STEVE BECKOW – Unconditional Surrender to Love – A Man’s View – 9-16-18




I see so many people struggle (and I struggled myself) with the notion that our love has to be made unconditional or universal.

They meditate on the words “unconditional” and “universal” and struggle with what loving that way may mean. And they look at what “making” their love be something might entail. I know how it feels.

And all these are worthwhile endeavors with good results.

It’s just that, in the end, they’re unnecessary.

It’s inaccurate to think that, for the situation to work out for us, our love has to be made universal.

Love already is, always was, and forever will be, by its very nature, both unconditional and universal.  It cannot in any way be controlled. Nor would we, if we were in its flow right now, want things any other way. Submerged in the Ocean of Love, all we’d want is for others to join us.

But I’m talking about a higher kind of love than we’re used to experiencing. Our everyday love is a mere shadow of it. I only rarely feel it these days (1) but I do so know it. And pay homage to it.

Viewed strictly from our perspective, this type of love flows up from our hearts and out to the world. Higher-dimensional and transformative, it flows out or radiates in all directions from our hearts (unconditionally and universally), as if from a space heater. (2)

We can be the pipeline, but we cannot be the mail deliverer … uhhhhhm … mail(wo)man …. uhhh … mailman. We cannot deliver the package.

Barry Stevens once wrote a book on the principles of gestalt called Don’t Push the River. It Flows by Itself.  The inner tsunami of love flows by itself.

It has its own flow, its own direction, its own power. There’s no way we can direct it, asking it to please go to Anne, but not to Mary. Swoooosh! It flows right by us and out to everyone. Without stint.

Yes, we can make special, loving requests of it and it’ll go where sent, but requests founded in control? No.

The universality of love is the hope of the world.  If it was partial, like most of us are, we might as well go home and give up. What are we serving?

Love has to be universal for our lives to work out. And fortunately it is.

So please, everyone, let’s remove that fear from our “quiver of quivers.” You don’t have to struggle to become universal. Or to make love be anything. Love has already taken care of that.

Love is universal.

The only thing that needs to be unconditional is our surrender to it.

The answer, for me, to our lifelong question of how to make our lives work? Surrender unconditionally to love.

How’s that for universality?




KALAYNA COLIBRI – What does it Mean to Love Authentically? – 8-23-18



by Kalayna Colibri

The conditioning is deep around what we’ve been taught real love and care is and looks like. It’s challenging to feel it in different ways, to take a deep look at how we’ve related to love and how we’ve been convinced we’re supposed to embody it.

So often what we think of as loving or caring can have more of a negative impact on others than a positive one. False apologies, empty promises, tugging and grabbing at others… these frequencies can be obvious or subtle. And in any case, we aren’t genuinely caring about our impact on others, only what parts of us want and are afraid they won’t get or look like on the outside. I so know this one from my own process too, and learning to see and feel even the subtle ways in which this happens is illuminating and invites you to shift these patterns for good.

I think so often we (or parts of us) are actually terrified to deeply feel what it would be like to be someone else and genuinely feel our impact on them, whether or not we feel we’ve been ‘loving’ toward them.

This is tricky… and hard to feel too. It can be hard to look inward and challenge how we have been holding love and what it means to love another, whether in official ‘service of love’ or in everyday relationships. It’s amazing what it illuminates within though… which is so often an untouched inner reality of how we ourselves, and parts of us, have felt incredibly unworthy of real love, abandoned somehow, and in a void space that has never been filled by genuine self-love and the journey of unfolding that within.

So what does it look and feel like to actually care and love another person?

To me, it feels like giving space for another’s growth without tugging on them to join in on yours. It feels like inviting someone to share with you what they need and want, but not with a commitment from you to make it happen for them. It feels like the overflow of good inner-parenting, of relating to yourself and getting to know your own quirks and shadowy aspects and energies within you as well as your gifts and growth and flowing this energy to another to support their own inner-parenting to grow and blossom too. It feels like being willing to let go even when your heart really doesn’t want to.

