MOTHER GOD: on Extremely Critical Situations on The Planet – Channeled by Linda Li – 11-27-19


Channeled By: Linda Li

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The reason I am coming forward is to give you a quick explanation of why the situations on the planet are extremely critical.

For a long time, the planet earth stayed in a lawless state of being. Souls who came to the planet were not necessarily coming according to the Divine order. In other words, due to the density of the planet, loopholes evolved in the system, and souls who took advantage of the loopholes and came to earth without Heaven’s permission.

These souls, now, have been called to leave the planet and go home. A big portion of them have gone. Nevertheless, there are still some souls who are still here, on the planet, refusing to leave. As a result, the Divine has to change the plan for the time being.

What the Divine planned to do was to let these souls to go home. But since they have disobeyed the Divine laws and have not departed, the divine consulted with these soul groups and the leaders of these groups, and the Divine decided to transport these souls to a different system. That way, the Divine gives these souls a chance to learn the lessons and correct their patterns.

As I speak, the Divine is sending a team of light workers to bring these souls to their destiny. These souls are all from a higher realm. They know the Divine laws well and yet they break the Divine laws at will. That is unheard of in the higher realm. For that, I have asked the Divine to evaluate their lessons and implement accordingly.

The Spiritual laws are serious matters and they are not meant to be broken by any soul or group. It is only on the planet earth that souls do all sort of things and seemingly without consequences. These days are over.

The reason that your Father and I are here is to bring the laws back to the planet and humanity so that eventually, the planet will get back to her designated blueprint, and the human race will develop into a spirit-directed race.

Your Father and I are here. And we will make sure that all the Divine laws are being followed. All beings are Divine law followers, and the planet will again become ruled by divine law.
I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace my angels on earth. So it is.

Linda Li
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Mother and Father GOD – Your Inheritance Awaits – 6-2-19 – via Rose Rambles dot org

Mother and Father GOD – Your Inheritance Awaits – 6-2-19 – via Rose Rambles dot org

GALAXY GIRL – A Message From Mother and Father God


By: Galaxygirl

Dear Children it is I, your Mother God. I embrace you warmly and hold you firmly in this most sacred Now where we form yet another bridge of connection through the mist of the ever-dissolving veil. You have heard that these are the greatest of times and yet the worst of times. It is true in many ways. Picture fresh water being poured into a stagnant pond. It streams in fast and furiously to allow new clean water and what happens? The silt is stirred up, and unpleasantries from the depths are raised to the surface for all to see. There is no stagnancy in your realm. The Earth is being flooded with the brilliant light of the Christed flame from all sides, all angles, and it is stirring things up for cleansing. You know this, my famous transmuters. For nothing has stopped you in your quest to serve in this manner and you have served – are serving – most valiantly and we, the Company of Heaven, hold you in the highest of esteem and thankfulness. It has been an daunting and exhausting task, ride, journey, whatever you wish to call it, and yet you have continued most excellently on your adventure (smile).

I look at you through the eyes / gaze of perfection for that is what I see when I gaze upon your tired sweet faces. I see me. I see you discovering the inner divinity with your deep sight of inner knowing and it thrills me. For that is the point, you see, discovering the divinity in all things. For those who have been on this journey and become lost along the way have further crusts to break through, but underneath it all is the spark of experience, of the divine. This is a hard teaching that many struggle with. It is time to dissolve the veil, the pain. It is time to bring in more light, more unity of purpose, more love into sweet Gaia. And so lightworkers, shall we band together for the final push, for the final recalibration of unity and joy that will tip the scales further towards that of the purest of light? Allow my joy to flow into you and be at peace. Be in unity, in oneness of solidarity of purpose. I am your Mother God. I love you children with a never-ending love. All is most well. Be at peace.

Hello, children! This is your Father God. Well, Mother has done it again. It is a hard act to follow. I want you to know that I have sturdy shoulders for crying on, for leaning on, and I most heartily welcome you into my embrace and I too am a great listener. The dark ones are being rounded up. Dissolve light into them, it will help. This is a massive effort. Humanity has been asleep, wounded, for eons it seems and this must end here, now. Infuse more love and light into the collective consciousness of humanity with me. See, let us join hands and shine our light. Sit quietly with me/us for awhile and let us feel these higher energies together, flooding this time-stream with Christed light, with yet more joy, as Mother says. Such actions of love melt the veil further. Much gruesome news needs to be melted into the light of pure understanding and forgiveness. You have held the light for so long. Children, we need you to be able to hold the forgiveness as well. For there is – will be – much to forgive in the coming days as more and more is brought to the light.

Let us form a net of light of forgiveness around dear Gaia now, shall we? You and me, all lightworkers reading this now and later, let us join hands and form a light-net of pure forgiveness, of neutrality, of non-judgement. For remember children, you have all played many roles and it is time to melt these not so pleasant roles into that of my light, of the Christed light, of the eternal flame that burns most brightly in the darkness. Extend your hands and your hearts, joined, strong. When the news breaks, when anger rises, let us throw this net of love, of forgiveness and quiet understanding that comes from a mature spirit of objectivity and oneness. Do not get sucked into the vortex that others will try to create in their fear. Now it is time to melt all fear and hatred into my light of love, of oneness, of renewal. Partner with the Great Central Sun. Open vortexes with purpose allowing yet more light in. Usher the dark thoughts and feelings into the great central sun. Provide an avenue of divine love and light and usher these away into the newness and experience the benefits of recycling!

Great change is on the horizon children, and I — we, your Mother and I — see this great change as you! We are so tremendously proud of our light worker team, for you have done tremendously heavy lifting day after day, moment after moment, for so long and we acknowledge this and thank you for your service of love to the human collective, most importantly to dear Gaia who holds you closely in vast unconditional love. Any time you feel unbalanced you know you can tap into Gaia’s forcefield of unlimited love as well. Ground your feet into her heart-space and lock in, feeling this support and extend your hands heavenward. And we shall hold you hands and in this way you are the bridge between the realm of worlds, which you walk every day. In this way when you are in total communion with her, with me/us, you understand deeply the connection that is possible in this place and space of Earth school and you bring yet more light in, which is of course your assignment. Light and love bearers, I salute you. I am your Father God and you are all my most favorite light workers. You are all such a treasure chest of infinite value and worth and my heart brims over as I think of you. And I assure you I think of you often – did I say you all are my favorite?

I am your Father God. Be at peace and let us build this net of forgiveness further, stronger, holding hands through your days, your nights, building the bridges of light, piercing the darkness and melting it away with my love, our love and our combined force of love. Rest in me, in this connection, and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Paul Butler Updates – 2-20-19

Paul Butler

New Earth ~ Divine Mother Supermoon and Zero Point Stillness ~ The Event

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MOTHER GOD, FATHER GOD Message via from Mother God, Father God – 1-1-19 – Message via GalaxyGirl – by Secret Garden

the secret garden

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ERA OF LIGHT – Message from Father & Mother God – Love is Everything – 10-7-18

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds



It is I your Father God speaking tonight. Children, the Earth in all of her beauty is transforming before your / our very eyes into a breathtaking fifth dimensional template. Children, you do know that means that you are transforming as well. And we hope that you appreciate the joy that I / We, your mother and I, have as we look upon you with such fondness, such love, that your current religious understandings so fail in describing. For who can truly describe Love? Love is everything; it is the heartbeat of the Universe. It is the Mother’s breath of the All that Is. Love IS. And children, can you yet see that you are that same substance? That same Love? Who is condemning you? I see no one but outdated religious principals based on fear based programming that are no longer applicable to your world view. For as your concepts and understandings expand, so too do your concepts and understandings of Me, of who I AM and therefore of who you are. We are made of the same stuff, the same breath – the same life force. You are an aspect of me having an experience – and a grand one at that!




» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl

MotherGod & Sunat Kumara – The Cosmos is Opening Up to All of Humanity – by – via Galaxy Girl – 6-11-18


Good evening children, it is your Mother God. I am here tonight on this evening of a great energy influx of pure Christed light that is rapidly coming your way dear children, my precious warriors of old. Your services are greatly needed, you know. You are bringing the balance, the anchoring of the light of the Christed codes into dear sweet Mother Gaia, who is a mother to you all, just as am I. She is a highly advanced soul / being, who is immeasurably selfless and has provided such an intense school of hard knocks and of intense joys and experiences that her service to humanity and their awakening is known through out the galaxy and through out time and space.

Gaia the Goddess has ascended. You are nearly catching up, and catching this cosmic wave of love light that is so intense, so blissful, so rapturous dear children that it causes me to weep tears of joy as I anticipate your joy and bliss as you experience this once in a lifetime event. My breath is coming in the wave, yes, of course it is my breath. But know that with each breath you take in your precious human form, those are my breaths as well, for I am you, I am in you and you are my creation. Sit with this a bit. Feel my motherly hug grabbing you tightly and tenderly all at once, for I know you deeply, dear children, more than you even know yourselves. The human god that you have concocted to try to understand me is limited. For who can understand the All within the construct of a lower dimension? It is difficult. You are not here to understand, you are here to experience and to grow, and children, you have! You have done such a wonderful job that your guides are cheering in the bandstands – can you hear them? We are so in love with you. I am Your Mother God.

Sunat Kumara

Greetings, friends! I am your Sunat Kumara, planetary logos. I am here tonight with the Mother enjoying the scenery. For the show of love on your lovely planet right now is really ramping up. Humanity is beginning to actually see each other, to see with the eyes of love and not suspicion. This is most certainly new. Watch for it as you see it is easier to make eye contact and smile and say something pleasant. People are softening up. Shoulders are less hunched. Oh, of course those who are awakening now are having to do so more quickly and these energies are coming as quite of a shock to them, which many times results in fear. That is the old way. You are here to anchor the love as the Mother has said so eloquently. And I am here to let you know that this has been a most successful undertaking and we are extremely proud of our grounded ones, our light bearers!

Much activity is happening now around your beautiful Gaia. Much activity indeed. We are readying our plans and proposals, the ground teams are getting ready to interact with you and your guides are continually being briefed of your individual energy progress and vibration. Keep your vibration high friends, it will serve you well in the coming days. Be silly. Laugh! Rejoice! For this is the hour, your hour of your redemption from the dross into the light! Hallelujah! Hallelujah.

We are here for you, humanity, always and forever. You were never truly alone. That is an impossibility. For we are all one, united in the breath of the Mother of all things. The cosmos is opening up to you humanity. And just as you were seeded so long ago, so will you in time plant your seeds of consciousness on new worlds, bringing the peace and unity consciousness and creativity and passion of the human collective, a force to be reckoned with. You will become great travelers and have many adventures. But first, your great adventure begins here now with co-creating Nova Gaia with us. For hand in hand we are making waves and changes that are felt all across your galaxy. All eyes are on you, friends. I see you choosing love more and more often, for this is the way of your future timeline. This is the path you have chosen as a collective. The horrors you have endured are to be transmuted and freed. No longer are the dark. No longer will fear be a real thing. It is but an idea of low vibration that you no longer need. Let it go. Drop it by the roadside and let it go, walking straight ahead down your golden road into the light, with your shoulders back, a whistle on your lips and a light step, knowing that you have passed the test, your test, that you created for yourselves.

I am your Sunat Kumara. I am always available for consultation and healing, and I’m a great listener. Won’t you give me a try? We are nearby, ever of service. I am your Sunat.

~ galaxygirl


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Message from the Mothers – Mother Mary, Mother Gaia, Mother God via galaxygirl – by Meindert Arends – 2-23-18


Ashtar Command Crew

Greetings dear children of my heart, and song of my soul. It is I, your Mother Mary, here to lend a supporting ear and to shower you with love and support from on high this eve. For much that you hold close to your heart in the hidden places – the hidden chambers of hope and of joy yet revealed – are about to come into fruition, into your current field or trajectory. Or to put it more plainly, prosperity is coming down your pathways, to great you warmly in the sunshine of sweet dreams about to become your new reality on Nova Gaia. This warms my heart, our hearts, with great joy and eager expectations. For we know you are so weary, our dear sweet grounded ones, who just keep on holding the light and in actuality are bringing this forth quite effortlessly. We know you would disagree with this but it is true, you are acting as masters, not apprentices, and this warms our hearts. For we love you all so and have watched you mature for eons. I blow kisses to you now.

I am your Mother Gaia! Children, look around you and feel the hope of new purpose and new days ahead brimming within me and tap into it. Tap into me and feel my peace so that I may share it with you. The crystals are humming happily with my new frequencies of light and of Christed consciousness, and remember, we are all connected, so therefore you too are humming within your newly developing crystal form that is coming on line, and oh children, you are so beautiful. If you could only see what I see! But you will soon, shortly, for all is unfolding so fast now. That is likely why many of you have had so many ascension symptoms of late, for it is happening fast and for you energy sensitives you are going to feel it more acutely. That is alright. For all is well in the end and the end is just the beginning of a new life, a new reality, a new hope for me and for my precious kingdoms, my children. For we are like a big, huge, beautiful flower that is suddenly glowing brighter and brighter and then bursts forth afire with light, luminous in its beauty. I am so proud of you. I am your Mother Gaia. Lean into me. Find a tree and hug it and I’ll be hugging you right back! It is true dear hearts. I love you endlessly. I am your Mother Gaia.

