A Message from The Arcturian Group by Marilyn Raffaele March 2020

Awakening Our Truth

A Message from The Arcturian Group by Marilyn Raffaele March 2020

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ARI KOPEL – How to Connect to Source-Creator – 3rd Teleconference Call

Ari Kopel

Being able to connect with Source-Creator is a crucial and important skill that we MUST have in order to learn the techniques of Protection, Manifestation and Healing that will be taught in teleconference calls to follow. We can learn techniques all day long, but nothing happens unless we’re tapped into this Power. I will demonstrate how to do this and what to expect and not expect by going over simple exercises that will help us readily connect with the All That Is.

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If you feel Disconnected from the Divine, from Prime Creator, or you just never knew how to go about this, please join our group. It will give you a different perspective on this Direct Connection/Communion that Will change your life, if you take this seriously and come with a passionate desire for this re-Connection.

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Jesus through John – Separation never occurred … It could not occur because the One is indivisible


Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday July 16th

Humanity’s awakening is proceeding beautifully, just as divinely planned and intended.  Do not be distracted and dismayed by the various unhappy events on which the mainstream media focuses its attention, and which it uses to keep your fear and anxiety exercised and alert.  As I have already told you many times, the purpose of the mainstream media is not benign, it is clearly directed, by those who own and control it, to focus on the items of news that deal almost totally with conflict, tragedy, and loss of life, and that are therefore unsettling or even alarming to its audience.

Most of the good and uplifting news is not reported by the mainstream media because they depend on shock and drama to attract watchers, listeners, and readers.  There remains within humanity an intense desire for “bad news” because it satisfies the egoic need to see others in worse situations than oneself.  When one feels alone or separate as a human individual, the knowledge of the pain of others can act as a palliative, temporarily relieving feelings of personal suffering, and enabling a person to accept that life is unfair to everyone.  And in the illusory world of form this certainly does appear to be the case, with a very large proportion of humans living in extreme poverty in areas that are basically lawless, and where the fundamentals for survival are in extremely short supply, while many others reside in areas of conflict.

THIS IS WHAT MUST CHANGE AND IT WILL CHANGE!  In fact it is already changing, so focus your attention on being that change yourselves by releasing all judgment, bitterness, and resentment at what you see as the unacceptable behavior of others.

Remember that all are one and that therefore everyone is a mirror to everyone else. The more you choose and intend to be only loving whatever the situation in which you find yourselves may suggest is occurring, the more you will experience meeting love reflected back to you.  THAT is how the world is changed, and it IS changing constantly.  As you well know the only constant in the world of form is CHANGE!  So make the change from fear to LOVE in your own hearts, do NOT engage in conflict, and KNOW, as deep within yourselves you truly do, that doing this works PERFECTLY.

The old ways cannot continue, and they will not continue; they are way past their “sell by date.”  They have served their purpose which was to bring you to the moment when you would choose to awaken.  That choice, having been made collectively some time ago, is being put into effect daily in ever more locations.  You know this, because each one of you has made the choice individually to awaken, and there is only ONE, YOU!

The ongoing confusion in every area of human endeavor is as a direct result of the collective choice to awaken, and humanity is awakening to the insanity of the present way of relating to itself as individuals of unacceptable political, religious, cultural, ethnic, and social groups.  Every person and every group has much to offer that is of inestimable value, but until now you have mostly focused on the seemingly unacceptable differences between you instead of focusing on the truth that everyone has gifts to offer, gifts that only they can offer.  As that realization rises up into the awareness of more and more of you, and as you choose to honor and respect one another, instead of negatively judging those who appear different, peace and harmony will arise as all that is not in alignment with Love dissolves or dissipates back into the unreality from which it arose when you chose to experience it – it being – SEPARATION from SOURCE!

Separation never occurred, it could not occur because the One is indivisible, the One is All, and without even one seeming individual sentient life form the One would be incomplete, and the One cannot be incomplete.  Modern physics has finally proven this to be so in the material world, and has also realized that the material world in which humanity is experiencing life in form – the universe which, in form, you see as vast and impersonal – is but a microscopic component of the All, in fact it is so small that to try and define it as a percentage of the ALL would be totally and utterly meaningless, it just would not show up because it is so small.

When you awaken, as you are going to do, the absolute V A S T N E S S of Reality, the All, will dumbfound you.  Reality is All, and your Joy in becoming aware of this, that you and It are One, will blow your little human minds, except that you will have no little minds to blow, being One with the V A S T N E S S that is A L L.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mother and Father GOD – Your Inheritance Awaits – 6-2-19 – via Rose Rambles dot org

Mother and Father GOD – Your Inheritance Awaits – 6-2-19 – via Rose Rambles dot org

Brad Johnson – A Message to Humanity from Spirit – 4-28-19

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

Published on Apr 22, 2019

Brad Johnson shares a message in his bond with Spirit as the words from Spirit address humanity and the times that are ahead.


SOPHIA LOVE – Message From ONE

The World needs New Leaders. These Leaders are You

Sophia Love

Published on Mar 18, 2019

A message for you from ONE.

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JESUS: We are God – by Sitara @ Golden Age Of Gaia – 4-19-19


I received this from Jesus during Easter of 2013.

When I read it again today it was as fresh to me as a new message. I wanted to share it with you again because it touched my heart like it did the first time.

I am your brother Jesus.

Today is the day when many on this planet set aside “time” to acknowledge the message of wholeness.

Even though they mistakenly “worship” a person who they believe is apart from them, outside themselves, they will come to know the reality of oneness.

But the energy manifested today is most important because it brings a great peace and heart opening across this planet. It brings a portion of the peace which can only be found in an open heart.

My teachings of love, peace and brotherhood have been taken to heart by millions. My message that each is an aspect of God has been suppressed for control, power and gain.

On this day of celebration of resurrection and ascension, let us once again come together in the knowledge and realization that we ARE God…and that we are one, united, inseparable from God. All else is illusion.

