Jesus via John Smallman – Focus on Love and rejoice in the peace and contentment that arises within you – 6-11-17

Lord Sananda

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 11th.

There is only LOVE!  I will keep repeating this divine Truth because it needs to be repeated.

The human situations you all find yourselves engaged in and involved with in your daily lives seldom make room for your true natures to express themselves because you are generally so caught up in the emotions and issues that arise there.  You need to take time out every day to go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and to renew your intent to be loving, and only loving, whatever situation arises.  You can do that, but often you choose not to because your egos encourage you to engage defensively and aggressively in order to “win” the discussion, argument, or altercation that is holding your full attention.  As a result you tend to find yourselves in endless and repetitive loops playing the same old painful games.  Later you wonder why it always seems to be like that.

Well you can change it.  Love works.  That does not mean allowing yourselves to be walked on or have your personal space invaded. You need to use discernment to decide whether or not it is wise to remain in a seemingly unworkable situation where cooperation is not happening and does not appear to be a viable option.  Remaining in a situation where the other party or parties will not discuss issues peacefully and cooperatively is pointless.  Until those involved are prepared to talk and listen to each other fully and peacefully there will be no progress.

This is not giving up!  This is allowing the others their space in which to be in conflict when that is their choice.

Conflict can only cease when those involved make a very conscious choice to that effect.  Removing yourself from a situation of conflict often helps bring people to their senses when they discover that there is no one willing to be in conflict with them.  Conflict requires conflict to sustain it, and if people truly want peace they will not engage in conflict.  And as conflict is a fear based activity that seeks to damage others, it can never be used to establish peace.  If it is forceful enough it may bring a temporary ceasefire, but resentment and bitterness will remain, awaiting an opportunity to reverse the situation and restart the conflict, often claiming that the reasons for this renewal,in order to justify it, are quite different from what caused it in the first place.

But there is never any justification for starting or restarting a conflict.  Conflict is a flight from Love.  There is only Love or fear, but fear is unreal, so in fact and in truth there is only Love.  Fleeing from Love is most frequently caused by shame, by feelings of worthlessness, and by an intense sense that one is unacceptable and unlovable, a state that most cannot consciously acknowledge, because to believe that about oneself is extremely painful.  And, of course, it is completely untrue.  Every human is an infinitely loved child of God, and that can never change.

The game of separation, that humanity chose to experience by constructing and occupying the illusion, does feel shameful because it indicates a complete rejection of God’s infinite and utterly unconditional Love for each one of you.  A rejection that only you could choose make.  But it was unreal and imaginary like the illusion itself.  To reject God’s Love for you is impossible because It is the life force that flows through you in every moment of your eternal existence.  You are alive, therefore you are Love, and because you are you cannot have rejected It.

This all sounds very paradoxical and confusing to you because it makes no logical sense, but the illusion is illogical, in fact it is insane, because it is an attempt not to exist!  As humans you are born, grow up, grow old and then die.  But you are eternal beings fully integrated with and coalesced with God who is All That Is, and so you can never die, i.e. cease to exist.

You are eternally loved and protected because of your state of oneness with God.  There is nothing to fear.  What you fear is unreal, but, because of your brilliant abilities, the illusion you constructed appears undeniably real to you while you occupy your human bodies, which, as you are well aware, can feel intense pain when damaged.  You make use of the limited intelligence that you have allowed yourselves as humans, which seems to be the result of the chemical interactions in your brains.  But that limited intelligence is NOT YOU!

You are infinitely more, infinitely vaster than the human forms that you have chosen to occupy.  Those forms have a very severely time limited life, at the end of which you will lay them down and know yourselves once more as you truly are – eternally conscious life forms of pure Love.  And that is reason to rejoice!

