In5D – Unconditional Love Is Who We Are – 12-23-19 – by Blair

Unconditional Love Is Who We Are


by Blair,
Contributing Writer,

First, agree with me that you cannot fairly or accurately judge any situation without knowing all the facts and the background of all individuals involved. To understand and judge someone’s actions, you need to know the basis of those actions and how that person perceives the facts as well as the actions being judged, correct? Without that background, any judgment is bound to be flawed because you are attempting the judge someone or something in a vacuum.

For instance, without knowledge of who the police are, what kind of cars they drive and how they react to driving faster than the speed limit, how would you judge a car coming up behind you at a fast speed with wildly flashing lights and making ear splitting sounds? Would it be unreasonable to judge that you are being attacked and take actions to get away from the crazy car behind you? Of course not.



Jessica Delmar — Abe – SUMMER SOLSTICE _ Fiery DivineMasculine Reveals Truth – – New Expansion – 6-21-19

Jessica Delmar — Abe

Published on Jun 21, 2019

Summer Solstice Portal: Fiery Divine Masculine energy reveals truth and opens new areas of expansion. 2nd wave of the Trilogy energy unfolding with the Summer Solstice portal. Divine Masculine opens warmth, fiery energy. Continues to clear, cleanse and heal the lower 3 Chakras. Lower 3 Chakras transforming into higher vibrational 5D Chakras. Flipping the coin from shame and guilt to love and truth. // June 21, 2019

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MATT KAHN – A Glimpse Into 2019 – 1-1-19 – Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age Of Gaia


For so many years (and lifetimes), we’ve done the work, cleared the patterns and unraveled the beliefs. We’ve judged ourselves for our sensitivities, untangled the web of our familial conditioning and ancestral lineages, and even went to war with our own egos until loving ourselves unconditionally revealed the end game of sweet relief we’ve all been waiting for.

We’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and even sold it at a garage sale.

All of this to say that we, as the way showers, light workers, empaths, Earth angels, and love warriors of the planet are entering the new calendar year more authentic, allowing and aligned with the new energies of 2019.

Since 2019 adds up to 12, which then adds up to 3, 2019 serves as a time of deeper spiritual integration as your human self, soul, and the Universe come into balanced grounded harmony through the power of 3, which is the number of the Holy Trinity.

2019 is where your deepest soul’s essence and highest life purposes emerge in awareness with synchronistic support from the Universe to bring your dreams to life.

Your role, of course, is to keep loving yourself, not because there are so many things left to clear but now to allow your self-love practice to expand your field and refine your alignment with the higher waves of energy that we used the past few years to become more familiar with a higher vibrational level.

In honor of this theme of integrating your soul into physical form, the Universe has named 2019 “The Year of the Thriving Light Worker”. It is where those of you who have been shining the brightest begin to feel, experience, and know your true worth and value within a Universe that can support your mission, accelerate your contributions and re-create your reality to be as nourishing to your heart and as fulfilling to your soul as the vibration of love you bring to the world– even if pains, heartaches, hardships, patterns, and symptoms still linger.

I welcome your attendance at each 2019 event, where we can unite in-person (or via livestream, now available!) to resolve your concerns and transform your circumstances — once and for all.  I also invite you to join Angel Academy 9 and warmly welcome all of you who have already registered. I am honored to help you through this rapid transition at a remarkable, miraculous and joyful rate — all in aligned accordance with your soul’s contract in the Akashic Records.

May you enter 2019 more grateful to be alive and faithful in the will of your soul’s infinite power as you step across the threshold into the long-awaited Ascension timelines of 5D consciousness. You will still exist in a world filled with all the friends, family and familiarities you know and love. Life will just unfold with greater precision and feature more nourishing relationships as you view your reality from a more heart-centered perspective.

Let our celebration begin!

All for the love of all,

Matt Kahn

THE EVENT – Learning to live the Unconditional Life – Wake Up Experience — via Infinite Shift

“The Event is coming.” We read it everywhere.

And it is true, the potential for big shifts is off the charts.

Yet, the event is an inner event

that manifests in our reality.

Only when we have found our inner balance

and have worked through and transcended

all of our ego-patterns and “shadows”, our reality will …

via The Event: Learning to live the unconditional Life – Wake Up Experience — Infinite Shift

RITA LOYD – What Unconditional Self-Love Looks Like

Self Love 333

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“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” ~Louise L. Hay

When I first began painting twenty years ago, I had no idea what self-love was. A few years prior, I thought I knew, but when I lost my health to chronic illness and could no longer do the things I used to be able to do, I lost my ability to love myself. This and my illness caused a deep depression, so I chose creating art as a way to lift my spirits.

In order to create uplifting art, I first had to look at my life and see where it needed lifting. That meant that I had to look at my pain and identify its origins.

Sometimes it’s not the actual problems in life that cause us to suffer but the way we look at them. When we change our perspective, much of our suffering can diminish. So I would look at one problem in my life at a time, and then I would search my spiritual studies for advice, and paint it.

I continued with this process for about nine years, and then one day I made a discovery that would change my life forever.

I was drawing the image of a woman with words of encouragement all around her and then I suddenly realized that these words were messages of self-love. Then I realized that all of my paintings were messages of self-love.

I couldn’t see it before because I was focused on only one painting at a time. But now I could see that each painting was a reflection of my journey in search of self-love. 

Even more amazing was that I could see that my creative process was teaching me howto love myself and it did this by giving me a setting and the reason to:Unconditional Self-Love

  • Look inward
  • Ask myself questions and listen for answers
  • Seek new solutions
  • Be kind and patient with myself
  • Value my opinion
  • Trust in my instincts
  • Embrace my sensitivity
  • Forgive my mistakes
  • Give myself a voice and allow myself to speak

Now that I could understand what self-love was, at least within the boundaries of creating my art, I felt motivated to examine self-love further in order to incorporate it into all areas of my life.

So next, I looked at why I lost my self-love in the first place.

Before I lost my self-love, I had my health, I was going to the gym regularly, I had a wonderful husband and we did fun things together, I had a job, I was going to school, and I had friends. Everything was going well.

But when I lost everything (except my wonderful husband), my ego judged me as a failure and worthless, because its love was conditional. My life had to look a certain way before my ego allowed me to love myself. And then, when my ego became displeased, it activated the voice of my inner critic.

From the wreckage of my life, even my ego eventually gave up on me and in its silence, the gentle voice of my spirit could finally be heard. It guided me to paint art as a form of therapy. And within the quiet space of creating art, it became a spiritual experience that drew me closer to my spirit’s voice.

As I explored my thoughts about self-love and with the influence of Wayne Dyer’s book entitled Sacred Self, I came to the conclusion that there are two kinds of self-love.

There is ego-based self-love and there is spirit-based self-love. The former cares about what the ego cares about—appearances, power, and survival. The latter cares about what the spirit cares about—healing, wholeness, and love.

Early on when I lost my ability to love myself, I saw how conditional ego-based self-love is. But now I was ready for unconditional self-love, which is a love that never abandons us.

Before I found true self-love (spirit-based self-love) I thought self-love was about pampering ourselves, for example: buying a new outfit, getting a manicure, or going on vacation in order to feel happy. Pampering is not a bad thing if we can afford it, but it does become self-sabotage if we can’t.

Pampering is more about distracting ourselves from our problems rather than dealing with our problems in order to solve or manage them.

Real self-love is not about anything you can buy; therefore, it is available to everyone. Real self-love is about healing, helping, supporting, and empowering ourselves. It’s about examining what we believe about life and ourselves, and then challenging those beliefs to see if they are truly beneficial to our health and happiness.

The goal of unconditional self-love is to live our best life with a sense of wholeness, health, peace, and empowerment. Empowerment enables us to change our lives for the better and to make the world a better place.

Before I found self-love, I use to be a lot more critical with myself. For example, I hated how sensitive I was, because my sensitivity caused me to experience depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. This sensitive nature made me feel stupid, worthless, and weak.

But when I began to love myself, I began to look at the positive side of my sensitivity—that it gave me the ability to understand things on a deeper level and to create meaningful art that touches the hearts of others.

Another area that self-love improved in my life was that it influenced me to make better relationship choices. My first marriage was emotionally abusive, and I stayed in it because I didn’t believe in myself. But as my self-worth grew, I was able to leave and find a wonderful love with my husband Jody.

For me, my biggest obstacle to self-love was just not knowing what it was. Now that I know what it is, I can realign myself with unconditional self-love just by catching myself and realizing that I have strayed away from its path.

Now I know that true self-love is about the relationship that we have with ourselves.

It’s about paying attention to what we need in all areas of our lives instead of ignoring, avoiding, or neglecting those needs.

And it’s about speaking to ourselves, treating ourselves, and seeing ourselves with kindness, forgiveness, fairness, encouragement, patience, and helpfulness.

True self-love is not about standing in front of ourselves as a judge that shames and condemns us. True self-love is about walking beside ourselves in harmony and as a true friend, supporting ourselves along life’s entire journey.

Artwork by the author, Rita Loyd

About Rita Loyd

Rita Loyd is a watercolor artist and a writer. The message of her work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love. Her art was on the cover of science of mind magazine, March 2016 issue, with an 8-page article about her work inside. View her healing art and other tools for nurturing self-love at



CAROLYN ZAISER – Why You Came To Live This Life – 6-29-18


Published on Jun 29, 2018

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Twin Flame Unions – Unconditional Love is The Key – via Love Has Won – 6-24-18

Image result for aa mICHAEL



By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I have come to assist in raising the collective consciousness with information about the Twin Flame Unions. The energies are here for such grand unions, or shall I say “Re~Unions”. Now, there has been much mis and dis information about the Twin Flames and how does one attract such a powerful energy. The Twin Flame energy is one of the most powerful energies in the Multi-verse, Omni-verse and All of Creation. These are LOVE & The Unknowable Creator energies. It is by Divine Decree that these unions come to fruition, for those who are ready. Let us delve deeper into the Twin Flame energies and how they will assist in Our beloved Gaia’s Ascension. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.


History of The Twin Flames and Their Roles

In the Beginning, the very beginning of Creation, Love and Unknowable came together and created Mother of All Creation, Prime Creator, the Holy Spirit, Our Mother… Mother of Creation wished to create and express creation… Love Mirroring Love. She then created Father of All Creation from Her Heart. This is what many know to be the Image of God. Twin Souls, a Balanced Harmonic of Feminine and Masculine energies, created in the image of both Mother and Father. They Both created the First Fractal, which sparked and created the First 144,000 Original Twin Flames, which All other Fractals were created from Divine Intelligence… The Fibonacci Fractal, God Fractal, The Original Keys of Creation, in which We Are All Now Returning too. We call this, The Garden of Eden or Pure Balanced Harmonics. This is per Mother Earth=Heart’s Request, which again is Being Honored Right Now. Humanity or Illusion is Not in Control of This. We ReHeart You Dear Ones, We Are in the Great Shift. The Programmed Ego Mind will simply Not make it through.

The reason for the Twin Flame unions is to assist in restoring the Planet to it’s original state… The Garden Eden. The Twin Flames are to help bring forth the Age of Innocence. Planet Earth was created originally as the primary “Garden of Eden”, a place where Love having experiences in the Physical. A place where Love Mirrors Love. In Truth, it is Service to Our Beloved Mother Earth…. Gaia… to LOVE, that attracts the Twin Flame energies. As one dissolves the ego programmed mind, one is able to anchor in higher consciousness, and bring forth the Soul. There, the energies are ignited to attract the Twin Flame energies and guidance of one’s soul mission and roles for the New Earth. In Truth Dear Ones, it is about your inner work… your inner Healing.

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It is by Divine Decree that these unions come to fruition, for those who are ready… those who have chosen the Heart. It is by Divine Decree, per The Divine Plan and Divine Intervention occurring on Planet Earth=Heart at this time, as All of Creation has responded to Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, Prime Creator, Great Spirit, to Be Released from Bondage into Freedom, and bring forth The CoCreation of the New Story… The New Earth, where All Dreams of Love come True… Unity Consciousness, All As One.


The Twin Flame Fantasy of the Mind

We have observed much of the collective still in deep fantasy of the Twin Flames. The mind created many of these fantasies. Being that the mind knows nothing about Twin Flame Unions or the Ascension, it created many fantasies of what this Union is. Thinking that it is relationship relating to 3D and 4D concepts, simply because that is all it knows. A very deep form of ignorance. Many of you have had such experiences of ignorance when seeking advice to discussing about a topic that is foreign to the people you are engaging with. There would be one that “thinks” they know what your are talking about, yet has absolutely No experience in the matter. Yet, their minds think they know something. The same example applies with the mind and the Twin Flame. We would like to ReHeart All, The Twin Flames are a Union of Energies… of the Soul. This is not a relationship. How does one know a 5D union, when one has Never had such an experience, yet claim they know or are in a 5D relationship? The Union of the Twin Flame is that of the Heart. A Heart based companionship, which the mind can never enter or mimic.


Separation & Wholeness of Being

There are many lightworkers that think, they are not whole without their Twin Flame. This is a belief construct created by the mind. Prime Creator, Mother of all Creation, The Holy Spirit creates in wholeness, beauty, balance and unconditional love. All were and are created in the essence of Unconditional Love. You have always been whole. It is the mind that creates separation, imbalance and dysfunction. One cannot be just about the Self and attract the Twin Flame energies. This would be a complete contradiction.  AS ONE IN SERVICE TO SELF AND ALL OTHERS IN LOVE, THIS ATTRACTS THE TWIN FLAME AGAIN. No one can bring forth, let alone find your Twin Flame. Those that claim this are false lightworkers, thinking they are assisting in the ascension, when the opposite is True. Devices, Parlor tricks or rituals will not assist in attracting such powerful energies. ONLY HEART CENTERED ENERGIES, BEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW, MAGICAL SYNC EVENTS AND BALANCED HARMONICS OF THE BEING MAY ATTRACT THIS POWERFUL, REAL ENERGY OF THE SOUL.

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If you are still conditioned with;


Lack of Self Love,

Lack of Trust,









Wanting to Be Saved,


Power Over,

And more… then you are blocking the energies of the Twin Flame. If you are having issues in your current relationship, then we suggest looking in the ‘mirror’. You are being offered the opportunity to grow, to transform… Let go of all that no longer serves you and move forward in the Heart.


Unconditional Love is the Key

In Truth Dear Ones, Only the Heart knows and remembers the Twin Flame Union. When one receives dreams or feelings of the Twin Flame, this is the Heart sparking moments of remembrance. As always Dear Ones, this has been about your inner journey. The Twin Flame energies is included with the inner journey. Seeking outside of yourself, would be the same as seeking Love outside… A conditioning of the old paradigm. It has always been within. It is through unconditional Love of oneself that is the key. This begins and ends with the Heart. Your Divinity, your gifts, your very essence has always been in the Heart. The Magic… The Miracles… The Childlike Essence and so much more, has always been there, waiting to be harnessed and embraced. It is up to you to choose the Heart, and let go of all the mind. That is Ultimate Freedom.


Dear Ones, Be Love… Feel Love… Act in Love. Always shine your light and allow Love to flow through you. Let go of control, the old energies, the mind… and Be Free. We Honor your choices and are there for You in All Moments… in Unconditional Love… in Unity Consciousness with Our Mother & Father of all Creation. We All await your glorious return into the Golden Age… the Age of Aquarius… The Age of Innocence. The Children of the Heart inherit the Earth! Get into your Hearts, as the gifts of the New Earth=Heart await you. For LoveHasWon!


I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother, 

Archangel Michael