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JESUS – CHRISTMAS, A TIME OF JOY – via Victoria Cochrane – (REPOST – 12-24-14)


Christmas is a joyful time for many who can spend it with their family and loved-ones. However, for many it is a sad and lonely occasion. Many people no longer have family or friends close by, and some even choose to be alone rather than to spend it with anyone. For those people, Christmas holds no joy at all.

The Christmas message is one of hope and new life. It is one of connection to God the Creator of all-that-is and his unconditional love for all humans, not just Christians. Whether you are alone or with family, sick in hospital, and are Christian or non-Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or of no faith at all, my love is within you and will lead you to the shining light and unconditional love of the Creator. The Supreme Source holds you safe in his light and makes no judgement on your actions, words, thoughts or deeds. His love is total and all consuming, bringing peace, joy and feelings of goodwill to all who wish to connect with it.

Never feel you are alone. There are no conditions, no requirements, no need for forgiveness or attachment to any religion. The love of the Creator just is, and it is available now, in your heart and all around you. It is in the whisper of the trees, the chirping of the birds, the babbling of a stream and in the beating of your heart. Be still and feel, hear and know the love of the Creator that is rightfully and Divinely yours.

This Christmas give thanks for all you have, even if it is little. Open your heart to my presence to lead you to the Creator, for feelings of peace and happiness within you will project out to those around you and bring back more of the same to you.

May love and tidings of joy be yours this Christmas, wherever and whoever you are.

I AM Jesus

Victoria Cochrane


JESUS via John Smallman – As humans many of you think or assume that you were born without any input or choice in the matter – 12-13-17

Sananda aaa
Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday December 13th

As Christmas approaches and the year draws to a close, much is happening for all humans at a level that is far below their conscious awareness, and this is bringing into their normal conscious awareness discomfort, unsettling thoughts and ideas, and much confusion.  For a very long time people have been accustomed to burying or denying extremely painful experiences that they have undergone in order to carry on with their lives and the commitments that they have taken on.  It has been very generally accepted that after painful events have occurred it is best to forget about them and move on with life – you have a song: Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again, which very well describes that belief.  It works, for a while, and it is useful, but eventually the feelings of pain, bitterness, resentment, and suffering have to be honored, thanked, forgiven, and released, or buried more deeply and totally denied, which takes enormous amounts of your energy.  And as the majority of people make the latter choice, these past events or experiences then, naturally, have a very marked effect on the way they live their lives, with many eventually seeking relief through psychotherapy.


What is happening now for so many is that all their buried and denied feelings are rising into awareness to be released, as they must be for your awakening to happen, and most cannot understand where all this “stuff” is coming from or how they should deal with it.  Those of you who are intending to be on your spiritual paths, and who attend seminars and workshops and read channeled messages like this one, are on Earth to assist in the awakening process, and from your human perspective it is indeed a mighty task.  But, of course, you are never alone, you have limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms on whom you may call for help at any time. The thing is that you often forget to call!

This why your daily visits to your holy inner sanctuaries are so important.  When you relax there fully, even if only for a few minutes with the intent to be only loving whatever arises, you are giving permission to those in the spiritual realms, who are with you constantly wanting only to support you, to infuse you with the Love for which you all yearn, and which is your true nature.  This divine Light, this Love is always within you, but It will not intrude or attempt to control or direct you.  It offers you loving guidance which is very clear, but frequently your egos want either for you to use it for personal gain, or not hear or dismiss it.  Even the most highly evolved humans have egos that attempt to seek personal gain.  You are all aware of ones who have abused their positions of trust to manipulate and control those who saw them as highly evolved and very wise spiritual beings deserving of their service.

Egos are a part or aspect of your human nature that seem to be separate from you – the one following the spiritual path – but you do need them to enable you to operate in the world you perceive through your human form, and you will also have to integrate them completely into your true nature, where they truly belong and from which it appears that they became separated.  When you experience inner conflict it is because your egos are desperately seeking your undivided attention, and they will suggest to you all sorts of ways that you can use to gain advantage over others who they will suggest are attempting to do the same to you.  It is very difficult for humans to be graciously and unconditionally giving of themselves or of their possessions without there being some kind of pay off that is sought in return.  It can be anything from a large financial payoff to just a simple grateful acknowledgment, but that underlying need is seldom absent.

Love, however, is a total absence of need because It is and haseverything!  When you succeed in opening yourselves to the Love residing within you, allowing it to fill your hearts, you will instantly be free of needs.  If you have ever fallen in love, you have probably briefly experienced that beautiful state, but, because of the limitations you imposed on yourselves by choosing to become human, it never lasts.

Your egos always want more.  It is your egos that create your dissatisfactions with your lives by constantly comparing your situation with that of someone else, suggesting that that other is more . . . . successful, attractive, accomplished, wealthier, happier, loved.  The thing is that you are who you are, by choice, and envying anyone else for any reason at all is a total waste of your time and energy.  You all know people who have struggled enormously, often very selfishly, to become wealthy and yet, despite all the accoutrements and accessories they have gathered to themselves, they remain unhappy and disillusioned with life.

Attempting to model yourselves on someone else is to have lost your way.  Who you are is who you most wisely and carefully chose to be, and the path forward is always by way of total self-acceptance.  When you make the choice to accept your self fully, just as you are without conditions or negative self-judgments, the need to compare yourself to others dissolves, allowing you to just be, and then to do what attracts you by allowing your creative abilities, and you all have them because they were given to you at the moment of your creation, to grow and develop as you intended when you chose to incarnate.

You are all creators!  God, Source, Mother/Father/God, the Supreme Intelligence, the aware and Conscious Universe – whatever word or phrase you personally prefer is perfect for you – created you and at that moment gave you everything It had – Love, All – so that of course includes enormous creative abilities and the potential to use them as you chose.  You have all heard the phrase: You create your own reality.  It has become considerably overused and abused over the years, nevertheless, it is true.  You each have your own totally personal perception of life as a human, no one is the same, for each one of you it is individual and unique – there are no copies, no one who exists, has ever existed, or will exist in the future is or could be the same as you.  The reality you experience as a human is the one you have created for yourself and continue to create in every moment of your human existence.

When your perception changes, due to experience, new information, maturity etc., it is because you are creating that new perception.  As humans many of you think or assume that you were born without any input or choice in the matter, and from that assumption you build your lives – I’m ugly, I’m beautiful, I’m smart, I’m stupid, I’m unlovable, I’m worthless, I can achieve anything – to fit those assumptions that you have made about yourselves.  You have forgotten that you are creators with infinite potential.

Many of you do change your self-perception over the years, some for the better and some for the worse, but it is generally within the fairly limited confines of the original basic perception that you developed during your childhood due to family, cultural, ethnic, religious and political influences present in your environment as you grew up.

There have always been people who have moved well beyond that original conditioning and have created amazing human lives for themselves, and over the last two or three hundred years the percentage of humans doing this has been increasing, and today the growth in that percentage is accelerating rapidly.  More and more of you are realizing that you can create, that you are creators, and that is causing enormous and essential changes in perceptions and behaviors to occur throughout all human cultures and ethnicities.  The world is changing, and it is you, collectively, who are doing this.

This is what your awakening is all about, namely changing your perceptions and your beliefs about what is achievable, and then working to make it happen.  When you do this your own personal awakening becomes inevitable.  Of course doubts and anxieties will arise, they are aspects of being human, but by attending purposefully to your spiritual growth – choosing to remember that you are Love incarnate – you can dispel them and continue to move forward gracefully and beautifully, just as you intended when you planned your present human life path prior to incarnating.