Pain and suffering are of the illusion and are attached to your physical forms.  When you lay those down in death you will find yourselves once more enveloped in the field of Love from which you have been hiding, and that experience is wondrous, totally unable to be expressed in words.  Those who have had an NDE (Near Death Experience) have attempted to describe the wonder of it while stressing that it is impossible to truly explain the joy and the happiness and the Love that enveloped and embraced them while they were in that state  they returned alive to their human forms all their fear was gone, only Love remained.

But why wait for your human death to experience the wonder of being fully alive?  Intend and allow yourselves to awaken from the nightmare while still embodied and experience Heaven on Earth.  When you make the intent and hold it to be only loving, when you choose to honor your true nature which is Love and engage with It fully, your whole perception of life as a human will change.  You will be in the world but not of it!

Remember God did not make the world and put you in it, You did, and you can choose to experience Love or fear while within it.  You are all aware of kind, generous, and loving people who are content and happy with their lives, fully accepting whatever arises, while offering compassion, healing, and Love to all with whom they interact.  Everyone of you can choose to do likewise, and all that is stopping you or holding you back is your individual choice to engage with fear and with all the fearful “what ifs” with which that choice presents you.  It is completely your choice and your decision where you focus your attention.  Focus on Love and rejoice in the peace and contentment that arises within you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

You are the love and joy beneath the pain – by Purplerays – 6-11-17

“Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behaviour. You are beneath the thinker. You are the stillness beneath the mental noise. You are the love and joy beneath the pain.” ~Eckhart Tolle Text

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Energy Update – Dreams in Alignment with Love – by Shivrael Luminance River – Enigmatic Healing Blog – 5-29-17

Found at Blue Dragon Journal Courtesy of Enigmatic Healing Blog 12 hours ago Energy Update: Dreams in Alignment with Love by Shivrael Luminance River Ray of Light shining on Mt. Shasta area by Deborah Cardenas, taken May 1 May 6, 2017 We passed through a window in the past week in which energy has been intense […]

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How to Love Yourself – by True Earth – 4-27-17

Self Love

You may be wondering what advice a 27 year-old could offer someone possibly older than them on how to love themselves. Well that’s one of the interesting aspects of our experience here. Some people are farther along than others. This isn’t a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just what we set up to experience in advance before we arrived here.

But the Cabal depends on and profits from self-hate and the constant (artificial) need to think we need material items or to seek approval from others in order to maintain a ‘healthy self-esteem’ and to be fulfilled. In my own experience so far I’ve found that I have set up many life lessons in a very short amount of time (Doh!) and if you are open to it I would like to share what I’ve learned so far.

As an LGBT person I was screwed before I was even born. The Cabal had manipulated religion and society to reject anyone that didn’t conform with the standard and predestined existence they had tailored for each person coming into the quarantine; go to school, get a spouse of the opposite sex, go to college, get married, have kids, get a job, work, retire and die. Many LGBT people struggle greatly with self-hate and many take their own lives because of the sheer weight of pressure to conform to ‘the norm’. This applies to everyone else too, of course, but being an LGBT person is my experience and that’s what I am going off of.

It has taken me a long time to realize my worth and my value. It took many people in my life walking all over me to finally put my foot down and say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!’ One of the spiritual lessons one may learn is that we live in a hall of mirrors, each person or situation or what have you is a reflection/aspect of yourself that is telling you what’s inside you.

I was always surrounding myself with people who didn’t have my best interest at heart. They were only interested in serving themselves. And it wouldn’t be until my awakening that I realized what I needed to do to develop the skills necessary to stand up for myself and do what was right for ME.

Here is one analogy that I thought of just today. Imagine you have a new-born baby in your arms, and it’s yours. You want the best for him/her, the best food, care, medicine, education and so on. I am telling you that learning to love yourself means treating YOURSELF like a new-born baby, every moment of everyday. If you don’t want your baby to be around a smoker, you would excuse yourself from the area and avoid that because it’s harmful for the baby’s health. But what about YOU? You deserve to be in perfect health too.

Self-love and respect mean manifesting the best situation possible for you in every moment. Sometimes this takes a while to happen if you were like me, almost no belongings, starting a new job and just had a horrific best-friendship end where both parties were co-dependent on each other.

I would like to share the amazing power of the Law of Manifestation with everyone. Because once you learn to accept the best for yourself, in various ways which I will share in a little bit, you can exercise your Universal and Infinite power of manifesting to create the best life for yourself and your family. Just recently you may have seen a post about me wanting to buy a car. Well I did it with the help of the Law of Manifestation. I told the Universe I wanted a car and that I needed money for it. I needed X amount by X date.

I had to do the hard work and sell Orgonite in addition to working extra shifts but the money was there in various ways. The Universe and some other generous and amazing people helped greatly and I had the money I needed in the time I expected. Now I use positive affirmations everyday to manifest health, wealth and abundance into my life. The Universe is Infinite and is all energy and WANTS to give you what you want.

I’d like to go back to learning to love yourself. This is something that will require patience, self-reflection and maybe an epiphany or two. Since we live in a hall of mirrors, and lessons from the Universe happen in cycles and don’t go away if we ignore them, we will encounter the same people and situations until that lesson is learned.

The faces of the people in my life would change, and I thought I was rid of the problem, but then the same behaviors would emerge, and I would be left in the same position as when I started.

I recommend writing down what you want in your life. And be brutally honest with yourself. No sugar-coating anything. Write down things about yourself that you would like to see improve; learning to say ‘no’, a diet change, how to stop overeating, learning to communicate better, to be more service-to-others, etc. and what you want to do about it. This is where the Law of Manifestation comes in. Ask the Universe/Your Guides/Your Higher Self for help in finding solutions to these things you want changed. Your questions will be answered in one way or another so keep an eye out; telepathic imprint, a dream or a sign somewhere or a numerical synchronicity are some of the ways I get information.

It helps to be persistent and genuine. If you don’t mean it, then it won’t manifest and the cycles will continue.

I am telling you right now that you are beautiful, that you are worthy of everything you have and want in your life, that you deserve the very best of everything, that it’s okay to take time for yourself (you’re no good to anyone exhausted, burned-out and jaded, take this from a healthcare worker who has experienced and sees it all the time), that it’s okay to say ‘no’ to people and situations (saying no with a loving intent is important).

Trust me, this isn’t easy, but at some point in your exploration of yourself and your genuine desire to be the best YOU you can be, you will create a life that is as good as it can possibly be here in The Matrix. Everything will fall into place when you seek to better yourself and love yourself. When you think positively about yourself, the Law of Manifestation does its thing and amazing things and synchronicities will happen to you and those around you. Plus learning to love yourself will REALLY piss off the Cabal. =]

Learning to love yourself is like riding a unicycle, it will require the lesson of managing balance in your life. Balancing time for yourself, time for others, time for work, time for exercise and so on. Once you get the hang of this, you will feel balanced.

Here are some of the ways that I learned to show myself love:


  • This one is free, I will sometimes just go running around the block if I can’t go hiking or feel like lifting weights. I remember when I felt the desire to start exercising more in general. I just started running around the block one day. I couldn’t run very far haha. But I kept going and kept doing it until I could run much much farther and longer than when I started. You don’t need to join a gym to exercise, there are many ways of doing this that can be found on YouTube.


  • This one is a spiritual-given, the effects of meditation on the mind are well-known and are definitely worth putting the time in for. Meditation reduces inflammation/stress in the body and I can tell you stress will come to your house and kill you in your sleep with no trace or mercy. There is a great documentary about stress and it’s probably one of the best tools the Cabal has to use against us.


  • Learning to treat your advance bio-electrical vehicle (your body) as a temple instead of a waste bin is a huge part of self-love. I recommend looking into a plant-based diet. The food you eat becomes your hair, nails, heart, lungs, eyes and other organs, so eating food with unpronounceable chemicals will result in your body turning into Frankenstein’s body…no bueno. It’s like putting sugar in the gas tank.


  • We are all slaves, there’s no doubt about that anymore, but if you have the ability, try to not work as hard or to take more breaks if possible. I know this isn’t viable for many people, but doing the best you can with what you have will help. The Law of Manifestation can be used to create better opportunities in your life. Sometimes they are totally unexpected and exactly what you need.

Time with Others

  • Allotting time for others is another skill that will develop as time goes on. Spending too much time with friends and others will result in you neglecting yourself and YOUR needs. Remember, this whole process and experience in the physical plane is all about YOU. Learning to say ‘no’, with love, will be something that needs to be implemented here.

Managing Emotions

  • Learning to manage emotions is something that can be tricky. Meditation will help with these greatly. When being brutally honest with one’s self, there can be some emotional turbulence. And possibly some severe turbulence. It’s important to let yourself experience the emotion that you are feeling and observe it. If you block it, it will be stored in your body and possibly manifest an illness or will come out at a most inconvenient time.
  • Did someone cause you to feel a certain way? What did the mirror (person) tell you? What are they trying to teach you? Ask yourself what this emotion/situation is trying to tell you. (Personally I talk to myself when I am experiencing a puzzling situation, since nothing is arbitrary or random, the Universe will guide you in various ways and situations and I will try to explain out loud to myself what that moment is trying to tell me.)


  • This is a huge point right here. As difficult as it sounds, it is infinitely important to learn to forgive yourself for things you have done and forgive others in your life for what they have done. Everyone plays a role in each other’s life, sometimes it’s positive, negative or neutral, either way it’s a lesson/experience.
  • Part of self-love is acknowledging that you have done things that weren’t at the best interest of others or yourself and transmuting these situations into lessons to learn from and make an effort not to repeat. This is about being kind to yourself and realizing the Universe is not judging you. YOU are your biggest critic, judge and jury. Forgiveness breaks cycles and everyone deserves it, even the Cabal, and ESPECIALLY YOU.

Believe it or not, it is possible to balance all of these things and aspects of physical reality so you have the best quality of life possible. You are the new-born baby, and you deserve it and much more.

Even if you don’t believe them yet, positive affirmations that will manifest the best life for you starting now are the following that I use and say out loud everyday, many times a day:

  • I am beautiful
  • I will always have everything I need when I need it
  • I will never be without what I need
  • I will always have money coming in
  • Those around me will have everything they need
  • I deserve to be happy and loved
  • I am grateful for everything in my life (helps to be specific; house/shower/car etc.)
  • I always manifest success and abundance
  • I am manifesting health, wealth and abundance
  • I will always be healthy
  • I love everything and everyone
  • Everything is one
  • I am you, you are me, we are one

Remember, the Cabal uses our manifesting abilities to create the reality THEY want, we can use this incredible power that each of you reading this has and use it to improve your life, yourself and the lives of others. Below is a video I use and meditate to. I repeat the affirmations he says along with visualizing what they mean to me.

So there it is, possible valuable advice from someone younger than the person reading this lol. I hope this information has helped someone, because even one person learning to love themselves in a world where the Cabal profits on our self-hate and misery is one big kick in their balls/lady balls and a score for humanity!

Much love everyone!

Video and Transcript   –   Archangel Gabrielle   –   Cooperation Comes Before Love   –   4-11-17   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

Video and Transcript   –   Archangel Gabrielle   –   Cooperation Comes Before Love   –   4-11-17   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

Channeling ~ Archangel Gabrielle: “Cooperation Comes Before Love”

Saturday Conference Call, April 1, 2017

Channeled by Linda Dillon, The Council of Love

Description: Archangel Gabrielle shares the true meaning of cooperation within the collective culture to move into the unity of Love and Peace.

Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. And yes, sweet angels, beloved beings of light, children, servants, companions of our dear Mother, welcome.

