LISA GAWLAS – Zero Point and Restoring the Queen (of Love) Within All

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I have been doing readings now for 13 – 14 years and so many times I have heard spirit warn someone of changes ahead, but refused to go into any sort of detail about those changes.  I find that kind of pesky of spirit, give you a heads up that what we may think of as choppy waters area ahead, but not what to look out for.  Of course, their old stand by line is because pre knowing would change it.  We would alter the course, even if it was the greatest thing (albeit difficult) we could ever get ourselves into.

The 2nd quarter of this year, so many people got the warnings of changes ahead, so many that I had to wonder about my own course of life.  From January 2012 my life was rather ordinary, if not predictable, save some minor disturbances (changes) but as spirit talked about the enormity of August and September, the changes and sudden turn of events for so many people (without details of course) I was kind of hoping I would have some of my own.  The point always was, aligning in new directions for the massive energies now under way.   But for everyone, there is always this thing at play called free will which is one of the reasons spirit would bring it up to begin with.  We humans are not really creatures of change, and knowing it will (eventually) be a great thing, will hopefully have folks allowing for sudden opportunities to show up.

When my son called me the day before mother’s day this year to tell me Michelle, my oldest daughter wanted to come see me for mothers day, holy shit, there is my change!!  A gift I would never foresee arriving.  YES!!!  Tell her yes, I want to see her and my newest grandson.  We had not talked for four years!!  I could not sleep I was so excited and I really didn’t even have to wait, it would be 24 hours later and wham, my life was enhanced and reconnected with my baby girl.  Little did I ever foresee that Mother’s day would be the first domino falling in a rapid series of dominos that would forever alter the landscape of my life, of my heart.

My mother was placed into hospice care yesterday.  I knew that was going to be the place we steered this boat to, but I didn’t expect the flood of emotions that came with it.  Maybe it is a coupling of being placed in hospice and the intake nurse helping me with the prognosis of time, altho no one can say for sure, but based on what she has seen and sees with my mother, weeks to a month.  My heart shattered.  I keep thinking to myself, this should be easy news.  I knew before I left New Mexico, I could not tap fully into my mothers birthday timeline, which is Sept 21st.  My mother talked about christmas plans, and I knew there would be no christmas for us, so why did my heart shatter anywayz.  It really is the validation of what you already know to be true and kind of places the period at the end of the sentence.


Change on steroids!!  The attorney is coming on Tuesday to do the paperwork to add my name to the title of my mother’s home.  If I didn’t have an aunt (the one who lives a couple of streets over) so concerned with my presence and time here with my mother, I would just let that go.  The last thing we need to be doing is spending $1000 on something that can seem frivolous when I have not worked in 2 months and will not be working until my mother transitions.  But the few times she has called, it was more to scope out my presence than any concern of my mothers.  I am pretty sure I will still have some sort of fight on my hands with her.  I am not old enough to live here, it’s a 55 and older community and I am still at the young age of 54 lol.  However, I am grateful that the manager knows of my presence and my immediate intentions (staying to care for my mother.)

Its kind of funny too, I try to look beyond the horizon of my mothers passing to my own life and it is…. empty, for lack of a better word.  Maybe more of a blank canvass right now and no paint has been provided…. yet.

As I shift between tears of mourning and inhaling spirit, I opened an email last evening, “The Quantum Awakening” magazine.  I am having a hard time taking in anything heady right now, but I tried to ingest the sharings in the magazine… and then I came to the one that is from “the one known as Michael,”  first, I loved how that whole sentence opened up.  Archangel Michael is a group energy, not a single entity, and I found odd comfort in the way the sharing opened.  Suddenly I remembered the pendulum time with my mother when I first got here.  AA Michael is the one who swings thru my pendulum, I went and got the messages he gave to my mother:

“Distance is collapsing on time.”   “Zero time starts in Heaven.”  “Queen restored to earth.”  My mothers first question was “Am I dying.”  No no no… Michael is a cryptic angel of quantum science.

Funny, when we do not want to deal with something, we can change the interpretation to mean whatever fits our fancy at the moment and I did just that.  I look at it now and I know what he was saying.  Dammit.  But there is something so much more…. his last sentence, the queen restored to earth, there is something huge sitting there.  Zero time, a time of nowhere and everywhere.  Heaven on earth, heaven in heaven.

My “mother”has always been the earth herself, my beloved nurturer of my life and soul.

Distance is collapsing on time.  Thru facebook, I am seeing so many souls returning to the other side of the veil, or at least, in the stages of returning there.  They will live fully helping us left at the ground level of heaven.  Thru this entire year, we have been given a choice to experience the bounty of heaven on earth or accumulate fear, which will recreate itself as experience as we pass the threshold of the equinox this Sept.  Free will in duality… yippie.

Lets come back to the queen, there is a huge message there.  Of course, we think earth maybe, female ruler, but that would discount the male energy and my team never does that.  So I looked up the meaning of queen and I got the ah-ha I have been pondering:

  1. 1.
    the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.


The feminine is the ruler of the emotions.  The masculine is the ruler of creation.  We all have a king and queen energy within each of us.  For my mother, her true royalty will happen as she passes, where the ego dissolves and her true energy of love gets crowned in her field of light once again.

For those of us still kicking around in this reality called earth, we will fully step into the royalty, the independent state of love.  The queen that completely serves and supports her king, creation itself.  Our personal creation commanded and built within pure love.

And I have to giggle, sort of, as I look out into our lives arena, with the current king (trump) and queen (hillary) displaying all the energies of the old, of the ego so that we may choose once more, our inner and outer alignment.

We truly are within a massive regime change, the coup of all coups.

I also had to ponder this crazy hurricane.  It has been 11 years since Florida had a hurricane land on its soil.  This hurricane had to snake between the keys and the tip of florida in order to make its way to the gulf, directly over the ET water base beneath and then turned upwards.  A very particular energy system, cleansing, rehydrating and distributing power along its path.  Recharging a system that has long ago, been put away.  Same with the double fisted storms at the Hawaiian Islands.  All created purposely at this time, for a reason yet to be experienced.

So here we sit, in the energy of zero point, prepping inside and out for even more twists and turns personally and globally.

For all those sending cards, both to my mother and daughter, helping with financial assistance, again to us and my daughter, please do not take my lack of emails of gratitude personally.  I have been emotionally melting down this last week or so.  Every ounce of energy I have, I focus on my mother and her needs.  When I take a breath, I come outside and take in my teams energy for the next round.  We appreciate you more than I am taking the time or energy to say.  We would not be going thru this phase as Lightly as we are right now, without your love and help and prayers.

Today I feel more focused beyond my mom, hence this sharing.  I will get to emails soon.  Forgive me for the wait.

We love and appreciate you so much and so much more than that!!  You are our life line, our Light Line and we thank you!!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of endings and new beginnings as the royal arm(me) of Light dresses!!❤

Lisa Gawlas (and mom too.)

Lisa Gawlas – The New Field – Pull To the Equinox Energy – 8-13-16

calm and storm 

The New Field and the Pull To the Equinox Energy


First, let me thank everyone I am so who has waited and waited and waited to get their readings rescheduled, we are finally back in the field together and I am so excited!  It is still taking me a minute to find my grove, everyone (ok, I have done three readings so far lol) seems to show up in a different spot inside my office.  I tried to crank my antenna outside, truly expecting the field to be out over the marina’s waters, nope, inside the office we start and no one in the same place.  I think my first appointment really gave me a heads up on this oddness right from the get go, there are many dimensional folds that we are moving in and out of in the space we think of as air.  Don’t think 3D, 4D, 5D… remember we have uncountable dimensions all around us.  Which suddenly makes sense of why one part of a room can feel completely different than another side.  Also, why some furniture feels better in one location that another.  It’s all about frequency, kind of like one area is tuned to a country station, another a rock station yet another a jazz station.  That kind of frequency is what I am trying to explain (as I double in trying to understand too.)

So lets get to some fun stuff!!  ET’s a plenty in the field.  I will start with my first lady yesterday.  He showed up about 4 feet in front of me peeking thru a black curtain that looked a lot like this (circle is where his face was)



The curls on either side of the opening, per his information, are the dimensional folds that are always around us.  He opened the one he was looking thru for my lady.  I was expecting him to come out from behind the curtain, instead, he turned around and took us thru it.  At the ground (my floor) level was this tube of light (about the size of a golf ball) that he seemed to float on for about  or  feet, then it suddenly turned right and we were in a room.  My lady was now laying face down on a table and there was a team of several ET’s and two spirit Beings (not guides, but not biological either) working on the back of her legs from the buttocks to the ankles.  Fortifying her strength, foundation and flexibility of (sudden) movements.

From what I am understanding now, many of us are going thru these various upgrades that started the last week of July (more or less) and will continue thru the end of this month.

Let me straddle this with my beautiful architect who was on my dance card today.  His ET and spirit team is helping to lay out the fiend inside and outside my office.  His team showed up by my office door and his reading spread out thru my sliding glass doors and over the parking lot outside.  Now I know what direction is future (smile.) because they also showed the magnetic pole of the september equinox just inside my glass sliding doors.  Time is stacked on top of each other.  On the mesa field, the timeline of the equinox would have been much further away from his team’s “present moment” position.

Well, I wrote the above yesterday and I am hell bent on getting this sharing out today, so forgive me if I am a bit jagged in sharing information.  There is a ton coming thru the readings!!  No to mention so many twists in my ability to see, read and understand (can you imagine that, understand!!! lol)

I am not figuring our that inside of my office that’s where you and your geez, words, personal space is that I read from.  Outside, holy heavens, ET-ville in ways that are so unlike New Mexico.  They are here.  There is a very old (per our time) base located way down in the center of the Gulf that they have used for many many melina. They have many other hidden bases thru out the world as well.  Many of us have been working with them for lifetimes getting everything set up for the times we are in.

One of the key things I am seeing right now is the effect this magnetic field of this upcoming equinox is having on all of us.  It is (purposely) pulling us all out of our comfort zone, aligning us to new spaces, people and even ideas.  Many of the codes/ energy streams/whatever you want to call it, that has been implemented into the biological DNA is now releasing itself, turning itself on (if you will.)  Which means, many peoples abilities are going to change, enhance, become interconnected int a field of consciousness that has been purposely been scrambled (that would be the ETs that are working here within the earth plane.

We must work diligently to expand our telepathic abilities, or to use my words, increase the frequencies of our antennas.  🙂

There is increasing in the calm as well as an increasing in the storm, there will come a time the two will collide and this is what we are all being prepared for.  But lets dispel something floating around in the fear based ethers.  This comes from a question that was asked yesterday in a reading.  Our love trails (chem trails) do not have nano technology where you can breathe in anything and be controlled by any means.  Only YOU can relinquish your control over yourself and you can do it by buying into the fear game.  Stay out of it, it serves no higher good.

An amazing piece of information just came thru my readings I just finished that I want to talk about right now too.  She asked about two trees she planted, one is doing really well, one is not doing so well.  With her question I oddly kept seeing a yin yang symbol, light and dark.  Once I moved outside to ETville, the understanding became so clear.  There are a lot of Light Sources (people, plants, all kinds of living things) that is pulling up the particles of dark (fear) in thru their Beingness and transmuting it into other dimensions to one day come back into this dimension as higher frequencies of energy.  By doing this blessed and needed work, it does take a toll on the biology, and parts start to break down, close down and they will one day (sooner than most) transition into what we call death, by agreement.

This understanding gave me so much clarity on what is happening with my mother.  Her breathing is getting more and more labored and her energy field feels so much like my fathers did in his last weeks here on earth, weak.  My mother is transmuting a lot of energy from her collective thru her agreement to be Here.  Remember, she did have an exit point recently that closed because she opened herself to the higher frequencies of love now permeating her Being thru all of us.

Many are doing exactly this thru their gift and love for life.   We may see a sudden surge back to life and equally a sudden decline into the other side of life, know either way it is the souls choice our job is to assist them with love (and zero fear.)  We have our own tasks at hand!

I am still desperately trying to organize my time, not doing so well yet on that part.  Everything else is going very very well.  So on that note, I am going to close for today but will do a much more extensive sharing tomorrow.  I currently have scheduled three days off (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays) as my mother gets accustomed to my absence during the day.  I am also working a shorter day for the same reason (3-4 readings a day instead of 5-6.)  Because of this, my schedule is booking out longer than usual and for that, I appologize.

Let me give a welcome to the new field special of 22% off everything I have for the next three days (ends 8/15.  Just type in coupon code NEW for single readings or ET connections and NEW2 on packages!!

I love you so much and thank you for the depths of my soul for waiting so long for me to get back in the saddle again.

(((((HUGZ)))) of radiant love and super cells of creation to and thru ALL!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

LISA GAWLAS – Our New Super Powered Torus as Well as The Earth’s – 6-17-16

actions of a torus 

LISA GAWLAS   –   Our New Super Powered Torus as Well as The Earth’s   –   6-17-16

The one thing I am really starting to see and understand with this June/July energy, it is highly transformative, no wonder it needed two full months to contain it.  For us humans, that is actually a really good thing, as things start unpinning from the old, we have time to work ourselves into the new.

Because of the ET course in progress, the majority of my appointments each day are ET connections.  I have maybe one field reading a day since this month started, now I am fully seeing why.  Yesterday’s connection has been the clearest detailed reading of this new energy system called us.  We are finally getting into our new expanded, high-powered space of Self in-bodied.

Remember last week the focus in the field of readings was on this honey color egg-shaped thick thing around each person’s body.  We can now look at that is the new engine of our life, both biological as well as energetic, two running completely as one.  It was taking all the running programs in your field, and reprogramming them according to your focus, what you have done or not done to this point.  With it, pulling in choice points that will, if allowed, take you to a whole other level of spiritual experience in body.  Again, the running processes of one’s mind is not as important as the running processes of emotion running thru your core.  Example, I used my past as examples of analogy to understand things, I have zero emotion connected to most things of my past, therefore, there is no gasoline to bring any of it back to be resolved.  However, the things filled with emotion, must return for fulfillment, especially in the unresolved issues area.  But equally, in the expanded experience area too.

So when my one and only lady showed up in the field of readings yesterday, I was so confused… again.  But I also had to find a new way to use my antennas as well.  Until this moment, I bent over, aligned to the field and everything was just laid out from end to end, like watching a holographic movie made of light play out in the back yard.  Not yesterday, I could only see a swath of something or another, it was pretty, but what the hell was it?  Imagine you are standing 1 foot in front of a wall, facing the wall, all you would see was just a part of the wall where your eyes were located.  Similar thing with my lady’s energy field.  It took me a bit to figure out that if I closed my eyes, then covered my eyes and forehead with my hand, I can change the view as if I stepped further away from the thing I was looking at and was able to see her whole field.  I have never had this experience in a reading before.

But this morning, it really does make sense.  We have a tendency to look at anything we are viewing up close and personal like.  Whether it is our own life, the lives of others, cities, states, countries, we are not seeing the whole view at all, but only a small slice of what is really happening and only the part we allow ourselves to see or more than likely, what we expect to see.  Dig into that thought, deep.

So when I was able to see the whole field with my eyes completely blocked off, it was even more beautiful than the up close and personal version.  We now occupy a high-powered torus.  I found an image close to the way I seen her field from a distance:

torus energy dots

Now imagine there was a film over every colored dot and in between each dot there were sparkly things and shiny things and the “skin” or membrane was opaque.  The membrane that (for lack of a better word) separates your inner/personal world from the outer world of creation.  The film over the energy frequencies (dots of colors) keep the field at “rest,” or as her team used a car analogy a lot to help us understand what we were seeing, it keeps the car in the neutral position.  (The engine is always running, if it wasn’t we would be deceased.)

The next thing we seen was what is inside, this is where I really understood that we have a torus again.  The image was similar to this:

center of torus

Looking only at the center section itself, there was a mesh like quality to the center, and the center was completely black, which was only black to show the “neutral” position.  It had nothing to do with the color black, just the lack of anything happening as we oriented ourselves into understanding.  Her body was in the upper part of the inside of the mesh like center of this torus.  I fully realized that our “core energy” now expands to include inside our body, the surface of our body and about 3 feet around our body.  The matrix now complete, physicality (the inside.) soul (the surface/skin) and source (three feet around) all one fully integrated energy system.

Everything becomes activated as we have an emotion run thru us.  I asked her to think of something she desires, instantly the energy itself started to ignite the black to like a field of fireworks moving upwards, outwards and down the sides triggering some of those colored dots, the film moved out of the way to release the light energy to bring forth her emotional desire.  Now, I want to be very clear here… if we have a negative or even a painful thought, guess what is being triggered.  Even in this super powered energy field, there is no bias from the source field at all.

Now, with that keep in mind too, this high-powered torus is only fully functional for those who brought their lives to the new earth realm.  Those still dealing with duality and many unresolved issues within, has a filtered down/buffered version of this.  The example her team used as they explained this, was like Donald Trump, because of his intense separation from source, he must be filtered down as to not cause undue pain and suffering to others.  Ohhhh, I like this visual, his membrane would be more mirror like, reflecting back to himself what he is putting out emotionally.  Where as, my lady releases her energies to the All of life.  I hope I am making sense describing this.

I found a great gif to enhance this story.  When you are in an emotional field within yourself, it is like taking your gear out of neutral and putting it in drive.  The frequency, or intensity of the emotion(s) running thru you becomes the gas pedal.  Once the emotion ceases, that is like the break and you reset back into neutral.




To give this clear life, let’s go back to my drive and getting lost the other day.  As I was thinking of my mother, my personal torus started to engage, the stronger my emotions got (and they got pretty damn intense, in the field of loving compassion) is when I was able to see what was happening (that rivet and the change in timelines/planes of existence) and then it all stopped (including my emotions) pretty much as fast as it started.  So this inner torus is your living hologram of what is taking place in your life.  Equally, this is one of the main reasons spirit has been on everyone’s case about opening their field of vision within their third eye.  Your/our spiritual sight is going to be crucial for orientation in all that’s about to unfold on the earth plane, personally and planetarily.

Now let’s look at the earth herself.  She too, has got a new energy system as well.  I found another great visual to help us really understand this:

earths torus


Those that are clear within their emotional field, would be residing at the band of energy closest to the earth itself.  This way we are equally pulling and using her force of life for our creation.  Donald Trump on the other hand, lives at the band furthest away from the earth.  As you can see by this image, that is how the filters work, many many layers to seep thru and almost no force of earth energy to create with.  This keeps everyone safe.

However, to put responsibility into our hands, those that reside at the inner band of earths torus, what we do at any given time, affects all the other bands/frequencies.  This really gives literalness to the saying “what we do for one, we do for the All.”

Now, lets couple this with the mind-blowing, sheer amount of information coming thru the ET sessions this month.  There is one I really want to talk about today.  There is a lot really, but before you have a novel to ingest….

But, before I get to that, let me let everyone know that is in the ET course right now, that our group sessions are going to be delayed until i get back from Florida.  But as I get closer to understanding what is really happening, you are all going to need that time to fuse together your Two different ET connections and learn to work with them as a whole and how it relates to our environment.  What I am getting with all this, is like creating a brand new car, each person has their own working part and when we get together, we will assemble all our pieces as a working whole.  I cannot help but giggle when I think of my mother taking this all in!!!  It’s one thing to expand the world of spirit on her, but ET’s too!!  I am so grateful she has never been a religious person so there really isn’t a lot to deprogram in her thought processes there.


One of my lady’s (where the hell are the men again??) connecting with her ET in our session…. the ET showed up with this gadget in his hand.  It looked very much like my galaxy note 5 phone, same shape and size.  This gadget is what allowed him to move thru the portals and stargates and all that other stuff that allows for interdimensional travel in a nano second.  What he explained is that she will take the energetic understandings that he is going to share with her, she IS going to create a blog to release these understandings that will one day get into the hands of the people who can develop this technology.

I about shit a brick when I read a Kryon article that was shared on my face book page that stated:

Say, for instance, that a visitor from space came to our Earth. They are familiar with quantum energy and multidimensional realities, and that’s how they got here – the only way they can, by the way – for travel in a multidimensional state is almost instantaneous, since it creates an entangled state, as discussed before. This is an attribute that voids the whole idea of a “place” and where everything is everywhere. Someday science will discover how to program a 3D object to become entangled, then be “projected” to arrive in 3D, where it already is!

Kryon also made a super valid point (like he would ever do anything opposite lol) about fear.  When we think about the word fear, we think of the big things… but when we are worried about not being able to do something, that is fear shutting down the opportunity at hand.  This is what he said:

Fear disables almost every part of the quantum human being’s power. It’s a takeover and brings the human to a basic survival modality. Many of you know this, for you have conquered it and know how it operates. Within moments, fear shuts down almost everything but the basic survival instincts. You can’t remember your phone number, you can’t cry for help, and you crawl up into a ball and shake.

It is also what prevents you from seeing, hearing or experiencing.  So get over it, will ya (smile.)

Ohhh and just for the record, that precious ego mind of mine keeps wanting to think I need to move to Mexico trip to a later date, my team nullifies that thought instantly.  So, as far as I am feeling right now, our leave out date of Sept 17th is still on.  It really is going to be interesting to see how all of this comes together!!!

Well there is so much more, but I am going to leave off here.

Have an amazing day filled with joy and unexpected doors waiting for you to burst thru them!!  I love you❤

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Father’s day/Solstice Special:  Save 22% on everything I offer.  I am using the master builder energy encompassing the light of the father (aka god) now thru June 20th.  For single readings or ET connections type in coupon code: Dad. For all packages type in coupon code: Sol


LISA GAWLAS – Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More! – 5-25-16



LISA GAWLAS   –   Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More!   –   5-25-16


Let me tell you, all those supercells and funnel clouds the day before, let loose some serious high charged energy.  It took everything in me to keep connected to the field thru the first three readings yesterday.  I felt like an antenna must feel when it is viewing way out of its range, blink in, blink out.  My brains were buzzing, my skin was buzzing and my body just pulsating all day long.  You are becoming a wild, wild ride for me!! Just don’t make me spin in circles, I will vomit!! Of course, I now vomit banana juice lol.


I was so anticipating (I really, really should know better than to do that already) more supercells and funnel clouds in the readings, nope, not a single one.  That alone tells me that the pace has quickened, faster than I have ever experienced a field change before.  However, that doesn’t mean that energy system went away, not at all.  There is so much happening all at once right now, that the field is changing quickly to accommodate its release and understanding fast.  Last evening, as I was doing all I could to pull in my energy to finish up my day, to finish up my 9th appointment for the day (3 were homework appointments) I suddenly seen my funnel spout (YAY I have one!! lol) and it just put itself on my mouth and I sucked it in like I was taking in oxygen, and it gave me a much needed energy boost.

So let me talk about my first and last lady’s of the day, because they were two sides of the same coin.  My first lady showed up and I was truly expecting supercells so I trained my vision upwards in the sky… nuttin.  I started again, and again then finally I brought my vision down to the ground, there she was, sitting on a landscape made of river rock/pebbles with her feet dangling in this huge black circular energy, which we eventually understood as the releasing side of a black hole.  New energy come up thru her feet, setting an expanded foundation (her calfs were in there too) for her to use and live her life off of.  But then it got really weird.  This black hole was about the side around as a 5 foot above ground pool.  Her team showed her in this system thru this 6 week period and she was slowly moving clockwise.  She initially was sitting in the due south direction, as she slid (never getting up) over to due west, the ground changed from pebbles to beach sand.  As she moved to the north, it was a rich green forest, due east was the purest/cleanest ocean waters I had ever seen.  But what the hell does it all mean to her??  She is a purifier.  Taking the energies that are now coming in from the areas of “soap-bubble land” that released themselves from there and moved onto the new earth (speaking primarily of consciousnesses.)  Come to think of it, it reminds me of the healing stations that many experience once they cross over to help remove the residual ego out of the soul energy.  So she is a natural filtering device for the earth.  But equally, thru her natural state of filtering, she is able to take in new energy for her own use and desires in her own unique way.

So if I am a banana oozing potassium all around, she is a filter, sliding her ass around clearing things up.  I must say, she did a super great job in my world, she is the one that cleared up my car loan!

As she completed this circular movement around the black hole, then four lines formed that reminded me of a tee pee forming, and she was on the top part of this new formation, about 4 feet above the black hole area, glowing.  Illuminated with higher frequency energies.  That is where they ended my vision of her.

Now let’s couple her with my last lady of the day.  With the 5 people before her, all on the ground level, I was looking at the ground level to connect with her but I couldn’t find her.  Geez, don’t let me zap out yet…  Once I moved my vision upwards, there was odd film set diagonally across the air, the next thing I know, she popped her face thru the film.  WHAT???  What the hell is that and where are you?  She is in another dimension.  It took me a while to fully understand, but hey, we got it, well as much as we could get in understanding anywayz.

She was in the timeline of prehistoric age and even tho I could see her face peering thru the dimensional film, her body was like a massive lizard/crocodile thing.  I soooo wish I could draw!!  But the important thing was knowing she will be dimension hopping over these next 6 weeks, accessing particular energy from her incarnate forms in those dimensions for use in this one.

Lets bring these two readings closer to home.  The black hole energy is also the energy within the supercell and funnel cloud, the releasing side of a black hole.  The winds from this releasing energy is fluttering many of the dimensional folds so that we can slip in and out of them, at will or and/or as needed.

