STEVE BECKOW – Unconditional Surrender to Love – A Man’s View – 9-16-18




I see so many people struggle (and I struggled myself) with the notion that our love has to be made unconditional or universal.

They meditate on the words “unconditional” and “universal” and struggle with what loving that way may mean. And they look at what “making” their love be something might entail. I know how it feels.

And all these are worthwhile endeavors with good results.

It’s just that, in the end, they’re unnecessary.

It’s inaccurate to think that, for the situation to work out for us, our love has to be made universal.

Love already is, always was, and forever will be, by its very nature, both unconditional and universal.  It cannot in any way be controlled. Nor would we, if we were in its flow right now, want things any other way. Submerged in the Ocean of Love, all we’d want is for others to join us.

But I’m talking about a higher kind of love than we’re used to experiencing. Our everyday love is a mere shadow of it. I only rarely feel it these days (1) but I do so know it. And pay homage to it.

Viewed strictly from our perspective, this type of love flows up from our hearts and out to the world. Higher-dimensional and transformative, it flows out or radiates in all directions from our hearts (unconditionally and universally), as if from a space heater. (2)

We can be the pipeline, but we cannot be the mail deliverer … uhhhhhm … mail(wo)man …. uhhh … mailman. We cannot deliver the package.

Barry Stevens once wrote a book on the principles of gestalt called Don’t Push the River. It Flows by Itself.  The inner tsunami of love flows by itself.

It has its own flow, its own direction, its own power. There’s no way we can direct it, asking it to please go to Anne, but not to Mary. Swoooosh! It flows right by us and out to everyone. Without stint.

Yes, we can make special, loving requests of it and it’ll go where sent, but requests founded in control? No.

The universality of love is the hope of the world.  If it was partial, like most of us are, we might as well go home and give up. What are we serving?

Love has to be universal for our lives to work out. And fortunately it is.

So please, everyone, let’s remove that fear from our “quiver of quivers.” You don’t have to struggle to become universal. Or to make love be anything. Love has already taken care of that.

Love is universal.

The only thing that needs to be unconditional is our surrender to it.

The answer, for me, to our lifelong question of how to make our lives work? Surrender unconditionally to love.

How’s that for universality?




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