Archangel Michael – YOU are the Divine Masters of the Divine Plan!

Awakening YOU
Published on Jun 4, 2019

KRYON – GOD HAS A PLAN – 6-18-18


Published on Jun 18, 2018

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways. For more info visit…



GALACTIC FEDERATION DIVINE PLAN FOR 2018 – 3-10-18 – by Angel 4 Light

Thanks to:  Angel 4 Light

GALACTIC FEDERATION DIVINE PLAN FOR 2018 – 3-10-18 – by Angel 4 Light

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – via Ronna Hermann – by Ashtar Command Crew – 2-1-18

Michael’s Message 

Beloved masters, there is a great stirring taking place among the masses — those who, until now, were not ready to listen to the inner nudgings of Spirit or to delve into the mysteries of creation.  
The frequency patterns of the new Divine Blueprint are beginning to flow into your awareness on the currents of change. We have said that you were very brave to step out of your comfort zone, out of the mass consciousness flow of popular beliefs and into the uncertainty of untried territory. You have been willing to face up to the challenges, and to not be deterred by those who said you were wrong, evil, or called you “wishful-thinkers.” You are proving that what you have accepted as your truth is indeed working, and the validation is concrete and visible for all to see so that there can be no dispute. Fear is the greatest deterrent to change, but you have tamed your fears, and more and more of you are stepping forth into your power.
Each time you visit your Fifth-Dimensional Pyramid of Power/Light, you become more adept at tapping into and using the gifts of Creation. You gradually bring back more and more of the rarified, unmanifested Adamantine Particles of Creator Light to infuse, integrate and share. See these streams of Light spiraling down into the physical realms of expression, as they gradually become tangible and take form under your direction via your visions, dreams and clear intention. Many of you have learned the discipline necessary to hold your visions without wavering, and you are learning that the miracles of manifestation take place one clear thought, one step or action, and one day at a time. There are no shortcuts, beloveds; you must follow the Universal Laws of Manifestation in order to harness the power of Creation.
No matter where you are on the Path of en-Lighten-ment, if you are reading our messages, and you are doing your best to claim your Self-mastery, there is a place for you among the new Legions of Light that are being formed around the world. As you become proficient at accessing the power and majesty of the higher Dimensions, and you begin to get a glimpse of how wondrous the material planes of existence can be, the excitement begins to build. That is what is happening all over the world. It is a very personal experience, for even though you may have much confusion, turmoil and chaos around you, you are learning to stay centered within a hologram of harmonious co-existence and joy. As time goes by, you will find that your center of serenity will extend further and further outward. And as more of you begin to tap into the eternal power of the higher planes of consciousness, it will spread faster and faster. Never doubt, dear ones, it will ultimately encompass the world, for it is an integral part of the future of humanity and the Earth.
One of the major areas of physical interaction that must be explained so that you may come to a greater understanding, is the balance of the male/female energies within each of you. The battle of the sexes began aeons ago, as some of the unique energies of the Lemurian Race and the Atlantean Race began to merge. The Lemurian race was OverLighted by the energy of the beloved Mother Goddess. She focused on the integration of the Love/emotional nature within the physical vessel − along with the desire to create on the physical plane, and to nurture and assist the new Spirits arriving on Earth. Last but not least, was to establish each Soul’s intuitive mind connection with Spirit via the Creative Cord of Life/Light. This was the dominating focus of the Divine Blueprint for humanity at that time. You were like joyous, exuberant, curious children, for this was a grand new experience for all of you.
Midway through the Age of Lemuria, the Golden Age of Atlantis began to emerge, and for this cycle, the dynamic energies of the Father God were the dominant force on Earth. Powerful masculine energies came to the fore, as humanity learned to use their minds to control the energies of the First Ray and to become masters of cocreation on the earthly plane. You added the mental body components as you became more proficient in developing and using your physical senses, as well as your spiritual senses, or what you now call extrasensory perception.
As the energies of polarity and duality began to emerge, a division in consciousness also came into play. Some perceived the masculine traits and attributes to be superior, and others favored the gentler feminine virtues. Gradually the battle of the sexes began, and you began to mistrust the opposite sex more and more because of the many painful memories you experienced over your many lifetimes.
Dear hearts, you are a composite of all your vast past experiences and memories. You have had many lifetimes as a female where you were abused or mistreated by men. There have also been many lifetimes in the male body where you suffered the loss of your beloved mate, you were betrayed, or you did not measure up in some way. All those conflicting energies − encoded in Memory Seed Atoms within your auric field, your brain structure and your DNA − will color your outlook on the opposite sex – that is, until you resolve and transmute them.
You eventually separated into two Sub-Rays, one representing our Father God, and the other a representing our Mother God. You have divided and separated into many Facets / Fragments of consciousness since, but you have forever yearned and sought your wholeness or “Holiness.” At the core of your Being, what you are really seeking is the reunification with the other half of your perfect God Spark of Creation that was sent forth into conscious awareness.