Let me give you some strange happenings in my world yesterday that will help all of us know when we are melding dimensions into the space we occupy now.  In between the readings, I noticed a shiny red wrapper laying on my floor.  When I went over and picked it up, it was an empty Dove wrapper with the little inspirational saying on it that said “Forget the rules and play by the heart.  Love DOVE.”  Where the hell did that come from?  I have not had dove candy in my house in months, I swept and washed the floors before I left, took all the trash to the dump… I set it on my desk, the message was too awesome to just throw away.

Thru the morning, I started to hear a series of beeps like the coffee pot or microwave just went off.  I got up to see what it could be, nothing.  I had not run the microwave and my coffee pot shut off hours prior.  I sat back down, the series of beeps went off again… WHAT??  There is nothing that could be making that sound, at least, not in my dimension.

It wasn’t until my day of readings, especially my last one, did I fully realize that the dimensional energies opened and left gifts (or is that garbage lol) and sounds in my world.  Come to think of it, why not leave me the chocolate that was once in the damn dove wrapper, I am open to eating chocolate from other dimensions!! lol

As I sit here and ponder this and remember that crazy sock and booty that just showed up between my washer and dryer a few months ago:

sock and booty


And how many of us have that vanishing sock experience thru the dryer??  Well, the washer and dryer next to each other creates a unique energy field together, especially when both are running at the same time.  This energy allows the folds of the dimensions to open and close, like a wind would flutter curtains.  The dove wrapper appeared just behind my the place I usually sit on my couch, the beeping sounds showed up near my reading chair, all containing high energy vortexes or wind flows.


I know we tend to limit the amount of dimensions around us by so much of our old and truly, out moded language.  There are “uncountable” dimensions all around us.  And since we can only experience what we are open to experiencing, I would highly recommend getting out of the use of language that counts dimensions (the most popular is the 5th dimension, which I do believe most people are really referring to the higher/purer consciousness known as the Christ Consciousness, which has nothing to do with dimensions and everything to do with personal and collective consciousness.)

I know we talked about this one thing before, but I am going to bring it back because one of the readings yesterday added much more information to an understanding.  As we open and move thru various other dimensions, we will either hear tones in our ears or in our head, feel a sudden surge of energy or a sudden flash of warmth.  All of these are signs you have opened and moved into higher dimensions, even if that is by a fraction of an octave.  What I didn’t know until yesterday, is that if we stop moving forward or upward or however you want to look at it, and suddenly take ourselves backwards, or downwards into lower dimensional energy, that creates pain because it is not what the body is designed for.  Like a sudden sharp pain in the ear, or the feeling of being squashed or squeezed (like you are trying to force yourself into a space you no longer fit in.)

Here is something I didn’t know/realize either.  The day my daughter went to jail, I went to visit her that night.  I was the only visitor since it was not a regular visiting day and I got out of state privileges.  She and I just started balling as soon as we seen each other.  It took over 20 minutes for the phones on either side of the plate glass to actually work.  No one could understand why the phones would not connect us to each other.  It is only this morning I see all the key factors, our depressed emotional field in a very depressed field of energy, which took my own energy and created spikes in the flow.  Anything that is using electricity is affected and equally given our lack of communication with each other and the tail end of her court hearing came into play in the energy field as well.  That last part I was aware of and as I fine tuned my own energy the phones started to work.

I mention this because we have now moved into a realm where a lot of different things are happening at once, more than ever before.  Our jobs, as difficult as it may be at times, is to say in our center to keep everything running smooth.  We, as a collective coming on line that is even beyond the Shambhala collective (which, until one of the readings yesterday or the day before, I had no idea there was anything higher than that.)

But what does a collective really mean, and this is important for us to understand (speaking to myself here too lol.)  A collective is a series of light energy.  The series coming from humans incarnate.  There are as countless collectives as their are countless dimensions.  So there are tremendous amounts of energy fields crossing each other at any given moment.  We can look at it as the densest of the fear vibration to the most accelerated field of light and every fraction in between.  This is why and how we get tangled up in other people’s beliefs, their fears, their hopes and even the chaos.  Being clear, centered and focused where you are and where you are taking yourself is always key.

Think about this for a minute, a long minute.  Lets say you are playing in your mind of memories and you tap into a cross section of collective consciousnesses that are going thru something similar and you get hit with all kinds of emotions, for this example, lets call it lower (ego based) emotions.  Then you own them.  Then you think you have a block or need clearing.  Hell no!!  By doing that, you take yourself out of the forward momentum and back track.  To be on this new earth, you have done all the inner work needed to hold the higher light frequencies coming in.  KNOW THAT.  You can allow these emotions to pass thru you but don’t own them as yours.  Once again we bring that very very important saying to the forefront KNOW THYSELF.  YOU are always in control, unless you give that control over to the intersecting energies.  That too, is a personal choice.

So lets look at this crazy, intense new collective coming online thru us.  Pure light energy directly from the other side of the veil (spirits side) untainted by any filters, any ego goo, for as long as you are open to receive it, use it as your Life Force.  Coupling this energy is the pure energy from the original earth, AKA the garden of eden.  Back in that time (if you will) we did not have egos at all.  We had pure Life Force energy in body.  We are now at the accelerated point of Becoming that again but in new expanded ways.

Back then, we did not have trillions of dimensions filled with experiences.  We did not have thousands of eras that we have learned and evolved from using duality and gravity.  So it is true to say, we have even more capabilities now than even in that amazing time.  That is, if we do not dilute ANYTHING with what we think we know.  If you can allow yourself to wake up every morning as if it was your very first day on earth, that would be your greatest gift unto yourself.  We are now equipped with a brand new GPS system and it has nothing to do with all the scenarios that got us to Here.  Think about it, everything we are familiar with was and is contingent on the ego mind.  Now that the two are melding into a whole functioning unit… The master of matter (ego) and the master of energy (soul) are in the process of becoming one… if you so allow.

Well, this was a great news break for me lol, hope it was for you too!!

Have an amazing, accelerated day!!  I love you soooooooo freakin much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of multidimensional energy to ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. A beautiful soul put a link on my facebook yesterday that included this awesome “Purpose” diagram.  That is the one question I am asked the most and the one thing spirit never has a true answer for, because it is what you are here to Be… excited!!!  Let me share the diagram and if you click on it, it will take you to the whole story:

your purpose



LISA GAWLAS – Partnering Fully With Body and Soul in Rhythm – 5-7-16

the dance of life 


LISA GAWLAS   –   Partnering Fully With Body and Soul in Rhythm  –   5-7-16


Well, I do think I am starting to see a much bigger picture unfold and at least for my part, starting to see why we are being inspired into directions we never even thought about.

