TERI WADE – Ascension and The Grand Experiment Unfolding – 10-13-19 – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

By: Teri Wade


The Matrix we live in is a grid system that provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. The Matrix on Earth was hijacked and dominated by those controllers who control us through frequency.

The New Matrix is allowing us to ascend in consciousness in a physical body. It’s never been done before… Again, we are the Grand Experiment! Those who have been on the Ascension path are gradually tuning into this new grid.

It’s hard for many to wrap their head around that none of this is real, this Matrix we live in is nothing but a holographic reality that we have been programmed to live in. The only real is the presence of self.

The environment we live in is composed of props, it’s all illusion. We live in a simulation, a holographic projection controlled by an incredibly powerful supercomputer, shall we say, that has controlled our consciousness for eons thru frequency.

Think about it… if all we know is within this simulated physical realm that we are participating in, which may be the entire 3-D physical Universe, you would have to think that the true reality would not even remotely resemble this world.
There is a splitting of two worlds and we are right at the cusp of that so it would only make sense that this non-physical, multi dimensional world would be completely unfathomable to our third dimensional human minds.

This physical 3-D reality we live in is completely restrictive and incredibly limiting. So, what’s happening is the frequency we are existing in now is being tweaked and when you tweak that frequency just a little bit it sends out monumental, planetary change throughout all creation.

If you think about it really what we have done is incarnated on this planet in the form of a physical human body while still existing in those higher realms. We’ve just been cut off through DNA manipulation from those higher planes of existence. But, now through these higher frequencies our higher self, your soul can now return. That would be an amazing world unlike this one.

What we need to do and we’ll get there is to maintain that connection and communication to those higher realms while in this physical body. I’m going to mess with your head right now… Maybe, the physical being that’s been separated from the higher states of awareness thru the incarnation process is the true simulation?

source: https://www.facebook.com/teri.wade.1610




DIANE CANFIELD – Energy Update, Current Advanced Symptoms -Leaving Behind 3D Body for Full Ascension – 10-4-19


By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Its finally happening ! The Light Body is now becoming fully activated for our shift into 5D! This is the FIRST time this symptom has showed up for many in the ascension process !

Many of you have felt this most current symptom of Ascension in the past few weeks—> including myself !  What does this feel like ? It feels as though your consciousness is starting to detach from your actual body. I have also talked about this in my videos the past few weeks of myself feeling it but now others are feeling it also. (You can find my videos on my you tube channel on the link at the bottom on this article )

It will give you a floating feeling and sometimes some anxiety along with it.  It can feel as though this wave is completely overtaking the body. When this happens, work to stay clam as anxiety can kick in when it happens. It does not last long for me – about 5 minutes for each episode. You may need to go to your sacred place if it does last longer to breath through it and get back in touch with yourself.

This is a NEW symptom over the past few weeks that has come online. Since it is Brand New, we need to wait to see where this takes us. I feel it will increase to more beings over the next few months.

Be sure and ground during this time, to make sure the light body takes over the way the process is intended and not sooner than it is supposed to. Grounding has been vital during the entire process and still is.

Why is this happening? It is happening now because enough have joined the ascension process to be able to start the next phase of ascension.

It is happening because many of the upgrades and downloads to the body for the masses, have been a success.

It is happening because our DNA has now reached the level where we can start Phase 2 of Ascension!

It is happening because the dark is now being brought to light on planet Earth and this leaves room for more light to infiltrate every being on the planet.

This may mean not everyone will feel this at this time. They may feel it much later, depending on their level of consciousness and the work they have done to fully let go of conditioning, programming and illusions that come with 3D life. For anyone who is not feeling this at this time,  hang on, you will.

Everyone has to feel everything in the ascension process, this is how we know we are the process, by our feelings and symptoms, there is no OTHER way. It is time to become completely real now and move on from teachings that keep us stuck.

Since I started tracking  Energy waves in 2010, I have learned not everyone feels the waves at the same time. Waves are energy specific and carry unique light codes and DNA Activations specifically for that wave.

Each person will feel the wave when they are ready for it. Everyone is not ready at the same time.

This newest symptom/ separating the body from the light body/ is preparing us for completely operating from our light body. This means a separation taking place in our consciousness of the 3D world and us. This will become more concrete towards the end of this year.

We are given plenty of notice before these changes take full effect. This is the first direct step in the transformation of our human body to the light body.  This is a preparation for our full ascension event.

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Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many IN PERSON visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension/AMBASSADOR/ Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

Cosmic Frequency Shift In Progress/ The Advanced Council Of Inter

Full Blown Collective Ascension Portal – Grace Solaris Ananda and the Arcturians – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure


~ Grace Solaris Ananda and the Arcturians

As the ascension waves and tsunamis are rapidly quickening and will be reinforced and reach an unprecedented momentum, we are being begged to prepare ourself for the massive awakenings, that will inevitably take place over the next months. Energetically we are already in the 2020 trajectory full blown Collective Ascension Portal in 0-point Eternal NOW.. and a whole new energy is being ushered in as per divine decree. I am being told the last months, that these are whole new frequencies that are coming from afar, outside this galaxy, galactic plasma and high pitched photonic light and sound to help to rise the frequency sufficiently to catapult a dismantling of the dense collective painbody and catalyze a mass awakening. To cleanse out and liquidize the rigid energies of thousands of years of accumulated trauma to be transmuted and washed out of our bodies and the planetary body, which holds the emotions and subconscious mind of the collective.

As pioneers of light, starseeds, gridworkers, keyholders and wayshowers we have come as conduits for this tremendous blast of energies to come thru. As first wavers galactic ground crew we have come to pave the way to restore divine harmony and unite all polarity within on all levels of our being and unite all aspects of self, all extensions of our souls from multiple levels and realms of existence. The coronation of this inner alchemy is the full descension of Source into our body vessel, which is the very point of ascension. The Arcturians are offering a divine dispensation of light as a natural progression of their ongoing support of the ascension, to facilitate this divine merging and anchoring of those ready to reunite with their original divine twin essence spark of light, which contain your divine blueprint immaculate design. This divine twinflame spark will ignite the kundalini fire and burn away the residues of separation in the kundalini channels and align the Ida and Pingala kundalini energies within our spine into One flow of pure Source energy, as well as promoting a divine union of the two hemispheres of the brain and dissolve all layers and veils of separation. So yes this is not for the fainthearted but for those that have prepared and are ready to shed whatever it takes for full blown transparency and nakedness to love in its purest universal quintessence.

This a returning home to divine oneness within our divine vessel still in human embodiment. A long awaited reunion of the Absolute into true ecstatic bliss homecoming. If you feel the calling and the longing feel welcome to join us for tomorrows Dna Global Group Transmission, the Brainstem Twin Essence Activation, Sunday October the 6th. Read more in link below and sign up for this divine opportunity to complete, unite and merge with your original twin essence spark of light. Are you ready for full blown divine union rapture to encapture your being and to say good bye to the illusion of your I-density as one separate entity from mother/father/god, then jump on board the Mothership and be ready for a supersonic ride on the massive waves of light coming in.

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~ Grace Solaris Ananda and the Arcturians




What Part Ascends To What? – via The New Divine Humanity – 10-7-19



Someone asked me recently if the body is still in 3D is it the Soul that ascends?

Let me be clear, with The Divine Council of Overseers, your Soul at its creation level is perfect and conscious of itself throughout all existences and throughout all dimensions NOW. There are no exceptions to this.

What Earth is and its program of reincarnation is a descending from the higher dimensions (your God Self) into a form that is designed based on your life/soul plan.

These higher dimensions include other planets, other galaxies and other universes.

Back to the question at hand, so then what part ascends?

You travel down (even though there is no direction) through frequency dimensions into the lowest of ALL ~ the densest ~ that is Earth. Then you are born. Often most forget about before arriving and the agreements made.

Some arrive a different way, as in the consciousness that is typing these words in a form here on Earth. The term often used is a walk in.  Even though consciousness at the highest levels surrounds the form.  We take over the use of a form, with the original soul, walking out. Although there is no in or out.

In the lower dimensions you are practising becoming the highest consciousness that you are in the highest dimensions. This is a merging of your highest frequency and awareness with the consciousness of the form and its DNA. This is ascension.

The purpose of this as was taught on MU (the first civilization on Earth) and prior to signing up for the Earth program, was for you to become Gods on Earth when you graduated.

Your graduation is your ascension it is a merging and that is mastery.

As we the Elohim and Overseers had also become as you would call Gods, through the process of  mastery for form, which you call ascension.

It is a maturing and realization of all that you are.

This takes place as Divine Virtues become you ~ through your heart, you then recognize your own Divine power and the YOU that you are eternally.

And YES that means the you in form goes through an alchemical process. As the body once merged and mastered, transfigures and changes matching the eternal you.

As at the level of merging and ascension GOD SELF consciousness there is no age or time.

And now we activate you into this greater knowing of YOU.

In that you all signed up for, to be the actualized GODS of the New Earth world. In love.

NATOYA HAL – NEW EARTH HAS ARRIVED! – OCTOBER VIBRATIONS FORECAST – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 10-6-19


NATOYA HAL – NEW EARTH HAS ARRIVED! – OCTOBER VIBRATIONS FORECAST – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 10-6-19

by Natoya Hall

As I sit and prepare to write this Forecast I can feel the expansiveness of the dimension I’m currently occupying and it feels like bliss, ease and an all-knowing that at this moment ALL moments exist and I am well. I am attuned. No matter how hard-hitting, deep and brutally honest these energies get and HAVE been; I’ve got it and all is truly well. this is the theme for October.

We are merging with our Higher Selves and Higher Dimensions every day, every hour; every minute. Dipping our toes in and out of the dimensions that resonate with our frequencies and learning in our own way how to embody our mastery on this planet called Tara. October, November and December go deep within our Quantum Jumping/being and align us with our innate alchemy. Who we have ALWAYS been finally shows up to the party.

We are in the middle of the unravelling that is expediting our shift in consciousness and October brings in what we have been working our butts off to clear, heal and transmute. Makes sense, since Saturn and Pluto have assisted us with our deep shadow work for the better part of the year. What we could no longer tolerate, ignore and the persistent blocks that showed up in certain parts of our lives got some higher perspective and wisdom. Let’s first go a bit deeper with the planets, our Universe and why Astrology is playing an important and vital role in our awakening. I want to tell you a story about who you are:

When we decided to descend upon Earth about One Hundred thousand “years” ago we came down with a 3rd-dimensional template because at that time in our evolution Earth could not handle our Higher Frequencies because Earth herself resonated at a 3rd-dimensional resonance.This was “Project Shift Earth into a 5th and Higher Dimension”. We would have to go through cycles of karma, learning, healing and remembering our higher aspects while under an amnesia state or the veil of illusion. As Earth shifted and Ascended within these cycles, so did we; each incarnation played a vital role in the awakening of our Higher Selves. Now, before we descended we were created as the “New Humans” which means we would have all our Starseed qualities, gifts, abilities, power and mastery within us. It was agreed upon that these traits would lay dormant this was done due to the high chance of our bodies not handling the shift in energies, Earth was at that time the densest planet and with our magnitude we had to be sure we could handle it. Within each and every Lightworker lays DORMANT cells and when the right cycle approached these cells would be awakened to sustain a higher vibrational resonance. We know this resonance; this higher vibration is not new or foreign to us, we ARE higher frequencies and we come from higher frequency Planets and Star Systems. Let’s just say that we’ve had to play dumb to catch wise through cycles of incarnations. These old cycles are ending and have ended and the call to awaken fully dormant cells and memories have been activated within each of us Lightworker’s; we are now awakening! The sleeping giants (US) have been awakened.

The Planets, Cosmos are all aligning in a particular way to ACTIVATE our dormant cells, organs, brain, and DNA because NOW Earth and US have evolved past these cycles and upgrades and we can finally be who we have always been; Warriors of Light.

So, I say all that to inflict a remembering within you that Astrology is not new; we CREATED astrology or the planetary systems that will SPECIFICALLY aid us in remembering, rerouting, healing and awakening us when the time was right. The time is right NOW. You can give it names like Saturn is Satan and all that nonsense that takes us away from what we are truly here to do; don’t get caught up in the bullshit. Remember that Mother/Father God is in charge here and we are the breathing cells and embodiment of God and God didn’t create no fools; while some are looking at “out there” for the answers they do not realize that WE have EVERYTHING within us. We ARE the cosmos. We ARE the trees, air, water, wind, the particles that created this Multiverse. Why do you think they have tried to brainwash us to think we have no power? As we are coming out of our amnesia we can finally see past the illusions that they have created while we were “asleep”. The power and magic we have within us can shatter any and all illusions; we ARE the force.

I always see what is going on within the Collective Consciousness before I know what is going on with the planets. Because there is always a “theme”. Energy is blunt. Just look at yourself and how you react and behave at peak energy spikes. I’ve been noticing over these past few months that authenticity is a theme. We are being called to step into our Authentic Selves and have the courage and faith to be who we came down here to be. Saturn has been assisting us by working with our shadow selves, but not just our shadows in this life, our shadows from our past lives that have followed us into this incarnation, into this dimension of space and time. We play out our deepest psychological patterns, programmings, fears, worries, themes in every life until we have mastered them. We are also dismantling our Ancestral Lineages and the themes that run within our innate Timelines; so you see, you’re not just doing work for yourself, you’re doing work for the dismantling of imprints from your Spiritual Team. Your Mother and Father in YOUR movie are your actors that you have hired to play certain roles so you excelled in your mastery when the time was right. Your lovers are your teachers and their sole job is to make sure you love you more than you love them and to remember your worth is what sets you free. Your children are pieces to a puzzle that propel your courage and faith because you want to be your best for them; stepping up and being brave enough to walk authentically sets EVERYONE in your life FREE. THIS is the lifetimes where those themes are looked at and dismantled; THIS. IS. HUGE.

October goes deep with our Higher Dimensional personality selves. Pluto goes direct and is the planet that governs Scorpio. Scorpio is going to put a mirror up to your deepest fears, your deepest secrets, your deepest shadows and say “HERE’S JOHNNY!”. (If you know the movie, you get it lol)! Then On October 13th, Mercury the planet of Communication goes into Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. Speak your truth but don’t get caught up in your illusions/paranoia. Speak from that authentic place and not from your trauma, worries or fears. See what you can no longer pretend or show up half-ass with anymore. Either you realize you’ve been your worst enemy or you get rid of what’s been holding you back; pointing fingers is a thing of the past because now you have to take back the power that YOU have given away.

The rest of the year is INTENSE as we are on the precipice of a new time in Earth’s Evolution. 2020 brings us a new paradigm. If it seems like it is moving fast it’s because it is! We are getting prepared and morphed into beings of light that can transcend realities and dimensions. What we are re-learning is how to USE these energies to ground our wanted realities.

Our Ascension symptoms are on overdrive and everything is happening to the body. Massive pain and discomfort as Father Sun (Solar Flares) awaken our dormant cells/potential. Our Organs have new functions and are being morphed to handle high-intensity Light. One minute you may look completely different and the next like a completely different person. We have begun to age backwards as we collapse time and awaken the cells of youth and health. Our Brain functions have changed and are changing as now we are awakening to new multidimensional information and frequencies. Where we hold pain and fear within the body also stems from lifetimes of you “perfecting” a theme; so your stomach issues show where and how you’ve been giving your power away and not standing in your truth. Your knees, feet, legs and Root shows you your Ancestral Lineage and what has to now be healed; giving you permission to walk the myriad of realities available to you now. You are not your grandmother’s/grandfather’s illness or disease or their pain and trauma and once you realize this and move accordingly with a new mindset you dismantle that timeline and create a new higher one for the generation to come after you. THIS is how we are all working together as ONE.

October shows you the intensity but also shows you how you can handle it. Returning back to Nature as Mama Gaia guides you to be ROOTED and in a meditative state to sense with your body and higher mind. One last note before I end this Forecast is that we are now open and sensing many, many different energies. As we get stronger and come online more and more there will be tactics to draw us down whether it be the 5G networks, chemtrails, infiltrating our foods/water; you name it. I’m guided to remind you that YOU can transcend this by speaking to your body and transmuting these toxic energies. The power of this Universe is within you and there is NOTHING they can do that you cannot do 10 times better; you ARE that powerful. We were not sent here to fail. You see, we’ve already won! It’s time we see ourselves for who we truly are and THAT is our greatest weapon.

We’ve Jumped. We are in the eye of the Storm. New Earth has arrived.

source: https://www.natoyahall.com




Era Of Light – Full Blown Collective Ascension Portal – 19-7-19


Era Of Light – Full Blown Collective Ascension Portal – 19-7-19

“As the ascension waves and tsunamis are rapidly quickening and will be reinforced and reach an unprecedented momentum, we are being begged to prepare yourself for the massive awakenings …


Dimensions of Disclosure 2019, Joan Wheaton’s Notes from 8-25-19, DAVID WILCOCK Workshop (Part 5 of 5) (#DoD2019) – posted 10-6-19 – Courtesy of Kauilapele Blog

Dimensions of Disclosure 2019, Joan Wheaton’s Notes from 8-25-19, DAVID WILCOCK Workshop (Part 5 of 5) (#DoD2019) – posted 10-6-19 – Courtesy of Kauilapele Blog

Links for all 4 posts are at the end.

“My point I want to share the most with you, to summarize: Look at the geometry. Look at the fact that the whole Universe is made from a geometric pattern. We saw this with the amplituhedron. Biological life is implicit in the Universe. If there is one geometric pattern, and we are alive, then the geometry makes life. So if the whole Universe is made from this geometry, there is going to be intelligent life like us everywhere.

“The solar flash is multi-dimensional. It will cause Ascension if you are ready. How does it do that? It changes the frequency of the atoms in your body. It restructures your geometry. Remember, one geometric pattern can change into another geometric pattern.

“How do you get ready for that? By meditating and getting yourself crystallized; and with love. Loving energy causes the geometry in your body and the geometry in your soul to become more crystallized, and if you have enough crystallization, then, you can handle the intensity of the vibrations coming in.

DUANE: Please be sure to use David’s Meditation for Ascension. (at the end of this article}