Mother and Father GOD – Your Inheritance Awaits – 6-2-19 – via Rose Rambles dot org

Mother and Father GOD – Your Inheritance Awaits – 6-2-19 – via Rose Rambles dot org

GALAXY GIRL – A Message From Mother and Father God


By: Galaxygirl

Dear Children it is I, your Mother God. I embrace you warmly and hold you firmly in this most sacred Now where we form yet another bridge of connection through the mist of the ever-dissolving veil. You have heard that these are the greatest of times and yet the worst of times. It is true in many ways. Picture fresh water being poured into a stagnant pond. It streams in fast and furiously to allow new clean water and what happens? The silt is stirred up, and unpleasantries from the depths are raised to the surface for all to see. There is no stagnancy in your realm. The Earth is being flooded with the brilliant light of the Christed flame from all sides, all angles, and it is stirring things up for cleansing. You know this, my famous transmuters. For nothing has stopped you in your quest to serve in this manner and you have served – are serving – most valiantly and we, the Company of Heaven, hold you in the highest of esteem and thankfulness. It has been an daunting and exhausting task, ride, journey, whatever you wish to call it, and yet you have continued most excellently on your adventure (smile).

I look at you through the eyes / gaze of perfection for that is what I see when I gaze upon your tired sweet faces. I see me. I see you discovering the inner divinity with your deep sight of inner knowing and it thrills me. For that is the point, you see, discovering the divinity in all things. For those who have been on this journey and become lost along the way have further crusts to break through, but underneath it all is the spark of experience, of the divine. This is a hard teaching that many struggle with. It is time to dissolve the veil, the pain. It is time to bring in more light, more unity of purpose, more love into sweet Gaia. And so lightworkers, shall we band together for the final push, for the final recalibration of unity and joy that will tip the scales further towards that of the purest of light? Allow my joy to flow into you and be at peace. Be in unity, in oneness of solidarity of purpose. I am your Mother God. I love you children with a never-ending love. All is most well. Be at peace.

Hello, children! This is your Father God. Well, Mother has done it again. It is a hard act to follow. I want you to know that I have sturdy shoulders for crying on, for leaning on, and I most heartily welcome you into my embrace and I too am a great listener. The dark ones are being rounded up. Dissolve light into them, it will help. This is a massive effort. Humanity has been asleep, wounded, for eons it seems and this must end here, now. Infuse more love and light into the collective consciousness of humanity with me. See, let us join hands and shine our light. Sit quietly with me/us for awhile and let us feel these higher energies together, flooding this time-stream with Christed light, with yet more joy, as Mother says. Such actions of love melt the veil further. Much gruesome news needs to be melted into the light of pure understanding and forgiveness. You have held the light for so long. Children, we need you to be able to hold the forgiveness as well. For there is – will be – much to forgive in the coming days as more and more is brought to the light.

Let us form a net of light of forgiveness around dear Gaia now, shall we? You and me, all lightworkers reading this now and later, let us join hands and form a light-net of pure forgiveness, of neutrality, of non-judgement. For remember children, you have all played many roles and it is time to melt these not so pleasant roles into that of my light, of the Christed light, of the eternal flame that burns most brightly in the darkness. Extend your hands and your hearts, joined, strong. When the news breaks, when anger rises, let us throw this net of love, of forgiveness and quiet understanding that comes from a mature spirit of objectivity and oneness. Do not get sucked into the vortex that others will try to create in their fear. Now it is time to melt all fear and hatred into my light of love, of oneness, of renewal. Partner with the Great Central Sun. Open vortexes with purpose allowing yet more light in. Usher the dark thoughts and feelings into the great central sun. Provide an avenue of divine love and light and usher these away into the newness and experience the benefits of recycling!

Great change is on the horizon children, and I — we, your Mother and I — see this great change as you! We are so tremendously proud of our light worker team, for you have done tremendously heavy lifting day after day, moment after moment, for so long and we acknowledge this and thank you for your service of love to the human collective, most importantly to dear Gaia who holds you closely in vast unconditional love. Any time you feel unbalanced you know you can tap into Gaia’s forcefield of unlimited love as well. Ground your feet into her heart-space and lock in, feeling this support and extend your hands heavenward. And we shall hold you hands and in this way you are the bridge between the realm of worlds, which you walk every day. In this way when you are in total communion with her, with me/us, you understand deeply the connection that is possible in this place and space of Earth school and you bring yet more light in, which is of course your assignment. Light and love bearers, I salute you. I am your Father God and you are all my most favorite light workers. You are all such a treasure chest of infinite value and worth and my heart brims over as I think of you. And I assure you I think of you often – did I say you all are my favorite?

I am your Father God. Be at peace and let us build this net of forgiveness further, stronger, holding hands through your days, your nights, building the bridges of light, piercing the darkness and melting it away with my love, our love and our combined force of love. Rest in me, in this connection, and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

MOTHER GOD, FATHER GOD Message via from Mother God, Father God – 1-1-19 – Message via GalaxyGirl – by Secret Garden

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ERA OF LIGHT – Message from Father & Mother God – Love is Everything – 10-7-18

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds



It is I your Father God speaking tonight. Children, the Earth in all of her beauty is transforming before your / our very eyes into a breathtaking fifth dimensional template. Children, you do know that means that you are transforming as well. And we hope that you appreciate the joy that I / We, your mother and I, have as we look upon you with such fondness, such love, that your current religious understandings so fail in describing. For who can truly describe Love? Love is everything; it is the heartbeat of the Universe. It is the Mother’s breath of the All that Is. Love IS. And children, can you yet see that you are that same substance? That same Love? Who is condemning you? I see no one but outdated religious principals based on fear based programming that are no longer applicable to your world view. For as your concepts and understandings expand, so too do your concepts and understandings of Me, of who I AM and therefore of who you are. We are made of the same stuff, the same breath – the same life force. You are an aspect of me having an experience – and a grand one at that!




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Message from the Fathers via Galaxygirl – 4-18-18 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame



Message from the Fathers for April 18, 2018


The Fathers 4/18/18

Greetings dear friends, I am Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, Ancient of Days. And I am joyfully here today friends with my brother in the light, Sananda, here as a formidable team of love and light hearted victory. And we rejoice in this precious Now moment in between the lines, in between the moments, the dimensions, where thebreath of the Mother resides. For Source is all around, Source is everywhere in all things. You too, friends, are part of this grand play, that is now reaching the final moments of the final act. The next sequel play? You are writing it, oh mightyhuman collective. Once you realize your power, you will be an unstoppable force for good. For love is in your DNA. Love is your DNA, if truly your DNA is in all ways linked inextricably to the Universal Mother, the Goddess energy of Source, so do not be surprised by such things. You are in the process of expansion greatly and quickly of your world view and your limited religious understandings were purposeful for their moment. But now their moment is past, passing, for you are outgrowing it.Like the old Sunday suit that no longer feels like your Sunday best, for it is worn, tattered. You are ready for new clothes!For new things and new experiences and understandings of God, of Source and of yourselves and your role in this. Source light is within you children, friends, for Source is in all things, in everything and is the heartbeat of the Mother, the Goddess breath that ever advances closer, gently yet with force, for the Goddess force is unstoppable, as are you, awakened humanity, as are you. This wave of universal love energy, the cosmic pulse of pure love light will be breathtaking, and many of you are experiencing the preludes to this, this bliss and oneness, glimpses of perfection and utter contentment with orgasmic rapture. This is what is coming your way. For the separation game is over now once the wave of bliss and understandinghits. See this blessing for what it is and accept it deep within your heart space,your trillions of cell spaces and become one with the light. I am Sanat Kumara and I will now give Sananda the floor.

Good day friends! The floor Sanat? Perhaps you mean the ceiling? For don’t you all feel, friends, as if you are flying high on these energies of light and of purity that are bombarding, gently yet with force and purpose? I totally agree with my friend and brother here, Sanat,it is time to fully surrender to these energies of Christed light and love essence. Become them. Become one with them and let them flow into you. This will of course bring up within you all of the gritty stuff that you have been pushing down and away for so many lifetimes. Release it. Give it to me and let me help you. It is time to drop this cross of shame and carry it no longer. Drop the cross and run to me friends! Allow me to embrace you in a joyous hug of victory.For when you face your demons of regret and pain and send them to the light in love you are free and the once hidden lock unlocks yet another hidden space within your heart that has been previously closed off from you, from me, from our Christed light. It is time to hold your lanterns up high, friends, and see what else is lurking there that needs love and light and release? Send it to me. Let us escort it to the Grand Central Suntoday, which is functioning more of aGrand Central Station lately with all of this marvelous transmuting work that you are doing friends, and you are rocking it! You’re hitting it out of the park, home runs all the way for every one of you. I’m so proud to have you all on my team. You are the rock stars of the universe. I know, my analogies are all over the place tonight but I’m excited!I’m excited about you, about me, about us, about the Christed light that is permeating and flowing and embracing you and causing some extra tears of relief lately. For this is a tender time, these are tender moments. It’s ok to cry.Let it go. Let it go and let us work this thing out together. We have all had many roles. And now your role is to lead, to heal the others, to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. But yet I assure you all is perfectly organized behind the scenes and we may seem to be flying from the seat of our pants but that is just your perspective, we have one of the best laid out plans in the universe here and now friends, and your success is assured. Transmuters, you are tops. Thank you all for your hard work in this tumultuous time of intensegrowth. You are doing it. It is happening. And friends, this happening is you. Allow the Christed light in. It is your time to shine! I am your Sananda! I am always here for you, friends.

May I say something? I am your FatherGod. Hello, children. I could not help but hear the laughter and excitement of my dear boy Sananda. The light is being anchored deeply into the new crystalline grid / core of Nova Gaia, of your MotherEarth. She shines like the brightest diamond in the universe, and you all areglowing brightly too upon her, children, and you are all breathtaking to see from our vantage point. Ah, the divine feminine. There is nothing like it! We are so in love with her, with you. All is oneand this separation game is reaching its’ long time conclusion.

Now is the time for the reunification ofyour halves children. It is time to meetyour twin energetically, when and if you are ready for it. It is time forreintegration, rebalance, re-remembering. It will become natural to you for it will be like coming home. Andyou are all coming home, children, dear ones, dear hearts, you are coming home, home to unity, to oneness of all without and of all within. Oneness in me, in light, in source light and with your brothersand sisters who have been so patently waiting without (galactic) and within(hollow earth). We are all one big happy family you see and it is time for a wondrous family reunion. Get ready to party. I am your Father God. I love you all so much and am so incredibly proud of you, my children. Well done. Well done!

~ galaxygirl



FATHER GOD via Adele Arini – To be or Not to be, That is the Question – 3-27-18 – by Raphael Healing Space


My beloved children,
Today I would like you to remember another higher dimensional concept that you are now ready to embrace. Every day you are getting closer and closer to Nova Gaia. With every message channeled, we are fulfilling our promise to you. A promise to remind you of the truth of: Who You Are, Where You Came From and What You Can Be.
Every single one of these messages contain Divine Light Codes; meant to awaken you more and more to the wise, powerful, multidimensional Being that is your Higher Self.
These messages are written to help you permanently break, shatter and destroy ALL third-dimensional concepts/beliefs that are very deeply entrenched within you and then, awaken you to the higher dimensional concepts/beliefs that many of you have forgotten.
What if I tell you, that you are all Gods? And Goddesses? You are all Infinite Expressions of My Divine Self. Individually, this means you are also of Divine origins, made in the same likeness of Me (i.e. you possess ALL of my powerful Divine attributes). When I created you, I imbued your Inner Essence with My Divinity; with My Godly Attributes and this makes you, my beloved child, the same powerful Creator that I AM.
One of my beloved daughters by the name of Alaine had created a beautiful song ‘You Are Me’ (inspired by…? who else? *laughed*) that perfectly describes your Oneness with Me and with ALL).
People who are reading this particular message can perhaps be categorized into three different groups:


What if I tell you, that you are all Gods? And Goddesses? You are all Infinite Expressions of My Divine Self. Individually, this means you are also of Divine origins, made in the same likeness of Me (i.e. you possess ALL of my powerful Divine attributes). When I created you, I imbued your Inner Essence with My Divinity; with My Godly Attributes and this makes you, my beloved child, the same powerful Creator that I AM.
One of my beloved daughters by the name of Alaine had created a beautiful song ‘You Are Me’ (inspired by…? who else? *laughed*) that perfectly describes your Oneness with Me and with ALL).
People who are reading this particular message can perhaps be categorized into three different groups:

~ after being physically embodied on Earth for so long. 

Those in group 1 will find my above statements very hard to believe, perhaps due to their own strong feelings of: inadequacy or lack of control in their own lives. These people have truly forgotten their Inner Power ~ their Spiritual Powers of Creation and Manifestation.
Group 2 contains people who have, in the past, been too thoroughly indoctrinated in the systematic, organized beliefs of all Earthly religions. They may find My statements downright sacrilegious/blasphemous and believe with absolute certainty that ALL information that directly contradicts their religious teachings are ‘false’ information intended to steer them off of their holy paths.
Group 3 are all of you who have been spiritually awakened and have chosen to ascend in this lifetime. You are attracted to these messages because they resonate with your heart; your inner barometer of Truth. Your entire being (mind, body, emotion and spirit) is now ready to open up to the Divine, Higher Wisdom that I am always here to remind you of; the Wisdom that has always been deeply buried within you, waiting for the right time to be revealed. And that time is NOW! 
For those of you who belong in Group 1 or 2, this is my message to you all:
“My beloved children, as always, you are FREE to believe or disbelieve the Wisdom I have just reminded you of today. You can choose to continue to feel and/or behave as you yourself, or others have told you to be: inadequate, fearful, out of control, small and powerless, and/or as sinners in the eyes of God. You are free to continue to put yourself down; in a position that is lower than Me and/or lower than any other higher dimensional Light Beings in this Universe.”
“You can continue to put Me and/or certain selected Ascended Masters/religious masters onto a pedestal that is located much higher than where you are. You are free to believe that the place where ‘they are’ is a destination where you can never reach. You are free to believe what they could do (to demonstrate their inner, Divine powers) during their physical incarnations, you can never do. You are also free to continue to believe in the Fear, Separation and Lack consciousness. My children, you will always have the freedom to believe in anything you want.”
“It all comes down to this: Do you want to choose Love or Fear? Lack or Abundance? Do you wish to experience a physical reality where you are One and United with God (and with All in your planet) or, do you wish to experience its polar opposite: living in the illusion of Separation from God and All That is?”
“All of the Ascended Masters whom you have ‘worshiped’ and ‘labeled’ as Gods/Goddesses in your faiths/religions had once walked on Earth EXACTLY like you. They are powerful, divine souls walking around in their ‘human disguise’. They are all My beloved Sons and Daughters, just like you, are my beloved Sons and Daughters. These Ascended Masters are powerful, just like your own Higher Selves are powerful.”
“In their famous physical incarnations as ‘Leaders’ or ‘Founders’ of your religions/faiths, they also had individually gone through the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. They had successfully ‘Ascended’ from their lower, third-dimensional way of thinking/being/behaving. They did that by consciously choosing and making a full commitment to: be the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness in their every day lives and surrender to the Divine Light/God-Spark that is within them; that is within all.”
(Christ Consciousness is not related to a specific religion; it is a state of Being where one is fully embodying the Divine, Unconditional Love and Unity with ALL). 
“The following proverbs perfectly describe the function of all Earth-based religions and/or faiths:
“All roads lead to Rome.” (Alain deLille)
“There are many paths to the top of the Mountain, but the view is always the same.”
(Chinese proverb)
The first proverb means that there are many different ways of reaching the same goal or conclusion. In the second proverb, the ‘Mountaintop’ is your True HOME with me, or being in a state of perfect Oneness with Me. The ‘view is always the same’ means that no matter which route you took, the result, the outcome, is always the same. You will always find Me there, in perfect union with You.”
“Throughout the ages, countless wars had been fought; countless people had died, fighting to prove the ‘supremacy’ and ‘dominance/power’ of one belief, one religion over another. They were trying to prove that their path, their religion/belief/faith is The ‘best’ and The ‘only’ path to God, to Me. This is complete and utter madness! And if you think this only happened in your ‘ancient’ past, think again. This is STILL happening now in many parts of your planet. History has a way of repeating itself. It is time for the Human Collective to adopt a new way; a new paradigm; a new way of thinking, being and doing.
A way that is based on Love and Unity for all. A way of inclusivity instead of exclusivity.”
“You will always have the freedom, the free will to believe what you want to believe, as long as you give others that very same courtesy and respect that you are giving yourselves. It is NOW time to decide whether you are happy to stay just like you are; just like you have always been, OR, whether you are ready to open up your hearts to the possibility that you are meant to be something greater. There is no judgment; no pressure. You have all, at a Higher level (pre-birth), made your decisions to either spiritually awaken now or, not to awaken now. There is no right or wrong. One decision is NOT better than the other. It all depends on your readiness level (in your own evolution as the eternal spirit that you are) to embrace your higher dimensional selves.”
For the rest of you who find yourselves belonging to Group 3, there are plenty of amazing wonders, to look forward to! You will find that as you grow more spiritually awakened, life will flow with perfect ease, joy, passion, fulfillment and harmony. 
After you have done your inner cleansing and clearing and, after you have gone through the process of complete realignment and complete surrender of your life to your Higher Self/Path/Purpose; your life will undergo massive, powerful and positive changes.
Abundance in ALL aspects of your life will zoom straight into your life with practically zero, or little effort, as you learn to put yourself in the ‘receiving’ mode, instead of staying in the third dimensional mode/belief of ‘having to work hard’ to live the abundant life that you have been asking for. Every day you will wake up feeling so joyful and grateful for the many blessings you have received, are receiving and will continue to receive in the future.
You always have the complete power to create your life exactly the way you want it to be. It is now time to break down ALL restricting beliefs! Make the intention to: eliminate, once and for all, all third-dimensional ways of being, ways of thinking and ways of behaving. Make the full time commitment to embody your Higher Self, every single moment of every single day. And most of all, make the intention to ’embrace your highest, best potential’ of what you can be, do and have! 
I now tell you solemnly, “Everything that you can imagine to be, do and have, have ALREADY existed in the realm of potential AND, have ALREADY been manifested in your future realities/timelines.” You just need to tune in and align your entire being to ‘what you want to be, do and have’, for them to manifest into your current, physical reality.
Let me give you a few examples of very powerful, third-dimensional beliefs:
1) Most of you believe that as you get older, your bodies also age. You then go through the process of aging, and before long, your 50, or 60-year-old selves no longer look like your 20, or 30-year-old selves. You also believe that it is ‘normal’ for you to get sick when you get older, as you get nearer to the ‘supposed’ end of this life journey.
Now, let me tell you a little secret my child: your bodies are designed to be the physical vessel of your Spirit/your Higher Self/Soul, indefinitely! Your bodies do not have an ‘expiration date’, except for the dates YOU have set for yourselves!
You can choose to live in this physical body you are currently living in, for as long as you would like. All of you have the powers to: heal yourselves of all sickness/diseases  and ALL so-called ‘disabilities’.
And here comes the best reminder ever: you also have the power to REVERSE all signs of aging and return to the optimum physical condition that you wish to enjoy!
Whatever physical condition your body currently has, it is your job now to decide, whether you wish to stay as you are, or whether you want to embrace your powerful, Creator abilities and change it to the way you want it to be.
‘To Be or Not To Be, That is TRULY the Question’.
Your powerful Higher Self, your Spirit/Soul are the MASTER of your body, and NOT the other way around.
In all spiritually advanced civilizations out there in this Universe, those who have chosen to incarnate in a physical light-body, lived to, on average, between 300 to 1000 years old. Some beings are way older than that; it all depends on their individual decision. When it is time for them to ‘transition’ to a different form, to a different expression of Self, they will then consciously choose the physical death of their bodies. And move on with perfect ease. There is no suffering, no pain, no sickness/disease. Death is simply a door they walk through, to move on to a different journey in their ‘Great Path Of Light’!
2) Let us now address another BIG, third dimensional concept of money. I am sure after reading my last message through this channel, you are now wondering ‘how on earth’ can you, as a society, live without money. How will people earn a living? You were perhaps even thinking fearful, negative thoughts such as ‘the entire world will crash and burn and stop functioning without the existence of money’.
This is my answer to your third-dimensional reactions: Ascension to the fifth-dimensional paradigm will NOT happen all in the course of one day. Even ‘The Great Event’ that will soon occur is just another wake up call directed more for the souls who are still deeply sleeping. It is NOT the end of the Ascension Process. If anything, it is the BEGINNING of the Ascension process for the people who will be awakened then.
All aspects of human existence will be transformed, and many of these transformative processes will take years to complete ~ not months/weeks/days. We have done massive, extensive preparations. All is almost ready to proceed. The foundations have been set, so that humanity’s path to becoming a fifth dimensional society will: be one with the least amount of chaos and happen with relative ease. 
There will be massive wealth distribution to many impoverished parts of the world, and many lightworkers will be given access to the NESARA/GESARA funds. These funds will be used to improve the standards of living of ALL citizens of this planet.
And one day, when ALL are finally living in a state of abundance; in a state of ‘having their every need fulfilled’, only then the dependence on money will be greatly reduced. In time, money will become obsolete and cease to exist.
We would like you to now challenge every single belief that you have, on anything in your life right at this very moment. Ask yourself, ‘Is this belief coming from the lower, third dimensional consciousness of: ‘fear, lack, powerlessness and separation’, or from the higher, fifth dimensional consciousness of: ‘love, abundance, powerfulness, and unity’.
Broaden your perceptions. Banish all negativity. Think outside ‘the very restrictive, third-dimensional box’ that you have been living in. Invite your Higher Selves to take control and change your lives into the most wonderful, the most amazing Highest expressions of Yourself for this lifetime. 
Have complete faith and trust, that the road less traveled your Higher Selves are taking you to, will lead to a future that is far beyond your wildest dreams; your biggest imaginations! Surrendering to the Divine Love and Wisdom of your Higher Self is really the fastest, and most joyful way to get to the life that you have been dreaming about.
The choice is yours, my beloved child. What will you now choose to be, do and have?
Feel my unconditional love surrounding you at every moment. You are the apple of my eye. You, my beloveds, are always supported, guided and protected in this physical adventure that is your life on Earth.
Sending you all my love,
Father God.
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain message in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude. Namaste.

