Direct Connect To Source – via Nemesis @ Rumor Mill News – 11-28-18

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You are infinite life, 
the power that gives life to your avatar.

Before you entered an avatar, you were boundless, limitless, infinite, without human genetics, 
without persona (personality).

You are “formless” infinite life.

Today, your body, mind, emotions and energy, 
infinite life wears like a coat.

You (infinite life) are not the coat you are wearing.

You are infinite life, the very power of life living in a bound, limited and finite avatar,

your earth body, your earth vehicle.

When you quiet the coat you are wearing, 
the distortion created by the coat is gone, 

When you are identified attached and entangled with your coat, and entangled with your coat’s needs, wants and desires, and your coat’s beliefs, biases, prejudices and conclusions, and identified, attached and entangled with persons, places and things, it is difficult to impossible to “connect” with the source of infinite life.

Quiet your coat. Quiet your persona. Quiet the mind of your avatar. 
Be still.

There are many dimensions of consciousness, states of being, dimensions of information, dimensions of belief and faith, and they respond according to your beliefs, faith and desired information.

HOWEVER…If you want to connect with infinite life, with the source that powers life (and NOT connect with some other information/belief dimension)  you must drop your beliefs, faith and everything else you have gathered,  put aside your biases, prejudices, conclusions and personas,  and only then, will you experience the reality that is infinite life.

You must BE that which you ARE to directly receive from that which IS.

To directly access and receive pure intelligence (intel–information) from source you must momentarily discard everything you have gathered,  and become source.


QUANTUM SOUL – Aloha, We Are Abraham (Ab-RA-OM)


Published on Oct 25, 2018
We are Abraham (also known as Ab-RA-OM), high vibrational energy close to Source energy.
This is an introduction to Abe and the mission of Jess & Abe. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the journey with us. Abraham has told me, “Whenever you see owls, know that Abe is near.” Is it also a coincidence (of course not!) that the word ‘KnOWLedge’ holds the world ‘Owl’? —
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Sophia Love

November 2nd, 2017

Today I reached out a bit differently… I am not sure if this is the reason for the answer,
but perhaps it is part of it. This was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

It was not in the middle of the night, early morning or specifically anything different by way
of my location.  I was home.  There was drum music playing in the background, along with my
bird.  It was mid-day.  I suspect that it was just the right moment for something like this, and
that it is meant for us to know right now.

I did not re-visit the conversation until today, 4 days later.  As I did so, there was a song
playing, and I noticed it after I had already begun to fill up with tears.  I will include it below.

Reading it does not convey the emotion that came with the transmission, but it is the best
we can do.  I hope that you will, at the very least, be able to feel a sense of the wisdom and
love that accompanied the following conversation… Both have left me changed somehow.

“I am sovereign. I am connected to the all. I hear whomever is reaching out to me. I know what
I am and who I be. I am.

Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There is Sophia. I am here.

Hello. Would you introduce yourself please?

I am a conduit for Source.

A voice, one of the voices, available now to offer answers to questions about creation.

Do you have such questions?

I could, yes.  Do you have a name by which I could address you?

Dear child.
Naming conventions are convenient traps for the incarnated dreamers, with which they
use to separate, and thus deal with, other facets of creation, of themselves.

I hold no such desire.

Okay, thank you.
My question then is this – what is the purpose of life as a being in what we call third density?

There is no purpose, as such as defined by you – such that a can opener’s purpose is to
open cans.

There is a promise. The promise of life is expansion.

Expansion for whom?

Your question illustrates your perspective.

I almost heard “limited” before the “perspective”?

That you did.
It was removed however, because it implies judgment in your mind. It was not meant
that way. Not meant as judgment.

It was meant as truth.  A true description of the view from your eyes.  When compared to
the view from Source, there are places in which your eyes cannot see.
Hence the word “limited”.

Let it be said this way.

The expansion for which is occurring with life, is for All.  The All expands and is felt
with each addition and subtraction in form.

As the vibration slows down, the sum total of what is felt or realized decreases.  It takes
longer for it to be felt.

I am seeing a picture.

Yes. Explain please.

It is a signal. A signal of vibratory frequency.

The slower the vibration, the more distant each point (thought form, event, idea, moment) is
from each other.

  ~ See first illustration below, which was drawn while conversing~

Things are further apart – not felt or seen yet.

As the frequency speeds up, all points (still) exist and are closer, reaching each other more
quickly and (now are) easier to “see”.

(Note – This is where I “got” oneness. I could actually see it as it self-realized. Sophia)

 This is why, as our vibration speeds up, we feel, see, and hear more life. 

Our other senses, although always there, come into play more readily because they are
(now) necessary and helpful.

It is more than I can explain with words.

And so it is with expansion and perspective. As the frequency of what you are, increases,
there is more to see and fewer limitations.

Are there more questions?

Is there an end to this expansion?

There is not.

As you, an individual experiencer of expansion, increase the rate at which all is
experienced – you eventually become the One.

I am seeing it.

~See second illustration below, which was drawn while conversing~


All of life, experienced at once.

From there, you desire expansion and again – create another way in which to do so.

You might call this a circle, for it returns ultimately to its beginning. It is never ending
and with each nuance of itself expanding simultaneously – eternal.

This does not end, but evolves.

What ends is a unique perspective, which you would define as a single human life.

Yet the perspective continues, is part of the expansion, and births others.

Infinity does not proceed along a single line that does not ever end.

It grows exponentially over an area that increases and expands with every thought.

So, to complete the discussion –

How could limitation be considered less desirable than unlimited?

For indeed, the thought that is now form is unlimited in its ability to create
limitations for itself.

Do you see?

All is perfect.
All is done in perfection.

I see.

Are there other inquiries?

Would you explain then, what is going on for humanity and the earth and this
acceleration of consciousness we are in the midst of?

The explanation for what occurs now for the human, other life forms, and earth, is seen
in our earlier illustration of frequency.

Those of you now focused here, chose to get the most of this vibratory acceleration –
doing so while stuck in a slow-moving form of life.

It happens in your linear time line and thus draws itself out in order for every form to
witness, or become in closer proximity to, every other form.

What ultimately occurs in this increase in speed and movement out of density is that even
those solidly convinced of their separation, can no longer deny it, (the unity), as the
All moves faster and faster with the increase in frequency.

As this increase happens – those individual expressions who will not or are not or
cannot, for whatever reason, absorb the closeness and unity of the rest, will fall off and
move to another more comfortable frequency for them.

Nothing stops or even slows down the acceleration.

It is being done as a whole – as a single unit – and therefore,
What does “slow down” even signify?

It is done.

Is that all?

Are there further questions?

There are many. Yet, I’ll keep it to one.

What will it look like for us once we, as individual parts/views of the whole, move finally
into a greater frequency where we stay for a while?

It will feel as if your power for manifestation has entered the realm of magic.

With oneness, things happen instantly.

With sovereignty, there are no outside others in control of your parameters or possibilities.

It will take some adjusting as the freedom to set up your reality and presence sinks in.

Limitless is not a concept immediately grasped.  Habits are a challenge to release.

Yet, this is the “cherry on top” you signed up for.

There will be those of you able to jump right in and create their dream.

They will be your teachers.

Specifics are not possible as it will be your own creative potential making manifest
instantly and not even you know how far you’ll expand.

Thank you.
I think this is a good place to stop.

We will speak again if this is your desire.

Okay.  Goodbye then.

Goodbye Sophia.

This conversation ended with a single word from me – WOW.

–   –   –

So, I share this today with tears and joy.  I’ve been hearing from others for 5 years now.
This is the first time it’s affected me this way.  Please share this.

Please also know that as we get closer and closer to one another your beauty is ever more
apparent.  You are chosen and here to offer all of creation a close up view of
the most beautiful expansion that has ever occurred.  The more extreme the separation
we see, the more exquisite will be the transformation.

Trust. From your eyes, all is seen and from your heart all is felt.
Thank you for sharing the gift of you.

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for. You are anchors for the light. Let’s do this.

With gratitude and love,

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Saul via John Smallman – You are always Completely Supported by your Divine Source – 4-4-16

John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday April 5th
The breakthrough leading to humanity’s awakening has occurred! The tipping point has been reached and the balance has now moved irreversibly in favor of your awakening. You have been waiting eons for this moment, the moment when the collective realizes that dissension, confrontation, and conflict will never resolve the issues that appear to divide you. You are all one, with differences in race, culture, creed, and skin color that are reason for celebration, not judgment. All sentient life forms, including humanity, are divine beings, children of God, created perfect, created in Love, and whom God honors as He honors Himself.

The animosity that has grown up over the eons between the various human races and creeds must end. It is insane to oppose and fight with your divine brothers and sisters. You only do this because you cannot see that you are all one. The illusion has spread a veil or a cloak of concealment between Reality, where you know you are One, and your seemingly separated human selves, where it appears that you are not. That veil or cloak is now dissolving as the Tsunami of Love bathes all those in conflict in Its irresistibly soothing balm.

Awareness of the futility of maintaining animosities between groups who are different in any way is growing exponentially, partially as a result of the vastly improved methods of communications that modern technology has made available to you all wherever you may be situated on the planet. You are seeing that differences of race, creed, color, or culture, in fact differences of any kind that you perceive are no reason for defining others as enemies as you mix and mingle with one another worldwide and discover that your desires and needs are almost identical. The Tsunami is bringing into your awareness the knowing that Love’s purpose is to unite you, and demonstrating, as races and creeds intermix and intermarry, that it truly works. By cooperating harmoniously together all of humanity’s needs, anywhere in the world, can easily be quickly and abundantly fulfilled.

Love is your nature, Love is infinitely abundant, and It is never in short supply. When you are not experiencing Love – peace, contentment, self-acceptance, and acceptance of what arises – it is because you have chosen to block or deny It. God is Love, in which all of creation is lovingly enfolded, but you are free, because Love never binds or demands, to close down your awareness of It. Why would you do this you may ask yourselves? Well, the illusion, which appears to be totally real to you as a human, and into which you were born, constantly provides experiences of separation, an unreal state, which are terrifying. Experiences that threaten your wellbeing and even your life.

So, over the eons, you have learnt that trust can be betrayed, and that when it is the results are frequently extremely painful. And, within the illusion, you have all at times had your trust betrayed, causing you extreme pain. Therefore you built defenses against one another, the masks you wear in public, in order to hide the gentleness and tenderness of your hearts, where your true nature dwells, and which seem so vulnerable.

But your vulnerability can only be used against you when you shut out Love. That must seem like a paradox, but many have, even in the most extreme circumstances, refused to be unloving and have discovered that their very vulnerability is an immense source of strength and through it have found peace within regardless of the circumstances without.

You are always completely supported by your divine Source in which you have your constant and eternal existence. You only have to take the first step toward being loving in every situation, toward opening your hearts in Love, for the strength you need to be true to your divine nature, even as a human within the illusion, to sweep through you, inspiring and uplifting you so that you know that you are Love, One with your Source, and that you can therefore deal with anything that arises. All you need do is trust in God, truly trust in the certain knowledge that all that befalls you is always in your own best interests.

If you resist what arises, and humans frequently do, if you fight the circumstances that appear to be against your best interests, any suffering you are undergoing will intensify. As humans you have been taught that it is essential to fight for your rights, but doing so is to continue to take part in the games within the illusion that have brought you so much suffering throughout the eons. This is a very difficult concept for you to accept, however, in desperation, because nothing else is working, many are now surrendering in the moment to what occurs and finding peace arising within them. It appears to be an extremely counterintuitive path to take, but it does work.

Just remember that you have only to take that first step and then the power of Heaven will uplift and empower you. Those who who take that first step, and do not then step back, are amazed at the transformation as they find themselves able to carry on against what, to others, appear to be insuperable odds. Truly God is with you in the most intimate and personal fashion in every moment of your eternal existence if you will only open your hearts to receive Him.

And how do you do that? By going daily to your holy inner sanctuary with the firm intent to open your hearts and allow God’s Love to refresh, strengthen, and inspire you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Simon Parkes Newletter – Nov. 2015

Thanks to  The Earth Plan



The effects of the Paris atrocities felt throughout the world, and no greater than with the relatives and friends of the murdered people, serve as a warning to the intent of world psychopaths.  I totally accept that those that committed the atrocities had a religious/fundamental agenda but who was in their minds? Who was manipulating them? I do not for one moment believe that they were aware of the important planetary alignment at the very moment they started the terrible crimes.  The situation in Paris was one big sacrifice designed to release traumatic energy which combined with the hadron collider at full power might well have removed humanity from its connection to source.  I know when I have said this previously some have laughed saying that no force can break our connection to the creator.  But do we really want to put that to the test?



LORNA – Ascension, Source, and Love – QHHT session by Tai Ashley-Jones – 5-26-15


L. When this happens and I am watching all this taking place… it is like a growth process for the group consciousness in that it expands.. so when humans are separated or extracted or shifted away from the group consciousness it is almost like there is a depletion in the size of the group or the bubble and then when humans connect back to it there is an expansion but it is a bigger expansion than there was before. Oh I see!! So let me see if I can explain this because I am looking at imagery and I am trying to put that into words.. so what is happening is that the group is like dropping these concepts through an image packet and then I have to try to put that into words.. Right!! So this is what they are telling me.. why I have to write a book … so what I am being shown is… this is the group-consciousness and then it extracts pieces of consciousness and it drops that into time and space or into experience to use that term and in this case we are looking at humans.. so when the human aspects are separated from the group.. it somewhat shrinks so it needs the humans to re-connect back with it.. to expand and so it can then expand to bigger than when it started so that it can then move out to connect with other groups So there is always this multiplying and division thing happening and when it happens then this creative force and source of it all can expand and when it expands … Oh I see!! And so what happens with this particular planet within this particular solar system is that it is now being sucked back in for a greater expansion so it is like.. de—creating …calling back in the pieces and then expanding into the next thing.. or expanding into.. more.. so there is really nothing wrong with anything it is all part and parcel of what is going on and what is needed to go on and it is almost like you have a piece of muslin or cheesecloth and then you put everything in and squeeze it and then you take out the pure… awareness… not the right word.. light.. not the right word….

R. Matter?
L. No.. it is not matter.. it is like you take out the pure essence.. and you leave behind the crud and then the crud gets transformed and gets shifted back into.. it is like nothing gets wasted.. it just gets shifting and expanding and shrinking expanding. Nothing gets wasted… and moving and growing and it is like a dance really and as I am saying this I am listening to this ‘Creative force’ laughing and loving it is actually a Beautiful thing to watch and listen to .. it is like a harmony.. Oh I see!. It is like when things are out of harmony it gets squeezed through this .. ‘crucible’.. this cheesecloth kind of thing and it takes out the essence the beauty the harmony and then there is an expansion and then it moves out into creation and the more it collects dense matter…and then it comes back in. so it is like an in-breath and an out–breath and it is like on the out-breath is creation and the in-breath is de-creation and as I am describing this I then see that like ‘infinity’ and with infinity there is a moving out .. a squeezing and a constant flow possibly this is possibly where the ancients came up with that symbol for infinity because it is like a squeezing through the crucible and then as I am describing this the group is showing me the infinity symbol turned on its side… so that it becomes upright and somewhat like a torus so it is like the pulsing out of creation the pulling back in and then the moving back out so it is just constant motion and movement. It is quite beautiful to watch as it is just pulsing out of colours so it is like I am watching this pulsing out and moving out and drawing back in.

R. And is it just the time for this emanation for ‘God’ to go through this ‘evolution’ at this moment is it?
L. Yes it is always that it is always time for this for the evolution and de-volution and they are showing me that this is where humans tend to get stuck and become one-dimensional in their thinking and their perceptions. You cannot have evolution without de-volution and you cannot have construct without having de-construct or de-construction and so there is this misunderstanding of Creation and evolution is growing in only one way… so for it grow in the polarity of plus it also grows in the polarity of minus.

R. OK. But plus and minus are both different and both bigger .. as it were?
L. And they are both the same at the same time and that is the paradox there really is not difference.. it is purely perception..

R. Is the purpose of the individual Soul to realize this and to reconnect with the Source and if they do reconnect do they disappear from the group-consciousness, which is going through the evolution/devolution process?
L. They are showing me immediately that there never is a need for de-connection ? And they are showing me that it is a mis-understanding that humans have, which has been passed down for generations of teachings.. that there is never a need to re-connect because there has never been a de-connection and the sooner that that is understood then the quicker there can be for the devolution / evolution process changes.. and so the devolution process brings one back into realizing that they are not disconnected and when they start feeling that they are de-volving.. (I don’t even know if that is a word!) but once they start feeling that they are de-volving then they can quickly grab onto the idea that they are not dis-connected. Because they reach for something higher so that they don’t sink or fall into …what they would term the ‘Abyss. I am trying to explain what I am actually seeing. So if you think in terms of say ..the Torus. So there is all this evolution moving upwards and then it is coming back down and then it is passing through that… not sure what to call that centre piece of the Torus the gap of ‘no thing’… it then starts reaching up for something higher to grasp onto and then it remembers that it is connected and then it moves back into its connection and loving it, which is what some might term the ‘Golden Age’ and then when it starts falling back down it starts almost like panicking – reaching now for a connection and then it goes back so there is this ongoing…. reaching for a connection – realizing and remembering the connection – falling away .. from the connection and then reaching back into it. And I see myself and my group standing near that centre gap and saying.. “Remember”.. “Remember, that you never were disconnected” So it is like … “Gatekeepers” is the word which comes to mind. I am not sure if that is the accurate term but it is what comes to mind.

