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Disclosure of Truth, ‘Q’ And Freedom For Earth

August 18, 2019

Source: In5D | By Magenta Pixie

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Someone calling themselves ‘An Indigo from Sirius in the trenches’ sent in several questions/comments which I presented to the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine. Here is the dialogue between ‘Indigo’ and ‘The Nine’.
~Magenta Pixie

Indigo – So, as an Indigo from Sirius in the trenches in the divided states of America, I have both some general questions/comments to throw my hat into the ring of discussion. Firstly, I assume the Nine are part of the Earth Alliance in some way, shape or form?

The Nine – Indeed, or one could refer to us as ‘Galactic Alliance’ and our conduit, you yourself and all the Starseeds would be ‘Earth Alliance.’

Indigo – My general question is: will official disclosure be given to humanity?

The Nine – This depends what you mean by ‘official disclosure’ – we shall respond to your quests in turn.

Indigo – So 200 years or 2,000 years to get this job done is utterly unacceptable as a human in the trenches. I understand from the higher realms this matters not to them.

The Nine – It is not that this does not matter to the intelligences within thehigher realms. We do not have emotion or a physically based thought process as you do and we are not attached to outcomes. Yet if we were to put into human thought and word then we could say it very much ‘matters’ to those in the higher realms who are of positive polarization. However, this ‘job’ cannot be rushed or forced and must come from free will. You are in a very exciting time in your current now moment which is August 2019. The enjoyment of the ‘knowing that truth energetic spreads across your planet as never before’ is a priority energy to the ‘frustration of everything moving so slowly.’ The frustration is that which can be utilized to hijack and trap you. If you are free and unattached to the outcome of disclosure then you cannot be used, hijacked or trapped, therefore it is freedom of thought, belief structure and freedom from emotional resistance that we guide you towards rather than presenting to you a picture of imminent official disclosure.

Indigo – Disclosure cannot come from Trump. Too many people disdain him. It must come from the US military.

The Nine – It is, from our perspective, looking at the most probable timeline, most likely that disclosure will come from many areas simultaneously. If, when you say ‘official disclosure’ you mean as an announcement of some kind, again this will come from multiple areas and groups. The true disclosure occurs from within.

Worldwide disclosure as an official announcement cannot be given untilcritical masshas been reached regarding ‘resistance to lack of official disclosure.’

The reason for this is that the free will of the people who choose ‘not to know’ will be bypassed. This cannot be bypassed if there is a critical mass regarding the ‘right to not know’ within humanity. The levels are in fluctuation. Releasing resistance within to lack of disclosure and doing whatever you can do in order to bring about disclosure is the way forward at this time. You are correct when you say it will not come from your current president within your country of America however this person shall sew many seeds.

Within your military there are those controlled and those fully independent and those that are starseeds. The independent and starseed military individuals will also be instrumental and sew seeds. Yet as we have said, disclosure, in back door and official capacity, shall come from many different sources including the non-controlled media, that which we call the new media. This is predominantly alternative media yet also within this there are that which you would know as mainstream media. You would look to your year of 2021 to see evidence of this in a larger way than is presented in your current time period.

Indigo – People don’t give a care about FISA abuse – due to the disdain of Trump, any means will justify the ends. The Nunes memo was released a year and a half ago, no one blinked. The IG report states Crimes Against Children in the Clinton Foundation, no one blinked.

The Nine – It presents as this way yet there were much rumblings and shock reactions and awakenings regarding that which you mention. The control system, with assistance from the controlled media and other smaller control systems in place upon your planet, were that which we may call ‘back up generators’ that the service-to-self factions have had in place.

This that we refer to is the individual everyday person existing within a reality of his own making where root chakra, securities are paramount. Only when an individual begins to raise to combined heart center and solar plexus chakra does the individual begin to see outside of the current reality. The root chakra securities are no longer priority and paramount. The wider picture is thus seen.

You live upon a planet of degrees meaning, many humans look the same, as in their physical presentations but energetically you are each of you very, very different.

Those that you think of in mind when you say ‘no one blinked’ are those who exercise their right to not know. They remain in root-chakra-security-fear consciousness. It is true that this is being shaken up and the pattern is being changed yet the individual must take the step.

As we have said there were many who were triggered into an ‘eye opening, rude awakening’ if you will from that which you present.

Indigo – The only people awake are soul missioned too, and you already had us, so you got no one.

The Nine – Indeed the individuals awake are ‘soul missioned.’ Yet all individuals are soul missioned it is just that some are activated into the knowing of that and others are not.

Regarding awakening, there are degrees to this. One can be awakened and believe they are ‘awakened to all things’ and yet there is another level to awakening and thus another and thus another.

Indeed the awakened ones are on the path of the right and the light, that which we call service-to-others or positively polarized. Yet this is a growing energetic, it is alive in and of itself.

You say we have “got no one” yet our intention is not to get anyone. This must be done through free will. We take your comment to mean ‘those that know, know and anyone outside of that is stuck in ignorance’ and that this measurement between the awakened and the asleep is static.

We say to you that this is not static. It is pulsating, moving, growing and expanding on a day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute basis (to use your Earthly time as explanation.)

