Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – Ask to be a receptacle for Pure Light – Allow the Empty Chalice within to drink in the sweetness of Divine Love – 11-10-15

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Archangel Gabriel

 Dear One,

When you ask to be a receptacle for pure light, you are saying that you have space within you, and that you are willing to fill this space with love and all that which is God. You are saying that you want to be filled with Divine Light, and assist the process of bringing Heaven to Earth.

This is important for everyone, and it does not interfere with other work or with family life. Recognize that your purpose on this planet is to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, so that all beings may live in greater harmony, peace and love. This mission requires assistance from all. Each person who turns toward Divine Light assists this purpose and raises the collective consciousness of the planet. The way to bring Peace on Earth is through one person at a time. So always remember how important you are to the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

Being a receptacle for Divine Light expands your mind and creates new ways of responding to situations in your life. When you become a receptacle for Pure Light you are in prayer for yourself and others. Whenever you pray you open the door for more Light to come through you. Prayer is a great form of purification, and raises your vibrational frequency and others through you. The higher your vibration, the more Peace and Love you will feel.


Visualization can greatly assist the process of becoming a Holy Vessel. Give yourself time to sit quietly, away from the world. Flowers and candles can uplift the energy around you and help you feel more expansive. Take some time to breathe balanced breaths, until you are in a calm and relaxed state. Pray to the Divine Presence that you may be a receptacle for pure light and then imagine that your body becomes a beautiful golden chalice. See it empty, or only partially filled with Divine Light. Imagine that you are sitting under a waterfall of God’s Golden Light. This Golden Light has great power and contains both wisdom and love. Imagine that you are drinking this sweet Light, and as it fills up your golden chalice, you are absorbing love and wisdom into every fiber of your being. The more full your vessel becomes, the more loving and blissful you feel. Make your chalice very large, so your entire energy field is expanded.

Take time every day to sit in Divine Light and Pure Love. Drink in this Light, then let it shine into the world, so all may know the truth of God’s presence. You will find yourself becoming more loving, expansive and clear. Decisions will be easier as you feel connected to a greater Source of Wisdom within your heart.

This simple exercise holds great power, and whenever or wherever it is done, it will allow you to be attuned to your God Source at all times. The more often you do it, the stronger you will become. The greater the level of Strength, Light and Love you are able to hold within you, the easier it will be to serve God and to assist others in their evolution.

You will be one who is a bridge between Heaven and Earth when you remember your inspiration for today:

Ask to be a receptacle for pure Light, then allow the empty chalice within you to drink in the sweetness of Divine Love.

Archangel Gabriel
from Shanta Gabriel
November 8, 2015

Suzanne Lie – Translating Light Language – Goddesses Ascending Gaia – 10-16-15


Suzanne Lie   –   Translating Light Language   –   Goddesses Ascending Gaia   –   10-16-15


Dear Readers,

I was making a composite picture to use for our upcoming Goddess Webinar, and I realized that the picture was a Light Language message. I had just finished channeling the Arcturians for a class on “Reading Light Language,” and realized that I had learned/remembered some skills for reading Light Language that I had not remembered before.

When I saw the information hidden in this picture, which is a composite of many other pictures I had found and put together, I realized that through creating this I had unconsciously (or super-consciously) received a Light Language message from the higher dimensions.

When I automatically titled the picture “Goddesses Ascending Gaia,” I realized that there was a great deal of information embedded within the picture. My PhD was based on integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain to improve communication with others and with our SELF. Hence, I realized that I had sent a message from my right brain/creative to my left brain/daily life.

I wish to share my process of “creating one picture from many other pictures” and then reading the message that my own Higher Self told me during that process. It seems that I am to start in the lower right hand corner, which was actually the last pictures that I added to the composite.

Hence, my first message I hear from my higher consciousness is:
“Please release the ‘habit of sequence’ while reading Light Language. Light Language is not bound by 3D time, which is the foundation of the third-dimensional concept of ‘time.’

Also, remember that you instinctively titled the picture, “Goddesses Ascending Gaia,” which is the theme for this Light Language message.

In the upper right hand corner, the message is that there is a major portal, as well as myriad smaller portals, opening on Earth. The picture does not show where this portal is located, as you cannot see any landmarks below it.

(In reality, this picture is of a hurricane, but I did not realize that until I explored the concept of a portal. Please remember, when reading Light Language, there are no mistakes or accidents. Instead, we need to trust the process of following the flow of our consciousness.)

In fact, it appears that the portal is in the sky, actually, the atmosphere. These portals, as there are many, are inter-dimensional portals that travel through Gaia’s atmosphere and into the core of Earth.

Inter-dimensional portals are filled with the inflow of gamma waves, torsion waves, and Multidimensional thought-forms filled with information from our Galactic and Celestial Family, Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire of Transmutation.

The portals open in Gaia’s highest atmosphere and travel down into the core of the planet. We, the Awakened Ones on Gaia’s surface, can greatly assist this process of information down by consciously focusing on the levels of the atmosphere — starting with the highest level to capture the essence of that “transmission,” as the Arcturians would say.

Therefore, I have given the names and brief information for each frequency of Gaia’s atmosphere. You will begin at the furthest/highest atmospheric level to receive your transmission, then pull that information down through Gaia’s atmosphere, level-by-level and into Her core.

To begin our process of capturing the gift from our Higher SELF
and grounding it into the Core of Gaia:

Exosphere — Atmosphere-like Volume

The exosphere is a thin, atmosphere-like volume surrounding a planetary body where molecules are gravitationally bound to that body, but where the density is too low for them to behave as a gas by colliding with each other.

Ionosphere — Upper Atmosphere

Earth’s upper atmosphere, from about 60 km (37 mi) to 1,000 km (620 mi) altitude, and includes the thermosphere and parts of the mesosphere and exosphere. It is distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere.

Mesosphere — Third Level Atmosphere

In the mesosphere temperature decreases as the altitude increases and extends from about 20–50 miles (32–80 km) above the surface of the Earth.

Stratosphere — Second Level Atmosphere

The second major layer in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers further down. This is in contrast to the troposphere near the Earth’s surface, which is cooler higher up and warmer farther down.

Troposphere — Lowest Atmosphere

The troposphere is the lowest portion of Earth’s atmosphere. It contains approximately 75% of the atmosphere’s mass and 99% of its water vapor and aerosols. The average depth of the troposphere is approximately 17 km (11 mi) in the middle latitudes.

Biosphere — Ecosystems

The biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed as the zone of life on Earth, a closed system (apart from solar and cosmic radiation and heat from the interior of the Earth), and largely self-regulating.

Hydrosphere — Water

The hydrosphere in physical geography describes the combined mass of water found on, under, and over the surface of a planet. Via United Nations world inventory of water resources, it is estimated that there are 1386 million cubic kilometers of water on Earth.

Lithosphere — Foundations

A lithosphere is the rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite that is defined by its rigid mechanical properties. On Earth, it comprises the crust and the portion of the upper mantle that behaves elastically on time scales of thousands of years or greater.

and into the planetary core

More Light Language

Over-lighting the portal/hurricane on the lower right-hand corner of the picture is a great Celestial Goddess Being who is juggling planet Earth just above her hand. To the left we see a more human appearing Goddess Being who appears to have accepted that vision of Earth and has contained it within a golden Merkaba.

This Merkaba appears to be serving as Gaia’s “Chariot to the Gods.” However, this chariot/Merkaba is not traveling anywhere. Instead, the Merkaba, with Earth inside, is resting on or in the more physical, Goddess’ Third Eye.

I interpret that Light message to be that we, the Goddess for Gaia, whatever the gender of Earth vessel they are wearing, are being called upon to our own Third Eye to “see Gaia surrounded by a Merkaba, Her Chariot Home to the higher dimensions.”

The term Goddess is not based on gender, but on service to Mother Earth. The picture of the Goddess on the left side of the picture has the face of the physical Goddess without a body, which I interpret as:

It is the state of consciousness that allows us to perceive Earth surrounded by her Merkaba that is most important. In other words, it is not just what we will DO, but what we envision, think, feel and calibrate our consciousness to, that is important.

Once we calibrate our consciousness to open our Third Eye, we can more easily and completely conceive and perceive Gaia’s process of transmuting into New Earth. With the portal of our Third Eye opened, we will be able to continue our process of maintaining our personal “open corridor” to higher dimensions through which we can connect with the higher frequencies of Gaia’s atmosphere.

Using our imagination to perceive an opened portal from Gaia’s Exosphere and down into Her planetary core. In this manner, we become the stillness of the “eye of the hurricane” while reality around us is buffeted about by the winds of change.

To summarize,

If we can IMAGINE, which is fifth dimensional thought, maintaining the image of Gaia’s Ascension on the “desktop” of our Third Eye…
Our Higher Self, upper right hand corner of the picture, can send us…
The physical expressions of humanity on the left side of the picture…
The gift of the perceptions of New Earth which…
We can perceive by holding the image of Gaia within Her Merkaba in our Third Eye.
In this manner, our Third Eye is calibrated to New Earth so that we can more easily perceive the higher dimensional realities…
That we are increasing sending their higher Light through Gaia’s portals and into Her Core.
The picture on the lower right hand side that I have called a “portal” is actually a picture of a hurricane. Therefore, I looked to find some scientific information about how hurricanes were portals.

Hurricanes (as in the top picture) as portals:
September 12,2003—Hurricane Isabel…

“There is a growing number of post quantum physicists who are discovering what Einstein and Schrödinger already assumed; physics may have been on the wrong track all along, misled by the idea that the material world exists of separate solid particles!

They are suggesting now that we may live in a wave-based Universe. Matter is simply the focal point of a vibration in an energy sea called the aether. Wilcock and Hoagland theorise in their hyper-dimensional physics that category 4 and 5 hurricanes open up an inter-dimensional gateway with a higher dimension that allows aetheric energy to flow into our physical dimension.

This aetheric energy in the form of torsion waves, create standing waves, which are the explanation for the observed pentagonal and hexagonal patterns in the eye of the hurricane. Wilcock and Hoagland believe that hurricanes are not only feeding on the conventional convection currents caused by the warm ocean waters and cooler air above, but also experience anti-gravity effects in their funnels as a result of the torsion waves.”

As a result the clouds that form the pentagram on top of the hurricane are raised in the air much higher than normal and can be perceived within the eye of the hurricane.

Please remember, this task of assisting Gaia
Is in your hands


YouTube Preview Image

Source:Translating Light Language – Goddesses Ascending Gaia. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 12, 2015.

Lisa Gawlas – Have You Made Room For Higher Light? – 9-5-15


Lisa Gawlas   –   Have You Made Room For Higher Light?   –   9-5-15


Phew baby!!  That pause for the cause sure brought in an uptick in the energies, in the vibrancies of the energies.  The colors that are now apart of you, your “clothing,” your life, so intensely Light emitting and yet, we are still taking in more light, more vibrancy.  Equally tho, we are the ones responsible for allowing that higher Light to come in and be a part of our new life matrix.

One of my readings yesterday, who ended up being a no-show, but her spirit didn’t let that stop me from seeing for her, what I call a pre-glimpse.  I emailed her the details and she understood it completely.  This morning, it’s what hangs in the forefront of my mind to share as well.

Do you remember back in grade school during arts and crafts, we would get a piece of paper, fold in half, fold it in half again and then again, then get scissors and cut pieces of the paper out along the folded edges and when we opened it up, there was pretty designs now cut into the paper?

I seen her standing on that upper wire thingie still heading into the eclipse energy, what was interesting is her back was towards me, and it was as if she was leaning backwards (as opposed to standing straight up) and in her left hand (physical life) a folded piece of paper, in her right hand (emotional life) she had a pair of silver (earth energy) scissors.  When I wondered what she was doing I got a visual of the cut out streamer, sorta like this but one elongated paper:


The understanding was that when we cut out what is no longer needed or vibrationally useful in our lives, we change the frequency that is our lives and allow new energy, new experiences to come in.

What I couldn’t figure out was the position I seen her in.  Again, keeping in mind, we are all in the higher atmosphere of our expanded mind, but obviously, very much engaged in our own life (which is why I see bodies instead of just pure energy.)The winds of change are billowing from her deep west (harvested energy, storehouse…) and demanding she make room for the new… and she is.  If we are not cutting things out, we are by free will, taking a pass on the new and entertaining whatever old we are engaged in.

Some of us are in that “quantum soup” stage, where we are morphing at a high velocity into our next version of ourselves.  In that state, I cannot see a thing.  Then we have one like my last lady yesterday, I started seeing her before her arrival, I think I needed the time to understand it.  For the first time, I had seen the silver wire we are all standing on engorged with massive energy moving rapidly to the eclipse (which I am still being blocked to see anything on the other side, dammit.)  Included with her energy moving thru this high frequency line were tremendous silver sparks coming out of her toes billowing upwards towards her face.  Her team said, when we have such force moving us forward, it creates friction, sparks of new life, new energy, and heat!!  I am old sparky the moment the sun starts to set… holy heat flashes batman.  Now I understand why.  Thanx!!

On top of all this information, I am now having an experience I had the other day hung in my face to share.  In its simpleness, it really is so directively profound.  I was standing doing my dishes, watching the hummers eat and dive bomb each other, I love those crazy little birds so much.  Their flock has already been reduced by about half and as I was enjoying them and giving them thanx for being here with me, I also said to them I am going to miss you when your gone.  With that sentence, inside of myself, I could feel the day they migrated elsewhere, it was sad in my heart.  I heard my team say “but they are here now.”  Instantly I was back to the present in love and in joy.

It is kinda funny how we can move ourselves without even realizing it out to the future and be affected by it today.  This is when we are out of our magnetic flow of Self.  I am finding myself realigning a lot these days, especially as we get closer to my daughters bond hearing coming up Tuesday.  When I am not “thinking” about it, I know with an unmistakable surety she will be home when I get there.  Then, for a moment, I think about her bond itself, the unalignment of the thought “if its high, we’re screwed.”  It shatters my energy field, then I walk around, more like pace and get myself back to the flow energy where that thought does not exist emotionally.  Phew… a work out for sure!!

Which brings me to my first reading of the day, a wonderful male virgin upon the field I read from.  I was so surprised by his visual, he was swinging around and around, clockwise on a thick silver pole that was held deep in the ground and connected to the high wire.  He was about center on this pole and as I started to feel into it, he was swinging on the magnetic frequency pole of the 23rd.  Holy shit batman!!  How the hell is that happening??  Well, we works in the construct of time and magnetics and this is part of his super powered spiritual attributes.

As we talked about this and what he does, which is working with ancient structures here on earth he said something that just brought my entire focus to the 4th hypnosis in the super power course.  He said he works with the temples and opens the energy fields within them… OMG that is exactly the last of the 4 hypnosis events.  Holy shit even!!  So I had to talk to him about gifting him the super powers course and as I was like a kid talking about christmas, something just out the back door caught my eye.  This white something or another was gently floating down to the ground.  What the hell?  While we were still talking I went outside to look, obviously important to him or I would not have seen it as clearly as I did.

feathers from heaven

They floated to the ground exactly in this position.  I thought they were all one connected energy until I picked them up.  Three down feathers, not a bird in sight, I looked.  They came floating in just to the right (near future) of the east field (new beginnings and new growth.)  Three in this expression of spirit has a dual meaning, the triad is complete.  Soul, Source and physicality.  The number three demands action and communication.  I had to look up the purpose of down feathers and found out they are the closest feathers to the body and serve to trap heat.. energy.  All this while talking about gifting him the super powers course.  The message doesn’t get any more clearer or more tangible than that!!  What he is going to do with it all, is going to be my blessing to witness and watch.

On that note, my is about to begin.  But before I close, let apologize to the 50 plus emails I have sitting in my inbox… there is not enough of me to do all that I have pending.  Please forgive me if you have written and I have not replied.  I know I had several people write and ask about the personal course with the ET/Hypnosis and I looked for your emails last night, but my inbox is an ongoing explosion of inquiries that overwhelms me at times.  So please, forward it to me.  Equally, I want to put out here too… I DO NOT look at or reply to private messages on facebook.  Emails will always have first priority to reply to.  My facebook is an out loud, together, expression of the day, the energy, our time together, nothing private!!  Just saying.

I love you all so much, thank you for patience with me, your love that surrounds my whole world, my whole life.

((((HUGZ))))) of joy, laughter and the present moment to All!!

Lisa Gawlas 

P.S.  I have not had the time or energy to fix my super powers special on the main page of my website, so if you are still interested, it is still only $33

THE HUMAN LIGHT BODY – Kate A. Spreckley @ Spiritual Pathways – – 8-24-15

Light Body

by Kate A. Spreckley, SpiritualPathways

Found at:


As human we are comprised of four bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four bodies are interconnected and woven together creating our entire human being. Our being is linked to all existence through our body of light.

Our body of light is far greater in size than our physical body and is not limited nor constrained by our physical world. This body is able to move through time and space connecting us to other dimensions of reality and other life forms that exist throughout Creation.

Our Light Body holds the essence of our multidimensional self and in shifting our consciousness and accessing our Light Body we are able to move through different dimensions and to view other realities. Through our Light Body we have the ability to access and to communicate with different dimensions for the purpose of our growth, learning and development.

For the most part this process of communication happens unconsciously or during our dream time. But part of our evolutionary process involves building and integrating our Light Body into our Human forms. In integrating our Human Light Body it will become possible for us to consciously access and communicate with other dimensions, gathering knowledge, wisdom and guidance. By being conscious of the guidance and wisdom available to us, we will then be able to apply this knowledge within our own lives, healing ourselves, our world, and enabling us to progress further along the path of our Soul evolution.

For many thousands of centuries, our lives have been controlled by the belief systems held within our societies and cultures. These belief systems have become the blue print by which we create our own lives and our own realities. We buy into the beliefs of others and recreate their reality thereby replicating the damage and destruction of humanity and our Earth. All this recreating and replicating has created an energy pattern that has been grounded into the energy field of our Earth through us.

The original blue print for the Earth was one of peace, love and harmony between all living things. That blue print still exists beneath the energy patterns and structures that we as human beings have initiated.

At some point in our history we allowed ourselves to think we were superior to all other life forms on this planet. We allowed these thoughts to become the basis of our belief patterns and thus began our journey of separation and the grounding of these patterns into the energy field of our Earth.


Our Earth is a living, breathing energy field and as we walk upon Her body an energetic connection is formed between us and the Earth. It is through this energetic connection that all our thoughts, feelings and creations are transferred, grounded and held in the energy field of the Earth. It is this energy field that assists us in creating our physical reality.

In creating our physical reality we tap into these energetic patterns of memory. If these memories are of old, outdated and negative patterns we will have a very difficult time trying to create a life of love, peace and harmony. We are all here on this Earth because we need to heal and to evolve and in order for us to do that we are required to change our patterns of belief, structure and behavior.

As we evolve, grow and develop we begin to access our inner truth, held in the deeper aspects of ourselves. As we uncover our inner truth we realize that our material world does not define who or what we are and our search for a deeper meaning to our life begins. On this journey we discover that it is only through the Spirit that we can gain any understanding of what is occurring in our world. With this understanding we are able to begin a process of healing; releasing old patterns of belief and behavior and allowing our Spirit to guide our day to day life.

As our connection to our Spirit strengthens we are able to tap into the true essence of ourselves, which at its core is an essence of love. It is only through healing ourselves that we are able to tap into our essence of love and it is only through the love of self that we are able to pull light into our physical bodies, thereby activating, building and integrating our Light Body into our physical beings.

In connecting with our true essence of love and allowing that energy to be channeled through us, we are able to begin transforming the energy patterns held with in the Earth, allowing for the original blue print of love, peace and harmony to arise.

Accessing our true essence of love initiates changes in our molecular structure enabling us to begin building our Light Body. As we build our Light Body we allow the healed aspects of ourselves to merge and combine with the love of our true essence thus allowing our physical body to hold more and more of our Light Body.

Our task is to heal ourselves and merge all aspects of ourselves with our true essence, as we do so our challenges will gather force and our unhealed aspects will be brought to light, assisting us in healing any separations that we continue to carry. This in turn will transform the energy patterns held within our Earth Mother enabling us to build and integrate our Light Body ultimately becoming the light and love of our true essence in Human form.

Found at:

JOSE SANCHEZ – Inner Light, Inner Power, inner Fire, Inner Self – 6-5-15


Jose Sanchez


Enjoy the above codes which carry the power of the inner self.


Recently I have had several mishaps where all of my info and my writing gets erased from my computer. It is an odd sensation to know it can be gone just like that! It is also a lesson in going with the flow and simply knowing nothing is lost or forgotten in the mind of God.

After an hour of writing a beautiful article I am here left wondering and trying to figure out how to make it easier on myself. Does anyone ever read my blog and out of those who read it, how many understand and grasp what I’m trying to convey? Life is precious and as such I know I do not need to waste my energy on such questions because what I share is always received by those who will make the best use of it.

Rather than break my mind trying to remember what I had written, which by the way I never do as it all flows moment by moment I will simply say this…..

We are always exposed to infinite information and there’s infinite information we are nowhere near tapping into. We have been taught of the unlimited space available to us and that there is an infinite God who has it all, who is all and who creates it all. I agree that’s true, and we are born and raised, and we need to be taught we carry within us the infinite possibilities of existence.

We are told of the ascended masters and of the ascended hierarchy and so on, we are told of the higher self and the moment we see all of that as an outside force we give our sovereignty away. We need to realize and remember we come from the highest and we carry the highest within. We need not see our higher self as separate entity.

We have the most powerful key, the multidimensional heart, and within we carry multidimensional reality, multi existence and multi creations. We must remember the greatest power of divinity exists within us, our inner self is the key to life. We are life and as such we can mood it accordingly. Remember we are powerful humans, divine humans!

Im sharing my experience of deep connection to my beautiful inner self and in that moment the higher self ceased to be and I discovered who I am.

Human I am, Divinity I manifest as I am

In the recesses of the sacred heart, therein lies a door.
A magical door which can be wide opened or shut tight
The choice is yours!

