MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – 1-19-18 – New Abilities – Living in Harmony



Yet again I find that Kryon has put out a message that contains very important information that will help to increase people’s awareness and understanding. It also tells us how we are going to helped to learn how to get on with each other. The idea of war will be replaced by tolerant and peaceful intentions. Learn about the new triad that is the new consciousness and realise that with the upliftment of the vibrations, Mankind is leaving the old paradigm behind as it has served its purpose, and makes way for a new one. Have no doubt that a new era has begun, and once the old ways are disempowered progress will speed up as that which has been hidden will be revealed. You the people are already helping create a new future that will be one of peace and loving intentions. 


The following is an extract from Kryon’s message, and to read it in full simply enter the undermentioned heading in your Internet Window.


Each Being has their own schedule based upon what they chose when they were not here. Coming on line is what we will call the template. When the Pleiadians laid the groundwork for the seeding of Humanity, giving them the piece of God that you have in your esoteric seeding, you mixed your biology with them, the result was the DNA you have now and inside the things you cannot see that are Quantum and dynamic and carry with them the seeds of God. The original creation template was that Human Beings would awaken with dark and Light awareness and search for the Creator. No other animal on the planet searches for the Creator. It is not simply the intellect of the Human Being that allows this, it’s the template, and as proof of this I give you that over 85% of this planet believe in the afterlife in some way. That cannot be an accident it cannot be chance, it does not fall into the bell shaped curve. It was planned and designed that way in the template that was yours, we told you it also included that energy and system you called karma. It has been the same template until now. The time capsule of this planet created the template through processes you are not aware of that are grand and beautiful that are Quantum based, that is to say multi-dimensional that come from the Creative Source.

The Pleiadians have their DNA working at over 80% they are almost Angelic and in their physics of Consciousness they do not need crafts to travel to other places, they use what you call the process of enlightenment already seen by your physicists, where physical objects can be in two places at the same time. This is not beyond your reasoning it is simply beyond your normal experience, and they gave this planet several attributes that you use today. The template they gave you is not a controlling template, it is an influential one. It makes you think a certain way and gives you free choice about how to decide about them.

I want to talk about the new template. You are going to leave behind the idea of conquering and greed and conspiracy and power. It takes time sometimes generations for one to see the folly in what they did the time before, to realise that there are better ways to accomplish that which you really desire which is health, celebration of happiness on this lifespan you have not had before. The ability to get along with the rest of the planet, and you will have different ideas and different qualities yet you will have tolerance to get along with the rest of the planet, and you will have different ideas and different spiritual qualities, yet you will have tolerance to get along, and you will see that is the prime directive for that will create what you always wanted –not war.

There are three more templates coming, this is just the beginning, there are no markers to pass, but there are places where literal inventions that will make a difference of what you are aware of and what you do next, and a new template will be needed for you to think beyond where you were before, these are templates of awareness and the very fact you have a new one being broadcast from the nulls and nodes, you should celebrate because there are those who said it would never ever happen. The Triad is the new consciousness that involves the three parts of the consciousness that we channelled about specifically, they are the brain, intuition and heart. The heart has the highest magnetic field of any organ including the brain, and in the body there is more activity in the heart than the brain. Science sees it as the second brain.


Re-valuation of the currencies is still the focal point for many people and the waiting still goes on, yet there signs that the final days are upon us. One thing is for sure and that is whatever happens it will eventually come about. It will be a time marker that is the start of great changes in the money markets, and more importantly the making of currencies that fairly reflect their real value. It may start in a small way but will eventually result in a review of all currencies. The days of fixing currency values to the advantage of investors or speculators will no longer be possible, and all dealings will be above board and honestly carried out.

If you take note you will find that honesty in all types of transactions will be the order of the day, and those that are less than honest will be revealed and unable to hide their actions. Honesty will be the byword in all things, and there will come a time when it will be impossible to hide the truth. The new Age will show up all that is less than honest and there will be nowhere to hide such activities. Naturally as a fair society is built up and all people treated as equals, people will begin to live in a happy, peaceful and loving atmosphere. It may be early days to ask you to focus on what is coming, yet the more that do so the quicker those times will arrive.