It’s a lot to feel into these pieces and truth be told, I’m not sure any of us can truly master this skill of loving another in the purest way… we and parts of us all have understandable investments in relationships of all kinds and hopes that they will last too. We all have desires and dreams and don’t really ever want to feel lonely (though really landing in the loneliness has so many gifts too)… we all have what we want to experience from others and in our lives in general. Yet love asks us to trust… to invest in the process yet divest of the outcome. To feel what we want most and understand that it won’t always come to us in ways we can control.

Above all, love wants us to remember that it is never against us or anybody else, though it can feel that way at times. It only ever wants us to experience more of it within so that we can share it with others. This flow of love is really all the ‘service of love’ is anyways, though it can be dressed up in many ways and be given many labels and is not always easy to truly embody for ourselves, let alone others.

Much love to you as you continue to experience your own journey into more and more REAL love, and the path of learning to embody love in the most authentic way possible. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart co-founder, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


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Pat Cegan – Be Loving — Source of Inspiration

Some people seem so reserved, cold, even indifferent.

Perhaps they are merely shy,

or perhaps they have been hurt and are afraid.

I ask myself how I can be more loving.

What does that even mean?

I am being loving when I sit quietly and

listen to another, without judgement …

via Be Loving — Source of Inspiration

CAROLYN ZAISER – Why You Came To Live This Life – 6-29-18


Published on Jun 29, 2018

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SAUL via John Smallman – Truly, there is nothing to Fear, because there is only Love – 5-20-18



Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 20th

As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur.  You chose to build the illusory world of separation in order to experience aloneness, abandonment, and loss of meaning and purpose in your lives so that you could then evolve spiritually and return from that experiential state to the Source from which you have never been separated.  This endless journey back to Source is your life purpose and gives it meaning.  It is endless because time is endless . . . until you choose to be aware that time is illusory, that there is only the ever-present now in which all of creation has its permanent and endless existence at One with Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.

Time is a tool that you use so that you can evolve in meaningful steps that suit each of you individually.  There is only the One, but that One expanded and extended Itself in Love that gives and shares and extends Itself limitlessly. Everyone who is conscious, sentient, alive – and everything in form in the visible universe, from rocks to humans, has some consciousness – is evolving spiritually and purposefully!  But because you chose to be unaware of your permanent and unbreakable connection to Source, to Love, you are struggling with a sense of insignificance, inadequacy, and often intense worthlessness because in physical form you are so insignificantly small compared to the vastness of the universe around you.

Source, God, Love, is utterly perfect, complete, and totally without needs or desires of any kind, because . . . IT IS!  You, humanity, evolving spiritually as humans have forgotten this, and are evolving in order to remember and know this.  Every now and again one of you does, and then attempts to share that knowing, but, unless a certain level of awareness or wakefulness has occurred in those whom that one is attempting to share the knowledge with, the message is incomprehensible.  What that one is trying to explain is not rational by human standards.  Only the physical seems real, and science believes it needs to be able to measure things with the senses or with the instruments that they have constructed to expand the ability of their senses and then repeat those measurements and identify it physically.  Therefore, as it cannot be measured or replicated scientifically, it is judged unreal, imaginary, or a psychological disturbance in the one trying to share.  And, of course, as there are many who are psychologically disturbed, it is very convenient to discard anything that appears to be rationally inexplicable into the insanity container.

However, over the last six or seven decades, many more people have come to an awareness that there issomething conscious, alive, alert, intelligent, and aware that is beyond form and that cannot be rationally – that is scientifically – measured.  That “something” can only be experienced.  Sometimes it happens to a person spontaneously, out of the blue, and can be so shocking and terrifying that they try to block it out out or deny it, thinking that they are going insane.  Or it can be intensely uplifting and inspiring, leading them to make enormous changes in their lives and let go of any dogmatic and severely limiting beliefs that they may have held up to that moment.  Near Death Experiences are one now well-known form of this kind of awakening to a Reality far vaster than anything the experiencer had ever imagined was likely or possible.

As more and more people have spiritual experiences and attempt to describe and share them with others, and as others hear and read about them and seek them out for themselves, the way opens for increasing numbers to start becoming aware and acknowledge that the physical world as you each experience it in your own individual way is unreal, a dream, perhaps.  Awareness that everyone perceives the world and their environment in a unique and never to be repeated fashion has grown enormously over the last few decades, and this has led to the realization that everyone is at the center of their own individual universe.  And yet there can only be the one universe that everyone experiences slightly differently, therefore they are asking “what holds it all together?  Surely there must be a Supreme Intelligence that designed it, built it, and runs it?”