The door to eternity, the door to the sacred spark of life.
Spirit is known, spirit brightly shining with the core of a star and the love of a god.
Selfless self in deep awareness
Vast in a space void of light and light filled with the void.

Joyful, blissful, wide opened, motionless motion
Movement in flow, Flow divine, eternity manifested as purity
Purity moving as the speed of God
God moving as the speed of Love
Love being, Love doing, Love knowing as the one who upholds.

Upholding sacredness
Upholding divinity
Upholding Holiness
Upholding frequency before it became the All.

Love flowing drops
Love creating drops
From an ever flowing Source, clear and encoded within the spirit.

Rays of Light
Rays of Love
Rays of Flow

Suns of perfection
Suns of imperfection in ever lasting possibilities.
Sun of life, living in love and in light as the All knows Itself.

Shine brightly and move swiftly in boundless Creation.
Creating, manifesting as divine awareness moves freely in the All.
Be, know, love, live life
Caress as you love every particle manifested within and without our limitless existence.

Now my Love, Know thyself as Love
Know yourself as the perfect imperfection
Love yourself as a multidimensional Human
Human, Be, Know, Love your human life and embrace your sacredness.
Love your vulnerabilities, now shine your true power.
Human you are, God you are, blessed you are!

JILL RENEE FEELER – Stepping Up Into your Divine Light – 4-29-15

Jill Renee Feeler
This month’s gifted webinar invited us into Divine Trust, personal connection with Source Creator. Stepping up into the Light of God within us. Stepping out into this world from that Light of Source within. Boldly. Courageously. Intelligently.

In all our work, we offer an experience unlike any other, to help you personally experience the most expanded frequencies available at this time.

Inspiring, evolutionary messages for personal joy and thriving in a non-religious yet deeply God-centered manner to expand consciousness, and help us evolve and thrive within our human experience. Jill’s clients across the globe are supported, uplifted and inspired to create their best lives, to take responsibility for their own joy and well-being, while resting in the eternal truth that we are love and we are loved by The eternal Source Creator, God. Jill lovingly taps in via divine intuition to this Source energy, filled with love, healing and wisdom for you and your unique journey. Her approach is unique, helping you grasp a concept of yourself that is eternal, and that is empowered enough to have set in motion the human journey you are creating. On the physical dimensions of you, Jill helps you see a challenge or obstacle from a new perspective so that you can move forward in your journey with increased confidence. Sessions are done via phone or Skype and include a digital recording. Testimonials at….

Client names and email list are confidential, valuing your privacy.

Magenta Pixie – The Vertical Pillar of Light – 10-2-14

Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie’s website:

In your last video you mentioned “the vertical pillar of light”. What is this? Can you explain further and expand on this metaphor?
The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine respond to this question through their conduit, Magenta Pixie.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video arranged by Catzmagick. Media c/o freeimages and Kevin Macleod.

Jasmuheen – Open-hearted Interview – Movie: In the Beginning There Was Light


The complete 2 hour interview that Jasmuheen did in 2006 for the movie IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT – virtually unedited & never before seen in this way – As there are no additional visuals, this video is only or those who are sincerely interested in her work. We released Part 1 of this earlier – with additional visuals – so for those who have seen that, then go to around 32 minutes of this video to see the balance. The complete “In The Beginning There Was Light” movie – of which this interview is a small part – can be seen at this link –

Suzanne Lie – Into The Woods – 9-5-14















Into the woods I send my heart

To find the place where I can start

Start to know and feel and care

To find the sunlight everywhere

Everywhere is here right now

To fill our life with learning how

To live the light in every way

And follow it through every day

The light it calls us all the while

To go within to find our smile

The joy that we have sought “out there”

We know to find it everywhere

In every cry and every sound

The light is there; it can be found

Once found, then we must let it BE

The source through which we can be free

Free of sorrow and free of pain

We no longer need to seek nor gain

We’ve played the game – both won and lost

We’ve had some fun and paid the cost

The cost of life beyond control

Is to find the purpose of our Soul

Our Soul we find within our Heart

It’s been there from the very start

Our Soul + Heart translates to NOW

As we start our journey of finding how

How we will know to seize the light

And not turn back in pain or fright

The light its there inside our life

Behind our sorrow and our strife

Once sorrow’s gone and strife’s resolved

Our heart and soul become evolved

Evolved into the ONE to be

The ONE to hear – the ONE to see

See the light that we once sought

When we tried so hard and cried a lot

We looked at memories filled with fear

And forgot that which we held most dear

But when, at last, we found the light

We communed with life that’s all around

In this entrainment we can BE

ALL we hear and ALL we see

We’ll find inside each cell and atom

A world we thought was just a phantom

Each atom spins into the NOW

The past is over, we have learned how

How to live the “future” inside each day

Through feelings we have and words we say

Inside the NOW, our new world started

As love and the light will no longer be parted

The lion and lamb lie in the noon sun

The conflict has ended, and we are all ONE

We found the Great Light and live in the Sun

Our journey has ended, and also begun!

Ascended Master Hilarion – A Love Bomb to End All Darkness – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May – 8-2-14

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Ascended Master Hilarion:

Greetings everyone! It is a great pleasure coming through this channel for the first time, although I am not a stranger to the work that is being done here. I am delighted for the chance to speak with all of you. Mother God let us know that we would have a special opportunity to come through, since Kathryn has agreed to do a message every day until the Revaluation of Currencies. I suppose you are aware that the purpose behind these messages is to provide a challenging lesson for you every day, one which will help you to clear away an old remnant of darkness and replace it with Light. I am happy to be a part of such an uplifting project.

We are all interested in the path of humankind toward their Ascension. We watch carefully as the dance is acted out – the thrust and parry between the Light and Dark on your planet. Of course the deck is stacked in favor of the Light, since the appearance of darkness (and what you sometimes call evil) is really just an illusion. Are you really in full understanding of how that is possible? Perhaps I can give you another perspective on it.

Let us take the example of the minions of dark ones who are now carrying out the terrible assassination plots against the bankers who have worked for the largest of the corrupt financial institutions. Of course these 38 and counting bankers whose deaths have been counted as “suicides” are nothing of the kind. Not one of them had any psychiatric problems, they were all successful and highly paid, and had absolutely no motive for suicide, unless you consider the possibility that they all suddenly had a fit of conscience and could not live with their own participation with the cabal systems. That is highly unlikely, since the kind of high life they were all living generally becomes addictive and difficult to leave – all the more likely that it was not suicide.

Most of the deaths were people who worked in the area of IT or communications in their banking companies. They therefore are the ones at high levels of responsibility who had access to the information about the fraud being committed every day. Is it not obvious to you that these would be the ones who need to be eliminated, just as the Treasury Department comes searching around looking for evidence of the extreme and unethical practices they know are epidemic in recent years? These are the men (they are all men) who have the evidence needed to shut down all the major banking corporations on the globe.

Now, why do I, Hilarion, who is usually concerned with the natural world, bring up this issue right now? Because I am also interested in the new governance coming to the Earth which will allow many of you to be free to support your Mother Earth and the precious Kingdoms of Elementals, Animals and Plants which have suffered along with you for so many years.

Do you see the fundamental connection between the kind of greed that drives a cabal leader and the ongoing devastation of the natural world? Of course you do. Where there is a connection between power and money there is greed, and where there is greed there is corruption, and where there is corruption one of the first things to go is any concern for protections for Mother Earth’s health and well-being.

This is why we who are the protectors and healers of the non-human Kingdoms are so involved right now with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters who come to work with us on removing toxins and nuclear waste from the environment. We are watching hopefully as the humans who were trained – brainwashed, really – by the Reptilian-controlled cabal, to see how they will carry forward now that their leaders are gone from the planet. We continue to hope that in spite of the ruthless programs under which they were trained, they will gradually find their hearts and begin to question the use of murder, blackmail, extortion and threats when they deal with the threat to their power base, which is dwindling.

As the energies of Light on the planet increase, the pressure is on for everyone, even those who have prided themselves in being completely immune to feelings of compassion or generosity, which they consider weakness. As they go through their days priding themselves in being callous, others around them are beginning to soften, awaken, and question whether they wish to continue on the path they were seduced into when they were young.

There are developing schisms between the most powerful leaders, who formed the tight-knit family connections by calculated marriage and business arrangements, not out of Love for one another, but because of the power they could accrue by creating tightly-controlled secret organizations. There are cracks forming in the foundations of their structures, as younger family members begin to defect in opposition to the status quo. Just as in the natural world, it is the young who are the promise of the future for their parents, and the Universal Laws which govern all are beginning to be felt, especially by those who still have a glimmer of connection to Creator.

A few have “slipped through the cracks” by pretending to be interested in the dark religious practices they were raised in, while secretly exploring the internet sites which have proliferated like this one, offering a different view of what Life can be. You see, Light will out, always. Once one begins to question and absorb these lessons, there is no turning back. Have you not noticed this? The more of these messages you read, the more it all begins to fall into place, to form a larger understanding of the Universe than you ever dreamed of a few years ago.

Now, let me sketch the rest of the picture for you. The military-industrial complex is owned and operated by the same people who control the financial institutions. The military-industrial complex is the source of the worst toxins and invasive practices which harm the beautiful beings who have always lived in peace with humans, doing their service of nurturing and protecting the natural world. So you see, the war between the banksters and their minions is going to soon spread to the military leaders and their officers and troops.

The U.S. Navy has resumed their irresponsible testing of sonar technology, even after the people’s letter-writing campaign which brought a halt to the testing and a supposed “rethinking” of destructive practices. When the cetaceans begin leaving in large numbers because they cannot stand the pain and hostilities toward them, it will create an even greater outcry from the people, and it will become difficult for even the previously hard-nosed bureaucrats to maintain their indifference.

Whales, dolphins and even merpeople are considering a mass exodus from the planet at this time. The attacks on them will no longer be able to be kept secret when they begin washing up on beaches. It is difficult to hide or quickly dispose of a dead whale, and there are activists everywhere watching the beaches and creating protests around the world to protect their Brothers and Sisters of the oceans.

So you see, Beloved Ones, everything hinges on all of you raising your vibration to a point so high that it sweeps everything before you in a great upsurge of Light, making it impossible for the banking/military leaders and their troops to continue their dark practices. In doing so, you will rescue the Kingdoms of the Earth from the destruction they are suffering right now. In creating this powerful tsunami of Light, you will reach the tipping point, beyond which no destruction will be possible because the higher dimensions are completely intolerable for anyone invested in darkness.

The dark minions will be forced by the simple physics of Light to drop their weapons and close the doors of their greed-fueled establishments. They will experience exactly the same overwhelming, painful vibration which has driven the cetaceans to beach themselves. A whale cannot cover its ears and scream, but the humans who harbor destructive energy will feel that way.

So, Dear Ones, here is my challenge to you: Envision your friends and fellow travelers in their ocean, air and forest habitats. See them close to you, joyfully swimming, flying and bounding toward you to greet you and look into your eyes. Feel your exhilaration and joyful laughter as you see emerging around you the fairies, elves and other nature spirits who are so gentle and filled with Love. Watch in your mind’s eye the playful leaping and splashing of the dolphins with their young. Revel in the sense of intimate connection with these beautiful Creations of God.

