LISA GAWLAS – Zero Point and Restoring the Queen (of Love) Within All

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I have been doing readings now for 13 – 14 years and so many times I have heard spirit warn someone of changes ahead, but refused to go into any sort of detail about those changes.  I find that kind of pesky of spirit, give you a heads up that what we may think of as choppy waters area ahead, but not what to look out for.  Of course, their old stand by line is because pre knowing would change it.  We would alter the course, even if it was the greatest thing (albeit difficult) we could ever get ourselves into.

The 2nd quarter of this year, so many people got the warnings of changes ahead, so many that I had to wonder about my own course of life.  From January 2012 my life was rather ordinary, if not predictable, save some minor disturbances (changes) but as spirit talked about the enormity of August and September, the changes and sudden turn of events for so many people (without details of course) I was kind of hoping I would have some of my own.  The point always was, aligning in new directions for the massive energies now under way.   But for everyone, there is always this thing at play called free will which is one of the reasons spirit would bring it up to begin with.  We humans are not really creatures of change, and knowing it will (eventually) be a great thing, will hopefully have folks allowing for sudden opportunities to show up.

When my son called me the day before mother’s day this year to tell me Michelle, my oldest daughter wanted to come see me for mothers day, holy shit, there is my change!!  A gift I would never foresee arriving.  YES!!!  Tell her yes, I want to see her and my newest grandson.  We had not talked for four years!!  I could not sleep I was so excited and I really didn’t even have to wait, it would be 24 hours later and wham, my life was enhanced and reconnected with my baby girl.  Little did I ever foresee that Mother’s day would be the first domino falling in a rapid series of dominos that would forever alter the landscape of my life, of my heart.

My mother was placed into hospice care yesterday.  I knew that was going to be the place we steered this boat to, but I didn’t expect the flood of emotions that came with it.  Maybe it is a coupling of being placed in hospice and the intake nurse helping me with the prognosis of time, altho no one can say for sure, but based on what she has seen and sees with my mother, weeks to a month.  My heart shattered.  I keep thinking to myself, this should be easy news.  I knew before I left New Mexico, I could not tap fully into my mothers birthday timeline, which is Sept 21st.  My mother talked about christmas plans, and I knew there would be no christmas for us, so why did my heart shatter anywayz.  It really is the validation of what you already know to be true and kind of places the period at the end of the sentence.


Change on steroids!!  The attorney is coming on Tuesday to do the paperwork to add my name to the title of my mother’s home.  If I didn’t have an aunt (the one who lives a couple of streets over) so concerned with my presence and time here with my mother, I would just let that go.  The last thing we need to be doing is spending $1000 on something that can seem frivolous when I have not worked in 2 months and will not be working until my mother transitions.  But the few times she has called, it was more to scope out my presence than any concern of my mothers.  I am pretty sure I will still have some sort of fight on my hands with her.  I am not old enough to live here, it’s a 55 and older community and I am still at the young age of 54 lol.  However, I am grateful that the manager knows of my presence and my immediate intentions (staying to care for my mother.)

Its kind of funny too, I try to look beyond the horizon of my mothers passing to my own life and it is…. empty, for lack of a better word.  Maybe more of a blank canvass right now and no paint has been provided…. yet.

As I shift between tears of mourning and inhaling spirit, I opened an email last evening, “The Quantum Awakening” magazine.  I am having a hard time taking in anything heady right now, but I tried to ingest the sharings in the magazine… and then I came to the one that is from “the one known as Michael,”  first, I loved how that whole sentence opened up.  Archangel Michael is a group energy, not a single entity, and I found odd comfort in the way the sharing opened.  Suddenly I remembered the pendulum time with my mother when I first got here.  AA Michael is the one who swings thru my pendulum, I went and got the messages he gave to my mother:

“Distance is collapsing on time.”   “Zero time starts in Heaven.”  “Queen restored to earth.”  My mothers first question was “Am I dying.”  No no no… Michael is a cryptic angel of quantum science.

Funny, when we do not want to deal with something, we can change the interpretation to mean whatever fits our fancy at the moment and I did just that.  I look at it now and I know what he was saying.  Dammit.  But there is something so much more…. his last sentence, the queen restored to earth, there is something huge sitting there.  Zero time, a time of nowhere and everywhere.  Heaven on earth, heaven in heaven.

My “mother”has always been the earth herself, my beloved nurturer of my life and soul.

Distance is collapsing on time.  Thru facebook, I am seeing so many souls returning to the other side of the veil, or at least, in the stages of returning there.  They will live fully helping us left at the ground level of heaven.  Thru this entire year, we have been given a choice to experience the bounty of heaven on earth or accumulate fear, which will recreate itself as experience as we pass the threshold of the equinox this Sept.  Free will in duality… yippie.

Lets come back to the queen, there is a huge message there.  Of course, we think earth maybe, female ruler, but that would discount the male energy and my team never does that.  So I looked up the meaning of queen and I got the ah-ha I have been pondering:

  1. 1.
    the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.


The feminine is the ruler of the emotions.  The masculine is the ruler of creation.  We all have a king and queen energy within each of us.  For my mother, her true royalty will happen as she passes, where the ego dissolves and her true energy of love gets crowned in her field of light once again.

For those of us still kicking around in this reality called earth, we will fully step into the royalty, the independent state of love.  The queen that completely serves and supports her king, creation itself.  Our personal creation commanded and built within pure love.

And I have to giggle, sort of, as I look out into our lives arena, with the current king (trump) and queen (hillary) displaying all the energies of the old, of the ego so that we may choose once more, our inner and outer alignment.

We truly are within a massive regime change, the coup of all coups.

I also had to ponder this crazy hurricane.  It has been 11 years since Florida had a hurricane land on its soil.  This hurricane had to snake between the keys and the tip of florida in order to make its way to the gulf, directly over the ET water base beneath and then turned upwards.  A very particular energy system, cleansing, rehydrating and distributing power along its path.  Recharging a system that has long ago, been put away.  Same with the double fisted storms at the Hawaiian Islands.  All created purposely at this time, for a reason yet to be experienced.

So here we sit, in the energy of zero point, prepping inside and out for even more twists and turns personally and globally.

For all those sending cards, both to my mother and daughter, helping with financial assistance, again to us and my daughter, please do not take my lack of emails of gratitude personally.  I have been emotionally melting down this last week or so.  Every ounce of energy I have, I focus on my mother and her needs.  When I take a breath, I come outside and take in my teams energy for the next round.  We appreciate you more than I am taking the time or energy to say.  We would not be going thru this phase as Lightly as we are right now, without your love and help and prayers.

Today I feel more focused beyond my mom, hence this sharing.  I will get to emails soon.  Forgive me for the wait.

We love and appreciate you so much and so much more than that!!  You are our life line, our Light Line and we thank you!!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of endings and new beginnings as the royal arm(me) of Light dresses!!❤

Lisa Gawlas (and mom too.)

Lisa Gawlas – The New Field – Pull To the Equinox Energy – 8-13-16

calm and storm 

The New Field and the Pull To the Equinox Energy


First, let me thank everyone I am so who has waited and waited and waited to get their readings rescheduled, we are finally back in the field together and I am so excited!  It is still taking me a minute to find my grove, everyone (ok, I have done three readings so far lol) seems to show up in a different spot inside my office.  I tried to crank my antenna outside, truly expecting the field to be out over the marina’s waters, nope, inside the office we start and no one in the same place.  I think my first appointment really gave me a heads up on this oddness right from the get go, there are many dimensional folds that we are moving in and out of in the space we think of as air.  Don’t think 3D, 4D, 5D… remember we have uncountable dimensions all around us.  Which suddenly makes sense of why one part of a room can feel completely different than another side.  Also, why some furniture feels better in one location that another.  It’s all about frequency, kind of like one area is tuned to a country station, another a rock station yet another a jazz station.  That kind of frequency is what I am trying to explain (as I double in trying to understand too.)

So lets get to some fun stuff!!  ET’s a plenty in the field.  I will start with my first lady yesterday.  He showed up about 4 feet in front of me peeking thru a black curtain that looked a lot like this (circle is where his face was)



The curls on either side of the opening, per his information, are the dimensional folds that are always around us.  He opened the one he was looking thru for my lady.  I was expecting him to come out from behind the curtain, instead, he turned around and took us thru it.  At the ground (my floor) level was this tube of light (about the size of a golf ball) that he seemed to float on for about  or  feet, then it suddenly turned right and we were in a room.  My lady was now laying face down on a table and there was a team of several ET’s and two spirit Beings (not guides, but not biological either) working on the back of her legs from the buttocks to the ankles.  Fortifying her strength, foundation and flexibility of (sudden) movements.

From what I am understanding now, many of us are going thru these various upgrades that started the last week of July (more or less) and will continue thru the end of this month.

Let me straddle this with my beautiful architect who was on my dance card today.  His ET and spirit team is helping to lay out the fiend inside and outside my office.  His team showed up by my office door and his reading spread out thru my sliding glass doors and over the parking lot outside.  Now I know what direction is future (smile.) because they also showed the magnetic pole of the september equinox just inside my glass sliding doors.  Time is stacked on top of each other.  On the mesa field, the timeline of the equinox would have been much further away from his team’s “present moment” position.

Well, I wrote the above yesterday and I am hell bent on getting this sharing out today, so forgive me if I am a bit jagged in sharing information.  There is a ton coming thru the readings!!  No to mention so many twists in my ability to see, read and understand (can you imagine that, understand!!! lol)

I am not figuring our that inside of my office that’s where you and your geez, words, personal space is that I read from.  Outside, holy heavens, ET-ville in ways that are so unlike New Mexico.  They are here.  There is a very old (per our time) base located way down in the center of the Gulf that they have used for many many melina. They have many other hidden bases thru out the world as well.  Many of us have been working with them for lifetimes getting everything set up for the times we are in.

One of the key things I am seeing right now is the effect this magnetic field of this upcoming equinox is having on all of us.  It is (purposely) pulling us all out of our comfort zone, aligning us to new spaces, people and even ideas.  Many of the codes/ energy streams/whatever you want to call it, that has been implemented into the biological DNA is now releasing itself, turning itself on (if you will.)  Which means, many peoples abilities are going to change, enhance, become interconnected int a field of consciousness that has been purposely been scrambled (that would be the ETs that are working here within the earth plane.

We must work diligently to expand our telepathic abilities, or to use my words, increase the frequencies of our antennas.  🙂

There is increasing in the calm as well as an increasing in the storm, there will come a time the two will collide and this is what we are all being prepared for.  But lets dispel something floating around in the fear based ethers.  This comes from a question that was asked yesterday in a reading.  Our love trails (chem trails) do not have nano technology where you can breathe in anything and be controlled by any means.  Only YOU can relinquish your control over yourself and you can do it by buying into the fear game.  Stay out of it, it serves no higher good.

An amazing piece of information just came thru my readings I just finished that I want to talk about right now too.  She asked about two trees she planted, one is doing really well, one is not doing so well.  With her question I oddly kept seeing a yin yang symbol, light and dark.  Once I moved outside to ETville, the understanding became so clear.  There are a lot of Light Sources (people, plants, all kinds of living things) that is pulling up the particles of dark (fear) in thru their Beingness and transmuting it into other dimensions to one day come back into this dimension as higher frequencies of energy.  By doing this blessed and needed work, it does take a toll on the biology, and parts start to break down, close down and they will one day (sooner than most) transition into what we call death, by agreement.

This understanding gave me so much clarity on what is happening with my mother.  Her breathing is getting more and more labored and her energy field feels so much like my fathers did in his last weeks here on earth, weak.  My mother is transmuting a lot of energy from her collective thru her agreement to be Here.  Remember, she did have an exit point recently that closed because she opened herself to the higher frequencies of love now permeating her Being thru all of us.

Many are doing exactly this thru their gift and love for life.   We may see a sudden surge back to life and equally a sudden decline into the other side of life, know either way it is the souls choice our job is to assist them with love (and zero fear.)  We have our own tasks at hand!

I am still desperately trying to organize my time, not doing so well yet on that part.  Everything else is going very very well.  So on that note, I am going to close for today but will do a much more extensive sharing tomorrow.  I currently have scheduled three days off (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays) as my mother gets accustomed to my absence during the day.  I am also working a shorter day for the same reason (3-4 readings a day instead of 5-6.)  Because of this, my schedule is booking out longer than usual and for that, I appologize.

Let me give a welcome to the new field special of 22% off everything I have for the next three days (ends 8/15.  Just type in coupon code NEW for single readings or ET connections and NEW2 on packages!!

I love you so much and thank you for the depths of my soul for waiting so long for me to get back in the saddle again.

(((((HUGZ)))) of radiant love and super cells of creation to and thru ALL!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

LISA GAWLAS – Our New Super Powered Torus as Well as The Earth’s – 6-17-16

actions of a torus 

LISA GAWLAS   –   Our New Super Powered Torus as Well as The Earth’s   –   6-17-16

The one thing I am really starting to see and understand with this June/July energy, it is highly transformative, no wonder it needed two full months to contain it.  For us humans, that is actually a really good thing, as things start unpinning from the old, we have time to work ourselves into the new.

Because of the ET course in progress, the majority of my appointments each day are ET connections.  I have maybe one field reading a day since this month started, now I am fully seeing why.  Yesterday’s connection has been the clearest detailed reading of this new energy system called us.  We are finally getting into our new expanded, high-powered space of Self in-bodied.

Remember last week the focus in the field of readings was on this honey color egg-shaped thick thing around each person’s body.  We can now look at that is the new engine of our life, both biological as well as energetic, two running completely as one.  It was taking all the running programs in your field, and reprogramming them according to your focus, what you have done or not done to this point.  With it, pulling in choice points that will, if allowed, take you to a whole other level of spiritual experience in body.  Again, the running processes of one’s mind is not as important as the running processes of emotion running thru your core.  Example, I used my past as examples of analogy to understand things, I have zero emotion connected to most things of my past, therefore, there is no gasoline to bring any of it back to be resolved.  However, the things filled with emotion, must return for fulfillment, especially in the unresolved issues area.  But equally, in the expanded experience area too.

So when my one and only lady showed up in the field of readings yesterday, I was so confused… again.  But I also had to find a new way to use my antennas as well.  Until this moment, I bent over, aligned to the field and everything was just laid out from end to end, like watching a holographic movie made of light play out in the back yard.  Not yesterday, I could only see a swath of something or another, it was pretty, but what the hell was it?  Imagine you are standing 1 foot in front of a wall, facing the wall, all you would see was just a part of the wall where your eyes were located.  Similar thing with my lady’s energy field.  It took me a bit to figure out that if I closed my eyes, then covered my eyes and forehead with my hand, I can change the view as if I stepped further away from the thing I was looking at and was able to see her whole field.  I have never had this experience in a reading before.

But this morning, it really does make sense.  We have a tendency to look at anything we are viewing up close and personal like.  Whether it is our own life, the lives of others, cities, states, countries, we are not seeing the whole view at all, but only a small slice of what is really happening and only the part we allow ourselves to see or more than likely, what we expect to see.  Dig into that thought, deep.

So when I was able to see the whole field with my eyes completely blocked off, it was even more beautiful than the up close and personal version.  We now occupy a high-powered torus.  I found an image close to the way I seen her field from a distance:

torus energy dots

Now imagine there was a film over every colored dot and in between each dot there were sparkly things and shiny things and the “skin” or membrane was opaque.  The membrane that (for lack of a better word) separates your inner/personal world from the outer world of creation.  The film over the energy frequencies (dots of colors) keep the field at “rest,” or as her team used a car analogy a lot to help us understand what we were seeing, it keeps the car in the neutral position.  (The engine is always running, if it wasn’t we would be deceased.)

