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JESUS – Thank you for your LOVE! – via Andy Bojarski @ Healing and Love .com


Thank you for being you, the magnificent being of pure LOVE that you are and always will be.Thank you for coming to Earth 2,000+ years ago and selflessly pouring out your love and light from your heart as the Christ in a time and space when the darkness has reached its lowest point.

Thank you for showing us that Divinity is within our own hearts, that the light that burns within us all is the Christ Light that never burns out, and that we are always connected to our God self within.Thank you for always being with me in all my energy healings and for all the help and support that you have always given me.

Thank you for your beautiful selfless transfiguration, your resurrection, and your rightly deserved ascension which caused such an overwhelming flood of God’s Perfection to spread over the earth so that never again can so vast a darkness encompass humanity in any future age.

Thank you for showing us how to love unconditionally, from the heart, regardless of the situation or the level of consciousness growth in any human being.

Thank you for showing us that the light is supreme and never fails.

Thank you for the vast accomplishment of your sacred life that stands eternally recorded upon the atmosphere of this beautiful ascending planet which now acts as a magnet drawing mankind unto it like perfection that you are, that we all are, the CHRIST!.

Thank you for showing us that the God Self Within is the Owner, Doer, and Giver of all the things in our lives.

Thank you for coming here which was an initiation to all of us and a Cosmic Command to use the Power of Divine Love in all their future activities.

Thank you for your outpouring of Love to the earth at its darkest cycle and period which became the birth of the Christ Child in each of us allowing us to see the Divine Presence in all beings of God’s Creation.

Thank you for calling forth the Cosmic, Divine, Blue Print and revealing the Decree for the incoming crystalline golden age that we are now entering which plan is Complete Dominion over all things finite through the Full Stature of the Christ Within every human being.

Thank you for loving me and for all the walks and talks and many laughs we had together 2,000+ years ago during your preparation work as the Christ.

Thank you for revealing the Conscious Dominion and Mastery that it is possible for every human being to attain and express while still here on earth through their Divine Presence.

Thank you for your smile, your compassion, and thank you for your loving heart, and for loving me the way I love you.

Thank you for proving that it is possible for everyone to so call forth their God Self that they can consciously control all things human.

Thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many others and showing that you need to treat others as you want to be treated, and that this treatment is always through LOVE.

Thank you for being the living proof of our ability to free ourselves from all limitation and to express Divinity as was originally intended for the first condition in which humanity existed was wholly harmonious and free.


I welcome and await your glorious return to Earth and the blaze of your golden energies of the Christ Consciousness my brother, my friend, as you are always in my heart and my heart is always open for your Presence, the I AM THAT YOU ARE!!!

Love – Andrew Bojarski


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Quan Yin and Gaia on the Upcoming Wave of Releasing – via Love Has Won – 6-3-19


By: Linda Li

Quan Yin says, dear heart, I am Quan Yin. I come today with important news. The Divine has decided to move forward with Christ’s Plan. Gaia and the Christ have been working together to get Mother Earth’s release going. Right now, as I speak, the releasing has been dramatically increased, and that partially is because of the needs of Gaia. Gaia recently has to increase the intensity of the release and that is reflected in the United States, particularly the central U.S. where the weather patterns have been erratic and the release has been intense. And that trend is going to continue.

The U.S. is going to be the next center stage in terms of Gaia’s releasing. The release so far has been mild. But nevertheless is very helpful for Gaia and Mother Earth, and that release has been particularly useful in terms of helping Gaia. Right now, Gaia has realized the effect of the release and she has all the intention to continue.

Now, even though the U.S. is effected by Gaia’s release. But it is no where near the necessary and designed intensity for Gaia’s ascension needs. For that, the Divine have decided to let the intensity rise. In other words, Gaia is going to ramp up the intensity, and let the release become more and more intense. That way, Gaia can feel the release more effectively and Mother Earth can be healed more efficiently. That is the news.

I know some of the U.S. regions have been impacted. Gaia and the Divine have been carefully surveying the results and know that the results of the release has been pretty mild. Gaia needs more speed and intensity. And that is what we, the Divine and Gaia will do, increase the intensity so that the speed of the ascension can go up, and Gaia’s release can be increased. 

I love you dear heart. I am Quan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, Gaia and Mother Earth are going to release more of the deeply buried emotions. These emotions are quite destructive and they need to be channeled in a way so that Gaia can be freed from these emotions. Gaia knows how horrible these emotions feel and she has had enough. She wants them to come up and to be released. And that is what Mother Earth will do. Mother Earth will manifest these emotions into some sort of natural disasters and release them so that they can be rid of once and for all.

Due to the intensity of these emotions Gaia has to face, she knows that the releasing process can be quite intense. She wants the planet to know that and be prepared for the release so that once the nature changes happen, the planet knows that it is the release and need not to react to it. That is the warning from Gaia. She indeed wants to protect the planet and her children.

I love you dear heart. I am Quan Yin. Due to Gaia’s intense release, the Divine and the company of heaven, have currently been working nonstop with Gaia. We want to help Gaia so that the process can be easier. Gaia has been heavily involved in the decision making process. She chooses where and how she wants to release. And she knows the entire process will take some where from years to decades. If the process is managed well, which is the goal of Gaia and the Divine, the entire process can be quite time consuming, and the amount of the time and resources needed are huge. However, after the Divine has shown Gaia our determination, and Gaia has realized that she has the Divine on her side, she is going to take whatever it takes to get the job done. She wants the whole process to go smoothly, and she knows that it will. She has all the resources she needs, with the whole Divine and the company of heaven by her side. So now, Gaia feels quite confident about the releasing. And she knows that is what she needs it, and she is going to make sure the releasing is total and thorough and even though the process may take a few years, Gaia is ok with it. She wants the process to be completed well, and when the time comes, she knows that humanity will benefit from the process, and be happy to go through it. That is Gaia.

Besides that, we, the Divine also have been working diligently to help Mother Earth in terms of natural changes. We have developed plans after plans so that we, the Divine can help Gaia no matter what the circumstances are, or how Mother Earth manifests Gaia’s release. In doing so, we, the Divine have a wide spread network of light workers, and in order for Gaia’s release to be safe for the planet, our network of light workers have been the safety net. There have been no incidents during Gaia’s recently releases. And there are absolutely no catastrophic events that have happened under our light worker’s watch. We are indeed very proud of our light workers and praise them for the job well done. Without their dedication, Gaia’s release could not be imagined. The Divine is indeed very grateful for our light workers and their hard work.

I love you dear ones. I am Quan Yin. In the process of Gaia’s releasing, we, the Divine had to relocate some of our light workers to locations where Gaia needs them the most. There are a lot of light workers who are on the move. Some already arrived at their next destination. Others are still in the process. In order for the whole network of light workers to be efficient, I have asked the Divine to make sure all of these light workers get to their location quickly. That is needed. Gaia needs the support from these light workers at their exact locations, and Gaia’s next move is coming. So, do what you can dear heart, and get to your next post. Know you are needed. Gaia needs you to be in the next post. Gaia’s next release is going to be intense. Our light workers are definitely needed, and together, we help Mother Earth and make sure Gaia’s next move is sound and safe. I love you dear ones. I am Quan Yin. So it is.


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Tell Your Heart To Beat Again – A Song of Faith – by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey
Dan Gokey

Danny Gokey
Published on Dec 29, 2015

From “Hope In Front Of Me

Danny tells his amazing story of Love and Faith

ECKHART TOLLE – People Love at Their Level of Consciousness


Eckhart Tolle

Published on Apr 14, 2018

Why am I so attached to having people who abandoned me in my life? Kim helps the questioner get in touch with her anger so she can see that each person is only able to love at their level of consciousness. She highlights that the work of awakening involves recognizing the old narratives that have shaped our lives.

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MATT KAHN – What Would Love Do?

Matt Kahn All For Love

Published on Apr 10, 2019

Filmed at Mile Hi church in Denver, CO. Matt breaths new life into the journey of transformation in the most direct, humorous and heart opening way.

Join Matt for TWO live calls each month where he guides thousands of global soul seekers into an experience of Total Integration: http://www.mattkahn.org/total-integration

KAJ RAJ – The Divine Magnetic Fire of LOVE – 12-29-18 – via Rose Rambles dot org

rose rambles dot org

By KajRaj

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within.

This new energy, this new light, coming to Earth now, and continuously increasing, intensifying, this is what we call magnetic fire. Why? This Divine light is magnetic, it pulls everything towards itself and it is pulled by towards everything that vibrates, no matter how high or low the vibration of the receiver, because this is the essence of ALL THAT IS. It cleanses, it transmutes, it lifts up all in its path. This light seeks to break all barriers and not separate but CONNECT everyone and everything, and restores everything to its original blueprint.