FATHER GOD via Adele Arini – 4-27-18 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame



To be or Not to be, That is the Question ~ Father God, 27 March 2018.


My beloved children,

Today I would like you to remember another higher dimensional concept that you are now ready to embrace. Every day you are getting closer and closer to Nova Gaia. With every message channeled, we are fulfilling our promise to you. A promise to remind you of the truth of: Who You Are, Where You Came From and What You Can Be.

Every single one of these messages contain Divine Light Codes; meant to awaken you more and more to the wise, powerful, multidimensional Being that is your Higher Self.

These messages are written to help you permanently break, shatter and destroy ALL third-dimensional concepts/beliefs that are very deeply entrenched within you and then, awaken you to the higher dimensional concepts/beliefs that many of you have forgotten ~ after being physically embodied on Earth for so long.

What if I tell you, that you are all Gods? And Goddesses? You are all Infinite Expressions of My Divine Self. Individually, this means you are also of Divine origins, made in the same likeness of Me (i.e. you possess ALL of my powerful Divine attributes). When I created you, I imbued your Inner Essence with My Divinity; with My Godly Attributes and this makes you, my beloved child, the same powerful Creator that I AM.


One of my beloved daughters by the name of Alaine had created a beautiful song ‘You Are Me’ (inspired by…? who else? *laughed*) that perfectly describes your Oneness with Me and with ALL).

People who are reading this particular message can perhaps be categorized into three different groups:

Those in group 1 will find my above statements very hard to believe, perhaps due to their own strong feelings of: inadequacy or lack of control in their own lives. These people have truly forgotten their Inner Power ~ their Spiritual Powers of Creation and Manifestation.

Group 2 contains people who have, in the past, been too thoroughly indoctrinated in the systematic, organized beliefs of all Earthly religions. They may find My statements downright sacrilegious/blasphemous and believe with absolute certainty that ALL information that directly contradicts their religious teachings are ‘false’ information intended to steer them off of their holy paths.

Group 3 are all of you who have been spiritually awakened and have chosen to ascend in this lifetime. You are attracted to these messages because they resonate with your heart; your inner barometer of Truth. Your entire being (mind, body, emotion and spirit) is now ready to open up to the Divine, Higher Wisdom that I am always here to remind you of; the Wisdom that has always been deeply buried within you, waiting for the right time to be revealed. And that time is NOW!

For those of you who belong in Group 1 or 2, this is my message to you all:

“My beloved children, as always, you are FREE to believe or disbelieve the Wisdom I have just reminded you of today. You can choose to continue to feel and/or behave as you yourself, or others have told you to be: inadequate, fearful, out of control, small and powerless, and/or as sinners in the eyes of God. You are free to continue to put yourself down; in a position that is lower than Me and/or lower than any other higher dimensional Light Beings in this Universe.”

“You can continue to put Me and/or certain selected Ascended Masters/religious masters onto a pedestal that is located much higher than where you are. You are free to believe that the place where ‘they are’ is a destination where you can never reach. You are free to believe what they could do (to demonstrate their inner, Divine powers) during their physical incarnations, you can never do. You are also free to continue to believe in the Fear, Separation and Lack consciousness. My children, you will always have the freedom to believe in anything you want.”

“It all comes down to this: Do you want to choose Love or Fear? Lack or Abundance? Do you wish to experience a physical reality where you are One and United with God (and with All in your planet) or, do you wish to experience its polar opposite: living in the illusion of Separation from God and All That is?”

“All of the Ascended Masters whom you have ‘worshiped’ and ‘labeled’ as Gods/Goddesses in your faiths/religions had once walked on Earth EXACTLY like you. They are powerful, divine souls walking around in their ‘human disguise’. They are all My beloved Sons and Daughters, just like you, are my beloved Sons and Daughters. These Ascended Masters are powerful, just like your own Higher Selves are powerful.”

“In their famous physical incarnations as ‘Leaders’ or ‘Founders’ of your religions/faiths, they also had individually gone through the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. They had successfully ‘Ascended’from their lower, third-dimensional way of thinking/being/behaving. They did that by consciously choosing and making a full commitment to: be the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness in their every day lives and surrender to the Divine Light/God-Spark that is within them; that is within all.”

(Christ Consciousness is not related to a specific religion; it is a state of Being where one is fully embodying the Divine, Unconditional Love and Unity with ALL).

“The following proverbs perfectly describe the function of all Earth-based religions and/or faiths:

“All roads lead to Rome.” (Alain deLille)

“There are many paths to the top of the Mountain, but the view is always the same.”

(Chinese proverb)

The first proverb means that there are many different ways of reaching the same goal or conclusion. In the second proverb, the ‘Mountaintop’ is your True HOME with me, or being in a state of perfect Oneness with Me. The ‘view is always the same’ means that no matter which route you took, the result, the outcome, is always the same. You will always find Me there, in perfect union with You.”

“Throughout the ages, countless wars had been fought; countless people had died, fighting to prove the ‘supremacy’ and ‘dominance/power’ of one belief, one religion over another. They were trying to prove that their path, their religion/belief/faith is The ‘best’ and The ‘only’ path to God, to Me. This is complete and utter madness! And if you think this only happened in your ‘ancient’ past, think again. This is STILL happening now in many parts of your planet. History has a way of repeating itself. It is time for the Human Collective to adopt a new way; a new paradigm; a new way of thinking, being and doing. A way that is based on Love and Unity for all. A way of inclusivity instead of exclusivity.”

“You will always have the freedom, the free will to believe what you want to believe, as long as you give others that very same courtesy and respect that you are giving yourselves. It is NOW time to decide whether you are happy to stay just like you are; just like you have always been, OR, whether you are ready to open up your hearts to the possibility that you are meant to be something greater. There is no judgment; no pressure. You have all, at a Higher level (pre-birth), made your decisions to either spiritually awaken now or, not to awaken now. There is no right or wrong. One decision is NOTbetter than the other. It all depends on your readiness level (in your own evolution as the eternal spirit that you are) to embrace your higher dimensional selves.”

For the rest of you who find yourselves belonging to Group 3, there are plenty of amazing wonders, to look forward to! You will find that as you grow more spiritually awakened, life will flow with perfect ease, joy, passion, fulfillmentand harmony. After you have done your inner cleansing and clearing and, after you have gone through the process of complete realignment and complete surrender of your life to your Higher Self/Path/Purpose; your life will undergo massive, powerful and positive changes.

Abundance in ALL aspects of your life will zoom straight into your life with practically zero, or little effort, as you learn to put yourself in the ‘receiving’mode, instead of staying in the third dimensional mode/belief of ‘having to work hard’ to live the abundant life that you have been asking for. Every day you will wake up feeling so joyful and grateful for the many blessings you have received, are receiving and will continue to receive in the future.

You always have the complete power to create your life exactly the way you want it to be. It is now time to break down ALL restricting beliefs! Make the intention to: eliminate, once and for all, all third-dimensional ways of being, ways of thinking and ways of behaving. Make the full time commitment to embody your Higher Self, every single moment of every single day. And most of all, make the intention to ’embrace your highest, best potential’ of what you can be, do and have!

I now tell you solemnly, “Everything that you can imagine to be, do and have, have ALREADY existed in the realm of potential AND, have ALREADY been manifested in your future realities/timelines.” You just need to tune in and align your entire being to ‘what you want to be, do and have’, for them to manifest into your current, physical reality.

Let me give you a few examples of very powerful, third-dimensional beliefs:

1) Most of you believe that as you get older, your bodies also age. You then go through the process of aging, and before long, your 50, or 60-year-old selves no longer look like your 20, or 30-year-old selves. You also believe that it is‘normal’ for you to get sick when you get older, as you get nearer to the ‘supposed’ end of this life journey.

Now, let me tell you a little secret my child: your bodies are designed to be the physical vessel of your Spirit/your Higher Self/Soul, indefinitely! Your bodies do not have an ‘expiration date’, except for the dates YOU have set for yourselves!

You can choose to live in this physical body you are currently living in, for as long as you would like. All of you have the powers to: heal yourselves of all sickness/diseases and ALL so-called ‘disabilities’.

And here comes the best reminder ever: you also have the power to REVERSE all signs of aging and return to the optimum physical condition that you wish to enjoy!

Whatever physical condition your body currently has, it is your job now to decide, whether you wish to stay as you are, or whether you want to embrace your powerful, Creator abilities and change it to the way you want it to be.

‘To Be or Not To Be, That is TRULY the Question’.

Your powerful Higher Self, your Spirit/Soul are the MASTER of your body, and NOT the other way around.

In all spiritually advanced civilizations out there in this Universe, those who have chosen to incarnate in a physical light-body, lived to, on average, between 300 to 1000 years old. Some beings are way older than that; it all depends on their individual decision. When it is time for them to ‘transition’ to a different form, to a different expression of Self, they will then consciously choose the physical death of their bodies. And move on with perfect ease. There is no suffering, no pain, no sickness/disease. Death is simply a door they walk through, to move on to a different journey in their‘Great Path Of Light’!

2) Let us now address another BIG, third dimensional concept of money. I am sure after reading my last message through this channel, you are now wondering ‘how on earth’ can you, as a society, live without money. How will people earn a living? You were perhaps even thinking fearful, negative thoughts such as ‘the entire world will crash and burn and stop functioning without the existence of money’.

This is my answer to your third-dimensional reactions: Ascension to the fifth-dimensional paradigm will NOT happen all in the course of one day. Even‘The Great Event’ that will soon occur is just another wake up call directed more for the souls who are still deeply sleeping. It is NOT the end of the Ascension Process. If anything, it is the BEGINNING of the Ascension processfor the people who will be awakened then.

All aspects of human existence will be transformed, and many of these transformative processes will take years to complete ~ not months/weeks/days. We have done massive, extensive preparations. All is almost ready to proceed. The foundations have been set, so that humanity’s path to becoming a fifth dimensional society will: be one with the least amount of chaos and happen with relative ease.

There will be massive wealth distribution to many impoverished parts of the world, and many lightworkers will be given access to the NESARA/GESARA funds. These funds will be used to improve the standards of living of ALL citizens of this planet. And one day, when ALL are finally living in a state of abundance; in a state of ‘having their every need fulfilled’, only then the dependence on money will be greatly reduced. In time, money will become obsolete and cease to exist.

We would like you to now challenge every single belief that you have, on anything in your life right at this very moment. Ask yourself, ‘Is this belief coming from the lower, third dimensional consciousness of: ‘fear, lack, powerlessness and separation’, or from the higher, fifth dimensional consciousness of: ‘love, abundance, powerfulness, and unity’.

Broaden your perceptions. Banish all negativity. Think outside ‘the very restrictive, third-dimensional box’ that you have been living in. Invite yourHigher Selves to take control and change your lives into the most wonderful, the most amazing Highest expressions of Yourself for this lifetime.

Have complete faith and trust, that the road less traveled your Higher Selves are taking you to, will lead to a future that is far beyond your wildest dreams; your biggest imaginations! Surrendering to the Divine Love and Wisdom of your Higher Self is really the fastest, and most joyful way to get to the life that you have been dreaming about.

The choice is yours, my beloved child. What will you now choose to be, do and have?

Feel my unconditional love surrounding you at every moment. You are the apple of my eye. You, my beloveds, are always supported, guided and protected in this physical adventure that is your life on Earth.

Sending you all my love,

Father God.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain message in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude. Namaste.

FATHER GOD via Sion – My Powerful Gifts – 3-5-18 – by We Signed Up For This


Per Staffan March 6, 2018

Father/Mother God (channeled messages)

My Powerful Gifts

Channeled by Sion

Hello Father,

Can you explain how can I use my gifts like Love, Kindness, Mercy, Peace, Joy, Motivation, Fidelity and Integrity to create that which I desire in my life and when do the physical powers that I know we all have manifest?

Hi, good morning

Its quite an interesting question that you ask me this morning, to which I tell you it is a clear sign of your awakening, this interest that you have now to understand all this and how it works allows us to see all that you have progressed through my child. Lets see, we’ll start by explaining that the “gifts” as you call them are in reality magnificent powers with which you can’t only change your life but that of other brothers and sisters, many of my children by ignorance do not always use this “gifts” that they have because in this world they have made them seem as WEAKNESSES. Why do you think it is so !!!!!

Because in reality they are MOST POWERFUL, They are my essence and yours too. My Divinity and the greatest power of the Universe is in them, as I have always told you LOVE is me and you!!! And all the gifts that you mention here, which I know you have them because I have them too are synonyms of unconditional Love, complement of the Love, which is with what you my children are ME.

The beings of darkness have always wanted to steal your real power deceiving you and making you believe that all those gifts are WEAKNESSES !!! And to be powerful here you have to be cruel, without feelings and all kinds of trickery and lies so that you vibrate in low frequencies. That way they can feed from your energy. Do you remember of FESAC (Feelings+ Emotions + Sensations = Attraction = Creation) all that involves very high Unconditional Love vibrations for you first and for ALL, when you all vibrate in that Love, Happiness, Joy, Thankfulness, Laughter, Fun; in those beautiful moments in peace, in service to others you are using all the power of the Universe that unites to you to bless you. When you my beloved children live in this high vibrational frequencies you can ask whatever you wish and will have it TODAY!

Is very important that you understand that in order to develop those physical powers that you tell me about like telepathy, first you have to control your emotions very well and to know that those powers are WITHIN YOU – WAITING TO BE FREED AND RECOGNIZED BY YOU. CALL THEM EVERY DAY inviting them to manifest by keeping your vibrations high. I know that sometimes its complicated to maintain the high vibrations but if you decree it every day as your hearth’s wish the Universe will only attract to you the most beautiful emotions so that your vibrations are always high. All things have a solution always and even though it sometimes seems that the door you wanted to go thru closes and you don’t understand why that situation was only there to teach you that the decision you were making wasn’t the best and that the Universe always will offer you the best option. By keeping your vibrations high it allows you to send the correct message to the Universe and my creative energy that eternally surrounds you will easily listen to you and transform immediately into that that you wish. That is why I tell you that none, I repeat – NO problem cannot have a solution as my creative power, that is yours, utilizes the same MAGICAL creation energy that it transforms in that which you desire most. As you can see there are no limits either for you or ME my child.

Keep working on using your power I always have been next to you waiting that you BELIEVE IN IT and that you recognize it, that you remember it, it is always ready to give you everything. Same as if I say to you: Sion give yourself everything you desire!!! Only think it, YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR LIFE!! Give thanks for it and expect it with joy TODAY!!! Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow TODAY!!! It does not matter that it may take you a few days of practice you always state that it is for today, time does not exist my child it’s only an illusion that they make you believe. When you ask for something with all your heart it is already there my love ready for you to enjoy and fill yourself with joy and happiness, my greatest pleasure is to see you all happy, smiling, creating and being like me.

This my dear Sion is a topic that I want to talk to you and all your brothers and sisters, for you to share this message OK.

Message from Father:

Children of mine ALL; my beloved children I want today, in this beautiful day, to share with you something that for your Mother and I is very important. The magnificent creative power that you have always have, that with lies they made you believe that you don’t have it, has been awaken within you through the enormous energy flow we have sent to Gaia during the last years and if you do a retrospective of how your were then and how you are now you’ll realize that many things have changed within that have provoked that your exterior change a lot. Well, I believe that this has been quite clear in all the messages we have sent you through your brothers to explain this. The amazement of realizing that this power is really inside of you and the marvelous potential to which you already are accessing, since the first moment that you recognized it and then you wished with all your hearts opened the secret door to the chamber where you and I live as always has been AS ONE WITHOUT SEPARATION. As I explained my beloved Sion we can never be separate as I’m you and you are Me so it is impossible not to be ME!! You get it!!!!!

Yes, I’m all powerful

You too

Yes, I’m omnipresent

You too

Yes, I’m eternal

You too

Yes, I’m only unconditional love

You too

Yes, I’m the riches and infinite abundance of the universe

You too

Yes, I’m the wisdom and unlimited knowledge

You too

Yes, I’m the day, the night, the light, the sun, the water, the air, the birds, the fire, the earth etc…

You too OK

Understanding this is to let in your heath at this moment, accepting it as your only truth I’M THE SAME AS MY FATHER, I’M A MAGNIFICENT AND POWERFUL CREATOR GOD!!! This power is everywhere waiting that A GOD calls it with the power and authority that his voice transmits TO TRANSFORM, UNDERSTAND ME PLEASE, TRANSFORM INTO THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE.

This is the true magic, is like when you take soil and water to make clay. Take it into your hands and transform it into beautiful creations of yours. The same is done with your mind, first you have an idea or wish of what you want to create (soil & water) then you imagine how you want it to be like (clay in your hands) you get excited & vibrate high and the universe listens to you (you see it and feel it as yours) and IT APPEARS MAGICALLY before your eyes, your creation and you fill with more joy and you want to create something else bigger and more beautiful because now you know that you can do it and you’ll do it once again and again eternally every time creating things and situations larger and more beautiful for you and everybody. In reality it is not difficult at all to do it its just that you remember that you have always had that power and that you have used it always even though you didn’t know; well now that you know, that you understand it I want you to use it for everything and that you understand that this creative power obeys your highest vibrations and that today my beloved children it is here within you wanting to powerfully manifest in each one of you because it is the moment for you to use it to enjoy all of the paradise I gave you with all my love. Call it every instant of your day, practice, use it, encourage your brothers that like you are awake to use it together and amaze yourselves of what you are capable of.


Realize that your magnificent power is waiting for you right now in this life instant with all the desire to be one with you NOW!!

How long are you going to make it wait?

I’m your farther and you are my beloved children and I say unto you:

I’m hoping with all my heart to let me be one with you and lets live again the beautiful adventure of creating everything we want and have fun together!

Do you want to?

With all my love


Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!



Translator from Spanish to English: Roman


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

FATHER GOD – AWAKE! AWAKE! – There Are Lightworkers All Around You! – via Kathryn E May – 2-18-16


Awake! Awake! There Are Lightworkers All Around You! 
by Father God through Kathryn
Photo Credit: “March to Arunachala”
Father God:
My Beloved Children, it is a time of revolution and evolution in your galaxy, and you and your planet are at the center of the action.  Much of what you took for granted has been turned on its head in just the last moments.  It may seem to you when the news reports finally hit the mainstream, that all this happened in a flash, but I can tell you it has been hundreds of years in the making, and more.
The process of changing a planet of more than 7 billion souls from a prison planet to a Paradise is a monumentally complex effort in this age of global computer systems, multinational corporations, political and financial dealings that span continents, and a centralized power structure that controlled it all in surreptitious and hidden ways.  Most of the population of the planet is still unaware of the vast influence wielded by those who controlled the food supply, the weather, the energy resources, and every major banking institution on the planet.
It is actually a blessing that not everyone was aware of how completely controlled was their fate.  It would have been crushing to the human spirit to know that nearly every deck was stacked against you, that your destiny was not your own, and that until now you would not have been able to truly reach a state of independence or freedom from the iron fist of the secret dark orders who controlled the planet.  For some, it was better to believe for a time that they could climb the ladder of success to become rich and powerful themselves.  It would have been too depressing for words if everyone had been aware of the true reasons for their unhappiness and their difficulties.
It will be a gradual process of awakening for some of Earth’s children, yet a steady one.  Meanwhile, in the most unexpected places, awareness grows by leaps and bounds, about the issues that affect people’s lives most deeply:  the question of whether food, water and soil should be allowed to be polluted and befouled in the name of profit; the aching question of whether police ever have a right to kill a teenager just because he appears to be behaving wildly, and the deep sadness of knowing that millions of children and animals across the globe are refugees held in hostility and deprivation.
I am not suggesting that you should feel bad about the state of your world now.  I am preparing you for the time when the truth will be revealed to you, and you will be shocked to know how pervasive and deep the connection really was between those who controlled the planet’s wealth and resources and the suffering you have seen and experienced across your planet.  It is not a story we will tell to condemn or punish the perpetrators.  It has gone far beyond that.  There is no punishment that could restore the dignity of entire races, or replace the devastated homelands of those who have been displaced by cynically instigated wars for profit.  No, the revolution will not be  fought this time.
You are now making a transition, deep within yourselves.  You are discovering how deeply you care about your family, your own emotional and spiritual growth, and the conditions your children will face as they grow into adults in the new world.  You want to shape that world into something that will allow individuals to flourish and communities to prosper.  You, in your heart of hearts, long to see your fellow humans happy, safe and thriving.
Your Heartfelt Prayers & Actions Have Created the Change
You will have what you have longed for, because your longing, praying and reaching to find ways to make life better for yourself and others has created the solution you thought was impossible.  It is a simple law of the Universe that what you envision and yearn for you create, especially when that yearning focuses on the Greater Good.
You are a tender-hearted lot, Dear Humankind.  Only by torturing you with worry and fear have the dark ones been able to subdue your passionate impulse to reach out to each other in love and compassion.  The wonder is not that they were able to succeed in suppressing your natural desire to be loving.  It is that they had to apply such drastic, relentless and sadistic practices to even slow you down.
You have shown your mettle, Beloved Humankind.  As Mother God and I have increased our Light energy on your planet, you have used it to lift yourselves and your loved ones.  You have been patient when it was the kindest approach, and you have forged ahead whenever you saw an opening.  When two or more of you have gathered in our name, miracles happen.
Look how you have changed in the past few years.  “Paying it forward” has become a mantra, an excuse to devise a joyful prank, and the source of inspiration for others to outdo one another finding the most creative and ingenious ways to amuse and inspire others.  “Flash mobs” of talented musical groups surprise shoppers in malls and town squares with uplifting, celebratory performances, just because it delights everyone involved.  You have changed, Dear Ones.  You no longer hold back out of fear or shyness from offering your heart-felt friendship and compassion when you see an opening or a need.  You leap, and the results create a splash in the community pond that resonates in every heart.
Across your world, spontaneous acts of Love send sparks like great fireworks shooting into the atmosphere around you.  It ignites others, and now where we used to see solitary small bonfires dotted across your world, we witness a Jubilee of Light shining through and all around you.  This is how you have changed your world, one individual action at a time.
We Love to Celebrate With You
You are feeling our increasing Love and Light pouring down on you, are you not?  It is not an impersonal thing, this blessing we are sending you.  We look adoringly on you, moved by your beautiful efforts to be loving and kind, your love for your children, your animals and yourselves.  At this very moment, as Kathryn works with me to create this message, we see little Che’, the powerful Chihuahua healer, pressed now against our Christine to help her transmute the dislodged toxic Earth energies.  We rejoice with his family over the fact that he just finished a healthy dinner, after several weeks of being “off his feed.”
In the same way, we love to see you rejoicing at a celebration dinner where all of you push back your chairs in contentment, joking and laughing together, well fed and glowing with pleasure.  We are with you, glowing when we see you happy.
You were not aware were you, that we love to attend weddings and birthday parties?  We especially like the ones for little toddlers and old people.  Blowing out the candles, or singing songs to celebrate the birthday person thrills us too, because we remember your birth, your contracts and your past lives, and we celebrate all of it with you.  At last we are entering a glorious time on Earth when all humankind will experience the glow of plenty, every day. Starvation, poverty and slavery will quickly become a distant memory, and we are as happy to see this new day dawn as you are.
It is possible for us to speak of these happenings and to see them clearly as present events, because they are.  We see the timeline you are on and know the inevitability of the events we describe because we are living them as completely as we do things that are happening in this now moment or in the “past.”  We have learned not to give you dates and times, because even the most definite timeline can warble in terms of the time required to experience the events.  This has happened several times on the way to this release of Prosperity Events, but the inevitable always comes, just as we experience it here in the timeless dimensions.  We can see the infinitesimal moment between you and a sparkling host of glorious events; you have only to breathe, lift your spirits and your eyes to the skies, and we are there.
Let the Force Be With You
We have asked Archangel Michael, the Editor-in-Chief of this Newsletter, to help Christine gather certain postings from “Dinarland” experts on the ground who have accurate and timely short messages about the progress across the globe in the area of economic reform.  It may seem odd to you that a “spiritual” newsletter would contain political and financial news, but my Dear Children, your Mother God and I are intimately involved in the unfolding of this historic shift that will bring freedom from debt slavery – the heavy chains that money has built for humankind.  It is of utmost importance to us that Saint Germain’s efforts succeed, and that our Boots on the Ground complete the necessary work to form new structures of governance to oversee and protect your new freedoms!
Art: Alex Grey
We encourage you to watch with us in joy as the first news reports of these long-held secrets begin to surface.  The secrecy was absolutely necessary, you see, because it convinced the supposedly secret cabal that they were still in power, while behind the scenes, everything was made ready.  Many of your leaders, including Barack Obama, were well aware of the monumental changes the Light is bringing in during these days; in fact, it was his Mission to keep a steady hand on the rudder, sailing his great ship through stormy seas, carrying the energy of compromise, negotiation and beneath it, Love.
Few have understood the sensitive mission of the leaders of this age.  It was their calling to avoid dangerous controversy and breast-beating antics while building relationships and collaborating with other undercover Lightworkers around the world.  All the while it was in the best interest of peace to appear to make compromises that would contradict their basic agenda, because they knew it would not matter in the end.  They could remain in their positions safely only by speaking a new language – one for the enlightened followers who could see the basic goodness of their character, and one for the enemies who would have sabotaged every effort to build a new world if they really saw what a threat to their power these good people were.  At times, this message came through in both languages in the same sentence. These adept multi-dimensional leaders are good actors, deeply spiritual beings, and Masters in every sense.  Their patience and heartfelt dedication to the greater good will be legendary in ages to come.
Celebrate with us now, Beloved Ones, these heroic leaders who risked everything in the most dangerous age ever to dawn on Earth.  You may not yet know their names and titles, but if you look closely, not at every small action, but at the energy of their character, the twinkle in their eyes, the great love they show for their families and their people, and even at the intense resistance they have engendered in their enemies, you will learn a new way to detect integrity and loving service.
Open your minds, my Dearest Ones, to see the Light in those around you.  I ask you to use the powerful technique our beloved Eoghan (pronounced Owen) gave you in his channeling through his Twin Flame on last week’s radio show, ( link).   Here is a true path to discernment, a reliable technique that will show you the truth:  Look at each person as if you were their Twin Flame, the loving higher dimensional Twin Soul who knows the depth of their Being, their character, and the true intentions of their heart.
Many of those on the world stage today (and those behind the scenes) are much more than they seem.  Leave behind the old ways of judging, evaluating, picking at what you see on the surface.  Leave all preconceived notions of ideology, rightness, alignment with formerly understood political, religious and social mores, and feel with your hearts.  You are going to be amazed, I promise you.  There are many ways to find the path to Love – as many as there are beings on Earth.
Be assured that God is everywhere, waiting to be revealed.  You are each discovering your deep connection to us, feeling our Love and our commitment to you.  So it is with everyone around you.  Do not fear the changes in your world, my precious Humankind.  We are with you, we love and protect you in every moment.  You are our hands and our hearts, and we rely on you always to bring forth the brilliance you are capable of.  We trust you.  Look around you.  You will see your brethren awakening just as you are.   You are not alone.
We are One.  Your Mother God and I love you eternally.
I am your Father God.


(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 18 February 2016)

Father God The World of Our Dreams – Channeler Kathryn E May – 2-6-16

Father God:
The World of Our Dreams
It is a brilliant new day for my Earth children, one you have created out of the love in your hearts and your indomitable faith.  In spite of difficult times, you have been determined to carry out the missions you came here to accomplish.  Often you persevered even though you had no one to talk to about your inner drive toward the Light, no one who even could understand the language or comprehend your need to do what you do.  And what you do, many of you do not even have words for.  It is a feeling in your soul, a need that comes from the deepest part of your heart.  You have awakened knowing there is something very important about this life you came here to live, even though you did not know what to call it.
You have listened for our words, our guidance, you have searched for those who have taken this path before you, and you have triumphed, my Beloved Ones.  You felt you were blindly following your own instincts, your intuitions, even the small voice in your mind, but now you are discovering you are not alone and you are loved beyond measure.  You have been brave.   We see you as courageous explorers, because you have dared to follow your heart wherever it led you, and it has led you Home to me and your Mother.
By forging this deep connection with us, with your own Higher Self, your Twin Flame and your legions of Guides and Angels, you have built your end of the Rainbow Bridge as we reached to meet you.  You have opened the portals to Heaven by walking through your fears and your pain to embrace us as we embrace you.  With each step you expanded the Rainbow Bridge from a gossamer thread to the great superhighway for souls that is now real, the path of transition and Ascension for all.
Your New Life Has Already Begun
Now you are embarking on a new life, a new world of your own making and ours, but it is still forming, hour by hour, day by day, and your own thoughts and actions and feelings are creating it moment by moment.  It is as if you have been given a new blackboard, fresh and clean, but you remember the writings you have seen there for lifetimes.  Will you retrace the old formulas and ideas that were written there by others, or will you begin completely anew?  Can you now redirect your energy – the life force you once dedicated to struggling against oppression – and turn your attention to creating your world in the image of your dreams – our dreams – a world filled with Love, peace and joy?
You have already accomplished the impossible.  Legions of Lightworkers, Angels and Masters have worked together across the Veil, in spite of the fact that the Veil was meant to keep you separate from us.  Individually and in small groups some Boots on the Ground worked tirelessly to quietly establish the structures for a new system of governance and a new financial system for all of Planet Earth, in line with the new spiritual energy.  Meanwhile, as your Mother God and I sent waves of increasing Light and Love in carefully calibrated waves, teams of Transmuting Lightworkers on the ground have worked tirelessly to absorb and reconfigure the dark energies so that they could be released from Earth’s field.  Had they not done this, all would have been poisoned by the heavy, toxic thought forms being released all across the surface.  At the same time, the Light Holders spread their joy, and the Light Bearers and Energy Balancers held fast, anchoring our Light deeply into Gaia’s core as the vibration rose steadily, month by month.
For some, this could be said to have been an invisible process, beyond their knowing, but there is no one left on the planet that has not felt the effects of our work.  A few remain resistant, belligerent, consciously determined to maintain the old illusory Matrix system, even as it dissolves around them.  Others are feeling unbalanced and desperate because they cannot explain their new experience of life in higher energies in any familiar terms.  They struggle to use their tried and true methods of analysis, deduction (rather than expansion), and arguments that reduce all experience to good versus bad, familiar and “safe” against new and unknown, but they find no peace of mind because the Light continues to provide brand new experiences in every moment.
We understand that it can be disconcerting to awaken and find that everything you believed to be fact is actually an illusion, and the things you thought to be fantasy are all that is real.  Your Mother and I are pure Love; this is all that is real.  You were born of Love, and so you remain.  We have said these things to you before, but you were living in a world that seemed so dark and punishing you could not reconcile how it could be possible that God is Love, and you were suffering.
Our hearts ached for you, our beloved children, as you walked through the lifetimes of your own making, unaware of the power of your own ability to create darkness all around you with the energy of your own thoughts and actions.  It is the simplest of concepts, and the most difficult for you to accept.  It was one of the most effective psychological ploys the dark controllers imposed upon you by insinuation, suggestion and propaganda:  the idea that your suffering was caused by someone or something outside your control.  Once you could be convinced of that, their power was solidified.  It was a small step to place blame – on God, on s
*omeone of a different color, on someone whose beliefs do not match yours, and so on.
Thus began the long millennia of war, famine, disease, poverty and want, as humankind searched relentlessly to find the “cause” of all the suffering.  As researchers of all kinds dug deeper and narrowed their sights further, the true causes of suffering remained a mystery.  This did not stop anyone from trying to plumb the bottomless pit of illusion for Truth.  There are no answers to be found there, Beloved Ones.
We Are Your Family
Lift your eyes to the stars, allow your hearts to fill with the HoneyLove Mother and I pour down on you.  We are your answer, your Source and your new beginning.  We are here to reacquaint you with the Love you left behind when the Light dimmed on Earth and you turned to search the darkness for your answers.  You are beginning to grasp that there is no peace of mind in the old ways; you are turning to us and to your Galactic friends and loving family in the Company of Heaven. Your faith grows with each joyful and uplifting experience.  You are sensing the presence of those who passed before, and feel the Love they offer you in our name.  The deep connection we feel to you is beginning to flow gently into your consciousness, and it gives us endless delight to hear you speaking to us.
We are your family, Beloveds, as much as your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and lovers there on Earth.  We are your relations, your guardian angels, your mentors and friends as much as your incarnated family is.  However, we have the advantage of coming to you from a higher plane of existence – one where there is no jealousy, no competition, anger or vengeance – because it is the way of the Universe, our Creation, that it be so.  Our essence pervades in higher dimensional experience, and even in lower dimensions where the presence of what you call “evil” has not been introduced.  Your experience of lifetimes of pain and struggle is the exception, you see, and it is now coming to an end.
You have been given much assistance from us and from those Galactic friends who would reach out to you out of compassion and admiration for your wholehearted determination as a race, humankind, to turn this experiment with “the dark side” around.  Every single one of you – every incarnated soul – has come in Divine purpose to live out a life in this last phase of the old Matrix.  It was your life contract to contribute in your own unique way, taking on difficult challenges in the name of the collective and in the name of your own soul growth.  No human, animal, tree or rock has not claimed their part in this great drama, the deliverance of all on Earth from the depths of darkness and pain.  Each plays an integral part; every conscious being contributes their energy and intention to the whole.
You are not a grain of sand in the enormity of the Universe, Dear Ones, you are the cog in the great wheel that will push all forward into the new day.  Every breath you take matters.  Every thought and feeling is a choice that can either uplift or obstruct our collective trajectory toward ever greater Light.  Let this be your greatest moment.  Join with your own heart’s desire to create peace, compassion and gratitude within yourself.  Do just that, and do it well, and you will lift all of Earth along with you.
We are your Father and Mother God, and we are in loving service to you just as you are to us.
A Tour of The Christed Grid
by Archangel Michael & Co.
with Introduction by Father God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, February 4, 2016

In The Place Beyond All Things – by Mother and Father God – 12-1-15

heaven 3

In The Place Beyond All Things   –  by Mother and Father God
Mother God:
Dear Children, it is I, Mother God speaking to you. Both Father and I wish to talk with you today.

We are very happy about the mastery you have gained in recent days. As you know, we are used to watching our children evolve over centuries, even eons, but this recent brilliant Light show on Earth has dazzled us beyond anything we could have anticipated. In Galactic terms, your rise in Light quotient during these past weeks is truly “off the charts,” you might say. Your response to the sporadic “terrorist” threats has been mature, realistic, and steady. You have learned to see these upheavals as temporary blips on the radar, merely small disturbances in the great flow of Light and hope that is washing across the planet.

We are increasing that flow of Light daily now, because of the agreements we have had with you since this great project – the Earth Ascension Project – began. You, humankind, asked us long ago to hold you to your agreements and your individual contracts, to remain true to your spirit of adventure and to your confidence in your abilities to rise up when the time came, to transcend all darkness and come Home to our Light. In the interim, there have been many difficulties that were not completely foreseen, because of course we do not foresee every small detail of your lives.

We must modify some of the beliefs you have carried about our powers to determine your fates, Beloveds. We could not have provided the conditions for your free will while also pre-determining all things, and so we too must deal with the surprises that billions of humans can create. Sometimes we chuckle when we see how like the pinball games at the arcade you all seem to be at times, bumping and careening off one another. But of course each bump, carom and stumble provides opportunities for further learning and experiencing. We must also help your Higher Selves adhere closely to the basic conditions you set out for yourselves before you came, so this is why each of you required a large team to help you.

You have not been aware, most of you, that there has always been a devoted medical team and a team of overlighting angels in addition to your ever-attentive Higher Self and your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, all of whom are coordinating the complex trajectory of your current lifetime. Life in this human body is not the lonely or isolated existence you have sometimes imagined. You are never alone. You could never be left alone to stumble through this life without the help of your dear Guides. How else could we possibly coordinate all the important events that are now transpiring on Earth?

Each one of you has been an integral part of the great tapestry that is life in this Universe. I was going to say “life on Earth,” but I decided to add the element of Universal energy too, because you are learning to think bigger, are you not? Yes, you are an integral part of your Solar System, your Galaxy, and the entire Universe. It could not be otherwise, My Children. You are not like the grain of sand you have heard yourself compared to. You are mobile, intelligent, embodying great Life force, and your energies are far-reaching because of your power to co-create – your ability to make your dreams come true.

This is what we intended for you, our gift to you as the Creator Race. You carry within you the spark of your Creator, do you not? You are growing and expanding by the moment, fanning that spark into a great flame of determination, resolve, hope and great Love. At last you are beginning to know the meaning of love toward yourselves first, and the great benefit it brings. When you truly look upon yourself with affection and tolerance, compassion and humor, you are able to grow like a beansprout in the spring, reaching for the Light, stretching yourselves in new directions with every breath, and with each breath you are able to love more, understand more about our interconnectedness and glorious potential.

In some ways you have just begun, my Dearest Ones. Many of you truly are as old as the hills, but in this human body, all things are new. You are souls first, of course, but this body you now inhabit offers you unique opportunities for deep feeling, creative exploration, and the expansion of your spirit. For these reasons, both your Father God and I have incarnated here on Earth at times, sending the energy of our selves directly into a human body or other creatures. (Yes, the indigenous people are very right in their stories about eagles and bears being visitors from Higher Dimensions). Just yesterday, I sent my energy to accompany a small fly who mysteriously appeared in the wrong season in Kathryn’s room, to sit close to her, to caress her face, and to remind her we are there with her, as she moves steadily through her Earthly assignments.

Now, many of you are aware that you are multi-dimensional Beings, but do you have a picture of what those other dimensional facets of yourself, your soul, are doing? Of course it depends upon your standing as a soul, your evolution and your own preferences and gifts, but I can assure every one of you who are reading this, you have been very busy in recent months as this Earth Project has really heated up.