The next thing we seen was what is inside, this is where I really understood that we have a torus again.  The image was similar to this:

center of torus

Looking only at the center section itself, there was a mesh like quality to the center, and the center was completely black, which was only black to show the “neutral” position.  It had nothing to do with the color black, just the lack of anything happening as we oriented ourselves into understanding.  Her body was in the upper part of the inside of the mesh like center of this torus.  I fully realized that our “core energy” now expands to include inside our body, the surface of our body and about 3 feet around our body.  The matrix now complete, physicality (the inside.) soul (the surface/skin) and source (three feet around) all one fully integrated energy system.

Everything becomes activated as we have an emotion run thru us.  I asked her to think of something she desires, instantly the energy itself started to ignite the black to like a field of fireworks moving upwards, outwards and down the sides triggering some of those colored dots, the film moved out of the way to release the light energy to bring forth her emotional desire.  Now, I want to be very clear here… if we have a negative or even a painful thought, guess what is being triggered.  Even in this super powered energy field, there is no bias from the source field at all.

Now, with that keep in mind too, this high-powered torus is only fully functional for those who brought their lives to the new earth realm.  Those still dealing with duality and many unresolved issues within, has a filtered down/buffered version of this.  The example her team used as they explained this, was like Donald Trump, because of his intense separation from source, he must be filtered down as to not cause undue pain and suffering to others.  Ohhhh, I like this visual, his membrane would be more mirror like, reflecting back to himself what he is putting out emotionally.  Where as, my lady releases her energies to the All of life.  I hope I am making sense describing this.

I found a great gif to enhance this story.  When you are in an emotional field within yourself, it is like taking your gear out of neutral and putting it in drive.  The frequency, or intensity of the emotion(s) running thru you becomes the gas pedal.  Once the emotion ceases, that is like the break and you reset back into neutral.




To give this clear life, let’s go back to my drive and getting lost the other day.  As I was thinking of my mother, my personal torus started to engage, the stronger my emotions got (and they got pretty damn intense, in the field of loving compassion) is when I was able to see what was happening (that rivet and the change in timelines/planes of existence) and then it all stopped (including my emotions) pretty much as fast as it started.  So this inner torus is your living hologram of what is taking place in your life.  Equally, this is one of the main reasons spirit has been on everyone’s case about opening their field of vision within their third eye.  Your/our spiritual sight is going to be crucial for orientation in all that’s about to unfold on the earth plane, personally and planetarily.

Now let’s look at the earth herself.  She too, has got a new energy system as well.  I found another great visual to help us really understand this:

earths torus


Those that are clear within their emotional field, would be residing at the band of energy closest to the earth itself.  This way we are equally pulling and using her force of life for our creation.  Donald Trump on the other hand, lives at the band furthest away from the earth.  As you can see by this image, that is how the filters work, many many layers to seep thru and almost no force of earth energy to create with.  This keeps everyone safe.

However, to put responsibility into our hands, those that reside at the inner band of earths torus, what we do at any given time, affects all the other bands/frequencies.  This really gives literalness to the saying “what we do for one, we do for the All.”

Now, lets couple this with the mind-blowing, sheer amount of information coming thru the ET sessions this month.  There is one I really want to talk about today.  There is a lot really, but before you have a novel to ingest….

But, before I get to that, let me let everyone know that is in the ET course right now, that our group sessions are going to be delayed until i get back from Florida.  But as I get closer to understanding what is really happening, you are all going to need that time to fuse together your Two different ET connections and learn to work with them as a whole and how it relates to our environment.  What I am getting with all this, is like creating a brand new car, each person has their own working part and when we get together, we will assemble all our pieces as a working whole.  I cannot help but giggle when I think of my mother taking this all in!!!  It’s one thing to expand the world of spirit on her, but ET’s too!!  I am so grateful she has never been a religious person so there really isn’t a lot to deprogram in her thought processes there.


One of my lady’s (where the hell are the men again??) connecting with her ET in our session…. the ET showed up with this gadget in his hand.  It looked very much like my galaxy note 5 phone, same shape and size.  This gadget is what allowed him to move thru the portals and stargates and all that other stuff that allows for interdimensional travel in a nano second.  What he explained is that she will take the energetic understandings that he is going to share with her, she IS going to create a blog to release these understandings that will one day get into the hands of the people who can develop this technology.

I about shit a brick when I read a Kryon article that was shared on my face book page that stated:

Say, for instance, that a visitor from space came to our Earth. They are familiar with quantum energy and multidimensional realities, and that’s how they got here – the only way they can, by the way – for travel in a multidimensional state is almost instantaneous, since it creates an entangled state, as discussed before. This is an attribute that voids the whole idea of a “place” and where everything is everywhere. Someday science will discover how to program a 3D object to become entangled, then be “projected” to arrive in 3D, where it already is!

Kryon also made a super valid point (like he would ever do anything opposite lol) about fear.  When we think about the word fear, we think of the big things… but when we are worried about not being able to do something, that is fear shutting down the opportunity at hand.  This is what he said:

Fear disables almost every part of the quantum human being’s power. It’s a takeover and brings the human to a basic survival modality. Many of you know this, for you have conquered it and know how it operates. Within moments, fear shuts down almost everything but the basic survival instincts. You can’t remember your phone number, you can’t cry for help, and you crawl up into a ball and shake.

