CHRISTINE DAY – Pleiadian Message June 2018 – 6-6-18

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Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Beloved ones we greet you, An intensity will build within the 3rd dimension on your planet as you move through June and July. You are being asked at this juncture, within this transitional phase to let go and continue to align and link through the multidimensionality of your Heart space.

This multidimensionality is a natural aspect of you and you are being called now to realign by the sacred Higher aspect of your self. As you let go with the Conscious breath you are naturally aligned deeper within the sacred multidimensional tool of your Heart’s sphere.

There is nothing more important for you to achieve at this time than to move into a realignment of your Higher Self. Your movement towards your sacred aspect allows you to play an individual and essential role of creating a stabilization within humanity, and within your communities in which you live. Each time you open into a moment of reconnection within your Heart you forge a powerful anchored pathway for others to follow.

Each one of you is being called to develop this sacred anchoring through the Heart. No matter how things appear within 3rd dimensional drama, all is in hand and everything is truly in a state of perfection. You only need to link within the Heart to stabilize and move beyond the drama, beyond the illusion.

You can each be held within your unique God light consciousness, through the vast connection within your Heart. You can receive clarity and guidance in each moment for your awakening.


The Pleiadians


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MIKE QUINSEY – Higher Self Message – Visions Of Our Future – 5-18-18 – by amparo alvarez


Kryon continues to give revelations of the intended future for us. Gradually we are learning more about the Pleiadians our forefathers and obviously it is sensible to ensure we know what part they will play in our future evolution. We have had little knowledge of our history, but slowly and surely we are now being made aware of it.

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We are beginning to open the door to remarkable information that makes you so big, and yet at the same time you realise what is going on and we will start this way. The Universe is old and the Galaxy the same age. This Galaxy has been finished for over 4 billon years, and in some places the solar systems around the stars completed, and while this Earth was still forming there was life elsewhere.

All of it was designed for you, it was designed for today. When the Pleiadians showed up they had been through thousands of years of evolution after they had passed their own marker, in their own way, on their own planet. They used the physics of consciousness to be able to make what they needed literally from the consciousness of their minds, to shape that which you would call the reality of travel.

There were three Pleiadian planets by the time you were seated around the same set of Suns, and before them they had their “seed parents” who went through similar things, and before them they also had their seed parents. Billions of years of Humanity on their planet knowing God before humans ever showed up. There is a lineage in this Galaxy which is remarkable. The Galaxy is old – and you are not, yet human beings had to come from somewhere. What you brought to this planet was a Star Akash, because you had participated in so much of this life.

You human Beings represent the lowest spiritual consciousness in the Galaxy. The Pleiadians came here without craft and seeded you and you cannot go back. God is in you and the higher the consciousness the more you meld into God. The Pleiadians are not Gods and represent the Great Central Source for a task they have performed for you, and with free choice if you survive what is coming, the task will be on you some day to do the same for someone else.

You are protected and the ones who have the highest consciousness in the Galaxy are still here, and it is enough to scare away anything that would visit you. As you grow you help others and the Pleiadians left time capsules that have caused you to look for God. The new template calls for peace, and the awareness that peace is the strength of humanity and not war. The old template gave you free choice, whereas the new template starts to rearrange what is important to the psyche of human beings, and goes beyond survival.

Here are some potentials for what happens next. In some countries there are some old energies on the planet, and there is old leadership doing their best to pull you backwards. There will be a consciousness of Humanity that understands that putting things together and all growing countries will bring peace. Start thinking of the future with the eyes of a Galactic citizen, not an Earth citizen – you have been through it before, old soul.

There is one way to get all of the resources together and is not war, it is to put all of the countries together and share them. Inventions are coming your way for energy that will cost very little, not on a grid system but individual neighbourhoods, water for everyone through inventions, some of them without pipes. These are things to look forward to – pulling moisture and heat from places you do not pull it from now, and having it free.