Your daily visit(s) to your holy inner sanctuary to reconnect with the Light, the Love that resides there always, awaiting your invitation to commune with you, strengthens your energy field, empowering you to be and demonstrate the Love that you are as you go about your daily lives.  The warmth of the loving embrace that you experience when you go within is also felt by the Light, the Love, because you join there in Oneness.  It wants you to accept and engage with Its embrace because it deepens that unbreakable relationship you have with your divine Source.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

MASTER JESUS via Natalie Glasson   –   Transformation and the Seat of Your Perceptions – 12-2-17


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Beloved souls upon the Earth, journeying through illusion and truth to recognize the magnificence within your being. I honor you now and give my thanks for your presence upon the Earth. I am overjoyed by every challenge you move through, awakening more light into your being. I am delighted by every realization that dawns, bringing you back to your center.


This is a time of wonderment upon the Earth as you move from one period of existence to a new period of truly living as your essence. The entire perspective of humanity is changing. What was thought to be known as true is no longer. Change is present, and a new way of seeing and thinking is manifesting.

I, Master Jesus, experienced a similar period of transformation upon the Earth during my lifetime. It is wonderful to experience because the shift occurs within your being and can be witnessed within others. It is akin to being at the very core of transformation. A magical process indeed.

Embodying Transformation

During my time upon the Earth, I could feel transformation taking place within me and around me within others. I could feel the pockets of light awakening and the knots of blockages coming to the surface to be released. In these times with awareness, I would expand my energy to embrace all beings present upon the Earth. I would feel my oneness with all while being aware of the transformation taking place.

It was as if I embodied the transformation of all; I was at the very core of every soul’s transformation as a collective and individual. I would then breathe into the areas where I found knots while expanding the pockets of light to create harmony, inviting the Creator to be fully present in the transitions taking place.

I welcome you to achieve the same during these periods of tremendous change. You may wish to achieve it first for yourself, expanding into your own vast energy, allowing yourself to be at the core of your own transformation, breathing into knots of blockages and magnifying pockets of light.

Let yourself be at the core of your own transformation. This will bring greater understanding of what is occurring within your being and your ascension process. Then I encourage you to achieve the same as I did, expanding your energy to be as one with the Mother Earth, humanity and all beings.

You will notice the difference of being at the core of your own transformation and the core of transformation of all that is the Creator. My purpose of guiding you in this experience is to support you in understanding why certain situations or experiences are arising for yourself and globally.

With understanding comes the presence of acceptance, which brings forth compassion, peace and security. With acceptance you will be able to open your heart and mind to further understand how your soul wishes to contribute to support this great period of change for all.

Your intuition will always guide you to achieve all that is necessary. If you feel unable to recognize and realize your own intuition, this exercise is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with your intuition, developing your inner trust. Please let me be with you to support you in this mission.

Transformation is a very beautiful and yet delicate process. There is a need for a feeling of safety and support within your being in order for full transformation to take place, and yet transformation can create the exact opposite. Feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and lack of support can manifest allowing the process of transformation to be feared by many.

It is moving through these uncertain energies by accepting their presence and influence which actually allows you to meet with the security, foundations and beautiful awakening that is the blessing of transformation.

Please remember that if feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and lack of support do arise whether seemingly from a situation or transformation, know that they require your acceptance, breathe into their presence until the feeling dissipates. Then you will discover that transformation is a beautiful, enjoyable and light awakening process.

The Seat of Your Perceptions

It is my opinion that the transformation of ascension can be viewed and perceived in different ways depending on the seat of your perceptions and inner sight. Viewing transformation within yourself and the world from anyone of your chakras would create a completely different view and experience of life within and around you.

Interpreting your world from the seat of your ego could create a very fearful or selfish view. This is why during my time on the Earth and even now, I always encouraged myself and all around me to focus upon their heart chakras or higher heart chakras.

I knew that in doing so, I would see the world from a seat of compassion, with the view to feel how myself and others are feeling while having a great volume of love available to me at any given moment from my heart chakra.

I was also aware that the heart chakra can often hold onto the deepest, most painful wounds. These can be our most wonderous teachers offering the greatest healing available to us. By existing in the heart chakra and viewing yourself and the world from this seat, you can have the tools you need to accelerate your ascension, healing and awakening process. I encourage you to seek and explore this for yourself.

As powerful lightworkers, I also encourage you to explore and experience the world around and within you from different chakras. It is true that at any given moment you are viewing yourself and the world from all chakras and all aspects of your being combined.

However, with intention you can connect into a chakra to acknowledge and understand the energies it is holding onto which is creating a certain perspective which may be supportive or limiting. Connecting with different chakras and even your ego will allow you to recognize the message that aspect of your being are sending out to the world, as well as how it is impacting your view and perspective of the world.

For example, you may discover that one chakra is filled with fear and so is creating a fearful outlook. Thus, you are not only looking for fearful things in your life but also creating them. Then you may understand that another chakra is filled with joy and is supporting much fun and laughter in your life. It may dawn upon you that the fear is diminishing your joy or that you are enjoying being fearful.

It is interesting to observe how the energy of each chakra creates an interaction which manifests within you and in your physical reality. The inner work and discovery I am proposing will take patience. However it will also create a very powerful purification and cleansing within your being.

This will mean that the energies within your chakras and being will be aligned to your truth, also what you wish to experience and create for yourself within your reality. You will notice yourself to be clearer in your thinking and emotions, as well as the way you perceive yourself and the world. It will be a very deep and powerful release of old limiting energies, maybe even from numerous lifetimes.

Setting Your Intention

To set an intention to view yourself, your reality and world from a certain chakra or aspect of your being you can use the below invocation, altering it as to where you wish to view from.

‘It is my intention to view all that I am, my reality and the world around me from the seat of my…………………… (chakra or aspect of your being). Master Jesus, please support me in recognizing the energies I am holding in this area and how they are influencing my experience of myself and reality around me. Help me to understand how this area is also interacting with other areas of my being and the impact created.

Support me in understanding how to bring forth healing when it is needed and how to magnify the blissful energies within me. I am ready to explore and discover now. Thank you.’

Wishing you peace, compassion, love and contentment,

Master Jesus

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JESUS via John Smallman — There is Absolutely Nothing to Fear – 11-15-17

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Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday November 15th 

As you well know – YES, you DO! – you are all dearly loved, so let go of your doubts, they are utterly and completely invalid.  You are presently in human form, and you know, because Saul and I and various other channels keep telling you and reminding you, that every human without exception is a beloved child of God.  Therefore stop trying to leave yourself out to remain alone and unloved, because to do so is impossible. OK?

All are Love incarnate because God creates only from Love, as there is only Love.  However, as humans playing the game of separation from Source, it appears to you that you are alone, unseen, and unloved in a dangerous world where your physical survival is constantly under threat of destruction.  It seems that you have to work very hard to earn your living and to avoid personal catastrophe and death.  But after birth the only sure thing is death – Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In ten years? – while its timing remains unknowable.  But the only thing that is born and dies is your human body, which you use like a chess piece on the board game of separation.  YOU are an eternal and divine being, an essential, and irreplaceable part of the Oneness that is All That exists, that is God, that is Source, that is LOVE!

There is absolutely nothing to fear.  Nothing can destroy you because there is only Love, and Love is eternally One with Itself, and therefore with You.  And while still playing the game you can access the knowledge that you are infinitely more than your human body.  You do this by spending time within, where all knowledge resides and is available to you if you choose to access it.  All knowledge at once would utterly swamp or blow your human mind/brain.  However, sections or aspects that are in harmony with your pre-planned life path as a human are readily accessible in the appropriate now moment should you choose to avail of them.  All that you have to do is set the intent to be open to receive what you need now.  And it is your heart that you need to open so that the knowledge you require and desire can flow in and inspire you.

Initially, when this happens, you will be amazed and wonder where the knowledge can possibly have come from, and then you will remember that you invited it in by asking a question that your human brain was unable to answer.  Then your human brain/intelligence will instantly pick it up and run with it, building ideas and uses for it, and you may well forget that it came to you from the field of infinite knowledge to which you are always connected, and decide that it must have been your clever human intelligence that brought it to you.

There is infinite knowledge available, but mostly people are so bogged down in the trials and tribulations of life as a human in the illusion that you planned and constructed collectively, and which you continue to maintain, that they generally only access this infinite field momentarily and by “chance.”  They then thank their good fortune and continue as before.  Generally the geniuses that you honor and admire were more open to this extravagantly varied field of information, and have taken numerous creative ideas from it to use in their own spheres of interest and then share widely.

Information gathered in this way will insist on being freely shared, but sometimes those with whom it is first shared attempt and sometimes succeed in laying claim to it for their own personal benefit.  Recently, as has been well reported, there have been a number of brilliant individuals who have most cheerfully and happily shared ideas that they have “uncovered” in this way so that all may benefit, and this trend is growing as awareness of your oneness and interdependence spreads far and wide.

Awareness of humanity’s interdependence on one another, and on Earth and her ecosystem, is intensifying as more and more choose to realize the insanity of conflict.  Conflict is self-destruction.  It has been endemic on Earth for eons, but over the last one hundred years the will to peace has been growing, and over the last two or three decades that growth has been exponential.  Despite the areas of ongoing conflict, the vast majority of humans want peace.  In truth the vast majority have always wanted peace, but the intense desire among a few to have and own power over others has prevailed, as those few have engaged in extremely emotional rhetoric to persuade others that conflict is essential.  Now, however, the numbers who can be persuaded by that kind of rhetoric have decreased enormously, so although the rhetoric may continue for a while, very few will be persuaded by its transparently invalid arguments.

You are all beings of Love, and so Love is your nature.  Conflict is unnatural, unnecessary, unsought, and unwanted by the vast majority of humans, although personal conflicts still arise due to the personal choice to identify with emotions and act on them.  However, that method of self-identification, which is a powerful aspect of the illusion, especially for the young as they grow, but before they develop into mature adults and see for themselves that it is self-defeating, is rapidly being released as the awareness of humanity’s oneness with itself spreads to all corners of the Earth.

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long, arduous, and painful, but many lessons that were chosen as a syllabus for your educational journey have been well learnt and do not need to be repeated, hence the collective choice and decision to awaken.  You are well on the way to that magnificent moment when all pain and suffering cease as you finally become aware that there is only Life, Love, Consciousness, Source, all of which are everlasting, never ending, eternal.  There is nothing apart from This, and This is boundless, unlimited, inexhaustible, an ongoing creative endeavor of stunning beauty and complexity flowing constantly in a state of harmonious cooperation, and yet remaining beautifully simple.

A paradox indeed, but one that you will understand, wonder at, and delight in when you awaken as you inevitably will.  There are no losers, no one will left behind, because what is One cannot be divided, separated, or dismembered, It just is, eternally, in the infinite field of divine Love that contains All in perfect concordance.  This is where you are right now, in this present moment as you read or listen to this, and your full awareness of this will be uncovered.

Your loving brother, Jesus.




JESUS vis John Smallman – The Illusion is an Infinitesimal Distraction from Reality – 10-27-17

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Jesus Audio Blog for Friday October 27th

Humanity’s ongoing progress towards the collective awakening is amazing!  You are all doing a most wonderful job in assisting in the divine plan, just as you promised, contracted, and intended before you incarnated.  Many of you have been following very difficult and demanding paths, filled with pain, anxiety, poverty, and, of course, suffering.  You volunteered from the generosity of your loving hearts so that all who choose to awaken as the divine plan comes to fruition would be ably and lovingly assisted to do so.  You are all receiving enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, but, because the density of the physical realm is so heavy, vast numbers are also reliant on the help provided by all of you, Light bearers and Light workers, to enable them to fulfill their divine destiny.


All are One, therefore, whatever anyone does affects everyone else!  All who are presently incarnate – over seven billion people of myriad races, colors, and creeds – are on Earth at this moment because they volunteered to assist in clearing from humanity all that is not in complete alignment with Love.  Some of you are calling it the clearing of core issues, and that is truly what it is, the core issues of fear, bitterness, resentment, and hatred, that have been leading you into conflict for eons.  Those of you consciously doing this are doing it not only for yourselves, but also for those who have totally forgotten about the contracts they made to do this before they incarnated.  And, at a deep level below their human awareness, those who have forgotten are, nevertheless, clearing an abundance of those issues, and your presence amongst them vitally increases their ability to do this.

There is no one on Earth who does not have issues to clear, because the game of separation you have been playing has been very intense and violently competitive, and everyone has been playing.  This clearance is extremely healing for you as well, because, as many of you have noticed, the heaviness of three dimensional life does lift, giving you more energy and motivation, as issues are brought to the surface of your awareness, acknowledged, and released.

There is only Love, and It’s constant presence provides a vast healing energy for all who choose to turn to It by releasing their hold on righteous beliefs and behaviors, thus removing the blocks and obstructions that have closed off Its access to their hearts.  All hearts will open to the divine field of Love that embraces them, allowing It to heal them, bringing them comfort and joy on a scale they have never before experienced as humans.  And this is only the beginning!

God’s Will for you, for all conscious beings, is eternal joy!  You were created from Love and in joy because God creates joyfully for the pure joy of doing so, and His Will is that you do the same because he knows what immense joy it will bring you.  He created you like unto Himself to utterly delight in all of creation as He does, because to be fully alive is to be joy-filled, and that is the state He wants you to experience as fully as He does.  His Love for you is boundless, and he wants you to know that by experiencing It in every moment of your eternal existence.  That is all that He wants for you, and, truly, It is everything.

You are free, just as you were created, and God requires nothing of you.  You do not need to do good deeds, pay Him obeisance, or seek His approval.  He offers you His unconditional Love in every moment, knowing that It is what, as humans within the illusion, you are constantly and desperately seeking outside yourselves where It cannot be found.  It is within you, where He placed It at the moment of your creation, and that is where you will find It.  Seek not the distractions of the illusion, however alluring they may appear to you to be.  Go within, and there you will find Yourself and God eternally at one with each other in joyous harmonious relationship from which nothing is lacking.

There is NO SEPARATION!  You are as you were created, One with God.  No other state exists or could exist, because God is All, and therefore, so are You!

The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality that you made and on which you have focused almost your whole attention for eons, so that you have indeed been mightily distracted by it from Reality.

Now it is time to mightily enlarge your attention and awareness so that you recognize and acknowledge who You are, the eternally beloved child of God, without Whom God would be incomplete.  That, of course, isimpossible.  What Is is unchanging and eternal, It is God and You at One in each other’s Presence forever.  A timeless state, because there is no time, there is only now, the eternal now, and that is where you are in every moment of your existence, as you will most joyfully remember on your awakening, NOW!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

JOHN SMALLMAN – Message I received from Jesus in May 2014


This was a personal message to me, then. Re-reading it the other day I realized – duhh –   that it was meant for everyone! So, put your name at the space at the beginning as Jesus addresses YOU! Rejoice in the LOVE that he tells you is your nature and your heritage.


Your name here! 


You are a beloved child of God and in that you are no different from any other human being, past, present, or future.

God eternally loves all his children, all of His creations which are sublime, perfect, infinite in number, eternally existing, multitudinous and yet only one. God is!

You are therefore an inseparable and essential aspect or part of God, the Source, All That Is, LOVE. There is no one else, no other, because all is One, period. No exceptions, no meaningless discussions, no scientific or theological hypotheses are in any way pertinent, they are distractions that draw you away from uncovering, disclosing, or remembering your true and only nature as One with Source.

Be silent, quieten your mind, and know God. That is all that you need to do, then He will make Himself known to you. Be not impatient. Time is an illusion, so let go of its apparent demands on you. Bliss will follow.

Your loving brother, Jesus.