It is also what prevents you from seeing, hearing or experiencing.  So get over it, will ya (smile.)

Ohhh and just for the record, that precious ego mind of mine keeps wanting to think I need to move to Mexico trip to a later date, my team nullifies that thought instantly.  So, as far as I am feeling right now, our leave out date of Sept 17th is still on.  It really is going to be interesting to see how all of this comes together!!!

Well there is so much more, but I am going to leave off here.

Have an amazing day filled with joy and unexpected doors waiting for you to burst thru them!!  I love you❤

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Father’s day/Solstice Special:  Save 22% on everything I offer.  I am using the master builder energy encompassing the light of the father (aka god) now thru June 20th.  For single readings or ET connections type in coupon code: Dad. For all packages type in coupon code: Sol


LISA GAWLAS – Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More! – 5-25-16



LISA GAWLAS   –   Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More!   –   5-25-16


Let me tell you, all those supercells and funnel clouds the day before, let loose some serious high charged energy.  It took everything in me to keep connected to the field thru the first three readings yesterday.  I felt like an antenna must feel when it is viewing way out of its range, blink in, blink out.  My brains were buzzing, my skin was buzzing and my body just pulsating all day long.  You are becoming a wild, wild ride for me!! Just don’t make me spin in circles, I will vomit!! Of course, I now vomit banana juice lol.


I was so anticipating (I really, really should know better than to do that already) more supercells and funnel clouds in the readings, nope, not a single one.  That alone tells me that the pace has quickened, faster than I have ever experienced a field change before.  However, that doesn’t mean that energy system went away, not at all.  There is so much happening all at once right now, that the field is changing quickly to accommodate its release and understanding fast.  Last evening, as I was doing all I could to pull in my energy to finish up my day, to finish up my 9th appointment for the day (3 were homework appointments) I suddenly seen my funnel spout (YAY I have one!! lol) and it just put itself on my mouth and I sucked it in like I was taking in oxygen, and it gave me a much needed energy boost.

So let me talk about my first and last lady’s of the day, because they were two sides of the same coin.  My first lady showed up and I was truly expecting supercells so I trained my vision upwards in the sky… nuttin.  I started again, and again then finally I brought my vision down to the ground, there she was, sitting on a landscape made of river rock/pebbles with her feet dangling in this huge black circular energy, which we eventually understood as the releasing side of a black hole.  New energy come up thru her feet, setting an expanded foundation (her calfs were in there too) for her to use and live her life off of.  But then it got really weird.  This black hole was about the side around as a 5 foot above ground pool.  Her team showed her in this system thru this 6 week period and she was slowly moving clockwise.  She initially was sitting in the due south direction, as she slid (never getting up) over to due west, the ground changed from pebbles to beach sand.  As she moved to the north, it was a rich green forest, due east was the purest/cleanest ocean waters I had ever seen.  But what the hell does it all mean to her??  She is a purifier.  Taking the energies that are now coming in from the areas of “soap-bubble land” that released themselves from there and moved onto the new earth (speaking primarily of consciousnesses.)  Come to think of it, it reminds me of the healing stations that many experience once they cross over to help remove the residual ego out of the soul energy.  So she is a natural filtering device for the earth.  But equally, thru her natural state of filtering, she is able to take in new energy for her own use and desires in her own unique way.

So if I am a banana oozing potassium all around, she is a filter, sliding her ass around clearing things up.  I must say, she did a super great job in my world, she is the one that cleared up my car loan!

As she completed this circular movement around the black hole, then four lines formed that reminded me of a tee pee forming, and she was on the top part of this new formation, about 4 feet above the black hole area, glowing.  Illuminated with higher frequency energies.  That is where they ended my vision of her.

Now let’s couple her with my last lady of the day.  With the 5 people before her, all on the ground level, I was looking at the ground level to connect with her but I couldn’t find her.  Geez, don’t let me zap out yet…  Once I moved my vision upwards, there was odd film set diagonally across the air, the next thing I know, she popped her face thru the film.  WHAT???  What the hell is that and where are you?  She is in another dimension.  It took me a while to fully understand, but hey, we got it, well as much as we could get in understanding anywayz.

She was in the timeline of prehistoric age and even tho I could see her face peering thru the dimensional film, her body was like a massive lizard/crocodile thing.  I soooo wish I could draw!!  But the important thing was knowing she will be dimension hopping over these next 6 weeks, accessing particular energy from her incarnate forms in those dimensions for use in this one.

Lets bring these two readings closer to home.  The black hole energy is also the energy within the supercell and funnel cloud, the releasing side of a black hole.  The winds from this releasing energy is fluttering many of the dimensional folds so that we can slip in and out of them, at will or and/or as needed.

Let me give you some strange happenings in my world yesterday that will help all of us know when we are melding dimensions into the space we occupy now.  In between the readings, I noticed a shiny red wrapper laying on my floor.  When I went over and picked it up, it was an empty Dove wrapper with the little inspirational saying on it that said “Forget the rules and play by the heart.  Love DOVE.”  Where the hell did that come from?  I have not had dove candy in my house in months, I swept and washed the floors before I left, took all the trash to the dump… I set it on my desk, the message was too awesome to just throw away.

Thru the morning, I started to hear a series of beeps like the coffee pot or microwave just went off.  I got up to see what it could be, nothing.  I had not run the microwave and my coffee pot shut off hours prior.  I sat back down, the series of beeps went off again… WHAT??  There is nothing that could be making that sound, at least, not in my dimension.

