be some volcanic action around the Philippines and the ring of fire volcanoes will be active but not dangerously so. These rumblings are designed to make us more conscious of our need to protect the earth and maintain a strong, safe, and respectful relationship with it.

The Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation will continue to be a problem for the Pacific region, in Asia and the U.S. We do have extra terrestrial assistance in mitigating some of the more dangerous radiation levels and we can help by setting intentions to raise the vibration of the water, which will help offset some of the damage. It is far more serious than we know, even with the outside help that we have been given, because the information is not being shared with us. This area needs our prayers and energetic support on a daily basis. Spend a few minutes a day sending energy there, as this will help.

There will be continuing interest in sustainable practices such as farming and more compassionate treatment of animals. What we will see in these situations is how people are going to take the initiative to create their own realities and work together to manifest the outcomes they want. Corporations and governments will have to respond and to change due to the public pressure. This is how transformation occurs and while we want things to change, what we really want is lasting transformation that will come through persistent effort, as we claim our power and mastery and manifest the reality that we want in our own lives. This empowers us to insist on this kind of transformation in the world. If we can push through the resistance, which we can do if we persist, the world will become what we want it to be.

Vortexes and Portals

Vortexes are concentrations of energy on the earth and energy portals are openings in the earth’s electromagnetic grid that allow energy to flow into the earth from the Universe.  Some portals allow dense energy to flow into the earth, others are much lighter and their energy is less dense. You can tell where the ancient, dark and dense portals are because these areas are currently at war, or are areas of protest and civil unrest, such as Syria, Egypt and areas of the Middle East. Any area where the feminine energy is suppressed or denied contains an ancient, dense portal. These are trying to close, and have been trying to close for several years now, but there is a lot of resistance to their closing, from those who feed off of this energy. 2015 will see a big shift in these portals but in 2014 these areas will continue to experience conflict, at times quite intense.

New vortexes are being opened in areas around the world, some of them to receive energy that needs to enter the earth grid but cannot because the old portals are not closed yet. You can tell where these new vortexes are in places as there is a sudden shift in the social, political, or cultural environment, for the better. Switzerland is one area that I see this happening in for 2014, parts of Africa, especially South Africa and Madagascar, the Southwestern and Eastern U.S., eastern Australia, Tasmania, and in parts of Asia, including South Korea and Taiwan. Russia is also going to experience new vortexes but their effects will be limited. I see a lot of social upheaval in Russia, not violent, but very determined.

If you have wanted to change residence and move for some time and have not yet done so, there was an opportunity in 2013 but many of those doors were closed because the places you needed to move to were not yet ready for you, and your own healing and transformation were not yet complete. 2014 opens new opportunities for this to happen, be sure that you are focused on the kind of life and lifestyle you want to experience, the kind of friends, community, social network and experience you want to have in your new place. That is what will determine where you move to.

Solar Flares, CMEs, the Sun’s Polar Shift

In December 2013 one of the most significant events of this decade took place and it received very little attention. The sun reversed its polar field, something it does every 11 years. 2013 was also the year we had the most intense solar activity ever recorded, and that occurs in the years when the sun reverses its polarity. Now that this cycle has re-started, we will see less intense solar flare activity in 2014; however, the shift in the sun’s electromagnetic field starts a new cycle of energetic activity for the earth. Look at the changes that happened between 2001 and 2013, as this is what we can expect, and more, beginning in 2014. What do you think the world will look like in 2025 when this next cycle completes?

Power Periods

During the course of every year there are power periods where the earth’s energetic balance shifts, we experience shifts, new energetic alignments occur, new vortexes open or old ones close. These often clash with our own energetic vibrations and they can make us very uncomfortable and even physically ill. We call these ascension symptoms and they are part of our ascension journey, for we need to bring new energy to the earth as part of our mission of creating ‘heaven on earth’. With these power periods we may see earth changes, strong storms, floods, earthquakes or unusual weather. In our own lives we can experiences sudden endings, disruptions, changes of heart or mind or even physical illness. On a global scale we can hear of secrets, schemes, corruption, scandals and power plays. These power periods describe some of the more active or intense portions of these cycles, and the activity may not be focused solely within these periods.