How can you accomplish the healing and reunification of these two primary Facets of yourself? First, by developing a balanced sense of Self-worth and Self-love. You will begin to radiate the higher vibratory energy outward from your auric force field, and those with whom you come in contact will respond in kind. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition so that you may trust others. You will never feel alone when you learn that you have a mighty force of angels ever near you: ready to protect, encourage, love, and support you every moment of the day or night. Release the pain of the past by forgiving yourself and all others.
Go into your Sacred Pyramid, and envision all the players in your many dramas of life there with you. Ask that all the imbalanced energies, painful distorted memories, and hurtful interactions be dissolved in the fountain of the wondrous neutralizing Violet Flame of Transformation. Watch as the electrifying waves of Creator Light permeate your Being to its depths, gradually returning you to a perfect balance of godly virtues, both masculine and feminine in nature. Then see all those major players from your past healed and brought into harmony, as well. Watch as they merge and blend with you as you all become a unified, balanced whole. If you do this, the lessons you were to learn from these interactions will be deemed successful. You will change all the probable futures you have created with these past Soul companions, and you will not have to play out the scenarios in the old karmic way of cause and effect interaction. 
Are you ready to assume the many cloaks of empowerment and godliness – that of being a nurturing mother and/or a strong father figure, the playful child, a comforting Soul mate, or a faithful friend? Your relationships are changing; your Soul families are growing, and encompassing hundreds, even thousands, instead of focusing only on your physical family, thereby limiting your love to the few.
You are moving toward a higher vibration of love, that which incorporates “Spirit/Soul love” as well as human “heart love.” You will have to confront your fears of intimacy, and open your heart to give and receive the deepest, most profound human love possible. You must open your total Being to love — love from the Creator Source down to the least of God’s creations. How can you begin the process of reunification without love, one for another?
There will still be those who come into your life with whom you do not resonate, and that will be so as long as you are in the physical vessel. If you can maintain an attitude of nonjudgment, and radiate love to the Essence of each person, you will not have to experience a karmic dance or interaction with them. Bless them and allow them to follow their Path, while you follow your own.
It is time for humanity to remove the etheric shields of protection they have placed over their heart/solar plexus centers so that they cannot be hurt or unduly influenced. Removing the protective membrane of Light, which guards your Sacred Heart, will allow the Love/Light of our Father/Mother to flow freely both into and then outward from your Sacred Heart Center.
Dear hearts, there is another important concept that we wish to present to you. In doing so, we know that it will trigger fear and doubt for many of you. If this is the case, we ask you to set the information to the side, and ask that it be validated if it is to be your truth, or if it is too uncomfortable, to just disregard it. There is much information coming forth that will challenge the old concepts and thought forms of the past. Just as children learn the simple basic concepts in their early years, and the lessons and theories become more complex and thought-provoking as they mature – this applies to your spiritual education and growth as well.
We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate new rarified Love/Light Essence from the core of Its Being. It contains all the Facets of Creation, which include White Fire Seed Atoms (energy components) of never before experienced new creations. Within the wondrous multiple beams of Creator Light is a black Ray of pure unmanifested potential. The Creator is sending this Ray as a gift to all of you — it contains the stillness of the Great Void. It is accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into it, and to use some of your reserve of Adamantine Particles of Light to help mold and recreate the beauty and majesty of Gaia – your host planet. First came the Void, and then came the Light, and within the Light are all good and wondrous things; however, the Light would not shine so brightly without the darkness.
Many of you fear the darkness and your shadow side, perceiving them as evil. All is a part of the ONE, the Creator. There is nothing to fear. You, as human Beings, have created many things to fear, but that is not the Creator’s doing. Do you fear the great void that is the backdrop for the stars and constellations? Some of you fear the night, yet it is not the darkness that you can lay the blame on, but the hurtful things that humans do under the cover of darkness. We wish to help you to begin to investigate and transmute those old self-limiting concepts so you may broaden your horizons and assume your cloak of Light. With the gift of Light comes a great responsibility — the leadership role that we mentioned earlier.
We ask you to LIVE your lives with a heightened sense of awareness; to FEEL the joy of being connected to All That Is, and then to share the joy with others; to use your WILL power to move swiftly along the path of enlightenment, so as you gain a higher vantage point, you can more easily assist others over the rough spots: to LOVE others with all your heart and Soul, as the Creator loves you; to SPEAK your highest truth with love, compassion, and discernment; to SEE the best in everyone; and to know that we are all a part of the same great I AM.
Precious friends, we began and we will complete this particular Divine Mission together so that you may join us in the next great “Cosmic Adventure” that our Father/Mother God have planned. We will encourage you, stretch your minds, and we will gently nudge you when appropriate, but most of all, we will love you eternally. I AM Archangel Michael.
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PATRICIA COTA-ROBLES – The New Divine Plan needs YOU – 12-24-17

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Patricia Cota-Robles

Published on Dec 21, 2017

ERA OF LIGHT – Judas Iscariot – The New Unfolding – 8-29-17

judas iskariot

Judas Iscariot

I am Judas Iscariot and I want to apologize for all delays that have been caused by both bankers and the cabal. But now we are on the right keel again and have wind in our sails. Thank you for your patience dear Earthlings. It is nice that you have anchored the light so steadily on Earth that nothing could go wrong. Everything is going in the right direction my friends and the work with restoring our Earth has already started. The humanitarian projects are coming and are in the starting blocks. The technology has been developed and is available to everybody to use whenever he or she wants to. There are many threads that need to be connected and also be solid and operable. This means that no loose thread is allowed, as then everything can fall down. Everything is connected as you already know and it is the whole that counts. It is the whole that is important now. We cannot ascend in parts, but the intention is that we will ascend together. There have been a few loose threads that needed adjustment, but now everything seems solid and steady.

I lift my hat to you dear Earthlings. You have done an excellent job with holding up the light and to patiently wait for everything to become as you have wished and envisioned. Your wish will be fulfilled. There has never been any doubt about this, but your time line does not always coincide with ours as we see everything in patterns while you have days and years. The now is for us “all the time”, but for you it can be for a few seconds, as you do not have the ability to live in the now all the time. Some of you are working on being able to live in the now for a longer time, but it is not obvious to you. It is good to try to be in the now sometimes every day, as it is then easier for you to find the love in your heart, and one or two bright ideas might come to your mind then too, and continue to brighten your day. It is the now and in the heart that the best answers and ideas can be found and can come to the surface. Many of you can also wake up with a wonderful idea when the mind has rested a bit and the soul has been on an excursion. Treasure them!


They are worth gold and are a reminder of what you came down here to do on Earth. In the stillness of a meditation special ideas or answers can also pop up from seemingly nowhere. It can feel that way as they come from deep inside your hiding places, where you have stored them for the right moment. It is when they appear consciously that the moment is right for you to ponder them and see what you can do in order to manifest them. Let them grow inside you until they grow outside of you and your new consciousness has taken root and your path to happiness and love has started. There are many that follow this path now and in their love and confidence of victory they pull many along with them.

There are constant waves and undulation on Earth now and it sways back and forth. Sometimes a giant wave appears that with all its force reaches in until it lies down in a still lagoon. A whole multitude of people have found their way home to their correct destination in the heart and the way home to Our Dear Father/Mother God. You are strong, brave and loving dear Earthlings and now you have shown the power you possess within you. We are so proud and happy and we love you all so much.

I leave you now while tears pour down my cheeks.


Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos – by Steve Beckow – 12-14-16

archangel michael

Archangel Michael revealed a great deal about “the plan” that is being followed at the moment, as An Hour with an Angelreturns this week.

He began by looking at the creative chaos of the American political scene.

The way he described it, the cabal’s plan to try to revive the Third Dimension is doomed to fail, but must be allowed to at least present itself, because human free will must be respected.

At the same time, the cabal’s “good old days,” which were never good, will never be permitted to return.

Meanwhile, what we are doing to build Nova Earth with abundance will inspire and attract others.

So the one group fades away and the other group sets the agenda and expands. The two will happen simultaneously. And the agenda we’re creating is a world that works for everyone, even the recalcitrants.

We’re to simply observe the fall of the old while leading in the creation of the new.

He drew our attention to the interdimensionality of what’s happening.

  • Fifth Dimension – Managing change
  • Sixth Dimension – Creative chaos
  • Seventh imension – Christ sphere of love

Folding that model into what’s happening now, we are managing change. From out of the creative chaos occurring at the moment will come a world, a planet of love.

Just as when a child is born, “out of that chaos comes new life, new existence, new reality.”

Michael said that our knowledge of our roles and mission will constantly expand in the time ahead. Our understanding of it will come in layers.

Our bringing forth the Garden of Eden, he said, is not dependent on any external event like the RV, politics, or world peace.

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“You need your tools,” he said, “but before that comes what the channel has talked about and that is the flexible steel, the malleable titanium of will, that depth of determination to go forth and to do YOUR bidding, no matter what.”

From one who’s been working out in the area of will and looking ahead to humanitarian philanthropy, I see that as so true.

We talked about how Disclosure would impact us all, how the minute the door opens on the first spacecraft, Earth will never again be the same.

One change is simply from the position “We are alone” on Earth to “We are not alone.” When someone like a cousin comes into a family to live for an extended period, it immediately changes family dynamics. The arrival of extraterrestrials will change our family dynamics as well.

Suzi announced a new InLight Radio series, Lights of the Roundtable, to debut Sunday, January 2, 2017 with a show on “New Beginnings: What are You Creating?”

The show itself will be a monthly roundtable between Linda, Suzi and I to compare notes on our growth, expansion, challenges, etc., and what we’re creating.

The first show may feature a revisit with some of the speakers at the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona in Oct. 2012 to find out how they’re doing and what they’re creating.

Also, Linda has a free webinar at the Winter Solstice in which Jesus will review the year and tell us what to expect in the New Year. People will be able to choose the time at which they wish to listen.