Message from Matthew – 6-14-19

Matthew Ward



With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always the purpose of our messages has been to offer enlightenment, spiritual guidance and encouragement during this unprecedented time in the universe, and at times encouragement is needed most.

“I would love to believe in the existence of a fairer, safer saner world and finding and reading your posts had given me hope, but it just seems it is getting worse. with the political state of the world and the people in charge, the push for vaccinations, the fear, the introduction of 5G, all things that make my head spin and give me nightmares about what the next years will bring. there is no intelligence in the world that i can see, so i don’t know how this paradise on earth will ever manifest in my lifetime. it seems the dark forces are still extremely powerful and cannot be stopped.”
We want to dispel the apprehensive outlook of this dear soul and others who have expressed their feelings about world affairs in terms that include unconscionable, frightening, ominous, dangerous, alarming, and insane. What you are seeing is the revolution aspect of evolution—awakening peoples are revolting against long-prevailing injustices—and this revolution does not include more wars.

The ever-intensifying light is pushing to the forefront of the world stage all activity based in dark intentions so the individuals involved are placed squarely in the light’s high vibrations. If they continue to refuse the light being beamed in abundance, neither they nor their activity can be long sustained. The same principle applies to both—without sufficient light, the intention of an activity and the bodies of humankind cannot survive in the high vibratory levels of the astral planes into which Earth is steadily ascending.

Because those individuals with dark hearts and minds have used almost all of their bargaining chips to no avail, they are struggling mightily to keep a toehold on their greatly diminished power, so upheaval will continue for a while. We know that you would like “a while” put into a specific timeframe, but that cannot be done with any accuracy. It is not only the difficulty of assessing linear time in the timelessness of the continuum; much more so, it is the countless free will decisions that are shooting into the collective consciousness every second and moving the “time” yardstick in the energy field of potential to sooner or later.

What we can tell you is, the dark ones are NOT gently accepting that their time of controlling life on Earth is over. But it is! And, as you observe their futile struggle to cling to their last remnants of influence, please keep in mind what we told you some time ago—it is as true in this moment as it was then:
     Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

     Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature.

    The world where life is like that and the planet is restored to health and pristine beauty—the world you are helping to create in linear time—already vibrantly exists in the continuum.  [December 9, 2016]

Now then, not all lightworkers’ soul contracts call for living in that far finer world during this incarnation—some of you chose to move on to more evolved worlds that offer ringside seats for watching Earth’s Golden Age unfold. Not only will you feel gratified by having helped Earth’s civilization manifest that Age, but by volunteering to participate in this grand unique venture, you leaped forward in spiritual and conscious awareness. You will rediscover innate capabilities that aren’t available to you in this moment, and when the Golden Age is in full bloom, when Earth once again is an Eden paradise, you may choose to return and have a long joyous lifetime.  
Beloved brothers and sisters, rejoice about Earth’s future—remember, it is thriving gloriously in the continuum—and the next chapter of your immortal life! 

“Exactly what is going on ‘behind closed doors’ that gives us any reason to feel hopeful about the world our kids will inherit?”  It is behind closed doors where progress is undeniably apparent, not yet to the world, but to us and to the international group of individuals who have been designing resolutions to complex issues that are global in scope. They are acting in concert to remove the last pockets of Illuminati influence, reconcile conflicts, fairly allot the vast wealth of the world, and establish a governance that serves all peoples equally. In short, the group is setting in motion the structural foundation of the transformed world that the light is enabling the society to manifest.     “My friends and I are afraid of losing the choice to have a baby or an abortion if we become pregnant. It’s none of the government’s business or anyone else’s when we decide to start our families, but we want to know if abortion is against God’s laws.” No—God’s laws pertain only to the orderly workings of the universe. Abortion would not be a legal, religious or political issue if people knew what a member of an eighth-density civilization told my mother many years ago:

      A soul does not need a body for life itself, as that is inherent in the essence of every soul. It is only for experiencing physically what cannot be without some mass for functioning that souls choose to have a body of some sort.

      Among your people, there is a great misconception about “life” and the difference between a soul and a body. You have a process called “abortion” that some believe is the destruction of a new life, and there is argument about when a soul enters a body being formed in the womb. No soul’s life ever is destroyed by ending the formation of a developing body. Bodies grow independently of souls through the natural laws of physical mechanisms reproducing in accordance with the cellular programming of each civilization.

      Souls are not restricted to incarnating in a specific civilization. A soul’s spiritual evolutionary status automatically puts it within a certain vibratory level, and it chooses a civilization within that sphere that can provide the experiencing needed for its advancement. The greater the spiritual evolvement, the higher the light station within which a soul may choose the civilization for embodying, or living as a free spirit member.

     Souls whose spiritual growth needs are within the third density of Earth or other placements of similar vibratory status have a number of choices regarding bodies. They may reside around the parents even before conception takes place, and after conception, they may enter the fetus to experience that growth sensation. If that kind of experience isn’t needed, they may remain “outside” for other kinds of experiencing prior to the birth, but with a soul contract “claim” on the developing body that other souls respect. 

     If a soul enters a developing body and then reverses that decision, the woman experiences a miscarriage. A soul may inhabit a developing body until imminent birth, then decide not to continue in that body and a stillbirth results. Also, a soul may make one of those decisions, experience what it requires emotionally, and in agreement with another soul, will exit and the second soul enters until miscarriage, stillbirth or live birth occurs. A soul with a “claim” on a developing body may permit another soul to reside in the body to e*xperience the growth and birth sensation, then that soul leaves and the first one takes over the physical life.          


 These various situations always are by agreement with all souls involved, which of course includes the parents and any other family members, and the purpose is to permit chosen experiencing to several souls at the level they need. Abortion, like all the other stages from prior to conception through a viable birth, provides opportunities for the participating souls to experience the attendant emotions that fill voids in their experiences to that moment. 

Thank you, Mother. Because those truths are not known and feelings about abortion around the world run the gamut of emotions, controversy about this issue will continue.

Ultimately, it will be decided that people who feel abortion is wrong will abide by their convictions and people who want to choose what best serves their circumstances will have that opportunity without legal opposition. We add that when the peoples have considerably advanced spiritually and consciously, conception will happen only when parents desire, just as it does in evolved civilizations where reproduction is by sexual union rather than mental focusing or cloning.  “Terrorist attacks on synagogues and the brazen neo-Nazi movement have made me feel afraid for my Jewish friends. How did anti-Semitism start and why is it on the rise?” It started prior to biblical times with jealousy and resentment of successful Hebrew businessmen, and that was fueled by the false claim and subsequent Christian belief that Jews’ betrayal of Jesus led to his death on a cross—as stated in previous messages, the crucifixion did not happen.


Anti-Semitism continued down through the centuries for those reasons and more recently it also may stem from how Zionism, which began harmoniously and cooperatively with Palestinians well over 100 years ago, has evolved.

The control of Israel has been taken over by war-mongering individuals who descended from the Khazars, a fierce tribe that used Judaism as a means to unite the various tribes they conquered as they spread west. A few of those individuals are in the government and many more with the same aim are working outside of it, and all are in the Illuminati’s top ranks; they never have served the best interests of Israelis or Jewish people anywhere else in the world—their forebears instigated pogroms in European countries and the Holocaust. But by labeling “anti-Semitic” anyone who opposes their treatment of Palestinians or their provoking conflict with neighboring countries, these individuals gained the international support that expanded their power. A long-time goal, one of many they never will reach, is making Jerusalem the Illuminati headquarters from which they would rule the entire Mideast.
Like all other forms of darkness that have shred the fabric of Earth’s civilization, the destructive effects of anti-Semitism and all other forms of bigotry and suppression have been put under a global spotlight. That exposure is why Muslims, Christians, and nonreligious persons rallied in solidarity with Jewish congregations. It is why women worldwide are making inroads to ending the culture of male dominance, and it is lessening prejudice and discriminatory action aimed at Muslims, homosexual and transgender populations and indigenous tribes. These attitudinal changes are of immeasurable significance—the society is taking action to right the wrongs.     This is happening in response to the feminine energy pouring in to balance the masculine energy from which all forms of oppression and bellicosity have risen. In no way are we demeaning masculine energy or exalting feminine energy. Both have strong qualities, and when the two are in balance, they complement each other and produce the high vibrations that enable a civilization to evolve. Now that the energies are coming into balance on Earth, the vast majority of the population is inspired to make the far better world they want, a world where no base aspects of humankind’s nature exist.    

“I despair about so much in this world that needs to be fixed. The homeless, hunger, poverty, demolished cities, damaged environment—I could go on and on. It’s so discouraging that money is spent on space exploration instead of improving life here on Earth. Could Matthew please give us his opinion about this?”  Our opinion of anything in your world would not be given any consideration whatsoever by your decision-makers, but we happily offer it to you, dear lightworkers.
Every civilization needs visionaries who look at the stars and yearn to know what is “out there.” Without visionaries there would be no discoveries or enlightenment, no inventions or innovations or advancement of any kind. Indeed, a great deal needs to be fixed in your world, and all of it can be—shallbe!—accomplishedside by side with space exploration. The latter will be far more enjoyable than prior projects—members of your universal family will be technical advisers and tour guides—the light you are radiating into the world is helping to bring that day closer.   

All light beings throughout this universe honor and support you with the unlimited power of unconditional love.                                                         _______________________


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The Quantum Shift – Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, Drake Bailey – 6-4-19

Sam Mugzzi
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Sam Mugzzi
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The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland – 10-24-18 – via Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Jamesds ECETI



Courtesy of   Saint Andrews Twin Flame



James Gilliland

What is really going on from a higher perspective.

Today’s political environment is only an effect of what is happening on higher levels. It is like a soup the fire is on the dross is coming to the surface. The pure chaos, lack of civility, power struggles, salacious lies and deceptions pulling out all the stops with individual and collective mind control are establishing the true character of the dark hearted politicians. If you knew the bigger picture, the end goal of the Illuminati, Malevolent ETs and the workings of the Draconian Grid or Law we have been under what is unfolding is obvious. Most are unaware of the big picture. The white hat, black hat scenario is a simplification of a multilevel event unfolding. To understand what is unfolding and who the players are one only has to go back to the goals of the controllers and who the controllers are. They are the disease and war profiteers. They enslave the masses through dependency, keep them in ignorance, separated and competitive creating a false sense of lack. They use their corporate sponsored media to perpetuate these false hoods turning the masses against the white hats. They keep the masses dumbed down, fighting among themselves in endless cultural, religious and now gender wars. Their modus operandi is to keep the masses poor, ignorant and divided, use their wounds, traumas and grudges against them. Keep them tired and sick. They control the resources perpetuating manufactured lack tossing humanity a bone now and then and blame it on the other guy. Has this described our present-day civilization? These malevolent overseers seen and unseen are coming to an end. Those with the eyes to see are becoming increasingly aware of who is who, the masks are coming down.

New agers will often say that’s not my reality smugly oblivious to the pain, suffering and lack surrounding them. They are taught consciousness creates reality, evil is an illusion. Many of these be lie fs were created in think tanks again to control the masses and to give evil free reign. Some are even willingly or in ignorance serving the beast. Even the religions in error and opposition of their master’s teachings divide and separate creating the ungodly others. Some will say this is fear porn yet why are they in fear of addressing the obvious? There have always been two sides to the coin and half-truths are not whole. How can denial, fear and ignorance be the solution? There are no divisions in God/Creater/Great spirit or the unified field. There is a lot of mis-creation and actions outside of Universal Law that need to be addressed. A walk through the jungle or outback might be an enlightening experience. The inner cities at night can also be an enlightening experience. Denial can be deadly in these environments. There are creatures that don’t care about your belief system. There are cultures and religions with the same feelings.

The reason there is so much inhumanity on Earth is because of non-human or otherworldly interference.

The Earth was created to be an Eden where life could evolve to its highest potential, all life. It is a galactic zoo, the product of many colonies from the Stars that was hijacked. This is the true history the enslavers do not want you to know.

A question one should ask is who am I serving? Am I creating Heaven on Earth. Am I operating to the best of my ability according to Universal Law. Do I promote Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All? The biggest question is Am I perpetuating the separation and division game? Helping those less fortunate to rise to their highest potential is the goal yet do we have to take from one to give to another? This is based on a belief system of lack on both sides. We need to ask the question how did one obtain their wealth? Was it in service to Humanity and the Earth? Are they working toward the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth? We also have to ask what are we doing to better ourselves and others. So many have a sense of entitlement demanding others support them yet that only creates a dependency. There are those resorting to violence if their demands are not met while at the same time professing anti fascism. Where is the logic? The personal responsibility?

How do you know who is who? By their fruits, a mans/womans character is established by their actions, their lives and the way they live them. Don’t use the lame stream media as a resource in this matter. There is a lot of doublespeak coming from people living in mansions on how we need to take care of the poor. There are those who profess to be champions of human rights fighting against others ignoring other’s human rights. The fighting is usually in favor of their chosen political affiliation, religion or race. There are fascists against fascism, tyrants against tyranny, combined with a lot of wounded angry people projecting their injustices on the innocent. When does the madness end and the healing begin? Those who are truly enlightened have transcended all religious, cultural, even gender boundaries. They take personal responsibility, own their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences and are on a path of self- healing. Those who serve the controllers are perpetuating these divisions and boundaries not allowing the healing to come forward in a perpetual separation game. In fact they are using the victims emotional traumas against them fueling wars between the religions, cultures, and genders.

If you want to know who the controllers are follow the money. Who is financing all the political groups especially the ones engaged in violence. Who is pitting one group against the other? What is their end goal? This is not black and white there are many shades of gray, many levels of denial and mistakes will be made yet we have to ask ourselves, what is the intent?

One group wants to destroy America, why because America is the one nation standing in the way of a New World Order. Global Elites running the world in total domination having control of every aspect of your lives. America was founded by freedom lovers escaping tyranny yet unfortunately they became the tyrants concerning the indigenous people. The intent was good yet there are always those who fall away from the original intent, become self-righteous and act completely against universal law or the original intent. They use religion, cultural differences etc. to validate their actions. In truth it was the lust for power and wealth, insatiable greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth to one degree or another. There was genocide and abuse concerning every color in Americas history, the Native American, African American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Irish etc. have all had to endure tyranny in America and abroad. There have always been those working for and against these atrocities. These transgressions are now being fueled by the very tyrants guilty of the past transgressions. The religious, cultural and even gender separation games are perpetuated by these tyrants who also perpetuate the class separation game. People have been duped into fighting among themselves ignoring the source of their problems. It’s called Tyranny, it is evil genius and playing the masses like a fiddle. They are the war and disease profiteers, financing both sides of every war since Napoleon. They are the puppets of an unseen hierarchical ladder of power and wealth involving Satanic, Child Sacrificing, soulless psychopaths who have sold their souls to an unseen negative influence that has been here since the fallen Annunaki. It began when Marduk made a pact with reptilians and turned against his own people for total supremacy.

What many call Satan, Devils and Demons, others call fallen Annunaki, negative greys, reptilians, serpent beings, etc. If you knew the real history of Earth it is replete with encounters with these beings. It is also replete with Bearded Gods some benevolent some tyrants with advanced technology who fell from Universal Law. This is where the contradictions of a Jealous Wrathful Genocidal God and an All Loving All Forgiving God originated. The source of most religions. This has all been written about in the past in the Sumerian Tablets, Emerald Tablets, Nag Hamadi, on temple walls and almost every ancient sacred text. Annunaki Return, the latest book covers this.

If we are to evolve and live under Universal Law we need to know our ancient history and how we fell from Universal Law. We need to know who is responsible for this fall and hold them accountable, not just in the past but NOW. Yes they are still among us. We are not alone in this endeavor, there is a multidimensional force assisting us. Just as there are the fallen ones there are the ones who did not fall, those who continued to evolve spiritually and technologically. They are what many refer to as the Star Nations, our ancient ancestors here to fulfill the prophecies. There are those who many refer to as Saints, Sages, Ascended Masters within all the cultures who have been trying to lift humanity for thousands of years back into Universal Law.

The higher realms are supporting the White Hats. The dark hats are entrenched in what many refer to as the deep state. They are entrenched throughout Hollywood and the corporate main stream media. If you want to know who they are they are the ones who are perpetuating the separation game creating divisions, againstness and wars within cultures, religions and genders. They are the accusers of what they themselves have been or are doing tenfold. There have always been problems yet these problems are being amplified and guided to an end goal. That goal is the take down of America. Why? Because America is standing in the way of the Global Elites agenda? Divide and conquer is the tool and it is being used by the lame stream media to amplify and fuel division, the religious, cultural and gender wars. There are many who be lie ve they are fighting just causes in ignorance doing the bidding of the tyrants and again the tyrants and controllers are not limited to the physical world. You can boil it down to the self-serving and the service to others. Those who believe they are separate and entitled to those who understand the oneness, the unified field in which we all live where everything is connected. There will be a lot of doublespeak and false perspectives playing out in the days to come. People who have fooled even themselves attacking those who in truth are the very ones working to free them.

A good example of this behavior is the extreme left and the democratic party. There are rhinos in the republican party as well carrying out the N.W.O agenda yet it is replete now throughout the democrats. Here is a history lesson about the democratic party. They were the party of the southern confederates. They were against freeing the slaves, equal rights, African American right to vote, the Women’s right to vote and equal pay. Lincoln was a republican. The prisons were filled to capacity with African Americans and Mexicans during the Obama administration and his war on drugs. The pictures you see of illegal aliens in cages were taken during the Obama Administration. Hilary Clinton said her greatest mentor was senator Robert Byrd a high-ranking member in the KKK. The democratic party is the party of the deep state. The illuminati, George Soros as their front man finance the deep state and most leaders in the democratic party who support the separation games often referred to as Media Matters, Open Boarders, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Planned Parent Hood, eugenics through abortion etc. We are living in a world of opposites. The illuminati also own the lame stream media. In other words you are being played like a fiddle, especially African Americans who are suffering from Stock Holmes syndrome supporting the long history of enslavement and abuse from the Democrats. I was told the media is owned by the illuminati and their corporations and our President elect is owned by the same group yet why is the main stream media viscously against the President? Does not add up does it? The Democrats claim to be the voice of the African Americans and Women’s rights? This is historically incorrect. Their claims do not add up to their actions. The greatest perpetuators of the race and gender wars are the democrats financed by the illuminati to separate divide and take down America. They are using the wounds, traumas and grudges of the past in the religion, race and gender wars to fulfill their agenda which is take down America. I heard a woman define feminists as angry, lesbian women who hate men. I would hate to put anyone in that category. What does anger and hate have to do with the divine feminine? How does that heal anything and is it not completely void of love? Hate will make you sick, wonder why? What happens when you get rid of all the men, where will the young women and daughters come from? A test tube? Many want to take all the money away from rich men and the corporations. So what happens when the money you have taken runs dry? How are you going to fend for yourself? Have you created anything or are you vampiring off others? The solutions you have been given are not solutions they are a means to an end which is a very dark future for humanity. Yes there are problems, this civilization is in need of a lot of healing. War, hate and division are not the solutions. Unity consciousness and Universal Law are the solutions.

We have to unite as a self-governing civilization under Universal Law. This will not come through religions or governments. It will come through the hearts and minds of the people. Those people who choose not to participate in the religious, race and gender wars. Those who walk away.

America was founded on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution both divinely inspired documents. It has its flaws and history where it strayed off course. Overall it is the best thing going once put back on track and though a few adjustments can be made it is the closest example to Universal Law. Don’t let it be stolen from you by the tyrants and the double speakers with hidden agendas.

As for those who vehemently hate this message.

Thank you for establishing your character and your ignorance as well as well establishing your role in human devolution. It is wise not to become the very thing you are against. Denial will not carry you through the days to come.

Be well, be wise, be kind to each other and the Earth.

Walk Away.

MATTHEW WARD – DISCLOSURE – by Era Of Light – 9-26-17

matthew ward


Matthew Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Deepening concerns surrounding North Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence would avert a nuclear war?” and comments like “It would be really helpful if disclosure and spacecraft landings happen soon!” Dear ones, let us assure you that escalating rhetoric will not lead to nuclear war, and if any missiles are launched with nuclear warheads, crews in spacecraft will prevent their detonation.

As for disclosure and landings, what we told you some time ago still stands: God is in charge of timing as only He can know when safety is certain for the landing parties and Earth’s peoples. Final details of official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence will be tailored to that timing, but we haven’t heard of any changes in the basic plan. Via a telecast beamed into all national systems, internationally respected persons will announce that benevolent civilizations’ crafts are in your skies and some will land imminently. Next, well-known dignitaries greeting disembarking crews will be aired, and if not at that time, then soon afterwards, members of our universal family who are assigned to various missions around the world will be introduced in a conference-style telecast. As the society becomes acquainted with their visitors—and light beings throughout this universe will be overjoyed to see Earth’s peoples mingling with these family members!—the scientists among them and your teams of specialists will pool their ideas and technologies and restoration of the planet will begin in earnest.

To readers who asked if it is true, disclosure will happen December 21, we say that while nothing should be considered an impossibility, please do not count on that. The Illuminati don’t want people to even speculate that friendly extraterrestrials may exist light years away. To prevent disclosure and the announcement of NESARA that was scheduled September 12, 2001, the “9/11” betrayal of the people of the United States by their government was carried out, and since then the Illuminati have successfully kept under wraps the truth about that infamous attack and the information that would have been made known at that time.

Absolutely the presence of other civilizations will be officially revealed, but please don’t expect it on a date specified in some message circulating on the Internet—dark sources ascribe fictitious times to events they know will not happen. When the date comes but the event does not, likely reactions include disillusionment, discouragement or anger, feelings that emit the low vibrations dark ones feed on, and if the nonevent convinces people that nothing in channeled messages is believable, that amounts to a double dark coup.

We want to answer here your questions about crop circles because of the circles’ relevancy to disclosure and landings, and we shall get to that. First, though, they are made by specialty artists, you could say, aboard some of the spacecraft surrounding the planet. Their concentration on mental images creates electromagnetic “stencils” that are energetically transferred to selected fields where they bend grain stalks exactly according to the artists’ intricately detailed images.

Some circles do convey messages, but those who make them know that correct interpretations would be rare, so their designs are primarily for beauty and awe. We suggest that interpretations are not necessary to appreciate those aspects of the circles and, of far more importance, their purpose: They are tangible evidence that other civilizations are nearby, and since they can travel to Earth, surely they have the ability to invade, but they haven’t. For forty-some years these stunning patterns that appear overnight mostly in the United Kingdom, but in many other countries, too, and by now number over a thousand, have baffled your scientists and leaders. That alone would be cause for mainstream media never to mention them, but the real reason for censorship is that their precision and sudden appearance cannot be done by human hands—who is doing this?

The Illuminati know. That is why, through their influence in the film and electronic game industries, extraterrestrials are depicted as grotesque creatures that want to conquer Earth and destroy or enslave its inhabitants. If the peoples knew the myriad ways these visitors in your skies have been helping the planet and that when they land, their extraordinary assistance will extend to environmental restoration, they would welcome with open arms the attractive, congenial, loving people from other worlds without any fear whatsoever.

But, the dark ones depend upon fear energy for survival. Thus, along with distorting “aliens,” they must prevent the landings of their crafts laden with technology, and they have done this by keeping your world in one kind of turmoil or another. Although initiating wars, terrorism, and virulent contagious diseases have produced the most widespread chaos and fear, economic conditions and wild weather also serve them well. A recent example is the unusual series of catastrophic storms that their minions in the United States started or intensified, and if the geoengineering can be blamed on Russia, it will be yet another vengeful strike against President Putin for refusing to cooperate with them.

Spacecraft crews lessen the disastrous impact of wind and water to the extent they can, but these occurrences are personal tragedies for the millions directly affected and clearing debris and reconstruction present severe fiscal and logistical situations for the stricken regions. However, the positive effects of mighty storms—the same is true of wildfires and earthquakes—whether of Mother Nature’s doing or humankind’s, outweigh the negative effects. They release negativity so it cannot accumulate and become a food storehouse for dark minds and hearts. They are opportunities for millions of souls to experience chosen karmic lessons. The outpouring of prayers worldwide, volunteers and supplies from distant lands and the groundswell of grassroots assistance to the stricken populations—love-light in action—are further heightening vibrations on the planet and within society. And, each devastating occurrence gives greater awareness that unity of spirit serves all peoples far more so than the divisiveness that the dark ones are trying to perpetuate.

“How come Matthew does not talk about the reptilians that run around on this planet? The ones in government, the ones in the media, the ones that are shapeshifters? Why does he not mention the battle that’s going on between good and evil, and by that I mean Satanism, the Devil?” Let us first say that not all reptilians on Earth are dark and not all darkly-inclined individuals are reptilians. To be sure, some are—royalty that have kept their bloodline pure, members of the “ruling families” who marry to combine their fortunes and power, and some persons who have strong influence in governments—but more humans than reptilians are of dark persuasion, and all are puppets of the off-planet dark forces. And, just as there are light-filled human civilizations, so are there light-filled reptilian civilizations. The latter are eager to dispel the erroneous belief that their species is synonymous with darkness, and they are working side by side with other species to thwart the efforts of their dark kin wherever in the universe they are wreaking havoc.

Every species’ DNA is unique, but it is not the difference in physiology that leads to godly or malevolent pathways. That is a matter of free will choices made by any individual in any species—a soul may be significantly evolved in some aspects and be bereft of light except the spark that is its life force. However, it is the DNA of reptilians off and on the planet that enables them to surpass Earth’s civilization in intelligence and manifesting capability—that is why they can shape-shift—and the small number of persons who are offspring of a human and a reptilian parent inherit parts of DNA from both. Again, this difference in makeup has nothing to do with the conscious choices that lead a person toward the light or the darkness.

Dear brothers and sisters, simply by being you radiate light, and we urge you to think of this reaching everyone who has fallen into darkness—they are the ones who most of all need light. It is the absence of this most powerful force in the universe that motivates them to fill their void by causing fear in others—they need that energy’s low vibrations to sustain themselves and suppress their own fears. They perceive themselves as the world’s rightful rulers and they are afraid of losing that control if light’s high vibrations reach it. That is exactly what light is doing, but what they see as their undoing would be their salvation! The tsunami of light, the same energy as love, that you are sending forth will help those individuals surmount the darkness that has held them captive.

Now I shall speak for myself to tell you about the two reptilian commanders who came to Nirvana 20-some years ago to explain to the Council how their forces would stop the spread of invaders from another galaxy who had entered ours. Their intelligence and straightforwardness in describing their capabilities were impressive indeed, but it was their purpose in coming that was particularly noteworthy. Reptilians are universally known for respecting only civilizations that excel in warrior and weaponry strength; yet, they wanted the Council to know that they would protect Earth’s spirit realm and all other worlds in this galaxy where love-light reigns supreme.

You may be interested in knowing that the commanders’ bodies were shorter and slighter than most adult humans, they had no hair, their skin was gray, their eyes black and piercing. That may not sound appealing, but those poised, quietly self-assured men in simple tailored uniforms looked quite distinguished. Reptilians in other civilizations may look considerably different as species-wide, they can manifest whatever forms they wish and change to another in the blink of an eye.

After the conference, one of the commanders was granted permission by the Council to transmit to my mother a presentation for a book, and his enlightening information was included in a message some years ago. [Horiss’ presentation and description of his people and homeland is a chapter in Voices of the Universe and part of the June 24, 2009 message.] Thank you, Mother.

Now then, the higher perspective of “the battle between good and evil” is light vs. the absence of light; and Devil and Satan are names that personify the dark forces, the vast universal force field comprising the energy emitted by all thoughts, feelings and actions with negative attachments. Religious beliefs devised by the self-serving few so they could control the masses have a Supreme Being that decides where people will go when they die. If they are judged “good,” they are rewarded by going to a restful place and staying there forevermore; if judged “evil,” they go to an eternal hell ruled by the Devil, or Satan. Those beliefs, which have caused centuries of massive bloodshed in the name of God, Allah or any other designation for the Supreme Being of this universe, don’t have a nodding acquaintance with the universal reality that both “good” and “evil” are energy streamers with positive or negative attachments, respectively. With thanks to the light beamed to Earth and radiated by lightworkers, the power of beliefs founded and perpetuated in falsehoods is diminishing.

Dear family, we know you want that and all other advancements in conscious and spiritual awareness to come more swiftly. We know, too, that you don’t remember that civilizations have taken as long as 50,000 years in your concept of time to achieve what you have, but please do see the amazing progress your light has helped to achieve since world transformation began only 80-some years ago.

Never are you alone in your mission to help Earth’s people awaken. We and all other light beings are supporting you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books




ZORRA CALL – Updates on Hurricane Irma, Sept. 23rd, The A.G.E Pill and more – 7-23-17 – Blog Talk Radio – Galactics will Control Passing of Nibiru with minimal effects upon Earth – Origin of Lemuria – Stratum or Ice Shield created our oceans – Earth was created in 7, 000 Years



ZORRA CALL – Updates on Hurricane Irma, Sept. 23rd, The A.G.E Pill and more – 7-23-17 – Blog Talk Radio 


Zorra* Zaraya * Jane


Dear beloved Masters,

We bring you two Zorra calls, one on Saturday, 9/16 and another on Sunday, 9/17 with Dr. Russell Johnson. Sunday’s call will be on Blogtalk also and I will send out the information some time after the Saturday call. By the way, last Sunday’s  interview by Dr. Russell Johnson with Zorra was excellent!

This Saturday, Zorra will explain why Hurricane Irma was not nearly as devasting as they had predicted. In fact, we have two people who will testify to what happend in their location during that time. There were many positive testimonies. It was amazing!

Talking about events, what is the truth about Sept. 23rd. What does it mean and should we be in fear. Should we prepare for the worst to happen. Some people are. What do you think? Llet’s ask Zorra.

We have a special guest, Daphne Begg, who will give us a brief summary of some wonderful news coming from Sisel and the A.G.E. Pill. We are all waiting for our age reversing pills but not to worry. We should be receiving them starting Monday!  Thanks Daphne for being on our call!

Now, we hope that Ginger will be able to join us on our show to update us on news about the TDA’s. Where are you in the process? We shall see.

Oh my, we do have a show packed with not only relevant information but with high energy and vibrations. We will see everyone soon!

Love to all and may harmony, peace, joy, love and laughter be with all of you!

Jane and Billie






THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Kent Dunn – 9-19-17 – Current Events

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Lots of current events are explored. In addition to galact news, Star Wars, and manifesting our reality.

Georgi Stankov, Ascension Guide – Current Events Update




November Was a Full Succes

by Georgi Stankov, December 1, 2014

By all standards November was a full success. First we opened the long and most powerful portal of truth Nov 11-21 after we activated on October 29th the heart and throat chakras (the centre of truth) of the second wave of ascension candidates. When I am speaking of “we”, I mean the light warriors of the PAT, the first ascension wavers and the new Logos Gods.

We also opened the crystalline grid for the angelic energies of the 6D and higher dimensions during this time. Then came the second portal with the new moon on November 22 when the adamantine God’s particles from the Source flooded earth and all humanity. These particles are carriers of the higher intelligence of the divine Mind of Unity and are closely related to the gold-white Christed light that already floods Gaia for some time.

The processes that are now unfolding at the higher dimensions in association with our ascension to the new Galaxy are so big and convoluted that a human mind cannot grasp them at all. For this reason we were advised by the Elohim a few days ago as follows:

There are great expectations that the Ascension is almost complete and that this reality will collapse instantly, however there is much more work to be done…  Know that there are several “segments” that are yet to come;  Forget the details!  They matter not…  nothing occurs upon a linear timeline…  and everything is interconnected with Gaia and her ascension to the new Galaxy. The depth and breadth of all activity is enormous, beyond the scope of almost every Being witnessing this creation.”

And by this they mean also all Beings throughout the whole universe who are now watching the ascension of Gaia and the new Galaxy and are mesmerized by the beauty of this unique creation.

Then yesterday the Elohim told us that I have achieved my goal – to clearly outline, and thus sustainably create, the basic prerequisites for the coming End Time scenario. It will end up with a huge conflict between Russia and the dark Western cabal in power and will trigger all other calamities that will rapidly lead to the MPR and our transfiguration. To this end the financial crash of the dollar, the collapse of the equity markets, and the shutdown of the banking system in the West will vastly contribute.

The military conflicts of the USA, the AAA, and its vassals in Europe with the rest of the world, in particular with the BRICS countries, was accelerated in the last days and weeks due our active intervention in the plot, as closely observed and analysed by myself and by you on this website and also on the Internet and will come to a conclusion – to a final showdown – very soon, as I shall explain below.

You must know that this is entirely your success as the leading group of Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy. We were the first light workers to discern the close relationships between the developments in the financial markets and the clandestine war that the USA and NATO are now waging against Russia, being the biggest obstacle for the plan of the dark ruling cabal to install the NWO, before the rest of the journalists could grasp it. And then inform the masses.

The two big military conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East are only local theatres of war, behind which a new nuclear world war is in the final hectic preparation. It will not happen, as we have decided so, but its dynamics in this final stage of the ascension process will trigger the financial crash and a global economic infarct and will sweep away the old Orion order. This is all in the making and becomes more evident by the hour.

In this context the Elohim told me that I have done an excellent job, with the full support of the PAT, in creating this ascension scenario (that is why we are still here) and that we should now step back and contemplate our new creation as Logos Gods in this uppermost earth hologram. The work is essentially done and we need some time and relaxation to enjoy our enormous success.

I must admit that this last month was very strenuous for me – due to the heavy cc-waves, severe and prolonged headaches and acute broncho-pneumonitis. Also due to the fact that Carla was severely ill, so that I had to take full care of her and her old mother and also writing daily on this website without a pause. But the urgency of the political situation demanded this input on my part and I was really carried on angels’ wings the whole time.

Very much so, when I discovered the Universal law in the 90s, wrote the four volumes on the new General Theory of Science  and ran parallel to these activities my private institute for clinical research with 12 highly qualified employees. On top of it, caring for my family and two young children. At that time I worked in a kind of a cosmic fever 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week and slept barely several hours in the night for about three years. This was the most exalted and creative time in my whole life when everything seemed to align perfectly and I had my biggest success in this incarnation.

Now my performance is only a fraction of that in the past, but this time I am energetically also very busy in the higher realms and elsewhere creating numerous multidimensional realities. But at the end, today, I have the same good feel of full satisfaction as in the 90s and the deep knowing that we have fully achieved our goals and have triggered the final act of our ascension scenario as Logos Gods. That is why we are the light warriors of the first and the LAST hour, because without us “rien ne va plus”.

This is essentially what I want to relate to you at this auspicious moment, knowing that some of you are still impatiently waiting for the final transfiguration, while still hugely suffering under these relentless energetic bouts from the Source. This is indeed a relevant aspect of our reality in these last days, but our sight should not be mired by such temporary inconveniences. We must now really focus at the bigger picture and rejoice at the power of our creationary abilities in transforming this toxic reality into a harmonious, sparkling new world.

The proof of our huge success is more than obvious. If you follow the news in the alternative and even the MSM outlets, you will now immediately notice that all improbable pathways of the impending End Time scenario – the plot leading to a new world war that will end up as a “no brainer” for the Western dark ruling cabal and will only lead to their final elimination – have been, in the meantime, fully accepted and internalized by most critical journalists and the public, even though thet are unaware of the bigger, transcendental dimension behind all events.

This is the most clear sign that we are now witnessing the fruits of our incredible creation on the political and societal stage. The manifestation of our creationary potential on a global scale is fully supported and carried forward by the new, extremely powerful energies of the Portal of Truth, which we opened collectively last month at the expense of major personal sacrifices.

The Orion matrix is now crushing on all fronts with the speed of light and I have difficulties myself to follow all the events in real time as they now begin to stipulate. Below I shall try to present the latest major political, financial and economic developments that confirm all that I have said above and written about in November. Most probably by the time of the publication they will be already outdated.


Today the Russian media report that Kremlin has launched its ‘wartime government’ HQ in a new major military upgrade. President Putin has ordered over 2,000 top military officers to immediately begun duties at the National Defense Control Center (NDCC) which is, in fact, Russia’s wartime government” headquarters in Moscow, now that “global war nears” and Russia has been put on high alert as RT writes:

And if Russia does get into a war, the center would act as a major communication hub and a form of wartime government, delivering reports to the country’s military command and giving orders to all ministries, state-owned companies and other organizations, according to the needs of the armed forces.

This happens at a time when the ceasefire is broken in Eastern Ukraine and the war battles have been resumed on both sides. The Russians seem also to have given up on Western Europe and have wrapped up their South Stream pipeline project through Bulgaria, Serbia and Austria to supply Western Europe with gas, by evading the conflict zone of Ukraine. This project was cancelled by the dark shape-shifter bureaucrats in Brussels as a retaliation to Russia supporting the freedom fighters in Eastern Ukraine.

Now Putin has signed a new agreement with the NATO members Turkey and Greece to create instead a gas hub on the Turkish-Greek border. Putin blamed during his visit in Turkey the European opposition to the South Stream plan, which was funded by Russia’s state gas giant Gazprom. The pipeline was planned to run under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and from there to south and central Europe, providing another transit route for Gazprom. This dramatic new development points to final preparations of the Russian insurgents to start a blitz-war in Eastern Ukraine against the Nazi para-military junta in Kiev. It is obvious that the Kremlin will not put up with a Nazi regime in Ukraine on its border that is fully subservient to the USA and NATO and that this is a question of naked survival for this biggest nuclear power.

Putin’s order to launch the new “wartime government” HQ of Russia came immediately after his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara earlier today, wherein, as said, an agreement was reached to increase Russian energy supplies to Turkey in exchange for this NATO member’s pledge of neutrality in any future Ukrainian conflict. Important to note is that the crisis in the key transit nation of Ukraine has imperiled Russian gas supplies to Turkey as winter fast approaches, but  the agreement signed today will allow to alleviate the dire energetic situation in Turkey, which is now also engaged in full conflict with the USA over the Iraq / Syrian War. The cracks in the Western facade are now getting very big.

The agreement today between Putin and Erdogan must be evaluated upon the imminent preparations for a blitzkrieg attack on the eastern regions of Ukraine, and which would secure those pipelines vital for Turkey’s energy security as also discussed by the Saker, a prominent warfare analyst of Russian origin.

That the Russian patience is wearing thin has been also confirmed by another Russian expert Dmitry Orlov, who recommended only three days ago an ingenious strategy how the American citizens can destroy the American empire before it destroys them – namely by refusing to pay taxes and thus subside this blood-thirsty, insatiable monster. More and more individuals are now awakening to the idea of the sovereign power of the people and how they can eradicate the old Orion matrix. This is already a significant new development.

How far advanced the preparations for a new world war between the two nuclear powers are, was already confirmed in my recent report that the USA has launched three ballistic rockets near the Far Eastern Pacific Coast of  the Russian Federation last Friday. The dramatics of the political events behind the curtain becomes evident when one considers the fact that the Kremlin has put on combat duty today its new wartime control center that  was ordered to be built by Putin on 8 May 2013, which is also the new headquarters for the Control Center of Strategic Nuclear Forces. The latter will oversee the use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. When all this is combined with the 5,000 additional bomb shelters which Putin ordered to be built in Moscow and were completed in 2012, it appears to show that Russia is now fervently preparing for an all-out war.

To this adds my repeated encounter with Putin this night in the higher realms, where he was attacked by a laser-like weapon of the dark archons that hit him in the heart, very much like the laser cannon that hit my throat about two weeks ago in the night when the PAT waged its last epic battle with the dark archons, severing them with their old electromagnetic grid from the new crystalline grid, as reported in our regular energy updates. I immediately helped Putin and eliminated with my lightsabre the dark archons that attacked him and then performed an invocation with the violet-gold flame to protect his fields. After that I instructed him how to use this flame to better protect himself in the future.

From these two subsequent encounters with Putin in the last two nights, I conclude that we have entered the most critical phase in the Ascension scenario and that I as a Logos God and soul mate of Putin’s new walk-in soul have taken over the responsibility for the full protection of this courageous and highly endangered politician, whom the dark cabal try to kill at any price.

That Putin is fully aware as to how precarious his and the current world situation is, can be deduced from his recent statement that Russia is now preparing for a war against the USA:

“No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we can see what’s going on. NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale.”

As to why the Obama regime-led Western alliance is provoking Russia to war, one of the best explanations, perhaps, was articulated by the former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and current Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, Doug Bandow, who warned in his recent highly acclaimed article this last week:

“The principle danger to America comes from hubris, the conviction of U.S. elites that they have been anointed by God to run the world. And their assumption that the rest of the world wants to be run by them. As a result, Washington constantly foments hostility, generates chaos, exacerbates conflicts, attempts social engineering, and makes other nations’ battles its own.”

The truth will make you free.

As we all know, the Obama regime has already launched a full-scale economic war against Russia (see also here and here). Now the West is beginning to realize for the first time that it has stupidly engaged in a dangerous Russian roulette, where the Russians have all chances on their side to trigger the last silver bullet straight into the heart of the crumbling American empire. The London’s Guardian has just warned that this “high stakes gamble”, opened with the US-Saudi Arabia secret deal to flood the world with cheap oil, is actually harming the perpetrators much more than Russia:

“Stakes are high as US plays the oil card against Iran and Russia. Washington is trying to drive down prices by flooding the market with crude but risks collateral damage to its own shale industry

Please observe that only two days ago this kind of news was only published by a few alternative media outlets as our website. Now the MSM have also opened to this dire truth. And this is just the beginning. Willy-nilly the dark Western cabal, in cahoot with their presstitutes, must now accept the fact that the world is in a perennial war. And that this last war will not be won as usually by the USA that has won all major wars in the 20th century, until it began to lose all its wars after the Vietnam debacle and became the only source of chaos and destruction worldwide.

The American Empire of Evil is an epitome of the NWO that will never come into being on this uppermost mother planet because of us as Logos Gods and light-bearers, and because of this website that dictates the final plot of the Ascension scenario before we shall transfigure and leave this dreadful holographic reality for ever.

How stupid and brainless the Western Obama, Merkel and Co cabal has become these days, is also the topic of the famous American-German freelance journalist, historian, and economic researcher William Engdahl, who also concludes in his latest article titled The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal on Syria:

The US-Saudi oil price manipulation is aimed at destabilizing several strong opponents of US globalist policies. Targets include Iran and Syria, both allies of Russia in opposing a US sole Superpower. The principal target, however, is Putin’s Russia, the single greatest threat today to that Superpower hegemony.

The strategy is similar to what the US did with Saudi Arabia in 1986 when they flooded the world with Saudi oil, collapsing the price to below $10 a barrel and destroying the economy of then-Soviet ally, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and, ultimately, of the Soviet economy, paving the way for the fall of the Soviet Union.

Today, the hope is that a collapse of Russian oil revenues, combined with select pin-prick sanctions designed by the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence will dramatically weaken Putin’s enormous domestic support and create conditions for his ultimate overthrow.

It is doomed to fail for many reasons, not the least, because Putin’s Russia has taken major strategic steps together with China and other nations to lessen its dependence on the West. In fact the oil weapon is accelerating recent Russian moves to focus its economic power on national interests and diminishes dependence on the Dollar system.

If the dollar ceases being the currency of world trade, especially oil trade, the US Treasury faces financial catastrophe. For this reason, I call the Kerry-Abdullah oil war a very stupid tactic.”

The helplessness of the Western cabal is reinforced by their awareness that they are unprepared for a full-fledged war with Russia – neither in Ukraine, nor anywhere else. As I have pointed on many occasions, the USA has no recruits and no soldiers anymore to wage any kind of war. That is why they are now bombing in a most silly manner Iraq and Syria without achieving anything against ISIS.

The Obama regime is watching the coming war against Russia “like a paralyzed rabbit in front of a cobra” (Wie Kaninchen gebahnt vor der Schlange) as the US Military know all too well their poor fighting record, as most succinctly stated by the Counter Punch News Service that wrote this past week:

“Keep in mind, the glorious US military has spent the last 13 years fighting sheep herders in flip-flops in Afghanistan in a conflict that, at best, could be characterized as a stalemate (Actually they have already lost the war; note, George). And now the White House wants to take on Russia? Can you appreciate the insanity of the policy?

Unlike their “flip-flop wearing” foes in Afghanistan, my favorite journalist Pepe Escobar warns in the Asia Times News Service this week very lucidly what the Obama regime would be facing in a war with Russia:

Wanna play war, boy?

Now for the “threat” of nuclear war in Europe – bogus or otherwise. It’s pointless to compare the strategic nuclear capabilities of the US and Russia based on numbers, but not on quality.

Take the compounded GDP of US, Germany, France and the UK and compare it to Russia; it’s a victory by a landslide. Then examine the strategic nuclear scenario, and it’s a totally different story. GDP alone does not “win” anything.

Consider some of the basics:

Russian ICBMs armed with MIRVs travel at about 18 Mach; that is way faster than anything in the US arsenal. And basically they are unbeatable.

The S-400 and S-500 double trouble. Moscow has agreed to sell the S-400 surface-to-air missile system to China. The bottom line is this will make Beijing impermeable to US air power, ICBMs and cruise missiles. Russia, for its part, is already focusing on the state-of-the-art S-500 – which essentially makes the Patriot anti-missile system look like a V-2 from World War II. 

The Russian Iskander missile travels at Mach 7 – with a range of 400 kilometers, carrying a 700 kilogram warhead of several varieties, and with a circular error probability of around five meters. Translation: an ultimate lethal weapon against airfields or logistic infrastructure. The Iskander can reach targets deep inside Europe.

And then there’s the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA. Talk about a real near-future game-changer. 

In a nutshell, both Moscow and Beijing know the US surface fleet is obsolete – and undefendable.  A few thousand S-400 and S-500 systems are enough to block a US nuclear attack. Think of a hefty batch of S-400s positioned at the enclave of Kaliningrad; that would turn NATO air operations deep inside Europe into an absolutely horrendous nightmare. On top of it, good ol’ NATO fighter jets cost a fortune. Imagine the effect of hundreds of destroyed fighter jets on a European Union already financially devastated and austerity-plagued to death.”

Until now we have little evidence that the American and West-European people are even aware of the catastrophic global war the Obama regime and the shape-shifters in Brussels (e.g. EU President Juncker recently: “We have only two options against Russia, increase in sanctions or war) are attempting to launch, but this is really no surprise to us as we know that these countries are predominantly populated by soulless empty human duplicates. These will very soon descend  to lower catastrophic timelines, where they will wage infinite such wars in continuation of their very long and painful incarnation cycle, until they learn their karmic lessons. Shortly before that our transfiguration will take place as we will be no longer needed in this reality.

Until then we must engineer and coordinate the final escalation of hostilities between the forces of darkness with Obama & Co. on the one hand and the forces of light with Putin and us as Logos Gods on the other.  We are the main protagonists in this mortal drama and cannot leave the stage before the curtain falls.




How Russia Crashes the US Economy and Accelerates Our Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2014


The Crash of the Dollar – Easily Explained One More Time

by Georgi Stankov and Kari, the Sunshinegirl, November 29, 2014


You are simply on fire lately. I am so delighted with these postings and how you help us continue to “connect the dots”. I can see such a beautiful strategy happening now on the part of Putin and I loved the latest on “The Programmed Sudden Death of the Orion Monetary System“. I love all your comments and agree with you that it’s all coming to a perfect head now. I always knew these things would come to pass, (although I was never led to get into the exact details), but I’ve had a very good understanding of the corruption behind it all for a long time and now I finally see how all the pieces are fitting together and it just makes my heart jump for joy as I can FEEL our freedom is so close. I can also sense how this is all becoming already a bad dream that we once had… fading into the eternal mist as we remember that heaven has always been helping us and loving us through this intensely hellish experience…..

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Programmed Sudden Death of the Orion Monetary System

The scenario how the Orion monetary system will collapse in the End Time prior to the MPR and our Ascension is not only part of my and your creationary visions and activities as Logos Gods, but also a self-fulfilling prophecy for the dark secret services in the USA and the West. It is not that our predictions of an imminent financial crash is a figment of our innate desire to leave this reality as soon as possible, knowing all too well that it can only happen after the old matrix has fully crumbled. because we are needed here to the very end to keep the light quotient and the energetic equilibrium. Our dark opponents cherish the same outcome for completely different reasons.

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Message from Matthew – Current Events – About The Animals – 5-2-14



With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The brilliant light of compassion has been streaming around the world to the families whose members’ lives ended in the South Korean ferry and to the families of those who are thought to have been lost at sea in the Malaysian plane. Wherever many hundreds grieve after a trauma is suddenly shared, an outpouring of compassion for them rises from all corners of Earth.

Thus, it may seem that your hearts are united only in times of multiple personal tragedies, and that is not so. Always you are united in your love of family and the desire for your children and all future generations to live in a better world than you inherited—and this foundation of your unity is far, far stronger than your differences, beloved sisters and brothers! That is why, in the timeless continuum, all of Earth’s cultures and races are living in harmony with each other and all of Nature. You are co-creating that world as you surmount challenges in this world of the moment.

Let us quell concerns about Russia’s aggressiveness in Ukraine—it will not lead to all-out war. Vladimir Putin doesn’t want a war and he’s not all wrong by attributing the turmoil in part to interference by the United States. It’s not the country’s government, it’s that the US is the home of the CIA, and it is the Illuminati-controlled faction of that agency that stirs the pot globally. Oh yes, their “black ops” still has enough viability to step in where people are dissatisfied and exacerbate the situation.

However, the time for new warfronts is past, the vibrations will not support much longer war temperament and combative divisiveness. The era for negotiating conflicts has arrived and ultimately, all serious differences within and between nations will be resolved by this means. Discussions will go in fits and starts, so please don’t expect a smooth transition or prompt results especially where fighting still rages and in the numerous circumstances where high emotions still run roughshod over reason.

Talks to end decades of unrest between Israel and Palestine bogged down again not because the residents prefer discord to living together peacefully, but because the peak of the Illuminati doesn’t want harmony there until the region is under their control—those few individuals are holding onto their delusion of world domination with Jerusalem as one of their headquarters. Never could their plan have come to pass once Earth’s ascension began, and eventually vibratory levels will bring to fruition a lasting peace accord.

We have been asked to comment as well on several countries in Africa—“Why is there still so much brutality?” is the bottom line question. Historically the continent has been an arena for oppression and bloodshed. Along with ruthlessly killing each other, stronger tribes captured weaker and kept them in subservience or sold them to slave traders. The negativity that amassed during the centuries of slaughter and slavery and later apartheid and civil wars, has been released gradually during Earth’s ascension, and lingering low vibrations in those lands leave inhabitants susceptible to upheavals. Because Mother Nature’s abrupt means of uprooting and releasing entrenched negativity—earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and powerful storms—are not prevalent in Africa, a “clean slate,” so to say, definitely is on the way there, but it is coming more slowly than to some other areas.

Along with raising your society’s consciousness, the prevailing vibrations are producing other effects. Persons who endure trauma of one kind or another, perhaps prolonged combat, sexual molestation or other physical abuse, or mental aberrations, are especially vulnerable. When those experiences lead to uncontrollable anger or overwhelming despair, the individuals’ minimal stability snaps and often they kill others or themselves. Persons who are trained from childhood to avenge what was done to their ancestors are feeling intensified urgency to annihilate the designated enemy—that will run its course as the will to kill ebbs around your world.

The commonality in those diverse situations, past and present, is that all were and are opportunities for souls to evolve spiritually and consciously. Now, not only are former Earth residents eagerly taking advantage of the unique chance to complete third density karma in one lifetime instead of many, but souls from other civilizations also are coming in to do this. Yet, even for you who understand the purposeful karmic cycle, we know it is extremely difficult to think that way about the many millions who are choosing to live and die in painful circumstances. So please think of the many thousands of lightworkers, most of whom have never heard that term, who are participating in or donating money to humanitarian programs that are uplifting those lives, and feel grateful for their efforts—always the light of gratitude is a worthy contribution.

Numerous recent comments and questions can be summarized thusly: Several countries have hostile relations and some have nuclear weapons; how can you be certain that none will be used deliberately or accidentally to start a nuclear war? But if a nuclear war can be prevented, why can’t all wars be prevented?

We can say with certainty that there will be no nuclear war on Earth because Creator decreed that there will be no more such wars anywhere in the cosmos. When bodies die in ground-level or very low atmospheric explosions, souls are not damaged—the density of the bodies safeguards them. When nuclear weaponry explodes in space, as has happened in other civilizations, souls living as free spirits or in light density forms are not protected—they have been shattered and their parts scattered throughout space.

They cannot be left in that shocked condition, and retrieval and restoration are lengthy, intricate processes that start with specially trained teams searching for soul parts. Some may be floating aimlessly, oblivious to anything other than their existence; others may have entered the bodies of benevolent souls that took in the “orphans”; still others may have been captured by dark entities and held hostage; and some may be so frightened and confused that they can only tumble about. But wherever each part is, it retains the soul’s unique frequency and that is the tracking signal the search teams use as their guidance system.

When a soul part is found and retrieved, it is taken to what you would call a rehabilitation center and given treatment that is customized for its condition—that is, whatever care is appropriate for its experiences during its separated state. As other parts of that soul are located, each is taken to the center and gently reintroduced to the parts being rejuvenated. After all parts have been found and nurtured, they are carefully reintegrated so that all experiencing, knowledge and memories are in proper order in accordance with the soul’s file in the Akashic records. Only then can the soul be fully healed and restored to functioning, and in some cases, this has taken as long as thousands of your linear years.

This immense undertaking shows how important each soul is to Creator and, in this universe, to God, and what those fractured souls endure is why Creator decreed that never again will there be another nuclear war. In keeping with that, God authorized all spiritually, consciously and technologically evolved civilizations to prevent every attempt to detonate nuclear warheads anywhere in this universe—in your world, they have done this more than a dozen times.

Because a “standard” war—and it pains us to speak that way when some of our beloved family are being killed by others whom we also love unconditionally and their karmic merry-go-round keeps going—is initiated by someone’s free will choice, God cannot intervene. He is bound to honor Creator’s law that permits no exception to any soul’s free will choices other than starting a nuclear war. What God is permitted to do within that law is honor Gaia’s choice for a massive inpouring of light to save her planetary body and all of its life forms. Vast, powerful distant civilizations that responded instantly enabled Earth to jar loose from deep third density and start on her ascension pathway.

Although this is proceeding with unprecedented swiftness, we know that in longing for all suffering and violence to end, at times your patience runs thin. You tire of hearing us say grand changes are underway—it’s evidence you want, not only encouraging words. So we shall speak about progress in an area that you may not be viewing in the context of planetary and personal ascension, but it is a vital—essential!—aspect of a civilization’s evolvement: the treatment of its animals. With joy we have seen activity on animals’ behalf become widespread in your world!

Animals are souls; each is a part of Source just as you are and they evolve just as you do. Among some species are souls of highly evolved humans who chose to embody in those forms specifically to enhance the bonding spirit between all animal life and humankind. Love is the key—animals show you how to love without conditions or limitations.

The intelligence of higher orders is very close to yours, and species-wide, the cetacean family of whales and dolphins comprises the most highly evolved souls on the planet intellectually and spiritually. The spectrum of animals’ emotions and characteristics is similar to yours too, except for acquired traits like tact, deceit, bitterness and killing for sport; and in some ways their awareness is superior. They know your thoughts, they are more energy-sensitive than most people, and one or more of their basic five senses is keener than yours.

They are multidimensional souls just as you are, but they consciously go back and forth between physical and spirit worlds, and they understand that there is no such thing as “death.” They communicate telepathically with each other and interact with the myriad Devic souls about whom most people know little or nothing, yet these precious beings are indispensable to the flourishing of all life on Earth.

Let us back up a bit here. Eons ago animals lived peaceably with each other and with the peoples, and there was telepathic communication among all life forms, including the plant and Devic kingdoms. The entire planet was the Garden of Eden then and every life flourished. When strong civilizations with dark proclivity succumbed to the will of the dark forces, they downgraded the DNA of weaker civilizations and included brutality and they introduced the ferocity in animals that led to the predator-prey chain. As the light in people’s consciousness dimmed, they started massacring each other and the animals—that is what caused the planet to spiral down into deep third density and stay stuck there for long ages.

The dark forces knew that whales were serving the critical function of anchoring light in ocean depths where darkness cannot reach, and to eliminate all light on Earth, that force influenced humans to kill whales as part of the culture or commerce, and much later, cause them serious harm by sonar testing in ocean waters. But the darkness did not accomplish its objective—the whales agreed to let their light remain deep in the seas after their bodies were killed.

The same dark influence was at work in the near annihilation of bison herds that roamed the plains of the land that became the United States. Individuals who came under that spell ordered the mass destruction because they knew the animals were the source of food and hides that the native population needed for survival. By contrast, the natives killed only enough bison to provide those basic requirements and they expressed their honor and gratitude for the lives they took.

Other examples of the darkness’ influence was motivating the populace to prize items carved of ivory tusks, to think that wearing animal fur is fashionable, to stuff heads of wild animals and entire “game” fish and mount them on walls, to believe that some animal parts are aphrodisiacs or strengthen sexual prowess. Millions upon millions of animals in the wild or the waters were killed simply to satisfy the cravings of humankind.

Never did it enter people’s minds then that animals have emotions and intelligence and many species are family-oriented. There was nary a thought that those parents love and care for their youngsters just as people do and mourn the loss of a family member or dear friend just as people do. No, animals were simply objects to satisfy human whims. That deep third density mentality had to change so Earth could ascend, and that is why, during the seventy-some years she has been on her ascension course, the light has been raising the consciousness of your society to see animals’ critical importance in the balance of all life on Earth.

After some voices proclaimed that animals have the right to be treated humanely and with dignity and respect, groups started forming to act upon that premise; and a few courageous individuals were inspired to live in the wild and record their observations of specific species. Those beginnings burgeoned into today’s local, national and international organizations with the mission of saving animals and their native habitats. Some are making or expanding preserves for injured and orphaned wild animals, others are operating shelters or rescue and rehabilitation programs for maltreated domesticated animals, and many people are financially supporting these groups.

Outrage about inhumane conditions under which food animals live and die is forcing improvements in those areas. Zoos are creating or enlarging wildlife surroundings for their animals and breeding programs are saving endangered species. Circuses are responding to pleas to care for their animals conscientiously and kindly. National laws prohibit the export of native animals; part of enforcing anti-poaching laws is helping poachers find other livelihood; laws require breeders of pets to meet higher standards.

Extensive research into animal behavior, intelligence and communication is showing their similarity to you in those respects. Increasing numbers of companion animals are being adopted; school children are being educated about the need to spay and neuter pets as well as their proper healthcare and nutrition. Many petitions advocating for animal’s wellbeing are in circulation—the very act of signing a petition sends forth light streamers—and the Internet abounds with films and photos showing cross-species friendship, even in the predator-prey chain, as well as some wild animals’ willingness to befriend humans.

You know this, so why did we speak of it? So you will think about these giant strides your society has achieved and feel grateful! Yes, a great deal more must be done, and many of you have written poignant letters asking what you can do. Of paramount importance, we urge you to stop focusing on the cruelty and negligence animals endure and feeling distraught about it. Via the universal law of attraction that’s in perpetual operation, the low vibrations of those negative feelings and thoughts are helping to continue what you want to end. Sending out the high vibrations of gratitude for the innumerable endeavors on animals’ behalf spreads light throughout the animal kingdom.

Beloved family, there is far more goodness and light in your world than you may think, and your every loving thought, feeling and deed adds to the abundance that is transforming your world. With love, respect and honor, we salute you and accompany you every step toward the myriad glories of Earth’s Golden Age.



Suzanne Ward

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