KRYON – GOD HAS A PLAN – 6-18-18


Published on Jun 18, 2018

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways. For more info visit…




Heavenletter #6375 – We Are Going to Make Great Music Together – 7-11-18

God said:

Beloved, no matter how much and how deep down you desire wealth, you can’t quite believe that you are meant to receive greater than this. You will not be denied. Here’s how it is: Wealth can’t light a candle to the music that you and I are going to make together. Sit up. Get ready. Let’s go!

Your life is about to turn upside down. Do you begin to feel wonderfulness on its way to you? Know this. Feel this.

You are going to ride the escalator of life up to the fulmination of the miracles of upcoming life on its way to you. You are ready to catch up to long-awaiting miracles that are ready to emerge into full bloom.

Thanks to

Surely, you already know that miracles exist. Miracles exist for everyone, not just for some and not just once in a while. Ready, set, go! Miracles have always been on their way to you, yes, to you, and to every child of Mine – miracles in all their Glory.

The time is now. No more refraining from all your blessings. Non-existent time will no longer detain you. Now, the world is getting ready for you. Dreams are ripe to come true now. Reach up, and you shall receive. All of life is dancing before you. All of life is for you.

Be generous with yourself. It is high time that you open your arms, your eyes, and your heart to all that is on its way. Accept in advance. Perk up. Herald the joy before you. Joy has always been before you from the beginning. Widen your thinking and lift up your arms now to receive.

Never again will you drag your feet. Never again will you hang around for your day to come. I call you now “Awakened One” in one fell swoop, and so will you know Who and where you are, even as there is no separate identity for you to speak of.

Enough of fear upon you. You have had enough by now.

Everything in the past, let go of it now, for full glory is gazing upon you. Think anew. The day you have been waiting for is here right before you. You have been sleeping, and now you are waking up before your very eyes or, at the very least, with new eyes. Do you begin to feel yourself waking up to a new essence of life? Indeed, I am writing your name now on blessing after blessing in beautifully curved letters on a splendid new agreement that I eagerly await you to sign.

If you don’t believe Me, go ahead. If you are inclined, muscle-test! You have always been on the verge. It just happens you were napping or off on some other jaunt, whiling away the illusion of time. The illusion of time just hasn’t been moving fast enough in your favor by a long shot.

This is about to change, and the so-called you and I are going to change. Your life is going to change before your very eyes overnight. Actually, the change is not in your good fortune. The change is in you. Most of all, you will be clearer to yourself now. Now you will better suit yourself. Heretofore, you drifted off target in your life. You didn’t see yourself up to snuff. You meandered off-base. It was your timing that was off. You were your own disappointer. Your life is always up to you in that your life depends upon the way you see it. Make no bones about this.

SOPHIA LOVE – Bursting Through the Door as the TRUE YOU: The Event – 7-3-18

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Well, the Event theme is again “topping the charts.” Following is the latest message on this received by Sophia Love.

I also have something “Event” to share, some of which dovetails with what follows, but it will take some work to put together and I have to get my car in for repairs early this morning – not likely I’ll be able to get my message posted before I spend a few hours out dealing with that. I’ll be back with more for you asap. Exciting! Love, W

Oh, btw, Lisa Harrison posted another video yesterday responding to some ‘trolling’ she’s received re: her recent video (available on this blog)… where she also gives the backstory of her intriguing ‘Leeloo’ connection. That video is here. She gets into the Leeloo subject after about 5 minutes addressing false rumors.

Is there someone who wants to connect?

Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

I reach you now at once again a critical moment. Not critical in a sense that death possibly approaches. No. Yet critical in a sense of vitally important. You, as an individual and you, as a race, approach soon your rapid expansion. What this looks like varies for each of you, yet what it feels like does not.

It is in the interpretation of the feeling, the emotional aspect, where differences are perceived.

You will hear the Event described vastly different by each of you and it is not a different happening but a different perception of a happening.

It is in these perceptions that you differ.

The observer effect holds true in every case.

The Event is a rapid switch or increase in frequency.

It will be felt viscerally.

I am getting visuals.

You would like to share them now?

I would, yes.

I saw/see at the same time, two women. One smiling with her arms outstretched and head thrown back. Her hands are moving. It is like she is waving it on or in or through her – I cannot see what she is responding to, only in her expression and action do I witness it.

The second woman looks ill, she huddles herself in blankets, pulls them around herself and the feeling that accompanies this is fear. She appears in darkness in my visual. This is in sharp contrast to the first woman, who was outside, her hair was blowing in the breeze.

That is what I saw.

What you witnessed describes/displays just two ways of the many that this Event will be experienced. Outdoors, indoors, standing, lying down, awake or asleep, it will be noticed. Whether or not you are cognizant of what it means when felt is a personal choice. Decisions in this regard have already been made.

For you are human and individuality of expression is your hallmark trait.

Your message is coming too fast to decipher now. Please adjust so that I can get this down. I am seeing DNA strands.


What happens for you as you experience this physical Ascension and what has been called “the Event” is that parts of your DNA previously unused will turn on.

These are things you may already notice.

I have been having many experiences of telepathy and sight beyond the usual 3D sight, these recent days.

With the completion of the Event, it is as if your unused component parts are invited to the party.

This doesn’t mean they will all show up.

It means that they have reached maturity in a sense and are now allowed to.
Whether or not they participate in your current incarnation depends on your personal choice for evolution. These choices have been made.

They will not be un-made or changed, but instead they will be now evident for all to witness.

Each body holds equal capabilities. Each lifetime utilizes and learns from specific actions and choices.

What is imminent is the Event.

What gets played out now with the Event is your choice of Ascension process.

It is now for you to focus on your inner desires, dreams and beliefs. As the answers to your questions show up – believe them, regardless of their source. For you are entering a moment of magic.

It will last as long as you respond to its offerings and allow them to multiply.
Within them, YOU burst forth – YOU.

This is the physical representation of your actual signature. This takes time.

Imagine the upheaval if your world was transferred overnight into one with 8 billion Genuine Articles. The strangeness would overwhelm you all and what is a beautiful thing will become unfeasible to comprehend. This is chaos and not the plan.

No. Instead, the Event opens the door – extends the invite and each of you decide just how deep into the rabbit hole you want to go.

It is not a question of if you are able to. Instead it is a playing out of your decision about whether or not you want to.

Each of you will go just precisely where you’ve chosen and it is the one perfect place for your soul’s evolution. Trust every decision made from a base of joy.
Remain open to magic.

You’ve come up to that door and are about to live there.

This is what I wish to share with you now.

Thank you for coming forward.

This conversation ended. As it did, and I was writing the last few words, I heard “It is done.”

I do not hold a clear sense of exactly what is meant by this or what is “done” – the conversation? The topic? I guess we’ll find out together.

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HEAVEN LETTERS – Leading to New Realms – by Rainbow Wave Of Light – 6-29-18




God said:

Beloved, when I say you are My One and Only – Myself – you may discover yourself quite happy to be One of a throng.

Well-done! Be content that the bond of One equals God Almighty and the Soul of Human Beings. This is Oneness in its Highest! Oneness is supreme enough for all of Eternity.

Do you begin to feel the strength and freeingness that Oneness is? Within the Oneness of One, Oneness bursts wide open. Did you think that Oneness might be confining? Oneness does not convey the idea of being sent to your room and being told to stay there. Nor does Oneness suggest that you go to a cave. Coming from Me, Oneness looks more like this:

“Hello, My Friend, I hug you Who Art Myself, and I say to you Who art Myself – Come, Myself, expand with Me. There are no boundaries in Oneness. There is full expansion and no limits. None. Oneness is a great place to be with Me, and, don’t forget what a great place Oneness is for Me to be with you. We do not have to tell the One of Us apart from the other.”

We can’t even say that Love lies between Us! Love? Love? between Us? Love is OF Us. Our Love is One.

Dear One, why would I say Us as if We can be two? Language can be propitious. In the English language, the word I is ultimately singular and capitalized. How did this happen? Of course, this makes sense yet seemingly reflects the idea of Oneness existing within God and man.

How does any language come to exist? It grew. I have long said there are no accidents. Nevertheless, languages grew. Every language is a product of the land it grows from. Of course, language is reflective of the air and terrain and sky of the land it arises from. Certainly, no language is irrespective of its environment. Even so, there is a story that languages were thrown up in the air all at once to be scrambled and named Babel.

How deeply do the sounds of each language affect its speakers? Deeply. All languages flow. Some sounds can only be learned to be spoken through a certain age of a speaker. Later, no one can learn to speak that sound. Babies play with sounds and prepare themselves.

Man everywhere is a creature who speaks. Languages grow from the geography that abounds near them. Everyone’s language is precious to those who speak it. Languages are meaningful in more ways than one. The language you grow up in is called your mother tongue.

Too much cannot be made of a specific language. The language anyone grows up in has an influence, a great influence, a profound influence. All sounds and languages are beyond measure.

Every language produces poets. In every language, there are stories and songs. Languages also take words from other languages. You have grown up with words adopted into your native language that at the time, you had no idea were borrowed from far away tongues that also travel around the world.

Just as one word in a story in a language leads to another, so does one thing in life lead to another, and so does one thought of yours lead to another, and so does one thought and one word in a Heavenletter of Mine lead to another. I also might add that My words could also lead to another realm not yet pinpointed.

SPIRIT KNOWS US – By Narendra Mishra – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 6-29-18



A couple of days ago, for the second time in my life, I came face to face with the notion that Spirit knows me, intimately.

I have no doubt that Spirit knows each and every one of us. Yet it still came as a pleasant surprise when it happened as blatant as it did.

A client came to see me on a referral from a dear friend, Lynda. It was her birthday and she had a very strong urge to get a reading done. She had never had one before.

When we met for the first time, we embraced as if we were old friends. There was an instant connection. This, I’m sure, many of you would have experienced at some time in your life. No real surprise there.

The surprise came when we started talking in our introductory remarks to each other. Apparently, in June of last year she was awakened from a very vivid dream where an African man was introducing her to an Indian man. She awoke just when the Indian man took her hand and led her to a building.