The changes clearly have to start somewhere, and it may well be the City of Light that Genii has recently informed us is now near to manifesting. Certainly there is a renewed activity where it is concerned, and the impression given is that we are very close to seeing the first City of Light manifest in Sedona. Genii regularly visits her friends in the City and there is great optimism that something will happen very soon. Yes, you have heard it all before but as time passes and the vibrations continue to rise up, the ideal conditions get closer and closer. There are some great celebrations to come and when they do the joy and happiness that will be expressed, will far exceed past disappointments. The time of change is upon you, so keep positive and do not waste your energy on negative thoughts. Unless you still have karma to clear, you should be able to enjoy a smooth path to advance you ever forwards.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Drake Bailey – posted 1-19-18

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Matters of High Strangeness   –   Dimensional Shift News

Published on Jan 10, 2018

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BARBARA MARCINIAK – Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings from the Pleiadians – 1-18-18

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Barbara Marciniak



Published on Aug 14, 2015

Barbara Marciniak ~ Bringers of the Dawn ~ Teachings from the Pleiadians…. Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words “should” and “try” from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our “gods” are. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious–and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become “bringers of the dawn,” consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.





PLEIADIAN COUNCIL – IT IS TIME – 1-18-18 – vi Galaxy Girl – by We Signed Up For This

Pleiadian Council: It is Time


Era of Light  /  EraOfLight

We of the


Pleiades greet Humankind most warmly, for you see, we are here for you and for support of your ascension. For we have known you, Humanity, for many cycles of your time and indeed it is highly acknowledged that is it ‘time’ for Humanity to return, to proceed with their advancement and with spiritual mastery and ascension. True, it is all in accordance with your ‘time’, of cycles and planes of existence and everything has it’s time and place within the perfection of the Creator.


We are simply telling you that it is definitely time for you, Humanity, to grow accordingly and to do and to be all that you came here to be. The genetic advancements are suiting you nicely, for you see, we all want you to succeed. This sector of the galaxy is truly of greatest importance, for its success is assured and therefore all may ascend, reap the benefits and rewards of the work that we all have been doing tirelessly.

Many of you are from the Pleiades. You are all from many space times and are here to be able to envelope and embody, the light encodements necessary for this transition. It is true. Your longing to be somewhere else, is because many, if not most of you, are from somewhere else and you miss your home worlds, your families. We tell you we are all eagerly awaiting our reunion, for there is much to share and discover in our experiences of Source and the adventures herein.

Be at peace. Anchor the light and be loving at all times in all moments. It will prepare you further to be the true wayshowers you were destined to be.

Do not fear the darkness for it is truly behind you. Allow it to become a distant memory and infuse it with light. Infuse everything with light for it is your greatest power. Light and love. Societies of Earth take a listen and learn. It is now the era of love, of compassion, of equality and it is now time for you to be the leaders in this embodiment of these qualities and the ripple effects will continue without end.

We are the Pleiadian Council and we are most pleased to have made this connection with you in this day. We would like to have an ongoing conversation with you, Humanity, for we think of you often and our love for you is great. We are family. That is all. And that is all true. We are here for you should you require us.

» Source – Channel: Galaxygirl

MIKE QUINSEY – Higher Self Message – 1-12-18



I cannot emphasize sufficiently what a fantastic achievement it was of yours to pass the marker in 2012.

From here on you will begin to see the signs of positive change around you, and the quicker the vibrations increase, the quicker they will manifest. In general terms some of the most important changes that will affect everyone are with the general lifting up of the vibrations. The higher energy will transmute the lower energies so that negative actions will begin to lose their power, and the ultimate will be when only the higher vibrations can exist.


Then you shall have become physical Angels with full consciousness as predicted long, long ago. In the distant future you will eventually move into the Inner Earth and its Crystal Cities. These are events well into your future, but how wonderful and uplifting it must be to know that great changes await you. At the same time, all life-forms of the lower energy will have followed their own path in a different cycle, to continue evolving.

If the idea of living inside the Earth seems strange to you, bear in mind that it is a normal development of all advanced human type lifeforms. In fact it is much safer than living on the surface, and with advanced technologies a “new Earth” can be created that would appear little different to living on the surface. The immediate gain is that you control all aspects of your environment, so you are never at the mercy of the weather extremes that are sometimes experienced on the surface.

Also realize that when you are so advanced, you will create virtually all you need through your power of thought. Let it be understood that your path to Ascension is already laid out, and where you come in is the manner in which you reach Ascension as it is down to you, but reach it you will because it has already been decreed. With your feet back on the Earth the future described seems far away, yet in reality you are beginning to give thought energy to that creation and it is beginning to take shape, as the potential already exists.

Some of you are already aware that your destiny is to become Galactic Humans and also a Star Nation. If you have ever wondered why your Earth seems to have attracted so much attention in recent years, it is because your challenge to ascend with your present physical bodies is unique. Now that you are on the final stretch to completion you will clearly go all the way with ascend in your physical bodies, and it will be a most remarkable first time ever achievement.

All of you are most revered and loved for your determination to succeed, and when you pass the finishing line there will be an almighty cheer in Heaven. There will be great celebrations all round and news of your success will travel the Universe. You will rightly be able to bask in the glory of your success, and the Blessings of God will accompany you.

Much is still happening on Earth and all through its history it has been very volatile at times, it’s continents seem to always be on the move, but earthquakes rarely seem exceptional. With your modern equipment and instruments you are now able to accurately predict where major Earth changes are most likely to occur, and prepare for them. The San Andreas Fault is known to be on edge, yet people seem prepared to take a chance by remaining in the locality, hoping to get due warning if a major earthquake is likely to occur.

However, in the course of time, changes in such areas will result in them having to be permanently evacuated. That however, seems a very long way off and should not present any danger within your lifetimes. Again over a long period of time sea levels will rise quite substantially, so that the low lying areas of the coast will become uninhabitable. With the advancements in “early warning” equipment there is no reason why people should get caught out unexpectedly.

Having lifted your thoughts to such heights it is somewhat sad to have to return to more mundane matters. However, as Lightworkers you still have your individual challenges to deal with, and having stepped upon a new path, must take every opportunity to spread the Light. Hitherto you have been encouraged to speak with people at their level of understanding, but now Ascension is in sight and relatively speaking – time is short. So expand upon that which you would not do normally, and be assured that a seed of knowledge planted now, may bear fruit in time to come.

Certainly if a soul has the potential to go all the way to Ascension, their Guides will do their best to move them onto the right path. What is coming is a chance not to be missed, as it otherwise means starting another cycle with no guarantee of Ascension. However, as you have been informed before, no knowledge is wasted or lost, and what you learn in one incarnation is carried forwards into the next one.

For some souls the thought that they are not their body seems rather scary, and the question arises as to what you really are when out of the body. Whether you have left your body temporarily, as most do during their sleep, or have “died” to it you will find yourself outside of it appearing to still be in your physical body. You may even find yourself looking down upon your physical body that is fast asleep. If you happen to have “died” you will quickly leave that scene and be greeted by those who have been awaiting your arrival in the higher level, and that is the key to your experience.

Once you leave your physical body you immediately find yourself in another identical body of self. However, what is so different now is that the “new” body, called the etheric body, whilst being identical to your physical body, is a finer version that is vibrating higher, and not afflicted with any illness or deficiencies that you may have been carrying. It would seem as though you have been completely rejuvenated, and can “think” changes to your body such as becoming younger again in appearance, and without any disabilities whatsoever that you may have had previously.