It wasn’t until my day of readings, especially my last one, did I fully realize that the dimensional energies opened and left gifts (or is that garbage lol) and sounds in my world.  Come to think of it, why not leave me the chocolate that was once in the damn dove wrapper, I am open to eating chocolate from other dimensions!! lol

As I sit here and ponder this and remember that crazy sock and booty that just showed up between my washer and dryer a few months ago:

sock and booty


And how many of us have that vanishing sock experience thru the dryer??  Well, the washer and dryer next to each other creates a unique energy field together, especially when both are running at the same time.  This energy allows the folds of the dimensions to open and close, like a wind would flutter curtains.  The dove wrapper appeared just behind my the place I usually sit on my couch, the beeping sounds showed up near my reading chair, all containing high energy vortexes or wind flows.


I know we tend to limit the amount of dimensions around us by so much of our old and truly, out moded language.  There are “uncountable” dimensions all around us.  And since we can only experience what we are open to experiencing, I would highly recommend getting out of the use of language that counts dimensions (the most popular is the 5th dimension, which I do believe most people are really referring to the higher/purer consciousness known as the Christ Consciousness, which has nothing to do with dimensions and everything to do with personal and collective consciousness.)

I know we talked about this one thing before, but I am going to bring it back because one of the readings yesterday added much more information to an understanding.  As we open and move thru various other dimensions, we will either hear tones in our ears or in our head, feel a sudden surge of energy or a sudden flash of warmth.  All of these are signs you have opened and moved into higher dimensions, even if that is by a fraction of an octave.  What I didn’t know until yesterday, is that if we stop moving forward or upward or however you want to look at it, and suddenly take ourselves backwards, or downwards into lower dimensional energy, that creates pain because it is not what the body is designed for.  Like a sudden sharp pain in the ear, or the feeling of being squashed or squeezed (like you are trying to force yourself into a space you no longer fit in.)

Here is something I didn’t know/realize either.  The day my daughter went to jail, I went to visit her that night.  I was the only visitor since it was not a regular visiting day and I got out of state privileges.  She and I just started balling as soon as we seen each other.  It took over 20 minutes for the phones on either side of the plate glass to actually work.  No one could understand why the phones would not connect us to each other.  It is only this morning I see all the key factors, our depressed emotional field in a very depressed field of energy, which took my own energy and created spikes in the flow.  Anything that is using electricity is affected and equally given our lack of communication with each other and the tail end of her court hearing came into play in the energy field as well.  That last part I was aware of and as I fine tuned my own energy the phones started to work.

I mention this because we have now moved into a realm where a lot of different things are happening at once, more than ever before.  Our jobs, as difficult as it may be at times, is to say in our center to keep everything running smooth.  We, as a collective coming on line that is even beyond the Shambhala collective (which, until one of the readings yesterday or the day before, I had no idea there was anything higher than that.)

But what does a collective really mean, and this is important for us to understand (speaking to myself here too lol.)  A collective is a series of light energy.  The series coming from humans incarnate.  There are as countless collectives as their are countless dimensions.  So there are tremendous amounts of energy fields crossing each other at any given moment.  We can look at it as the densest of the fear vibration to the most accelerated field of light and every fraction in between.  This is why and how we get tangled up in other people’s beliefs, their fears, their hopes and even the chaos.  Being clear, centered and focused where you are and where you are taking yourself is always key.

Think about this for a minute, a long minute.  Lets say you are playing in your mind of memories and you tap into a cross section of collective consciousnesses that are going thru something similar and you get hit with all kinds of emotions, for this example, lets call it lower (ego based) emotions.  Then you own them.  Then you think you have a block or need clearing.  Hell no!!  By doing that, you take yourself out of the forward momentum and back track.  To be on this new earth, you have done all the inner work needed to hold the higher light frequencies coming in.  KNOW THAT.  You can allow these emotions to pass thru you but don’t own them as yours.  Once again we bring that very very important saying to the forefront KNOW THYSELF.  YOU are always in control, unless you give that control over to the intersecting energies.  That too, is a personal choice.

So lets look at this crazy, intense new collective coming online thru us.  Pure light energy directly from the other side of the veil (spirits side) untainted by any filters, any ego goo, for as long as you are open to receive it, use it as your Life Force.  Coupling this energy is the pure energy from the original earth, AKA the garden of eden.  Back in that time (if you will) we did not have egos at all.  We had pure Life Force energy in body.  We are now at the accelerated point of Becoming that again but in new expanded ways.

Back then, we did not have trillions of dimensions filled with experiences.  We did not have thousands of eras that we have learned and evolved from using duality and gravity.  So it is true to say, we have even more capabilities now than even in that amazing time.  That is, if we do not dilute ANYTHING with what we think we know.  If you can allow yourself to wake up every morning as if it was your very first day on earth, that would be your greatest gift unto yourself.  We are now equipped with a brand new GPS system and it has nothing to do with all the scenarios that got us to Here.  Think about it, everything we are familiar with was and is contingent on the ego mind.  Now that the two are melding into a whole functioning unit… The master of matter (ego) and the master of energy (soul) are in the process of becoming one… if you so allow.

Well, this was a great news break for me lol, hope it was for you too!!

Have an amazing, accelerated day!!  I love you soooooooo freakin much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of multidimensional energy to ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. A beautiful soul put a link on my facebook yesterday that included this awesome “Purpose” diagram.  That is the one question I am asked the most and the one thing spirit never has a true answer for, because it is what you are here to Be… excited!!!  Let me share the diagram and if you click on it, it will take you to the whole story:

your purpose



LISA GAWLAS – Partnering Fully With Body and Soul in Rhythm – 5-7-16

the dance of life 


LISA GAWLAS   –   Partnering Fully With Body and Soul in Rhythm  –   5-7-16


Well, I do think I am starting to see a much bigger picture unfold and at least for my part, starting to see why we are being inspired into directions we never even thought about.

I had a dream the night before last, a dream as vivid in recall detail as my car dream a couple of weeks ago.  I dreamt of my first boyfriend again. This is the second or third time in the last several years that I had dreamt of him.  It always present day and his present day self never looks the same as it did in a prior dream.  In the dreams, I always go to his house and he is always still married (been that way for over 30 years.)  But even in the dreams, I go to see him just to see how he is doing and no other reason.

With the dream the other day, holy cow the obstacles I had to go thru.  I went to the house, he was still living with his mother (his parents are both passed) and when I told his mother I was there to see george, seems like everyone was sleeping except her.  She went upstairs and then down came this young boy (maybe 20’s) of color.  I looked at him hard and thought to myself, I know people change with age, but their skin color doesn’t change!!  I think some part of me must have known i was in a dream because the fact this boy was in his 20’s instead of his 50’s didn’t raise a flag.  I was unsure whether this was my George or not.  Then it dawned on me, you’re not the George I wanted.  His mother went back upstairs and down came a guy named Carl, his brother (that he does not have in this lifetime, he has 2 or 3 sisters but no brothers.)  Then I was taken upstairs to the bedroom he was sleeping in and his wife greeted me at the door and told me George was still sleeping and I could see him out cold under the covers.

Then it got really really really weird, to the point I almost want to leave this out of the sharing, but… Somehow his wife took a handful of his semen and started to smear it all over her (weird.)  Then she took some of the semen put it in what looked a lot like a thumb drive for a computer and inserted it into her vagina.  WTF????  I suddenly thought about a conversation I had with my father, he had told me that every time he wanted to leave his wife (the one he had after my mother) she would get pregnant so he couldn’t leave.

I got up (I was sitting on the floor witnessing this bizarre behavior) and decided it was time to go.  I am not going to get to say hi to George this visit.  I was walking across a long field to where my car was parked and then suddenly who comes to stand next to me but George himself.  I was stunned by what I felt.  The love that I had for him back in my teenage years was as present as it ever was just looking at him.  The only HUGE difference now with what I was feeling, none of the insecurities was present.  He was as beautiful as he was then, older, but the energy was as if it never went away.  It so overwhelmed me I woke up from the experience… too late to even think about putting out a blog.

Now lets tie this into my energetic and elusive Jorge de Norte.  The very first time he appeared in my meditation years ago, he first appeared as George, then morphed into the image I see as him now.  He explained that George was my first love, he will be my last love and wanted to booked the understanding my using George and taking on the mexican version of George… Jorge.

So on my way to the “Practice Party” dance class I went to last evening, I thought about this dream all the way there.  Given the way my car dream turned out… It really was the energy of love that I pondered, it was so clear, so unobstructed by any of the past bullshit we tend to bring to new relationships with (the insecurities and stuff) which made it so strong in the heart and free to be whatever it would be.

George entered my life was I was 14 and we dated until I was 17, I broke up with him because he started hinting marriage and I started thinking the world is way to big to sit in one spot.  I joined the Navy he found another girlfriend and never left that spot called his life in PA.  But it was the energy of 17 that caught my eye in my review/drive.

Once I got to dance class, this was really fun.  There were many teachers there and other students, teaching all different steps of dance.  We would dance for a minute with one partner for a minute or so and then switch.  There was a male teacher in particular that challenged the hell out of me, he was my favorite.  I made sure everyone knew I only had one dance class on Monday, forgive me if my feet should trip over yours.  But this dance teacher named Chris, didn’t care that I barely knew how to do the two-step, forget twirls and whirls at the same time, he kept spinning me around I would literally get dizzy and have to wait a minute to reorient my equilibrium and my feet.  When I would completely fall out of the rhythm of the dance steps (every three steps lol) he started to instruct me exactly, I mean word for word exactly like I teach meditation.  “Don’t think about what you are doing, just feel it.”  I even said that to him, you teach dance like I teach meditation.  A big smile came over his face and he said exactly and he would push me further than I realized I could do.  I loved that!!

It dawned on me big time… I have incredible control of my mind, 16 years of practice is good like that.  But my feet… holy shit batman, my feet have a mind of their own and they ain’t synced up with the flow of my minds desires.  This is going to be a great challenge.  Hell I have club danced all my life, but with that there is no partnerships, there is just the floor and the music and whatever your feet want to do.  Now my feet need to become as trained on the dance floor as my mind is in meditation.  Can we also lean into trust, man oh man, the man leads, I must follow his lead and trust he won’t ram into a wall, since the woman is usually dancing backwards.  Yikes.  My feet really are an unruly beast, but having fun learning to train them!!

