MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – 11-10-17 – by Sananda.website



Events are moving ever more to a conclusion where re-valuation of the currencies is concerned. That it will happen is beyond question, and the first countries to benefit have already prepared themselves to go ahead at short notice. As you are undoubtedly aware, many things are progressing well that signal the significance of changes that are occurring all over the world. The old energies are dying away but not before causing some confusion and upsets. Be assured however that the cleansing is proceeding well and uncovering that which has been concealed for a very long time, and those involved are no longer able to hide their activities. There will be no hiding place for them and their crimes will be brought to light, and be answered for. New levels of honesty and integrity will be the order of the day, and anything less will not be tolerated.


The dark Ones have been in retreat for some time now but still have the ability to make a nuisance of themselves, to the point where matters have to be kept secret from them. However, they no longer pose the threat they used to be and as time passes they will be removed for once and for all. Some will try to escape from justice but their attempts will be in vain, and they will not be able to leave the Earth. They have served their purpose to test those of the Light and have come off second best. Their fate is to answer for their actions against the Laws of the Universe, and clearly they have much to learn.

As you move into the higher dimensions bear in mind that you have to take care as to what you think or say. As through the power of thought, what you think is what you become. It means that you can manifest anything that you need. It is not as difficult as you might imagine, as you grow into it and therefore have time to get used to it. Even now the power of your thought is sufficient to attract things to you. Naturally, if you focus upon negative things that disturb you, you may likewise attract them to you. Again however, as you evolve you learn to control your thoughts, and only give power to those that assist you.

You are in a time when the truth is surfacing and much that has been hidden will be revealed. It will re-write your history and reveal how you have been kept down and lied to about many things. However, you are now entitled to know the truth, and slowly but surely much will be revealed that has affected your lives. Much has been held back from you, and especially that which would have made your lives so much more comfortable. It will be put right and you shall receive all of the benefits in due course. So do not despair at the happenings resulting from the changes taking place. It is the old being cleared away to make way for the new that shall quickly lift you up.

Look ahead and think “New Age” because it is just beginning to take effect as the energies for change continue to build up. Believe it because you have crossed the bridge never to return to the old ways. Be up uplifted and do not allow whatever goes on around you to pull you into negative thinking or actions. You are being helped all of the way so be guided by your intuitive thoughts, that are coming from your Higher Self who knows you well and works with you all of the time. However, none of your Guides would work against your wishes or your freewill choices. They will nevertheless try their best to influence you for the better where you are straying from your life plan.

Most countries are in a state of need for funds and cannot always pay for the basic requirements to keep the poorest people out of poverty. It is a situation that is crying out for new leadership that can find the right solutions without making matters worse. It is obvious that the rich are getting richer and the wealth of the world is in the hands of very few people. A fair distribution of wealth would help solve the imbalances, but that will not happen until far reaching changes are made. The long awaited change in the value of currencies is one step to achieving some success, but is only the start as more changes are foreseen. There are people waiting to gain positions of power who can see far ahead, and have the ability to shape the future for the betterment of all people. It should not be too long before their abilities are recognised and they are given an opportunity to show what they can do for everyone.

The turmoil will continue for a time but out of it will come new ideas and ways of quickly dealing with the needs of the people. Some will try hard to hold onto what they are familiar with but it is time for change and the end of all that which has held mankind back. It does of course come down to who wields the power, which until quite recently was the Illuminati. Having set up a power base within the military they have used it to fulfil their own ambitions, and use it secretly. Consequently they have been accountable to no one in authority, and have been largely able to keep news of their activities quiet with allegiance to no one except themselves. However, the situation has changed in recent times as “whistle blowers” have stepped forward and released damaging information that has been placed before the public.

Much against expectations you successfully passed the year 2012 that marked the end of a cycle, and since that time the vibrations have continued to rise, and will do so all the way to Ascension. A potential disaster was prevented and as you have already been informed another one would not be permitted. However, the old timeline continues on to its natural end, whilst the new one has enabled you to shift dimensions and leave the old behind. You are now at a point where events are close to bringing about the first major changes that will lead to the new Republic being announced. From thereon things will speed up and bring about the many eagerly anticipated changes in quick succession.

