The Price of Living in the Light is Letting Go of Fear – 12-30-19 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia


Matthew Ward paints a fairly vivid picture of the difference in experience when one comes from a negative outlook and a positive outlook.

“Receiving light is as simple as living a ‘good life.’ Being kind, caring, honorable, trustworthy, truthful, helpful, joyful, generous, hopeful, compassionate, cheerful, optimistic, pleasant and having an open mind – the positive emotions and characteristics that make life meaningful and fulfilling – carry the high vibrations of light.

“At soul level you know this – think about your expressions ‘feeling lighthearted,’ ‘the light of my life’ and ‘seeing the light’ that connote uplifted feelings or an Aha! moment.” (1)

That’s the good news. And now the bad news.

“Conversely, greed, ruthlessness, oppression, corruption, brutality, deception, betrayal of trust, unjustness, lack of forgiveness and lust for power emanate very low vibrations.

“Negative emotions that emit low vibrations include fear, guilt, remorse, self-doubt, jealousy, envy, bitterness and resentment, all of which create discomfort, discord and dissatisfaction.” (2)

Of these the paramount agent of negativity is, apparently, fear.

“By far the most powerful of negative feelings is fear, a highly-magnified energy attachment, and that is why time and again we have urged you never to fear anything.

“Not only do fearful individuals attract more circumstances to feel fearful about, but the energy of fear is the dark ones’ greatest tool – it feeds their ambitions and strengthens their domination over you. When you live steadfast in the light, there is nothing to fear! Nothing of dark nature can survive within the light!” (3)

Fear throws a person off-balance and causes extreme reactions. Matthew advises:

“We have stated repeatedly that balance is a prerequisite for evolving into higher densities and fear is a serious deterrent to achieving balance. …

“We … urge everyone not to go into fear about any situation at hand or forecast. Not only does fear have the power to delay soul evolvement and create adverse personal circumstances, it is a painful feeling. How much more valuable, sensible and joyful it is to live fearlessly!” (4)

According to him, it ordinarily takes a long time of evolution to make the shift from a negative outlook to a positive:

“To achieve the balanced experiencing necessary for spiritual growth, a soul may spend hundreds or more lifetimes evolving out of duality’s negative potential into the positive end of the spectrum, where the energy of love, peace, generosity, harmony, honor and kindness prevails.” (5)

However the acceleration of this end-time will assist us to make the jump.

“In this unique time in the universe when all experiencing is being accelerated, souls have been given the unprecedented opportunity to evolve out of third density’s low vibrations and physically accompany Earth into higher energy planes.” (6)

Nothing of a dark nature can live in the light with us if we let go of fear. That is so helpful to know.

In moving from negativity to positivity, in letting go of fear and embracing love, I’m aware that I’m in effect reparenting myself.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Sept. 11, 2010, at

WAKE UP CLOUD – 33 Powerful Ways of Overcoming Fear … Right Now

Overcoming Fear - Ball and Chain



Getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn.

The problem is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are.

If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t transcend them.

And there’s nothing wrong in that. Everything happens in its own time.

If you’re reading this article though, I’m pretty sure that you’re ready to take another step forward.

You searched for this information, or you bumped into it, which isn’t just a coincidence.

Let’s have a look at some of my favorite ways of dealing with fear.

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How to Start Overcoming Fear, Right Now

1. Awareness. Before you can begin overcoming fear, you have to be aware that your fears are causing havoc in your life. It’s easy to get so attached to your thoughts and feelings that you think they are all that exist, which couldn’t be further from the truth. You are not your fears. You are the awareness that experiences it.

2. Identify. Get specific about what exactly you’re afraid of. Look at the pictures you have in your head about the situation. What is happening in them? What are you really scared of? Become an observer of your inner space.

3. Curiosity. While curiosity may have killed the cat, it certainly won’t do you any harm when investigating your fears. Get curious about what thoughts generate your fear, where do you feel the fear, and how do you react to it? Again, be an observer of what is going on.

4. The Now. What are you lacking right now? When you center yourself in the now, you realize that everything is how it is. You naturally accept what is. Tapping into the now can be as simple as feeling your body and breath. My favorite book on the subject is Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

5. EFT. EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. You use your fingertips to tap meridian points on your body while thinking of a fear you have and it alleviates and sometimes gets rid of the fear altogether. Simple, yet extremely powerful.

6. Sedona Method. Another simple system to conquer fear is the Sedona method. It consists of asking a few simple questions while focusing on your fear. It’s so simple that I dismissed it several times before taking it seriously. Bad move!