Picture in the distance the scheming and calculating managers of money and power, engrossed in their dirty dealings. See their sallow skin, their hollow smiles and contrived gestures. Notice how empty of joy or real camaraderie they are. Do not draw close to them; they are not of your vibration. Instead, focus your attention on the overflowing Love you feel in the company of your Brethren, and create a Light channel to focus and direct your joyful and loving feelings toward them.

See the Light and Love wash over them, seeping into every pore of their being, pouring directly into their hearts. As they fight against the onslaught of Light, see them stiffen and try to fight off the feelings of Love they are absorbing. Some will double over, others will cover their ears and close their eyes, others will cry out in pain as they fight against the Light.
Soon, it will be impossible for them to fend off the great power of Love, and they will find themselves, weak and overcome, helplessly falling to the floor, submitting to the feelings of joy that fills every part of their soul, their bodies and minds.

They will feel themselves hopelessly in Love, weak in the knees with the deep and powerful energies which course through their veins, opening all their channels to receive Light. They will arise from their faint with the sound of a song in their ears and in their hearts. It will be a song of joy and celebration for the deep and abiding connection with All Things.

They will be brought to tears by the emotions of compassion, gratitude and Love, and they will fall to their knees to ask forgiveness for the pain they have caused their precious Brothers and Sisters. God’s great Light of forgiveness will fill their souls with relief and happiness, and the gratitude they feel will remain with them as the new and permanent feeling which will guide their actions henceforth.

You, Beloved Ones, are going to change the world. These newly-awakened people will become the next wave of impassioned activists, and they have the skill and know-how to change all the things you have prayed would be removed from your world. You. You have the power to create this massive shift.

Join with your friends on your internet Facebook site, Healing for Ascension Tour,* and set a time for all of you to create a meditation such as I have described above, and create a Love Blast so powerful that you will bring on the immediate announcement of the RV, and drive everyone to who has been playing on the dark side to make the leap into the Light.

What fun you have ahead, Dear Ones, you who are gladiators and warriors for the Light. Exercise your great power of Oneness. Feel the thrill of conquest, as you vanquish all darkness with your great tsunami of Love. Know that in doing this, you will create a new energy on the planet which can never again be defeated. You are on the upswing, with powerful help from the blast of energies from the Central Sun to buoy you up and carry you across the line into the New Golden Age. You will arrive hand-in-hand, so to speak, with all the beings, all the humans and all the spirit world into the loving embrace of our Great Creator.

Hallelujah! Let the celebration begin!

I am your Hilarion, in great joy, savoring the Vision of Life we have just created together.

*Facebook: Healing For Ascension Tour

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Aug. 1, 2014, 8 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,



Journey into the Divine Source – TheTwinFlames

TheTwinflames·29 videos

My favorite teacher “Abraham” says: Alignment first, action after.” Aligning with the Source is a powerful tool. It is a way of being, a way of living a fulfilled life. There is nothing we could not be, do or have once we are aligned with the Source. Use the Force- you are a Divine child who emanated from it.

Anrita Melchizedek – Orbs of Light Attunement

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Orbs of Light Attunement by Anrita Melchizedek
Mp3 download

In this Golden Age of Light, we now have the opportunity to deepen our connection to the many Beings of Light around us that appear as Orbs of Light. These Beings of Light are gifting us with the opportunity to experience their vibrational signatures as we tune into these intricate designs of cosmic consciousness and celestial Light frequencies.
In their highest frequency, Orbs of Light hold the energy signature of the Ascended Masters, Christed ET’s, Angelic Beings, Nature Spirits and faeries as well as aspects of our own multidimensional Selves.

Further to this, many Orbs of Light are either discarnate Beings viewing earth prior to incarnating or Souls leaving Earth most commonly in the form of a sphere, octahedron or star tetrahedron; their unique geometric design creates their own Merkaba Vehicles of Light.

At the time of the Equinoxes, Solstices, Full Moon, New Moon and the many astrological and planetary activities of Light, as we deepen our connection to one another in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness, we can amplify the frequency experience of these many Orbs of Light.

Another way to amplify and experience, feel and sense these magnificent Orbs of Light and Celestial Beings are through the creation of our own pyramids of Light. The energetic pyramids of Light amplify sound and color signatures in a harmonic resonance that assists us to tune into the Orbs of Light through the many sound and color spectrum frequencies they bring forth to us in this Golden Age of Light. For the Orbs of Light are here to activate our Light frequency; to inspire, enlighten, transform and heal, offering their unique signature of Divine Love co-creatively in acknowledgment of our magnificence and Light.

As we tune into the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth Templates, and the One Reality of All That Is as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, we experience a new language of communication through the energy of the Light Orbs, allowing us access to various dimensions of Light and the Christed Timelines.
We are co-creating our Heaven on Earth, and doing so with the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High that appear to us vibrationally; through our own gifts of knowing, seeing, sensing and through these many Orbs of Light.

Attunement to the Orbs of Light

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
and the many Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,
as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,
the Highest Light I Am within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

I now visualize a beautiful golden Pyramid of Light
anchored and activated around my energy body.
I now connect through the Unity Grid of Divine Love,
to the Light Workers, star seeded ones and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this Golden Age of Light.

I now bring my focus to a Portal of Light found just above my crown chakra,
connecting me to the Sun and Solar Core,
and the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta,
our Solar Logii and God Parents for this Solar System.

Initially now, as I focus on the Sun above the crown chakra,
I experience myself wrapped in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of Solar Service,
lifting me into the Solar Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love, the New Earth Templates and now, the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

I now sense a beautiful Pink Orb of Light activating at this Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the qualities of Divine Love and openness within my heart, mind and body.
This Pink Orb of Light now expands around my body and energy field,
and now, within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

I now experience a beautiful Red Orb of Light activating at my Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the quality of Divine Will and empowerment within my heart, mind and body.
As this Red Orb of Light now expands around my body and energy field,
I focus on activating this beautiful Red Orb of Divine Will and empowerment
within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

I now experience a beautiful Orange Orb of Light activating at my Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the qualities of healing, insight and understanding within my heart, mind and body.
As this Orange Orb of Light now expands around my body and energy field,
I bring a focus to activating these qualities within the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

I now experience a beautiful Lavender Orb of Light activating at my Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the qualities of peace, harmony and forgiveness within my heart, mind and body.

Read More:…

Orbs of Light Attunement by Anrita Melchizedek
Music by Michael Hammer

REPOST – Archangels and Devas Blog – Raising Your Vibration Through the Pillar of Pure White Light – Merging with the I Am Presence at the Throne of the I Am That I Am – 11-2-13

 Brethren of Light, I Am Michael.

As you traverse on the path to Enlightenment, you may find that hardships and obstacles are placed on your path to test you. This will make you stronger and bring you wisdom. When you pass these tests, you evolve further. The obstacles are like rotten eggs. The fear of facing the obstacle is like the smell of a rotten egg. You can get rid of the smell when you get rid of the egg. The anticipation of how and what you do, the fear and anxiety of facing the obstacle brings you down and lowers your Light. Problems and obstacles serve by distracting humankind from the Light. Yet, through the distractions, they make you stronger. By your efforts to remove them, you gain momentum and become more determined to pursue Light. The more Light you hold, the greater your ability to cope with future distractions and obstacles. As you evolve spiritually, you become worthy of greater Light and with it comes the ability to conquer all obstacles.

When you are able to see the obstacle as a mere distraction and the distraction as a means to delay you, then you can see to it that you are neither distracted nor delayed. To achieve this task, I will teach you to call the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. The purpose of this pillar is to raise your vibrational frequency to help you feel connected to the Source. Then, you are not easily distracted or affected by problems and obstacles. Obstacles can only have an adverse impact on you when you allow them to. You allow them to have such an impact because you feel lonely, left out, fearful and at a loss to cope.

When the Pillar is fully formed and you reside inside of it permanently, you can remain detached from the fear of failure and the feeling of loneliness, separation and rejection. When you are inside the Pillar of Light, you connect to the Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, God in Form. This is the individualized presence of God which has taken form and resides at the thirteenth dimension of reality. Through your Twelfth Chakra you are able to connect with this dimension and experience the perfected presence of the I Am That I Am, by merging and uniting with the presence.

This is perhaps the most important step in returning to the perfection of our Original Divine Plan. The Divine Plan as originally intended by God was to allow you to remain connected to God and to the Pure White Light at all times and in all circumstances. Then there could be no fear of separation or loneliness. The Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, also known as the I Am Presence or simply the I Am, is also called the Magical, Luminous, Glorious, Victorious Presence.

To change the energy in you and around you and to raise your own vibration to Higher Light; every morning as you arise, call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. Enter into the Light and move to unite with the Presence of the I Am. Do this again at night before you fall asleep.

Meditation to Receive and Hold Pure Light and Unite with the I Am Presence

I now offer you a procedure to raise your vibration to Higher Light and to stay protected in the Pure White Light of the I Am at all times. Now take a deep breath and sit or lay down in a comfortable position to begin this meditational exercise.

Say this invocation,

“I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I Am. I ask the Presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me.

You may have difficulty feeling a change or a shift in your own energy field at first. It is important that you persevere and continue to ask for the Pillar of Light to surround you. Sometimes your vibration has become so slow that the Presence of the I Am That I Am cannot reach you. This is because there is a certain level of energy vibration below which it will not extend. Therefore, you will have to raise your own vibration to a frequency which will reach up to the Presence. The Pillar of Light will raise the vibration around you. As you stand inside of it, the lower vibrations dissolve and you begin to gather more Light and Energy.

Ask for the Pillar of Light, Cylinder of Light, Tunnel of Light; it matters not how you say it; what is important is to surround yourself in Light and allow it to heighten your vibration. Visualize the Presence waiting for you at the top of this Pillar, Cylinder or Tunnel. Imagine it to be there. Let your heart convince your mind that it is there. At that point, begin to move the energy upward through your Crown Chakra at the top of your head.

Move up inside this Pillar of Light in the direction of Higher Light. There are chakras above your head (chakras eight through twelve). Visualize that the energy moves up to your Eighth Chakra, pauses to energize that chakra and moves up to the Ninth. Repeat for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Chakras. In this way, energy moves chakra by chakra to reach up to the Twelfth Chakra in the thirteenth dimension of reality to the Throne of the I Am That I Am. There you shall meet with the Presence of the I Am. The I Am Presence, which is the essence of God manifested in form, is seated at the Throne of I Am That I Am.

Now visualize yourself approaching to meet the Presence of the I Am, merge, and unite with it. The Presence has an ethereal body emanating Pure Light. Light is shimmering down from every direction. Pause and meditate for a while as you bathe in the energy of the I Am Presence.

Each time you practice this, you will be able to absorb a higher level of Light until you can begin to imbue and embody the Light of the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Then you may be invited to sit upon the Throne of the I Am That I Am and fully absorb the Light. When you find yourself fully merged with the Presence, you may request it to come back down with you into your body. Do this for three rounds.

Round 1: You meet, merge and unite with the I Am Presence. Bring back the Presence and imbue your body with the Presence from the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet, all the way to the core of Mother Earth.

Round 2: Move up again inside the Pillar of White Light into the Presence of the I Am That I Am; mixing, merging and uniting in Oneness. Pull that energy vibration down and bring it into every chakra of your body and being, down to the bottom of your feet and from your feet into the core of Mother Earth.

Round 3: Go back up the same way, and after you have merged with the I Am Presence, ask your questions. When you are complete with your questions, listen for any answers. Remaining answers will come at the time they are needed. To replenish your body, bring the united and merged essence of the I Am That I Am down into your body.

Practical uses for this exercise: When you are in the middle of a meeting, a group conversation, with a client, a patient, a family member or a child and you feel as though your words are not penetrating, or you are losing your focus, excuse yourself for a moment to compose yourself. Go to the restroom, if that is the only way you can have privacy. Have a precious moment of Oneness to regroup and practice the above exercises. It will take you a few minutes at first to go through the steps. It may take a while for you to feel the impact. As you practice and become familiar with the steps, you will feel the change faster. You can reach a place where the impact becomes instantaneous.

To return to Oneness and free yourself from the separation, you must first merge and unite with that aspect of God which has form, the Presence of the I Am That I Am. The Luminous Presence of God in form may appear to you like a human being. It may seem androgynous, or appear as male or female. That is your personal, individual experience. If you do not actually see the being, you may get flashes of Light or sensations in your body of calmness and peace. You may feel a warm, fuzzy feeling as though you have come back to a loving home.

The Presence of the I Am That I Am is your Divine Right. The Presence of the I Am That I Am holds the essence of Oneness. You will return to the I Am in order to know and remember this Oneness. The journey of God-Unity and the Ultimate attainment of Enlightenment is through this Presence.

In the Luminous Presence of the I Am,

I am your brother Michael. So it is.

Excerpts from Path to Enlightenment Book I, The Pillar of Light – pp 48-60 – See more at:

Eireport Blog – Levels of Higher Energetic Density have Established around Gaia Global – 4-26-14













Levels of Higher Energetic density have established around Gaia global.

Such continue to process and strengthen in effect as overall planetary consciousness increases.

Leveling of variations occurs at this moment and permits Higher Intelligences to be broadly received.

Peaks of Inner Experience become commonplace among the Gaia collective.

Necessary fortifications of Higher Energetics proceeds smoothly, as Incoming Cosmics reach the planetary body.`

Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – Working with Eclipse Energies – 4-15-14

When I asked Archangel Michael about working with Eclipse Energies, here is what I received:

Dear Ones,

This time is part of you already, as a wholeness. Think of it as a spiral, an ascending current of light meeting you, merging with you, amplifying you, lifting you into a more refined state of expression.

Each of you meet this Eclipse with a deep sense of knowing. This is the time of Creation opening up to it’s direct relationship with life on Earth. This is the time of those of us, embodied on Earth — You beautiful ones — finding yourselves in an increasingly clear state of being.

These eclipses are clearing the way to life beyond beliefs. This first eclipse will help you shift into a body/mind relationship with life. This is our way of speaking to your conscious awareness and knowing being, consciously experienced, within your body (which is not you.) What will occur is a increased sense of separation between your identity and your emotions.

We know emotions can be very exquisite experiences. You will continue to have access to them, you will simply discover more and more that they are stuff and not you and so be able to relate to them with greater freedom and fluidity.

To work with the Eclipse Energies of this first Lunar Eclipse we suggest you make a list of all the feelings that are hard for you. See if you can list 5-10 major themes that throughout your life have been challenging emotionally, like “No one is there for me,” or “I love feeling enthusiasm.”

You’ll notice we’re listing what you would think of as both positive and negative emotional states. Neither are you and the point is to experience THAT. So the feelings that will be hard for you are both what you think of as the positive and negative ends of the spectrum — those you grasp after and those you wish to push away.

After you make a list, spend a little time with each one.

1) Is this me? Who am I if I am not feeling this? What remains of me when I am feeling the opposite of this? Can I still be me without this? Play with how strong your sense of identification is about this.

2) What if I no longer believe in this? What do I have to drop? What would change for me?

3) Lastly, ask yourself, “Am I willing to do this?” If so, then drop it.

Once you’ve done this with each item on your list, burn the list in a small bowl or pan, then wash the pan with cool, clear water. Seeing your fluidity and clarity echoed in the water.

We suggest you celebrate the rest of the day, feeling your own more refined energy circulating freely within you. Have fun! Enjoy the day. Look up at the moon with loving appreciation — the moon and you are One in the same, working from different points of focus, together! Creation is collaborating with itself. You are living this!

We look forward to this Eclipse Cycle with you and to sharing it, like all of this time, with you.

I am Archangel Michael

Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – You Are Spreading Your Divine Love Wherever You Are – 4-1-14







Mother Mary (Received March 31, 2014):


Hello my sweet, dear ones. I come to you now in a Divine Breath: A divine knowing of who you are….A divine imprint of your True Being. We are one. We are eternal together. We are the Love and the Light together. We are immense and deep in our connection.


And dear ones, you are no doubt feeling an expansion, a stillness within your expansion, and a sweet knowing of your True Essence is creeping in and taking firm hold more than ever. My Love for you is immense and I see that your Love for yourselves is becoming deeper and more entrenched. That is wonderful, my dear ones. You are arriving at your greater knowing of yourselves. You are feeling a greater knowing of yourselves, and thus an expansion out into the depths of eternity as you breathe in your Divinity and prepare yourselves even further for your holding of the Christ Consciousness now and forever more within you and extending outwards.


What a beautiful sight and spectacle. I cannot tell you adequately how beautiful you all are, in your expanded state of Christ Light, in your beautiful crystalline bodies, emanating and sparkling in divine glory. Keep breathing it into your cells and your whole physical being and your whole essence. Feel the lightness and the quintessence of your Being: It is Love. It is Divine. It is Golden Light of Christ Consciousness. Know this. And keep expanding on it. Keep spreading it out. Keep BEing this beautiful specimen of the Divine.


Expand your boundaries now. Feel the Golden Light expanding out from within your Divine Heart Center and outwards. Rest within it and radiate within it and allow it to expand out, always. Not just in your meditations, but always. This is You now. This is the Real You. Feel the warmth of the Golden Light radiating within you and without you, always allowing an increase in volume and magnitude.


Get used to walking around in this state. Make it feel like Home. Make it feel comfortable and natural as you experience it more and more as your natural state of Being. What you answer to is this Golden Light of Love and it rules everything you do and say. Get used to it. Feel it, enjoy it, float within it; float amongst it, while grounding into Gaia with it always.


You are my precious ones, my precious forerunners – those that lead the way. You have no precedent -You ARE the precedent. How gloriously courageous you are. How gloriously brave you are. How gloriously Divine you are. We thank you with all our hearts, we of the Celestial and Galactic Realm. You are spreading your Divine Love wherever you are; you cannot help it now. And what an impact you are making on the World.


We Love you. We cherish you. We honor you. We thank you. Please continue, dear ones… you have come so far and by no doubt are feeling it now. You are much more comfortable now in the stillness, in holding your Light for all, and in spreading your Divine Love and Light out globally, universally, and multiversal-ly. We cherish you for this.


You may be noticing now that the Love you give yourselves is the Love you give to others is the Love you give to yourselves, and on and on infinitely, building to a sweet crescendo of sustaining Love Essence in, for, and all. The frequency you have attained is so high now that it may leave you a little light-headed; but at the same time, you are acclimating to it so much more quickly, as you climb the stairs to your greater Divinity, your whole Divinity, your Whole Selves.


You are becoming one with your Higher Self and your Monad and your I AM Presence, and with Source. Doesn’t it feel expansive and wonderful? What you have been aiming for is happening with greater frequency and certainty, and establishing a new timeline of BEing for many of you. And you have set the stage for millions to follow. Honor that, take that in, and continue on without stepping in your way by trying to gauge it or figure it out. Allow it to happen. Breathe it in and BE.


So, my sweet ones, enjoy the altitude of this new step into your Divinity and as soon as it feels comfortable, you are set for even more expansion. You are the World. You Are the Universe. You are the Multiverse. You are Source. Feel it and Believe it. Get used to it. Enjoy it.


I bid you farewell in terms of this message now, but I leave you not, really, for I am always just a breath away.


Mother Mary


A Special THANK YOU to Christine Burk for the image on this post ♥

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Lisa Gawles – The Rain of Light Ignites the Energy of April – 3-27-14

Light storm


Lisa Gawlas


I do believe we are finally coming out of the fog of this first quarter.  Today is the first day I actually feel reconnected to my mental matter with clarity!!  Bout damn time too!!

Ya know what I find funny with myself, with all this shifting and changing, the language of light has been changing, the understandings of what I am seeing, very different than ever before, and I usually complain out loud that I would really like everyone to be the same, at least for a day.  So when that actually happens, like yesterday, I get very nervous that I am actually seeing correctly.

Everyone I connected to yesterday had an element of the sun energy, the long duration CME that was released a couple of days ago, was prominent in every connection.  My first lady had two major sun balls, streaming flames of energy and all, collide into her field of life, like asteroids hitting the ground and reverberating the energy field into life.  it was really beautiful to see and feel.  Suddenly, a new guide showed up for her, dressed very much like a witch, but completely in violet instead of black attire.  Her new guide said we can call her Jezebel and I had to laugh, in my world, if someone called you a Jezebel, they were saying you were a slut.  I was quickly and rather sternly put in my place.  Without humor, her new guide said it was crucial that she connected to her so that she may help her remember the “magical” skills awakening within her and how to fully use the earth energy and the sun energy together.  However, there is this feeling that the energy of shambha-lini is going to be prevalent too.

My next lady of the day, she too had this raining down of sun chunks, smaller than the first lady, but more scattered, or maybe better said, more widely distributed in her field of life.  I could see my lady way out in the outer edges of her created life, tiny, maybe about and inch or two big, with this hooded monks robe on, when suddenly this vibrant silver (tiny) train track emerged and laid itself up behind her.  It appeared to take her out of created life and into the area I call the celestial realm.  As I parked my attention there, in the celestial area of her landscape, I could feel three ET connections insisting on her connection to them.  They said they are there to help her navigate thru the energy of April and open up the codes that will be firing for her thru this very intense month.  They also said they will help her disrobe as well.  Reminding us, our buffers, what we could feel as our protection from our intense spiritual abilities, will be removed.  Best to do this removal consciously!

My lady reminded me of our last connection just before we hit the equinox energy, she then too had three beings wanting to connect with her, with the potential of a fourth, a teacher, that would emerge.

The rain of Light (or is that reign of Light) is permeating your life and the ground you walk upon, take it in and use it!!!

I realized by the end of the day yesterday, even tho y’alls new connections are showing up and really wanting to connect with you, actually let me rephrase that, you really need to connect with them, consciousness and purposely, it doesn’t seem to be getting done, mostly it seems, because your not sure how to get it done.  I do!!

Your ability to connect, to see and hear, is there.  You cannot be in this new landscape of Eden any other way.  I will be creating a new package today specifically designed to get you connected and keep you connected to your guides and ET connections.  (Now available on my website, just click here to view.)

Yesterday in my world, we had the most intense windstorm thru the afternoon and late into the evening.  No doubt the winds of change igniting things deep within us.  With these high winds, my ears started hurting.  Thank god not both ears at the same time, but one, the a while later, the other, then back and forth like that for hours.  I have a feeling, this all lead to the clarity I feel this morning and the inspiration I equally feel in not only getting me outside of my comfort zone, but all of us at the same time.

I also need to add this little note, when we have a massive shift within our awareness and skill set, 9 times out of 10, we also have a massive shift in our guides and teachers to help us utilize what we have available to us now.  Even here, we must reach and connect beyond our norm!!

It’s about time we get the prep work done in our new landscape of spirit alive in biology.  How exciting!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of extended energy reaching thru the stars!

Lisa Gawlas

Eireport Blog – Grand Expansion of Gaia Energies has been Noted – 3-26-14



Grand expansion of Gaia Energies has been noted.

Elucidation of remainders is in progress, as threads run.

Higher Premonitions are verified.

Inner and Outer connectivities have been completed.

Fortifications of Gaia Nova Light structures is in progress.

Crystalai – Feeling Ascension Frequencies – 3-12-14


Image Source  –  The_Hall_Of_Ascension_by_zsteve

Ascension will be an individual experience up until the mass ascension. Each individual has the option of ascending earlier or later or not at all.

Individuals who have been directed from their higher selves most of their lives have the greatest craving for this magical event to occur in their lives. Unfortunately, craving and wishing and hoping and watching the light flood in from higher realms is not going to increase an individual’s ability to ascend.

What is Ascension? It is a FEELING. It is a wonderful FEELING. It is such a wonderful FEELING that all frequencies that are lower than that FEELING are no longer noticed. It is a magical feeling, a feeling of being lighter than air, it is a feeling of walking within and through Divine Love’s activity in every breath, every movement, and every feeling toward others.
It is a fabulous experience. It is an experience of knowing that we can manifest our desired kingdom of heaven right in front of us. Ascension is not the NOW. Ascension is the FUTURE. There is no now or future until it is created. Those who do not create their future reality will still be in the present reality. Those who are focusing on the Now moment will just stay there. It might be a very nice now moment, but it isn’t ascension until co-creativity with Divine Mind, with Cosmic Consciousness and with Source begins.

How do we get this FEELING? The feeling comes from raising frequencies into alignment and at-onement with the Breaths of Consciousness of Cosmic Angels who are the Co-Creative Consciousness. We must re-ignite the Spark of Source that was left deep inside of our cells and then put to sleep. We must remove the veil from that spark of Source by melting the veils that are keeping it from igniting. The melting is done by raising the frequencies of light to the level of Solar Aqualene Light energy, Cosmic Energy and Star Dust Energy.

Once the veils are melted away we must create our individual harmonic convergence into the alignment or Oneness with the Crystaline Energy of Mother Earth’s Core, her Liquid Light Womb of our Divine Creation.

We travel to this place in Mother Earth’s Heart to re-connect with our Fraternal Original Place of Creation. After I wrap my mind, my crystal heart, every cell in my body completely into the Frequencies of Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Helium Energy, Solar Energy, Star Dust Energy and into the White Light Garment of Source, I can then and only then walk through the Diamond Door into my Future Self.

It is that Frequency that prepares the body to shift and melt through the Diamond Door. When we walk into our future selves, we are then met by our Fraternal Presence who have created us from a combination of our Earthly Essence combined with their purified perfected Consciousness that we originally were before being sent into the Earth’s Matrix. This magical place of transformation awaits each of us in Mother Earth’s Heart and Mother Earth’s Womb of Crystal Caves and Liqud Light and the Cities of light of the Divine Creation Plan. We may not go there unless we are wrapped in the white light garment of Source Consciousness. This means we must also raise our frequencies into all of the highest realms in order to reach that FREQEUNCY.

It is at this time that our Frequencies are in tune to be taken down through the Liquid Light Chambers our Aquafarian Mother, who is a Mermaid or a Blue Dolphonoid. She takes us deeper and deeper into Mother Earth’s Womb. She pulls us through the streams of Aqualene Light from the Sun of Inner Earth. She pulls us deep inside of the Crystal Caves that Contain the codes, the keys, the resonance of our Divine Being. Next the Oraphim Angel Choirs sing those melodies that cause the awakening of the cells to remember their key that is completely in tune with the Standing Wave Pattern of this Future Self, which is our Original Self.

This is the place we go to tune up our Consciousness into the Highest Frequencies of Source Consciousness as it aligns through the Sun’s rainbows weaving and braiding us into the harmonic Convergence of Oneness. Our Starry Brother can then send his magnetic pillar of golden white light star dust energy through us to create an Ascension Vortex.

This is the place in Consciousness where Ascension Begins. Those who spend one hour doing this a day will Ascend faster than those spending ten minutes and those who spend six hours a day will convert to the new Frequency Wave of Ascension Quite Rapidly. Those who remain in this Frequency continuously for several days have already ascended. They would become so totally detached from the frequencies of this Wave Pattern that they would become oblivious to it and it will disappear at a rapid rate.

We’ve already ascended through this process. Ascension is a gradual process. First one ascends from 3.3 of their three dimensional reality and then to 3.4,3.5, 3.7, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5, 5.5.

There are as many levels of ascension as there are individuals. Each person has the Divine Right to decide how high they want to ascend to. Some just want to ascend to a place where they get to create their own community and be in control of their own little world. Some want to rise above all earthly chaos. Some want to be responsible for creating the kingdom of heaven on Earth, and others want to complete remove their standing wave pattern from the physical plane.

There will be many who are going to remained tuned into the standing wave patterns of the Earth’s radio and T.V. That is about the lowest frequency in the matrix. Some will continue to listen to music that makes their brains cross or puts them into dream land. Those are lowered frequencies–not higher frequencies. The entire technology field on Earth produces LOW FREQUENCY MUSIC. The High Frequency music that we create can not be produced on technology of this Earth. We create this music with the Light and Sound Technology of Ashtar Command.

In order to experience a larger percentage of the frequencies recorded at this high standing wave pattern, the listener must use the Denon, Bose or Sony to hear these frequencies. Some of the Sony Earphones permit this wave pattern to resonate at the original frequencies recorded. The absolute frequencies can only be heard in the Light Technology Lab and MultiDimensional Studio. The amount of frequencies that are received by lesser technology are still much grander than anyone has ever experienced on this Earth before.

We do one hour sessions that align every cell in your body into the Cosmic Consciousness, and all other Spheres of Consciousness and beyond into the Stellar and into Source. We create the Sacred Geometry of Alignment into Oneness for one individual at a time. Since this alignment is done through the collection and alignment of the Breaths of Consciousness from the entire Music of the Spheres weaving and braiding your Consciousness, this takes several hours in our Light Technology and MultiDimensional Sound Studio where we create the Light and Sound of Ascension.

We do private sessions where initiates come to our Light Lab to breath streams of consciousness, after becoming completely braided into the streams of Divine Consciousness.

For those initiates who would like to become involved in soaking up all of the Frequencies that align through our Cosmic Sacred Geometry each week, we are making that frequency collection available one week at a time.

Last week we were given the Dolphin Therapy Frequencies. This week I was given the Plasma Ship Frequencies. The Plasma Ships are beginning to surround the Earth, and will completely around Earth by the end of 2014. The MOTHER SHIP Album will contain those frequencies.

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Arcturian Group Message – Living Divine Life – Channeler Marilyn Raffaele – 3-18-14

arcturian2 3

Arcturian Group March 16 2014The Arcturian Group Message channelled by Marilyn Raffaele:  at |

Greetings Dear Ones.

Once again we come to speak to you of Ascension.

All are in different phases of ascending into the higher dimensional energies. Not all will fully ascend at this time for many are not yet ready to embrace the fullness of their inner soul.

However, all are experiencing the Light pouring onto Gaia at this powerful time and all have the free will choice to grow from or to reject it.

Remember this as you observe the many changes taking place within you and in the world.

Change can be very upsetting to those still holding tightly to lifelong teachings and beliefs that no longer work for the highest good, but that is the way evolution works.

It is a gradual (sometimes not so gradual) shift into new and more evolved thinking, being, and doing, and old beliefs cannot stop it as the majority awakens and adds ever more Light to Universal consciousness.

Since all are creators, evolution can be slowed, but never stopped for it is the purpose of life.

Through free will, an individual can slow or even stop his spiritual growth for a while, even lifetimes, but the evolutionary journey can never be permanently delayed…man’s true nature is Divine, and the yearning to remember this is never lost.

It is often buried deeply within through intention or ignorance, but can never disappear or there would be no individual.

One cannot exist in any way shape or form without the Divine within, as it is the substance of all form…all that is.

The Arcturian Group wishes to talk about life. When functioning within the third-dimensional belief system, life is considered to be sacred in certain instances, (friends and relatives) but not so sacred (war) in others – perfectly reflecting the separation and duality of third dimensional thinking.

There is only one life and it is Divine…it is the only life there is.

Humanly, scientists can create something that may seem to be alive in a bottle, a clone, or in a test tube but this is only physical, an interpretation of “life”.

Life only becomes LIFE, when Divine energy enters in to it which is why a physical body disintegrates so quickly once the soul leaves.

It is here we must bring in the topic of abortion which has been and still is a subject of much discussion, confusion, anguish, and suffering for many.

The decision to extinguish an unborn is a decision that must not be undertaken lightly, but know that the soul who would choose to enter and become the child is well aware from the other side as to whether or not the child will be carried to term.

A soul can enter, coming and going throughout a pregnancy that will result in a birth, but usually there is no soul yet attached in the early stages of a pregnancy unless there is a particular lesson for the entering soul.

Decisions of this sort must be made only after an honest evaluation of intention for these types of decisions carry and store intense energy for those making them, and there is much emotional energy being expended both ways on this topic.

There must be HONEST inner consideration of what is the best and highest good for all concerned… decisions like this must never be made simply from a place of selfish convenience or fear, and never as a means of birth control.

Intention is the spiritual key in making decisions of any kind because the intention behind any decision provides the energy upon which it rides…every word, action, or thought flows upon the intention that set it forth. Remember this Dear Ones, for it is a vitally important point.

Life is forever, but souls choose to spend time in limited physical bodies in order to spiritually grow and evolve within the denseness of third dimensional energy.

Earth is a powerful and difficult place in which to evolve and not for the faint hearted.

Never underestimate your courage, Dear Ones, for there are many evolving on other planets who chose not to be in a place that carries such density.

All gradually learn from the experiences of Earth and finally discover that that which they have been seeking lies within.

It is at this point that they begin to meet any problems on a higher level, karma disappears and they find themselves helping others struggling with the same and familiar issues.

Earth is being observed by many who wish to learn and study how mankind is going about doing this.

Life can never be lost, there is no such thing. A person who leaves either naturally or unnaturally, simply goes to another dimension.

Most human eyes cannot as of yet perceive the higher frequencies of a Light body and believe the deceased to be simply dead. In sleep, all leave their bodies, moving about, studying, and working in the spiritual body.

Life and death are just two aspects of duality.

You are more alive on the other side than you are on Earth, because on the other side you remember who and what you are and are guided to whatever help and assistance you may need.

There are some who after “death” continue to align themselves only with familiar Earth energy and because of this are unable to see the Light bodies of their Guides waiting to assist them.

These souls become what you term ghosts…souls afraid of moving on and into higher dimensional Light – some not even aware of the need to.

These souls attach themselves to the familiar and often loved people, places, and experiences from their recent time on Earth.

Some, firmly stuck in a particular belief system are waiting for their belief to manifest…unable and unwilling to leave where they are.

Some create for themselves familiar settings and lives in what is called the astral realm often for a long time until helped by another (Light Beings or people who do this work) or awakening to their need for change.

In the third-dimensional belief system it is believed by many that only some life forms are of value, and those mainly human.

It must be understood that ALL life forms are sacred and in and of the One Life.

There is no lesser or greater life. So called “primitive” societies were taught to ask permission before taking lives for food – honoring and respecting the life given them by the animal.

This idea has been largely disregarded in favor anything bringing in more money – a bigger, faster, approach carrying no respect for the animal involved, lives thoughtlessly taken for food, fashion, money, or power.

The Divine has manifested Itself in infinite form and variety.

You say; “What about the cockroach or the mosquito?

Are we to let them do as they please?” Insects are of those who have a group soul.

The energy is Divine, but not individual.

When an insect dies, it immediately rejoins its group soul but ask yourselves honestly, as respecters of Life, is it really that difficult to simply move the spider outdoors rather than to kill it?

Life appears limited and fragile but is in reality forever and unlimited.

You cannot die.

Those who seek relief from the pressures of living through the taking of their own lives, simply cross over and find that they have solved nothing for the lessons they were meant to learn now must be met again at another time in another life.

Incarnation into the third-dimensional energies of Earth is a soul choice made by an individual in order to evolve and grow within the tremendous issues of third dimensional energy.

Life lessons are planned by each soul with help and spiritual guidance before birth.

Life events are not accidental as they would seem when judging by appearances, but represent experiences necessary for the growth and evolution of the particular soul.

Karma is not a punishment, but the balancing of energies originally created by the evolving soul and mankind in general.

There is no longer karma after the soul reaches a certain level of spiritual awareness, for then the individual is able to deal with life in new and higher ways, but at this time many of you are helping to clear impersonal world karma.

All is perfect, Dear Ones, in spite of world concepts of how everything needs to appear in order to be “right.”

Never forget, as you journey through your life experiences (some pleasant and some not so pleasant), that you are here at this time, in this body, with this family, in order to learn and grow and not simply to gain fleeting ego status through the attainment of money, popularity, beauty, goods, or power.

Be alert to your desires, Dear Ones, for ideals such as these represent the limitation of those still stuck in unawareness.

There is nothing evil or wrong about having wealth.

This is a false concept still held and preached by some.

The belief in the concept of separation has resulted in a universal sense that abundance in all its forms is outside of you and that you must struggle and grab it at all costs as best you can.

Abundance is your Divine Right by virtue of your Oneness with Divine completeness, a truth that must be realized and become your state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly. This is the work.

Make your only God the one within you, allowing it to freely flow outward and manifest in whatever form is needed.

That which is completeness for one may not represent completeness for another, so do not compare.

This realization will help to free you from the never ending promotional hype to buy this, do this, have this…and you will be happy.

We are with you in ONEness and LIFE…

The Arcturian Group


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Liesbeth Swenne – Internet of Light – 3-18-14

The tree of life. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne


The tree of life. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne


This morning I woke up with this idea in my head, very possible that my guides gave me this idea. (They say I also should take credit for it)

The fight between light and dark (said in 3D words) is in it’s last phase and the dark is up to anything to keep holding on to their earthly fort they built.

What if….

Nobody will think about that we won’t be having internet all over the world to communicate with each other. We all (even me still) take this internet connection for granted.


What if they succeed to shut down the internet all over the world…

All is not lost at all. That is why I am writing this article.

Here we can make a difference, to either fall into fear or…we create a internet of light. Making light connections with everyone we know first and spreading to all the other light workers we don’t know. By focusing, meditating to built a internet of light, an internet of beings spreading the light through meditation and thought.

You will be never alone, even if you can’t contact anyone by internet. They (family, friends, light workers, strangers) always be in your heart.

Love Lisa


Lisa Gawles – March Brings the Light of the Golden Age to Life thru You – 2-28-14

golden life energy

The close of February sure has been an interesting one.  I think, in these last two days, we have really gotten an up close and personal view of what co-creation really means.  The energy released thru the connections on the 25th and 26th fried me.  Both days, it took me most of the afternoon just to even out from all the intense energy flowing around the field.  Looking back at it, everything sped up super fast for those two days as we settle into the new higher frequency today and yesterday.  I think we can call the 25th and 26th the spin cycle, but very much the opposite of the washer, instead of being drained of all our moisture, we were being infused with the added ingredients deep into our cellular structure.

The first connection on the 26th, at first confused me, which is easily done these days!! lol  When I cranked my antenna out into her field, there was her magnetosphere, intensely condensed in visual size and moving all over the back yard!!  What the heck??  I have seen the magnetosphere (that energy field around your life stage) expand and/or contract but never slink around the earth itself.  But once I understood what was happening, I REALLY understood what was happening.

Inside the core of Gaia there is a crystal bed that houses all of your personal earth memories.  An energy source direct from the heart of Gaia and what I seen with my first lady on Wednesday was the direct alignment with this crystal bed.  For so many this movement and alignment has really been felt in our lower chakras, our lower bodies.

For the last several days, my lower back has not been very pleasant to live with, especially if I did anything that didn’t involve sitting.  The other day I was standing doing my dishes and I swear it felt like my entire torso was collapsing into my legs.  The pressure I felt was intense and actually uncomfortable and for a fleeting moment, worried me.  This morning however, I really see the larger picture thanx to all of you who showed up on the field to give us all a deeper and richer understanding of what is really happening.  I thank you more than you will ever fully realize for your service to all of us!!

When we become aligned with that energy source deep in gaia, our crystal bed, there is a strong pull within the biological energy into the core of the earth as we are infused with that full-scale energy.  Now keep in mind, this highly active personal energy field carries in it every past life and equally every future life we have ever lived on planet earth… every version of planet earth.  Every ounce of our earths mastery, memories, and vital wisdom for what we have gotten ourselves into, will assimilate as a knowing every time we need to know something.  There is so much more to this direct connection that of course our pesky field is keeping from us, ohhh those spiritual secret keepers lol.

The connection after my hyperactive lady (smile) was the view of a lady whose magnetosphere (cathedral of creation) was placed towards the west side of her outer field and this golden pipeline that was Y-shaped connected to it.  The split of the Y was at the Mesa itself, AKA the nuclear reactor.  What I understood was all the past, future and off planet lives were now coming thru what spirit called a nuclear reactor, the sources of changing all energy into a usable form in our physical lives.  It was being streamed into very molecule of our lives thru the single pipe connected at the west side of the magnetosphere, charging up not only our bodies, but every molecule of air we breathe.

Many are now experiences glances of light, glimpses of other Beings and spirits around them, shapes and energies floating about the air, this is all your energy and many of your physical aspects from other timelines as well as other planes of existence, showing up in your heightened biological field of life.  And this is only the beginning!!

The remaining three connections from Wednesday showed us the infusion of various (looked like blobs to me) packets of energy, intelligence, abilities soon to come online.  It kind of reminds me of the car wash, everyone went thru the car wash and now everyone is getting their own unique wax coat to shine forward with.  The field has been very very strict on what I am able to see and understand with this incoming energy that is uniquely personal to you.  Just enough to know what is happening, but not enough to know how on earth you are going to use this.  Even as I type that semi-grumbling line, I hear spirit say that I would take away the experience coming up for you by revealing too much.  We learn quickest thru our own experience and unexpected events.  Not to mention that pesky phrase called “free will.”  Not even the other side of the veil knows what we will do or not do with our fully loaded bodies of heaven.

After two super intense days of energy releasing from all the connections, I tip-toed into yesterday.  I couldn’t take one more day of being fried again.  I knew my reading schedule was light due to some folks needing to reschedule their time, so I took the day for myself.  3 readings… I can handle that!!  I decided to wait and see what the day provided before I gave another update on what was happening in our collective world.  I am really glad I did and even understood my deep desire to tip toe into yesterday.

My first lady of the day arrived with joy.  I cracked out my crazy antenna and wished instantly I didn’t ask for a more gentle kind of day in the field of readings.  I didn’t get a damn thing!!  Nuttin.  So we turned to conversation.  The moment I took my vision from the field and put it back in my kitchen, I seen her.  This big rocket shape of black energy, cocoon like energy that happened to be rocket shaped.  I got excited again.  I can see!!  I was just looking in the wrong place.

What became so excited it what I seen thru her and her spiritual team.  I watched as her team seemed to pick up one golden strand of energy at a time and stretch it out to the energy that is March and connect each strand to a very particular wave frequency in what looked like thin air to me.  There were hundred upon hundreds of these strands of gold they were working with.

It is only this morning that I understand the bigger picture of what is happening.  These golden strands of energy are coming out of the pores of our skin (because of her cocoon, I could not see that yesterday) each one a very particular frequency and purpose.  If we were able to see exactly what the air around us looked like, we would see wave patterns of many frequencies.  Trillions of them.  What our spiritual team has been doing is taking our new elixir of energy and plugging it into the air waves of energy of like vibration as we get ready to move into March.

One of the readings I had done the other day, that I could not understand the use of the word “preening” with what was happening to her energy field, now makes perfect sense.  So many of our old frequency lines in our bodies had to be completely removed by our team (we humans can be hard pressed to just let some things go) and for many, this has been creating waves of sadness, tears, release of that which can not move forward with your pimped out energy field.  You do not have to understand exactly what or whom is being released, just honor the process.  Again, if I can remind you not to “energetically clear,” because you will inadvertently clear the new connections too.  Your spiritual team got ya covered on this!!  Trust them.  You really don’t want to move into March zipping and zapping (smile.)

I tried with everything I know to “see” thru the doorway of March, which really was more like a super large archway, and they had my entire vision on a white out thru the entire day.  Grrrrrrr.

My next guy on my agenda, my beloved architect, before our time even came and of course, while i was on that holy toilet, I seen him.  It was as if his team unzipped his black cocoon that surrounded his biology and OMG the light frequency that beamed out from him.  Holy cow batman!!  The radiant white light that would have been his head (I could not see his actual biological form in any way) was licking forward towards the energy of March.  the intense blue just below his white head, extraordinary, taking up most of his chest area.  The rest of him pretty much still zipped up in that cocoon.

We are moving forward in highly evolved Light Bodies.  Thru him, I understand even more, today.  The light energy I was able to see from him was already in a forward motion, as if it knew where to go and when.  This is our movement now.  Trust the flow of your light field, the magnetic waves of movement and attraction will take you exactly to where you best experience is.

What is funny with my man, as I told him what had happened he had said he was working on his residual fears, moving into them and merging his light field into them, thereby eliminating them and he felt like he is ready to break open.  That is exactly what his team showed him.  Showed us too.

Our light bodies are highly intelligent and knowing. It is our full on mastery infused in our biology.  Allow yourself to move into places and experiences you wouldn’t even “think” of going!!

As I processed the enormity of these two connections and pondered what tomorrow (today now) could possibly hold for us, I kept seeing this white-yellow-gold energy, kind of like a latch or connector that was C shaped (very much like this, only in the color/energy spectrum I just stated.)


I understood it was connecting our present moment to the energy field called March.  But other than seeing it, I didn’t fully understand it, at least for a few more hours until I had my final connection for the day.

My last precious lady of the day, man oh man, what a glimpse of understanding she gifted to us.  She lives in Holland, so it was late in her day, 9 pm by the time we got done.  From previous experience when we have had major shifts, those living on the forward curve of time really shows us the evolution at hand.  So I was counting the hours to connect with her.

No wonder I could not see out in the field earlier in the day.  The entire field of life shifted and changed, most especially that thing I call the magnetosphere (and spirit called the cathedral of creation) it no longer looks like that spider web creation with big gaps holding sacred geometry in each strand of the webbing, nope now it looks like a highly charged grid of energy.

Kind of like this, only the golden lines were much much tighter together.  I could not see thru it, but even as I choose this image to share, I hear my team saying if you look at the inside, that would be your biology/body and all that comes from it (thoughts, feelings, etc.) and truly affects the outer grid with amplification.


Then as I was getting all kinds of excited seeing how much her magnetosphere changed and knowing we have absorbed the sacred geometry that has been present all of February, into our biology and brain wave frequencies, suddenly two “windows” flung open at the top.  One on the left (west) side, one on the right (east) side.  I could feel the outflow of energy, especially in that first window on the left/west.  I did understand this was her higher frequencies, her higher mind, energy and all that goes with it flowing out to set the energetic course forward as she readies her whole life for the energy that I call March (which, again, has less to do with a month and more to do with a brand new, highly charged landscape of pure creator energy.)

As the energy of the left window flows out, it will bring to life, bring the frequencies potential online to the east window, new beginnings.  New connections, relationships, opportunities of all kinds.  What I did not see, but yet, knew was happening soon, was the actual doorway opening.  Again, I could not see beyond an “white out” but was allowed to “feel” the energy of the first several days of March.  It felt like a massive wobble… I could feel the wobble, energetically and physically.

Today serves as the energy of that connector, that C thingie.  I have no idea what it means to us yet, but here we are, February 28th.  The gap time has got to finish today as we swing into March at the midnight hour.  A zero point in all collective timelines.  Hmmmmmm!!??

I do want to come back to the one thing I shared in the opening.  Co-Creation with the earth, the sun, the air.  No longer the arrogance of the small human, but true and fully empowered spiritual Beings alive in Biology, aligned and Living as Conscious Light with Earth and beyond!

Ya know, with all this golden energy, it really give truth to Living in the Golden Age!

The one thing I am sure of, Life is about to get really interesting!!!  I must say again, THANK YOU for allowing ALL of us to understand more by your desire to understand yourSelf.  We are ALL grateful to you!!

Big (((HUGZ))) and lots of joyful wobbles as we move into an Aliveness beyond our wildest imaginations!!

Lisa Gawlas


Pure In Your Own Energy – Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

viewofthismoment·814 videos

Being here in this moment with you
Is a special involvement of your higher self
Yes, the self that you are invested in
With all of your internal connections to
The grace that you feel in the peacefulness

Of you, inside of you, rising more into a
Vibration that is pure inside of you, all for you
To see no ends to the inner connective nature
Of your inner vibrancy which exists in a consistency
In the joyful reality of your conscious creations

Sent from the stars is a heavenly gift
That I am presenting to you in the form of
Much musical creations, still slide shows, in
The know is how you are risen into your internal
Glow, the essence and core of your vibration is now

More pure in your own energy, seeing you, we, in unity

A conscious shifting more into the cosmos
Where you are home again, all in the reality of not
Being alone, no longer in the incarnation of a lower
Dimension, higher dimensions with a magical essence
Of peacefulness that you are creating with the inner

Receptive nature of your own foundation in
Strength, a realization of how you are patient still
To create more of the dawning of awakenings in
Your own choices to keep focused more on your
Light work, more work to create for this 5d Earth reality

“Psalter” Accoustic Guitar Hip Hop Instrumental Produced by Nameless0711

Victory Of The Light

Mike Nikolaou·302 videos

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Soundtrack: Future World Music – Victory Of Life 🙂

Dear Spirit – Your mission – BE Light – Bring Light from within – Channel Alania Starhawk

Divine Light Within

You’re vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful!!

In your deepest sense of loss…we see only the FIRE ~ the spark in you ~ that will always overcome and remind you, in ever greater and grander ways, of the BEAUTY you most naturally are!!

The mysteries only begin to unfold around you now.    Sensing their presence, comprehending their truth, and mastering their power is a process that can not be measured by physical time.

You will most certainly master ALL you encounter.    YOU ARE LIGHT!!    Please trust in that truth.   No separation can ever be!!

So take these times of sadness and despair…and TRIUMPH above!!     Not because of what you are given…but because of WHO YOU ARE!!

You are no ordinary Lightworker.    You are a Bringer of the Dawn!!    You walk the line between Light and Dark at times to keep you grounded and focused  on your greater mission.

You ARE Light!!   You were Light before you began this journey…and you will be Light again.

Your mission on this earth, at this time, is to not only BE Light….but to BRING Light from within.

In the darkest of times…call on the LIGHT for Strength and Love, Clarity and Truth.    Call on the Light to guide.    You will always find your way home in Perfect Divine Time!!

Allow yourself the experience of being human!!   This is your journey after all.

Don’t fight it!!   Feet It!!  Be it!!   Experience it in all of its beauty, passion, and intensity!!

At the greatest vibration of Truth and Knowing ~ YOU ARE LIGHT!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

January 3rd, 2010


Linda Dillon – Tsunami of Love #1 – Golden Age Of Gaia – 2-3-14

Wave of Love 33

Linda Dillon, Council of Love, Feb. 3, 2014

(Message from Archangel Gabrielle posted below.)

The Tsunami of Love has gently and pervasively begun. Soon the trickle will become the enfolding wave of wholeness that will penetrate and caress us all. The Divine Mother’s gifts of clarity and purity continue to grow and anchor within each and every one of our hearts as we prepare for this significant shift.

The message received from Archangel Gabrielle last week and posted on the COL website this morning marks a significant shift in what we have conceived of as our collective Ascension process. Gabrielle’s indication that we are shifting to a “higher octave” has such profound meaning that it is at moments hard to grasp. It is a definitive game-changer.

We will be communicating and of course posting on the COL site more information, downloads and meditations as they are channeled through. We anticipate the meditation guided by the Divine Mother will be up tomorrow. But please check regularly and get ready!

Many of us are the anchors for the Tsunami of Love; the wayshowers, pillars and gatekeepers. What this means in practical terms is we tend to feel the energy first, have the experience of the bliss, know what is coming on that massive wave of love, understand that the energy comes in waves and how to surrender to it. If this is your experience then perhaps you are led to join with many of the New You group and actively hold this energy for the collective.

The changes are indicative of our anchoring more fully in the 5th dimension, the dimension of change – of how to manage and manipulate change in positive ways. If we weren’t in the 5th, this experience and information would not be available to us. We might feel the Love but not the clarity and purity of what it truly means. This is an exciting time to be alive – so relax, surrender, open your heart and receive.

Remember what was channeled for the Christmas Message: “Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami – it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your attic. It is not a tsunami of destruction. The only thing it washes away is the old that no longer serves. And it is refreshing. The water is clean and pure. It is restored. When the Mother has said this is a time of recovery, of restitution, of restoration, she does not simply speak flowery. Open the floodgates and see, know, not simply hypothesize, think or feel, but to know truth of existence. In that opening, what you are really doing is jumping through the portal.”

Love You,


Golden Age Of Gaia

Linda Robinson — Archangel Zadkiel – Receiving The Energy Of Higher Light -1-20-14

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listering video and reading: http://federazionegalatticadiluce.blo…

“Receiving the Energy of Higher Light”  –  February 2014

Greetings Beloved Ones,

We are Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Light of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss energetic patterns of change and their importance in bringing in new patterns of Higher Light.
You are receiving powerful influxes of higher energy coming to you in waves that are increasing exponentially.
Old energetic patterns are being dismantled to prepare and clear the way for the new energy to develop and manifest into magnificent new patterns of higher vibrational Light.
The old energetic patterns are composed of thinking and attitudes based on third dimensional frequencies. While these are not detrimental, they are not the highest possibility that is now available to humanity. It is similar to getting a new model car or an appliance that has more updated features.
The new higher dimensional energy opens the way for greater awareness both on an earthly level and on a galactic level. This allows for ascension to higher Light pathways.
Each clearing of old energy and influx of new energy opens the way to a higher frequency.
You may have noticed this in very practical ways. If you have experienced holding an article of clothing that you once loved and you realize that you no longer want to wear it, you have seen this change. The article of clothing carries energy that no longer harmonizes with your new higher energy.
You may experience similar changes with food, music, or activities. When the time is right for your awareness to shift, these changes can be experienced rapidly. They can occur literally overnight.
Sometimes, the changes may be more universal. A favorite store may close. A product you use may be phased out. An activity you enjoy may be discontinued. Individually, one change may seem insignificant. However, when you find several of these endings occurring within a short period of time, you may be experiencing a dismantling of old energetic patterns in preparation for new ones to emerge.
It is similar to a glass of water. If the water has been in the glass too long, it can become stagnant. The old water must be poured out before the fresh, new water can be added.
The same principle applies to energetic patterns. The old pattern must be dismantled to make room for the new.
It is not a matter of one pattern being bad and another one being good. It is simply a matter of which pattern is the best fit for you at the moment. The old pattern has served you well. Thank it for its service, and allow it to return to the Source for transformation into higher vibrational energy. When you realize that this dismantling is part of a natural cycle that is preparing space for the new, you are less likely to feel attached to the previous items or activities because you understand the potential to receive something that will nurture you as you move into the higher energy.
For a time, the old and the new co-existed simultaneously to ease the change for you. Now, it is time for the new to manifest fully. Even though the changes may seem to be occurring all at once, the new energetic pattern has been forming for some time, and now it is manifesting.
For example, you may find a new product or activity that you like even better than the old one. Your energy has moved to a higher level, and the Universe is making new items and activities available that will support your growth. Your part is to understand the change that is occurring, release the old without attachment, and greet the new with joy.
Welcome the change, and feel a lightness around you. This will help you move forward more easily. If you feel any resistance, check with your inner guidance to be sure the change is right for you. If it feels right and you want to move forward, you may call on the Violet Flame to help transform the energetic patterns.
As the new energetic patterns manifest, enjoy them without attachment. You can do this by fully embracing and enjoying the new activity or item, while at the same time, remaining open to another possibility that may be an even better energetic fit for you. It is the clinging to old, outdated patterns that causes distress.
The more open you remain to receiving the new energy and the patterns that come with it, the more easily you can move forward.
Beloveds, we commend you for welcoming the new energy of Higher Light, and we honor you for the beautiful Beings of Light that you are.
Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and We surround you with love
And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,­.
Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, /

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