In 2014 there will be 5 power periods, and we have three Mercury retrogrades, in February, June and October, Venus is retrograde until March 1, Mars is retrograde until July 21, then the larger planets also retrograde through the year, adding an extra punch to some already intense energies. Plus, we have the 5th Uranus/Pluto square in April, as well as two eclipses that month. It will be an especially powerful month:

January:  The year starts off, on January 1, with a bang featuring a powerful new moon that is also part of a Cardinal Grand Cross (the most powerful astrological alignment) involving the four major areas of life, action, feelings and emotions, partnerships, and career. This is a ‘change or be changed’, take charge or be run over’, new moon that sets the energy for the year. Don’t be surprised at what you decide you ‘can’t take any more of’ or are ready to let go of with no regrets. It may be wise to pause before you speak in anger because what you set in motion will be permanent. Venus is also retrograde, so there is very little softening of the energy at this time, use it wisely. Mars is activating the Uranus/Pluto square, and Mercury is beginning its retro shadow in January and will be retrograde during most of February.

March through July: Mars goes through its retrograde cycle, ending its shadow in July. This transit began in 2013 and in Libra, Mars activates issues around partnerships of all kinds. The retrograde period, from March to May 20 will continuously touch sensitive points of the previous months’ aspects, so this period could be quite telling in the areas of relationships, which is not limited to romance. Any relationship that is undecided, struggling, or ready to end could see its demise at this time. And those that are strong, balanced, fulfilling and harmonious will be empowered by Mars’  position. If anything, any relationship you are not sure of will be clarified during this time.

April:  If we thought November 2013 was powerful, April 2014 will take that energy to a new level. We have the 5th Uranus Pluto square, exact on April 22, which corresponds to the throat chakra.  There will be issues around speech and speaking, having a voice or finding your voice, on personal and global levels. It is definitely going to be a game changer as it occurs between two eclipses in April, on the 15th and the 29th, and another Grand Cross. In astrology, Grand Cross alignments are powerful agents of change and this month will set those wheels in motion on personal and global levels.

June:  This month will bring secrets to the forefront, things that will shock the world and while the people involved won’t be as contrite or as apologetic as we would hope, what is revealed clears the air and brings forward truth that many people have suspected but no one could prove. This involves governments and officials from different countries, in a strange web of deception and corruption that is going to come from sources no one expects and involve people that are not normally implicated in these kinds of matters.

October: We will see the results of April’s eclipses in October, as well as two new eclipses that will complete this year’s cycle. I feel a power shift in this month, as the balance of power, which has been held by a few people who own and run the world’s governments and financial institutions, turns and there is a more equitable sharing, more transparency, more truth that comes out although it isn’t pleasant and creates disruption in the world. There is also a shakeup in the financial markets this month that creates some panic, especially in people who depend on their investments for living expenses. The financial markets won’t collapse but they will lose ground and there will be a re-adjustment.

December:  This month feels like a definite wrap-up for the year which will be a time for assessment and making new choices, in very conscious and powerful ways. There seems to be a stronger energy of community around this month, as in people coming together and deciding what they want next but in a shared way. I also feel that this Christmas will be more of a celebration than we felt in 2013, which didn’t feel like a holiday at all. We will have completed many transitions in 2014 and we can use December to rest, reflect, regroup and set our intentions for the new year.

This year, 2014, will not be as hard as 2013 was and I am going to qualify that by saying it will not be as hard for those who have done their work and are ready to move into the next levels of their lives. Those who have not yet even begun this path are going to experience some problems but, if they are committed to their evolution, expansion, and transformation, they will be able to jumpstart the process, thanks to the work that we have been doing in the last decade.

Many more people will choose to leave their physical bodies behind this year, so be prepared if this happens to someone you love. That includes your pets too, as they are just as much a part of this process as you are. When it is time for someone to leave, they make a choice to go and it isn’t personal. It is also a sign of how far we have transitioned into ascension because many people contribute energies to the process (the labor part) and when it’s time for the birth, or the final stages, they no longer need or want to participate in this mission.

Once again we are in a year where we are living two lives or in two worlds, the 3D world of our humanity and the higher world of our spirit. In the past this has been a source of conflict but now we can learn to bring them together in a harmonious, co-creative partnership. This partnership allows us to be more aware of the changes we need to make, of our responsibility and power, letting go of what no longer serves us, and our path and intention for joyful, joy-filled living.

