Daaniel Scranton – How the Rest of the Galaxy Sees You ∞ The 9D Arcturian Council


How the Rest of the Galaxy Sees You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a tremendous amount of respect for humankind, and we also know that there are many beings like us throughout the galaxy who share the regard for all of you and what you have chosen to do. When we see you feeling down about the human race, we know that feeling is coming from a place of knowing that you can be so much more. You can be more loving, more compassionate, more understanding, more helpful to one another, and you certainly can be more kind.

However, you also need to take into account how far humanity has already come. You are advanced enough to have gotten this far on your evolutionary journey. You chose a path for yourselves that would involve you facing emotions and aspects of yourselves that you would never choose to face or acknowledge from your egoic perspective, but there you are doing it, doing the work on yourselves. You could’ve chosen other, easier paths to ascension, but you wanted the really tough curriculum with all the very difficult challenges, and you chose this path because you wanted to experience the greatest amount of growth.

You wanted to feel what it would feel like to move from where you have been to where you are going, and right now what you are seeing is the messy middle. You are seeing what needs to be exposed. You all need to know about who you are when you are at your worst. And so, nothing is hidden any longer. You are becoming more aware. You are accessing information that makes you all take a long, hard look at the parts of you that carry the most darkness, and what is needed right now is not more judgment of yourselves or anyone else.

What is needed is more compassion, more understanding, more unconditional love, and certainly more forgiveness, and those of you who are truly awake realize that. And you are the ones who we speak to in these transmissions. You are the ones who are holding the flame there on Earth, keeping the light activated in the face of all of the darkness that you’ve become aware of, and all you really need to do at this time is to keep shining that light. But we would also like to see you acknowledge yourselves more in the ways that we and others throughout the galaxy do.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Mike Quinsey – The Forces of Light are Clearing the Dark Forces out of Positions of Influence – via Love Has Won – 3-15-19

This message comes through my Higher Self from the Prime Creator.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey

Image result for mike quinsey 2019

This year is flying by and together with weather changes should leave you in no doubt that time is continuing to speed up. It is an indication that you are moving up with the higher vibrations that are slowly but surely leaving the lower vibrations behind. It means that as it continues you will move into a greater harmony with everything else, and little or nothing will be left at that level of a negative nature.


Compassion is the word. Everything repeats itself and there is nothing new under the Sun, and therefore the future will be more of the past. What has happened in the past will be the pattern of the future. You have turned the page, the marker and you are starting to accumulate that which is your intention and your wisdom, your involvement in two areas you have never been before. This future has never been written, it is not on the track of the past at all. You say I cannot get ahead, what a deception this is and built to keep you in line. The deception is that which is an old energy – if Humanity feels it is stuck you will be and that is what happened. Do you know how easy you are to control when you think you can never get above where you are, and there are those who have controlled you for years that control the planet, the economy and you even have names for them, they are so successful because you know you will never get beyond a certain point. The new paradigm erases that completely and says that you awaken literally with an Akash which is starting to stir and starting to say “there are talents here for you that you have never had before, not only in this life but the next one, and the next one, that you are on a path that you have never seen, that will take you light years ahead of where you are now. Anything can be accomplish in this energy with the wind at your back and you might say “Dear Spirit, I will never give verbiage to Kryon again” I know there are things beyond which I can imagine for me no matter how old I am. I know I can go further than I have gone before in fact I am already there because I am part of the shift and not part of the deception.


There is so much that has been denied you, leaving you with an enormous challenge to find your way back to the Light. This has been intentional to give you a severe testing, to see if you could overcome the darkness and re-discover your true selves. You were and still are being helped to lift yourselves up, and as you must know by now, are helped by your ever present Guides. Understand that you volunteered for this experiment with the full confidence that you would achieve success. You are of course in the final stages if you have already awakened to the truth of your being. With the recent revelation that you have your God within because you are now considered to be ready to accept such information, it must be reassuring to know it is so and that you therefore have eternal life.

Apart from when you are called back to the Godhead, you have multi-lives through which you can evolve and gain knowledge as you follow the path back. Your experiences can even take you to different Universes where all types of lifeforms exist. It is one long adventure that will fulfil your desire for varied and exciting times. Human life is a great experience that enables you to evolve at a very quick rate, and leaves you well suited to help other souls evolve. As you expand through your level of consciousness you retain the knowledge you have gained that you can put to good use helping others follow in your path. In fact, ascended Humanity is due to help other evolving souls in the same way as they have.

The prime intention of your experiences is to prepare you for greater things that eventually take higher and higher into the Light Universe. You will realise that you are not your physical body, and this is provable at your level by the experiences of those that have had “out of the body” experiences. When you permanently leave it upon death the cord is cut and you are released. There is nothing to be fearful about concerning death, and you have had numerous examples where souls have been thrown out of their bodies and not realised that anything has happened. This is due to them having immediately found themselves in their etheric body that is identical to the physical body, except that it is of a finer vibration.

Dear Ones, the truth is incredible and we try not to overwhelm you, but it is now the time to enlighten you as to what lays ahead. It may take much time by your way of measuring it, but it is in any event speeding up as you have noticed. So be open-minded as to what may cross your path, and allow for many pleasant changes that are waiting to manifest. As you no doubt can imagine, moving from a Human Being to a Galactic Being is an enormous step to take and it is on your evolutionary path.

Be assured that at all stages in your evolution you are never alone, and there are always higher beings following your progress that will help you to succeed. You must by now have realised that evolution is arranged in an orderly fashion, and that at all stages help is always on hand. It is why we recommend that when you need it you ask for it, although you may not necessarily get as you wish but only when it is the right time to give you the full benefit. In the last cycle you inevitably carried karma with you and this had to be taken into consideration by those intending to help you. Now however most of you are free from old karma and if you err now instant karma will apply. In fact those souls that have progressed far along their path will have lifted their vibrations sufficiently not to incur karma.

You have of late been given a great deal of information about the future, but do not let it overpower you as much is way into your future. As things change it will be at a pace you can handle although there is a push at present to move on from the chaos of the present time. Much is waiting to be released that will open up your eyes to what lays ahead, and you are certain to be well pleased. We have told you many times that great changes are to made, and the time is getting nearer to seeing them. You are all beings of great potential and progress should soon go speeding ahead, as the time approaches and when it is safe to do so.

Your determination got you past the marker and now you must be equally determined to get through the changes that will lead to much joy and happiness, as you see old energies finally put behind you. The Forces of Light are mounting a relentless surge to clear the dark forces out of positions of influence, so that the Light can take over and bring the welcome changes into being.


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Bernhard Guenther – Compassionate Mirroring In Relationships – 10-8-18 – How To Exit The Matrix

Compassionate Mirroring In Relationships


How To Exit The Matrix

By Bernhard Guenther

Veil of Reality.com


We all need feedback and reflection sometimes from a good friend about some stuff we are going through on a personal level because there is only so much self-work you can do by “yourself”. We all have blind spots and can’t see ourselves fully objectively. Most unconscious stuff only comes up in relationship (not just the romantic kind).

Compassionate mirroring is especially needed in a “conscious relationship” with an intimate partner which goes way beyond just enjoying “romance”. I’m very grateful to my partner Laura that we are able to hold space for each other that way and dive deep with compassion, love and emotional vulnerability in a safe/sacred container, never forgetting/losing the connection to the Divine/the true self. It is the most important foundation in a “conscious” relationship where unconscious stuff tends to come up, ironically – brought to light – which is the whole point of a “conscious” relationship. It’s like an alchemical catalyst that heals both partners and strengthens the relationship via transmuting it into “higher” expressions of love each time and the bond grows stronger.

However, what is also needed is a strong foundation of collinearity beyond mutual “interests” or “personality traits” but a spiritual foundation where both people “look into the same direction” with a common aim. It also all depends on both partner’s level of being and how each person is SINCERELY engaged in their own self-work as individuals and the work they have already done in the past.

“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It is important that the other person (friends, partner) we confide in and ask for feedback is also sincerely engaged in the same work with a basic understanding of psychology and archetypal relationship dynamics (not just the romantic kind), such as shadow projection, childhood wounding (everyone is wounded to one degree of another because no one had perfect parents that were 100% available all the time attending to your needs) and how childhood wounding affects the present unconsciously.

Other factors come in as well, such as occult interferences, psychic attacks, related to the “topic of all topics”. But the basic foundation is the deeper inner work, because occult entities work through our wounding, blind spots and ego hooks which they feed off of. This is the Archonic/Wetiko alien infection (Paul Levy), Castaneda’s predator, Sri Aurobindo’s occult hostile forces or the General Law in the esoteric christian tradition, etc., trying to keep us plugged into the Matrix. We cut off their food source through sincere self-work and not becoming slaves to our emotional mechanical reactions and triggers. It’s also important to establish the inner witness in order to observe ourselves. This is a very different state then “getting into ones head”. It’s about being present on all levels, body, mind, emotion, and spirit. A trusted friend/partner can help us with that.

If we confide in or seek feedback from someone who is not engaged in sincere self-work and doesn’t understand basic psychology or how occult forces “operate” and influence us, then the feedback we receive might only strengthen our false self, the buffers with all the ego-mind’s justifications or they may put us down via shadow projections. Everyone wants to feel good, but sincere self-work is a destructive process. It entails confronting all the lies we’ve been telling ourselves, our wounds we have buffered up, our entitlement of what we think we want and need from others, our expectations, etc. Diving deep into the self can be very disturbing and challenging, causing physical and emotional pain, especially when we receive mirrors from others that point out issues in ourselves we never really saw before. But the person giving the mirror needs to be aware of the issue of projection, so the mirror is not a disguised shadow projection, hence, again, we need someone who has this understanding and is SINCERELY engaged in the work him/herself. But most importantly is for us to look into the mirror ourselves and ask: How sincere am I?

In order to do self-work we also need to know HOW to do it and that entails study and reading as well. Our mind and emotions can fool us so much. There is no way we can just “feel”, “meditate” or “think” ourselves through it without knowledge of how to do self-work, be it esoteric or psychological knowledge. We may get glimpses of insights here and there, but we can still fool ourselves without being aware of it if we don’t have a “higher context”, over-estimating ourselves in the process, even possibly engaging in spiritual bypassing. Moreover, knowledge needs to be applied. We all can have great insights and get inspired when we are reading some spiritual/psychological quotes/books when we are in a good place/space, but when the rubber hits the road and stuff comes up we sometimes tend to forget what we just learned and almost regress to the wounded child and the false personality and we literally forget ourselves – our true self. Again, a trusted friend/partner can help us stay “on track”, like being “alarm clocks” to each other as Gurdjieff said.

So, receiving feedback from others can make things better or worse. Many factors come on. If it makes us feel better, it does not necessarily mean that the feedback is true, but can feed our neurotic narcissistic ego, bypassing what needs to be confronted. Likewise if the feedback we get hurts something in us, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is not true or that the other person is trying to hurt us. We have an astonishing ability to fool ourselves, lie to ourselves and feel justified in our “likes” and “dislikes” hardly questioning what “I” is speaking at any given moment, the true self or the conditioned/wounded self. Shocks and disillusionment are part of the process.

Obviously positive re-enforcement and encouraging the other person is very much needed as well, if it comes from a sincere place. Not all mirrors are about pointing out our “wounded” blindspots but also about bringing to light the other person’s soul-embodied power, joy, talents and inspirations – to truly SEE the other person. The work never stops either but all there is are lessons. There is also no end to love.

Read more about relationships on Bernhard’s website, Piercing the Veil of Reality.



Oprah Winfrey talks with Thich Nhat Hanh – Power of Compassion –


Published on May 12, 2013

Thich Nhat Hanh MLK Collectible Comic Book 50 Left! https://www.the5powersmovie.com/ Overview: Truly insightful, deep and powerful. Oprah Winfrey via her incredible OWN network, talks to Thich Nhat Hanh about becoming a monk, meeting Martin Luther King Jr; The powers of mindfulness, insight, concentration and compassion, How to transform warring parties and how to deeply transform relationships. For full interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PCXeH..


KATHLEEN MARY WILLIS – How Things Work in the Higher Realms – Compassion for Negative Emotions – Golden Age Of Gaia – 8-19-18




Past and present, we have been, and are, witnesses to behaviour not of love.

Now is the time for conscious change to LOVE within/without.

How do we LOVE everyone when we do not trust certain behaviour patterns?

For example, those engaging in pedophilia, drug addiction, or leaders abusing power?

Are those behaviours in the without — the ones that trigger us — metaphors, reflections of hatred of self within?


I had a long, difficult marriage, many life lessons to really get what doesn’t work.

I Am Love for my former husband but I do not trust certain behaviour patterns.

With this distrust, I am coming to understand greater compassion, the Love.

From a place of non-judgement, the deeper I go into the heart, the more layers I peel, the greater compassion I have for self/others.

I am the change for the forgiveness of everything, that place of compassion, non-judgement, and the joy, the gratitude for the life lessons.


The movement of Love is everything.

feel compassion for the false grid of hatred within, that behaviour pattern not of love.

I make an imaginary phone call to the Mother/my self/Father, One/others — my former husband — saying I apologize, I forgive, how I LOVE and appreciate you/myself, how I am gratitude for all the life lessons. Over and over until I truly feel this on a deep level.

I invoke the Mother, the Universal Law of Elimination,
and the blessing and virtue of compassion
for the hatred and limitation.

Feeling non-judgement, I hold the highest vision for change, transmutation, and elimination of behaviour patterns not of love within/without.

With deep compassion, forgiveness, gratitude within/without, I come to understand Who I Am with more clarity for boundaries. I have learned what doesn’t work.


With greater Love for self within/others without, we create community.

We are changing the old paradigm of not caring to caring, within/without.

I Am Love and Worth/We Are Love and Worth

Self is All/We are One.

G E N D E R   E Q U A L I T Y   B A L A N C E

DEVOTION to female energy and male energy within
the Mother/Father ONE within/without, above/below.

Movement and the wisdom,
forgiving my self, the forgiveness of self
for not expressing and experiencing my self as Divine,
feeling compassion, non-judgement, holding the highest vision.
I Love and appreciate my self. I am gratitude, the joy, for my life purpose.




How Things Work in the Higher Realms – Compassion is Loving Self Others – By Kathleen Mary Willis – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 8-12-18


Kathleen Mary Willis

Did you know we take 17-30,000 breaths and have 50-70,000 thoughts a day? (1)

As we become more and more conscious of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we realize that, each day, there are thousands of opportunities — connected to our breath, our thoughts — to be the blessing of compassion, the Mother’s Loving Movement.

To allow understanding and the knowing of how things work in the higher realms to flow through us. . .

Thousands of opportunities to bless ourselves/others,
rather than to judge ourselves/others.

Self is All.

When we do not engage in drama or disarray, within or without, we’re being the virtue of compassion, the Father’s Wisdom.

When we’re still, quiet, around our own discomfort, thoughts and feelings, not projecting onto another, with ability to listen to our own inner guidance, or to another’s troubles, without judgement, without taking on any burden, we are being the virtue of compassion; we’re being heart conscious.

Being this way, we find there’s no need to defend self/others,

assume an ego-defensive attitude, or justify self/others.

All judgement  d i s s o l v e s.

Compassion is

holding the highest vision

for self/others, and for everything.

Honouring another’s choices, without trying to fix, heal, change — knowing we do not necessarily understand what another is going through — is the true sense, the virtue of compassion.

We can utilize the power of compassion, be sympathetic yet detached from ‘triggering’ situations, reflections — mirrors of self/others — with ability to forgive and graciously make and accept amends to self/others.

Being forgiving,

having forgiveness in our hearts

for self/others, creates balance within.

Doing this we are the blessing of compassion,

feeling compassion, Loving self/others,

being the virtue of compassion

without any judgement

is  B A L A N C E

with 17-30,000 breaths

and 50-70,000 thoughts a day.


Thanks to Golden Age Of Gaia



THE COMPASSION ROAD – BY Kathleen Mary Willis – Gender Equality Begins Within – 8-5-18 – via Golden Age Of Gaia



Golden Age Of Gaia


Sanat Kumara told the New You group in 2014 that they were transcending time and space reality and added:

“I want you to know this in the very core of your brilliant tri-flame, which none of you are working enough with, by the way.” (1)

Thanks to   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/08/05/the-compassion-road-gender-equality-begins-within/

Let’s look in a little more depth at that tri-flame and how it relates to gender equality.

Gender equality begins within.

Within our emerald heart chakra is our tri-flame, the Mother’s Blue Flameour own pink flame with it’s silver core, and the Golden Flame of the Father.

These flames when burning brightly, equal in strength and vitality, are gender equality within.

With equal Love for our Divine Mother, our feminine energy and our Divine Father, our masculine energy, in peace and the forgiveness, LOVE and the compassion, joy and the gratitude we are BALANCE, gender equality within.


In contemplation of our tri-flame, we find understandings, clues to our becoming.

The knowing of the Mother’s Movement of Peace, ability to forgive everything, and the Peace of the Father, thewisdom of forgiveness, is held within the blue flame.

The Mother’s Compassion, Love for everything, ability to bless everything, be non-judgemental, and the Virtue of the Father to hold the highest vision of the Love for All, is found in our pink flame.

The Mother’s Joy, our sacred mission, action, physical building of Nova Being, Nova Earth, and our sacred purpose, the Joy of the Father, the gratitude for the balance of gender equality, is found in the golden flame.

Equal qualities of the Mother’s Movement, Her Ability of Blessing, of Loving Everything, and the Love, the Wisdom, the Virtue of the Father are found in each flame.

Mother + Father = ONE

A balanced tri-flame is gender equality.

Understanding and knowing
feminine and masculine,
blessing and virtue,
N o v a  B e i n g

We = One

Sanat Kumara:

“Long ago the Council has given you the exercise of two fingers to the heart to give the Love and open another’s heart.

“Now this is not merely a feel-good or esoteric exercise. You can touch the hearts of millions all at once. You can give them this gift.

“You can line them up and say, ‘Today I am opening the hearts of all the recalcitrants. Today I am opening up all the hearts of ISIS. Today I am opening up all the hearts of all who sit in governance.’ And simply do it. You are far more powerful than you have recognized and given yourself credit for.

“Now we know how powerful you are. We are not partnering with juniors. You are not in a training phase. And we have passed the preparedness and the readiness. We are in action, beloveds!” (2)

Heart Consciousness
Love  is  E v e r y t h i n g

The Scales of Justice: the Knowing of Balance,
the Gratitude for Gender Equality Within/Without