With the release of more Light on Mother Earth and information as to the truth of what has been taking place, there will be no way back for the dark Forces. They are seeing their power diminished, and are unable to impose their plan for world control under one government. In a free world they have tried to take it over, but in the end the power of the Light has succeeded in raising the vibrations that will take Humanity all the way to Ascension. It will place a burden on all of you until it is clear that the dark Ones have been defeated and will be expelled from Earth. The signs will be there for all to see very soon, and it will be obvious that a new era has truly begun. Having cleared the last hurdle Humanity will soon realise the truth and seize the opportunity to bring permanent peace to the Earth. So Dear Ones, whatever karma you still have to clear know that it is most likely the last you will need to deal with.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
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ABRAHAM / HICKS – Permanent World Peace and Abundance – 9-23-17

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 Abraham answers a question on the subject of achieving total permanent world peace and prosperity. From Abraham’s DVD “The Law of Attraction in Action” by Esther & Jerry Hicks

L’AURA PLEIADIAN – COSMIC RESET – Higher Dimensional Opening – In Union On Earth the New Divine Humanity – 8-12-17


L’Aura Pleidian

The COSMIC RESET ~ fulfilling itself through CONSCIOUSNESS ~ all is possible NOW.

The Divine Council of Overseers and the Blue Avians welcome you to the activation of DEEP change WITHIN.

The Beliefs that you hold on to as How Abundance manifests for YOU is up for complete change. Is it NOT?

The Limitations are leaving those who have dedicated their awareness to the process of complete transformation within.

Walls are coming down. New Thresholds entered.


What Now ~ the Manifestation of beyond ones wildest dreams.

And why not?

What is this thing called material form anyway.

It is nothing but the matching frequency of consciousness.

This was for you to learn and many of you now are entering the doorway to surpassing this the ONCE THOUGHT OF  ~ highest potential. Only to find it is way beyond that and it is consciousness.

Like a child playing with a new toy, this is how it is.

It always was, since the beginning. The beginning on Earth that is on Mu ~ Over 500 million years ago.

Yet even now, it is now.

WE have been with you.

We were present when the Creator Gods Set things in morion, that is ~ consciousness with form.

You are now entering the new world of THOUGHT that is heart based and manifests the dreams you have always desired.

That is the desire ~ that has caught up with itself.

What is  ~ always ~ was.

And so it is!

We are with YOU celebrating all that is and now within you is UNFOLDING IN THE  Beloved LIGHT OF ALL THAT IS.

Enter NOW YOUR  legacy as Children of LIGHT.

We are with YOU activating ALL consciousness NOW with the Light that surpasses ANYTHING previously Imagined.

FEEL ~ this NOW.

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LISA GAWLAS – Abundant vs Non – Abundant – All-Ways Your Creation –



Lisa Gawlas: 

Yesterday did not unfold like I had scheduled it to unfold!!  I had readings to do and instead, from the moment I published yesterdays blogs, major downloads started coming in to the point of almost being immobile from the energies.  As I attempted to do my first reading, even as the phone was ringing, I got a visual of a large, thick gauze over my forehead, my 3rd energy was covered from reading the field.  I can honestly say, I have never been so deeply triggered as I was yesterday writing the last bit in my blog about the workshop in September and everything else I wrote about yesterday.  Some parts I fully understood, most was pure energy without conscious awareness of what coming in.


These downloads lasted until the sun went down.  But I also noticed something important for all of us to understand.  I pretty much live on my back porch.  It’s where my office is, where I do the readings and anything computer related.  I am almost always by myself, it’s too damn hot for any sane person to sit out here longer than a moment.   But I do.  Truly, because i smoke out here.

Anytime I walked in the house, the downloads stopped, I come back outside, they are in full swing again.  I already knew the energy inside the house was not conducive to the energies I must reach and maintain in order to do what I do, I did not realize this applies to the particular download streams too.  It now makes so much sense as to why when I attempt a bath meditation, I can get an opening visual, but then it collapses and I cannot get back there.  I have used up my personal frequency and then it is subject to the frequency of the house/environment.

I say all that to help us all become aware, if you are struggling with connection, with working your energies the way you know you can, but can’t.  It may not be you but the environment in which you are attempting to do so.  The same thing is happening at the Retreat center, the energy that was there, gone, completely gone.  So I remain on the back porch for now.  That collapse is completely on me.  I went against my teams guidance just to keep harmony in the outside world called my life.  I think we can all sell off a piece of our soul to try and keep everyone happy and then wonder why things have gotten so difficult.

In these energies, as we have been saying for months, there is no mercy, no forgiveness in going against your own guidance system.  Let’s take that one step further, as I hear it now, there is also no mercy for not being fully engaged with your inner guidance system.

The way we see, experience and talk about our life, creates a lot.  I was reading a gofundme article about a 4 year old who got mauled by a neighbors dog, and I opened up the go fund me app and had this instant thought “I don’t have much but I will give you something.”  Instantly, I was remanded with new words, coupled with new true energy to cover that negligent thought up, “I have so much and I will share some of that with you.”

We tend to gauge our whole life according to what we have in the bank.  Our bank account is simply a constantly moving reflection of our whole life.  When our cash flow is not reflecting our abundantly created life, then we need to look to where we have stagnated our own energy, our own movement and change it.

On the opposite spectrum, some people have plenty of money coming in but not a whole lot of internal joy and connection.  Nothing is ever a one way street.

Spirit will do all it can to push us out of our comfort zones, our stagnation areas.  It is our jobs to move with the pushing.  To want out of stagnation more than we are willing to stay in that place.

All of this came thru the massive processing I was in yesterday as I am hearing and seeing the special gifts that are coming in to the members of the Nation of Lights.  To those members who are willing to put a brick in the emerging wall month after month.  To steady its birth, sturdy the life coming thru it.  To enlarge the territory of Life in Life, consciously.

I can argue quite well with my team, hell, with God himself (I am not a passive player even in incoming guidance!! lol)  As these downloads started in visuals, and I could see spirit running very particular spiritual gifts thru our meetings every week, I instantly thought about the many emails I have received since the Nation’s launched.. the emails saying I want to join but have no money and trust me, I have to sit on my hands not to just give people free access.  As my team consistently reminds me, go ahead try building a house and not pay any of the contractors, the house collapses before it ever sees reality.  We all live in an amazingly abundant world, except those who cannot see it.  Who has resigned to the stagnation of un-abundancey.  A personal choice that is completely allowed and at this changing energy time on earth, will not be interfered with, except y you and your personal actions to change it all.

We have little to no conscious memories of what it took to build maintain what we know as the Essene community.  Not only to build it as a physical construct, but to maintain the purest of energies within it.  They kicked more people out than they ever let in.  But history does not look to that.  For the most part, history see’s nothing but the guy we know as Jesus.  Much more came out of that community than just the likes of Jesus.  Much, much more.

In the downloads yesterday, coupled with the Into the Void workshop and the sword I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I posted some details on the Nation’s facebook pageso I would not forget the exact details.  I am grateful I did that, I know my over crowded memory.  So let me share that then extract from it:

We will be instructed by the Extraterrestrial Counsel of Ascending Light thru the entire event. Acturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and others. Each in physical attendance will be fashioned with their own unique Sword of energy (encoded in a crystal each participant will receive at arrival.) The engraving will take place during the void and the release of  it’s energy thru the reaping of energy thru the eclipse onward.  This crystal will remain your lifetime partner and will go thru constant upgrades as the energies shift.

Just for the record, they not ever refer to themselves as extraterrestrial, but added that word for our understanding.  I was instability reminded of the hypnosis with the guardians, session three “Welcome Home” session (all of which is available to paid members under the meditation part of the carousel.)  The end of that session is around a pyramid with each persons ET connection behind them.

In talking (since i could not read) with one of the lady’s that will be at the Void workshop, I could see her crystal already being infused.  Her team called her a “gate keeper” but not any like we are familiar with to date.  The energy’s of the past are releasing themselves, so the gateways that once needed guard, dissolving as new ones opened up in the higher frequencies.  It was explained to her, that she will be given much deeper instruction at the event, since not one of us can conceive right now. the energetic landscape that is currently building.

It was also explained that “boots on the ground” is where the truest spiritual power lays.  Altho the internet has been a huge catalyst to bring us together consciously, it is also allowing for distance to remain.  I was shown a visual of a light bulb burning in Australia and one burning here in the USA, from above the earths plane, yes you can see the energy stream of light flowing out and connecting, but more like a night-light.  When those same lights are standing on the ground, side by side, it becomes like a halogen flood light. The earth, the humans and spirit/god are Present as One.  And where the true rebuilding must be done from.

Of course, spirit has been saying for the last two years, it is time to come together at the ground level of creation to create.  They were not joking!! lol

Back to my conversation and these crystals.  There will be 12 fully infused crystals as move into the void.  One will house the gatekeeper energy, one the energy from Michael’s sword, and then 10 other frequencies too.  I received no clarity on what those other qualities will be, and this morning I hear that I will not know until I meet (in person) the person who activates what is (going to be or will be) stored.  I was also told, this could take years.  It doesn’t have to, but can.

The 12 tribes and the musical frequencies within each tribe.  The hunt is on!! lol (That is a quote.)

There is so much more, but… this sitting on my hands is becoming oddly common place.  “We share what needs to be shared to motivate the All, and save the fine wines for the class events.  Put your cup out, it will be filled.”

Before I end this, I am declaring my commitment out loud here to do my first full Nation of Lights Energy Recap on Sunday.  This will be a weekly event published on the Nations youtube channel.  This is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone and have been resisting it for weeks now.  It is actually watching The Leo King and his Pleiadian Summer message that got me off my resistance track and really seeing the value thru him, in physical expression (and not just the typed out words.)  You will keep getting both.  This will be in addition to my blog and both with ALL-WAYS remain my give back to the ALL (hear that as, free lol.)

Lisa Galwas

My new link to book readings is now here:   https://www.nationoflights.com/private-sessions/

July Special ~ TWO DAYS LEFT:  All Reading purchased thru today and the rest of July includes One Month Paid Membership in the Nation!! (The email confirmation was supposed to provide a link to the reschedule zone, which it is not.  Please book your free 15 minute reading after joining the full membership of the Nation thru the reschedule zone.  Thank you.)

Also, Any paid membership in the Nation receives one free 15 minute reading!!!  Two days left here as well.  Hopefully the link to schedule the free reading is in the Nation’s confirmation email, if not, just hit up the reschedule zone please and let us know.  We are tweaking as fast as we can!!  Just click here: https://www.nationoflights.com/join-the-nation

We now offer a weekly membership.

You can use this lower fee ongoing or just come explore once a month.  Remember, all classes and sessions will be in a video/audio library so you can participate when you can.  I pray this helps those who have been feeling left out.  The information is detailed here: https://www.nationoflights.com/join-the-nation


HIGH POWER MANIFESTING – by Richard Lee McKim Jr., One Who Knows – 7-21-17 – by Ascension With Earth

HIGH POWER MANIFESTING – by Richard Lee McKim Jr., One Who Knows – 7-21-17 – by Ascension With Earth



High Power Manifesting

This is the VERY ADVANCED course on Manifesting.  Frankly, this is how Manifesting is done in Higher Dimensions.   The only difference between where you are now, and the Higher Dimension of High Power Manifesting, is KNOWING.  In the Higher Dimensions they Know how the Universe works, and thus, they know how to work it.   In this regard, I am going to show you how simple, and how powerful Manifesting can be …. When you KNOW how easy it really is.

Creators Create

As Co-Creators of this Universe, we Co-Create it.  EVERY single “Being” in the Universe, has some Co-Creative ability, in DIRECT relevance to their Level of Consciousness, which simply means they can Co-Create to the degree that they KNOW they can.   In short, the more powerful you know you are, the more powerful you are.  It is easy to see why the Cabal wanted us to think we were “Born Sinners” and that we were powerless beings.  Since our ability to Create and Manifest is a function of what we think we can do, we were powerless as a result.  But, Creators Create…. so were we REALLY Powerless?  No, we were Powerful Creators, just not “Conscious” ones.  The consequence of “Un-Conscious” creating, is significant, but before we get to that,  how do we create?

The Basics Of Creation

This could more correctly be said “The Basics of Manifesting,” since all creating is Manifesting.  In short ALL manifesting comes from an Idea (What) and a Desire (Why).  That means a “Want” which I have explained before is a “What & Why.”   This is EXACTLY the same no matter whether you are at a super high dimension (Consciousness) Creating Universes, or a super low Dimension (Consciousness) creating your rent payment.   So this begs the question, “Why Can’t we create Universes, if the Manifesting formula is the same?”   That is a good question, and the simple answer is “Expectation.”

Expectation Begets Manifestation

Expectation MEANS all Criteria for manifestation have been met/satisfied. Criteria are simply blocks or obstacles that must be overcome before the Manifestation can (is allowed to) occur.  Herein lies the major differences between Dimensions and levels of Consciousness.

At the highest levels of Creators (God Powered Beings) they simply have an idea of what they want, such as a new Universe, and then EXPECT it to be created (Happen).  They did not have any false obstacles in the way, such as saving up enough money to buy the parts to make a Universe.  They know that the Universe is Magic at its core and whatever is wanted and expected, is created.  Ask and you shall receive.  How else could it happen?   Is there a “Universe-Depot” where Universe Creators go to get supplies to make Universes?  Of course not, the idea that you have to have “parts” and “make” things is so 3-d.

