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Rainbow Wave Of Light

God said:

Beloved, when you see the world from its underpinnings beneath all the juxtapositions the world at-large incorporates, you will see life as bright light. You will see the world and life as I do see. You will have seen that life does come out right.

Presently, you may see in limited ways.

No matter how many times I say that your life is as it is meant to be, you are adamant that I wear rose-colored glasses, whereas you are down to earth and realistic.

You make certain appraisals. You dispute life. You may convince yourself that life isn’t handed to you properly. You may say that life, as it reaches you, is inappropriate. You say there has been a mistake. You say that life, as it arrives today or yesterday from its onset, has been incorrect. You are sure of it. You say that life has to amend its ways.

What if life comes around exactly as it is meant to? Open yourself up to the idea that you can see in new ways naturally without effort. Do it!

What if you presently see life through a wavy window of glass that distorts your view? The window you look through is askew. Look again. Give life another chance.

You are quick to say that you don’t believe in fairy tales. You don’t, yet you may have bought a bill of goods that says life is bound to disappoint you while you hold on to your receipt. Odds are, no matter how sincere you may be, you have interpreted your life based on hearsay handed down to you.

You may be slow to translate the language of life.

Beloved, sometimes you may be like a computer translator who skims the surface and goes only so far. The extant world you live in speaks many languages.

Grasp deep and subtle passages of life. Go beyond the word of a computer translator that skims across the surface of a page and takes the limits of old reference points as your guides. Keep your eye on the sparrow.

The extant world you live in speaks many languages. There is more to interpreting your life than the testimony of what has been handed down to you from across the generations.

A skilled translator will highlight subtle key passages that a computerized translator would miss altogether. A skilled translator will offer you a vaster view on many levels. A skilled translator might well have arrows in various colors pointing to key passages that will reveal your life in new light.

Add beautiful music in various chords, offering yourself seven doorways to Heaven at one time.

Now, see anew, Receive insider tips from Me. Feel good! See Heaven from root to stem and leaves and blossoms all over the place in inestimable sweetness. Give life more than one chance. Be not one of the fabled blind men who grasps at what an elephant looks like by focusing on varied parts of the elephant. You will KNOW, not wonder, for I will reveal the whole elephant to you all at once complete.

Never again fret with the question: “How could this tragedy happen to me?”

I would ask you: “What tragedy are you talking about?”

No longer will you see tragedies.

All the connections in life will light up for you.

The Rays of My Light will shine their light on your heart the moment you awake. Doubts will no longer arise.

Truth will appear to you as naturally as the Sun when it rises from the East.

Oneness & Life – Questions with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee – 3-18-16

Published on Mar 18, 2016

This video, “Oneness & Life – Questions with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee”, was filmed on May 14, 2006 at the Mill Valley Community Center, Mill Valley, California.

“Consciousness of Oneness” with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee was a series of events which were open to all with a sincere interest in the emerging global consciousness of oneness.


Excellence Reporter – Ayaan Ali Khan: The Meaning of Life and the Twelve Notes – by Nicolae Tanase – 11-19 -15

Ayaan Ali Khan1


Nicolae Tanase: Ayaan, what is the meaning of life?

Ayaan Ali Khan: Music is my life. From the time I was born the language spoken was music, the air that I was breathing was music. I took shape of the vessel like water. Though my father has been a very strict traditionalist, he’s always believed in adapting to change. In all honesty, Indian classical music has no rules about how it should be presented or executed. That’s very individualistic.

Over the years I have tried my best to make the Sarod reach out to a new audience, to an audience that perhaps would not be at a classical concert! I have been very fortunate to have received so much love and adulation from music lovers all over the world. It’s such a long journey! Sky is the limit. The main mantra is that we have never taken any concert for granted. You are as old as your last concert and every concert is the first concert of your life.

I have done many collaborations in the past with Allman Brothers band guitarist Derek Trucks, American Folk song writer Carrie Newcomer, Grammy nominated Oud player Rahim Alhaj, Grammy Nominated Violinist Elmira Darvarova  and also with the National Youth Orchestra of UK and with the Avignon Philharmonic Orchestra. When you are born into a home where the language spoken is music, where every brick of the house is soaked in music, it is only natural to get involved, drenched and completely absorbed into the fascinating world of twelve notes.

When I was growing up, our father would always be very happy to see us listen to music, not just practice it. Not just his own music, but the music of an entire range of artistes from the era of our grandfather to the contemporaries of our father. We were never asked to listen to a particular artiste, or not to listen to another; to listen only to classical music and not to listen to the music of the West or Bollywood. The choice and the freedom was entirely ours. But it is only natural to be influenced by the music that your guru speaks of or refers to when he plays. I thus became engrossed in the world of Indian classical music that our father had grown up with, along with our own contemporary choices.

To be a musician is in itself a blessing as you are really not answerable to anyone but yourself. For those few hours when you are onstage, you are in a creative frenzy, sometimes supernaturally unreal. There are times when you get off stage only to realise that something special happened up there on stage that day.  It’s a blessing to be in a profession of what you love doing.  It is also a non-debatable factor that music is indeed the best way to connect to that supreme power that we have never seen. Be it any religion, music has always been the pathway to spirituality.

Often one wonders why a talented artiste many a time doesn’t create a buzz and on the other hand, someone with minimal talent sells like hot cakes—well, there is no answer. The answer is written by a greater power. There is no good music or bad music. Everyone gives or at least tries to give his or her best but that magic wand work is done by that all time magician, the power, the heavens, the almighty.

Indian Classical music has indeed had a very spiritual and scientific development and growth. This was a phenomenon that existed from Vedic times. The tradition of classical music dates back to the Sam Veda period. The earliest version of classical music was the Vedic chants. Interestingly, the effect of all the twelve notes on our body, mind and soul are very scientific. If we sing out all the twelve notes with concentration, the human body receives all its positive vibrations. In fact, the positive effect transcends even on plants and animals. Various permutations and combinations give the scales a shape of a raga. However, a raga is much more and beyond. Its not just a mere scale. A raga has to be invoked, understood and cared for, like a living entity. People might find it amusing but in olden days and even to some extent now, artistes would say, ‘Don’t mess with a raga, it can curse you!’

~Ayaan Ali Khan is an Indian classical musician who plays the sarod.

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Photo: Rohan Shrestha




Heaven Letters – Life Has a Mind of Its Own – 4-23-15


Heaven Letters

In terms of the world, you simply do not have enough information to go on, yet you have had the idea that you are to know all the why’s and wherefore’s of life, as if explanations are owed you. No matter how many times you may come up against the idea that you cannot have all your questions in the world answered to your satisfaction, nevertheless, you still hold onto the idea that the world must serve itself up to you and tell you everything you want to know in a respectful manner.

There are matters in the world that you just have to take for granted. You aren’t Sherlock Holmes who can put everything together and so solve all that you want solved. The world does not give you all the answers. This is hard for you to accept. Beloveds, you just can’t change the lay of the land according to your desires.

Of course, on some level hidden to you, you do know all the answers. The thing is that you don’t know how to quite reach the answers. You want to understand everything. You want to plow through life with all your lights on, yet you are not quite plugged in as yet. You know, and don’t know, and you are eager to know with certainty all that which you don’t know. And that’s a lot, of course, for, in the world, everything is in process of change.

Anyway, half the answers your conscious mind will not accept anyway because the answers may cut against the grain of what you call right. You like to make demands on life. Life dances a different tune from what you consider appropriate and acceptable.

Death of the body is a fact of life. No matter the evidence, the concept of the body’s death is difficult for you to accept. You are sure that this is not the way life is supposed to be. You want your picture of life in the world to be your ideal.

The fact is that life, the way it is now, is how it appears to you whether you like it or not. Life is not intended to be a sure thing. You expect life to be otherwise. And so you resist and even fight life as it is, as if life is unlawful and its edicts must be changed to suit your idea of what life is supposed to be.

You have life, beloveds, as it is, and you have a certain bias towards what you see. You tend to argue with life day and night. You are in an uproar. All the while, you take heartache very seriously. Here today and gone tomorrow is a theme of life everyone has to deal with. The quality of permanency isn’t of this world. The temporary aspects of this world are something that may have been hard for you to forgive Me for. You perceive separation everywhere regardless of what I say.

At the same time, you know you can’t freeze life. Your children grow before your very eyes. You grow as well, and sometimes you see your growth as a decline. Your frequent cry is: “Why does life have to be like this?”

You may wish you could pull out a drawer entitled a certain year, and that you could rifle through that year as it was. You might like to pick up your 22-year old son as he was when he was 2 years old and the apple of your eye, as he sucked his thumb and adored you. You want to rifle through that time and have it back, and you want some of the fruits of the present years as well.

And sometimes you are irreconcilable at the orneriness of life as perceived and arbitrated through your eyes.

Jose Sanchez – Life As A Creation Within Change – 12-11-14



Enjoy these simple truths that I think are a very powerful steps into our awakening.
Love, Jose   –   12/10/14



Life as a creation within change

Existence and existentialism are an intricate reality. We as a species have been made minuscule or to at least believe that we are minuscule not only in being but in essence. Religion has been a major cause of loosing sight of the main reality presented by life. Religion as a form of dogma is limiting when a creator is given the role of a judge and punisher. By no means am I speaking against any form of religion as religion at its core can be a beautiful experience if centered in the heart and in the presence of the true Creator.

We must all remember the Creator is deeply weaved within our very essence. Humanity therefore is the direct manifestation of the divine. By understanding such a simple truth we must then project and mirror back that reality into the surrounding world. In doing so we can embrace the world itself as the direct manifestation of the divine.

A simple truth that has been weeded out of our hearts and minds but never from our souls. The truth that we are all one with the creator. The truth that we are the creator experiencing itself. It is a matter of either being awake or asleep. Where do we learn and love the most? In our waking days or in the days of being asleep within the reality of illusions? I know such questions can be answer by each and everyone of us in the simplest of forms. Every single individual deep in their hearts wishes or desires only to reconnect with the divine.

Life as life is the simplest and the most beautiful of miracles.

Life has a divine flow as the essence of life is the sacredness in action. Action and non action are not a form of duality but a movement and an expression of creation. When action and non action merge in that very instant the absolute manifests as purity in the Eternal moment of love. How can we translate the eternal moment of love in terms that society can understand? We must first begin to see life through the eyes of wonder. Wonder evokes innocence and purity of the deepest kind. How can one easily evoke wonder? Just breathe… By breathing and observing the process of life becomes more and more apparent. A mind and a heart can easily view the wonder of breath as it is through such action and non action that the eternal moment of love can be attained.

I wish not to speak in riddles but in simple terms in order to convey the message of being in observance in the deepest state of the self. I am but a simple man with simple thoughts and simple way of life yet in such simplicity I am discovering that living life in the simplest of forms is the most gratifying and the most extraordinary form of life. Day by day through my solitude, through my communion with myself and through my continuos observance I am learning so much more than by reading any books or forms of literature. I have become my own teacher and in doing so the entire world has become my most venerable teacher.

Recently while giving an energy upgrade to a friend of mine she received a beautiful message and I am including part of her message as it was such a beautiful divine truth. “Love the purest form of divinity is your strength and through such you can overcome the myriad of delusions and illusions presented to you daily. Be centered in your sacred heart moment by moment and you will part take of the greatest truths in all of existence. You shall remember your lineage and your heritage.” I find it invaluable, simple and powerful. A truth that needs to be taught from the beginning of our lives and to be instilled so deep that we never forget it. If we all lived by such a truth life here in this beautiful 3D reality would take on the magnificence of the higher realms. We would no longer live life trying to scape into higher realities because it would be here that our experience of the divine would become the most substantial and the most exquisitely beautiful and pure.

Society needs to be formed as a mirror of our natural surroundings in order for our lives to find balance. Now let me go back to the simple act of breathing, a natural biological process that holds key to the universe within. In breathing there is a key to awakening the power of creation. Through inhalation we enter action and in exhalation we enter non action and absolute zero in the moment in between. Energetically those three acts represent the Holy Trinity. What that means is with every breath taken we are invoking the presence of the divine trinity and when unified they create Eternal Moment of Love. It is no wonder that through the ages every sage and master and divine master has always focused on such simple act.

We must awaken to our true nature

Humanity is indeed at a crucial point in its existence. We must now make the choice for change in the direction of peace. In realizing peace must always come from within in order for one individual at a time to change the collective. Now peace can be easily attained if we learn to still the mind and to live in the eternal moment of love. Stillness can not be attained if we are constantly focused on outside circumstances. I know I am repeating a truth that has been echoed through the ages by many masters and yes I am taking the time to remind all of you. We must live in the highest state of being possible for each one of us. Together through resonance we shall make the changes necessary for us to attain the golden era of the self and the collective within unity.

We must focus our energies and attention on bridging our hearts to the higher realities in order to manifest here and now. No longer shall we just reach up but we must anchor down the highest into the lowest to create the required balance for the planet and for our souls. Message after message that I have received and channeled, some of them truly out there in content yet all focus on manifesting the divine here and now. On keeping our power and focus within and to not give it away to outside forces. The greatest power we possess resides in our hearts.

Remembering each and every possible moment who we are will allow us all to release or transform fears and discord. As it is the fear and discord we are fed daily through the media and our incompetent governments that we are kept at arms length and kept us from our selves and true power. Taking responsibility of our well being is the direction needed to realize we are the creators of our reality. By no means am I blaming or pointing fingers since we are always responsible for our highest level of existence.

Living life grounded and in direct communication is extremely beneficial and crucial not only for our physical health but our spiritual health and connection as well. Connecting back into our hearts and therefore developing a closer understanding of the self will allow us a closer understanding of our surroundings. In doing so we will be better care takers of this our beautiful planet. Awakening to the magnificence and the miracles of life is our only route in order to successfully complete this grand experiment.



Suzanne Spooner – Infinite Wisdom on Life, Health, Love – QHHT Session Given By Dr. Arthur Keenan – 10-10-13


I am pleased to share a QHHT session given by Dr. Arthur Keenan of Monrovia, California. This information was given by his client’s High Self. Not only is the message beautiful, timely and inspiring; this was Dr. Keenan’s very first session he facilitated! This is one of the reasons I love QHHT and Dolores Cannon so much. The depth of healing and information within each of us is so easily accessible and her process makes every practitioner who trains under her a witness to humanity’s greatness. Find out more about Dr. Keenan HERE. And check out his blogHERE. Much gratitude to Dr. Keenan for allowing me to share this with you!

You create the events of your life to heal what has not been resolved in the past. You must not blame yourself or others for any of it, however, for it is all part of loving yourself fully and completely.

Love others no matter what they do to you. It is what you have come back here to do lifetime after lifetime. This is God-love; the love of unconditionally.

You must also learn to get past the fear of what others think. It is time to let go of poverty consciousness; it does not belong to you. It is learned from your environment. Feel what it’s like to have all of your bills paid and have money coming in. Concentrate on having money, not the lack of it.

Meditation and being in nature allows spirit to connect with you. Gratitude is more important than allowance because it comes from the heart; allowing being a mental process.

Opportunities are being presented to you all the time from the higher self. All you have to do is act on them. The higher self is always proactive for you. It directs everything to you. Focus on health and not sickness in life. People perpetuate their lack of well-being by putting up roadblocks to their own healing.

This is a time on Earth where you are going further into your energetic beings. There is no time frame, however. You will notice yourself changing first, then others changing around you. It is like dying without really dying. You will become comfortably aware of your spiritual self while in the physical body; a blending of the conscious with the unconscious without a deep meditative state. You will become more conscious of what’s around you.

Whatever you want you will manifest by breathing life into it, for breath is the energy of life. When you breathe you allow all the molecules to flow as they should be without restriction. Breathing allows the harmony that is you to flow outwards from you; the allowing of energy to go where it is supposed to go. Expansion is just opening up to the more that was always there.

We love you. We support you. We guide you. Give yourself credit for how far you have come. All illness is an opportunity to forgive and to love yourself more fully. You have created it to do just that. Don’t judge it; just let it be without placing a label on it. Let yourself be without judgment as well. One cannot fully heal without forgiveness of self and others.

Don’t take anything on that belongs to someone else. Lovingly allow it to be and give thanks for the healing it has given you through your observation of it. And so it is.

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Sound of Gratitude

ResonantHarmony·5 videos

A group toning the Intention of Gratitude with visuals of all the things we can be grateful for. Gratitude is the easiest “higher emotion” to get to when you are down. The music also includes Binaural Beats in Theta to entrain your brain into a deeper state of Gratitude (even more effective when listened to on headphones).

You can download the song for free at http://www.SoundHealingCenter.com/music.html You can also purchase the entire CD, “Holding Frequency” of groups toning specific healing intentions with 100% focus.

Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute offers a Certificate and Associates Degree in Sound Healing and Sound Therapy in San Francisco or online with live instructors. http://www.SoundHealingCenter.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you.