Maya Angelou – A Brave and Startling Truth

United Nations
Published on May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou reads her poem “A Brave and Startling Truth” which she wrote in commemoration of the UN’s 50th Anniversary, in 1995.

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A Brave and Startling Truth

We, this people, on a small and lonely planet Traveling through casual space Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent suns To a destination where all signs tell us It is possible and imperative that we learn A brave and startling truth

And when we come to it To the day of peacemaking When we release our fingers From fists of hostility And allow the pure air to cool our palms

When we come to it When the curtain falls on the minstrel show of hate And faces sooted with scorn are scrubbed clean When battlefields and coliseum No longer rake our unique and particular sons and daughters Up with the bruised and bloody grass To lie in identical plots in foreign soil

When the rapacious storming of the churches The screaming racket in the temples have ceased When the pennants are waving gaily When the banners of the world tremble Stoutly in the good, clean breeze

When we come to it When we let the rifles fall from our shoulders And children dress their dolls in flags of truce When land mines of death have been removed And the aged can walk into evenings of peace When religious ritual is not perfumed By the incense of burning flesh And childhood dreams are not kicked awake By nightmares of abuse

When we come to it Then we will confess that not the Pyramids With their stones set in mysterious perfection Nor the Gardens of Babylon Hanging as eternal beauty In our collective memory Not the Grand Canyon Kindled into delicious color By Western sunsets

Nor the Danube, flowing its blue soul into Europe Not the sacred peak of Mount Fuji Stretching to the Rising Sun Neither Father Amazon nor Mother Mississippi who, without favor, Nurture all creatures in the depths and on the shores These are not the only wonders of the world

When we come to it We, this people, on this minuscule and kithless globe Who reach daily for the bomb, the blade and the dagger Yet who petition in the dark for tokens of peace We, this people on this mote of matter In whose mouths abide cankerous words Which challenge our very existence Yet out of those same mouths Come songs of such exquisite sweetness That the heart falters in its labor And the body is quieted into awe

We, this people, on this small and drifting planet Whose hands can strike with such abandon That in a twinkling, life is sapped from the living Yet those same hands can touch with such healing, irresistible tenderness That the haughty neck is happy to bow And the proud back is glad to bend Out of such chaos, of such contradiction We learn that we are neither devils nor divines

When we come to it We, this people, on this wayward, floating body Created on this earth, of this earth Have the power to fashion for this earth A climate where every man and every woman Can live freely without sanctimonious piety Without crippling fear

When we come to it We must confess that we are the possible We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world That is when, and only when We come to it.

Maya Angelou

MEMORIAL DAY – 5-27-19

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We salute the men and women who honored and protected our Freedoms and ways of life in America!

Kids for Peace: “Please, Can Peace Come to Our Earth?”

A PUTIN-TRUMP SUMMIT IS IN THE WORKS – peoples trust toronto – 6-25-18

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Well, it’s official:

a Putin-Trump summit meeting is in the works.

The real question is, what are they going to talk about?

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KAUILAPELE BLOG – Reminder… Peace Meditation today – 4-16-18


This was posted here, and on Cobra’s site, here.

Given the event that occurred in Syria yesterday, I feel this meditation has even more significance.

[Cobra] We will be doing this meditation at the exact moment of the New Moon on Sunday, April 15th at 9:57 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). This equals 9:57 am CST on Monday April 16th in Taipei, 3:57 am EET on Monday in Cairo, 3:57 am CEST on Monday in Paris, 2:57 am BST on Monday in London, 9:57 pm EDT on Sunday in New York, 8:57 pm CDT on Sunday in Chicago, 7:57 pm MDT in Denver and 6:57 pm PDT in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 15th. [and 1557 HST]”


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing peace for planet Earth and its inhabitants.

3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

4. Now visualize a violet flame purifying the Syria vortex and its energy field on plasma, etheric and astral planes. Then visualize this violet flame expanding through all Middle East and purifying it. Then expand it even more until it encompasses the whole planet, purifying its energy field on the plasma, etheric and astral planes.

5. Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people in Syria and bringing peace to the country. Visualize this soft pink light protecting Syria. Visualize this divine feminine energy healing the minds and hearts of all people worldwide involved in the Syria conflict. Then visualize this divine feminine energy expanding through all Middle East and healing all people there. Then expand it even more until it encompasses the whole planet, healing all living beings on the planet.

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!



I BELIEVE – Andrea Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins – (Our Golden Age Is Near)

Humanity Vision

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Published on Jan 6, 2012

Andrea Bocelli-I Believe with Katherine Jenkins Lyrics e day I’ll hear The laugh of children In a world where war has been banned. One day I’ll seeMen of all colours Sharing words of love and devotion. Stand up and feelThe Holy SpiritFind the power of your faith. Open your heart To those who need you In the name of love and devotion. Yes, I believe. I believe in the people Of all nationsTo join and to care For love. I believe in a world Where light will guide us And giving our love We’ll make heaven on earth. I believe in the people Of all nationsTo join and to care For love. I believe in a world Where light will guide us And giving our love We’ll make heaven on earth. Yes, I believe. I believe in the people Of all nationsTo join and to care For love. I believe in a world Where light will guide us And giving our love We’ll make heaven on earth. I believe.



ABRAHAM / HICKS – Permanent World Peace and Abundance – 9-23-17

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 Abraham answers a question on the subject of achieving total permanent world peace and prosperity. From Abraham’s DVD “The Law of Attraction in Action” by Esther & Jerry Hicks

QUAN YIN – Love Brings Peace to the World! – 7-27-17

QUAN YIN – Love Brings Peace to the World! – 7-27-17

Kuan Yin: “Love Brings Peace to the World!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – March 24, 2015


“I am Kuan Yin, and I greet you, my most Beloved Brothers and Sisters, with the Love in its purest and Highest form!  For I am Love.  I am symbol of Love.  And that has been my mission.

Some of you may know me more than others, but I tell you this – my origins are from the same Heavens as yours!  And it is only that I have been better known in what is called the eastern part of your World.  Nevertheless, I am here everywhere in your World.

“And I am here to invite you to walk with me the Path of Peace.For Peace enables, Peace empowers! And I tell you this also, that it takes sometimes more Courage to walk this Path, for in Peace there can be resistance to its opposite, by refusing to participate in unpeaceful actions and expressions.

It takes great Courage to stand before a mob, as you call it, of angry people determined to take one or more lives from other humans, and to stand tall in Grace and to empower with one’s own Love, the diffusing of the anger, and the literal transformation of it into Peace!

“And yet many leaders throughout the history/herstory of your planet have done just exactly that.  Many of you yourselves, in fact all of you – if you consider what are called families, or tribes – all of you have at one time or other called for Peace!  And I say this in honoring of you.

For sometimes, calling for Peace, calling for healing of whatever angers and fears have existed among people, has resulted in you, the Peacemaker, being punished most painfully.
“And yet you have been heroes, courageous ones.

And if you are not acquainted with that part of your timelines, it is only for you to love yourselves all the more.  And whatever fears you have brought forth into this lifetime shall heal with the Light of Love upon it!  And allow yourselves to heal, for in so doing you become even more empowered as Peacemakers.You help Planet Earth to return to Peace even more!!!

“You are Lightworkers with a passion for your missions.  And yet no matter how excited you are in your passions, it is for you to remain in knowing that it is Love that brings the State of Peace to the entire Planet.  And so it is to embrace all, regardless of what differences you may perceive.  It is to embrace all with Love, and to share your radiant Lights.

“And this, Beloved Ones, most Beloved Brothers and Sisters, shall have the Miracle of Peace become the reality that much sooner! For you will rise into the Highest Places where there is only Peace, where there is no expression or program of any kind of war – the war within yourselves or wars with any one or more of the members of Humanity, or the animals, or the plants, or the crystals.

The attacks upon all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia are no more in the Realms of Light where there is Peace!!!

“And Beloved Brothers and Sisters, there is so much, so much Joy for you, so much bliss and so much loving empowerment for you to proceed into your Golden Age lifestyles!  And that is why I stand before you and ask you to join in even more in expressions of Peace for the entirety of Planet Earth and all of its Kingdoms.

“And every member, no matter how warlike they may have been or may still seem to be programmed with being – it is our mission to send them unconditional Love and messages of Peace.  They, too, deserve a rest.

They, too, deserve to be released from the missions which they have been carrying out, just as you are so deserving of leaving behind your 3D programmed missions.Because you all see the Light, feel the Light and know that that is your destination; that is where your Divine Selves, or shall we say, your Higher Dimensional Selves, are located.

And that is where you are taking your bodies, your consciousness, to reside forever in the bliss, in the Love and in the infinite eternal and on-going Peace from which you came!!!

“So join with me, Beloved Ones, in thanks and Gratitude, for our mission brings us together as One.  And I ask you to open your Hearts, to receive the Love I have for you.

For it, too, is infinite, eternal and on-going!  Feel our Oneness and know that, together we are bringing Peace with our Love.  Thank you for hearing me and for allowing me to be with you in your Hearts, in your Divine Beings.  And so it is.  Namaste!”
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, March 24, 2015.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
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Let’s Work Together to Create World Peace & Universal Love! CALLING FOR YOUR TRUE STORIES!

Let’s Work Together to Create World Peace

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Peace Reigns in the World Event 23 April 2017 – Gabriel Raio Lunar

Let’s set this intention all around the world….Peace reigns in the world!Source: Disclosure News ItaliaWe invite all, Star Seeds, Beloved Masters in human body, anyone, for a Movement for Peace!Sunday, April 23, when you wake up, no matter what time it is, take a deep breath and say with all the energy of your heart:Peace…

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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon – About World Peace – 5-22-16


Andrew: I had a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on Friday, May 20th. His introductory remarks were not directed at me specifically but addressed to the human Collective on the subject of the forthcoming global peace – part of the Divine Mother’s Plan.

He indicated to Linda, the channel, that he wished this message of Peace to be distributed widely. So I share it with our readers with great joy.

Greetings, I am Michael. Welcome, beloved friend, ally. Yes, I come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, because Love is the only thing in any Universe that is worth ‘warrioring’ over, and, when I say that of course I mean in a peaceful way, for there is no room for conflict, for bitterness, for misunderstanding – intentional or otherwise.

You’ve had the experience of seeing a gentle blanket of snow fall to the Earth and cover the Mother. (1) That is the way that Peace will come – and does come – like a gentle falling, not merely of rain, but of snow to cool the fiery emotions, the mental thoughts that destroy and create such chaos.

This sensation of gentle snow will follow this extraordinary sense of upheaval and chaos that the latest influx of all of our energies are having upon humanity, and it is in this, in the gentle softness, in the cooling, that my Peace and our Peace and the Mother’s Peace will come to reign – will come to be the new normal.

So we are as excited, as grateful, as profoundly in awe, as we can possibly be. And so this is what I start with and share with you this day. Yes, the changes – the extraordinary changes – that Yeshua has spoken of, that our Lord Jesus Sananda has spoken of – are well underway.

But it is important for humanity to also have this to look forward to, that peace does not come in a hailstorm of bullets. It does not come through hand-to-hand combat or shooting planes out of the sky. (2) It comes in the quiet of the moment, in the earliest morning when you can hear the birdsong and the water lapping against the shore. And it is in that sense of deep peace, both within and without, above and below, that the paradigm shift, that the full consciousness of heart is anchored.

So I ask you, my beloved brother, to hold this vision because in this time – and yes, I am bringing you forward – in this time of extraordinary change when things shift enormously – and I’m not just talking about money – there will be great excitement. You have your future mission to think of and to look forward to, not with great trepidation but with enormous joy and excitement.

But in this sense of excitement, think of the excitement as shining on that snow – when it creates millions of diamonds and the brilliance of light that you have to close your eyes and look away. (3) But underneath that strong sun of excitement lies the coolness, the refreshing moisture, the gentle cover for beloved Gaia.

I am not speaking of this in some distant future. I am speaking of it very close at hand. Now, are many human beings, and by the way animals as well, having difficulty in navigating these enormous energies of change – of Love – that are penetrating the planet? Well, you are already witnessing it – of course they are.

My friend, my brother, my ally, is it not curious that the greatest challenge that humanity is facing is how to create, manoeuver, anchor – and operate in a sensible way, a participant observer – the energies of Love? That they have never felt the enormity of this Love that is penetrating them and it is sending them haywire? Is it not curious that the greatest challenge is the Love challenge? Because there can be no reversion to the old patterns of intrigue and conflict, war, illness, death. Yes, many are choosing to leave, but even in that you are seeing a smoothness of transition.

Now this is the greatest – no, not the final – but certainly one of the greatest challenges that humanity has faced. It has not been the World Wars, it has not been the Depression and financial collapses, it has been the acceptance and integration – the greatest quotient of Love – that has ever penetrated your planet. It is glorious. It is sublime.

Why I start with this is that it is also important for people to realise – not merely yourself and yes, that is the source of your exhaustion and your excitement (3) – we have not just sent the gifts unwrapped and said “Deal with it”, we are in full force as are your Star family. So we are ‘on call’ and intervening in ways – not intervening with free will – but certainly intervening in ways that are not ‘business as usual’ as you would think of it.

So call for help, allow us to assist. There is no need for singularity or bravado, and there is no need to wallow. Are you in a – and I mean you collectively, and you dear heart – in a time where rest and reintegration and the healthful nourishment of your body, your form, with food and water is necessary, where the gifts of Nature are assisting? Absolutely! But call on us as well.


(1) On January 21, I travelled at Archangel Michael’s behest to Skålsjögården, a future City of Light, in a remote forested area of Sweden where I was hosted by a Swedish Lightworker couple for a four-week period of rest and meditation. Here I experienced seeing the gentle blanket of snow falling and covering the Mother (Gaia). During my daytime walks in the area I was often ‘blinded’ by the brilliance of the sunlight reflecting off the myriad diamond ice crystals in the fallen snow – I possessed no sunglasses to prevent this ‘snow blindness’ effect!

(2) Archangel Michael’s reference on Friday to ‘shooting planes out of the sky’ was undoubtedly in connection with the loss of EgyptAir MS804 which ‘disappeared’ over the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea (some 10,000 ft depth) the previous day, Thursday May 19. There are already suggestions that this was another Cabal ‘false flag’ attack.

(3) See 1.

Archangel Michael. Channelled by Linda Dillon on May 20, 2016, in a private reading with Andrew Eardley.

James Twyman – The Planetary Heart Meditation – 2-21-16

EarthIf Planet Earth is our Mother, India is her heart

By James Twyman

On March 11, 12 and 13, James Twyman and will join 3.5 million people gathered in New Delhi, India during the World Culture Festival to focus one of the largest synchronized meditations in history. Our goal is 100 million people sending their healing energy to heal the planet. If Planet Earth is our mother, then India is her heart. The Planetary Heart Meditation is meant to radiate a pulse of light that is so powerful that Gaia Herself responds.
Last month James Twyman, members of the Abrahamic Reunion, and other dedicated pilgrims, were on the border of Syria while millions of people sent their energy to those suffering from terrorism and violence. Ten days later, after three and a half years of civil war, a cease fire was agreed to. Is it possible that massive numbers of people focusing their energy on a situation of world crisis actually helps shift the energy of that crisis? We believe it is, and we hope to prove it once again.
Our goal is to gather millions of people together who are ready at any given moment to meditate for peace when a world crisis arises. This is your chance to be part of a peace movement that does more than just hope for change. We CREATE IT. At noon for each local time zone, March 11, 12 and 13, we are asking people to stop and meditate for the healing of Mother Earth, sending your energy to Mother India. James and the millions gathered there will be like a lightning rod receiving the energy and sending it into the Earth.
Please Register at:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Massive Galactic Contingent Joins with Earth Lightworkers to Bring Peace on Earth – 10-6-15

AA Michael 22

Archangel Michael
A hearty hello to all our partners on Earth.  I am thrilled to bring you information and developments that affect us all.  I am speaking to you on behalf of your loving and devoted Company of Heaven including our Mother and Father God.
Here in the higher realms we are spilling over with excitement.  It is working!  Thanks to you we come within a whisper of fulfilling our shared destiny.  That destiny can only be everlasting peace on Earth, accompanied by prosperity, abundance, harmony, unity and joy.
I want to illuminate what has been happening recently.  Whether alone or in groups, Lightworkers across the Earth have been pouring themselves into their personal ascension, their ascension projects and missions like never before.  Many of these Lightworkers are quite aware of their role, yet some Lightworkers may be fully succeeding at their projects and assignments even without comprehending exactly what those are.  Know this – if you are reading this, you are a Lightworker.  We, your Ascended Family, thank you for your dedicated service.
The result of what everyone is doing is forming a massive cumulative project.  That project is gaining such momentum that it is turning the tide in this moment.  I will give you an example.  One of the Boots on the Ground Lightworker teams is the Transmuting Team. Transmuting is a crucial aspect of the current momentum.  A large team of incarnated Lightworkers who have all trained for thousands of years, are currently functioning as one transmuting network.  Team members can be found in every corner of the world.  Some are aware of the details while other members are simply intuitively responding to their heart call.
Let’s explain what transmuting really is.  Since Christine heads up this Transmutation Team on Earth, I will ask her to describe how she does it.
Thank you, dear Michael.  Transmuting is something that comes naturally to me and is something I am devoted to and work at constantly. For instance, I feel severe residual pain in my kidneys from the scalar attack I survived last November.  I feel heavy-hearted that I am still going through this experience.  Then, instantly what kicks in for me is that I know I have a choice.  It is like a flare-gun that goes off for me. I always have a choice. Uncomfortable physical or emotional experiences are the trigger for a reflex I have installed for myself.  I can override all programing with “I have a choice about my  response to the pain.”   I can go into upset, or I can use it as an opportunity.  This is my baseline.
I never believe I am a slave to an experience.  For example, I can choose to be calm, to breathe deeply, to intensify my Pillar of Light reaching from the core of the Earth to Mother and Father.  I can call upon Ascended help.  In my case, I call on Mother and Father God, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Ashtar and Serapis Bey.  No matter what dimension I am operating in, I always call on Kathryn too.  I always use the Violet Flame.  It is a core tool and a gift from St. Germain for intensely transmuting on Earth at this time.
The next portion is where it gets exciting.  I can widen my attention, feeling and noticing others on the planet who are experiencing the same thing I am – in this case, high level pain.  What I see is an energetic storehouse of dense energy that cannot only be transformed, but can then be used for a greater cause. I insist, between me and myself, that I be filled with compassion, humor and love as I identify with others who have experienced what I feel.  I allow myself to feel the unpleasant feeling fully, and then I bring the experience into my heart, where it is transformed by the Love and promise of our Mother and Father God.
There are an infinite number of creative ways to transmute dense energies if we are willing to face and feel the uncomfortableness  and unpleasantness these trapped and stagnant energies emit.   Transmutation occurs when, in spite of what you are feeling, and in the midst of what you are feeling, you choose Love. If you can do this on a personal scale, you can do it on a global scale.
Note from Kathryn:
Christine is describing her deepest abilities to transmute.  I am asking her now to give us a full description of the steps she uses and the energies she sees as she works her way through the process of transmuting dense energies into Light.    We will follow today’s discussion with a more detailed account in a later message.  For now, we will try to keep it simple.  Now we return to Michael’s message.
Transmutation is the alchemy of making diamonds out of coal.
Transmuters are energy cleaners.  It involves cleaning the energies by literally processing them through their being, including their physical and emotional body within their Pillar of Light, always under the direction of Mother and Father.  Recently, our world-wide transmuting team has been working in a coordinated effort to transmute the dense layer of human suffering and waste that still envelops Earth.  This team has been working at capacity far beyond what their long and intensive training prepared them for.
Like every other Lightworker network, the Transmuter Team is connected through the heartlines that bond the team together with each other and us.
The team is exceeding all expectations and they are showing tremendous heart and stamina as they steadfastly remain at their posts.  Of course, each member has a full support team in the Company of Heaven, but we in the Company of Heaven can only contribute our assistance as a direct response to what the team accomplishes.  Some of what they have transmuted includes the dark and destructive energies of slavery, injustice, mental and physical torture, shame, lack, fear, illness, worry and war.
Everyone transmutes.  For our own ascension, we transmute the dense energies in our being, and as we do, we literally ascend.  It is actual; we literally become lighter.  This new Galactic/human cooperation now makes it even more possible for everyone to contribute consciously to this elegant and exciting group project.  We now have the combination of individuals, Galactic and incarnated teams working together at a new level, under increasing dispensations from Mother and Father.  The more we transmute, the more dispensations from Mother and Father, and the more Galactic help is allowed.  This creates a tremendous momentum – a crescendo that will quickly outpace the momentum of the dark energies still being created on Earth.
A Magnificent Breakthrough
Dearest Brothers and Sisters, we are now in that state you might think of as having “a full head of steam” and this train is bound for glory!
Just today, October 5 th, there has been a magnificent breakthrough.  After weeks of transmuting at a level never before accomplished, we found ourselves at the precipice of a new Co-creation.  Here’s how it unfolded:
With the team gathered in Unity consciousness, Christine and Kathryn were reminded of something Ashtar had recently told them: “If all the Galactic ships in your skies decloaked at once, you would see no sky.”   Feeling their presence, they asked me, “Michael, how many ascended souls are currently in orbit around Earth?”  I told them there are billions – billions of Galactic 5 th dimensional and above beings here focusing love and Light on Earth in this moment.  Kathryn asked if we could do an action together all at once to focus on bringing the energies of Peace.  As a result, we created an action, with Mother and Father’s permission, to ask all these Galactic souls to simultaneously send a focused transmission of Peace to Earth.
The billions of Galactic friends were so filled with joy to be newly coordinating our efforts that they began to release songs and prayers of peace from their indigenous home worlds.  The harmony of intergalactic peace now fills the airwaves in higher dimensions, but those of you who are willing, can tune yourselves to feel the sound of their heart music.
But this isn’t even the best news.  This action has been so successful that it inspired the Council to extend an invitation to every member on Earth.   You and everyone incarnated being on Earth can engage this mighty Galactic focus – the combined energies of humankind and their billions of Galactic Brothers and Sisters –  to help fulfill our shared goal of Ascension of humankind and the New Golden Age on Earth.
Every Lightworker is fulfilling a vital role at this time.  You are doing your missions of being healers, joyholders and NESARA implementation teams.  Some of you are Lighthouses (bright sources of Light in isolated communities), some of you are channels, whistleblowers, grassroots organizers, teachers, brave political activists and quiet energy scrubbers, family members and loyal friends.  You may ask that this Light of Peace be focused into your area of service by channeling it through your Pillar of Light.  Your wish will be instantly received and granted.  You may send this energy to your network, your community, and your mission.  Going forward, your efforts will be supported by everyone else on the surface who is doing the same, along with the entire Galactic community.
This is how we operate naturally in the higher dimensions.  By participating, you will also be augmenting the entire project and building the Rainbow Bridge across the dimensions and changing the face of Planet Earth.  This is surely what John Lennon meant when he said, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”
Mother and Father have warmly approved of this uplifting project, and the Council is happy to coordinate the communications between Heaven and Earth and is excited about the measurable results we are already seeing.
We want everyone to understand the practical working relationship we have with you, and how your participation opens every door.  The more you do, the more we can do; the more you ask of us, the more we can accomplish together.
You are in the driver’s seat, so hit the gas!  There is no reason to hold back.  Together we are creating the tsunami of Love that displaces all negativity instantly.
Beloved Family, I wrap my arms around you.  Every time you call my name, or talk with your Twin Flame, or allow Mother to pour her HoneyLove on you, or reach out to the Company of Heaven, or express gratitude, or invite the mighty Galactic team to focus their heavenly songs of Peace through your Ascension Pillar, you create a slip-stream of energy that carries us all forward.
Please know that it is deeply meaningful to the many Galactic Masters gathered here to become directly involved with the Earth project at this time, and it can only happen through your invitation.  They are excited!
I adore you, I stand by you, I love you.
I am your brother Michael.
After we finished this message, we were contacted in our home by a Galactic family – a very tall and slender male being, a woman and two children, who communicated with us very quietly and modestly, through a pleasant energy exchange and a few hand signals.  Their demeanor was stately but warm, and they greeted us initially with a kind of salute. They told us through pictures and a few words that they had come in a mothership from a far away galaxy at the edge of our Universe.  They were very pleased that we had chosen to do our special action with them in the name of Peace.  It was apparently something very dear to their hearts, and they showed much respect and pleasure at meeting with us.  The two children were hanging back behind the mother, but smiled and laughed when I waved and peeked at them.   They all bowed graciously and left with smiles all around.
….And then, we felt strange energies.  The dog was barking hysterically, and the cat started yowling at the top of her voice.  Christine found her in the bathroom, hiding behind the toilet, her eyes filled with terror, crying the alarm.  As we comforted the animals, we demanded that whoever was lurking in our house must come forward, because we know that anyone who comes to contact us is doing so for one reason only: they want to come Home to the Light.
A sheepish young man came forward, saying, “I’m so sorry.”  He told us he had been on the team working underground, and he was one who had been responsible for sending the painful frequencies that were designed to torture us by causing us unremitting pain.  He knew how painful it had been for Christine especially, and wanted to tell us how sorry he was.
The young man told us that he was one of the workers we talked to when we addressed them directly, told them to come to the Light and be welcomed back by Mother and Father.  He said he could not believe what we were saying at first, but after weeks of listening to us talk to them and to each other with so much kindness and compassion, he decided to ask for asylum, but he wanted to take the risk of coming to thank us first and to apologize for the harm he had inflicted.
Ashtar came forward to tell us he had been aware of the interlopers but wanted us to know first-hand that our weeks of feeling the frequencies and talking to the teams that were sending them actually had an effect.  He pledged to take them to a safe house where they would be protected, and they would never have to go back.
The young man said he was Gary, that he had been taken as a child and raised to do the underground work of managing the frequency attacks, and he had friends who also wanted to defect – fifteen who were with him, and more who would come if he got word to them through the network that he was safe.   He was speaking to us by using the cabal-trained skill similar to bi-location, and he had been hiding in the bathroom with Pebbles until the Galactic family left.
As the group was shepherded away by Ashtar, whom they agreed was “a really cool guy,” we shook our heads in gratitude, laughed with each other and said yet again, “You couldn’t make this stuff up.”
Further Historic Developments
…And today, October 6, we are continuing to receive messages sent in the form of songs like Michael Jackson’s “The Man in the Mirror” who declares that he will “CHANGE”, and the Earth Song crying out “What about sunlight, what about rain….what about us…” This has become the code to alert us that we are being contacted by someone needing safe passage to leave their lives of slavery to the cabal, to return Home to Mother and Father God.  We have been presented almost hourly with pleas for amnesty and protection from hundreds, and now thousands of humans who have been enslaved in unspeakable conditions. They are often represented by a courageous spokesperson who has been telepathically-trained and therefore able to ask for our assistance.  Ashtar and teams of angels guide them to Lightworkers who have formed an underground railroad to protect them.  Babies, children, teenagers, women who have been sex slaves, frequency operators, and most heart-breaking, Native American elders who had been kidnapped and imprisoned in dark caves underground.  The Elders were escorted to safety at last, exhibiting luminescent dignity and strength in spite of their frailty. Drums beat with the news of freedom, resonating around the world.  We are overcome with the heartbreak and suffering that has been life on Earth.
Today we ask of Mother and Father and the Council of Heaven, speaking for all who have suffered gratuitous persecution, including all the Lightworkers who have been viciously tormented because of their Light and their service –  we ask that all Beings, all species, Galactic, human, and all other Kingdoms, come forward to join with us in declaring true peace and justice on Earth, and that all deliberately inflicted pain, illness and suffering be ended now, in the name of Peace, Love and true Justice which is the foundation of the New Golden Age.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk October 6, 2015

The Vision Alignment Project – Intenders of the Highest Good – A Vision for Peace – Brian Ramsell – 6-18-15



The Vision Alignment Project


We see a world where peace is everywhere, where humanity has risen up and out of our old defensive mindset; where we all see, ever-so-clearly, that every time we bought into the idea that we needed to take a defensive stance or felt we had to defend ourselves against foreign enemies, unfriendly neighbors, dangerous criminals, the local militia, or anyone who appeared to threaten us, we were actually attracting an attack upon ourselves because we were holding the thought of being attacked – a thought which will manifest as easily as any other.

By the same token, we envision a world where mankind has risen up and out of our need to be in opposition to others because we have seen, ever-so-clearly, that when we oppose another, we become just like them.

With these two thought patterns having gone by the wayside, we now see a world where we no longer support anyone or any institution that advocates aggression, destruction, or harming others in any way. Now, we envision a world where people walk the sidewalks and roads of all lands freely and openly, where we smile at one another easily, work together in cooperation, and want only for the well-being and goodwill of everyone else; where all weapons are gone and we solve our challenges by negotiating, by compromising, and by helping one another to realize our dreams in an atmosphere of peace and unbridled creativity.

It is in this environment – an environment where everyone feels completely and utterly safe – that the peace in our hearts and minds has worked its way outward into our world as well; where all people enjoy their lives because peace – true peace – is both inside and outside of us at the same time.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
by clicking the “YES!” Button below..

Yes! I Align with this Vision. I Align with this Vision!

The more people who join us in aligning with our visions
The quicker they will become a reality for all of us.
We intend over one million alignments!
For the highest good of the Universe,
Mother Earth, Ourselves, and Everyone Everywhere.

World Peace, Helping Humanity – Conversation with Red Dragon Ambassador, Ron van Dyke, Dave Schmidt and Others – 2-24-15



Ron writes: we finally got most of the people together that the Ambassador wanted on this call. I forgot to hit send to one individual when I sent out the code for the call, which means she never got it. Of course, I did not know that until later. I was not feeling my best during the call, or recently, as those who are watching my videos can attest. I am pleased that those who were on the call were able to express their viewpoints about the changes that we are working on together, changes that are hoped to bring real peace, true peace to the world. This is the first time that Dave Schmidt has appeared on one of Ron’s videos. He and his sidekick Sharla were in China at the time this video was recorded. Of the others involved in the call, four were in Europe and three, including me, were in the United States.

Lindi Devereux – World Peace Now – 2-22-15

lindipeacockLindi Devereux in London has posted a petition for world peace.

It’d be beyond the GAoG at this point in time to do all the organizing for actions like this so the fact that she has taken it up is much valued and appreciated.

The expression of our support for world peace, I’m led to believe, has an impact out of all “reasonable” proportion to its size so I urge everyone to sign Lindi’s petition and let our voice enter the collective consciousness.


HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE! (Hear bell tolling in the back ground AND, YES, its tolling for YOU!!!!!!) Smiling face with smiling eyes


Please sign this anonymous petition. It will not be shown to anyone, it does not need to be.

It is enough that we declare this collectively. With COMMITMENT.


PLEASE Share share share. We are incredibly POWERFUL. Lets start to work that MAGIC!

Join this declaration for World Peace Now at the following link:


This is not an organised group or institution. This is someone who, probably like you, understands that EACH of US, individually, looking out at what appears to be insurmountable problems facing our magnificent planet can often feel overwhelmed and impotent. Incapable of making a difference. One person who BELIEVES that this is not so, that in fact each and every one of us is critical to this planet at this time.

Each of us are sovereign individuals of equal value and worth. Combined we represent a force that is unstoppable and it is OUR collective WILL that CAN CHANGE everything and ANYTHING to how we want it. Currently most of what we do not consent to is controlled by a minute fraction of the population who would have us believe that they are all powerful. But nothing can make them equal to the power of the vast majority. The 99.99999%.

Collectively we represent a force that is unstoppable. A force that I call the Power as One. This is a crusade. Not in the traditional terms of taking up arms and heading out to physically defend that which we treasure most. It is one that involves stepping up within and becoming conscious! A gentle Revolution but one so POWERFUL just by virtue of our COMMITMENT to it and demonstrating that by saying I COMMAND WORLD PEACE NOW.

That means NO war of any description. Regardless of where we live the vast majority of us want THIS NOW. The few have artificially separated us by any means possible creating religious, racial and cultural tensions to do so. Using the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ is the only way they have maintained their tenuous hold on power. Only we can take it back, no one can do it for us.

It does not take public figures with differing agendas. It does not need big money. It does not need any mainstream media endorsement or backing. These are trappings we think necessary but only serve to distract and dilute the message.


It just needs YOU and ME, that is EACH of us together, NOW. The power of the collective is such that it increases EXPONENTIALLY with each matching thought till, similar to the 100th monkey, it is realised in a flash.

Please join us by signing this petition but mostly by making the commitment to yourself for World Peace and imagining it to be so. That is more powerful than anything we actually physically DO.


I strongly urge you to write I COMMAND WORLD PEACE NOW somewhere you will see it often. Each time you see it reaffirm and acknowledge to yourself I COMMAND WORLD PEACE, NOW, imagining what that IS for you.

Each of us that sign this petition does so on behalf, and for the greatest and highest good, of each and every sovereign individual on this planet today.

Archangel Michael on the Ukraine and Peace – 2-21-15


Archangel Michael

A concerned reader asked what about the galactics’ promise that no nuclear bombs would be exploded on the planet? How does that fit with the explosion in the Ukraine? I asked Archangel Michael the question in a reading I had with him on Feb. 20, 2015. 

He also acknowledged that he wants to leave the last step in bringing peace on Earth to us, which is a theory that I’d been coming to recently. Here are his comments.

Steve: Was the nuclear bomb in the Ukraine a real nuke?

Archangel Michael: You mean the one that was disarmed?

S: Was it disarmed? I thought the tactical nuclear bomb had exploded.

AAM: It has been absolutely disarmed. Was there an explosion? Yes. Was the nuclear component taken out of it by your star brothers and sisters? Yes.

It is the promise that has been made to Gaia.

S: What happened around the peace initiative.  I’ll give you my take on what happened. You want us to walk the last step.

AAM: Yes!

The beginning has happened and it has happened more in unseen ways.

But you are not done yet. Now I know that many of you are tired. So you are saying, “Oh, I do not need another campaign.”

But it is like a campaign, within and without, observer, participant.

And the more that is created of peace within, it explodes. It doesn’t simply softly, gently caress. Now if you want to talk about nuclear implosion and explosion, the peace will explode upon the planet.

And as the lightworkers, loveholders are holding that energy, what you do not full understand is the tacit support, the permission that yuou are giving to those who are involved in violent action of the entire range to say “No” [to war?] and to say “Yes” to peaceful solutions. So does the initiative continue? Yes, it does.

Steve Beckow – Folding It All Back In – 2-15-15

Earth 1

Steve Beckow

We’ve now seen our first tangible evidence that events are moving towards peace: Vladimir Putin’s call for a ceasefire today (Sunday).  (1)

We’ve been told by Archangel Michael that we’ve made tremendous progress towards peace but we’re not entirely there yet. Some people have not lain down arms but they will.

What I’d like to do now is to draw in all that we’ve discussed, all that we’ve been through in this whirlwind week of creating peace on the planet and fold it back into our discussion of building Nova Earth.

Archangel Michael has said that creating peace in the world is our first step towards creating Nova Earth and I agree.

I’d like to say what role peace plays for me in building Nova Earth.  I’ve seldom used the word “peace” to refer to a divine quality. I usually use calmness, groundedness, balance, detachment, equanimity, or serenity instead.

But what they all are or reflect is peace of mind, a quiet mind, a still mind. What else is there to make peaceful than the mind? Everything else associated with our body and persona follows from our thoughts, including disease and sometimes death. And everything else, absent the mind, is peaceful.

In the still and quiet mind, all is won. Enlightenment is to be found and there’s nothing more desirable than that.

Other things include: non-reactiveness, the ability to “be” deeply with people, access to the truth, the ability to express one’s love deeply, to feel compassion, to reason things through, etc.

Before our discussion of peace this past week, I wouldn’t have credited “peace” for all that but in fact peace is what lies below them – calmness, groundedness, etc.

So, to bring that into our discussion of building Nova Earth, it’s peace – peace of mind, peace in the world – that provides the necessary pre-requisite for all else to happen.

That doesn’t mean we’re sending out thought police to round up anyone not at peace. What it means is that we extend the right of freewill to everyone and cease to judge their journey. In other words, I’m at peace with myself and joyfully extend the same right to others.

Our personal peace is the pre-requisite for participation in building Nova Earth that makes a difference. What another person does, I think, is left up to them to decide.  But it’s people at peace who will make the New World that all of us will enjoy.

You remember I said that, for me, the spiritual life has three basic movements: (1) Discrimination between the Real and the unreal; (2) Detachment from the unreal; and (3) Devotion to the Real? Well, peace allows detachment from the unreal.

Love comes from devotion. And wisdom comes from discernment.

It would seem then that first comes wisdom; then comes peace; and then comes love.

Love, wisdom, and peace would, it seems to me, make a well-rounded individual who could make a difference in leading the way to global workability.

SPECIAL – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Hour with an Angel – Update on Global Peace – Host Steve Beckow – Channeler Linda Dillon – 2-14-15

AAMichael  - red

SPECIAL – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  –   Hour with an Angel   –   

Update on Global Peace   –   Host Steve Beckow   –   Channeler Linda Dillon   –   2-14-15


Archangel Michael has announced that peace would arrive on the planet on Valentine’s Day, Feb, 14, 2015. Already you can see that Vladmir Putin has called for a ceasefire in the Ukraine and removal of heavy weapons.  Next must come the laying down of arms by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

On this special broadcast, he will give us an update global peace, which will be followed by a roundtable discussion with the InLight Radio team, including Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon, Geoffrey West, Suzanne Maresca and Graham Dewyea.

An Hour with an Angel airs every other Thursday at 7pm ET. Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael and other guests from the Council of Love to provide spiritual teachings and guidance on co-creating the New Earth. Interviewed by Steve Beckow, editor of the Golden Age of Gaia. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light.

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Archangel Michael – The Declaration of World Peace – 2-13-14

archangel-michael-desktop1This document is one that Archangel Michael channeled through me on Oct. 8, 2012. It came out in one continuous flow.

A reader has asked me to explain the derivation of this document. On An Hour with an Angel today, Archangel Michael asked the Achieving World Peace Now! team to create a video in aid of world peace.

I asked him if he would channel a Declaration of World Peace through me that could form the basis of this video as he had channeled the Declaration of Human Freedom in February of 2011 in aid of World Freedom Day. Within an hour of concluding the interview, this declaration came pouring out.

Oct. 8, 2012

Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return. Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching and realizing peace.

There comes a time in the affairs of worlds when the forces of disintegration can no longer resist the forces of attraction, when hatred and division can no longer overpower love and peace. There comes a rebound in the councils of worlds, a pushing back from the people which none can stand against or fail to honor.

At this time, the people of Earth will see an outbreak of peace, overpowering all that divided, wounded, and killed. It has been decreed by the Highest that the Earth, after eons of wandering in the ways of havoc and war, shall once again return to the ways of peace. Against the wave of love that is sweeping the Earth, political and military leaders will prove powerless.

The people have gathered in Consciousness and have spoken words in Silence which none can ignore. They say that war will no longer be tolerated on Earth and the heavens have responded. Soon weapons will no longer work on Earth and the time when swords will be rendered into ploughshares will be here.

How to prepare for peace? Peace is a condition at the essence of our being which works its way outward and surfaces in universal love and harmony. All we must do is remove the obstacles to its rise and flowering. Peace is a choice and a surrendering. Peace is a determination and a remembering.

Peace is more than a refusal to bear arms against each other. It’s a resolve to allow each his or her fair share, his or her turn, his or her chosen path and goals. Peace is one of the divine qualities and grows in the same garden as they do: joy, compassion, love, harmony, unity all come along with peace like roots of the same creeper.

Now is the time declared from old when peace will again reign on Earth and humankind will return to its original bond of lovingkindness with all that swims, walks and flies. The children of Earth shall make war no more. The children of Earth will come together in loving council and restore the Garden of Eden that this planet was, is and shall be.

Never more on Earth shall the guns of war sound. Never shall people scream and die in agony. A new age is upon us that shall see harmony and beneficence restored, never to be lost again. The grand experiment is over and much knowledge has been gained. But the time has come for this blue planet to return to heaven and for heaven to return to Earth.

Every knee shall bend in love to the One. No one shall again be master over another save the One. The endless journey upon which all are embarked to return to the One will again proceed by a straight and open road. All that was crooked will be made straight. Now is the time for the curtain to fall on a world at war and for the curtain to rise on a world at peace.

Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.

World Peace. – John Smallman – 2-10-15

World Peace  11

World Peace

Dear All,

There is talk of WORLD PEACE being achieved by Valentine’s Day. I don’t know how many of you are open to this kind of prognostication, so if you find it unsettling, not “your cup of tea” forgive me for sending it to you.

Arch Angel Michael, through the channel Linda Dillon, talked about this today, which you can listen  to on the link below (it runs about 1 hour) and includes a guided meditation.

I think World Peace is long overdue, I AM hopeful that it can be achieved because each one of us, each human, if we CHOOSE, holds and extends an enormous energy field that can be directed to powerfully influence the hearts of those engaged in internal war with themselves that they then project outwards to partners, children, parents, church leaders, governmental leaders etc.

Peace IS possible if we become peaceful ourselves by intent, and we have unlimited help from those in the spiritual realms once we make that choice. That intent then flows across the planet as part of the “Tsunami of Love” powerfully influencing world leaders, war lords, and all individuals employed in the military and security forces across our world.

Remember that five months into World War I, the Christmas spirit took hold in the most unlikely of places—the bloody Western Front. In a series of spontaneous ceasefires, soldiers laid down their arms to sing carols, exchange gifts and even play soccer with the enemy. With today’s world a very different place to the one that existed in 1914, BECAUSE we have evolved spiritually, our collective intention that world peace occur by St.Valentine’s Day is powerful enough to make it happen.

There is only NOW, let’s do it!

Love and hugs to all John.


Put Down The Weapons – Mandate For This World – JJK Mandate as Creator God – 11-2-14

John J Kassl, Channeler


2. November 2014

Mandate as Creator God
Introduction to the Mandate from Jahn J Kassl:

To all Creator Gods of this time!

What can we do in order to give the events of
this time a totally new direction? Here is the tool!

The following Mandate, due to its
distribution, gains strength and becomes

Thereby I call on all human Beings, who see themselves
empowered for such a far-reaching mandate, to follow it by
pronouncing out loud these words and to feed the its power
into the energy field of the earth, in order to bring forth the
desired changes.

The more we, who were appointed to
new Creator Gods, and claim the strength
and power given to us, the sooner this world
will become a place of harmony and peace.

Today it is about to create a new reality, and it is time to
give expression, word and image to this reality, in order to
manifest it.

With this mandate it is complied with!
Make use of it, as you see yourself called for it!
Let us become aware of our abilities!

The time has come, in order to step out of any victim
attitude, because Heaven appointed us and we were
selected to give this world a new countenance.

We are powerful Beings and strong-willed Creator Gods.
Due to this mandate we let every human Being partake in
the grace of Heaven, which cares for each life to a sufficient

Wars need to be banned from this world!

I have demanded it! We have decided it!
Now we cut the naval cord to the evil in this world:
whereby we address it, stop it in its activity and ban
it from this world.

„Put down the weapons”, mandate this for this world!

In Love
Jahn J Kassl

Mandate as Creator God
Mandate in verbatim:

Put down the weapons!

I mandate hereby,
who I am Creator God of worlds,
who I am an awakened consciousness,
who I am Human among Humans,
who choose Life:

Put down the weapons!

I command,
That all weapons in this world be silent!

I command,
That all soldiers in the world
put down their weapons!

I command,
That all armies, which carry out wars of
aggression, will be stopped in their ambitions!

I mandate,
That this mandate must
now be complied with!

I mandate,
That human Beings will become aware
of their humanness as responsible consciousness,
to maintain life and not to destroy it, either as
a soldier or civilian, either as a slave or ruler.

I mandate,
That the heavenly forces level the path
for the new earth, and in the following
manner that all wars in this world will
be ended and that planetary peace prevails!

I mandate,
That every that is needed flows to
individual happiness, the freedom of
individual human Beings, to the benefit
of society of all human Beings.

I mandate,
That all heads of government, which oppose
the happiness of individuals, be now removed
from their office.

I mandate,
That this world receives new leaders!
Those, who stand up to the demands of
this time, who feel obligated to the property
of mankind and take on responsibility for
the wellbeing of the planet.

I, who I am a Creator God among Gods
mandate that this will now occur.

Today war and death end,
because due to my almighty
divine will I have mandated peace
and life for this world.

I am the way, the truth and life,

I am


Concluding mandates:

1.) Repeat this mandate at any for you possible time
and as it shows to you.
2.) Translate this mandate into all languages in the world.
3.) Pass these words on as a symbol of your self-determination,
until it finds a hearing in the farthest village in this world,
because nobody can affectively and permanently oppose the
collective energy, which is based on the loving mandate of a
Creator God. Evil will initially be weakened, until it dissolves
entirely. Mandate this as self-conscious awakened Creator Gods
in human form, who have overcome human imitations.

What can we do in order to give the events in
this time a totally new direction? Here is the tool!

Thereby we save the world, thereby we enter into Heaven,
as it is divined for us and we return to God.

In infinite Love

Jahn J Kassl

This mandate with conversation with Sananda, is immediately
available from the Lichtwelt portal for free download.
Translation from the German original by: Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Put down the Weapons! Mandate for this World:…

Meditation For World Peace


Facilitated live during the broadcast “The 12/12/12 Star Gate – A Year Later,” spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro guides the listener in opening the channels of the Heart, allowing for a deeper and broader focus of Unity Consciousness.

This meditation can be listened to with eyes open, gazing upon the symbol of the Rising Star, or one may listen with eyes closed, either seated or lying down comfortably. It can be utilized whenever one is drawn to expand their level of compassion – for loved ones; ones self and all others seen and unseen, known or foreign.

The following royalty-free music was used during the meditation:
Richard Brookens, “Lake Melva Meditation”; Sophia, “Blessed Am I — Blessed are the Peacemakers.” Available at

Image artwork of the Rising Star symbol by Leona Brimmer.

To learn more about Mr. Citro, his upcoming live events, or Rising Star Healing, please visit:

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Joshua Alicea – Theory of World Peace (1- 6) – (Please Bookmark)


Here it is, 17 year-old Joshua Alicea introduces his series in a brand new way! This is the first part of “The Theory of World Peace” special and you can expect to be blown away by a abundant selection of visuals and sound tracks that harmonize in a compelling way.

I Hope you enjoy and as always, thank you!

P.S. Please share this video with as many people as you can if this has had any positive impact at all in your life.

World Peace – Weekly Planetary Meditation – Every Sunday at 15:00 GMT



Peace Day – Global Peace Mediation – September 21st 2014

world peace

 World Peace Day

This September 21st, we invite you to join us for what we hope will be the largest Global Peace Mediation yet.

For the International Day of Peace, organizations and spiritual leaders around the world are unifying with one message:  Inner Peace is the first step towards World Peace.  By healing the war within our own hearts we can inspire everyone we touch to experience their own peace.

Hundreds of thousands will be joining us this year through the networks we are connecting to and your participation amplifies the experience for all of us!

Organize a meditation in your community, or pray with us from your sacred place of worship.

Organize a gathering in whichever way inspires you to BeThePeace you wish to see in the world.

Gather at 12:00 Noon in your timezone as part of theBeThePeace wave that will be moving across the planet.


Then join us for the UNIFYMoment of World Peace at 19:00 UTC/GMT. That’s 12:00 Noon PST15:00 EDT and 20:00 BST.

We will be launching a new website by August 22nd for you to register your events to a map.  If you need any help organizing an event in your city, please contact

Thank you for being a champion for the Peace Movement.

It is an honor to serve beside you.


Found at  –

Channeler John Smallman – A Peace Meditation Invitation for Friday August 15th 2014

John SmallmanPeace meditation

Hi Friends, Readers, and Listeners,

Quite recently I mentioned a World Peace Meditation for Friday August 15th 2014 that I had heard about.  I then tried Googling for it and found NONE!

So, OK.  The 15th of August is a day for honoring Mother Mary in memory of her bodily assumption into heaven to be reunited with her son Jesus, some 2000 years ago.  From her heavenly home she is constantly watching over us most lovingly, responding to each and every individual or collective call that we make to her, because she is also our mother.  And that is one of the reasons that we honor her on this day.  We could think of it as “Mother’s Day” for our Mother Mary.

Well, we all know that we NEED a collective human change of heart here on Earth now to finally bring to an end the eons of suffering, betrayal, torture, conflict, and war in which we have engulfed ourselves.  Mother Mary can and will help us with this if we ask her humbly and sincerely.

Now that we have moved firmly into the New Golden Age let us all open our hearts in LOVE, and with the power that that provides spend 30 minutes in meditation together on this Friday, August 15th 2014, intending to be in her presence and holding the intent to love, honor, respect, and forgive one another for all the hurts that we think and believe we have been subjected to, and by doing so bring lasting peace to our earthly home.

Only by forgiving ourselves and one another can we move forward to experience the peace, joy, and happiness that this New Age is offering us.  It is there waiting for us to accept it.  And to accept what is offered means that we each have to release our individual hold on anger, resentment, judgment, and condemnation of others, and our belief that we are entitled to restitution for the pain that we have experienced.

We are mirrors to one another, so what I believe I have suffered at the hands of another is really what I have inflicted upon myself, appearing as a lesson for me so that I may learn to forgive both myself and others.  To forgive brings peace, it truly does!  So let us all join in a holy meditation and forgive everyone, and then experience the wonderful, the absolutely amazing peace that ensues.  It is we who are changing the world, moving it towards unconditional Love and Peace, OR towards more anger hate, and resentment depending on whether we open our hearts to accept and share Love, or close them by holding on to grudges, distrust, and a desire for vengeance and restitution.

I shall spend 30 minutes in meditation this Friday from 12.00 noon, East Coast or New York time, holding this intent, and I invite you to join with me.  Each one taking part increases the power of Love that we embrace and share . . . exponentially!   So let’s do it.  AND, as time is of the illusion, if you are unable to meditate at that illusory time, know that just by making the intent to be a part of this group meditation your period of meditation, at any time that works for you, will effectively occur in the now moment when we all meditate.

Love and hugs to you all,



Deepak Chopra – A Global Meditation for Peace – Join us August 8, 2014

Chopra Center


Anna Merkaba – Lightworker Community! – Urgent Reminder for July 26th – Agarthian Crystal Delivered to Israel / Palestine – Meditation For World Peace – 7-24-14


Anna Merkaba
Tomorrow the crystal that is being delivered from Iceland will be placed underneath israel/Palestine, it’s almost there. Isis is in Egypt starting today. The energy is going to be amplified, it’s important to tune into the crystal to assist the energy to be properly distributed among everyone, calling out to their higher selves and helping in shifting the consciousness towards PEACE. It is important to use the GOLDEN light.

What we should WILL with the power of our minds eye, and to those who are doubting their abilities, STOP. BECAUSE YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLY POWERFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT. If it was not so, you wouldn’t be here right now! So USE your UNIVERSAL GOD ENERGY that is flowing through you in order to redirect the conflicting EGO based energy that is presently there into PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.


To do so SEE the Golden Particles and Golden light, this universal life giving energy completely encompass all of the middle east. See as it showers down onto these lands and bathes them in Unconditional Love of the Creator. Now send this light deep into the earth core, having it attract all particles of negativity, all thought forms, all negative entities, all archonic influences to itself and with a thunderous might pull all of this down, all the way down to the core of the earth for transmutation and purification.

Let it pass through the Agarthian Sun (which will act as a purifying mechanism with the assistance of all Agarthians who are standing by) and as it rises back up direct it with your minds eye to the crystal sitting on the border of Israel and Palestine. Willing this light to move up the crystal and through it, in a vortex like formation spinning outward encompassing all of the surrounding countries and most importantly purifying the hearts of ALL who live there. Together we can make the shift in conciousness happen! After all we’ve come THIS FAR! I love you all and deeply thank you for your continues effort in assisting all human souls in establishing a peaceful and harmonious society by activating their heart’s code and connecting them to unconditional love!!!! xoxox

Want to briefly share this with all of you. Those who are feeling a link to do something in Germany and Israel/Palestine/Middle East right now, please read as this message is for you. I was pulled into AGARTHA again today and spoke with ADAMA.

They will be transporting a crystal from underneath Iceland which should arrive within 10 days and place it on the border of Israel and Palestine, this crystal will affect all the surrounding regions including Egypt, etc., Adama, has asked that those of you who are inclined and feel that you have been called to do so, to connect with this crystal in 10 days on July 26th, and activate it.

I know that many of you have been asking me about this who are linked to these activities. So please remember to do so, it’s incredibly important. This crystal will assist in transmuting the energy that is currently underway in the middle east, as the cleansing and purification has began full force there.

This is a crucial time for all of us light workers to be in the most balanced state of mind and body. A lot of “dark” energy is being released all over the world, and we are feeling it’s effects throughout the day. If you’ve noticed your mood changing rapidly throughout the day, from being really sad, anxious to being happy and elated, this is why. The energy is being released and transmuted and being a light worker you are linked to this.

So please take all the precautions of cleansing yourself daily and protecting yourself daily. I’ve written about this on my blog over and over again but for those that are new to this please see my blog here:

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SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey – Peace will soon come to Earth – Rebuilding Peaceful Relations between Countries – 4-25-14

SaLuSa new


SaLuSa  25 April 2014

Although matters on Earth are still in a state of change, the outcome will not lead to worse situations. We are thinking primarily of the confrontation taking place in the Ukraine . Not so many years ago it would most likely have lead to a state of war. Due to the change in consciousness levels and the higher vibrations reaching you, solutions are sought that focus on a peaceful conclusion. Peace will soon come to Earth and you will be able to focus on rebuilding peaceful relations between countries. Over a period of time most countries have become a mix of different races and cultures, and it is already greatly helping your civilisation to live in peace and harmony.

Around the world the last acts of separation are being played out and once the dark Ones are removed life will become more peaceful and rewarding. There are younger generations who are more evolved and waiting their chance to bring in new ideas for a more joyous living. The time is arriving when leaders will come forward to replace the dark Ones whose days are numbered. Such souls have experience that they can call upon that would ensure Humanity takes a great step forward into the New Age. There have been times in your history when peace has enabled much progress to be achieved. However, such periods have been a pale reflection of what the Golden Age will bring to you. They will return and you will have what has been referred to as the “1000 years of peace”.

Most souls have reincarnated many times on Earth to experience duality. Some are still experiencing what is to them a higher level of consciousness, whilst others are simply raising theirs to a level previously reached. Souls on Earth are a mix of those at so many different stages of evolution. However, as you progress away from Earth the different levels of consciousness are clearly defined, and souls of a lower level of vibration cannot normally enter those that are higher. The exception is when they are accompanied by a Higher Soul who will share his/her level of vibration with them. You will have so much to discover and learn anew, and it will be exciting times. Until you reach the higher level of consciousness, you are very limited as to how far you can go. It is your present level that keeps you in a state of limited consciousness.

The more you open up your consciousness to consider other possibilities, the quicker you will increase your vibrational level. At present you live in what could be termed a dream world, one that all souls have helped to create. It will not be until you have raised your present consciousness levels that you will again become the free Spirit that you really are. However, as with all experiences, it expands your consciousness levels and that will ultimately carry you forward. We look at you with complete admiration and love, as we see souls that have willingly taken on duality knowing that it could pull them down. Yet, you have boldly taken up the challenge, knowing that you are never left totally alone to find your way back to the Light.

As souls that are moving out of the lower dimensions, you are adding invaluable experience to your total knowledge. Somewhere in the near future it will enable you to help other souls, who can learn through your experiences. Whether you have lived or served the Light or dark makes no difference, as you will have a wealth of experience to offer others also on the path of evolution. We have often made the point that you are All One, and it is true that what each of you do effects the whole. As a collective of souls you help each other to progress, because as you do so the whole of Humanity moves forward.

Consider that as a result of your many lives upon Earth, you have acquired knowledge and experience of many different cultures. At a subconscious level it affects your present day living, and should make you more tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Many are living with a limited if not false understanding of the Truth. It will come out very soon, and perhaps knowing that you are more than just your body will be found to be a profound and revealing statement. You are glorious Beings of Light that are in an advanced state of being, and in the future will be able to “think yourself” into whatever form you desire to further your evolution. With it comes the freedom to travel where and when you desire.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and always pleased to make this contact with you. It has been a long and hard road for all of you, but that is now changing for the good. I leave you with my Love and Blessings.


Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.







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