Use your intention to powerfully create the reality you want to live in — I know I have repeated this many times but it is how we are going to not only get through this year but make it into something truly wonderful and spectacular. We say we have wanted this for a long time, now it’s here and we finally got what we wanted. The next step is putting it in action and this is why we are here, to bring new energies to the planet, to be part of this ascension cycle, to create the new earth paradigms, and to be an example of whole, healed living. Now that we have the ‘labor’ out of the way, it is time to take action.

During this entire year, your intention will serve as your guidepost and guiding light for your life, so set powerful, meaningful and soul-filled intentions for this evolutionary, transformative year. We still have free will in all things and nothing is ever ‘set in stone’ but we also live in highly transitional times and more and more people now share a desire for peace, love, acceptance and community. This is what has the real power to create change in the world and allow our individual and collective realities to become ‘heaven on earth’. As Uriel has often said, ‘It is not our job to destroy earth so heaven can take over. It is our mission to raise the frequencies of humanity and the earth so that a divine/human partnership can be created and we can evolve into ‘spiritual humans’.

This year can be easy or difficult, I think it will be a balance of the two and the challenges will be offset by the glorious moments of pure bliss. We are here, there is truly nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this process. Don’t be distracted by the chaos change is inevitable, but chaos is optional.

Here we are, ready to begin another year together, let’s make it a really good one.

I wish you the abundant blessings, peace, joy and love that a benevolent, loving and supportive Universe is waiting to co-create with you.

Jennifer Hoffman – Energies Of September – 3 September 2013




The keyword for September is “embrace”, which includes acknowledging, accepting and loving every aspect of ourselves, so we can gather our energy together to take the next leap into our ascension journey. We have two kinds of energy working this month, clearing away the debris, which occurs in the first part of the month. Then, beginning with the Equinox on September 22, we can ‘blast off’ into new stratospheres. This is no longer about being willing to explore parts unknown, it’s about being the creative drive behind an unfolding new paradigm. September has the potential for powerful evolution when we realize that where we go, what we do and what happens when we get there is the result of what we are creating through our intention.

Sometimes our path is blocked and we don’t understand why so we look at the one area where we are having the most difficulty and blame our issues on that situation or person. But none of the current transformation is concentrated in one area, although we may feel like it is being experienced in one area. Its purpose is to get us so focused on our healing, without allowing anything to distract us, that we allow healing to occur. When we are making massive transformation, we are also moving massive amounts of energy (in the form of beliefs and emotions) and this is what our transformation is about now, clearing, releasing and renewing. It’s not about starting over, it is now about beginning anew.

That path to new beginnings may be blocked or limited by old ‘stuff’ which includes patterns of belief and behavior, feelings, thoughts and emotions, an inability to see the future beyond your current situation or judgments that don’t allow you to see other options. As we approach the end of an energy cycle and are ready to move into new potentials, we approach the ‘eye of the needle’, a narrowing of our path which compels us to lighten our load, so to speak, of everything that is not in integrity or aligned with the vibration and dimension we want to step into. (I talk about the ‘eye of the needle’ in the Sept. 1 energy call, find out how to get your recording by clicking here).  This happens in the first half of September and it may feel like the burden to release is greater than what you are releasing. And you may have to release very little, nothing or a lot, depending on what you set as your intention and how aligned you are with it at the present moment.

This means radical restructuring of our lives, beginning with our belief systems, which is where all of our reality begins. What do you see as your potential beyond the wounds, pain and healing?  Where has your old ‘stuff’ served its purpose and what new paths can you create for yourself without it? Whatever is no longer a source of joy for you has served its purpose and trying to revive, rekindle or re-start it will only be a source of frustration. The energy partnership you once shared is complete; it’s time to disconnect from it and create a new connection to something else. And remember to embrace everything you are releasing because it is all part of you and the path you created for your life. When you release with a spirit of loving gratitude, you create a powerful, expanded space for something to enter your life in a flow of gratitude.

The energies of September position us to see beyond the healing, to know our own wisdom and see ourselves as healed, whole, worthy and deserving of the peace, joy, love and abundance we are seeking. The rest of 2013 may be a bit shaky(it’s certainly going to be eventful) and it may be easier to take care of those things now, when we can take our time, than later. Use the first half of the month to do your energetic and emotional housecleaning so after the 22nd, you are free to soar into your new beginnings.  Have a wonderful month.

