Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – ENERGY UPDATE – 8-18-18 – Connecting with Twin Flame – Removing Yourself from Matrix Programming – via Rose Rambles dot org

Published on Aug 18, 2018

This channeled was made to give information that comes through… not give information based off what people want to hear or based off perception of the 3D programs, if i wanted to do that id put catchy titles and monetize, mention brands that have reached out, etc… if it doesnt resonate, dont force it. Trust yourself and how u feel. Not all are able to access their own soul contract so these times can be confusing and begin seeking info to understand, always trust what you feel, your truth. Get ready people, the ones unhappy in their own situation, will be in attack mode. THE PURGE. Many of you will begin to have visions of the Event soon if you havent already. You will be shown what to expect and whats coming intuitively prior. Many Twinflame waves are being guided through transmission from galactic family to merge together multidimensionally. One ship is sending transmission and activations to twinflame groups on the ground. Stay focused on the beauty of this freedom from the 3d matrix prism. Trust the process. Know you are protected 100% and guided. Ill post Arcturus Transmission channeled message later..already recorded just need to upload.






Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – RAINBOW WAVE 2 – The Event Integration – Energy Update – 8-17-18 – via Rose Rambles dot org

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Published on Aug 17, 2018

“You are in a process of full integration of 4th density consciousness of full transparency. 3D to 4D. Twin flames are beginning to merge in waves with astral body linking and telepathy linking through a harmonic synchronization. This is the beginning of the next phase of the Twin Flame and Freewill Ascension experiment for the human evolution on this planet. The time and location for your experiences are orchestrated by the higher 5th dimensional electronic self. Many of you will begin to directly communicate with the higher aspect of yourself in connection to your astral forth dimensional non-physical body; your persona and your third dimensional Avatar physical body; ascension vehicle. Through purging you have released old prep programs while integrating information for the Galactic human template to pull forth your 5D timeline in a physical experience.” -Arcturus Transmission

GAIA PORTAL – Primaries of foundations come to the fore – 8-17-18



Primaries of foundations come to the fore.

Elements of Jupiter handiwork are preceived and applauded.

Energetic fountains move to the Hue-manity skies.

Fresh awareness is attained.



Published on Aug 7, 2018


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Natalia Alba  – It is with great joy that I share the benevolent, and nonetheless intense, energies of this new energetic month, for even though, as humans, we tend to separate, this month is a continuation of what we began to experience with the first Eclipse in Cancer, and in general during all this summer, and that will increase with the Lion’s Gate in August 8th, reaching its peak with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. This month marks a key point in our evolutionary journey, it is indeed the end for many who are still trying to sustain both opposite worlds, for when we consciously decide to step into this new ascended reality, nothing will ever be the same.
All months hold precious gifts, if we are willing to see and embrace them. This new month brings us the gift of stepping into a new reality. If with the last Eclipse in Aquarius we had the opportunity to consciously release what no longer serves, for us as humans, we always tend to get attached to old energy, unconsciously repeating old habits/patterns, now with the coming of the Eclipse in Leo, we are being invited to become empowered sovereign beings, seeding light consciousness rather than fomenting the old energy, for the return of light consciousness can only be possible if we first hold this same frequency, within.
This is not an ending either a beginning, as the Universal 10/1 – 19 reduced – frequency of this month reminds us, for as you know, it is in the middle that we coexist and experience change, for all is happening at the same time, and when we believe something has finished, it is the new seed of what is already emerging, we just have to know where to look and shift our focus from poverty/victimhood/negative consciousness to a wider one, realizing that all is in truth an opportunity rather than a curse.
The energies from this month are going to be the new seeds for us to grow our true soul desires or …

DENISE LE FAY – Intense Personal & Collective July 2018 Clearing – 8-4-18 – via The Earth Plan

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There are epic Ascension Process months and July 2018 was certainly another one of them! For me July was a month of constant intense deeper level clearings from this life, this physical body, and having to make big inner changes over certain lifelong habitual focuses I’ve had around my income and eventual retirement. July also entailed intentionally ending connections with a few other timelines that contained some current life family members in them through lucid dream Work. This included my intentionally ending connections with certain other timelines and non-family people and friends in them that I don’t know in this timeline but do in them. July also included my being financially assaulted by heartless individuals employed by and thoroughly dedicated to the old patriarchal systems and have power over the amount of my annual income. Hold that judgement and keep reading please.

For me there’s nothing worse than having an unaware, low consciousness person devoid of all heart, honesty and integrity have power over me in any way for any reason, which is exactly what the entire pre-Ascension world has been for everyone….

The New Divine Humanity – Love Is Not A Result – It is Being Your Ascended God Self – via dreamweaver333 – 8-4-18

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Many Envision an idea of when One is Ascended

or Being Their God Self,

they will have all the things that they now want.

The thing about that is ~

when we are in our God State ~

we live aware of the energy that FLOWS through us…

via Love Is Not A Result ~ It is Being Your Ascended God Self — dreamweaver333