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Come, Abide with Me | Heavenletters | by Illuminations Now! – 3-20-17

Originally posted on Rainbow Wave of Light: God said: You are on a rung of a ladder. You may hesitate to go higher. No matter how much you may ask Me to propel you higher, you may pull back. Why? If you let go of all your attachment to boundaries, perhaps you wonder what you…

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March 20, 2017 at 6:24 am

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Heavenletter #5956 Know God for Yourself, March 16, 2017



God said:

What is upheaval? Upheaval is the sense of Life’s moving too fast for you. More Life coming at you than you would like to deal with. Too much multi-tasking for you all at once.

Sometimes you would postpone Life if you could. You would retreat if you could. You would choose a pause button, a back button, or, best of all to you, a fast-forward button where you could have a sneak preview of the future. How you long to be briefed and have reassurance.

My Word isn’t satisfying enough. I say all is well while you may see mayhem all around you. The unexpected happens. You see danger. You see all possibilities of pain and loss, and you fear all the possibilities. The possibilities strike you as outrageous, for you live in the fearful illusion of time. I could tell you that time is not real until I’m blue in the face, yet time spins its web before you, and you get wrapped up in time.

At this current moment, Eternity and Infinity are not your main interest. Later on, okay, you will try to figure them out. Some other day you will. Some other day, you really will.

Anyway, you haven’t been able to quite catch on to Infinity and Eternity. You say that you are focused on the moment, yet that is not really true. If you were focused on the present moment, you would not be so familiar with fear. You wouldn’t live with fear so close by your side.

Okay, you don’t expect to escape from death this time around in the relative world, yet must you have death hanging over you as if your death were imminent and ready to strike? Look, you feel death looking over your shoulder. Death hangs around. Death steps lively, as it were. As you see and feel it, death follows closely upon your heels while you don’t see Me watching your back every moment. You may tend to focus on all the unwanted possibilities than on any of the desirable possibilities. As it is, you are out of breath in your attempt to avoid danger, as if your concern actually protects you. Of course, your concern sabotages you.

Yet Life has a way of perpetuating itself and making you move forward – ready or not.

Not all of Life is up to you, beloveds. This isn’t a great revelation. You may be used to not having your breakfast toast the way you prefer. Or you can stub your toe. You can be late. You can be early. You may miss breakfast altogether.
At the same time, unknown to you, you and your Life may be right on schedule.

One way or another, Life will reach you. It is not for you to rush ahead and anticipate dangers. If you must anticipate, anticipate the joys waiting in the wings for you. Look forward to Our Meetings. Look forward to your awareness of Our Meetings. The Truth is that We meet all the time.

My beloved sons and daughters, you have some blank spaces in your hearing. Otherwise, you would know Me. Knowing Me would not be a matter of trust. It would be a matter of knowing, as close as knowing what fresh air is like on any clear day or what sunshine on your skin feels like or what a glimpse of the night stars looks like and beams to you.

I AM in every pulse of your heart. I wake you up in the morning, and I put you to sleep at night. I AM the Impulse of Love in your heart. I AM the Power of Your Life. You are forever and always My Beloved. You are My Self, only, right now you are encased in a human body. This does not have to mean, however, that you are limited. I am Unlimited, and so must you be. And here We are, stepping out onto a new adventure.

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March 16, 2017 at 10:07 pm

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Kryon – Who is God? – 2017

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March 4, 2017 at 6:12 am

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Nickolas Martin Strange – Is God is Not a Who?

by Nickolas Martin Strange When We Consider our Source What a strange title for an article. Strange for many, because it acknowledges the obvious–God is not human. It is strange because religious teachings we encounter over the years embed the thought that God exists within the spiritual realm. Strange, because we also never refer to…

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March 2, 2017 at 5:03 am

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Heavenletter #5940 – The Light of God – 2-27-17


God said:

Do you think that commitment requires a lot of determination and discipline, as if commitment comes spectacularly from dint of will? This is not how I see it. Commitment comes not from any kind of determination except for the happenstance of the depth of your desire. Commitment is something that comes your way, and you don’t have a say about it. It walks in bidden or unbidden. It’s there, or it’s not.

A great artist by dint of his love for expression has to paint or sculpt. Art is so needful of expression that the artist has no choice. The same for a musician. He must play his flute. A composer must compose. He chooses, yet he has no choice.

A great artist still has to clean his paintbrushes. He cleans his brushes by dint of necessity. Cleaning his brushes is an outer necessity. His art is an inner necessity. The artist of magnitude paints because he cannot help himself. May everyone have such a deep desire within that he or she cannot withstand.

A baby wants to nurse, and a mother wants to nurse her baby. It is no sacrifice to take care of her baby. It is what the mother desires to do.

Of course, many people on Earth live by the sweat of their brow. They have a schedule, and they follow it. They go to work at 8 a.m. and get off work at 5 p.m.

Their dedication comes not from the fullness of their heart yet from a different kind of dedication, perhaps dedication to supporting their families or dedication to eating! Their greater joy may come when work is over. Their joy in sports, for example, might not be so strong if they had all day to do whatever they wanted to – if they knew what that was.

Restrictions also have their gift to give.

It is not everyone who has a great passion. The world needs appreciators too. Art museums require people to come to gaze at its content.

Concerts need people to come for the joy of hearing the music.

In the world that you may not always feel you fit into, there is a place for you, and you serve.

The artist is not thinking: “I must paint in service to the world.” He is painting because his love of painting is so great that he cannot help it. At the same time, he is serving the world, and so are you.

Whatever you are doing, you are serving. This is inevitable. You are serving God and man and the world, and you are, therefore, serving yourself.

You may well not get accolades for your service. You are the one who has to know that you serve. Serve well. Serve yourself joy in whatever simple acts you perform.

If your job is to pick up litter in the street, know that you are serving. You do not have to predominantly serve yourself. Your greatest joy may come forthright from serving others. You, of your insular self, are not enough to serve.

Getting back to the great artists and musicians and writers, businessmen and women, designers, hair stylists and so on, sometimes the fire dims, and you move in other directions. This, too, is Life. Seasons change, and sometimes you change as well whether it is your heart’s desire to change or not. Surgeons and musicians alike have injured their hands.

For no known reason, passion can fly the coop. You may go from one passion to another or feel bereft of passion. Life has many facets. All possibilities exist, those you favor, and those you do not.

You also have the opportunity to be where you don’t want to be and, at the same time, give joy and reap some too. It is through giving joy that joy greets you. Even in dire circumstances, you can give out Rays of Light and so reap joy and share The Light of God beating to the The Tune of Love.

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February 28, 2017 at 2:33 am

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I believe – Elvis Presley

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February 24, 2017 at 5:21 am

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Heavenletter #5936 – Thrive! Thrive! Thrive!

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God said:

You are here on Earth for far more than to survive. Survive has taken on the meaning of barely making it through, just getting by, going through great trials perhaps, running through a gauntlet, or crawling through a desert and not dying of thirst. Surviving, as it is understood today, isn’t much, perhaps hanging on by your teeth. In My book, surviving isn’t meant to mean hanging on by your teeth.

Super in Latin carried the meaning of superover, above, more. Vivere means to live. Survive meant far greater than mere survival. Let’s substitute the word thrive. It is My desire that you thrive on Earth.

I put it to you that you are to enjoy your sojourn, not make the best of it as it is understood, but to have a good time as you learn the ins and outs of living on Earth. Making the best of dreariness is not My dream for you. My dream for you is opening up the sky for you and embracing you to Me and Our Kingdom of Heaven.

Set your sights higher. You are meant to lift the world. You can do this by living in Joy, in Joy for the good of all. By no means are you to relinquish Joy – to give it up or to never have it as if this were by some stretch of the imagination good for your soul.

There is no merit in lackluster. There is no merit in suffering. There is merit in Joy. How can you give Joy unless you have Joy within you to give?

Hear Me clearly: I have never thought much of suffering. I never thought it was a wonderful thing. I never wanted you to appropriate suffering. I gave you Earth as a garden for you to tend.

With enough Joyous Gardeners of Earth, what could Earth be? It would be the Garden of Eden. Why not? Why couldn’t Earth be a Fulfillment of My Desire?

You may be waiting for Me to wave a magic wand so you will see the Glory of Heaven on Earth. The magic wand for you to wave is Joy, Love for goodness, and simply Love. All that is needed for All Beauty on Earth to Arise is you, Beloveds.

I prod you. I say this in a hundred different ways. Re-purpose yourself on Earth, and you will spontaneously create Heaven on Earth for all to partake of.

There are no slugabeds in Our Kingdom. Yes, on Earth, there are slugabeds. A slugabed is someone who stays asleep and waits for another to make a Difference in the World.

If you truly want to change the world and not rant and rave at it, then add your Joy to the pile. You have your own range of influence. Right where you are, you can be a leader of this Enterprise called Joy.

If you are bedridden, you have a range of influence.

Regardless of your situation, regardless of what the world thinks of you, the influence you have is Infinite. Be you a murderer on death row, you can influence the world in the ways I seek. Each person on Earth is already influencing the world. If you have previously smeared the world, you can now brighten it. Your medium is Joy. Paint the world with Joy.

No matter what, you leave your mark. Leave the mark you wish to leave. Welcome Joy and give it away. You are a part of a throng of woe, or you are a part of a throng of Joy. No one needs your adherence to the past. Light the present.

Be Joy, Beloveds. Love the world and uplift it. Create Joy. I say you can make all the difference in the world, and you can make all the difference to the world.

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February 24, 2017 at 5:10 am

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