Have you ever awoken in the morning after what seemed like a deep sleep feeling exhausted, as if you had been working all night? It is because you have been. Many of you are working on this Project on both sides of the Veil, meeting in the Councils, planning your “interventions” with those on the ground, talking with your Higher Self about the most effective strategies to accomplish what you need to accomplish, and helping your Twin Flame and the Higher Selves of others to fulfill their Missions. Like the artist or songwriter who awakens with a new image or a new melody, you are co-creating your life with your loving Soul Family in other dimensions, even as you live it out here on Surface Earth.

We are here with you, listening to your observations and your suggestions, recording and documenting your feelings, and admiring your pluck and your imaginative approach to all things, as we all feel our way, moment by exhilarating moment, through this labyrinth on our way toward the Glory, Glory Hallelujah celebration we are planning together.

Now I touch your faces and kiss you with my loving breath, lingering to admire and dote on you as I listen to your dear Father God giving you his message.

I am your Mother God, in service to the Ascension of all Beings on Earth.

Father God:
Hello, my dear children. You know, listening to your Mother God speak with you, my heart overflows with tenderness for all of you there, working hard, many of you toiling into the late hours to fulfill the tasks you have set out for yourselves. We too are here with our beloved Company of Heaven, all of whom are working at maximum capacity. Yes, there is such a thing for them. They are not limited in any sense as you know it, since their energy is enormous and can be sent out through infinite numbers of channels at once, and yet, they are concentrating the way you would concentrate and focus on the most challenging final exam. It is that intense for them, this endeavor they are sharing with you now.
And we, Mother and I, are in the thick of it too, you know. Here I am dictating this message through our beloved Kathryn, while we also oversee the beehive of activity across your planet – more in the daylight areas, of course, while observing all the threads of energies going out with this message to those who will be receiving it tomorrow, next week, next year. This is why we have so many “right-hand” Ascended Masters and Angels, to keep tabs on absolutely everything going on in the Universe and beyond.   You might say that Mother and I, along with our brilliant team, are the communications center, the heartbeat at the center of operations, and at this time, all eyes are focused on Planet Earth.

It is exciting, is it not, to be in such a pivotal place at such a momentous time? You will always remember with fondness these relationships, the deep friendships you have developed in this lifetime. Look deeply into the eyes and hearts of your loved ones, as we do. You will be fascinated with what you see, for the complexities of human beings reflect all the lifetimes, the struggles and triumphs, the hopes and dreams they have fulfilled or left behind. They are all like you, my Dear Ones, more than you have ever acknowledged, and more like us than you have known. We are One, my sons and daughters, because we have woven you from the same threads – the living energy of our Source.

I say this to you now because I want you to know what I know, to feel what I feel about every one of you, every human, animal, rock and bush. Look around you and SEE how precious is every living being – our creations all.As humankind, you have been given special privileges and special responsibilities. It was your wish to see yourselves as independent, free to live your lives as close to us as you wished, or as distant and separate as you imagined. Of course, we can never really be separated, because you are us. Our life force, our essence, lives inside you whether you recognize it or not. It was the reason you all believed you could not possibly stray far, or denounce your connection to us, but you did not envision the dreadful impact that evil and other dark energies could have on your psyche.

For this reason, your Mother and I advised in the Councils at the outset that we set an inviolable end point, a time beyond which no further experiments with evil would be permitted on Planet Earth. Our dear Terra, the mighty soul of your beautiful blue planet, has known this end point was near, and it helped her to withstand the onslaught of toxic chemicals, nuclear testing, and deep drilling she has endured in the past century. Without our interventions, many of which you are yet unaware, the life of your planet would not have continued. This too – the very survival of your planet – was foretold in our prophesies for this Earth experience with duality and darkness.
There was a deep hope in all of you who devised this Experience that it would raise everyone, increase your profound feelings of closeness with each other and with us, and give all the opportunity to move closer to being the God-beings you really are. It is the deepest impulse within every soul to Ascend, to Co-create, to advance in your soul growth. It is no different from the wish of every human child to grow up to be like the parents they love, even when the parents may have been cruel or abusive. This was not part of our plan or yours, but it was an inevitable outcome of the “free-for-all” (notice those words) that has been life on Earth.

I, your Father God, tell you unequivocally, I have never intentionally caused my children suffering for any reason; never have I deliberately punished or plagued a son or daughter, in any sense of the word, to try to “teach them a lesson” or cause them pain, no matter what their behavior might have been. There have been times in your history when your Mother and I had to support Terra in certain efforts to avoid even worse suffering and mayhem, when it was planned by the dark ones to conquer and enslave the entire planet. It is such a time now, and it is also the time of our prophesied end to the Dark Ages on Earth.

You have heard the misinterpretations of our End Times, redefined as if it would be the end of Earth and all upon her, or a massive invasion from outside your Solar System. It is ironic, is it not, how changing just a few words can distort the entire meaning of what we foresaw as relief, prosperity, abundance, and freedom for all. Help will come from beyond your planet, but not in the form of invasion. Such would be against Universal Law and would never be tolerated unless the planet in question had agreed to it in their own Council.

All that has transpired on Earth, including the introduction of the Anunnaki and their minions you now call the cabal, was originally agreed upon as part of the experience of free will on Terra. Of course, as with many well-laid plans, it turned out to be far more difficult to extract yourselves than you originally envisioned.

We have loved you throughout these turbulent eons, as you struggled to regain what was slipping away – the Light and Love of Brotherhood, tolerance and compassion for one another. As some among you slid deeper and deeper into the darkness – often through well intentioned efforts to rescue your loved ones from evil – your definition of duality evolved into a seemingly hard and fast expression of “Us against Them.”

I ask you now, Beloved Children, to find it in your hearts to see the truth.  Turn away from all thoughts of punishment, anger and revenge. There has never been a “Them” any more than there has been an angry God punishing you. The ones who now stand as champions of evil were once your allies, your Brothers and Sisters who got caught up in the traumas and injuries and who turned to darkness as an alternative to their own suffering.

There is no one among you – from the greatest Lightworker to the youngest soul – who has not fallen into the trap of turning to darkness rather than Light in your search for freedom and relief from pain. Revenge, vindication of insults inflicted, and the insanity of being torn apart from your own mind and heart – all have combined in this life or others to push you over the brink into the kind of bitterness and terrorism you now see in the violent ones in your midst. Had the experiment ended while you were in one of those lives, you too would be caught in the spotlight, struggling to survive and to defend what you believed was your only hope for “salvation.”

This is my plea to you, Precious Ones, on this, the threshold of your New Earth. Go forward with purpose, with passionate enthusiasm, but be guided always by compassion, for you are not judges, nor are you to be judged. You are all equal in our eyes, whether you stand on the right or the left bank of the river where you happen to find your feet.All is a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, and all the souls now inhabiting human bodies must be saved. This is our agreement, our solemn promise to you and the vow you made to each other before you began this journey together. There are no interlopers, no aliens, and no strangers in your midst. You were all Brothers and Sisters, the Children of God before you began this, and you are still.

Open your hearts, and expand your minds to allow for these great Truths to enter your consciousness now: The ones who send out these painful frequencies to muddle your thinking and disturb your peace are your children too. The ones who designed the nuclear warheads to destroy your cities are your family members, and the ones who created chemtrails, pesticides, carcinogenic foods, pharmaceutical poisons and devious mind control practices are the brothers and sisters who fought beside you with honor in former wars.
It has all come full circle now, Dear Humankind. You will at last achieve abundance and peace on Earth, but the peace of mind you truly desire will come only in the place beyond forgiveness, beyond even compassion and Love. It comes in the heart space where you carry the deepest knowing-beyond-knowing, that WE ARE ONE.

I am your Father God, in the place beyond all things, where Mother and I await all of you with outstretched arms. Come.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, December 1, 2015

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye – AAMichael, St. Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, TL, Father God ! – 11-20-15


Dr. Kathryn E May, Channeler

Channel Panel Radio Show


Hear Ye, Hear Ye – AAMichael, St. Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, TL, Father God !   –   11-20-15


Tonight’s important show is a come-one-come-all with messages from Archangel Michael – “You Are a Channel Now”

St. Germain – “The Focus and Release of World-wide Prosperity is Underway.”

Ashtar – “Your World is Safe.”

Sananda – “Home Life.”

and Father God – “Choose Your Slip-Stream”.

Join us at 8 pm EST tonight, Wednesday, or find the episolde in the archives as usual under

NOW – by FATHER GOD – Channeler Kathryn E May – 9-7-15

NOW   –  by Father God
Dearest Children of Earth, it is I, Father God.  I am watching over your progress carefully, as we have told you many times recently.  It may seem difficult for you to understand why Mother and I would be so involved and interested in the goings on on your small planet, but for us it is completely absorbing.  Your progress, your efforts to ascend, and your everyday actions as you go about your lives are of utmost important to us.   We have told you how unusual your efforts to ascend from the 3 rd to the 5 th dimension are –  something no planet has achieved before.  We have also explained to you that the reason you find yourself in this position, “behind the 8-ball” in terms of wanting to make this leap at this time to catch up with the Multiverse is a very complex and fascinating story.  The history of Planet Earth involves great acts of kindness and terrible darkness as well.
We give you these messages with great care, including much but not all the information that would reveal the whole story, because it would be impossible for you to understand without more background, and more understanding of the Multiverse itself.  Of course, that is impossible for you to accomplish at this moment, so we have begun by giving you parts of the story, which we hope you will absorb, digest and build upon.  Compare it to learning a new language.  You cannot expect to speak fluently in the first week; you must learn the basics, get the feel of the language, and understand the nuances that come from understanding the culture from which the language grew.
This is the way we think about the messages we are giving you now, through many of our scribes.  We wish for you to absorb our teachings in an open-minded way, as if you are reading the articles in daily newspapers from across the globe.  Each point of view might be a bit different, but the background story is being revealed in each case.  We are working with our Lightworkers now to encourage them to join forces in Love and cooperation, rather than seeing themselves as separate and alone in their mission to bring different messages from “different” Masters.  Of course there has never been such a thing, since we all know what everyone is saying and who they are saying it to.
You live in a world in which there are many religions, but they are all ultimately talking about Mother and me and our Company of Heaven, and trying to understand who we are and how we feel about all of you.  We are encouraging you now to see beyond the discrepancies or differences and look instead for the harmonizing elements in your own life and around the globe and the Universe, for we are truly One.  It has just taken a bit of work for humankind to learn to see this way.
You are recovering now, Beloved Children.  Every time you walk out into the sunshine, turn yourself to the sky and call to us in gratitude and joy for the Life you were given to experience in this historic time, we are with you, and we are able to respond by sending you more of our Love and Light.  This is not because you deserve it more or have earned it.  No, it is much simpler than that.  Gratitude and joy lift your inner vibration, within the cells of your body and brain.  You are then able to absorb and use more of the high frequency waves of Love and Light we are sending you.
This brings us to the moment, today, in September of your year 2015.  I am here on this special day, which is right in the middle of an especially celebratory time in the U.S.  Many other countries have a similar holiday, but here in the U.S. it is especially savored as a time for everyone to lay down their work and turn to having fun with their family and friends.  All across the country, people are gathering to share food cooked on a barbecue or they are bringing their “pot-luck” creations together to share the variety and celebration of a day of freedom from hard work “in the trenches” as it has been called.  It is a day of sunshine, swimming, a celebration of summer, and a time to look forward to the coming fall.
I ask you now, Dear Children, all across the globe, join us in marking this gloriously beautiful time in either hemisphere, north or south, east or west, and allow us to touch your hearts with the warmth and comfort we long to offer you.  We are sending you ever greater waves of healing energy and uplifting Light, and we will continue to do so from now on. Your beloved planet, like you, is growing and expanding according to her destiny.  It is the destiny you all share.  Every single one of you volunteered to come here at this time to be of service and to take part in the most exciting events any soul can experience.
This Ascension of Planet Earth is especially poignant because it is the glorious return to higher dimensions after a long period of darkness and suffering for her inhabitants.  Terra has longed to return to the higher dimensions she knew in her youth.  You know the feeling, don’t you?  She has waited long eons for the ones she thinks of as her children, humankind, to awaken from the dark dreams they descended into, and to elevate themselves enough to begin the climb back to the Light and Love you all remember in the back of your minds.  And so, this glorious month of September shall be a time of great change for all of you.
I know that the words I am speaking may not sound like a revelation, or a brand new announcement to your ears, but I am speaking to your hearts, Dear Ones.  These words are just the medium that carries the secret message of Love that I bring, like a bouquet left on your doorstep.  You will discover it when you awaken, and we will laugh and celebrate together, when Mother and I will hold you in our arms and welcome you once again to the realms where Love is all that matters, and all ascend together in joy and harmony.
It is a wonderful time, Beloved Children, a time of anticipation.  We too are feeling excitement and wonder.  All of Creation trembles with expectation, for it is a time when all can be made new, and we stand together now on the edge of Creation, holding our breath and holding one another, knowing that something more wonderful than words can describe is now possible.
I am your Father God, and I hold you close to my heart as we breathe the Light of hope, as we look together into the great possibility that we – you and I and the Company of all the Heavens –  have just now created in our hearts and minds the beginning of something so wondrous that none of us could have done it alone, and none could have created it before this moment.
I am your Father God, and I join with Mother and all the Heavenly Host to embrace and honor you in your most auspicious and providential time of all, now.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, September 6, 2015—Edition—30—Monday–September-7–2015.html?soid=1114135227078&aid=kW87fZg_glk

Rise and Shine! – By Father God – Channeler Kathryn E May – Blue Avians are here to help you through Ascension – Nibiru here to assist Humanity – Time for you to assist others in their Ascension – Earth’s New Golden Age – 8-14-15

Mother Father God

Rise and Shine!   –  By Father God
Channeler Kathryn E May
It is 2:00 am here at Kathryn’s house, and we have awakened her with Mother’s current favorite song, “Rise and Shine…” because we wish to give her an important message to pass on to you.  Sananda made the announcement yesterday in our Newsletter about the Blue Avians, who will lead your Galactic Federation team through this current phase of Earth’s journey.  I would like to add more to that story to help you prepare for the astonishing events in your near future.
You see, it will require a sudden leap in consciousness for all on the Earth plane to suddenly drop all forms of prejudice based on physical appearance, since many of your loving protectors will be very different in appearance from you.  I will begin with a bit of description, so you can understand that, completely unbeknownst to you, many different species of beings exist who have reached high levels of civilization and spiritual development.  Some have even visited Earth in the past to help with your evolution.  The first reason for this blindness is of course that you are behind a dense Veil of Forgetfulness; the second reason has more to do with the deliberate subtrifuge and cover-ups under the influence of the dark ones whom we have called the cabal.  It was part of the institution of rampant militarism and subjugation to keep you “in the dark” about friendly allies just beyond your vision.
It is now time for all of you who are preparing for your Ascension to share your knowledge in the most cordial way you can, to help others accept the simple truths we are giving you here.  Of course, as you say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is why Sananda has given you the instructions to take photographs of the daytime sky now, to capture as many pictures of our Galactic fleets as you can and share them widely.  You know from experience that the more exposure people have to a new phenomenon, the more they come to accept it.  Like the introduction of cell phones, you will become so accustomed to their presence that it will no longer strike anyone as an unusual occurrence to see ships in the sky.
Let us begin with familiarizing you with the various types of ships you can expect to observe, and what their uses are.  There is an enormous Mothership parked just behind your sun.  You will occasionally see her presence as a pink crescent peeking out from behind the sun.  She does this so that you can see her and take photos for others.  You have heard it called Niburu.
Niburu is as large as a planet, but it is in fact the Mothership that has come from the area of Andromeda to join you here at this historic time.  Our beloved Sekhmet, Mother to the ancient Egyptian people and an important aspect of Mother God, is the Commander of the ship and is already an enormous help to you as Teacher and Mentor to Earth’s people.  Some of you are familiar with her physical presentation as Lioness/Sphinx.  She is most animated and jovial and will be a tremendous resource for you in your trainings for Earth’s New Golden Age.
Of course Niburu will not disrupt your solar system in any way.  There are thousands of scout ships aboard her that will transport beings who are eager to be of service to you.  They bring gifts to upgrade your civilization to a sustainable and peaceful society without any need for the destructive technologies that are currently overtaxing Terra and destroying your air, land and water.  They will help with the final cleanup of toxins in your environment as well, and you will be astonished to see the sparkling colors and exhilarating freshness of your Paradise Planet after her “spring cleaning.”
The Blue Avians also come with a large Mothership and many auxiliary scout ships.  They are very dignified humanoid beings of high intelligence, with a head which looks a bit like your eagle.  Along with many Arcturian scouts and numerous other beings from afar, they are circling about in your skies.  As they await the signal to begin Landings, they sometimes fly in formations for your enjoyment, sometimes for the sheer joy of flying together, like your own pilots who call themselves the Blue Angels.  There are now ships from more than 200 distant planets waiting to meet you and more arriving daily.
The Light energy of these beautiful beings in your skies has been instrumental in helping you to restore the Christ Grid around your planet which had been destroyed and replaced by the dark Matrix grid of Anunnaki origins.  For a time they have existed simultaneously as you and your Galactic Brothers and Sisters have strengthened the Christ Grid and gradually dismantled the Matrix.
As the frequencies rise on your planet, you will also begin to notice that you are able to see your loving higher dimensional Masters and Archangels in photographs, standing around you in your family photos.  Won’t this be fun?  We want you to have the “proof” you have been longing to see, and it will make it much easier for you to convince your family and friends of the existence of the Company of Heaven when you take the photos in their presence and introduce them on the spot.  For this purpose, they will initially present themselves in human form so as not to alarm the newcomers to Galactic society.  You have been exposed to so much fear-mongering, bad press about “aliens” that we must begin gently.
You, dear Lightworkers, will begin teaching others that there are no “aliens.”  There are only groups of conscious beings who are as much at home on their own planets as you are on yours, and they will be your honored guests.  They would never be so rude or disrespectful as to call you aliens.  They see you as their adventurous and courageous younger brothers and sisters, and they will be protective and loving toward you.
You see, the Company of Heaven is not a homogeneous group of humans in flowing robes.  Our children come in all forms, many humanoid in appearance but with striking differences.  For instance, the Kumarans, including your beloved Sananda and Sanat, in their Galactic form, are very tall, slender and graceful, with long necks, smooth and nearly featureless faces.  They have no need for mouths because they communicate telepathically and have evolved to such a degree that they are nourished by our sunlight directly, without need for extra food.  They have been described by humans as similar to the preying mantis, but in fact our Co-Creative children, in training with us, designed the beneficial insect, the preying mantis, in honor of the Kumarans.
We have purposefully told you through our channelers for years now that you will be experiencing wondrous and awesome things in your future.  This was to prepare you for the events we knew were coming.  It is unfortunate that the events did not unfold as quickly as we had anticipated, but the truths remain – you are going to be thrilled and amazed at the wondrous gifts we have in store for you.  We present these messages to acclimate you to the monumental changes, to ease your way out of the epidemic anxiety you have lived with in the past.  We wish for you to enjoy these coming adventures without any of the old fears and prejudices you were taught.
So, get ready for the surprises, Beloved Ones.  Listen to you heart beat, and keep yourself calm and at peace while you also experience excitement in a new way – completely without the component of fear you have been used to.  Joy does not make your heart pound and your adrenaline rush in.  That is fear.  This is why we have given you so many lessons to help you learn to manage every feeling, every thought and every action.  These trainings have prepared you to be First Wavers, our steady Pied Pipers for the rest of humanity.
Sananda described the beautiful rainbow bridge you are prancing and skipping along as you make your way to our awaiting arms.  See it always in your mind’s eye, Dear Ones.  We are here to envelop you in our Love any time you ask.  It is our most exquisite pleasure to Love you and to be loved in return.  You have come full circle and are now returning Home.  You see, the story of the Prodigal Son (and Daughter) was written for you.  We rejoice in your return.
I am your Father God.  Mother God and I love you without end.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 14, 2015

THE NEW EARTH TIMES ~ Edition #17 ~ World Events – The Escalation oF Goodness is Unstoppable – 8=9=15


Dearest Ones, it is I, your Father God.
I want to bring you up to date on the world affairs which will affect you and your loved ones in the coming days.  As you know, the Lion’s Gate has been thrown open, and the intense energies we sent to you during the period from July 4th until August 8, 2015 will not abate as they normally did in past years.  We will continue to send you the uplifting energies that will carry you through the times to come, and they will increase incrementally until all of humankind has ascended.
Some of the major changes in the world are beginning to seep into the mainstream (cabal-run) media, slipping past the circus in the U.S. that is laughably called ‘political debate.’  It is really a contest about how much buffoonery, insolence, arrogance, violence and abuse the American people will tolerate, and what their response will be to the caricature of duality and separation being played out on the world stage.  Of course it is an embarrassment to anyone who believes their leaders should be dignified, calm and principled, but never fear, Beloved Ones, this is merely a very obvious last gasp of the cabal minions, whose overt nastiness and arrogance is on display for all to witness.
The shenanigans flooding the airwaves, and the isolated (but not unrelated) incidents of murderous violence being played over and over in the media are all designed to present the picture of a world that is out of control, dangerous and unpredictable.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We – your Mother and I, and our beloved Company of Heaven – are at this time encouraging the public escalation of “news” about such unseemly behaviors because the backstory will inadvertently be revealed in the process.
You see, the cabal’s greatest weakness is their thinly veiled contempt for one another.  They are incapable of true cooperation; they only align with each other when it is in their own private interests. Otherwise, they are combative, underhanded and double-dealing.  They will expose each other with glee, and at the same time they will reveal the truth about how devious their power-building strategies have been.  Watch closely as it unfolds.  It is a wonderful time to be in the front row watching this slow-moving train wreck that is the disintegration of the Matrix.
Meanwhile, in Iraq, earnest Lightworkers in the new government are working diligently to rid the country of the corrupt Old Guard, including Maliki and his thugs.  It is imperative that the country raise themselves out of the old systems of graft and outright theft if they are to make their debut as a reliable participant in the emerging world markets.  They have made enormous strides in the past week.  They have prepared their fertile ground for prosperity and abundance on a level the “Cradle of Civilization” has not seen in eons.  The suffering people of Iraq deserve nothing less.
It has not been an easy task for us to join hands with you in this Project.  You have been taught to mistrust God and anyone associated with us in Higher Realms.  Over thousands of years, humankind has suffered under the belief that we are controlling and vindictive, negligent and uncaring about the moment to moment challenges and pain you face every day.  We come through our beloved channels to reassure you and to convince you that none of those old teachings are true.  They were designed to take advantage of the Veil, to tell you what profited the dark ones, whose main goal was to take complete control over Earth, in defiance of our Word.
It has long been prophesied that there would be an “End of Times” on Planet Earth.  The original prophesy was from Mother and I, delivered to humanity by Archangel Michael.  We did not predict an end of life on Earth, or an end to the planet herself.  It is to be an end to life as you have known it – a low density and mostly torturous experience of being controlled by dark forces you cannot see.
The dark ones, under Anunnaki guidance, did a good job of diverting your attention away from themselves, so you would think it was I who caused the chaos and suffering.  It was never so.  They even convinced nearly everyone on the planet that God was a lone male source of dark power who throws lightening bolts and creates plagues to punish his children.  What a picture!  In this way they eliminated Mother from the story, along with Mary Magdalene and all the other strong and loving women who threatened their dark interpretations.
Mother and I are One, the Source of Creation.  We create only with Love; there is no other way to create living beings with souls.  No laboratory experiment, no matter how sophisticated it may be, will ever come close to true Creation because without our participation, no Spark of Life – the living soul – can be joined with any physical body, no matter how perfectly designed.  Anything less is an abomination, a robotic imitation of Life.
These practices are being shut down in this “End of Times.”  We will permit no more such experiments once our courageous boots on the ground have succeeded in prosecuting some of the offenders.  It is vital to put an end to these heinous practices because they threaten the balance of life, tipping all into darkness.  For instance, every genetically modified plant or animal emits only darkness.  It also introduces darkness into your body if you ingest it.
Work with us, Beloved Children, to the extent of your own ability, to help us eliminate all these things from your environment.  While we do indeed have the power to cast lightening bolts, we would never do that.  This is your planet, Humankind.  We created and nurtured her for you.  Now you must begin to do the same, for every gesture on your part allows us to “have your back.”  By this we mean that we can then intervene with you to the maximum allowed by our free will contracts.  For instance, if you insist on eating toxic food, we will not take it away from you, but it does slow the progress of our joint work toward Ascension for you and for all.  When you turn your eyes to us in partnership, we can work with you to the fullest extent possible.
Take my hand, Beloved Child of mine, and let me pour my love down through your Pillar of Light directly into your sore and exhausted heart.  I will nourish and restore you for this final lap – the Victory Lap, really, after millennia of hard work.  We will triumph in the Light together, you and I.
Mother and I embrace you as we do our beloved Company of Heaven.  We are holding open the gates for you to walk across our Bridge of Light into the Oneness you have been searching for.  Search no more, Dear Children.  We are right here in your heart.
I am your Father God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 9, 2015
Choosing Light
“With the picture of your own path stretching out ahead of you, and you moving along it, calmly observe the the events and people you come across.  As you celebrate your adult intelligence and strength, breathe deeply into the center of your brain and continue with the exercise of putting down your roots in your own body soul and into the Earth.
As you feel the pathways in your brain awakening and new channels being formed, do not be alarmed if you feel a momentary headache or dizziness. This is a good sign that you are disconnecting old concepts and prejudices in favor of a new system which embraces equality, creativity, and unquestioning worth – yours and that of every living thing not he planet.  Imagine yourself basking in the Light of Spirit, showered with the feeling of unconditional love which pours down over your head, into your brain, and throughout your system.  Put your hand on the back of your head as you absorb the healing Light.  Feel the depth of your brain, and position yourself just above and behind the center, as captain of your own body-ship.
As you breathe in the Light, acknowledge the precious connection you have with your present-day self, and with the body you have been given experience this journey.  Safe and at ease, surrounded by Light, envelop yourself in the loving heart-energy you emanate.  It ripples around you like a protective cloak and emanantes outward to warm and reassure others.  You are safe.  Inside your own heart, you go on.  In this configuration, you do not “give of yourself.”
You can give of your energy, your time, you affection, even your money, but you cannot give of yourself because no one else can use it.  They have their own. Respect and cherish that separateness, the basis of each person’s free will.  At the same time, allow the awareness of our absolute interconnectedness.  Each of us – every creature and plant and rock – is a part of the greater whole.  Living your life in celebration of Oneness allows you to never feel alone, because you never are.”
Dr. Kathryn E. May, Who Needs Light?  pg. 163
Link for book:  Who Needs Light?

THE NEW EARTH TIMES, Edition 11 – Removing Implants – 7-30-15

Thursday, July 30, 2015  Edition #11
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Removing Implants:  Another Step Towards Your Ultimate Freedom!, By Father God
Step-by-Step Implant Removal, By Arcturian Teamleader
Community Corner:  Update GaiaPortal, By EirePort
Harmonizations Come Forth As Chaotic Envelopes Are Transcended
From the Editor’s Desk,  By Archangel Michael
Live Radio Show “Channel Panel” Resumes First Week of August!

Removing Implants:  Another Step Toward Your Ultimate Freedom!
By Father God

There is so much to tell.  There are contributors lined up around the Cosmic block waiting to have their turn at an article in THE NEW EARTH TIMES, and of course, along with our team here, we are using our beloved channels around the world frequently now.  I will make the most of my turn and bring you some new information to help you with your Ascension, as Michael did yesterday.  We are very pleased that so many of you are on fire with the helpful instructions he gave and are building bright, powerful and sustained Pillars of Light all across the globe.  We can see them alight as you do.  I hope you will send it along to many of your friends and family to help them raise their frequencies as well.

The Removal of All Implants
Now I am going to tell you about a new program that has been developed by our talented Arcturian healing teams.  Our beloved TeamLeader will have a special series for you beginning today in the Health Section, but I want to introduce the special service they have designed to help humankind in a very particular way.  As you know, the Arcturians have trained for thousands of years to help humanity at this very time, as you prepare for your Ascension.  They are experts in every facet of healing the human body – psychological, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  It is their fondest wish that they be able to help every one of you to be healthier, stronger and happier, and that you heal from the arduous lifetime you are experiencing now.

Just this week, they have perfected a new technique to remove the remaining implants that many of you have carried all your lives.  These procedures were considered very difficult and possibly dangerous because they were made up of diabolical combinations of laboratory-grown parasite-like life forms.  Most of the implants were designed and engineered by the Annunaki, and given to your secret underground cabal scientists for implantation at birth or early infancy through immunization programs.

You are aware of the way human cells are capable of fulfilling a particular DNA expression.  For instance, heart stem cells will build a heart perfectly, while other cells are destined to create your eyes, your bones, and so on.  These cells that were designed for implantation were programmed to grow into various forms of invasive claw-shaped objects that were capable of producing tentacles that could travel through the brain, the nervous system, and the body, pressing on nerves, irritating tissues, causing headaches, backaches and other chronic maladies.

These implants would show up on scans if your equipment were more sensitive, but because they are a combination of etheric and physical elements, they are detectable mostly by the irritation and interference they cause.  Our brilliant White Brotherhood and Arcturian healing teams have successfully developed procedures that they have used in recent days with both Christine and Kathryn, who were shown their own implants and immediately asked to have them removed.  The results were completely successful for both of them.  TeamLeader will give you more complete details.  I will say that all the Company of Heaven was holding their breath as the delicate surgery proceeded for each of them.

Christine’s procedure was done first and very quickly, as we held her in our arms and Kathryn helped her to raise her frequency higher and higher in her Pillar of Light.  As she did this, the team was able to remove the implant as Christine withdrew the energy from her body’s natural tendencies to accept or bind to the complex system of tentacles, as a body will do when it has to adapt to any foreign object that remains for long periods.  Since the implants operate at a 3-dimensional frequency, those of you who have already raised yourselves to a high vibration are excellent candidates for this kind of removal.  After the surgery she felt considerable pain in her kidneys and her brain, but this was mostly due to the earlier injuries she was still recovering from.

Kathryn’s procedure was a bit different.  The team assessed her condition carefully over a period of many days and concluded that the older model of implant she carried would have to be removed bit by bit because it had atrophied somewhat as a result of her body’s long rejection of it.  This made it more brittle, with sharp prongs embedded in her brain that had begun to affect her short-term memory slightly.  In this case, they worked steadily over a period of two days to gingerly remove the shards that had also wrapped around her heart.

I have given you some details about these two surgeries to give you an idea of the range of implants many of you may still carry, and to encourage you to call upon your Arcturian teams to do the procedures.  They have the expertise and range of experience to do this safely, with no lingering damage to your brains and bodies. This will not only relieve you of the unpleasant health effects of these monstrous devices, but it will also allow you to take the steps you need to accomplish for your Ascension.

You see, many of these implants, because they were designed to lodge first in the brain, have caused psychological and mental effects as well as physical pain and discomfort.  Once the scientists developed the techniques to create these cellular invaders, they experimented with many variations.  They stopped at nothing to devise programs that would mimic human tissue while implementing their plan to control and enslave humanity.  It was an abominable program, a continuation of dark researches conducted during the Atlantean period.

I am here to tell you today that Mother and I have decreed that these laboratories be closed, and that all humanity will now be able to remove these dreadful implants once and for all.  In the meantime, we encourage you to avoid all forms of vaccinations if possible.  Our health programs will no longer permit the detrimental effects you have experienced in the past, but it is best that you stop “feeding the beast” by supporting the pharmaceutical corporations that make obscene profits from these injections that were intended to be debilitating and sometimes deadly.

Why Was All This Allowed?
Now, of course, you are asking yourselves why Mother and I would permit such a horrific program to exist and proliferate on Earth.  I will explain a bit more about our contract with you so that you can understand our role and yours in this long and arduous Project which is now concluding.

Millions of years ago, when humanity was literally a twinkle in Mother’s eyes and mine, we met with our then-active Company of Heaven, which has grown considerably as our Masterful children move through their levels of Ascension.  It was decided that in order to create conditions of greater complexity and challenge, Mother and I would create lower-dimensional heavy energies in specific places within the Multiverse.  This would allow our most ambitious children, who wished to advance more quickly, to experience previously unknown events and challenges.

We developed a dichotomy in which good and its opposite would express themselves in rudimentary forms.  Dark and Light became what you might call the petri dish in which all varieties of Light and not-Light would grow.  We then allowed a number of our children to take our rudimentary creations and develop variations and more complex expressions of darkness.  Their intention was to build a school of tests and trials to push the limits of their own experience.  Numerous ideas were brought forward about the best way to create these “schools of Ascension.”

Many planets and star systems became involved over the eons, and this resulted eventually in bloody wars and conflicts across Universes. The dark systems evolved over millions of years to the dreadful state of affairs you are experiencing now.  Earth, among other planets, became an increasingly difficult place to incarnate for humans, and only those souls who requested the experience and who showed readiness for the challenge were permitted to incarnate here.

It became clear to all those who had remained in the Light that the extent to which the experiment could go awry was beyond anything they had anticipated.  Our sensitive and compassionate Light Beings in our Company of Heaven became increasingly concerned about the chaos that had been created and the increasingly dangerous weapons that threatened the entire Multiverse with their destructive power.  These nuclear-type (anti-matter) weapons could annihilate planets and even destroy souls.

Of course we were very concerned, but we remained bound by our promise that we would allow the Project to continue as we had originally agreed.  This agreement did, however, contain more than just the simple permission to allow our children to express their free will under unlimited conditions.

The Project Ends in Glory
Our original agreement did not give our children free reign to continue this experiment indefinitely.  We have also decreed the end of the anti-matter weapons.  At the inception of the plan, Mother and I decreed that there would be an end point to this entire experiment, that all would be returned to Light and the essence of Love of which all was originally created.  That time has come.  You are now experiencing the unraveling of the dark programs, the dissolution of the cabal, and new treaties across the Multiverse in which the dark ones are resigning their power and coming to the Light.  This is a cosmic event, long prophesied and awaited.  You, Beloved Earth humans, are the central focus of the end of the struggle between Light and dark, Good and Evil.

Many of you have prayed for peace.  Many others have demanded an end to the misery and slavery you have experienced on this long-suffering planet.  The events you are experiencing and the Light you feel flowing across your planet, Dear Ones, are truly the end of a billion-year cosmic trajectory that is unfolding day by day, and you are in the center of this glorious finale.

Come to us, Dear Children, sit beside us, rest in our arms.  All darkness is falling away around you.  Now let us help you dissolve all remaining shadows of suffering and darkness you still carry within you.  Let us heal you with our Love, as we all Co-create and move together into the Paradise you have yearned for.

We are your Mother and Father God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, July 30, 2015

Step-by-Step Implant Removal
By Arcturian TeamLeader

Greetings Bright Masters of Light.  We Arcturians feel devotion and inspiration to be serving alongside you.   Thank you for your courage and dedication.

We are here today with your Galactic Federation / White Brotherhood healing teams to assist in an important healing project with you and for you.  Yes, we will require your contribution for the success of this healing endeavor; your focused participation will provide you with a crucial milestone in your own healing for Ascension, as well as place you on our team, as a member aiding the rest of the surface population, your brothers and sisters of humankind.

 Implant Removal Authorized on Wide Scale by Father and Mother God
This project is sanctioned and guided by Father and Mother God who have declared to us: “The time has come!  Begin implant removal on a growing scale for surface Earth humanity.  Start with the Lightworkers – they will help us carry this out.”  Father and Mother will be present and participating at all implant removals.  Whenever you are following our implant removal instructions, you will be performing the steps for healing that Mother and Father have imbued with all of the energy needed to bring you gently to healing.  You will be held in their infinite safety and love.

Please do not pass along this information or attempt the procedures we offer without first reading the message from Father God, included in this 11th Edition of THE NEW EARTH TIMES. This information from Father God not only gives you detailed understanding of implants, but his words are filled with His and Mother’s Light, and they will serve to begin to activate your preparedness in a way only Father and Mother can do.

Like you, we Arcturians, alongside the White Brotherhood, are wholly devoted to the Earth Project, and as such, we are with you at the edge of the bright new horizon, at the edge of the disintegrating Veil, at the edge of an all new effort in Co-creation.  In the past days, we have come to discover new ways to safely remove your implants.  We are simply brimming with creativity, Unity and grand invention.  As we mentioned in our greeting, we receive our inspiration from you, brave souls.  If you could see what happens every time you reach for the Light in any way at all… you would let nothing – not a thought, feeling, belief or condition – stand in the way of your full and glorious healing.

You Are In Charge of Your Implant Removal
Before we give you the protocol for implant removal, we give you some all-important guidance.  Although it may certainly be disconcerting to learn of the implant(s) that have been used to weaken your immune system and assault your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, there is nothing to be alarmed or fearful about at this time.  We come to you directly at the bidding and with the blessing of Mother and Father; we come with information and lasting solutions.

If you attempt to release your implant(s) with fear, dread, intense worry, anxiety or trepidation, we will not be performing the procedure at that time.  Instead, we will begin working with you to increase your ability to remain centered in your heart and in your Pillar of Light.  Every bit of this process is designed to assist you with your Ascension.  There is no need whatsoever to panic or fret… you have been unwittingly carrying these implants since birth, you are now actively involved in releasing yourself from their grip, for good.  Work with us toward assured success.  Be at peace and feel joyful anticipation as you embrace the steps of the protocol.  We will be with you every moment – we promise.

Please use this opportunity to connect with us, your healing team, Mother and Father God, your Higher Self and Twin Flame.  Do not reach outward to Earth healers, our channels (including Kathryn and Christine) or others on the ground to verify that your implants are removed.  In the name of Mother and Father God, we assure you, if you follow the instructions to the best of your ability, with earnest intentions and as relaxed as possible, your implants will have been removed.

Your own healing team surrounds you now as you take in the following healing protocol.  We are with you brave hearts.  Together as One, we triumph.  We are your Arcturian Healing TeamLeader in devout service to you and to the Ascension of Earth.

Step-by-Step Implant Removal Guide
By Arcturian TeamLeader

1.  Request Implant Removal.  Please, if you feel clear and inspired, ask for your own healing and implant removal.  In your own words or using the following heartfelt request, ask:

“Mother and Father God, I ask for the removal of all implants – which have hindered or hurt me in any destructive, dark or negative way – from my 3rd and 4th dimensional bodies.  I understand that, according to your dispensation, this healing is granted upon my request both for my personal healing and Ascension and for the Highest Good of All.  I no longer allow these implants to remain within me.  I ask that my Arcturian and Galactic Federation healing team facilitate the gentle and expedient removal of all detrimental implants from me.  I am willing to work with their guidance.  I understand that you, Mother and Father God, will be present during my implant removals.  I commit to following the healing steps you have provided.  With gratitude and love, I accept the healing of all implant removal.”

2. 3 Day Preparation.  Please perform the following every day for three (3) consecutive days as part of the implant removal healing sanctioned by Father God:
Center in Your Pillar of Light.
In his recent message, Archangel Michael gave the following instruction on how to center in your Pillar of Light / Ascension Pillar.   Pillar Talk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Sit back, breathe deeply, and allow me to walk with you into the new and brilliant Light that is flowing across Earth.  Breathe into the center of your brain, where you light up the brilliant blue diamond that is the center of your expanding intelligence.  Feel the peace of mind at knowing you are evolving into a crystalline being of increasing wisdom and insight.  Then move downward through your central channel to light up the diamond in your heart, the sparkling fountain of Love that fills your entire being with warmth, comfort and companionship.  Now let that Love and Light flow downward into your solar plexus, where you fan the fire of your will – the spark of God that  inspires your drive toward goodness, strength, courage, loyalty and justice.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Next, while you enjoy the sparkling energy of your high frequency diamonds, reach upward to grasp the loving hands of Mother and Father God, and downward to anchor yourself into the center of our beloved Terra (Earth).  You are now centered in your Pillar of Light, the glorious protective channel that surrounds you completely, extending in all directions at arm’s length and beyond.  Greet your Higher Self, who is always there just above you, and your Twin Flame who is waiting for your call.  Link your consciousness with theirs and with Mother and Father, and any other high Light beings you wish to connect with.  Call on your angels to protect and watch over you while you remain inside your enveloping Light Pillar.  There you are safe, aligned with the highest good.  Remember this feeling, and repeat this many times a day until you become used to always creating and remaining inside your Pillar.”

  • 15 Minute Mediation.  Each day, meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes.  During your mediation, focus on perceiving the difference between you and your implants.  Tell your body that these foreign obstructions which have been present since early childhood are not part of  your natural body but have been imposed upon you and do not belong. Reassure your body that you will be just fine – in fact you will flourish – without the influence of this invading presence.  Tell your body that it will be restored, under the loving attendance of Mother and Father God, to its original design and integrity.
  • Conscious Bathing.  For each of the three days, take either a bath or a shower, where you invite deep cleansing and healing into your life and body.  See any old beliefs and behaviors that would bind you to maintaining the implant.  Let them wash away forever in the clean water.   At your request, Mother God will come and help you to release all attachments to what has limited you.  Let go in her arms as she soothes and heals you.
  • Drink Plenty of Water and Eat a Vegetarian Diet.  Please drink between 3 and 4 liters of distilled or clean water each day.  Do your best to remain on a vegetarian diet, as this will assist your energies to remain at a high frequency.

3.  Day of Implant Removal.  On the fourth day, please request, at a time of your choosing, that your healing team come and remove any and all implants from you.  Rest either in your bed or in a warm bath, and allow one hour for the procedures to ensue, as needed.  Remain clam, relaxed and expectant. We assure you, we will be there with your team and Mother and Father God to assist you in releasing all of your implants.

4.  Celebrate.  Congratulations!  You have successfully removed the implants.  A new phase of healing begins for you.  Please understand that you may feel a bit sore or strange, and this is normal.  Allow yourself plenty of care, rest and time to adjust.  We will be close to guide you in the coming days.  We will continue to guide you both directly and through our beloved channels in coming editions of THE NEW EARTH TIMES.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Transcribed by Christine Burk, New York, July 30, 2015

Community Corner

Update GaiaPortal:
Harmonizations Come Forth As Chaotic Envelopes Are Transcended

By EirePort

Harmonizations come forth as chaotic envelopes are transcended.

Flairs of brilliance succeed flares of emergence.

Strains of solidness are experienced and exposed.

Venerations of True Counsel are realized.

Moderations relax.

Heaven enters.

By GAIAPORTAL 30 July 2015

Quote of the Day

It’s up to you, Beloved One.

It’s entirely up to you.

And this just might be all you ever have to know.

Say YES,
The Universe

(From TUT “Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!”

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Friends  and Family across Earth, We in The    Council of     Light    have     asked Kathryn   and  Christine  to begin   anew their  weekly   live   radio    shows.   The shows  will   sport a new  and improved format  which  will  continue to feature  Mother and  Father  God  and  the   Company  of  Heaven.    We  love  you and  greatly  await moving ever closer in communication and celebration.     Together  we  begin  the  next phase of our shared Project to raise Earth and all upon her into the New Golden Age!

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New Galactic Newsletter Launches on Surface Earth
By Archangel Michael, July 19, 2015

 A warm welcome to THE NEW EARTH TIMES, a brand new venture in co-creation.  We have asked our beloved channels to bring you the news, as we see it, so this will be a different kind of publication. We are the Company of Heaven:  Mother Father God, Ascended Masters and Archangels, who love you and only ever offer what is for the greatest Good of ALL.  We will be bringing you updates, news and Galactic-interest stories related to the Ascension of Earth, along with 5th dimensional lifestyle features.

The  purpose  of  this  publication  is  not  only  to  keep  you  informed  of  what’s happening in various facets of the Ascension Earth Project,  but  also  to  galvanize  our  Unity.   We share an important Mission:  restoring the Light on Earth,  so that  she  and  all  upon  her  may ascend in freedom and glory.    We  share  with  you  an  unbreakable  bond  of  family,   service  and love.

Besides our regularly Featured Columnists (Mother and Father God, Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel and Arcturian Team Leader), our publication will feature many fascinating and compelling guests including:  Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Angels and Archangels, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, Agarthans from Inner Earth, Terra (Earth), Galactic Emissaries from this and other systems, representatives of many other Kingdoms and more.  Often, we will include features from other channels and Lightworkers in order to enhance the harmony and union of our shared service and goals.  I have many surprises up my sleeve to inform, astonish and delight you.

Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes – just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!

I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share.

Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age.

I am your brother,
Archangel Michael
Namaste All.

Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015
Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory

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REPOST – PRIME CREATOR MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT – Channeler Kathryn e May – 6-30-13


Prime Creator Speaks:  (Repost  from 6-30-13
Who Needs Light?

MOTHER/FATHER/GOD   –   Channeler: Kathryn E. May, PsyD   –   August 02 2013

My Dear Ones,

I do not often speak with you directly, but it is such an extraordinary time that I am taking this opportunity to tell you more about your world, and how important it is that you now concentrate very hard on raising your vibrations, especially those of you who have been so busy working, earning money to pay your bills and care for your families.

This time is over, done. There will be no more bills to pay, no more worries about how you will feed your families, educate them, or survive during your retirement. Your retirement will be glorious beyond your wildest dreams, it will cost you nothing, and it begins now, no matter what your chronological age on Earth. This will not be a retirement from Life, nor will it be a death. You are now on the threshold of a magnificent journey to the stars.

Your Brothers and Sisters are awaiting, just above you. Look up at the skies on a clear night. Send your greetings to them, and they will flash the colored lights on their ships to show their happiness, that you see them, and that they will soon be here with you, walking among you, embracing you, singing songs of celebration with you. There are thousands now along the grid lines which carry the energy of the cosmos to uplift and teach you of Endless Love and Light.

It is I who am sending the powerful energies to you now. It has been said that the waves of love you feel washing over you come from the Central Sun – the Sun which radiates outward from the center of the Universe. That is true. The Central Sun is another name for me, your Prime Creator. I am the one who has created the beginning, the middle and the eternity which is now your reality.
Your Mother and Father God were my first children, and their group of Enlightened Ones who work with them here in your galaxy were their original Brothers and Sisters, and their eldest children. So you see, you are being overseen by your parents and your cosmic Aunts and Uncles, who have know each of you, and have nourished and cared for every one of you as you have traveled through your many incarnations.

During the time that Mother/Father God were in training with me to learn to create planets, stars and living beings, their brothers and sisters were also learning to do the same. They then went out across the Universe, which was waiting, empty of life, and they helped to teach the younger Gods, their younger brothers and sisters, to establish galaxies, to populate them with beings of various shapes and sizes, according to their creative imaginations.
Each one in training was first taught the Universal Laws which require that every created being be equipped first with the ability to communicate telepathically with their Creator, who is always in contact with me. Thus, a grid of telepathic energy transmission was built as each Universe came into being. It is this grid which makes it possible for me to speak directly with your channel, and for you to speak directly with Mother/Father God. Others who are channeling now have tapped into that Universal communication system at various points, which gives them the ability to speak telepathically with the dolphins, the birds, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and so on.

So, you see, there is nothing weird or unusual about telepathic ability. In fact, you are the only ones in all the Universes who seem to think so. This is because you have been behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, of course. You are the only ones who have experienced this absence of connection to me and to the Gods who created you.

Across the Multiverse, all are curious about how this experiment will end. Will the humans who have been made blind and deaf be able to regain their senses? Will they awaken from their nightmares to recognize their Family of Light? What if they are permanently handicapped by the deafness they have experienced? It has been millions of years now, in Earth time, since humans had all their senses intact.

When your scientists studied your DNA sequencing, they found many strands in your makeup which seemed to be inactive, useless. They were puzzled, but they were far enough along in their own explorations to understand that nothing in creation is useless, and they suspected it was not a fluke of nature, although few of them were spiritually open enough to assume the truth.

The truth is that I have given my approval to Mother/Father God to begin activating those “unused” strands, which will change you in dramatic ways. Your intelligence, your memory and your creativity will escalate rapidly. The final goal is to allow you to be the magnificent Gods you are capable of being. You will all eventually have the power to create, to know the Truth of your history and that Page 2 of your galaxy, but it was necessary first that you each experience the challenges and obstacles of life in 3-dimensional bodies, with free will, and with little guidance from your Mother and Father.

You have suffered pain, physical and emotional trauma, loneliness and want, and the majority of you have survived with your hearts still intact. You are still capable of Love, and when you are in pain, you look to the Light for your salvation. This was the ultimate test, and you have come through it brilliantly. Yes, many of you are still doubting, still insisting you do not believe in any of this, but the small open window in your hearts will allow the Truth to flow in as soon as your preoccupation with day to day “achievements” is removed from your lives.

You have been tested so strenuously because the Great Plan calls for your eventual leadership of all the galaxies. You have experienced various forms of government on your planet, and have intuitively understood, across the globe, that democracy with full participation of all the people is indeed the most effective and fair system. It has been co-opted by the Dark Ones as every new attempt to establish freedom has been tried. Even in the United States, the Grand Experiment was twisted into a despotic economic system which took the place of genuine freedom, and yet the people yearned for Truth.

The agitation across your planet is a glorious triumph of imagination. Everywhere, humankind is rising to demand freedom, equality and dignity. They say to themselves, “Never again.” Many do not yet completely understand what it is they are agitating for. Some believe it is religious freedom, others fear the chaos that complete change will bring, but the march toward new ways of cooperating, and new means of communication have sealed their hopes for the future into Truth.

Your wars have very quickly been reduced to the last-ditch actions of a few Dark Ones on rooftops, declaring their preference for murder and mayhem, while thousands rush to help, to rescue and to heal their wounded fellows. I have heard your pleas for help to end the mass violence, and now you are seeing the effects in your everyday lives of the end to personal violence as well. The process is nearing completion, and completion means that each and every member of your planetary society is being required to make a choice, now. Some will act on their inner rage and disillusionment, but others whose contract for violence has been ended will awaken and lay down their arms, in spite of brainwashing, mind control, and dedication to life as slaves to the Dark Ones.

As all of you were told before you began this incarnation, this is your last one. Never again will Planet Earth offer the 3-dimensional, free-will environment in which to test yourselves to the limit. No more suffering, no more starvation, no more poverty, no more wars. It is done.

Look around you at the beauty of your dear planet. Go out of the cities to see what she was intended to look like, and what she did look like before the industries and massive population growth encroached on her dense forests, clear lakes and mighty oceans. Go back to the forests, in silence and reverence for the Mother who has nurtured and loved you over these eons. Give thanks to her, and when you send your Love down into the center of her being, she will be soothed and healed, and you will feel her gratitude and enormous Love.

You will see the weather, which is a response to your own feelings, calm. As your hearts warm toward your Mother Earth and your fellow humans, so your climate will balance and level out, easing the cold and soothing the heat. Gentle rain will replace hurricanes and tornadoes. As the violence of human passion wanes, the weather on your planet will respond accordingly. You have an expression, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Extend this understanding to your relationship with Mother Earth and all her conscious beings, which includes every insect, every rock, every plant and every animal under her care.

Be at peace, Beloved Ones. The time of your personal testing is done. You are now being given a time to rest, to contemplate and to restore your Peace of Mind. Your trial is at an end, and you have all been found innocent, pure and gloriously One with your Creator. It does not matter what stumbles you may have experienced in this life. It is the accumulation of all your lives, all the times you have triumphed over despair, expressed Love for another or for yourselves that We see as the measure of your strength. Be that Loving being now. Look around you at those who would welcome your Love, and express it freely. It matters not whether they know your name, or live in your household. All will welcome your higher vibration of Love and Light.

Together you have worked, prayed and pleaded with me to allow your glorious Ascension now, in this lifetime, in this hour. I am here to tell you now, it is granted.
All the necessary steps have been taken to allow this to happen. The Prosperity Funds have been distributed and are ready to be dispersed. Lucifer has returned to the arms of his family, and the 4th dimension has been collapsed, allowing no secrecy or separation from your Mother/Father God’s love; the Archangels have assumed their mantles of Light, and the Masters have declared themselves as servants of the Light on Earth. The ships are aligned and ready to bring their gifts and the great love of the Twin Flames who await their partners, many of whom are now aware of them, and familiar with their loving energy.

Mother Earth has been stabilized on her axis by the Galactic Forces, and will remain so until all her children have ascended in waves to higher dimensions. All mass weaponry which would threaten the ships or the safety of those on the ground has been neutralized; the Page 3
smaller weapons will be gradually disabled as the time draws near for the landings. Announcements have been prepared and will be broadcast to everyone on the planet to reassure and inform all of you of the events as they unfold.

You see, no detail has been overlooked, no matter for concern has been left unaddressed, no question unanswered. It will be a triumphant time for all; no unhappiness will be caused for any being on Earth unless they choose to turn their backs on Love. Relationships both old and new will be blessed with Love, Forgiveness and Light, and all will transcend old conflicts, old pain, to ascend to higher vibrations of Love and Companionship.

We now ask you, our dear Workers of Light, to be ready to lead the triumphant celebration, and the coming glorious procession to the ships, where you will all be renewed, with bodies in perfect health, and minds restored with memory and knowledge of all you have known before, and much more.

You who have worked so hard to transcend the doubts and criticisms of your fellows will feel the reward of finally being recognized and acknowledged for your wisdom and the strength of your hearts. Be at peace, Dearly Beloved Ones. You are the Pied Pipers of the Glorious Kingdom. You have persevered, and you have triumphed. Your time has come. It matters not that you have suffered illness, poverty and pain. Now, use these last days to rest and prepare. Open your hearts to my Endless Love which heals all. Quietly pray for all the others who will need your reassurance and your strength to complete their transitions.

I cannot describe to you the joy I feel as I watch these final accomplishments come to fruition. It is truly the Beginning of the End, as Father God has said. Prepare yourselves for the New Beginning in joy and in Faith.

I am your Creator, the Creator of all Creators, and I send you the most powerful waves of Love you have ever felt before. I gather you to me, the children of my heart, and I send you Love without measure. Until we meet again,

Prime Creator

(Via Kathryn May, July 30, 2013, 12 pm.
Permission to copy only if message is used without deletions or changes, with citation to author and website.
Kathryn E. May, PsyD –   Who Needs Light? –
C 1995-2014 Larry & Elvire van Leeuwen-Smith

Where Is Christ Mother/Father GOD? – It Is Living Within Our Sacred Geometry – Posted by Divine Willpower – 6-4-15

Posted by Divine Willpower

Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, sisters and brothers. Where is Christ Mother/Father GOD? We are each and every one of us, Two Hearts living in synergy as ONE expression of Mother/Father GOD(E=MC2) with the GOD Self shining within and throughout in our emotional growth as we live in our Space/Time awareness. Father Time shines within us; one and all through our Higher Selves and into an astral expression of our Higher Hearts. The Living Mother is our expression of self awareness that holds the Space we are in our I AM presence. The Energy, or the (E)Motional expression that is the Love and Light of Mother/Father GOD we all are lives within us as the Mass we hold, moving as at the speed of light.

This (C)Speed of Light is who we are as carbon, crystaline or whatever dimensional density we hold in our Angelic DNA make up set apart only by the dimensional or worldly mastery we exist in, no matter if we are running, dancing or playing physically through life, flying through the Heavens in meditation or at rest in astral expression, we carry constant motion relative to the light and love that we are. It is our Energy.

The Love by Mother/Father GOD is gifted through water as the miracle blessing of birth. The Living Mother can also be renewed as a blessing through baptism. This is also a miracle of which helps us retain our highest light, or our individual blueprints that brings together all that we are. This Light of Father/Mother GOD lives within us and is balanced and processed through our Ethereal or Emotional Bodies. This is how we grow as ONE GOD; ALL THAT WE ARE as Humanity.

We are all, as individuals the Sacred Geometry that is Humanity. Within our Two Hearts that we are, we carry a magnetic expression of Conscious Thought and Sub-Conscious Mentality. Or in other words, we are all, each and every one of us, a Physical Heart and Christ Heart.

These Two Hearts align in synergy as our self-Awareness and/or Divinity. It is becoming more and more important to align with our Higher Christ Hearts in order to open up and cross that Veil of Secrecy. The Christ Heart rests approximately at the Thymus Gland and fills us with Light and Love into an empowerment of Mother/Father GOD within the Solar Heart Center.

Beyond the Magnetic Expression that we are as individuals, we are also created as Twin Pairs, or Twin Angelic Stars. We hold a responsibility to carry the highest light that we are as a blueprint to fill us all in our Ascending Mastery. This blueprint of Light lives within us as our own Faith of Father Time as we grown into this Self Mastery and move through whatever Space we occupy in honor of the Mother. This responsibility to honor our Mother Gaia is to 1st hold those Angelic Blueprints that manifest the Love we are gifted in Truth.

Understanding Absolute Truth as ONE GOD, it is our role as Humanity to align magnetically within ourselves, both in peace with our birthed incarnation as well as with the Angelic History which is carried through and within our Higher Self/Higher Heart. There is much work to be done in order to move into our Ascended Mastery. Not only do we have a responsibility to do this work within ourselves, this opens up our path of reuniting as Twin Stars or Higher Selves once again and that very expression that is our Higher Heart living within our incarnation. So is it true that within our incarnations here and now, WE ARE ALL THAT WE ARE in mastery here to make that journey into self-realignment into our highest light, or GOD Self; our blueprint.

The GOD Self tests us as the Ego Self and it lives within us, both as an Angelic, or Higher Self expression of who we are as well as within the incarnate Physical Self. We all grow in Time/Space within our (E)Motions, or Energy In Motion. There is a great deal of work to be done in order to realign with the Twin Self once again. He or She is part of you and you will find Him/Her through diligence of clearing the Ethereal or Emotional Self of which needs constant nurturing. There is a balance that must be maintained within us all and we need to be very careful not to be over protective as the Father or the Masculine Self and to always remember to allow those (E)Motions to process in the nurturing or Feminine Self. We carry as individuals both a Feminine and Masculine Emotional expression living within our bodies which is expressed as the Three Fold Flame; the Living Mother, the Living Father and the Golden Expression of which is Love in Truth.

Since the Fall of Man, we all descended as a test of growth as we are all children of GOD rising up from childhood. This is what the term “Fall in Love” comes from. We found love as children and spiraled for a great deal of magnetic cycles here in alignment with our Mother Gaia. We are now spiraling through a major cycle or shift into ascension to grow into adulthood, in wholeness or a full spectrum awareness that is the divine expression that we are. We fell as man, because we did not yet have the blueprints gifted to us by Father GOD. This is so that we could rise once more as ONE GOD; ALL THAT WE ARE to grow as Humanity. We need to realize that in a living expression of LOVE we must bring back trust and the Light of Father and to “Rise in Love” in ABSOLUTE TRUTH as Humanity. This trust of Charity is a gift that we must strive to share as within ones self and so then upon our Twin. Knowing her/him in a magnetic alignment of Conscious Thought and Subconscious Mentality will reflect upon Mother Gaia as the greatest gift we could ever return to her. This is our responsibility to her and the reason for our “Light Work” to fill our Hearts in Grace, gifting within us all, our new blueprints of ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

“In Grace, may we all shift together and carry Mother Gaia as she has always carried us all, avoiding any danger or unnecessary loss of life.” ~ Jacob

Doing this work, realigning with the Twin Star or incarnate Twin Flame requires 1st opening the Veil of Secrecy. As we gain trust with our Higher Selves and earn a place on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity of which is beyond the Bridge of (Sub)Consciousness. One is a Magnetic bridge of Thought and Mentality and one is a bridge that crosses us beyond the Abyss and aligns us with Mother/Father GOD.

As we cross the abyss on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity, we face ourselves in judgement of our incarnation and align with Higher Self or Oversoul into understanding who we are in ABSOLUTE TRUTH, viewing ourselves in self judgement as the GOD Self.

Father/Mother GOD lives within us all as the Merkabah spinning at whatever frequency or density that we hold within our divine expression of the very Time/Space we occupy, set aside only by whichever dimensional worlds apart we reside. Mother Gaia aims high and guides us in our Ascending Mastery. This is represented in pyramids throughout our entire creation. Her Energy is channelled upwards. Equally so, Father Time aligns with the Space she fills as he has an equal pyramid that channels downward as Light into the Space that she fills of which both pyramids meet as one representing the Merkabah. Carrying within us, a living expression of Mother/Father GOD, we can all share One Voice in One Truth, expressed within our Hearts and contain the very Gravity enough to hold us all together from spiraling too far in each and every eternal cycle thereafter.

It is imperative to remember that we are part of that very space that Mother Gaia fills. Our Magnetics are Her Magnetics. Our thoughts, both Consciously and Subconsciously have a magnetic effect in alignment with her. This is our Sacred Geometry.

“Divine Mother, Divine Father… please help us all realign as your children magnetically and vibrationally with our twin pairs so that Mother GaIa can shift in Grace. Let our polarities, not set us apart, but to hold us together magnetically for a shift birthing truth in love into the higher dimensional ascended mastery of humanity once again.” ~ Jacob

Where is Christ Mother/Father GOD? As we rise once more into higher dimensional awareness, we carry that Christ Self within our Higher Hearts. It is a gift of charity, hope, grace and divinity that we all have, living incarnate as Humanity.


Blessings of Love & Gratitude ♥ Jacob


E=MC2 Explained We Are A Living Expression of Two Hearts
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One Sight, One Heart, One Mind, One Love, One Voice, Once GOD, One Truth
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Mother, Father, Sananda, AA Michael – DIVINE INTERVENTION AT CRITICAL EVENT – URGENT MESSAGE TO HUMANITY – Earth and Grid Align in a New Way – Channeler Kathryn E May – 5-27-15


Dr. Kathryn E May, Channeler

Mother, Father, Sananda, AA Michael   –   Earth and Grid Align in a New Way   –  

Channeler Kathryn E May   –   5-27-15

Earth has been cleared in a completely new way!!!  Today, Wednesday, May 27 is the beginning of a historic shift of consciousness you will feel in your bones.

Come to hear Mother and Father, Sananda and Michael celebrate the magnificent progress that has been made on Earth during the past week.

Join us to learn how you can help the process along, and use the changes to bring greater Light into yourself and your manifest environment.

ZORRA’S BACK – Hollow Earth Network Broadcast – Zorra comes in at 38:50 – Summary Points Below – 2-14-15


Plants Have Medicinal Properties   –   Your Immune System is Strong   –   Do not be in fear of Bio Attacks   –   No Decimation of our Planet   –   We Are On Ascension Timeline   –   Prepare for the Landings in 2015   –   Give forth Attitudes of Complete, Endless Love   –   This Eliminates Majority of your Problems, Situations on your Earth   –   Change your Auric Field   –   Love is Answer for all Situations   –   Galactics, Prime Creator happy to see reaching out to Each Other   –   Cobra speaking about An Event that is Coming   –   The Great Awakening Planet Earth   –   Knowing Who and What you are    –   Forces of the Dark are moving into the Light (ongoing)   –   The love, inside your Beings, is issuing out all over the Earth, Balancing the Energies   –   The Light is Cancelling out the Dark   –   Each new Equinox quaduples the Light Energies entering Earth   –   There’s going to be less and less Illness   –   You cannot have  sickness in a Positive Shield   –   Miracle of HGH to slow aging   –   When you have reached the point of Ascension, in a snap – You Are Going!   –   The MAIN EVENT brings Ascension WITH the  body!   –    You are Limitless in your Beingness   –   Letting Go, Releasing   –   Staying detached from 3D thinking   –   Everthing is Love, We are All ONE  –      –   2015 is going to be full of Wonderful Events   –   Abundance coming forth in 2015

hollow earth

ZORRA’S BACK   –   Hollow Earth Network Broadcast   –   2-14-15

Welcome back, Zorra!

It’s been a month since Zorra’s Final Call of January 8th.  And he did say he’d check in on us “…in a month or two!” – I wonder if he missed us as much as we missed him?  🙂


We’ll all be getting together on Saturday, February 14th

9 AM Pacific – 10 AM Mountain – 11 AM Central – 12 PM Eastern

It will be a full 3-hour call!


Download Link for this broadcast.

In the meantime, make it a habit to check in on OUR


Lord Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Archangel Gabriel – WE COME WITH ASTONISHING NEWS! – Channeler Kathryn E May – 2-7-15


My beloved brothers and sisters, I come with astonishing news.  This will be a long and very thorough message because there is so much to tell, and because Sanat Kumara, the one you have loved and known as Father God, wishes to talk with you, and so does Archangel Gabriel.

It is difficult to know where to start, but I think I will begin by passing the talking stick to Father God, because so many of you have said you were sad to hear of his leaving for the new Universe.  Let’s let him tell you what it is like, and what his work will be.


Father God/Sanat Kumara:

Oh, yes, my Dear Ones, it is I, as interested in you and close to you as ever.  We have a very good communication portal open and operative, so you may talk with me just as you used to.  I want to reassure you that I am not gone, and that distance is really no obstacle when Cosmic Love is concerned.  I am smiling at all of you and pinching Kathryn’s toe just like the old days.  (K:  He is, and we are laughing.)

There is wonderful news for you, so I won’t go into great detail this time, but I will give you a rundown next time to tell you what the new Universe is like.  You are going to be very fascinated to know that in spite of the same template being used to create and maintain the balances in solar systems, galaxies and other cosmic phenomenon, the variety and wonder of this Creation is breathtaking.  I know you will be enthralled when you see what we are doing here.  I hope you will come to pay us a visit when you have completed your work on Earth, whenever that may be.  We have planets of such wonder and beauty, based on the Earth plan, that I know it will “knock your socks off”.

It is a thrilling time in the Multiverse, and I can tell you all eyes are on little Terra, with all hearts aligned to support and encourage the brave Lightworkers, both on the ground and above, who have their combined shoulders to the wheel to carry all through this tumultuous time and into your golden future.  I am proud to have been among you, dear Masters.  This time will never be forgotten by all of us who took part in the rescue and restoration of beloved Terra and her human space travelers.

I send you endless Love from Mother God (Lady Venus) and I.  I will remain forever your Father God if you wish to think of me that way.  I am your Sanat Kumara.



Thank you, my friend and brother, Sanat.  Yes, indeed, we will never be separated, regardless of the distance between physical locations.  Our Universes join more closely in spirit every day.

Now let me tell you of the monumental developments on Earth.  Many of you are aware from our radio call and from last week’s message that there was an unprecedented attack by the cabal on our negotiating team, as we were on our way to the table to work out a plan of peace in which the cabal leaders, all of whom are now in human bodies, and who were being offered various terms of amnesty, if they were willing to relinquish their hold on Earth.

Your Kathryn had developed a plan to offer them the only terms the dark ones would even consider, which was “retirement with honor” rather than insisting on “surrender.”  It was a marvelous program, designed to pique their curiosity and play most strongly on their battle fatigue as well as their arrogance and pride.  We had great hopes for a quick and peaceful settlement when we were suddenly ambushed by a small team of assassins with scalar weapons.

Their behavior was utterly beyond Universal Law, and has since created ripples of consternation across the Multiverse.  Our Kathryn’s Higher Self was rather severely disrupted (I can tell you this now that she is recovering), and I was only grazed on my arm, thanks to her quick action, which probably saved my life, but left her badly injured.  Other friends who were in the area felt the cellular disruption of being exposed to the devastating weapon, which has been banned throughout the Universe because of its power to injure not only physical bodies but Lightbodies as well.  It was a horrific act.

The repercussions were swift and severe.  Source demanded an end to all negotiations and declared the finish to free will participation on Earth by anyone who remains in allegiance to the dark.  We were taken to recover, and our Kathryn was put on “life support” until her Higher Self could be completely repaired and healed.  You see, we can share our life energy by entering a body in need of support, in the case of injury or illness to either the body or the soul.  And so, we were all ministered to with the greatest love by our Archangels and by the skilled Arcturian team who specialize in this kind of work.  We have all recovered nicely, and are more committed than ever to completing this precious mission.

The dark ones were given one week to decide to come to the Light or be dissolved. During this time they will be under close surveillance by all the angels so they can’t meet to plan revenge attacks, they can’t communicate with each other, their transportation off the planet has been stopped by the Ashtar Command, and they have no access to the tunnels where we created high vibration Light energy.  True, there are a few places we may not have reached, but the majority of their stronghold has been “cleansed.”

We have sentinels everywhere watching their movements.  Many have already agreed to work with us, so we have “double agents” who understand that they will all be dissolved if they do not follow orders from Source.  This time they stepped over the line so blatantly that there is no return.

Perhaps we will have a celebration during the Wednesday radio show next week.  We are now already three days into the week they were given.  We gave them until Wednesday, and using the convenient radio show time to announce their final departure, we said 8 pm EST.  We will be announcing the end of all who have aligned with the dark and their rule on Planet Earth.

Indeed we are not joking.  It takes a lot to rouse Source, but he was outraged that they tried to kill us on our way to the negotiating table.  The decision is final and irrevocable.

Yes, Beloved Family, it is really over.  They will be taken off the planet. The ones who agree to come to the Light will be taken to the ships in what will seem like no time to those around them. It will allow for a complete amnesty for those who agree to come to the Light.  There will be no “perp walk” for the offenders.  They will either stay or go, but if they think they can stay without being “rehabbed” they will have a big surprise.  Once they have come to the Light, their DNA will be changed to crystalline based LoveLight.  They will no longer be capable of the horrifying behavior they were immersed in. No one will be allowed to return until they are completely cleansed of the feelings and memories of being participating cabal members.

It looks as if some of them are continuing their rebellion against God, refusing the deal.  They still think they have a choice.  They are so used to getting their way that their arrogance blinds them.  Kathryn’s lifelong training has prepared her for just this work. Because of her open connection to us, she can participate in the Higher Dimensional meetings.  She will demonstrate to them that we know how they think and always have known.  This astonishes them, and they also can’t understand our reluctance to take revenge.

You may be uneasy about who will be “picked out of the line-up” and who will not, and how we avoid making mistakes.  There are many who were not official cabal members who have lived the life of darkness.  We use a simple measure – the amount of darkness in the person’s being.  It is easy for us to see.  They are all being approached (their Higher Selves) by angels and read the contract.  Their Higher Selves are now fully aware of the deadline.

Because of their many lifetimes without returning to Source, their souls have been damaged.  Many have been subjected to torture, and sometimes violent electrical shocks in the process of their “training.”  Their Higher Selves are not connected to Source the way ours are, so they do not know the love of our Creator, even in their subconscious minds the way some of you did before you awakened.

As Father God told you in his “When God Pinched My Toe” messages, they spent many lifetimes “recycling” between Earth and the 4th dimension, without returning to the rest and comfort of the Higher Dimensions.  Now they will be given no choice, because they egregiously abused the concept of choice.

As I send you these words, I can feel the irrational fear and doubt in those who have not yet removed the dark cell, or who are reactivating the dark ideas within.  You are afraid for yourself or your relatives or friends.

You may be uneasy about who will be “picked out of the line-up” and who will not, and how we avoid making mistakes.  There are many who were not official cabal members who have lived the life of darkness.  We use a simple measure – the amount of darkness in the person’s being.  It is easy for us to see.  They are all being approached (their Higher Selves) by angels and read the contract.  Their Higher Selves are now all aware of the deadline.

Rest assured, we do not scoop up people who are of the Light, or who have not begun to awaken, or those who may have done some regrettable things in their lives.  This is not – let me repeat – THIS IS NOT PUNISHMENT.  It is a way out of the darkness for those who could not have done it otherwise, because of the pressure of their families and friends who are the darkest of the dark.

Today was a monumental day in our progress toward freedom for Terra.  We have been communicating with the highest members of the cabal, and they are beginning to take our zero tolerance position seriously.  They have at last understood that they no longer have a choice to threaten and destroy.  Their only chance is to come back to the Light.

Our greatest challenge has been with the heads of the 13 families.  We have used our program of negotiation to convince them they could resign with honor.  Many of them are old, and they are tired of the constant competition from their minions, and the growing investigations of dedicated journalists and activists who have not bought their lies.

They have felt this day coming for some time, since the upsurge of Light energies that became so apparent in 2012.  With this week’s ultimatum they have gone through stages of disbelief, panic, crocodile tears and defiance, but have come full circle to the point where they see this is no longer a game they can win by bullying, bribing, manipulating and assassination.

Our recovery from the attack earlier in the week, and the capture and disintegration of the attackers, who so foolishly tried to change the course of cosmic history with their weapons, has turned the tables on them, leaving them dumbfounded.  They are completely without any recourse but to surrender.

Billionaires, as a rule, like to think of themselves as benevolent and honorable members of society. Bankers, CEOs and rich merchants are fond of being honored as philanthropists, however puny their contributions to society might be.  They have occasionally felt the warm glow of doing something of service, and so many of them have a small, well, let us say tiny, glimmer of Light to work with.

The Rockefellers have been wavering a bit toward feelings of curiosity, in spite of some regret and nostalgia for the old days, and several of them are likely to relent.  They also feel the pull of the younger ones, who have removed themselves from the hidebound restrictions of American royalty to join environmental and social movements their parents only pretended to give lip service to.

Today, the elder Rothchild gave up the fight and agreed to go to the Light.  He will spend as much time in the Light Chambers and in the retraining and rehumanizing courses as needed.  No dark one will be returned to life on the surface without a complete change of heart.  We do not mean a change of expression, or a temporary change of attitude.  We want to reassure you that we are not fooled by clever acting.  We see the deep change in a soul and in a heart when a person truly awakens to feelings of Love, gratitude and reverence.  There is no fakery permitted in Ascension School.

We are having similar results with the English crown and the Vatican.  The Brits are so used to pretending magnanimous feelings, and the newest wave of genuine feeling with the birth of a new generation has awakened stirrings even among the most mannered and practiced hypocrites.  In Rome, Pope Francis’ increasingly bold expressions of expansiveness and liberal thinking have already set the stage for change. They know their days are numbered.

The Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Kissinger contingent, along with their Israeli counterparts led by Netanyahu and his Mossad cronies are more belligerent.  Their vicious attack on us, the negotiators and diplomats in this effort at reconciliation, was largely because of our strong presentation – a gift of forgiveness and peace in fact – which was seen by them as an attack.  They were outraged by our tendency, especially on the part of our women, toward good humor and quick wit, which they see as a challenge to their masculinity and power. Of course, their reflex response to imagining they are under attack is vengeance.

This is a group so used to putting on a performance and successfully duping everyone -or at least silencing them – that they are outraged by our straightforward refusal to fear them.  They have been so insulated by their wealth and power they simply ignore any challenge to their constant propaganda and lies. They are astounded to see that Children of the Light are not the weaklings they were taught to believe we were.  Meeting us up close and personal, as they say, was a real shock to them.

They are under house arrest, in effect, and they are beginning to realize that nothing will change for them between now and Wednesday.  This amazes them, since they cannot snap their fingers, stage-manage a false flag event, start a war, and come away richer and more powerful than ever before. Their formula for controlling the world is obsolete.

We are working our way down the ranks and across the globe.  Since we only need to talk to their Higher Selves, it is a fairly simple thing to track them down and bring them in to our talks.  We convince them of Creator’s power to give life or to take it away, and the rest is up to them.  It is not something they have understood except as a prelude to vengeance.  Many cannot comprehend the idea that they could be welcomed back, accepted or loved.  They have never felt such things in this life, and they have little inner sense of what Creation really means.

It is very sad to see how terribly damaged many of the cabal operatives truly are. We are working very hard to help them understand the simplest concepts and the deepest truth – that we are all created in love and are part of the Great Project of Ascension.  All of us together, without exception, are made from Love, the God particle as it is recently called, and there are none who cannot be freed from darkness.  We are working so hard to bring all of them back to the Light.

We’re doing well, except for a few thoroughly-trained assassins.  It is difficult to break through the complete descent into psychopathology, as you know.  The turbulent feelings many of you are experiencing in the emotional environment are the fear, confusion and horror of those who are realizing this is real, and they are trapped.  We encourage you to keep an objective and loving point of view, and remain in your hearts as we ride out these last days together.

For the first time in many millennia, the dark ones who turn to the Light really cannot be accused of being traitors or turncoats by their peers.  Their only wish is to remain as souls, to continue the experience of Life, whatever that might be for them, here on the other side of the Divide.

We want to ask all who read this to join with us in the great effort to rescue the lost ones, to teach compassion and forgiveness to beings who have never seen or felt such emotions.  Please send your passionately heartfelt appeal to all the dark ones to return, accept the mantle of Light and come with us to complete this magnificent journey together.  Our hearts break with the pain of seeing that some of our brothers and sisters may choose a certain end rather than open their hearts and minds to our Love.

Those who wish to come to the Light will immediately come under the protection of the Community of Angelic Beings who have organized themselves into an enormous Battalion of Light to escort the lost souls Home.  They will be led by our beloved Archangel Gabriel, who is now going to speak with you about his role, and reveal to you his true identity.



This week marks the end of the Lucifer Project.  There will be no more dark oversight on Planet Earth.  Our Lucifer can now move into the Light as his true identity, which is I, Archangel Gabriel. He will no longer be needed to do the “dirty work” of being the double agent and liaison between the Company of Heaven and the dark forces.

Beloved Ones, life is going to be constant delight, relief, joy, happiness.  We are beside ourselves here.  Our only regret comes in the knowledge that we will be losing some of the beloved souls who came here originally to play the role of dark ones, but who lost their way.  The effect of generations of brainwashing and separation created too much damage.  We are very sad about that.  Father is filled with emotion, but there is nothing more to do to try to win them back to the Light other than to give them the free will choice to join with us.

Once the ceremony is complete, welcoming those who decide to take the leap into the Light, there will be endless celebration.  We will honor those lost in the battle as you would honor your fallen soldiers.  They will have a place in our history as much as the Lightworkers will.  This phase of the conflict between dark and Light is a historic turning point for Planet Earth.

We are relieved beyond words, and experiencing a sense of fulfillment – the fulfillment of our Destiny – the triumph of Light in this part of our Milky Way Galaxy.  There is still work to be done, but Mother Terra is now free to proceed with her Ascension without fear of nuclear attack or devastation from the cabal.

I join with you, Beloved Friends, by announcing this small truth about my identity as a Child of God.  Let it no longer be said that there is a Satan, or a Devil or a Lucifer who represents evil.  He is no more.  He was an illusion, a slight of hand, a dramatic role I played in the struggle to bring Light to our beloved Terra.  The curtain has closed on that  historic drama.  We are now free to move on to the full unfolding of our glorious New Golden Age.

As I hang up my costume and the stage lights go dark, I return to take my place beside Source, among my beloved Angels and Masters, no longer incognito, in hiding from the scrutiny of the cabal.

Hear my trumpet now, dear humankind, announcing the coming of Truth and Justice to our beloved Planet Earth. Let it be known today to all, on both sides of the Divide between Light and Dark that Lucifer is dead.  Long live the Light!

I am your Gabriel, in Love.


The proceeding collection of messages was transcribed in its entirety over a 24-hour period ending February 7, 2015, by Kathryn E. May.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD.  Permission is given to copy and share these messages, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,  Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.

NEW MESSAGE – Ashtar – Sananda – Father God – Prime Creator – HOLLOW EARTH NETWORK – 1-25-15

The over-riding theme tells us where we have been while our bodies sleep at night. And why we are so groggy when we awaken. We learn we are participating in the most significant event in 6.5 million years – since we arrived… our troop of 144,000.
This is a message of compassion and understanding – appreciation and awareness – and guidance by direct Q & A with Prime Creator.
The sweetness of knowing how close we are to Prime Creator and his caring and compassion,
always being there when we need him,assures us that we are not alone and that we have personal, direct access to Divine Creation, always there, ready to help.With each re-listen, we again benefit
with the Galactics’ unique encodings,  helping us to awaken…
always delivered through Michael Ellegion.

ZORRA BIDS US FAREWELL – Christmas Ascension Stories – You All Have The Tools – It Is Time To Use Them – You Have To Live Love – Unconditional Forgiveness – Galactics Have Surrounded Earth With Protective Force Field – Nuclear Weapons on Earth are Inert, Neutralized – Use Clearing In Front of Mirror – Most Civilizations live in Interior of their Planets – There will be a Great Gathering – Earth Surface will be Reformed – Our Population will live in Inner Earth – Emotions, Duality, Free Will – Account of How Earth’s Surface got to be Populated – Beings of the Dark took over Earth – They created Duality on Earth – Prime Creator decision / Creation of the Veil – Now The Veil Has Been Lifted – Be the Galactic Beings You Are Meant To Be – Feel the Endless Love We Have For You – You have the Ultimate power of Prime Creator – Let The Joy Flow! – 1-7-15

hollow earth

Click here to hear the Broadcast

Recomend that you begin at  30: 00

Zorra comes in at  1:42:05



This broadcast was sabotaged for the first 2 hours of the Show.

We got to listen to the last hour.

Hollow Earth Network had 4 guests talking about health remedies and information about the Revalued Currencies and how to trade them in.

Then Zorra comes for the last half hour.  The headline above tells  Zorra’s Message.

A download link will be provided shortly.


Zorra has agreed to return TOMORROW, Jan 8th.


It will be a 2 hour program.  It will be a Great Program. Try the link above to find him.




As we enter the fourth quarter of our fourth year with Zorra, we learn that Zorra and Prime Creator have determined that Zorra’s scheduled shows shall end.

Zorra briefly commented on this possible decision on last Saturday’s show and said he would update us. We have now learned that it has been decided, and on Wednesday, January 7 2015, Zorra himself shall gently awaken us to our new reality –  the wisdom that we shall recognize and implement the Power we have always had, but did not acknowledge.

Zorra concludes his almost four-year Mission, awakening the surface population to the existance of this advanced, benevolent and loving civilization living within our Hollow Earth and soon to emerge on the surface and walk amongst us.  Through Zorra, we have also grown to know the Galactics and learn that they, too, will soon be here amongst us… mentoring us … a long-awaited reunion with our Star Families.

Zorra, Father God – Hollow Earth Show Transcript – 12-10-14

Zorra, Father God   –   Hollow Earth Show Transcript

hollow earth

Zorra, Father God – Visions of 5D Manifestation – Telepathic Communication – Multi Extra-Sensory Perception – Knowing Everything – Remembering Who You Are – Coming Back To Magic – Prime Creator has sent forth Archangel Michael, in Human Form, to Oversee the UN, New Governance – New Inventions Coming – Medical Breakthroughs – Live Your Higher Dimensional Consciousness – Cures Coming for Cancer, AIDS – Missing Limbs Restored from your DNA – 12-3-14

hollow earthHollow Earth


It is I, Zorra – from Hollow Earth. And how be you, Beloved Masters?  Tonight’s show will be for one hour.

Tonight, I will, once again, speak to you from my son, Zaraya’s body which I will inhabit, as we trade bodies. I can then speak to you over your telephone system.

Tonight we shall get together with a look at upcoming events. As you know, although I and Saryya, live in Hollow Earth, we have aero ships and often orbit your surface, overlooking areas of intense activity. We not only witness today’s historic events, but have also witnessed major past historical events, like the great flood – the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria… even saw WHO started WWII..

We also interact with the Galactic Fleets and the Ashtar Command, as well as the many visitors from not only your galaxy, but other galaxies and universes. We interact with the huge motherships, also in orbit – hiding in clear sight: Elenin, the huge mothership from Sirius is hiding right in front of your Sun. At the point of Disclosure, she will move away from the Sun and you will see “two Suns.”

And The New Jerusalem, home of Sananda/Jesus, Commander in Chief of the Galactic Federation of Light, is usually hiding right in front of Venus. The light we know as the Evening or Morning Star, is actually the light of The New Jerusalem, which assumed its place in Earth’s skies when it arrived as “The Star of Bethlehem.”

We invite you to join us tonight as we discuss your future events. We also hope to answer your written and voiced questions.

I’ll be speaking with you soon.  Zorra

Jose Sanchez – New Rays, New Forces now being Manifested through Great Central Sun, Father God – 11-23-14

November 23, 2014 by  

I have talked so much about the levels of light that we are receiving. We are on an accelerated path to light unification. That path has placed us now in a sort of observance of the self. The self being pitted against the self so to speak. This isn’t about competition though, it is about acceptance of our lowest level of the self. By accepting our humanity, our weaknesses and frailties as humans we are allowing for growth to occur at a human level. It is so easy to grow spiritually now that the energies are so high but we have to also learn to move our frailties along and now make them into strengths.

November has been a month that energetically did not disappoint. It came with many surprises. One being the sealing of portals of darkness all around the globe by a small group of us. If you who are reading this took part of such venture, I give you and the masters give you the greatest gratitude for stepping up to the task. Owning our responsibilities was extremely necessary. We wether it is a couple or just 11 of us have power to transform our planet into something more beautiful. Through the closing of the dark portals and the permanent protection of light through the union of the trifecta of light; Golden Buddha Force, Complete Violent Flame and the Perfect or complete Christ Force gave birth to something really beautiful. Now the awaited disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life and many more secrets will be a lot easier to be exposed since the dark powers opposing it have been cut off from most of their power source. Life as we know it shall be no more as we have now entered a stage in our reality that is past the point of no return.

It all started to change drastically on the 22nd of September and I have written an article about it where I talk about the unification of light now taking place. The 22nd of November has been key day, although it started a day or two before. What took place and will be taking place until the next change over on the 22nd of December is a powerful movement of light. The Great Central Sun through the grace of our Divine Father has begun to fully merge with the codes and energy of the Great Central Sun female. They will be fully merged by the 22nd of February 2015.

The 22nd of November marked the point of the great influx of the new force being given out by Father God together with the Great Central Sun. New rays of force and of light are necessary to begin our body’s transformation and awakening of the codes already existing within. This new ray and new force being presented carries a very unique type of gold energy. It isn’t just the regular blessed golden light. This new quality of gold is here to infuse us with a more powerful form of manifesting energy. What that means that from this point on our power to manifest will be more pronounced and much more powerful. This new power focuses on the positive creation of a new reality, of which we are all a part of creating. We are being given this blessed power because we are in many ways ready, regardless of the apparent imbalance all over the world.

A new level and frequency within ourselves is now being awakened. We have many multidimensional layers all within the space of our sacred hearts. All those layers and levels are now being unfolded in order for the dimensional layers to be accessible in order to also tap into the new dimension around Mother Earth where new forms of manifesting are now accessible and possible.

As above so below, or shall I say “as within the All so within the human heart.” We are now starting to become the great mirrors and carriers of the divine form. Levels of understanding and awareness are now being accessible and can be tapped for now via meditation and eventually they will be available to those with clear minds without needing to fully stop in meditation in order to access this great forms of energy and forces.

All this leads to what is really taking place that is very powerful and concerns us all as humans. We are beginning to descend, or better said, our higher selves have begun to descend. What that means is the separation between our humanity and our divinity is disappearing and we are starting to realize the truth about who we are. There is indeed no separation between who we are as humans and as higher beings of light because we are all at once.

The reason why I’m bringing this to the attention of all is that so many are so focused in what is happening outside of ourselves. Yes there are so many beautiful things taking place and the universe itself is unfolding right before our very eyes, but so is our true identity unfolding right within ourselves. The descend of our higher selves into physical reality is a signal of the steps we have all taken. We are now becoming ready to be the divine with have always carried within.

Through the descend of higher consciousness into the reality we are existing now in, is like the meeting between dimensions as we are being pulled together by all forces of creation. This is leading into the grand transition of the lowest and the highest into the next level of itself. As this transition is taking place many of you will start experiencing certain symptoms that are very familiar already. The feeling of vulnerability, cold and flu like symptoms, clearing deep emotional trauma and so on. The kicker is, not only are we doing it for ourselves individually but we are doing it for every one who isn’t aware yet. We are processing at a planetary level.

Many talk about ascension which is our natural human process but it is now time to start talking about the descend of higher energies into our lower reality. Reason why that is happening is that we need to be reminded of what the purpose of our existence has always been… to manifest the divine into this reality as conscious beings. When a descend of the higher self happens for a period of time you will be left feeling extremely human. Vulnerable and yet still very connected to the subtler frequencies and vibrations.

Our focus needs to change and we need to start paying closer attention to what is taking place within us. Many including myself were focusing on higher energies and were not focusing on the higher energies awakening within. Yes there are portals of light being opened every single day all through out creation. It is now time to pay closer attention to the minuscule portals of light opening and awakening our cellular structure to greater divinity each and every day.

There are true divine miracles taking place within us every second and through every breath we take. It has been ordained to be so and now it has taken greater presence and importance. My dear family awaken to the greatest power and disclosure taking place within your very own hearts, your very owns cells. Bring focus back to yourselves and stop worrying about E.T disclosure and so forth as by our focus and intention change will take place. Be the disclosure and the change you wish to see. Be love and power and presence of self and through that power let’s change the world!

Message From Zorra – Hollow Earth – 10-20-14


Listen To The Broadcast From Hollow Earth With Zorra, Father God

Channel Panel with Mother, Father God – Sekmet and Alcyone – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May

KATHRYN May2Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler

Click Here To Listen To The Broadcast

Kathryn E. May, PsyD was asked by Spirit to serve as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda” when she was asked to transcribe “The New Scriptures.” She now channels any of the Masters who request a “hearing.”  St. Germain is a frequent guest. She will do a channeling session live so that callers can call in with questions and speak with the Ascended Masters.

Co-host Meg Davis brings her extensive skills and knowledge of accupuncture and alternative medicine, along with enlightening commentary.  She adds a spirited and loving tone to the lively conversation.

Listen in at 8:00 PM, EDT on Wednesdays,  and also Sunday at 2 PM EDT for the Training and Healing for Ascension show with Sananda and the Arcturians.

This radio show is an extension of the written messages which Dr. May has posted on the website,

Zorra – From Hollow Earth – 8-27-14


Zorra – Father God


Click This Link To Hear The Broadcast From Hollow Earth Network


Hollow Earth

hollow earth


Come visit Hollow Earth – the seas are clear!


Zaraya tells us the North Polar Opening is cleared of ice and those of high vibrations are welcome – Zaraya’s thwarted attempt… who stopped him?  New excursion underway – Rodney Cluff – Brooks Agnew
World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!: Welcome
ZORRA: Who is delaying RV? –  Hollow Earth is preparing now for Reunion – Huge sinkholes opening for …?  – Group sends  Intention to protect the world’s children – How will Galactic Disclosure change criminal and abusive behavior? –  Whose mentors are arriving early? – Montreal’s entrances – How Soul changed her blood pressure and sugar count – ALL the people she is seeing packed in her bedroom!!  Zorra: How you can see more! – “You haven’t seen anything, yet!”  –  

Saryya (Zorra’s other half; Zaraya’s mother) gives Energy of Love Pulse



Father God – Further Truths Unveiled – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May – 8-18-14

Father God: Further Truths Unveiled

Father God:

Dear Kathryn, I’m going to tell you some things that you might not want to pass on in the message, but I ask you to continue giving the information as we give it to you, even if it might be a bit inconvenient or difficult for you. It is the contract we have had, and it has always worked out for the best, has it not? You know how much we love you, and you have always trusted in our Truth, even when it was a test of your stamina, or your Faith.

We have many important messages to give to the world now, and we like to send them through you when they have a deep psychological meaning, because of your many years of training and your work with Sanat Kumara.

Now, let us continue with the news and information for the world. We want you all to be aware of a certain unfolding of a story line which we believe you will want to understand. It has to do with the information I gave to you about Hollow Earth when I was channeling through another. I want you to know that there was a very important reason for presenting the information I gave at the time; we were deeply involved in a sting operation with the cabal regarding the currency revaluation, and I wished to get the information out about the blessings for Lightworkers to a large audience.

The RV is a very important part of the transition to the new and glorious world we have coming. So is the healing information which Kathryn and Sananda have now carried forward to help thousands of people in their preparation for Ascension. Your Ascension is paramount for us, and we want to reach as many people as possible to help them raise their vibration and reach their highest potential.

Some time ago on the Hollow Earth calls, I announced that Zorra was really Father God, the one you have been reading messages from all along through Kathryn, in her collection we call “When God Pinched My Toe”. I realized that I would sound very different when I was channeled on the Hollow Earth calls through the one we call Billie, and so I adopted the name Zorra in order to create a more friendly and approachable atmosphere so that people could get to know me. It was very successful for a while; we had a good time, and I was able to get across much important information.

When the channel and co-host turned on Kathryn with unbridled venom because she had channeled Sananda saying he no longer recommended the supplements they were actively selling, everything changed. It had been our joint agreement to drop the supplements because the companies which produced them had not yet conformed to the changes we asked for them to make in the formulas and packaging. Since I was not able to get the information through my channel, I asked Sananda to do it. We had hoped that a drop in sales would convince them to make improvements in their products.

Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to carry that through because of the sudden and complete rejection of Kathryn as a channel, and the campaign to discredit her which goes on to this day. We are dismayed by this unethical behavior. Because of it I discontinued the messages through them. We do not use any channel who participates in unethical or negative behavior after they have been clearly warned, as they were. We regret having to tell you this news, but it is important that you know that it is I, Father God, who was the energy behind Zorra, and that I am no longer.

The abrupt change did not allow me to gradually phase out the Zorra calls, which was my intention, and to discontinue using the channel, who had difficulty transmitting my feelings of Love toward all of you. We had planned to continue using Kathryn, and I would have simply continued to use my true identity, as I have done in these messages. When I announced that Zorra would be retired, it was not a popular decision, because many people liked the homey atmosphere and my charming (if I do say so) accent, but I did not hide the fact that I was not Zorra from Hollow Earth, but Father God.

Of course, the implications were far-reaching. As Father God, I see all of humankind as my children, even through all of you were created with the energy and intention of Creator. I intended to tell this story, but was not able to do so, and so it remains untold. I will correct some of that here. I will not include the personal information concerning the Hollow Earth people, since it would go against Kathryn’s wish to stay outside the personal mud-slinging campaign by not discussing it. I will leave that to them to reveal when they are ready to address Truth. We are working with their Higher Selves to encourage this, since we never abandon our beloved children, no matter how far they may stray.

You have now heard the story of your history through Serapis Bey and St. Germain. These accounts are absolutely true. So, you see, the human beings on Earth are not directly the children of Mother and Father God, but were created for the purpose of inhabiting our beloved Terra, which was our creation. The Milky Way Galaxy was created by us, under the watchful eyes and unending Love of Creator. We knew when we created Terra that she was to be the center of what would become the monumental struggle between Light and dark. We have had an intimate connection and special interest in all that was designed and carried out under our “watch,” and we continue to be involved in your Ascension process.

All of this may have been obvious to you. Now, here is the part that may cause some puzzlement and consternation for many. The picture I painted of Hollow Earth – the peaceful, advanced civilization, the careful use of resources, the love of the land, the gentle weather and loving people – all was designed to give you a clear Vision of the kind of life you will establish on Planet Earth during the New Golden Age, with enough non-specifics to allow for the creativity and imagination of humankind in action.

You see, the Agarthans of Inner Earth are a true group of beings inhabiting Earth unseen. In order to allow them to remain protected, considering their close proximity to the surface, we devised the concept of Hollow Earth to allow the story to be told without endangering the Inner Earth people, whose leader and spokesperson is Adama. By showing entrances only at the poles, we were able to be fairly certain that the folks on our calls would not go in search of the openings, and we could present the Vision as something you could live with day by day, and become so familiar with it that it would be easier for you to create your own idyllic civilization after our description.

Now, those of you who were followers will have many questions. I ask you not to bombard Kathryn with detailed questions about who said what and why. She was completely unaware of our plan to use the Hollow Earth format to make ourselves more accessible to you, but her Higher Self worked with us closely during the entire process. She is just now learning, with you, about the master plan which was prematurely thwarted when the “Hollow Earth” people abruptly went their separate ways, refusing to even speak to Kathryn about their concerns or angry feelings.

We have often, through the ages, presented to humankind a scenario which you could use as a template to help you envision a way out of the dark propaganda and brain-washing which was so intensely applied by the dark ones. It is sometimes necessary to create a Vision for you, to help you manifest what you have planned for and worked toward for eons. We have seen this work for you in other instances, to help you raise yourselves above your current state. This was our intention in creating Hollow Earth. We have given the information through other channels as well, to reinforce the Vision.

You see, from our point of view we can see the creation you intend to manifest and we can describe it to you. This is our way of giving you an extra boost, by showing you that your dreams have already manifested somewhere in the Universe. You will see the actual manifestation you have created when you Ascend, although it will be in a slightly different form and place. So, in Truth, there is a Hollow Earth/Eden for you. It is just not inside the version of Terra you are now aware of.

Do not allow yourself to be caught up in confusion or resentment by thinking we “lied” to you by dramatizing your dreams. Instead, please enjoy the Vision of your magnificent future which we created together. You have seen it with me, savored the pleasures it holds, and manifested its existence in the process.

Many will wonder about the story of Admiral Byrd and his encounter with Hollow Earth beings. We will tell you now how his visit was accomplished. It was a mixture of real events and holographic images placed in their minds during the visit to Inner Earth, just as your Higher Self often may create images for your enlightenment during your dream time. We did take his plane and crew into the Earth, and he did meet with the Agarthans, and they did send him with the message to give to the surface world that nuclear development and war must stop.

However, again to protect the Inner Earth civilization, which Admiral Byrd would have immediately tried to rediscover, we added the images which would throw him off track should he organize future expeditions (which he did). I assure you he has forgiven us the minor editing when he discovered the reason, as I hope you will all see as necessary.

The great library of Porthologos is indeed in Inner Earth, under the protection of the Agarthans; you will also be treated to the experience of visiting it if you wish to ask me to take you there. You will also learn all about it when you Ascend.

I act out of love and devotion toward all of you and all the sentient beings on Earth. Mother God and I have been working with you to support you in your campaign to raise your vibrations and clear away all old thought forms and habits of living in preparation for your Ascension. It is our greatest pleasure to take your hand and show you the way through the darkness.

Along with the Vision of your Golden Age, I was able to give you much information which was true and relevant for the time as we approached the RV and the historic shift which is now under way. I was glad for the chance to offer a wider view of the Universe than you were being presented on your mainstream media. All will unfold as I have described.

I will continue to speak with you through this channel, as I told the Hollow Earth community I would do, and the Company of Heaven will also expand their channeling whenever they find others, in all languages, who will reliably report our feelings and words. You are beginning to understand how we work as a team, all aware of all others, all in harmony with one another as we work to bring you the most inspiring messages we can, given the conditions available to us at any given time.

If you find what you might think are discrepancies in our messages, I assure you it is either simply because we are presenting another facet of the same Truth, or we have agreed to offer the information in a step-by-step process, in which case the timing of the messages would be relevant. This is also why we must now ask you to leave behind much of what passes as “religion,” because it was from a former era, and the part which is still very relevant is just one teaching: Love is all there is in the Universe. Everything else is illusory.

It was with great courage that you descended into lower vibrations – all of you – with the mission to turn darkness into Light, to follow the lead of you Creator and us in the intention to convince the dark ones to come to the Light. This process continues, as we have described to you over the past few years in relation to the Revaluation of currencies and the establishment of NESARA law. It is delicately nuanced and more complex than anything you can imagine, and you have done your parts, often unaware that others around you were also playing out their roles as integral players in the success of the Grand Plan.

You have won your freedom. The Archons are gone, as you have been told. You are now in the final stages of the “clean-up” which requires that you heal the battle scars and the dark thinking which is the residue in your own minds of the long struggle.

Lift your sights, Beloved Ones. We have great fun and celebrations ahead. You have faithfully fulfilled your labor of love through many lifetimes. You will be amazed when you learn of the twists and turns, the immense challenges you have taken on, and the position you are now relative to where you have been. Soon, all your questions, large and small, will be answered, and you will be delighted.

Now it is time to shake off old concepts of individual freedoms and indulgences as your birthright. Your true birthright is to raise yourselves to higher levels of group consciousness, endless Love, Compassion, Joy and dedication to the Greater Good. In that, we are One.

I wish you great Happiness, clear sailing, and peace.

I am your Father God, the one you have known as Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, Zorra and Ra, depending on the language and culture. I am with you always, in endless Love.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 16, 2014, 11 PM, New York

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