The only thing that survives within this Divine Magnetic Fire is LOVE.
As it grows, as it reaches every single organism on this planet, every little pocket remaining of the old 3D will be infused and transformed by this light, or those that attempt to reject it will be completely rid of from this world. Light is now the new reality. Service to others is the new norm. If you still have doubt, than you are about to witness this first hand. You are about to see many crashing and burning because they are afraid and refuse to let go of the old. However, the time is NOW.

please continue reading

JESUS – Remember, you are LOVE! – 12-21-18 – by John Smallman

Image result for Jesus


Jesus Audio Blog for Friday December 21st

Christmas day, my birthday, is approaching rapidly, so


Enormous changes are occurring all across the planet as the moment of your awakening approaches.  And that is reason for celebration.  Yes, there are many who are in pain, and many who are suffering, and a very effective way to assist and support them is to set the intention to send them love and healing.  For many of you that is the most effective thing you can do because you are not physically in their presence.  If you are in a position where you can be physically present for someone who is in pain and is suffering, and your intuitive guidance is to attend to them, then do so, even if you fear doing this.  Fear is of the ego, so tell it that you understand its concern and that you know that this is what you need and intend to do, and the fear will greatly decrease in intensity, or fall away altogether.

This is the season of giving, and while many of you will obviously engage in material gift-giving – and that is good – to give of yourselves, your presence, by communing with friends, family, and loved ones is the most important and perfect gift that you can possibly offer to anyone.  And, because intimate family relationships can be very stressful, set the intent very firmly to engage only lovingly, along with the intent to acknowledge any anger that arises without projecting it outwards.  If anger arises in the presence of others, then discretely, and as soon as possible, remove yourself to the bathroom or other suitable place where you can be alone for a few minutes to take a “time-out.”

There is no one who has not reacted angrily when their buttons were pushed, and who has not later had plenty of time to suffer the intense pain of enormous regret.  So, before visiting with people who you love and who can cause you stress or anger, take at least ten minutes in quiet meditation with the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  You will find this is an enormously effective way to ensure that when you arrive at their home, or greet them when they arrive at yours, that your warm greetings are then completely heartfelt, and because they will feel the peace of your welcoming presence it will dissolve any stress or anxiety that they may be feeling.

If someone “misbehaves” over the holidays, cut them some slack, because it is at times like this that most people’s insecurities or lack of self-worth arise most powerfully and are likely to drive them, from shame or fear, into saying or doing something offensive.  Remember you are LOVE!  And Love accepts without judgment, offering comfort, compassion, and heartfelt support.  If you have had experiences of very painful get togethers and are concerned that one of your get togethers this Christmas season could deteriorate into a painful blame game, then it is absolutely essential that you prepare yourselves in advance by taking that ten minute “time-out.”  You will find it very helpful, and it will bring some, possibly unexpected, peace and joy to meetings to which you were not completely looking forward.

This time of the year is a time for celebration, and most of you go to great efforts to make it so for your children or grandchildren, while clinging to grudges that you hold against various adults with whom you interact – spouses, parents, siblings, bosses, associates, etc.  So, this Christmas season, as you move rapidly towards awakening, be conscious of grudges and resentments to which have become attached or even addicted, and set the intent, as firmly and powerfully as you can, to forgive everyone you see as an enemy or as an untrustworthy friend or relative.  As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

You have very frequently been reminded that you can only change yourselves, and this is absolutely true, but as you do so others will also change.  That is your mission on Earth at this time.  You chose to incarnate to assist in humanity’s great awakening, and when you made that choice you were fully aware that you had human lessons to learn, namely, to forgive unconditionally all who hurt or offended you and to offer them unconditional love.  That is what our heavenly Father does, always has done, and always will do.

AND, as you all well know because you have been told so often, and because deep within yourselves this divine truth is eternally present, you know that God created you like unto Himself.  There is no other way that He could create you.  This does not mean similar to himself.

You and God are One, and therefore you and every other sentient being are One.  There is only One.  Therefore to judge, blame, condemn, or shame another is in fact to do that to yourselves.

To awaken is to consciously know that you are Love, One with Source, and to live that divine truth joyfully in every moment regardless of what may arise.  The answer to every issue or problem, as you are always being reminded, is always LOVE!

And where can you find Love?  Nowhere but within your beautiful selves.  We are not talking here about beauty in form, but about beauty in the One, and that is, without exception, everyone of you.  Wherever you see or experience ugliness – in nature, in other humans, in behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, words, or actions – you are but seeing images of yourselves.  Unreal images that you constructed within the game that is the illusion, and with which you engage whenever you find yourselves in any kind of conflict.  All conflict is with yourself, because there is no one else!

So, this Christmas season, remember that.  Remember that you are One, and that you are the one or the many with whom you are in conflict, or with whom you are in love.  It is always your choice – conflict or Love.  And you know, consciously, that the only way forward is through Love.  The trouble is that you have been waiting for others to demonstrate this.  You did not want to be the first because you feared you would be making yourselves vulnerable, which you see as an invitation to pain and suffering, as others would choose to take advantage of you.

Well, some, a few, will take advantage of you.  However, the vast majority will be uplifted and inspired when they experience you as totally vulnerable and loving, and they will respond in like manner.  And you will discover that to be vulnerable is completely safe because in that state you will find that you have nothing that you are ashamed of, that you feel a need to hide.  You will find yourselves feeling freer than you have ever felt.

Love is free, and in Its vulnerability It is utterly invulnerable.  And that is who and what you are, always have been, and forever will be!

Wishing you a most glorious Christmas, your loving brother, Jesus.

STEVE BECKOW – By Love Seeking Love, God Meets God – 11-3-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia



Remember Eckhart’s beggar sitting on a box at the crossroads?

Little did he know that he was sitting on a treasure box, inside of which was gold.

For me? Love is the gold in the treasure box of my heart. Love is what Archangel Michael calls “spiritual currency.”

What brings up the love from our hearts for us to experience? Well, when I think of the beloved, that’s the quickest and easiest way to bring it up in me.

Thanks to   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/11/03/by-love-seeking-love-god-meets-god/

Inspirational music also calls love up. I’m listening to Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream and it’s bringing up the love in me. Unchained Melody, the same. Theme from the Mission.

Acts of charitable giving – whether a gift to a friend or feeding an animal – also call it up in me. I’ve observed it.

I think that’s what I like so much about giving – it brings up the love in me. No, I’m not asking for donations. I’m interested in the subject.

Why interested?  Because being familiar now with love, thanks to a heart opening, I can easily watch what brings love up. And giving is one thing that does.

The wisps of love are there in most people, I believe. But we don’t know what to look for and, even if we found it, we might not appreciate it for what it is. We might just be thankful that we feel good for a moment and not see love as being love.

What is love? The most potent transformative agent I’m aware of – the means by which we complete the journey.  At the same time, it’s the true object of all our questing.

It’s the subject … object … and verb of life. It creates, preserves, and transforms … from itself. It’s no different than the Mother and the Father.

It’s inseparable from the Divine in the same way that light and consciousness are. It leads us to fulfill the purpose of life – Self-knowledge.

By the magnetism of love seeking love, God meets God.

But back to giving.  I used to say that the love I felt in and through the act of charitable giving was the reward for the act.

Not love from another. Love from within myself – that’s the key distinction to make here. The treasure is in the beggar’s box, not in a bank or in the ground.

That surge of love from giving, if met with an equal expression of gratitude or acknowledgment, results in a bonding or connection. Sometimes people can take a permanent interest in the people they gift. The experience, on occasion, can be life-altering.

The whole process of gifting is marvellous. Well, marvellous to me now, that is.  Before I knew what love was, it wasn’t so marvellous. It was no big deal, I’d say with a Robert de Niro look of complacency.

But now, something that promises to draw love up from my heart – which I might be able to surf on for a few minutes, becoming a wave of full-blown transformative love – that’s a very big deal. I have my values straight now.  Consequently my interest in giving has gone up.

And of course I and many of you will soon be a mainstay of a donor economy, one whose primary principle will be sharing, below which is giving. The more practice I get in, the more love I feel until the time when it’s permanently and limitlessly available. Yes, the time at which a world that works for everyone comes into being.

Giving is just a means to excite love in us, like rubbing two sticks together to make a spark. And it’s a practice that’s only open to us for a while.

Safely embedded in the Fifth Dimension – that is, a subplane or two in – we won’t need to give. (1) Everyone will be able to create whatever they need or want for themselves.

And everyone will also be swimming in love so we won’t need to pounce on any streamer of it. There will be no lack of what is most important to us.

So there’s just this window of opportunity for us to experience the love rising in us through giving.

Of all the things that I let slide off the table, let love be the last.

As I’ve said on other occasions – but maybe one person has not heard it – once we locate even a wisp of true love, one streamer, and we recognize it for what it is (“Oh, you are love“), it expands to fill the whole vessel.

If we let go into that as well, the walls come tumbling down and we find ourselves drowning in an Ocean of Love.  Sweet death that lights up all of life.

Jump in, fall in, get pushed in. Just get it over with: Drown in the Ocean of Love.


(1) If we regain our ability to create with thought upon entry into the Fifth Dimension, that’s one thing. If it’s after Ascension, it’s another thing” That means a few subplanes into the Fifth Dimension. At one time or another we’ll be able to think objects into existence. We’ll be drawing in the creation codes for that thing, if I understand the process, and creating it from the universal substratum – love.



ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Celia Fenn – The Colors of Love – 11-11-11 – posted 10-27-18


How to Embody the Incoming Angelic Frequencies for the New Earth

Beloved Earth Family, we know that this has been a tumultuous time on your Earth, and that many of you have found it difficult to keep moving forward.

As you move towards the completion of the year 2018, you will find that there will be a “completion” of many things that you no longer require in your lives moving forward to the New Earth.

Thanks to   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/10/27/archangel-michael-via-celia-fenn-11-11-11-the-colors-of-love/

These may be things such as people and relationships, jobs, homes or even places that you were once drawn to. But be assured, beloved ones, that new light and new blessings are moving in to take their place as you move to enter into 2019.

You are now approaching the powerful 11/11 Time Gate and Galactic Portal of Initiation that occurs on the 11th of November. And this year, the portal resonates with the number 11/11/11, which makes it a Triple Energy Master Portal. Which of course means that the energies that will be moving through will be very intense and powerful and will give you that extra “lift” that you need to move your Time Spiral into the New Earth Frequencies.

On this Triple Energy Master Portal you will be “upgrading” your Light Body/Physical Body so that you may receive more clearly the incoming Angelic Frequencies of Light that will be manifesting the New Earth Reality.

The Angelic Frequencies of Light and how to Embody Them in your Daily Life

In the last year, the intensity and frequency of the incoming Light Codes has intensified.

You are now in a time of “Solar Minimum” where Solar Flares have been all but absent in your Planet’s Solar weather system. This has allowed for deep Galactic transmissions such as the Diamond Light Codes to take the main role in establishing the New Earth and guiding the ascension process through changes in the Light Body and the Physical Body.

Now, the very High Frequency “Angelic Light Frequencies” are coming through from the Galactic Center and are assisting you to raise your consciousness to that level where you can manifest New Earth in your reality.

These Angelic Light Frequencies are Waves of soft and luminescent plasma energy that expresses itself as waves of beautiful color that encodes Divine Love as well as information for Transformation and Ascension.

The Angelic Light Frequencies can be experienced as color, but also as sound harmonics and as waves or “symbols” or hieroglyphs known as “the language of light” or the original Angelic Fire Codes of Creation.

Beloved Ones, as you spiral higher into the New Earth frequencies, you will embody these Angelic Frequencies and you will become transmitters of the Codes that they carry.  You will also learn that these Frequencies carry Healing Energies, and you will become aware of how to work with these energies and codes to bring healing and balance for yourself and those around you.

The way to embody these frequencies in your daily life is to become aware of these “waves” of Divine Light and then to be able to intuit the colors and the sounds and the symbols so that you can bring balance where it is lost and healing where it is needed.

Soon you will also begin to “see” them with your physical eyes, and will become aware of the “shimmer” of Angelic Frequency when the waves move through the various portals and gates. If you are more attuned to the sound levels, you may begin to hear sounds and music, and if you are more attuned to light language you may begin to see symbols or hear languages or be moved to begin to express them through your body in dance movements.

It is important to embody the “heart and soul” of these frequencies because in the lower levels they create disruption and chaos. That is their purpose, to disrupt what is old and no longer needed and to create space for the New. So, in your life you can either be disrupted and swirl in the chaos, or you can step into your Mastery and be the New Light Codes and express the Energy of the New Earth and of the New Creations.

At this time on your Earth there are no “neutral” spaces, for the changes and transformations are too intense. It is time to take your place and make your choices and to embody the incoming Angelic Frequencies as a Master of Embodied Light!

The Physical and Light Body Transformations

Beloved Family, in order to better accommodate the flow and integration of the new Angelic Light Frequencies, the Light Body and Physical Body have had to undergo certain adaptations.

Firstly, the Pineal gland has been “enlarged” and restructured on the energy level to enable more light and frequency to be shared between the Physical Body and the Light Body.

These adaptations to the Pineal Gland also allow for the establishment of an energetic structure around the head that is known as “the Crown of Gold.” This structure carries the Gold Light of the Christ Consciousness and holds it in place from the Soul Star Chakra and into the Crown Chakra, forming a Bridge of Light between the Soul and the Physical aspects of Self.

While you are undergoing this transformation you may feel symptoms in the head area, especially at the Pineal area at the base of the skull, and in the head and sinus and even down to the jaw and teeth.  This can range from pressure to intense pain as the body adapts to this new flow of light energy.

The increased Pineal flow also affects the Pituitary and the Thymus and Thyroid glands.  The increase of energy at these areas will also possibly increase symptoms and discomfort in the throat and in the spine at the upper back.

But know, Beloved ones, that as these energies are integrate and as the body becomes more comfortable with the new flows, your creativity and your ability to manifest will greatly increase.

Now is truly the time to begin creating your New Earth!

The Colors of Love

Each of these waves of Energy Plasma light that comes through the portals of Earth carries its own message of Love, Compassion and Creativity. Each of these waves has its own color and sound frequencies and its own set of Codes in the Angelic Language of Light.

Developing the intuitive ability to see and hear these waves of color, sound and code will greatly enhance our ability to integrate the waves of energy and to share the Angelic Frequencies with others as a healing and balancing modality.

We will be able to “ride” the waves in a conscious way, working with the frequency and message of the wave rather than just being tossed around in the chaos and suffering in the disintegration and disruption of the waves passage.

Beloved Ones, we invite you to celebrate the incoming waves of light, color and sound and to work with the Codes and the Language of Light as you Master the flows of Divine Consciousness that are building the New Earth in your Reality.

We wish you a joyous passage through the 11/11/11 Portal and a creative time of Manifestation and Love.


If you would like to learn more about these incoming Angelic Light Frequencies and the 11/11/11 Star Gate, you are invited to join us for our Planetary Group Online Webinar Series through Zoom.  The webinar series is called “11/11/11 : Embodying the Angelic Frequencies that are Manifesting the New Earth.

To learn more and to book your space in the webinar, Please click here!

LOVE – Life’s Greatest Gift – by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi Master – Feb 2017

Image result for Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

First published in Common Ground, February 2017

Thanks  to   https://goldensufi.org/a_Love_LifesGreatestGift.html

All of us want, or need, to be loved. The need for love is one of the most basic human impulses. We may cover this need with patterns of self-protection or images of self-reliance. Or we may openly acknowledge this need to ourself or to others. But it is always present, whether hidden or visible. Usually, we seek for love in human relationships, project our need onto parents, partners, friends, lovers. Our lack or denial of love often causes wounds that we carry with us. This unmet need haunts us, sometimes driving us into addictions or other self-destructive patterns. Conversely, if our need for love is met, we feel nourished in the depths of our being.

Love calls to us in many different ways. Yet while most people seek for love in the tangle of human relationships, the mystic is drawn deeper under the surface—in Rumi’s words, “return to the root of the root of your own being.” And here we begin to discover one of life’s greatest secrets: how love is at the source of all that exists, is the source of all that exists. Love is not just a feeling between people, but a substance, an energy, a divine spark that is present within everything. And it is this deepest essence—this substance of love—that we need to nourish us.

Love speaks to our soul and to our body. Love includes all the senses—taste and touch, smell, sight and sound. Love by its very nature includes everything. It does not just belong to a human relationship. It can be found anywhere, because it is everywhere. The mystic uncovers the simple secret that in truth love flows through all that exists—sweet, tender, aching, knowing, as well as dark and passionate. And as this primal energy, this greatest power, awakens within us, within our heart, our soul, and even within the cells of our body, it draws us deeper into its own mystery. Love draws us back to love.