What more needs to be said after these two bright love-lights? Not much! I am your Mother God and you need to know children, and appreciate, how much support you have in this Now moment. For truly we are all totally available for you and you are sensing this Now more deeply and acutely than ever before, are you not? For the veil of forgetfulness that wrapped between the worlds is thinning ever so quickly. And the dark ones are shocked and astonished. For their time is coming to be once again one with the light, with us the family of the light and one with me. Love is the ultimate healer. Now is the time for forgiveness and renewal as we create together. You children, are the fire of my heart and I love you. I pour my honey love all over you, down your face soothing away your tears of sadness and replacing them with tears of joy; into your heart opening it, expanding it wider, into your past pain, coating those hard lessons learned with bejeweling light – the lessons of tough truths that formed you; down into you belly as you digest and expand within the new energies of hope and love, and at last down into your feet as the new anchors for the New Earth. And we now send this pulsing light deep into Mother Gaia who thanks you for sharing your light and love with her and with her kingdoms. For her kingdoms are your kingdoms are they not? To tend after and to protect? Yes. All are connected! For we are all one! One big happy family with a few skirmishes at the dinner table here and there and all are in the process of returning it the light, ever to the light, for all is light, and love. All is Source. Therefore children be comforted. For how could you possibly be alone? I hold you tightly to my bosom and sing you lullabies of sweet tomorrows. Now go to sleep and be at peace. And if it is daytime for you, let me hold your hand during your day and smooth the rough patches away with my honey love that coats everything with love light and new beginnings. I am your Mother God.


MOTHER GOD via Galaxygirl – 2-7-18 – by


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Mother God via Galaxygirl – 12-30-17 – by We Signed Up For This

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Mother God via Galaxygirl, December 28th, 2017

Per Staffan December 29, 2017

Father/Mother God (channeled messages)

Message from Mother God for December 28, 2017


Mother God 12/28/17

Dear children, it is I, your Mother God. I speak to you tonight with a heart bursting with love and joy for each and every one of you. For I remember you, in your inception of thought and love, bursting forth with your own unique melody song of light and love and sometimes laughter.

I know, we know, your Father and I, that we can expect wonderful and mighty things from you. I see many of you worrying, pondering, trying to understand your upcoming exchange appointments – and yes there are coming for you swiftly – the wind is now behind you, children, pushing you ever forward and upward – and I see your worried little brows and concerned hearts. For you are asking yourselves, many of you, “How will I be able to do this monumental task? I am a small person with big ideas but I’ve never done anything like this before, and the task is enormous and the expectation and hope even higher for myself and for me from the company of heaven.”

We hear your concerns. Do you really think that we would leave you all alone in all of this? We have been beside you at every moment, every breath. How could this ever change, especially with the dimensions melding ever more clearly between as you elevate and rise? You have never been alone. You are warriors. You have scaled many mountains and fought many battles ending in victory. You come from many, many star systems and galaxies, from many times and places and I tell you now, as your loving mother, you are ready.

You are ready to stand and be and become the greatness within you. I assure you. I will be with you at your exchange appointment and in every interaction with any and every project so that the most hearts are impacted with the greatest amount of light – I assure you – if you invite me to do so. It need not be hard at all. It may be as smooth and easy and love-filled as you allow.

That which you bring to the table will be magnified so bring peace. Bring faith in me, and in yourself, for you are but a reflection of me with my sparkle deep inside you. You are me, therefore I am you – do you see that we are all one yet? Do you feel my tears of joy and relief on your brow as I hold you and rock you close? It is time for love, the era of love, to come to this most exquisite planet of planets, Gaia, who has sacrificed so very much for you. And you – we – all owe her our love and service. So perhaps knowing these things and having this knowledge of how very much you are loved will carry you to and through your appointment and afterwards as you plan and go and do and dream – know that your Mother God is always with you, always loving you, always being there right by your side for you, just waiting to share your day with you. And in turn this truth will expand you and ascend you dear children.

I love you. This one is so tired – you all are! I see this, I know this. I know how your backs have been bending under the weight of this transition from dark to light- but here is a hint – let’s just throw off the weight now. Let’s be light, and free, and light hearted together and dance our way across the rainbow bridge hand in hand and heart in heart in resounding victory, yours and mine, and Gaia’s- for love has won.

Love has won! And we are here for you in every moment of every day for always, across every dimension and every nook and cranny of all space time. I am here for you and I love you utterly. Rest now and be at peace. I am your Mother God and I kiss you ever so tenderly goodnight.

~ galaxygirl

Message from Mother God – via GalaxyGirl – 11-15-17 – by We Signed Up For This



Good day, good evening children, wherever you may be on our beautiful Gaia. It is I, your Mother God. Gather close to me, nestle in, and let me tell you a wonderful story; a story of you and my love for you.

For you see, you were there with us in the beginning, for you are a part of us (Mother and Father). You are an extension of the melding of joy, freedom of expression and unconditional love. Do you remember this truth? Do you feel your crown chakra tingling now as I say these words and download a little extra love to you? Do you remember the spinning nebulas of gas and light and glorious colors! Colors everywhere.

I love the richness and diversity of color. When you create you are surrounded by it, encased in light and love and glory – joy!

This feeling of utter abandonment and freedom of expression is for you to explore. And explore you have dear children – all over this great and glorious cosmos! And you have been building your own stories of creation, of memories, that are uniquely yours


Some of you love freely and have remembered this wonderful feeling of freedom in your ability to love. Others, not so much.

Others may need a bit of a nudge, a laugh, and time to assimilate the new crystalline energies of light encodements that are popping into your beautiful atmosphere like little glowing spheres of light.

Absorb them – they are gifts for you, for your own healing and awakening.

Your story you are writing – are you enjoying the creation of it? Are you living freely? Are you loving deeply across the artificial lines of pretend borders? For borders do not exist you know.

We are all experiencing each other’s stories and we are all one. Such a hard lesson to understand when encased within a 3D form with a construct of Illusion… let this go now.

You are transforming into so much more than this, dear children. You are learning how to fly… in a way; how to fly in love and light and thought and creativity.

It is happening now dear children. Be at peace and wonderment of all that is unfolding. Be a steady guiding light for the others who do not yet understand or even know what questions they should be asking. They have slumbered for so long. They will have to relearn. You all will. Let’s learn together!

I am with you always. You are loved beyond your understanding for I am love. And you are an extension of me, and we are creating – writing this glorious story together.

So of course it has a happy ending. You are my happy ending! We in the COH (Company of Heaven) are ready willing and able to be as helpful as you want and need us to be.

Please ask. We are polite and will wait for your call. We love you. I love you. Snuggle up. We’re all in this together. Let’s go!

Be at peace in me, in all situations, for all is working out for the light, and becoming more of it. Truly all is well. Be at peace. I love you. I am your Mother God. I sprinkle my honey love on your heart and your crown now and I hug you tight.

Steve Beckow – The Law-Giving Mother and Her Lawful Universe – 4-30-16


The deepest of mysteries is the nature of Father/Mother God. I repost an article from Jan. 29, 2012 on the law-giving Mother, God in its aspect as creator, preserver, and transformer of the world of form. Only she can in any way be “known.”

Before looking at the natural law itself, I’d like to look at the creation of the Divine Mother, and her creation in turn of the lawful universe. It’s the lawful universe to which the natural law applies.

Three universal forces will be referred to here under different names, but always the same three are being referred to. They are what Christians call the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and what Hindus call Brahman, Atman and Shakti. They are at basis the Transcendental Consciousness, the Phenomenal Consciousness and the Transcendental Consciousness ensconced in the Phenomenal Consciousness. The universe can be loosely said to be composed of a combination of the three.

By “the Transcendental Consciousness ensconced in the Phenomenal Consciousness” I mean the flame in the heart, the soul in the center of our bodies. This is the Father in the Mother or, more exactly, the Father in the body created by the Mother.

I realize that what follows is a bit complex and I apologize for that. However it forms a foundation for the understanding of the natural law as well as the law’s role in the achievement of the purpose of life. It thus repays the effort required to understand and assimilate it. Thousands of years ago this knowledge was closely guarded and only communicated to the initiated; today it’s freely available on the Internet. Surely that speaks to the evolution of consciousness that has occurred.

Sri Ramakrishna describes the creation of the Mother.

“When there were neither the creation, nor the sun, the moon, the planets, and the earth, and when darkness was enveloped in dakrness, then the Mother, the Formless One, Maha-Kali, the Great Power, was one with [the Father,] Maha-Kala, the Absolute.” (1)

“Brahman [the Father or formless God] … first manifested as a twin principle — half man and half woman — just to show that It was both Purusha [Cosmic Male] and Prakriti [Cosmic Female]. Descending a step lower, It separated into Purusha and Prakriti as distinct entities.” (2)

Sri Ramakrishna does not mean an actual man and woman, but a principle that was half stillness and silence and half activity and sound. A step lower and this principle separated into two “distinct” entities. Their distinctness of course is illusory; only the formless Father’s existence is absolute, the penetration through to and discovery of which completes life’s purpose for us.

The Divine Mother or Holy Spirit comes by the command of the Lord to carry out his commands, as Al-Ghazzali and the Koran tell us:

“The Spirit comes by the command of the Lord. … It is an indivisible essence belonging to the world of decrees, and … it is not from everlasting, but created.” (3)

“The Spirit is at my Lord’s command.” (4)

Ibn Arabi compared the Divine Mother to a “great angel” serving the Heavenly Father.

“God has a great angel who has numberless hairs on his [the Mother is neither a “he” nor a “she”] head. According to this comparison all the angels and everything else talked about [are] just like one pearl on the hair of a person. Had God given this angel the order he would have swallowed up the whole of existence as one morsel and would not have even noticed that something had passed his throat. The name of this angel is [the Holy] Spirit.” (5)

Now here is a view of the creation of the lawful world based on a vision had by Rabbi Isaac Luria:

“Emptiness, what the kabbalists call ayin [God the Father], exists far beyond concepts or language. It is like a pure ether that can never be grasped by the mind. … Emptiness is the ultimate mystery, the secret of the Cause of Causes, and it brought everything into being. …

“The absolute nature of this emptiness meant that it was so pervasive, nothing else but it could exist. In order for life to become manifest, a seismic contraction of emptiness in on itself had to occur, creating a space in which divine emanation was possible. …

“Following this immense contraction, God’s first cosmic act was the emission of a single perfect ray of light. This beam pierced through the void and then expanded in all directions. Think of it as God’s first breath [“spiritus” = “breath”] exhaling into the abyss after eons of slumber and filling it with His divinity. This is how the universe was born.” (6)

Notice I said “the creation of the lawful world,” and not the creation of the Divine Mother, because the Divine Mother’s existence precedes the creation of the universe and is the source of the creation of many universes, as Swami Nikhilananda suggests here:

“Before creation She contains within Her womb the seed of the universe, which is left from the previous cycle. After the manifestation of the universe She becomes its preserver and nourisher, and at the end of the cycle She draws it back within Herself and remains as the undifferentiated Sakti, the creative power of Brahman.” (7)

Given that the Mother creates universes and draws them back into herself, the mere accomplishment of one Ascension may not seem quite so difficult to wrap our minds around.

Lest one think that only some religions recognize the distinction between the formless Father and the phenomenal Mother and her universe, here are the founders or sages of more religions also recognizing them. Lao Tzu for instance honored the distinction.

“It began with a matrix:
The world had a mother.” (8)

“Nameless indeed is the source of creation [i.e., the Father],
But things have a mother and she has a name.” (9)

The Muslim Kabir also distinguishes between the two: “The formless Absolute is my Father, and God with form is my Mother.” (10) Thus Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Islam have all been shown to recognize both Father, Mother, and universe.

According to Ramakrishna, the Divine Mother created everything from Consciousness.

“The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kali temple that it was She who had become everything. She showed me that everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the altar was Consciousness, the water-vessels were Consciousness, the door-sill was Consciousness, the marble floor was Consciousness – all was Consciousness. I found everything inside the room [of the Kali temple] soaked, as it were, in Bliss – the Bliss of God.” (11)

Paramahansa Yogananda’s spiritual vision could see the building block of life, which he named the “lifetron.” (12)  He revealed that “microcosmically each lifetron … was composed of the elements God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” (13)Mother-and-Univers

God the Father creates the world through God the Mother and then enters each life form as a fragment of himself called God the Son. Hindus would call these Brahman, Shakti and Atman.

But all three are nothing other than consciousness differentiated by their reach, which Yogananda defined as “transcendental Cosmic Consciousness [the Father, Brahman], … Christ Consciousness [the Son, Atman], and … Cosmic Energy [the Holy Spirit, Shakti]. (14)

This situation is, I believe, what is being referred to by Sri Ramakrishna when he says: “Whatever is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm.” (15) Consciousness is in the microcosm and in the macrocosm; and the organization of the microcosm into Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the same as the organization of the macrocosm into the same three.

Having created the lawful universe, the Divine Mother now becomes its material structure, while the Father enters that material structure as the Son or soul in the heart. However, the Father remains aloof from materiality itself. This great mystery has been addressed by several mystics. Let me offer three descriptions of it. All three refer only to the Father and the Mother. They do not address the entry of the Father into the heart of the body as the Son, Christ Consciousness, or soul.