7. The Work. The Work is very similar to the Sedona method in that it asks questions. The Work is one of my favorite ways of dealing with fears, anxieties, and worries. There are many methods available, so pick the one that you resonate with.

8. Hypnosis. With hypnosis, you can program the right thoughts into your mind and eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs. This doesn’t work for everyone, but it might for you. My brother uses it to consistently evoke positive change in his life. But remember, this isn’t necessarily about getting rid of your fears, but learning to relate to them in a different way.

9. Gratitude. Whenever you feel fear, switch it over to what you are grateful for instead. If you’re afraid of public speaking, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people, and that they are there to genuinely listen to what you have to say.

10. Journaling. Getting your fears down on paper is important, because trying to think them through doesn’t work. You get caught in endless loops of negativity that only lead you further down the rabbit hole, and make your life miserable.

11. Talk. No-brainer advice, but how often do we hold the negative in because we are afraid of how others might react, or because of some other reason? Talking helps, but don’t throw a pity party for yourself.

12. Therapy. If you can find a good therapist, therapy can be highly beneficial, even life-changing. Finding the right therapist for you can be hard. Listen to your heart and choose someone who resonates with you.

13. NLP. NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I’ve been to a seminar with the co-founder, Richard Bandler. You learn how your mind works. NLP has helped thousands in eliminating phobias, fears, and other emotional problems, so it has its place, but only if it feels magnetic to you.

14. Life Coach. Do you have a fear of success, or a fear of failure? A good life coach can help you examine what you truly want from life, and where your fears come from. I’ve spoken to a few in my life and while it can be scary, it’s very helpful in getting clear about what you want and what’s stopping you.

15. Read. Reading a good book on your specific fear can open new doors on how you can get rid of it. I also like to read a lot of motivational and inspirational work on and around the topic I’m dealing with.

16. Take Action. I’m an action taker, and I know that fears are just fears. They are created by my imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. When you take action and face your fears, they become weaker, because you realize that reality isn’t nearly as bad as your imagination.

17. Watch. Watching a movie or a documentary can be as enlightening as reading a book. Sometimes it’s nice to distract yourself from your fear, but if you really want to, you can find dozens of movies on the fear you’re dealing with.

18. Diet. Did you know that the food you eat can have a dramatic impact on how you feel? All the sugars, additives, sweeteners, and other chemicals in our foods have a surprisingly powerful effect in getting our body out of balance. Stick to a clean diet that suits you. Meaning, more fruits and vegetables. Just eat a bit more each day. See what happens.

19. Positivity. Whenever fear strikes, flip it over. Instead of thinking of something bad that can happen, think of something positive. What’s a positive outcome to your fear? If you’re thinking about public speaking, imagine yourself being wildly successful instead of failing horribly. This is very similar to #9, but with a small twist.

20. Perspective. Learning to deal with fear is all about putting your negative thoughts in perspective. We tend to focus too much on the negative, so by looking at all the options, you often realize that you’re making a big deal of nothing. There are so many things that can happen that it’s impossible for you to predict. We aren’t psychics.

21. Surrender. Surrendering to what is is powerful, because as long as we try to change what is, we are in war with reality. To learn more about how to surrender to what is, I recommend you read Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. It’s the book on The Work I mentioned earlier. I personally love it.

22. Your Story. We all tell ourselves a story about our fear. If I’m afraid that no one will like my writing, I tell myself a story (in my head) about how I’ll fail horribly, people will laugh at me, or even worse, no one will read what I have to say. What’s your story?

23. Release Control. We want to learn how to control fear. We want predictability, even though it’s impossible to get. Where we don’t have control, we experience fear. But is it possible to ever have control? Even if you can swim, you can drown. A professional guitar player can still make mistakes and butcher a gig. Give up the illusion of control, and you’re free.

24. Help. Be kind to others. If you’re shy, focus on helping people instead of being self-conscious about how you look or sound when you talk. Flip it on other people and make yourself feel good. This is very similar to #16.

25. Meaning. I believe we all go through things for a reason. That includes the fears we have. It also includes overcoming fear and learning the lessons that come out of it. This may not be the case 100% of the time, but when I look back at the challenges and fears in my life, I see that more often than not, they delivered exactly the message I needed at that time.



When Fear Stares You in the Face, Stare Back in FAITH – 8-9-18 – by Zepher – via One Blue Horse

GodTV stare at fear



By Elizabeth Pitman

“The secret (of the sweet, satisfying companionship) of the LORD have they who fear (revere and worship) Him, and He will show them His covenant and reveal to them its (deep, inner) meaning.” ~Psalm 25:14

Sweaty palms, shortness of breath, the weight of panic closing in—Have you ever felt surrounded by fear? Fear can be relentless, tormenting, and intimidating when you look at it from a human perspective. To combat fear, there have been times that I have held my Bible at night while sleeping to remind myself to hold on to God’s promises and to remember that He is there.

Although fear may be raging out of control, God holds us steady and protects us from danger and the onslaught of unanswered questions, uncertainty, and unknowns.

If you are struggling with fear in whatever capacity it may present itself in your life, take refuge in the ONE who can fight for you. A well-known picture comes to mind when I think of God as our refuge and fortress. The image shows a man standing in the doorway of a lighthouse as tall waves are swirling all around him, yet he remains unharmed. This is a powerful reminder that although fear may be raging out of control, God holds us steady and protects us from danger and the onslaught of unanswered questions, uncertainty, and unknowns (all of which can fuel fear in our lives). We can walk away from fear and into the fortress of FAITH.

When we look at events through spiritual eyes, the intimidation and the gigantic obstacles diminish.

When we look at events through spiritual eyes, the intimidation and the gigantic obstacles diminish. This is exactly what happened to Elisha, the prophet of God, and his servant. II Kings 6 discusses the threats that Israel was facing from the king of Syria as the two countries were at war. However, Elisha, a man of God, was able to forewarn the king of Israel of the upcoming plots, because God revealed it to him. The king of Syria thought that one of his men was betraying him until he realized that it was Elisha. “…But Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedchamber.” II Kings 6:12. Wow! Elisha was NOT sitting next to the room with his ear up to the doorway writing down everything that was being said and reporting it back to the king of Israel. Instead, he was SPIRITUALLY so in tune with God, that God revealed every secret that was being planned in the king’s bedroom. Elisha knew the power of God, but more importantly, he communicated with the One who is in control, and this relationship allowed him to look past circumstances with his natural eyes and see into the spiritual realm.

With spiritual vision, they could see that the supernatural forces surrounding them were greater than those trying to come against them.

Once the king of Syria was aware that Elisha was the one revealing his secrets, the king decided to go after Elisha. Did Elisha run away in fear as he was being threatened by this ruler? No. He stayed steady because he knew WHO was fighting for him.  “So (the Syrian king) sent their horses, chariots and a great army. They came by night and surrounded the city. When the servant of the man of God rose early and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was around the city. Elisha’s servant said, “‘Alas, my master! What shall we do?’” 2 Kings 6:14-15. Sounds like a statement that many people would obviously make! It is so easy to see the human perspective of a situation and feel intimidated and panicked. What Elisha said next speaks volumes: “‘Fear not; for those with us are more than those with them.’ Then, Elisha prayed, ‘Lord, I pray You, open his eyes that he may see. And the Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around Elisha.’” 2 Kings 6:16-17. Double WOW!!! The prophet prayed for his friend to have a revelation of the truth: God was protecting them, and they need not fear. With spiritual vision, they could see that the supernatural forces surrounding them were greater than those trying to come against them. I am sure that the servant of Elisha breathed a huge sigh of relief when he visualized the horses and chariots of fire positioned for the purpose of their safety! When you continue reading this chapter, you see God’s ultimate deliverance and how fear is turned into faith.



MORAG @ Awakening 5D Healing – Release Fear to Experience Magic – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 6-2-18


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By Morag, June 2, 2018,

Release the fear. It sounds easy, it’s ridiculously hard to do. Fear layers itself around our chakras, our organs, our aura, like an onion. It deadens the vibrations of our beating hearts. Freezes our systems. Paralyses us emotionally and stunts our energetic evolution. We evolve as soon as we release fear from our being. The matrix conditions fear into us. Fear of death, god, angels and demons, illness, loss, war and poverty.

Rejection and retribution, scandal and sorcery. The architects of the matrix know they must keep us in low vibratory fields if their deception is going to work. When we raise our vibration the masks slip, the darkness cracks, light floods into our being. We shed our matrix avatar. We transform, inner to outer. Upgrades kick in. We come online with higher wavelengths of emotional frequencies.

Fear is heavy, dense, low wavelengths. It lowers the vibration of our systems at a cellular level. Fear is used to keep people’s vibratory field lowered, trapped in the third dimension longer than we should be. Horror films targeted at teenagers aren’t just silly frights for silly kids. They are programming tools. Fear of the unknown, monsters, demons and so on. Organised religion works in a similar way. We are given rules, parameters of behaviour and thought, with dire consequences if we break them.

Our minds fixate on imagery. We are vulnerable to mind games, strategies that programme us without our knowing. To be in fear frequency is to be inside our heads. It is to be as far away from the present moment as possible. Stress and anxiety compound fear, lock it down into our chakras, our heart beat, our mind set. We forget how to let go and trust the universe. We stop communicating with ascended beings who can offer us protection and guidance. We tie ourselves up with guilt, shame, misery and depression, neglecting our mind body soul health.

There is sensory resonance, algorithms to fear, that can be triggered. To break this synaptic conditioning we retrain our brain, we raise our awareness of the symptoms and signs of fear. We recognise it, we acknowledge it and we let it go. Fear is a waste of energy.

We can be cautious, canny and careful without being fearful. We cultivate stillness so we can hear our energy. We learn to trust our feelings beyond what we are told or see. We stop fear when it comes knocking. We breathe out anxiety. We release all we can in the face of tremors, trials and terrors. We become energetically street wise. We protect ourselves daily with mantras, crystals, ritual and meditation. We tune into our higher self for guidance with self care and self love. By releasing fear layer by layer we lighten our energetic beings. We create space for love frequencies. We excavate the roots and plant seeds of love in its place.

Ancestral karma has to be peeled back, it holds dense fear in its energies. Negative behaviour patterns plaguing family lines broken, finally. The darkness, brewed by centuries of karmic lockdown on a prison planet, has caused deep rooted cruelty, neglect and decay. Breaking free from expectation limiting creative expression, is not always an option physically. We can break away energetically, emotionally. We can cultivate self knowledge.

Our families, colleagues, neighbours can be the loudest mouthpiece for the matrix. It is often they who judge and criticise us for being who we truly are. Tread carefully friends. Seek independence. Stay street wise. Remove ancestral layers in talk therapy, exercise, creativity and meditation. Seek to assert your sovereignty calmly. Recognise people’s limitations. Lower your expectations, this protects from disappointment and vulnerability. Be compassionate. Breathe.

As the layers come off we get to our true selves. Our mind body spirit being. Our physical, mental and spiritual health. We clear blocks, loosen and let go of fear from each chakra. Our energetic flow increases, our consciousness expands. Root to crown we release fear by consciously changing what and who we interact with, and how we process our environment. We centre our core. We open our mind to the reassurance of a quantum multiverse. We focus on establishing strong, easy flow of energy throughout our system.

Those stuck on the human hamster wheel of the earth matrix, have been short changed. This awakening is about freeing those souls from a prison they don’t know they are in. Realigning a planet and her people in fifth dimension light. Balance, core strength, agility, an open mind and expansive heart come from resetting our cellular frequency to love.

All of this is occurring on the material plane. We wake up to manipulation, lies and deceit. Who can we trust? We trust the universe. We trust source. We trust our higher self. We trust our angels. We trust our gut. We trust energy. Gratitude, compassion and creativity ground our beings into higher dimensional realities. Magic is high frequency. Magic is found in nature, in creativity, in love vibration. Look for the magic, recognise the fear and release it. Lighten your load cosmic surfers.

There is magic everywhere, in our hearts, our lives, our world. Raise your frequencies and embrace the miracles, mysteries and mysticism of this incredible time. Spend time with gratitude. Hang out with solitude. Relax in zen meditation. Reflect and rest. Energy will go where intention flows. Open your heart to love frequencies cosmic surfers. Namaste.

JEFF STREET @ In5D – Shifting From Fear To Love – 12-19-17

Love Fear

by Jeff Street,   Guest Writer,

Fear is running rampant on our world and it is blinding many to the inner guiding voice of their soul, and keeping us from creating a better world. We can all transcend our fears by embracing a few higher truths and increasing our awareness of a few important points.

A World of Fear

Our world is dominated by fear. Fear of terrorism, fear of getting old, fear of death, fear of cancer, fear of whatever — you name it. The mainstream media bombards us with bad news. Commercial interests play on our many insecurities and fears to sell product.

Our fears are reflected in the wars we wage. The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on you name it. Our fears are reflected in the themes and archetypes in our fiction — zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, end-of-the-world, good vs. evil, etc. Our fears are reflected subtly and not so subtly in all aspects of our lives and the world we create.

On a personal level, many of us allow the painful or challenging experiences of our past to dominate our thinking and responses in the present. We live in fear of re-experiencing past traumas and become guarded, defensive, and reactive rather than staying open and present.

Perhaps our deepest fears are of not having enough, or not being enough. Of not being able to provide physically for ourselves and not being good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough. Fears that were born from the illusion of limitation our reality encourages. We have become lost in this realm of separation and duality and have come to believe deeply in limitation and separation as absolutes of existence. We have lost touch with our higher self who knows no limitation and no separation from the one and the all.

Blinded by Fear

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fear is an aspect of the ego, and a certain amount of it is required to protect and safeguard us as physical beings. But fear has become exaggerated within us well beyond the instinct for protection; becoming a way of life, a constant experience and an inner guiding voice.

Fear was meant to encourage us to be conscious and aware, to be observant of any dangers around us and yet fear now encourages many to be unconscious and unaware of the inner guiding voice of their soul and higher self — their divine presence.

Manipulated by Fear

There are those on our world who are using fear as a tool to divide us, to disconnect us from our inner truth and divine presence, and to disempower us. These people have realized that fear is a powerful tool they can use to control others, achieve their self-serving agendas, and give themselves a false sense of power and self-importance. While they can create circumstances and situations that are calculated to create fearful experiences in many, you can choose to be conscious and aware of your own emotions and reactions and not have fear activated within you.

Fear Disempowers

Fear is a powerful emotion that distracts us from focusing on what’s important. It keeps us focusing on exactly what we don’t want instead of focusing on what we do want. Our fears interfere with our ability to create the best possible outcomes for our lives and the world. Our fears keep us caged within a limited set of possibilities.

As we awaken to the truth of our higher-self, and the wider reality, we realize that our thoughts are creative and that what we focus on we attract. The creative power of thought is largely determined by its duration, consistency, and emotive intensity. Fear is a very strong emotion, and letting it run amok in your head will make you a powerful manifestor of what you DON’T WANT. This is why people who have mastered their minds never dwell on their fears. And, this is why those that seek to empower themselves through controlling others always try to encourage our fears.

Transcending Our Fears

A great shift in the consciousness of humanity is occurring and many of us are beginning to transcend our fears; shifting from the fear-centric responses of the mind and ego to the compassion centric responses of the heart; shifting from fear and judgement to forgiveness and love. Yet many are still caught up in their personal dramas as well as the collective earthly drama. Wars and terrorism everywhere, famine and poverty, disasters of all kinds… There seems to be a lot to be worried about.

There Is Nothing to Fear

As one awakens to the wider reality and their higher self, one becomes less and less attached to all the drama of the world. One begins to see it for what it is, a grand illusion; a game that we are intentionally playing.

Fully embracing a few truths about the wider reality can give you a profoundly different perspective on life’s difficulties and liberate you from the tyranny of your fears.

The real you lives forever.

Existence does not end when your body dies because the real you is not your body. The real you is an eternal non-physical being (your soul) — a thread of universal/source consciousness (God). The real you is connected to your physical body as a vehicle for physical experience. When your body dies your consciousness continues FOREVER.

“In the last few moments before physical death, and as you die, you then experience yourself as consciousness free of form. Suddenly, there is no more fear, just peace and a knowing that “all is well” and that death is only a form dissolving. Death is then recognized as ultimately illusory — as illusory as the form you had identified with as yourself.
— Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

The real you has no physical needs.

Your soul is a non-physical being — pure energy, pure awareness. It does not need food, it does not need shelter, and it does not need a job or money. Its existence does not depend on any of these things.

The real you cannot be harmed.

You are a thread of universal consciousness and consciousness cannot be harmed by anything. Your body can be harmed, but the consciousness that drives your body cannot be harmed. No matter what happens, the real you is completely unharmed. While every experience leaves an impression on your awareness and your soul, nothing can ever permanently harm your soul, your true nature as a non-physical being, as pure awareness.

The real you is loved completely and unconditionally.

Your soul exists in higher planes of existence that are filled with love and bliss. Love and support are given and received unconditionally. The real you is loved ALWAYS.

The real you chose to incarnate in the Earth game.

Your soul chose to participate in the Earth game and the school of life. You scripted your life and its major themes. You knew it would be challenging, but you were excited to play because you knew that formative growth only comes from real challenges. You were not concerned with the apparent danger of some of the challenges because you understood that it is just a game and the real you can never be harmed.

Shifting from Fear into Love

Imagine if your response to everything in your reality and your world, whether it is a major disaster or a painful experience, was compassion for yourself and EVERYONE involved. Imagine if every experience in your past, which has encouraged you to respond in fear, was altered and erased, instead replaced by a response of compassion. What would that be like? What perspective would you have about the world and would fear even exist or be acknowledged by you? With a history of compassionate responses, how would you react to or feel about areas of your current reality that are causing reactions of fear? Maybe current situations would not even have been manifested by you. Remember that resistance, frustration, anxiety, stress and concern are also aspects of fear.

There are many horrific circumstances where it might seem appropriate to react with fear, anger, and indignation. But imagine how healing it would be to react with compassion instead. It would allow the love and the light of the divine source to flow through you; it would open you to divine guidance and intervention.

Exercising compassion allows every situation to be illuminated with light, love, and peace for yourself and all of humanity. Imagine if every person chose to react with compassion — fear would disappear and kindness would blossom in its place. From kindness love is born, the unconditional love of the divine source that can be widely and freely shared because its supply is unlimited. When the love of the divine source is present anything and everything is possible and able to manifest with ease and perfection.

Shifting your reaction from fear to compassion simply requires you to realize and be observant of a few points:

Your fear is illusory

The lesser you, here on Earth — your egoic self — may be allowing fear to dominate its thoughts and manifest them into your reality, but the truth is that your soul and higher self know no fear. When you fully embrace this truth, it becomes much easier to let go of your fears. By choosing to let go of any fears that arise in you, they can be released and erased. This can take some persistence because fears can be tenacious, but with constant focus on letting your fears go you will begin to feel a freedom birth within you, and as you taste this, it will become easier and easier to release your fears. Through the desire to transcend your fears you are encouraging yourself to observe your fears free from judgement and attachment. Observing and being consciously aware of your fears is the most powerful tool to releasing the habit of fear because only through awareness is change possible. With detachment from fear, you will be able to think and sense with greater clarity, and manifest with greater power.


When you are aware that you have reacted and responded with fear be forgiving to yourself, know that fear is a conditioned habit; it will take time and dedication to shift this conditioning. With awareness you can overcome your automatic fear reactions. Responding with forgiveness whenever you feel a fear reaction starting acts as an opening that allows you to express the higher energies, thought processes, and emotions of compassion. With forgiveness, you encourage your detachment from fear and consciously choose to manifest a loving reality for yourself no matter what occurs and what challenges you face. Practice forgiveness regularly and you will notice a beautiful habit of forgiveness forming.


There are many circumstances occurring on our world right now that are causing terror, pain, and suffering for those involved as well as those who are witnessing. Many of these situations are manifesting because of the strong egos and lack of compassion of the individuals involved, and their inability to sense the love and guidance of their higher self (the divine presence). This causes them to inflict pain upon others.

When we view these horrific circumstances with a wider perspective, we recognize that these circumstances are acting as catalysts for positive shifts in many people. As pain and suffering are witnessed by those around the world, compassion is activated within many people. This activation of compassion opens the individual to the flow of healing energy from their soul and the universe, raising the energetic frequency of our world and all of humanity. This heightened energy is then triggering many more to awaken to the truth of the wider reality and their higher selves.

The more you respond regularly to situations with forgiveness and compassion, the more you will deeply feel the peaceful energy that it produces within you, and in others, and the more you’ll want to share your compassion with yourself and others, birthing a beautiful new pattern within your thoughts, emotions, and the reality you manifest.

If you would like to help energize and manifest a world filled with compassion, please consider repeating the affirmation below regularly.

“With the support of Mother Earth and the Creator I now emanate from my soul sacred waves of light carrying compassion to empower the compassion of the Creator within every person upon the Earth. The Earth is a space of compassion and love eternally; this is our collective experience.

Your heart is inviting you to be loving in every moment; it is through compassion and your conscious awareness of fear that you can encourage others to experience the profound love of the Creator, and contribute to the manifestation of a new reality — a reality characterized by cooperation, harmony, peace, and prosperity FOR ALL.

Love and light,






Reviewing Your 5D Global Actions ~ Jan. 30, 2017



Lot’s of major angst out there to be sure, my friends, so how do we “deal” with the anger and discontent we are seeing EVERYWHERE? I have to remind myself that I AM an observer, and choose not to participate in the throes of this dying 3D civilization. What kind of changes will be happening […]

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