I had a dream the night before last, a dream as vivid in recall detail as my car dream a couple of weeks ago.  I dreamt of my first boyfriend again. This is the second or third time in the last several years that I had dreamt of him.  It always present day and his present day self never looks the same as it did in a prior dream.  In the dreams, I always go to his house and he is always still married (been that way for over 30 years.)  But even in the dreams, I go to see him just to see how he is doing and no other reason.

With the dream the other day, holy cow the obstacles I had to go thru.  I went to the house, he was still living with his mother (his parents are both passed) and when I told his mother I was there to see george, seems like everyone was sleeping except her.  She went upstairs and then down came this young boy (maybe 20’s) of color.  I looked at him hard and thought to myself, I know people change with age, but their skin color doesn’t change!!  I think some part of me must have known i was in a dream because the fact this boy was in his 20’s instead of his 50’s didn’t raise a flag.  I was unsure whether this was my George or not.  Then it dawned on me, you’re not the George I wanted.  His mother went back upstairs and down came a guy named Carl, his brother (that he does not have in this lifetime, he has 2 or 3 sisters but no brothers.)  Then I was taken upstairs to the bedroom he was sleeping in and his wife greeted me at the door and told me George was still sleeping and I could see him out cold under the covers.

Then it got really really really weird, to the point I almost want to leave this out of the sharing, but… Somehow his wife took a handful of his semen and started to smear it all over her (weird.)  Then she took some of the semen put it in what looked a lot like a thumb drive for a computer and inserted it into her vagina.  WTF????  I suddenly thought about a conversation I had with my father, he had told me that every time he wanted to leave his wife (the one he had after my mother) she would get pregnant so he couldn’t leave.

I got up (I was sitting on the floor witnessing this bizarre behavior) and decided it was time to go.  I am not going to get to say hi to George this visit.  I was walking across a long field to where my car was parked and then suddenly who comes to stand next to me but George himself.  I was stunned by what I felt.  The love that I had for him back in my teenage years was as present as it ever was just looking at him.  The only HUGE difference now with what I was feeling, none of the insecurities was present.  He was as beautiful as he was then, older, but the energy was as if it never went away.  It so overwhelmed me I woke up from the experience… too late to even think about putting out a blog.

Now lets tie this into my energetic and elusive Jorge de Norte.  The very first time he appeared in my meditation years ago, he first appeared as George, then morphed into the image I see as him now.  He explained that George was my first love, he will be my last love and wanted to booked the understanding my using George and taking on the mexican version of George… Jorge.

So on my way to the “Practice Party” dance class I went to last evening, I thought about this dream all the way there.  Given the way my car dream turned out… It really was the energy of love that I pondered, it was so clear, so unobstructed by any of the past bullshit we tend to bring to new relationships with (the insecurities and stuff) which made it so strong in the heart and free to be whatever it would be.

George entered my life was I was 14 and we dated until I was 17, I broke up with him because he started hinting marriage and I started thinking the world is way to big to sit in one spot.  I joined the Navy he found another girlfriend and never left that spot called his life in PA.  But it was the energy of 17 that caught my eye in my review/drive.

Once I got to dance class, this was really fun.  There were many teachers there and other students, teaching all different steps of dance.  We would dance for a minute with one partner for a minute or so and then switch.  There was a male teacher in particular that challenged the hell out of me, he was my favorite.  I made sure everyone knew I only had one dance class on Monday, forgive me if my feet should trip over yours.  But this dance teacher named Chris, didn’t care that I barely knew how to do the two-step, forget twirls and whirls at the same time, he kept spinning me around I would literally get dizzy and have to wait a minute to reorient my equilibrium and my feet.  When I would completely fall out of the rhythm of the dance steps (every three steps lol) he started to instruct me exactly, I mean word for word exactly like I teach meditation.  “Don’t think about what you are doing, just feel it.”  I even said that to him, you teach dance like I teach meditation.  A big smile came over his face and he said exactly and he would push me further than I realized I could do.  I loved that!!

It dawned on me big time… I have incredible control of my mind, 16 years of practice is good like that.  But my feet… holy shit batman, my feet have a mind of their own and they ain’t synced up with the flow of my minds desires.  This is going to be a great challenge.  Hell I have club danced all my life, but with that there is no partnerships, there is just the floor and the music and whatever your feet want to do.  Now my feet need to become as trained on the dance floor as my mind is in meditation.  Can we also lean into trust, man oh man, the man leads, I must follow his lead and trust he won’t ram into a wall, since the woman is usually dancing backwards.  Yikes.  My feet really are an unruly beast, but having fun learning to train them!!

So on my way home, which I left early.  The second half of this very packed Practice Party, wow the dancers were amazing.  The fluidness in which they whirled around the dance floor, I am stepping up my dance lessons.  If I can train my mind to dance around the multiverses, I sure as hell can eventually get my feet to twirl in harmony around the dance floor with a partner.

Anywayz, on my way home I started to think about the conversations with this one teacher and my half written book called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” and my dream experience.

So lets focus in on the energy of Shambhala.  Heaven on earth.  Fluidity and magic in the feet and the mind, together producing magic.  These “Lost codes” can only come thru what my team calls a Divine Counter-Part.  Thru the decades, I had fleeting glimpses of experience, of which I have written about.  With my mentor back in 2002, when my body felt like a honing device for his magnetic field as he slept in a bed 5 feet away.  I had to hold onto my mattress (quite literally) for fear my body would just fling itself out of my bed and onto his.  Then with my foreplay moment with Frank in I think 2006 (time blurs looking back lol.)  My conscious was out of my body, the energy expanding me thru my room up at the ceiling while still very aware and connected to my body.  Then he talked and everything collapsed.

I am now learning there is a rhythm, a connected partnership that I have never experienced before, called the dance floor.  When my mind was not watching my feet or thinking about my feet at all, I could move fluidly with my dance partner and then my pesky mind would come and say wow look, we are doing it, and my feet would fall completely out of rhythm.  I would giggle, apologise and refocus.

Imagine what happens when you can fully control the magnetic field (going to the experience of my mentor) and not so much fight against it but move deeper into the rhythm of it.  To take the sexual experience out-of-body and in body at the same time, with soul awareness in the forefront (the expanded consciousness at the ceiling with Frank) contingent on a love that is so unencumbered by past or present issues.   The full motor of life would be working at top speed of efficiency, entrained in a dual energy field that needs not a single word said out loud…

And I come back to the energy of 17, and the fact that next year just happens to be 2017.  I know that this year is giving us the challenges and skills to use and make efficient our full magic, our full on powers that lay within us… if we dare to do something, anything differently!!