Here is Sri Yukteswar on it:

“‘It is the Spirit of God [the Mother] that actively sustains every form and force in the universe; yet he [the Father] is transcendental and aloof in the blissful uncreated void beyond the worlds of vibratory phenomena,’ Master [Sri Yukteswar] explained.” (16)

Krishna discusses the same situation:

“This entire universe is pervaded by me, in that eternal form of mine which is not manifest to the senses. Although I am not within any creature, all creatures exist within me. I do not mean that they exist within me physically. That is my divine mystery. You must try to understand its nature. My Being sustains all creatures and brings them to birth, but has no physical contact with them.” (17)

And Chang Tsu attempted the same description:

“As to what pertains to Manifestation, the Principle [of life, the Father] causes the succession of its phases, but is not this succession. It is the author of causes and effects, but is not the causes and effects. It is the author of condensations and dissipations (birth and death, changes of state), but is not itself condensations and dissipations. All proceeds from it and is under its influence. It is in all things, but is not identical with beings, for it is neither differentiated nor limited.” (18)

The Mother is the lawgiver and it is only in her realm or universe that the natural law applies. Swami Nikhilananda describes her and reminds us that she is the giver of the law.

“Embodying in Herself creation and destruction, love and terror, life and death, [the Mother] Kali is the symbol of the total universe. The eternal cycle of the manifestation and non-manifestation of the universe is the breathing-out and breathing-in of the Divine Mother. In one aspect, She is death, without which there cannot be life. One Her hands is smeared with blood, since without blood the picture of the phenomenal universe is not complete.

“To the wicked who have transgressed Her laws, She is the embodiment of terror, and to the virtuous, the benign Mother.” (19)

He reminds us as well that she and the Father are one and that she controls access to the Father in her roles as ruler and controller of the universe.

“She is non-different from Brahman. When free from the acts of creation, preservation, and destruction, the Spirit, in Its acosmic aspect, is called Brahman; otherwise It is known as the World Soul or the Divine Mother of the universe. She is therefore the doorway to the realization of the Absolute; She is the Absolute.

“To the daring devotee who wants to see the transcendental Absolute, She reveals that form by withdrawing Her garment of the phenomenal universe. Brahman is Her transcendental aspect. She is the Great Fact of the universe, the totality of created beings. She is the Ruler and the Controller. (20The Mother draws aside the veil of materiality, revealing the Light of the Father

What Nikhilananda earlier called “the virtuous” know the origin of the universe, the role of the Father and Mother, and the reason for their existence (to allow God’s children a school in which to learn their true identity as the Father). Because they do, the virtuous study the law.

Of them, King David said: “Blessed is the man [whose] delight is in the law of the Lord; and on his law doth he meditate day and night.” (21)

Sri Yukteswar Giri, guru of Paramhanssa Yogananda, differentiates between the student who simply studies the operation of the law on outer or material things from the student who studies the operation of the law on inner or spiritual things.

“All creation is governed by law… The principles that operate in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws that rule the hidden spiritual planes and the inner realm of consciousness; these principles are knowable through the science of yoga.

“It is not the physicist but the Self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter. By such knowledge Christ was able to restore the servant’s ear after it had been severed by one of his disciples.” (22)

The master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov reveals that the Mother’s law is based on the ability of nature (the Mother) to remember everything. I assume it remembers through the device of the Akashic records.

“Nature has succeeded in registering everything and this is what moral law is based upon: the memory of nature. Yes, … nature has a memory that never forgets, and so much the worse for the person who does not take this memory into consideration!

“It goes on anyhow, registering his jangling thoughts and inner turmoil until the day comes when he can stand no more, he is overcome and gives up. … In nature’s memory, everything is recorded. ” (23)

Exactly because the Mother’s law, which originates with the Father, takes everything into account, Jesus could say:

“Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall to the ground without your Father.

“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” (24)

Given that nature or the Mother remembers everything, Omraam could confidently say:

“No one can avoid this law, no one has ever been powerful enough to succeed in escaping it, neither emperor nor dictator, not Hitler nor Mussolini, nor Stalin, no one.” (25)

Nothing can escape the law and the law will not relax its grip on us until its requirements have been paid in full, as Jesus reminds us here:

“Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (26)

“It is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.” (27)

Knowing the law is enough to carry us through to the fulfilment of life’s purpose, Omraam tells us:

“People say: ‘Of course, such and such a thing is said in the Bible and in the Gospels, but what I want to know is, does God really exist?’ My answer is, do not bother to know whether God really exists, [or] if the Gospels are true or not, just know that [the] law is the truth, that is enough. It will be able to put everything right for you and show you the truth.” (28)

King David confirms this as well when he says that “the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” (29) It converts the soul to the truth of who we are, helping us to solve for ourselves the great mystery of life – the knowledge of the truth of who we are (God).

Because the Holy Spirit is the law and the law unfailingly brings the results of our actions to us, Jesus warned us against blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. Such an act would without fail bring to us its results as surely as night follows day, whereas if we blasphemed against, say, Jesus himself, it would be forgiven us.

“All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” (30)

Thus the Father created the Mother, who operates lawfully. Her laws take into account everything that happens, affect everything, and remember everything. No one can escape their operation. The Mother’s laws will operate perfectly and unfailingly. They put everything right and lead us to the truth of who we are, the knowing of which is the purpose for us leaving the Father’s domain and entering the Mother’s. Arriving at this truth is the reason for which the Mother, the world, and us were created.

Fulfillment, Fruition and Abundance – Mother God via Kathryn E May – 3-24-16

Fulfillment, Fruition and Abundance  –   Mother God via  Kathryn E May   –   3-24-16
Mother God
My beloved children, you are about to embark on an adventure beyond all imagining.  You are being asked to reach through all the ideas and beliefs you ha ve previously held precious, to another Universe of pleasure, ease, generosity, trust and great joy.  These are the gifts we have for you.  Not money, but community, celebration, love for one another and abundance beyond anything you have ever seen in your dreams.  This is how we Love you, and how much we know of your need for rest, reassurance and new inspiration.
You have worked hard, without reward or even concrete evidence to prove that there is any basis for your Faith.  You believed against all objections and arguments to the contrary, and you swam against the stream of public beliefs to place your energy and your heart’s desire on the line.  You wanted this great celebration of friendship and happiness to share with your fellow humankind.  You wanted it with all your heart, and you sent your prayers and pleas to us, to help you make it possible.
We have heard your pleas, Beloved Humankind, our children, and we join with you as partners in this great Co-Creation of new freedoms, new abundance.  It is a kind of beauty you ask for:  the beauty that is created out of Love and care and compassion for your dear soul and your fellow humans.  Your group consciousness is growing by the moment; your awareness is increasing apace.
We adore you, Beloved Children.  We admire your ability to rise out of the dark abyss that was the energy of Planet Earth, into the Light of a new beginning.  We are holding your outstretched hands, with relief and joy.  We feel your hearts and will reaching out to us as you decide with such resolve and conviction – you are coming Home!  You are coming Home.
Father God and I, always One in our heart and in our great Love for you, are weeping with joy at the thought of feeling your sweet presence here within our embrace as you make the choice to fully return to our arms from your sojourn into suffering.  It has been such a long and difficult road for all of you – all those courageous souls who ventured forth to join in the Great Earth Project.  You are the engine that runs this vehicle, Ascension.  You are the energy and the heart-force that will carry this ambitious, Love-inspired and daring experiment to fruition.
I am your Mother God, and I address you now with Father God at my side, filled with gratitude and admiration as you each fulfill the brilliant Mission you came here to accomplish.  We love you beyond measure.
In Love and Light,
Your Mother God
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/24/16)

In The Place Beyond All Things – by Mother and Father God – 12-1-15

heaven 3

In The Place Beyond All Things   –  by Mother and Father God
Mother God:
Dear Children, it is I, Mother God speaking to you. Both Father and I wish to talk with you today.

We are very happy about the mastery you have gained in recent days. As you know, we are used to watching our children evolve over centuries, even eons, but this recent brilliant Light show on Earth has dazzled us beyond anything we could have anticipated. In Galactic terms, your rise in Light quotient during these past weeks is truly “off the charts,” you might say. Your response to the sporadic “terrorist” threats has been mature, realistic, and steady. You have learned to see these upheavals as temporary blips on the radar, merely small disturbances in the great flow of Light and hope that is washing across the planet.

We are increasing that flow of Light daily now, because of the agreements we have had with you since this great project – the Earth Ascension Project – began. You, humankind, asked us long ago to hold you to your agreements and your individual contracts, to remain true to your spirit of adventure and to your confidence in your abilities to rise up when the time came, to transcend all darkness and come Home to our Light. In the interim, there have been many difficulties that were not completely foreseen, because of course we do not foresee every small detail of your lives.

We must modify some of the beliefs you have carried about our powers to determine your fates, Beloveds. We could not have provided the conditions for your free will while also pre-determining all things, and so we too must deal with the surprises that billions of humans can create. Sometimes we chuckle when we see how like the pinball games at the arcade you all seem to be at times, bumping and careening off one another. But of course each bump, carom and stumble provides opportunities for further learning and experiencing. We must also help your Higher Selves adhere closely to the basic conditions you set out for yourselves before you came, so this is why each of you required a large team to help you.

You have not been aware, most of you, that there has always been a devoted medical team and a team of overlighting angels in addition to your ever-attentive Higher Self and your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, all of whom are coordinating the complex trajectory of your current lifetime. Life in this human body is not the lonely or isolated existence you have sometimes imagined. You are never alone. You could never be left alone to stumble through this life without the help of your dear Guides. How else could we possibly coordinate all the important events that are now transpiring on Earth?

Each one of you has been an integral part of the great tapestry that is life in this Universe. I was going to say “life on Earth,” but I decided to add the element of Universal energy too, because you are learning to think bigger, are you not? Yes, you are an integral part of your Solar System, your Galaxy, and the entire Universe. It could not be otherwise, My Children. You are not like the grain of sand you have heard yourself compared to. You are mobile, intelligent, embodying great Life force, and your energies are far-reaching because of your power to co-create – your ability to make your dreams come true.

This is what we intended for you, our gift to you as the Creator Race. You carry within you the spark of your Creator, do you not? You are growing and expanding by the moment, fanning that spark into a great flame of determination, resolve, hope and great Love. At last you are beginning to know the meaning of love toward yourselves first, and the great benefit it brings. When you truly look upon yourself with affection and tolerance, compassion and humor, you are able to grow like a beansprout in the spring, reaching for the Light, stretching yourselves in new directions with every breath, and with each breath you are able to love more, understand more about our interconnectedness and glorious potential.

In some ways you have just begun, my Dearest Ones. Many of you truly are as old as the hills, but in this human body, all things are new. You are souls first, of course, but this body you now inhabit offers you unique opportunities for deep feeling, creative exploration, and the expansion of your spirit. For these reasons, both your Father God and I have incarnated here on Earth at times, sending the energy of our selves directly into a human body or other creatures. (Yes, the indigenous people are very right in their stories about eagles and bears being visitors from Higher Dimensions). Just yesterday, I sent my energy to accompany a small fly who mysteriously appeared in the wrong season in Kathryn’s room, to sit close to her, to caress her face, and to remind her we are there with her, as she moves steadily through her Earthly assignments.

Now, many of you are aware that you are multi-dimensional Beings, but do you have a picture of what those other dimensional facets of yourself, your soul, are doing? Of course it depends upon your standing as a soul, your evolution and your own preferences and gifts, but I can assure every one of you who are reading this, you have been very busy in recent months as this Earth Project has really heated up.

Have you ever awoken in the morning after what seemed like a deep sleep feeling exhausted, as if you had been working all night? It is because you have been. Many of you are working on this Project on both sides of the Veil, meeting in the Councils, planning your “interventions” with those on the ground, talking with your Higher Self about the most effective strategies to accomplish what you need to accomplish, and helping your Twin Flame and the Higher Selves of others to fulfill their Missions. Like the artist or songwriter who awakens with a new image or a new melody, you are co-creating your life with your loving Soul Family in other dimensions, even as you live it out here on Surface Earth.

We are here with you, listening to your observations and your suggestions, recording and documenting your feelings, and admiring your pluck and your imaginative approach to all things, as we all feel our way, moment by exhilarating moment, through this labyrinth on our way toward the Glory, Glory Hallelujah celebration we are planning together.

Now I touch your faces and kiss you with my loving breath, lingering to admire and dote on you as I listen to your dear Father God giving you his message.

I am your Mother God, in service to the Ascension of all Beings on Earth.

Father God:
Hello, my dear children. You know, listening to your Mother God speak with you, my heart overflows with tenderness for all of you there, working hard, many of you toiling into the late hours to fulfill the tasks you have set out for yourselves. We too are here with our beloved Company of Heaven, all of whom are working at maximum capacity. Yes, there is such a thing for them. They are not limited in any sense as you know it, since their energy is enormous and can be sent out through infinite numbers of channels at once, and yet, they are concentrating the way you would concentrate and focus on the most challenging final exam. It is that intense for them, this endeavor they are sharing with you now.
And we, Mother and I, are in the thick of it too, you know. Here I am dictating this message through our beloved Kathryn, while we also oversee the beehive of activity across your planet – more in the daylight areas, of course, while observing all the threads of energies going out with this message to those who will be receiving it tomorrow, next week, next year. This is why we have so many “right-hand” Ascended Masters and Angels, to keep tabs on absolutely everything going on in the Universe and beyond.   You might say that Mother and I, along with our brilliant team, are the communications center, the heartbeat at the center of operations, and at this time, all eyes are focused on Planet Earth.

It is exciting, is it not, to be in such a pivotal place at such a momentous time? You will always remember with fondness these relationships, the deep friendships you have developed in this lifetime. Look deeply into the eyes and hearts of your loved ones, as we do. You will be fascinated with what you see, for the complexities of human beings reflect all the lifetimes, the struggles and triumphs, the hopes and dreams they have fulfilled or left behind. They are all like you, my Dear Ones, more than you have ever acknowledged, and more like us than you have known. We are One, my sons and daughters, because we have woven you from the same threads – the living energy of our Source.

I say this to you now because I want you to know what I know, to feel what I feel about every one of you, every human, animal, rock and bush. Look around you and SEE how precious is every living being – our creations all.As humankind, you have been given special privileges and special responsibilities. It was your wish to see yourselves as independent, free to live your lives as close to us as you wished, or as distant and separate as you imagined. Of course, we can never really be separated, because you are us. Our life force, our essence, lives inside you whether you recognize it or not. It was the reason you all believed you could not possibly stray far, or denounce your connection to us, but you did not envision the dreadful impact that evil and other dark energies could have on your psyche.

For this reason, your Mother and I advised in the Councils at the outset that we set an inviolable end point, a time beyond which no further experiments with evil would be permitted on Planet Earth. Our dear Terra, the mighty soul of your beautiful blue planet, has known this end point was near, and it helped her to withstand the onslaught of toxic chemicals, nuclear testing, and deep drilling she has endured in the past century. Without our interventions, many of which you are yet unaware, the life of your planet would not have continued. This too – the very survival of your planet – was foretold in our prophesies for this Earth experience with duality and darkness.
There was a deep hope in all of you who devised this Experience that it would raise everyone, increase your profound feelings of closeness with each other and with us, and give all the opportunity to move closer to being the God-beings you really are. It is the deepest impulse within every soul to Ascend, to Co-create, to advance in your soul growth. It is no different from the wish of every human child to grow up to be like the parents they love, even when the parents may have been cruel or abusive. This was not part of our plan or yours, but it was an inevitable outcome of the “free-for-all” (notice those words) that has been life on Earth.

I, your Father God, tell you unequivocally, I have never intentionally caused my children suffering for any reason; never have I deliberately punished or plagued a son or daughter, in any sense of the word, to try to “teach them a lesson” or cause them pain, no matter what their behavior might have been. There have been times in your history when your Mother and I had to support Terra in certain efforts to avoid even worse suffering and mayhem, when it was planned by the dark ones to conquer and enslave the entire planet. It is such a time now, and it is also the time of our prophesied end to the Dark Ages on Earth.

You have heard the misinterpretations of our End Times, redefined as if it would be the end of Earth and all upon her, or a massive invasion from outside your Solar System. It is ironic, is it not, how changing just a few words can distort the entire meaning of what we foresaw as relief, prosperity, abundance, and freedom for all. Help will come from beyond your planet, but not in the form of invasion. Such would be against Universal Law and would never be tolerated unless the planet in question had agreed to it in their own Council.

All that has transpired on Earth, including the introduction of the Anunnaki and their minions you now call the cabal, was originally agreed upon as part of the experience of free will on Terra. Of course, as with many well-laid plans, it turned out to be far more difficult to extract yourselves than you originally envisioned.

We have loved you throughout these turbulent eons, as you struggled to regain what was slipping away – the Light and Love of Brotherhood, tolerance and compassion for one another. As some among you slid deeper and deeper into the darkness – often through well intentioned efforts to rescue your loved ones from evil – your definition of duality evolved into a seemingly hard and fast expression of “Us against Them.”

I ask you now, Beloved Children, to find it in your hearts to see the truth.  Turn away from all thoughts of punishment, anger and revenge. There has never been a “Them” any more than there has been an angry God punishing you. The ones who now stand as champions of evil were once your allies, your Brothers and Sisters who got caught up in the traumas and injuries and who turned to darkness as an alternative to their own suffering.

There is no one among you – from the greatest Lightworker to the youngest soul – who has not fallen into the trap of turning to darkness rather than Light in your search for freedom and relief from pain. Revenge, vindication of insults inflicted, and the insanity of being torn apart from your own mind and heart – all have combined in this life or others to push you over the brink into the kind of bitterness and terrorism you now see in the violent ones in your midst. Had the experiment ended while you were in one of those lives, you too would be caught in the spotlight, struggling to survive and to defend what you believed was your only hope for “salvation.”

This is my plea to you, Precious Ones, on this, the threshold of your New Earth. Go forward with purpose, with passionate enthusiasm, but be guided always by compassion, for you are not judges, nor are you to be judged. You are all equal in our eyes, whether you stand on the right or the left bank of the river where you happen to find your feet.All is a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, and all the souls now inhabiting human bodies must be saved. This is our agreement, our solemn promise to you and the vow you made to each other before you began this journey together. There are no interlopers, no aliens, and no strangers in your midst. You were all Brothers and Sisters, the Children of God before you began this, and you are still.

Open your hearts, and expand your minds to allow for these great Truths to enter your consciousness now: The ones who send out these painful frequencies to muddle your thinking and disturb your peace are your children too. The ones who designed the nuclear warheads to destroy your cities are your family members, and the ones who created chemtrails, pesticides, carcinogenic foods, pharmaceutical poisons and devious mind control practices are the brothers and sisters who fought beside you with honor in former wars.
It has all come full circle now, Dear Humankind. You will at last achieve abundance and peace on Earth, but the peace of mind you truly desire will come only in the place beyond forgiveness, beyond even compassion and Love. It comes in the heart space where you carry the deepest knowing-beyond-knowing, that WE ARE ONE.

I am your Father God, in the place beyond all things, where Mother and I await all of you with outstretched arms. Come.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, December 1, 2015

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THE NEW EARTH TIMES, EDITION #35 – MOTHER GOD – Worldwide Transmutation of Brutality – Former Minions Sprint for Freedom – 10-8-15

Worldwide Transmutation of Brutality and Former Minions Sprint for Freedom
by Mother God
Hello beautiful children.  Your Father God and I hold each and every one of you close, precious and dear.
The Transmuting Team that Archangel Michael told you about in the last message is currently working on brutality.  I do not need to innumerate for you all the various forms of brutality that have been commonly practiced across the planet, but I do wish for you to look around you at the world.  Acknowledge within yourselves the many ways that wide-spread, culturally and religiously encouraged brutality is embedded in the daily lives of humans everywhere.
We ask that you raise your recognition and awareness of these pervasive practices and systems, in order that they be brought to the Light and transmuted once and for all.   Turn your focus as well to closely examine your own lives, to eliminate any remaining echoes of punishment, humiliation or shaming that lingers in your relationships, and especially in your relationship with yourself.  This is the masterful use of transmutation that is lifting your entire planet at this moment.
I am Mother, and I am reaching my loving arms out to all those in the networks, especially the cabal-trained psychics, because some of them – the brave ones – are now coming forward in spite of their fear to speak for others, reaching out for safety for themselves and many others around them.
I want you, Beloved Children, to hear directly from me, your Mother, and your Father who is here beside me, that when you turn your heart toward us and say, “Mother and Father God, we want to come Home,” it will immediately be granted in all cases and be implemented across all dimensions.  You will be kept safe and returned Home to our loving arms.
I verify that now, members of the cabal-trained psychic teams are contacting Christine and Kathryn by the hundreds, sometimes calling for us, sometimes contacting Ashtar directly.  The disappearance of many of their bosses who say they are “on vacation” is bolstering their courage because they have heard rumors that their bosses are actually being arrested, and I also verify that this is true.
In many parts of the network across the world there are Lightworker pods who are reaching out, able to connect with any and every one who wants to return Home to the Light.  Everyone may respond to the Lightworkers who have contacted them, or to Ashtar, or to any Ascended Master, or to us, Mother and Father directly.  This rescue operation is currently aggressively underway.  We will instantly address the physical and emotional safety of the ones who appeal for amnesty, the moment they declare their intention and desire to leave behind the brutality of their former lives and return Home to the Light.
Many of those who are now coming forward are the lost children who were enslaved and forced to work for the cabal in violent and degrading conditions.  These precious children will be cared for and restored to health. No one will stand between me and my children!
The word has gone out through the networks that everyone can expect to be assigned their own “nurse,” and that there will be sunlight and plenty of food.  Many had been told that there was not enough food, that the sun had gone out, and that they were lucky to get what they get.  Yes, indeed, it is true that we have marshaled legions of angels who will appear in white nurses’ uniforms (whether they are seen by the naked eye or not) to these frightened and injured captives, to minister to them in their transition to safety.  There will be sunshine and plenty of food for all.
I also want to address the many other Boots on the Ground networks that are now operating in full force, such as the healers, the NESARA implementers, the safe passage teams and all the rest.  I want to assure all of you that you are surrounded by angelic teams, Galactic Federation security teams and healing teams, your Guides, Twin Flames and other Ascended Masters.  No one will fall through the cracks.  There are no cracks.  Be loving, be kind, be unified.  Stay the course.  Your Father and I are with you.
Take hands and lock arms everyone.  Walk out of suffering now.  We are here to catch you, soothe you, and heal you Home.
I am your loving Mother, awaiting your return to my loving arms.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk, October 7, 2015

CHANNEL PANEL – Channeler Kathryn E May – Mother God Offers a History Lesson – Reptilian Leaders Come to Help Us ( Wow, Really ) – Kathryn E May, ) – 9-2-15



CHANNEL PANEL   –   Channeler Kathryn E May   –   Mother God Offers a History Lesson   –  

Reptilian Leaders Come to Help Us   –   ( Wow, Really )   –   9-2-15


It will be another amazing broadcast with our All-Star Company of Heaven.

Mother has offered to come to tell us the story of how darkness began in the Multiverse, and how we are ending it now.

Prince Reginald and two of his top Generals offer their humble assistance, as they work to make up for the damage they caused in their earlier days in the dark Archon Alliance.

It will be a historic program, with new information not before revealed, but necessary to our advancement toward Ascension.

Join us at 8 EDT, tonight, Wednesday Sept 2.  at our regular time.

Kathryn and Christine will channel, and Meg Davis is our co-host.

Beyond the Looking Glass – By Mother God – Channeler Kathryn E May

New Earth Times

Beyond the Looking Glass   –  By Mother God   –  Channeler Kathryn E May
Beloved Children, it is I, your Mother God.
We wish to continue bringing you news and inspiration in this historic time of change.  The loving energies we are sending you appear to come to you from the Great Central Sun, as our “home” in the center of the Multiverse is called.  Of course, we do not actually live there.  We  are the Great Central Sun, the source of all Creation.  We are speaking to you of this so you will understand how much we love you and how we are working with all of you to bring about the historic shift in these times that will affect all the Multiverse.  You see, Father and I do not sit on a throne and direct things from afar.  We have always been “participant observers” in the development of our Universes.
Since the beginning, trillions of years ago, when Father and I first learned about the magic of Creation, we have lived side by side with all we created.  Every soul within the great Multiverse is our own child, known to us as we know each other.  That is difficult for you to comprehend, of course, since it would seem impossible when you are there in the lower dimensions to conceive of the breadth of our consciousness, but it has always been so.
We learned early on to be completely aware of our every feeling, every thought, because our intentions always came to be.  You, Humankind, are just now learning how true this is for you as well.  It may be on a scale that seems less enormous to you, but we assure you, you possess within you the same power to Create that we have.  This is why we have been coming so often to talk with you, to teach you of your true nature, and to help you leave the old Matrix behind. If you did not, you would continue to create darkness, pain and suffering, not just on your own planet but throughout the Multiverse.
I understand that my words may sound strangely ominous to you.  I have no intention of frightening you.  I am simply giving you a more truthful and realistic picture of yourselves.
It is true that we created you in our own image, not in a physical sense, but in the deep capabilities you possess. You are our hope for the world, and you also could have been the destruction of your own world because of the lingering belief that you are powerless and vulnerable, when nothing could be further from the truth.
Left to your own devices, you would have already accomplished the destruction of everything under your influence.  It is only because of our concerted interventions, which were foretold eons ago, that you did not perish.  If not for our dispensations and our having fulfilled the foretold prophesies, humankind would have destroyed itself and damaged the entire Universe and beyond under the influence of the dark ones.
You, Beloved Children, are the proverbial bull in the china shop.  Like the unknowing bull, most of you had no intention to create chaos and destruction; you don’t understand how it is that every time you turn around something crashes.  You cannot even associate the crashing with your own size or your actions.
I am giving you this rather funny and extreme example to make a picture for you that will be hard to forget.  It is funny because it is true.  You have no conception of how your energy travels outward into the environment, bouncing off everything and everyone you encounter, making your mark everywhere you go.  If you would like another analogy, give your favorite 2-year-old a hammer and set them loose in the dining room.  He or she will have a marvelous time and will have no idea about the cost of their swinging and banging.
This is not a criticism of you, Dear Children, we are simply holding a mirror for you to observe yourselves.  You have the disadvantage of being a relatively young race and of having been taken over early in your development by the Anunnaki and recently by their enormously destructive Reptilian minions.  It is now time for all of us to wind down this dreadful experiment in free will, and to assess just what you have learned in the process, for this was your reason to participate in the first place.
We have moved as quickly as our contracts with you allowed.  You have complained bitterly that we are not doing what we should to protect you, to eliminate suffering and poverty, to save you, but you do not realize that you are asking us to save you from yourselves.  We will do just that, but not without a clear understanding with enough of you on the ground that we are not controlling you or interfering with your free will.  We already have a bad reputation, spread by the dark ones, that we are punitive and angry about your “sins” and that we will burn you in something called “Hell” if you don’t obey us.
You see, we are truly in a position that you would call between a rock and a hard place, at least from your point of view.  We do not feel that way since we are simply carrying out the agreement you asked for eons ago.  We are more patient than you are, of course, since we remember everything and we know how much our promise means to you in the long run.  We do dislike seeing our children suffering, but we know that after every lifetime you return to us in joy and triumph, and that you are always eager to begin again and tackle another, even more difficult life.
You are ambitious students, Beloved Ones, and courageous too.  Our counsel to be more moderate in your expectations is often not heeded, but we do not fear for your soul, because it is eternal, resilient beyond anything you experience about your human body, and a part of us.
We adore you for your audacity, spunk, gumption, pluck, mettle, daring, valor, spirit, nerve, guts, and your great hearts.  You see how many words describe the quality of Heart that you possess?  Every language has such excess of expression when it comes to your qualities of courage and bravery.
I will explain how it came to be that so many of you are here now, and so many have taken on truly difficult lives.  It is not the human body who decided to take part in this journey; it was your soul!  You were here with us in spirit – the Higher Self version of you – when you made this plan, and you, the bodysoul you are, were created as a part of that Higher Self, with your permission and our participation.
None of this was a mystery to you then.  You were fully aware of what was going on on Surface Earth, and you, being the Master you are, were eager to take part in this challenging and historic time on Earth.  All of you have been here before; most of you have had many lifetimes here.  Like us, you have developed a deep affection for your fellow humans and for the courageous soul of your planet who took on the job of supporting and nourishing you all, even as you blindly dug, drilled and exploded things on her body.  After each lifetime you saw how you could do better, reach further, dig deeper to be of service to your fellow travelers, and you wanted to try again.  You saw the dark ones insinuating themselves into every area of life, and you yearned to come here to stop them, to help out, and you have.
You are exceptional beings, Dearest Ones.  You are the glorious combination of your soul, who is well known to us through all your incarnations here and elsewhere, and your human body, and you are the newest combination of this lifetime’s experience, combined with the wisdom of your previous and ongoing incarnations.  You are far more complex in your development than you can know, but we do know, and we work with you accordingly.  This is why it sometimes seems to you that we are not listening.  It is because we always listen first to your Higher Self, who understands you perfectly and knows what you are really capable of, and also knows what you planned to accomplish before you came here.  We must first honor your heart’s desire.
If you have not accomplished all your goals, your Higher Self will keep bringing you training experiences (arranged with other Higher Selves for the greatest good of all).  This is why we tell you to see each difficult experience as an opportunity, for it is, even more than you know.
Each of you has an enormous team of very attentive, very creative and dedicated Mentors and Guides who oversee all the major and even minor events of your lives, and they arrange things for optimum learning potential for all concerned.  I assure you, they are all working overtime during this time to help you succeed in your ambitious plans to learn, evolve, and to gain greater wisdom and spiritual strength before you Ascend.  This lifetime is the final act in this play that involved low density free will in the presence of great darkness, along with the opportunity to leap from the 3 rd to the 5 th dimension in one lifetime.
Now do you see why I am telling you these things, my Dear Children?  It is not that I think you haven’t heard these things before.  Many of you have heard some or all these things, but you haven’t heard me tell it to you as I, your Mother, see it.  Of course I cannot possibly tell you all that I see, but I wish I could.  I want you to be unhampered by the Veil, especially when it means you gain everything from this Earth experience you wished for and more.
Now, take that proverbial bull by the horns, take command and go!  Prove you can remain steadfast in your Faith no matter what is going on around you, even as others question your sanity for it.  Demonstrate to yourself that you can Love even as you recover from a broken heart.  Live the life of integrity you always wanted, not so others will see it but so that you will see it in yourself.
Your Father and I love you – for your spunk and for your loving nature, but most of all, because you are the unique and wonderful YOU we have always known and loved.  We are with you always.
I am your Mother God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 23, 2015

Mother’s Mini-Message, #21 – It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d Practicality – by Mother God – 8-10-15

Mother Father God


Mother’s Mini-Message #21: 
It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d “Practicality” 
By Mother God
Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mother God, with a mini-message of encouragement and hope.
You are being asked to do a great deal now to advance your Ascension.  The first wave of the first wave is at the gates and ready to ascend.  We want all of you there with us!  I have just a few pointers for you that will ease you along to assure you of being ready.  Many of you have come up against a bit of a sticking point, and it is revealed in your questions and emails to our dear channels.  You will recognize it when I describe it to you.
At the finale of this long Earth journey, many of you have adopted a style of approaching things that you would call “practical.”  It always includes a fair amount of worry – worry that you might be duped, that you are not worthy, that you do not understand what you need to understand, that your family or your pet will not be able to ascend with you, that you cannot trust these letters predicting joy and happiness, and so forth.  You look back on your lifetime and see pain, worry and fear, and you project it forward in a flood of feelings that leaves no room for anything but more worry, and you have come to thin of this as practicality, and you are proud of being “practical” about not wanting to be hurt if the promises don’t turn out to be exactly what you expected.
Of course they won’t be exactly what you expect because you are looking for what you already know, perhaps a bit more wealth, or a bit more vacation time, but more of the same nevertheless.
I will tell you, my Dear Children, this will not create your path to Ascension.  What is coming is so much more fun than you could possibly imagine, you must learn now to “suspend judgment,” not because there is anything wrong with your abilities to judge and prepare – you are very skillful at preparing for the worst.  Now it is time for you to learn to prepare for the best!  It is a very different state of mind from your 3 dimensional stance of full alert, anticipation of danger and a repeat of miseries of the past.  Join us now in the higher dimensional Heavenly energies coming through the open Lion’s Gate and you will be amazed at how quickly you can re-condition yourself to be comfortable with the unknown because it brings abundance, joy and peace.
I am able to bring you this joyful message because of the first-wavers who have Co-created the pathway with us, by trusting in us, allowing our guidance to urge them along in their trainings in such a way that they have been able to bring themselves to a brand new way of seeing the world and understanding us. Fulfilling the Truth that you create what you think about, they have eased the way for those who will follow by what they have done.  Momentum is everything now.  Let us describe the process they have followed so you can understand what you can do to forge your own path with maximum ease.
Think deeply now about how you seek what you want.  Let us say you have been told by the Company of Heaven that there is buried treasure in your own backyard.  You get your shovel and focus intently on the ground, digging industriously all over the yard, making shallow holes, then deeper holes, congratulating yourself on your courage to follow your favorite Master’s guidance.  Your shovel does not hit any large solid object like a chest or a box of any kind.  You find only more rocks and dirt, until the day’s end when you are exhausted and frustrated, beginning to curse your own willingness to be so gullible, as you observe the expanse of holes and piles in what was once your pristine lawn.  Your neighbors will think you are crazy; your family will mock you, you think.  In despair, you trudge into your house and go upstairs to shower and feel sorry for yourself.
As the sun sets you begin to regain your composure and begin to talk with us, your Mother and Father.  You ask for understanding and for comfort, and you offer to use your experience to learn whatever you need to further your expansion. You reach for us to restore your connection and your trust, and you ask to find a way to use this experience to be of service to others.  As the lengthening rays shine across your yard you look down upon it and see glittering golden sparkles radiating light across the yard, like a thousand tiny suns beaming up at you.
In your search for “treasure” you didn’t notice the gold nuggets all around you at your feet.  Were they there all along?  Suddenly your exhaustion turns to excitement; you have struck gold!  It is all around you in such abundance that you fill bags with the precious stuff and tell your neighbors, who also discover good fortune right under their feet.  Your excitement and joy starts a “gold rush” so profitable that everyone you know begins to share their good fortune.  Street parties are arranged to host feasts, music and dancing.  Because of your generosity and foresight, your entire town celebrates the new feelings of Love, camaraderie and ease.  A great Pillar of Light emanates from your house to envelop the entire township, and the Galactic teams come to offer guidance and protection.  Arcturian teams of healers are able to ride the Light energies of your great Pillar to reach and aid all who wish assistance with healing.
Your return to trust in us and faith in goodness has created a vortex of high Light energy that beams outward, sweeping everyone along with you. You are in synchrony with the energies we are sending to you because you are in harmony with yourself, your fellow humans and with us.  You have now created a wave of Light that you and others can ride to lift yourselves into higher dimensions.  You are getting massive amounts of help from angels who protect and shore up your Pillar, grid workers above and on the ground who are anchoring your Pillar deeply into Earth.  Your Light emanates outward and upward, and we meet it by pouring Love and blessings down through it to fill your heart with joy.
In this new stance, with your feet planted firmly on Terra and your heart beating as One with ours, your life will suddenly be filled with joyful surprises large and small.  Create your wave, Beloved Ones, and we will be there with you to ride it into higher and higher dimensions.  I have given you the keys to Paradise.  You only need to use them to unlock the happiness for you and others who follow.
I am your Mother God, here with Father, lovingly cheering you on.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 10, 2015

The New Earth Times, Edition 12 – Mother God – DOUBT – Channeler Katheryn E May – 7-31-15

Friday, July 31, 2015  Edition #12
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Mother’s Mini-Message #20:  DOUBT., By Mother God
From the Editor’s Desk,  By Archangel Michael
Live Radio Show “Channel Panel” Resumes First Week of August!

Mother’s Mini-Message #20:  DOUBT.
By Mother God

We see you struggling with your feelings, Dearest Ones.  You hold the idea in your mind that you are working your way toward the time when you will no longer have any doubt,  moments of fear or even the slightest flinch or waver when you are faced with a sudden or extremely difficult situation.

Be at peace, Precious Children, we have given you numerous trainings to encourage you toward the time when you finally lay down your anxiety and your “pet neurosis” as Sanat Kumara has called it.  Yes, we encouraged you to see yourselves free of all those old doubts and fears, but now we must refocus, reset our expectations, because you have so sincerely used those goals to move through old patterns.  We do not want you fretting about the details, you see.

Trainings, Not Tests
Let’s use some examples to help you reconsider your evaluation of yourself and your progress to date.  I often use our dear daughters experiences because they have given permission to do so, if it helps others, and because they are also so sincere about their Ascension efforts.  Here is one from the days when Kathryn was in training with us, just as you are now.  You will think we are naughty when we tell you this, but she is still laughing about the incident.  Here is what we devised to help her with these issues.

It was three o’clock in the morning, and we rang her front doorbell.  Now, I must tell you she was living alone at the time, at the end of a dead end road in the country.  She had never locked her doors or even thought about issues of safety because she lived on sacred land, protected by the Ancient Ones who watched over the land and of course, she was aware of the protection of her Twin Flame and the Company of Heaven as well. She awakened and went downstairs to see what was going on.

She looked out the kitchen window, observed that no one was on the front porch and surmised that if anyone was there it would have turned on the outdoor lights.  She went to the front door, peered out, saw no one, opened the door to make sure it wasn’t her neighbor in need, then closed the door and turned to go back to bed.  One step from the door, she turned and reached back to flip the lock closed.

Within a split second she cried out “AAAGH, you got me!  I flunked the test!”  She was truly dismayed that we had tricked her into a split-second of “the willies” at being awakened in the middle of the night by a truly strange occurrence.  She laughed, but felt crest-fallen that after all the years of training to maintain a steady sense of Faith and sureness, she faltered for a split-second.  We chuckled at her impossible standards for herself and reassured her that no, in fact she had come through with “flying colors,” as we were fond of telling her.

You see, we are not in the business of stringent laws and rules.  We know you live in an unpredictable, difficult world.  Your reflexes are conditioned to touch off alarm bells when you sense danger.  What matters is how you handle the alarm bells – whether you go deeply into fear or anxiety, or whether you laugh at the situation and recenter yourself in our Light.  Can you calm yourself, gently chuckle about your own foibles and falterings, and regain your balance?  If so, then you have triumphed, Dear One.  If you are able to ride through an incident without lashing out or freaking out, well, then, you have succeeded.

Extracting Yourself from the Clutches of Doubt
We applaud your effort and admire your first steps toward taking command of yourself, and every step of the way thereafter.  Are you more skillful at maintaining your serenity than you were yesterday?  We cheer for you.  For instance, our beloved Luis advises his family:

“When something happens that you don’t like or that causes you doubt, first, let it go.  When you know you have a thought that is dark or is not aligned with the Light, just…  watch it, then let it go.

You already have that inner voice that can tell you the difference, and that is the key… listen more and more to that voice and make the switch, so your daily life will be that you constantly call on the inner voice that was telling you what is dark and light.

Believe, trust in the Light, the Love, and if you make a step that for you is not okay, let it go.  Do not punish yourself.  It’s as if a chunk of dirt got into your clean glass of water – let it go and you will still be clean.  If you mess around with the dirt all your water will become dirt.”

And now an insightful and sardonic excerpt from our beloved “M”:

“Reading the messages… When I ask myself – Who do I have grudges with?  and Who is my favorite begrudger? and Who is my favorite heckler and nay-sayer? –  the answer comes back:

Uh-oh – it might be me having grudge matches with me.

No one else I know can match me for such popular daily self-heckles as:  “There you go again. – You just shot yourself in the foot. – That was not your smartest move. – What a stupid thing to say. – When are you going to clean up your act?  – You’ll never ascend if you keep thinking like this.”

And the list goes on.  It’s very frustrating to not be able to get out of my own way and clear out these dark thoughts and self-defeating feelings. … (See, I’m doing it right now.)

And then I make excuses for myself like – “My Sleeper Cell must still be active – it’s the implants and nano-technology activating me – it’s the chemtrails and frequency attacks – the devil made me do it – blah-blah-blah.”

However, in my defense, I am getting better at catching myself doing it in the moment – talking myself off the cliff – letting more of it go – and not getting suckered in when somebody else throws a snarky comment my way.

And I believe that Sananda & Co. do “have my back” – which gives me some peace of mind that if I will keep ‘roto-tilling’ these feelings up to the surface and releasing them, the gang upstairs will do their part to help me from slipping backwards – which keeps me motivated to not give up and keep trying.

I am an ascending work in progress.”

How endearing, and how courageous he is to be so forthright about his own moments of doubt and inner struggle.  You see?  He is already a work in progress, ascending.  We bow to his courage and his humor.  He has found the secret of Ascension success:  Don’t take it personally.

We will now quote our dear Christine, as she describes the training she has been moving through with us.  Because of her current healing work with her Arcturian team, she is receiving extra energy from her Twin Flame, Archangel Michael, who sustains her during long walks (five miles or more) to exercise her body and speed her recovery.  Here is yesterday’s revelation:

“I too am discovering so so much right now.  We are all in a training period from the Company of Heaven (COH).   Yesterday I went on my walk as directed by Michael. With three miles to go, Michael left my body!  The COH stayed very close to me to ensure my safety, but I didn’t know this at the time because they completely blocked my ability to see/hear/feel them, and they blocked my telepathic calls for help to Kathryn.

I was extremely weak.  Sometimes every ten steps I had to sit on the Earth for strength.  So many things whooshed through my head:  had I misunderstood my Twin’s instructions, had I displeased the COH (Can you believe I went there?!), would this set my healing back?

Each time, I centered deeply and strengthened my Pillar.  I declared my trust and gratitude to my Twin and the COH.  I kept going.  By the time I got home to Kathryn, I was teary and fighting off doubts.  We talked and talked about what this had meant.  Kathryn explained that the COH wanted me to feel what most of humanity feels every single day.  What?!  People live feeling alone, abandoned, tricked, sad, destitute, and more!

Because I have always had deep, unshakable Faith, I have never really felt these feelings.  I could only get flashes of what others regularly experience.  In the midst of all circumstances, I have always felt hope and joy.

The COH used this opportunity to give me the training to see where I still have moments of doubt.  I am using these lessons to shore up my Pillar, and to better understand how most people feel every day.

I am still seeing the lessons in what the Company of Heaven offered me.  Eep! AND… I am going walking today!

I take the liberty to quote freely from my beloved children because it is so important that you learn from each other.  These are conversations between and among close friends and family – and so, the informal and self-revealing tone, but are these not your very own thoughts and feelings?  Does this shore up your faith in your own ability to keep on, to examine deeply, then laugh?  Does it inspire you to then move onward and upward, allowing no self-condemnation but only compassion for yourself and your fellow travelers?  After all, they too want so badly to extract themselves from the past and to move to our bright New Earth, just as you do. Perhaps it will be easier now for you to see every incident – every moment – as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and about us.  This is the secret to finding joy in each precious moment of your Ascension training.

You see, Dear Ones, only you can “talk yourself off the cliff.”  Look to each day to be presented with new challenges, and embedded in those challenges, you will sense our fond desire to see you soar above it all.  Look up.  You will see us beaming down upon you, celebrating every step toward Mastery, every good effort to raise yourself up.  You cannot fail at becoming you.  You can succeed brilliantly if you hitch your Faith to your own inner voice, your inherent inner Light and our Love.

I am your Mother God, hand-in-hand with you and your Brothers and Sisters of the Company of Heaven.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, July 31, 2015

Quote of the Day

“Often people who have suffered pain or adversity try to explain the trauma in terms of God’s will.  The assumption is that you somehow deserved the misfortune.  In this view of God, it is his business to reward and punish us directly, on the basis of his somehow arbitrary and mysterious requirements for Man.  Evil and sin are God’s primary concerns, and it is his job to watch out every move and respond with vengeance when we step out of line.  His punishment may be swift or delayed; we have no way of knowing when the axe will fall.  Once this belief is in place, it is the ultimate trump card, of course.  No argument to the contrary will override God’s will.  God’s will is absolute, therefore, punishment is inevitable.  If this is truly the basis of your view of God, then no matter how often you are reminded of your own innocence, or your goodhearted actions, you cannot find peace.”

~ Dr. Kathryn E. May, Who Needs Light? pg 442

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Resumes 1st Week Of August

Friends  and Family across Earth, We in The    Council of     Light    have     asked Kathryn   and  Christine  to begin   anew their  weekly   live   radio    shows.   The shows  will   sport a new  and improved format  which  will  continue to feature  Mother and  Father  God  and  the   Company  of  Heaven.    We  love  you and  greatly  await moving ever closer in communication and celebration.     Together  we  begin  the  next phase of our shared Project to raise Earth and all upon her into the New Golden Age!

JOIN US!  Wednesday August 5, 2014
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New Galactic Newsletter Launches on Surface Earth
By Archangel Michael, July 19, 2015

 A warm welcome to THE NEW EARTH TIMES, a brand new venture in co-creation.  We have asked our beloved channels to bring you the news, as we see it, so this will be a different kind of publication. We are the Company of Heaven:  Mother Father God, Ascended Masters and Archangels, who love you and only ever offer what is for the greatest Good of ALL.  We will be bringing you updates, news and Galactic-interest stories related to the Ascension of Earth, along with 5th dimensional lifestyle features.

The  purpose  of  this  publication  is  not  only  to  keep  you  informed  of  what’s happening in various facets of the Ascension Earth Project,  but  also  to  galvanize  our  Unity.   We share an important Mission:  restoring the Light on Earth,  so that  she  and  all  upon  her  may ascend in freedom and glory.    We  share  with  you  an  unbreakable  bond  of  family,   service  and love.

Besides our regularly Featured Columnists (Mother and Father God, Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel and Arcturian Team Leader), our publication will feature many fascinating and compelling guests including:  Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Angels and Archangels, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, Agarthans from Inner Earth, Terra (Earth), Galactic Emissaries from this and other systems, representatives of many other Kingdoms and more.  Often, we will include features from other channels and Lightworkers in order to enhance the harmony and union of our shared service and goals.  I have many surprises up my sleeve to inform, astonish and delight you.

Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes – just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!

I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share.

Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age.

I am your brother,
Archangel Michael
Namaste All.

Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015
Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory

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REPOST – PRIME CREATOR MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT – Channeler Kathryn e May – 6-30-13


Prime Creator Speaks:  (Repost  from 6-30-13
Who Needs Light?

MOTHER/FATHER/GOD   –   Channeler: Kathryn E. May, PsyD   –   August 02 2013

My Dear Ones,

I do not often speak with you directly, but it is such an extraordinary time that I am taking this opportunity to tell you more about your world, and how important it is that you now concentrate very hard on raising your vibrations, especially those of you who have been so busy working, earning money to pay your bills and care for your families.

This time is over, done. There will be no more bills to pay, no more worries about how you will feed your families, educate them, or survive during your retirement. Your retirement will be glorious beyond your wildest dreams, it will cost you nothing, and it begins now, no matter what your chronological age on Earth. This will not be a retirement from Life, nor will it be a death. You are now on the threshold of a magnificent journey to the stars.

Your Brothers and Sisters are awaiting, just above you. Look up at the skies on a clear night. Send your greetings to them, and they will flash the colored lights on their ships to show their happiness, that you see them, and that they will soon be here with you, walking among you, embracing you, singing songs of celebration with you. There are thousands now along the grid lines which carry the energy of the cosmos to uplift and teach you of Endless Love and Light.

It is I who am sending the powerful energies to you now. It has been said that the waves of love you feel washing over you come from the Central Sun – the Sun which radiates outward from the center of the Universe. That is true. The Central Sun is another name for me, your Prime Creator. I am the one who has created the beginning, the middle and the eternity which is now your reality.
Your Mother and Father God were my first children, and their group of Enlightened Ones who work with them here in your galaxy were their original Brothers and Sisters, and their eldest children. So you see, you are being overseen by your parents and your cosmic Aunts and Uncles, who have know each of you, and have nourished and cared for every one of you as you have traveled through your many incarnations.

During the time that Mother/Father God were in training with me to learn to create planets, stars and living beings, their brothers and sisters were also learning to do the same. They then went out across the Universe, which was waiting, empty of life, and they helped to teach the younger Gods, their younger brothers and sisters, to establish galaxies, to populate them with beings of various shapes and sizes, according to their creative imaginations.
Each one in training was first taught the Universal Laws which require that every created being be equipped first with the ability to communicate telepathically with their Creator, who is always in contact with me. Thus, a grid of telepathic energy transmission was built as each Universe came into being. It is this grid which makes it possible for me to speak directly with your channel, and for you to speak directly with Mother/Father God. Others who are channeling now have tapped into that Universal communication system at various points, which gives them the ability to speak telepathically with the dolphins, the birds, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and so on.

So, you see, there is nothing weird or unusual about telepathic ability. In fact, you are the only ones in all the Universes who seem to think so. This is because you have been behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, of course. You are the only ones who have experienced this absence of connection to me and to the Gods who created you.

Across the Multiverse, all are curious about how this experiment will end. Will the humans who have been made blind and deaf be able to regain their senses? Will they awaken from their nightmares to recognize their Family of Light? What if they are permanently handicapped by the deafness they have experienced? It has been millions of years now, in Earth time, since humans had all their senses intact.

When your scientists studied your DNA sequencing, they found many strands in your makeup which seemed to be inactive, useless. They were puzzled, but they were far enough along in their own explorations to understand that nothing in creation is useless, and they suspected it was not a fluke of nature, although few of them were spiritually open enough to assume the truth.

The truth is that I have given my approval to Mother/Father God to begin activating those “unused” strands, which will change you in dramatic ways. Your intelligence, your memory and your creativity will escalate rapidly. The final goal is to allow you to be the magnificent Gods you are capable of being. You will all eventually have the power to create, to know the Truth of your history and that Page 2 of your galaxy, but it was necessary first that you each experience the challenges and obstacles of life in 3-dimensional bodies, with free will, and with little guidance from your Mother and Father.

You have suffered pain, physical and emotional trauma, loneliness and want, and the majority of you have survived with your hearts still intact. You are still capable of Love, and when you are in pain, you look to the Light for your salvation. This was the ultimate test, and you have come through it brilliantly. Yes, many of you are still doubting, still insisting you do not believe in any of this, but the small open window in your hearts will allow the Truth to flow in as soon as your preoccupation with day to day “achievements” is removed from your lives.

You have been tested so strenuously because the Great Plan calls for your eventual leadership of all the galaxies. You have experienced various forms of government on your planet, and have intuitively understood, across the globe, that democracy with full participation of all the people is indeed the most effective and fair system. It has been co-opted by the Dark Ones as every new attempt to establish freedom has been tried. Even in the United States, the Grand Experiment was twisted into a despotic economic system which took the place of genuine freedom, and yet the people yearned for Truth.

The agitation across your planet is a glorious triumph of imagination. Everywhere, humankind is rising to demand freedom, equality and dignity. They say to themselves, “Never again.” Many do not yet completely understand what it is they are agitating for. Some believe it is religious freedom, others fear the chaos that complete change will bring, but the march toward new ways of cooperating, and new means of communication have sealed their hopes for the future into Truth.

Your wars have very quickly been reduced to the last-ditch actions of a few Dark Ones on rooftops, declaring their preference for murder and mayhem, while thousands rush to help, to rescue and to heal their wounded fellows. I have heard your pleas for help to end the mass violence, and now you are seeing the effects in your everyday lives of the end to personal violence as well. The process is nearing completion, and completion means that each and every member of your planetary society is being required to make a choice, now. Some will act on their inner rage and disillusionment, but others whose contract for violence has been ended will awaken and lay down their arms, in spite of brainwashing, mind control, and dedication to life as slaves to the Dark Ones.

As all of you were told before you began this incarnation, this is your last one. Never again will Planet Earth offer the 3-dimensional, free-will environment in which to test yourselves to the limit. No more suffering, no more starvation, no more poverty, no more wars. It is done.

Look around you at the beauty of your dear planet. Go out of the cities to see what she was intended to look like, and what she did look like before the industries and massive population growth encroached on her dense forests, clear lakes and mighty oceans. Go back to the forests, in silence and reverence for the Mother who has nurtured and loved you over these eons. Give thanks to her, and when you send your Love down into the center of her being, she will be soothed and healed, and you will feel her gratitude and enormous Love.

You will see the weather, which is a response to your own feelings, calm. As your hearts warm toward your Mother Earth and your fellow humans, so your climate will balance and level out, easing the cold and soothing the heat. Gentle rain will replace hurricanes and tornadoes. As the violence of human passion wanes, the weather on your planet will respond accordingly. You have an expression, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Extend this understanding to your relationship with Mother Earth and all her conscious beings, which includes every insect, every rock, every plant and every animal under her care.

Be at peace, Beloved Ones. The time of your personal testing is done. You are now being given a time to rest, to contemplate and to restore your Peace of Mind. Your trial is at an end, and you have all been found innocent, pure and gloriously One with your Creator. It does not matter what stumbles you may have experienced in this life. It is the accumulation of all your lives, all the times you have triumphed over despair, expressed Love for another or for yourselves that We see as the measure of your strength. Be that Loving being now. Look around you at those who would welcome your Love, and express it freely. It matters not whether they know your name, or live in your household. All will welcome your higher vibration of Love and Light.

Together you have worked, prayed and pleaded with me to allow your glorious Ascension now, in this lifetime, in this hour. I am here to tell you now, it is granted.
All the necessary steps have been taken to allow this to happen. The Prosperity Funds have been distributed and are ready to be dispersed. Lucifer has returned to the arms of his family, and the 4th dimension has been collapsed, allowing no secrecy or separation from your Mother/Father God’s love; the Archangels have assumed their mantles of Light, and the Masters have declared themselves as servants of the Light on Earth. The ships are aligned and ready to bring their gifts and the great love of the Twin Flames who await their partners, many of whom are now aware of them, and familiar with their loving energy.

Mother Earth has been stabilized on her axis by the Galactic Forces, and will remain so until all her children have ascended in waves to higher dimensions. All mass weaponry which would threaten the ships or the safety of those on the ground has been neutralized; the Page 3
smaller weapons will be gradually disabled as the time draws near for the landings. Announcements have been prepared and will be broadcast to everyone on the planet to reassure and inform all of you of the events as they unfold.

You see, no detail has been overlooked, no matter for concern has been left unaddressed, no question unanswered. It will be a triumphant time for all; no unhappiness will be caused for any being on Earth unless they choose to turn their backs on Love. Relationships both old and new will be blessed with Love, Forgiveness and Light, and all will transcend old conflicts, old pain, to ascend to higher vibrations of Love and Companionship.

We now ask you, our dear Workers of Light, to be ready to lead the triumphant celebration, and the coming glorious procession to the ships, where you will all be renewed, with bodies in perfect health, and minds restored with memory and knowledge of all you have known before, and much more.

You who have worked so hard to transcend the doubts and criticisms of your fellows will feel the reward of finally being recognized and acknowledged for your wisdom and the strength of your hearts. Be at peace, Dearly Beloved Ones. You are the Pied Pipers of the Glorious Kingdom. You have persevered, and you have triumphed. Your time has come. It matters not that you have suffered illness, poverty and pain. Now, use these last days to rest and prepare. Open your hearts to my Endless Love which heals all. Quietly pray for all the others who will need your reassurance and your strength to complete their transitions.

I cannot describe to you the joy I feel as I watch these final accomplishments come to fruition. It is truly the Beginning of the End, as Father God has said. Prepare yourselves for the New Beginning in joy and in Faith.

I am your Creator, the Creator of all Creators, and I send you the most powerful waves of Love you have ever felt before. I gather you to me, the children of my heart, and I send you Love without measure. Until we meet again,

Prime Creator

(Via Kathryn May, July 30, 2013, 12 pm.
Permission to copy only if message is used without deletions or changes, with citation to author and website.
Kathryn E. May, PsyD –   Who Needs Light? –
C 1995-2014 Larry & Elvire van Leeuwen-Smith

Mother God via Kathryn E May – Why Don’t You Call Your Mother? – 7-23-15


Why Don’t You Call Your Mother?   –   By Mother God

Channeler Kathryn E May

So many of you have been delighted by your success in connecting with your Twin Flames
that we decided to continue our encouragement a bit further, by giving you a real-life
example or two about how our partners-in-publishing have experienced our guidance,
our help and our humor.  You too can decide to throw open the doors to a new
adventure in multi-dimensional communication.  You probably already know the
feeling of being close to your Guides and Guardians.  Let us elaborate.

We are the Shiver Up Your Spine
You are familiar, are you not, with the classic initial contact, when you feel a shiver go
up your spine, or you suddenly feel a cool breeze when you are indoors, or something
fleeting catches your attention out of the corner of your eye.  That is Us, Dearest Ones!
We use those common signals because everyone acknowledges them, and because
it is an easy way to get your attention.  But how do we keep you attention long enough
to truly communicate with you?  You must be willing to stop and listen with your heart,
and you must promise yourself not to dismiss the feelings or insist that you couldn’t
possibly be feeling a loving Being right there next to you.  But we are there, many
of us, surrounding each of you.

You are probably not aware that Christine and Kathryn went through a similar training
before they learned to channel comfortably and trust what they are hearing.
They still question us often to see if they are accurate.  We have begun to respond by
making jokes, which they cannot ignore or pretend was not us.  Michael is
particularly funny when he teases Christine about her fleeting doubts.  He puts on a
playlist of her favorite songs and plays it in a different order each time.  Then he
says, “Now pick one for me!  Or, oh, oh, this is my favorite part” and they sing along
together.  Today, he played all water-themed songs during her walk to impress her
and make her laugh.

Arcturian Talents Abound
You have met our Arcturian Team Leaders, who are now assessing your health
needs in preparation for your request to work with them.  There will be more
from Team Leader in an upcoming article in our Health and Beauty Section.  You will be
amazed at how attentive and knowledgeable they are, and how eager they are to
be of service.

For instance, the Arcturian team working with Kathryn and Christine are at this
moment assessing their healing progress and prescribing nutrients and exercise, down
to the last drop of herbal tea.  Their shopping, juicing and shakes are individually
prescribed down to the last carrot.  They oversee homeopathic aids, vitamins and the
color of their sheets, and suggest sources to buy the purest and cleanest products at
the best prices.  Yesterday, he pointed out to Christine, “Look at these cucumbers!
They’re beautiful, and only $1.99 a pound!”  At the same time, they have assessed
the quality of the well water and the plumbing in the house to insure pure drinking water
at all times.  You deserve nothing less.

Friendly Persuasion
Now I will tell you a story that has us all howling with laughter.  We played a bit of
mischief with our Channels this morning.  They have been wrestling with how to clean
house, how to dispose of years of accumulated belongings from others and several moves.
We know they are not strong enough to spend days moving, packing up and transporting
things to the recycling center, and their energy demands do not allow for days of sorting
and cleaning, even if they had the time.

So, this morning we made our suggestion to them in the form of a “delivery” to their
home.  The doorbell rang early in the morning, and a friendly but confused truck driver
came to ask for directions from “that nice lady” for the second time in recent weeks.
His large truck carried on the back of it a dumpster – the kind you can park in your yard
and use as needed.  It was not for them, this time, but the message was not lost on
Christine and Kathryn, who giggled for hours in wonder and delight at how we had
managed to get the truck driver to come to their door, out in the country quite far
from his home office and his intended delivery.

Some hours later, the telephone repair man came to scour the house in search of the
problem with the internet and phone, and he offered to spend hours to fix a problem
that had existed for years and had not been solved by numerous others.  It is only
fitting that with our daughters spending every waking hour working with us, it is
imperative that they have the appropriate equipment to help them and to speed our
messages to you.

You cannot imagine how it delights us to play helpful “tricks” like this on our
children. Our Company of Heaven and battalions of angels are Masters of
arranging “coincidences” in your life too. The more you chuckle, the more it inspires us
to reach further into our bag of tricks to entertain and assist you.  Of course, not all our
efforts to help you are funny.  Most often, we share your sorrows, your troubles and
your joys, and the more you connect with us, the more we can offer our assistance.
Your Gifts Are Wrapped and Ready!

It may puzzle you, this calibrated gauge of how much we can intervene in your lives.
It is really fairly simple.  Just as Team Leader can read the amount of vitamin D in your
body, we can see the Light quotient you emit from moment to moment, and we are
aware of every gesture of kindness, every lighthearted encounter, and we know
of your growing commitment to be on the Ascension team and to be of service in this
Earth Project.

Long ago we agreed with all of you that we would use a predetermined scale, to be
applied fairly and evenly across all humankind for the purpose of determining how
much we can help.  It works in a similar way for each individual as well as for the
whole collective.  You can be sure we eagerly watch the meter for every opportunity
to send gifts and blessings your way.  I will also assure you that the scale is very liberal,
taking into account the tremendous challenge it is to live a life on Planet Earth.
So you see, Dearest Ones, we are hanging on your every breath, cheering your
every movement upward toward us.  Those of you who are parents or aunts and
uncles remember what it feels like to see a child’s first steps, or the time they learn to
ride a bicycle or graduate from high school, and what it feels like to wait for your call
about your new job, or your new home, or your first child.  We watch you this way,
and your family who loves you from the higher dimensions feels just the same.  We
are not distant, judgmental and lofty personages.  We are your adoring family, and
we can’t wait to talk with you in the most personal and intimate way.
Looking forward to your call with great anticipation,
In the company of your family and friends in higher dimensions,
I am your Mother God.


Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, 3 July 2015

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Mother’s Mini-Message # 17 – Proof is Not the Measure of Truth – Channeler Kathryn E May



Mother’s Mini-Message # 17   –   Proof is Not the Measure of Truth
Channeler Kathryn E May

Dearest Ones, I have a puzzle for you today.  I am going to ask you to discover why many of you tend to want “proof” of all kinds of things, like whether God exists, or whether there really is an afterlife, or whether there is really life on other planets, and whether the Masters and Angels you read about here are real.

There are still many among you who would raise an eyebrow at the idea of to speaking with angels and so-called Masters.  I assure you, you have your own private line to speak with us at all times.  When you are able to embrace this, you will have the proof of it.  You must cultivate your willingness to be open to things for which there may be no 3-dimensional “proof.”  This does not mean there is no proof.

Proof is not the measure of Truth.

You see, the idea that anything real should be measurable through the five human senses was a clever way to restrict science and creativity to their most elementary stages, to prevent the expansion of scientific exploration into unknown realms of inner and outer space.  It is difficult to control a human population whose curiosity is allowed to roam unfettered into the great questions of the Universe.  Without threat of mockery or persecution these great questions would easily find their answers in the hearts of humankind.

It was taught that one must first eliminate all feeling and intuition from the exploration in order for it to be “legitimate” science.  Of course, this leaves you handicapped, because the most powerful evidence for something being real is the feel of it.  Take the idea of whether I exist or not.  To us in higher dimensions, this question makes as much sense as asking whether you exist or not, whether a mother and father actually gave birth to you and your kind, or whether there really is such a thing as love.

Anyone who has felt love for another in the depth of their being does not need a laboratory to tell them it truly exists, and anyone who does not feel love is to be looked upon with compassion – but not be assigned the job to answer the question of whether love exists.

And so, your need for tangible proof of the things we have described evolving just beyond your 3-dimensional eyesight comes out of the ravages of the reductionistic program you were trained to trust.  It is an approach only someone trapped in the limits of the 3rd dimension would espouse.  Rather, I ask you to expand your vision to include the next level of intelligence of which you are easily capable: the ability to feel our presence, and thus know without a doubt that we exist and that we love you unconditionally.  You too will soon be talking easily with us and our Company of Heaven.

Begin with the simple and clear exercise we have taught you on our radio program.  For additional inspiration, go to You will expand your adventure in speaking directly with us in this way.

Opening Your Private Line to Higher Dimensions

Breathe into the center of your brain, light up the diamond in the center of your brain, the center of your heart, and the center of your solar plexus, your will.  Feel your Pillar of Light which surrounds and protects you, about arms’ length out from your body.  Open the top of your pillar to extend all the way to us, and allow us to pour our honeylove down on you, nourishing and awakening you.

At the same time, extend your Light pillar down into the heart of Terra, and feel her responding to you in kind.  Now breathe the sensation of love and the warm Light that beams down on you.  There in your Pillar of Light, which is also your Ascension pillar, you are acknowledged, and you will feel you belong with us, because you do.

Now, suspend all judgmental critiques and negative thinking.  That is the soil from which the demand for “proof” springs.  Genuine investigation requires an open and unprejudiced mind.  So, drop your 3rd dimensional shackles and try your wings instead.
First we will give you a brief attunement where I will help you to tune your receivers to a higher dimensional channel.

Call upon your Higher Self and your Twin Flame.  Ask them to make themselves evident to you in some way – by sending you a color, a feeling, a ripple of energy, a word or an image.  Now, take no more than 20 seconds or so to allow the sign to come into your mind.  Eliminate the temptation to tell yourself you do not see or hear anything.  Your mind is never completely blank. I am assuring you now that they will send you a communication. Your Twin Flame may prefer to send you a sensation like a ripple of energy down your spine, a feeling of warmth or a tiny electrical jolt.  Accept whatever you sense, and jot it down.  Do this again and again, until you are used to noting something, no matter what it is, whether you think it is “right” or not.

This is more fun if you can join with others, and easiest of all if you have a friend who is admittedly a bit intuitive and can confirm some of what you sense.  Do it as a game, a true exploration conducted with openness and enjoyment.  There is no right or wrong.  I can tell you, though, that your Higher Self and your Twin Flame will be thrilled to be called upon to make real contact with you at last.

Do not be discouraged if you think you have not communicated with anyone.  I can assure you you have – you just need to learn to listen better, be patient, and accept that communication with your higher dimensional self is a simple and natural ability that humankind enjoyed for millennia before the dark ages of Earth began.  Your ancestors and friends who have overseen your life and your growth will be delighted to speak with you directly once again.

Remember, Beloved Children, you are all equipped with exquisite abilities to detect the reality beyond what you can see or touch.  It is just a matter of opening your inner channels, reveling in the protection of your Pillar of Light, and being willing to make new friends in High Places.   It will offer you a new sense of belonging, comfort and joy to know you have a friend always at your side, with your best interests at heart.  After all, as we are fond of saying “over here,” all communication is for Union.  You have nothing to lose, and a new loving family to gain.

Let us prove it to you.

I am your loving Mother.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 25, 2015

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Mother’s Mini-Message # 16 – Earth Takes Her Place As the Heart of the Multiverse – 6-24-15

Dr. Kathryn May

Dr. Kathryn E. May

Mother’s Mini-Message # 16

Earth Takes Her Place As the Heart of the Multiverse

I have a small message for you today.  I will put it in as few words as I possibly can, because it is such an important concept that I must not over-explain it.  As Father said earlier today, it is a bit like trying to explain what the oceans are by showing you a teacup full of water, but this is the way we must introduce information – a little at a time, building knowledge and understanding as you absorb the basics, then we go on to greater complexity day by day.

Looking back over the landscape of time and space, we see our beloved humankind developing slowly at first, over the first million years or so, then taking on the programming and struggles of dealing with the Annunaki, the Reptilians, the Greys, the Draconians, and other dark races who came to enslave our human children.  Now, as you come through the final chapter, untangling yourselves from the thousands of years of mind-control, we want you, our beloved front-line Lightworkers, to have a glimpse of the cosmic adventure you and your dear Terra have begun.

You are now in the interesting and rather disorienting phase during which the old and the new are overlapping in wondrous and surprising ways.  I will tell you a bit of the cosmic news.  Some of you have heard about the fact that Earth is moving through your Milky Way Galaxy, changing position in relation to the other stars and planets.

You are puzzled because your scientists seem to notice nothing of the kind, but I assure you, dear Children, it is true.  Your planet is moving at great speed toward the center of your galaxy, and your galaxy is also moving at top speed toward the center of your Universe.  Because of your rise in consciousness, your growing wisdom and spiritual strength, your planet, Terra, shall become not just the center of your Universe, but she shall be the shining jewel which is to become the Heart Chakra of the Multiverse.

Now, I will explain a bit.  We have created a holographic screen for your scientists, whom we have wished to protect from further ridicule and attack on the part of the cabal, until the work of sending them all to the Light is done.  It is a simple technological strategy we devised to prevent undue concern on the part of the worriers and doomsday folks who are fond of predicting deadly comet collisions and so on.  I can assure you noting of the kind will happen as our precious Terra moves through space to take up her final position as the spiritual and intellectual center and heartbeat of the Multiverse.

Terra carries within her body the precious library of Porthologos, the Inner earth depository which holds the history of all the Universes as well as the Akashic records of all our beloved children, of all races, all planetary origins.  It is a treasure trove of knowledge that will be available to all.  Trans-galactic and inter-Universe portals will provide access for citizens of all the Multiverse to come for study and experience the rich diversity that will be found in the New Garden of Eden on Planet Earth.

So, take up your cloaks of wisdom, beloved Children, and prepared yourselves to be the brilliant and welcoming hosts to all the Multiverse.  You will soon become what you call “the life of the party.”  There will be a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, which you will soon be introduced to by your Mentors and Guides.  It will be a celebration that never ends, on a planet of joy, harmony, great intellectual pursuits and technological advances.

Welcome, my beloved Ones, to the New Golden Age.  Prepare yourselves to be the shepherds who will lead the flocks that come from far and wide.  We are here to help you in every way to gain the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual knowledge you will need for your coming role as the great Heart Center of the Universe.

I AM your Mother, together with your Father, in joy and anticipation of your glorious new beginning.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 23, 2015


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Mother/Source Tells the Three-part Story of The Great Fall into Darkness and Current Return to the Light of Planet Earth


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MOTHER GOD ( Mother Source ) – Our Programming – How To Break Free – Channel Panel – Kathryn E May, Channeler – 6-11-15


Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler

You can hear the broadcast of this show at the link below.


Mother/Source will come to talk with us about her Mini-Messages, and how she sees our progress toward Ascension.

Archangel Michael will come because it is so much fun when he does.

Sananda will be there too, to help us plan the next phase of our Enlightenment training:  What we will need to learn, how we can best open our hearts and minds to free ourselves of the last shadows of programming from the years under the slavery system of the Anunnaki trained cabal.

It is time for us to come fully into our Mastery.  The Company of Heaven is here to help us achieve our goals.

There will be time for questions from callers, so come talk with Mother, Sananda, Michael, Kathryn, Christine and Jade, our youngest channel and teenage advisor.

Come share a wondrous evening with us!

Where Is Christ Mother/Father GOD? – It Is Living Within Our Sacred Geometry – Posted by Divine Willpower – 6-4-15

Posted by Divine Willpower

Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, sisters and brothers. Where is Christ Mother/Father GOD? We are each and every one of us, Two Hearts living in synergy as ONE expression of Mother/Father GOD(E=MC2) with the GOD Self shining within and throughout in our emotional growth as we live in our Space/Time awareness. Father Time shines within us; one and all through our Higher Selves and into an astral expression of our Higher Hearts. The Living Mother is our expression of self awareness that holds the Space we are in our I AM presence. The Energy, or the (E)Motional expression that is the Love and Light of Mother/Father GOD we all are lives within us as the Mass we hold, moving as at the speed of light.

This (C)Speed of Light is who we are as carbon, crystaline or whatever dimensional density we hold in our Angelic DNA make up set apart only by the dimensional or worldly mastery we exist in, no matter if we are running, dancing or playing physically through life, flying through the Heavens in meditation or at rest in astral expression, we carry constant motion relative to the light and love that we are. It is our Energy.

The Love by Mother/Father GOD is gifted through water as the miracle blessing of birth. The Living Mother can also be renewed as a blessing through baptism. This is also a miracle of which helps us retain our highest light, or our individual blueprints that brings together all that we are. This Light of Father/Mother GOD lives within us and is balanced and processed through our Ethereal or Emotional Bodies. This is how we grow as ONE GOD; ALL THAT WE ARE as Humanity.

We are all, as individuals the Sacred Geometry that is Humanity. Within our Two Hearts that we are, we carry a magnetic expression of Conscious Thought and Sub-Conscious Mentality. Or in other words, we are all, each and every one of us, a Physical Heart and Christ Heart.

These Two Hearts align in synergy as our self-Awareness and/or Divinity. It is becoming more and more important to align with our Higher Christ Hearts in order to open up and cross that Veil of Secrecy. The Christ Heart rests approximately at the Thymus Gland and fills us with Light and Love into an empowerment of Mother/Father GOD within the Solar Heart Center.

Beyond the Magnetic Expression that we are as individuals, we are also created as Twin Pairs, or Twin Angelic Stars. We hold a responsibility to carry the highest light that we are as a blueprint to fill us all in our Ascending Mastery. This blueprint of Light lives within us as our own Faith of Father Time as we grown into this Self Mastery and move through whatever Space we occupy in honor of the Mother. This responsibility to honor our Mother Gaia is to 1st hold those Angelic Blueprints that manifest the Love we are gifted in Truth.

Understanding Absolute Truth as ONE GOD, it is our role as Humanity to align magnetically within ourselves, both in peace with our birthed incarnation as well as with the Angelic History which is carried through and within our Higher Self/Higher Heart. There is much work to be done in order to move into our Ascended Mastery. Not only do we have a responsibility to do this work within ourselves, this opens up our path of reuniting as Twin Stars or Higher Selves once again and that very expression that is our Higher Heart living within our incarnation. So is it true that within our incarnations here and now, WE ARE ALL THAT WE ARE in mastery here to make that journey into self-realignment into our highest light, or GOD Self; our blueprint.

The GOD Self tests us as the Ego Self and it lives within us, both as an Angelic, or Higher Self expression of who we are as well as within the incarnate Physical Self. We all grow in Time/Space within our (E)Motions, or Energy In Motion. There is a great deal of work to be done in order to realign with the Twin Self once again. He or She is part of you and you will find Him/Her through diligence of clearing the Ethereal or Emotional Self of which needs constant nurturing. There is a balance that must be maintained within us all and we need to be very careful not to be over protective as the Father or the Masculine Self and to always remember to allow those (E)Motions to process in the nurturing or Feminine Self. We carry as individuals both a Feminine and Masculine Emotional expression living within our bodies which is expressed as the Three Fold Flame; the Living Mother, the Living Father and the Golden Expression of which is Love in Truth.

Since the Fall of Man, we all descended as a test of growth as we are all children of GOD rising up from childhood. This is what the term “Fall in Love” comes from. We found love as children and spiraled for a great deal of magnetic cycles here in alignment with our Mother Gaia. We are now spiraling through a major cycle or shift into ascension to grow into adulthood, in wholeness or a full spectrum awareness that is the divine expression that we are. We fell as man, because we did not yet have the blueprints gifted to us by Father GOD. This is so that we could rise once more as ONE GOD; ALL THAT WE ARE to grow as Humanity. We need to realize that in a living expression of LOVE we must bring back trust and the Light of Father and to “Rise in Love” in ABSOLUTE TRUTH as Humanity. This trust of Charity is a gift that we must strive to share as within ones self and so then upon our Twin. Knowing her/him in a magnetic alignment of Conscious Thought and Subconscious Mentality will reflect upon Mother Gaia as the greatest gift we could ever return to her. This is our responsibility to her and the reason for our “Light Work” to fill our Hearts in Grace, gifting within us all, our new blueprints of ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

“In Grace, may we all shift together and carry Mother Gaia as she has always carried us all, avoiding any danger or unnecessary loss of life.” ~ Jacob

Doing this work, realigning with the Twin Star or incarnate Twin Flame requires 1st opening the Veil of Secrecy. As we gain trust with our Higher Selves and earn a place on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity of which is beyond the Bridge of (Sub)Consciousness. One is a Magnetic bridge of Thought and Mentality and one is a bridge that crosses us beyond the Abyss and aligns us with Mother/Father GOD.

As we cross the abyss on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity, we face ourselves in judgement of our incarnation and align with Higher Self or Oversoul into understanding who we are in ABSOLUTE TRUTH, viewing ourselves in self judgement as the GOD Self.

Father/Mother GOD lives within us all as the Merkabah spinning at whatever frequency or density that we hold within our divine expression of the very Time/Space we occupy, set aside only by whichever dimensional worlds apart we reside. Mother Gaia aims high and guides us in our Ascending Mastery. This is represented in pyramids throughout our entire creation. Her Energy is channelled upwards. Equally so, Father Time aligns with the Space she fills as he has an equal pyramid that channels downward as Light into the Space that she fills of which both pyramids meet as one representing the Merkabah. Carrying within us, a living expression of Mother/Father GOD, we can all share One Voice in One Truth, expressed within our Hearts and contain the very Gravity enough to hold us all together from spiraling too far in each and every eternal cycle thereafter.

It is imperative to remember that we are part of that very space that Mother Gaia fills. Our Magnetics are Her Magnetics. Our thoughts, both Consciously and Subconsciously have a magnetic effect in alignment with her. This is our Sacred Geometry.

“Divine Mother, Divine Father… please help us all realign as your children magnetically and vibrationally with our twin pairs so that Mother GaIa can shift in Grace. Let our polarities, not set us apart, but to hold us together magnetically for a shift birthing truth in love into the higher dimensional ascended mastery of humanity once again.” ~ Jacob

Where is Christ Mother/Father GOD? As we rise once more into higher dimensional awareness, we carry that Christ Self within our Higher Hearts. It is a gift of charity, hope, grace and divinity that we all have, living incarnate as Humanity.


Blessings of Love & Gratitude ♥ Jacob


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Mother, Father, Sananda, AA Michael – DIVINE INTERVENTION AT CRITICAL EVENT – URGENT MESSAGE TO HUMANITY – Earth and Grid Align in a New Way – Channeler Kathryn E May – 5-27-15


Dr. Kathryn E May, Channeler

Mother, Father, Sananda, AA Michael   –   Earth and Grid Align in a New Way   –  

Channeler Kathryn E May   –   5-27-15

Earth has been cleared in a completely new way!!!  Today, Wednesday, May 27 is the beginning of a historic shift of consciousness you will feel in your bones.

Come to hear Mother and Father, Sananda and Michael celebrate the magnificent progress that has been made on Earth during the past week.

Join us to learn how you can help the process along, and use the changes to bring greater Light into yourself and your manifest environment.

Archangel Metatron and Mother God – Embrace Your Feminine Energy


Archangel Metatron gives us Ground Breaking information on Sexuality. Could we have been told misleading information all these years about our Sexuality? Archangel Metatron is the Lord of Light and he was introduced to Marina and Kevin as the Holy of Hollies. The Beautiful Mother God continues and asks us to embrace our Feminine energies. Please share this most powerful and meaningful channeled message to everyone that you think will hear it. Especially, please share this message with all of the beautiful gay Brothers and Sisters who you know. They need to hear this and rejoice.

Channel Panel Broadcast – Dr. Kathryn E May Channeler – Mother God and St. Germain – 7-9-14


Dr. Kathryn E May

Click This Link To Listen To The Broadcast

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