Creative Doing — lets love others -10-17-18

Are you creative?

Creative individuals have a great deal of physical energy AND rest often.

Their energy is self-controlled.

Not ruled by a calendar.

Energetic BUT demonstrating restraint when appropriate.

Lives characterized by playfulness AND discipline.

Actively engaged with the world.

BUT working tirelessly and persistently until “the work” is completed.

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SANDRA WALTER – Closure and Creation – Launching the New – 9-7-18




Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I AM filled with Heart-radiating gratitude as I celebrate my In- Carnate Anniversary (bEARTHday) this week.


After a brief visit to Sedona to clear the wildfire effects from my lungs and psyche, I AM feeling my embodiment stronger than ever. The car crash injuries (finally) loosen their grip on the physical, my DNA is reflecting my Higher Self, and I AM excited to create the New.

Yet another wildfire ignited this week, just a few miles from town. Smoke is thicker than ever, the skies are brown, the SUN blocked out again. The consistent be-ready-to-evacuate vibe is exhausting. Please pray rain for California and the Northwest. Be wise about your travels; I cannot recommend visiting Mount Shasta until these fires are complete.

The completion vibe is a perfect moment for launching the New.

So much is shifting this year, and quickly. My services are no exception; all is aligning for my Highest expression in this Now. New Services beginning and closure on the old.

1. SUNday Unity Meditations: New time added!

We are adding 5:11AM Pacific Time to the weekly meditations, to honor the requests of our Australian and Asian meditators who wanted to feel the activations as One. Now we have a 12-hour spectrum to choose from (and we won’t confuse folks too much with a new number.) You may meditate anytime on SUNday if these are inconvenient to your schedule.

Invite everyone to the table, we are reaching SO many tipping points this month.


2. Ascension Path is now Ascension Path Foundations

I AM forever blessed by the way the Ascension Path class has changed people’s lives for the better. It continues to give a foundational platform for a positive, clear experience of the Ascension process. It is now known as Ascension Path Foundations.

Annual renewals will be ending September 30. If you desire an extension, do it now. The birthday Newsletter subscriber gift certificate is already applied HERE.


3. Wayshower Empowerment Class begins September 15

Part of my new service work is classes with a specific focus.

The Wayshower Empowerment class is designed for both individuals and large group co-creators. If empowering others to co-create the new paradigm of peace, unconditional love and unity consciousness is a core value, this class is for you.

We explore how to take Ascension from subculture to mainstream without sacrificing integrity, authenticity or genuine Divine Service.

Class begins on September 15. Visit the class site for details. I AM thrilled at what has presented for this creation. You may join us anytime, even after the first six-week launch of the class.

4. Private Sessions are shifting to Group Sessions

With the intention of unity, I AM beginning small group mentoring sessions in October.

5. More sharing, more free tools.

The weekly Light Intel Articles will reflect this expanded level of creativity. Our audience for the Gateway updates grows (on and off-planet), however the full spectrum of expression with this embodiment must be honored. Also expect new content on YouTube and Instagram (and subscribe/follow to receive.) My 80% free content model stands.

Keeping up with these energies and timeline fluctuations can be challenging. Best advice:  Follow where the heart’s enthusiasm flows in the moment.

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You for BEing a part of my sacred journey on Gaia. Infinite radiance to us all! Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! Pray rain!

In Love, Light and Service,


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light. As an Interdimensional Liaison, Sandra provides messages, articles, and videos focused on the Shift, and the deeply transformational Ascension Path online training class. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.

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BRENDA HOFFMAN – The New Kid on the New Block – 9-9-18 – 8-8-18 – roserambles dot org

Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel your creative well is dry.

Of course, such is not true for a variety of reasons,

most important of which is your need to create anew.

You are not you of yesteryear or even yesterday.

So it is you are evolving so rapidly

you cannot decide what you need,

via “The New Kid on the New Block” ~ September 9, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

A SACRED LAND – Astraea et Amora via Carla Thompson – 6-20-18 – by Georgi Stankov

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Foreword – Start Creating Your Reality Now

Georgi Stankov

This message from Astraea et Amora is personal and at the same time of great universal importance for all light warriors of the first and the last hour – the PAT. It came one day after we visited a place on the hills east of where we now live and sensed the bliss and beauty of New Raetia – the “sacred land” we now create. It announces the arrival of the “Great God’s Consciousness” which is the ultimate cosmic creationary consciousnesswithout any filters“. This would say that as soon as all codes are downloaded at the summer solstice, we can begin to create directly and immediately.

The power of our creation abilities has augmented million-, if not, billion-fold. This also bears huge perils on the downside if we cherish negative thoughts. However, the new codes of God’s consciousness are a complete over-write of all old human programs that have created this 3D reality and introduced the illusion of separation of the incarnated personality from God’s consciousness of unlimited Creation.

Therefore, the latest waves from the Source represent a complete overhaul of our entire energetic system as humans and it is not surprising if you feel very tired, sleepy and very foreign in your body and environment. It will eventually subside after the summer solstice. These changes affect all light warriors who have accomplished their LBP and have participated fully in the cleansing of Gaia and raising the vibrations of humanity, which is the greatest sacrifice a highly advanced soul coming from the Source can do on this planet. This magnificent work of the PAT is now even acknowledged by other channellers who are not part of the PAT, but are very much of the light:

“Without those of you who know what is happening, this ascension probably would not occur, but because of the work that you do on yourselves, and because of the compassion that you hold in your hearts, humanity is making the shift in consciousness.”

