SIMON PETRUS via Ann Dahlberg – The Bright Dimension which RecentlyHas Arrived to Earth – 3-16-18

SIMON PETRUS via Ann Dahlberg


I am Simon Petrus who has come to speak with you today. The sun shines strongly over your Earth and many adamantine particles are now falling over the Earth. It impacts everything living on Earth today. At that time 2000 years ago Earth had not raised its light as much has she has done now. Yes, of course there is light. Mother Earth has always had a large light within herself. It has now expanded out to the outer regions on Earth and this is where you now find yourselves dear children. This is the reason there is such chaos in the world today. The light pushes out the dark and the dark does not quite know where to go. It does not quite understand what is happening and in some cases the darkness is transformed to light. Many of you people who are on Earth today transform your own darkness to light and it has the effect that it gets ever lighter on Earth. The dark that you transform others can more easily transform as this has already happened and exists in the collective consciousness.

This is why we are so grateful for all who dare to see its own darkness for you become the light that shines in the dark and shows the way for those that have just started to walk. Those that just have woken up and are trying to find their way through the veil, which still holds them within a certain obscurity. Many lights are needed to get a whole humanity to march towards the light. However, there are also many brave brothers and sisters that have light their lights and are letting their sparks fall on newly awakened siblings.

We are all one and we help each other on our path towards the light – The bright dimension that recently has arrived to Earth. Yes, dear brothers and sisters, it has already arrived and it has come to stay. The dark is now fleeing to its dark dens, but they are all the time illuminated so there are soon no places for the dark to hide. This can cause some panic now at the tale end, but the light is not afraid of the dark. It just continues to shine, as it knows its goal. The goal for Gaia is to ascend up into the higher regions of light and there are now large forces that help her with this. Gaia’s free choice and your free choice is holy, as you know. It is your free will dear humanity if you want to come along or not. That choice is also holy. All who wants to come along with Gaia will do so and you will get the help you need. The help is all around you, in your heart and in all that you encounter. Be observant dear children on Earth and try to see and follow the signs that are given to you. They tell you which path it is that you should follow. Follow it and you walk more easily into the light that right now shines on your feet. Cleanse all that has been and try to live in your now. It is the now that counts and has the most importance in your life. It is what you do and think now that is the most important for your progress. Yesterday is forgiven and forgotten. It is your now that form your future. It is your thoughts and actions now that yields your tomorrow. So, be wise dear sisters and brothers. Be careful with your thoughts and actions today – let them be true and loving. Try to have a humble attitude towards your life and your co-creators.

We are with you and help you, so call on us – your guides and your guardian angels and we will with great joy heed your call. There are many who with great eagerness want to help you now.

I am grateful that I could come through and leave this message.

Much love

Simon Petrus

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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A Whole New World – Regina Belle, Peabo Bryson – 3-17-18

Published on Nov 15, 2010





Prescients come together for the New Cosmic phase of Hue-manity.

Stepchildren are embraced into the Galactic family.

Miseries end.

Celebrations begin.

The Light has won.




Nasties – Poem by Valerie Donner – 3-9-18 – ALSO – Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

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Valerie Donner


By Valerie Donner

Nasties, nasties when will you stop?
Guess you won’t halt until you drop.
Why don’t you surrender to the Galactics;

They will make it clean and easy to rid you of your tactics.

Nasties, nasties we don’t want you here.
You’ve wreaked havoc on our planet that we hold so dear.
Can’t you see that your days are done?

On our new planet we will all be one.

Take your separation, desperation and greed.
Go play with each other and work out your misdeeds.
Your days are over there is no doubt.

The light is here and has the most clout.

Nasties, nasties away with you!
You are subject to universal law.
Goodness and love are in order

And you won’t be able to lift a claw.

Your days of power are blowing up.
You’ve taken it to the max because you’re so corrupt.
Humanity is awakening and seeing the truth.

You are not welcome here anymore because you are so uncouth.

Nasties, nasties you might as well relax.
The old earth is done with you

And these are the facts.

In every facet of life, the world will be changed.
There will be no more heartache and pain

And the world be rearranged.

Nasties, nasties put down your nukes,
 Your AI, your guns and your dukes.
We’ve had it with you.

You make us all puke.

We are planning our parties
While you rot in your own hell.
May you have a good time

 Stewing in your own creations that we know won’t go well.


Mira from the Pleiadian High Council channeling through Valerie Donner March 7, 2018

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. My full focus now is on the earth’s Ascension and with my work and the Earth Council.

On the Earth Council we observe all that is going on with your planet, around your planet and within your planet. We are determined to see you and the earth through your Ascension. There is much at stake and we want to reassure you that you are doing an excellent job. If you could only see the extent of the beautiful work that you are doing you would be astounded. Much of your work is done in the dream state as well as throughout the day even if you are unaware of it. You are such higher dimensional beings that you are present only to a small extent in your physical form. This is perfectly acceptable and necessary for this is a big project to rearrange everything on the earth.

Your lives are valuable beyond measure. Your hearts are prepared and open for new whole way of life. Your souls are finely tuned to what is most necessary for you to do every single day. For many of you your primary focus is on the Ascension. You are primed to want to know as much as you can about the progress that is being made. Unfortunately, you cannot receive this information from your mainstream media. We have already discussed this. It is often important to simply allow your own knowingness to show you where to go for up to the date important truthful information. Most of you are pretty good at this by using your intuition. More information is forthcoming from those divine communicators who receive excellent input from the higher realms.

Right now, it is important for you to take excellent care of yourselves and to love your selves. What you think and do matters. You are at the apex of the final decline of the dark forces. Their demise is accelerating like a snowball rolling down a mountain. The dragon’s tail of karma is whipping around wherever necessary and there is no stopping it. In other words, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for these evil ones. Their time is complete. You will begin to recognize how much lighter the planet is feeling as the percentage of light grows stronger.

More of humanity are beginning to awaken. For some this awareness is earth shattering for it means that their lives have been lived in fantasy, some of which has been more like a nightmare. They are beginning to see through the deceit of the mainstream media. They are questioning everything and are looking deeper for truth. Little by little all will be revealed until it becomes an explosion of truth and light. From there it will only be forward movement. The light beings left on the planet will have important big bold new assignments.

For most of you the third dimension has lost its luster. It can be challenging having to be going through your third dimensional paces acting as if everything is normal, like the way it used to be. You already know this is not true. Some of you are anxious to begin living your fifth dimensional lives. You are ready for love and unity, peace, abundance and joy. Please be a reassured that you are being directed in your appropriate spiritual path.

This is an exciting time of chaos and change. It precedes evolution. It is about beautiful new creation. You are microcosms of the macrocosm so in your lives know that as you transcend whatever challenge that is set before you, you are doing it for everyone. You must be strong and courageous. Stand up to the challenges whether it is dark attacks, old patterns within that need to cleared, health issues, lack, or fear. Change is the norm now. Go with the flow and you will be quickly stepping up the Ascension ladder.

I love and respect all of you. I am Mira.

JUDAS ISCARIOT via Ann Dahlberg – Feel The Vibrations of the New Earth – 3-5-18 – byLove Has Won – by


I am Judas Iscariot and I know that you are waiting dear Earthlings, but what are you waiting for? You are waiting for manna from Heaven to rain down, when the manna is already with you. Everything you need exists on Earth today and all you need is to have trust in your own heart. The heart leads you on your path each step that you take and together all steps become a giant step for mankind. It is thanks to a great collaboration that you have taken the steps that you have taken today and the collaboration grows for each day. It is now that you show proof of being a collective unit – A unit that strives towards the same goal consisting of justice and love for all concerned, and it concerns all who live on Earth.

It is with great love that I witness this and it is with gratitude in my heart that I see how grand movements of freedom and love are on the way on Earth. It is now that it is happening… dear children on Earth, it is now that it is happening, you turn darkness to light, hate to love, captivity to freedom. You take each other by the hand and dance to a united brother- and sisterhood. A great dance is underway on Earth, a long dance of people dancing holding hands, with all sorts of people who dance together. It is beautiful to see. I can see it already in my inner vision. You are all happy and you laugh with love and relief. We dance with you and enjoy the new era that you now enter into. It is fantastic, dear wonderful children on Earth. It is fantastic vision that I share with you now.

This is the way it is going to be, so have trust, have trust in your heart and what it whispers there. It whispers about the new era that you enter into and the few steps that remain for you to bring home the whole harvest – The harvest of freedom and love. And to be allowed to be the one you are – a creation that always is beautiful, created by our loving Father/Mother God. Only love can come from God and you are love. You are all love and you will all enter through the portal of love to be resurrected in yourselves, the true you, your true essence.

It is an incredible journey that you are making now dear children on Earth. Feel inside how it vibrates and your veins are expanding. It is the song of love that once again is sung on Earth. Hear its song, feel its vibration, feel that everything is perfect just as it is right now. Stand still and feel the vibrations of the New Earth, it has started to vibrate in you now. Receive it, welcome it, let it open your inside and then let love flow out. We are with you and share the love with you. Let it flow out in the world so that you all can unit in the song of love and vibrations. I can hear this song in my heart. This wonderful love song is sung by thousands of hearts on Earth today, if you listen real carefully you can also hear it. It is an ancient and unifying song and it sings of brotherhood and sisterhood, it sings about the wind, the water, fire and earth, it sings about life, life that is holy, powerful and enlightening. It carries you home now dear children on Earth, it carries you…. Home.

Much love,


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – NEW EARTH HUMANITY CODES – 2222 – Higher HUmanity – The Rift Has Been Sealed – Through this recent Stargate Harmonizing Alignment – 3-6-18



For those who are unaware, January 1st we activated SOURCE CODES: 2222, which are Higher (Consciousness) HUmanity Codes, for each to activate, integrate and embody here. These codes, part of my “purpose/role” as a Gatekeeper and Guardian of Our NEW Earth and Higher HUmanity too, is to access, integrate, embody and deliver these codes to each ready to do this too.

The 2222 Code is POWERFUL, and has infinite aspects to it. I’ve been sharing some of the previous ones up until now, which still stand available to each, as well as this next “increment”, that’s now fully anchored into our BE-LOVED Gaia, Universally and Galactically too, through a “Marriage/Union” with a recent StarGate Opening and “closure” that has now occurred. This one is different, than most I’ve observed and integrated, as this is the first time I’ve observed a “Rift being SEALED”. [Golden Seal] I will explain a bit further, as this entire sharing is Light Encoded for each to absorb/hold for their own evolutionary and transitional journey here.

This Set of Ancient SOURCE Codes works/deals with the Separation (Rift) between many existences, that each brought forth into this “now”. Within each one of our physical bodies, there is the separation of Heaven and Earth (Hell dissolves), the separation of Human and Higher Self, the separation of God and Human, the separation of Galactics and Humans, the separation between the Universal (aspects of ourselves) and Earth(ly) aspects as well, the separation between Angels and Gods and Humans, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as well as human masculine and feminine, the wounded/hurt child and the Pure Divine Child and every aspect both laterally and horizontally as well. Each one of these represent us in our totality, and each aspect holds distortions (immense distortions) until all of these distortions are observed and energetically cleared within every cell.

The division/separation between old earth and NEW, even this must dissolve with each one of us, me, all, you. The division in everything must dissolve for Unification to occur. As each holds out this division/separation (duality), then this continues to play out within and with “out”.

This SEALing is a “healing” (for human aspects/humanity), a whole’ing, a merging, a marrying, a union off aspects, energies, existences, universes/planets/galaxies/Gaia, collectives and individually too. This StarGate Closing is the conclusion of an era of Earthly/Cosmic separation for all who are ready, to dissolve, resolve and clear their own REJECTING/REJECTION of their own higher self/lower self/universal self/God Source Selves/Angelic Selves/Galactic Selves, Unconscious with Conscious selves, which is avoided through unconscious programming that each may still hold within. This dis”own”ing allows each to now OWN all fully, assists with full acceptance of each’s own selves easier, through the release of any unresolved beliefs, emotions and stories once held, which created/held judgment separation by way of guilt, shame, hiding, blame, animosity, disdain and in-difference within as well.

Where each was holding this, this becomes a projection out, which creates the physical reality to respond accordingly for each to experience in order to see. There was great separation through wars and battles, which play out within each until Purity Love Consciousness and Unity can emerge fully from within.

For the human aspect, there is great hurt and pain, where humanity turned against itself. For the higher realms observing, this observation was unacceptable behavior as well, because of the awareness of how all is affected, yet by each holding these codes within, each’s template can now integrate these to hold HIGHER HUMANITY WITHIN, which correlates to transmitting a much higher vibrational transmission for a NEW HUMANITY to emerge and become visible externally, because EACH is HOLDING THIS VIBRATION themselves. The KEY (KeyCode) to our NEW HUmanity is within each (codons), which are activated/turned-on as each is ready to become an integral part of evolving HUmanity, assisting HUmanity and shape-shifting HUmanity through their own Purity Love Consciousness here.

The rift between Heaven and Earth is unified with the implementation of these codes. For all who are here to anchor Heaven on Earth, this is for you, as well as everyone too.

As an Angelic Warrior (Gargoyle Energy), a “Protector” of HUmanity, clearing the betrayal of humanity, we are here to “deliver” (awaken) humanity from itself. Through the integration of these codes by each, this is possible now. The separation being severed, the wars, the fights, the battles dissolve as each stops fighting themselves, condemning themselves, disowning themselves, trying to “kill” themselves, hating/hurting themselves by dis-claiming unresolved aspects of themselves, by holding these aspects out separately and instead merging/integrating each through acceptance, love and appreciation, respect and immense sacred re-connection and Divine Union of Each from within.

Through the activation of these Light Codes and conscious choosing to integrate/unify/hold these within, this can be accomplished as all are ready to open up, release and receive. Through Holding Love for HUmanity with every cell, each’s reality will begin to shift, each’s perceptions, each’s energy, each’s separation will dissolve for NEW LOVE to emerge from within.

For Eons, our Earth has held these codes of separation and betrayal and wars. These energies have been released for Universal/Galactic timelines/existences to be resolved. For Eons, the attempts to re-unite, re-unify have always met with a “fail”. This too has now changed, as the capability for each to anchor this within and on this multi-dimensional earth is now possible and “done”. For eons, each carried separation between the dimensions, separation between the realms, separation between existences, separation between “statuses” and more. This too now dissolves for all ready to embrace this fully from within. For eons, separation was “written” into human genetic coding, as well as galactics and other aspects too. This too now dissipates, dissolves and resolves, within each ready to embrace our NEW.

These HUmanity Codes unite, re-unite and resolve. These bring together that which held separation, duality and disharmony between the Realms. These HUmanity Codes are available to all who are truly ready to embrace, truly ready to accelerate, truly ready to anchor the Heavens within themselves, the higher realms within, the Galactic Regions/Races/Civilizations and Codes for Higher HUmanity here. These HUmanity Codes restore each to full REMEMBRANCE, as each is truly ready to release their own separation fully from within. These HUmanity Codes re-unify the Gaia and it’s inhabitants, the Heavens, the Gods, the Kingdoms, the Planets and Galaxies alike. These HUmanity Codes elevate the consciousness of all Earthly Vessels and BEings to Awaken through Love and return to existences forgotten, without the distortions anymore. These HUmanity Codes are available to all, now activated within each’s DNA, now activated within each’s Field of Consciousness to be integrated fully, through the elevation of each’s own consciousness, by reaching/going deep inside and allowing the Purity of their own Soul to emerge fully and by living from this place/space all of the time now. As each opens their heart fully to return to self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance of all aspects/versions of selves, they are to reconnect with their own HUmanity inside.

These HUmanity Codes deliver humanity, awaken humanity and cleanse humanity of all previous unconscious actions, as each is ready to take full responsibility for every action from this point forth, as each is truly ready to step-up and fulfill their own highest purposes/missions/roles here on our Multi-Dimensional Earth. Let all the old go…. you don’t need it. Stop claiming it, holding onto it and making it your current reality here. Focus from within this moment right here. This is the one you are now creating your entire experience from, right now. This now… this is how you make a difference. In every moment… your vibration, your energy, your beliefs, your mentalities, your actions and what you invest/support with your own energy for you to experience here.

I love you. This sharing is your activation and acceleration codes. All you have to do is read/absorb and repeat, until you feel it and live it as your way of being here. Share with others ready too. This completion now means that each can accomplish this within themselves. No one waits for collectives anymore. You “change” collectives as you shift/embody/change Earths yourself. This is Our NEW (Earth) HUmanity now. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. Embodiment = Full Divine Union of all aspects within self
Gargoyle Energy: Guardians of HUmanity (Protector of humanity from itself). I will be sharing more to assist those who are ready to activate and step into these roles as well.






BY ROSALIE DEGREGORY – Will We Soon Poof into New Earth?


Will We Soon Poof into New Earth?


People are talking a lot about the COMING New Earth and the Event that would carry us into it.  They say that only some of us will make it.  I don’t see it that way.  I’ve blogged that we are already in the New Earth and now are responsible for what we create here, as we tear down and rebuild societal systems and each learn to love more and to each create the beautiful life that we choose.

I disagree with the main premise in the interview, below—that The Event as an event from our Earth human perspective of what that means.  The cause of confusion is that from higher dimensions, divine beings often see whole cycles of thousands of years as one event.  Still, I’m posting the video so you can use your own discernment on that and many interesting sub-topics in the interview, none of which are new and all of which have for some time, been popular ideas.

As we gain Intuitive Discernment, we change our minds on many things.  The history of my posts about The Event show that I once believed what others said until I learned to trust my own discernful knowing.  Be willing to let go of your beliefs and understandings.  Let yourself Evolve.

New Earth Is a Place Being

Created by Evolving Earth Humanity for Ourselves

Will We Soon Poof into New Earth?

As an example, the video mentions healing domes as something that will be provided for us in the ready-made Earth. A couple of days ago looking at the new hospital in Florence, AL, I envisioned it as a place that would sometime in the future be closed as a regular hospital and utilized as a place where today’s true healers of many modalities will open offices.  WE will switch from Big Pharma hospitals to good health care as we go further into the future on this New Earth.  Eventually—how long depends on US—each person will use his own Consciousness to stay healthy.

Just today I read that more than six million people from age 18-34 began gardening in 2017.  Most did so because they desired organic, non-GMO, fresh food.  That seems like a new trend for the New Earth.  That is US establishing New Earth ways!

How do you see it?  Comments on The Event or any sub-topic are welcome!