And here we discover the oneness of love—that the source and answer to our primal need is not separate from us, but part of our own essential nature, our own true being. Again, to quote Rumi:

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.

The mystical truth of the oneness of love is something both simple and essential: the real nature of the love that we all seek is not other than us. I remember my first direct experience of this love. I was in my late 20s when one afternoon while I was in meditation, I felt what I can only describe as butterfly wings touching the edge of my heart. And in that instant my whole being and body were filled with a love I had hardly known existed. Every cell of my body was loved, tenderly, gently, and completely. Love was present in all of me. And this love came from within me, from my own heart. There was no other.

Love is life’s greatest gift. We seek for love, and yet it is all around and within us. It belongs to the oneness of life, to every dewdrop on every leaf, to the spider spinning its web, the child looking at the stars. If we open our senses and open our hearts, we can feel its presence. Love is life speaking to us of its real mystery. And in that conversation so many things can happen, so many miracles can be born, the small unsuspecting miracles that we often do not notice—like momentary sunlight from behind a cloud, a flower where a seed unexpectedly sprouted, a smile from a stranger. Despite all of its distortions, pain, and suffering, this world belongs to love, just as each of us belongs to love. And just to know that we are part of this love is enough.

Learning to love is learning to live, to become part of the great love affair that is life. And just as love is life’s gift, so is love the one true gift we each have to give. I was brought up in a family where love was unknown, where nothing real was given. And so I have come to appreciate this simple gift and how precious it is. Love is all we really have to give, and love is free, even if it costs blood and a broken heart.

Sadly, we live in a culture where so much is distorted, caught in the shadowlands of ego and greed. We are fed endless desires, manipulated by advertising and the media, no longer knowing what to trust. We have almost forgotten that life is sacred. At such a time it is especially important to return to what is essential and true, what cannot be bought or sold. Simple acts of loving kindness, an open heart that listens, hands that care—with a friend, a stranger, with someone in need. These are the true currencies of our shared humanity, which easily break through barriers and remind us of a unity deeper than our surface divisions. In our true nature we are not consumers but lovers, and life is not about economic prosperity or getting more stuff, but is a love affair waiting to be lived.

And at this time it is especially important to give the gift of love back to the earth, the same earth that we are poisoning and polluting. Return love with simple acts: planting some herbs with care and attention; walking, our feet touching the ground with love every step; seeing spring blossoms, aware of her beauty. The earth is so generous, she has given us life and yet we desecrate her, attack her fragile web. It is time to fall in love again with the earth, to remember that she is sacred and help in her healing, to listen to her and love her.

And what is revealed within the heart of the lover, of the one who has given himself or herself to love, is the great secret of creation: that love is always present. Love is present within our own heart, within every breath, within every cell of our body and the whole of creation. The whole of creation is a continual outpouring of love, of lover and beloved needing each other, meeting each other, merging with each other. The great mystery is then not that this love is always present, but that it appears hidden from us, that we have forgotten how we are made of love. That we are love seeking love. And life’s greatest gift is love waiting to be lived.

STEVE BECKOW – Unconditional Surrender to Love – A Man’s View – 9-16-18




I see so many people struggle (and I struggled myself) with the notion that our love has to be made unconditional or universal.

They meditate on the words “unconditional” and “universal” and struggle with what loving that way may mean. And they look at what “making” their love be something might entail. I know how it feels.

And all these are worthwhile endeavors with good results.

It’s just that, in the end, they’re unnecessary.

It’s inaccurate to think that, for the situation to work out for us, our love has to be made universal.

Love already is, always was, and forever will be, by its very nature, both unconditional and universal.  It cannot in any way be controlled. Nor would we, if we were in its flow right now, want things any other way. Submerged in the Ocean of Love, all we’d want is for others to join us.

But I’m talking about a higher kind of love than we’re used to experiencing. Our everyday love is a mere shadow of it. I only rarely feel it these days (1) but I do so know it. And pay homage to it.

Viewed strictly from our perspective, this type of love flows up from our hearts and out to the world. Higher-dimensional and transformative, it flows out or radiates in all directions from our hearts (unconditionally and universally), as if from a space heater. (2)

We can be the pipeline, but we cannot be the mail deliverer … uhhhhhm … mail(wo)man …. uhhh … mailman. We cannot deliver the package.

Barry Stevens once wrote a book on the principles of gestalt called Don’t Push the River. It Flows by Itself.  The inner tsunami of love flows by itself.

It has its own flow, its own direction, its own power. There’s no way we can direct it, asking it to please go to Anne, but not to Mary. Swoooosh! It flows right by us and out to everyone. Without stint.

Yes, we can make special, loving requests of it and it’ll go where sent, but requests founded in control? No.

The universality of love is the hope of the world.  If it was partial, like most of us are, we might as well go home and give up. What are we serving?

Love has to be universal for our lives to work out. And fortunately it is.

So please, everyone, let’s remove that fear from our “quiver of quivers.” You don’t have to struggle to become universal. Or to make love be anything. Love has already taken care of that.

Love is universal.

The only thing that needs to be unconditional is our surrender to it.

The answer, for me, to our lifelong question of how to make our lives work? Surrender unconditionally to love.

How’s that for universality?



KALAYNA COLIBRI – What does it Mean to Love Authentically? – 8-23-18



by Kalayna Colibri

The conditioning is deep around what we’ve been taught real love and care is and looks like. It’s challenging to feel it in different ways, to take a deep look at how we’ve related to love and how we’ve been convinced we’re supposed to embody it.

So often what we think of as loving or caring can have more of a negative impact on others than a positive one. False apologies, empty promises, tugging and grabbing at others… these frequencies can be obvious or subtle. And in any case, we aren’t genuinely caring about our impact on others, only what parts of us want and are afraid they won’t get or look like on the outside. I so know this one from my own process too, and learning to see and feel even the subtle ways in which this happens is illuminating and invites you to shift these patterns for good.

I think so often we (or parts of us) are actually terrified to deeply feel what it would be like to be someone else and genuinely feel our impact on them, whether or not we feel we’ve been ‘loving’ toward them.

This is tricky… and hard to feel too. It can be hard to look inward and challenge how we have been holding love and what it means to love another, whether in official ‘service of love’ or in everyday relationships. It’s amazing what it illuminates within though… which is so often an untouched inner reality of how we ourselves, and parts of us, have felt incredibly unworthy of real love, abandoned somehow, and in a void space that has never been filled by genuine self-love and the journey of unfolding that within.

So what does it look and feel like to actually care and love another person?

To me, it feels like giving space for another’s growth without tugging on them to join in on yours. It feels like inviting someone to share with you what they need and want, but not with a commitment from you to make it happen for them. It feels like the overflow of good inner-parenting, of relating to yourself and getting to know your own quirks and shadowy aspects and energies within you as well as your gifts and growth and flowing this energy to another to support their own inner-parenting to grow and blossom too. It feels like being willing to let go even when your heart really doesn’t want to.

It’s a lot to feel into these pieces and truth be told, I’m not sure any of us can truly master this skill of loving another in the purest way… we and parts of us all have understandable investments in relationships of all kinds and hopes that they will last too. We all have desires and dreams and don’t really ever want to feel lonely (though really landing in the loneliness has so many gifts too)… we all have what we want to experience from others and in our lives in general. Yet love asks us to trust… to invest in the process yet divest of the outcome. To feel what we want most and understand that it won’t always come to us in ways we can control.

Above all, love wants us to remember that it is never against us or anybody else, though it can feel that way at times. It only ever wants us to experience more of it within so that we can share it with others. This flow of love is really all the ‘service of love’ is anyways, though it can be dressed up in many ways and be given many labels and is not always easy to truly embody for ourselves, let alone others.

Much love to you as you continue to experience your own journey into more and more REAL love, and the path of learning to embody love in the most authentic way possible. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart co-founder, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.


Thanks to   https://soulfullheartblog.com/2018/08/23/what-does-it-mean-to-love-authentically/

Pat Cegan – Be Loving — Source of Inspiration

Some people seem so reserved, cold, even indifferent.

Perhaps they are merely shy,

or perhaps they have been hurt and are afraid.

I ask myself how I can be more loving.

What does that even mean?

I am being loving when I sit quietly and

listen to another, without judgement …

via Be Loving — Source of Inspiration

CAROLYN ZAISER – Why You Came To Live This Life – 6-29-18


Published on Jun 29, 2018

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“Why You Came To Live This Life” is a video that helps us understand why we came into this existence! Plus you get my take-aways and experiences too.
Amplify your move forward by sitting in the high vibration of The LightKeepers
– a group of angels who came to me while hiking in Sedona, AZ in early 2017 –
asking to channel through me, for your benefit,  as you awaken.
I also include advice through my distance energy healing work. ******* I’m Carolyn, and I share channeled messages and advice for mind, body and soul for those on the path of spiritual awakening, ascension or enlightenment. I’m a channel and medium, practicing a shamanic form of distance energy healing. I share my messages, so you can find more comfort and inner knowing along your journey. To inquire about a personalized session with powerful intuitive messages, contact me at my Purple Rain Healing website below, email, or Facebook page.


SAUL via John Smallman – Truly, there is nothing to Fear, because there is only Love – 5-20-18



Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 20th

As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur.  You chose to build the illusory world of separation in order to experience aloneness, abandonment, and loss of meaning and purpose in your lives so that you could then evolve spiritually and return from that experiential state to the Source from which you have never been separated.  This endless journey back to Source is your life purpose and gives it meaning.  It is endless because time is endless . . . until you choose to be aware that time is illusory, that there is only the ever-present now in which all of creation has its permanent and endless existence at One with Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.

Time is a tool that you use so that you can evolve in meaningful steps that suit each of you individually.  There is only the One, but that One expanded and extended Itself in Love that gives and shares and extends Itself limitlessly. Everyone who is conscious, sentient, alive – and everything in form in the visible universe, from rocks to humans, has some consciousness – is evolving spiritually and purposefully!  But because you chose to be unaware of your permanent and unbreakable connection to Source, to Love, you are struggling with a sense of insignificance, inadequacy, and often intense worthlessness because in physical form you are so insignificantly small compared to the vastness of the universe around you.

Source, God, Love, is utterly perfect, complete, and totally without needs or desires of any kind, because . . . IT IS!  You, humanity, evolving spiritually as humans have forgotten this, and are evolving in order to remember and know this.  Every now and again one of you does, and then attempts to share that knowing, but, unless a certain level of awareness or wakefulness has occurred in those whom that one is attempting to share the knowledge with, the message is incomprehensible.  What that one is trying to explain is not rational by human standards.  Only the physical seems real, and science believes it needs to be able to measure things with the senses or with the instruments that they have constructed to expand the ability of their senses and then repeat those measurements and identify it physically.  Therefore, as it cannot be measured or replicated scientifically, it is judged unreal, imaginary, or a psychological disturbance in the one trying to share.  And, of course, as there are many who are psychologically disturbed, it is very convenient to discard anything that appears to be rationally inexplicable into the insanity container.

However, over the last six or seven decades, many more people have come to an awareness that there issomething conscious, alive, alert, intelligent, and aware that is beyond form and that cannot be rationally – that is scientifically – measured.  That “something” can only be experienced.  Sometimes it happens to a person spontaneously, out of the blue, and can be so shocking and terrifying that they try to block it out out or deny it, thinking that they are going insane.  Or it can be intensely uplifting and inspiring, leading them to make enormous changes in their lives and let go of any dogmatic and severely limiting beliefs that they may have held up to that moment.  Near Death Experiences are one now well-known form of this kind of awakening to a Reality far vaster than anything the experiencer had ever imagined was likely or possible.

As more and more people have spiritual experiences and attempt to describe and share them with others, and as others hear and read about them and seek them out for themselves, the way opens for increasing numbers to start becoming aware and acknowledge that the physical world as you each experience it in your own individual way is unreal, a dream, perhaps.  Awareness that everyone perceives the world and their environment in a unique and never to be repeated fashion has grown enormously over the last few decades, and this has led to the realization that everyone is at the center of their own individual universe.  And yet there can only be the one universe that everyone experiences slightly differently, therefore they are asking “what holds it all together?  Surely there must be a Supreme Intelligence that designed it, built it, and runs it?”

There is . . . it is YOU!  Collectively, of course, but You, the divine progeny, designed it and built it to experience separation and prove to Yourself that you had no need of Source – a little like teenage rebellion as the young human learns to become independent.  But of course there is no such thing as independence, all is interdependent, and this is very firmly brought back into your awareness when the systems on which you all depend break down or fail.  And humanity’s awareness of its total dependence on Source, which is the field of divine Love in which all exists eternally in the endless now moment, can no longer be denied, because It is All that exists.

Your awakening will be the full realization of this, of the fact that you have never been separate and never could be separate.  And this realization will bring you untold, unimaginable Joy!  You are One with Source, and in that state of oneness all your needs, desires, and fears dissolve, because there is only utter Joy, the infinite Joy of endless and unbreakable Oneness with Source.  Rejoice in this divine Truth, and remind yourselves of its validity whenever doubts or anxieties assail you.

You will not die, you cannot die because, like your Source, you are eternal beings forever at Home in the illimitable field of divine Love as, fully Conscious and Aware, you join in the ongoing and ceaseless expansion of God’s creative Intent.  Together with All That Is, you, as an inseparable and essential part or aspect of That, are engaged in the constant expansion and sharing of Self in an outpouring of creative energy as Love unfolds eternally and boundlessly.  Truly, there is nothing to fear because there is onlyLove, and nothing exists that is not in perfect and complete alignment with It.

You will awaken because that is your intent, and that intent is most certainly completely in alignment with the divine Intent.  Your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and the moment for it to arise is approaching.  You can all feel that enormous change is imminent, so when you go within, for your daily or more frequent visit to your holy inner sanctuary, to be embraced by the Love residing there and to reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises – because, as you well know and have at times experienced, Love changes everything – also reset your intent to awaken.  Your set intent is extremely powerful, even if you cannot sense it, so it is essential to reset it regularly because bad moods and emotional upsets can weaken or collapse it.  That is part of being human, of the separation experience, it is when you feel alone and lost, and there seems to be no-one in your human life to whom you can talk about all this.

Therefore go within daily and allow yourselves to know that you are One with Source, with Love, with God, for if you were not you would not exist, and you do know that you exist because you are conscious.

With so very much love, Saul

ERIC BOWERS – The Secret Behind True Romance – 5-5-18 – by dreamweaver333

Courtesy of Uplift The Secret

Behind True Romance

By Eric Bowers,  on Saturday May 5th, 2018

Intimacy might not be what you think.

This is how to create real connection

in your relationships …

via The Secret Behind True Romance – Eric Bowers — dreamweaver333

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – The Depth of Our Love – 4-1-18


alisa transcendence brown

There is a LOVE so deep inside of us
One that connects us with all that is
One that holds purity at it’s core
To FEEL everything…

This LOVE is pure
It’s our Souls as ONE here
It’s US, through our Divine Essence
Without the constructs of any belief systems ever again

This LOVE holds all as Light
It breathes Simplicity, Peace and such sweet Kindness from within

Our Angelic selves
Our Highest Aspect Selves
Our Christed Selves
Our LeMUrian and pure Atlantean Selves
Our fairies and elemental selves
Our Gaia, Galactic and God Consciousness Selves
All of these Selves in this HUman body…. feeling…. pure love.

This LOVE fills our entire body
Beating through every cell
Breathing through our blood and emitting through our energy field
This LOVE is US….

There is a cycle of Evolution
Where we started out as unconscious humans
and Evolved as Higher Dimensional Aspects
Here in physical form….

This ever expanding existence
As Multi-Dimensionals is ever changing here
We love from the depths of our Entire BEing
Through our Presence and Divine Essence here

Tears unify our existences
Not of sadness, but a connection lost and forgotten before
Yet as we Transcend our own separation and duality
We REMEMBER the PURITY of Love again……

Open your hearts fully
and let all else fall away
open your whole BEing
To Remember the Beauty of WHO you truly are again.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Alexander Papageorghiou @ In5D – Love As A Way Of Life: A How To Guide – 3-21-18

Love Guide


by Alexander Papageorghiou,   Guest Writer, In5D.com

Anyone involved in Consciousness and Spiritual circles, and beyond, has heard about living with Love endlessly. The question is how many actually embrace this all the way to give their souls what it has been looking for? There are many levels to implementing this and we need to look at all of them.


I have found myself lately, after accepting to release old Core Beliefs that characterized my old life, on a stormy journey into accepting and living by my NEW Core Beliefs. My soul has been bringing forth many new emotions and life-changing decisions that are more drastic and uncomfortable than ever before, but somehow they feel very familiar and real.  Many epiphanies and AH HA moments have followed. I have had to accept the process, let go and to allow my new/old light to awaken and guide me towards the Real me and my real life.

