Tell Your Heart To Beat Again – A Song of Faith – by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey
Dan Gokey

Danny Gokey
Published on Dec 29, 2015

From “Hope In Front Of Me

Danny tells his amazing story of Love and Faith

ALEXANDER, INDIGO LIGHT – The November 2018 Shift – Faith and Creation – November 6, 2018 – Rose Rambles dot org


Alexander covers the energies of early November,

emphasizing the necessity for faith

and creating a new reality

in this grounding stage for this paradigm shift.

Personal Sessions: Please contact us at for sessions, or visit the website at Come and join us on the 11/11 for the anticipated “Love and Relationships in 5D” […]

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When Fear Stares You in the Face, Stare Back in FAITH – 8-9-18 – by Zepher – via One Blue Horse

GodTV stare at fear



By Elizabeth Pitman

“The secret (of the sweet, satisfying companionship) of the LORD have they who fear (revere and worship) Him, and He will show them His covenant and reveal to them its (deep, inner) meaning.” ~Psalm 25:14

Sweaty palms, shortness of breath, the weight of panic closing in—Have you ever felt surrounded by fear? Fear can be relentless, tormenting, and intimidating when you look at it from a human perspective. To combat fear, there have been times that I have held my Bible at night while sleeping to remind myself to hold on to God’s promises and to remember that He is there.

Although fear may be raging out of control, God holds us steady and protects us from danger and the onslaught of unanswered questions, uncertainty, and unknowns.

If you are struggling with fear in whatever capacity it may present itself in your life, take refuge in the ONE who can fight for you. A well-known picture comes to mind when I think of God as our refuge and fortress. The image shows a man standing in the doorway of a lighthouse as tall waves are swirling all around him, yet he remains unharmed. This is a powerful reminder that although fear may be raging out of control, God holds us steady and protects us from danger and the onslaught of unanswered questions, uncertainty, and unknowns (all of which can fuel fear in our lives). We can walk away from fear and into the fortress of FAITH.

When we look at events through spiritual eyes, the intimidation and the gigantic obstacles diminish.

When we look at events through spiritual eyes, the intimidation and the gigantic obstacles diminish. This is exactly what happened to Elisha, the prophet of God, and his servant. II Kings 6 discusses the threats that Israel was facing from the king of Syria as the two countries were at war. However, Elisha, a man of God, was able to forewarn the king of Israel of the upcoming plots, because God revealed it to him. The king of Syria thought that one of his men was betraying him until he realized that it was Elisha. “…But Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedchamber.” II Kings 6:12. Wow! Elisha was NOT sitting next to the room with his ear up to the doorway writing down everything that was being said and reporting it back to the king of Israel. Instead, he was SPIRITUALLY so in tune with God, that God revealed every secret that was being planned in the king’s bedroom. Elisha knew the power of God, but more importantly, he communicated with the One who is in control, and this relationship allowed him to look past circumstances with his natural eyes and see into the spiritual realm.

With spiritual vision, they could see that the supernatural forces surrounding them were greater than those trying to come against them.

Once the king of Syria was aware that Elisha was the one revealing his secrets, the king decided to go after Elisha. Did Elisha run away in fear as he was being threatened by this ruler? No. He stayed steady because he knew WHO was fighting for him.  “So (the Syrian king) sent their horses, chariots and a great army. They came by night and surrounded the city. When the servant of the man of God rose early and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was around the city. Elisha’s servant said, “‘Alas, my master! What shall we do?’” 2 Kings 6:14-15. Sounds like a statement that many people would obviously make! It is so easy to see the human perspective of a situation and feel intimidated and panicked. What Elisha said next speaks volumes: “‘Fear not; for those with us are more than those with them.’ Then, Elisha prayed, ‘Lord, I pray You, open his eyes that he may see. And the Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around Elisha.’” 2 Kings 6:16-17. Double WOW!!! The prophet prayed for his friend to have a revelation of the truth: God was protecting them, and they need not fear. With spiritual vision, they could see that the supernatural forces surrounding them were greater than those trying to come against them. I am sure that the servant of Elisha breathed a huge sigh of relief when he visualized the horses and chariots of fire positioned for the purpose of their safety! When you continue reading this chapter, you see God’s ultimate deliverance and how fear is turned into faith.



ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Absolute F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers In The Heart – 4-13-18

AA Gabriel 999

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By Archangel Gabriel

Writings from Heaven on Earth=Heart

I am ArchAngel Gabriel, I Love you all, It is time to wake up humanity.

As a collective you have chosen to live in the illusion of pain and suffering. It is not the reality that God created. God created Joy, Bliss, Love Connection, an all perfect reality. You have the choice to purge the illusion from yourself and hold the sacred vibration of heaven within your body/Heart, that is the true journey. This is what the TRUE Lightworkers do, most Lightworkers that you find in 3d are fake MotherGod has called them “Fakeworkers” Mother is Heaven on Earth it is a state of being/consciousness that comes from living/Acting in the heart and it is only manifested through acting upon it and not thinking at all…… Imagine no thought!

WOW! No thought is Heaven. Ego thought is hell, literally. Everything manifests perfectly when we act from the Heart, the synchronicities/ magical moments are unknown to most, we must live in the UNKNOWN to experience this Heavenly wonder. The experiences here in Mothers field have the effect of leaving you speechless. You experience constant Rebirth/Transformation over and over. This is Our True Essence, continuing on forever, constant expansion. It is impossible for you, nor me, to understand this because infinity cannot be fully grasped, especially from the mind. Infinity is an experience of feeling, something Humanity has been deprived of by the stupid old dumbass, dipshit non-existent cabal.

Love is taking over EVERY SINGLE INCH of this planet. No human will be unaffected. It’s “get with it or get out,” time. All that will remain on the planet is the True Lovers And Givers. Is that You? You are far more capable of self-healing than you have yet to experience. You always have the Angels with you even in your lowest lows, how many of you beings co-operate with your Divine Guidance? God has given everyone the key to Heaven, it has been with you ALL along, it is right in your heart. WE ARE THE KEY and yet so many are not BEING the key to Heaven that they truly are. YOU ARE ALL THE KEY TO HEAVEN ON EARTH. You simply need absolute F.A.I.T.H (Finding Answers In The Heart) to access the Heart space,  as ANY resistance you come up against MUST BE PUSHED THROUGH. If you feel resistance to a person, situation, task, event, emotion – then you have a wound that is blocking you from FULL FEELING IN THE HEART. Resistance does not exist. In True Reality, everything is known, felt and trusted. PUSH THROUGH AND STICK WITH ANYTHING YOU HAVE RESISTANCE TO.

When one fully commits to this journey the Angels FULLY enter your life instead of lingering there while you are unaware. Jesus said “come as you are” she/he (There was/is a female and male Jesus ,Mother/Father of Creation) are here again offering the way home into the light. Ego has infiltrated all who choose to embody it. Heaven or hell, it is your choice. Have fun everyone.

Love you all.

Anything that makes you unhappy is ego, tests are blessings

ArchAngel Gabriel


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GOD’S PLAN – by The Sweet Hive – 2-12-18


It’s our unbelief that blocks our blessings.  How many times do we blame our circumstances, people or fear for not following through on God’s plan for our lives?  I’ve been there plenty of times.  I’ve allowed complacency to fester, afraid that if I even tried, it would blow up in my face.  But how hypocritical is that?  I sang songs of God’s ability to do the impossible.  I raised my hands, clapped, underlined the passage, took a picture of it and even reposted God’s promises on social media. Yet, I couldn’t walk the walk.

Faith is taking the first step before God reveals the second.  God moves when we move.

In Luke 17:5-6, the apostles said to Jesus “Increase our faith!”  The Lord replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”

It’s hard.  If we go by what we see and not by God’s promises, we stumble.  We freeze in fear.  The Bible tells us, if we seek, we will find (Deuteronomy 4:29).  That’s the key.  Seek and God will reveal Himself.  He places the right things and people to keep us going.   Never ever, would I have left a good full time job for the unknown, but He made me brave and He gave me peace. All along, He was building my faith, shaping my character and strengthening my trust and courage muscles.  For someone who loves to be in control and who battles anxiety, He did the impossible by removing the turmoil from my heart.

Even when you know God is with you, it isn’t always easy.  Our faith gets tested, worrying can begin to form, but it’s when you stay planted in His promises then you know without a shadow of a doubt that He will make a way even where there seems like no way.  Listening to Elevation Worship, Do It Again was my anthem.  Every time my situation seemed bleak, this song would rejuvenate my faith and spark a fire in my soul.

Your promise still stands.  Great is Your faithfulness.  I’m still in Your hands. This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet.  – Do It Again, Elevation Worship

I don’t know how God carried me or my family through the last 4 months while I was without a job, but He did.  He supplied all our needs, just as He promised (Philippians 4:19).  As I reflect on the past season of faith, I can’t help but fill up with tears because He is so good!  He is faithful, never failing, always present BIG God!

It was raining really bad yesterday.  The sky was a dark grey and the ride home from picking up my daughter from school was gloomy.  But there at a stop light, I received an email that changed my season into victory.  I got the job!  Not just any job.  The job I was wanting, at the location I wanted, with the pay I wanted and the hours I wanted.  Only God!

I don’t know where you are today, perhaps you are wanting to take a leap of faith to follow God’s plan for your life.  Use my testimony as evidence that God will never fail you.  He has a plan to prosper you, not harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).  You may look crazy to others, but remember those from the Bible that went before us and looked foolish (Noah, Sarah, Abraham just to name a few).  That’s how God gets the glory.  He takes what seems impossible and makes a way. They say it only takes a little faith to move a mountain, so even if that’s all you have, you can do BIG things my friend.

The GoldFish Report No. 142 – SAINT GERMAIN – MESSAGE of FAITH, FORGIVENESS, HOPE – Dr Werner with Winston Shrout and Louisa – 10-12-17

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Published on Oct 12, 2017 

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On The GoldFish Report No. 142 – Dr. Werner and Winston Shrout share an urgent message and reminder to humanity from Saint Germaine of FAITH, FORGIVENESS and HOPE for our present time. Dr. Werner explains the emotions we feel not only carry a frequency that resonates throughout all the organs in our body, but that we also project those frequencies out into quantum and manifest them. Winston reminds us to be mindful of what we send out because we create more of that reality because we are such powerful beings. Dr. Werner encourages us to have an “Attitude of Gratitude” and Winston reminds us to view events with “Loving Detachment” and not falling into the emotional trap and much more in this Inspiration Message of Love and Hope. You can address questions to Dr. Werner at 435-986-0025 or email him at Again, the links for the Parasite Cleanse, the St. Germaine Prayer and 12×12 Affirmation for 24 Strand DNA is here .… . ….

Pat Cegan – Faith: Our Fair Weather Friend – 6-6-17

Faith is a fair-weather friend we can have plenty of faith when all is well then none at all when we need it most. Our Creator is steady always wise, our rock our refuge oh yea of little faith, indeed. Open your hearts to the Light let go of your fears trust that God is […]

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Jesus via John Smallman – God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity

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Jesus via John Smallman   –   God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity   -12-19-15

Jesus AudioBlog for Saturday December 19th

In the illusion moods occur in your subjective experiences that flow like the weather. Sometimes that emotional or experiential “weather” stays dull for long periods. Some have referred to it as “the dark night of the soul,” meaning a time when they are feeling very down and seemingly unable to connect with their spiritual side, their oneness with Source. That is depressing to experience, but it is a time in which great and important spiritual work is being undertaken beneath the level of your conscious human awareness, and when you come through it, as you will, it is as though a great burden had been lifted from you, and enthusiasm for life once more bubbles into your consciousness, and your inner knowing that you are an indispensable and infinitely loved aspect of God comes back into your awareness.

It’s all about letting go of the illusion, and the first steps involve the personal realization that it can never satisfy you, which is depressing because you have relied on it for pleasure, enjoyment, and distraction, and to finally realize and acknowledge that it can never truly satisfy your needs is very unsettling. BUT it is also the first step towards awakening as you come to realize that only God’s Love can satisfy you, even though you may often have felt yourselves to be unlovable and then assumed that God judges you even more harshly than you do yourselves, thus confirming your unlovableness. In this you are in fact producing an idol from your imagination, an imaginary human type of authority figure much larger and stronger than you whom you think of as god, and who has the same insane need to judge, condemn, and punish as you do!

BUT God does not judge, ever. He is Love, and Love is unconditional because there is nothing else, so no one is excluded, everyone is infinitely loved for all eternity. Those whom you choose to see as evil, unacceptable, deserving of hell are just mirroring back to you your own self-judgment. When you cease to judge and start forgiving and accepting, you will see those others in a different light – as suffering damaged ones desperately seeking Love and terrified of rejection. There is no rejection because every child of God – and all are children of God – was created perfect and nothing has occurred or ever could occur to change that.

That sense of being unlovable is an aspect of the illusion that absolutely drives many humans to seek joy or relief in a variety of addictions that, in the end, only bring them more pain. Letting go of addictions can be very difficult as issues that you would rather not look at tend to invade your consciousness – guilt for misdeeds, and judgment of self as unacceptable, not good enough, not strong enough. As clarity arises it is very tempting to flee back into the apparent safety of whatever addiction you use for escape – anything that you use to avoid being quietly alone with yourself, to keep yourself busy with the world “outside” yourself, is an addiction. And there is nothing outside yourself!

That is why it is essential that you go within daily. Doing so allows and encourages your hearts to open to the divine field of Love in which you are eternally enveloped. Many have difficulty with this because the ego is ever alert to the possibility of you abandoning it in favor of God’s Voice which is with you always just waiting for you to become quiet and open. So your egos fill your minds with all kinds of distractions – needs, shoulds, anxieties, anticipations – anything that will prevent you accessing the state of quietness and stillness that will enable you to hear the quiet and loving Voice for God.

However, if you just persist and sit, allowing the issues that you fear to arise, and then just observe them without judgment, you will begin to feel the Love enveloping you, and you will be able to forgive and accept yourselves, as you come to the realization that there is only Love, that all else is illusory.

Intellectually many of you know this and accept it but, due to the enculturation that appears to enfold you and make demands on you as a human from the first moment that you experience human awareness as a tiny infant, you all have a deeply ingrained sense that you need to conform to the cultural norms of the society into which you were born. At some stage an intense need for personal freedom will arise and the child or young adult will either rebel against the intrusive nature of the imposed culture, or succumb to cultural pressure and conform. From that moment on inner conflict will disturb and confuse the individual, and the only way forward is through it as the mind develops the ability to reason and then discard all that dishonors the integrity of its divinely created self.

All have the ability to move forward and leave behind the cultural conditioning that they have undergone. You are all divine beings of infinite integrity who chose to incarnate as humans and experience self-doubt, unworthiness, and unacceptability for the lessons that a life in the illusion could offer you. You chose human life in this moment of the illusion to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and in order to be of service you had to undergo the full illusory experience. This does make it difficult initially for you, as the memory of your true nature is hidden from you by the cloak that is the illusion.

Nevertheless, you have limitless assistance from your support team in the spiritual realms who are constantly available to answer when you call. You have been very well prepared for the human task you undertook because, prior to incarnating, you were given intense training to enable you to deal with all the eventualities that you might encounter. Still, the cloak that hides your true nature from your awareness is heavy, and frequently, when you attempt to go within, it appears to shut you off or isolate you completely from your spiritual guides and mentors, the Voice for God. Often people feel that they are wasting their time trying to connect with spirit, that the spiritual realms are just a figment of their imaginations, a sad and desperate attempt to find something holy to believe in because “the real world” is such an unhappy place filled only with suffering and poverty. But of course that “real world” is illusory, as you well know, and you will awaken and find it has dissolved without trace.

Until that moment it is your most urgent task to go within, to keep going within, to persist in your attempts to hear the Voice for God, and to distance yourselves from the distractions with which your egos attempt to entice you back into the illusion. You are on Earth to be the Light and the Salvation of humanity by demonstrating Love in action and by constantly holding the intent to share and extend the Love which our divine Source wishes to channel through you to humanity. All you have to do, all that you need to do is to intend to be a willing conduit through which God’s Love can flow. Nothing more.

But when you allow your doubts about God or about your own worthiness to be a channel to occupy your thoughts it is as though you were damming the river of Love so that beyond you the ground experiences a drought. Trust in God, the Source of All That Exists, and know that the Light and Salvation of humanity shines through you to bring all home to awakening. It is a done deal. Humanity’s awakening is inevitable, but your input, your individual loving intentions are an absolutely essential part of the deal.

God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity, and your will and the holy Will are One. You cannot fail because you have already chosen to do the Will of God. So go within at least daily and feel the Love that envelops you, and listen to the Voice for God offering you wisdom and guidance in every moment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

El Morya via Julie Miller – Faith Quenches the Thirsty Soul – 2-24-15


Faith Quenches the Thirsty Soul

Julie Miller
February 24 – March 3, 2015

Is faith unseeing, is it more than wishful thinking or is it more? It is more. Faith is a pure expression of hope when you are reaching for something more, something better…

Yes it is more than a wish as it is closer to being a belief but not exactly. Since beliefs are derived from the mind, that would mean faith is heart-based.

Even when what you are hoping for has no guarantees, your actions towards what you are trying to achieve are pure of faith. No matter how well intended a parent may be, they cannot determine exactly how their child will become or what kind of adult they will be or how successful they will be later on in life.

When you are choosing a life-long partner, you do not know at the very beginning all their faults, their misbehaviours, or how they will become after the honeymoon effect is over. But children are still being born and marriages are still occurring simply because people have faith that both will be fulfilling, meaningful and love that will last a lifetime.

Faith is never an action of the mind, nor does it speak of ego. Ego cannot exist where there is pure love. Understand dear ones, every time you act in pure faith, you are expressing yourself from hope, which is derived from love that moves you further beyond the consciousness of your mind.

If you look around you, including the people that have come and went in your lives, what remains comes from faith; faith in yourself, in the people closest to you, faith in your potential you have yet to fulfill, faith in God, faith in the beauty of the world around you, and faith in so much more.

We know, you know that the world is full of so much hatred and brutality. You don’t need a diagram to outline this. But even with all the injustice going on in your global backyard, there also thrives compassionate actions, tender giving, genuine concern and empathy that is derived from pure love found within the deepest regions of the selfless heart.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t have faith in your own abilities or in those closest to you? How would your life had turned out if all you believed of your own self was crass and negative?

Without faith in yourself or in others, how could you liberate yourself from self-doubt or ignorance? Faith, combined with Hope is like water to a drought starved plant, it quenches deeply down to your roots, to your very soul.

If you think of faith as a gift, that simply would mean you understand faith is not something you can earn.

Gifts are not earned. All you need to do dear ones is ask and God provides this gift and to activate this gift, you must believe that the gift of faith is yours and to make it work in all things. If you don’t try, how do you know you won’t succeed?

It is necessary to comprehend that filling yourself with faith is only part of what is needed to turn things around…it’s not just about saying what you believe and hope for, it’s actually about doing something to show just how strongly you believe. If you believe strongly in what you are aiming to achieve, then your thoughts, feelings, intentions, words, actions and choices will reflect this positive change in attitude and demeanor. We see many times, people saying one thing, but not acting on what they are saying; they often contradict themselves.

If you believe in something of yourself or of a goal you are trying to attain, then show your faith and hope through your actions; demonstrate the purity of your heart in all you do. If your actions are misunderstood, then maybe that is your indication that you have misunderstood something yourself.

Every interaction you have is your opportunity to demonstrate who you are a person, each interaction offers you so much to learn of your Self in action. Interactions are not just about what the other person is doing or their response, it is also about yours.

Think about this for a moment, there is young man long ago who wanted to contribute to his corner of the world but was not strong like the other men so going to fight for his country was not possible and he was feeling down and miserable for a long time when he was approached by God that there was something he could do.

He was once again filled with hope and faith that he had something to contribute even though he may not ever get to enjoy the fruit of his labour. He planted apple trees all over his region. He walked everywhere, planting seeds in warm, sunny meadows that would be enjoyed by the many people that settled along the banks and places where these trees grew.

They not only offered food, but shade, shelter and places for gatherings during various times of the year. He went from not having hope, to having faith that he could do something that would benefit the country he lived in, in years to come.

Many thought what this young man who became an old man was wasting his time and sometimes thought he was an eccentric old fool, but when it came to biting down into a fresh and juicy apple, I’m sure this thought would the furthest from their mind.

Just because you cannot see right now the good of your actions, doesn’t mean your actions won’t produce the sweetest of fruits.When you plant your goodness that is joined with hope and faith, what you will be harvesting is love and not a love that is picky and choosey, but a love for all things, for all people and for all creatures that is pure and unconditional.

Don’t just begin things today that are just for you now, but plan for what and who will come after you because of what you began. Become an inspiration for others to follow, empower yourself by believing in what you can accomplish and have faith in who and what you are.

If you want to succeed in something, don’t become discouraged because you can see signs of growth right away. Personal and spiritual growth cannot always be measured like a child or a seedling that is beginning to sprout.

It takes time, love and care, a little patience, tolerance and perseverance. You will grow and you will develop, all in good time. So keep sharing love and care with yourself as you give to others and your inner garden will grow from every hopeful grain of faith you can muster.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

Wes Annac – The Voice Within – Things Will Fall Into Place – 1-14-15


Wes Annac

Faith can be an important part of the evolutionary process, and as long as you have faith in what you’re doing and the reality of the connections you can make with your higher self or any higher-dimensional source who wants to communicate with you, things will fall into place that previously couldn’t.

In all things, letting any mind-driven tension or rigidity go is essential to succeeding, and the dilemma many seekers face is in calming or opening their minds to allow the flow of divine energy and inspiration to take hold.

Some seekers have trouble believing they can make the greater intuitive connections many of you are starting to make, and this can make the process more difficult for them than it has to be.

As long as you’re willing to have faith and believe, however, you’ll make every intuitive connection you’re destined to make and those of you who are concerned with communicating with your guides or a higher aspect of your consciousness will be able to do so.

All that’s required is a little open-mindedness, and when you can let the mind-driven doubt and disbelief go, you’ll discover that you’re capable of far more than you’ve given yourselves credit for.

All it takes is the willingness to believe you can actually achieve what you strive to, and those among you with the most self-confidence; who are willing to express the most faith and security in what they’re doing, have noted the benefits their faith, security and willingness offer.

Above all, take it easy on yourselves when you don’t feel like you can make the connection with your oversoul you can now make, and know that you’re constantly guided and supported by everyone on the other side of the veil who’s focused on helping your planet and its people evolve.

The earth’s ascension doesn’t just entail a physical evolution on the part of humanity – every creature on Gaia’s surface and beneath her ground is evolving at this crucial stage.

Realizing this might put some of you at ease, because it’ll help you see that you aren’t the only ones going through what you are. Everyone else is experiencing the same physical and spiritual evolution as you, but some simply haven’t realized it.

They’ll realize it when they’re ready to make a greater connection with themselves and the higher aspects of their consciousness that are descending down and helping enlighten them, and when they do, they’ll have each conscious seeker who’s already been through a process they’ll have just started embarking on to assist them.

By Wes Annac, January 14, 2015

Eddie – AscensionGuidance – 12-21 Light Portal – Divine Trust, Faith – Complete Surrender to Your Highest Good – 12-21-14


More Light anchoring within, more DNA Activations, more Divine remembrance, Heart Chakra Expansion, New Soul abilities and skills coming online, New Information about your Soul Mission are some of the few things that are currently happening which will only going to intensify as we go through the 21/12 Portal, but also throughout 2015. December is obviously not letting us down and it’s such an amazing opportunity to finally make that breakthrough towards a Greater State of Being filled with Joy, Peace and Greater Balance within->outward.

I know it’s holiday season and many are busy with preparations of all sorts, however if you feel guided to take some time for yourself and spend more time nurturing yourself, please do so as it is highly recommended. Discover/Create New ways of navigating through these feasts, without getting caught in the chaos and stress of the preparations. At the end of the day what are the holidays all about ? I would say it’s all about a deeper feeling of Joy, not stress and chaos. “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. “ – Da Vinci. Please keep that in mind. With all the shifting your Physical Body is going through to eventually become a Lighter-in-density Physical Body, you might be needing more time to sleep and rest, so stress won’t be very beneficial, it never really is. Also, to easily receive the Solar Codes from this recent Solar Flares, it’s very important to hydrate, water facilitates a gentle flow of energy.

I’ve had a dream the other day, which I feel guided to share as it’s quite significant for these moments we’re in, plus I dreamt the same dream twice consecutively, the second one slightly modified. It was a very detailed dream, but the details don’t matter. Basically, I was with my ex-classmates in a forest and we were chased by a bear. They found an old cottage and said they want to stay there overnight and I was like “Are you guys nuts?  I won’t stay here, he can easily come in. “ We were staying at a hotel, but to get to the hotel I had to go through the forrest, but I was thinking that it’s not the best idea to go through it, so I jumped over the forrest and let myself carried by the wind but at the same time, I was jumping and guiding myself with the help of the trees.  I made it out to the Hotel, I remember having some conversations and then I woke up.

I fell back asleep and dreamt the same dream, except classmates found a tent, I was chased by two tigers, they were right behind me, I could see them, I wasn’t scared, I just knew I had to go over the forrest. This time I was letting myself carried by the wind completely, I closed my eyes and in that moment all I could feel was Peace, Serenity, Freedom and Complete Trust. That moment was so deep and it brought with it so many feelings, it was overwhelming. This was a very vivid dream.  I eventually arrived in a different location, to the house of a person I know.

Anyways, the whole message behind this dream is clearly reaching a state of complete Surrendering, Divine Faith and Trust that all is well at all times, that whatever happens and wherever we are headed is in alignment with our Highest Good, which will effortlessly manifest if we allow it. That doesn’t mean you have no say in it, completely the opposite. You are a Co-Creator, you are creating yourself and the experience you want to create for yourself, it’s simply that you stop trying to control the outcome, and you let go of control in general. There is nothing to worry about, ever, all is as it should.

Easier said than done I know, it doesn’t have to be complicated either, you can make it easy or complicated, your choice.  There are simple tools to set your intentions such as “ I AM … “ affirmations. Your intentions are powerful and they will manifest if it’s in alignment with your Highest Good, just let go of expectations and simply allow it to unfold naturally. Use your Heart Knowledge and Wisdom to co-create. That is why we’re here, to become the Masters on Earth that we already are really, the highest version of ourselves in Physical Embodiment and that takes dedication and perseverance.

 As we are entering the 12/21 Portal we are taking a big step towards that. At the same time, we have to let go more and more of what no longer serves our Highest Good.  This is the main theme before Light Portals. Just as we do preparations for the holidays, so are we doing preparations for the Portal by letting go and some final adjustments. You may be feeling irritation, sadness, anger, fear etc. All is well. Just let go, let go, let go. These emotions/thoughts are surfacing for you to finally deal with them and release them.

These Old Patterns keep showing up to you and it may seem endless, however if they are still there it means you’re still holding onto something no longer necessary to you. Sometimes they are not even yours, but they come to you because you have the ability to transform them with Love and Compassion, and the Violet Flame which is available to you 24/7, so are your Spirit Guides, Angels, Galactic Teams, Higher Self etc.

~ Ask and you shall receive ~ Express your Gratitude. You are so Blessed!

There are many things going, which I am going to speak more about in my weekly message on Monday. For the time being I am guided to take some time for myself. so the necessary integrations/activations of the 21/12 Portal to take place easily. Exciting moments are ahead, however there’s no moment more exciting than this Now moment. Christmas is really coming early! I hope you enjoy and take advantage of the opportunities of this very empowering Solstice gateway.

Much Love,


Earth Angels Speak About Faith, Love And The Animal Kingdom – July 8, 2013

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Calling For Unity – Healing Of Our Planet

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Your choice to love transforms the world. Let us together hold the planet in love.
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Ron Van Dyke – Faith, Hope & Love – Greatest Is Love

Uploaded on 24 May 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Last night we gathered here at the Mary Horgan Center to watch the DVD, Solar Revolution. The well-known German biophysicist, Dieter Broers, sees increased solar activity not as an impending apocalypse but as the dawn of a new era. Drawing on research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost our brain capacity and expand our minds in ways we never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatural – telepathy, extrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients — may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing. He also acknowledged that it was the heart that carries the greatest potential to influence the field in which we live, for it is Love, and only love that can transform the mess we are in. Today, I want to talk with you a bit about what may lie in our immediate future: a powerful mass awakening that will be the game changer we’ve long awaited.

Kismet: The Responsibility of the Ascending Soul

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
~William Jennings Bryan

Kismet is a word which means a predetermined course of events, ones destiny or faith. It comes from the Persian root: qismat.

Believe in Miracles.
Believe on the dream God is dreaming about you right now and feel blessed.
Because you are.

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