Indigo – All anyone cares about are victims’ feelings and the tricksters have leveraged this to full force. Most people have no clue what is really going on. The border wall is also a real emotional trigger.

The Nine – We understand your perspective and there are indeed fears regarding that which you speak of. There is ‘chaotic energy’ within third dimensional Earth. This is a result of the polarity integration as your planet raises to a higher polarity and negatively polarized forces step forward to try to hold back that polarity raise.

You are correct that many think from the smaller paradigm yet as we have said they come from root-chakra-security-fear issues. They do not want change despite the fact that they are in the midst of change. There are those that are extremely frustrated and angry with the ignorance of those still asleep, yet this frustration and anger comes from sacral and somewhat solar plexus chakra activation. Only the heart can find compassion, patience and love for one’s brethren and brotherhood which is the experience the human soul has incarnated for.

If you are a teenager and you climb the tree, will you wait for your younger brother to grow a few more years so he can join you in the tree’s branches? Or will you stand in frustration, anger and despair because he is too young to climb the tree?

Indigo – People already know and accept evil exists – they believe it to be the case of just ‘bad apples’ as opposed to a ‘bad apple system’ designed and rigged against humanity. They know priests, teachers, and coaches can be corrupt and commit evil deeds, and people still go to church, they still send their kids to school, and put their kids in sports. They will continue to believe this even as soft disclosure unfolds because they will believe the liars spinning and isolating it.

The Nine – All you say is correct. The soft disclosure has little effect upon those who operate from root-chakra-security-fear consciousness. Yet one must tread carefully with those, who are in essence, the children of the awakened ones.

A full fear vibration is that which the controllers require. If the awakened ones can find a way to force the sleeping ones awake before they are ready then the full fear vibration manifests as the controllers desire. One must be careful not to trigger this as it would create that which is in opposition to the ascension timeline, yet at the same time the sleepers who live within root-chakra-security-fear consciousness must awaken.

The changes are well underway. Therefore the balance is to be found between ‘soft disclosure’ and that which you may call ‘hard disclosure’ or ‘official disclosure.’

This shall be bought about as the frequency for ‘releasing resistance towards lack of disclosure’ raises towards critical mass. One must release the frustration before one can begin to experience a reality that creates freedom from frustration.

Indigo – Humanity asked for help to get unstuck from this satanic mud mess. It is their God-given right and our God-given duty to give them the truth. Systems should not be preserved to cater to people’s psychology. In fact, the hard truth of the world is the best psychology for them since it forces them to seek truth within themselves.

The Nine – We understand and fully sympathize with your perspective which is correct from where you stand. However, your perspective will not lead you toward the goal you seek. The reason for this is that it is also their God-given right to not know truth and to exist in false narrative or illusion. As we have said this cannot be forced. One cannot drag the child up the tree and order it to climb it’s branches when that child has only just reached the age where it can walk.

The ‘hard truth of the world’ is relative and subjective. The best psychology for the individual is chosen by that individual even if they do not realize they are making the choices.

You are correct that discovering that which you call ‘hard truth’ pushes an individual to seek truth within themselves but this is only correct when the individual themselves are ready for that push. The seed must already be germinating within them. No amount of force will work as this is the opposite to freedom. Force is not conducive within your currently raising vibration.

Liberty templates are being implemented into your galactic grid structure that shall touch all. Freedom from oppression, freedom from control and freedom from force. This includes the freedom to choose to remain within root-chakra-security-fear consciousness and exercise the divine right to not know truth.

Indeed many have this paradigm shattered again and again as the truth of reality shows itself yet if the individual cannot recognize what they see within the new paradigm they return to a simulation of the old shattered paradigm and convince themselves that is their reality.

Each individual is a divine creator or creatrix and must be free to create that which they choose even if what they create is not for their highest good. The liberty templates work for freedom on all levels and this is that which was part of the original law of your universal structure which was distorted and hijacked and now returns to it’s original form. Yet the original law presentation returns with a new form, as the phoenix rises from the ashes so does this new form of this universal law that is free will.

Indigo – I worked with kids. What I know from experience is, treat a kid like a baby, and it will act like one. You treat them with respect and dignity, they will show you their maturity. Example, when a kid would misbehave in class, I simply gave them the option, leave class or change the behavior and stay in class. They most appreciated this option and they seriously gave it thought before deciding because they knew I didn’t care which they chose since their choice was their right.

The Nine – This is indeed the truth. However ‘respect and dignity’ is subjective. What one may see as respect another may see as control. What one may see as dignity another may see as patronizing.

Indigo – The Galactic Federation of Light has technologies to clean up this mess. This job can and should be done in 2 years. 1 year for truth and 1 year for cleanup.

The Nine – Indeed the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’ or ‘Galactic Light Alliance’ whichever name you give to that structure has technologies to ‘clean up the mess’ if you will. However, many of these technologies will not currently work in your dimension. The reason for this is that they overstep free will. The new liberty templates allow free will to flourish in it’s fullness as you ascend to the New Earth.

You put a time limit of 2 Earth years upon this process with military precision. The mentality you hold here is in perfect alignment for your own personal intentional focus for manifestation and creation. Yet this can only come to fruition within release and surrender and one cannot place limitations of any kind within a release and surrender template.

The reason for this is due to the infinite nature of the heart. The New Earth is a heart centered reality and thus a dimension of non-limitation. To place the time limit is to create pressure upon the structure and individual. Pressure is a derivative of control and creates fear, exactly the opposite vibration one needs to attain residence within the New Earth and exactly the correct vibration the controllers desire in order to keep you locked down in third density.

Therefore your two year time limit, holding intention for the job at hand to be done with efficiency and responsibility is, in itself, a direct line towards the old energy, the dark energy, the negative polarity and the disappearance of New Earth from your sight. Remove the limitations, surrender to the process, know that in the now all is as it should be and the New Earth once again appears before you for it is a manifestation of the heart.

Therefore we say 50% of your mindset is focused precision and 50% is flowing surrender. One accomplishes nothing without both these paradigms which are masculine and feminine, left hemisphere of the brain thinking and right hemisphere of the brain thinking, magnetic and electric or matter and anti matter.

It is the creational aspect that arises betwixt the polarity that creates the paradisaical destination if you will, that which you call ‘New Earth.’

You have one side of the process under your belt most well if you will. Now move to the feminine, the surrender, the pliable and the free and your planetary goal will show itself before you.

Indigo – Those not aligned with the New Earth should either go to a new polarity planet or a therapy planet.

The Nine – Indeed and this shall be and is the case. One cannot find the destination one is not aligned with.

Indigo – No one is happy here on Earth, no one knows why, and no one aside from those soul missioned understands the truth.

The Nine – It is the case that there is much confusion, suffering, depression and unhappiness. These emotions are predominantly experienced from those still existing within the third dimension, that which we call root-chakra-security-fear consciousness.

The next step up from this unhappiness is impatience and frustration, sacral chakra and somewhat solar plexus chakra consciousness. This is only marginally a higher emotional existence than depression or unhappiness, yet it is much easier to ‘climb higher’ when you are accessing the higher chakra vantage point.

Yet your observation regarding “no one being happy upon your planet” is only true if you mean ‘here’ to be the third dimension. There are many individuals who allow the emotions of happiness, joy and bliss to run through them. They have done this by combining the ‘focused intentional organisation’ with the ‘allowing and the surrender.’

They have opened the heart and raised the frequency to the fifth dimensional level. These are the individuals who hold the New Earth in their sights and we could say they currently exist upon that New Earth now.

You each experience a unique and individual timeline within the probability field of timelines. For the individuals who feel the bliss and the happiness, the ascension process has begun and they are already connected with their true home.

We are not speaking of those who ignore the plight of the lower chakra reality and the suffering and chaos of which you speak, we refer to those who are aware of this, do all they can to assist and to bring disclosure in a fair and balanced way yet are personally existing within a love, bliss vibration that is the creation of New Earth.

One takes away the viewing of the ‘bigger picture of the plights within the third dimension’ and raises to the ‘bigger picture of the joys within the fifth dimension.’

One then turns again to the bigger picture within the third dimension but sees not one fixed reality but multiple opportunity for the third dimension as well as seeing the outcome they wish and envisage. This is the ‘taking of the overview’ that can be achieved only through the opening of the heart.

We would say raise your view from the red, orange and yellow into the green. Look through the ‘green stained glass window of time’ if you will and not only will you see the flourishing New Earth but you will see your place in the creation of it.

You do not leave the red, orange or yellow behind but you approach it with a higher paradigm, a higher knowing and a much more comfortable and enjoyable emotional experience.

Indigo – So, what exactly are you preserving?

The Nine – The higher light, galactic federation or cosmic alliance you speak of, of which we are a part, do not ‘preserve’ in the sense you mean it.

The preservation of status quo is individual and subjective and much is not preserved through changes and shifts within that individual’s timeline. What is it place here are the liberty templates within your galactic grid system and if anything could be called preserved, it is free will and choice.

This comes not from the outside source that is galactic federation or light alliance but from the architect who designed the construct. That architect is you. It is always you.

Indigo – Systems built on lies that cater to ego. These must go. To not do this is not doing this job correctly.

The Nine – This is correct indeed. But it is not the job of the outside force, that is part of the victim/savior template that is a service-to-self construct. That which you speak of is and must be an inside job. Only the self can achieve this. Anything less is not doing the job correctly as you so put it.

Indigo – Q says “Trust the plan.” Yet it is going on 2 years.

The Nine – Indeed. You speak here of an ‘information delivery system’ that uses the back door. There are many delivery systems and this is but one. However we are in complete agreement of the phrase as you put it “trust the plan.” We would add to this ‘trust the self.’

Indigo – ‘We the people’ have a right and obligation (since it’s our republic, not Q’s) to put pressure on getting this job done and doing it properly.

The Nine – Yet the republic you speak of is not owned by any one group or construct.

However it is natural to feel that patriotic allegiance to the structure of which the information delivery system you speak of is also a part.

There is no obligation here but if you mean by this your inner honor, the walking of your warrior path and taking the ‘sword of Excalibur’ by your side as you stand strong as the indigo that you are, then yes, we are in agreement.

However it is not pressure you are looking to create, for you, as an activated indigo warrior have much of the life force needed for this job.

That which you look to create is balance, trust and faith that shall be your aids. Pressure leads into the service-to-self network systems as we have previously said.

Indigo – It’s not okay to put this job on the ‘people unarmed in the trenches’ to literally move this movement, putting us on complete fringe from those under deep state mind control and ego issues.

The Nine – Indeed. It is not ‘okay’ (to use your terminology) for anyone to put this job on anyone else. As we have said this is an inside job. We might also add that you are not ‘unarmed’ as you put it, for you each hold the sword of Excalibur by your side.

If by what you say, you mean;

‘Why do the galactic forces of light do nothing and expect the ground crew as it were, you, to do the job alone?’

We say to you that you are not alone. We, the galactic forces of light have watched our beloved family members incarnate into physicality. The reason for this is that the shift into New Earth must be created from the human level.

We cannot move into victim/savior template for if we do that triggers the flip into the negative version of New Earth if you will, this is the planetary construct that the controllers wish to create. It is a construct of fear, oppression, suffering and control.

To avoid that eventuality in any individualized timeline we cannot come in on the victim/savior template so the shift and manifestation of fifth dimensional New Earth must come from the human level. Hence our family members, as in you dear beloved Indigo child, incarnating within the third dimensional Earth system.

You are not alone, we are with you, beside you, rooting for you and sending an abundance of memory trigger codes so you may remember the way. Your information system that uses the back door that you call the Q, is using a third dimensional information system, crucial though it may be it does not and cannot take the overview for its focus is fully on the happenings upon ground level.

If this information system that you call the Q were to respond to your questing it would reply ‘we are doing all we can, bear with us and stand strong.’

We say to you that this is the truth, it may seem like slow work but great strides are being made.

However we, as a sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional construct come in from a different information system. Indeed so too is it ‘back door’ if you will but it is a ‘guidance structure in manifestation.’

The tools we use to show you the way towards this manifestation are your emotions. We say to you again that acceptance, release of resistance, patience, allowing and compassion are the emotional keys needed for the manifestation of New Earth. ‘Trust the Plan’ would be the third dimensional interpretation of this guidance.

Indigo – The higher realms have no say, in my opinion.

The Nine – In one respect this is true. The higher realms have no say and cannot have any say unless they are directly asked or called for. To have a say or an opinion from the higher realms without the asking or the call is to bypass free will which we cannot do.

Indigo – They are not in human form in the trenches, they have no time, and they think everything is great because everything is learning/integration.

The Nine – It is correct that they/we/us are not in human form in the trenches as you put it. Yet we feel our brethren within such. We are able to ‘lower our vibration’ or ‘anchor our perspective into the past’ to empathize with you. We can even fully experience from the physical perspective of our human conduit if we are so called to do so although this is possession and rarely undertaken by higher density beings except in very rare and specific circumstances.

It is not the case that we ‘think everything is great’ although indeed our fifth dimensional counterparts may present this way. We take a neutral standpoint through positive polarization. It is not possible for us to see what you call ‘great’ because this would be polarized as the other aspect of ‘not great.’

We do not operate from the polarized perspective yet we understand it. We are the middle ground here which is neutrality or zero point and we move into positive polarization as we communicate through our conduit who is herself positively polarized.

We have taught her (our conduit) not to transcend or bypass the real suffering upon your planet and sit back and think everything is great. This is spiritual bypassing and it is not the correct paradigm to hold or action to take for balanced ascension. The correct and aligned paradigm is found through integration.

We do agree that everything is ‘learning and integration’ for so it is but that does not translate as a bypassing and an ignorance of the challenge, the struggle and the journey that you, ground crew in the trenches as it were, undertake.

As we have said we have no say, unless we are called for and asked. To be called for and asked is an invitation. It is our mission and divine duty and right to respond to this invitation. Many have asked for us, called us and invited us and so therefore we step forward.

You have invited us through your statements and quests. We cannot make the change for you with powerful technology and step into victim/savior mentality and create fear en-masse by overstepping free will protocol.

We can but guide and we do this by presenting to you the template that shall relieve your frustration and bring to you the manifestation of that which you desire, which is compassion, trust, surrender, patience, knowing and love.

These are the keys to unlock your power, which dear starseeds on Earth, you each have in abundance.

This abundant power shall lead you into a reality built on truth and fairness, it shall deliver disclosure in accordance with the free will liberty templates and it shall lead you to the New Earth.

We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.

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FREEDOM – by Maureen Moss – 7-31-19 – via The Earth Plan

Artwork by Jetter Greene

FREEDOM – by Maureen Moss – 7-31-19 – via The Earth Plan

2020. Now. 

Source: Maureen Moss

Clearly the switch doesn’t exist to turn off the unstoppable energies ramping up once again with the Black Super Moon on Wednesday in the midst of the Lions Gate open portal and photonic Light streaming from the Sirian Sun and a timeline jump already into the 2020 transition of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom.

What I realized this past weekend was to understand what is happening somehow makes all of this a bit easier…super heroes that we already are. 

The vast majority of the incoming energies, codes, waves and impulses we are dealing with are Freedom Codes. They are coming up from Earth and pouring from the skies, continuously. Some days they are blissful, other days pushing the boundaries of conscious expansion. 

