Michelle Walling, CHLC – Who Is Guiding You? – 11-29-14

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Djinns, genies, ascended masters, spirit guides, angels, and archangels are waiting to assist you when you ask for help. The question is: which ones will assist based on your resonance of vibration?


Magic stimulates the inner child

Two of my favorite television shows growing up were I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. Something sparked a memory of remembrance of the ability to manifest something out of nothing or to be able to disappear from one place and reappear in another. Magic has always kept my inner child  excited and curious about the possibility of having anything you want or need in the blink of an eye.

It would be nice to have a genie or a witch as a wife to be able to call upon when you need help. However, the premise of both TV shows was that Jeannie and Samantha innocently caused trouble and were always trying to undo what they had created. Major Nelson and Darren were always trying to lessen their need for help in order to live life as a mortal human without the need for magical favors.

Humanity is now on the same playing field as we realize who we are. We are not just merely mortal humans helplessly stumbling through this lifetime. Many of us have realized our own capabilities to manifest and have called on help from the realms beyond the veil for assistance when we find ourselves in need of assistance.


Astral realm assistance

The planet has vibrated at a very low frequency for a long time. We have had many lifetimes in this frequency caught in a circle of recurring time. This cycle was broken in 2012 and we are each finding our way out of the darkness.

Djinns, genies, and tricksters live in the astral realm, which is a part of the lower levels of the fourth dimension. There are also those beings of the false light that pose as archangels, angels and ascended masters waiting to be able to connect with you at your request. They aim to steal your inner light. These are beings of a low vibrational level that like to serve by being available to you when you are desperately calling out for help from a place of victimization or weakness. Through the Universal Law of Vibrational Attainment, like attracts like on a vibrational level.


Fourth density/fifth dimensional frequency

Portal art

The choice is available in every moment to move past emotions and thought of fear. For those of us who chose to move forward into a fifth dimensional frequency, this lifetime was the one that would transmute the karma from the dark ages of war, patriarchy, domination and control, and suffering.

Examples of fear are anger, hate, jealousy, insecurity, and helplessness. Ironically, the ego’s job is to work with you to show you these states of low vibration so that you can realize how it makes you feel. Many people will move through the Dark Night of The Soul in order to face their fears once and for all.

When Earth makes her shift into a higher vibrational frequency of fifth dimensional love, the human population will eventually split into those who can handle this frequency and those who cannot. Love is the opposite of fear in this dualistic reality. We have already seen evidence of this split because we see that some people have fallen out of our lives and some have chosen to leave the planet altogether.

This shift in frequency has already moved to a palpable resonance within our bodies. In order to continue to match Earth’s rising frequency, energies from past lives are being presented to us through various scenarios with other people that we pre- planned before we incarnated. These energies have to be presented to each other in order to be transmuted and cleared so that the body can continue to raise its frequency.

Way-showers are doing a great job moving to love and clearing energies of fear from their bodies. As they clear the lower vibrational energies, they are making the space to bring more of their high vibrational essence into their bodies. This essence is light and if it could be seen with the naked eye, it would look like beacons of light lit up all over the world. These beacons are all connected and the way-showers are expanding the connective filaments of light between themselves all over the world, which inevitably affects everyone else.


Higher vibrational guides and masters


Spirit Guide


Sometimes we could use an unseen hand in order to help draw in some extra higher vibrational energy. When we call for help from a higher resonance, we receive help from higher vibrational beings. Usually the help that is requested is used for service to others for the highest interest of all.

As multidimensional beings, we were already ascended before we descended in vibration. We are the ascended master, angel, or guide. Parts of us exist in other timelines, dimensions, and outside of this reality. When we call of help from other beings in the higher realms, we are usually connecting with a higher aspect of ourselves.

Other beings that help us from the higher realms include loved ones who have passed on and vibrated their way to the dimension of love. These beings often decide to serve as a guide to those they left behind because of the importance of the time we live in. We also have other families from other planets that are always watching over us and are waiting for us to use our free will in asking for some guidance and assistance.

From the highest perspective of the Creator Source, all of the beings mentioned are simply aspects of itself. There is no judgment in high vibrational vs. low vibrational. There are only those who have strayed the furthest from Source and those who are moving back toward Source.

We chose to embark on this lifetime in which we will move closer to Source’s love while still occupying a physical body on Earth. Once the human body is clear of negative energies and thoughts, it will provide a platform for our true essence to shine within along with Earth, which is the higher aspect of itself in physical form. Being in balance will create a symbiotic relationship with our souls in the form of physicality along with the planet and its maker.

We are not simply ascending. We are remembering and returning to wholeness and love. We have the knowledge and the spark within us that is connected with all of the help we will ever need.

We can call upon that part of us that already exists in the higher realms outside of space and time to join us here on Earth at this very important time. As we raise our frequency, we will no longer be within the reach of the lower astral forms that wish to steal our light and keep us disconnected. We are the one true light and the knowledge and recognition of this is the biggest kept secret of all time.


About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for www.in5d.com, host of The Cosmic Awakening Show and Body, Mind Soul & Spirit Show (The BMSS Show) on In5D Radio and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.



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Gold Ring 52B – Galactic Doorway


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The GoldRing of Enlightenment & Abundance, Our Community is the GoldRing. KeterMagick, a talented and knowledgeable member of the GoldRing is the next candidate for the Initiations. Today she will speak about her mission and purpose, Intent & Declaration and then we will be taking her on a Vision Quest to bring guidance from the higher dimensions and embody them in Spirit form. Enjoy this heart to heart connection and telepathic harmonious alignment. The Initiations are part of the wiki website at http://goldring.wetpaint.com where we share and express our desires and are building the GoldRing Media Group

Greetings from Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

Maryann Rada·18 videos

In her own words, Asket says: “I am an interstellar agent of the galactic body of civilizations known as the League of Light. We are working on many projects at this time and the one that I am most involved with at this point is to inform the public about the changes they are facing. Our mission is to support the awakening of the population of Earth and to facilitate that happening without the process being manipulated to your collective detriment. We are on the ground, in the air, and on bases at various undisclosed locations around the world and the solar system. You do not openly see us, but we are nevertheless very present in your day-to-day life. We are working on the long-term goal of helping the human race native to the planet gain the natural rights they hold as galactic humans, to enjoy the freedom they merit as humans within the galactic community, and to forestall any attempts at making such a transformation from enslavement to liberation anything other than as peaceful and tranquil as possible for all involved.”

To read more of her mission at this time and in other times, visit Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions. There you will find her story and her communications to us.

For the full download from the Pleiadian Renegades and others in service in the League of Light, visit Opalescent Nine: Remembering a New Reality at http://opalescentnine.com.

channeling by Maryann Rada
art by Tim Jones
music “Starfield” by Susperia-Electrica

Corrina On Ascension – Re-Returning to Beginning – Universal Love Flows – Golden Web Integration – 11-26-13

Cosmic Mother

Listen to this Earth Hive update

Earth Hive Blog

There was a deep momentum building in November that reached a crescendo effect over the weekend, bringing us into a new choice point.  We are being given the option to choose again.  It’s like a re-do in the collective.  The story is deeply influenced by the new feminine Cosmic Creation field that has been circling the Earth’s atmosphere since October.  With it’s full emergence pressing, there is an upheaval in the masculine created world.  From the Earth Hive perspective, a cosmic consciousness of the Cosmic Mother light, we can see that it is the Mother’s nest making way for a stable place to land deeper into the Earth.  It is a time of the wise woman’s knowing, honoring the space of the great Mother, and allowing for her children to scramble a bit as all that has been known to be real shifts underfoot.

The Flow of Universal Love

The Earth and humanity is embarking into a vast new field of creation.  In the last two months, this has been remarkably influenced by the Golden Web of Creation, a master field of creation generated from the feminine source of life and heard throughout the cosmos as Earth’s new song of the Mother.  The incoming Golden Webs are positioned throughout the planet as an intervention.  Many of us have called in this light field to allow for an easier transmission of the Mother’s light and to right the “wrongs” of the false light creations (part of the corrupted masculine energy).  The call was received and fulfilled for many reasons; yet, a crucial reason is the heart wounds of Earth are disrupting the flow of the one love frequency from the universal heart Core.  This disruption leads to rips in the fabric of the universe, a kind of “heart sore” in the universal fabric of God’s universe.  It is paramount to the universal flows of omni-love for Earth to repair her heart frequency and heart disconnection, not only for the sake of humanity’s heart, but for the sake of cohesion in the greater universe of love.

From the perspective of the cosmos and the higher dimensional light beings that work to maintain the flows of universal love, Earth is now an active player in the cosmic milieu of creation.  Our lower projections (hate, hurt, pain, suffering, trauma) are impacting the universal heart highway, the heart lines that transmit the one heart pulse through all of creation.  The Golden Web of Creation has been ushered into Earth as a buffer to the lower projections, sending them back to Earth, but also to very quickly change the context by which we create on Earth.  The impact is great.  We are feeling the reverberation of these lower projections instantly.  At the same time, we are receiving greater amounts of love flows through the universal heart lines.

The great Mother consciousness is very powerful on Earth now; she is enacting new codes of creation that elevates consciousness to be inclusive of the “wholeness of experience”.  Greater consciousness is required in all of our thoughts and actions as the mirror of reflection is showing us exactly what it is that we are choosing to create.  We can see the “whole” rather than the “part”, if we choose to engage in this level of seeing.  Our experiences are received now as spheres of reflection; these are bubbles of light that contain the whole intelligence of that which we are creating.  As we sort through these reflective bubbles of experience, we are being given a fresh start, the option to choose an entirely new reality.

The Re-Return

In this process of re-creation we are undergoing on Earth, the Earth’s clock has been reset numerous times.  This is one such moment.  The entry of the Golden Web of Creation, as well as a harmonic shift coming from the Earth’s core syncing up with the Galactic core (this is an infinity frequency sync-up), is re-aligning the timing sequences on Earth.  This is one of those cherished moments where we can truly leave the past behind and start anew.  If we take this golden opportunity, we are empowered to re-create with all the love power of the universe to fulfill our divinity on Earth.  Many of us have been gifted with universal plans of action to carry out on Earth.  Some of these plans are very, very clear.  We are receiving the clarity of knowing that we are responsible for these plans, and yet, we can start fresh today with their orchestration.  It’s truly a new moment on Earth and our actions will manifest differently than even in the not so distant past.

The “re-return” is like a surprise gift of new life.  The quality of the creation atmosphere on Earth now is saying that we begin today.  Pay deep, deep attention to what it is that you are receiving.  The awareness is starkly crystal clear now.  Doubt and confusion can arise if we dip into the reverberation of the lower projections.  View your own crystal ball, the light bubbles of reflection, and you can dip out very quickly and re-start with the power of universal love supporting your wholeness of experience.

Golden Web Integration 

December will see the acceleration of the integration of the Golden Web of Creation.  As I am seeing it now, it will reveal a new dimensional layer on Earth.  It’s a golden-ness of creation that hoovers just above the Earth’s soils.  As humanity receives this golden bath, the buffer of protection for love’s creations will amplify.  It will create a type of reversal in the layering of Earth.  Lower projected thoughts/actions will counter-intuitively “rise” out of the Earth’s surface as they will not be able to live near the surface where the Golden Web has created her nesting ground.  It may be chaotic or it may flux smoothly.  This is yet to be determined as it’s the masculine principle that will significantly influence how the pattern of “reversal” manifests.  The masculine experience on Earth is in a test run at the moment to inquire on this process.

There is room for the wise woman, the intuitive healer and the knower and revealer of Truth, to hold ground to effectively clear the ground space on Earth of dis-ingenious experience and cycling.  We may see a greater power and effectiveness of the true maternal instinct and matriarchal strength that does what needs doing to allow for a greater purpose to unfold.  It is a time of affirming what is the desired experience within the materially present world, and this role is being re-balanced to the female presence on Earth, a presence that shows up in a myriad of ways.

One of these ways of the female is through the divinity of the bees.  They have been acting up lately to re-insert their way of creation, the feminine hive creation experience.  In their multi-dimensional body of higher intelligence, they are swarming close to the surface clearing the ground-level debris and polishing the surface to smooth the transition for the Golden Web’s “nesting” space.  In their dusting and polishing, they are creating an expanded ground level space for the new creation that invites more people to ground into the honeycomb design of life.  There is literally more space bee-ing created for humanity to connect to the honeycomb foundation, the unification of the One Mind and the One Heart where universal intelligence meets the universal heart pulse.  The bees welcome ALL who desire to pulsate with this oneness.  You may find that their buzzing, a harmonic of the AUM vibration, is tapping at you, introducing you to the hive and initiating you into the Golden Web of Creation.  When you are touched by the buzz, you are being given the choice of igniting the universal love flow within yourself–a greater spaciousness of experience awakening and understood oneness enveloping your reality.

Welcome to the buzz of unity!

Earth Hive Blog

Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival, Part 374 – Go Within To Explore New Realms

Aisha North Blog

The time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin territory, and the only way for you to do that, is to connect even deeper within yourself than you have ever done before.

For that is where this unexplored territory resides, and that is the only place you will find it. It will not be shown to you on a screen or in the papers, nor will it be given to you from the mouth of another person. Rather, all of these outlets may serve to confuse you further at times like these, so we do advice you all to keep score of the time you use your senses externally, and make sure to give yourself more than ample time to focus all of your consciousness within. For again, what you find there, no one else can find for you, and there are a multitude of treasurers within you all waiting to be discovered by none other than you. And if you do not find it in you to go and search for these treasures, they will lie there undiscovered. And remember, if you choose to abstain from this treasure hunt, the results will not only limit your abilities to go above and beyond any limitations, it will also affect the collective. For in this, you all play an intrinsic part of the whole, and the more you desire to seek the hidden treasures you all carry within, the more you will add to the whole. And as such, the more you find, the more we all will rejoice.

For remember, the result you engender will not only affect you personally, it will have an effect on All of creation. For you are not isolated islands, floating in a vast, empty sea. You are all molecules closely connected to all the other molecules in existence, and the moment you arrive at a higher level of understanding, you will ensure that everyone else is affected by the same level of vibration as you. And yes, we do mean all, as one set of frequency affects everyone else, both above and below them on the scale, in some way. For you are not solo players, you are all players in a vast orchestra, comprised of All of creation. So when you venture ever further within on your own journey of self discovery, you will help to change the tune of everyone else also.

But remember, this also goes for all those currently unable to even hear that there is a majestic song being played out. For what they will “hear” whenever you manage to amplify your output even more by accessing those inner codes that are still hidden from view, will be an amplification of a pressure that they will be hard pressed to define. They will simply feel the onset of an even more unsettling feeling of “something” approaching them, as they have yet to find the reason for this added pressure. For remember, whenever you open a new door within that will help you to step up your own frequency, you will also open the doors to something that will affect all, also those that are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that there is indeed a tremendous change going on. For what they will feel, is an even stronger impetus to feel off balance, and they will have an even harder time settling down and finding their own equilibrium back. For they will not find it before they themselves open up to this surge of energetic upgrading, and so, they will find themselves more and more confused and insecure about everything in their own life. And the results from all of this added pressure can be seen in so many of your fellow men now. But remember, you never know when the penny will drop, as they say, for each and every one of them will be invited to step through those wide open doors any time they feel ready to do so, so in this, no one will be excluded.

But back to your part in this, for it is indeed a major one, and do not forget what we have told you already. You hold the wheel, and you have the foot on the pedal, so it is indeed you who are staking out the course and adjusting the speed of this whole operation by the choices you make. So again we say, remember to go within, for that is where you will find the next big thing if you will, the set of codes that are waiting for you to find them. And by simply seeing them, you will once again become the observer that makes them become. So sit down, close your eyes, and set off on an inner journey that will take you far, far away, to a place you have never been, but that eagerly awaits your arrival. And when you do get there, you will know it, for even if it has been hidden from you for such a long time, you will feel more than welcome when you arrive, and it will be like coming home after such a long and weary journey. And when you do get there, you will also know that now, nothing can ever take away that feeling of being home again, and you will know that from that moment onward, you will pick up speed and you will take All of creation with you in a joyful rush into the bright new future.

Aisha North Blog

Ascension – Learning Module 01 – Ascension Help Radio with Cameron Day

AscensionHelp·22 videos

“Ascension Help Radio with Cameron Day”

Take a journey deep within yourself to address hidden limitations holding you back so you can increase your frequency of thought. Cameron Day addresses topics such as how to put your ego mind into it’s proper place in your consciousness, how to strengthen your connection to your higher self, how to safely and effectively disconnect from harmful external energies and people, how to reclaim your energy and power from limiting beliefs, and much more. Visit AscensionHelp.com to access a free version of the Ascension Help Self-Clearing System.

Webstite: http://www.ascensionhelp.com
Blogsite: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/
Radio Archive: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/ascensio…

Prime Creator – 10 Ascension Commandments – Altzar Video

From Kathryn E May Transcriptioin of Sananda Scriptures,  #11

YinYangBob·567 videos