R. And the ‘Gatekeeper’ amongst one function, one purpose – amongst the Humans? Are there other types of humans who have different purpose and different function in this evolution… this change?
L. Absolutely! But they are all working with the same remit so to speak – connected purpose but coming from different angles and working through different diversities but effectively it is the same thing.

R. And are there Angels and creatures in other dimensions involved?
L. I want to say Yes and I want to say No. I want to say Yes because creation is all working through one purpose and I want to say No because it is not so much that Angels and other creatures are in different dimensions that all of it is from the same perspective. They are showing me …take this line and every single section of this line could be a different dimension but yet it is the same line and so when we think in terms of dimensions we think in terms of it being somehow separate, but it is not… when an arrow is being shot from its source and by the time it hits its target it has moved though all this space and dimensions so the dimensions are very much just a different states of consciousness or being or expressions of the very same thing so that is somewhat why it is a yes and a no answer and so the different dimensions, as you term it, evoke within the mind …a separation and to move beyond that separation is to recognize that there is …no ….separation and that is how you actually access all that you denote as the different layers of dimensions back to its source and so the thinking process which is faulty it is not the lines it is the thinking process and they are showing me that you were sitting there earlier and that is not the fault in the line but the fault is actually in the thinking …

R. And where does that fault/thought come from?
L. The thinking …and the belief systems and the mis-perceptions – of not recognizing the inter-connectedness of oneself and feeling that oneself needs to connect, instead of not recognizing that they cannot exist without having that connection .

R. And people have great difficulty loving themselves …and why is that and how can you change that?
L. The immediate change is to recognize the connection and within recognizing the connection and even just sitting and asking, just that it gives the physical body a sensation of this connection then immediately that process begins and so all of creation is in the human body, it is not separate and this is what they were showing me and having me experience in the Aya. ceremonies… and this is why we cannot leave our bodies or escape our bodies because it is the connection to the divine. And so everything about the human body and biology is created from the divine perspective. There is no need for it to evolve it already, is that… and it is to recognize that and in recognizing that we can actually turn on tour keys and codes, which are already in-built so they are showing me.. that this ‘new age’ to use the terms which I use, teachings… is actually multi-layered in many truths because where people now accept in their mind the faulty concept of having a ‘DNA upgrade’ really what that has done is to just give themselves permission to experience more consciousness in their body.. (Laughing) This is actually a ‘Source’ joke which has been going on for a while.. it is like Source has been saying “OK. Let’s let them play with their concepts and their mis-conceptions but in that we will be able to sneak in.. to open them to their greater truth” so the mere fact that people are running around thinking that…. “oh, our consciousness is going to be raised” .. actually opens them… to raising their consciousness and so .. they are actually laughing and saying ‘Don’t mock them and don’t laugh at them as it is almost in their infancy of knowing …that this is how they are giving themselves the permission to actually reach for something higher” So in their reaching for the term ascension which so frustrates me sometimes …So they are saying that this is my dinosaur skin which comes in and there is a part of me which is hardened to the human condition because for me it might be so easy for me to experience or to see right through it because I have them to help me but the reality is that others actually need their mis-perceptions to help them to open their way. So those that are seeking this Ascension in their minds… like it is going to happen on a particular date and a time ….but in reality it is that they on another level … have actually given themselves permission to actually raise their consciousness… be open to the fact that they are more than just a 3D human having a miniscule experience.. do you see what I mean? It is quite a paradox and a cosmic joke in itself.. so they are saying all this Illuminati and New Age.. bullshit that we think of as something coming in outside of Source and this dark force, it really is that dark forces is Source itself working from a different angle for the consciousness of mankind, which they have created and in their mis-perception

R. We call it Evil that idea but that it is actually just part of Source?
L. All of it yes and they are reminding me in many ways and also it is like how you would describe junctions where there is a crossing and a meeting point and so many different directions where there are people and things where everything moves off in but the meeting point is Source energy. and it is all coming from the same source.. there is only Source vibrating and moving where as it was mentioned an arrow gets shot and before it hits its target every bit in between is aspects of Creation and every bit in between every shade and shadow and every bit of the wind force that it moves through is other levels of Creation.

R. So do we ever leave this … ‘Creation’ as you have described it or do we continue in it perpetually?
L. Ongoing choices …you leave it perpetually all the time and then you come back into it you don’t realize that you leave it all the time and the only time you come back into it is when you are consciously aware of yourself in this moment but when you are not aware of yourself in this moment other aspects of yourself is aware of other aspects of themselves in other moments and they are saying that to accomplish things in this perception of this moment in this time is to simply allow yourself to re-connect with the … other parts of yourself and then draw in that information and knowledge down, and they are showing me that in the earlier conversation that we were having it is that humans do not realize that if they are connected then they can actually do whatever it is that they want to without having to have fear of not doing it or not doing a good job and so the way to do that is to just sit within that moment and re-connect – to use your terms – with all the mulit-aspects of themselves and to allow those awareness’s and knowledge and wisdom to come through. They are actually showing me that this is how intuition works this is what is the inner teachers… it is all the actually aspects of oneselves inspiring and dropping information into a physical.. your physical.. my physical.. a humans physical.. 3D and reality .. It just gets dropped down through the light waves.. it is like we are composed of ‘rivers of light’ and in those rivers of light is… call it a ‘Soul-matrix’ if you like and as humans we are composed of many different matrix’s.. we have our social matrix.. cultural.. matrix our own vibratory matrix, there are so many layers.. if you were to see it, it is just like loads of light. … like light-lines shall we say… and the increase of these in different colours and spectrum’s is what one sees as the Aura and if one were to sit in a receptive state …to receive their intuition or their Soul informational field then they would never have any self-doubt of their connection.

R. Is the Creator greater than we are? If everything is in us anyway?
L. The immediate response to that is that the sum is always greater than its parts. And to connect with the sum is to simply sit in that moment.

R. What is the moment? What is so distinct from the past or the future.. What is the moment?
L. The moment is that …you cannot take your body …anywhere outside of ‘Now’.. You can take your imagination.. you can take your memories and projections and shift into different states of consciousness and this is why the body is so important and why body is the vortex into the dimensional fields and that is because your body is only ever in …. ‘NOW’ you can take your subtle bodies.. but NOW is the physical body… It is that simple

R. So being in the ‘NOW’ is connecting with our physical bodies..
L. It is recognizing that you cannot ever be not connected to your physical body and so it is not escaping and this is what they are showing me.. telling me with Ascension as the infantile mind sees it.. they are hoping to ‘ascend’ away from their body or to leave their body behind but you have to take your body with you until your atomic structure decomposes in what is called death. So this is why the re-incarnation theory is quite important in that Souls or ‘States of Consciousness’ can go in and out of the physical body and the physical body as we know it is ‘Now’ … and so the denial of it and this is what those that hate themselves and mankind.. do… they keep creating things to destroy the physical …body… this is what all the toxic foods and things are in creation…

R. To destroy the ‘Now?’
L. Yes. But you cannot destroy the ‘Now’ because you cannot destroy Creation and remember the evolution / devolution .. and so mankind likes to think that they come from two polarities but they are showing me me now that there are actually three. There is the Re-active.. the Active or the Interactive.. or Balance. And so… Karma… is really bringing ones action back into balance nothing more… that simple…

R. Ah.. Into balance? So what is balance then?
L. Balance is neither one nor the other .. it just IS… and that is where you find creative force right in the balance in the centre.. Buddha understood this.. following the middle path… sometimes one way sometimes another ….pull it back into balance.. the ancients understood this as Zero Point energy.. come back into balance .. that is the only place that you will find the truth of creator the other aspects are just… aspects…

‘Sleeping Buddha’ by Matt Westgate

R. So Balance is an equilibrium with the three forces with re-active.. active and interactive?
L. Yes because only from Balance can one interact.

R. So is interaction a consequence of the balance of the reactive and active or is it part of the equation?
L. It could be said to be both depending on how you are looking at it.. but to interact effectively or to interact at all one needs to be in balance. If you are not in balance then you constantly are re-acting according to perception of a ‘re-action’ This is also the importance of the triangle or the pyramid and I don’t mean the pyramids as they have been built.. but in the pyramid shape as in the sacred geometry as in what they call in numerology.. which is they are showing me .. that the three represents active intelligence or active ‘Architect’ or the ‘Divine Creator’ because only from the third perspective can there be creation in an interactive way… as in the manifesting of a creative truth.
This is why there is always three sides to a story or why threes are very prominent because ‘twos’ just take one into polarities – either/or…. so they are showing me to tell you in looking ahead to move in ways which are able to interact from a place of balance and that this is also a message that should be shared. They are showing me showing me once again.. the need to write a book and they are saying that it should be books but it is about cutting through the crap and when you cut through the crap you find balance because all balance is really is just covered and submerged by the s…t which gets thrown in from either side.

R. From the reactive? (Mmm).. I don’t fully understand that but I am sort of on my way towards it – understanding it and if you were to write the book would you understand it?
L. They are showing me that I do actually understand it now and whether I would apply it every day or whether I will more so now that I am looking at the images that I am looking at.. that comes down to .. choices.. but they are encouraging me to see it and apply it because only through applying it does one actually help others otherwise words are empty of …truth..

R. Yes. So is the triangle a tetrahedron a 3-sided triangle with a base or like the pyramids of Egypt with a four sided triangle with a base?…
L. They are showing me that once you include a base and take it to different levels it is simply that it is just three things to make one. It is like a three in one and when you take it and you open it out you have got one .. and then the extension and in the centre it is balance.. it is purely balance and they are showing me that I have actually understood this but without applying it as a concept for growth. (Laughing).. they are showing me that years ago when I was a Model and we had to take off a coat or a jacket on a catwalk I understood that if I held it in the centre then the weight was balanced and they are showing me me that I can show you this example that with the jacket that if you hold it over one sleeve or the other in imbalance it actually feels heavy but if you hold it in the centre then it is balanced so I used to know that when I whipped it off and turned or something that if I held it in the centre which is usually where the hook thing is to hang it up.. it had absolutely no weight .. they are showing me me that every single moment in our lives is a art and parcel leading up to the moment of devolution and evolution and so this is something that they are showing me so that I can show you that if you actually have a visual perception of it then you will understand in ways in which you might not understand now what that difference is… so I will show you after… and then you may get it. They are saying when things are in balance they have no weight …but when your thoughts are not in balance then they weigh heavily on you and you know that your thoughts are in balance when it is light and they are showing me this is how our bodies know our true connection with Divinity because when we feel light and it actually brings a spontaneous joy and lightness to our Being and when we feel heavy then we know that it is not and they are showing me that this is why highly evolved beings tend to be very humorous and to see the funny side of things and to not take themselves too seriously and that a sign of when you are taking yourself too seriously is that you will feel heavy and weighed down and this is really what Enlightenment is .. it is to be … feeling.. and it is all feeling.. this is they are showing me that we don’t understand about love .. we think love is a concept and this is why romantic love is one dimensional because it leaves us not feeling light. We only feel light in a temporary moment of feeling infatuation.. or .. lust.. or a novelty.. They are saying to me that a one-dimensional love can grow and it can evolve and it can grow into a deeper feeling level but the immediacy of a romantic love is only possibly the first rung of a ladder which may go up or it may go down and this is where the term.. “fall in love” comes from because often a romantic love can take you down rather than up and this is where romantic unrequited love and all that nonsense that comes up with emotions not recognized or gone awry comes from it …. it comes from this one-dimensional and infantile version of what one perceives love or …thinks it is..

R. So love is feelings?
L. I am asking them why everything is feelings and that is why your body is important.. I am asking why they used the word… (laughing).. infantile!!…. and they say that it is infantile in not a negative sense but in the sense that a child or a baby might not understand immediately that to put its hand on the fire will burn it so it is not so much owning misperceptions which can happen at any age but it is about not having enough Soul Growth to understand that the essence behind something.

R. Yes .. It is not a concept it is feelings and self-love is a dis-connection from all .. the divine Source and that is .. can that only be made through feelings rather than through any other means?
L. They are saying to me that immediately you have it wrong and that Self-love …IS the connection with the Divine Source it is not the dis-connection.. anything that is dis-connected from the Divine Source is not self-love and that is why every .. humans ….underpinning of whatever their story life is .. is about Self-love ….

R. Got it!! Yes.
L. And so they keep trying to show me and to express to me so that I may express to you and to others in its own way that our ongoing perception of a dis-connection is what keeps us apart from …. knowing and experiencing our own Self-love and when you experience Self-love you are happy within your body because your body you recognize your body.. its capacity for holding and experiencing.. its love …and through loving ourselves or our body we are then connected to the Divine and this is what is understood by the lower vibrational frequencies why they create all this “You need to do … this” to love your body.. This is what all that advertising and all that false perception is creating on.. all the ways to separate one from Self-love… And so this is what the so-called dark or low vibrations do.. this is what the so-called Illuminati based stuff is .. this stuff is just separating one from their “Now” and their capacity to love themselves ..

R. Yes.. And are there different groups who will have different experiences of this Evolution/De-volution that we are going through now or what feels like we are going through now, so are there some Soul-Groups to survive it and others not.. or how will it work?
L. All Soul Groups will survive it because all Soul Groups cannot die the only thing that dies is the human atomic or physical form … everything survives it.. your question might be …do all humans survive in their physical form? No… all humans don’t survive in their physical form now but they come back …into it …the body can be destroyed but the Soul never can. It grows and it expands and it shifts into other groups.

R. Yes.. What happens to the body when it doesn’t have the benefit of the body/brain to bring in the ‘Nowness?’
L. Well the Soul never dies.. aspects of the Soul might come into… when it crystalizes.. I don’t know why crystal comes into mind but aspects of the Soul might come into crystallization is what I am being told.. Oh I see! What is crystallization ….all of the body really is just a big crystal.. the blood can be crystalized.. the liquids can be crystalized.. the whole body and what keeps it living is c and that is why even spit when it dries it forms a crystalized texture.. the blood and everything there is no different than the crystals that grow within and from the earth and so that is why keeps the life-form alive and so when the atomic structure that holds.. the crystals die.. the Soul is just released from being imprisoned ..shall we say in that form …and then has the opportunity to experience other life forms or different and so they are showing me that this ‘fear of death’ is this construct which has come about because they do not understand this construct that one cannot die. It is like in your garden your plant.. it grows you water it.. it blossoms and it dies.. and it gives off seeds and those seeds grows again and so there is this continuity that man separates himself or herself from …and this is why those that survive through this evolutional process are ones that recognize their unity and consciousness with this nature and have no fears about that blooming and blossoming and moving and shifting through nature. It is all the same..

A clear quartz crystal – Source: Flickr

R. Yes and why is the crystal the basic form? Is it about light.. or…
L. It is crystallized light all of creation is crystalized consciousness in a sense it is condensed consciousness and so and this is why crystals and this is why they use crystals in many different … the need to hold memory and the using of technology because the human form is one of the most.. awesome piece of technology but humanity has been separated from that awareness so they do not believe that it is so .. So where they could use telepathy.. they use the Internet .. which is really a technological form of telepathy or a ‘knowing’ of information.

R. So the ‘Creation’ is just an idea and the crystal is the form used to express it?
L. Yes. In a simple answer Yes.. When you say it is just an ‘idea’ I hear all this laughter going on.. Creator really does laugh at all the seriousness of how we take things.. we really are just an idea? And I am being told to tell you that the biggest idea and the biggest paradox, the biggest cosmic joke is that we don’t realize that we are our own ideas of what we think we are.. So it is a complete joke! And all this fear about people dying is another joke because when you pop out of your body you will realize that you are not dead! And so much of what people take to be true is just s**.t that they have heard from others. .. and then it is taken on as a truth… They are showing me that I have told me all this before and been shown how it works in a session that I did with Tai.. and I watched how these beliefs systems just landed on peoples heads and got accepted into them and then just hardened them.. hardened their ‘form’..

R. So is the best way for you to write your book to channel it through the Gatekeepers? How is it best done?
L. Actually this is interesting because when you said that they showed me that every part of our life is channeled through from something.. we even channel our life through….. we think we are creating it from moment to moment but all that we are all creating is what we put together and what we dismiss and as you said that I watched all of our everything about us either gets channeled through from a low vibrational ‘shadow side’ or something higher or something .. for example if you tap into your fear you are actually just channeling through the low vibrational stuff you have got stored in your own energy field (laughing).. I find it interesting looking at it this way.. So people like to think… “Oh.. it’s channeled!” as though it is coming from something or some energy source outside of themselves but it is just themselves or they think if it is Channeled then it is high or a high vibrational frequency but we know that if we make choices in any other way it is not channeled.
EVERYTHING IS CHANNELLED!. It is all coming through these lines of energy vibration that we are composed of and so a collective group of energy could be said to be an ‘Archtype’ and so if I were to say.. “Here is the human form laying flat it is all a composition of group collective lines of energy and so each of those groups collective resonant lines of energy could be Archtypes … Social constructs.. Personality Matrix.. Constructs of time.. and so we are just nothing but a composition of ‘light forms’ and this is why geometric shapes show up very much in psychedelic visions because we are a composition of geometric shapes to a large degree.. or ‘Creation’ is. This is also why so much information is used in symbols which is why the Illuminati and those that ‘control’ mankind’s mindset or aim to control it, work with symbols because they recognize that group composition of certain things is really just encoded in the symbols and the sub-conscious mind of man knows this …

R. Yes.. Well I think we could bring this to a conclusion to be continued for another day?
L. Mmmm

R. Well I would really like to thank the Gatekeepers and to thank the Creator although he has taken the p…s out of me constantly!! (laughing)… I really mean that even though it/(Creator).. is myself and yourself.. and I wonder if there is anything last to be said in this conversation?
L. No.. it is fine.. there are only a few of my own thoughts …..

Bringing out…..

* * *

Tai Ashley-Jones is a holistic healthcare practitioner and teacher of metaphysics based in Essex, England. You can find Tai’s website here,

Lorna Wilson, who was Tai’s client in the above session, is also a QHHT Practitioner, Advanced Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Life Coach, based in London, England. You can find her site here,

This article was edited (rather quickly) for publication by Laron, who also sourced the images that were included above.

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Kathryn E May – Father/Source Soul Lessons – TRUE STORY OF ATLANTIS AND BEYOND – 3-14-15

Channeler:  Kathryn E. May

It was a historic week on Planet Earth. This message through our dear Kathryn will begin to explain the monumental changes that were created above and below, bringing the inter-dimensional connections closer than ever, since before the sinking of Atlantis. I want you to have an accurate overview of your planet’s history and the part you have all played in its descent into darkness and her restoration to the Light. It is the story of your soul histories as well.

This account will include the true history of what happened in Atlantis, what plan the Company of Heaven devised to counteract the accelerating darkness on Earth, who the divine players were, and how this week was the culmination and the triumph over the forces of darkness that have held Earth captive for thousands of years.

Many of you are aware that Kathryn planned a workshop/retreat near her home in the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State. The group stayed in a small eco-friendly retreat center on the Crystal Mountain – the site of the great, newly reactivated crystal which is the twin of the great Arkansas crystal deposit. The crystals were reconnected late this summer during a previous retreat, and serve now as the energy transmitters that carried the ascension energies from the retreat across the country and across the globe.

Participants came from around the world. Represented in the group were the incarnated twins of Jesus/Sananda, AAMichael, Sanat Kumara, Metatron, AAJophiel, along with AAGabriel and Sanaj Kumara. These are only the identities that have been revealed to the members so far. They will also find that AAChamuel, Kwan Yin, AAEzekiel and other equally powerful Masters will be identified when the time is right.

The meeting was protected and overlighted by Athena and the Ashtar Command. Note that I have used mostly the male names because they are the ones you are most familiar with as a result of your patriarchal society. Their feminine twins are equally powerful and active in the Company of Heaven, and always have been.

You see, we arranged this gathering carefully, so that the family could reunite at last, to fall in love again, and to re-enact the Last Supper, but this time with the culmination to be the fulfillment of the Jesus lifetime. They have laid the foundation now for the Resurrection and Ascension without having to go through the crucifixion.

You will see how the threads weave together, from the beginnings of Planet Earth, through Lemuria and Atlantis, to the present civilization of this day and beyond. I will start with the story of Atlantis and the beginning of the invasion by the Archon Alliance.

During the rise of the Atlantean civilization, Earth’s surface was very different from what it is today. Lemuria was still thriving, in the area of the Pacific that is now represented by its small remnants, the Hawaiian Islands. The landmass of Atlantis stretched south along the Atlantic coast for thousands of square miles, an enormous island continent larger than Australia and more lushly hospitable. It was blessed with great natural resources and was the home of the great crystal which provided energy for the entire planet.

Lemuria was a highly evolved civilization of 5th dimensional and higher beings. They were a peaceful, joyful people, close to the Earth and to us in higher dimensions. Their relationships with other civilizations, especially that of their cousins and friends on Maldek, were closely knit in love and trust. It was customary for families to incarnate in both places, and warm feelings of brotherhood ran deep.

Simultaneously, the Atlantean civilization was growing in a different direction. The latitude of what free will allowed was being stretched beyond what Universal Law prescribed. This included experiments in genetic engineering that defied the laws against creating whole beings without souls. Their creations were abominations, designed to provide slave labor and even entertainment for the powerful elite.

The culmination of this dark period and the story I am about to tell you occurred approximately 26,000 years ago in your Earth time.

There were a few of those in power in Atlantis who had made initial contact with the Annunaki and began experimenting with their questionable technologies, which the Annunaki traded for the rich natural resources, including gold, platinum and titanium. A number of the High Priests who were the Atlantean incarnations of the Company of Heaven became increasingly alarmed with the reckless and godless experiments, which they saw as extremely dangerous to the planet and the people of Earth.

As a sharp division occurred in the Council over the unwise use of these technologies, both sides began to align with powerful allies. The White Hats, as we will call them, were deeply concerned about the growing power of the those who favored the dark experiments and the economic influence it provided. They solidified their natural alliance with the Lemurians and Maldekians, with treaties and informal agreements, hoping to discourage the renegades from expanding their power base. This was a period of formalizing and strengthening the organization which you know as the Galactic Federation of Light in this area of the galaxy.

The dark-leaning Atlanteans saw this as a threat to be challenged, however. They were increasingly falling under the spell of the propaganda and seduction of the Archon Alliance of which the Annunaki were the most powerful force. It was a period of conflict and sadness for the High Priests who held the Light, as they saw some of their friends and loved ones being enlisted into darkness. The most powerful of these was the incarnation of Archangel Hope, the twin flame of Archangel Gabriel, who was increasingly fascinated by the lure of great power and glory being offered to her. She was, of course, a great prize in the eyes of the dark forces.

The dark faction argued that the Lemuria/Maldek alliance threatened their free will and endangered the security of the Atlantean people, and that they should harness the energy of the great crystal to provide defensive military power. To give credibility to this argument, the Archons secretly established a base on Maldek and laid the groundwork for an attack. The scheme was the first False Flag attack on Earth, engineered without the knowledge of any of the original Atlantean Council.

The use of the crystal was accomplished with the help of Atlantean insiders who had fallen for the paranoid, fear-mongering Archon propagandists, much as the cabal co-opted the population in recent years in the U.S. and Europe. Their “9/11” involved an attack from the secret base on Maldek, aimed at a small city on Atlantis where rich mineral deposits were being mined by Archon slave labor.

Horrified, the Council met to decide what to do. The dark ones argued for returning the attack, while the White Hats held to the philosophy that the sacred crystal could not ever be used for military purposes. Hope was one of those who voted to retaliate. Although there was a minority in favor of the action, the dark ones had no intention of abiding by the Universal principles. Unauthorized, the Archon infiltrators gained access to the crystal through the actions of a small group who betrayed the Council and instigated an all-out attack on Maldek.

They were somewhat ignorant about the power of the crystal and its potential. When the beam was fired at Maldek, it burned through the center of the planet, causing an implosion that destroyed the entire planet within minutes. Although the Maldek people were preparing to evacuate, the attack was so sudden that only a few thousand were saved. The weapon, like the scalar technology of today, had the ability to dissolve souls as well as material bodies.

Once the atrocity was done, and it was known which members of the Council had voted in favor of it, the dark ones had a weapon against them. They could then threaten and manipulate the hawks of the Council by reminding them that they had voted to use a weapon that destroyed souls, and therefore they would be severely punished if they tried to return to the Light. And so the modern-day cabal was born.

Once the die had been cast, the Annunaki then worked their dark program, using every lie and trick imaginable to convince the guilty ones to join them in their glorious stance of power and righteous patriotism. They were, after all, only protecting their homeland. Further paranoia was stirred up against the Maldek-Lemuria alliance, and the now-united Atlantean cabal, celebrated as heroes across the Archon alliance, decided they had no choice but to attack Lemuria in a pre-emptive strike. And so, Lemuria was also targeted, and the entire continent sank beneath the sea.

Some of the survivors went into the Inner Earth plane to establish the secret civilization you now know as the Agarthans. They have continued to evolve and to hold the Light until such a time as they could finally reunite with their surface brothers and sisters.

The High Council was devastated by the turn of events, and began to evacuate from Atlantis, fearing the result of such blatantly evil actions. A handful of the High Priests journeyed to the Himalayas, where they remained hidden for thousands of years, and a second group fled to Central America. There they established the early Mayan culture.

Drunk with power, and certain that joining the dark offered them a better chance of living a life of luxury and glamour, Hope and her group of defectors agreed to follow the Archons in their tradition of recycling through the 4th dimension rather than returning to God between lives. They had felt the power of defying God, and they had no intention of going back, and so the Earth came under the control of the Annunaki, the lead dark controllers, and their minions, the Reptilians. These were the same souls who then became the 13 families – the present day illuminati.

Earth was so destabilized by the sinking of Lemuria that she shook with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and within weeks the continent of Atlantis sank beneath the waves, also with great loss of life. Many of you have heard the story of the priests who remained with the people, singing to calm and raise the vibration of the people who were to transition, as Atlantis sank into the sea.

The Company of Heaven was stunned by these events, and met to devise a plan to counteract the power of the new dark elite, who were unfazed by the destruction, and immediately reincarnated on the surface in groups to establish their power on Earth.

And so it was decided that a member of the White Hats would volunteer to incarnate with them, as a double agent, to try to mitigate the damage and provide information to the White Hats from inside the cabal. Gabriel, who wished to balance the destruction of his twin and who hoped to find a way to convince her to come to the Light, volunteered to take the assignment, and so The Lucifer Project was born.

Gabriel told some of his story on last week’s call (Wednesday, March 11, 2015) on, so I will not attempt to retell his perspective here. I do want to tell of our gratitude and great Love for our beloved Gabriel, who incarnated through the millennia, over and over through the 4th dimension with the cabal in the disguise of Lucifer, whom the dark ones saw as their leader. He maintained his deep connection with us, aligned always with our Love, and it sustained him in spite of his loneliness and longing to return Home to our embrace.

He also knew as the lifetimes passed, and his Twin fell deeper into the web of darkness, that he had lost the love of his life and that there was nothing he could do to bring her back. He saw not only that it was her free will choice, but also that he could not reveal to her that he was not really the Lucifer she knew, but that he had remained true to the Light. If he had, she might have exposed his true identity, jeopardizing the success of the entire project, for she had become drunk with power and blindly vindictive toward anyone who crossed her. You see, the Fallen Angel was not Lucifer. It was his twin, Hope.

You are beginning to learn, Dear Ones, of the extent of the service your loving Masters have performed during this entire descent and return to the Light. You have all been a part of that dedication and service, each in your own way, holding the Light as we moved step by step, through the twists and turns of the drama that was the struggle between Light and Dark on Planet Earth. You have all grown and expanded in your capacity to love and to feel the deep family connections you share with one another, and there will be more discoveries to come.

In just the past week, we saw our beloved Jacques, whom we call Trine, bring the keys within himself which allowed the healing and restoration of the integrity of the Tree of Life. Gabriel released the template of the dark cell he had carried, ending the Lucifer Project and the contracts by which all humankind were bound.

Also within the high vibrational setting of the mountain retreat, Kathryn led the final confrontation between Light and Dark, as she and her group challenged two members who had come to represent the embodiment of the Matrix programs. In their complete immersion in the dark programs, they re-enacted each phase, predictably expressing step by step the entire range of passive and aggressive moves which characterize the Program.

I will ask Kathryn to describe the Program elsewhere so you will all see how predictable and rigid it really is. Because of her many years of experience, she was able to draw up the flowchart that predicts each move, and where the one who is completely immersed in the Program will go in their attempts to defeat and derail anyone who questions the power of darkness. In the process, she became very skillful at finding ways to “throw a wrench” into the program with questions the Program could not answer, like “where did you learn mind control?” The result was always that the one being questioned would grind to a complete halt, unable to speak or think. This is the mark of a victim/perpetrator of a dark program.

As our dear Lady Venus observed, this gathering of Light souls, now in the command position, recapitulated the original Inquisition, in reverse. Light now is in charge on Planet Earth. That day, their resolute stand against the dark was observed by the entire Cosmos. The Temple of Light surrounded and observed our incarnated Masters as they held fast against the illusions of the Matrix, consciously restoring themselves and the planet to the new condition of Light and Love.

When their work was completed, Kathryn/Nada came to us with the evidence of what all had learned there: that the organized darkness which had been allowed to hold sway on Planet Earth was too much even for Masters of the Light to hold out against when they descended into the human form. The organized assault on the human mind, body and spirit, allowed to fester and expand unchecked, had created intolerable damage to the bodies and souls of humankind. It was a game that could not be won because the cards were stacked against humanity. The Experiment had proved that this kind of organized, systematic darkness should never again be permitted on Planet Earth or anywhere in our Universe.

The evidence was obvious and compelling. Even our great Master, in the body of one of the participants, in spite of a lifetime of effort and help from our best Lightworkers, could not free herself from the hold of the training she had experienced at the hands of the cabal. The group of questioners held fast, in spite of their compassion for her. No one must be permitted to send out dark, hypnotic vibrations to seduce or destroy others.

This resolute stand against darkness on Earth allowed us to make the final decision to confirm, once and for all, that we have concurred with the request of your Earth Council. Henceforth, organized darkness will no longer be permitted in any form on Earth or in any part of your Universe. The systematically organized Matrix and its proponents will no longer be allowed to operate unchecked under the name of free will. We declare this the end of the dark experiment and the beginning of the New Earth in all her Light and splendor.

You will begin to see the gradual dissolution of the Matrix in all its forms. This process is being speeded by the unfaltering efforts of all who are reading this to raise yourselves out of the mindless immersion in the tricks and deceptions of the dark programs. As we have all seen, it requires moment-by-moment mindfulness and determination to remain centered in your brain and body, anchored in Light.

I have asked Kathryn to create a log of Terra’s recent travails and triumphs, for she and Sanat Kumara are the Masters who joined together to become the soul of your beloved Terra. They have created a program to aid in her restoration, and your participation in her healing is greatly needed at this time.

Your part in this speedy movement toward complete Ascension into the Light has been presented here in great detail over the past months and years. Do not fall into any form of negativity – the depression, frustration, entitlement, despair, intolerance, anger, “skepticism,” impatience and lack of faith you were so used to feeding upon. It was the trap laid for you by the dark ones. It separates you from me and from each other. We have given you the tools, and we continue to give you more help each week. This is not a one-time shift. It is a way of life, a building of character that only you can accomplish for yourselves.

Come into my embrace, Beloved Ones. I hold the memory of your highest Light always in my heart. As you reach deeply into your hearts to ascend even higher than you have ever experienced before, know that we are here to receive you, to support you and to shower you with our tears of joy as you enter into the purest Light of Heaven. You, humankind, are truly our great and glorious Creation. Know that you are never alone.

We are your Mother and Father, the Creators of All That Is, in eternal Love.


Lisa Gawles – Source, Soul, Physicality and Internal Engine of Creation – 3-8-15

 passion and grace


Lisa Gawles

Five readings yesterday, and every single one, in their own way, evoked tears from my eyes.  The first four because of the feeling, the loving reverence that I experienced during the understandings, the last one, because I was laughing so damn hard!!  Who would ever think in a million years, that the universe itself would use Ron Jeremy and his special ability (wink, wink) as a living example of… things.

With losing an hour in my morning, I pray I do not miss sharing a single detail from yesterday.

My first lady appeared just on this side of the oval of Shambhala.  She was in that now familiar luminescent yellow so I knew it was her soul energy I was seeing.  The way I was seeing her reminded me of a roll of wrapping paper:

wrapping paper

The roll side towards the oval and it kept moving up and down, rolling up, rolling down.  Maybe that is why I kept saying rolling paper (smile.)  Her soul gave us a clear understanding of why.

What is happening right now, is unlike anything that has ever happened before.  The soul itself, merging with the Christed energy of the Shambhala must wrap itself in the sacred (and let me tell you, HUGE emphasis on sacred) biology of You.  The soul, merged as one Living System with the Christed energy of the ground (what I call Shambhala, what someones team in yesterdays readings called the ground level Christed energy, since it is more understandable that way, I am going to use it) has got to make sure it merges into and around the body in a very specific way for full use of the three as One.  Her soul explained how sacred the biology is, how important and how much it is honored to be apart of this lady’s living field of biology.  So it gave me the feeling of wrapping a christmas present, perfectly, precisely for full one embodiment.

There is this feeling this morning, taking the memory of my Life Between Life session of when the soul itself merges with the growing baby inside the mother.  It is crucial for the soul itself to learn the nervous system, the brain activity, to form a relationship with the biology and ego of the baby as it grows and gets ready for living birth.  Same now, only on a much more open and receptive level of consciousness.

As my next man on the field was going to show in an additional detail.  Can I tell you what a gift yesterday was thru each and every one who showed up!!  A more perfect alignment of puzzle pieces, I cannot remember having in one day.

His energy showed up in a large tube form, moving in and out of the ground just outside of the oval of christed energy.  He looked similar to a dolphin moving up and out of the ocean waters.  Then there was this energy coming down from above, just at the top of his energy/soul system.  It was like chunks of red and blue stuff was falling towards him in a 3 foot diameter, circular opening.  Except, there was a gap energy of about 2 feet of where that energy falling down, met his soul was aligning with the new magnetics of the Shambhala oval.

As I tried to understand what this energy was, I was shown him inside this oval (imagine that!!) his biological body looked more like I was looking at some high-tech x-ray.  I could see his nerve endings as well as his veins and these energy thingies were setting themselves at very particular points in these two areas of his body. Power enhancers in their own way.  I had to wonder about that gap of energy that I could not see.  What we learned from him, my goodness gracious…

He had asked me when he was going to be taken out of this 6 year limbo he was in.  We reversed the question, what is it you desire from here on own.  He mouthed some words that were like being around similar people/like-minded people, financial security… not one thing he said had an emotional charge to it.  He could have just as easily been reading some lines from a book out loud.  This lack of charge was the first thing I noticed and the amazing story that unfolded from there.

