Ascension Symptoms – Spring 2018 In5D May 19, 2018

by Kim Hutchinson,   Guest writer,

Everyone on Planet Earth is being upgraded energetically. Some of us are being prepared for ascension and life on the New Earth, as per our soul readiness and desire; others are being lifted to the level that best suits their soul’s journey.

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The energy that is transforming us came from the Galactic Central Sun, and is now radiating from our Sun. It affects all life on the planet (and in), as well as the Earth herself.

One way we can measure these incoming waves of ascension energy is by looking at graphs that show huge spikes in the Schumann Resonances, a.k.a. Gaia’s heartbeat. Another way is to monitor one’s body for symptoms. For example, as those incoming solar waves of blissful, high vibrational energy wash over us, they can make us feel very sleepy.


Ascension Manifestations

The following are some more examples of ascension ‘symptoms’.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any of these symptoms, consult with your Physician in order to rule out non-ascension related causes.


  • Peripheral visions: Objects and beings appearing in the corner of your eye
  • Geometry: Seeing the Flower of Life pattern or other sacred geometric forms, especially upon awakening
  • Color: Perceiving more colors or an increased colour intensity


  • Acuity: Picking up on subtle background noise (i.e. hum/buzz of electronics)
  • Music: Hearing music in everyday sounds


  • Clairalience: Physic smell (i.e. smelling roses while looking at a garden video)
  • Sensitivity: Noticing subtle odors in a big way


  • Awareness: Feeling non-corporeal beings (i.e. angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones) touching you, especially during healings

Sparkling Skin

  • Glitter: While sitting in the Sun, skin appears to be covered in glitter or pixie dust (tiny specs of white or rainbow colored light)
  • Glow: Radiating light in the dark

Increased Vibration

  • Vibrational Downloads: Energy entering the crown, slowly moving down the body accompanied by a “whomp whomp” sound; increased pressure; heat, and temporary muscle weakness
  • Body: Vibrating head-to-toe while falling asleep or upon awakening

Heart Clearing and Expansion

  • Palpitations: Racing, irregular heartbeat during heightened Sun activity (i.e. CMEs – Coronal Mass Ejections
  • Rear Heart Chakra Purging: Waves of cold energy rippling through the upper back and shoulder area
  • Heart Opening: Warm, powerful, radiant energy filling the chest, arms and hands

Altered Sleep Patterns

  • Nap Attacks: The sudden, pressing need for a midday nap
  • More Sleep: Needing, on average, two extra hours of sleep per night
  • Altered Schedule: Going to bed much earlier (i.e. 8 pm) or later than usual (i.e. midnight)
  • Interrupted Sleep: Waking at frequent intervals throughout the night (i.e. every two hours)
  • Exhaustion: Lacking energy, despite increased sleep


  • Headaches: Bouts of head pain (i.e. pulsating energy drilling into the crown)
  • Aches and Pain: Stiff, aching joints, especially knees and lower back interspersed with good days when the body feels lighter and more limber

Respiratory / Throat Issues

  • Sinus Congestion: Blocked nasal passages and sinuses
  • Hoarseness: Throat blockages

Weight and Diet Changes

  • Weight Fluctuations: Inadvertently gaining or losing weight
  • Increased Metabolism: Burning calories quickly; feeling famished; stomach growing loudly in between meals; needing to eat something every two hours
  • Lack of Appetite: Feeling bloated and full despite not having eaten


  • Virulent Flu or Cold: Intense physical purging; falling ill despite usually being healthy and immune


  • Living in the Now: Truly being present with no past regrets or future fears
  • Zoning Out: Easily and rapidly slipping into a relaxed, almost meditative, state
  • Bliss: Feeling totally contented

Mental Silence

  • Quiet Brain: Lack of random thoughts; ruminations on the past, or anxiety about the future
  • Muted Ego: Absence of running commentary; comparisons, and fears

Memory Loss

  • Short-Term: Difficulty with short-term memory recall
  • Long-Term: Temporary gaps in long-term memory (i.e. forgetting how to spell common words); altered memories (due to merging timelines)

Lack of Focus

  • Unable to Concentration: Inability to focus on work
  • Single Tasking: No longer able to multi-task

Emotional Purges

  • Fear: Moments of intense fear (i.e. lack of money; fear of losing a loved one)
  • Anger: Periods of intense purges of anger; feeling irrationally upset; vocalizing displeasure in a new way; embodying the anger of a mal-treated group

Oneness with Wildlife

  • Tameness: Wild animals approaching high vibrational humans without trepidation
  • Communication: Understanding animal language, both verbal and telepathic

Time Shifts

  • Acceleration: Time speeding up; feeling overwhelmed by the lack of time
  • Slow Down: Intermittent periods when it feels like time almost stops

Becoming Your Own Guru

  • Loss of Gurus: Spiritual teachers disavowing themselves of their former teachings; strange behaviour from people in the spiritual community
  • Loss of Guides: Former spiritual guides not being as responsive
  • Soul Connection: Increased reliance on one’s soul in lieu of other people or spiritual beings

Heightened Intuition

  • Telepathy: Knowing what your partner is about to say
  • Premonition: Knowing what is going to happen, especially 10 second prior to the event

Spiritual Recall

  • Past Lives: Spontaneously remembering prior incarnations and abilities
  • Light Language: Intuitively understanding light language and/or channeling light language

Multidimensional Consciousness

  • Mandala Effect: Ability to recognize when timelines converge; awareness of other realities
  • Alternate Realities: Soul journeys to other dimensions and densities

How to Deal with Ascension Symptoms

The energetic upgrades can be intense at times, and it’s beneficial to do the following:

Rest / Relax

  • If possible, take time off work to relax.
  • Intersperse work with regular breaks
  • Get lots of sleep


  • Go outside (i.e. go to the beach; sit in the Sun; sit with a tree; garden, go camping)
  • Ground yourself (especially to 5D Earth)

Have Fun

  • Laugh
  • Play games
  • Dance and sing
  • Find an enjoyable hobby
  • Be social

Need More Help?

I’m an Ascension Guide. I provide Distance Multidimensional Energy Healing, coupled with Intuitive Soul Guidance, to help to alleviate ascension symptoms and to help you better understand the process. I have been healing and guiding people for over 10 years. I work with angels, Source and pure intention. My philosophy is, “All healing comes from Love”. To learn more about my healing services, or to book a healing, please visit:

Kim Hutchinson of is a Mystical Guiding Star whose soul journeys through time, space and dimensions to offer healing to people worldwide.

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Published on Apr 7, 2018




SAMANTHA NAGTHALL @ In5D – 20 Common Symptoms On The Path To Ascension – 4-7-18

20 Symptoms


by Samantha Nagthall, Medium, Reiki Master, Lightworker,
Guest writer,   /   SOURCE

There are many symptoms on the path to becoming a spiritually awakened and energetically connected soul. While some symptoms are directly related to our unique journey, others are part of an ongoing upgrade that is taking place in our solar system, on our planet, and at this particular time in history. Humanity as a whole is on an accelerated path of ascension.

In order to understand the source of these symptoms one must question their current state in the ascension process, and any role they have taken in progressing in their enlightenment. When individuals are conscious of what is transpiring beyond three-dimensional existence, and they regularly engage in spiritual practices, they are granted conscious access to the transformative knowledge and energies that are elevating all of us.

Many of us are aware of the upgrades of consciousness that are transpiring, and may be wondering why this seems to be on a sudden upswing. There are several possible reasons. The first, and perhaps the most notable, can be attributed to the Yugas. The Yugas, an ancient Hindu system of time that measures eras based on a four-age cycle, also refers to a recurring cycle of human ascension and decline. These cycles are said to originate (and be influenced by) energies existing outside of our own solar system. It is also said that the cycles directly affect human consciousness. According to the Yugas, we are in the Ascending Dwapara cycle. As this cycle progresses, humans increasingly manifest and express their own divine potential. More divine thinking elevates consciousness worldwide.

Scientifically speaking, a similar cycle of time is called Axial Precession (a cycle of the earth rotating on its axis). Most popular, however, is the 26,000-year cycle of the Mayan calendar, which also expresses a new era in human evolution (which began in December 2012). Still, others in metaphysical circles believe that our galaxy is drifting into another part of the universe, an area that is not only energetically different from our own (which makes sense), but also energetically elevated. Think of it as continental drift, but on a galactic scale.

This new space we are entering is changing our cells and DNA on a molecular level. No one is immune, but not everyone will recognize the symptoms or hear the call. Whatever the root cause of our ascension, it is evident by the sheer volume of experiences playing out in the world today that we are, as a species, on an escalating journey of global spiritual understanding. *Note: At the time of writing, astronaut Scott Kelly is making headlines. After returning from a mission to space, he and his twin brother no longer share the exact same DNA.

Below are 20 common (and not-so-common) symptoms that can be associated with the awakening process:

1. Migraine headaches: Sporadic or regular clusters of migraine headaches are a common symptom of ascension. These occur a few times a year and are sometimes caused by barometric pressure (which many energy healers and lightworkers are sensitive to). When the headaches begin to increase in frequency you may notice that they coincide with more frequent visions, increased abilities, synchronicities and more. The brain is adjusting to the upgraded DNA. (*Reiki for migraines is a very effective treatment.)

2. Changes to the shape of the skull/Crown Chakra: During periods of ascension the top of the head, or crown chakra, becomes bulbous and tingles. This area can also be tender to the touch or become downright itchy. You may experience a heaviness or enlarged left or right side of the head/skull as well. Downloads entering through the crown chakra can cause this symptom.

3. Fluttering sensations and involuntary movements: Similar to muscle spasms but last much longer and are in odd locations. The fluttering is not as intense as a muscle spasm, but feels more like a prolonged pitter-patter just under the skin surface in any given area. Thighs and behind the knees indicate a base chakra upgrade or spontaneous clearing, while sensations in the upper arms or around the ribcage usually indicates that the heart chakra is going through a cleansing process. A clenching sensation in the abdomen can indicate that the solar plexus has been triggered for releasing stored issues about the self.

4. Intense emotional clearing: This can be one of those things you may initially feel is related to life events but upon closer inspection realize that there is deep emotional clearing taking place. Sudden overwhelming bouts of sadness can be signs of something more serious (such as depression), but can also be your emotional body’s way of ridding itself of deeply rooted messages that no longer serve you. This is a solar plexus chakra cleansing.

5. Depression and anxiety: short periods of anxiety and depression that have spontaneously occurred and then self-corrected. A nagging feeling of being unfulfilled or empty, or feeling as though there must be something more to life that you’re not getting or seeing. People on the spiritual path can often feel lonely and isolated. The life of the seeker is a complicated one to navigate. This symptom can be a release of old self-defeating programming and fear. *Disclaimer: If you suffer from either of these conditions, please consult a professional. This article refers to my own experiences and is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric advice.

6. Insomnia: Recurring bouts of sleeplessness, including regularly waking up between 3 & 4 a.m. are a sign of spiritual progression. If you find it hard to fall back to sleep, use this time to give thanks or connect with your guides and angels. You may even ask that if there is something you are supposed to know now, that it be revealed to you.

7. Intense dreams, OBE’s and astral travel: Some sage advice: record your dreams upon waking and look up their meanings as often as possible. (A great resource is Pamela Ball’s 10,000 Dreams Interpreted.) You will be amazed when you reflect on dreams you’ve had in the past and your current state of spirituality. If you’d like to astral travel, you should try meditating or doing other intense relaxation techniques before bedtime in order to induce this state. Having a spontaneous OBE or consciously achieving one makes no difference, the result is the same: you will have a new understanding of the physical and non-physical dimensions. OBE’s provide the profound understanding that we are not the physical body but something far more complex and divine.

8. Mysterious rashes, body aches and pains: Rashes around the chest (heart chakra) are releasing old patterns or stuck emotions. Facial rashes can be attributed to third eye or throat chakra issues or openings. Rashes may be itchy, or may appear just to get your attention. Of course the rashes I speak of have no logical source (i.e. allergies). Pain in the neck? Also a symptom of ascension, as are sore shoulders, swollen lymph nodes and general malaise (provided they are all experienced briefly and have no other cause). The body is assimilating the new energies it is receiving.

9. Seeing energy: Seeing energy with your physical eyes/eyesight can make you do a double take or scratch your head in bewilderment. Orbs, flashes of light, waves, and auras – these are all forms of energy (and energetic beings) that are no longer (or never were) in the physical state. Experiencing such occurrences is typically a sign that your third eye is open or opening, and/or that such beings are trying to connect with you. (Protect and ground yourself before engaging with other entities.)

10. Electrical occurrences: Electrical appliances shorting, bulbs blowing out when you get near them, shocking others when touching them… these are signs that your vibration has increased and energy is freely flowing through you. It can also signify other beings in your presence, as they too manipulate energy/electricity.

11. Changes in appetite and weight: A voracious appetite and weight gain are common symptoms for energy workers and healers due to the extreme amounts of energy that flow through them. The opposite can also be true, but most energy healers go through periods of weight gain and loss before leveling out at their ideal physical weight. *A note to healers: Be sure you are not holding on to other peoples energy/sponge healing.

12. Synchronicities: Increased synchronicities and awareness of synchronicities are signs from above that you are on the right path. Think of it as the universe engaging with you personally, encouraging you to stay on course.

13. Sounds: Both high and low-pitched frequencies are often heard by the spiritual seeker. The sound will occur in your inner ear – the seat of clairaudience. I have come to associate the higher pitches with angelic or ascended presences, and the lower frequencies with Aum/OM (the sound of the universe), and fluctuations in the Schumann Resonance (earth’s frequency) and deceased human energy.

14. Numbers: Seeing the same number, series of numbers or repeatedly noticing numbers is a sign that other beings, such as angels and guides, and the universe is trying to get your attention. Numbers, specifically number sequences, are bits of encoded information containing higher knowledge (think binary code). I often tell my own clients who are experiencing this phenomena to Google “spiritual meaning of … (777)”. *Sacred Scribes website is a great beginner’s resource.

And some not-so-common symptoms….

15. Increase in psychic phenomena: *Visions, hearing disembodied voices, seeing things out of the corner of your eye, phantom odours, objects moving… these are all signs that you’re higher chakras are opening, and your spiritual bodies are integrating with your conscious awareness. Exciting but often scary (especially in the beginning), be sure you have someone to talk to, such as a spiritual mentor/coach or psychic/medium. And be sure to protect and ground yourself. (*This is not a substitute for psychiatric advice.)

16. Seeing patterns, sacred geometric shapes and/or outlines: As you can see from the examples above, there are many ways the universe will steer us onto the spiritual path. It is common for those who are spiritually advanced to notice or recognize patterns and geometric shapes in day-to-day matters that are found throughout the cosmos. Some of us begin to use these patterns and shapes for healing the earth’s matrix, or our own energetic blueprint. Many lightworkers/healers/starseeds inherently recognize these patterns and are drawn to them. If this is you, my advice is to research, research, research! It’s part of your path!

17. Downloads: An important (and somewhat cryptic) symptom of ascension and energy/DNA upgrades. Downloads have a few common characteristics: you have an immediate knowing that you’ve been downloaded, you may hear a frequency/tone that sounds like it is fading in and out, and you hear other sounds, such as repeated Morse-code like tapping that precedes the aforementioned frequency. Downloads contain higher energies that awaken our dormant DNA strands, raise our consciousness and reconnect us with other beings (spiritual and galactic).

18. Upgrades: Following each download there is a natural upgrade that takes place. Abilities may suddenly come to light or expand and grow, or, you will have inexplicable insight into many matters that previously eluded you. Many healers will become aware of new methods and techniques to use in their practices. Almost always, an upgrade results in more natural energy and more emotional releasing and healing.

19. Periods of Integration: Following the download and upgrade cycles (which are occurring constantly, but on different levels), there is a period in between which I refer to as the integration period. This is a time when you incorporate the new insight and gifts gleaned from the download into all areas of your life. You may have to undergo some deep healing in order to continue on your path, and this can be disruptive to your day-to-day existence. Past life issues may come to the fore for review. Regardless of what this looks like for you, ensure you allow it to unfold.

20. Seeing and working your guides on a regular basis: Angels, Ascended Masters, interplanetary beings and other guides are part of the path of the ascending and awakened soul. These beings assist us in achieving what we came into this body to accomplish. Some may come and go, as they are needed, while a select few will remain throughout the journey. Take advantage of these beings by asking questions and following their guidance.

Some symptoms of ascension are unpleasant. Physical symptoms like migraines, sore necks and shoulders, swollen lymph nodes and inability to sleep for more than a few hours at a time are just a handful of examples that can be related to receiving downloads to our light/crystalline body (the fascia in our physical body). These symptoms are primarily associated with throat, third eye and crown chakra upgrades and can be very uncomfortable at times.

Experiences can happen sporadically over a long period of time, or, (as seems to be the case lately), over an intensified period of days or weeks. To ease uncomfortable symptoms, I recommend listening to your dense body by eating lighter, practicing hatha yoga, and sitting in meditation for guidance on the lessons within the symptoms and the next steps to take.

While the path can be difficult to navigate at times, the true seeker will always come out the better for experienced it. To live more fully in the light one must spend some time rummaging around in the darkness. Think of your symptoms as a spiritual highway on your journey to ascension.

My heart shines forth and into your heart…


Samantha – Medium

About the author: Samantha is a Reiki Master and Medium who is presently journeying across Canada, sharing her gifts and wisdom with seekers of all levels. Born and raised in Toronto, she lived in the Resort Village of Manitou Beach for two years where her abilities as a Medium came to light. As an Evidential Medium she has assisted many living souls in understanding that death is not the end, the soul is eternal and the pervading energy in the universe is one of love. Samantha provides private, telephone and small group readings, as well as energy healing sessions. She also teaches traditional Usui Reiki with her own metaphysical twist. Visit her website and subscribe to her free newsletter at:

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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Headaches, Migraines, Cranial Expansion – Neural Pathways, Pineal Gland – Ancient Knowledge Centers & Universal Corridors – 3-8-18




Those asking about migraines & headaches that occur as each’s pineal gland is decalcified and neural pathways (Universal Corridors) are opened up…. Bio-Electrical imPULSEs re-mapping the brain, clearing old programming and yes, LIGHT comes on inside so you can start to SEE, opening up HOLOGRAPHIC access, seeing the PROJECTOR as it transmits your own realities and more…..

Dark Chocolate, sleep/dark or sunshine/sun charging (stimulation), tapping and tons of other things will assist to some extent, yet there are times that it can be “beyond” and learning to honor and work through these phases are key too. The brain often needs sugar, as fuel…. natural support is important. Applying pressure when expanding can assist the PLASMA ENERGY with “bursting” a release (you decide for you)…

There are many part of this process that are not comfortable for our human aspect. WE each have to go inside to see what feels appropriate for us and listen/honor this. Every time is different, there are no boxes/rules that apply to your ‘NEW BODY’ that is ever-evolving-in light.

This is about PHOTONIC ENERGY filling your physical body constantly. Yes it will EXPAND and CONTRACT constantly as you BIRTH your own NEW EARTH REALITIES from inside of you. As you expand into multiple dimensions, the body “contorts” in weird ways. It needs your love, attention, kindness and respect…. not your fears to dictate or try to control….

Listen to your body, connect with your body, open your heart through presence and FEEL your new truth. Your mind will say one thing, the rest of you another…. this is where each “learn” how to listen, how to honor and what to do…..

Your patience, your trust… will be “tested” at every turn, until you “learn” to listen and “do” from deep inside by listening to your own highest selves/Universal aspects of yourself too. ♥

I love you. There are pages dedicated to this on my website, years of searchable writings through my own experiences, books and more for each to utilize in order to assist with every aspect of this journey here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


AWAKENING 5D HEALING – Energetic Whiplash Symptoms, Solutions – 2-25-18


Wavelengths are crisscrossing in a maelstrom of micro to macro fluctuations. Many of us are experiencing energetic whiplash, cosmic overload. We are caught between the onslaught of matrix programming and the vibratory pull of Gaia to higher dimensional frequencies. We are immersed in a tense atmosphere, nothing is as it seems. Confusion, distrust and fear of the unknown draws people back into the matrix. We are updating our mind body soul system. Our DNA, having been dormant for so long, is now being activated. Cosmic forces, magical and organic, are rolling out and we are part of this grand evolutionary process. We are inherently and consciously active in our own growth.

The whole spectrum of negative emotional responses cause friction, static, interference, density in our energy flow. This can build up over time, gritty, grimy, sludgy energy burrowing deep into our beings. We may feel unmotivated, low in self confidence and more sensitive to confrontation than normal. Our emotional triggers are raw as we fluctuate between matrix wavelengths of mind control and fifth dimension freedom. Our challenge is to recognise negative triggers through heightened awareness. Adapt our behaviour and thought patterns, switching to higher wavelengths of emotional energy.

Quick fixes relieve the fear and stress of facing the unknown. They also anchor us into the matrix. As our vibrations rise our chakra system expands, reconnects and comes online with universal love frequency. Like ping pong balls we bounce up and down the frequency spectrum. This can really make us feel weird! To stabilise our cellular vibration in the fifth dimension we respond to these changes. We seek moderation. Balance. Enjoyment of life from organic, rather than, synthetic or artificial sources. Our bodies are where we feel many effects from energetic whiplash as they detox our energetic system from the matrix. Common symptoms of energetic whiplash:

  • vertigo
  • uncontrolled shaking
  • palpitations
  • breathlessness
  • ear popping and buzzing
  • dizziness and nausea
  • stomach upsets
  • cravings
  • sinus issues
  • headaches
  • blurry vision
  • injuries
  • lowered immune system
  • increased sensitivity to synthetic products
  • skin irritations
  • weight fluctuations
  • heightened empathic responses
  • increased need for solitude
  • increased sensitivity
  • creative impulses.

As our minds expand our eyes open to cold capitalism, mainstream fear media, religious rhetoric and cultural conditioning. As our bodies transform our ability to process toxins decreases. As our souls awaken we seek inner stillness and outer peace, we feel distressed by the destruction in our world. The elite keep us focused on what is missing, a key algorithm of the matrix. We are programmed to fill the spaces with short term, low vibration fixes. We ignore our true selves, we neglect our mindbodysoul system as we get dragged down in the quicksand of matrix mind control. We can haul ourselves out with self love. We can retrain our minds to focus on what we have. We can release fear, wake up to harsh truths, change our behaviours to ground and balance. We can seek to counter matrix vices with nature, soul tribe, self care and meditation.

The red pill comes with homework. We can ignore all of this. None of it has to happen. There is a magical trinity at work here, universal and mysterious, organic and ethereal, the realignment of our mind, body and soul. Gaia and the cosmos can go only so far before we have to take the reigns of our own evolution. Expansive consciousness is the realisation we are part of a multi verse of quantum dimensions. There is no magic wand that will take us there, no clicking of our heels three times. No instant fix. We take responsibility for our mind body soul system. When symptoms kick in, energetic whiplash can topple us right off our cosmic surfboards. Learn from each step in the process. Avoid setting finite rules instead listen to your mindbodysoul.

Life is to enjoyed, removing stress, pain and fear enhances our present. We are able to connect to the universe in a meaningful way. Clear out the static, respond to symptoms with self care and self love. Seek out holistic healing for our trinity being. Sound healing, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, essential oils, crystal healing…there are so many to choose from. Research and go with what resonates. None of this happens overnight, very few of us are, or ever will be, levitating, breatharian monks! We are human and we are part of a world of pressure and expectation. Go easy on ourselves, take changes slowly, allow time to adapt, transition and transform. It’s about mindset, love not fear, everything else is just the process. Drink water, take vitamins, get fresh air, hug a loved one, stretch! Safe zen surfing cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏🏻.


I am a being of light, mind, body and spirit.

I inhale love, I exhale fear.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.




Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update) – Maria Chambers – by Dreamweaver333 – 1-11-18

Courtesy of soulsoothinsounds

Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update)

January 11, 2018 by soulsoothinsounds

I noticed I was getting an unusually large volume

of readers of an older post, titled,

“You’re Not Alone: Physical Symptoms of Ascension.”

Since writing that post,

I have discovered a few more things

about the physical body as it goes …

via Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update) – Maria Chambers — dreamweaver333