In this density that veil of illusion is beginning to lift for many. Let us go together to bring the example of oneness to all and to enable them to lift up their vision to the Light.

Those who would/have controlled and created the religion called Christianity have carefully taught that God is separate from and outside of Self. This is not so. God IS within/without. There is nothing that is NOT God, including each of you.

Today as you honor a messenger who came to bring you up from darkness and fear into your own knowledge that you are a spark of the Divine, today, pause and contemplate that you ARE Spirit. All else is your creation of illusion.

If you will but be still and listen within your heart, you will hear the voice of your Self/God simply saying “come home”.

I am your loving brother Jesus.

Sophia Love – Message to Humanity from ONE – The End Of Days – 3-3-19 – via Rumor Mill News

Received via email from Lymerick

March 3, 2019 3:13 AM

Is there someone wanting to connect?

There is! We are here! We’d like very much to talk to you now. Are you available?

I am, yes. But of course, you knew that, since you woke me in the first place!

It was not us who woke you Sophia, but another.

Oh, yet the other no longer wishes contact?

We do not know.

Who else is here?


It is I. It is One.

There are things to say. There are elements of this awakening worth addressing. There are opportune moments for the discussion and transmission. This being one of those moments, allow us to take full advantage of this.

Okay. I figure that by full advantage, you meant to speak to everyone at this time who is here to do so?

By “full advantage” is meant to utilize your availability at this moment of relatively little interference. Your mind is not now pre-occupied or over stimulated with things of your 3D world.

It is not, no.

Then, it can be most useful in the recording of conversation to enlighten and assist.

Are we in agreement on this?

I am.

Good. Let us begin then.

You approach now the end of days.

This is not the end of life, for there is no such thing in actuality. Yet, it is the end of days as you have always known them to be.

For in your recent history there has not been a time when you were NOT controlled. There has not been a free moment. There has not been a time that your mind was NOT full of “other” demands – these “other” demands have placed you in a subservient stance always.

You are either a slave to the demands of protocol to a society that places before you, standards of living to which you are demanded you acquiesce. None of these standards or ways of living are the creation of your own free thought. No.

Instead, they are ideas so firmly installed into your mind that you cannot sense their artificial installment. You assume your life is organized around things that you yourself desire.

Instead, and in fact your emotionally driven desires and directions are all instigated and directed by reactions to your slave state.

It is not that your body is in chains. Instead, it is your mind.

By association, your body and even your physical desires and needs are driven by this enslavement and your reaction.

You have not experienced a true response as a sentient autonomous life-form, EVER in this lifetime.

Oh, you will imagine this is not true and you will imagine that I am mistaken. Yet in every facet of your life, there is an element of subservience, enslavement and control.

From the god (or gods) you worship, to the food you put on your table, to the standards which drive your conduct – all are touched by some sort of outside control, pressure or manipulation.

You have not been able to escape this ever in this lifetime.

Until now.

This great awakening is the moment in which you discover (that) you have a voice, and then you use it to direct your own goings on – you decide and follow through on what is good for you or what it is you are choosing AND WHY.

Internal motivation is a hallmark of a completely autonomous being.

Some of your enslavement has been the outcome or result of additives to your physical life and structure. Not only through weaponized food, which is a major force, but through airborne chemicals, toxic sounds and images constantly placed around you, and poisons in the way of pharmacy.

You have not ever been cared for.

Indeed, there is a case to be made that for the first time now the human will be appropriately and adequately cared for, and this, AT HIS AND HER OWN HAND.

This too, is a mark of sovereignty.

You will feel, as this moment unwraps and you emerge without bonds, a bit disheveled.

You are unaccustomed to core freedom and may translate it to feeling empty or lost; without direction.

What you must grasp in this moment, in order to fully appreciate its import, is that you are not without direction. Yet you are without previously felt stimuli to determine that direction. You are not living as a reaction to circumstance but you are very much alive.

You are about to experience the full import of your human capabilities and decide as a force for creation – what to do with all of them.

This is a unique and precious moment.

You will, and as long as you remain open and unafraid, experience things because a part of you intended to experience them for the sake of a full and complete life/evolution/ascension.

Now is the time when what drives your every day is not so much what you’ve always done – but instead who you actually are. Your “higher self” is more present as an active force in your decisions.

This will make your actions, and the actions of those in your life, look quite different in many cases.

It is a time when you are invited to trust the plan.

It is a moment that will not be dictated by fear but energized by love.

Prepare to be amazed. Life will in many ways seem unrecognizable.

If you stop to breathe, and experience what power pushes it before you though, you will most assuredly recognize the feeling of it all.

(Note – this was felt as a recognition of feeling your true SELF. The power will be motivated by your own source essence. Sophia)

It is the core of life itself and this, my dear, dear human, is love. It is what you are in your very essence and it is not what you’ve been taught – but it is what you will come to expect.

In every encounter and each interaction, look for the love. If you do not see it or feel it, take note and focus elsewhere.

For this moment for you now is primarily one of self-direction.

This direction takes you to the place you have determined will fulfill your destiny.

Grab hold and steer with a clear heart and joy. For you’ve done it, and you’ve done it without hand holding. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you’ve embodied autonomy.

You will not be shackled. You are no longer shackled.

It is now upon you to embody the freedom you’ve created for your race.

This is the thrill for which you’ve arrived at all.

It will not be had casually, but lived intentionally and with force.

All of these are the elements of the powerful, unique and beautiful being that is human.

I am complete.

Thank you.

If I may talk a bit later this morning to the others that are here?

Why yes Sophia, of course.

Thank you.

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Sophia Love

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Beverly Nation – Source Announces New Earth is Here Now – 12-10-18

Beverly Nation

Published on Dec 10, 2018

In this video, Beverly shares a new channeled message from Source I AM about the New Earth. Source states the New Earth is with us now. In the video, Source explains how to access the New Earth.

To learn more about Beverly and her team visit: http://www.BeverlyNation.com

Direct Connect To Source – via Nemesis @ Rumor Mill News – 11-28-18

Image Source



You are infinite life, 
the power that gives life to your avatar.