For a detailed overview of September to December, what you can expect and how to use this energy effectively, click here to read about the New Earth September 2013 report and 90+  minute call and worksheet.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Archangel Uriel – Be Compassion – Practice Kindness – 19 August 2013


This is the Archangel Uriel channeled message for August 19, 2013

Compassion is a soul quality that manifests on the earth through kindness. Soul qualities express themselves as emotions in the third dimension and with this expression comes the potential for misuse of these energies. When compassion is expressed in a lower vibration it becomes pity, which is not kindness or beneficial, it is your agreement with someone’s weakness and powerlessness. As you maintain the energy of compassion you allow its frequency to express itself in your interactions with others and you become a light of compassion, expressed on your path and within your frequency as kindness.

When you use kindness in your interactions with others you give them the gift of acceptance, love, and compassion. Kindness is more than being nice to others, it is a state of spiritual mindfulness, where you allow your spiritual nature to shine and light the lives of those around you. When you practice kindness your light shines more brightly than any darkness around you. Being kind to others, in every situation, allows you to stay in your power and to choose how you will interact with everyone around you. When kindness arises from compassion, it creates a pathway for continuous, unconditional forgiveness and freedom from judgment, fear and limitation.

Being kind means being gentle with others, having consideration for them and being helpful to them, but not by feeling sorry for or pitying them. Sometimes an act of kindness involves walking away from situations and confrontations that you would normally engage in. You are kind to yourself when you choose what serves your highest path and the peace, love, and joy you wish to have in your life. When you choose to be kind you can avoid karma with others because you can exercise forgiveness. Acts of kindness involve being thoughtful and considerate of others including being mindful of their level of spiritual growth and understanding and how it affects their interactions with you.

When you are kind to others you create the energy that they must connect to when they interact with you. In this way, kindness becomes an energetic boundary that invites and attracts kindness to you. When you are kind to others you share your spiritual gifts with them. They can accept them, or not, according to their abilities. Whether or not they respond in a like manner does not matter, your gift of kindness opens the door to new ways of interacting that are free from conflict and fear.

When you choose kindness as the energetic vibration that you will share with others you create healing for yourself and offer them the gift of healing. You also create this vibration in the world around you and for the planet as each of your individual actions is magnified and manifested in the world. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was kind to each other. It is something that you can create for yourselves and the world when you are kind to one another. Hold that vision and know that each act of kindness is important to the healing process that the earth and humanity are currently experiencing. Learning to be kind to each other, as a way to express your soul quality of compassion, is a gift that you can give to yourself and to others every day.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Never Can Be A Long Time – 12 August 2013


Have you ever said that you would ‘never’ do something again, usually after going through a situation that didn’t have very good results? Maybe someone betrayed you and you said you would ‘never’ put yourself in that position again. Or maybe someone broke your heart and you said you would ‘never’ let that happen again. Or maybe you made a decision, didn’t like the results, and said you would ‘never’ do that again. Never is a  strong word that blocks energy flow and through it we create a lot of judgments of ourselves that block even more energy.

It’s usually a difficult, disappointing, or hurtful experience that causes us to make ‘never’ statements. And while we may not want to repeat that event or situation, the long term effects are pretty powerful because ‘never’ is a decree that blocks the flow of energy in that area of our life. For example, if you have said ‘I won’t let someone break my heart again’ in the past’, how long has it been since you have had a relationship? If you have said you would ‘never work with those kinds of people again’, how long have you been looking for a job? ‘Never’ is a mirror of our fear and a judgment of ourselves and our abilities.

Many judgments are tied to our ‘never’ statements. Maybe we think we were being stupid, naive, powerless, or we made bad choices. These are all judgments and our ‘never’  statements reflect more than our desire to not repeat the past, they are a statement of belief that we aren’t very good at making better choices, aren’t smarter, or more powerful or more capable. Think of something you said you would ‘never’ do again. What do you think about yourself and the choices you made which created that situation?

Never actually means ‘not ever’ and it is not constrained to this lifetime. The strong energetic imprints that are created when we make ‘never’ statements become part of our emotional and energetic DNA. So ask yourself, what could you have said in previous lifetimes that has created the lack of movement, momentum, or freedom in your life today? What ‘never’ statements have you made in this lifetime that are impacting your life in profound and unconscious ways? Do you see what a powerful  long term effect a ‘never’ statement can have?

Another thing about ‘never’ statements, is that energy follows emotion and intention. The more powerful the emotion and intention, the more powerfully they draw energy. Remember that energy is non-judgmental, so it expands everything that it connects with, without judging it as good or bad. Imagine how strongly you feel about things you will ‘never’ do again. Now consider that all of that strong emotion is attracting energy to it.

What have you said you would never do again and how is that working in your life right now? What energy is being blocked or limited because of your ‘never’ statements? A different way of ensuring that the past is not repeated, while leaving the door open to a more joyful experience in the future, is to do a power check. Very often, those things that we will ‘never’ do again resulted from situations where we gave our power away, didn’t use it to our advantage, didn’t believe we were powerful enough, or thought that if we acted less powerful than we actually are, we would get what we wanted from a person or situation.

Instead of saying ‘never’, be open to a more fulfilling, joyful and powerful experience of that situation, in a new and different way. So instead of saying you will ‘never’ let someone break your heart again, try inviting a fulfilling, loving, committed partner into your life. a Where can you be more powerful, confident, trust in yourself and be open to a joyful, fulfilling and expanded life? Limitation is empowered by our fear, our ‘never’ statements, so as we stop saying ‘never’, we start saying ‘yes’ to ourselves and to our potential.

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Jennifer Hoffman – The Energies Of August – 5 August 2013


2013 is flying by and we’re now in the eighth month, August, whose energies offer new beginnings and final endings. It’s a month whose energy is going to often feel like we are being pulled in two different directions and the decision will be based on the question “Do we move forward or go back?”. Standing still is no longer an option and choices must be made. For three weeks this month, we have a Jupiter-Pluto opposition, which will highlight the opportunities opening up for us, as well as provide reasons to let go of the old ways, patterns and habits. We’re fully into our journey of evolution and ascension and it is all good, even though it may not always feel good.

The energies this month are expansive and as we are shown what expands in our life, we must remember that energy is non-judgmental. So what brings us joy, peace, and love will expand equivalently with whatever is currently in our life that holds us back from experiencing those things. What are we moving towards and what do we need to release to get there? What do we want for ourselves and what limiting beliefs or thoughts can we release to allow that energy to enter? How are we using our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources in our lives and can we surrender, let go, move on, and move forward?

We will come face to face with the ‘real’ in our reality this month. When the cold, hard truth (Pluto) is revealed by the 10,000 watt light bulb (Jupiter), any areas where we are in denial, being ‘less than’, not aligned with our divine truth, not allowing ourselves to face our lives with the courage and confidence to live up to our highest potential — not the one we allow through our fears, but the ones we allow from our heart — will be revealed. It’s not the time for judgment, it’s time for action. And taking action can be shifting one limiting belief into expansion, giving our heart a voice in our plans, looking deep within to figure out what we really want, and setting that as our intention for our life.

Are we going to give up or stand up when our desire for change is met by our fear of transformation? August will give us a front row seat into the possibilities that are available, when and if we are willing to take that first step, which is being willing to allow ourselves to experience our brilliance, greatness, mastery, and the potential that we have, so far, been consciously unaware of. It’s time to listen to that quiet, calm voice which is telling us to dare to become what we have always known was possible for us. The Universe will support us and the world needs us to be walking our divine walk now. And as we create space for our highest potentials, we also open enormous portals to allow the earth and humanity to do this too. The longest journey begins with that first step, so step out with courage, confidence and clarity. We are the ‘what’, the Universe provides the ‘how’. We set the templates or form for energy, and it flows into whatever containers we create for it. Make sure your container is as big as possible.

As I wrote in the 2013 predictions, ” During this entire year, your intention will serve as your guidepost and guiding light for your life, so set powerful, meaningful and soul-filled intentions for this evolutionary, transformative year.” What transformation have you not yet achieved in your life and what are you willing to allow to happen now?  Can you set a powerful intention for that?  This month’s keyword is ‘allow’, and as we open to receiving the blessings we manifest in our lives, we allow ourselves to be more of everything we are from moment to moment. What do you want to be ‘more’ of in your life? Allow yourself to be open to that and be willing to receive it. The universe is waiting for us to acknowledge what it already knows about us, let’s all make it real and make it happen.