The curing of disease through processes that were hidden from you before, that are natural and have no side effects. The Pleiadians went through it, they are just like you and there will come to you some science from former Pleiadians who will pop in as “walk ins” and do the work, and give you the inventions. One of them is a Pleiadian coming back and his name is Tesla, he will give you the Quantum when you are ready.

Say “Goodbye” to the old energy that will keep you in the dark lifetime after lifetime, say “Hello” to an energy you do not expect, it allows you to call upon your Akash for what you deserve, and have learned a mine of knowledge, wisdom and experience that you can now call upon like the Masters.


In general terms much information is given by Kryon from time to time, informing us as to what we may expect in the near future. The weather is slowly changing and in most people’s time it will get colder. Kryon points out that we will need more energy – free thermal energy that is available from the Earth itself. We are told how to extract it and heat our homes, and you have to build an extractor to get it. With it you can drive turbines and create electricity that will create heat.

Global warming is part of the cycle that always was. It is the waxing and waning of the Water Cycle, evaporation that has been here before.

There is a mandate to change your energy as what you put into the air is significant, before it is a hazard to your health and hurts Humanity.

Information is given of a new way of desalination that is nanotechnology, using it as “robotic” technology, in a way that unlike our present expensive methods is very cheap and also enables the salt extracted to be used for other purposes.

Kryon points out the need to be ready for big changes in our lives, and the need for new integrity in business.

Life continues as ever with uncertainty all around, yet underlying it is a progressive move to bring about the changes that are needed and have been expected for quite a long time. Many go unreported but when the time is considered right the truth will eventually come out. Regardless of how events are reported and at times they are far from the truth, as those who work for the Light continue to make advancements for the long awaited changes.

It will have been worthwhile as it will mean the dark Ones have lost their power to dictate the future of mankind. The new Republic is waiting in the wings to announce the changes and all seems set for the first stages of them that will show beyond doubt that a new phase has commenced. It will mean that there is no going back to the old ways of deceit and suppression of the truth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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PLEAIDIAN MESSAGE – to Surface Population – Lymerick @ Rumor Mill News – 5-6-18


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Firing the Grid 

The Pleiadians have communicated that this short message needs to be relayed to the surface population.

The Pleiadian Fleet is now utilizing AN conversion to start spiritually and energetically activating certain key members of the surface population in full alignment with their Soul free will.

The purpose of this activation needs to remain classified for now.

This activation may include visions, lucid dreams, kundalini awakenings and rapid transformation of belief systems.

If you are experiencing such an activation, stay calm and do not act impulsively, especially in your close personal relationships.

Victory of the Light!

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New Message From The Pleiadians / 2018


Published on Jan 22, 2018

New Message From The Pleiadians 2018 ——————————————————————————- I search and study the most exotic alien species, using various sources and my personal knowledge. Subscribe: Playlist in the channel: Mysteries of The World: Alien Races and Hybrid Races: The Mystery of Spiritual World: Horoscope and Physiognomy:

SOPHIA LOVE – Pleiadian Pipeline Message – On The Healing Pods – 3-24-18

Sophia Love


Also, thanks to   Love In Action Now
Dear, Hi there! 
Today I’d like to share something that was shared with us, by my friend Don. He has compiled a collection of what he feels is the most relevant text regarding the pods, and uses these thoughts and statements each day while making contact.  He has this to say: “I have created a sheet from the different sources of the Pleiadian Pipeline articles.  I also found a pic of me at 18 where I can visualize the age, remembering the vim and vigor of that time easily.”  These are great ideas for making this real. So thank you, Don! Read his summary below.

*One of my readers just let me know that while he was recently being tested in a hospital, more than one of the medical personnel remarked “Although you are in your sixties, these tests show you have the body of a MUCH younger man, like 20’s or 30’s!”  So, he smiled and said to himself and our friends from the stars “Thank you Pleaidians!”


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Please enjoy today’s message and share it! You may have noticed I’ve changed the logo.  The website has been updated also, check it out!  I think you’ll find it easier to navigate and quite beautiful!  Click here.With gratitude and love,


“We are seeing many of you asking for our help with the pods and then struggle to complete a successful interaction with us and with our technology. The belief in our pods is paramount to a successful interaction.Once it is accepted that they exist, it becomes necessary to envision them not so much as miracle workers, but advanced technology. The difference in the two viewpoints may appear subtle, yet it is all important. In the case of a miracle, there is no responsibility on you to participate. Something is miraculously done to you that heals you.In the case of technology that you don’t yet understand, there is this component of a possibility for your own interaction with it.  You may have never seen this before, but you are willing to consider it as plausible because it is just newer technology and not divinely inspired action.


Most of you have heard by now of the ship’s ET pilots.  This is sort of the same.  The technology in the pods is real, yet you control it. What must be held in your minds at all or most times is the ideal version of you. This asks of you to envision yourself vital and in all ways alive. This is more than repair of damage.

It is return, rejuvenate; remember the strength and flawless form of an ideal moment you’ve experienced.


Our tech picks up on the emotional components of whatever moment you feed it.  This is what we want you to be conscious of – of the thoughts and subsequent feelings you are holding.  They are the fuel and the blueprint for the creation of your human form. This holds true in all cases, but is especially true with our technology.


It finds the ideal picture you hold and imprints it – it is up to you to maintain it once that happens. Regardless of current conditions or history – NOTHING IS SET TO “PERMANENT”.


The option exists at all times to re-visit vitality, strength, and wellness. These are not states of being that are beyond reach, regardless of where you begin.

We would encourage those of you who are willing to work with us, to disregard any past or current definition of your body.

Then – re-make a new one, one that you desire now.  One you can visualize and retain whenever it is called up.

This vision will then be our blueprint. Believing is necessary before seeing is possible. The healed and whole image must be held in our consciousness.

We are aware. What we want to begin with your people now is a small and simple statement.  It is “I know the pods exist” or “The Pleiadian Pods Exist“.
We would like to ask people interested in participating to repeat the phrase daily and as much as they want for a few weeks.  We will assess when to move to the next steps.  We believe you will describe the history and function of the pods better than we can from here.
What we learned was that the beliefs we hold dictate everything that happens to us. It is like I once heard Esther Hicks say “You have to KNOW it is there, in the same way you KNOW the Post Office is on a specific street in your town.”

The technology they utilize is available to them 24/7. Aging and illness, for them, is not expected and therefore does not happen. The frequency/light technology is in certain doorways they walk through daily.  They have pods that immerse whatever or whomever is in them with this frequency/light technology. It works with the original blueprint/healthiest image of that being and re-informs the energetic blueprint carried.  It is a sort of reminder session for them, constantly available as a part of their daily life. It is all they know.” 
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KRYON – How The Pleiadians Come to Earth Without Using Technology – 3-18-18


Published on Mar 6, 2018

In this Channeling Kryon reveals incredible details about the complex process of preparing the Earth for Humanity. Kryon explains the how the three grid systems work together to provide us with a perfect environment to thrive in. Kryon also speaks about the Pleiadians and how they are attached to us forever. Philadelphia, PA Sunday – April15, 2012 For More Channelings Like This Visit Our Website! Subscribe to our Channel Here… Playlist: The Best of Kryon… End Screen Animation by… This audio is free to use for your own creations at, but this video, including the title, is not to be duplicated.



CHRISTINE DAY – Pleiadian Message – March 2018 – by LAKSHMI AMRITA EL DAOUD – 3-6-18

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Christine’s Message March 2018 Sunday, March 04, 2018

Hello,This is setting up to be a landmark month

for our awakening, a pivotal turning point,

as we are moved into the third phase of our

‘New Dawning’ transition in late March.

The Pleiadians are speaking about us receiving

a laser like Diamond light consciousness …

via Pleiadian Message March 2018 – Christine Day — ♥ LAKSHMI AMRITA EL DAOUD ♥ DIVINE CONSORT TO EL DAOUD