ARI KOPEL – How to Connect to Source-Creator – 3rd Teleconference Call

Ari Kopel

Being able to connect with Source-Creator is a crucial and important skill that we MUST have in order to learn the techniques of Protection, Manifestation and Healing that will be taught in teleconference calls to follow. We can learn techniques all day long, but nothing happens unless we’re tapped into this Power. I will demonstrate how to do this and what to expect and not expect by going over simple exercises that will help us readily connect with the All That Is.

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If you feel Disconnected from the Divine, from Prime Creator, or you just never knew how to go about this, please join our group. It will give you a different perspective on this Direct Connection/Communion that Will change your life, if you take this seriously and come with a passionate desire for this re-Connection.

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St Germain – It is an Alchemy when you commune with God

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Saint Germain expresses His love for God in this short yet powerful and deep speech.