Before you entered an avatar, you were boundless, limitless, infinite, without human genetics, 
without persona (personality).

You are “formless” infinite life.

Today, your body, mind, emotions and energy, 
infinite life wears like a coat.

You (infinite life) are not the coat you are wearing.

You are infinite life, the very power of life living in a bound, limited and finite avatar,

your earth body, your earth vehicle.

When you quiet the coat you are wearing, 
the distortion created by the coat is gone, 

When you are identified attached and entangled with your coat, and entangled with your coat’s needs, wants and desires, and your coat’s beliefs, biases, prejudices and conclusions, and identified, attached and entangled with persons, places and things, it is difficult to impossible to “connect” with the source of infinite life.

Quiet your coat. Quiet your persona. Quiet the mind of your avatar. 
Be still.

There are many dimensions of consciousness, states of being, dimensions of information, dimensions of belief and faith, and they respond according to your beliefs, faith and desired information.

HOWEVER…If you want to connect with infinite life, with the source that powers life (and NOT connect with some other information/belief dimension)  you must drop your beliefs, faith and everything else you have gathered,  put aside your biases, prejudices, conclusions and personas,  and only then, will you experience the reality that is infinite life.

You must BE that which you ARE to directly receive from that which IS.

To directly access and receive pure intelligence (intel–information) from source you must momentarily discard everything you have gathered,  and become source.





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October 22, 2018 3:11 AM

It is I. It is One.
I reach to you now from a point of pure love. This moment is one of great change  for all of creation. The portion of life you inhabit right now proceeds through a very specific process. This procession requires the agreement of each participant. Like it or not, nothing happens until chosen by the whole.

It is not like – “Ready or not, here it comes”.
But more like – “Everyone get ready. Okay, now it’s on its way”.
This means, dear one, that as you lurch forward in readiness and hang back in fear
or even do nothing specific either way – it all has an effect on the timing.

This Event, like it or not, is a collective process.  Do not imagine this means that it won’t or can’t happen immediately – because you’d be mistaken. Do not imagine this means it is now somehow “delayed” because of these
words. There can be no such thing as a delay for a thing with no specific “time”. Timing is therefore relative, and in the case of current proceedings, dependent  on the preparedness of a planet along with her people.
You will not be singled out separately for this Event. You will experience it

GEORGI STANKOV – A Message From All-That-Is For the PAT – 11-10-18

Image Source

Our PAT member from Holland, Rosita Kalidien has just published a succinct, but very powerful and uplifting message from All-That-Is on the Facebook website “The Universal Law of Nature” that confirms the final stage of our ascension process and the opening of infinite possibilities of creation and activities in front of us. Enjoy it. – George


Dear PAT.

I have a message from All-That-Is (actually supporting everything that Georgi, Carla and Daniela have shared). But let me first share with you where I am right now in my own evolution.

My mission has ended. I am ready to make a big leap and have detached from everything except the desire to make this leap. It is a leap of faith because everything will happen when it will happen. In the meantime, I just experience life as it unfolds within me. Everything happens effortlessly. For the first time, I am not only to act from a place of service to all of creation, but can simply live for the joy of being.

I have witnessed how all my personalities have dissolved. Connecting with Georgi and you have catapulted me into liberation from the last aspects that divided me from Oneness with the Creator. I am now a body in which this awareness dwells. So I am a nobody now, even my name is not relevant. Who am I? I am that I am. Thank you all. I have felt so supported by your experiences, and connecting with some of you. So much love in my heart for all of you.


You, the PAT have done an excellent job and laid the foundations for the new era to manifest. I am very content and happy with what you have achieved. The Golden Age now comes online in all its glory. There will be no delay. Each of you will be personally rewarded for this. I am aware of the difficulties you have overcome and are still facing. I am here to tell you this is all changing and I am here to help you fulfil your hearts desires.

Yes, you now can make choices for your own fulfilment. You are the embodiment of immortality, Divine relationships, Divine creations, Divine consciousness, and everything you wish to do will be Divinely guided. Because you have once again managed to gain your sovereignty and embody unconditional love, you can not make a choice that will harm. Whatever you will choose, will be a great blessing for all of creation. So go ahead and ask me whatever you need, whatever makes you happy. By doing this, you will serve all. From a place of fulfilment, a place of joy. Just relax and let me do the work. Follow the signs I give you. I know you all so well and I love each and every one of you.

STEVE BECKOW – By Love Seeking Love, God Meets God – 11-3-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia



Remember Eckhart’s beggar sitting on a box at the crossroads?

Little did he know that he was sitting on a treasure box, inside of which was gold.

For me? Love is the gold in the treasure box of my heart. Love is what Archangel Michael calls “spiritual currency.”

What brings up the love from our hearts for us to experience? Well, when I think of the beloved, that’s the quickest and easiest way to bring it up in me.

Thanks to   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/11/03/by-love-seeking-love-god-meets-god/

Inspirational music also calls love up. I’m listening to Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream and it’s bringing up the love in me. Unchained Melody, the same. Theme from the Mission.

Acts of charitable giving – whether a gift to a friend or feeding an animal – also call it up in me. I’ve observed it.

I think that’s what I like so much about giving – it brings up the love in me. No, I’m not asking for donations. I’m interested in the subject.

Why interested?  Because being familiar now with love, thanks to a heart opening, I can easily watch what brings love up. And giving is one thing that does.

The wisps of love are there in most people, I believe. But we don’t know what to look for and, even if we found it, we might not appreciate it for what it is. We might just be thankful that we feel good for a moment and not see love as being love.

What is love? The most potent transformative agent I’m aware of – the means by which we complete the journey.  At the same time, it’s the true object of all our questing.

It’s the subject … object … and verb of life. It creates, preserves, and transforms … from itself. It’s no different than the Mother and the Father.

It’s inseparable from the Divine in the same way that light and consciousness are. It leads us to fulfill the purpose of life – Self-knowledge.