All the energies incoming are leading us into what we have never had here on Earth. Freedom. And, its uncomfortable to deal with what we never had as juicy and enticing as the mere thought of Freedom is. 

Freedom has no history here on Earth. And to have it is a call to awaken more deeply into impeccable fortitude, purity and integrity in alignment with an Immaculate Condition. To reach it is Enlightenment.

Freedom is a call to Life in ways we haven’t known. It is more than, “I can do anything I want to now.” Freedom (in part,) means we have full control over our lives, however it involves total liberation from fear, from past and future and every nuance of duality. 

Freedom (and liberation) calls for Self-Realization of the Sovereign Soul through the application of LOVE. And it means that every aspect of our personal experience is a completely impersonal affair… for once it involves another we begin the dance of duality.

It means we are called to have relentless though graceful strength, clarity, and perhaps above all no doubt and no need to know. 

And it means we are free from all temptation, zeroed in on our inspirations and passions and stronger than the lesser mind, impulses and desires. 

Freedom requests a tremendous commitment from us in more ways than we have previously been committed to in part due to our inability to quite know 
which struggle to give up first…rather than how much Love can we manifest for ourselves, how deeply intimate can we become with our Souls and overcome the challenges to find an immovable trust in the core of our Being and stay there.

Freedom has long been our goal, though first there had to be great Self revelations stabilized…unleashing the shadow and brailling our way through our lives to get to it and yield to a greater force— sovereignty.






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Got Freedom?

n the USA, the 4th of July – Independence Day – celebrates the newly-formed Declaration of Independence in 1776. Now I know as well as you that it may appear that we are anything but free. But our dear intrepid friend, St. Germaine, who played a very significant role in this achievement, reminds all Gaians to declare and stand in the freedom that is our birthright:

“I come to speak to you this day not of throwing off the shackles of oppression, but to remind you that the shackles of oppression are but an illusion of the old 3rd reality. It is time to step forward and declare yourselves as free, as independent, as clear and functioning spirits of One, humans of One, humans of intergalactic proportions, multidimensional proportions, who are going forward to create Nova Earth, Nova Gaia, Nova Being, New You.

You have moved, you have ascended, you have transcended out of the old third dimensional reality, and you have taken your time and you have allowed the frequencies of the Company of Heaven and the Council of Love to penetrate and uplift you, to touch your heart, your mind, your ego, your body in ways that it never has been touched, adjusted, transmuted to a higher reality before.

Why do I choose this day to call out to you, to declare your freedom, to stand in the freedom that is your birthright and the core of who you are? None of you — and I call out to all of you, whether you are in Israel or Africa, Croatia, Canada, or the United States of America — none of you are anything but free.

I am asking you this day to take the Violet Flame, my torch of freedom, and to eliminate, with me and with this Council, any illusion that you are bound, restricted, limited in any way, shape or form. Do not allow the old, the illusions of what has been, to determine your future. Come with me! It is time to step forward, and it is time to be the fullness of your light, of your potential, of your soul design.”

So whether you live in the USA or anywhere else upon Gaia (and beyond)… Happy Independence Day!

With love from my heart to yours, Linda

The Donald in London – Free and Sovereign – Translation: Losing the Crown – via Love In Action Now – 6-7-19 – Editor: Victoria1111

The Donald in London – Free and Sovereign – Translation: Losing the Crown – via Love In Action Now – 6-7-19 – Editor: Victoria1111

Jamie Price – Freedom


Jamye Price
Jamie Price

Blessed Being, your Freedom is a resonance that is attained and contained within. The paradox of containment and Freedom is the connection of the opposites that occurs within you. In the physical realm of limitation, you are provided a structure of experience and discovery that uncovers a hidden truth that resides within you.

Your Freedom is a resonance that connects. Your Freedom is a resonance that lacks strong resistance to fear. The paradox continues as you embody more Freedom within the container of physicality.

To discover your Freedom, observe your initial reaction to limitation. For within that initial reaction is in-form-ation that either structures or clarifies. As you allow this subtle layer of information into your awareness, you are utilizing your free will to focus the information into a new structure or clarity that limits or supports.

Freedom is a path, it is a bridge that connects. It is not the journey completed, it is the journey begun and continuing. It is the resonance of willingness, your free will, to embark upon your path forward through time with a willingness to experience and discover.

This path of Freedom is your choice, your will. What will you choose? Freedom opens you to forge the path of least resistance as you follow Life’s Freedom to co-create. Your lack of resistance and polarity expands your Freedom to create anew.

As we sit to Blast Freedom, we are unraveling the fears of the past that have rocked the path. We are weaving our innate divinity consciously into form. We are honoring the veiled secret of power that flows gracefully into the path of least resistance, shaping and smoothing the rocks. We are the willing that are open to change, finding a new strength of Freedom hidden within.

Copyright: © 2005-2019 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.
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Edward Morgan – Light Forces Plans for Planetary Liberation – 12-1-18 – via Prepare For Change .net



By Xekleidoma,

Basically there are three phases in the plans of the light forces for planet Earth and its inhabitants:

  1. Loosening the grip of the dark forces by weakening and eliminating their power structures and technological controls, increasing awareness among the general population and preparing for the Event
  2. Taking over from the dark forces, kicking off with fundamental changes in governance, finance, media, healthcare and science and bringing Cabal members to justice
  3. Cleaning up and healing the planet and human beings, revealing the hidden history of Earth, disclosing the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and bringing people back to full consciousness

We are nearing the end of phase 1 and are getting ready to commence phase 2, which will start at the time of the Event. The Event will be heralded by the Event flash, which is a very powerful energy pulse that will be sent by the Pleroma through the Galactic Central Sun and that everyone will feel to some degree depending on each person’s sensitivity. Upon arrival of this flash on Earth the current financial system will be shut down immediately and mass arrests of all Cabal members worldwide will commence. This will be broadcast live on television for everyone to witness. After the dust of phase 2 has settled and people have come to understand what is going on and why it is happening we will move into phase 3, which is intended to clean up the mess that has been created by the irresponsible and dark rule of the Cabal and to reveal the whole untainted truth to all of humanity. After this phase is completed no intensive assistance from the light forces will be needed anymore and everyone will have the options at their disposal that best fit their individual needs and desires.

What has been accomplished so far.

A lot has been accomplished in the years following the Treaty of Anchara that was concluded in 1994. Although things on Earth got worse initially due to the remaining dark forces withdrawing from Orion and concentrating their forces in the solar system and around Earth, from the turn of the century onwards the light forces were able to mount a counteroffensive and gradually conquer and clear deep underground and undersea military bases. This was partly done by Earth’s own government officers and soldiers that are aligned with the light forces, partly by the Resistance Movement and partly by humanoids from other star systems. As a result some 500 million physical reptilians were removed from the planet, many human hostages were liberated and taken to Galactic Confederation spheres for recovery and healing and the shelters where the Cabal was planning to hide after fomenting a third world war have been rendered inoperable. Also many smaller bases of the dark forces on moons and asteroids in the solar system have been taken over by the light forces, their technologies that strengthened the veil and pulled in anomalous energy from the surrounding cosmos have been cleared and more human hostages have been liberated.

In 2010 most physical implants that were administered through vaccination programs and that reinforced programming have been removed by the Resistance Movement from the human population by use of a special technology that could be operated from a distance. Plasma implants that suppress higher knowledge have not been fully removed yet, but have been made less effective in their functioning. In subsequent years billions of non-physical reptilians and other negative entities have been removed from the plasma and etheric planes. Mass meditation portal activations done in 2012 have completely erased all negative future timelines so that any plans of the Cabal for global cataclysms stand no chance to come to fruition. Many black operations programs and human cloning laboratories that were operated by the Cabal have been cleared and shut down. Most sensational is that the great majority of gold held in central bank and Cabal vaults has been removed by the Resistance Movement and the Cabal is left with a fiat currency system based on thin air. What is lying in the central bank vaults now are tungsten bars coated with gold. In order to get their hands on some gold the Cabal has set up gold buying shops in every city and town throughout Western countries and intensified gold mining operations.

The inner Earth civilizations have expanded their contacts between themselves, with the Resistance Movement and with benevolent extraterrestrials and have invigorated the Agartha network. On the surface of the planet Event support groups have been formed that will assist in leading developments in the right direction during and immediately after the Event and in calling to life the many humanitarian, environmental, social and cultural projects that will be set up. In early 2015 all physical strangelet and toplet bombs of the Chimera group have been cleared. In 2016 the clearing of all plasma strangelet bombs was completed. Since the solar system outside the area directly surrounding our planet has been cleared of the presence of negative beings the disintegration process of Yaldabaoth has started. The first step was the creation of a tachyon membrane inside the moon orbit by the Pleiadians that effectively cut the head of Yaldabaoth from its tentacles. As a result of the February 26, 2017 mass meditation the tentacles of Yaldabaoth have been fully dissolved and no plasma anomaly could be found anymore outside the area directly above the surface of the planet. Now the head of Yaldabaoth that contains the remaining plasma toplet bombs is being disintegrated. In February 2018 we have entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation; shallow underground military bases are being cleared of Cabal presence and dosed surface operations have also commenced. In the summer of 2018 the funneling of anomalous plasma by the dark forces from the outskirts of the Milky Way through plasma filaments (higher dimensional threads or tunnels) into the implants of beings inside the Solar system has been terminated, effectively closing the tap while the water is being mopped up.

Approaching and reaching the Event.

As the Event is getting closer and closer, the top Cabal members are getting more and more nervous as they are unwilling to surrender to the Light and be held accountable for the horrendous crimes and attrocities they have perpetrated. They are unsuccessfully seeking ways to avoid the inevitable, trying to turn the tide, create chaos, global conflict and destruction, but the large scale actions they plan are stopped every time by the light forces. Only small scale actions that kill or injure a few people here and there come to pass, so expect such unpleasant incidents to keep occurring frequently until the Event. I would advise the Cabal to come to terms with their fate and prepare for it mentally and emotionally instead of wasting more time on delaying further what must and will surely happen.

Once the Event is initiated many people will be shocked and confused with what is happening seemingly out of the blue. At that point the people like us who are in the know need to inform relatives, friends, acquaintances, the general public and people in leadership positions of what is going on, what is the intention and background of the Event and what is the end goal of it. This will limit the amount of chaos and avoid people freaking out and turning violent. The Event should take place as smoothly as is humanly possible for such a radical happening.

This is what will happen during the Event:

  • The immediate termination of the corrupt, debt based financial system (all digital transactions will be blocked, only cash transactions will continue)
  • All financial instruments and derivatives worth dozens of times the real economy will be zeroed out
  • Mass arrests of all Cabal members worldwide (corrupt bankers, politicians, presidents, officials, negative secret society members, black nobility, Jesuits etcetera)
  • The mass arrests will be reported and broadcast live on television and general information about the Cabal and their institutionalized crimes will be distributed

This is what will happen shortly after the Event:

  • All off the books shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out
  • Illegal and fraudulent business agreements with the Cabal will be cancelled
  • The billion dollar gold bonds that the Asian royal families received in the 1930s in exchange for their physical gold will be submitted to the Federal Reserve Board for the long overdue repayment in physical gold plus interest; as the Federal Reserve and their shareholders will be unable to repay them, it will cause a cascade of bankruptcies of all Cabal controlled banks and financial institutions
  • All financial debts public and private will be cancelled in a one time worldwide debt reset
  • A new fair and balanced, equity based financial system will be put into operation
  • Documentaries, testimonies and evidence will be shown to the public detailing the diverse criminal and evil activities of the Cabal

This is what will happen some time after the Event:

  • All armed conflicts will cease as the instigators and financiers have been removed and rebels learn how they have been manipulated
  • Multinational corporations will be split up and nationalized
  • Cabal members who refuse to accept the Light will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun and have their soul reset, the others will be put on trial in courts of justice and answer for the crimes they committed in a truth and reconciliation process
  • New worthy and conscientious leaders will take over the positions of power that used to be filled by Cabal members
  • Prosperity funds will be released to all of humanity and assets illegally obtained by the Cabal will be redistributed
  • Large scale projects will start to end poverty, stop destruction of nature and the environment, clean up the oceans and improve infrastructure
  • Suppressed advanced technologies will be released and made available to be put into mass production, among which free energy devices are the most important
  • Suppressed information about the presence of and past contacts with extraterrestrial beings will be disclosed

This is what will happen somewhat longer after the Event:

  • Extraterrestrial beings of light will meet face to face with human beings from Earth, first on an individual basis and later on a large scale in public
  • Inner Earth humans will contact the surface population and establish official ties
  • We will be reunited with our soul family and those of us whose soul doesn’t originate from Earth will be able to return to their home planet
  • The ascension plan for planet Earth will be announced and the ascension process will start
  • Humans will be brought to their light chambers on the spheres of the Galactic Confederation to be brought to full consciousness
  • Individuals and groups will be healed from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage they have suffered and everyone will be held accountable for their individual role
  • The negative people that are not affiliated with the Cabal will be re-educated and trained to live constructive lives
  • Earth will be offered the opportunity to join the Galactic Confederation

The world after the Event.

Only by living for some time in real liberty, free from debt, misery, exploitation, manipulation, wars, crime, lies, deceit and high treason, will people realize what a huge difference it makes to have overcome the dark forces. This is the normal way of living, to help and support each and every living being in their pursuit of happiness. The fucked up way of living (if you can call it living at all) that people have experienced before the Event will be gladly forgotten once the truth and reconciliation process has been rounded off. Many wonderful things will happen and everyone will get ample chance to develop their talents and deploy their abilities precisely in line with their deepest desires. As many of us have already acquired very remarkable and unique skills to surmount the setbacks, cope with the perils and bypass the obstacles that were put in our way, our services will be in high demand throughout the entire universe. And space travel will become a normal phenomenon in the near future.

Working weeks will be much less strenuous and will comprise about half of today’s working hours due to introduction of more advanced technologies. The benefits of further automation and robotization will go to the general population and not to any elite. Private life will be easier as well because of the introduction of replicators (a much more advanced version of 3D printers). Costs of products will be significantly lower as a result of free energy and lower taxes. Technologies that pollute the environment will be phased out quite swiftly and replaced by clean production methods and transportation systems. There will be much stronger attention for spiritual development and everything that comes with it, it will become a matter of course to spend time on your spiritual nature. People will become psychic, clairvoyant and sensitive to other people’s feelings; they will also learn to communicate telepathically.

Healthcare will undergo a revolutionary transformation as well, it will be based on energetic healing complemented with natural substances that have healing properties instead of operating by use of incisions and putting people on synthetic pharmaceuticals that only combat symptoms. Wholistic traditions that have fallen into oblivion or that have been abandoned in favor of “modern” hobbies and leisure activities will be revived as their true value and beauty is recollected. Architecture will change from a chiefly masculine style of design that emphasizes functionality, clarity and efficiency to a balanced style of design that incorporates feminine aspects like mystique, softness and beauty. Natural architecture takes its shapes from nature, while intuitive architecture uses intuition to combine masculine and feminine qualities in a perfectly balanced way. Industrial design, garden and landscape designs will show a similar development. Handicrafts that produce distinctive products both practical and beautiful at the same time will see a recovery once people don’t need to turn every penny over twice.

