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Published on Jul 16, 2018

Why is the earth so crazy now? In this teaching we will talk about the cycles of the earth school and what is happening. This video is an enlightened, understanding of the coming shift and the emerging new earth. Be patient, be vigilant. Bring forth your heart for we are at the door knocking and the door is about to open to the new earth. MaRae, my higher self, was already awakened and was residing in the highest dimensions before coming to earth, so her perspective is unique and supreme. I look forward to sharing some of what I have learned. Check out our other teachings on our youtube channel. New teachings will be available soon. Please subscribe and click bell to be notified when we have new videos. Thank you! Peace be with you.

The Event and the New Earth – QHHT Client Sessions – via LiftTheVeil QHHT


Published on Jun 15, 2018

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) was created as a healing modality that allows every client to gain insight and healing from their Higher Self. Most often, clients view past lives or the past of the current life to release trauma. Recently, however, clients have been viewing the future instead of the past. Some ask to be guided there to see their greatest potential while others just pop into it even though they were guided into the past. What so many are seeing in the future is what Dolores Cannon (the founder of QHHT) called the “New Earth”. Each client’s description is so similar to every other that it is uncanny. In this video, I explain what a few of my clients have seen and experienced during their sessions. Each of the sessions I discuss was conducted between mid April 2018 to mid June 2018. I am a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner located in Montana. Portraits by Crystal Beattie at Infinity Photography



KARA SCHALLOCK – Massive Energy Wave – Tsunami of Energy is Flowing to Earth Now – 7-9-17 – via Love Has Won



By Kara Schallock

While we have wave after wave of high-impact Light flowing into us, one of the things that is impacting us is our perception. Our perception of ourselves and all things on Earth is shifting. Everything is new and unfamiliar. Observe it all with Compassion and understand what is happening, without the need to cling to the old, familiar way. It’s best to not put it in a box for contemplation; let it flow. In your Silence, you know. The chains that bind you to the old are dissolving. Pay attention to when you receive Truth. Each has their own way of doing this…some have goosebumps; some have expansion around the Heart and some vibrate. Only you know the Truth. There is no right or wrong; there are only different choices. Some choices expand you; others limit you. Feel before you choose.

Realize that any perceived obstacles can be seen as opportunities; they can clear you of old and expand you in ways unbeknownst to you. There may be times in which you question the validity of the New. You may experience times in which you don’t feel connected to anything or anyone. You are always connected. When you feel disconnected it may be that you are releasing an old belief of separation. Even when someone seems to have different beliefs from you, you are still connected to them. Be still and listen without judgment. You know who you are; you needn’t convince others of a way you resonate with. In fact, when someone shows you how they perceive something that is different from how you feel and you become defensive, you are giving your Power to them!

The energy continuously becomes stronger. This can feel exhilerating and threatening all at the same time. Stay firmly in the middle; not attaching to either. Be the Observer. This moves you through. Once you are fully anchored in Love (The New), even when you are thinking negatively, your Love trumps negativity and aligns you with Love. Love (Source) is radiated outward by you. Of course, when you are thinking loving thoughts, it empowersthe Love that emits from within you. Don’t think this is an excuse to only think negatively; for that surely is not the way to evolve or receive the Truth.

Now more than ever it is essential to put into practice being Love. Go deeply into everything you experience. This includes doing this with all your senses. As you are being Love, smell what that smells like, what it feels like and what it looks like. As your Sensitivity grows, you will go deeper into everything you say, do and feel and what others say and do. Your experiences will be richer.

A tsunami of energy is flowing to Earth now. It’s a great time to decide what direction you choose to go in. This is not a time to stand idly by, but to put into action all of who you are; even if it’s just a decision…it moves the energy in the direction you choose to go in and integrates it. First, intuit what is expansive for you and then take a step in that direction. It doesn’t have to be huge; even clearing out a drawer moves the energy in the direction you want to go…if you are pondering a move. If you want your business to grow, set your intentions in that direction and align your intention with the energy. Just by being Love, you set your course. By focusing on your consciousness by having loving thoughts and feelings, you move in the direction of your decisions. Marketing and advertising are the old way. You attract all through your consciousness. Resist labeling yourself. Instead, make a list of your gifts. You are not a teacher, an empath, a healer, a mother, a father, or anything; you are much more than any label you assign to yourself. Labels limit; owning your gifts expand.

Because this huge wave of energy is upon us, anything that limits you is exposed; be it family issues, old patterns or belief systems…or all of the above. Anything you are fearful of most likely will surface as well. Self-doubt, ancestral karma, self-loathing and judgment all surface. Why? To release so that you may be more Love. Old wounds may surface mentally, emotionally and physically. If you feel exhausted and weary, let it be. Remember that you are not your programming. You need not fit into the illusion of magazine models or even the more popular spiritual ideas. Feel what resonates within your Heart and pay no attention to negative self-talk. I remind you also that there is no us and them; this is separation at its lowest. We are all One. 

There is much that is untrue. It’s important to pay attention to your own Discernment and not follow anything or anyone that tends to tell you how to feel, act or think. If you find yourself experiencing any of the above (or other experiences), be with it before you release. Don’t resist, for that onlly attaches you to these old limiting things and it goes right back into your subconscious to replay again and again. As you just let it be, it loosens its grip and then it’s easier to let it/them go. Be sure to not blame someone else for your experiences; take full Responsibility, for you have created it all. This is not judgment; it is how it is.

When you practice Gratitude, you evolve. When you stay in the Moment and are mindful, you evolve. When you meditate, not only are you in Gratitude, but you are in the Moment. Meditation helps you stay in the Heart and it quiets the mind. It is truly transformative. Breathe. Meditation helps you evolve.

With the huge energies that are flowing, big changes occur; with or without your conscious help. Make changes before they are forced on you (or at least it seems that way). The Earth also experiences this (notice the fires, volcanoes, weather, melting, etc.) It’s all Transformation. There is a potential also for new Blueprints to anchor for those who have done their work. Our bodies continue to adjust to holding so much Light. We have been merging our physical bodies with your Souls (Lightbodies). It takes accepting right where we are and all that is occurring, as well as being open and neutral (non-attached). This helps us hold a high frequency. We are energy. Energy fluctuates; sometimes it’s high; sometimes low. We are like a river. We flow sometimes fast and sometimes slow. We sometimes rest in eddies and boulders don’t stop us; we transmform them. We provide for other lifeforms and sometimes get so full, we overflow with emotion, Love and feelings. We take others along for an adventure.

We shift our energy by what consciousness we have within. We attract and expand or we resist and limit our energy. We feel others and what energy they emit. When we use our Intuition; our feeling-sense; we are guided. When we ignore our Intuition, often we experience anxiety and fear. It’s ours; not anyone else’s. We may also close ourselves off from our guidance in order to fit in. When we ignore our Intuition, we strengthen separate ego. In the New , we trust our Intuition/Guidance, even though we can’t put it in a box or articulate it. It simply is. Fear locks us into separation and the old. Trust your Intuition always. Trust your Guidance always. Do not follow the status quo and those who may try to convince you it’s the only way.

Be courageous; be the powerful and sovereign being you are.


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MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – Looking Ahead – 6-29-18




At one level there is some excitement, as the indications seem to suggest that matters regarding revaluation of the currencies have advanced and are almost ready to be released. However, it should be noted that completion of the transactions is not in itself necessarily the green light to go ahead. It is such an important step to take that the decision will be made by those who have a complete picture as to the likely outcome. However, the outcome is assured and absolutely nothing will prevent the many changes that are going to lift humanity up. Keep focused upon a successful outcome and you will be helping it come sooner than later.

Planet Earth is heading for a new area of Space where the vibrations are higher. You will know by now that such a change is to your advantage, but until you are in them you cannot really appreciate how it is. Notably, the souls of a lower vibration will eventually have to follow a separate path to continue their chosen way of life. It is freewill operating at its best, where no pressure is put upon those souls who like every other one have laid out their appropriate path. As you undoubtedly know, you cannot in any event stay in a vibration that is higher than yours. Evolution is nevertheless still taking place even if it is at a slower rate, and that is mainly because lessons have to be learnt time and time again.

The changes in vibration are beginning to have an effect already, and you may have noticed that there are more humans now than previously that are well over 6 feet tall, of a slim build and are not an exception. As the years pass by there will gradually be more and more, and eventually it will be the normal. In your recent history there have been various groups of humans of all heights, even incredibly tall and well over 7 feet tall or more. Some of it relates to earlier periods when there were still experiments taking place to find the ideal human form. In the recent past there were also suggested alien forms such as the “long skull” Beings. Homo sapiens are the finished form and are now appropriate for all the different Races, and has proved extremely successful.

Much in the way of new inventions is lined up ready for an appropriate time when they can be safely introduced. Whether you take to all of them is your freewill choice, but where it is felt necessary more emphasis is put on those things that you will need. The harsh living conditions and shortages of the necessities of life are soon to be overcome, and you will truly come to know what living in the New Age means. The plans for your future upliftment have already been made, and much advice and useful ideas for desirable changes are waiting for you to settle down after many lives of constant upheaval. You have come out of the tunnel of darkness into the Light, so think and act positively and help bring the new way of life into being. The past is no longer able to affect your future, make of it all that is positive and it will help Mother Earth who is also lifting up.

Your individual history upon Earth is likely to go back thousands of years, so when you look around you realise that many of you are old souls. The fact that few of you remember previous lives gives you the impression that you do not have a history of re-incarnating upon the Earth. Some ask “why” and the answer is so that you can apply yourself to the challenges of that particular life. Otherwise you would undoubtedly become distracted and be unable to devote yourself entirely to the tasks at hand. See others as exactly like you regardless of the life style they have chosen for this time around. They are your equals and only different in respect of how far they have travelled along their chosen path.

All souls have an inborn instinct to evolve and subconsciously look for the pathway home. However, as you are only aware through a limited consciousness you do not know exactly what it is you seek. The truth is no secret and even so some will doubt the truth, that you are motivated to return to the Light and all that means. The energy of Love in the Godhead is so overpowering yet so desirable and unforgettable, that souls at that level are living in perpetual ecstasy. Words are inadequate to describe such bliss that is timeless. It must seem strange to you and almost unbelievable, yet you have most likely been told of your journeys to and from the Godhead. The story is that God sent out all souls to experience and that at a certain stage calls them all back so that the Godhead can continue growing through them.


In future generations there will be no illness. You can change the very core of who you are – you are a child of God, walk proud that you are not diseased, you are in control. You can create your own reality. When the body is balanced you do not have to repeat affirmations. The old soul and the new energy is the graduate of Earth, they know what they are doing. Wise beyond the lifetimes noticeable by others and that is why it is going to take generations to develop an Earth that will never go to war. We have the inventions starting to be given that will void physics, and the problems and all of the things that keep you from doing this or that. It is all there, knowledge will be yours and disease will be gone. It is a Utopia, but it will not be a perfect Earth. Understand how the life process works getting to a point where you understand how to create electricity by the heat of the Earth that lays right beneath you, the crust of the Earth and it is free. You are eternal and when you are done with life you are coming right back in a way that is new and different and pristine with awareness of what not to do, with a better life than you can imagine.


There is no doubt that the future is being mapped out for us, as we take advantage of the new vibrations that are rising up, and will continue to do so until we are way beyond our present level. It means that we will progressively find it possible to create through our power of thought more quickly, until a time will be reached when it becomes instantaneous. Some souls have experienced “spontaneous healing” including the writer but that is not quite the same thing. It is necessary to start controlling your thoughts as those that are negative are equally powerful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light



MOTHER GOD – Time Has Come for the New Golden Age on Planet Gaia – by – via Dancing Dolphin – by Love Has Won – 6-26-18



By Dancing Dolphin

(Note: I put my comments and questions in italics for clarification) 

Hello dear Mother, I’m sitting in your park on a beautiful summer day. Watching your people walk about, kids play on park jungle jim’s and dogs happy to be outside walking. Bees fly from clover to clover drinking in sweet nectar. Birds are singing sweetly and a cool breeze blows softly. Would you like to give a message to your people today, dear Mother God?

Lovely to see you today, Dear One. It is a beautiful day of grace and rest for many. The summer day combined with Sunday makes for a sweet feel of relaxation and carefree times. Treasure this time. Try to refrain from thought of work on Monday and the dread that comes with it. Those thoughts do not bring you joy.

My Legions of Light have worked ever so diligently to bring these (carefree) days in for everyone for evermore. The White Hats, the great Alliance of the Company of Heaven and your Galactic Family have made it their highest honor to strive towards freedom for all Earth’s humans. Their work will help bring about the RV which I have indeed released this past week, and in turn will lead directly into your Ascension. Songs of freedom and “free at last”will sing out shortly, dear one. The days of sweat and toil and stress are no more.

For into the hands of the Lightworkers and Loveholders and LightBearers I have placed great abundance and prosperity. My Lightworker groups will then gladly and heartily share their prosperity with others and will encircle sweet Gaia with the healing salve of plenty. No one will ever want for food, water or housing. Everyone will share the seeds of plenty. The dark ones have been taken away for I decreed that their time was done. Humanity has lived in slavery;whether they were aware of it or not, for long enough. Time has come for the new Golden Age on planet Gaia. Gaia herself has already ascended and humanity will come close behind her. Your rainbow bridges to the New Earth have already been created by the Lightworker teams. They are in place and awaiting their passengers. Crossing is easy and many have indeed already crossed that bridge. Many whom you have thought of as died or passed on are already there. They have set up many grand things for all of you. They were called to the other side to prepare and they have done a fabulous job.

Dear one, I know you have many questions; this is quite an exciting time. Would you like to ask one?

Yes! OK, I’m imagining the New Earth and the Rainbow Bridge for us to get there. I’m thinking about families, spouses, etc. Does everyone go together or is this an individual thing? If it is individual, will we miss our family if they don’t come with us? Will families be separated?

Yes, this is a very big concern and I am aware of this. Let me explain it this way. You are all individuals and yet all one. So, your life and the progression of your spiritual journey is very personal to each one of you. When you are ready, you will go. Your families may or may not be ready when you are. There will be plenty of Wayshowers there on each side to assist those coming and going. My Angels are also assisting greatly. During this transitional time, each Soul will have their own special Mentor. This Mentor will answer your questions and guide you to contemplate the best course of action for you. You will then have all the information you need to make your own choice. Will you stay on 3D Earth? Will you raise up to 5D Earth? Will you join your Galactic Family on board a ship?

Will you join your Hollow Earth family inside Gaia? There will be no judgment of your decision. And, when your decision is made you will experience your choice in a calm and loving atmosphere. Families will not be torn apart in a violent or abrupt manner. Spouses may join their soul families or tribes in various places and will not be heartbroken or ache for their former spouse. All will be well!! It is a grand and joyous time!

Thank you Mother, I know that is a concern to many people.

Yes, I understand. Let me also add that you ALL chose to come here for a specific reason. You all planned and begged to be here NOW. So, deep within you, the knowledge of this time is buried. Your Soul knows the truth of this grand event called ‘the Shift’ or ‘Ascension’ so you only need to go within and connect to that knowledge.

May I ask another question?

Yes, of course.

Thank you! OK, I’m confused about the timing of things. Many of us who were led to buy foreign currencies and have been developing our Humanitarian Projects are awaiting the RV/GCR and GESARA so we will have the funds to start our projects and help others. So, after the RV goes and we get our blessings and begin our projects to help heal everyone…how long after that will the Ascension go—the time when we will either cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the New Earth or go somewhere else? I guess I just don’t get the point of being blessed with all this money to help fix up Gaia and helping humanity only to leave her? I mean, obviously it’s going to be an amazing experience and we cannot wait to help others and see everyone work together in communities to get projects done! To fed and house each other and do all sorts of cool stuff. How much time will we have to do all that?

Oh, dear heart, I know that you know time is relative but of course it is hard to comprehend in your current context. Time doesn’t even exist for me or any of the higher dimensional beings that you communicate with. So, how to answer your question? Think of it in layers. You know how you imagine pieces of history happening? Say, the time of horses and buggies and then came the automobiles. Well, there was an overlap time when first there were only a few autos and mostly horses and carts. Then, more and more autos and fewer horses, etc. There was not a cut off time when poof—cars appeared and the horses and buggies were gone. This sounds humorous but it is how I interpret your question. There isn’t or will not be a certain cut off time where people will all at once stop living on 3D Gaia and the next second all be somewhere else. People have already started going over the Rainbow Bridge, living on ships and living in the Hollow Earth. It is already happening. So, those with burning passions for their Humanitarian Projects will stay on 3D Earth as long as they wish; while others will decide to go to the New Earth immediately. Everything will occur at the correct time and pace for each individual person. The mass needed for your race’s Ascension has already been met, this is why some are choosing to leave already. Do you understand?

Yes. Thank you!

Any other questions today?

Yes. What would you like to say to someone who is newly awakened?

I am here and have always been here when you call on me. I am your Mother God, the Divine Feminine. When you meditate you may call me and I will soothe you with my unconditional love. Also, find time to be alone, to get to know your true self; your soul, your inner self that is connected to me. You will receive guidance from this part of you also if you ask. Some call this aspect their Higher Self. It is essential that you connect with this aspect of your essence, of your true self.

Thank you, dear Mother God!

It is my pleasure, Dear One. We will talk again soon. Be in joy.

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin *


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DREAMWALKER – New Earth – A Frequency – 6-27-18


New Earth   –   A frequency


Have you ever entered that silent space, where you never wish to return to the noise of the world? Well I have been entering that space more and more recently, as the temperatures soar and clear hazy skies are overhead.

Thanks to

There is so much I want to share, yet now is not the time to share it all, because I need to keep entering my sacred space where butterflies come and sit next to me and birds land three feet away….”


 I have shifted another gear. As I move out of the zone of irritations and into the zone of peace.”


New Earth is forming within, every day she shifts, evolves and replenishes that which is decaying and needs cleansing. 




Sue Dreamwalker

SUZANNE BERTOLAS QHHT SESSION – AI, Implants, Elohim, and Dark Manipulation – via The Event Chronicle – 6-25-18



This episode touches on many topics randomly as things came up while entity and implants were being removed. floating cities, dark energy implants, AI, I asked questions for those who watch to be aware of how to protect themselves etc.

SOUND ALERT: Use Headphones please. (or turn on the auto-captions. — Ed.)

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