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At the beginning of 2019 our Ascended Sisters and Brothers, who are assisting us from the Realms of Illumined Truth, revealed that this year the Earth is moving into uncharted frequencies of Light. They said that, mercifully, these NEW frequencies of Light will help Humanity to transcend our limitations from the past. They also affirmed that this is the Cosmic Moment that we have been hearing about for millennia.

For centuries prophets, seers, religions and holy books have foretold of a coming Age when Heaven would manifest on Earth. The prophesies revealed that during that auspicious time Humanity would awaken from our long exile in darkness. We would begin to remember who we are and why we are here. We would develop our latent powers within, and we would discover that we are not the fragmented, fear-based human egos we have erroneously accepted as our identity. Instead, we would realize that we are Beloved Sons and Daughters of our God and we would remember that all our Father-Mother God have is ours.

We were told by the ancient prophets that this would be an Age when our Physical Transformation would occur at an atomic, cellular level, and that our four Earthly Bodies­—physical, etheric, mental and emotional—would be transformed into expressions of vibrant health, eternal youth and infinite physical perfection.

We have probably all contemplated that lofty vision at one time or another, but I do not think we ever imagined that opportunity would occur in our lifetime. As long as we thought of this Physical Transformation taking place in some distant time and place it seemed like a remote possibility, but right here and right now? That was beyond our comprehension.

Well guess what? This is the moment for which we have all been waiting. We have Birthed the New Earth in the Realms of Cause, thus paving the way for the dawning of the Age of Enlightenment and Physical Transformation which is now tangibly manifesting on the horizon.  Every man, woman and child is experiencing a process of Divine Alchemy within which the cells in our Earthly Bodies are being transformed. This process is transforming our planetary carbon-based cells into the flawless 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells we will abide in on the New Earth.

At some level, we have all been longing for this moment since we fell from Grace aeons ago. Now, due to myriad activities of Light that have taken place over the past several decades, all is in readiness. From the Realms of Truth, Humanity is being provided with the sacred knowledge that will help us to consciously participate in this miraculous process. For this, the Heavens are rejoicing and elation is pouring forth from the Hearts of the Company of Heaven.

Now, we each have the responsibility of listening to our I AM Presence to see how we can assist with the unfolding process of Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Physical Transformation. In order to attain our Victory in the Light, we need only to lift up in consciousness and step through the Open Door into our Eternal Freedom. In this dawning Age of Enlightenment and Physical Transformation our humanly created, self-inflicted separation from God is being permanently Healed, and the Truth of our own Divinity is gradually being realized by every Son and Daughter of God.

The process involving our Physical Transformation has been a dormant seed in every person’s Heart Flame. This seed is now being activated by our I AM Presence to a level beyond anything we have ever experienced. As the seed of Physical Transformation awakens within our Heart Flame, the dormant codes of physical perfection are being activated within Humanity’s DNA. This activation is filling our entire Beings with Light and lifting us into the highest frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light that we have ever experienced.

For many, the process of our Physical Transformation is beyond the reasoning of the outer mind, but the I AM Presence of every single person is beginning to reveal it now as an inner knowing within their Heart Flame.

The Beings of Light have indicated that we are in the midst of a critical phase of the unfolding Divine Plan, during which incoming Light from the Heart of our Father-Mother God is building to an unprecedented intensity. The Divine Intent of this Light is to stimulate the Physical Transformation of ALL of Humanity.

As Humanity listens to the I AM Presence within, more and more Lightworkers are becoming aware that this is a peak transmission period. People are sensing the opportunity at hand, and they are volunteering to cooperate with the Divine Plan by becoming Instruments of God. They are serving as surrogates on behalf of their sisters and brothers and consciously anchoring the incoming Light into the heart and mind of every person through his or her I AM Presence. This Light is also being projected into the physical substance of Earth.

Because of the need of the hour, the Company of Heaven is once again asking awakening Humanity for our heartfelt assistance. There are Lightworkers who have been preparing for decades for this moment. Others have recently awakened and are just beginning to realize the opportunity at hand. There are many others who are still in a deep sleep spiritually and do not have a clue about what is happening to them at this time.

The reasons the Beings of Light are asking us to help with this Divine Intervention are manifold, but most importantly, it is because Cosmic Law decrees that “As I AM lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me.” As we apply the Universal Truths associated with Physical Transformation that are being revealed to Humanity from On High, we will create an upward rush of Light and Love that will form a pathway for our fellow Human Beings to follow as we Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Infinite Physical Perfection.

The Mighty Elohim and the Directors of the Elements have been given permission to amplify every effort we make toward this holy endeavor the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow. Daily and hourly, these Beings of Light will work with our I AM Presence and our Body Elementals to transform our Earthly Bodies into the infinite physical perfection of our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

Over the years the Company of Heaven has given us very powerful activities of Light and life-transforming tools to assist us with our Physical Transformation. We at Era of Peace have always made them available in our monthly Newsletters. Lightworkers from around the world have been utilizing these activities and weaving their own exquisite Light into every one of them. Consequently, these Gifts from On High have been building in momentum day by day.

With the peak transmissions of Light now bathing the Earth the Company of Heaven said these activities of Light are being greatly empowered and they are encouraging Lightworkers to use these Gifts from On High at this time.


To make these powerful tools easily accessible, Era of Peace produced a set of two CDs or MP3s titled “Physical Transformation.”

These CDs and MP3s include Enlightening information from the Realms of Truth and many of the tools and activities of Light that have been given to us by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to accelerate our Physical Transformation.

Some of you may already have these CDs or MP3s and if you do please use them now if you have the Heart Call to do so.

If you do not have the CDs or MP3s titled “Physical Transformation”we are making them available on our website at a reduced rate so that they will be accessible to as many people as possible.

If you are interested in having them just click on the link below:


Set of 2 MP3s – “Physical Transformation”

Set of 2 CDs  –  “Physical Transformation”


This is a powerful time, Precious Heart. Please do not miss this opportunity to add to the Light of the World and to accelerate your own Physical Transformation.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles


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by Patricia Cota-Robles

June 15, 2019

At the beginning of 2019 our Ascended Sisters and Brothers, who are assisting us from the Realms of Illumined Truth, revealed that this year the Earth is moving into uncharted frequencies of Light. They said that, mercifully, these NEW frequencies of Light will help Humanity to transcend our limitations from the past. They also affirmed that this is the Cosmic Moment that we have been hearing about for millennia.

For centuries prophets, seers, religions and holy books have foretold of a coming Age when Heaven would manifest on Earth. The prophesies revealed that during that auspicious time Humanity would awaken from our long exile in darkness. We would begin to remember who we are and why we are here. We would develop our latent powers within, and we would discover that we are not the fragmented, fear-based human egos we have erroneously accepted as our identity. Instead, we would realize that we are Beloved Sons and Daughters of our God and we would remember that all our Father-Mother God have is ours.

We were told by the ancient prophets that this would be an Age when our Physical Transformation would occur at an atomic, cellular level, and that our four Earthly Bodies­—physical, etheric, mental and emotional—would be transformed into expressions of vibrant health, eternal youth and infinite physical perfection.

We have probably all contemplated that lofty vision at one time or another, but I do not think we ever imagined that opportunity would occur in our lifetime. As long as we thought of this Physical Transformation taking place in some distant time and place it seemed like a remote possibility, but right here and right now? That was beyond our comprehension.

Well guess what? This is the moment for which we have all been waiting. We have Birthed the New Earth in the Realms of Cause, thus paving the way for the dawning of the Age of Enlightenment and Physical Transformation which is now tangibly manifesting on the horizon.  Every man, woman and child is experiencing a process of Divine Alchemy within which the cells in our Earthly Bodies are being transformed. This process is transforming our planetary carbon-based cells into the flawless 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells we will abide in on the New Earth.



L’Aura Pleadian – The Transmutation Now

Help L'Aura Bless The World by L'Aura Pleiadian - GoFundMe


he shifts you are about to experience are unprecedented.

The waking up to a new you is fully underway.

The initiations that you will go through are designed uniquely and specifically for you,

Transcending all that once was your reality is a walking on through a portal of great magnitude, going through its accompanying initiations, waking up to a new you, through its completion.

The many levels of transition are specifically designed to each level, and to each unique experiences of it.

The metamorphosis you undergo, is tailor-made to each level of changeover, you are going through.

The transmutation of the current level into the next parallel world level, is a transfiguration of all levels of being.

You are experiencing the changeover, according to your life plan and blueprint, design.

We are with you during this monumental passage and transition, for your embodied evolution, of greater expanded awareness, light, Divine Presence and true Love.

From before time, and now, we are The Divine Council of Overseers, and we are present now. In love always, L’Aura

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By Devon Heart Star

What energies are you tuning into today, as we have entered the first of many proverbial birth canals of this year? What flash of lightning just hit your Heart and jump-started a new layer of your healing DNA as an awakening Sacred Human?

What baggage did you just drop onto the conveyor belt to good-bye? Whew! That was a heavy load! Let it go! There’s no more room for the density of that weighted-down sack of patterns of fears and control to avoid pain.

What lightness of Being can you feel approaching, as you surrender into this rebirth, as the sun is rising at the end of this moonlit tunnel? How has your Beingness changed? How have your Soul parts begun to merge with your Human parts?

Are there Human parts of you who have retracted against change? Are there parts of you scared of leaving the warm womb of safety and comfort? Are you willing to become big enough and inner-loving enough to hold them close and reassure them that you will be there for them? Are you willing to be courageous enough to allow their feelings, your feelings that you once had in your life and other timelines, but shoved down, pushed away, and were shamed to express?

Rebirthing yourself, one spiraling step at a time, is a courageous act.

There is a beauty within you that belongs to no other. There is a strength within you that has multidimensional effects on others. And there is a shyness within that releases waves of unity consciousness behind it. You cannot contain the tsunami of truths that powerfully whisper to all the lost parts longing to be heard in the Hearts of others.

How can you serve the shyness within you, so she/he can become one with the waves and recognize their power?

Devon Heart Star is a SoulFullHeart Facilitant, working with SoulFullHeart Facilitator/Teacher Jelelle Awen in session space for the last few months. She is author/poestess of Embodying The Cosmic Shaman: Poetry For Encompassing The Vastness Of Who You Are.




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by Patricia Cota-Robles

Originally published APRIL 29, 2018


I AM writing this Newsletter in the full embrace of the Week Full Moon which occurs during the Sun cycle of Taurus. You may be familiar with this annual celebration, but if you are not just know that this is the second of the three Full Moon festivals known in the northern hemisphere as the Full Moon Festivals of Spring. This is the Full Moon that follows the Passover Full Moon which occurs during the Sun cycle of Aries. During the Passover Full Moon, Jesus bathes the Earth and all her Life with frequencies of Christ Consciousness which manifest as the Love of God.

During the Wesak Full Moon, the Love of God that has been bathing the Earth since the Passover Full Moon creates the sacred space for the Buddha’s blessings. During the Wesak Full Moon, the Buddha infuses all Life on Earth with a higher level of Enlightenment designed to assist every person’s return to a path of Reverence for all Life.

Thanks to

The third Full Moon Festival occurs during the Full Moon in the Sun cycle of Gemini. This Full Moon is known as the Goodwill Festival of Humanity. This is when Jesus and Buddha together assist the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child to awaken within our hearts and minds, through the Love and Enlightenment of God, the realization of the Oneness of ALL Life.

As you feel the Love of God and the Enlightenment of the Buddha embracing you today, please read this Newsletter through the Flame of Illumined Truth in your heart.

The Events of Our Free Seminar in Boston, Massachusetts

On April 22nd, Earth Day, we held our Free Seminar in Boston, Massachusetts. Over 200 Lightworkers with open hearts and minds from Boston and the surrounding areas came with the intent of being the Open Door for the Light of God that would empower our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love and facilitate the second phase of God’s Divine Plan for that day. Thousands of additional Lightworkers all over the world joined with us energetically by projecting their Love and Light into our Chalice. This exponentially expanded the amount of Light our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven were able to infuse into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. As our Father-Mother God have promised, with their newly initiated Divine Plan, this Gift of Light will amplify the Lightwork of every single person on Earth a thousand fold during the next month.

Precious Hearts, I want you to know that our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are flooding you with their Infinite Gratitude for your willingness to serve Humanity and Mother Earth in this way during this critical phase in Earth’s Ascension process. The next wave of Light will infuse our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love during our Free Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri on May 20th. Please join us if you or anyone you know in St. Louis or the surrounding area has the heart call to add to the Light of the world in this powerful way on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth. We will welcome you with open arms. Here is a direct link if you would like to register for the St. Louis, Missouri Free Seminar.

The Second Phase of the Divine Plan Accomplished in Boston

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are utilizing our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love in multifaceted and multidimensional ways during each of our Free Seminars. Not only are they infusing our Grid of Divine Love with waves of Light every month through the unified Heart Flames of those attending the seminar and those tuning in energetically, they are also evaluating what else that tremendous influx of Light can accomplish to assist Humanity and Mother Earth.

This time, the Monday before our Free Seminar was the annual Boston Marathon. This is an event that has been building in momentum since it began, 121 years ago, in 1897. Now, every year over 30,000 people from all over the world come to Boston to participate. Each one comes with the goal of joining with their sisters and brothers to reach their highest level of excellence. This year was the fifth anniversary of the terrible terrorist bombing that occurred during the Boston marathon in 2013.

Since that time five years ago, people from around the world have been flooding the people of Boston with love, compassion and genuine thoughts of sisterhood and brotherhood. Boston Strong! This year that global focus of attention was greatly intensified because of the acknowledgment of the fifth anniversary. This created a beautiful forcefield of Light that paved the way for the events that would occur during our Free Seminar. That forcefield of Loving Light was further enhanced by Humanity’s collective focus on Earth Day and the healing of Mother Earth.

The Company of Heaven said the synchronicity of these events created the perfect environment for the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to be able to receive and assimilate into our Earthly Bodies higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light than we had ever received. Throughout the day, we were guided through several activities of Light that enabled us to take full advantage of the opportunity at hand. The Company of Heaven said our endeavors were God Victorious. This paved the way for the wondrous Gifts Humanity is destined to receive from Mother Mary and Saint Germain during the Mystical Month of May.

The Mystical Month of May

In the Heavenly Realms, the month of May is considered a very spiritual and powerful time for Planet Earth. The Company of Heaven refers to May as “the Mystical Month of May” because of various activities of Light that take place during this time of year. These activities are orchestrated through the selfless Divine Intervention of both Saint Germain and Mother Mary. This year, because of the initiation of our Father-Mother God’s new Divine Plan and our greatly empowered Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love, we have an extraordinary opportunity to utilize the Gifts being given to us by Saint Germain and Mother Mary.

The first of May is celebrated as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. Every year on the first of May Saint Germain, who is known through all Creation as the Keeper of the Violet Flame, blesses the Earth and all Life evolving upon her with an ever increasing influx of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Because of the monumental changes taking place within our Earthly Bodies this year, due to the activation of Humanity’s Elemental Vortices, the beginning of the process of splicing our 12 strands of DNA and our Body Elemental’s initiation into the 5th-Dimension, Saint Germain is able to bless us with more intensified frequencies of the Violet Flame than Humanity has ever been able to safely receive at a cellular level. This influx of Light is the highest frequency of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Mother Earth or Humanity has ever known. This unfathomable Light is providing Humanity’s newly initiated 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental and our I AM Presence with an unprecedented opportunity.

The Company of Heaven is revealing that with the influx of Light now bathing the Earth every day through our Father-Mother God’s new Divine Plan, we have reached a frequency of vibration that will allow our I AM Presence and our 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental to accelerate the purging of the contaminated substances in our Earthly Bodies, and the Bodies of Mother Earth.

With the cooperation of our I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth, Saint Germain and his Legions of Violet Fire Angels will work to purge the toxic substances that have overwhelmed and contaminated Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Bodies since our fall from Grace.

During this “Mystical Month of May”, Saint Germain will bathe the Earth and all her Life with this new frequency of the Violet Flame for much longer than just one day. This year, Saint Germain and his Legions of Violet Fire Angels will blaze the most intensified frequencies of the Violet Flame that Cosmic Law will allow through every particle and wave of Life on Earth for an extended period of time.

Every single person on this planet and Mother Earth herself will be blessed dailywith this intensified frequency of the Violet Flame until the consciousness codes of the Millennials and the children are God Victoriously activated. This will take place during the 32th Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 11-16, 2018. If you would like more information about this unprecedented event please go to our website

After that global gathering, Saint Germain will evaluate our progress and determine how much longer Humanity and the Earth need to receive this particular assistance.

Beginning May 1, 2018, this colossal influx of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection will flow through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this Sacred Fire bathes the Earth day by day, it will be amplified one thousand fold through the Lightwork of every man, woman and child. This will give the I AM Presences and the Body Elementals of the Millennials, the children and the rest of Humanity, the opportunity to purge our Earthly Bodies from the humanly created toxic substances and the gross contaminations that have polluted the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink since our fall from Grace.

This intensified purging will occur for each person in Divine Order and in perfect alignment with their Divine Plan. As usual, this will be a very individual process. The Company of Heaven has assured us, however, that every single person will greatly benefit from this Gift from On High if we will just be the Open Door and take a moment everyday to consciously invoke this Violet Flame.

Saint Germain said the Violet Flame Mantra that he gave to Humanity decades ago has been building in momentum. It is now incredibly powerful and will help us to receive and assimilate the full benefit from this Gift of the Violet Flame. Please listen to your heart and repeat this mantra throughout the day often as you are inspired to do so. It is very easy to memorize.

Begin the mantra by saying,

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity.”

Then repeat the mantra three times.

Violet Flame Mantra

Transmute, transmute by the Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I AM a Being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.

Transmute, transmute by the Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I AM a Being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.

Transmute, transmute by the Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I AM a Being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.

Precious Heart, this frequency of the Violet Flame is powerful beyond what we are able to perceive with our finite minds. Please Trust your I AM Presence. This aspect of your own Divinity knows exactly how powerful this Violet Flame is and how much it will help you to purge the contamination in your Earthly Bodies. So listen to your heart and respond to your intuitive promptings to repeat this Violet Flame Mantra.

Mother Mary’s Divine Plan

After our fall from Grace, when Mother Mary realized the immensity of the situation we had inadvertently created, she knew that the possibility of Humanity fulfilling the Immaculate Concept of our Divine Potential as Sons and Daughters of God was in jeopardy. Mother Mary understood that without our Mother God’s Love our right brain could not be restored to its full capacity and our spiritual brain centers would remain atrophied. She also knew that without the Masculine Polarity of our Father God and the Feminine Polarity of our Mother God being balanced within our Heart Flame, we would not be able to return to Christ Consciousness. Mother Mary was also aware of the profound Truth that returning to Christ Consciousness is the only way that we can complete our journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God.

With this knowing, Mother Mary appealed to our Father-Mother God for permission to initiate a Divine Plan that would hopefully prevent our Heart Flame from diminishing to the point where it could no longer sustain our existence on Earth. This selfless offering of unparalleled Divine Intervention was welcomed by our Father-Mother God.

Mother Mary’s Divine Plan received the blessings and the Divine Assistance of both our God Parents and the Company of Heaven. This is Mother Mary’s Divine Plan.

Aeons ago, long before the Piscean Age, as the Sons and Daughters of God were spiraling into the abyss of separation and duality, Mother Mary initiated her Divine Plan. She invoked the Mighty Elohim to create a Heavenly Retreat where she could assist the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to restore their Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame to its original Divine Potential. She knew that this would assure the return of our Mother God and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness.

In response to Mother Mary’s request, the Elohim manifested in the Heavenly Realms an exquisite Crystalline Temple of Light. This temple is known throughout the Universe as Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart. The Sacred Fire that blazes on the altar of this temple is the Flame of the Immaculate Concept which is a Crystalline White Flame with a Madonna Blue radiance.

Since that time aeons ago, every year for the entire month of May, Mother Mary magnetizes the I AM Presence of every person on Earth into her Temple of the Immaculate Heart for an activity of Light. This activity is designed to gradually restore the Immaculate Concept and the perfect balance within each person’s Threefold Flame. We are multidimensional Beings and this event occurs in our finer body as we sleep at night.

The Company of Heaven said every single person’s I AM Presence responds to Mother Mary’s clarion call each May. This is because they realize how vital this annual activity of Light is in order for our Heart Flames to be balanced, so that the Light of our Mother God can return to Earth.

During the Month of May, Mother Mary and our I AM Presence work together to restore the balance within our Heart Flame. Progress is definitely being made, but because of the gross contamination within Humanity’s Earthly Bodies it has been much slower than Mother Mary anticipated. This year, however, due to the tremendous shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness that are taking place within Humanity’s Earthly Bodies, things are going to be different.

Saint Germain is blessing us with an unprecedented influx of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. This Sacred Fire is purging the contaminated substances within our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies in ways we have not previously experienced. This activity of Light is being coordinated with the events taking place in Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart.

Mother Mary and Saint Germain are old friends who have worked in tandem for millennia to assist Humanity in the process of returning to Christ Consciousness. He volunteered to embody with Mother Mary during the inception of the Piscean Age in order to assist Jesus and Mary Magdalene fulfill the Immaculate Concept of their Divine Missions. Saint Germain was Joseph, Mother Mary’s husband, in that embodiment. What Mother Mary and Saint Germain did for Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the Piscean Age they are now doing for all Humanity during the inception of the Aquarian Age which we have now entered.

This month, as the contamination in our Earthly Bodies is being purged, Mother Mary is working with each person’s I AM Presence and Body Elemental to expand the Permanent Seed Atom in our heart. The Divine Intent of this activity of Light is to transform every person’s Permanent Seed Atom into a greatly empowered Chalice of Light that will be able to sustain higher frequencies of the Threefold Flame than we have ever known. This is something Mother Mary has been working toward for a very long time. Now, to the elation of our Father-Mother God this facet of Mother Mary’s assistance will be God Victoriously Accomplished this month.

Precious Heart, open your heart and mind and pay attention this month. Mother Mary is encouraging us to ask our I AM Presence to take us to her Temple of the Immaculate Heart when we meditate and when we go to sleep at night. This will help us to participate on a more conscious level in this process. We can also ask our I AM Presence to help us bring back in the morning the memory of what we experienced in Mother Mary’s Temple.

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DANIEL SCRANTON – The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Physical Upgrades – 4-6-18 ~ April 6, 2018 – by Rose Rambles dotorg

By Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council.

We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have taken the steps forward

on your journeys that are necessary

to bring in the help that

you’ve been getting.

You see, help isn’t just distributed

when you are in need of it.  …

via The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Physical Upgrades ~ April 6, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – With EVERY Human’s LightBody Having Been Activated Now, Living DNA Awakens to Change the Physical Body Make-Up – Mis-perceived as Sick – Ego Death Increases – WE Accelerate These Next Phases – 2-11-18



Thanks to   Rose Rambles dotorg

Depending on the physical dimension one occupies, the “truth” will be different here. I will break this down in sections to simplify an intricate process that takes more than just one writing to explain the “whole picture”, that is not visible to those who have not transitioned to live beyond the Veils of Amnesia yet. We all “thought” we were fully conscious along the way. As we go, we find how “not even close” we were and that there’s always more to REALize, REMEMBER and Understand.
Full access is restored to each of us as we fully PURIFY our entire existence and fully align all on a SOUL Level and keep all aligned. Purity of our hearts, minds, intentions, actions and our whole body is necessary. These continually increasing of Quantum Acceleration Phases of all’s Higher Consciousness (Living) DNA Awakening, Cleansing & Purification Processes for OverSoul Embodiment, require this even more.

The body was asleep, unconscious and held deep unconscious programming within. Through the activation of one’s LightBody, dormant DNA awakens in the body to completely re-code and re-configure according to all NEW Sequences and Codes. This DNA re-writing is a whole body template process, where each’s separation (Ego) was held. Every micro-organism cell of the body has now been activated to WAKE UP and release this immense programming that CREATED THE ENTIRE HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT that all Soul’s chose to experience and then transcend fully from within.

This TRANSCENDENCE is through Physical Body Ascension, which can only occur through full EGO Dissolution/Death. This process is the most challenging one will endure, because of how strong the Ego (Separation from Self AS Pure Source Light) and how deeply embedded in the physical human body all was/is. This Ego Death is not just of the human existence, it’s a culmination of every existence rolled into this one here. The emotional and physical “Purging” (Cleansing) process (we drop the purging word after the intensity has subsided), works through every cell, organ, body part to “locate” separation and depending on how strong it is, dissolve/destroy/dismantle/break it down, so that the physical body can re-build itself through “new codes” that have to embed into the body/cellular structure, so that the body can be brought online with the Plasma Crystalline Gridwork of NEW Earth.

These constant influxes of PHOTONIC LIGHT, which present in different oscillating frequencies constantly, work through the physical body to “locate” everything that is discordant/out of tune (in order to re-tune), everything that is of the ego/separation/duality, everything LINEAR and fixed, everything that represents an Unconscious Program and REWRITES IT with a whole new program aligned on a SOUL Level. PHOTONIC LIGHT activates each’s Dormant DNA, which holds HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in a multitude of ways. Christed Light, Pure Source Light, God Consciousness, Gaia Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness (Every Higher Self Aspect), is activated to COME ALIVE from WITHIN the BODY, yet it’s the human perception that this is “coming from outside” or “higher”, because of the vibration of the physical body and “WHERE” One’s Own Full Consciousness appears to reside.

It will be “Higher” when the human aspect has been deep asleep and starts feeling the weirdness in the body as it starts to wake up. Numbness, tingling, gravity shifts, light-headedness, vision, hearing, weakness, heat/cold temp changes/extremes, physical pain, emotional pain… all a part of EGO DEATH and raising the physical bodies’ vibration high enough for it to physically ascend. It will be “Higher” where the human aspect needs to dissolve/release/detach completely from the HOLD that the PHYSICAL REALITY has/had. All of the attachments, identities, beliefs… the IMPORTANCE and what was important must dramatically change.

Each’s EGO does not want this. It will go to being a Victim of Ascension or Fighting “something” to maintain control, a human belief that it can control anything at all. 

This Ego Death goes DEEPER than any human aspect can understand. Desperation to “not experience” or “hold on” can create the EXPERIENCE of “breaking”, which the EGO avoids at all cost, not understanding that that “breaking point” is necessary for the cells of the body to release the linear constructs called “THE MATRIX” that anchors and binds them in the UNCONSCIOUS REALMS OF AMNESIA.

This MATRIX PROGRAM is where each tries to adhere and comply with a PROGRAMS and SYSTEMS that keep all in a slumber/asleep, that come from a place of fear and keep all submissive and conforming through “mis-placed” trust in something OUTSIDE of SELF. These programs keep one struggling to achieve, struggling to make it, struggling to uphold a BELIEF that runs on separation, duality and fear. It does not support UNITY, LOVE AND ABUNDANT LIVES… it depletes and can never be “won”, because the VALUES these SYSTEMS and PROGRAMS are built upon are not Fully Conscious.

Physical Body Ascension is the elevation of the physical body to such a high frequency that it can exist in multiple dimensions to HOLD IMMENSE LIGHT and BEGIN the process of OverSoul Embodiment (Avatar Consciousness), which is the FULL EMBODIMENT of all Higher Self Aspects, the Entire Universe(s), Galaxies, Cosmic Everything, within the physical body form. It is JUST THE BEGINNING of arriving on 5th Dimensional NEW Earth that starts a whole new process of INFINITE PROCESSES AND PHASES of Anchoring Highest Dimensional Everything onto our Physical Earth. It’s where each becomes Sovereign and RETURNS to Mastery, moves into HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a game-changer for all.

The physical body goes through a Rigorous Process of constantly acclimating to much higher frequencies daily, as one’s LightBody activates the other phases of the LightBody too. Crystalline, Plasma, Etheric…these are progressional as well. Each’s DNA constantly re-coding and re-calibrating, nothing is attributed to “outside” anymore. We can see how all affects, yet it’s up to each one of us to re-prioritize our own lives so that this can be a much easier process for us all.

The “Arrival” and “The Event” are experienced by each as they ACHIEVE THE VIBRATION in order to accomplish this. Our NEW EARTH REALITIES must be built by each one of us. We put in the blood, sweat and tears. We dedicate ourselves to HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCE for all of HUmanity. We invest all that we are and have in a whole new life/existence for all. Each one of us have to come to this place, if we truly WANT THE EXPERIENCE OF NEW EARTH as our REALity.

Human Ego Aspects will not do this until the old collapses, dissolves or they are “forced”. Now, none of this is occurring by anyone/anything else. Everything is occurring because the vibration of our Earth is accelerating, as the Cosmos merges in our atmosphere, creating the “NEW Weather” (Multi-Dimensional Atmospheres are very different than our old human ones were). The physical matter that vibrated at the molecular rate of those unconscious dimensions changes (often dramatically) too. The DNA of all MATTER is being awoken to “MOVE” and RESTRUCTURE now.

DNA is awakening, becoming Living DNA. Physical Matter DNA is awakening too, as technically they are the same. The human mind cannot comprehend this, so it will attribute what is happening to an old unconscious, fear-based belief. Fear is preferable by many who do not want to admit that what they believed is not true/real/pure.

Fear keeps humans holding on, stagnant and complaint. Often, it isn’t until those realities are THREATENED or UPSET before the human aspect is willing to take a stand and say no, and even more than that, PULL OUT OF SUPPORTING THOSE SYSTEMS/REALITIES that represent Safe, which is just a perception too.

A Dimension is a Level of Consciousness. First access then achieving through actual experience here. The Earth reached the 5th Dimension in 2012 and has been continually expanding into much higher levels of Consciousness since. Each’s physical body vibrates at the frequency of THE DIMENSION that matches the whole body’s consciousness. The 3rd and 4th Dimension’s physical matter represented the Level of Consciousness each held.  Simultaneously now, Consciousness is being RAISED FOR ALL out of those Unconscious Realms of Amnesia, which requires a ridiculous amount of rest/sleep (not on a human schedule though) and the release of all unconscious programming (Ego/Separation), which presents as numbness or no-feeling and emotional/mental/physical PAIN… yes pain. Pain is the release of SEPARATION, so that the body can be free and vibrate at a Lighter/Higher Density for a Multi-Dimensional Experience here.

Each phase of the LightBody is experienced differently, dependent on what each’s current role/purpose is. The physical body is constantly EVOLVING at a rapid rate that challenges every human belief, because nothing is as once believed/thought. This is so much bigger than those limited perceptions.

There is no sickness in the 5th Dimension (and way above/beyond). Human ego aspects living in fear work to “treat”, protect and insure themselves “against” what they believe is “sick”, when in fact it’s everything but. The physical body cannot function, when it’s been deprived of LIGHT. This Light is each’s SOUL and it feeds the human body LIFE. It is precious breath, it is sunshine and nature and natural things that support. It is happiness, love and kindness, generosity, respect and integrity to EACH OTHER AND SELF AND GAIA through a DEEP SACRED LEVEL OF CONNECTION that returns as each PULLS OUT OF THE PROGRAMS/MATRIX/SYSTEMS and allows their body/field to cleanse, purify, raise it’s vibration and as each makes this a priority in their own lives.

Humans work to have SECURITY, not realizing AS EACH/ALL open up to take care of the Earth and share reSOURCES, support each other, care about each other, come together through UNITY and LOVE that there is plenty for everyone. Human aspects live in distortions that are only visible when something OCCURS to make these distortions so loud/visible that they cannot hide/ignore/refuse to acknowledge and DO something aligned on a SOUL level, instead of the habit, fear-based, self-preservation ego ones.

Our Earth is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and so is each living on it. Every moment each is experiencing infinite dimensions, yet the ability to realize, comprehend, understand and MASTER/MANEUVER this with ease requires full consciousness and shifting vibrationally fully from within. Partial anything cannot accomplish this.

YOUR BODY WAS ASLEEP in the 3rd/4th Dimensional Realms. It housed/stored everything suppressed from the human experience, which is just a SMALL PART OF each’s LIFE here.

NEW Earth is birthed through the DEATH of each’s ego, a process not easily fully understood until each has gone through it. The human aspect will hold out until it hits rock bottom or is desperate, because anything less is an “out” to do something else, other than full opening of the heart/mind/body to surrender the ego to higher self existence/guidance/intelligence, for each’s SOUL to integrate fully within the body.

Physical death is the occurrence of many things. The ego never fully dissolved, so the body could not sustain life by way of integrating the FULL LIGHT OF ONE’S SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS within the physical body form, which was a choice of that SOUL before ever incarnating/walking/arriving in an earthly physical body here. It is the completion of a life cycle, where that SOUL has completed it’s tasks and through the “exit” wakes all others in it’s life up, through the release of separation each. Death is not what human’s “think” it is.

Near Death Experiences are to WAKE EACH HUMAN ASPECT UP, which serves many purposes. StarSeeds do not want to be on this earth, yet an NDE will make each choose, even beg to be here, which anchors the Soul into the body and allows for INTEGRATION TO BEGIN on a while new level. It gives many the ability to EXPAND INTO/THROUGH THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS to see/experience/connect in order to start their “Spirit(ual) Awakening” process of seeking/searching to understand more. Once in the 5th Dimension, the word Spiritual is dropped. Each IS Spirit and this is not a “practice” or “concept” anymore. There is a level of Purity that is achieved from within, which IGNITES all new levels of purity, where the entire body template goes through continual “wipes” until the PURITY PHASE is achieved and each lives from this space inside. No more compromising to play in human separation games. Full integrity and honor (on a Soul Level, which resembles nothing of the human kind).

Humans hold integrity to a SYSTEM and separated/ego beliefs. WE hold integrity as LOVE and UNITY, which does not conform to any human-ego-created system created by “man”.

Why all is occurring is a COLLECTIVE PURGE OF EGO/SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS to bring more PHYSICALLY into higher dimensional existence (Multi-dimensionality), where all care about each other, work together, support each other and take full responsibility for everything they are/do. It is each fully Sovereign and standing in their own POWER as love, which means LEAVING THE ENTIRE MATRIX FULLY, because you cannot support separation and live in the 5th Dimension or gain entry to NEW Earth.

All of this was housed in your body. As your body awakens through Higher Consciousness/Multi-Dimensional DNA, all “lower vibrations” of Unconscious (Ego) Separation is “sought out” within your cells. Your whole body must awaken to bring you through to the “other side”. This is not a small feat, it’s every existence clearing your body now…

Observe your own mentalities and when your ego tries to “escape” an experience, goes into “desperation” (ego game to try to avoid an experience of waking up/opening the heart fully/feeling/dealing), or becomes a “victim” to ascension or tries to apply and old belief to a physical condition/experience. Look for NEW ALTERNATIVE things that open your heart and mind, support your body NATURALLY and assist your body with the DNA REPAIRS (healing is the human word of clearing victim mentalities too).

YOUR AWAKENING DNA is intelligent-nano-light-particles that move communicate through intricate BIO-ELECTRICAL neural impulses re-wiring your whole body to function differently now. The old “fixes” will not work. Your NEW LIGHTBODY (YES EVERYONE) needs pure and clean until it can restore itself to optimal “health” and you have enough Light to function on without depleting by way of linear/living from your head/pushing your body to do when it’s trying to tell you what it needs, yet your human will not listen or honor this.

Your Activated LightBody activates your Crystalline DNA. (Massive itchies/outbreaks, vision changes and temp changes increase, as well as more sleep/rest as the spine can’t be as straightened (LightBody phase the spine is straight and can produce immense “work” through Light). Plasma phase is all about the spine, as well as deep into the bones, teeth, skull and more. High photonic light open your neural pathways, activate your Pineal Gland for holographic access and ancient memory centers to be opened as well. Higher Consciousness Knowledge will flood forth for you to organize and share. Your Plasma body clears your Galactic Karma and Akashic Records that were held within your body’s DNA too. Your LightBody clears your human Karma. Your Crystalline LightBody brings you online with through your own Christed Consciousness to link up to a whole new Gridding System (rebuilt through your muscles and whole body too). All of your organs re-work to clear separation/unconscious programs and re-configure how the body works. None of this will conform to “human” treatments, as Ascension is not to be “treated”, it’s to be supported through alternative methods that FEED LIGHT. Your DNA will “mutate” (use this word to get the point across to the human ego that needs the strength of the word to comprehend). Your Genetics completely change. Everything does. Your Body will evolve constantly to achieve higher dimensional capabilities not possible before.

This is just a very small part of what is occurring for all on our Multi-Dimensional Earth right now. In order to gain full access to NEW Earth Existence, a new level of commitment, dedication and openness is required. Old Earth will completely die away. Each must choose a NEW Earth Existence and focus on supporting NEW EARTH in order to now sustain. If this sounds “intense”, good, it’s suppose to. The alternative is more intense.

As more humans move further into ego-death and mind-blowing realizations that shake their realities at their CORE, that “Force” them to make a choice, to dissolve the ego or keep repeating the cycles of suffering, this will increasingly continue to be true even more.

For those who have emerged in the 5th Dimension, by way of accessing first through the dream state to open your mind to the possibilities and activate that deep yearning for “more”, by applying new practices to your lives and in many cases, totally abandoning all that represented your unconscious life to “faster” get to new earth, by embracing your own higher-light-intelligence/knowledge/knowing and applying yourself to creating, anchoring and experiencing more NEW EARTH NOW, this is your contribution to HUmanity, which shall increase as you step forth/step up to contribute, support, inspire, awaken and BE THE EXAMPLE (WayShower) and stop worrying what “others” are doing, transcend ALL JUDGMENT that you held about what REALITY is/was. As each fully embraces the UNKNOWN/NEW, as each honors their BODY that works hard to anchor highest dimensional light encodements in every bit of flesh, bones, body parts, HOLDS HIGHEST INTEGRITY to a much higher dimensional existence/experience for us all, you will start to notice, see, experience NEW EARTH in your own lives in absolutely every way. One in the 5th Dimension, PHYSICALLY, then every other dimension opens up for experiencing here.

NEW Earth is not something that just appears to you one day. Well it kinda does, through new awareness that it’s always been available, yet you/each did not hold the vibration to access/live here before. FULLY open your heart, open your eyes, open your mind to FEEL, CONNECT, SEE…. and even moreso, ACCEPT that your life is not going to go/be as you “thought” it was, that it’s going to be soooooo much more magical, amazing and brilliant than you could have ever perceived.

I love you. Honor your LightBodies. You have to learn how they function and how you are to support them now, for them to carry you through and in order to just basic things, it’s a challenge at first. As you integrate light, the outside world will change, get easier, as you take your own POWER BACK and BEcome your Divinity, your Purest You, as you BEcome FULL CONSCIOUSNESS with a physical body form that has to constantly adapt to “new” too.

Living DNA Acceleration has Commenced. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. As you get your physical body’s vibration up, your Consciousness will “fix”, repair, “heal” (tune) your physical body FOR you. From another perspective, as you expand your consciousness, your body’s DNA recodes your body to function optimally ONCE THE RE-TUNING/RE-CALIBRATION/INTEGRATION PROCESS IS COMPLETE. ♥ Your NEW DNA is intelligent and knows exactly what to do. ♥ Your “job” is to honor, trust, listen, support, assist as LOVE. ♥.

p.p.s. All emotional and physical pain will go when separation has been cleared from the body. ♥ Your NEW LightBody is breaking down your own ego constructs and rebuilding all new Quantum ones that are not linear. 




PATRICIA COTA ROBLES – CALLING ALL LIGHTWORKERS! – 11-1-17 – Awakening Humanity to a Higher Octave

Patricia Cota Robles



 Precious Heart, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are sending forth a Clarion Call that is reverberating through the Ethers. They are calling Awakening Humanity to a higher octave of service during this critical and tumultuous time. On behalf of YOU and me and every single person, group, organization, company and Activity of Light that is in any way striving to add to the Light of the World, our God Parents and the Company of Heaven are orchestrating a Divine Plan that will allow us to unify our Hearts and effectively expand our Lightwork a thousand fold.

I will share with you that I have been responding to the requests of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven for 50 years. Beginning with the classes I had in my home, I have been offering free meditations, classes and seminars around the World since 1968. In all of these years, I have never felt such an URGENT, yet HOPEFUL, request from On High.


The Divine Intent of this request from the Realms of Illumined Truth is to greatly empower what each and every one of us has volunteered to do individually and collectively to add to the Light of the World during this auspicious moment. For Lifetimes our I AM Presence has guided us through myriad experiences designed to strengthen us, and to prepare us to be able to stay focused on the Light in the face of all adversity. This is the moment for which we have all been preparing. It is through our unified efforts that Humanity will transcend the surfacing negativity. Together we will assist this precious Planet and all her Life to God Victoriously Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution and into the full embrace of the New Earth which has now been Birthed in the Realms of Cause.


Each and every one of us has been uniquely prepared for this moment. To help us grasp the critical need for our individual contributions to this unprecedented facet of Earth’s Divine Plan, the Beings of Light have given us a metaphor to contemplate. They asked us to think of the myriad Lifetimes and lessons we have experienced since we were first Breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God, as an exquisite Golden Thread that we have volunteered to weave into the Tapestry of Life that will BE the New Earth.


Billions of additional souls volunteered to weave their Golden Thread into this particular Tapestry for the New Earth, but they were not selected. Our Father-Mother God chose us, because they felt that our individual and collective experiences had a better chance of succeeding in the unprecedented experiment unfolding on Earth. This has nothing to do with ego or the erroneous impression that we are more special than our Sisters and Brothers who were turned away. It simply means that our Father-Mother God felt that with our willingness and our tenacity, we had a better chance of staying focused on the Light during the necessary purging process the Earth was destined to go through.


What the Company of Heaven wants each and every one of us to clearly understand is that the Tapestry of Life for the New Earth will be incomplete without ALL of our Golden Threads. In spite of what you may believe about you, or how inadequate you may feel when it comes to being a Lightworker, NO one’s Golden Thread is any more important than another person’s Golden Thread. Every person’s Golden Thread is critical to the success of this Holy Endeavor involving Earth’s Ascension in the Light. It is for this very reason that our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are orchestrating a Divine Plan that will empower and effectively expand every person’s Lightwork a thousand fold, thus catapulting this Planet forward in the Light a quantum leap.


Please read the following sharing from On High with an open Heart and Mind. As you read these words center yourself in the Divinity of your Heart Flame. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined and your I AM Presence are enveloping you in the Emerald Green Flame of Illumined Truth in order to help you grasp the magnitude of this opportunity.


Remembering Our Heart Commitment


A critical part of our purpose and reason for being on Earth during this momentous time is to help ease the pain and suffering that our Sisters and Brothers are experiencing. Only then will they be able to lift their heads above the chaos effectively enough to once again reconnect with their I AM Presence and complete their Ascension onto the New Earth.


This is a brief reminder of our Heart Commitments. Humanity reached a critical mass of Divine Love on December 21st and 22nd in 2012. This allowed EVERY SINGLE PERSON evolving on Earth to Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the initial frequencies of the New Earth. The reason our Father-Mother God granted permission for even the most asleep or recalcitrant people on Earth to make it through the Shift of the Ages, is because of the Heart Commitment YOU and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity made, through our I AM Presence, on their behalf.


Our Sisters and Brothers were granted permission to move through the Shift of the Ages in spite of the human miscreations they were still responsible for transmuting back into Light. This was allowed by our Father-Mother God because millions of Lightworkers compassionately agreed to hold the sacred space for our struggling Sisters and Brothers so they would not be left behind.


Awakening Humanity promised to help our asleep and recalcitrant Sisters and Brothers to Awaken as soon as possible. We also agreed to do whatever is necessary in order to help them quickly transmute their surfacing negativity from the old Earth. The Company of Heaven told us that if we had not agreed to do that, these souls would not have been allowed to Ascend into the initial impulse of the New Earth. That is because their surfacing negativity and the necessary purging that is taking place on Earth to clear their human miscreations, would have been overwhelming and would have actually caused more harm than good.


As we monitor the surfacing negativity, we are witnessing appalling and hateful decisions that are being made by those in power around the World. The results of those mindless and seemingly heartless actions will definitely affect people and the Earth in extremely adverse ways. When we see such things taking place, in spite of all of the Lightwork we are doing, it is easy to come to the conclusion that our efforts are in vain. This is causing many Lightworkers to feel overwhelmed and even hopeless. Consequently, many of them are giving up and making the fateful decision to stop invoking the Light. People are afraid that we made a mistake. They fear that in spite of our Heart Commitments, the surfacing negativity is causing more harm than good.


The reality is, if Lightworkers do nothing to intervene in the current situation, the actions of our recalcitrant Sisters and Brothers could indeed cause more harm than good. Fortunately, our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light also see the potential of that horrific unintended consequence. That is precisely why they are orchestrating this vitally important NEW facet of the Divine Plan, and why they are sending forth a Clarion Call invoking the assistance of every Lightworker on Earth.


Listen to Your Heart and Respond to Our Father-Mother God’s Clarion Call.

Your Light, Your Love and YOUR Divine Intervention are Needed NOW!


When our Father-Mother God granted permission for every single person on Earth to Ascend through the Shift of the Ages, which was an unfathomable act of Divine Grace, they knew this would only work if the Lightworkers fulfilled our agreement to hold the sacred space for the Awakening of these recalcitrant souls. There are millions of Lightworkers who add to the Light of the World in their own way every single day. These dedicated Beings are making a tremendous difference. However, in order to transmute the overwhelming adversity surfacing now in the outer world, our God Parents have come to the conclusion that much more Light is needed.


The NEW facet of the Divine Plan that our Father-Mother God, and the Legions of Light who assist them are setting into motion is designed to empower and exponentially expand the Lightwork that every single person on Earth has volunteered to accomplish in this Lifetime. During this powerful time of New Beginnings, we are being asked to encode the Template for this NEW facet of the Divine Plan into the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth. This is being accomplished in the Eternal Moment of NOW, so no matter when you are reading these words your magnificent Light is being woven into this Template.

The Template for Our Father-Mother God’s NEW Facet of the Divine Plan

       Our Father-Mother God have revealed to us at Era of Peace that the work we have been doing over the past 50 years in cooperation with the Company of Heaven, has resulted in the tangible manifestation of an ever-expanding Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Grid of Divine Love embraces Mother Earth in a sphere of exquisite Crystalline Pink Light, which has been bathing the Earth and building in momentum day-by-day for five decades. Our God Parents affirm that over the years this Grid of Divine Love has been exponentially expanding in a rhythmic momentum. They said that this occurs every time Humanity joins us either physically or in consciousness during one of our Free Seminars, or any of the other Activities of Light we have offered to add to the Light of the World, such as our YouTube Meditations, our Internet Broadcasts and now our free Weekly Vlogs.


Due to what is being referred to as “the urgency of the hour”, our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have decided to use our Planetary Grid of Divine Love for the vehicle through which they will implement the NEW facet of the Divine Plan. In spite of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven’s Heart Desire to quickly complete Earth’s painful purging process, so we can experience the wonders of the New Earth, they cannot do this for us. They have reiterated time and again that in order for them to intervene in our Lives we must first invoke their assistance and offer to BE the Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to accomplish whatever the need of the hour is.


This means quite literally that no matter how much help this new facet of the Divine Plan will be for Humanity and the Earth, unless YOU and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity participate in the way our Father-Mother God are requesting, it will not be successful. Fortunately, what our God Parents are requesting is incredibly simple and will be easily integrated into our individual and collective Lightwork, if we have the Heart Call to do so.


The Divine Intent of this NEW facet of the Divine Plan is for the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presences of Awakening Humanity to empower a thousand fold the Lightwork that YOU and I and every single person, group, organization, company and Activity of Light on Earth is participating in. This unfathomable influx of Light will be Breathed into the Grid of Divine Love by our Father-Mother God in a rhythmic momentum during our Free Seminar every month.


Each month I will announce where the Free Seminar will be. These Seminars are always free and open to the public. These NEW Free Seminars are titled, “It Is Time For The Next Step.” Hopefully, hundreds of people in and around the area will have the Heart Call to come to the seminar and weave their Golden Thread into the Chalice of Light we will all form through our unified Heart Flames.


In addition to those who will be physically present, our Father-Mother God are invoking Lightworkers around the World who are aware of the Free Seminar to take a moment that day to weave their Golden Thread into our Chalice of Light. This will greatly increase the amount of Light our Father-Mother God will be able to Breathe through our Chalice into the Grid of Divine Love. Once this Light is secured in the Grid of Divine Love our Father-Mother God have assured us that it will flood the Earth and exponentially intensify the Lightwork of every person on this Planet a thousand fold.


Phase Two of Our Father-Mother God’s NEW Facet of the Divine Plan


Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are going to do even more to take advantage of the collective Cup of Consciousness that we will form through our unified efforts during the Free Seminars. Every month our God Parents and the Company of Heaven will evaluate how the expansion of our Lightwork through the Grid of Divine Love has benefited Humanity and the Earth. They will then determine what additional Lightwork can be accomplished through our unified efforts on that day. That evaluation will not be made until the day of the Free Seminar, so that the maximum benefit of Humanity’s Lightwork during the previous month will be utilized to fulfill another important step in our Ascension process.


I will not be able to tell you what that facet of the Divine Mission is, prior to the Free Seminar, but I will share that information with you in our Monthly Online Newsletter following the Seminar. You will then be able to realize the assistance you are receiving from the Heavenly Realms and add your Golden Thread of Light to whatever has been accomplished to assist you with your Lightwork.


Once you start benefiting from this monumental influx of Light and realize the incredible assistance we are receiving from On High, you will no longer feel afraid, helpless or hopeless. On the contrary, you will feel greatly motivated to “Keep on keeping on.” During this challenging time it will help to keep affirming to yourself:


“The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and I AM that Light.”


Please help our Father-Mother God’s Clarion Call tangibly reach the maximum number of Lightworkers by forwarding this email to your mailing list. Please post it on Facebook and other social media you have access to, and if possible post a link to it on Twitter.


I would like to begin this NEW facet of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Plan by sharing with you the list of Free Seminars we will be offering in 2017 and 2018.


Our final Free Seminar for 2017 will be this week end November 12, 2017 in San Diego, California. If possible we would Love for you to join us physically, but if you are not in this area please join us in consciousness. Here is the direct link if you would like to register for this Free Seminar.


Final Free Seminar for 2017 San Diego, California November 12th


























Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

FAX: 520-751-2981, Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2017 Patrici

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ADEANA M SLATER @ In5D – Brace Yourself For This Wild Ride! – 11-14-17

Brace Yourself

by Adeana M. Slater,
Guest writer,

We are transitioning ourselves for the New Earth. Our safe arrival is destined and momentary as we navigate our last steps carefully. In the meantime, we are continuing to transmute and clear our heart and soul from past traumas and pain that is both hereditary and collective. Please be patient with yourself and others as we make this magnificent transition and transformation collectively. We are not only healing an immense amount of damage and dysfunctional attributes, but are healing and transmuting this damage simultaneously. This will be painful to navigate through. As unity consciousness has arrived, please reach out to those around you experiencing similar. You can help one another as we are are all here together to join hands and triumph.

It is well known that there has been catastrophic events and weather circulating the globe lately. Please be aware that as the collective heart and soul consciousness that we have become, we acknowledge our soul brothers and sisters who have suffered greatly. Please. Send them love, Light, and universal support. We also have become aware that the news and media is not always truthful. The attacks on humanity both directly and indirectly are the last stitch efforts of the Darkside holding on to the same old fear-based tactics they have always done, but it’s not working anymore.

Unfortunately this may only increase further attacks as they begin to lose their grip. This is not for us to revert backwards though dear hearts. We can band together in unity consciousness as we have arrived at, and support each other with peace, compassion, understanding, and love. Our combined efforts as Lightworkers has changed and have shifted major catastrophes. The news and media is focused on fear and fear has been the main theme to gain control and energy from the masses.

For those opposing the Light, the energies permeating Earth at this time is and has served its purpose. We have elevated passed their ability to control humanity any longer. As a result of frustration and anger, they will lash out. They have lashed out against humanity as assault and it won’t be long before they will ALL be held accountable. Their time is ticking. They know this. So brace yourself humanity. More “catastrophic” events may occur, AS PUBLISHED BY THE MEDIA. Get it yet?? WE collectively will do like we always have. Send love, Light, and Support as ONE unity.

The Darkside is losing their grip on humanity. Fear based tactics and assaults aren’t working and they aren’t going to work. We have elevated out of their control and reach now. Safely arriving into 5D consciousness. However, they are going to “create” more crimes and more assaults that will be publicized on the media. They are grasping at straws, but they have already lost the war. They just won’t give up and surrender yet. So be it. We will just answer that we are stronger and have elevated passed their grip.

If you feel the need or desire to watch the news, please do! You will see how fake and contradictory it is. You have elevated passed this now and will find it repulsive and negative to watch or actively participate in. That’s when you know you have elevated in safety from the grips of fear based media and tactics that have been used for eons of time!!

Congratulations to you dear souls for remembering your strength and divinity. You are here to fight for the Light collectively and we are here to do this in unity with peace and love in our heart. Fear is NO longer a factor. Try as they might, allow the Darkness to exhaust themselves.

So be it. ❤

I Love you all.

~Adeana M. Slater

About the authorAdeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and Twin Flame who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time to encourage the collective towards self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness.

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Dear Readers – Our Divine Moment Nears!



We are nearing our moment of Transfiguration.

Our Sacred Beauty  unfolding. 

Beloved Masters imploring us to 

Reach inside and find God. 

Heart-Mind   blazing with Love.

We are the Quiet in the Storm. 

Together, we  will cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

In Oneness and  in Joy!

Gaia expresses her Delight!


With Great Love and Respect, 


Sandra Walter – The Tranquility of Transfiguration – 7-14-15


Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: July 14, 2015

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe


There is much occurring at the moment, on all levels of the Ascension process, the awakening, and the Shift in consciousness.

As has been emphasized for all of 2015, your focus and your choices sculpt and create your own personal Ascension experience. This is readily apparent, even within the diversity of the Ascension Tribe.

Embodiment of the crystalline consciousness creates stability as the volume is turned up on all realities. It also challenges the Tribe to honor Divine Delineation as your experience, or the experience of your colleagues, becomes unfamiliar.

It will not always be this way; truly nothing is set in stone – ever. We are entering an (even more) accelerated passage; that is the nature of the Shift. Breathe and embrace it with your words, actions, and thoughts in order to serve its Divine purpose.

It will be important for you to recognize and focus on the divinity emerging through yourself or your colleagues. Some of you are experiencing the unwavering peace of crystalline/Christ consciousness; that vibration is anchored and continues to gain strength each moment, each day, each Gateway.

Blessings upon all of the Divine beings who have taken on the Mastery challenge of walking in both worlds. It is becoming effortless as we surrender to the weirdness of it.

Notice how different it feels in this passage of July. The frequencies coming onto the planet are aimed directly at supporting the Christed embodiments, which in turn sends ripples through the collective exhuming distortions, emotions, and belief systems which no longer serve.

As always, the choices of the individual shape their experience of Ascension and the Shift. For the brave ones who have crossed the threshold into Divine neutrality, we commend your Divine service work. Your reward for the moment is the experience itself; the deep understanding of the power of Divine love. It has become part of your consciousness again, and you will notice that it is unaffected by the external. Congratulations, Beloveds.

The fifth/sixth dimensional aspect of your Multidimensional Self, the higher Self, is now aligned to allow for a complete embodiment of the the Christed Self. The trigger frequencies have begun, and delicate, precise Divine timing – in the highest interests of your journey and the collective – allow this sacred mission to unfold.

Cosmic Rays of Evolution

Galactic Alliances, Masters, Solar consciousness, Archangelic forces consistently work in tandem with the level of collective HUman consciousness to monitor and provide what we call forth, integrate, and agree to receive.

Many of you understand at a heart-level, rather than a mind-level, that your higher aspects are part of the off-world alliances in service to the pure and true Ascension. Some of you take on the service of becoming more and more aware of multiple dimensional realities at the same time, within the body vehicle experience, in order to allow more of the cosmic forces onto the planet.

For those of you taking on this level of Mastery, there will be light-encoded filaments coming to the planet in the last two gateways of July which will provide support for the psychological and physical affects of that awareness.

Physical effects of the Now Ascension

Because this is a new experience, let us note a few of the physical changes which many of you are experiencing, and let us remind you that these are not to be mistaken for side effects of earlier stages of the Ascension process.

In brief, you will know at a core level whether or not you are truly embodying the Christed Self, the Multidimensional Self, as the next step of the more advanced stages of your ascension.

Yes Beloveds, the embodiments unfolding this year and the energies which you can already feel being threaded through the collective consciousness are the beginning of the last Equinox through Eclipse passage of September.

Of course there will be subsequent waves of energy, and ongoing waves of embodiment, however the stability of a first wave is needed as the energies intensify this year. It is a Divine act of service for many Wayshowers.

If your Higher levels are guiding you to abandon all other missions and focus on this service, we request that you consider aligning with this moment by moment. The stability will be crucial for both Gaia and the collective.

Fortunately, you will feel mercifully detached from the lower activities of the external which may flail and strike out like a cornered wildcat as the pure photonic light forces disharmony to the surface. That applies to all lifestreams, not just those in disharmonious alignment with denser agendas.

For those following these messages who are not experiencing embodiment, we ask you to consider getting as clear and heart-based as possible so your journey may unfold with ease and grace. It will also assist with not being swayed or pulled into thought forms and activities which have nothing to do with your true self, or the direction of this Ascending planetary experience.

The Heat of the Crystalline Rewrite

As you transcend the lower chakra systems and strengthen the Ascension column, the (consciously activated) crystalline structures begin to rewrite the cellular and light body structures into sacred geometric form. This internal activity assists the torus fields to accelerate in order to hold more light and merge the 4D field with the 5D and beyond fields of your Lighter, Higher dimensional Self.

There are codes within your bones, blood and Lightbody which merge with the crystalline structures within in their sacred purpose of Ascension. Men and women of all age ranges experience this; it began during the last Equinox Gateway.

Please note that it is not the kundalini burning/sweating sensation of earlier stages of Ascension. It is an evenly distributed, head to toe, deep core burning sensation. It will not feel like sweat on the surface of the skin; it feels like a fine mist emanating through the skin, coming from a deep skeletal or core energy. Like a feverish sensation without the illness. Misty, refined.

It does not emanate from one chakra or another, rather it is the full Ascension column experience. The heat begins, head to toe, and the emanation of it feels like a fine hot crystalline mist coming forth. In the Spring it felt like burning off stages of a rocket, burning off density. At this phase it is a refined rewrite of the cellular structure.

It definitely puts the Solar sensation in Solar Cosmic Christ. You do indeed emanate these frequencies of the Sun, and in this density it does indeed feel like heat. If you are curious about the difference between this and kundalini rushes of the past, look to the sweat factor; if you’re drenched in your own sweat, that is kundalini sweats (or hot flashes for ladies in that physical phase).

If you are experiencing an all-over misty sensation that feels like a light body expansion, it is most likely the restructuring of these crystalline aspects within the body vehicle, which in turn is preparation for more strands of DNA to etherically reconnect. Nothing is needed to fix it; stay hydrated, in gratitude, and welcome the transformation.

Crystalline structure reaction to direct SUNlight

On some days, in some hours (not all), you may experience a crackling, prickly, tingling sensation on the surface of your skin when exposed to direct sunlight. On these days when crystalline structures within the body are sensitive to the alignment with the SUN, it is best not to overexpose yourself to that sensation.

It is quite uncomfortable, so you will most likely be guided to get out of the SUN. As mentioned in earlier messages, it is the crystalline structures becoming more active, especially when there is this crystalline focus during these gateways of 2015.

Crystalline structures within the body, the crystals you put in the ground, Gaia’s crystalline beds, and the crystalline grid are all unifying in Divine purpose to bring forth these Christed embodiments this year. The structures get very stimulated in direct sunlight, and you feel that strong radiation coming into the body vehicle to anchor that light. Use your discernment when it comes to length of exposure.

Afternoon activations continue

While it may be inconvenient to drop everything that you are doing and go into meditation, or lay down, when the daily activation presents, do your best to accept these activations. They occur roughly between 12 noon – 6 pm, and last between 1 to 2 hours.

Even if you are engaged in other activities when the activations present, you may still consciously accept them with gratitude and love, and continue doing what the day demands as the energies are received through the Ascension column.

It is your choice as to how deeply you would like to experience these activations, which are focused on your own personal process. Work with your team and your higher levels, and open your heart to the full experience of Ascension in order to receive.

Brilliant light in the Ascension column

The brilliant light I described in previous articles is a side-effect of working with the I AM templates here in Shasta. If you are consciously accepting the template codes during the Gateway dates provided, you may begin to experience this rapid lighting up of your Ascension column.

It is extremely bright at first, like staring into the face of an Archangel. I have learned how to integrate it so that it doesn’t affect my external vision as consistently as when it first began. To be clear, this is the merging of the I AM within the Ascension column.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ascension column, that is the central chamber which activates when all of the tube torus fields of the Multidimensional Self are aligned and activated through the Solar Cosmic Christed Heart Center, so the awareness of consciousness in all of these different dimensional levels can unify in the divine purpose of Ascension. If you would like to study and experience that, feel free to explore the Ascension Path class. I described the experience in depth on the last connection call.

Effects of the embodiment on our Consciousness

–Consistent peace.
–Infinite patience with all that is.
– A deep unification with Source; the pure Love which is Source.
– Consistent Divine neutrality, which is detached compassion, and the transfiguration of mental activity to the higher, expansive states of Love.
– Mastery-Level Patience with the collective, the external, and the grounded Self.
– Flowing, flexible beingness unattached to belief systems, judgments or external programs/realities.
– Pure Presence in the Zero Point.
– Freedom.

Gateway Focus: July 15 – 19th

Light-encoded filaments will be entering over the next few days which are focused on our consciousness. The last Gate brought a deep peace to the embodiers after the flare did its work. Gatekeepers and gridworkers, we continue to use crystals to accelerate and expand these energies. Transfiguration of the lower levels – the emotional, mental and egoic levels – is one of our largest challenges as a collective.

For those of you who have done the work, assist your brothers and sisters who may become triggered or spun off-center during this passage. Your ability to be present in the heart, patient, and consistently creating higher solutions (rather than drama) demonstrates the true Ascension activity.

As we emerge from the illusion where our free will seemed controlled, we retrain ourselves to honor, respect, and demonstrate the activity of divine choice in alignment with the highest interests of all concerned. Use your discernment and Divine neutrality during this acceleration.

Be selective with your words, activities and energy; especially if you are in a Wayshower role. Take note of the forces using these energies to create anxiety, fear, or judgment. Observe, but do not engage or assist in the creation of fear. All is incredibly well, Beloveds. Let the old light crumble, and focus on the expanded perception and perspective of your Divine Self.

Blessings upon all of us engaged with this Divine experience of Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

“The Tranquility of Transfiguration,” by Sandra Walter, July 14, 2015, at

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: July 14, 2015

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Almine – Resurrection, Transcendence, Transfiguration –

Resurrection, transcendence, transfiguration, and the key to understanding God’s Will. ( Almine in Toronto.
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Almine is a renowned and inspiring teacher whose essential message applies to truth-seekers of all kinds. A unique Trailblazer and Mystic-Visionary, Almine is recognized as a spiritual master, powerful healer, gifted orator, prolific author, unique artist, and talented singer. Many individuals, across the globe, have been drawn to her comprehensible delivery of advanced sacred teachings, as she has traveled the world offering transformative messages empowering individuals and enlivening hope. In her presence, people have experienced profound healings through grace, deep abiding compassion, and awakened into states outside of duality.
Riddle of the Heart

In each of her workshops, Almine reveals the newest and most cutting-edge pertinent information, holding that as we change within, all of life changes as a result. According to Toltec teachings, this principle is known as “the riddle of the heart”, which holds the idea that we each stand as pivot points for life and impact the whole through our conscious intentions, aware decisions, and responsible ways of living. As such, the scope of Almine’s work is deep and far-reaching.

Some of the themes covered in Almine’s wide expanse of teachings include learning how to interpret symbols in one’s dreams and environment, cultivating an enhanced awareness and mastery during the dream-time, developing a stable and balanced inner family, and living a life of excellence beyond polarity, among many other rich topics. Almine’s work delves into the spiritual realms of cutting-edge shamanism, mysticism, alchemy, and the non-dual—where no one else has gone. Her work is inclusive and contemporary, transcending form and historical traditions to reach the realm of timeless Essence. Interview ( 2014-10o-02
Something that distinguishes Almine from other illuminated masters is her emphasis that there truly is “no arrival point.” Life is a constant dance of evolving awareness in “Changeless Change.” Thus, the different stages in the process of awakening, such as God-Consciousness or Ascended Mastery must even be advanced, according to Almine. She, herself, has progressed through these stages in what was previously known as peak spiritual evolution and realized that for life to progress as a whole, she would have to move forward rather than remain locked in such expanded states of awareness. Almine lectures about the temptations and traps of addiction to certain states or “spiritual highs” that can box individuals and limit their exploration of true self-mastery. She emphasizes, instead, an inspiring road “to no end” and the path of humility by releasing any claim to fixed knowledge and through careful and honest self-examination.

Throughout history, it has been shown that many of the well-known mystics and sages have withdrawn from society and chosen to live hermetically. This can be understood when one fathoms that words become inadequate to describe experience in the realms of the unfathomable. Almine, however, perceives it is the dawning of a new age, in which people can select to live a life of mastery while continuing to engage with the world, remaining operant in day-to-day activities, and simultaneously flourishing and excelling in one’s life.
A Fierce Warrior of Truth

Almine’s kindness, humility, and cutting-edge spiritual teachings are unparalleled. Her teachings emphasize living a life of quality, depth, and heart. Almine is more than that, too, however—she is a fierce warrior of truth and remarkable in her devotion to clarity in an uncompromising way. She is not concerned about “fitting in” or being popular, if that means pretending to be small or compromising one’s excellence. She challenges us to release the very notions of what we project or even assume to be “holy”, such as the association of white robes with purity, reminding us that one’s true authentic expression is what is most sacred and important, as it is aligned with Infinite Intent.

The revelations in Almine’s material have brought forth answers to questions that have puzzled philosophers and scientists for ages, shedding light on human existence, our divine origins, and the evolution of life as we know it. Pouring countless devoted hours into her work, Almine is passionate in her upliftment of existence. Wormhole formation, Arcturians.

Morpheus – Galactic Federation of Light – June-17-2013

Matt Muckleroy·826 videos

Morpheus June-17-2013
Beloved Masters,
Golden rays of light infiltrate your being as you are receiving this message, sending you divine love and spiritual connection. You are in alignment with the highest source of light and your inner christ seed opens as you step into the light of your god consciousness.

The ascension process is transfiguration from the lower dimensional state of negativity and dense energy to love, spirituality and the liberation of the celestial body. The new energies you are accommodating are reassimilating the ancient knowledge as your multidimensional operating systems attune, to and accelerates the frequency of light permeating your DNA.

Many of you incarnated here are Interdimensional hyper sensory fleet beings, and it is imperative for you to practice your spiritual gifts on a daily basis, as you meditate and step into the purity of your spiritual being your light quota reaches ever higher. You are some of the most powerful alchemists ever to walk the earth, the manifold personalities of your light are incomprehensible through the logical deductions of the analytical mind, as it does not seem logical to listen to your inner teacher god consciousness.

What you consider to be child like is the creative force of purity expressing itself on a canvas forming architecture. This is why children seem to have such a magnificent imagination, What you consider to be childish is premature exertion of programming, it is for this reason purity is required to fully liberate the consciousness and light quota of the celestial body. Never lose the innocents of purity. The edification of spiritual assimilation is only faceted by limitations when you’re being reacts to external materialism, do not exacerbate the fruits of the material world. The exemption of egoic temperament removes the impermanent substructures of the mortal node, Do not be subjected to the criminal objectivity of law in the material world, The true laws are of spiritual morality.

With purity there is no vanity, no egoic insanity just acceptance and humility, which begets wholeness through extension of oneness. . Confusion derives from duality, Through humility the connective acceptance constitutes higher learning, Learning is just realization each informative exertion from those around you is just a realization of the universal substance that we are, there is no need for judgment or vanity when you are communicating with others or listening to their realizations and spiritual teachings, everybody has something to teach you.

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