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Channel by Galaxygirl

Good morning, we are the Pleiadian Collective

sending you our greetings

through this one this day,

this most blessed day of exceptional light codes

and light streams from the central sun

that are engulfing your forms

at this Now moment.

We see you humanity

and the many gigantic leaps and strides …

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CHRISTINE DAY, Pleiadian Ambassador – November Broadcast 2018



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GALAXY GIRL – The Pleiadian Collective – You Are Being Reborn! – 10-29-18



Greetings, humanity. We are the Pleiadian Collective here this day sending you our heart felt greeting. We see the trials and tribulations that you have gone through in this lifestream, our grounded ones, and we wish to convey our thanks for your sacrifice and service for the collective of humanity, that up until this point has no idea who you are and all of the blessings you have bestowed upon them. But we ask that you kindly remember that each time that you send your healing and your blessing to the collective you in turn are blessed and healed. That is how it works friends, and so we encourage you to please keep it up! Keep up your hard work, but we wish that you would not term it “hard work” anymore but change out the wording a bit for we see how hard, how full and difficult it has been for our grounded ones to balance the screaming demands of 3D with the 5D search of introspection and quiet solitude. It is extremely challenging for many of you to find the time and space alone to seek out such messages but we assure you it is extremely important especially in this precious Now moment of gradual ascension.

Thanks to

And we do say gradual for it has been happening for some time now, but it is at an extremely rapid clip compared to other societies. For it can hardly be compared to societies morphing and deepening in these understandings over eons of time. This is not what you are experiencing here on the Earth plane now in this time and that is precisely why you asked to be here in this Now moment. To experience something new, something different, something to add to your already impressive resume and we acknowledge you sacrifice and your service. We repeat this again because we think a pat on the back is necessary and important at this time when many of you are frizzled, irritated and feeling as you say ‘burned out’. But we assure you that all is not lost, and you are simply being born – reborn – into these new energies and it is normal for the newborn to be irritated, to cry and to be dirty – covered in fluids and irritated in general because it is painful. It is painful to the baby when they are literally being squeezed through the muscle chamber. They are bruised and battered. But in the end they are delivered into a new realm of light, of different source and of senses, for there is suddenly light! Where the infant only saw dark and heard sounds suddenly there is bright light and that is so startling to them that it takes awhile for them to stop crying and to be comforted. Now in our realm we have mastered the art of baby birthing and we try to make it as calming of an experience as possible. We utilize, crystals, colors, soothing tones and vibrations and it is a smoother transition of realms.

This is why you are receiving such an incredible amount of assistance from beings like us and the Arcturians, the Andromedans, the dragons, the elementals and the list goes on and on. Many – many – want to help you. Simply ask. And when you are feeling frazzled by the new energies and feeling squeezed a bit too tight, then rest. Call on us and ask for healing and be assured you will be heard and your prayers answered. For we are here for you in loving support. We are the Pleiadian Collective. Be at peace. Birth is a process and we are here to be your midwives explaining the new energies and new technology, new systems that will be available to you. Many, many changes are coming you way and we assure you that all is proceeding according to plan. We send you our love and greeting and reassurance. You did not come here to be comfortable. You volunteered to come here to expand and to assist the others and to lend your light to Gaia and aid in her ascension. That is your mission ground team and a vital role, we assure you, you are playing. We send you our love and support. We are the Pleiadian Collective.

~ galaxygirl



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CHRISTINE DAY – Pleiadian Message for September – 9-1-18

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Christine Day, Pleiadian



Beloved ones we greet you, This time on your planet is a period of great change. Each one of you is being asked to move more consciously within the framework of your Heart. You are being called forward to consciously choose reconnection with your Higher Self by opening up, within a given moment, and choosing the sacred tool of your Heart.

As you choose your own multidimensional path through your Heart, you shift old cycles within you. Every cell in your physical body changes as you align within your multidimensional Heart.

This is your time to shine forth, by choosing the light. Within a single moment you can create a pathway home to Self. We cannot create this path for you, only you through a conscious choice action can forge this pathway back to Self. We can support you through a witnessing of you choosing to reconnect to a higher path.

There is a light that illuminates the way for you, it is held steady through the Sun’s rays. These rays are designed to guide you deeper within the space of your multidimensional Heart.

Return to your Heart!


The Pleiadians