DIANE CANFIELD – Energy Update – Continuous Flow Of Ascension Symptoms Happening Now – 6-11-19


DIANE CANFIELD – Energy Update – Continuous Flow Of Ascension Symptoms Happening Now – 6-11-19

Blessings Beloveds,

We are right in the middle of a continuous flow of Ascension Symptoms happening. This is what I have talked about in one of my recent articles ->that the flow of symptoms would soon continue and not let up. Or if there is a let up, there will be a blissful few days and then we are right back to symptoms of Ascension again.

Currently, the last few days these are some of the symptoms you may be feeling:

  • Extreme Tiredness
  • Anger or shortness with others for no reason. ( this can be you or it can be directed at you )
  • Time has slowed down again. The days seem to drag like never before ( Yes time actually does speed up and slow down now, it doesn’t just seem like it, it actually does)
  • Headaches
  • Back pain which may come and go ( Mine showed up about 2 months ago and goes away for a few days then comes back)
  • Blurry Eyes

If you experience Ascension symptoms this means you are ascending from one plane of existence/consciousness to another. Your entire body is being recalibrated into the LIGHT Body which can travel to other dimensions. This is a good thing! More and more are experiencing these symptoms and when the tipping point is reached, we will have arrived!


Even though Ascension symptoms are many times difficult to deal with, it is best not to resist them. Here are some tips for newbies and not so newbies as a refresher :

  • Feel them, do what you can to get through them
  • Ground into the earth, as much as you can ( if you don’t know the correct technique to ground find my you tube video on my you tube channel called Grounding For Ascension )
  • Do not resist them
  • Pay attention to how you feel, when they show up and when they go away.
  • Drink lots of water and liquids

or those having a hard time with symptoms, think about making life style changes. If you work a 3D job it can be difficult to deal with them and the job at the same time.

Get creative and live in a new way, one that you have never lived before. Take chances and let the Universe lead you while building up your connection with the Universe so you are being guided outside of yourself by a bigger power.

Living through a higher power is how I have been living for decades now and when  you are connected, you will never be led off path. It’s the most amazing way to live. You will have to take chances, do things you never thought you could do, and face your fears, but this is all part of the Ascension process anyway! When your life revolves around Ascension, it then takes on a whole new level of existence ! Make it work for you not the other way around, remember its a good thing happening to all of humanity ! We are in a special time !



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Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many IN PERSON visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension/AMBASSADOR/ Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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ENERGY UPDATE, DNA Upgrades, Portals, Ascension Symptoms – via Awakening 5D Healing – 4-1-19

We have finally moved past the intensity of the first three months of 2019. Opportunities for lightbody activation, spiritual growth and DNA upgrades were paired with hard core karmic clearing. Ancestral traumas attached to our lineage have been recognised and released. Self sabotage has been highlighted, we have been pushed ever deeper down our own rabbit hole to truth. Each layer is peeled back in reflection, meditation, to reveal wounds. We heal and realign to higher vibratory fields. As the atmosphere around us plays host to the great war of light and dark, the very air we breathe has become a source of contention. To unplug, upgrade and regain our freedom we step up and take responsibility for our energetic frequency. Low vibration algorithms malfunction, toxins are rejected and modifications neutralized when we dial up to higher states of consciousness. Gaia is awash with high frequency energy, light healing. Our mind body spirit being seeks to align, like a magnet, with universal love vibrations. The cosmic pull to fifth dimension evolution is insistent and powerful. Surrendering to this energetic force of light, is the space between stress, control and linear anxiety and the levitating bliss of enlightened existence. To raise our vibration we clear out sources of negativity, from the past and in our present, to align with these higher light frequencies.

Mercury retrograde broke, and boom, many felt like we had been yanked out the swamp. Forward motion again, after weeks of pushing through mud. This is a small break in the tornado of ascension energies coming though in 2019. Jupiter Retrograde is coming our way on 10th April, like a catapult it will release all the backward motion of mercury retrograde. Bringing weight, power, strength to Gaia’s plight. Jupiter has always been Gaia’s soul brother, united with her against the shadows clinging to mercury and her retrograde. The chains on the divine feminine reach planets and galaxies. Here and now those chains are being broken. The perpetual loops of chaos, war, poverty and disease are manufactured by primitive and ancient beings who see humanity as theirs. The archons know how to manipulate us, they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. They have prepared for the Great Awakening but have crucially underestimated the power of Christ light, the force that is crystalline light. Kundalini awakening spreads like wild fire through the system corrupting the ruthless, cold, reptlilian coding in our modified motherboards. The beginning of 2019 was a chance to clear, unblock and neutralise a lot of sources of negative energy. Jupiter’s upcoming retrograde will offer us another chance to level up. The fire and passion of Jupiter is the fuel for our transformation from matrix avatar to woke soul.