Living your wildest dreams.

The road is wide open for everyone to make their dreams come true once the environment has changed from being obstructive to being supportive. Even your wildest dreams will come in reach as light assumes its rule over the planet. Given the fact that love and sex are the strongest forces in nature and are two sides of the same coin, many people will desire to live out their untamed fantasies. I foresee this taking a wide variety of shapes and applications, and it should be intimately connected to intuition. Sex is the second or sacral chakra force, love the fourth or heart chakra force and intuition the sixth or third eye chakra force. All these are feminine forces and intuition will provide the clear perception of what a partner needs and desires beyond what is plainly observable.

A second core instinct of mankind is creativity, any person stripped of life’s burdens and obligations will want to create. Again this is a sacral chakra feminine force, and it drives us to invent, design and build anything tiny to ultra large that we can come up with. Add the love to create things of beauty and add the intuition to create things of practical use and new creations will turn out splendidly.

A third core instinct of humans is self improvement, becoming more skillful (basal chakra), stronger (solar plexus chakra), more communicative (throat chakra) and wiser (crown chakra). These are masculine forces at work that ultimately make gods and goddesses out of ordinary men and women. So it doesn’t matter which part of yourself you want to develop and explore more deeply and it doesn’t matter if you are better than another or not, just follow your inspiration and grow into what you venture into.

The meaning of life is to love and be loved physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to create marvelous wonders and to be the best you can be in any field of your preference.



DUANE:   What a sharp  swing out of prior optimism.   Did we just just shift timelines?

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The Portal: Cobra Update — Delta Option

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Delta Option

The situation on the surface of the planet has reached the boiling point.

On one hand we have Dark Forces having almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet, on the other hand we have the Light Forces having big problems in removing the toplet bombs soon enough.

Dark Forces are sabotaging positive initiatives to break through the Quarantine and commercial space travel can not begin, even though technology to make it happen is here in public domain for 70 years already:

Soft disclosure is not enough anymore:

Awakened members of the surface population are finally stopping waiting for the Event and are taking their own life in their own hands:

The Event will come when it will come, until then we need to do whatever we can to create better life conditions for ourselves and our loved ones, and do whatever is in our power to accelerate the planetary liberation process.

The truth is that the Cabal went too far and the Light Forces are not doing enough stopping it.

Certain factions in the Alliance and certain Agarthan factions are losing patience and are planning to take the surface of the planet from the clutches of the Cabal with military action. This could lead to serious consequences and could potentially lead to a war that would wipe out humanity and make the surface of the planet uninhabitable.

To prevent this from happening, the Resistance Movement has created a certain emergency plan, called Delta Option. I will reveal about Delta Option plan as much as I can:

Instead of waiting for the optimal conditions with toplet bombs removed and non-physical Archons removed, a certain “special forces group” would initiate removal of some factions of the Cabal within USA only. None of the Chimera, Archon, Black Nobility or Jesuit members would be touched in this operation. They would keep a low profile and show a friendly face. All other factions of the Cabal within USA would be taken care of. “Special forces group” would provide tactical support for Positive Military to carry out the operation. Mass media would be freed from the Rothschild control and US dollar would collapse. Limited disclosure would begin immediately.

This change within USA would trigger a strong international reaction and we would have an unstable and chaotic transition towards the Event. Worldwide financial system would go through extreme volatility, but would most likely not collapse. There would be a worldwide purge of lower Cabal members. Mass media worldwide would gradually release more and more intel. Definitely there would me much more intel coming forth about the matrix we live in:

The whole situation would then first slowly, and then not so slowly accelerate into the Event.

Nothing can be said about removal of Chimera, Archon, Black Nobility or Jesuit members under Delta Option plan at this point. Removal of the Cabal factions mentioned above and full disclosure can happen only when all toplet bombs are removed.

Please be aware that Delta Option does NOT mean Delta timeline.

There is one huge aspect of Delta Option plan which must remain classified for now.

Final decision whether Delta Option will be implemented or not, has not been made yet. Less stable and worse the situation within USA is, more probable Delta Option becomes. The Jesuits are trying to polarize the situation within USA with artificial left/right political divide. Actions of Jesuits in the coming months will be one of the key factors in how the planetary situation unfolds. Their actions need to be monitored closely.

Militarily, the Resistance is preparing for the possible upheaval on the surface and has received reinforcements from the bases throughout the Solar System that arrived under the surface of our planet in the last few weeks. At this moment, the Resistance is 140 million members strong, and that number may and probably will still rise significantly.

Before, members of the Resistance have refrained from coming more than 30 meters to the surface of the planet. With these current developments, some special Resistance forces are stationed only 5 to 10 meters below the surface.

Lightworkers and Lightwarriors who envision part of their mission being involved in the Event operations, can telepathically ask for a small Resistance base be built under their current living location. This request must NOT be communicated aloud and must NOT be written anywhere. The Resistance will receive a request for a base to be built under the Lightwarrior’s house through a certain secure channel and will in most cases approve it. Those small bases will have a certain role in the Event operations.



Not much more can be said, but something in boiling.

Until it boils, here are some videos to refresh your memory:

Victory of the Light!