STEVE BECKOW – By Love Seeking Love, God Meets God – 11-3-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia



Remember Eckhart’s beggar sitting on a box at the crossroads?

Little did he know that he was sitting on a treasure box, inside of which was gold.

For me? Love is the gold in the treasure box of my heart. Love is what Archangel Michael calls “spiritual currency.”

What brings up the love from our hearts for us to experience? Well, when I think of the beloved, that’s the quickest and easiest way to bring it up in me.

Thanks to

Inspirational music also calls love up. I’m listening to Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream and it’s bringing up the love in me. Unchained Melody, the same. Theme from the Mission.

Acts of charitable giving – whether a gift to a friend or feeding an animal – also call it up in me. I’ve observed it.

I think that’s what I like so much about giving – it brings up the love in me. No, I’m not asking for donations. I’m interested in the subject.

Why interested?  Because being familiar now with love, thanks to a heart opening, I can easily watch what brings love up. And giving is one thing that does.

The wisps of love are there in most people, I believe. But we don’t know what to look for and, even if we found it, we might not appreciate it for what it is. We might just be thankful that we feel good for a moment and not see love as being love.

What is love? The most potent transformative agent I’m aware of – the means by which we complete the journey.  At the same time, it’s the true object of all our questing.

It’s the subject … object … and verb of life. It creates, preserves, and transforms … from itself. It’s no different than the Mother and the Father.

It’s inseparable from the Divine in the same way that light and consciousness are. It leads us to fulfill the purpose of life – Self-knowledge.

By the magnetism of love seeking love, God meets God.

But back to giving.  I used to say that the love I felt in and through the act of charitable giving was the reward for the act.

Not love from another. Love from within myself – that’s the key distinction to make here. The treasure is in the beggar’s box, not in a bank or in the ground.

That surge of love from giving, if met with an equal expression of gratitude or acknowledgment, results in a bonding or connection. Sometimes people can take a permanent interest in the people they gift. The experience, on occasion, can be life-altering.

The whole process of gifting is marvellous. Well, marvellous to me now, that is.  Before I knew what love was, it wasn’t so marvellous. It was no big deal, I’d say with a Robert de Niro look of complacency.

But now, something that promises to draw love up from my heart – which I might be able to surf on for a few minutes, becoming a wave of full-blown transformative love – that’s a very big deal. I have my values straight now.  Consequently my interest in giving has gone up.

And of course I and many of you will soon be a mainstay of a donor economy, one whose primary principle will be sharing, below which is giving. The more practice I get in, the more love I feel until the time when it’s permanently and limitlessly available. Yes, the time at which a world that works for everyone comes into being.

Giving is just a means to excite love in us, like rubbing two sticks together to make a spark. And it’s a practice that’s only open to us for a while.

Safely embedded in the Fifth Dimension – that is, a subplane or two in – we won’t need to give. (1) Everyone will be able to create whatever they need or want for themselves.

And everyone will also be swimming in love so we won’t need to pounce on any streamer of it. There will be no lack of what is most important to us.

So there’s just this window of opportunity for us to experience the love rising in us through giving.

Of all the things that I let slide off the table, let love be the last.

As I’ve said on other occasions – but maybe one person has not heard it – once we locate even a wisp of true love, one streamer, and we recognize it for what it is (“Oh, you are love“), it expands to fill the whole vessel.

If we let go into that as well, the walls come tumbling down and we find ourselves drowning in an Ocean of Love.  Sweet death that lights up all of life.

Jump in, fall in, get pushed in. Just get it over with: Drown in the Ocean of Love.


(1) If we regain our ability to create with thought upon entry into the Fifth Dimension, that’s one thing. If it’s after Ascension, it’s another thing” That means a few subplanes into the Fifth Dimension. At one time or another we’ll be able to think objects into existence. We’ll be drawing in the creation codes for that thing, if I understand the process, and creating it from the universal substratum – love.




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