Go ahead, dare to do something different, get out of your comfort zone and live the next expanded version of Heaven on earth!!!

I love you all so freakin much and thank you for being my constant dance partner thru this amazing evolution of our song of Life.  Holy freakin shit batman, as I am looking for artwork to go with today’s sharing, I just got a phone call from my son and my oldest daughter, whom I have not spoken to since I got diagnosed with Cancer in Oct 2012, and who just had my most recent grandson Rune in January is wanting to come to my house today to let me meet my grandson and spend mothers day with me.  Just holy shit!!    MIRACLES are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic flow opening wonders thru and to ALL!!!  MIRACLES ARE EVERYWHERE!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – The Rise in Energies – The Stillness in Life – 4-17-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Rise in Energies   –   The Stillness in Life   –   4-17-16


There is some major energy being released as we trek thru the rest of this month.  As my first connection of the day showed, sheez it’s rising up from the ground and flowing down from the sky.  What I found interesting with my virgin man upon my morning (and for those who don’t know what I mean by that, it was a man I never read for before, but I was also virgin, he never had a reading before, what way to break a cherry, with me! lol)  Anyway this intense energy rising up from the ground was everywhere I could see, no spot within his life left untouched.  I gushed upwards about 4 feet, then fell back the ground he walked on or, would eventually walk on.  The energy coming out of the ground was much more intense than the energy falling downward from the sky, but it too, was encompassing, save a tiny little pipeline between the two.  This bronzy, gold pipeline wasn’t much more than 2 inches (again, going to scale of my vision) big and as I looked for my man, there he was, in this pipeline on his hands and knees crawling forward thru April.  His team explained this was a good thing and not anything but a good thing.  This allows his full spine to be exposed to the incoming energies and be absorbed into his core, changing and rearranging his DNA, his entire energy construct to align with what I am calling the higher frequencies of May.  The rest of this month may seem slow and steady in his day-to-day life, but there is a tremendous amount of (energetic) activity taking place.

Altho he was about the only one I seen the actual energy coming from the ground or sky with, there was a theme of what one could call stillness in their life.  Their bodies were not (appearing) to move forward, but instead the focus was on gathering the upper energies coming thru and padding their field of life with it.  What spirit is calling a purposeful stillness.

I can even relate to this “stillness,” and expand on what is happening thru my own personal experiences.  I now wake up daily to the feeling of, I don’t like to say the word empty, but it really is a fitting word.  Like thru the night, all that came thru the day prior was cleaned out, usually I wake up bloated from the day priors intake of energy information which has me zooming to the computer to release.

Equally, the moment and I do mean the moment the last reading is done, my whole body closes up, like someone pulled the plug on the bath water and it is just empty, at least my vital energy feels like that.  Half way thru my reading day yesterday, it started.  I still had three readings left and I had to get up, walk around, give myself a pep talk to get the energy flowing… it flowed for every remaining reading, but little in between and then… I was just drained and curled up on my couch after the last connection.  But at least I still had some remnants of mind energy to process with.

This incoming energy is bringing with it, many aspects of the “great give back.”  (Sounds like a TV game show, doesn’t it lol.)  This give back that is happening right now, I know is setting up a larger picture that we just cannot see yet, but many feel.  In this past week alone, I had the inner urge to redo the math on my car loan, only to realize it was paid in full last year, something I have been wanting to be done with for a lonnnggggg while now is already here.  Now just to get the bank to see it that way.  I took a look at my credit score, for no other reason than curiosity and again, felt the inner urge to look at it.  I went to credit karma which shows the transunion and equifax reports and I was sort of boggled.  My payment history was “excellent” yet, my credit score was in the crapper.  I read up a little bit on credit karma’s explanation and when you do not possess any credit cards it lowers your score.  Go figure.  I decided, ok I need a little credit card to up my score (its 600 right now) doncha know for the first time in geez forever, I got a pre approved, no payment, no fee credit card application yesterday.  Of course, outrageous interest rates, but if you pay your bill in full, zero interest happens.  I was actually just stunned.  I applied, got approved and sat on my couch and I could feel the energy just pouring down all around me and the feeling, the very deep inner feeling that something is being set up down the road that I cannot foresee today.  But then again, I wake up feeling like something changed or is changing, getting ready to move in a sudden and unexpected direction and I have no freakin clue what it is.

Then again, I must also look at the fact within days of changing my plenty of fish profile (which I have not even looked at in many many months) a meditating fishy swam my way.  Mother nature is making sure there is no meet and great right off the bat (pesky lady that she is lol) but it is still sudden and unexpected fulfillment of action put into play.

Let me bring this all back to my first man of the day.  For the first time in I cannot remember when, we actually got a 5 year look (well, sorta) at his field.  His pipeline is taking him right into the higher octaves of may, he comes out full size again and I was only able to see about three feet into this energy.  His image was very transparent (still in the midst of solidifying) but there were these massive flowers everywhere I looked.  When I say massive think, sunflower only there were all kinds of flower heads, none of which I recognized, but they are part of spirits great give back, shambhala being given back to choose from.  All of which will take him to his central mission in this lifetime, everything between now and then, is setting him up, getting the grander stage ready… 5 years up the road (and I mean up like above even Mays high elevation) I could see his platform as a recognized player on the field of life (he is currently an actor now) and what his team said… which I equally felt into all afternoon in their little sneak peek of what’s to come, in that timeline (5 years) he will be a such a position to be a catalyst to solidify the many changes on the planetary stage of life that are starting to be created now.

I don’t know which excited me more, the fact that I am going to be able to sit back and say “I read for him in his early years” or the fact that we actually got to see there is a 5 year plan in play with his path.

So I had to wonder, why do we get a sudden uptick in the years with him and rarely anyone else?  The reply this morning is, most people are more focused on their inner life and discounting how incredibly important their outer life is and what they do and how they get to the grander stage of their life’s agenda is.  We do not always realize just how impactful, spiritually and physically the grocery store clerk can be, how impactful the technicians who come to our homes and hook up our cable, internet and stuff, can be.  One person spiritually placed at my car loan company can save me months of fighting.  There is no such animal as a “mundane” job, it’s all spiritual.  And truly, it’s the outer jobs that enhance our inner abilities.  Most people ignore the outside calling because it doesn’t fit their version of “spiritual” or using their gifts in a way that fits with their idea of what that could look like.