Those souls that fully understand “life after death” realize that death is nothing to be feared, and your friends and relatives will know when you are expected on “the other side” and be ready to greet you. So much mystery and fear has been built up around death and most likely by those who have had a difficult passing. Yet death itself is like taking off one suit of clothes for another. Passing over is in no way traumatic or painful and it is so easy many souls do not even realize that they have “died.”

To remove all of the misrepresentation of the facts is difficult, because many souls have been brought up to think differently, and since the power of thought is so strong, you will initially experience death as you believe it will be. If you are an Atheist all that will happen is that you will know that you are still alive, but otherwise experience “nothing” until your thoughts open up to other possibilities. There is still much to be made known, and if you find it too much to accept, simply set it aside ready to come back to when you are able to re-consider it. One thing is certain, that whatever comes your way the truth will always remain when all else has passed by.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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SAINT GERMAIN DECREE! – HUMANITY IS FREE – 12-24-17 – by Angel 4 Light

“Humanity is Free” – Official Decree from St. Germain 12-24-17
Official Decree
“Humanity is Free”

I can feel the words coming out of my mouth like it just happened, “Humanity is free” and I meant it exactly the way I said it and the way you feel it. I wasn’t speaking cryptically in an abstract version of completeness, referencing the timelessness of another dimension. I knew it, the same way I knew it when we signed the Declaration of Independence.


I have known for a long time that we are creators and that the greatest source of possibility and miracles was alive right in me. It’s alive in me to this day. It’s alive in you too.

For me to know who I am is of no value to you. Unless you know who, you are, you will never be free. When I said, “Humanity is free” it never occurred to me that you wouldn’t just fly away like birds from a cage, but you had been there for so long that you’d forgotten what it meant to be free. And that pause was just long enough for your oppressor to herd you back into a group where they could control and monitor your behavior while keeping you enslaved in your own doubts, fears and insecurities.

I didn’t do enough to prepare you to want freedom, or to know you were enslaved. Until now, humanity has not experienced life as free men and women I still feel the grief and sorrow of that failure.

I have longed for this day when I could finally state with conviction and honesty that Humanity is free, again! Your freedom today starts right now, and it cannot be taken from you by any force, anywhere. Your shackles have been destroyed and your power renewed.

This is my official decree as the one chosen to speak with the authority as an Ambassador, of the Sovereign living beings of the planet Earth, from hence forth Humanity is free. This marks the full release and restoration of the true asset backed value of the monetary system on the planet Earth.

The notifications and invitations to the chosen leaders of the transition is to be delivered immediately without further delay, enabling them to conduct their exchanges and begin the healing process for the entire planet.

My word on this matter is the absolute authority and there is none higher that can overrule my decision. On December 24, 2017 at 12:58 AM,

Sincerely yours,

Saint Germain
Terra Zetzz







MIKE QUINSEY – Message from Higher Self – 12-22-17

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I thought it would be nice to finish up the year with a message of my own. I feel it is vitally important that a soul who knows it is well on the path to becoming ready for Ascension, should be aware of some of the changes that are now in place, or are expected in the very near future.


After 21.12.2012 most people felt let down by an apparent non-event when something big was well publicised to happen, that brought about high expectations of a likely Earth shattering event. To my knowledge most people expected to either feel, or become aware of some notable change, but were disappointed not to at least feel that something had actually taken place. What they didn’t know was that they were at the crossroads, and depending on whether the Light vibrations were strong enough would determine whether or not Humanity was destined or not to stay on their existing path. If they were it was one where they were likely to be doomed to annihilation and even the destruction of Earth. However much against expectations there was the ½ of 1% that was needed for there to be peace on Earth, and it was achieved by the people themselves. Projections of the future indicated that the alternative path of higher vibrations that we are now on would lead directly to Ascension, and the same new energy has seeded the Middle East for peace amongst its people. So well done to those of you who have been steadfast and determined to successfully raise your vibrations, and have been able to do so.

The question that immediately arises is why the various sources of Light did not explain exactly what was important about the end of the cycle, and was likely to happen. Although some sources expected Armageddon in accordance with the old prophecies, others felt some form of upliftment would take place and even Ascension occur. The answer would seem to be that we alone had to create our own path, without any influence or help from outside sources. It means that with little guidance but not direct help, Humanity achieved at its fifth attempt what it had failed to do in its earlier Solar Cycles. Now that we have crossed the 2012 marker we must create our path without any attachment whatsoever to the old energies that are no longer relevant. We have entered an entirely new period that will carry the Beings of Light onward and forward to eventual completion as Galactic Beings.

Through Kryon of the Magnetic Service we have since learned that the new cycle has no links with the old energies and that we should leave them behind, and fully concentrate on using the new energies to create our path to Ascension. The expectations from various sources suggest that there is a spread of 8 to 16 years for it to happen, so in any event it will take place in most of our lifetimes. Bear in mind that there is a lot to be done to prepare Mankind for Ascension. A Star Akash was brought to this system, and the new template looks for God and for peace. You will become the new Humans of this planet. Many inventions are waiting to be released that will totally change your way of life, and the planet is fast tracking to clean itself up. Clean seas, no pollution either on or off land, abundance in nature, being self-sufficient, most likely free energy, and the enjoyment of being able to travel freely anywhere in the world. Whenever the changes begin to take place they are clearly not far away, and with the speeding up of time they will seem to arrive and pass very quickly.

Some souls ask how they would know if they are ready to take the path to Ascension and be successful. It is of course in their own hands and having come this far there is no reason why they should not be able to go all the way. It is a matter of keeping focussed upon your goal, and not being side tracked by any other happenings. A simple answer that has been mentioned in earlier messages is to live your life, as one who has found the ability to treat all life forms with Universal Love. It is probably something that is difficult to live up to, but as in all things you can only try your best at all times and in doing so you are almost assured of being successful. Bear in mind that once having committed yourself to following the path all the way through to Ascension, you alert your Guides who are then able to assist and help you on your path. Be assured that many wish you to be successful and no one wants you to fail, and with determination you are guaranteed to succeed.

It is obvious that you still have quite a long way to go, but as the vibrations lift up, the negative vibrations are losing their power to influence you and distract you from your path. Eventually the vibrations will be so high they will have no power at all to interfere with your progress. In fact they will have been unable to continue staying in them and will find themselves on a different time line suited to their level of activity. So it is just a matter of time before some major changes take place that will benefit all those of the Light and Love.

Innate (higher level of accumulative consciousness) is a part of the human consciousness, an invisible force responsible for your Smart Body Innate and keeps you alive. It communicates all of the time and knows what you want to do. It is truly esoteric central control and communicates all of the time. It is the prime directive to allow an awakening to take place, for spiritual survival and spiritual awareness. Innate is smart and intelligent and controls information in your stem cells. No one organ is responsible for Innate, it is body wise. It responds to Acupuncture. In future you will most likely learn more about the importance of Innate, it is normally programmed for Spiritual Self and survival and has to be de-programmed where death is concerned. Your system requires “death” – short lifetimes, but you have now passed the marker and it is time for you to re-calibrate your Innate. You can stop the aging process by telling your Innate you do not have to die. So de-program the instruction set for Innate, and talk to it as you would a friend at regular times. Innate will do what you tell it, if it sees that it is with spiritual logic. Innate knows all about your past lives. You will have to re-program Innate now that the old paradigm has finished, so drop your karma. There is no reason now why you should not go all the way to Ascension without the need for re-birth. Innate is in control of your biology and knows all about your past lives. It is the governor of what you need, and is connected to the Higher Self and also the Akashic Records.

Much of what I have quoted is from Kryon’s messages, and I am most appreciative of the opportunity to pass this information on to you. You can certainly gain more information on these subjects from the many video messages on the Internet, and I can list some of them for your information if you require it.

I wish you all a great New Year and much happiness, and special thanks to our great team of Light workers who tirelessly circulate the messages.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

My next message will be on the 5th January 2018


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