 I have been living life a certain way since I remember myself, within society and its construct. Yet, I have never felt comfortable with this. I have always looked at society as a faulty experiment that separates, not unites.

For example, I looked for a career that would give me freedom, creativity, a great income, and the ability to be self-employed. I looked within the usual industries that exist within our world economy and had a very difficult finding something that resonated with me. I struggled with that until the last couple of years when I let go and let a new energy guide me.

LOVE is TRUTH. They are the same. As we awaken and start living and creating in the Fifth Dimension, a lot of our perception of the world becomes more and more clear, we extract what is real and all that is fake. If we look at the world of today, with our global economy, politics, environmental issues, the stress of daily life, competition, and the lack of empathy the Third Dimension had gotten us accustomed to, we end up understanding one clear thing: ALL THOSE THINGS ARE ARTIFICIAL. They are frameworks we have had to live within, to bear, and often, especially with financial and environmental issues, to succumb to, unfortunately. This is 3D life, not 5D existence and we need to see it for what it is. None of these things are real. We need to learn how to navigate through them but release the fear associated with them. They do not need to dictate our lives anymore. We are looking for the TRUTH, and the truth is that we need to let go of frameworks that cause us anguish, pain and stress and to create a framework of our own. We need to look at our lives, to understand what makes us happy and what we love and to work towards making that a reality. We can no longer convince ourselves that things are real because those who surround us do. They still are not.

LOVE is FREEDOM. Let me illustrate: I am a city dweller. I always have been. Yet inside it always seemed to me to be completely foreign. My fondest memories were always related to nature, animals, things taken for granted by most. I left, with my other-half, a life of stress in a bustling city for quieter island life which has been chaotic at times. For years we had spent our active time in high-pressure jobs to make financially what we needed to be comfortable and FREE (temporarily) from the pressure a big city wreaks on your economical situation. The bottom line is we never were. I always felt like this is a faulty design and there must be something better and more fluid and supportive. This pervasive state of fear just didn’t make sense, so much that we left over night.

Over the years we have looked at our lives and asked ourselves what would really make us happy. In turn, events have lead us to relocate soon to the other side of the world and we are ecstatic. Looking at the lifestyle there, city life and so on, I was irked repeatedly by having to entertain the thought we might fall into this mold of pressure once again, this time on a greater level. I have been a spiritual guide for almost a decade and have received people from all walks of life to help them, but I had been pursuing a large scale technological project for years, driven by the need to succeed and create. As the months passed and we found ourselves in 2018, the new energies stormed in and started to create a paradigm shift in what we wanted from life. We wanted our FREEDOM, to live by the principles I had been living by for a decade, but to have them as part of our physical life. The desire of success became null. I asked myself why again and again. What does that word even mean? By the end of this awakening process we realized I wanted to be HAPPY and to LOVE LIFE and for LIFE to be LOVE, and if the principles I had espoused weren’t completely in my life I couldn’t access that fully. A veil was lifted and clarity stood before our eyes: What is REAL? Success isn’t, our economy isn’t, our search for resources isn’t, status, the government isn’t, race isn’t, religion isn’t. I understood I wanted nothing to do with any of these constructs and if any contact may it be minimal. What is REAL? Love is real, and that love I find in the only place I feel at home: Nature. Animals, this planet, our nature and each other. These are the ONLY values that are REAL in the fullest sense of the word, and that should be minded. Everything else we hold to be a framework is completely manmade and artificial and no longer serves any purpose. Yes, we do need to navigate through this, pay our taxes, drive our cars and so on, but this time, may it be on our own terms, not by default of living in a construct we reject and are no match for energetically.


So we asked ourselves, why do we need to start over on the same terms? Why can’t we start over in the countryside far away from what we no longer need, why can’t we entertain a part of our journey spent on the road? Suddenly it seemed normal. Personally and professionally I parted with my previous venture and set on doing what I should have a decade prior: writing these words and helping Ascending beings like myself get the assistance I once got from someone who changed my life. In the end, this is who I am, what I do every day regardless, so why not do this to create a home in the physical world as well?

2018 has brought with it the final stages of Ascension for many who have been on this journey for a long time. It gives us the gift of Truth and Freedom. We need to implement this on our own. Truth is all there ever was and we are meant to be free from all that isn’t real/true. The steps we must now take are simple. We need to embrace the new energies and not be afraid to let go of whatever position we are in professionally, romantically, in terms of family. Our new/old selves are guiding us towards what we have always been, though that may be completely different from what we may be right now. Embrace the change by understanding this is the only time in your lives you have been truly awake and alive and there is no negative impact even though it may sting a bit on the way to FREEDOM.

The Last part of the puzzle is simple. Truth in your hearts. Start sitting with yourself daily and with your guidance, explore the areas of your lives that are still problematic and ask yourselves in all honesty who you feel you are and what you believe your purpose is. If you have been doing the same job forever and have yet to leave it for fear of what may happen, but get absolutely no satisfaction or enrichment from it, your time to leave should have been yesterday. If fear dictates what you are still doing, love needs to replace it and you must go. If you awake or awakening and have acquired knowledge over the decade, your place is hardly at a desk doing something that isn’t you. So find what is YOU. Wherever you end up, that is exactly where you always been.

Much Love,


About the authorI am an experienced and passionate spiritual guide, writer, entrepreneur, channeler, past-lifetime regression therapist and healer. I strive for continual evolution of the spirit, embracing my right-brain, love, and working to peel the 3D layers off and reveal my 5D self. As I find myself a decade later, I am thankful, blessed, and reciprocating, happily helping people who come my way, in the same state I was in so many years ago. I love nature and our precious mother Gaia, travelling, and new experiences. I speak 5 languages, have lived in 7 countries so far, and I am thankful for progressive, liberal, and loving mindsets and ideals. Visit Indigo Light’s new website at: https://indigolight2222.wixsite.com/indigolight. Contact me via email at indigolight2222@gmail.com or via Skype at indigolight2222.

When You Meet The One You Are Meant To Be With, This Is How You’ll Know – By  Mykh Goldstein – 3-11-18

Related image

 Mykh Goldstein

I read it somewhere that if you meet a man who makes your heart beat faster and you feel giddy and excited when you hold his hand, be sure to know that he isn’t the one. If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel safe and secure, hold on to him. I know the internet is full of these rather absurd articles and videos that help you find out if “the person you are dating is the one for you”.

But that’s just not possible. When you find the one who’s meant to be with you, you’ll know. And the best part about finding these people is that there is no fixed time for their arrival. They don’t come after an alarm. You’ll meet them only at the time that destiny has decided for you. They will find you at your lowest and help you turn your life into a beautiful piece of art. They will love you for all your dark truths and never make you feel bad for where you come from.

Most importantly, they will help you grow. 

They will just enter your life in a minor situation. Maybe through a friend or a meeting or any other way and they will become a huge part of your life. Now just to let you know, wind won’t blow when you meet them and neither will the moon become big. However, when you do meet them first, your heart will feel the sort of peace it had never felt before.



ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Living and Loving in Your Heart – 3-3-18 – By Victoria Cochrane – by Rose Rambles dotorg

Posted by sanandawebsite

By Victoria Cochrane

It has been said many times that love is all there is.

Many people may dispute this,

but if the history of the world is examined,

the absence of love has brought the greatest voids and turmoils.

No person in the world can exist without love …

via Archangel Michael ~ Living and Loving in Your Heart ~ March 3, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

Heavenly Blessings – Valentine’s Day with Jesus Sananda – 2-14-18




Here is the link to the show.

February 14, 2018 ~ Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon welcome Jesus Sananda to the airwaves, and our topic is LOVE.

Love has no edges, and the gift of loving the self is the essence of The Mother.  Our beautiful bodies are Human Divine Expressions in tangible form.

Our guest encourages us to listen for messages in the Natural World.  It’s a form of Sacred Union when we so enjoy the beauty of another, be it the music they make, the way they look or the art they create.  So it is when we marvel at the beauty in Nature…the sounds, colors and actions happening all around us.

Loving ourselves as infinitely as The Universe is our essence, and the pathway to discovering the fullness of our Ascended Self.

Tune in for a sweet meeting with Yeshi, and some interesting conversation around the temporal nature of relationships (all in Divine Order).

Heavenly Blessings is a show in which we join with the Council of Love to share gifts, blessings, stories and insights through meditation, channeling and conversation. This show aims to assist individuals on their individual journey and also to build support and mutuality with the inhabitants of earth, the higher realms, and with our star brothers and sisters. Produced by Paul Backes.

Music: Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun

Linda’s website ~ http://counciloflove.com/

For those who wish to support our efforts with a donation ~ http://hopeche.st

Heavenly Blessings usually airs every other Thursday at 7pm ET (Happy Valentine’s Day!)





I fell in love with your soul even before you spoke to me ❤ — joypassiondesire

The second I first saw you I fell in love with your entire being. Today, so many years later, I am more passionately in love with you than ever before. My love, passion, desire, lust, attraction… it all gets stronger and more intense each moment. It is not only your magnificent body, your beautiful eyes, […]

via I fell in love with your soul even before you spoke to me ❤ — joypassiondesire

JEFF STREET @ In5D – Shifting From Fear To Love – 12-19-17

Love Fear

by Jeff Street,   Guest Writer, In5D.com

Fear is running rampant on our world and it is blinding many to the inner guiding voice of their soul, and keeping us from creating a better world. We can all transcend our fears by embracing a few higher truths and increasing our awareness of a few important points.

A World of Fear

Our world is dominated by fear. Fear of terrorism, fear of getting old, fear of death, fear of cancer, fear of whatever — you name it. The mainstream media bombards us with bad news. Commercial interests play on our many insecurities and fears to sell product.

Our fears are reflected in the wars we wage. The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on you name it. Our fears are reflected in the themes and archetypes in our fiction — zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, end-of-the-world, good vs. evil, etc. Our fears are reflected subtly and not so subtly in all aspects of our lives and the world we create.

On a personal level, many of us allow the painful or challenging experiences of our past to dominate our thinking and responses in the present. We live in fear of re-experiencing past traumas and become guarded, defensive, and reactive rather than staying open and present.

Perhaps our deepest fears are of not having enough, or not being enough. Of not being able to provide physically for ourselves and not being good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough. Fears that were born from the illusion of limitation our reality encourages. We have become lost in this realm of separation and duality and have come to believe deeply in limitation and separation as absolutes of existence. We have lost touch with our higher self who knows no limitation and no separation from the one and the all.

Blinded by Fear

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fear is an aspect of the ego, and a certain amount of it is required to protect and safeguard us as physical beings. But fear has become exaggerated within us well beyond the instinct for protection; becoming a way of life, a constant experience and an inner guiding voice.

Fear was meant to encourage us to be conscious and aware, to be observant of any dangers around us and yet fear now encourages many to be unconscious and unaware of the inner guiding voice of their soul and higher self — their divine presence.

Manipulated by Fear

There are those on our world who are using fear as a tool to divide us, to disconnect us from our inner truth and divine presence, and to disempower us. These people have realized that fear is a powerful tool they can use to control others, achieve their self-serving agendas, and give themselves a false sense of power and self-importance. While they can create circumstances and situations that are calculated to create fearful experiences in many, you can choose to be conscious and aware of your own emotions and reactions and not have fear activated within you.

Fear Disempowers

Fear is a powerful emotion that distracts us from focusing on what’s important. It keeps us focusing on exactly what we don’t want instead of focusing on what we do want. Our fears interfere with our ability to create the best possible outcomes for our lives and the world. Our fears keep us caged within a limited set of possibilities.

As we awaken to the truth of our higher-self, and the wider reality, we realize that our thoughts are creative and that what we focus on we attract. The creative power of thought is largely determined by its duration, consistency, and emotive intensity. Fear is a very strong emotion, and letting it run amok in your head will make you a powerful manifestor of what you DON’T WANT. This is why people who have mastered their minds never dwell on their fears. And, this is why those that seek to empower themselves through controlling others always try to encourage our fears.

Transcending Our Fears

A great shift in the consciousness of humanity is occurring and many of us are beginning to transcend our fears; shifting from the fear-centric responses of the mind and ego to the compassion centric responses of the heart; shifting from fear and judgement to forgiveness and love. Yet many are still caught up in their personal dramas as well as the collective earthly drama. Wars and terrorism everywhere, famine and poverty, disasters of all kinds… There seems to be a lot to be worried about.

There Is Nothing to Fear

As one awakens to the wider reality and their higher self, one becomes less and less attached to all the drama of the world. One begins to see it for what it is, a grand illusion; a game that we are intentionally playing.

Fully embracing a few truths about the wider reality can give you a profoundly different perspective on life’s difficulties and liberate you from the tyranny of your fears.

The real you lives forever.

Existence does not end when your body dies because the real you is not your body. The real you is an eternal non-physical being (your soul) — a thread of universal/source consciousness (God). The real you is connected to your physical body as a vehicle for physical experience. When your body dies your consciousness continues FOREVER.

“In the last few moments before physical death, and as you die, you then experience yourself as consciousness free of form. Suddenly, there is no more fear, just peace and a knowing that “all is well” and that death is only a form dissolving. Death is then recognized as ultimately illusory — as illusory as the form you had identified with as yourself.
— Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

The real you has no physical needs.

Your soul is a non-physical being — pure energy, pure awareness. It does not need food, it does not need shelter, and it does not need a job or money. Its existence does not depend on any of these things.

The real you cannot be harmed.

You are a thread of universal consciousness and consciousness cannot be harmed by anything. Your body can be harmed, but the consciousness that drives your body cannot be harmed. No matter what happens, the real you is completely unharmed. While every experience leaves an impression on your awareness and your soul, nothing can ever permanently harm your soul, your true nature as a non-physical being, as pure awareness.

The real you is loved completely and unconditionally.

Your soul exists in higher planes of existence that are filled with love and bliss. Love and support are given and received unconditionally. The real you is loved ALWAYS.

The real you chose to incarnate in the Earth game.

Your soul chose to participate in the Earth game and the school of life. You scripted your life and its major themes. You knew it would be challenging, but you were excited to play because you knew that formative growth only comes from real challenges. You were not concerned with the apparent danger of some of the challenges because you understood that it is just a game and the real you can never be harmed.

Shifting from Fear into Love

Imagine if your response to everything in your reality and your world, whether it is a major disaster or a painful experience, was compassion for yourself and EVERYONE involved. Imagine if every experience in your past, which has encouraged you to respond in fear, was altered and erased, instead replaced by a response of compassion. What would that be like? What perspective would you have about the world and would fear even exist or be acknowledged by you? With a history of compassionate responses, how would you react to or feel about areas of your current reality that are causing reactions of fear? Maybe current situations would not even have been manifested by you. Remember that resistance, frustration, anxiety, stress and concern are also aspects of fear.

There are many horrific circumstances where it might seem appropriate to react with fear, anger, and indignation. But imagine how healing it would be to react with compassion instead. It would allow the love and the light of the divine source to flow through you; it would open you to divine guidance and intervention.

Exercising compassion allows every situation to be illuminated with light, love, and peace for yourself and all of humanity. Imagine if every person chose to react with compassion — fear would disappear and kindness would blossom in its place. From kindness love is born, the unconditional love of the divine source that can be widely and freely shared because its supply is unlimited. When the love of the divine source is present anything and everything is possible and able to manifest with ease and perfection.

Shifting your reaction from fear to compassion simply requires you to realize and be observant of a few points:

Your fear is illusory

The lesser you, here on Earth — your egoic self — may be allowing fear to dominate its thoughts and manifest them into your reality, but the truth is that your soul and higher self know no fear. When you fully embrace this truth, it becomes much easier to let go of your fears. By choosing to let go of any fears that arise in you, they can be released and erased. This can take some persistence because fears can be tenacious, but with constant focus on letting your fears go you will begin to feel a freedom birth within you, and as you taste this, it will become easier and easier to release your fears. Through the desire to transcend your fears you are encouraging yourself to observe your fears free from judgement and attachment. Observing and being consciously aware of your fears is the most powerful tool to releasing the habit of fear because only through awareness is change possible. With detachment from fear, you will be able to think and sense with greater clarity, and manifest with greater power.


When you are aware that you have reacted and responded with fear be forgiving to yourself, know that fear is a conditioned habit; it will take time and dedication to shift this conditioning. With awareness you can overcome your automatic fear reactions. Responding with forgiveness whenever you feel a fear reaction starting acts as an opening that allows you to express the higher energies, thought processes, and emotions of compassion. With forgiveness, you encourage your detachment from fear and consciously choose to manifest a loving reality for yourself no matter what occurs and what challenges you face. Practice forgiveness regularly and you will notice a beautiful habit of forgiveness forming.


There are many circumstances occurring on our world right now that are causing terror, pain, and suffering for those involved as well as those who are witnessing. Many of these situations are manifesting because of the strong egos and lack of compassion of the individuals involved, and their inability to sense the love and guidance of their higher self (the divine presence). This causes them to inflict pain upon others.

When we view these horrific circumstances with a wider perspective, we recognize that these circumstances are acting as catalysts for positive shifts in many people. As pain and suffering are witnessed by those around the world, compassion is activated within many people. This activation of compassion opens the individual to the flow of healing energy from their soul and the universe, raising the energetic frequency of our world and all of humanity. This heightened energy is then triggering many more to awaken to the truth of the wider reality and their higher selves.

The more you respond regularly to situations with forgiveness and compassion, the more you will deeply feel the peaceful energy that it produces within you, and in others, and the more you’ll want to share your compassion with yourself and others, birthing a beautiful new pattern within your thoughts, emotions, and the reality you manifest.

If you would like to help energize and manifest a world filled with compassion, please consider repeating the affirmation below regularly.

“With the support of Mother Earth and the Creator I now emanate from my soul sacred waves of light carrying compassion to empower the compassion of the Creator within every person upon the Earth. The Earth is a space of compassion and love eternally; this is our collective experience.

Your heart is inviting you to be loving in every moment; it is through compassion and your conscious awareness of fear that you can encourage others to experience the profound love of the Creator, and contribute to the manifestation of a new reality — a reality characterized by cooperation, harmony, peace, and prosperity FOR ALL.

Love and light,






The GoldFish Report No. 153 – Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout – Healing w/ Loving Compassion

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Published on Nov 10, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 153 – In light of the PedoGate crimes and human trafficking, and the pending sealed indictments of the people we trusted to run the affairs of the government and betrayed us, Americans, and Humanity as a whole will need to focus on healing our collective consciousness and humanity’s soul. Winston helps guide us on how to heal through sharing his first hand knowledge, and how each of us can be of help through loving compassion for people who have been victimized and abused. Winston references several books by title in the video and how through the expertise of a skilled practitioner a process of Integration of the soul fragments can lead to healing the person. This information is for educational and research purposes and is not intended to be construed as medical advice. Thank You Winston for continuing to Enlighten us!! For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce visit http://www.wssic.com. To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, http://www.thegoldfishreport.wordpress.com you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at http://www.facebook.com/thegoldfishreport and to help support these and other programs please visit http://www.thegoldfishreport.com to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing! For viewers interested in purchasing any of Winstons DVD’s you can use this discount code on his website for $25 off orders over $35 by entering: GOLDFISH1 For information on purchasing energetic protection crystals please visit : http://www.thegoldfishreport.com/vend… DISCLAIMER The following videos were created for educational and or general health purposes only. The content of this material strictly for research purposes, and readily available to the general public via the Internet. Viewing of the GoldFish Reports acknowledges that senders and recipients hereby agree to this disclaimer, thus releasing the source author from any and all personal liability. Also, individuals who alter or deviate from this source material, may be exposing themselves to the full extent of law. THE OPINIONS AND HYPOTHESES OF OUR GUESTS AND GUEST CO-HOSTS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE GOLDFISH REPORT. AN OPINION AND HYPOTHESIS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH NEWLY PRESENTED RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE. THE GOLDFISH REPORT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INFORMATION THAT MAY BE UNKNOWINGLY INACCURATE, ALTHOUGH WE DO OUR BEST TO PRESENT FACTS, OUR GOAL IS TO HAVE THE CONVERSATION ABOUT DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES OF WORLD EVENTS AND HOW THOSE MAKING THE DECISIONS MAY IMPACT OUR LIVES. VIEWER DISCERNMENT IS ADVISED. Copyright 2017 The GoldFish Report. All rights Reserved.


POLONA AUREA DAWN – ELOHIM MESSAGE – Creation Love, Seed of Life – by Ascension Pioneers – 9-4-17

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Polona Aurea Dawn


Dear Ascension Pioneers!
This is a slightly different video than my usual format, which delivers the message from my Light Family of the holy Elohim, the Givers of Life in form. They wish to share a message of the seed of Life, honoring all Life forms and becoming aligned with the Love of Creation, which leads into Divine service of bringing the Light of illumination into the worlds of Creation. ILLUMINED UNION PROJECT AND 144,000 LIGHT BEINGS MINI AUDIO BOOK: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/ TANTRIKA Life Force mastery course: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/p/w… P.S. I developed a new course that goes in alignment with that point of synthesis. This is a GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS course, which is an in depth course on activating your Galactic consciousness, your Galactic DNA and integration of Soul individualization through the nature of Divine archetypes, tarot, fixed Stars, etc. The course has both theory and practice, through which You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of Creation and yourself as a part of the Whole. You will learn about the basic structure of 12-folded nature of Galactic consciousness and how to operate within it. You can get the course (LEVEL 1 & 2) here: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/p/g… You can also get the FULL GALACTIVATION PACKAGE (7 videos)! Great news! I have prepared a 1-hour journey as a DNA Light activation for the illumined Human. It serves to awaken the unified Self template of illumination within the Soul embodiment process. You can read about it on my Home page of Serapina Light (link in bio). This is a deep journey of understanding the DNA, activation and integration which prepare us for a full re-write in our new Ascended Self! Web page link: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/ Or Light activations page: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/p/l… Here are the links for both of my Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/ascensionpio… https://www.facebook.com/PolonaAureaD… Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dearest friends!

What could I write about Love which has not been written already!  But still I feel moved to paint the picture of my experience.

VIDEO (Recommended)

In these times of great uncertainty and seemingly increasing darkness taking over large numbers of humanity, – although Supreme Light has come to here, – there is a Free Island. This Island exists in the midst of, but is not attached to, the artificial matrix of the false gods, and is vividly in Unity with the All-That-Is,  existing as pleasure and ecstasy within the Current of Living Divine Light-Energy, rushing as Love through the body and expanding beyond thought into Radiant Pure Be-ingness.


Such the Heart is Free, un-chained from the worlds of un-necessary distractions that would usually occupy the mind.
This Freedom IS Love’s Ecstasy, the literally stepping out of the illusions of the un-natural existence that the mind, by false teachers well misinformed, believes to be rock-solidly true and un-deniably necessary for daily survival.

The Free Heart pulsates in the cosmic rhythm that is Love as felt by sentient beings. It is most vulnerable and the living Mechanism of Divine Life, perfectly synchronized with its powerful Current Itself and a Mystery. It brings tears to my eyes, touched by the tender presence of Divine Reality.

In this state no matrix exists. The matrix is the status quo of endless futile attempts to repeat ugly and art-less, dead replicas of the living Truth. How come so many are captured by it, confusing death with living life.

Love does not happen within the matrix, because it is empty of life. If one speaks of love while bound to the matrix, it is a phantom of the mind, a Platonic image and not real.

Real Love is like a living Giant Tree, reaching high above, and deep down below and far and wide in all directions, Free and impossible to be contained by any means by the suffocating dusty net of the alien foul polyp that is the matrix.

It is the Freshness of the Pure Breath of Eternity, not an idea, beloveds, but a  happening, fully alive in the otherwise dead landscape that now must come to an end – if more and more of us are breathing living life and light within the Divine Heart into supreme Freedom.

There you know that the matrix is just a strange dream, drowning now in its ever more own decadent excesses, so absurd so that we MUST wake up, if we are human, MUST shake off our chains, because the scenario has become too grotesque and – yes – too ridiculous for everybody to see – if they don’t wear blinders !

It is this ludicrous situation that opens our eyes and opens our heart because the impossible absurdity of the fake reality is the leverage that can set us free! Being aware of the absurdity, we cannot take it serious to suffer it, but rather use it to fall deep down into the Heart of Divine Truth, where we stand again upright instead of hanging upside down!

Not ascribing even a iota of truth to what we see in the frozen world our heart does not freeze. So get yourself off the seeming bondage. You are bewitched, beloveds, if you believe you are bound!

We have always been free! Therefore in an instant we free ourselves from the dark magic of the false dream. Being Alive as the One We Are. Living and Breathing Love, Breathing the Reality of God Who We Are. Untying ourselves from untruth, because suffering is not our nature. Bondage is not of our nature. And neither falsehood is. Unwinding all twisted-ness, un-tangle all lies and open the knot that creates darkness.

We are Free and Empowered as such, and as the Current of Love untouched by the pale-weakish entanglements in the merely assumed power of those who play the enemy. They have no power by themselves. Only the one we give to them.

The luminous Winds of Divine Breath shall set us free, sweeping the law of Existence through our heart to make it One with The One Divine Heart of Love.

Be Blessed, beloveds, by being Who You Are and not less.

With Love,

Ute Posegga-Rudel


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