CAROLYN ZAISER – Why You Came To Live This Life – 6-29-18


Published on Jun 29, 2018

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I also include advice through my distance energy healing work. ******* I’m Carolyn, and I share channeled messages and advice for mind, body and soul for those on the path of spiritual awakening, ascension or enlightenment. I’m a channel and medium, practicing a shamanic form of distance energy healing. I share my messages, so you can find more comfort and inner knowing along your journey. To inquire about a personalized session with powerful intuitive messages, contact me at my Purple Rain Healing website below, email, or Facebook page.



SAUL via John Smallman – Truly, there is nothing to Fear, because there is only Love – 5-20-18



Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 20th

As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur.  You chose to build the illusory world of separation in order to experience aloneness, abandonment, and loss of meaning and purpose in your lives so that you could then evolve spiritually and return from that experiential state to the Source from which you have never been separated.  This endless journey back to Source is your life purpose and gives it meaning.  It is endless because time is endless . . . until you choose to be aware that time is illusory, that there is only the ever-present now in which all of creation has its permanent and endless existence at One with Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.

Time is a tool that you use so that you can evolve in meaningful steps that suit each of you individually.  There is only the One, but that One expanded and extended Itself in Love that gives and shares and extends Itself limitlessly. Everyone who is conscious, sentient, alive – and everything in form in the visible universe, from rocks to humans, has some consciousness – is evolving spiritually and purposefully!  But because you chose to be unaware of your permanent and unbreakable connection to Source, to Love, you are struggling with a sense of insignificance, inadequacy, and often intense worthlessness because in physical form you are so insignificantly small compared to the vastness of the universe around you.

Source, God, Love, is utterly perfect, complete, and totally without needs or desires of any kind, because . . . IT IS!  You, humanity, evolving spiritually as humans have forgotten this, and are evolving in order to remember and know this.  Every now and again one of you does, and then attempts to share that knowing, but, unless a certain level of awareness or wakefulness has occurred in those whom that one is attempting to share the knowledge with, the message is incomprehensible.  What that one is trying to explain is not rational by human standards.  Only the physical seems real, and science believes it needs to be able to measure things with the senses or with the instruments that they have constructed to expand the ability of their senses and then repeat those measurements and identify it physically.  Therefore, as it cannot be measured or replicated scientifically, it is judged unreal, imaginary, or a psychological disturbance in the one trying to share.  And, of course, as there are many who are psychologically disturbed, it is very convenient to discard anything that appears to be rationally inexplicable into the insanity container.

However, over the last six or seven decades, many more people have come to an awareness that there issomething conscious, alive, alert, intelligent, and aware that is beyond form and that cannot be rationally – that is scientifically – measured.  That “something” can only be experienced.  Sometimes it happens to a person spontaneously, out of the blue, and can be so shocking and terrifying that they try to block it out out or deny it, thinking that they are going insane.  Or it can be intensely uplifting and inspiring, leading them to make enormous changes in their lives and let go of any dogmatic and severely limiting beliefs that they may have held up to that moment.  Near Death Experiences are one now well-known form of this kind of awakening to a Reality far vaster than anything the experiencer had ever imagined was likely or possible.

As more and more people have spiritual experiences and attempt to describe and share them with others, and as others hear and read about them and seek them out for themselves, the way opens for increasing numbers to start becoming aware and acknowledge that the physical world as you each experience it in your own individual way is unreal, a dream, perhaps.  Awareness that everyone perceives the world and their environment in a unique and never to be repeated fashion has grown enormously over the last few decades, and this has led to the realization that everyone is at the center of their own individual universe.  And yet there can only be the one universe that everyone experiences slightly differently, therefore they are asking “what holds it all together?  Surely there must be a Supreme Intelligence that designed it, built it, and runs it?”

There is . . . it is YOU!  Collectively, of course, but You, the divine progeny, designed it and built it to experience separation and prove to Yourself that you had no need of Source – a little like teenage rebellion as the young human learns to become independent.  But of course there is no such thing as independence, all is interdependent, and this is very firmly brought back into your awareness when the systems on which you all depend break down or fail.  And humanity’s awareness of its total dependence on Source, which is the field of divine Love in which all exists eternally in the endless now moment, can no longer be denied, because It is All that exists.

Your awakening will be the full realization of this, of the fact that you have never been separate and never could be separate.  And this realization will bring you untold, unimaginable Joy!  You are One with Source, and in that state of oneness all your needs, desires, and fears dissolve, because there is only utter Joy, the infinite Joy of endless and unbreakable Oneness with Source.  Rejoice in this divine Truth, and remind yourselves of its validity whenever doubts or anxieties assail you.

You will not die, you cannot die because, like your Source, you are eternal beings forever at Home in the illimitable field of divine Love as, fully Conscious and Aware, you join in the ongoing and ceaseless expansion of God’s creative Intent.  Together with All That Is, you, as an inseparable and essential part or aspect of That, are engaged in the constant expansion and sharing of Self in an outpouring of creative energy as Love unfolds eternally and boundlessly.  Truly, there is nothing to fear because there is onlyLove, and nothing exists that is not in perfect and complete alignment with It.

You will awaken because that is your intent, and that intent is most certainly completely in alignment with the divine Intent.  Your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and the moment for it to arise is approaching.  You can all feel that enormous change is imminent, so when you go within, for your daily or more frequent visit to your holy inner sanctuary, to be embraced by the Love residing there and to reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises – because, as you well know and have at times experienced, Love changes everything – also reset your intent to awaken.  Your set intent is extremely powerful, even if you cannot sense it, so it is essential to reset it regularly because bad moods and emotional upsets can weaken or collapse it.  That is part of being human, of the separation experience, it is when you feel alone and lost, and there seems to be no-one in your human life to whom you can talk about all this.

Therefore go within daily and allow yourselves to know that you are One with Source, with Love, with God, for if you were not you would not exist, and you do know that you exist because you are conscious.

With so very much love, Saul

ERIC BOWERS – The Secret Behind True Romance – 5-5-18 – by dreamweaver333

Courtesy of Uplift The Secret

Behind True Romance

By Eric Bowers,  on Saturday May 5th, 2018

Intimacy might not be what you think.

This is how to create real connection

in your relationships …

via The Secret Behind True Romance – Eric Bowers — dreamweaver333

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – The Depth of Our Love – 4-1-18


alisa transcendence brown

There is a LOVE so deep inside of us
One that connects us with all that is
One that holds purity at it’s core
To FEEL everything…

This LOVE is pure
It’s our Souls as ONE here
It’s US, through our Divine Essence
Without the constructs of any belief systems ever again

This LOVE holds all as Light
It breathes Simplicity, Peace and such sweet Kindness from within

Our Angelic selves
Our Highest Aspect Selves
Our Christed Selves
Our LeMUrian and pure Atlantean Selves
Our fairies and elemental selves
Our Gaia, Galactic and God Consciousness Selves
All of these Selves in this HUman body…. feeling…. pure love.

This LOVE fills our entire body
Beating through every cell
Breathing through our blood and emitting through our energy field
This LOVE is US….

There is a cycle of Evolution
Where we started out as unconscious humans
and Evolved as Higher Dimensional Aspects
Here in physical form….

This ever expanding existence
As Multi-Dimensionals is ever changing here
We love from the depths of our Entire BEing
Through our Presence and Divine Essence here

Tears unify our existences
Not of sadness, but a connection lost and forgotten before
Yet as we Transcend our own separation and duality
We REMEMBER the PURITY of Love again……

Open your hearts fully
and let all else fall away
open your whole BEing
To Remember the Beauty of WHO you truly are again.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Alexander Papageorghiou @ In5D – Love As A Way Of Life: A How To Guide – 3-21-18

Love Guide


by Alexander Papageorghiou,   Guest Writer,

Anyone involved in Consciousness and Spiritual circles, and beyond, has heard about living with Love endlessly. The question is how many actually embrace this all the way to give their souls what it has been looking for? There are many levels to implementing this and we need to look at all of them.

I have found myself lately, after accepting to release old Core Beliefs that characterized my old life, on a stormy journey into accepting and living by my NEW Core Beliefs. My soul has been bringing forth many new emotions and life-changing decisions that are more drastic and uncomfortable than ever before, but somehow they feel very familiar and real.  Many epiphanies and AH HA moments have followed. I have had to accept the process, let go and to allow my new/old light to awaken and guide me towards the Real me and my real life.

 I have been living life a certain way since I remember myself, within society and its construct. Yet, I have never felt comfortable with this. I have always looked at society as a faulty experiment that separates, not unites.

For example, I looked for a career that would give me freedom, creativity, a great income, and the ability to be self-employed. I looked within the usual industries that exist within our world economy and had a very difficult finding something that resonated with me. I struggled with that until the last couple of years when I let go and let a new energy guide me.

LOVE is TRUTH. They are the same. As we awaken and start living and creating in the Fifth Dimension, a lot of our perception of the world becomes more and more clear, we extract what is real and all that is fake. If we look at the world of today, with our global economy, politics, environmental issues, the stress of daily life, competition, and the lack of empathy the Third Dimension had gotten us accustomed to, we end up understanding one clear thing: ALL THOSE THINGS ARE ARTIFICIAL. They are frameworks we have had to live within, to bear, and often, especially with financial and environmental issues, to succumb to, unfortunately. This is 3D life, not 5D existence and we need to see it for what it is. None of these things are real. We need to learn how to navigate through them but release the fear associated with them. They do not need to dictate our lives anymore. We are looking for the TRUTH, and the truth is that we need to let go of frameworks that cause us anguish, pain and stress and to create a framework of our own. We need to look at our lives, to understand what makes us happy and what we love and to work towards making that a reality. We can no longer convince ourselves that things are real because those who surround us do. They still are not.

LOVE is FREEDOM. Let me illustrate: I am a city dweller. I always have been. Yet inside it always seemed to me to be completely foreign. My fondest memories were always related to nature, animals, things taken for granted by most. I left, with my other-half, a life of stress in a bustling city for quieter island life which has been chaotic at times. For years we had spent our active time in high-pressure jobs to make financially what we needed to be comfortable and FREE (temporarily) from the pressure a big city wreaks on your economical situation. The bottom line is we never were. I always felt like this is a faulty design and there must be something better and more fluid and supportive. This pervasive state of fear just didn’t make sense, so much that we left over night.

Over the years we have looked at our lives and asked ourselves what would really make us happy. In turn, events have lead us to relocate soon to the other side of the world and we are ecstatic. Looking at the lifestyle there, city life and so on, I was irked repeatedly by having to entertain the thought we might fall into this mold of pressure once again, this time on a greater level. I have been a spiritual guide for almost a decade and have received people from all walks of life to help them, but I had been pursuing a large scale technological project for years, driven by the need to succeed and create. As the months passed and we found ourselves in 2018, the new energies stormed in and started to create a paradigm shift in what we wanted from life. We wanted our FREEDOM, to live by the principles I had been living by for a decade, but to have them as part of our physical life. The desire of success became null. I asked myself why again and again. What does that word even mean? By the end of this awakening process we realized I wanted to be HAPPY and to LOVE LIFE and for LIFE to be LOVE, and if the principles I had espoused weren’t completely in my life I couldn’t access that fully. A veil was lifted and clarity stood before our eyes: What is REAL? Success isn’t, our economy isn’t, our search for resources isn’t, status, the government isn’t, race isn’t, religion isn’t. I understood I wanted nothing to do with any of these constructs and if any contact may it be minimal. What is REAL? Love is real, and that love I find in the only place I feel at home: Nature. Animals, this planet, our nature and each other. These are the ONLY values that are REAL in the fullest sense of the word, and that should be minded. Everything else we hold to be a framework is completely manmade and artificial and no longer serves any purpose. Yes, we do need to navigate through this, pay our taxes, drive our cars and so on, but this time, may it be on our own terms, not by default of living in a construct we reject and are no match for energetically.


So we asked ourselves, why do we need to start over on the same terms? Why can’t we start over in the countryside far away from what we no longer need, why can’t we entertain a part of our journey spent on the road? Suddenly it seemed normal. Personally and professionally I parted with my previous venture and set on doing what I should have a decade prior: writing these words and helping Ascending beings like myself get the assistance I once got from someone who changed my life. In the end, this is who I am, what I do every day regardless, so why not do this to create a home in the physical world as well?

2018 has brought with it the final stages of Ascension for many who have been on this journey for a long time. It gives us the gift of Truth and Freedom. We need to implement this on our own. Truth is all there ever was and we are meant to be free from all that isn’t real/true. The steps we must now take are simple. We need to embrace the new energies and not be afraid to let go of whatever position we are in professionally, romantically, in terms of family. Our new/old selves are guiding us towards what we have always been, though that may be completely different from what we may be right now. Embrace the change by understanding this is the only time in your lives you have been truly awake and alive and there is no negative impact even though it may sting a bit on the way to FREEDOM.

The Last part of the puzzle is simple. Truth in your hearts. Start sitting with yourself daily and with your guidance, explore the areas of your lives that are still problematic and ask yourselves in all honesty who you feel you are and what you believe your purpose is. If you have been doing the same job forever and have yet to leave it for fear of what may happen, but get absolutely no satisfaction or enrichment from it, your time to leave should have been yesterday. If fear dictates what you are still doing, love needs to replace it and you must go. If you awake or awakening and have acquired knowledge over the decade, your place is hardly at a desk doing something that isn’t you. So find what is YOU. Wherever you end up, that is exactly where you always been.

Much Love,


About the authorI am an experienced and passionate spiritual guide, writer, entrepreneur, channeler, past-lifetime regression therapist and healer. I strive for continual evolution of the spirit, embracing my right-brain, love, and working to peel the 3D layers off and reveal my 5D self. As I find myself a decade later, I am thankful, blessed, and reciprocating, happily helping people who come my way, in the same state I was in so many years ago. I love nature and our precious mother Gaia, travelling, and new experiences. I speak 5 languages, have lived in 7 countries so far, and I am thankful for progressive, liberal, and loving mindsets and ideals. Visit Indigo Light’s new website at: Contact me via email at or via Skype at indigolight2222.

When You Meet The One You Are Meant To Be With, This Is How You’ll Know – By  Mykh Goldstein – 3-11-18

Related image

 Mykh Goldstein

I read it somewhere that if you meet a man who makes your heart beat faster and you feel giddy and excited when you hold his hand, be sure to know that he isn’t the one. If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel safe and secure, hold on to him. I know the internet is full of these rather absurd articles and videos that help you find out if “the person you are dating is the one for you”.

But that’s just not possible. When you find the one who’s meant to be with you, you’ll know. And the best part about finding these people is that there is no fixed time for their arrival. They don’t come after an alarm. You’ll meet them only at the time that destiny has decided for you. They will find you at your lowest and help you turn your life into a beautiful piece of art. They will love you for all your dark truths and never make you feel bad for where you come from.

Most importantly, they will help you grow. 

They will just enter your life in a minor situation. Maybe through a friend or a meeting or any other way and they will become a huge part of your life. Now just to let you know, wind won’t blow when you meet them and neither will the moon become big. However, when you do meet them first, your heart will feel the sort of peace it had never felt before.



ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Living and Loving in Your Heart – 3-3-18 – By Victoria Cochrane – by Rose Rambles dotorg

Posted by sanandawebsite

By Victoria Cochrane

It has been said many times that love is all there is.

Many people may dispute this,

but if the history of the world is examined,

the absence of love has brought the greatest voids and turmoils.

No person in the world can exist without love …

via Archangel Michael ~ Living and Loving in Your Heart ~ March 3, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

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