The Sirians via Maarten Horst – Focus On Love Now – 2-4-14

Sirian Starseeds


The Sirians via Maarten Horst | Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

Dearest Children of Gaia. We come to you in the highest Love and appreciation to bring forth a message.

You have endured a great test. You passed. Eons of time you have incarnated again and again, to learn and to fulfill the task at hand that is so important.

Yes, we speak about your and our ascension. Great celebrations are at hand!

All that had to be learned is now coming to completion. Our ships are cloaked but we smile when we look down at your beautiful blue Orb. All is One and One is All.

Go out there and be in Love. Be friendly to everyone you meet. A friendly gesture can help raise the vibration of the entire planet. You all play a vital role in the upliftment of Humanity.

Focus on Love. Let go of the dark ones. Give them no energy or attention. Positive thoughts create the new paradigm.

We await you. Come to us through Love and Unity. Reach out to us. The sooner we can come to you. Don’t wait for us. Raise your vibration in Love. That all for now.

WE Love you so dearly.

The Sirians.

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