You can read the 2013 predictions by clicking here.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Be The Energy For An Ascending Earth – 15 July 2013


The energy of the third dimension is emotion, which you know as ‘feeling’ and this is also the energy of the earth. The earth is a collection of emotional energy that is expressed as volcanoes, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and thunder, beauty, stillness and chaos. As the family of humanity you integrate and express this emotional energy within your 3D bodies. And now as you are ascending and assisting the earth in its ascension, you are activating old emotional energies for release, as you hold these imprints in your energetic bodies, and preparing new frequency pathways and alignments for ascension. You and the earth are one in this ascension journey and all aspects of emotional energy are transitioning now.

Now that you are capable of multi-dimensional awareness and being, you are acutely aware of the different frequencies, level and vibrations of emotional energies. Because you ‘feel’ energy in your physical body as part of your conscious awareness, you can be very sad or cry, feel grief and anger, without an obvious cause in your present reality. These are emotional imprints that have resided in the earth’s energy field for eons and are now being stirred up by the influx of new energies. With your multi-dimensional awareness you can experience all levels of frequency and vibration. There are no buffers or boundaries between you and these energies, and there is a purpose and reason for that.

Ascension is a journey of transitioning into higher frequencies and vibrations. It requires the transmutation of energies from lower to higher levels of frequency and vibration and this is what you do in your own lives and for the planet. It is something that only you can do, as the family of humanity, and in partnership with the earth. You are feeling different kinds of emotions so you can transmute them as part of the collective ascension path.

The earth releases these energies from its grid for you to transmute them into higher frequencies, which you do when you set intentions for your own emotional energies. Where you feel sadness you can intend joy, when fear arises, intend courage, love and faith. When you are angry, intend forgiveness, healing, release and peace. As the earth releases these energies from its energetic grid, it is creating space for their higher octaves and humanity, as the vehicle for the expression of these energies, can assist in the transmutation process by setting intentions for its own emotional frequencies, levels and vibrations. But as these energies are released from the earth’s grid, they are floating around, so to speak, and will connect to anyone who also carries their frequency, so they can transmute them into higher frequencies and vibrations.

This is how you can ‘be’ the energy for the earth during this time and allow for a smooth transition of energies to their highest frequencies. It is time to embrace the potential of yourselves as divine, spiritual and multi-dimensional humans. You have worked hard to be at this point in the ascension journey  and the time you have awaited is here now. It may not have arrived with the fanfare, excitement, warning or introduction that you anticipated, but it is here. Be fully present in each moment and with each emotional energy you experience, allow it to transmute and transition into its highest potential. Be within your intention for your multi-dimensional experience of your reality as a co-creator of the new earth and intend the space for heaven on earth in your own lives. This is how you co-create space, with the earth, for new energetic frequencies and how you share your healing, learning, growth and transformation with all of humanity, the earth and use it to manifest the fulfillment of your shared ascension journey that you began so long ago.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Indigo Prince & Princess Energy – 24 June 2013

jenniferhoffman300x225 link to original article

I have been noticing an energy type among some young Indigos, the generation born since around 1980 and I call it the “Prince and Princess energy.” It is an energy that involves past lifetimes as royalty, which brings forward a number of traits, depending on how it is expressed in this lifetime. In its most negative aspects, it manifests as an extreme sense of entitlement. In its more challenging aspects, it manifests as doubt and confusion about how to navigate life. This is a difficult energy whose purpose is to teach compassion, humility, connection, and self awareness.

In other lifetimes, these Indigos were royal children, often pampered and spoiled, held above others and because of their position, denied a ‘normal’ life where they could be what they wanted and interact with others in society. The outcome of their lives was pre-determined, including what they could do, how they could act, who they could interact with and marry, and they had a limited number of lifestyle choices. While we may think that it would be wonderful to be royalty and live this pampered, exclusive, and highly protected lifestyle, many of these children felt restricted, ashamed of the extravagance and abundance they enjoyed while others went without, they never knew true love, and were unable to live the life they wanted to live.

Those who, in this lifetime, express this energy as extreme entitlement will have to learn the lessons of humility and compassion at some point in their lives, often through financial or emotional struggle or loss. Others, who are confused and can’t seem to figure out how to decide their own life path, need strong guidance and encouragement so they learn how to make powerful choices for themselves. They often need guidance on how to develop their strengths and use their gifts because in their prince/princess lifetimes they were always told what to do and lived through what was expected of them. Being able to choose their own life path is really unfamiliar to them. And they can often reject abundance and success because of the burden this was to them in the past.

These energies have strong lessons attached to them and sometimes these Indigos will struggle for years until they come to terms with their former lifetimes and learn to receive and enjoy abundance that they create for themselves, while understanding that what they receive is not taken from anyone else. Those of you who have children like this probably get frustrated at their doubt and confusion, their inability to make life choices or, in the other extreme, their sense of entitlement which enables them to think that everything should be given to them. Realize that this is part of their life lessons and make your decisions accordingly.

And remember that they chose you as their parents so you could teach them and because you are their best and most powerful teachers who, in one sense, may not be able to give them the luxury they crave and think they should have (and that is why they were not born into a rich or royal family) or they will learn about work, commitment, their gifts and values from you because this is what they need to learn. And in time, they will resolve these lifetimes in powerful ways and learn to contribute to and receive from the world in ways that are balanced and that bring them joy.

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Jennifer Hoffman – Archangel Uriel – The Dimensions of Infinity

Source:  Aquarius Paradigm

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.



By Jennifer Hoffman – Channelled message from Archangel Uriel for April 15, 2013

The dimensions of infinity exist beyond the trinity of the third dimension, which is body, mind, and emotions, and beyond the integration of the 4th dimension, which includes spirit as you can know it.

All dimensions beyond the fourth are part of infinity, the vast unlimited potential of universality. This infinity is part of your Being, through the divine aspects that are encoded within your humanity. Now you are on the threshold of infinity and can access its gifts of grace, truth, knowing and limitless, unlimited Being.

Infinity is not accessed by destroying the third dimension and rescuing humanity from its drama and fear. It is accessed by liberating the third dimension so it can expand beyond the limitations of its fear and the density of its beliefs.

The bridge to the dimensions of infinity is accessed through your willingness to accept yourselves as divine, unlimited and universal. It was necessary to limit your access to these dimensions so you could complete your mission of ascending beyond the third dimension, which was integrated within humanity’s original mission of Ascension.

When you question the gifts, potential or blessings of different dimensions and judge them, wondering whether you are in the 5th, 7th, 9th or beyond, you are ignoring the potential of universality, which is that there are no boundaries in infinity.

Each dimension has its own gifts and blessings and any and all of them are accessible to you. The question for you is whether you can bring these dimensions into your reality and become multi-dimensional aspects of yourselves, integrating many dimensions into your expression of yourself and your physical reality.

You know the third dimension as your physical reality, but you are not limited to the singular expression of 3D in your life and in your world. All other dimensions are possible within it as well. Within your physical reality you are an anchor for other dimensions to become part of the Earth’s energetic expression. Each of you is a physical anchor for Universality to enter the third dimension, as you are a portal that allows higher frequencies and vibrations to enter physical space and manifest into being. This is the liberation from 3D living, but not so you can explore other single dimensional living. It is happening so you can become multi-dimensional, as expressions of the infinite being-ness of universality.

While you may wish for someone or something to rescue you from the fear and limitations of your life, what you need to ask for is liberation from the density of fear and limitation so you can expand into your infinite dimensions of Being. What you are seeing now as the collapse of the third dimension and its paradigms is possible because the dimensions of infinity are opening and revealing the truth of fear-based living, as well as alternatives through intentional living and liberation from fear. You can choose to be angry or to embrace the potential for the transformation of 3D into infinity; this is the process of Ascension and evolution. The third dimension is part of the evolutionary spiral, as are all other dimensions.

You are ushering in multi-dimensional living, where all dimensions can co-exist within your reality and the realities of humanity and the Earth. This brings the Earth back into balance within the Universe, where all dimensions co-exist and all are accessible to those who choose them.

Embrace this transformation because through it you are creating the portals to allow the new Earth to be reconnected to its Divine source. It is time to stop fearing the transformation, to shift from feeling your way via the emotions through this transformation, to being who you truly are and becoming energetically aligned with your highest aspects so the limited 3D trinity becomes the unlimited, multi-dimensional Word of God that expresses its divinity in all ways and in all things.

Use this affirmation to remind yourself that you are a spark of the Divine, no less than Source because you are Source and can never be disconnected from Source: “I am divinely guided, connected, secure and protected, in all ways and in all things.