There is . . . it is YOU!  Collectively, of course, but You, the divine progeny, designed it and built it to experience separation and prove to Yourself that you had no need of Source – a little like teenage rebellion as the young human learns to become independent.  But of course there is no such thing as independence, all is interdependent, and this is very firmly brought back into your awareness when the systems on which you all depend break down or fail.  And humanity’s awareness of its total dependence on Source, which is the field of divine Love in which all exists eternally in the endless now moment, can no longer be denied, because It is All that exists.

Your awakening will be the full realization of this, of the fact that you have never been separate and never could be separate.  And this realization will bring you untold, unimaginable Joy!  You are One with Source, and in that state of oneness all your needs, desires, and fears dissolve, because there is only utter Joy, the infinite Joy of endless and unbreakable Oneness with Source.  Rejoice in this divine Truth, and remind yourselves of its validity whenever doubts or anxieties assail you.

You will not die, you cannot die because, like your Source, you are eternal beings forever at Home in the illimitable field of divine Love as, fully Conscious and Aware, you join in the ongoing and ceaseless expansion of God’s creative Intent.  Together with All That Is, you, as an inseparable and essential part or aspect of That, are engaged in the constant expansion and sharing of Self in an outpouring of creative energy as Love unfolds eternally and boundlessly.  Truly, there is nothing to fear because there is onlyLove, and nothing exists that is not in perfect and complete alignment with It.

You will awaken because that is your intent, and that intent is most certainly completely in alignment with the divine Intent.  Your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and the moment for it to arise is approaching.  You can all feel that enormous change is imminent, so when you go within, for your daily or more frequent visit to your holy inner sanctuary, to be embraced by the Love residing there and to reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises – because, as you well know and have at times experienced, Love changes everything – also reset your intent to awaken.  Your set intent is extremely powerful, even if you cannot sense it, so it is essential to reset it regularly because bad moods and emotional upsets can weaken or collapse it.  That is part of being human, of the separation experience, it is when you feel alone and lost, and there seems to be no-one in your human life to whom you can talk about all this.

Therefore go within daily and allow yourselves to know that you are One with Source, with Love, with God, for if you were not you would not exist, and you do know that you exist because you are conscious.

With so very much love, Saul

ERIC BOWERS – The Secret Behind True Romance – 5-5-18 – by dreamweaver333

Courtesy of Uplift The Secret

Behind True Romance

By Eric Bowers,  on Saturday May 5th, 2018

Intimacy might not be what you think.

This is how to create real connection

in your relationships …

via The Secret Behind True Romance – Eric Bowers — dreamweaver333

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – The Depth of Our Love – 4-1-18


alisa transcendence brown

There is a LOVE so deep inside of us
One that connects us with all that is
One that holds purity at it’s core
To FEEL everything…

This LOVE is pure
It’s our Souls as ONE here
It’s US, through our Divine Essence
Without the constructs of any belief systems ever again

This LOVE holds all as Light
It breathes Simplicity, Peace and such sweet Kindness from within

Our Angelic selves
Our Highest Aspect Selves
Our Christed Selves
Our LeMUrian and pure Atlantean Selves
Our fairies and elemental selves
Our Gaia, Galactic and God Consciousness Selves
All of these Selves in this HUman body…. feeling…. pure love.

This LOVE fills our entire body
Beating through every cell
Breathing through our blood and emitting through our energy field
This LOVE is US….

There is a cycle of Evolution
Where we started out as unconscious humans
and Evolved as Higher Dimensional Aspects
Here in physical form….

This ever expanding existence
As Multi-Dimensionals is ever changing here
We love from the depths of our Entire BEing
Through our Presence and Divine Essence here

Tears unify our existences
Not of sadness, but a connection lost and forgotten before
Yet as we Transcend our own separation and duality
We REMEMBER the PURITY of Love again……

Open your hearts fully
and let all else fall away
open your whole BEing
To Remember the Beauty of WHO you truly are again.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