Let me give you an idea of how tricky the universe is in getting you where you have no desire to look.  When I went to visit my son for a few months (getting out of the (non) spiritual community) I realized I needed a little job to make my time there more fun.  I arrived on friday and started looking thru the help wanted ads on Monday.  I circled a few I was interested in then came across an ad for an “accredited massage school.”  It wasn’t a job at all, but a massage school that was able to take financial aid like the pell grant.  The Lisa personality, had zero interest in doing massage, at all.  Yet there I was on the phone with the school, who invited me over for a tour of the place.  My son gave me a ride there, 2.5 hours later, for shits and giggles I did the financial aid paperwork just to see…  I started class that very night, August 15th, 2005, my 43rd birthday.  It wasn’t a thought or desire to do that, at all, ever.  Yet, there I was, asking my son if I could stay 9 months instead of one or two (the length of my school) and it changed everything I was capable of doing (spiritually) from that moment on.

I didn’t have to do it, I could have gotten a little job and just do what I thought I was doing, taking a break from the craziness of that community, but instead, my life took a massive, sudden unexpected turn into a greater direction.

We always have free will.  All-Ways.  If you have a sudden opportunity show up, and you ignore it, you will never ever know what could have been, until you physically die and see why that opportunity was presented in the first place.  Chances are, you will reincarnate and give yourself another chance at taking that route.

But why wait…

Enjoy the build-up into May, it is changing EVERYTHING, if you let it.  There is a 7 foot wall (and growing, the octaves of Light are expanding BECAUSE of what you are bringing in/doing) at the end of this month.  Someone placed on my facebook wall (thank you so much for keeping me up with planet earth) the series of earthquakes happening in Japan and what is is doing to the landscape there, opening it wider and raising it higher.  Here look you at the video:


Earth is shifting right along with us.  We are either going to move with the energies, or hit a wall because of our stubborn views on our own lives.

Go up my friends, go up!!!

I love you all so much, so very very very much and thank you for gracing my heart, my life with Yours.

((((HUGZ)))) of love raising up to be seen, felt and experienced by ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – Duck! Incoming Intense Energies! – 4-13-16

rain of light

Lisa Gawlas   –   Duck… Incoming Intense Energies!


I really felt like I was viewing everyone’s field from a football stadium and the understanding of the crystal clear visuals I was getting, was being said from some baseball stadium… I had the hardest time understanding what I was seeing.  The audio communication from spirit felt like it was coming from somewhere else in a faint whisper.  All the visuals stopped at the threshold of this “next phase.”  Something bigger than I can even understand is underway, that I am sure of.  What it is, not sure at all.

Altho, I do have to mention my last reading of the day had this light infused, crystal like rain falling down all over her field with these big clumps of crystal rain bouncing back upwards from the ground.  I could not for the life of me, understand fully how that fit into her reading.  I think she was showing all of us what was already being released via the sun storm and then some!!

Last evening as I do what I always do, ponder the readings, suddenly there was a massive opening in the sky and rain just poured down to the ground in intense audibility.  Hey why couldn’t the field be this clear and audible.  With its release, it must have brought in some high intensity energies because instantly my right eye and my lungs felt like someone shoved a red-hot poker into each area.  Ouch even.  I had to hurry up and take my contact out before the tears running out of that eye glued it in place.  Then I couldn’t breathe, so to the albuterol I went, it was so intense I needed a double dose.  WTH??   My lungs burned so badly I was even thinking… maybe this is my end game… maybe?  It was sudden and so intense.

On top of the rains pouring down outside, I also knew we entered a G1 solar storm as well.  This is a freakin duzy, I just went to bed.  I’ll either sleep it off or transition in my sleep, either way, I’m tapping out.  The night was hell.  I woke up several times, each time more aggravated than the next.  I woke up because I was so hot and my covers were wrapped around me and I couldn’t get out of them, pissed me right off, then I woke up because I was so damn cold and my covers were nowhere near me… pissed me off.  Then I woke up for what appeared to be no reason at all, I tried to check the time on my phone…. battery completely dead.  I went to bed with a fully charged phone.    That pissed me off too.  So I decided to go potty, freakin 1:30 am, pissed me off I was wide awake so early, but went back to sleep as quickly as I woke up… 3 more times.


So lets take a look at our crazy sun and what it has been up to.  I checked the day everyone became an egg.  The sun looked like this that day:




There is mad energy coming out of the reversed vortex looking opening.  It kept growing and morphing and now it looks like this today:




It’s got a heart on!!  How beautiful… so why did I spend my entire night aggravated!!

Now that I am on my second cup of caffeine and returning to mySelf, I think I do understand, going right back to my sharing the other day of our dualistic energy emotions.  I spent some time yesterday in that venue… using my anger to get things done.

My car loan, now over 6 years old, I should be done with my final payment in September this year, my car lender Santander, decided thru my financial hardships in the past where they took my payment that I could not pay and said they would just put it on the back-end of the note, without my knowledge, decided it charge me an additional $8,000 in interest for their kindness.  Which would make me pay for well over another year.  Not!  I’ve tried talking to them on the phone twice now, both time, I hung up in their ear.  I took to email yesterday.  They are opening a complaint with the office of the president.  Action is needed to change things.

Then I was watching some videos on our elections and what is happening.  Piss me off that Bernie Sanders keeps winning the popular vote and freakin Hillary is getting all the delegates.  Ripping the vote right from the hands of the people to serve the political agendas own affairs.  If we do like we did in 2000 when Gore won the popular vote but the delegates put Bush into office and we do nothing about it.  We are going to repeat a cycle far bigger than the one we experienced in 2001.

I posted a video on my facebook wall I seen that really surprised me that the media, more specifically “The Morning Joe” show was actually talking about this issue and calling it what it is.  YAY.  Here you watch you it:



So much is coming to light in this wild, diverse arena called the presidential race like never before.  As I was listening to the comments being posted to this thread on my facebook, I got a visual that sticks with me now.  So much has been swept under the rug for decades and now, via this visual, there is a wind blowing under this rug, I could see its currents moving… and WE the PEOPLE are what is under that rug.  We are empowered now in a way we weren’t in 2000 and we MUST take action and use our power to create the change for the greater good.

I kept thinking, we need to do what the Egyptians done back several years ago that was called the Arab Spring.  Don’t ya know just before I went to bed I got an email from that contained this image:


rally in dc


It’s happening!!  WE ARE HAPPENING.  Spirit is now demanding we all do something different, something we would never do before and that the rewards back will blow our loving minds and hearts with the return from action.

Well, my day begins.  I love you all so much and am so grateful that you dare to be You in all ways.


Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, joy and determined action to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas