One Blaze of Light Across the Universe – 6-20-17 – by peoples trust toronto

God said:

You live on a whirling planet.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars shine on you.

You reflect the Orbs above.

You are made of cells that whirl.

Dancers whirl.

What looks solid is whirling nevertheless.

What is to be made of this whirling whirling whirling

you live in and all the whirling inhabitants?

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When it feels like there is no one that you can turn to – by Purplerays – 6-18-17

“When it feels like there is no one that you can turn to,

no one that you can trust,

remember there is always God.

There is nowhere you can go,

no state of mind in which you can dwell

that is beyond the reach of God.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant Text

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The Council – Include Yourself – by Oracles and Healers – 6-18-17

The Council – Include Yourself

There is a wonderful song title that we love,

“What If God Were One of Us?”

We would change it a little,

hoping that we do not offend its authors.

We wou ld have it be “What If God Were All of Us?”

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Heaven Letters – When You Open the Windows of Your Heart – 6-13-17…

God said:

If I were to ask you to list all your desires, and all your desires came through today, you would jump for joy. You would be so excited. You would feel rewarded and loved today. You would know for a fact that the Stars are smiling on you. How happy you would be.

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It is a good guess that you can easily put together a long list. If you ran out of ideas, you could go to the internet or TV or ads in a magazine and catalogues. There is no shortage of what you would find to desire. The world offers you trails of breadcrumbs for you to follow and more and more.

Yes, if all your dreams come true today, you would be happy. You would be ecstatically happy until – until — the Joy fades. How can it be that joy fades? How is it that wonderful gifts lose their luster?

The deal is that you can always have more to add to your list of world desires. World desires just aren’t enough for you. When you get a new car, after awhile, it isn’t new any longer. After awhile, there are newer cars that hit the spot. New goes only so far in the material world. Gilding the Lily wears off.

The world at large certainly does give you happiness — for a while. The world is simply not able to bestow long-lasting happiness. You could have gold and sit in a palace, and it would not be enough. Lasting happiness isn’t able to establish itself within you from outside.

Lasting happiness arises from within. However intriguing the world is – and it is intriguing, no doubt — lasting happiness bubbles up from within you.

Within is not the same as without. Interior is interior. External is external. Internal is internal. Foundation is foundation. Surface is surface. Temporary is temporary.

In Life, you alternate between Life on the Surface and Life in the Depths of your Soul. Have both. Of course, you would like to.

Temporal desires may well come from themselves and also from your effort. Sure, you could win the lottery, yet, for the most part, you give forth your energy to fulfill your worldly desires.

Desires often find their way to you. You don’t have to work hard at desiring. Desires can well rush in on their own. You don’t have to hold your desires tightly in your fist. Desires can find their own way. Desiring has a Life of its own.

When you feel desperate, let go of desperation. Look, it is natural for your desires to reach you when you don’t hold on tight to them. Invite rather than command. Greet rather than demand.

There is nothing you have to possess. You just plain don’t. What you have to have is to give freely. When you open all the windows of your heart, what cannot come in for you?

When you look at a sunrise or a sunset, unlike when you gaze upon your once new car, you can feel happiness every time. When you see a field of lavender or pick a flower, Joy is yours. Even though you can gaze upon Nature, Nature is not outside you but within. Fresh air will always give you joy. Nature is not a personal dividend. It is inevitably shared. No one has to ask anyone for permission. Therefore, Joy from Nature is renewable, and you are blessed with Joy every time.

You don’t own a sunrise. It is yours, and it is everyone’s. No one needs to unlock a sunrise. The Sun was never locked. The Sun was always for all. No one has to apply for permission. No one has to pay admission or wait in line. Beloveds, Nature is within you. You are Nature.

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HEAVEN LETTER – Forgive Those Who Have Not Yet Forgiven You – 6-2-17


God said:

There is a Sanctity to Life. Consider Life as Holy. What could Life, this Myriad of Life, be but Holy?

Holy be My Name, and Holy be yours.

I will tell you frankly that there is no need for unholy. People may become irate and consider Life to be unholy and themselves unholy and to justifiy themselves to think so.

People may say: “Someone said this or that. Someone gave me an unflattering look. Someone disdained me. Someone doesn’t think well of me. Someone can’t treat me that way and get away with it.”

How pride raises its haughty head and does away with bare civility.

This is not the Life I had in mind for you. This is poor thinking and emotion. Such vacant pride is not advantageous. Did you think it was? Pride in goodness has merit. Pride in doing what is right is good. Sometimes you will do well to think about again in terms of what is good for the world and what is not. Shining Light is a very good thing. Keeping malice and heartache reduces you.

Arrogance doesn’t shine Light. Arrogance diminishes Light. Arrogance stomps out Light.

I said: “Let your Light shine before men. You are part of mankind.”

I said: “Forgive those who have not forgiven you.”

Dear Ones when, within you, you are truly happy in Life and happy with yourself, you won’t carry grudges. You won’t ever even think of it. It is always away from Truth to blame anyone for your distress.

It is your choice to be downtrodden or not. You are not helpless nor are you hapless. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. It is not meant for you to be thoughtless any more than it is for you to be heartless.

If your heart has shrunken, extend your heart now. Don’t close your heart as if this were a righteous thing to do. Open your heartstrings. Stretch them like a rubber band. No longer are you to allow your heart to grow sloppy. Your heart is to be open until it makes room for all. It is for you to expand your heart as well as the hearts of others.

How many other hearts have you expanded today? Upon whose lives did you shed joy today? What songs did you sing from the rafters today? How did you treat the low in spirit today? What Light did you shine and upon whom?

No longer dally in Life and wait for a more convenient day. No longer even think of inconvenient. Think of goodness and mercy as something you give back to the Universe as a way of giving thanks. Grace is not for you to spatter here and there. You are to give. Giving means to give generously.

You are not a pauper who has to give sparingly.

Open your eyes to the Beauty within you and multiply it and never stop. Never close your fist. Open your hands, and let Greatness flow from you the way waves lap the water.

Be done with holding back your Love. Don’t wait for even one more day before you pour out your love. You are here to pour Love out. Spend your Love. Spread your Love. This is how you keep your Love alive and well. Certainly not by sitting on your love. How would you ever profit by stinting your love?

What is My Will for you to do but to invite all hearts and souls to your heart and to your soul? Do you see this now?

Have an impulse to spread My love wherever you go. Where else does your Love come from, after all? You can even send Love to and fro other lands and to other times. Be a well-wisher where you happen to be. Where you are is where you are needed, not somewhere else. Right where you are this moment is where you, the best of you, is to establish yourself. Right here and now.

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Heavenletter #6031 – God-light on Earth – 5-39-17

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God said:

The stars look like streetlights that light up the night sky. From star to star, you the Lamplighters, silently light up the sky and night. Actually, the stars stay lit day and night, only the light is not always perceivable. You can know that starlight coexists with the Light of the Sun.

The world is always lit up to say nothing of the Sun. What you see and what is do not always match. You, My Children, are Godlight on Earth. You may think that this is an exaggeration or an outright unTruth when this is the God Honest Truth. If only you saw as I do see. You will.

Everything is provided for, and your Clear Vision of True Reality is within you. You are not always the first to know. Sometimes you are the last.

Your beloved pets know the Truth of you as you are. They are attuned to you. They know the Love you are made of. They see you better than you see yourself.

In one sense, it doesn’t matter how you see yourself, your Self. In another sense, it matters tremendously, for you tend to act from how you see your Self. We are not speaking of ego here, not in the least.

If you think you are grounded, you act as if you are grounded. If you think you are capable of soaring beyond the world, you come from a higher place. From where you think you stand, you see. When you think you are solely grafted to Earth, you may hardly lift your head to see far at all.

It isn’t just that I desire you to fly High. It’s also that I know this is how it is. You will also come to this conclusion by and by, the sooner the better.

How it is at present, the world may hold you back. You can fly to Me now. Nothing is in your way. Your vision limits you, however. Your fingers are on the light-switch now, yet how do you arise to an occasion that you don’t see?

Humility is a good thing. Ignorance isn’t great. Unless you know your Greatness, how can you be humble? If you do not see your proclivities, how do you use them?

Fortunately, you can stumble. Stumble more. Throughout a lot of your Life, you have stumbled, and you have stumbled auspiciously. You might say by mistake. That you live auspiciously is no mistake. This is how I have made. Your error is in not believing in your Self. You are My True Child. You are not a vagrant. You are a High Being. You are not less no matter what anyone says and no matter what you say. Truth is Truth. Don’t be a derelict to your Self. Make friends with your Higher Self.

You may kick and scream that you are a weed or a pothole. This is a mistake of your intellect. To say that you are not all I say is an outright lie. Deep down you have a vague sense of Truth. No longer see less. See further.

Your real culpability lies not so much in what you do as in what you don’t see to do. Ascend now. Ride on the Elevator of My Love. Here, come on. Come with Me. We will Light the World for all to see.

See beyond the dust and scrapes, beyond the ordinary, for you are extraordinary. This is what you dare not admit. Why don’t you? What story do you tell yourself? By what right do you hesitate in taking a leap? Why do you stall your evolution? Get into High Gear, Beloveds. What are you waiting for? To know that you can?

Take it on trust that you can. Trust is good to go by.



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To Those Who ARE ASCENDING WITH THEIR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: Message From Prime Creator, May 25, 2017



Here is some of the information for a part of the last phase of ascension we are now experiencing. The time has come for those of you who are ascending with the physical shell to consciously make a new choice. This choice is not for all, nor did all make this choice. All must understand that all will ascend and go where they are supposed to be.

This message is specifically presented to those ascending with a physical shell. I suggest you state these out loud. Remember, you must consciously choose the following:

  • I AM accepting and receiving all the planetary work done on my behalf, for all of my aspects, for all of my lineage, and all of my creations before quantum entanglement.
  • I AM surrendering to this process. I AM done rejecting it. I AM done sabotaging it. I AM done allowing others to block or stop me from this process wherever I exist.
  • I AM choosing my highest reality with this experience, with the highest outcome for me and all of my aspects, all of my lineage, and all of my creations before quantum entanglement, wherever we exist.
  • I AM awakening and activating all of my star gate systems for me , all the aspects of my being, all of my lineage, and all of my creations before quantum entanglement, wherever we exist.
  • I AM done with all of my stories and false Identities of who I think I am/was, who all of my aspects are/were, all of my lineage is/was, and all of my creations are/were before quantum entanglement, wherever we exist.
  • I AM allowing all old paths and time lines to collapse now for me, all of my aspects, all of my lineage, and all of my creations before quantum entanglement, wherever we exist.

By saying these statements, you are allowing yourself to come into unity with all parts of yourself. You are allowing yourself to be healed, initiating and catalyzing the release from all lower dimensional people, places, and things where you are/were stuck. It not only allows you and your aspects to be unified, but brings all of you into unity with the new physical crystalline structure that you are transitioning into.

You will see parts of yourself fold into you, viewing multiple faces and bodies of yourself flash by. It can appear much like a rolodex, or you may see parts of yourself standing and another part of you flattening out, lifting up and back into the body, or it can show itself in many ways.

You may experience dizziness during this process so please drink plenty of water and get extra rest if you need it. It could take you several days to process this.

Once this release is complete state the following:

  • I AM choosing and accepting my new path, and my new experiences.
  • I AM now ready to receive all the things I have chosen to learn and experience on this new path for me, all the aspects of my being, all of my lineage, and all of my creations before quantum entanglement, wherever we exist.

I AM understanding this is a bridging process to move me through this experience from where I reside now to another transition.

This is a time of great joy and relief! Just be open to receive all that has been done for you.

Love #5

Prime Creator

Of Sector of Creation