LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Expanding as our Lightbodies – with Kerry K

Lisa Transcendence Brown

It was so heart-expanding to unite with sweet Kerry K to share on various topics regarding Embodiment, our LightBodies, Expansion, Living magical realities from our heart, full vibrational alignment, Experiencing through our own Quantum States of Consciousness and more. While we went out Live on Facebook, Kerry has since uploaded the video on her YouTube for all to activate/receive through. In-Joy! ♥

Samadhi Speaks
Published on Aug 5, 2019

Take your time, listen to this at your own pace and take in what could potentially be information that shifts you into feelings and experiences that you have not attained before.

I first spoke to the magnificent Lisa Transcendence Brown in a private call a few weeks prior to our show and that call left me in an expanded state and with insights that were mind blowing to me. I discovered that it was no longer my duty to “stay behind” and support those in transition and that I am of more service stepping into my highest expression now. Perhaps you crossed that bridge ages ago but for me, I was stuck there and didn’t even know it.

So here is to each of us living our highest expression and I have no doubt this conversation will take you there.

Please forgive the discrepancy between my volume and Lisa’s, next show I promise you it will be more even.

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Archangel Michael on the Level of the Collective Kundalini – 8-16-19 – by Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia

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Ascension is a gradual affair with some sudden “jumps” (such as 4th, 6th, and 7th chakra enlightenments and Sahaja). (1)

Here Archangel Michael reveals that there actually are collective ignition points at which he or the Mother pulls the switch.

While we’re not ready for the full power surge, we are ready for a lesser event – a fourth-chakra heart opening, which Michael has said, elsewhere, is halfway accomplished. (2)

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.

Steve: My suspicion is that as a global society we are not yet ready for Sahaja Samadhi [i.e., the full experience of Ascension]. Is that correct?

AAM: You are not quite there. That is correct.

Steve: Is it possible to talk about where the collective kundalini is?

AAM: Once we have talked about the collective unconscious and how that has determined much of the progression, and how it is accessed and how it is not accessed, how the collective consciousness also has grown and shifted and varied.

So when we speak of this, it is important that people understand, not just you, beloved one, because you understand, but for the collective to understand.

The difficulty arises when we speak of such things that people will often translate as applicable to their own personal situation. And while that has implications for the personal situation, it does not necessarily speak to the individual.   So we give that proviso. [My emphasis.]

The collective kundalini has been worked on, as you well know, quite literally, for thousands and thousands of years. So to say that it is a slow process would be a dramatic understatement.

Understand, if you look particularly towards the east and all the work that has been done not only in India but Tibet as well and in the mystery schools of ancient times, much of this was always about raising the life force, the kundalini, through awareness, to travel completely not only at the spine but throughout the body and outward.

And much of the individual work, small pockets of work that was done by sex [tantra yoga?], for example, was again part of the work that was done in the collective kundalini.

Right now the focus of the collective kundalini is in the sacral because the focus (that does not mean it does not oscillate up and down) but the focus of the kundalini at this time is in the sacral and in the solar plexus, in the hara [or chi energy center].

So that the beginning, the remembering and the bringing forth of creation energy can truly be in the forefront. This is the biggest shift that the human collective is experiencing.

Steve: Are you waiting until the collective kundalini reaches a certain point before you pull a switch, say in this case, of the heart opening but in other cases, Ascension [Sahaja Samadhi] itself?

AAM: Yes and no. Understand also (you are having a yes-and-no day, are you not?) so think of the kundalini as an old-fashioned mercury thermometer.

And there are periods of time during the day when the thermometer will go very high and it is anchored therefore in the heart chakra. And that is where the focus of the awakened being is.

But that also means on the travel upward that it activates fully the awareness, the desire and the actual physical ability to create and co-create.

So does everybody (the collective) need to be in the heart chakra or higher, even in the high heart? That would be preferable.

[But to answer my question:]

There is a tipping point at which it is sufficient to pull the switch.



(1) Fourth-chakra enlightenment = spiritual awakening or stream entering; could take the form of the sight of the Self or of a heart opening.

Sixth-chakra enlightenment = Savikalpa samadhi or cosmic consciousness.

Seventh-chakra enlightenment – Nirvikalpa samadhi or Brahmanjnana/God Realization.

Sahaja Samadhi is beyond the 3rd-dimensional 7-chakra system and is a permanent and full heart opening.

The Halls of Amenti – The Immortal Forms Arise – 8-16-19 – via The New Divine Humanity



The Original Immortal forms/bodies, of the Creator Gods are awakened in the Halls of Amenti. Restored and renewed, they merge with their counterparts, aspects of themselves, here on Earth.

Through the embodiment of the activated DNA/Blueprint Plan, they are rising, being renewed and restored to their original GLORY and awareness thereof.

As above so below, the Heaven on Earth is being restored to those whose hearts are prepared. To those the destiny, has called them, through their own awakening.

No separation or distance is the truth, those that embody this consciousness, of KNOWING as Being, have surpassed all previous levels and initiations.

They are present to lead the way. As the leading is the above, the below, the Earth is now matching in complete harmony.

The next activated parallel world as existing through those that are ready, is the celebration, which will feel natural, as this consciousness they are already unified with and ready.

To those being activated through this to the next level, know that it is all levels of Light frequency.

No being has ever been separated from this.

Only the density that one has participated in, to experience the full awakening once again.

A mastery, full levels restored. The awareness the Highest Beings of Light, transported, teleported, Into living, the Heaven on Earth, dreamt about.

Now it is, the playing out of the next levels has begun.

All through the activated and restored immortal forms.

In love through the Heart, with The Divine Council of Overseers, all Masters, Angels Blue Avians, Elohim and Beings from another Universe. Initiating and activating now, all hearts. In love.

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DIANE CANFIELD – Current Energy Update – Ascension /Higher Consciousness answered – 8-6-19

Diane Canfield
Published on Aug 6, 2019

My website

Diane is a gifted Psychic, Ascension teacher and has had the rare privilege of many visitations of Star races. They visit her face to face and often give messages for her to pass along to the collective.

The star race contact started in 2000 when she saw a huge Pleiadian mother ship in broad daylight near her house. Diane was able to see this ship for some time and then when she took her eyes off of it, it was a cloud instead. She was told this is how they use cover for others who are not picked to see them and to make contact.

This encounter with this ship jumpstarted Diane’s psychic skills to a new level of consciousness. This is when her gifts started manifesting that had laid dormant for years since her childhood.

She was gifted with precognition and channeling from the source as a child, but had no support system to help her cope with what she was experiencing.

At this time Diane has ongoing visits with Star Beings and is open to speaking engagements to discuss this very important aspect of moving into 5D.

Diane feels every wave and energetic download that comes in to evolve all beings on beautiful earth. She regularly posts these articles in her article sections and on Facebook. She is on the leading edge of ascension and star being contact with vast awareness in all areas of psychic abilities, opening the third eye, star being contact and ascension.

All of this has been happening since January 31st when I first posted about it on my facebook page

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Sandra Walter Update – 8-14-19 – via The Earth Plan


New Star Gates opening within and without Right NowFreedom Code amplificationBrand new energies emerging from Gaia herselfMeditate. Gratitude. Honour you HeartCreate the New
Gaia Mum, yes!! With the “Galactic overlay” that I saw and her Inner Heart in full action mode, the sensation of being “squeezed” is getting more pronounced.

Source: Sandra Walter

Gates open for the August amplification ~ embrace your higher trajectory. 

Peace. Gratitude. 

Your heart intentions have influence; Be a responsible Creator. 

Because #Ascension.
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Phil Good – Crossing The 4D Rainbow Bridge

Phil Good
Streamed live 8 hours ago

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SAINT GERMAIN – MANKIND RETURNS TO THE LIGHT – 10-11-19 – courtesy of Saint Andrews Twin Flame

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Beloved child! So this day and the moment have come when we can reach each other. We can communicate again as in the past. Your heart speaks directly to mine and can perceive the message from me. I wipe the tears of movement out of my eyes and smile with happiness.

Finally, the time has come for the people of the Earth to ascend to the Light.You have all come out of the Light and will now be brought back to this. The event / shift is here my Beloved Friends. Everything and everyone in the Universe is affected by this magnificent event, from the smallest creep to the crowd of Archangels. This is a miracle of God, the first of its kind. Mankindreturns to the Light in its physical bodies!

You have been unbelievably courageous, enduring and strong in your hard work. Since I have been walking on Gaia myself, I know a little about the weight, the inertia and the illusion there. I have only lived there a few timesbut you MY HEROES have had the courage to be reborn thousands of times to gather experience. Understand that what you have done and are doing is greatly and greatly appreciated by us, all your Friends waiting for your return here.

It is gratifying to see how you spread the Light on and on, all around you and as a pattern of light between you all Light Carriers and Light Warriors so thateveryone who wants to have the opportunity to jump on the Light Rail. When you go ahead and show the enlightened path, everyone who so easily finds their way into the same path and can thus follow when they so desire and are ready for it.

Keep the Peace in Your Mind Dear Friends. In retrospect, your constant Followers, Raiders and Friend, Saint Germain wishes to be called.

» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla