The Art of Being Peace | Dharma Talk by Thich Nhat Hanh – 5-13-08


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For the Fifth International Buddhist Conference in May 2008, the Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was invited to offer the opening keynote address. The event took place at the National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam with the theme Buddhist Contribution to Building a Just, Democratic and Civilized Society. Hosted by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and co-organized by International Organizing Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and National Coordinating Committee for the United Nations Day of Vesak. The date is May 13, 2008 and the talk is 53-minutes.

Promoting Peace Practicing Buddhism is the art of being peace, the art of promoting peace, in the society and in the world. We all should learn this art. We all have elements of war in our body. Practicing Buddhism is recognizing these elements so that we can then transform these elements. In the Sutra on Mindful Breathing, the Buddha provided us the practice to release the tension in our body. It only takes a few minutes. If we can release the tension in our body, then our body can learn to heal itself. When we make peace body, we can begin to make peace with our feelings and emotions. Do you know how to recognize your emotions? This is the art of making peace with ourselves. Our body, and our feelings and emotions. The Buddha also taught in this sutra how to recognize and transform our mental formations. The Buddhist practice means going home to oneself. To restore peace. How does this work in the family setting? Or in the school setting? Why is it important for parents and teachers to learn this art of being peace?

Deep Listening and Loving Speech During our time teaching in the west, we have also taught listening with compassionand using loving speech to restore communication. In Plum Village, we have practiced this intentionally with groups in conflict – Israelis and Palestinians. What is outlined above is used to illustrate practical application with these groups. In Mahayana Buddhism, we have the Bodhissatva Avalokiteshvara – the bodhissatva of compassion. They do this practice in order to suffer less.

Right View is the view of dependent co-arising, no-self, interbeing. Practitioners should always remember to maintain this right view in their daily life. How does this look between a father and a son? We learn that suffering is not an individual matter. Everything this is linked to everything else. To protect other species on earth, and the earth itself, is to protect ourselves. This is the insight of interbeing.

The Five Mindfulness Trainings Thay reminds of Unesco’s Manifesto 2000 which Thay helped to create with several Nobel Peace Prize laureates. There are six points and has been signed by 75-million people. This arose from the teachings of Buddhism and are very similar to the Five Mindfulness Trainings. If we practice these, we will have peace in ourselves and in the world. Just signing is not enough; we need to put it into practice. This is why we recommend forming ourselves into communities – in our families, schools, workplace, and within governments. These can all become a sangha and bring these six points (and Five Mindfulness Trainings) into practice.

The practice of deep ecology, mindful consumption and the Five Mindfulness Trainings. The trainings also teach us not to exploit people or the earth. We have been talking a lot about peace, but we have not done enough for the cause of peace. Whatever we can do in terms of thinking, speech, and action could be considered as an offering to the Lord Budhha. As an example, we learn how Deer Park Monastery in California is using solar energy and having car free days. Reducing consumption, learning to live more simply, and to have more time to take care of oneself and our beloved ones is very crucial and is the way of peace.

Living happily in the present moment. And taking care of the present moment is taking care of the future. This can assure a beautiful future.

We conclude with a short guided meditation offered by Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Mike Quinsey – Message from Higher Self – 6-28-19


28th. June 2019. Mike Quinsey.

The turmoil of change continues as it clearly causes confrontation amongst you, as certain groups fight change not wishing to move on to more peaceful lives and leave behind all the trappings of war. It is clear that the people have had enough of continual warlike experiences and are tired of them. Even those younger generations who have had little or no experience whatsoever of wars seek a peaceful future, as they have a more heightened awareness and intuitively know what is best for Humanity. There is no doubt that slow but sure peace is being brokered all over the Earth, and even those in the hotspots are beginning to see the futility of continuing with warlike activities. There is a movement that is growing upon the Earth that seeks new ways of bringing about world peace, whilst at the same time still allowing the freewill choice of the people. It will come because it has been ordained so that those of the Light can evolve without interference or delay.

I include this short extract because it clearly spells out the function of Innate in relation to the brain, and it will figure more and more in our everyday life as time passes.


The Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission, for it can go in and pull out the things in your Akash and place them into your cellular structure – that is how smart it is. You can be your own medical intuitive about your cellular structure.

It is the brain that has the box of beliefs that has who you are based on experience and memory. It is Innate that knows the truth, it is your second brain. One of the attributes of the future Human Being is to build bridge between your consciousness and your Innate, so that you would not need to “Muscle Test”. Innate is your second brain, it is the hearts connection. Become your own medical intuitive.

Innate as your second brain does not function like the first one at all, but it is smart and intelligent and it knows what you need. It is the governor to stop you picking up the wrong things, just like your brain is in a different kind of way.

Innate is what creates emotions, helps you fall in love. It gives you the energy you cannot explain. I know all about it and it changes every cell in your body – it is able to ring true. Innate will serve you, it is you with you, but it is not an entity inside you.

You are from the Great Central Sun, it is where Kryon is from. You will know that you are Eternal, you will know that you know me. You have had more than one life.


When you have an out of the body experience such as when you have been knocked out through some accident or through intent, your thoughts are still perfectly normal. Nothing appears to have dramatically changed except you find that without your physical body you have complete freedom of movement, and your thoughts are much more powerful in manifesting your desires. It surely proves beyond doubt, that you are not your physical body but a free born entity with a soul. You may also find that your power of thought is empowered to the degree that you can create what you desire.

When I write according to my own intuition I know that my Higher Self still oversees my thoughts and actions, not to interfere with my intentions but to impart ideas to me as a form of guidance. Not everyone is aware that it exists but when your Higher Self is accepted it will come closer to you and is able to do much more for you. By allowing your Higher Self some space to work in you will find more events in your life become synchronised and flow more easily. Remember that it knows more about you than you do including your life plan, and is therefore better placed to be of guidance to you.

It is apparent that what you call the “old guard” is not suited to today’s needs, as the changes are being arranged so as to introduce new concepts and ways that are far more efficient and purposeful than the old ones. What has passed should now be left to rest as it has been surpassed by the higher vibrations that have no place in the old scheme of things. The new is here already waiting to be awakened and includes many great souls who are the forefathers of the New Age, who are patiently waiting for Mankind to awaken to the opportunities that are before them.

It is becoming more and more apparent that your history is far different from that which is recorded. It has become obvious that there were past civilisations who were able to fly their own craft, and had used technology far in advance of what we imagined they were capable of. The evidence is here now and even goes as far as the use of nuclear devices. It appears that everything goes in cycles including our own evolution.

Regardless of whatever is taking place on Earth it will carry on through the Photon Belt on course for Ascension, as after all Mother Earth desires to complete this cycle by entering the new level of vibrations. The time has come to remain steadfast and focussed upon your goal. There are many distractions because of the changes you are going through, yet many souls have already raised their vibrations and set their course firmly on ascending. We are getting much help and encouragement so be assured of success, and your Higher Self is guiding you according to your life plan.

The simple answer as to what you have to do to ensure your success is to treat all souls with love and kindness regardless of their outer appearance. Do not be put off by a person’s bodily features as the physical body is simply a means to an end, to adequately serve you for your physical experience. All souls are equal in reality and all have the God spark within.

I leave you in love and blessings and may your dreams be fulfilled.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

CONVERSATION with Yeshua, Jim Self – Bringing About Peace, Harmony and Unity – 1-16-19

Jim Self
Jim Self


A Conversation between Jim Self and Yeshua (speaking through Joan Walker).

Jeshua: Greetings. It is I, Jeshua. You on this Earth plane are at a juncture that is about to bring great change in the consciousness and in the way in which life operates on your planet. It replicates the situation that occurred on your planet in previous times when humanity was not able to hold a state of consciousness and a state of knowing to create different outcomes.

This time is completely different because you have those embodied who are empowered to create change significantly. You have access to many of those beings who can collectively make a difference in an outcome that has been prophesied for a long time.

Much was misunderstood in regards to the teaching that I brought forth and the energetic components that I seeded over two thousand years ago of your time. The natural, humanistic state of consciousness that was in play at that time was very much from a third dimensional state of reality. Good-bad, less-than and better-than played out significantly. One of those instances was in the destruction of the great libraries that were held in Egypt. After my passing Alexandria was overtaken by zealots who called themselves Christians. They were very much a part of the impetus to create dominance through their misunderstanding and misuse of their power in numbers. This was a sad day because it then set the foundations for a false premise for Christianity to be based on. That continues to play out in your world today and causes the same type of friction and war and destruction. The teachings of Mohammad have also been much misaligned and caused the foundations of those principles to be misunderstood and misaligned.

At this time you have many factions on your planet where great friction, misunderstanding, war and destruction is taking place. There are many factions in great disagreement on all levels; not just the religious community but on all levels. My desire is to return and open up another space within this Christed** Matrix that will assist you and those who are now embodied to make significant alterations to this warring that takes place in the name of God.

The triangle I wish to introduce within this Matrix is composed of color and sound as well as conceptual principles that must be established at this time. This triangle I bring forth from the yellow Ray, which is a very complex Ray. It is associated with the nature of Christed Consciousness. This Color Code or Ray affects the solar plexus. It also affects the mental body and the emotional body.

This yellow affects the mental body by providing mental stimulus to search out solutions that bring about peace, harmony and unity within the experience. It affects the emotional body by creating emotions that reflect the thoughts of peace, harmony and unity as part of the creative process. That great, massive emotional body begins to function as it was intended to function. Not in separation but in unity.

Another part of this triangular configuration is the Air element. The fresh Air element of new thought and new emotions can create solutions for unity within these factions.  It will not be done through arguing or presenting specific avenues of thought. It will be done through the wisdom and willingness to provide a new thought system that encompasses all and provides the wisdom to create a different solution outside of war.  The Air element is much like the Water element. Air has a fluidity but it also has another component that Water does not. It is not confined by the limitations of forms and therefore provides an openness. It is necessary and very pervasive within the creative process in form.

This Air element along with the yellow Color Coding can be transmitted very easily throughout the consciousness of the world. It is also enhanced by sound. We had you work with the sound of ‘Om’ during a previous class. That is a good sound to employ because it radiates and helps bring forth more of the Soul Essence which is then able to embody this higher consciousness and this greater vibratory level. It stimulates the mental body in the creative process. To tone Om is good. The other tone that is a very viable tone to be used in this triangle is the tone of ‘Ahhh’.

Om, along with the color yellow and Air, opens further the solar plexus and the first Triad. This then stimulates the lower chakras to function at a much higher vibration. This triangle brings greater awareness of the ways in which Unity is created within the body and within the physical realm; within the consciousness and within the non-physical realms of all Creation. There is no limitation. There is only expansion and creation in complete Unity and Peace and Harmony.

** The word “Christed” as the Teachers of Light use it does not refer to any religion or any person, fictitious or real. It is a supreme consciousness available to all.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Yeshua as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Yeshua to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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RICK BUSBY – If Peace Is Going to Be, Neutrality Is Key – 10-4-18

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It is not possible to cultivate a consciousness of peace without actively maintaining a predisposition to neutrality in the activity of our thoughts and feelings. This does not just apply to some of our thoughts and feelings. It applies universally to all of our thoughts and feelings. Unity’s third principle reflects this truth. We are literally creating, and co-creating, our experience by the thoughts and feelings we allow to dominate in our consciousness. If peace is going to be in our experience, neutrality is the key.


Thanks to

The key to cultivating a predisposition to neutrality is to first understand that the energy of neutrality is not passive. On the contrary, neutrality is a quite active creative power, especially where your personal peace is concerned. As Dr. David Hawkins maintains in his work, the energy of neutrality is the next step in our collective evolution. It takes great courage to maintain neutrality. Without neutrality, universal love is impossible. Without universal love, peace is impossible.


It Is Only Your Peace at Stake

My personal peace is my responsibility. Your peace is your responsibility. It is quite impossible for anyone outside of our own selves to guarantee our personal peace. If peace is going to be my experience, it is quite literally up to me. I must maintain neutrality around all of my thoughts and feelings, about anything and everything, anyone and everyone. Any thought, feeling, judgment, opinion or belief that I hold that does not come from the energy of love is a potential disturbance to my peace. Rigid attachments and grievances held against anyone or anything increase the potential for my peace to be disturbed. The same is true for you.

What do we gain by maintaining a rigid attachment to being right about a particular position? If we are holding someone prisoner to our grievances or judgments, what is the benefit we derive? More importantly, what do our rigid attachments and grievances cost us? Is it worth the cost of your personal peace to maintain a consciousness of war, conflict and discord? Are our grievances more important than our experience of peace?

How do you answer these questions for yourself? Can you answer these questions honestly, without any attempt at making someone else wrong so you can be right? Can you be truly neutral and open with your own self, so as to avoid self-judgment or shame? Can you allow that the truth you are attached to right now might not be the whole truth? What if there was additional knowledge that could prove beyond a doubt that the truth you rigidly cleave to was not the truth at all? Knowing that your peace is at stake, could you be neutral and open enough to change your mind?


The Truth Takes No Sides

A big step in the direction of creating peace in our lives is a willingness to allow that the truth that leads to peace is larger than even the most informed opinion. At any point in time, there is always more truth that could be known than what we personally know. As the gateway to peace, neutrality requires that we maintain an openness to any and all truth, regardless of the source. To be neutral is to be open to changing our position if the truth warrants.

Neutrality is the awareness that the truth takes no sides. The truth is unattached to whether I am personally right about it or not. It remains the truth, regardless of my position. My need to be right does not change the truth one bit. If I am not in alignment with the truth, the truth will not conform to my position, no matter how much I insist.

Achieving neutrality requires a willingness to release attachments to being right, to say “no” to any rigid positions or grievances that disturb, block or limit the experience of peace. To aspire to neutrality is to have said “yes” to truth, and to establish my happiness and peace around the truth that is true, rather than the “truth” I wish to be true.


Neutrality Is Not Passive

Many people confuse neutrality with passivity, which they then equate with weakness. However, anyone who has ever attempted to actively create a consciousness of neutrality knows it is a full time activity, requiring great courage, mental strength, and a commitment to spiritual principle. There is nothing passive, or weak for that matter, about maintaining a consciousness of neutrality, especially when the energy of the world around us insists that we choose a side. Again, the truth takes no sides. No side that can be taken is greater than the truth. The truth, the whole truth, must be large enough to include all sides.

To achieve that end in consciousness requires that we have a predisposition to cultivate neutrality, non-judgment, and non-attachment, at the level of our thoughts and feelings. This is a matter of personal responsibility. If we wait for the world outside of us to be at peace before we allow ourselves to experience peace, we will never experience peace.

To ever have a chance at the experience of peace, we must first value peace as an experience above all else. Peace does not happen by accident, and it does not happen through resistance. Peace can only be experienced through acceptance, specifically, acceptance that what happens in the world is beyond our direct control. What others do or don’t do is literally outside of our control. The only domain where we have any real power is at the level of our own individual consciousness.

With respect to personal peace, it is not what happens in the world that matters. The world can never guarantee our personal experience of peace. Your personal peace, my personal peace, is solely determined by whether we react in fear, or respond in love. It is that simple, but it is not that easy. To love unconditionally, or universally in the truest sense, requires a willingness to maintain a consciousness of neutrality. To do this successfully is not passive at all, not even in the least.


A Peaceful Prayer of Neutrality

Entering this day courageously, I affirm my willingness to suspend my judgments of the world. I know that any grievances I hold against the world only restrict the flow of peaceful energy in my life.I willingly forgive myself for any grievances I may have placed on the world, and gratefully release anyone that I may have held prisoner to my unforgiveness. Infused with divine wisdom and deep understanding, I willingly release any rigid attachments and expectations of others, knowing they only serve to limit my potential to create and experience peace. I cultivate a consciousness of neutrality, so that I may remain open and responsive to the energies and possibilities of peace in every circumstance. With everyone I encounter, I remain actively neutral in consciousness knowing this is the clear path to peace. So it is. So I let it be. Amen.

It is in the quiet times that we build our strengths — Purplerays

“It is in the quiet times that we build our strengths

and know we have something to rely on.

Solitude is not withdrawal into a place

where no one and no sound can penetrate.

It is a sweet moment of peace

with or without other people

that lets us re-center and reset …


via It is in the quiet times that we build our strengths — Purplerays