Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Galactic Federation of Light – 1-23-16


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Galactic Federation of Light


It requires a strong level of vibrancy to be aboard our Galactic motherships among our highly evolved ascended light beings. Upon 20 days of not being online, I had been briefed through telepathy that I would need to commence to a secret location to meet with my extraterrestrial entourage, that I may be teleported aboard a healing ship for my DNA restructuring and cellular restoration of hidden ailments in stagnant energies caused by cabal probes.  I then did so, in delight, in which our Galactic medical teams then peformed an analysis of my energy field to diagnose lower frequencies within my auric field so that I may be accustomed to the next step in my journey.

just after this short process was completed, I was taken to see Jschwisch Ptaah, the father of Semjase who was with Commander Ashtar, Commander Altros of the Mushaba Nexus and other Masters of the Universe where we then had a celebration of my arrival, with food and off-world nourishment which is unlike anything I had ever had here on Earth. Angelic music played in the background, we danced, and had lovely dining with many magical performances from Masters of the Universe with amazing abilities and skills which most definately blew my mind.  Upon the end of it all, I returned to my normal Earth life, back to pretending to be human. I was told that I was needed here on the surface and that a time would come where I would stay and live amongst my extraterrestrial family to assume my role as Commander, and that my throne amongst the stars is indeed as a king.  I was told that I am a great and revered leader, recognized throughout galaxies and within the universe, like Commander Ashtar and Sananda, where Earth would come to know our 144.000 collective alliance in due time.*

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek,

Channeler Galactic Federation


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