I come this day to speak of a very boring subject, and that is the subject of cooperation. It is one of those low-key areas that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but I intend to bring your attention to this.

What is cooperation? It is an expression and experience of love. It is a practice of love. It is bringing into form, into your experience of being alive, what it is like to be divine.

You see, cooperation is very important to us, to the Mother. There are more realms, more universes, more realities, and although you are in a reality that is defined by twelve dimensions and twelve planes within each of those dimensions, there are many dimensional realities as well. But, I think to start with, 144 and the 13th Octave is plenty to deal with. And in all of this there is the essence of cooperation.

Love is the welcoming, the embrace, the acceptance, the true understanding and wisdom of yourself and yes, of others, but only, beloved ones, once you have discovered and truly expanded into that reality of who you are.

So, while I come to talk about cooperation upon this planet and throughout the universe and amongst each other, I first begin with cooperation with your sacred self.

Dearest Joe, you asked about what are you supposed to do with your physical body? This is a question that has plagued human beings for eons…Okay, I’m here. I’ve got this form, now what am I supposed to do? And of course, our answer is always the same…it is to enjoy your physical experience.

You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel. You have been given everything and at the same time, you have been given one of the greatest challenges ever.

You have come upon a planet that has basically forgotten the meaning of cooperation, of generosity, of sharing…not individually but as a collective culture…and you are being asked to heal that. You say, “Well, what about love?”

And what I suggest to you, dearest hearts, is that before the full love comes, comes the cooperation.  In discussions of language, your star family has shared with you that before Saedor, which is full disclosure and heart speaking, comes Perro, which is speaking in facts.

Cooperation straddles the two. What it does is gives you enough information that you are able to see yourself and others and to put that in a context that allows you to proceed. But you cannot proceed, not in the way of the Mother’s plan – which is really all we’re concerned with – you cannot proceed if you are not in full cooperation with yourself because then you are over-extending and robbing Peter, literally, to pay Paul and that will never work.

In many traditions of many religions, self-sacrifice has been seen as a mighty virtue. What I suggest to you is that when you are sacrificing yourself, you are turning off the spigot of love and you are turning off the connection to your higher self and your universal self and to your body. Why would you wish, in any situation, way, or form, to compromise your beloved sweet self?

Cooperation means that you proceed in ways that fortify, nurture, surrender, take care of, the totality of your being so that you are sufficient; that you have enough energy in order to proceed with your mission and purpose which is always going to be in concert and interaction with others, whether it is one or one billion, it matters not. Energy is required and if you are starving yourself, self-sacrificing yourself, because you feel that this is saintly, then child you have truly gone down the wrong path, you have gone down that rabbit hole.

Now, I am a practical archangel, that is what has made me, given me the privilege of being Central Administrator of the Mother’s Universe. So, I say to you, “What does cooperation mean to you and what does it look like, particularly with your sacred self?”

It means, beloved one, that you are listening, paying attention, and actually responding. Many of you say, “Well I listen to myself, to my higher self, to my universal self, to my body all the time.” To which I say, “Bravo! You are doing stellar work.” But sweet angels, after you listen, after you receive the information, after you receive the messages – either subtle or dramatic – how do you respond?

When you are tired, do you rest? When you are exhausted, do you say, “One more hour?” When you are literally dying to go outside, take a walk and get a breath of fresh air, do you say, “Well, I will have to wait for another day because I’m busy now?”

When your children want to play, can and does your body agree or have you let it fall into disrepair, that you are no longer limber or energetic enough to get on the floor and roll around? And might I suggest, even if the children aren’t around or available, that you get on the floor and roll around just for the sheer joy of it? Cooperating is cooperation with every part of your being.

Now, not all of you are fully in touch with the reality of your interdimensional being. Not all of you are in touch, fully, with your sub-conscious or unconscious. What I am asking of you, what I am suggesting and pleading with you is if you listen even to the conscious messages, that your higher self, universal self is constantly feeding you and your body is feeding you, your emotional body is feeding you, your causal body is feeding you, your mental body is feeding you, and responding with kindness, generosity, gentleness, then you will have the necessary balance, the groundedness, the integration to go forward.

And from there you can jump into your inspired self and go forth to what you truly want to do.

But this level of cooperation with your sweet, gentle, brilliant, magnificent, expanded self is necessary…yes, necessary. Your integrating levels of energy that are incomprehensible to you…I do not say that in the way of denigration, I say it at the level of energies that you are holding and integrating, anchoring, and expanding into.

You do not have the science base to explain or to understand. So, if you were a nuclear physicist you would come close. But you have heard me, child, talk time and time and time again about the implosion/explosion, and that is happening at a catalytic rate constantly, right now.

You’re preparing…you say, “Gabrielle, dear Gabby, I am sick and tired of hearing you talk about preparation and clearing!” You are preparing. You are in readiness. And what that means, sweet angels, is you have need to be in a clarity and a purity of association, cooperation, integration, love, with all parts of your being.

Because it has never been that the Mother has said, “Go, go my sweet angels and be in form. And by the way, don’t pay any attention to your form, just concentrate on the spiritual. Yes, you will have emotions, but pay no attention to that, pay attention to the spiritual or pay attention to your body. Oh, you will have brilliant, magnificent thoughts, you will discover the meaning of the universe, but don’t pay attention to that.”

No, it has always been all of the above. And it continues in ways that are far beyond the current past experience of humanity…to be all of the above plus, plus, plus, plus. I bring this to your attention as your sister, as your guardian, as the lily of love because I care and love you so deeply. I do not want you to get to that starting point, to hear the gun and start to run and fall down after five minutes because you have not cooperated with all parts of your being, you have not expressed the love, the surrender, the acceptance, the welcoming to all pieces of who you are.

So, if there is anything, for any reason, because you thought it was taken care of, because of fear, because of anger, because of trepidation, any of the old reasons, if there is anything that you feel that you have not addressed, take a moment and simply fall in love, cooperate with what is rising to the surface, what is gaining your attention, what has been waving out of the corner of your eye.

In this deepest level of cooperation, beloveds, you are cooperating with the Mother, with the Father, you are cooperating with your piece of the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. You are cooperating with the entire Council of Love that is at your beck and call, we always have been; we are in sacred union and we are cooperating more than you know.

And from that level, a fundamental foundation of peace, because that is what cooperation is, it is the bringer of peace. From that you create a family, relationships, communities, cities, nations of peace. But where there is friction, where there is constant chaos, there is not creativity, there is only tearing down and destruction. So, turn inwards my beloveds, turn to the brilliance, turn to the softest yellow with a tinge of blue, and practice cooperation.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, with my joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Ashtar ~ Do Not Be Distracted From Our Mission of Love! – 3-5-17

By Susan Leland Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – February 28, 2017 “Greetings, Beloved Family! That was a most inspiring report!* And in case you have any questions about it, remember – IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! Now, I will start by adding some additional information about Mr.Trump. You all know what he’s doing, because he is attracting […]

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Saul via John Smallman – It is your task to be Love in action, and only that – 2-19-17

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms our excitement continues to grow as we observe the enormous progress humanity is making on its path to awakening.  It may well appear to you that things are getting worse and worse, but what is disturbing you and causing pain and suffering for many is the collective choice to release so much buried stuff that has been holding you back, anchoring you in the darkness of uncertainty and fear.  Now is the time when all of that is arising so that you can swiftly and easily release it.

Very many of you are releasing stuff for others through your compassion and love for them, and this is both extremely tiring and confusing for you because you are unable to identify the cause of these exhausting emotional upheavals.  You beautifully and lovingly chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s evolution solely so that you might assist others who were having difficulty in finding any meaningful purpose in their human lives because their state of amnesia was so intense.  Due to your efforts and intentions the amnesia is being released, allowing people to start remembering who they are and why they are incarnate at this moment in human history.

Many of you have had the experience of awakening in the morning from dreams which have left you feeling disturbed, anxious, even frightened, while also leaving you feeling exhausted instead of refreshed by your sleep time.  What you are experiencing now is the awakening from the illusion into Reality instead of from a sleeping dream to a waking dream, and the difference is way more intense and pronounced.  It is very unsettling.  Bear with it, just allow what arises and experience it without engaging with it.  Don’t try to make sense of it, it’s just like weather passing through, and you need do nothing.  Doing something with it – attempting to make sense of it, being irritated by it, feeling that it is arising because there is something wrong with you – just draws you back into the darkness of the illusion where nothing makes sense, and drains you of essential energy and motivation for life.

Life can and should be joyful, but your constant thought processes about your worries and anxieties prevent you from finding the joy that is there in every moment.  It is your constant stream of thoughts that cause you stress, anxiety, and suffering, and that is why you need to take time out frequently every day – even for just a quick moment if you are very busy – to stop engaging with your thoughts.  That is what you do in meditation, and those of you who have been practicing for some time are well aware of the benefits.  As a practicing meditator you already have the skills necessary to move quickly into a state of peace even for just a few moments to relieve some of the stress of daily living.  Doing so will ease your tiredness or lack of energy – demonstrated by feelings of frustration or irritation – leaving you feeling somewhat refreshed.

Burn-out occurs when people attempting to assist others compassionately and lovingly are not in the first place treating themselves with that same love and compassion – many of you feel unworthy of love, but I absolutely assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.  If you do not treat yourselves with at least the same love and respect you show to others then when you try to assist them you drain your energy fields instead of constantly and abundantly replenishing them.

When you go within, to your most holy inner sanctuary where the Light of God’s Love for you burns constantly, and intend to open your hearts to allow that Love to flow through you freely and abundantly, It will.  Being in human form, which is a state of limitation, you need to renew that intent at least once every day, but preferably many times daily as you remember that you are and always have been one with God.  Each time you renew your intent you strengthen it, giving you the vital energy you need to assist in humanity’s awakening process, the task you set yourselves before you incarnated.

Living in the world it is very easy to get drawn into the negative or dark energy that is empowering fear, conflict, betrayal, and suffering.  By holding the intent to be channels or conduits through which God’s Love flows constantly and abundantly you effectively dissolve those dark energies and they dissipate.  It is your task to be Love in action, and only that.  Do not engage with blame, judgment, or side taking, whatever situations you may find yourselves in, because if you do you just strengthen instead of dissipating the negative energies that you encounter.

Love is your nature, but when you chose to construct and enter the illusion you also chose to leave Love behind, thinking that you would find “love” (intentional small “l”) there in others that would satisfy you.  You could not in that moment envisage the effect that shutting yourselves off from God’s Love for you would have because you assumed that the “love” you received from others in the illusory environment you had built would be completely fulfilling.  And indeed the “love” you receive from others can be very inspiring and uplifting, however, it can never even begin to replace the Love that is your true and only nature.

Humanity’s awakening is a coming home to Love, a coming home to Source, a coming Home.  When you find yourselves fully awake, fully present in the Presence of God, One with Him, your joy will be boundless, way beyond anything you can imagine even in your most uplifting and inspiring dreams, because in truth there is no place like Home, or even remotely resembling It.

So, go within frequently each day, to that inner and sublimely holy space where God’s Love for you resides in every moment, and allow It to fill your hearts and flow out through you to awaken all of humanity.  That is what you came to do, and when you choose to do so, you do it beautifully.  You cannot fail because you are aligned perfectly with the divine Will when you make the intent to be only loving in every moment.

With so very much love, Saul.