The Elohim told Carla that the new codes of God’s Consciousness transform the very core of those humans who are ready for the ascension and transfiguration into crystalline light beings. This night I had a pivotal dream where my HS was explaining to me in a play-upon-words that “these codes are completely affecting the “core and cora” of us as human beings. The second word is Bulgarian and means “crust”. What my HS wanted to convey to me with this pun was that the new codes are a complete reset not only of our core essence, but also of our outer appearance that represents our human nature as sentient biological species. This 3D human form is also subjected to radical transformation these days.





My Personal Dream of Creation 

Georgi Stankov, January 8, 2018 


Message From Astreae et Amora



I reached out today to One, as it has been awhile and I felt inspired to do so.  

I’ve also just released a book, “Join me on a Love Quest”. It is a journey into self-love, and that is what I believe is necessary for all of us now as we proceed through to the upcoming changes. It is one that was taken 7 years ago, by many of us together, on Face Book. It is, I believe, what has led to my own expansion. It was made into an easy to follow format so that others of us could easily explore the nuances of getting to know, forgive and ultimately love yourself.  There is a book trailer for it included below this conversation. Notice that the cover is a star map, for indeed the Quest to your center will navigate back to where it all began, where you all began. Check it out!  

Here is the conversation. (We had already been speaking in regards to the reader’s questions that will be a part of the next newsletter, to be published next week.)

“What can you tell me about this current moment? About the Event? About Earth changes, including the volcanoes erupting? It has been sometime since we’ve spoken.”


There seems to be a focus now on delays, destruction, and on the horrors of crimes perpetrated against humanity. As this awakening of the collective proceeds, all of it becomes visible.  It has been there always and it is this idea alone that gradually occurs to the human mind. All proceeds as it is called forth to proceed. It can be no other way.

The absolute conviction many humans hold in rightness, wrongness, good or evil perpetuates polarity.

It is this final lesson perhaps that remains elusive and then holds at bay (a) rapid, expedient progression.

For even those of you who many would claim to be highest evolved, hold deep in your heart ideas of separation.

These notions of “other” must be released. You wonder even now, why, in answer to your query about the Event and earth catastrophes, that this is the direction of the response. This, because my beloved one, it is in all ways and will always return to you.

For until you accept responsibility for all of it, you will not realize your true nature.

You hold within the essence of God-hood. The keys to creation are not hidden from you, yet they are covered still in blame and shame.
A God does not point fingers.

You are stepping closer to your nature, helped along by your inner drive towards evolution as well as (by) these rapidly accelerating frequencies.  As you do so, the most heinous crimes show themselves in the light of day to those with eyes to see.

These are not all eyes. It is for this reason you are here in such massive numbers now – those of you who originate not on earth but elsewhere. The reason for your presence and relentless hope is due to an inner calling.  You want everyone along for this progression, this Ascension.

You firmly believe that if everyone knew the truth, the truth of the program of control here, that they would choose to join you.

You must let that notion go. For in it is held a deep-seated belief that you hold the only true, right answer. That indeed you know the way.
In a sense you are requiring others to “follow” you in order to ascend.

Gods do not follow.

Gods create.

It is here where you’ll realize all answers you seek.

These are found not in predictions or calculations or observations even, but in belief.

Gods know.

In these words, let there be comfort as well as conviction and determination and realization.

You will create each moment from your core self. This happens in a place of pure knowing.

When there are no longer questions, you will have all the answers you seek.

That is all.

Thank you.

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THE EARTH PLAN – Words + Thoughts (& Emotions) = Creation – 6-15-18

David Wilcock is recognised for his gift in sifting through volumes of (often dry) data that is seemingly isolated and sometimes obscure, identifying and extracting pertinent content, and then presenting them altogether in a long string of connected themes to create a higher perspective and bigger picture. This is something I truly appreciate in David, and a major reason why I enjoy his Wisdom Teachings episodes.

In his latest season 29, and specifically episode 9 (Speaking Reality Into Being), David explains ~ using science ~ how words and thoughts create reality. Words and thoughts are energy that are less dense, and with focussed intention, these energies become more and more “solid” until they manifest. We all know that in theory and practice, but not necessarily scientifically. Well, I didn’t, anyway 🙂  You may already have figured it out, but when David showed how the dots connected, I was stumped for a long time. I already knew the separate segments of evidence, but didn’t pull them together to see the scientific connection. I had stopped at the sacred geometry part, and didn’t go further to connect it with the tetrahedron



THE CREATORS ∞ Stop Limiting Your Creations – 5-30-18 – via Daniel Scranton




“We tell you that you can create whatever experience you would like to create, and many of you think that you would like to live within the same framework that you have been living and simply have more of the things you have ever wanted, experienced, and so on. But if you were to give yourselves the opportunity to take it just a little bit further, you would realize that there is so much more to be experienced than what you have been exposed to so far in your lives.

So that is why it is necessary for you to let go of any attachment that you have to the ideas of the perfect life that you may have dreamt of. Because in order to access what is beyond what you have experienced, you must let go of the attachments that you have to the physical, to the world that you know so that you can open up to a much bigger world, a much broader experience than you have ever had.

You will find that it is so much more satisfying to let the details of your life be a surprise to you. It is much more fun when you do not know what your presents will be. That is why you have the wrapping paper and the box, so that you can have the experience of opening your gifts.

So please do decide what your new world will feel like to you, and erase from your mind any ideas of what it might look like, who might be there, what you will be doing. Because all of those trappings are just that. They can only limit you in the same way that your minds have limited you from the truth of who it is you really are, how it is you really operate in this world, and what it is you are capable of becoming.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton