Michelle Walling, CHLC – Who Is Guiding You? – 11-29-14

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Djinns, genies, ascended masters, spirit guides, angels, and archangels are waiting to assist you when you ask for help. The question is: which ones will assist based on your resonance of vibration?


Magic stimulates the inner child

Two of my favorite television shows growing up were I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. Something sparked a memory of remembrance of the ability to manifest something out of nothing or to be able to disappear from one place and reappear in another. Magic has always kept my inner child  excited and curious about the possibility of having anything you want or need in the blink of an eye.

It would be nice to have a genie or a witch as a wife to be able to call upon when you need help. However, the premise of both TV shows was that Jeannie and Samantha innocently caused trouble and were always trying to undo what they had created. Major Nelson and Darren were always trying to lessen their need for help in order to live life as a mortal human without the need for magical favors.

Humanity is now on the same playing field as we realize who we are. We are not just merely mortal humans helplessly stumbling through this lifetime. Many of us have realized our own capabilities to manifest and have called on help from the realms beyond the veil for assistance when we find ourselves in need of assistance.


Astral realm assistance

The planet has vibrated at a very low frequency for a long time. We have had many lifetimes in this frequency caught in a circle of recurring time. This cycle was broken in 2012 and we are each finding our way out of the darkness.

Djinns, genies, and tricksters live in the astral realm, which is a part of the lower levels of the fourth dimension. There are also those beings of the false light that pose as archangels, angels and ascended masters waiting to be able to connect with you at your request. They aim to steal your inner light. These are beings of a low vibrational level that like to serve by being available to you when you are desperately calling out for help from a place of victimization or weakness. Through the Universal Law of Vibrational Attainment, like attracts like on a vibrational level.


Fourth density/fifth dimensional frequency

Portal art

The choice is available in every moment to move past emotions and thought of fear. For those of us who chose to move forward into a fifth dimensional frequency, this lifetime was the one that would transmute the karma from the dark ages of war, patriarchy, domination and control, and suffering.

Examples of fear are anger, hate, jealousy, insecurity, and helplessness. Ironically, the ego’s job is to work with you to show you these states of low vibration so that you can realize how it makes you feel. Many people will move through the Dark Night of The Soul in order to face their fears once and for all.

When Earth makes her shift into a higher vibrational frequency of fifth dimensional love, the human population will eventually split into those who can handle this frequency and those who cannot. Love is the opposite of fear in this dualistic reality. We have already seen evidence of this split because we see that some people have fallen out of our lives and some have chosen to leave the planet altogether.

This shift in frequency has already moved to a palpable resonance within our bodies. In order to continue to match Earth’s rising frequency, energies from past lives are being presented to us through various scenarios with other people that we pre- planned before we incarnated. These energies have to be presented to each other in order to be transmuted and cleared so that the body can continue to raise its frequency.

Way-showers are doing a great job moving to love and clearing energies of fear from their bodies. As they clear the lower vibrational energies, they are making the space to bring more of their high vibrational essence into their bodies. This essence is light and if it could be seen with the naked eye, it would look like beacons of light lit up all over the world. These beacons are all connected and the way-showers are expanding the connective filaments of light between themselves all over the world, which inevitably affects everyone else.


Higher vibrational guides and masters


Spirit Guide


Sometimes we could use an unseen hand in order to help draw in some extra higher vibrational energy. When we call for help from a higher resonance, we receive help from higher vibrational beings. Usually the help that is requested is used for service to others for the highest interest of all.

As multidimensional beings, we were already ascended before we descended in vibration. We are the ascended master, angel, or guide. Parts of us exist in other timelines, dimensions, and outside of this reality. When we call of help from other beings in the higher realms, we are usually connecting with a higher aspect of ourselves.

Other beings that help us from the higher realms include loved ones who have passed on and vibrated their way to the dimension of love. These beings often decide to serve as a guide to those they left behind because of the importance of the time we live in. We also have other families from other planets that are always watching over us and are waiting for us to use our free will in asking for some guidance and assistance.

From the highest perspective of the Creator Source, all of the beings mentioned are simply aspects of itself. There is no judgment in high vibrational vs. low vibrational. There are only those who have strayed the furthest from Source and those who are moving back toward Source.

We chose to embark on this lifetime in which we will move closer to Source’s love while still occupying a physical body on Earth. Once the human body is clear of negative energies and thoughts, it will provide a platform for our true essence to shine within along with Earth, which is the higher aspect of itself in physical form. Being in balance will create a symbiotic relationship with our souls in the form of physicality along with the planet and its maker.

We are not simply ascending. We are remembering and returning to wholeness and love. We have the knowledge and the spark within us that is connected with all of the help we will ever need.

We can call upon that part of us that already exists in the higher realms outside of space and time to join us here on Earth at this very important time. As we raise our frequency, we will no longer be within the reach of the lower astral forms that wish to steal our light and keep us disconnected. We are the one true light and the knowledge and recognition of this is the biggest kept secret of all time.


About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for www.in5d.com, host of The Cosmic Awakening Show and Body, Mind Soul & Spirit Show (The BMSS Show) on In5D Radio and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.



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Gold Ring 52B – Galactic Doorway


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The GoldRing of Enlightenment & Abundance, Our Community is the GoldRing. KeterMagick, a talented and knowledgeable member of the GoldRing is the next candidate for the Initiations. Today she will speak about her mission and purpose, Intent & Declaration and then we will be taking her on a Vision Quest to bring guidance from the higher dimensions and embody them in Spirit form. Enjoy this heart to heart connection and telepathic harmonious alignment. The Initiations are part of the wiki website at http://goldring.wetpaint.com where we share and express our desires and are building the GoldRing Media Group

Greetings from Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

Maryann Rada·18 videos

In her own words, Asket says: “I am an interstellar agent of the galactic body of civilizations known as the League of Light. We are working on many projects at this time and the one that I am most involved with at this point is to inform the public about the changes they are facing. Our mission is to support the awakening of the population of Earth and to facilitate that happening without the process being manipulated to your collective detriment. We are on the ground, in the air, and on bases at various undisclosed locations around the world and the solar system. You do not openly see us, but we are nevertheless very present in your day-to-day life. We are working on the long-term goal of helping the human race native to the planet gain the natural rights they hold as galactic humans, to enjoy the freedom they merit as humans within the galactic community, and to forestall any attempts at making such a transformation from enslavement to liberation anything other than as peaceful and tranquil as possible for all involved.”

To read more of her mission at this time and in other times, visit Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions. There you will find her story and her communications to us.

For the full download from the Pleiadian Renegades and others in service in the League of Light, visit Opalescent Nine: Remembering a New Reality at http://opalescentnine.com.

channeling by Maryann Rada
art by Tim Jones
music “Starfield” by Susperia-Electrica

Corrina On Ascension – Re-Returning to Beginning – Universal Love Flows – Golden Web Integration – 11-26-13

Cosmic Mother

Listen to this Earth Hive update

Earth Hive Blog

There was a deep momentum building in November that reached a crescendo effect over the weekend, bringing us into a new choice point.  We are being given the option to choose again.  It’s like a re-do in the collective.  The story is deeply influenced by the new feminine Cosmic Creation field that has been circling the Earth’s atmosphere since October.  With it’s full emergence pressing, there is an upheaval in the masculine created world.  From the Earth Hive perspective, a cosmic consciousness of the Cosmic Mother light, we can see that it is the Mother’s nest making way for a stable place to land deeper into the Earth.  It is a time of the wise woman’s knowing, honoring the space of the great Mother, and allowing for her children to scramble a bit as all that has been known to be real shifts underfoot.

The Flow of Universal Love

The Earth and humanity is embarking into a vast new field of creation.  In the last two months, this has been remarkably influenced by the Golden Web of Creation, a master field of creation generated from the feminine source of life and heard throughout the cosmos as Earth’s new song of the Mother.  The incoming Golden Webs are positioned throughout the planet as an intervention.  Many of us have called in this light field to allow for an easier transmission of the Mother’s light and to right the “wrongs” of the false light creations (part of the corrupted masculine energy).  The call was received and fulfilled for many reasons; yet, a crucial reason is the heart wounds of Earth are disrupting the flow of the one love frequency from the universal heart Core.  This disruption leads to rips in the fabric of the universe, a kind of “heart sore” in the universal fabric of God’s universe.  It is paramount to the universal flows of omni-love for Earth to repair her heart frequency and heart disconnection, not only for the sake of humanity’s heart, but for the sake of cohesion in the greater universe of love.

From the perspective of the cosmos and the higher dimensional light beings that work to maintain the flows of universal love, Earth is now an active player in the cosmic milieu of creation.  Our lower projections (hate, hurt, pain, suffering, trauma) are impacting the universal heart highway, the heart lines that transmit the one heart pulse through all of creation.  The Golden Web of Creation has been ushered into Earth as a buffer to the lower projections, sending them back to Earth, but also to very quickly change the context by which we create on Earth.  The impact is great.  We are feeling the reverberation of these lower projections instantly.  At the same time, we are receiving greater amounts of love flows through the universal heart lines.

The great Mother consciousness is very powerful on Earth now; she is enacting new codes of creation that elevates consciousness to be inclusive of the “wholeness of experience”.  Greater consciousness is required in all of our thoughts and actions as the mirror of reflection is showing us exactly what it is that we are choosing to create.  We can see the “whole” rather than the “part”, if we choose to engage in this level of seeing.  Our experiences are received now as spheres of reflection; these are bubbles of light that contain the whole intelligence of that which we are creating.  As we sort through these reflective bubbles of experience, we are being given a fresh start, the option to choose an entirely new reality.

The Re-Return

In this process of re-creation we are undergoing on Earth, the Earth’s clock has been reset numerous times.  This is one such moment.  The entry of the Golden Web of Creation, as well as a harmonic shift coming from the Earth’s core syncing up with the Galactic core (this is an infinity frequency sync-up), is re-aligning the timing sequences on Earth.  This is one of those cherished moments where we can truly leave the past behind and start anew.  If we take this golden opportunity, we are empowered to re-create with all the love power of the universe to fulfill our divinity on Earth.  Many of us have been gifted with universal plans of action to carry out on Earth.  Some of these plans are very, very clear.  We are receiving the clarity of knowing that we are responsible for these plans, and yet, we can start fresh today with their orchestration.  It’s truly a new moment on Earth and our actions will manifest differently than even in the not so distant past.

The “re-return” is like a surprise gift of new life.  The quality of the creation atmosphere on Earth now is saying that we begin today.  Pay deep, deep attention to what it is that you are receiving.  The awareness is starkly crystal clear now.  Doubt and confusion can arise if we dip into the reverberation of the lower projections.  View your own crystal ball, the light bubbles of reflection, and you can dip out very quickly and re-start with the power of universal love supporting your wholeness of experience.

Golden Web Integration 

December will see the acceleration of the integration of the Golden Web of Creation.  As I am seeing it now, it will reveal a new dimensional layer on Earth.  It’s a golden-ness of creation that hoovers just above the Earth’s soils.  As humanity receives this golden bath, the buffer of protection for love’s creations will amplify.  It will create a type of reversal in the layering of Earth.  Lower projected thoughts/actions will counter-intuitively “rise” out of the Earth’s surface as they will not be able to live near the surface where the Golden Web has created her nesting ground.  It may be chaotic or it may flux smoothly.  This is yet to be determined as it’s the masculine principle that will significantly influence how the pattern of “reversal” manifests.  The masculine experience on Earth is in a test run at the moment to inquire on this process.

There is room for the wise woman, the intuitive healer and the knower and revealer of Truth, to hold ground to effectively clear the ground space on Earth of dis-ingenious experience and cycling.  We may see a greater power and effectiveness of the true maternal instinct and matriarchal strength that does what needs doing to allow for a greater purpose to unfold.  It is a time of affirming what is the desired experience within the materially present world, and this role is being re-balanced to the female presence on Earth, a presence that shows up in a myriad of ways.

One of these ways of the female is through the divinity of the bees.  They have been acting up lately to re-insert their way of creation, the feminine hive creation experience.  In their multi-dimensional body of higher intelligence, they are swarming close to the surface clearing the ground-level debris and polishing the surface to smooth the transition for the Golden Web’s “nesting” space.  In their dusting and polishing, they are creating an expanded ground level space for the new creation that invites more people to ground into the honeycomb design of life.  There is literally more space bee-ing created for humanity to connect to the honeycomb foundation, the unification of the One Mind and the One Heart where universal intelligence meets the universal heart pulse.  The bees welcome ALL who desire to pulsate with this oneness.  You may find that their buzzing, a harmonic of the AUM vibration, is tapping at you, introducing you to the hive and initiating you into the Golden Web of Creation.  When you are touched by the buzz, you are being given the choice of igniting the universal love flow within yourself–a greater spaciousness of experience awakening and understood oneness enveloping your reality.

Welcome to the buzz of unity!

Earth Hive Blog

Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival, Part 374 – Go Within To Explore New Realms

Aisha North Blog

The time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin territory, and the only way for you to do that, is to connect even deeper within yourself than you have ever done before.

For that is where this unexplored territory resides, and that is the only place you will find it. It will not be shown to you on a screen or in the papers, nor will it be given to you from the mouth of another person. Rather, all of these outlets may serve to confuse you further at times like these, so we do advice you all to keep score of the time you use your senses externally, and make sure to give yourself more than ample time to focus all of your consciousness within. For again, what you find there, no one else can find for you, and there are a multitude of treasurers within you all waiting to be discovered by none other than you. And if you do not find it in you to go and search for these treasures, they will lie there undiscovered. And remember, if you choose to abstain from this treasure hunt, the results will not only limit your abilities to go above and beyond any limitations, it will also affect the collective. For in this, you all play an intrinsic part of the whole, and the more you desire to seek the hidden treasures you all carry within, the more you will add to the whole. And as such, the more you find, the more we all will rejoice.

For remember, the result you engender will not only affect you personally, it will have an effect on All of creation. For you are not isolated islands, floating in a vast, empty sea. You are all molecules closely connected to all the other molecules in existence, and the moment you arrive at a higher level of understanding, you will ensure that everyone else is affected by the same level of vibration as you. And yes, we do mean all, as one set of frequency affects everyone else, both above and below them on the scale, in some way. For you are not solo players, you are all players in a vast orchestra, comprised of All of creation. So when you venture ever further within on your own journey of self discovery, you will help to change the tune of everyone else also.

But remember, this also goes for all those currently unable to even hear that there is a majestic song being played out. For what they will “hear” whenever you manage to amplify your output even more by accessing those inner codes that are still hidden from view, will be an amplification of a pressure that they will be hard pressed to define. They will simply feel the onset of an even more unsettling feeling of “something” approaching them, as they have yet to find the reason for this added pressure. For remember, whenever you open a new door within that will help you to step up your own frequency, you will also open the doors to something that will affect all, also those that are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that there is indeed a tremendous change going on. For what they will feel, is an even stronger impetus to feel off balance, and they will have an even harder time settling down and finding their own equilibrium back. For they will not find it before they themselves open up to this surge of energetic upgrading, and so, they will find themselves more and more confused and insecure about everything in their own life. And the results from all of this added pressure can be seen in so many of your fellow men now. But remember, you never know when the penny will drop, as they say, for each and every one of them will be invited to step through those wide open doors any time they feel ready to do so, so in this, no one will be excluded.

But back to your part in this, for it is indeed a major one, and do not forget what we have told you already. You hold the wheel, and you have the foot on the pedal, so it is indeed you who are staking out the course and adjusting the speed of this whole operation by the choices you make. So again we say, remember to go within, for that is where you will find the next big thing if you will, the set of codes that are waiting for you to find them. And by simply seeing them, you will once again become the observer that makes them become. So sit down, close your eyes, and set off on an inner journey that will take you far, far away, to a place you have never been, but that eagerly awaits your arrival. And when you do get there, you will know it, for even if it has been hidden from you for such a long time, you will feel more than welcome when you arrive, and it will be like coming home after such a long and weary journey. And when you do get there, you will also know that now, nothing can ever take away that feeling of being home again, and you will know that from that moment onward, you will pick up speed and you will take All of creation with you in a joyful rush into the bright new future.

Aisha North Blog

Ascension – Learning Module 01 – Ascension Help Radio with Cameron Day

AscensionHelp·22 videos

“Ascension Help Radio with Cameron Day”

Take a journey deep within yourself to address hidden limitations holding you back so you can increase your frequency of thought. Cameron Day addresses topics such as how to put your ego mind into it’s proper place in your consciousness, how to strengthen your connection to your higher self, how to safely and effectively disconnect from harmful external energies and people, how to reclaim your energy and power from limiting beliefs, and much more. Visit AscensionHelp.com to access a free version of the Ascension Help Self-Clearing System.

Webstite: http://www.ascensionhelp.com
Blogsite: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/
Radio Archive: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/ascensio…

Prime Creator – 10 Ascension Commandments – Altzar Video

From Kathryn E May Transcriptioin of Sananda Scriptures,  #11

YinYangBob·567 videos

Jesus – The New Sriptures, Chapter 23 – As Given By Jesus/Sananda – Transcribed by Kathryn E May, PsyD – Your Ascension – 11-15-13

November 15 2013

This is the week you will remember for eternity.  Your soul work has led you to the most remarkable time and place – the Shift into high gear, in preparation for your Earth Ascension.  It is a magnificent endeavor we have undertaken.   We join together with Mother Earth, all the Kingdoms of Earth, and all humanity to create a completely new experience, which all the cosmos witnesses with great interest.
Why have we undertaken this Great Project, in spite of its level of difficulty? Perhaps it is like the old Mount Everest comment by Sir Edmond Hillary: because it is there.  Because we are adventurers, dreamers and explorers.  We hatched this plan together, you know, along with the participation of your beloved Mother Earth.  She is the pivotal element in all this, of course.  Without her equally enthusiastic agreement, we could not have considered something so daring.  You see, planets usually ascend on their own, by making the decision, and raising themselves up to a higher dimension.  Not this time.
Our agreement is that we will all go together, planet and all its inhabitants in harmony.
This is a difficult task for you – ascending to a higher dimension – but I would like to give you an idea of just how challenging it is for your dear planet.  It is customary for a planet to simply go through the transition phase of leaping across dimensions while quaking, shaking, flipping on its axis and cleansing itself of all the residue of past civilizations.  In most cases, the inhabitants are taken elsewhere for safety for a period of years.  Not this time.  We decided amongst ourselves to create a new way to evolve to higher dimensions, in concert, and in doing so we will accomplish a new form of harmony in the cosmos.
You have all heard about the concept that we are interconnected, but in your 3D lives it was not at all clear to you how deeply we are intertwined, how powerfully we influence one another.  This is changing, as the Veil is lifting and the cause and effect relationships of daily life become more obvious.  The energies on the planet have brought the action/reaction event sequence to nearly zero point.  That is, no space/time between an action and the result.  A smile brings positive results; an insult brings Darkness on the attacker.  The adage: You create with your intentions is now fully operational and speeding up every day.  
You are being prepared for the new experience of 5th dimensional creativity, when you will be able to think/create as one interconnected step.  It is training for the proverbial “Be careful what you ask for” condition you will learn to enjoy in the near future.  Yes, you, all of you who are alive now on the planet will experience the New Golden Age if you wish to remain alive for the final curtain. I did say if you wish to remain alive for a reason.  You have a choice.  You may either raise your vibration to the 5th dimensional level, or you may leave the planet in the usual way, by going through the death process.  Anyone who is still breathing in this week of November 15, 2013, will be able to complete the Ascension process now.
There will be some who will leave the planet before the Ascension, for various reasons.  Mostly it will be because the Higher Self does not believe the individual is ready to leave the incarnation process to take up residence in the higher dimensions, and wants the soul to complete further training elsewhere. Any arrangement that suits the individual soul is acceptable and will not be judged in any way.  Of course, we are always encouraged to stretch in order to grow, but the understanding is that motivation and good intentions cannot take the place of living out many complex and challenging lifetimes.
When the first wave of Ascenders leave for their rejuvenation and training, a great shift will take place on the planet, for their return will cause great wonder and excitement.  For those on the ground, it will occur instantaneously.  The one who has achieved heightened consciousness will seem to have suddenly transformed, because the trip to higher dimensions occurs outside of time.  The entire process of going to the light chambers to be renewed, and the training in how to live in the 5th dimension (an important part of the process), will be completed in what seems like the blink of an eye, if that is what the Ascender chooses.
To the doubters left behind, it will seem like magic, and when they discover that large numbers of people have accomplished this magic, it will stir their desire to be a part of such a phenomenal experience.  How could anyone resist being curious about what happened to create such a transformation?  It will be the great entree into teaching what higher dimensions are really like, what the sensations and thought transformations occurring in the light chambers were. Of course there will be thousands describing the same thing in individual ways, but it will be impossible to continue to believe it is not a real event.
I want all of you to know without a doubt that the times they are a-changing. There is no going back now.  All systems are “Go.”  The work of St. Germain has come to fruition – a new kind of prosperity and peace will blossom on the planet in the coming days and months.  People helping people, not just governments struggling to cope without the funds to provide the most basic services for their citizens.  Power is being returned to the people, from economic to political power, for they are one and the same.  The noisy propaganda machine will become less a driver of social opinion, as the people awaken to reach into their own hearts to find their own truth.  
Many of those who have been co-opted by negative commentary, especially against the new healthcare program in the U.S., have been tricked into voting against their own best interests.  It was an interim step on the way to universal healthcare, which is a sensible idea once the countries of the world have the funds to support a more benevolent way of life.  It is the only practical way to provide for all, to pool resources to take care of the weakest among you.  
You cannot expect any for-profit insurance company to take care of its subscribers at the cost of its shareholders.  It simply goes against logic and any good business plan to do so.  The saying, “business is business” is absolutely true, and medical care should not be included in any business model.  Nor should education or the arts be brought under the umbrella of for-profit business.  It has had a suffocating effect on all these basic creative human endeavors to include them in the race to skim off all the wealth in support of the most powerful ones on the planet.  This will be completely changed when you see the NESARA laws implemented.  I will not go into detail here, because you will soon be given a complete and thorough education on what these laws entail and how they will benefit everyone equally.
It has always been the business of healers and spiritual leaders to be concerned with the leadership of their nations.  Your beloved Martin Luther King is a recent example, and of course in my life as Jesus, I was in direct opposition to the Roman political structure which curtailed the freedom of the people, especially in its advanced stages.  This is of course the reason why so many spiritual leaders have been persecuted through the ages – because we stood for freedom.  
It is the psychological and spiritual freedom of the people which is so crucial to maintaining political freedom.  This is why we will make the books and writings to all which are given on the website http://www.whoneedslight.org available to all around the world for little or no cost.  The book Who Needs Light? will be available in e-book, as will be the collection, When God Pinched My Toe.  We have encouraged people to have the actual book form of these writings wherever possible, but we are working to instill our energy and blessings into the electronic versions as we have with the paper copy.
Who Needs Light? is the book Mother God called “a manual for Ascension” because it concentrates on winning back your psychological freedom.  When God Pinched My Toe is the collection of messages from Mother/Father God which concentrates on spiritual development in the context of cosmic Truth, called The True Way, and my messages, The New Scriptures, are my personal messages to the people of Planet Earth, to correct the misconceptions and distortions in the messages which were written (not by me) about my teachings as Jesus.  Together, they form a Trilogy of Truth – the fundamental information you will need to accomplish your Ascension.
We do not discourage you from searching other resources to learn from other Ascended Masters, other planetary sources and other Kingdoms.  It is also important to know some of the physics, the astronomy and the ecological interplay of the systems of the Cosmos.  What we have given here are the keys for your personal development, which of course, is what Ascension is all about. You must learn to live in your hearts rather than relying on the thinking which has been distorted by centuries of Dark influences.  
Trust in your hearts, listen to the inner voice of your own Higher Self, and we will be here to help you at every turn in the road, to help lift you over every obstacle in your path.  Look upward, Beloved Ones, we are here now in your skies, awaiting our joyful reunion.  We will not be dissuaded, and we will not flag in our commitment to helping you to bring your own freedom and prosperity to fruition.
Send us your prayers and your songs.  We are listening, applauding your hard work, and we will be here for you always, whether in spirit or in body.  We love you beyond measure.
I look forward to our coming celebration, and to touching your hands and looking into your eyes.

I am your devoted Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 15, 2013, 12 PM, Cleveland, Ohio

Who Needs Light.org

Anna Merkaba – Dawning of the New Age – Pleiades High Council – 11-12-13

dawning ofthenewage

This is an excerpt from a transmission that I have received yesterday “… at the dawning of the new age we conclude the message to all the divine beings that reside therein on the planet GAIA, we conclude our message with love and light, for the love and light that dwells within your very being is the most important factor in the ascension process, and so. As we part our ways, and raise your frequency to accommodate the new era that is upon you, we must remind each and every one of you that the divinity lays within you.

There is no other force greater than your own being that can break through the veil of the illusions, the veil of untruth that has befallen humanity. Raising the veil is simple. Staying in the new energies is what is causing most of you to surrender to the olden ways, to the olden world. That is a struggle, a struggle that goes on deep within each and every one of you. For you are being pulled back and pushed forward, not quite knowing which way to go. At times you are lost, and at times you are sure of your mission here on this beautiful planet, and that is okay dearly beloved children, that is okay for as long as you find the balance within that is all that is important to your being.

And so, as we part with the olden earth, as we say goodbye to the old energies, we welcome in the new energies of love, light and breathtaking beauty that shall spread throughout your GAIA, and your bodies with precious melody of hope, harmony, light and love.

What we wish to impart onto you before we say our goodbyes is that no matter that you are going back, you are still moving forward, for as you step aback you are simply examining your life, you are simply reiterating to your own self, the steps and experiences that have brought you to this very moment in time, and as you examine each and every sensation, you are then able to fully walk into the new energies of the planet that is waiting for you with open arms and open heart.

Yes dearly beloveds, yes it is indeed true. The new earth is indeed born and she has arrived, and it is now up to each and every single one of you to find your own strength to walk away from your old belief system, shed the old skin and take the steps necessary to cross that bridge and synch your old self with your new self and the new earth. The new earth of plenty, purity, harmony, unity, peace, and unconditional love!

That is all that we have for you now. We love you we are with you goodbye for now. Pleiades High Council Channeled by ~ Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com

Re-post – SacredAscensionMerkaba – What is Ascension – Question Of A Lifetime – When it will finally happen – Guidance by Anna Merkaba


Anna Merkaba


A reader of my blog named Robert has asked me a very interesting question that I think most of you have in the back of your mind. He asked “I have been reading several ascension blogs. Most of them have info that humanity would ascend on 21DEC 2012 and since then the dates simply kept on changing and even the so called channeled info from higher dimensional beings and ascended masters is wrong so many times. Just don’t know what to believe anymore and like so many other readers and followers I am more than frustrated to just keep waiting for a date and when nothing happens then conveniently some new date comes up and this has been going on for so long. So my question is if we are going to ascend at all then when do you think its gonna happen? If it is so difficult to give a date then is it possible to atleast give a time frame? So many people who are working as channelers and light workers, how hard can it be to just get a date?”

Based on everything that I know, and all of my encounters, private and public channelings the answer is this..

The reason that there is no date and the difficulty is that humanity as a whole is the one responsible for their own ascension times. Its not going to happen over night, every day there are slight changes and energy influxes to assist us in ascension process. However, it’s strictly on individual basis. Some of us have chosen to ascend in groups, and thus there are waves of awakened ones that will continue to go on and on for a while. If you read my channelings you will see that it is mentioned quite often, DO NOT WAIT FOR ANYTHING, start acting NOW. Live in the present reality and if you don’t like it CHANGE IT. The point of ascension is not to wait for someone to come to you and bring it to your on a silver platter, or for the ships to land. All that will happen, the ships will land eventually, of course we are not alone in this vast universe and our galactic families are nearby. BUT they are not going to ascend for you, and it’s your responsibility and yours alone.

So many are confused about ascension, and really its nothing more than finding the balance within and realizing that your EGO is not your enemy, it’s your friend you just have to keep in in balance. It’s a realization that you are not your body but your soul. Its a realization that we are all ONE and are here to learn lessons, and as such we all must FORGIVE each other and our own selves. When you finally stop running after ascension and waiting for something grand to happen, but instead allow yourself to just be in the moment and listen to your own intuition and your own heart it’s then that you are going to feel that you have ascended. You will treat yourself differently, and others around you as well. Your heart will no longer focus on the revenge but mercy and forgiveness, complete understanding and unconditional love. Your life will begin to flow as it was meant to be, and if you don’t like it you will see that you are powerful enough to change it.

So do not wait for any particular date. As I said, all of these are PORTALS that bring influxes of energy in order to help us here and assist us, with this light, the energy that is brought down to earth, opens up a lot of peoples energy gateways as well as brings DNA upgrades with it. So when you see another channeling saying that a portal has opened up, take the opportunity to allow yourself to experience the light and love that comes with it. Open your heart to this divine energy and allow your life to flow the way that you meant it to be before coming here. Wait for no one, YOU ARE your own savior and messiah. And when you realize that it is so, you will see the changes that you are seeking. In the meantime take this time to let go of everything that you have within you, let go of all the blame, let go of anger, and resentment and self pity. Allow yourself to walk into your own power, because YOU ARE truly a powerful being. Each and every single one of you are!

I hope this helps make some sense of Ascension for you. Love & Light to you all ! – Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

The New Scriptures As Given By Jesus / Sananda, Chapter 22 – Transcribed by Kathryn E Mays