If we had the Understanding (Consciousness) of these higher dimensional beings, we could “Want” a chair, imagine its design, and then Expect it to appear at the location we wanted it to be.  But, we don’t expect that because we have a MUCH lower Consciousness Expectation.  in order for us to Expect to get the chair we want, we would have to buy it, get the parts and make it, or have it given to us.

It is easy to see that our Power of Manifestation is greatly limited by our “Level” of expectation.  If we just expected it to materialize, it would, or should I say “Could.”  But we are way to “Realistic” and “Rational” for that kind of crazy talk aren’t we?  Too bad, isn’t it?

So, could we just “Expect” to be able to manifest Universes, or at least, Expect to materialize a chair?  No, not really.  Because, while you may say “You Expect It,” in reality you really don’t.  Expectation has a measure of “Realness/Power” and that measure is “Confidence.”


Expectation, is only Expectation, if you’re REALLY expect it.  How much you REALLY expect something to happen, is a matter of your Confidence that it will.  I have written a post on types of Confidence and I suggest that you read it now, before you continue reading this post.  Here is the link:

“How To Be Confident” – One Who Knows – 2.13.17


As a short review, Meaning is what Creates “What Is Meant To Be.”  We call that Fate.   However, “Fate” is not black and white, it is a “Probability” of what is Meant to be.   What is meant to be, for our discussion, ranges from a 1% chance to 100% certainty.   Clearly, those events with a higher Probability, are more likely to Manifest, than those with a small probability.   All that the Universe does, is “coordinate” events and experiences so that events with a 0% probability DO NOT happen, things with a 100% probability DO HAPPEN, and everything else in-between is “Accommodated” according to circumstance.   In short, when Circumstance Meets Probability, then Manifestation occurs.

Raising Probability

The key variable of Probability is Confidence.  That is why those who are more confident get what they want more often because they believe they will.  It could be said that High Confidence = High Belief, and Low Confidence = Low Belief.   So, while this discussion could be centered on Belief, I still prefer using Confidence since it is actually the foundation of Belief, and thus more important.

To raise Probability of What is Meant To Be, or the Fate of a certain event, Confidence must be raised.   Without rewriting the post on Confidence, I will summarize it here, but reading that post (Link Above) is a MUST in order to gain mastery on your ability to Manifest at will.

The Four types of Confidence are Faith, Determination, Reasoning, and Evidence.  Clearly Evidence gives ample Proof that something is true and that “What is meant to be” most certainly will be, creating a Fate with a probability of 100%.  Without going into details, your Faith could be absolute, your Determination could be unwavering, and/or your Reasoning could be impeccable, and in all cases you could raise your confidence level to certainty and thus reach a perfect Fate Probability of 100%.

However, you could deny the evidence, refute the reasoning and/or have faith and reasoning that something is NOT TRUE, and lower your Fate Probability to 0%.   These same four Confidence types could be used to raise or lower confidence, thus raising or lowering the Fate Probability of a manifestation.

We Still Have Our FULL Power

So this brings us full circle about our Power and ability to Manifest at will.  Earlier, I stated that we have been told we were born sinners, and were weak and powerless beings, and so we did not take advantage of our own manifesting power.  This is in some ways true, and others not true.  The question is more like “Did WE use it to our advantage, or did someone else use it to theirs?”  Good question.

The short answer is that we did not use it since we most likely did not even know we had the Power, The “God Power®” to alter and control our own realities.   But, we still had our full manifesting power still.  To understand this better, let’s review the basics of manifesting.

Want & Don’t Want Manifest The Same Way

You need a “Want” which is a “What and a Why,” but what I did not tell you, is a “Don’t Want” still has a “What and a Why [Not]”  and has the same manifesting power.  When you have a What, any thought you give to it, causes it to manifest.   So when you want a new car, the what is the having the new car, and all the thought you give to having it, the why, in a way “fertilizes it” until the What, manifests.  Likewise, when you have a “What” such as “Getting a Disease” and you think about all the reasons you don’t want to get a disease and die, (The Why Not), gives the same thought energy (Manifesting Fertilizer) to the what and causes it to manifest as a result.  This is why are you always (In All Ways) told NOT to think about and talk about what you don’t want, or else, you just might get it.

Manifesting Review

So to review…. Manifesting takes a “Want” (Or Don’t Want), and Expectation (to the degree of your Confidence) = Fate (Manifesting Probability %).   This means that if you have these “Elements” you get manifestation, EVERY TIME.   Are you ready for the “Bomb Shell?”    You have co-created and con-manifested every disaster, and doomed mankind, unknowingly and unwittingly.  No worries, we are going to fix it right now.

Manifesting Examples

So, I am sure you are beginning to get what I am showing you.   When you see commercials on TV or news reports that people are being shot, in example, (Don’t Want) and why you are in danger (Why), and that it is happening to people every day (Expectation), and they show you evidence and give you good reasons why you are in danger (Raising Confidence and probability), you literally Manifest that reality for yourself, and co-create it for others.  Remember you are a FULL POWER manifester.  That means whatever you see or think about, want or don’t want, and expect and or anticipate, you create.

The Cabal have been using all of us to create the World they want.  They use movies, entertainment, news, and other media to show us a version of Reality they want us to Co-Create for them…. and as we pay attention to it, and we believe it, or worry about it, we create it.  That is twisted…. to say the least.

The Power Manifesting Question

This begs the question “How does manifestation work?”  Notice that when we want something for ourselves, we have to work for it, get the parts, and make it….., But, when we are tricked into manifesting a World we do not want, all that is required is our thought.  Think about that for a moment.

Why couldn’t you just think about what you want, and just have it materialize before your eyes?  Of course, the reason is that could not happen is that you were taught that could not happen….  But it does happen when we are tricked into manifesting what they want… doesn’t it?

Do you realize that Manifesting only requires “Want & Expectation” to manifest?  If you could get past the “Cabal Reality Programming” of being “Realistic” you could make things materialize at will?  Think about that for a moment…..  Do the higher Consciousness Beings, work for money, go to the store, get the parts they need, and make anything?  No, that is not how they manifest things.  But, they know the secret that “Doing” is not required to manifest anything, never was, never will be…. But we don’t know that.

However, for you, you would never be able to Manifest a Universe, because you are so trained in Physical, “Realistic Reality,” you would NEVER have enough confidence in it, for it to manifest….  But what if you began expecting things to Manifest without work, or effort, or materials?  What if you started thinking that way, just like a higher consciousness, higher dimensional being does?  What if thinking that way, raised your consciousness to the point where you REALLY did expect to manifest things at will, and REALLY could?

As a point of fact, and a point of understanding, that is how manifesting is actually done.  The way we have been taught to get things or to create circumstances, is the “Retarded Way” to do it.  If you started thinking and expecting to manifest things out of thin air, you would actually be doing it the “normal way,” just like beings of a higher consciousness do it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Reality in Reality, is way different than we were ever taught.  You could quite literally manifest tings from thin air….. if you thought you could.  So maybe you should start thinking that way.   Clearly, you won’t instantly manifest at first, but you will be on your way to it, after all, we will all be able to do it later when we ascend to a higher consciousness/dimension.  if you started thinking that way now, and trying to do it, you would just get there faster than those who don’t.  EVERYTHING in the Universe is a Creation/Manifestation.  Things and circumstances are manifested.  Happiness and sadness are manifested.  Where you are standing, and where you want to be in the next second is a manifestation.   How your World looks and acts with you, is a manifestation. Since EVERYTHING is a manifestation, it makes sense that you get good at it.

Frankly, you need to be not only conscious of what you want to manifest, but of what you do not want to manifest as well.  Keep your thoughts (manifestation Fertilizer) on what you want to manifest, and whatever you do, do not pay attention to or give thought to what you do not want.   When you master, your control of your thoughts so that you are thinking about what you want and expecting it, and not thinking about what you don’t want and thus not expecting it, you will have mastered your reality.

Now is the time to learn “How To Use Your God Power®” to get what you want and live the life of your dreams.  I have just covered a small part of how your Reality works here in this post.  I am including a link below so that you can get my book for free and start learning how to master your own reality.  Enjoy!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer

“No one stands as strong as one who stands in truth, and no one stands as weak, as one who stands in deception”

– Richard Lee McKim Jr. 7-15-2017


Enlightenment, Manifestation, Encouragement. 


How To Use Your God Power®  By: Richard Lee McKim Jr.

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LISA TRANSCENDANCE BROWN – Evolving on a Soul Level – Relationships, Abundance, Worth, Connections, OpportUNITY – HOW the Physical Correlates, Shows You, Responds – 7-20-17