On April 5th the new moon moves into Aries. Aries is the sign of focused intention, confidence, vision and flair. Aries know what they want and they go and get it. They are strong in their core, agile and upbeat. The new moon in Aries is preparing us for Jupiter’s retrograde, like a warm up. Channel new moon, new beginnings, Aries energies, they are fire to ignite our core processing units. DNA upgrades have taken us into a higher space of consciousness. We can see where before we were blind. What we see is the challenge, how we deal with truth. None of this has been or will be easy. Levelling up never is. We must play the game, meditate, be mindful, reprogramme our minds to compassion algorithms. Strip back mind control conditioning of the corporate elitist system that locks down our daily lives. The release of trauma through the first few months has cleared energetic space for us to integrate upgrades. We are processing those upgrades and our systems are trying to embed them. It’s up to us to create the meditative space we need to raise our inner vibration beyond the 3d to enable recalibration.

Being held back, our vibration forcibly lowered, is no longer an option for those of us seeking to take our spiritual awakening to the next level. As we raise our vibration we become hyper sensitive to our environment and our interactions. Anything lower than our rising internal wavelength causes problems. Skin allergies flare up with chemicals in products. Inflammation manifests in response to stress and upset. Tears flow, moods become tense and irritable, our limbs feel heavy, we lose our motivation. It is up to us to redress the balance, to rearrange the furniture of our lives to accommodate our spiritual awakening. There is no other way to do it except by looking at what brings us down and changing it. Sounds easy, it isn’t. It takes courage to break the chains society places on us.

Moving up and down the energetic spectrum, too quickly or often, makes us physically ill, like travel sickness or the bends. We are seeking to stabilise our environments in higher frequency fields to avoid continually dropping too low or fluctuating. The people and places on low frequencies are messing with our internally climbing and cosmically aligning vibration. Our souls want to align with each new wave of light. Portals, celestial gateways, allied federation intervention, solar blast of lightwaves all propel our transcendence to higher realms of perception. Our bodies demand we eat better, stay flexible, agile, light on our feet. Our hearts and minds seek meditative states to embrace gratitude and humility. Our soul wants to surrender to higher zen spaces. This will all get more intense as the need for collective raising of the vibrations accelerates.

Our energetic being wants to embed, align, integrate with these higher wavelengths, it doesn’t want to keep having to drop down to interact with or process matrix vibrations. Increasingly we are avoiding stations, airports, shopping malls, corporate spaces, crowds and stress, processed food, anything that makes us sick. The clash of frequencies, the sudden drop in our cellular vibration when we have to interact with low frequencies gets more and more tiring, draining, difficult and challenging. Physically we become ill, emotionally we lose our connectivity to love light. Negative energies, envy, hate, deceit, manipulation and fear lead to insecurity, self sabotage, self hatred, self doubt, despair and depression. Part of a bigger picture of energetic wizardry to lock our systems into low matrix bandwidths. Self belief, the vision to rise beyond the confines of the matrix, is the wind beneath our wings of ascension. We have to choose the red pill and then put the work in, mind, body and spirit, to attain zen rewards of peaceful spaces. The more of us do this, the greater the momentum, the more we are able to manifest the new earth.

Seed sowing from light workers, volunteers and starseed is no longer the prime objective. Sleepers have chosen to remain in the matrix, they turn their back for now on spiritual evolution. They choose the matrix because the ‘steak tastes good’, the drugs work, desires are fed, they can bury their head in the sands of memory loops. For those who chose the red pill or who have always been awake, the new earth is being birthed in our collective consciousness. Our new directive, since the first shift in late August 2018, has been to hold our space, realign and anchor our light to Gaia. The awakening of our consciousness to multiple layers of our existence is ocurring as we break memory loop modifications. Our ongoing, transdimensional work on other frequencies to assist the ascension of humanity, is increasingly understood. Some light workers have levelled up to shaman or warrior vibrations. Understanding the dark side has become our directive. We will be the ones going in to clear the demons, the darkness and evil entities calling themselves gods in this dimension. The game has most definitely changed.

Political chaos will continue as the people of earth wake up to the elitist system of control. Trying to unify against their leaders whose prime objective is to keep them at war with each other. Humanity’s evolutionary labour is proving to be a traumatic and difficult birth. Cultural rewiring is taking place across society. Social media rewrites the rules on engagement within the matrix. The 3d matrix collapses as we speak, unable to upgrade to more advanced frequencies and technologies. Older versions of humanity are malfunctioning, zoning out, losing themselves to their astral attachments, their parasites and their matrix desires. Ghosts in the machine, lost, traumatised, trapped are being assisted in every way possible from the material and astral planes. The retrieval of humanities lost souls is the prime directive. Many lightworkers are actively engaged in this during sleep. Many wake up more tired than when they went to sleep, the work on the other side has drastically stepped up since the Shifts started. The Dark Star Blink heralded truth of the black pill people. Those folk we know, work with, are related to, who know satan, who play his games, rituals, repeat his mantras of self satisfaction, status and wealth. Its all coming out in the wash beautiful people.

For now use this space, the eye of the current cosmic storm of transition to regroup, catch your breath and stoke the fire of our retuning mojo! Our core is strengthening, the work done over the last few months will prepare us for the next level. Operating within a higher bandwidth, third eye fully operational, we are going to remember more of our dreamtime activitites. Our consciousness is merging with our higher self, as we lighten our karma and activate our lightbodies for full ascension on the material plane. We break the memory loops, we neutralise DNA modifications keeping us in spiritual headlock. We embed our vibration in higher bandwidths. Its down to us to reassess, what have we learned from the supermoon trinity? What did we want to change at the end of 2018, grow for 2019? Come back to those insights, those resolutions, reaffirm them in the coming Aries new moon. Who and what we are going to be is determined by what we do in the coming weeks and months. Make it light, make it love, make it abundance, peace and harmony. These are the operating spaces of higher dimensions. The more of us embed there, the more fuel we bring to the new earth birth of light, the more we stamp out the darkness.

Knowing the truth and walking the truth are two different things. I’m walking my truth beautiful people, I was down, but I ain’t out. Coming back with new moon Aries fire in my belly, light and love pulsing through my veins and the knowledge that my truth is mine to be. Karma coming for the surface to be cleared, matrix toxins, ancestral traumas, grief, assault, abuse, rejection, abandonment, neglect…. all algorithms of astral and matrix control, needing to be looked at, recognised and released. Breaking ancestral lines of negative behaviours and thought grooves. Dissolving memory loops, astral wizardry, neutralising modifications on our DNA and our ancestral line through healing and spiritual surrender.

For those who made the quantum leap through the first Shifts, the Fear is becoming palpable. We feel it at night, disturbed sleep, grinding machinery, bumps and creaks. Creepy feelings, our spider senses are in overdrive. Daytime fear kicking in like a punch in the gut, a shiver down our spine, a spiritual shudder. A knowing that something is very, very wrong with the world and it’s getting worse, quickly. A sense of growing anxiety and tension, held in the core, solar plexus. Shadows on the periphery, circling us, our guides advise us not to engage. Stay in a sacred sphere of light till the time is right. Funnelled through our third eye and heart chakra, the fear is partly the massive global purge of elitist ancestral oppression of our tribes, people and the ancients. There is also another source for this fear, hyper sensitive, travellers, volunteers and transdimensional warriors are feeling the astral in turmoil. The war being played out in our skies is barely cloaked from us. We are seeing, hearing, and feeling the clashes, the energies of war all around us, in our waking life. Our eyes cannot register or make sense of the sources of our fear, but our beings know things are going into overdrive on the other dimensions to ensure this dimensional frequency rises.

Breathe into the fear. Return all energies not self created to sender, repeat, daily, hourly, minutes if necessary! Breath into the solar plexus to release the stealth spider senses tingling with fear. Breath it out people. Stay in if that’s what your gut, your guides, your third eye is telling you. Use an invisibility cloak to hide your light from all lower frequencies and anything that may mean or cause you harm. We are at war people, the world around us may look the same, but our energies have transformed. We are no longer on the perceived reality dimension, we are responding to stimuli from energetic sources on all frequencies around us. We feel the bliss, the zen, the pull to higher states of consciousness constantly, clashing with the requirements of our daily matrix lives. This is causing a lot of physical and mental stress and illness. Switch things up. The fear of change is natural, its protective and it can be channelled to ensure we make the right changes. Listen. to. your. gut. The fear our spider senses are picking up on is very real. We manage it with gratitude, mindfulness, humility, meditation and breathwork.

We are navigating the fourth realm, dressed up to look like the third, whilst attaining the frequencies of the fifth. Its a lot to deal with. So go easy on yourself, take time out, off, for recalibration, realignment and revelation. Truth is the base frequency of the fifth dimension, without truth we cannot open the gates. Walk your truth. Prepare for Jupiter’s retrograde by catching your breath, getting your head and house in order. Prepare to step up the active rolling out into our lives of our spiritual enlightenment and growth. Can you make the changes? Buck the system? Glitch the matrix and change your life? Be in love vibration. Cultivate knowing when to retreat and when to stand your ground. Stay zen with meditation. And nap, sleep is key to our welfare as we straddle timelines, dimensions and frequencies. Being a high frequency person takes practise, time, effort and reflection. Put in the time and the rewards will be a new earth based on compassion, driven by love and creating abundance for all. In love and light beautiful people.

Abe Delmar – Shifting into the Ascended 5D Body, Light Body

Abe Delmar

Published on Oct 15, 2018

Shift into 5D higher frequency bodies, crystalline cell structure and crystalline DNA, ascension symptoms, ascended heart-mind connection, ascended chakras, mandela effect, light bodies.

Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 3 video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPgQ1… Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au4qx… — Join the FB Group: https://bit.ly/2T3qgtO Book a Personal High Vibe Heart Reading: https://bit.ly/2Difxq0 Receive a written Light Language Activation Message from your guides: https://bit.ly/2S0xr8Q * Any information that comes through this video is from my own 5D perspective and is for you to use your own belief system and discernment. *

Message from Alexandra Meador – 3-4-19

Alexandra’s Personal & Prime Creator MessagesDaily BlogInterviews

*Alexandra’s Personal & Prime Creator MessagesDaily BlogInterviews

*Alexandra’s Personal & Prime Creator MessagesDaily BlogInterviews


Alexandra’s Personal & Prime Creator MessagesDaily BlogInterviews

Hey All of You Amazing Galactarians!

If you’re feeling a bit off don’t feel alone. This has been a huge transitional past week! You may notice physical symptoms such as sore throat, headache/migraine, extreme exhaustion, upset stomach, nausea, sinus drainage, congestion in the head and sinuses, and much more. You may also notice that there are days you can barely get out of bed due to lethargy, and depression and there’s a good reason for this. Most will just pass this shift off as flu.

The next thing that you may notice is that you feel like an emotional roller coaster, or what I would call emotional yo-yoing. And this is because you are entering a higher frequency again, stepping up with shorter “breaks” from huge incoming waves.

This is triggering all of the etheric bodies as well as physical systems within your body to acclimate to the new vibration and many might feel like they are within a “healing crisis”. The Creator of All That Is Was and Will Be along with Prime Creator are really cranking things up for our homecoming. This is all through LOVE!

Your mental body is in high alert for the significant shifts occurring and the discomfort this brings to your core identity programs. Your being is being reminded of the countless number of ‘end of the world age’ scenarios you have lived through but unfortunately, and typically, perished horrific deaths in the process.

There are many fear related programs that are being heightened at this time so be kind with yourself and others. These are such ANCIENT programs that you often don’t have a lot of control over them since you have never been able to “reach” them. They go back quintrillions of years ago at the beginning of The Game.

Don’t forget what Prime Creator is constantly reminding us of: The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Now, part of this is due to things that Prime Creator continues to remove from The Game. And as he continues to remove more and more nefarious “items” from this reality, your body is literally going through a withdrawal experience. There is nothing but the best of intentions for you and a preparation for what is about to come! Do not forget He and The Love Lineage Team so love you, despite our history and our shadows.

So please be kind to yourself and do not forget that the animals are going through a similar “disruption” to their normal operations. Please be patient with them and understand that we are all getting ready for the momentous moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Remember there are three paths available; one is to the pit which is for all of those who wanted to annihilate Creator ‘s Children and Creations and have not one ounce of remorse in their hearts. Then there are those that are going to take a lateral path to the left (or west gate) and stay in the drama, but not the game. These are those who prefer to stay in the fight, resist truth and Prime Creator, and are just not ready yet for the leap! And then there are the rest, who are all working in various capacities to ready themselves for the big party! This is the right hand path or the east gate.

And let me tell you – it is one big massive universal celebration. We are not only monitored by so many to protect us and assist us, but many beings of light are absolutely fascinated by the “humans” arriving soon.

It has been said that many of us volunteered against all odds of success in helping to free Creator’s Creations. So many will view us with a curiosity that we don’t normally understand.

Lastly, you will be hearing a lot of dirt coming out about President Trump as well as Putin. I would like to pass on some messages I know and received this morning to relay to all of you:

1) EVERY ONE OF US has played both dark and light roles in this (yucky) game. Ask yourself this question; if you were hounded and hunted relentlessly, or your loved ones were decimated right in front of you, would your psyche be whole? Would you have feeings of revenge? Would you finally have had enough and seek justice in some capacity? Creator’s Creations faced this reality over and over again…we didn’t remember that this is a programmable virtual reality because it feels so real. We didn’t remember who we really are. We lost our ability to discern. Most of us don’t even now.

2) Even those who appear “dark or dirty” made correct choices at the end to bring this game to an end. In fact, MANY OF US DID!!! Many of us have provided The Love Lineage Team key intel to get this game stopped.

3) President Trump has been prepping for this end of game scenario as President of America for about 60,000 years.

4) Trump’s role required the strongest, wealthiest, most tenacious, most fearless, and most committed demeanor to fulfill his mission. The individual who played President had to have great wealth to avoid being caught in a corner by the heartless ones for need of funds. Let’s just say not many (if anyone) wanted this “part”.

5) When you read TRUST THE PLAN it means “reliance on integrity, ability, and character” of the plan. This plan is DIVINE AND BEYOND  SCRUTINY!!! It has been created at the highest energetic level you can even imagine and WITH OUR HELP!!!

6) President Trump has proven himself countless times with ACTIONS he has taken through executive orders, peace negotiations, defending our country’s safety and citizens, and FINALLY HONORING THE VETERANS! Don’t allow the news to alter your commitment to your President at this final hour. And remember MOST OF US have been veterans in many many lifetimes to support Team Light in some capacity.

7) President Trump would not be in this position without REPORTING INTO PRIME CREATOR. And not only does he do so regularly, but Creator is in the driver’s seat. This is why Q states TRUST THE PLAN. No matter what Trump did in his past, which by the Way Provided us TONS OF INTEL, he is guided and monitored by Prime Creator!

8) What started out as a game for Creator’s children, intended for treasure hunts and hide n seek, was hijacked and sadistically locked down so none of us could escape. Rent the movie Tron, which gives you one example of how this took place. It was never intended for any of us to escape this reality.

9) What is most imperative right now is for each of us to IMAGINE what it will be like to be out of the game, surrounded by love, support, and stepping back into our multidimensional selves! The time is NOW to cast out the thoughts of doubt and fear and FOCUS on the celebration!

As John Lennon said “imagine all the people living life in peace.” Well we are about to experience that!

We have gone through tremendous upheaval to get to this moment. DO NOT ALLOW OUR MOMENTUM TO BE SQUASHED, sidetracked, diverted, or crushed on the goal we have today…to bring us all back to where we really belong with our True Creator! We do NOT BELONG IN A COMPUTER SIMULATED REALITY!



I would like to remind you not to forget your daily request for healing from Prime Creator. The Love Lineage Team works around the clock to assist all of you in preparing for this major event. Please take a moment and state the following with a pure heart intention,

“I accept and receive all of the cosmic and planetary work that has been done for me, all the aspects of my being, and my lineage. It is done. Thank you. “

I love you all,



If you need assistance with your thoughts, emotions and feelings at this hour, please try the following three essences I created with Prime Creator:

1) This Hugs For You

2) Restore Your Sanctuary

3) Mission Accomplished: Keep The Faith

They were designed to help us at the final hour.


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Paul Butler Updates – 2-25-19

Diamond Light Codes💎 Double Purging of the old Buddha Mind Pure Awareness

Paul Butler

Paul Butler

Published on Feb 23, 2019

https://primedisclosure.com/diamond-l… Lightworker Chat Room – https://primedisclosure.com/chat


https://primedisclosure.com/dna-upgrade Lightworker Chat Room – https://primedisclosure.com/chat

DIANE CANFIELD – Energy Update – Ascension Symptoms Still Occurring, Psychic Message, Guidance


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Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many in person visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

Copyright © 2018 by http://www.dianecanfield.com All Rights Reserved. You may share and redistribute this material as long the full article, all links are included, authors name included and website http://www.DianeCanfield.com

Steve Beckow – Sick Body a Barrier to Ascension? – 2-5-19 – Golden Age Of Gaia


s a sick or disabled body a barrier to Ascension? Why is the pain increasing?

In the course of research, I came across this passage in which Archangel Michael addressed these questions, on An Hour with an Angel, June 12, 2014.

Steve Beckow: Lord, a question for you. One of the big new developments in this Ascension is ascending with the human body. What have you found, and when I say you I mean the team that is staging Ascension, what are the considerations that are facing you with regard to the human body’s frailty, with regard to not going too fast, burning out the circuits?

Archangel Michael: This is a very good question and it is a question that many of you have posed to me in prayer or even in pain. I will be very frank. The human body has required a lot of work. It is not in great shape.

I don’t say that critically but you have asked a very important question. It [physical Ascension] is unique. It is the first. We are taking this form, you, each of you are taking this form and not merely abandoning it, but bringing it forth inter-dimensionally, to a higher vibration, to what you can think of as a reconstitution.

This is also part of the recovery that I have referred to earlier. It is not simply the infusion of the love. It is also the recovery, the strengthening of the body and many are reporting that. The channel forgot to mention that part, but I will help her out.

So, for decades you know that your body has been shifting and for some of you that began as far back as the Harmonic Convergence, through all these shifts, the 11:11’s, the 12:12’s, the Grand Crosses, the solar flares.

But this has been magnified and intensified in the past couple of years; well, actually about three and a half to four years. You’re shifting from what you think of as the carbon-based form to a crystalline form which is simply meaning that the structure of your being is more able to not only hold the higher frequency and vibration but also act as a transmitter.

And there are many side benefits in terms of healing and in terms of telepathic communications and simply clarity of downloads. So that has been one thing.

The thing that we have been most focused on – and I truly speak for my brother Archangel Raphael, oh yes, and St. Germaine, he is giving me the nod as well – has been the strengthening of the body as we eliminate what you think of as dis-ease, maladies, weaknesses in the human body.

You have asked about the Ascension team. Now I’m telling you, the priority is the elimination of pain because it is very difficult to be in the upliftment, in the elevation, in the bliss when you were in pain. You have moments of bliss and then your body calls you back.

That is one of the reason why also for the last while so many healing ships have been positioned so close to Gaia and have been working completely non-stop. That is an aside that I make.

You do not have the existence of dis-ease, pain, limitation, in the higher dimension. So, why are we concerned about addressing this while in the, shall we say, cleaned-up 3rd?

Because when you are more dis­-ease-stronger, more vital, more in your root chakra, then you are fully capable of taking that quantum leap.

Additionally, it is a mission of mercy, of compassion, to heal humanity because in that demonstration of the clearing or the lessening of pain, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, they are all in the same bandwidth. In that demonstration, what you are receiving is the message, “I am worthy, I am loved” and that is also part of the cleansing and the raising of your vibration, your frequency, your trust factor, your faith factor. So it is complex.

Now, your next question would be, “Then why am I hearing from so many lightworkers that they are feeling more pain than ever, of one sort or another?” And it is because the pain, the injuries, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, old ailments, even past life ailments, are coming to the surface to be washed away, to be removed, from the Tsunami, from the Mother, from Raphael, from St. Germaine, from your star brothers and sisters. Everybody is working on this.

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through.

It is your heart, and the love, and the purity, and the grace that is your passport, your ticket. We simply want your body to be as full and as vibrant as possible, as you decide, as you have originally designed, because do not forget my sweet friends, that this is a return to your true design.

And your true design, your soul design, your original architecture did not include dis-ease. And that is also true for Gaia. The ailments, shall we say, that she has endured or suffered as a result of the illusions, and the false grids and paradigms, vasanas of humans, the pollution, the debris, the garbage, the despoiling, this will be healed as well. (“Archangel Michael: The Mother’s Essence Within and Without are Colliding – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 12, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/15/archangel-michael-the-mothers-essence-within-and-without-are-colliding-part-22/.)