The New Scriptures As Given by Jesus/Sananda
Chapter 22
Transcribed by Kathryn E May, PsyD  / November 8 2013
I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus.
It is November 8, 2013.  I am speaking to you from the deck of the New Jerusalem, the mothership of the Galactic Federation of LIght.  It has been my home for some years now, since it was decided that we come to remain close to Earth, to oversee the Ascension process and to direct the gathering of the thousands of ships from the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy and even beyond.  I am here in the company of my beloved Brother Ashtar, whom you know as the Supreme Commander of the fleet.
      I can tell you it has been a pleasure to work together on this ambitious plan, which we all designed together.  Many times we have had meetings here with St. Germain, Mother and Father God, Archangel Michael and many others, in which we considered all the options, observed your progress on the ground, and planned new ways to help and encourage you.  We have each watched carefully as our beloved Twin Flames carry out their work there on the ground.  We admire their stamina and their ability to love unconditionally, in spite of the difficulties and stresses of life there in 3D, as we have called it, and we long for the time when we will reunite with them and with all of you.
      You see, even though there is no time for us in higher dimensions as it is experienced there on Earth, still we come to visit you, touch your faces, embrace you with unending love, and we feel the distance between us that the Veil creates.  You cannot see us even when we stand before you in Love.  You feel our presence; sometimes you call our name, and that is a glorious moment for us.  In our love, we long for your touch and your company just as you long for us and Home.  As the time for reunion draws closer, the sense of anticipation becomes ever more poignant.
      In spite of the difficult ending I experienced as Jesus, I greatly enjoyed the companions and friends during that life.  We were so close, our hearts so entwined, our love so strong that it brings tears to my eyes to remember the fond moments I experienced there.  Those who came for healing left a mark on me as well.  I looked into the eyes of one who was lame or sick and my heart forged a permanent connection which I remember always.  There were the joyful times of laughter and fun with my band of friends and my beloved Mary Magdalene, and the unforgettable moments when I looked into the eyes of my daughter, Sarah.  I am grateful for every moment I spent there.
      You are all now approaching the end of your lives on Planet Earth as you have known her for thousands of years.  Although you look forward eagerly to the Great Shift that will take you to new heights of experience, I assure you that you too will look back on these lifetimes on Mother Earth with nostalgia and affection.  Yes, it has been difficult, but the greatest triumphs and the closest friendships spring from the soil of conflict and turmoil.  You have all experienced difficulty and you have all experienced joy.  We have been comrades in the most exciting project imaginable.  There is nothing better than that.
      We have carried the project forward for these many eons, and it has brought us here, to this incredible moment in history.  We are about to see the public revelation of the Prosperity Program which will right the thousands of years of controlled suffering on the planet.  It will bring relief and a temporary state of exhilaration to those who no longer need to worry and struggle to provide for their loved ones.  The later phases will bring announcements of our presence high above you in the skies, our hearts filled with love and our intentions directed toward introducing new technologies, and new social organizations which will benefit all the people.
      The goal of all this activity has always been clear.  It is not just about improving the standard of living for everyone.  It is about improving your relationship with yourself and your God.  These are the elements you need to develop in order to raise your vibration sufficiently to ascend with your friends and family as you realize the goal of ascending directly to the 5th dimension, with your present body intact.  This time there will be no death for the ones who have made soul contracts to experience the Ascension.
      We know how hard it is for you to grasp the meaning of this transition.  It is difficult to imagine rising up to Heaven in your body, floating away to the ether to begin your new adventure in higher realms – you are so used to your heavy existence, planted firmly on the ground.  But you are indeed beginning to feel the lightness in your being, the sense of light-hearted Joy and Love which lifts you into a realm where there is no stress, no anger, no darkness, only Light.  This is your I AM Presence.  You feel it distinctly when you meditate, when you open your hearts to Love, and when you listen to the internet healing calls with Kathryn, myself, and many other Ascended Masters, which lift you into a new experience of yourself.*
      You can plan your Ascension, Dear Ones.  You can do so by practicing every day until you reach the state in which you are in perfect command of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.  Do not stop at experiencing Unending Love a few times a day. Continue to concentrate on every breath, every thought and feeling, until you are able to align yourself perfectly with your Higher Self, which is God.  In that fully activated state you will find that the world is indeed a beautiful place.  The people around you, even those you thought you detested, offer the opportunity to exercise your Love muscles. You will find yourself chuckling every time you see a small child or a tail-wagging dog; your eyes will search out beauty in the least likely places.
      This is the magic of Attitude, Dear Ones.  An attitude of compassion and forgiveness makes the whole world look softer, brighter, and more welcoming.  An attitude of judgmental disapproval makes the whole world look dreary, flawed, ugly and dark.  You have learned that what you envision, you create.  But what you envision is determined by the attitude with which you face the world.  Face the world with an attitude of good-natured curiosity and generosity, and the world will welcome your company.  You will never feel alone or dejected, because you will see possibilities everywhere you turn.
      Leave all the stresses of competition behind you; strive only to improve your spiritual self.  There is no badge or award to be earned; there is only working toward your own higher levels of being, as you move closer to God.  The reward is happiness and inner peace.  Instead of working harder to prove how dedicated you can be to the job or the company that employs you, look around at the people who share your space, and do something to make their lives more enjoyable.
      Find small opportunities to be of service to others, and you will notice how easily and naturally you begin to fit into the world.  Yes, there is a place for you.  You have value, just because you are here.  Search deeply inside yourself to find the ancient truths, the wisdom you have garnered from many past lifetimes.  You will sense it, especially at times when you are attracted to a new endeavor, or when you find yourself accomplishing some skill with ease.  You not only are worthy, you are also more experienced and accomplished than you gave yourself credit for.
      You will soon find your lives turned upside down.  It is a time of enormous change. Nothing will remain as you knew it; all will be new, exciting and inspiring if you keep an open heart and approach it all with an attitude of joyful anticipation.  Each day will bring you closer to your final goal – the high vibration which will carry you through the portal to a new life, a new beginning.
      Join me, Beloved Ones, we will walk together toward the triumphant day of Ascension, and you will know peace, harmony and endless Love.
      I am your Sananda.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Nov. 8, 2013.
www.whoneedslight.org  / *www.BlogTalkRadio.com/
ChannelPanel, Healing for Ascension

Question for Jim Self – Why is This Shift All Good – On Ascension

MasteringAlchemy·121 videos

Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

11:11 Talk Radio, hosted by Simran Singh
8/15/2013 episode: Jim Self – What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

11:11 Talk Radio

Simran Singh’s website

Conversations with the Universe, by Simran Singh

Mastering Alchemy Free Membership

Lightworker Wayshower Bill Ballard – A Vision Quest – New Monetary Energy Exchange – 11-7-13 – (Not Recommended For Most People)

pearls2u·217 videos

Brother Jimi Hendrix asked, “Are you Experienced?” Well, quite certainly, I AM! I found that I am perpetually in the frequencies I so was seeking during my vision quests of the 1970s and 80s. I have not done one since the early 90s until this past week. I found I am so very “there” now. The experience last week showed me all the spiritual work of chakra activations, initiations and LIGHT BODY EXPANSIONS into my layers of Higher Self has all paid off and the magical mushrooms can no longer take me into higher frequencies. IM THERE NOW which was my intention for so long.

In this video I describe the experience I had with a friend, and what I felt from her as she had a 2nd experience where I felt I had no need to participate other than guiding her through.

During this past week I also know that it is time now for me to begin helping individuals for a monetary energy exchange to support things and some luxuries for my experience as we wait for humanity to collectively go through their ascension process. I have not been asking for anything other than donations until now as my focus has been to create a world without use of $$$. But, my level of energy I have to offer is at the leading edge of LIGHT and Higher Dimensional Frequencies in my personal field which is in the leading edge and greatest abilities from most any others on the planet at this time.

As we are in a holding pattern waiting for the collective to go through their individual ascension processes which may take some time to come, it is time to use my abilities to help others teaching the ways in the New Age industry, so I too can have some of the pleasures of life I have been holding myself from these past years while I kept my focuses strictly to Mother Earth’s clearing and ascension process. That is done now and it is time for me to work with other individuals for monetary energy exchange.

Sandra Walter – Deep Ascension Guidance – New Light Waves – The Silence – Pure Light – Pure Conduits

Ascension Integration with Sandra Walter·38 videos

There are incoming waves of light which support an acceleration of the merge. This is an audio of my two latest articles: *The Silence, the Stream, the Fractal* and *Pure Light for Pure Conduits* ~ with footage of the Sunset from atop Mount Shasta. This video is light-encoded to assist your progress if you choose to receive it.

During my time away the Ascension eCourse is $222 (a $111 discount). Visit http://www.sandrawalter.com to sign up or explore more articles and Ascension tools.

Valerie Donner – Message From Mira – Pleiadian High Council – 11-8-13



Greetings, I am Mira. I am still on assignment with the Earth Council. Our presence and concern for your wellbeing is our utmost concern at this time.

The tides are rising and the risks are high. We are watching at all levels to assist the Earth and all of life. What is at stake is beyond reason. Make no mistake we are with you along with the Light Realms and your galactic family. What happens on the Earth affects all of life. The Earth is in need of assistance. We are here for you.

As our Creator’s keepers of Light on the Earth you are being called into active Light Duty. We don’t mean that your tasks are unimportant we mean that they are most necessary. Each of you has a piece of a complicated puzzle. It is nearly 2014 of your Gregorian Earth Calendar. Plenty has occurred since December 21, 2012. Are you ready for even more?

There will be a continuing focus on life beyond the Earth. This means there are openings and new truths to be told about our presence. The Earth can no longer be separate from the oneness of all of life. This truth will be told. There will be more activity with ships and other events. It has to happen for the safety of all life on the planet.

Those who are involved are loving beings. You will be tested on not giving up your power to anyone. Your discernment in all aspects of life is important. The Light is paramount; this includes the Light within you, coming from you and that is all around you. It is a powerful tool that must be worked with. The universe is comprised of this Light and love. It is about creation itself.

Your planet is surrounded with the greatest force of Light from all of creation; all eyes are upon you. We are holding the energy with your assistance for the transformation of your planet. The Earth wants to free herself from the encumbrances that have been holding back her ascension for a very long time. It is her time.

The inner Earth beings are also a part of this energy. They have been holding the unconditional love that the Christ brought over 2,000 years ago. They are preparing for their own ascension along with you and the Earth.

Set your struggles aside. Rise to the occasion. Elevate yourselves in thought, word and deed and become a part of the great unfolding back into the heart of the Creator. This is what ascension is about. It is about letting go and rising in consciousness in every way to remember and become your divine selves.

We are sorry we cannot give you exact dates and details. As I said at the beginning there will be rising tides and rising emotions. Keep using your Light filters to see through the events that will present themselves. Filter everything with love and remain in your hearts.

I am Mira and send you love and blessings.


The Truth Of Comet Ison, Nibiru And The Anannuki

Indianinthemachine·197 videos

Indian in the machine http://www.indianinthemachine.com

Indian in the machine Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/Indianin…
Meline Lafont http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be/
WHITE TARA: I wish to now mention the comet known to you as ISON, this comet has now made several course correction which has led many to finally realize, one that is has consciousness and two that is is more of a space ship than just a regular comet.http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.c…

A CHANNELLED MESSAGE FROM NIBIRU: “We are hiding behind your Sun and, rather unperceivedly, approach you because a direct approach would be too overwhelming and too shocking. The energies that our planet Nibiru generates for the population of Earth and for Earth Herself are enormously powerful. But please do not consider this a negative fact! “http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.c…

Arcturus Ant – ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian message – Soul Evolution and GOD force

ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos

Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
This video is a channeled message, an introduction for the series of ” Teachings from the Arcturians ”. Which is a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. they express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom.

PART FOUR – Earth Transformation and Energy Systems

Saul – Channeller John Smallman – You can only be happy if you express your true nature

11/06/2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman Blog

Ascension is the event to focus on, as it is a major part of your awakening process, and you are very close to it.  Yes, you keep hearing that from numerous channels, but it is true, and you are bringing it into being by your collective intent, so do not allow disappointment with the apparent but unreal delays to cloud your vision, instead strengthen your intent and desire for its arrival, and make it happen, as indeed you are doing.  If you could see and feel the Love we have for you your anxieties and doubts would just fall away, so do not forget to ask for a loving hug whenever you go within to listen to us, then relax into it, and you will feel it because you intend to.  So often skepticism and doubt block the sense, the feeling, the knowing awareness that you could be experiencing of our Love for you if you would only open your hearts to receive It and bathe in the soothing balm in which we have enfolded you.

We shall keep reminding you of our Love for you because we wish to make it clear, as we have told you so many times, that Love is the answer to every issue, in every situation, Love is always the answer, period.  There is nothing else.  Love is everything that exists because our divine Source is Love.  True It has many forms but every one of them is unconditionally loving, accepting, compassionate and healing.  All else, all that is not of Love, is illusory, which is why all else continually fails to deliver what you hope for and desire.  To manifest your true wishes and desires be loving, always.  Your true wishes and desires are loving.  Those that are not loving are egoic and self-centered dreams of judgment, condemnation, and punishment, that you would like to impose on those with whom you disagree or whom you find unacceptable, thus destroying them.  Mad fantasies indeed that should make it abundantly clear to you that you are not coming from Love, and consequently you are seeking something that is unreal, unachievable and in every aspect utterly unsatisfying for you.

Love is your nature, your true nature, anything unloving that you attempt to engage with or use for any purpose will always lead to dismay and disappointment because it is unreal.  Anything you seem to achieve through unloving thoughts, words, or activities will turn to ash, to dust, because being unreal those things cannot last, and any satisfaction gained from their acquisition will be short-lived.  Those who live unlovingly are forever seeking new joys, new experiences, new forms of satisfaction or happiness purely because those previously gained have failed to provide lasting satisfaction, have in fact failed to last and have become grave disappointments. Only loving ways bring lasting satisfaction, and if you are honest with yourselves you do know this.

By being loving in every situation in which you engage, mentally, emotionally, or physically you release all that is unreal thus enabling yourselves to see the Source in everyone instead of the damaged egoic aspect that is worn as a mask to hide what is real.  You have done a good job of convincing yourselves that to be loving is dangerous and that doing so makes you dangerously vulnerable.  But you also know from personal experience that when you act or engage from your true nature, lovingly and compassionately, you are instantly rewarded by feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and even joy.  Love’s nature is to give, and not giving is extremely unnatural and leads to an experience of meaninglessness in your existence which you then have to hide from yourselves by denial or some other form of subterfuge because it is such a frightening prospect.

You can only be happy if you express your true nature through loving thoughts, words, and actions, but your egos keep trying to persuade you that to follow that path will lead to betrayal, because being loving lays you open to being taken advantage of and abused, and from that poverty must surely follow in both relationships and material well-being.  And yet, when you let your egos guide you, you find little if any satisfaction because you are always expecting to be betrayed or taken for a fool and must therefore be extremely cautious in all situations.  So by following your egos’ guidance to avoid betrayal you find yourselves expecting and fearing it almost constantly, and taking precautions to avoid being caught out or cheated.  It is a vicious circle, an endless loop of fearful wariness that inhibits love, and it just does not work.

You have to be Love, which is what you are, and offer it constantly.  Waiting to receive It from another does not work because that is in and of itself unloving behavior which always leads to disappointment.  To receive Love offer It, nothing else works, ever.  And deep within yourselves you know this, but the human life experience that you are engaged in so often shows you unreality – anger, resentment, bitterness – your defenses against all that you fear, and which are truly unreal.  You can only come out from under the heavy blanket of fear by loving – others, and yourselves – there is no other way, which is what all the spiritual masters have been demonstrating to you for eons.

God, the Source of all that exists, is the divine field of energy from which and in which all arises, and that is pure unadulterated and infinite unconditional Love.  When, you accept fear (either acknowledged or denied) as part of your lives you are choosing to shut out Love which is who you are, your divine and eternal nature bestowed on you by God at the moment of your creation.  Fear is unreal, a figment of your imaginations, an aspect of the illusion which you have enthusiastically embraced because it seemed thrilling, and that, surely, is insane?  Yet you continue to hold on to it as though it was the only reality, and against which you have to take protective measures.

You are all a part, an individualized aspect of your Source, God, your heavenly Father and divine Mother, because all is oneness.  But you have allowed yourselves to become so beholden to the illusion and all its seemingly mysterious characteristics that it seems you are enslaved by it, trapped within it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You chose, every one of you chose to experience the fear and confusion of the illusion for lessons that you wished to learn quickly so that you could move forwards with your spiritual evolution as rapidly as possible.  The downside of those choices was the seeming unshakable reality the illusion seems to present to you once you are within it.  It seems to you that you are weak, defenseless, and insignificant beings in a vast and threatening environment in which you have to protect yourselves from the elements of extreme heat and cold in order to survive. And you are becoming increasingly aware, as your science stretches its vision and its understanding of the universe, of the incredibly narrow band of essential conditions that are required to enable your continuing but uncertain survival as humans in this enormous and inhospitable environment.

You were created in Love, as you know very well, by your loving Source Whose Will for you is eternal joy and happiness.  It is only by denying your awareness of His infinite Love for you that you could continue to convince yourselves that the illusion, with all the pain, suffering, and fear in which it apparently enfolds you, could be real.  Deep within you know it is unreal, but until you make the choice to express and share Love in every moment, and actually do it, you will continue to find the illusion seemingly very real.

As humans embodied on the Earth plane it is very difficult for you to recognize this and live it constantly.  Doubts and skepticism are very powerful aspects of the illusion that hold it together and confirm your fears, and it is those pillars of the illusion that you need to let go of.  That is Faith in God, and the power of the various enticing and threatening aspects of the illusion just dissolve in the face of it.  Go within daily, three or four times if possible, and reconfirm that Faith in God’s Love for you so that the illusion shows itself to you for what it is, an unreal environment in which confusion and chaos hide Reality from you, but only for so long as you choose to accept it as real.

You are all aspects of the Divine, eternally safe and lovingly embraced in the Presence of God.  Open yourselves to the awareness of this and let the illusion collapse, crumble, and dissolve.

With so very much love, Saul.

John Smallman Blog

Sheldan Nidle Update – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation of Light – Full Disclosure – Visits To Motherships – Agarthans from Inner Earth – We will have 3 Moons – Ancient Earth History – Anunnaki former masters – Announcements – Your Own Ascension Mentor – Return of Ascended Masters – Full Consciousness – 11-5-13

Selamat Balik! We come now to explain a number of events that are happening across your globe. The dark remains in retreat. Its secret officers are ready to surrender when so called on. Our various liaisons are concluding a series of private discussions with the diverse leadership of our earthly allies. These talks have set up a number of recent dates for concluding all the pre-landing events that are to be announced by new governance. The talks also set the date for the end to the UFO cover up and when we can formally broadcast our schedule to surface humanity. We are most anxious to conclude all that needs to be done before we can meet you. Our mentors are ready to begin a special interaction with each of you but this first requires that we give a few talks about what this mentorship is all about. Moreover, we need to briefly outline your history and how you fell into limited consciousness. We are your family and dearly wish to begin a way to return you to your former state of consciousness. In addition, we have technologies that can help you in this transition to a full consciousness lifestyle.

Full consciousness will open up a greatly enlarged reality – a reality you will easily be able to hear, smell, taste and sense. This reality includes not only your normal 3D scope but a number of other dimensions as well. This increased set of possibilities opens up a world that you cannot yet fully imagine! Our mentors’ prime task is to prepare you for what is to come. This will include a large number of “hands-on” sessions where you can temporarily experience what is to come. Further, we intend to help this process when you tour our many motherships. We have educational tools onboard that can aid in your experiences of what you are to be. As part of this grand set of procedures, we will introduce you to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. The time approaches for the end to this great secret that the dark has long hidden from you. All planets and stars are hollow. Beneath the surface of Gaia is another world that has always been within the realm of full consciousness. This 5D reality is in fact larger than you can imagine.

This is why Gaia is to expand when your planet reunites as a full 5D reality. This expanded realm will also see the return of two moons that are three-fourths the size of your present “Moon.” Each will orbit approximately 180 degrees apart from each other. Moving your present satellite will be accompanied by a series of talks by us that will explain the true ancient history of your world. In this Light, you can better understand the convoluted mishmash that is your present set of philosophical beliefs. These is something that you need not treat as sacred, but realize it was simply a means used by your former Anunnaki masters both to deceive and manipulate you. This will be replaced by truth and a sense of what is really divine. Your Ascended Masters will give you an even deeper understanding of what it means to be both immortal and fully conscious Beings of Light. These facts will form a foundation that you can use to gain a sense of who you really are!

True identity is quite empowering, and it can provide a glimpse into what Heaven really is, and the divine relationship between the physical and spiritual realms. This sacred interaction is the prime mover for all of our social actions. You are to enter a realm filled with truth, ritual and special actions. We are both individuals and a collective. You will learn exactly how all things are one, and about the glories that transcend all realities. You will be able at all times to confer with your spiritual and physical guides. This is something that we hold sacred. You are to learn of this and discover how you can best interact. You each have a truly unique set of spiritual and physical relationships. These form the basis of your daily interactions within our galactic societies. Your mentor is to give you a slight “taste” of this, and realizes the need to prepare you for the beginnings of your new life as a successful galactic Being.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you bearing most blessed news! You are very close to the changes that are finally to set you free. Our associates and those who help them to create the new financial system reached a fundamental series of agreements. These blessed ones set the final dates for your sacred blessings to manifest. In addition, the scenario that will allow new governance to appear was also agreed upon. Consequently, you are now in the final period before the end of this most dark and difficult reality. The change in currencies, as well as the arrests that will occur, are to portend the rise of the Light and the transition to a higher state of consciousness. We are most joyous and presently ready ourselves for the public lessons that we need to give. There is much knowledge and wisdom that you can use to transition to this new reality. Our grand blessings go out to you!

As you receive, be ever aware of why this is happening. The dark cabal is losing its wealth while you are gaining yours. Divine purpose is in play. Hence, use these funds wisely and permit your brethren to enjoy the fruits of this new prosperity. Realize that a new reality is dawning and reflect on your new fortunes. Be ready, when required, to explain why new governance emerged. This will drastically change your lives on this world and is all part of the decrees in action issued in pure Love from the highest regions of Creation. You will receive messages not only from space families and us but also from your spiritual. Your isolation is to end formally and be replaced with a great reunion of all that encompasses humanity in this galaxy.

We come as representatives of Spirit and express the Light and the Light that constantly abounds from on high! We wish to explain the grand responsibilities that will emerge from this great reunion. The living soul that is Gaia dearly wishes to return to her former glories and knows what your future tasks are to be. She is proud of all of you and wants to do her part in being the base for your most heroic and grand galactic societies. Much is to happen after you create this new star nation. Heaven decrees many things to us about those responsibilities we will take on as a collective. Indeed, the entire family of humanity expects great deeds from us! We are to bring joy and use these deeds to further the unfolding of Creation in all of physicality. We say this and shout Hosannas to the Lord Creator of us all!

Today, we carried on with our messages. As you can see, we are very close to what we all desire. The time comes for all to accept this new reality in glee and to understand fully what is expected of us. This great reunion approaches. Be ready to accept all that it implies! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
E-mail: info@paoweb.com | Website address: http://www.paoweb.com

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Consciousness – Ascension

Archangel Michael – Each Soul has unique Consciousness Code – Nov 2013

Matt Muckleroy·1,061 videos

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2013
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Selacia – Tips For The Nov. 1-3 Energy Gateway – 3 Day Window Of Opportunity – 10-31-13




Managing your energies becomes of vital concern during the Nov. 1-3 energy gateway now just around the corner.

In this article, I explain why this is important and I give some practical spiritually grounded tips for being in balance during this gateway. I also explain the connection between the eclipse occurring on Nov. 3 and other high-energy factors influencing us during the 3-day period.

What’s an Energy Gateway?

An energy gateway is a powerful window of time when you can perceive more about yourself and your world. During such moments, you can connect more tangibly with spirit and benevolent unseen forces – receiving helpful insights about your life direction and needed course corrections.

During a gateway, you have expanded levels of help in moving through your obstacles, clearing old patterns, and seeing yourself more clearly. Leading up to a gateway, it’s typical to experience increased ascension symptoms and a choppy roller coaster ride. You can easily lose your sense of balance and clear thinking unless you are mindful and have energy management tools.

What’s Unique about This Gateway?

The Nov. 1-3 energy gateway is unique from a number of perspectives.

First, on Nov. 3 we will have a powerful Scorpio solar eclipse, potentially the most transformational one like this since 1994.

Second, we sit in the middle of a challenging mercury retrograde cycle that asks us to rethink how we live our lives and brings up past unfinished business to complete.

Third, on Nov. 1 we experience another in a series of revolutionary Uranus-Pluto squares – catalyzing an intense combination of upheavals and surprises and stimulating out-of-control emotions and fears about the uncontrollable things in our lives.

Why is Personal Balance Vital?

Here’s the first reason. Your ability to remain centered, balanced, and in your heart is vital if you want to take advantage of the opportunities to receive profound insights about your next steps, along with a magnified momentum to affect real and positive change in your life. Do not underestimate what can shift for you as a result of one of these cycles!

Here’s the second reason. Getting and staying in balance now and throughout the three days of this gateway is essential if you want to avoid missed opportunities, and of course to stop yourself from having emotional outbursts or making unwise choices.

Acting out your anger at work or in a relationship during this explosive time could bring fragile situations to a place that’s beyond repair.

Also, opportunities continually come along in your life, but sometimes with just the right juxtaposition of energies like in this gateway, advantageous circumstances may be presented within a small window of time. You must be present, emotionally balanced, and awake in order to recognize them when they appear, and then to take action right then.

5 Energy Management Tips for this Gateway

The following tips will help you to manage your energies to benefit fully from the Nov. 1-3 energy gateway. Work with them now, ahead of sleep, first thing in the morning, and throughout the next few days. Trust that doing so will help you to find your center in the midst of chaos. This allows you to become one of those divine changemakers who can help others find stability, too.

First, think before communicating. Avoid misunderstandings by taking a few extra moments to think of the most appropriate heart-centered way to communicate your message. Words have energy, your feelings behind the words have energy, and once said you cannot take words back.

Second, intend to feel gratitude. Intending this will help you connect with gratitude as you contemplate your life, where you have been, what you want to release, and the plethora of potentially chaotic input and experiences coming your way during the gateway.

Third, remember why you are alive. That may sound simplistic and obvious, but trust that this remembrance helps you better navigate this gateway. You aren’t alive, for example, to get down in the mud with the pack of people who constantly complain and live only on the surface of life. You are a divine changemaker, here on the path of ascension to create a more loving world.

Fourth, proactively rethink your life. This gateway is an ideal time to do this, for the energies support your contemplations about what needs to be revamped or tossed out. Include routines. Everyone has routines in life, and some like good habits are helpful routines. When your routine turns into a rut or living by rote, it’s time to reconfigure your approach. Right now, with this energy gateway,  is a perfect time to take a fresh look at your routines and see what needs to shift.

Fifth, be mindful of emotions. In this cycle of extremes, you are best served by discovering your inner courage and applying it to stressful situations. Others around you may be having meltdowns or out-of-character angry reactions. Do what you can to stay calm, centered, emotionally nonreactive, and in your heart.

(Note from Selacia: If you missed last week’s article with my 5-step process to prepare for our eclipse gateway, please see this link:  You are welcome to participate with us at the 11/2 global meditation gateway event with The Council of 12. All officially registered at the link below will take part in an eclipse energy gateway healing, receiving spiritual fuel for transforming out of the old and into the new. Attend live or with mp3 at this link.).

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Aisha North – A short update on the Energies – 10-30-13



•October 30, 2013 • 139 Comments

Dear friends!

The energies have been extremely intense lately, and it is not about to quieten down either… As many of you know already, the Sun is very much a part of this, and this upcoming Sunday, we even have an eclipse coming up (Thank you for sharing this, Otmn!) And yes, we also have a Gathering on Sunday, and it seems like the timing could not have been more perfect ;-) This is what the CCs have to say about it:

”As many of you have already ascertained, the heightened activity is very closely linked to that celestial partner you refer to as your Sun. She is already well on her way to add another important message to this Gathering of yours, and it will arrive on time to assist you all as you sit down to connect later this week. However, what she has already made available to you through her constant emissions these last few days is nothing short of miraculous, as she has been spewing out a steady stream of energetic particles that speaks loudly and in volume. You see, none of you have been left untouched by her caresses these last few days, and her signs of endearments are not about to dry up either. So keep a close watch above, as this once again reflects the old and wise words of ”as above, so below” and we gather you will all find a way to acknowledge the effects these at times rather intense signs of affection will have on you all.

For remember, even if your body might balk a little from all of this, know that deep down, the embrace your whole being is giving it will count for so much in the times ahead. For these energetic particles interact with your physical vehicle in a way that will show some astonishing effects in the time ahead, so any temporary physical or indeed mental discomfort that may accompany them is indeed a small price to pay. Still, it behooves you all to pay close attention to the signals your body is giving you these days, and please remember to stay tuned and respond if you feel anything should be out of balance.

This is not said in order to bring up any fear in any of you, simply to remind you that your body is already well versed in handling these kinds of emissions, but still, it might need some extra care and comfort in the upcoming days. So rest as much as you are guided to rest, and move as much as you are guided to do the same. Eat, drink and be merry, as the saying goes, and know that your body will tell you what it needs in order to better be able to digest it all. And when we say digest, we refer of course to the large helping of energetic information you will be receiving in the next few days. So again we say stay balanced and safe in the knowledge that all is well, and you are far, far more robust than it may seem from time to time. So you are not coming apart, you are simply being amped up once again in order to make that light of yours even more brilliant.”


To quote Otmn: ” hold on tight, honey! or just let go completely”

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha


The Ascended Masters Have Arrived – Ascension For Humanity – Return To A Spiritual Society – Ushering in the 7th Golden Age – Silent Winds Of Change Blog

Ascended Masters

Silent Winds Of Change   /   10-29-13

At long last after what seemed like eons, they are here and they walk among us at this very moment.  Gaia is beaming with excitement.  Since this time of transition was so very important, Source was sure to send only the best of the best.  There was no room for error in a mission as far reaching and multidimensionally affecting as this one.  They were all timed to be here and ready at this very moment in history.

This plan was set many thousands of years ago, during the fall of Atlantis.  Would it surprise you to hear many of them were present during the fall?  They made a pact then to rejoin this existence during this precise now moment.

They have been here many years preparing for the completion of this shift of consciousness. Each one of them has filtered the incoming energies in a way that only they are able. All their many sacred light colors are blended for the perfect rainbow of energy occurring now all over the planet.

With their extensive experience through thousands of lifetimes, each one of them have altered the lives of many thousands of individuals.  There are untold numbers of them here now.

Surprisingly not many know how to recognize them.  Please keep this a secret.  I will share it with all of you.  They are literally everywhere but still unseen.  I’ve been passed this special way of seeing them.  Please walk through this method with me so you don’t forget.  If you look a specific way you can see them.  Go now to the nearest mirror to you.  Stand in front of it and close your eyes.  Now just peek through your eyelids like you did as a kid playing hide and seek.  Do you see the image of a figure directly in front of you in the mirror?  You do?  Awesome, you have advanced in your skills greatly.  Yes that figure in the mirror is an Ascended Master.  Their skills on Earth at this time are only limited by their beliefs.  Thank them for me when you see them.  They are providing a great service.  Many of them are even unaware of their immense powers and contribution to society during this great shift into a new age.

Without them, we could have never come this far.  Thank you from my heart and please thank the others

as you see them walking among you.

Silent Winds Of Change

Linda Robinson – Archangel Zadkiel – Your Unique Role In The Expansion Of Consciousness – 10-29-13




Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today, we wish to discuss your unique role in the expansion of consciousness.

Your unique role begins with your own expanding consciousness. Your point of consciousness is your guiding force. It is your source of joy, inspiration, and direction. It guides you and defines you as an individual. It determines your vibrational level and defines your Soul Signature.

Your own consciousness begins to expand when you live consciously.

Living consciously means being aware of each moment and your role in this moment. You are aware of where you are and what you are doing. You are aware of how your thoughts, intentions, and actions fit with the larger scope of the consciousness of humanity. You are centered within yourself, and you are also aware that your consciousness extends beyond yourself.

For example, you may see a rose. You are aware of its deep red color, its sweet fragrance, its backdrop of green leaves, and the dew on the petals. You then shift your awareness to the enjoyment that the rose brings to everyone who sees it and how it lifts their spirits – how it brightens their day and helps them to increase their consciousness as they go about the activities of the day. Their increased consciousness expands out to affect everyone with whom they interact.

This same concept of expansion of consciousness and interconnectedness can be seen in the ocean. You may be sitting on the beach, and a wave crashes gently around your feet. You feel the cool water and then watch as it moves back into the ocean. The waves go in and out in a continuing motion, and you enjoy the peacefulness of the experience. As you watch the in-and-out motion of the waves, you realize that the water in these waves will eventually move around the planet in a harmonious rhythm of interconnectedness. The energy of your interaction with the waves will be carried around the world.

If you enjoy feeling the lapping of the waves on your feet, you will experience happiness and appreciation for the water. However, if you are irritated that the waves got your feet wet, you will send an entirely different energy to the water. Whatever the feeling and vibration that you send – whether it is happiness and appreciation or, conversely, irritation – will be absorbed by the water and eventually be carried to the next person who experiences the waves. It will also affect the water itself.

When you express appreciation for the ocean, for a rose, or for any other part of nature, your vibration blends with the elements and affects the very nature of them. A loving and harmonious vibration can help each element to perform its role to its fullest ability.

So you see, everything is interconnected. There is no separation. Separation is just an illusion – a trick that the ego plays on you to cause you to compare yourself with others rather than seeing the interconnectedness.

When you realize the interconnectedness of everything, you become more aware of the role of each person, plant, animal, and mineral in creation. You become aware of how your thoughts and actions affect the other parts of creation. You can sense the subtle energy that connects everything.

This leads you to be aware of your own role in the evolution of consciousness. You may perform your same daily routine, but you do it with an increased awareness of your role in humanity and creation. It is your increased awareness that brings you to a new level of expanded consciousness.

You become aware that your thoughts and emotions carry a vibration that can have an impact on others around you. The energy of your thoughts will create your Energetic Signature and presence. It surrounds you and is with you wherever you are.

For example, you may enter a room where there has been tension or irritation. When you enter the room, whatever vibration you carry also enters the room with you. If you are feeling calm, peaceful, and relaxed, your vibration will extend out to those who are already in the room. Your peaceful vibration can help to ease the tension and irritation that is present in the room. The energy of your vibration has blended with the energy of others to create a new vibration.

As you become aware of the impact that one person can have, your own consciousness increases to a higher level. You may realize that when you enter a tense situation, you can either feel tension yourself or you can remain peaceful. Your choice first affects the way you feel individually. Whatever you choose to feel will first affect your own vibration. Then your vibration extends to those already present. As the group moves into a larger situation, the energy of the group blends with other groups to create an entirely new energy. Everything is part of something larger.

When you realize how the vibration of the energy is always extending, you can play an important role in the expansion of consciousness by understanding how your own energy not only affects yourself but also ripples out to those around you and to the larger vibration of the planet. The winds of energy move around the planet to create a global vibration.

Your expansion of consciousness begins with your awareness of yourself as an individual. You understand how your response to events creates your Energetic Signature. You understand that consciously creating and maintaining a calm, loving, and peaceful vibration provides you an inner knowing that allows you to conduct yourself in the highest way possible. This allows you to consciously monitor your thoughts and intentions. You are creating a consciousness of managing your own vibration.

You are aware that each person or group also has an Energetic Signature, even though they may or may not be aware of it. Your awareness allows you to expand your consciousness and realize that each person or individual is where they are at the moment and that they are operating from their own perspective. You do not need to agree or disagree with what they are doing. Your awareness remains centered on your own inner guidance and on highest good. As you do this, your consciousness expands to see how your vibration affects you personally, how it affects those around you, and how it ripples out to humanity. You can view situations from the microcosm to the macrocosm. You understand the interconnectedness of everything that is, and you are a beautiful Light for the harmonious expansion of consciousness.

Beloved Ones, we honor you for your role in the expansion of consciousness.

Know you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and We surround you with love
And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Perspective On Ascension Book IV – Life Within New Earth, Part I – 10-29-13

Mother Gaia



When we were told to go into our core something was triggered inside of us. Spontaneously, without even an intention on our part, the two components of Mytria/Sandy and Mytre/Jason blended into the one being that we hear

d was called Mytrian. We had barely become accustomed to the merging of Sandy/ Mytria and Jason/Mytre when we suddenly transmuted into Mytrian.

Mytre and Mytria had a similar experience when we/they were flowing with the Arcturian as swirls of light. They also merged into their Divine Complement. But, the addition of the Jason and Sandy consciousness made this merging unique. We heard within that many shifts and alteration occurred whenever a new expression of our beingness merged back into the ONE of our Multidimensional SELF.

Our merging into Mytrian was unique to even Mytre and Mytria because it occurred without with the guidance of the Arcturian or within the safety of the Violet Temple. Also, we were formless when our merging into greater Oneness occurred. Fortunately, even though we were without form, we instantly felt the transition.

Before, we were two beings of pure consciousness that swirled and interlaced with each other. Now, we were one state of pure consciousness with a vast awareness of myriad multidimensional expressions of SELF. Each of these expressions interlaced and swirled through each other while also maintaining a distinct access code.

This access code was a frequency of light through which that expression could be entered and experienced. We realized that each of these myriad realities of SELF remained “online” in infinity with an infinite possible number of “body/forms” which we could slip into to experience that particular reality. All of these realities, as well as many that we had not yet identified, existed within the flow of the ONE much like drops of water exist within an ocean.

These realities were identifiable by a certain “feel.” We instinctively knew that that feeling/emotion would identify the light code/thought. Then, when we joined the feeling and the thought we would enter that reality. We were tempted to visit some of these myriad realities, but we realized that the infant Gaia needed to be found.

Entering our core was more conceivable when we held ONE consciousness. However, we were still without form, so we needed to find the core of our consciousness. We knew that this core had something to do with our merging into Mytrian and our new awareness of light codes.

If each reality had a light code, then Mytrian must also have a light code. Perhaps we could recognize the light code for Mytrian, as well as for the emerging reality that was as formless as us. Maybe it would be easier to feel of that code first. We focused on our feelings; we found a strange mix of illumination and confusion.

Yes, the confusion would be Jason and Sandy’s contribution. We realized that we needed to send our newest arrivals to our Multidimensional SELF unconditional love. Fortunately, our Arcturian essence instantly responded by welcoming Jason and Sandy with a rush of unconditional love. This unconditional love fully bonded Sandy and Jason to our SELF and created an immense amplification of our multidimensional emanation.

What we once observed as a small glowing light as our only “form,” was now a huge light that was so intermingled with this new reality that our core and the core of this emerging world were ONE. At this point our new expressions of Jason and Sandy became very helpful. They still remembered the experience of “being” a form. Hence, they could remind us to “turn our attention around to look inside.”

This change of attitude provided us with the feeling of centeredness and the thought of “finding the core.” Instantly, we were within what appeared to be a huge crystal. Actually, we were the huge crystal, and heard that this crystal was the Seed of Gaia.

We had not considered that a crystal could be a seed, but as we felt it growing and changing around us, we completely understood the concept. Just as a seed first puts down it roots then, eventually, sends up two small spouts, this crystal was merged into the physical format of Gaia’s earth body.

We looked up to find the crystal sprouts and saw toddler Gaia climbing up the huge crystal in preparation for her birth into fifth dimensional Earth. We could see the toddler within the crystal, hear her giggling and feel Mother Gaia’s strong protective energy. But where was this Mother, we wondered?

“I am within you,” spoke Mother Gaia. “Since you are within my crystal core, you are me as well. Furthermore, within my core is the core of the New Earth that has always resonated to the timeless worlds. Many of my humanoids have difficulty understanding how New Earth can be birthing within the same NOW that it has always existed.

“Fortunately, my plant and animal kingdom are free of time and separation. Thus, they can easily grasp that the multidimensional energy fields of ALL reality combine and blend with that which is still attached to the time-bound 3D Matrix.”

We observed as toddler Gaia slid down the core of the seed crystal and into the embrace of Mother Gaia.

“Dear human ones,” Mother Gaia continued. “I ask you to protect and care for my child. I, Mother Earth, have held a planetary form for longer than you could imagine and long for my expression as a Sun. Yes, just as you have a higher from of a lightbody, I have a higher form of a Sun.

“Sol, the Sun of our solar system which has been my home for millions of years, is yearning to return to its form as a central Sun. Then our Central Sun in the Pleiadian System will burst forth into a Great Central Sun.

“You see dear humans, you are not the only beings who wish to expand your expression of SELF. In fact, there will be a Now in which you will desire to express yourselves as a planet. In fact, the New Earth which you are creating (as well as returning to) is a greater expression of your SELF.

“These are the reasons why I have created an infant version of myself. I, Mother Gaia, was meant to provide a reality in which the time-bound format of separation and polarity could be experienced. On the other hand, my child will provide a reality based on the timeless format of unity and oneness.

“This fifth-dimensional experience of unity with all life within the NOW of the ONE includes not only my offspring, but all the humanoid and non-humanoid galactics and celestials who will share the adventure of ‘being a planet.’”

With Mother Gaia’s words, baby Gaia, sprang from her mother’s lap and scurried up the huge seed crystal.

“Follow her,” cried Mother Gaia. “Please protect and help her to embody her Divine Concept. I must remain here within the core to hold my transmuting planet in form for as long as is necessary for my inhabitants to merge into their higher expressions.”

As we looked up to see Mother Gaia’s child swiftly traveling up the seed crystal, we felt a great fatigue within the Mother.  Instead of following the young Gaia, we blended our consciousness into the Mother.

“Dear Mother,” we said, “We perceive that you are in need of assistance as well. We know how poorly your humans have treated you.”

Mother Gaia waved us off and said, “No, I am fine. Just as my plants, animals and humans are having difficulty integrating the higher light from our Galactic Core, I too suffer from great fatigue. I cannot follow my child into the next reality, as I must heal my wounding just as my humans must heal theirs. Follow my child and care for her as if she was your self. For, indeed, she is.”

With Gaia’s final words, we found that her exhaustion was partially because she had provided us with a form. We were not physical, but we were not yet fully lightbody. Hence, we resonated to the higher fourth dimension. Then, with a burst of unconditional love and multidimensional light Mother Gaia shot us free of the seed crystal and into a huge cavern filled with light.

We knew that we were still within the body of Earth, but Gaia’s love and light had accelerated our form into the threshold frequency of the fifth dimension. Our form of light, for we were still within our united presence of Mytrian, was slowly adapting to the higher frequencies of perception.

At first, the cavern was an empty cave filled with light and a huge body of water. However, as we calibrated our perceptions to the fifth dimension we could see many humanoid beings encircling us and sending us healing love. These beings were humanoid in that they had two arms, two legs, a torso and a head.

However, in every other way they appear very different from the humans that our Sandy/Jason self had known on third-dimensional Earth. For one thing, they were very tall, perhaps ten to twelve feet tall. But, to our surprise, when they realized that their height was a bit alarming to us, they instantly adjusted themselves to match their height with ours.

Another thing was that we could see through them, yet they also appeared to be solid. Also, their heads were much larger than those of the humans we had known. We instantly realized that the larger skull was necessary to house a much larger brain. In fact, their brain seemed to flow beyond their skull and flow from their heads like a cloud of light.

We noticed that when they communed with each other in a telepathic manner, their minds sent forth visible energy fields connecting everyone in the group. Even though they wore separate forms, their minds and auras interfaced with each other.

When a being we knew must be a leader as of his/her huge aura, resonance of pure power, vast wisdom and unconditional love suddenly flashed before us, they all returned to their larger forms. However, the “leader” seemed to be the hub of the energy field of communication that circled throughout the group.

“Welcome,” the leader said into our heart. “We see you have come from the Core of the Mother. Please join us as we share our world.”

With the assurance that we would accept the offer, the leader turned and flowed, as there was no walking, across the vast body of water. We followed the leader and the rest of the group flowed behind us.


Sandra Walter – Pure Light For Pure Conduits – 10-2-13



Notice the change in the Magnetosphere’s reaction to the recent X and M flares. These waves of light are different – they cannot be measured by traditional electro-magnetic standards. The KP index doesn’t show the usual impact of a typical CME or flare activity – for days and days now. It looks like the chart is broken after watching the impact of past flares. So what is this?

Incoming waves of photonic purity

The current wave of light frequencies, which will become much more intense beginning this week, are highly refined particles of light. These purer photonic light waves are the answer to our questions Why do I feel like something wonderful is about to occur? and What is the purpose of my need for solitude, isolation, silence?

The merge passage is upon us. Personally, I have noticed a big jump in (5D and above) lightbeing activity. This is a perception change; quite simply I AM seeing more, hearing more, feeling more of the frequencies because the new light supports it. All of these beautiful beings are more present because I AM taking the time to merge more deeply with my higher aspects. The companion piece to this new light was the preparation for it: the clearing, the detoxing, the silence, the willingness to be open to it. All of that work is paying off. The experience of consistent Unity with these higher realms is absolute Grace. I AM watching aspects of myself coagulate in preparation for something new.

The November Merge

November keeps presenting as a vital window for an intense stage of the merge. My Higher Self seems to be involved in the technicalities of the merge (a fascination of mine – as above, so below). I AM blessed to be relieved of mind-level processing right now; all of my direction is about stillness, silence, writing down what presents. It feels like something that will be helpful later, like trail markers left behind for others on the same path. True Wayshowing is very straight-forward: demonstrate how this is done, share the experience along the way.

How to walk through this passage

I still feel that this passage – now through December – will be glorious for those on the Ascension path including Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and those in Service to the Light. Why single out a group of the awakened? Because the folks who have opened their lifestream to be out, open and leading the collective through this Shift have set up a magnetic which draws the new experience right into their expression. By sharing the journey, doing the work, and embracing the change, we turned ourselves into conduits of the new light. Willingness to walk into the unexplored passage gives you the KEY to those unopened doors. Some walk through, some watch others walk through before moving forward. No judgment, that’s just the roles we agreed to play.

For some, becoming Guardians of the New Light demands surrender on a Galactic or Universal level. In this passage, the lower expression (in-carnate) must give up any attachments to what was, is or will be. All of us will have a unique role, unique experience during the merge. Let us remember that we have not done this before in the body. No matter what you have heard (we are Masters already, we’ve done this before, it is inevitable, it’s already happened), the merge is to be experienced as a unique expression of Source.  So be it. There will be collective experiences and side-effects (symptoms), however we must honor what our Higher Levels want to create.

Enjoy your unique experience. Know that everyone feels a little lonely right now. Know it may feel freaky. Going sane feels a lot like going crazy; give your higher levels the opportunity to take over. We’re not leveling up with our ego, emotions or mind-level in tact. You need to give your Higher levels a chance to create the miraculous. Honor it with whatever makes you feel connected to your Higher Self, and be flexible as the merge unfolds. Be in nature to receive the pure vibration, and sleep (lay down, be still) so the integration/adjustments can occur. Meditate.

Higher levels of light translate to higher levels of creator skills, so be aware and conscious of your choices right now. Amplification will pick up during this window, and I do not feel this is the time to create anything complex other than the merge itself. Isn’t that enough? Convince your mind/ego/emotions to be satisfied with just this experience. They may rebel out of fear; engage your spiritual maturity and let the nonsense go.

Creating in alignment with the true you may have to wait until significant shifts occur in early November. Give it some space to show you what you are truly becoming. Surrender the doing and busy-ness if you can; I promise it will be profound if you focus on your Ascension process.

Experiments in Isolation

My guidance is asking for several days of fasting and isolation. I understand why, and know this is the best way I can support what is happening collectively in the higher realms. When I look at it, it feels like the last great purge of a collective dynamic – both painful and profound. Gatekeepers were released from collective density, now it feels like the body vehicle will undergo some major energetic changes in order to support a full embodiment of spirit (higher levels). I will write when guided to share – I see an update prior to the November 3 Eclipse as the waves come in this week.

Obviously something wonderful is about to unfold. Let us hold each other in our hearts as these waves of light honor our magnetic intent to become the NEW.
If you missed the post about services affected or how to connect with me during my time away, click HERE. Anyone can sign up for the Ascension eCourse for $222 (that’s a $111 discount) while I AM away through November. Simply select that option when registering. Visit the Ascension eCourse page for details.

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Aisha North – Update on the Energies – 10-28-13


We would like to take this opportunity to delve a little bit into the current energies. As many of you have already ascertained, these are not your regular blasts of energy, rather, it is as if you are being disconnected from it all, as if you are floating, almost like an astronaut lost out in space. It might feel lonely out there, but trust us when we say you have not been left out there for good, rather, this is a very important transitional phase, one that will help you to re-enter YOURSELF, rather than stripping you of anything that might still be construed as the old you.

For that old process of dismantling is indeed over, as you have all moved beyond the threshold of what was and started to peek over and into the brand new space labelled “what will BECOME”. But in the interim, you will be treated to a very special voyage, one that will take you all the way to your furthest horizon and beyond. We refer of course to that inner space, the sanctuary, the hallowed hall of your being, where you can finally start to discover every glorious detail of yourself. But in order to get there, you must dare to turn your back to the hubbub and the temptation to circulate freely. And just what do we mean by that? Simply the fact that any outside disturbance can be too much for some of you at this stage, and so, listen to the voice that says, be still, and BE aware, and come closer to the real one that you truly are. So let go of any notion of casting your mind far and wide at this moment in time, and try to heed the voice that says ”be still my beating heart and my wandering mind, and go within and see thyself”. And so, what you will find in the dark, quiet womb of YOU will be more than worth this solitary journey into the unknown.

Dear friends!

I woke up to the first little taste of winter this morning, like Mother Nature was echoing the CCs and saying ”go within”. I have very much the sense of still being in the void, but even if it seems like it is that ”dark, quiet womb”, I also feel myself being propelled forward at an almost impossible speed. So much is happening, but I cannot even try to describe it, for it is as if it is taking place on so many levels at the same time. I feel myself reaching out to try to grasp hold of it, but for now, all I can do is to BE while at the same time know that I am BECOMING. As the CCs say, this is very much a solitary journey at the moment, but it is also one we are taking together. So I reach out and embrace you all, as we continue to travel beyond the borders.

Much love from me, Aisha

Dear friends! This strange mixture of tranquil but intense continues. I feel a little bit like a duck floating peacefully in the Pond while my feet are paddling like mad under the surface. But at the same time, this ”hidden activity” feels so RIGHT, like it is all coming together even if I have no idea what is going on. I know many of you also have a hard time trying to figure out what this is all about, for this feels very different from what we have experienced earlier. Here is what the CCs have to say about it:

”It may not seem like much at the moment, but you are currently entering a brand new flow as it were, and so first it will be like hesitating a bit at the edge, trying the temperature and the flow with the tip of your toe, but you will soon find yourself frolicking in these new and rather rapid but interesting waters. You see, you are currently in between two very different stages, and as such, you might find yourself rather bewildered, but this will soon dissipate, and you will all be able to navigate these new waters in a far better manner than you are able to today.

So do not despair, even if you find yourself looking into a wall of fog, unable to discern even the faintest of details on the other side of it. Just know that this fog is indeed about to dissipate very soon, and then, you will be able to take it all in. And we do mean ALL, as this time, much that has been previously left unseen will no longer be so, and you will learn a brand new way of connecting and indeed communing with all of this new. So until then, stay safe in the knowledge that this seeming disconnect is nothing of the sort, it is simply a pause, and a very necessary one indeed. Or rather for you, it will be felt as a pause, but for the rest of us, it is more like a beehive of activity. For again, there is so much going on behind the screens as it were, and although the outcome of all of this activity very much concerns you, at this stage, your job is simply to BE while we take care of all of the rest.

So rest assured that all is well, even if some of you are ready to scream out in frustration at the moment. Take a walk in the wild, sing or dance or simply jump up and down if you feel the need to do so, for this feeling of being contained within too small a frame may become apparent to many of you, and the best way to deal with it, is indeed to move. But for the rest, taking it easy will work even better, as you will feel the urge to simply sit back and connect with the layers that lie beyond what you have formerly perceived as the last one. For there is indeed more to discover, and as you go within, you will find yourself stepping forth into chambers that will reveal more of those hidden treasures.

So again we say, use this time well, and use it to find some of those pieces of you you did not even know was missing. For YOU are there to be found, and it is indeed only now that these pieces have become accessible to you all again. So do not miss out on anything by focusing your impatience on what is happening – or not happening – on the outside. For on the inside is where it will be found now. So shake loose if you need to do so first in order to become in a quiet and receptive mode, for then, you will be far better equipped to receive the messages that you are sending yourself, messages that have been waiting for you to discover them again after such a long time being on their way towards you.”

Much love from me, Aisha

Conversation – Ascension Guide Jim Self – Interviewer Barbara Hand Clow – 2013

MasteringAlchemy·119 videos

In this special episode to mark the fall equinox, Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow will once again share their guidance, insights, and perspectives on:

*What we can expect from the 4th Pluto-Uranus Square on November 1 (2013)
*Creating in the Quantum Fields
*What it means to “resonate with Nature”
*Exploring the Nine Realms of Consciousness
*Moving beyond the energetic limitations of time and space

Link to the full episode

Barbara Hand Clow’s Website

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