You/We are the magnetic center of all creation.  What we feel inside activates the grid of life to bring all that your emotional field desires into creation.  If there is no real, viable emotional charge to what you are saying or wanting, well, nothing gets activated.

That was the gap energy from the power dots (don’t know what else to call those red and blue thingies) to fully using them.  Emotional alignment within yourself.

Lets take this to another level, an amazing conversation had with my first lady of the day, Christmas present lady.  She was talking about binary code, 0’s and 1’s.  Potential into creation.  The amazing visual came thru this conversation, as I was seeing a 0 and 1 floating in my field of vision, I suddenly seen a hypodermic needle filled with yellow energy in it and purposely pushing the yellow into the 0, the potential.  Of course, yellow right now is all about the soul energy and even with that came the saying we have heard so many times but really took it to a whole other level for me “Putting your whole heart and soul into it.”  It also takes “going thru the eye of the needle” to a very very different level!!!

He also asked a really wonderful question in regards to all this.  He said, I thought I had to put action into play first.  The example that came back to him, I loved cuz it was so clear.  The action comes when the arrival of the thing desired arrives.  Think of it like your front door, you can get up, open the door, look around and yet, no one or nothing is there.  The action becomes required when someone or something knocks on your door.  If your emotions never meet the vibration of pulling your desires to you, you’re gonna spend a lot of time opening an empty door.

He also gave me such a tremendous gift as well.  I wanted to give him an example of what all this means and so, I used myself, which I kind of find funny since my team has been asking me what I want for so long and my mind goes thru mundane stuff and I come down to… I don’t know.  Well, I now know with unmistakable emotional quality!!  I want to live, play, breathe in Shambhala.  I have no freakin clue what that looks like, feels like will be experienced as… but with every ounce of my Being, THAT is ALL I want!!  It’s why I get up every morning and do what I do.

Another phrase that was repeated yesterday was “unconceptual vision.”  Where we are at, what is truly at hand, we cannot conceive or understand visually.  It has NEVER EVER been done before.

Now let’s get to my third lady, holy heaven, did I say just how amazing this day was!!  There she was standing or floating on the edging of this oval.  Two large, expansive lighting bolts came down at her head, left side, right side, but unlike any electrical charges I had ever seen in a reading.  I could see the core energy of the lightning, but there was this outward flow of softer energy from its charge.  It was connecting directly to two funny looking things at the top of her head, those ganglia’s.  Talk about looking a bit mickey mouse like!!  But the enormity of what we understand now… holy heavens batman!!

If you can imagine a Y being placed over your body.  The single stream of energy starts at the base of the skull going down, the right and left side of the top of the Y represents the two hemispheres of the brain.  Ok, back to my super humble diagram.  Keeping in mind, the silver energy represents the lightning bolts, the maroon circles at the top of the head, the nerve cluster connected directly to Source or the God Mind.

energy activation

So the lightning was bringing fully online the ganglia, the Source energy down into both hemispheres of the brain (where the 12 strand DNA lives and allows for full enlightenment.) merging it all into a singular stream of powerful energy that runs from the base of the skull down into the core of the body.  With this intense stream of complete energy (Source, Soul and Physicality) was the spreading outwards from the core to the cells of the whole body, but equally a gathering of energy around the physical body.  What really stunned me was her team kept referring to this energy around the body as ectoplasm.  All I could think of was ghostbusters!!!  But obviously, something to that as well.  Of course, I googled it:

  1. 1.
    the more viscous, clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells.
  2. 2.
    a supernatural viscous substance that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance and form the material for the manifestation of spirits.

As within, so without!!

I am being so prompted to put this in here too… there is not another soul on the face of this earth, or off earth, that can do this (these) activation(s) for you.  It is an inner alignment with the Source of All life as a living body (YOU) and only when that alignment is True, it happens naturally.  Those who have created the living Christ energy at the ground level (yeah, us!!) it is already underway….

Man, this is one day I really need that extra hour we lost.  I am going to skip right to my last lady of the day, as I am running out of blog time before the readings start.

My last lady of the day threw me for a loop as everyone else was in soul energy body and stuff, here she comes looking like a mighty anaconda!!  HUGE flipping snake slithering about just above the border of the oval energy of Shambhala.  Keeping in mind, that border represents all the humans who are holding the Christed energy at the ground level because they did the inner work to allow for it to flow thru them into creation, well the creation within this oval.

I finally understood they were using an image I was familiar with… kundalini energy.  But of course, given the enormity of the days understandings, and the Source energy being activated, then the next level of Kundalini, lol I so forgot I used to call this Shambha-lini, is equally being activated.  How the hell did I forget about Shambha-lini until this morning??  Its been a long windy road!! lol

I watched her massive snake body elongate to encompass the entirety of the oval border, activating the higher realms of Kundalini, Shambha-lini.  Then i watched as this crazy HUGE snake (excuse me, serpent) connected to itself… something right out of a story I am unfamiliar with where the snake eats its own tail.  Well, this whole thing went to a level I could never have seen coming and the information… holy flipping shit batman.

As I was trying to understand the snake merging back into itself where it started, to the left outside of the oval, a blast from my porno viewing past!!  Good old Ron Jeremy in his famous position (being able to give himself oral sex.)  WHAT THE HELL!!!??? For my viewing, absolutely shocked eyes, he was sitting on a small wooden chair doing himself.  Yikes!!  Who would have thunk for a million years, Porno and heaven have something in common!! lol

The next thing I see is her snake body completely now in oval form turn into amazing silver energy moving rapidly around and around the oval.  Next thing I know, Ron Jeremy’s position is taking on the same view… circulating his core energy around and around thru himself.  I was laughing so hard I was crying!!

But it got really really interesting and informative too.  I am going to have to encapsulate it all, which sux cuz how it all unfolded is a story in and of itself!!

Circulating the energy itself thru the body, in from the groin (not the ground, from the nether-lands below) up the core, out thru the mouth, back into the groin and circulate in a circular motion/momentum.  We do have power systems in our nether-lands region, using them is advisable.  It allows you to learn how to control your input and output.  What her team said several times “as within, so without.”

So of course, this talk led to divine counterpart talk.  Well, thru her rapidly vibrating circulating energy within her body (not that I was seeing how she created that energy… somethings are so not for my eyes!!) I got a vision of throwing paint on a fan, and how that energy spreads outwards to that (for this example) counterpart energy and activates him, his magnetic field to draw each other to each other.  He does not have to be creating his own circular energy, what you do for yourself, you do for others!!

Then, we got an amazing view of the infinity symbol.  Since she is an earth worker (Light) he would have to be a sun worker (Love, electricity) and I seen them conjoined at the crown area.  All I could think of, given this position, this is gonna make sex a bit difficult!!!  Hell, John Holmes could not reach the game field in this position!!  Then… holy heaven I was enjoying this so much…

I could see the infinity symbol flop over like a pancake.  We seen that before, I had no idea what you do with that or why.  Well, imagine you are circulating your circular energy and he (or she) is circulating his (or hers, sorry, biased here lol) this is where the gyroscope of unified energy comes into play!!!  This image is for the two inner circles only, the moving energy generators.


3D_GyroscopeThe story is finally getting interesting and fun and employable!!  Creators… rev your engines!!  I have to end on that note, as my day is about to begin in reading land.  I am so buckled in for more!!!!!

I love you and thank you for being the never-ending Presence under my Tree of wisdom.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express.  Feel me!!  ((((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

Wes Annac – Source and the Company of Heaven – A Flame of Inspiration and Action – 8-8-14



Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Source Speaks:

Open your minds and hearts to me, and you will find me. Let yourselves believe you can connect with me in a real and pure way, and you’ll find that you’re easily able to. Embrace me if the idea of making a connection resonates with you, and if it doesn’t, let yourselves wait to connect.

It will resonate eventually, because in time, you’ll hunger for me as much as your society hungers for material things.

I have so much to offer you, dearest children, but the assistance I intend to provide can only be accessed if it’s enthusiastically requested. You wanted to separate from me and experience the lower vibration you’d created for yourselves, and at any time, you can reconnect with me by venturing as far into your center as possible.

In doing so, you’ll be able to transmit a wealth of advice and guidance from various higher-dimensional entities and collectives, and while you can spend all day chatting with them, when you’re finished, you can feel free to convene with me.

Do You Remember?

Can you feel, somewhere in the creation-wide databank of knowledge and information you can each access, the memories of existing in my pure and undistorted realms? Of course, none of you will be able to consciously recall them right now, but as your vibration continues to rise, you’ll find that you’re eventually flooded with memories of previous higher-vibrational travels and adventures.

Your memories will continue to flood your perspective as you traverse the various dimensions that’ll eventually lead you back to me.

The more of an effort you make to reconnect with the higher realms and use this connection to help yourselves and the planet around you become aware that something exists beyond the limitations of your third-dimensional reality, the quicker your higher-vibrational memories will come flooding in and the more enthusiastically you’ll remember and embrace them.

Your missions are very important, and if you could only feel the appreciation I have for each of you, you’d understand that you’re infinitely and eternally loved by me and every facet of consciousness in the higher realms.

Your higher selves and guides seek to assist you along your growth and development, and the love I and all of my higher-vibrational creations feel for you goes deeper than we could express through any channel. Some of you may find it difficult to believe that you can actually connect with me, but it becomes much easier when you realize that you’re one with me.

You’re each sparks of my omnipotent consciousness, and you’ve each funneled yourselves down from my realms to exist in lower, distorted realms for the purpose of creation and enjoyment. You each contain a spark of my essence, and this spark can never burn out.

Many souls have turned this spark into a full-on flame of inspiration and action, and they’re growing closer with me than those who continue to remain unaware of their inner spark or the magnificent burning flame that can result from it.

Given that you contain my essence within your physical temples, connecting with me can be a breeze if you let it. The same can be said for the various other higher-dimensional souls who seek to connect with you, and before I make my final expressions for this communication, I’d like to allow another group of souls to come through and speak.

This group has been referred to as the ‘Company of Heaven’, and with my assistance, they watch and assist you whenever and wherever possible.

The Company of Heaven Speaks:

With loving appreciation to the Source of existence, we are the Company of Heaven. We too note that it’s difficult for many souls to believe they can connect with us, and your ability to connect with the higher realms is as infinite as you’re coming to discover you are.

You can pick up on the energies and impressions of every higher-dimensional soul you’re willing to believe you can connect with, and you’re the only ones who can limit yourselves.

Connecting With Specific Guides and Teachers

No soul in the higher realms or on earth can tell you who you can or can’t connect with, and as long as you’re willing to believe you’re capable of making the sacred connections you’re starting to make, everything else will flow gracefully. If you want to connect with us, you can.

It really is this simple, but it’s easy to complicate by overthinking or striving too hard. However impossible channeling various entities and collectives might seem, you’ve been capable of it for longer than we can express.

Your abilities as channels go much deeper than you’ve let yourselves believe, and while connecting with your higher selves will always be the most important and beneficial thing you can do with your channeling abilities, many of you will benefit from connecting with specific guides and teachers who have a lot to offer you.

Of course, you aren’t inherently required to connect with us, or even your higher selves and guides, if channeling doesn’t resonate with you. Not everyone will agree on the same routes back to Source, but no matter which route you use, you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for and you’ll be very glad you sought it in the first place.

Whether you channel the energies and impressions of the higher realms, write beautiful poetry or music, or do anything else creative and spiritually inspired, it’ll help you find your way back into the loving arms of Source.

You’re making your way out of the dense and immeasurably challenging lower vibrations, and as you do, you rediscover something so far outside of your current perception that it requires adjustment and the ability to lay down the wants and demands of the ego.

In laying the ego down, you’ll connect with unfathomably pure realms of energy, insight and understanding, and you’ll find that you’re infinitely able to connect with a wide range of ascended beings who, for the most part, you’ve just started to realize you can contact and communicate with.

However difficult it might be for some to believe, we’re doing everything we can to communicate with you.

We want to help you become aware of spirit and the necessity to follow your heart and intuition in everything you do, but we don’t necessarily want you to fixate yourselves on us or our communications as if we’re the only genuine source of spiritual information available.

We aren’t, and in fact, some souls won’t find our communications any more genuine than others.

This is okay, because again, reading channeled messages (or bringing them through yourself) isn’t inherently required to traverse the ascension path. All that’s required is love and the willingness to open up to the divine bounties that await your perception, and if you’re willing to do this, everything else will fall in line.

The beliefs you advocate and empower along the way, such as the belief that we (The Company of Heaven) exist and actively seek to communicate with you, don’t matter as much as the clear, focused, heart-centered effort you make to use these beliefs for good.

Whether or not others believe the same things you do doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to do the work that springs from your beliefs, and as long as you find and act on this willingness, little else will matter. You can empower every belief under the sun, or you can cease empowering any beliefs altogether.

Humanity has become attached to belief systems because you want to define and understand your external reality, but the era of labeling and focusing on the external is quickly drawing to a close.

In its place will be an era of widespread spiritual understanding, and when consciousness and awareness grow to new heights, all of humanity will be awake and willing to do the inner work that’s required to bring your planet into the light.

Some souls will take up channeling; others will take up general lightwork; some won’t believe in either concept, but they’ll still spiritually excel as much as anyone else.

No matter what you believe or empower, your work to bring humanity into the light is very important, and we watch you do this work with love in our one heart and appreciation for the nearly tireless labor you continue to perform.


We’ll make our final expressions for this communication, together with Source, with encouragement to expand your understanding of what you’re capable of.

Those of you who resonate with channeling are encouraged to understand that you can connect with far more beings and collectives than your higher selves, and those of you who advocate other concepts are equally encouraged to expand your perspective of them.

In regards to channeling, we encourage connecting primarily with the higher self before connecting with other entities and collectives, but after you maintain this connection for so long, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your ability and seeing who else you can connect with.

If you’re open and receptive enough, you’ll find the willing communication of a plethora of beings and collectives who’ve been waiting for humanity to connect with us so we can offer our advice and guidance in an effort to assist you along your difficult ascension journey.

You don’t have to believe in us or our communications, and if you don’t, we’ll gladly remain outside of your sphere of perception because we don’t want to violate your freewill.

When you’re ready, however, you can delve deeper into the channeling ‘pool’ than you would’ve thought possible and connect with multitudes of souls who are ready to offer our perspective and, hopefully, help waves of fellow seekers in the process.

Keep expanding your perception and your abilities, and know that it’s all for a very important and very, very necessary purpose.

Thank you to Source and the Company of Heaven.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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Polona Aurea Dawn – Source-Self Empowered Co-creation Light Activation


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We have some crazy weather patterns all around the world now. We have huge energy shifts, and then the weather shifts follow, which are often a result of many things … and not all of these are natural shifts of Mother Earth. Some of them are also artificially altered, and as much as we can’t prevent for natural/destined shifts to occur, we can influence our collective field which was manipulated. We have the power! We have all the power in our group consciousness, through the majestic power of our Source Self! I keep receiving messages of our inner power to influence the weather patterns in the collective field, because that is the power of our Magical Self that knows how to work with Soul alchemy. The Magician archetype is all about the focused intent, magic and alchemy, working with the elements, willpower and connection to nature. We all know how to do this deep down, but only if the intent is pure … so let’s go! Let us gather all of our inner Source power of the sacred Self and co-create! We have the power of invocation and summoning the power of the Divine … running through us and all Life in Creation! Let us call in/invoke the power of our 4 basic elements of water, earth, fire and air, and then the power of the fifth element, which is the ether, and then Soul alchemy and Magic as well! And let us then visualize all of these in perfect balance and equilibrium of their natural state, within the Divine Plan of Perfection! And let us then feel and become all of these elements ourselves, so that we also embody this Perfection of the Divine!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Truth of Source – Poetry by Dwaine Hartman

Dwaine Hartman·60 videos

Universe – Source of Infinite Love and Light

kwisital·76 videos

Universal source of Infinite Love and Light!
text written by Néo

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, made of molecules and atoms of this universe.

We are the children of Mother-Father-God.

The universe which is a multiverse frequencies of Light, Love, Peace and Harmony everywhere and forever.

We follow the path of Universal Love and Understanding. This awakening brings us into the most powerful state of unity, bliss and consciousness.We are One with the universe because we live in, it is simply a fact!

We are One connected by Light and Love with the creation,with the creator. And all-together united with our higher-self, we are overcoming the limits and boundaries placed in our mind and subconscious-mind just to control us in fear,darkness,separateness,slavery,pain, suffering…

All the lower vibrations of illusion created by Humankind to serve an egoistic system led by a few power-hungry people.

All this system is falling down because it doesn’t respect the divine nature of Life itself, of mother Earth and her children. Yet with our eyes we can observe that the Universe is something divine, without limit.

So when We elevate our thoughts, our life in Love, Light, Freedom and Peace, we Unite by heart and spirit with all beings of Light, our universal brothers and sisters, the stars and the galaxies.

Then we change the human destiny to a better world, more and more quickly and it is wonderful!!!

So let the illusion, and break the chains of lower vibrations. Do it and find that we are all participants in this heavenly becoming.

Just by being who you truly are.

Magnificent beings of Light and Love!

With your Grace and presence you enlighten the Life, the Future and the Now moment.

The Source flows in you, you are the Source and we are One in this divine evolution.

This is the Universal Love revolution with its frequencies and magnetic fields of light’s achievements!

Be all illuminated in the core of your being, and shine with Light, Peace and Love, wherever you are!

Living Beyond Form

uawakeningnow·28 videos

learning to see and life from our inherent connectedness.