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Lisa Gawlas – In the Stillness is Movement of Creation!



So sorry for the delay in getting another blog out. I had every intention of resuming the ongoing story Sunday, but I swear it was like forcing words out of my fingers. When the energy doesn’t flow, I know there are bits I am missing yet in the understanding. Sure enough!! Yesterdays day of readings shined a light on so many things I did not understand prior.

One of the things revealed in understanding was the difference between our heart energy and our soul energy. I have always assumed (silly me) it was one and the same thing. Nope!! The window of curiosity was flung open in one of the readings last week and the understanding came yesterday thru my first reading.

My lady was in the midst of boarding a train. The engine part of the train without any cars in the rear. The engine was beautiful, deep black trimmed in the most brilliant gold. It was explained that the black was what I call the abyss, everything and nothing. The gold was her soul energy. She was on a step going up into the train. She asked if she was the engineer… no.

It was then explained that she, herself is the fuel that moves the train. Her hear center is what not only gives the energy to move the train, but equally, the instruction on where it shall go.

The way I am understanding this at the moment, (always subject to change with more information,) is that the soul itself is what has access to the abyss. The emotional field of the heart center is what gives the soul the energy/instruction to access the abyss of creation/trans-port-ation. Which brings me to something else revealed last week in the light show.

We only presume to move. Everyone’s “center field” is actually where everything is taking place. When we (appear) to be going on a trip, lets say one country to another, it is our light field itself that elongates and takes in all the experiences and interconnections along the way. We have never left our center field. So in a way, we port from one experience to the next as light.

If we go back to the first lady I had seen in this light spectrum, the way spirit sees us, her light energy extended from her center to connect with something in her immediate field. It wasn’t that her whole center field moved, that always remained in place. I never noticed that until now.

So if we look at this in a larger context, the emotional field of the human MUST match the frequency of the soul to create and vise versa, If there is something the human desires that just is not part of the life experience (example, winning the lottery) it will never happen because the soul is not in that frequency plan period. However, there are places we can take our experience that is on the other end of the spectrum we would call, challenges. Taking a dead end street, going into a war zone (so to speak.) Experiences caused by the ego without the soul input.

Taking this a step further, there are various different frequencies for us to play with, to use as our mode of transportation. One lady had a hot air balloon yesterday, using the energy of fire from the passions of the earth, along with her spiritual vision placed into the flames which created the movements of color in the balloon part of her ride. When all is in the same frequency, away she goes.

Yet another person was on a magic carpet resting on the ground. She was placed in a bubble that prevented her from using it until the tasks she already created in her life were completed.

I hate to cut this short, but it is time for the next phase of my day. Until tomorrow…

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the emotion to move mountain thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Published on Apr 26, 2018

Learning about Creation, Twin Flames, more about the mission Operation Terra, the disaster in Atlantis, the Healing Centers, Healing Energy, Ascension, Gay Men and 2 spirited, HIV medication, Source Light, Timelines…

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – The Essence of Creation – via Ronna Herman – 5-31-19

Beloved masters, have you ever wondered about the true meaning of the phrase, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light’”? It is a complex statement and it has been interpreted in many ways. Hopefully, you are beginning to understand how profound and all-encompassing it is. In your recent past history, as children of God, you could only understand the story of Creation in its most simplistic form. But as you awaken, raise your consciousness, and tap into the cosmic truth of Creation, you now have the ability to access all the wisdom and majesty of your Divine origins and birthright.

In the beginning of the beginning, all that existed was the great void – which was filled with unlimited, unmanifested potential. The Supreme Creator was in repose within a sphere of unimaginable power and magnificence. The mind of the ALL THAT IS stirred, and from within ITS Core Essence, a White Fire Seed Atom came forth with the passion to create and experience more of ITSELF.

The words, “Let there be Light,” were not spoken, but from within the heart of the Creator there burst forth a beam of radiance of gigantic proportions. This beam of the Creator’s consciousness radiated forth out into the void, illuminating the great void, and thereby creating what was to be the Omniverse of the First Cause. Within this Light hologram were all the components of Creation, everything there ever has been and everything there ever will be: pure love, wisdom, the Divine Blueprint for all future universes, galaxies, star systems, planets, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, and YOU, dear ones.

When we speak of Light, it is in all-encompassing terms. Within the Light are all the love, wisdom, power, virtues, attributes, and aspects of the Creator. And because each of you is a child of our Father/Mother God of this Universe, you were decreed to be a co-creator, and you were endowed with your own special Divine blueprint containing the virtues and attributes of our God Parents. A White Fire Seed Atom of individualized God consciousness – a precious Spark of the Creator is who you really are.

Oh, yes, you are in a dramatically stepped down form, and you carry only a minuscule amount of the Creator’s Light, but nevertheless, you are a Being of Love/Light. The Light is your life-line to the Creator. The Divine Essence of our Mother/Father God is what you draw upon to bring your creations into manifested form: either joy, peace, love, and abundance, or you turn the energy into the lower frequencies of fear, pain, and limitation. Remember, you are a co-creator, and it is your choice as to what you manifest; however, it is a Universal Law that you must always experience that which you create.

The time has arrived. You are in the midst of a shifting of the Ages, and a great upward turn in the spiral of Cosmic Creation. You have journeyed down through the multi-dimensions to the farthest outward point allowable for this experiment in duality and polarity. You have existed in the DIM-ensions for too long, and now you are being given the opportunity to return to higher consciousness within the entry level of the Fifth Dimension, which is the next step in your never-ending journey back into the rarified realms of Light.

Fear, ignorance, lack, pain, and suffering are all a result of being cut off from the refined frequencies of God Light. The love of our Father/Mother God is contained within the Essence of Supreme Creator Light — all is contained within this radiance — remember that. All of Creation is manifested through Light vibrations, which create sound, pulsations of wave forms, and specific RAYS of consciousness. Imagine yourself as a tuning fork or resonance receptor attuned to certain frequencies and vibrations. As you refine your frequencies, you begin to vibrate and attune to higher and more refined energy vibrations, which contain more and more of the Creator’s Light — the components of Creation.

And so we ask you, what is your Light quotient? How much of the Creator’s Light have you integrated and claimed as your own? We are not looking for a number, dear hearts. We already know the answer. We can tell by the radiance and love you project from your heart center. We can tell by the qualities of the thought forms that permeate your auric field, and by your deeds, large and small. As you tap into and integrate more of the Light, you begin to walk tall, with purpose, and you make a positive impact on those around you. You become a leader instead of a follower – beginning by becoming the master of your own destiny – and by breaking free of the popular mass consciousness beliefs, thereby living and following your own truth and journey instead of that of someone else.

As we have told you before, this Universe is in a megacycle of increased Light impulses, which are radiating directly from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. The refined octaves of Creator Light are available to ALL at whatever level each Being has prepared their vessel to accept and integrate them.

The higher frequency Light cannot begin to infiltrate the static or jumbled frequencies that make up the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional physical vessel without the permission of the recipient and an opening of the heart center. Your Soul Self, OverSoul-Higher Self, and God Self are just waiting for a signal from you to begin the process — to open the Light line of eternal life. Light is in your DNA, and every atom of your body is filled with Light to one degree or another. If it were not so, you could not exist. It is time to unlock the flow of God Light from within and from without.

Envision billions of tiny Light particles turning on within your body, and billions more radiating down from your White Fire God Seed Atom, your God Self, in the form of sparkling, diamond crystal pyramids of Light. See yourself surrounded in a golden aura of Cosmic Light, and then observe as your circle of Love/Light begins to expand. Know that you are emulating the Creator as you say to yourself, “Let there be Light.” Now, watch as your unique beam of God’s Light streams forth before you, smoothing, harmonizing, lifting, and transforming via all the elements of wondrous refined creative energy.

As you learn to move back and forth between your Fifth-Dimensional Pyramid of Light and the sphere of Light you have built around you, you will be not affected by the negativity of the lower-frequency vibration patterns. You will create a sacred place within your heart and brain, and your world will begin to reflect your highest passions. Your sphere of influence will expand, and you will draw to you those who are in harmony with the refined frequencies and ideals you embody. Together, you will begin to be active participants in weaving the gossamer fabric of the new reality that is being birthed. And eventually, if it is your passion, you will be allowed to actively participate in the formulation of a future Divine Blueprint of Cosmic Creation within this Sub-Universe.

As a part of your transformational process, you are once again becoming aware of the energies and uses of the crystals and gemstones found within the Earth. They, too, carry Creator Light, and they will assist you to clear and balance the energies within much more quickly, if you attune to their individual energies and program them through your higher conscious intent. They are eager to work with you, for as you awaken and come into harmony with the higher frequencies, so do they.

There are great sentient quartz crystals, which resonate with the heartbeat of your Mother Earth, and other huge strategically placed crystal clusters which are attuned to the pulsations of the new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe. There are also huge Amethyst clusters that radiate the transforming Violet Flame, which were strategically placed deep within great caverns of the planet. These powerful sources of Creator Light are now being activated in order to send forth the transmuting vibrational frequencies of the Seventh Ray of the Aquarian Age. As we have told you before, they act as receivers and receptors – transmitters and broadcasters of energy and information – both around the world and out into the solar system and galaxy.

There are also Record Keeper crystals, both large and small, and they will assist you to activate the Memory Seed Atom Light packets within your brain structure – your Sacred brain. They can also help you unlock the mystery and wisdom of your and the Earth’s ancient past. The mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms are also in a state of transformation into a renewed, higher awareness. Beloveds, none will be left behind — all are in a state of transformation and awakening.

It is a time of liberation. The passion for freedom is growing stronger within the heart of every sentient Being on Earth. It is also a time of coming together. Even as you are being reunited with your Soul or Star families, so are we of the higher realms joining forces. For many Ages, you have journeyed your separate path in order to fulfill your particular part of the Divine Mission. But now, you are reuniting in order to create a synergistic overlay of consciousness that will be available to all who are prepared to be a part of the TEAM effort. We use this term, for you are comfortable with it, and it creates a mind picture of many working in harmony together with purpose and a common goal.

As we have told you in great detail, there are great and magnificent Pyramids of Light in the Fifth Dimension, where they are easily accessible to those of you who have done your homework, and who have attuned your physical vessel to the realms of Light. Within these Pyramids that you have access to and can draw forth are all the components of Creator Light you will need to create anything you desire, for the greatest good of all. Your angelic guides and teachers are waiting there to join you and to be cocreators with you. So, bring forth your visions and your pure intention so you may claim the miracles that await you.

What if we were to tell you that it is quite possible that your earthly spiritual contract is completed? Many of you would go into fear and you might say, “But that is not what we have been told by others.”

Allow us to explain and help you understand what is taking place. Yes, each of you have a contract that you made before you assumed your fleshly garment in this lifetime, and overlaying this is a more all-encompassing contract that you made when you came into your consciousness within this particular Sub-Universe. When you reach a certain level of en-LIGHTEN-ment, it is possible to complete the contract you made before coming to Earth for this particular embodiment. That contract was to bring together, balance, and harmonize all the loose ends or the major unbalanced energies you left behind from all your previous earthly incarnations (these were energies, probable futures, and agreements you created from all your past learning experiences).

Remember, we explained long ago that in the higher realms it was known this would be the most important lifetime any of you would ever experience on planet Earth. As a condition for being allowed to return to Earth during these exciting times of great change, there were three prerequisites that you had to agree to. First, much of your minor imbalances were eradicated via a special dispensation of grace. What remained in your auric field and memory banks were the lessons, energies, and creations that were most important for you to bring back into balance and harmony. Remember, we have told you, that the experiment on Earth was about polarity and duality / balance and harmony.

Second, you were given a general overlay of what you would have to experience during this one lifetime: all the trials, tests, challenges, and opportunities that would be presented to you in order for you to accomplish this assigned task. Third, because of the overlay of total free will that was granted humanity at the beginning of this experiment on planet Earth, you were asked if you would allow us, at the proper times, to set aside your free will in order to nudge you onto the path of awareness – to help you awaken to who you are, and to reveal to you your earthly mission. EVERY ONE OF YOU AGREED, or you would not be here.

That is the beauty and wonder of what is taking place at this time on Earth. Many more Starseed than we hoped for have accepted the challenge, and via tests and trials, they have taken advantage of the opportunities to awaken in consciousness as they were presented to them. We are pleased to say that a vast majority of you have bravely triumphed. Your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, as you balance and harmonize your inner force fields of Light, and then project your Creator Love/Light out into the world. You are coming together in greater and greater numbers, and you are joining forces with us as Warriors of Light and as champions of peace. When you have reached a certain level of harmony within, and you have balanced the ledger of life via loving interaction, deeds, and by gaining the wisdom of past experiences, that is when you are given an opportunity to gain access to your new Divine Blueprint for the Aquarian Age.

Beloveds, we would have you know that you have experienced every major Facet of Creation – either personally or via one of the many Soul Fragments of your God Self. You are much more ancient, and you are encoded with more wisdom than you could ever imagine. Do you not carry all the virtues and components of God within you? And so, as a part of bravely accepting this assignment on planet Earth, you were assured that at its successful completion, you would be allowed to choose your next assignment — you could join the ascended masters as they serve humanity and move forward on the spiral of evolution. Or you have the potential to experience and enjoy the many wonders and diverse creations within this Sub-Universal experience that you desire.

The return path that you chose before or during this incarnation is being modified. This is what your universal contract states: A candidate to partner with our Father/Mother God in the creation, seeding and overseeing of the mansion worlds. Yes, this will happen far into your future, but you may begin to draw forth the components, gifts, and wisdom which will help you fulfill and realize your new contract. It is assured, for it is your destiny. Know that we are not your superiors, we are your friends and partners. Let us join together as we walk boldly into our grand new future. You are loved and cherished beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael. 


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ARCHANGEL METATRON – All Is Possible ! – via Lee Degani – amparo alvarez @ Ashtar Command Crew – 4-16-19

You are of a new vibration, new in the sense that it is new to you in this world, but it is one that you have been familiar with before. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I AM Metatron, archangel, overseer of the work with children, holder of the sacred cube. And I come to you, dearest ones, today to tell you what is possible and what is not. All is possible. You have the power within your fingers, within your minds, within your hearts, within your light bodies. Each of you has your own individual and unique way of bringing forth that which others might think is not possible, but that you know that is.

There are a myriad of ways to bring forth the light and to bring it for healing onto Gaia. The question, dear ones, is do you trust yourself, do you allow the downloads to come in? For this was decided eons ago of what gifts you would bring forth. You have a multitude of gifts, each one of you. So trust what you are feeling, whether it is an enhanced light energy that comes from your hands or your heart, or whether it is a program to bring healing to the children with challenges, what the world calls challenges, but what we call a higher way of thinking and using the brains. Yes, these children need to live in the physical world and so we bring them the tools to help them do so and at the same time allow that which they have come to bring forth to still be intact and respected.

Perhaps it is in the middle of the night when you are woken up and the idea comes to you of what you must do. Those messages are from us and from you to remind you. And you are living in a time now that is of a different realm so these downloads may come through very easily. But what we ask you to do, beloved ones is to remember, to remember from the dreams, from those thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere, for the enhanced feelings of energy that you have radiating from you. Pay attention to them. Write them down, for yes, it is easy to forget once you go back to sleep.

And that is a suggestion, too, when it does come forth in a dream to write that down. Or if it is just what seems to be a random thought during the day, write that down, for you will find that when you go back and look at what you have written you will see the pattern and you will see the majesty of it all, the wonder of it all, the beauty of it all.

Trust what you are being given. You are of a new vibration, all of you, new in the sense that it is new to you in this world, but it is one that you have been familiar with before. Trust what you are being given. Trust what your next steps are. You are in partnership with us, in sacred partnership and so we bring you this message of love, so you may remember why you are here.

We leave you with much love. Farewell.

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This material is protected by copyright. It may not be used without written permission from the Council of Love. We will gladly allow its use if your planned usage meets our criterion. Please write us at: In brief, we require that it not be used for commercial purposes, that it be used in its entirety, that you not alter, transform or build upon this work, that the channel is given credit, and that the website link is included. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.

Lisa Gawlas – The Void of Creation – 4-16-19

the void of creation


On the 13th of April, everyone in the readings went to a very unexpected place. A place located between the mental planes and the created plane of our reality. A place I did not even know existed. I suppose that imaginary line that I kept seeing that separated the two planes in readings, was not so imaginary.

In this place it was as close to void of energy as I ever experienced in readings. I suppose I can even call it zero point. It was explained that this place opened up as we became centered between the new moon and full moon energies. Of course, I had to look at my calendar (like spirit would ever BS us lol) and sure enough, we were directly between the two moon systems.

Just because this place feels so void of energy, doesn’t mean it is. Nothing ever can be. For three days so far, the readings have unfolded from this place. A place that sort of filters the onslaught of energies permeating the earth planes we we prepare for the next phase of our ongoing evolution. From what I am understanding (and so much of this is hard to put into accurate words of explanation,) the new and full moons, along with all the energies released from the sun and much from places we never look at, is targeting our DNA/biological field of life.

I have come to realize there is so little we truly understand about the multidimensional universe we exist within. That includes everything, especially planet earth!! This thing I seen as a line separating the mental planes from the earth planes, I figured was simply our teams way of allowing me to discern the energy/visual location in our readings. When we “assume” something, spirit allows our assumptions. Think about that for a long minute.

I kept saying there is no reading dividing line tween the two planes. That is true. Not once did I ask of there was anything more to this line I seen and simply assumed it was there for clarity in readings. Not so true.

How many things in our experiences have we made assumptions about. Our teams are not here to tell us we are right or wrong, but allow us to discover the inaccuracies of our perceptions as part of our evolutionary growth. So something can remain (falsely) true until we push further and allow for the higher truth to be revealed. I immediately get a flash back to my days of being Catholic (religions in general) so much was not true, yet, I held it in myself as true, until deep dives in meditation showed me otherwise.

So much of these torrential energies are clearing debris that has clouded our perceptions for eons. But, even with that… we must have eyes to see. For as long as we hold on to anything as true, it shall remain in our field as that. Which really makes the word true an impossibility really. Because even what we see as true today, may (and more than likely, will) change and evolve as we are able to see and embrace the deeper details of Life evolving.

In one of the readings the other day, a precious man asked about the timelines. I forget exactly how he phrased his question, but the reply back was stunning.

I could see all these lines, sort of like guitar or piano strings. So many of them…. uncountable really. So many of them had something that looked like fuzzy energy strewn across them. What spirit said is there is a team in play right now, that is correcting the timelines so they are all harmonious and will (eventually) line up as one full on harmonic. It was also explained that many many humans over many incarnations, have created what I see as the fuzzy energies because they keep adjusting the energies of time to their perceptions of what was/is needed.

All our energies should be focused on our personal evolution, inside and out, without our energetic and created reality systems. So much is changing, enhancing, and falling away.

Ohhhh the storms I had seen in readings the last couple days. Winds of change, one even blowing windows inwards to clear the way my lady seen the world (created and uncreated.) This is an personal enhancement and nothing negative.

Actually, it just donned on me!! Spirit said that this entire month was circular and all events and energies rebuilding the core of each of us. This void space is that core.

Well, my day is about to being.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with love and the winds of change at your back and not in your face!! 

Lisa Gawlas



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GODDESS OF CREATION – The Vibration of Beauty – by Shelley Dressel – via Love Has Won – 3-14-19


ama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out with open arms and appreciate you coming into this now moment so as to experience the vibration of love, the vibration of compassion, and whatever transformation may be taking place at this time. 

You the human are the only one living your life. It is influenced by many, many other people; it may be influenced by the media.  It is also influenced by your Divinity.  It is influenced by past life experiences.  It is influenced by imprints that you may carry forward from other experiences.  So, as you are the one who is living your life there are all these other influences that do have an impact upon you.

 As we are here together at this now moment, I invite you to breathe deeply within yourself allowing yourself to connect into this now moment.  For the length of this journey let go any and all influences that are not serving you.  Allow your energies to open up to the love, the light, the vibration of I the Goddess and God, and all the other Angels and Light Beings that are here in support of you.  Have that clear intention to let go your daily life so as to bring in that which is going to support you and assist you with creating the life that you do seek to have.

During the month of February, both of the channels spoke of the about the vibration.  Vibration is an energy.  The vibration of all those influences that I just spoke about creating that which is your vibration that is then sent out to the people and situations in which you are involved, and also to your own self.  The vibrations of your sub-conscious energies may be having an impact upon you in ways in which you are unaware. 

The vibration of forgiveness is a vibration for clearing out and letting go of anything and everything that no longer serves you.  The vibration of love is a vibration that is very healing.  It is very nurturing.  It is something that assists you no matter what may be going on in your life.  Love is a representation of your Soul, of your Angels, of your Light Beings. 

You each have your own Guardian Angels that are there with you throughout this lifetime.  However, each of you also has access to many, many different Archangels.  You have access to some of the Star Beings.  You have access to those that have transitioned and are living on the other side. 

Therefore, as you are living your life recognize that you need not be alone.  That you need only to open up and you will receive the love and support of the many different Angels and Light Beings, because they are here for you.  

Some of them work to create the balance of the Earth.  Some of them work to create those potentials that people will then integrate into their lives.  However, any one of them will also come and work directly with you one on one. 

Sometimes people will feel that the Archangels are those that are closer to the Earth’s vibration and therefore more acceptable so as to assist you in your life.  This is not in the least anything to which you are limited; it is but a potential.

I invite you to breathe deeply and breathe that breath of energy again going into your heart center, but this time send that ball of light that moves down through your lower energy bodies allowing it to move into Gaia.  As you send that ball of energy into the Earth it is there as an anchor for you.  It is there to create that alignment so that you can communicate with the Fairies, the Devas, the Elves, the Elementals and so that you will know who is here for you.

Take a moment and open up as if you receive the flow and the light from the Earth into your heart.  Allow it to anchor you and allow it to support you.  As you are ready to do so with that vibration flowing up within you, coming up into your heart center, and then you send a stream of energy and light that moves up through your upper energy bodies.  It goes out through the top of your head and you find yourself aligning with your Higher Self. 

As you arrive within the space of your Higher Self you may see some of those potentials that you have been working on.  They are gathered here or set out so you may come and go as you create in your life.  You may see things back in the corner so to speak that represent old ideas that no longer serve you.  ~whew~ clear out what no longer serves you.

You allow your consciousness to continue to move upwards.  It moves upwards from your Higher Self as a stream of light and consciousness; it goes directly into the Soul Plane.  As you arrive within the Soul Plane your core essence, your Divinity, your Soul is right here in front of you.  You automatically align with that that is you.  Take a moment to feel that vibration and essence for what it is.

As you feel this deeper and deeper alignment that you have created with your own Divinity you will recognize that sense of welcome, that sense of receiving, that sense of just feeling that vibration and that energy.  Allow your heart to expand as far as it needs to expand so that your consciousness is fully in alignment with your Divinity. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you; you as the human, you as your Divinity, you as the blend of all that is your life.  As our energies merge, you’ll find yourself moving into the All That Is.  Look around at this space.  Look around at all a who are here to be of assistance to you.  As you find your space take a moment, and as if you have walked into a room what is here?  What was left behind? 

Sometimes as you create a change within your life there is that fear of letting go and you, therefore, say, “Okay I’ll let it go to a certain degree, but I’m still going to keep it in reserve”.  So, as you look around the All That Is and within your space are there certain things that you can now completely release.  ~whew~ Let them go.

I wanted to do that somewhat quickly so that you would not talk yourself into holding on to it.  When you look at your life are there certain things that you hold on to out of habit?  Are there certain things because you think it is supporting you in your journey?    

When we were still grounded, I spoke to you about many things that have an influence upon you.  Here within this space, I invite you to take a moment to ask that question and then see what may come into your consciousness, or that you may see an image about.  “What in my life has an influence upon me?”

Indeed, for most everyone, it is very easy and clear as they can list this, and this, and this.  So, you take that what is easily known and kind of put that list aside of you.  I now ask you to ask that question again. 

“What in my life has an influence upon me?”  Now there is another list that comes up, but now it is not so populated and it is not your first perception.  You take that and you shift it to the side.  I ask again, this time is there anything from your past, be it a past experience in this lifetime or is there of anything of which you are an unconscious which is having an influence upon you?   For many of you, that list becomes well populated. 

Let us begin with that third list that you have created.  This is very much from your unconscious.  Some of you may be aware of what it is.  In this now moment I send a flow of energy through everyone that this list populates for them so that they easily and readily can see what has an impact upon them of which they are unaware. 

Some of the other things that come to mind are threads and ties to their family with whom they grew up.  Some of the other things are cultural.  A particular culture in which you were raised is also having an influence upon you.  There are those things that may be what you think you should do.  I should take care of this.  I should go over here.  I should get that degree.  I should and you can fill that in if there is an answer for you.  So, the things that you feel like you should do that are not necessarily coming from your heart.

The next thing I ask is for you to become aware if there are energies from your past life that also have an influence upon you. For many, there were more than just a few of those items that got listed for you.  As I continue to look at this list we ask, if there is anything that has an influence upon you of which you are unaware bring it up at this time? 

Okay for some there were things that were supporting and making you stronger.  For some, it was things that were holding you back.  The key to anything that might be coming up from your past, whether it’s something you are conscious about or unconscious, most often there is that that supports you and that which holds you back.  It is like the scales tipping – one time it is a little of this way and one time it’s a little of that way. 

If there is anything in that list or that pile that you are unaware of which is no longer serving you let us take it out at this moment, bring it all together in a bowl of energy, ~whew~ send it out.  Send it away.  Get rid of it.  Clear it out.

You may look at that list and you may see that there are things from the past that have given you strength, that has given you knowledge, that has been helpful for you in your life.  We now shift and look at those other things that you are conscious about.  As you do so, as you move that front and center, ask yourself the question “how much of these items or experiences have an influence upon me or people, how much of it is pulling me down or holding me back”?  Allow yourself to take those threads and that energy of whatever that may, to bring it up from whatever is associated within you, ~whew~ let it go. 

As that energy clears out you see that there is a lot less of the distractions that you may have in your life and that it is creating a much bigger balance of those things that actually support you.  So, as we have cleared away things that no longer serve you come into this now moment.  Allow your heart to be wide open.  Allow your consciousness to be open.  Now look at these things that have an influence upon you and perhaps you’ll see that there is support that you were not paying attention to.  Perhaps you will recognize that you are stronger than you thought you were.  Perhaps you will see that these life lessons that were so challenging have created the person that you are right now. 

There are many other potentials for what you are receiving.  Let all of that just come into this now moment as you sit here quietly, as your Soul, as your Consciousness, as all of who you are.

Sometimes it can be challenging to accept the gifts that you have.  Sometimes it can be challenging to accept that you are smarter than you thought, have more abilities than what you thought, have a greater gift to share with others than what you thought.  The list is endless for what that may be. 

In this moment I invite Archangel Jophiel to come into the space to speak of beauty, love, and compassion, and whatever else she may speak.  She is frequently known as the Archangel of Beauty.

Archangel Jophiel Speaks:

Greetings dear family.  I know many of you very well.  I have worked with this group for many, many years and this is my first time to speak in such a way.

One of the reasons why this time is the right time for me to come in is that as you continue to build from clearing out through forgiveness of all those old experiences that you may have held on to; and then allowing love to come in you have transitioned a massive amount of your own personal life. 

Sometimes you feel as if you are constantly working.  Sometimes you feel as if this is a never-ending trial to live upon the Earth.  Sometimes you feel why, why me, why now, why this and I am here to say ‘just because’.  I know that can be very frustrating to people.  However, as you can see from all of these things you see that are influencing you, whether you are aware or unaware, that is that because.  

I would like for you to just gently push everything to the side, and as if you are looking at your human self, I would invite you to speak to yourself of beauty; beauty that comes from your Soul, beauty that comes from that deep knowledge and appreciation for any situation. 

Your Tabloids and Social Media put forth an ideal of what beauty is or what is accepted.  However, I say to you beauty is completely individualized.  Beauty comes in many forms, whether it is physical attributes, whether it’s compassion, perhaps it’s love.  Beauty is a way of looking at yourself and the world around you through the eyes of acceptance. 

For some of you as I speak of beauty and as I speak of integrating it in your life it makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable.  I would, therefore, ask you to just take a deep breath in, ~whew~ and gently release.  Letting go anything that feels awkward, anything that feels uncomfortable to you.  As you take another deep breath in, breathe into yourself that conscious intention that is the vibration of beauty. 

As you focus upon the vibration associated with a particular word what you are doing is going beneath the surface and allowing that vibration to move through you as it changes your life, your perception, and your reality.  So, in this now moment allow the vibration of beauty to just move through you. 

As you consider your physical body; I find that frequently humans can be very judgmental about their physical body.  Again, that programming that was spoken about earlier.  Allow for any programming about your physical body to move away.  Allow the vibration of beauty to move through your physical body.  As if it starts from the top of your head and it moves through your bones, your organs, your muscles, and your ligaments so that beauty is the vibration that you emanate when you think of your physical body.  

I invite you to integrate that vibration of beauty into every cell of your skin, every cell of your organs so that as it vibrates, it is going to intrinsically open you up to compassion, to acceptance, to allowing. 

As you consider your thoughts and beliefs do you have a pre-programmed perception of what beauty is?  If there is something that comes into your awareness as I speak those words just gently feel love and compassion for whatever that situation might be and if it’s pulling you down; let it go. 

Sometimes if you have a belief that this is the way it is supposed to look and you consider yourself different from that beauty and the thoughts pull you down.  Therefore, in this now moment allow the vibration of beauty to move through your thoughts and your beliefs, so that when you consider anything at all, be it on your life or the world around you the vibration of beauty moves through.  In doing so it will transform the way in which you look at the world.

As you move into your emotional body; your emotions frequently are creating the stability within you, but they are also interpreting your thoughts and beliefs.  If you infuse the vibration of beauty into your emotions you will find that it will naturally transform any emotions, be they related to perception, the past, or something that is happening right now in your life. 

Vibrate the emotions of beauty.  Phew, as I said that I could feel so many of you literally shifting in your emotions so that you became more gentle, you became more compassionate, you became more balanced.  This is happening first and foremost within you so that when you look outwards to the world you experience the world through the emotions of beauty.  

Overriding everything is your Soul energy body, your Divinity.  Beauty is always intrinsic to this.  Therefore, at this moment as if it pulls all those other energy bodies together that vibration from your Divinity of beauty moves through everything.  It is creating a pathway, an inner connection, and a transformation.  I ask you to sit for a moment so as to experience what that is for you.

As you spoke last month about love and forgiveness there were those instances where people had a difficult time accepting or receiving that into you, it was easier to give to others.  When you consider the vibration of beauty and the intrinsic balance that comes along with that, there is a very natural opening up of your heart center, and there is a calming of all your energy bodies so that you receive the balance within your life. 

It has been my pleasure to speak these words with you this evening.  I thank you for this opportunity and know that you may always call upon me. 


The Goddess of Creation returns:

It is I the Goddess once more coming forth to speak with you.  Beauty, love, compassion, acceptance, allowing, forgiveness, strength, potential all of those words have their own particular vibration that emanates from what that word represents.  As you are creating your life, especially as you clear out the old influencers that no longer serve you and you are seeking to create the life that does serve you, consider the vibration of the particular words you would like to have in your life. 

When you align, especially in this vibration with All That Is, with the vibration of these words or energies it moves deeper than the Ego.  It is moving to that intrinsic vibration that is you at your core, that is you as your Divinity.  Allow for all of that to become you the person that is living your life.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so send the person that you are creating for yourself into the center of this group.  Send the vibration of beauty as you integrate that into your own vibration and as it all goes within the center what it is doing is finding its even balance and then it is shifting it upwards into yet a higher vibration for everything. 

So that coming up within that you see the Hologram of the Earth.  As it’s moving through these vibrations it is moving into the highest potential that everyone upon the Earth will step into the vibration of beauty, taking with it compassion, acceptance, allowing, and everything else that goes along with it.  That aspect of the Hologram moves out into the Universe and is it moves out it is creating the vibration of those parts of the Universe that are in support of the Earth.  The remainder of it goes down.  It goes through the energy field of the Earth Plane.  It moves through the Collective Consciousness clearing things out until that Hologram moves all the way down into the center of the Earth and then it anchors and moves outwards.  As the Hologram moves outwards it is moving through the layers of the Earth and it comes up and into the top of the Earth.

Your own vibration is coming back for you through that link that you created in the beginning.  This is coming up through the trees, the grass, the water.  It is going all the way through, and as you clear the Collective Consciousness from the higher vibration, we clear it from the earthly vibrations, clearing out anything that no longer serves, allowing the vibration of beauty to permeate everything. 

As you integrate from your human self bring back the remainder of your consciousness.  As you breathe deeply breathing into your heart center and sending it down into the Earth have the intention that you release the All That Is, you move through the Soul Plane, you come back through your Higher Self and you stream back into your human existence. 

As you breathe gently and easily with every heartbeat feel the vibration of beauty as it moves through you aligning with your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and everything that you have created in the All That Is anchors within you in your human reality.  Feel the vibration of beauty.  Allow it to clear out any Ego based thoughts or beliefs.  Allow it to clear out anything at all associated with judgment so that the vibration of beauty is only the vibration of love, acceptance, compassion, balance, and alignment.

As you move through these next days, weeks, months within your life I invite you to remember to pay attention to that which influences your life, and if there is something that is influencing you, that is pulling you down, or holding you back, ~whew~ let it go.  As you invite the vibration of beauty to be within your life allow that vibration to move through you through every level of past, present, future, conscious or unconscious.  Let that vibration move through you as it allows even greater amounts of love.  It allows the vibration of the forgiveness and the vibration of anything else that was in your life that you are seeking to have.

Beloved, you are so much more than what you understand.  Open to this greater potential.  Allow that truth or that reality to become the guidance that allows you to move through life with love, with compassion, with ease.

Know that I am always with you and within you.



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