When she saw my picture on this blog she remembered the dream. The Indian man was me.

Well, needless to say, I was flattered. I felt honoured to be known by Spirit. Of course, on one level I knew already that we’re all known to Spirit. But to actually experience it as dramatically as this was quite another thing.

Prior to this, the first case happened two, maybe three years ago. A client came to see me. She was a short, rather stout African woman in her fifties, who walked with an assurance that came from working as a security guard for many years.

“I want to know what this old Indian man wants with me,” she said, looking me straight in the eye.

My thought was that this was probably some kind of love affair. Boy, was I wrong. As she spoke she became very fidgety and uncomfortable. Her voice started breaking and it seemed she was fighting something.

Thankfully, I was already a reader of the Golden Age of Gaia and other awakening websites, so I knew channeling when I saw it. I was quite intrigued though. This was the first I was witnessing it. This was a live manifestation of Spirit.

I asked her to allow him to come through – the old Indian man whom she referred to. When he did, her transformation was dramatic.  Her voice changed to that of an old man, speaking in broken English dialect. Her demeanor changed; her very personality became reminiscent of that of an old man.

I was so fascinated that I forgot to challenge him to ascertain if he was of the Light. But I had an opportunity a couple of weeks later when he came though her daughter. He was of the Light.

After telling me quite a number of very, very personal details about myself, he said he had directed her to me. Apparently she needed guidance and I was chosen by Spirit to guide her.

That experience had me on a high for a few days. I was at once elated and humbled that Spirit knew me.

Now, this experience repeated itself yesterday. Albeit less dramatically. Still, the wonder to really know that Spirit knows you didn’t abate with time. I share this now with you, my dear friends, that you may know also in your hearts that Spirit knows you. Intimately.​

OPERATION TERRA – Source is Going to “Blink” Soon – 6-24-18 – rose rambles dot org

By Operation Terra

Now that all but one of your “lives” are being reunified,

the Oversoul is “harvesting”

its accumulated experience and

preparing to make a quantum leap

into another reality.

Even Oversouls “graduate”

and move up the evolutionary ladder, back to Source.

In reality, Source IS everything all at once,

but from the subjective perspective …

via Source is Going to “Blink” Soon ~ June 24, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg



I reached out today to One, as it has been awhile and I felt inspired to do so.  

I’ve also just released a book, “Join me on a Love Quest”. It is a journey into self-love, and that is what I believe is necessary for all of us now as we proceed through to the upcoming changes. It is one that was taken 7 years ago, by many of us together, on Face Book. It is, I believe, what has led to my own expansion. It was made into an easy to follow format so that others of us could easily explore the nuances of getting to know, forgive and ultimately love yourself.  There is a book trailer for it included below this conversation. Notice that the cover is a star map, for indeed the Quest to your center will navigate back to where it all began, where you all began. Check it out!  

Here is the conversation. (We had already been speaking in regards to the reader’s questions that will be a part of the next newsletter, to be published next week.)

“What can you tell me about this current moment? About the Event? About Earth changes, including the volcanoes erupting? It has been sometime since we’ve spoken.”


There seems to be a focus now on delays, destruction, and on the horrors of crimes perpetrated against humanity. As this awakening of the collective proceeds, all of it becomes visible.  It has been there always and it is this idea alone that gradually occurs to the human mind. All proceeds as it is called forth to proceed. It can be no other way.

The absolute conviction many humans hold in rightness, wrongness, good or evil perpetuates polarity.

It is this final lesson perhaps that remains elusive and then holds at bay (a) rapid, expedient progression.

For even those of you who many would claim to be highest evolved, hold deep in your heart ideas of separation.

These notions of “other” must be released. You wonder even now, why, in answer to your query about the Event and earth catastrophes, that this is the direction of the response. This, because my beloved one, it is in all ways and will always return to you.

For until you accept responsibility for all of it, you will not realize your true nature.

You hold within the essence of God-hood. The keys to creation are not hidden from you, yet they are covered still in blame and shame.
A God does not point fingers.

You are stepping closer to your nature, helped along by your inner drive towards evolution as well as (by) these rapidly accelerating frequencies.  As you do so, the most heinous crimes show themselves in the light of day to those with eyes to see.

These are not all eyes. It is for this reason you are here in such massive numbers now – those of you who originate not on earth but elsewhere. The reason for your presence and relentless hope is due to an inner calling.  You want everyone along for this progression, this Ascension.

You firmly believe that if everyone knew the truth, the truth of the program of control here, that they would choose to join you.

You must let that notion go. For in it is held a deep-seated belief that you hold the only true, right answer. That indeed you know the way.
In a sense you are requiring others to “follow” you in order to ascend.

Gods do not follow.

Gods create.

It is here where you’ll realize all answers you seek.

These are found not in predictions or calculations or observations even, but in belief.

Gods know.

In these words, let there be comfort as well as conviction and determination and realization.

You will create each moment from your core self. This happens in a place of pure knowing.

When there are no longer questions, you will have all the answers you seek.

That is all.

Thank you.

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