By the magnetism of love seeking love, God meets God.

But back to giving.  I used to say that the love I felt in and through the act of charitable giving was the reward for the act.

Not love from another. Love from within myself – that’s the key distinction to make here. The treasure is in the beggar’s box, not in a bank or in the ground.

That surge of love from giving, if met with an equal expression of gratitude or acknowledgment, results in a bonding or connection. Sometimes people can take a permanent interest in the people they gift. The experience, on occasion, can be life-altering.

The whole process of gifting is marvellous. Well, marvellous to me now, that is.  Before I knew what love was, it wasn’t so marvellous. It was no big deal, I’d say with a Robert de Niro look of complacency.

But now, something that promises to draw love up from my heart – which I might be able to surf on for a few minutes, becoming a wave of full-blown transformative love – that’s a very big deal. I have my values straight now.  Consequently my interest in giving has gone up.

And of course I and many of you will soon be a mainstay of a donor economy, one whose primary principle will be sharing, below which is giving. The more practice I get in, the more love I feel until the time when it’s permanently and limitlessly available. Yes, the time at which a world that works for everyone comes into being.

Giving is just a means to excite love in us, like rubbing two sticks together to make a spark. And it’s a practice that’s only open to us for a while.

Safely embedded in the Fifth Dimension – that is, a subplane or two in – we won’t need to give. (1) Everyone will be able to create whatever they need or want for themselves.

And everyone will also be swimming in love so we won’t need to pounce on any streamer of it. There will be no lack of what is most important to us.

So there’s just this window of opportunity for us to experience the love rising in us through giving.

Of all the things that I let slide off the table, let love be the last.

As I’ve said on other occasions – but maybe one person has not heard it – once we locate even a wisp of true love, one streamer, and we recognize it for what it is (“Oh, you are love“), it expands to fill the whole vessel.

If we let go into that as well, the walls come tumbling down and we find ourselves drowning in an Ocean of Love.  Sweet death that lights up all of life.

Jump in, fall in, get pushed in. Just get it over with: Drown in the Ocean of Love.


(1) If we regain our ability to create with thought upon entry into the Fifth Dimension, that’s one thing. If it’s after Ascension, it’s another thing” That means a few subplanes into the Fifth Dimension. At one time or another we’ll be able to think objects into existence. We’ll be drawing in the creation codes for that thing, if I understand the process, and creating it from the universal substratum – love.




Seven Ascended Masters

Teach the Seven Paths to God

The ascended masters help us become aware

of the Paths back to the Source.

Paths that we can walk over to master

the seven rays of our Christ consciousness

that emerge from the white light.

The seven color rays are the natural division …


Let go, and let God – Olivia Newton-John – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – 10-20-18


Published on Nov 2, 2016

Let go, and let God – Olivia Newton-John Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

The Illusion of Separation – by The Council – via Blue Dragon Journal

Originally posted on Rainbow Wave of Light

: ? The questions that you have asked us are excellent ones.

You have given us many wonderful opportunities.

Today, however, we ask your indulgence

as we explore a topic that will provide many of you

answers as you consider it deeply.

via The Illusion of Separation | The Council — Blue Dragon Journal

Heavenletter #6473 – Be Done with Guilt – 10-16-18

Related image



God said:

Beloved, there is something I would like removed from Earth as soon We can. With the removal of this one thing, the entire world will feel lighter than air, and the sooner there will be a wide sweep of the universal longed-for Ascension. Be done with the concept of guilt. Guilt isn’t worthwhile. Guilt is a heartbreaker. Stay away from guilt. Run away from it.

For too long, it has been thought that guilt is a good thing. Guilt is not a good thing. Burdens are from the past. Blame. Shame. You are innocent, Beloved. Claim your innocence instead of hanging on to guilt. Most guilt does not come from a deliberate act. You didn’t know better. Or it may have been a happenstance. Now be over all the qualms about it. Get out from under the twists of gut-wrenching guilt. Enough, enough, enough, I say. Hear Me. Forget this old-time mystique or fraternity called guilt without end.

Favor a clean slate. Don’t point the finger of guilt at anyone and, most of all, at yourself. Self-guilt holds you back from enjoying life. Guilt is no one’s reward. Have I not told you to leave the past behind? Go forward.

Guilt isn’t good for you or anyone. Guilt retards you and the world from expanding.

Remove the shroud of guilt. It is too everlasting. If I could just remove all guilt with a snap of my finger just like that, I would.

“Out, out, dark spot! Dissolve yourself, dark spot. You are a bane on Earth. Guilt, get outta here.”

It has been rumored that I recommend atoning through guilt. Do not spend your time on Earth agonizing over a sense of guilt. Let go of ruminating over all the causes of guilt. By and large, many who harp on their own guilt come to it by mistake and not deliberate action, yet they keep stabbing their hearts and don’t stop. Those who might commit grievous errors over and over again may well take their offenses casually. At least seen from the outside, they may not be grieving.

One theme I repeatedly tell you is to let go of the past. Hop to it. Cease going over the past and giving sad accounts of all the profound suffering there has been. Be done with it. No longer point a gun of retribution at yourself or anyone. You are not here on Earth to ruminate over guilt which is past to bring up to the present.

You are sorry. You would undo the past if you could. You can’t. In the world, guilt is too big a weight to carry. Sentence no one to the albatross of guilt when the best thing you can do is to remove guilt pronto. Righteous sense of guilt is not anything to hold on to or be proud of.

Loud and clear, I urge you not to assault yourself with guilt. Don’t think you are wonderful to support guilt. Get guilt behind thee. Remove guilt from your presence once and for all. Banish the concept of guilt right away. Guilt is no favor. Put away guilt-bearing stories as fast as you can. Wave the flag of freedom.

No one is wonderful to dredge-up guilt-bearing stories. Guilt is contrary to life. If you want to be a good citizen, toss guilt thoughts out once and for all. Guilt carries no badge of honor. Stay away from guilt like the plague. Let go of the heaviness of guilt once and for all. Don’t do guilt to yourself or anyone.

ERA OF LIGHT – Message from Father & Mother God – Love is Everything – 10-7-18

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds



It is I your Father God speaking tonight. Children, the Earth in all of her beauty is transforming before your / our very eyes into a breathtaking fifth dimensional template. Children, you do know that means that you are transforming as well. And we hope that you appreciate the joy that I / We, your mother and I, have as we look upon you with such fondness, such love, that your current religious understandings so fail in describing. For who can truly describe Love? Love is everything; it is the heartbeat of the Universe. It is the Mother’s breath of the All that Is. Love IS. And children, can you yet see that you are that same substance? That same Love? Who is condemning you? I see no one but outdated religious principals based on fear based programming that are no longer applicable to your world view. For as your concepts and understandings expand, so too do your concepts and understandings of Me, of who I AM and therefore of who you are. We are made of the same stuff, the same breath – the same life force. You are an aspect of me having an experience – and a grand one at that!




» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl

PRIME CREATOR – How Our Universe Began – The Invasion from Omarrhan – 9-3-18


Published on Jul 2, 2018

Channeled by KATHRYN E. MAY http://www.whoneedslight.org/ kemay@aol.com 17 september 2014 06.09.38 CEST View Article : http://www.peace.se/blog/2014/09/17/c…


HEAVEN LETTERS – Is Life Not Beautiful? – via Rainbow Wave Of Light –



Rainbow Wave Of Light

God said:

Beloved, when you see the world from its underpinnings beneath all the juxtapositions the world at-large incorporates, you will see life as bright light. You will see the world and life as I do see. You will have seen that life does come out right.

Presently, you may see in limited ways.

No matter how many times I say that your life is as it is meant to be, you are adamant that I wear rose-colored glasses, whereas you are down to earth and realistic.

You make certain appraisals. You dispute life. You may convince yourself that life isn’t handed to you properly. You may say that life, as it reaches you, is inappropriate. You say there has been a mistake. You say that life, as it arrives today or yesterday from its onset, has been incorrect. You are sure of it. You say that life has to amend its ways.

What if life comes around exactly as it is meant to? Open yourself up to the idea that you can see in new ways naturally without effort. Do it!

What if you presently see life through a wavy window of glass that distorts your view? The window you look through is askew. Look again. Give life another chance.

You are quick to say that you don’t believe in fairy tales. You don’t, yet you may have bought a bill of goods that says life is bound to disappoint you while you hold on to your receipt. Odds are, no matter how sincere you may be, you have interpreted your life based on hearsay handed down to you.

You may be slow to translate the language of life.

Beloved, sometimes you may be like a computer translator who skims the surface and goes only so far. The extant world you live in speaks many languages.

Grasp deep and subtle passages of life. Go beyond the word of a computer translator that skims across the surface of a page and takes the limits of old reference points as your guides. Keep your eye on the sparrow.

The extant world you live in speaks many languages. There is more to interpreting your life than the testimony of what has been handed down to you from across the generations.

A skilled translator will highlight subtle key passages that a computerized translator would miss altogether. A skilled translator will offer you a vaster view on many levels. A skilled translator might well have arrows in various colors pointing to key passages that will reveal your life in new light.

Add beautiful music in various chords, offering yourself seven doorways to Heaven at one time.

Now, see anew, Receive insider tips from Me. Feel good! See Heaven from root to stem and leaves and blossoms all over the place in inestimable sweetness. Give life more than one chance. Be not one of the fabled blind men who grasps at what an elephant looks like by focusing on varied parts of the elephant. You will KNOW, not wonder, for I will reveal the whole elephant to you all at once complete.

Never again fret with the question: “How could this tragedy happen to me?”

I would ask you: “What tragedy are you talking about?”

No longer will you see tragedies.

All the connections in life will light up for you.

The Rays of My Light will shine their light on your heart the moment you awake. Doubts will no longer arise.

Truth will appear to you as naturally as the Sun when it rises from the East.

SOPHIA LOVE – One answers some pointed questions – August 2018 – Lymerick @ Rumor MIll News – 8-7-18

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds



Received via email – Lymerick

Hi everyone and welcome to my newsletter! There are many new subscribers out there, it’s good to see you here!

We’ve got a beautiful conversation with One today, that I’ll share right away. It came from just one reader and is in several parts.

Please enjoy also a story that is witness to our fellow creatures and how these energetic shifts are changing them…

For those of you who are new to my work, check out these Sovereignty videos (click here). They were received as a twenty part download from One in 2014, written and recorded and finally produced by my friends at Soundsfiction. Here is just one, as a teaser!


I hope you enjoy today’s edition!

August 7th, 2018

I reach out now from a point of pure love to a point of pure love. I have questions from readers. This query is for One.

I am here Sophia. It is I. It is One.

Here is the question, separated into several parts:

“In the May newsletter, ONE stated: “None of this was meant to be easy. You agreed to this when you signed up.”

1. “Not meant to be easy.”

WHY NOT?!? Why would LOVE hurt? Why is this existence so painful, so hurtful? This is not a LOVE creation. This matrix is user unfriendly, mean, contradictory, full of pain and hurt. Why? Is it all of 3D? When we get to 5D, 6D etc, will they be the same? When and where do we finally find LOVE? How can we become LOVE and get ahead when we are in so much pain? I personally find it very difficult to concentrate on LOVE when I am in pain. It is all encompassing. Pain and fear are programmed into us. They did it to us through analog TV. Then when computers and cell phones came along, they found out they could control us even better through digital. So, in 2007, they mandated everyone buy a digital TV. Now there is cable, cell towers, smart meters, CERN, HAARP and ELF. How can we become LOVE we are constantly bombarded by all this? All these things are why it’s taking so long to wake up.”

The truth of your existence is that it was chosen. Chosen by you in a moment of non-existence, non-physical sentience, non-human form. In this state, clarity is your biggest asset. There are no outliers, hanging there and blocking your vision. You are, in this state, pure love.

From this state you “see” the necessary elements, those as yet un-comprehended. You may think of them as missing pieces to the puzzle that, when put together, makes you.

What is the name of this puzzle, you may wonder from your human perspective, from your physical point of view? For, most certainly, you would correctly deduce you are pure love (in that state), what could be missing?

The name of this puzzle is a term you often use to specify the being or force responsible for it all – Creator or Source.

You see, this lifetime is about filling gaps in awareness that can only be filled by actualizing the sentiment. It is a bit like empathy. It arises in you most acutely when you witness someone experiencing the exact same condition that you have already experienced. You do not, at that moment, know exactly what their reaction will be, yet you know precisely what they are feeling physically and emotionally.

This life is chosen now, and by now is meant this specific life on earth in this timeline and moment, to accelerate learning. Unfortunately, this learning comes with a good deal of pain. The pain has, as its root cause, other systems and/or beings who are, as well, rounding out their life experience.

To move from “third” to another, faster frequency is not so much of a move as it is a shift. The term “assumption” is appropriate here. For, while you remain focused now on this pain and this heartache you see, you are accompanied by other versions of life occupying the same space who are not focused on these things and therefore vibrate differently.

As your frequency shifts things look different to you. This sort of learning, as an actual, physical adjustment, is the most powerful sort of learning. It has staying power and is remembered both physically and spiritually.

For, in truth, you have already, YOU ARE ALREADY experiencing other assumptions/dimensions. You came “back” to this “time” to re-experience emergence into them, which is a delight.

This is the secret that those controlling you now on this planet never want you to realize.

You are correct, you’ve been manipulated at every turn to give up. And yet here you are, struggling still, not giving up on what it is you know that you are – LOVE.

“2. “You agreed to this.”

Then why don’t we REMEMBER? I feel this loss of memory is really domination and control.

A. How can I do clearings to heal myself if I don’t remember? How do I know if I’m clearing the correct things or if I’m doing it properly?

B. How can I become enlightened and know LOVE if I can’t remember who I AM? Loss of memory is loss of knowledge of who I AM and loss of knowledge of LOVE. Everyone keeps saying “we are LOVE.” But if we don’t remember we are LOVE, how can we BE LOVE? ”

A beautiful question you’ve posed. It illustrates the game perfectly. At the point now that you’ve asked it, you’ve woken up. No longer do you accept that love or even life, hurts. You question your reality. This is the beginning of awareness; the start of your enlightenment.

Not remembering is part of the game. It was the only way to viscerally “get” each facet of life.

You wanted to get every possibility for life’s expression in order to attain wisdom and then, create.

Self-healing and clearing happens with self-awareness and trust. There is no one way, no “right” way to do these things. There is your way. This is a path to self-discovery and you are fast and far along on it.

It is the ego who rails “I don’t know who I am”. It is self that knows. The one beneath the question, the self who knows she is unexpressed completely, and yearns for her full coming out.

Know this, the strength and power and intensity of your cries are indicative of the strength, intensity and power of your light. A brilliant being of light is who you are and your light shines through every utterance, even those steeped in frustration.

You have not been abandoned. You have correctly identified the one thing you cannot find. Sit quiet or walk alone for a moment and seek her. She is right now waiting to be recognized. Once seen, she will fill your tears with joy and it is that joy that will be a salve to what now brings discomfort and trauma. She is who you have hidden but not forgotten. She is the one who knows. She is the source, your source, for this love you seek yet cannot find. She is not found in any other. She is found within. Love is found when felt for self.

“3. Dear ONE: No person has ever given a definitive answer/reason as to why are we going through all this. What is this existence, all these reincarnations, supposed to prove? When will the pain end? When will we know and become LOVE and stop hurting ourselves and each other?
Thank you so much for any answers. Love and Light.”

Dear, dear human.

All of what you are going through was allowed by creation as an experiment. You were willing participants. The conclusion, once reached, would inform life itself of just how much a single aspect who imagined itself alone would or could endure to reach for the light, to seek the truth of its very nature.

The experiment has come to its natural conclusion. The human has chosen, rather than an outside force ending it, and “inside job”. This becomes then the only way to guarantee as many of you “join the party” of enlightenment as is possible. This takes time and again, is how you chose it to go.

This is a reference to the “collective you” and is how all time frames and events are determined.

Know that all of this will ultimately be the highest and best outcome for your entire spectrum of selves, and that yes, there is an incredibly vast expanse of love encasing all of it.

That is all.

Due to the lengthy question and answer, that is it for questions in this edition. It’s a powerful one and speaks to and for all of us. Such love was felt throughout, such tenderness, specifically at the end. Thank you.

Next, I have a beautiful story that was sent to me by a reader. It validates the changes in frequency we are experiencing. Enjoy…

“Yesterday morning I was walking with my dogs, and there is this big old tree that I usually stop at to pray and reflect at and feed the birds with food that I always bring for them, some weeks ago a male pheasant starting showing up for the food so I christened him Jack and he now shows up most mornings, and for the last two weeks he has a lady friend with him which I naturally christened Jill, well yesterday morning as I arrived at the tree I saw Jack lying on the ground and thought oh shit the fox has killed him, but no to my surprise he was fast asleep and to his right there was Jill also fast asleep, they both woke up not a bit phased by my presence and just walked a few meters away as they always do as they are wild birds, I was absolutely stunned to witness this because they are quit nervous especially around humans and dogs, they seem to have no fear of me whatsoever,

I returned home after my walk and as I walked up the drive the two resident collard doves were feeding on the ground and the dogs just walked past them and the doves stayed feeding wow! They say that the animals are the first to witness change in the environment and that certainly seems to be the case. ”

Thanks everyone! Please continue to send in your questions and stories!
Much love and light,

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Heavenletter #6394 – Be the Truth of Yourself as I Say You Are – 7-29-18

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God said:

Beloved, down to your core, you are to be true to your heart. It makes no sense for you to hold your heart in abeyance. You understand that the truth of you must come out. You are becoming known to yourself. No longer can there be any infractions to what is now known.

You may have hidden yourself away for quite some time. You have been hiding yourself from your Self as if you must keep yourself bounded to what you once adhered to, as though you owe your loyalty to your fictitious past. You are becoming better at recognizing your true nature. No longer are you going to fool yourself that you are a downtrodden character when you are a wonder of wonders just as you are. Your subterfuge has been to associate yourself with less than the truth, as if you are supposed to make yourself less in magnitude – as if you really could not be magnificent. You have done a good job of denying yourself for naught. Truth is good reason enough to recognize yourself.

It is overdue for you to declare yourself divine. Now here, once and for all, you have been spoken for by God. I, God, have found you (you, My Self) worthy, and I insist upon declaring Our One Worth. I, God, have sworn to this before the whole congregation of Earth. You can’t wriggle out of Our One Worth now.

Truth is dawning on you. The sun always dawns. This isn’t conceit. This is acknowledging truth. Truth can no longer be hidden. Finally, it is for you to parlay truth once and for all. Don’t be shy to reveal your infinite glory.

You are My pride and joy. As you reveal yourself, you reveal Me. I am to be known, and so are you. Not one more masked ball are you to attend, Beloved. I won’t hear of it.

From now on, truth is be known right and left.

Sometimes I have wondered how you have gotten away with this disguise for so long as you have. It would be easier for you to reveal your clean slate than try to patch your disguise up. It’s easier to wear true colors than to pretend anything less. Yes, now you come into the light of wondrousness you always have been yet kept hidden in case you would be found out. No longer are you to keep your Self hidden in plain sight.

Let Us begin at the beginning. At first, a baby was born, and the whole world celebrated the baby’s birth, and the magi came, or the birth was equally celebrated in different ways in other lands and perhaps at other times. Thus began a celebration of the birth of full-blessed Oneness.

You are becoming known for the joyousness you truly are, non-negotiable.

Hark, the herald angels are singing. Hallowed be Thy name that the herald angels sing for the pure joy of.

You are beginning to get the hang of Oneness. About time I say. Time is not, yet wondrousness is, and you are wondrousness. I declare this in My Name and in thine. No longer do you keep secrets – not even from yourself. Rather, you recognize all. Now we come to the end of secrets and any occasion to pretend that you or anyone else is less than I say you are. Can you believe that, once upon a time, you tried to pretend away your Oneness? No more cover-ups. Truth is declared all over the world from the mountaintops for the pure truth and love of Oneness Supreme.

Day by day, truth shines, sun shines, and hearts circle the world in joy for all to partake of as you would a royal picnic. All are invited. All are asked to RSVP. All are asked to accept, and all are to graciously attend! Glory to God in the Highest!

SOPHIA LOVE – MESSAGE FROM ONE – Lymerik @ Rumor Mill News – 7-23-18

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds


Received via email – Lymerick

Hello everyone.

This is an unexpected edition. I was woken up for the conversation you’ll be reading here. I was pretty groggy and missed one of the words, but not the import. I wanted to send it right away.

Please share if you are moved to, it is good advice. As far as the timing, well, this is a word for word copy of what was said to me. All that I can report personally is that there have been extreme physical symptoms for me, for a week now. I sense an intensity in my personal life, and just this morning, I found out that our only car, which was in the shop, in totaled. Unexpected stress, both physical and emotional, is everywhere! I am meditating A LOT.

I’m going to include here something that was sent to me, and points to this week as being pivotal, with July 25th being the “Day out of time”: http://www.13moon.com/doot.htm

Here also is an energy report for July of 2018 (click here https://www.alchemisehealing.com/single-post/2018/07/06/Energy-Report-July) that fits well.

And this… (one of my favorites from 2012, please excuse the extra minute or so of “time” at the end.)


July 22, 2018 3:33 AM

Would whomever it was that woke me up come forward now to connect?

Yes Sophia.

It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

I have watched you now navigate these current fluctuations of energy _____ (??? I cannot read this last word, shoot. ☹ – Sophia) They are brutal to your physical instrument, yet you are not despairing or imagining any state of disrepair.

This tendency to ride the wave is the thing I want to encourage. You are in for a storm of unimagined proportions. These, like nothing you’ve yet to feel.

You specifically as well as empirically would do well to remain always in a constant state of hydration and rest.

These frequencies are going to knock you off balance. As you see now they will instigate in your physical self what appear to be fevers and other signs of illness, infection, invasion by foreign bodies.

You must not assume any bodily response right now is indicative of new illness.
Doctors will find no such illness. Resist all urges to be drugged with chemicals during these upcoming waves. These chemicals will alter your ability to take in consciously what is happening.

Ascension while physical will not occur overnight or without a host of symptoms for which there are no traditional explanation. The chills and fevers you feel now will be felt at one time or another by all who go through the process. The timing has to do with physical constitution as well as the process itself.

This is not a race yet there are personal timelines and individual progressions that determine the appearance of symptoms. Strength and length has to do with how much processing remains to be accomplished and also your own choice.

Some of you are ready spiritually and residing in a body that is catching up to your readiness and processing rapidly. This would be a way to explain what is happening for you Sophia, right now, with your current extreme episodes.

Others of you are physically more in tune due to original constitution and a lifetime of practices that yield for you a body in tune with these frequencies. For those of you in this dynamic, what may be happening in greater intensity is emotional upheaval within your world, your work, your loved ones.

For sure all of you are in the midst of great and rapid alteration right now.
Extremes in emotional and physical ranges are to be expected. Accepting them will allow your passage through the process a bit of calmness and ease.

It will not be easy.

This is not medical advice and those of you who have feelings of illness need to always follow your intuition in the decision around how to deal with these symptoms.

You will feel ill. You will despair, at times, of peaceful relationships and situations. Remember that you are changing and as you adjust, your body, your life, and everything in both must alter.

This will not be the same place in a year’s “time”. This is not the same place today as it was a year ago. The time frame of a year is offered merely to illustrate an easily seen method of comparison.

You are entering now, this coming week, a moment of intensity.

This next surge will be seen and noticed by everyone on your world and labeled.
It will be one of the signs you’ve been expecting and waiting to witness and its appearance is being already anticipated by those of you who are sensitives (who are akin to the canaries in the coal mine). Yet even you canaries do not clearly see the magnitude and resulting alteration of what is about to show itself now. There is no way for you to do so, its an individual process that will be experienced in unique ways.

Care for yourselves now in each moment with adequate water and sufficient rest. Do not be alarmed at lack of productivity. You will each be in the correct place at the perfect moment to experience what you’ve decided to take on, and, in the manner, most successful.

You’ll have to trust your inner knowing and this may be a challenge to do in the midst of such massive alterations.

Do not despair. All is in perfect order.

Your world is set for the next phase of its evolution. Active engagement happens now.

Rest often and remain positive in outlook. Do not ignore pain yet do not define yourself by it either.

You are not merely this physical instrument. You are a piece of the light who animates and inspires and embodies this physical instrument.

Your wisdom and capacity to carry this through successfully is what has put you right here, right now, reading these words.

You will then lead the way for the rest and in this way fulfill your mission to propel the Ascension of humanity. These are not small, inconsequential words and they are not said lightly. They are to inform you that you have entered a moment of very active engagement and you must stay the course now.

The symptoms and reactions of the physical world around you may seem to be telling a story of disruption and alarm and destructive outcomes. Yet go within via meditation and quiet and there you’ll find truth.

If there is one thing I’ll leave with you now, it is that each process is individual and will be most accurately defined that way. Your sense of self awareness and inner peace will be the framing of your individual journeys now. Regardless of symptoms, it is in how they are handled and defined that outcomes are determined.

It is the moment to include broad love and peace intentions for all that you know and love. Each of you came to accomplish this, and to do so as One.
Do not despair. What is before you now will astound all of your senses and feel like home. You are doing a remarkable thing in a unique and remarkable way.

This method has been, and is continuously, currently altered by humanity’s deep sense of kinship with itself, regardless of outer appearances.

You’ll see. You are about to embark.

That is all.
Thank you.

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JESHUA via Pamela Kribbe – God is not high above you, it is an Energy – God is everywhere – 7-17-18


Published on Jul 17, 2018

Channeling — Jeshua — Therapist and Client — Pamela Kribbe – Dear friends, I am Jeshua, I greet you all today. I am close to you in my heart, because we are deeply connected to each other… Feel God within you, and feel how simple this energy really is. God is not high above you, it is an energy that flows through you, through all life on Earth, and even through the material objects and things with which you are surrounded. God is everywhere, and God does not feel limited by forms… Channeling : A natural communication between a human and aspect of the Creator that can be expressed in numerous ways. A Channel : A tube or funnel of light formed at the crown chakra which supports heightened sensitivity to the divine, insights and sacred guidance which is beyond the Earthly reality as well as the ability to channel. Who Can Channel : Everyone has the ability to channel, it is simply to expression the Creator through your body, mind and emotions. = http://www.jeshua.net = Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan.



KRYON – GOD HAS A PLAN – 6-18-18


Published on Jun 18, 2018

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways. For more info visit http://www.kryon.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Kryon-Offici…



Heavenletter #6375 – We Are Going to Make Great Music Together – 7-11-18

God said:

Beloved, no matter how much and how deep down you desire wealth, you can’t quite believe that you are meant to receive greater than this. You will not be denied. Here’s how it is: Wealth can’t light a candle to the music that you and I are going to make together. Sit up. Get ready. Let’s go!

Your life is about to turn upside down. Do you begin to feel wonderfulness on its way to you? Know this. Feel this.

You are going to ride the escalator of life up to the fulmination of the miracles of upcoming life on its way to you. You are ready to catch up to long-awaiting miracles that are ready to emerge into full bloom.

Thanks to   https://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/we-are-going-to-make-great-music-together-by-god

Surely, you already know that miracles exist. Miracles exist for everyone, not just for some and not just once in a while. Ready, set, go! Miracles have always been on their way to you, yes, to you, and to every child of Mine – miracles in all their Glory.

The time is now. No more refraining from all your blessings. Non-existent time will no longer detain you. Now, the world is getting ready for you. Dreams are ripe to come true now. Reach up, and you shall receive. All of life is dancing before you. All of life is for you.

Be generous with yourself. It is high time that you open your arms, your eyes, and your heart to all that is on its way. Accept in advance. Perk up. Herald the joy before you. Joy has always been before you from the beginning. Widen your thinking and lift up your arms now to receive.

Never again will you drag your feet. Never again will you hang around for your day to come. I call you now “Awakened One” in one fell swoop, and so will you know Who and where you are, even as there is no separate identity for you to speak of.

Enough of fear upon you. You have had enough by now.

Everything in the past, let go of it now, for full glory is gazing upon you. Think anew. The day you have been waiting for is here right before you. You have been sleeping, and now you are waking up before your very eyes or, at the very least, with new eyes. Do you begin to feel yourself waking up to a new essence of life? Indeed, I am writing your name now on blessing after blessing in beautifully curved letters on a splendid new agreement that I eagerly await you to sign.

If you don’t believe Me, go ahead. If you are inclined, muscle-test! You have always been on the verge. It just happens you were napping or off on some other jaunt, whiling away the illusion of time. The illusion of time just hasn’t been moving fast enough in your favor by a long shot.

This is about to change, and the so-called you and I are going to change. Your life is going to change before your very eyes overnight. Actually, the change is not in your good fortune. The change is in you. Most of all, you will be clearer to yourself now. Now you will better suit yourself. Heretofore, you drifted off target in your life. You didn’t see yourself up to snuff. You meandered off-base. It was your timing that was off. You were your own disappointer. Your life is always up to you in that your life depends upon the way you see it. Make no bones about this.

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