ADRONIS – Repopulation and Displacement – 1-27-20

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

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Adronis shares a deeper perspective relating to the repopulation protocol and human group displacement as we move closer to the shift + more information regarding those that graduate to fourth density Earth.

Teri Wade @ IN5D – The Great 5D Shift Has Begun – 1-22-20

The Great 5D Shift Has Begun

IN5D – The Great 5D Shift Has Begun – 1-22-20

by Teri Wade, 
Contributing Writer,

As you break through the limitations of this third dimensional reality, your restraints are leaving. It’s a very freeing feeling. Remember, authentic creation follows authentic expression… Meaning, if you’re in the flow of these new frequencies, not resisting the change, everything you need will come your way, that’s how law of attraction works, it also works vice versa.


BEVERLY NATION – CCAM The Calvary Has Arrived

Beverly Nation

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In this video, Beverly shares a recent channeling of the Collective Consciousness of Ascended Masters.

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Kindness on Purpose – A Revolution in Australian Schools – 11-4-19 – via Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age Of Gaia


by Nikki Harper, November 1, 2019,


Thanks to Sitara.

What if, from early childhood onwards, every child was taught – in school, every day – to be kind? What if those daily lessons and reflections continued right through to high school graduation? What kind of effect would that have on the next generation, and would it revolutionize our levels of empathy towards one another?

Katrina Cavanagh, a therapist working with children and adults who have suffered trauma, believes that it would. What’s more, she has designed and implemented an incredible program, currently used in many schools across Australia, which aims to do just this.

The “Kindness on Purpose” program aims to increase empathy in children, thereby decreasing bullying and aggression, and reducing the risk and impact of anxiety and depression in kids and teens.

Currently gaining a lot of celebrity support and having an impact on children across Australia, the Kindness on Purpose program begins in early childhood. Children receive daily lessons on how to be kind and how to choose and implement acts of kindness, and the commit to being kind each day.

At the end of every school day, there are reflection sessions when children consider how they felt while being kind, and how everyone else felt. Children are also taught strategies and techniques which help them to regulate their own emotions – the ultimate goal being to create a school where everyone can express their feelings safely and appropriately.

Cavanagh developed the idea for Kindness on Purpose when she realized that the school system was not catering for pupil’s emotional intelligence. To do so would be a sensible academic strategy, because, as Cavanagh says, “We know as we increase empathy in students, the better their academic results get. It makes sense because brains in pain can’t learn.”

However, the overall goal of the program is about so much more than academic learning or results. “When you increase empathy, you decrease rates of depression, anxiety, and bullying. That’s the research from around the world,” says Kavanagh. “That’s what we’re doing with Kindness on Purpose.”

Many of the current Kindness on Purpose schools have a significant number of pupils from traumatic backgrounds, but these pupils are not singled out or treated differently under the program. Instead, it is all-inclusive, involving every child, every teacher and every member of the support staff.

The schools are wrapped in kindness and empathy, and the children are encouraged to continue to practice kindness and empathy at home and in their communities.

Cavanagh’s Kindness on Purpose program has already reached thousands of children across Australia, and she hopes to reach one million children – enough to spark a generational shift in empathy, she hopes. With the first Kindness on Purpose session having taken place in 2005, the concept is now starting to mature, and it will be fascinating to see how these children go on to implement the kindness and empathy which is now second nature to them.

This incredible idea, to put empathy at the heart of our children’s learning, could be a spark to ignite the sea change we all long to see.

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DANIEL SCRANTON – Recent Chakra Upgrades for Humanity ∞ The 9D Arcturian Council

recent chakra upgrades for humanity - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangels



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very happy to be here, connecting with you, as always, and we are particularly thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you our perspective on what you are living right now there on Earth, in regards to the recent upgrades that have occurred in your chakras. Upgrades are a very natural part of your evolution of consciousness, and your evolution of consciousness occurs because you exist. It occurs because you experience your reality, yourself, and others. And so just by being there you earn (and earn is not exactly the right word) the upgrades you receive.

As you were sleeping during the past several weeks, the chakra upgrades that you have received have been about granting you greater access to your memories of previous lifetimes, your abilities, your ability to connect to higher frequency beings, and your expressive, creative energy. Again, it is natural for you to have what we have just mentioned here and more. And therefore, it is not interference in any way when you receive these very wonderful and necessary upgrades. They are to give you a different experience of reality, and in having a different experience of reality, you can evolve even more. Your consciousness can ascend.

Now, what you will find as you move through your days now, your waking moments, is that lots of doors are opening for you. More portals are available to you. You can receive more and give more at the same time. And so, it is a very exciting period of human history and human evolution. This is a time when those of you who are able to tap into those upgrades are really going to make your mark. You are going to demonstrate through your leadership and the power of your words and actions how to take humanity to the next level.

And we have a hint for all of you. It’s not about making changes in the physical realm. The evolution of your consciousness is about love, compassion, forgiveness, oneness, presence, and none of those things require you to make any changes in the physical. Now, when you have love and compassion surging through you, you are more likely to act accordingly. And that’s always a good thing, but it was the decision to choose love, to choose compassion, that led to the action, the words, the ideas that you spread to other humans.

It is a time to look within for what these chakra upgrades were meant to bring to you and what you can now bring to humanity as a result. This is you becoming more of you, and that’s exciting to us. That’s exciting to everyone who is observing and participating in the evolution of the consciousness of humankind.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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rinus verhagen – october 24 – 2019 – the day when the world changes

rinus verhagen – october 24 – 2019 – the day when the world changes – courtesy of operation disclosure