So on my way home, which I left early.  The second half of this very packed Practice Party, wow the dancers were amazing.  The fluidness in which they whirled around the dance floor, I am stepping up my dance lessons.  If I can train my mind to dance around the multiverses, I sure as hell can eventually get my feet to twirl in harmony around the dance floor with a partner.

Anywayz, on my way home I started to think about the conversations with this one teacher and my half written book called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” and my dream experience.

So lets focus in on the energy of Shambhala.  Heaven on earth.  Fluidity and magic in the feet and the mind, together producing magic.  These “Lost codes” can only come thru what my team calls a Divine Counter-Part.  Thru the decades, I had fleeting glimpses of experience, of which I have written about.  With my mentor back in 2002, when my body felt like a honing device for his magnetic field as he slept in a bed 5 feet away.  I had to hold onto my mattress (quite literally) for fear my body would just fling itself out of my bed and onto his.  Then with my foreplay moment with Frank in I think 2006 (time blurs looking back lol.)  My conscious was out of my body, the energy expanding me thru my room up at the ceiling while still very aware and connected to my body.  Then he talked and everything collapsed.

I am now learning there is a rhythm, a connected partnership that I have never experienced before, called the dance floor.  When my mind was not watching my feet or thinking about my feet at all, I could move fluidly with my dance partner and then my pesky mind would come and say wow look, we are doing it, and my feet would fall completely out of rhythm.  I would giggle, apologise and refocus.

Imagine what happens when you can fully control the magnetic field (going to the experience of my mentor) and not so much fight against it but move deeper into the rhythm of it.  To take the sexual experience out-of-body and in body at the same time, with soul awareness in the forefront (the expanded consciousness at the ceiling with Frank) contingent on a love that is so unencumbered by past or present issues.   The full motor of life would be working at top speed of efficiency, entrained in a dual energy field that needs not a single word said out loud…

And I come back to the energy of 17, and the fact that next year just happens to be 2017.  I know that this year is giving us the challenges and skills to use and make efficient our full magic, our full on powers that lay within us… if we dare to do something, anything differently!!

Go ahead, dare to do something different, get out of your comfort zone and live the next expanded version of Heaven on earth!!!

I love you all so freakin much and thank you for being my constant dance partner thru this amazing evolution of our song of Life.  Holy freakin shit batman, as I am looking for artwork to go with today’s sharing, I just got a phone call from my son and my oldest daughter, whom I have not spoken to since I got diagnosed with Cancer in Oct 2012, and who just had my most recent grandson Rune in January is wanting to come to my house today to let me meet my grandson and spend mothers day with me.  Just holy shit!!    MIRACLES are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic flow opening wonders thru and to ALL!!!  MIRACLES ARE EVERYWHERE!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – The Rise in Energies – The Stillness in Life – 4-17-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Rise in Energies   –   The Stillness in Life   –   4-17-16


There is some major energy being released as we trek thru the rest of this month.  As my first connection of the day showed, sheez it’s rising up from the ground and flowing down from the sky.  What I found interesting with my virgin man upon my morning (and for those who don’t know what I mean by that, it was a man I never read for before, but I was also virgin, he never had a reading before, what way to break a cherry, with me! lol)  Anyway this intense energy rising up from the ground was everywhere I could see, no spot within his life left untouched.  I gushed upwards about 4 feet, then fell back the ground he walked on or, would eventually walk on.  The energy coming out of the ground was much more intense than the energy falling downward from the sky, but it too, was encompassing, save a tiny little pipeline between the two.  This bronzy, gold pipeline wasn’t much more than 2 inches (again, going to scale of my vision) big and as I looked for my man, there he was, in this pipeline on his hands and knees crawling forward thru April.  His team explained this was a good thing and not anything but a good thing.  This allows his full spine to be exposed to the incoming energies and be absorbed into his core, changing and rearranging his DNA, his entire energy construct to align with what I am calling the higher frequencies of May.  The rest of this month may seem slow and steady in his day-to-day life, but there is a tremendous amount of (energetic) activity taking place.

Altho he was about the only one I seen the actual energy coming from the ground or sky with, there was a theme of what one could call stillness in their life.  Their bodies were not (appearing) to move forward, but instead the focus was on gathering the upper energies coming thru and padding their field of life with it.  What spirit is calling a purposeful stillness.

I can even relate to this “stillness,” and expand on what is happening thru my own personal experiences.  I now wake up daily to the feeling of, I don’t like to say the word empty, but it really is a fitting word.  Like thru the night, all that came thru the day prior was cleaned out, usually I wake up bloated from the day priors intake of energy information which has me zooming to the computer to release.

Equally, the moment and I do mean the moment the last reading is done, my whole body closes up, like someone pulled the plug on the bath water and it is just empty, at least my vital energy feels like that.  Half way thru my reading day yesterday, it started.  I still had three readings left and I had to get up, walk around, give myself a pep talk to get the energy flowing… it flowed for every remaining reading, but little in between and then… I was just drained and curled up on my couch after the last connection.  But at least I still had some remnants of mind energy to process with.

This incoming energy is bringing with it, many aspects of the “great give back.”  (Sounds like a TV game show, doesn’t it lol.)  This give back that is happening right now, I know is setting up a larger picture that we just cannot see yet, but many feel.  In this past week alone, I had the inner urge to redo the math on my car loan, only to realize it was paid in full last year, something I have been wanting to be done with for a lonnnggggg while now is already here.  Now just to get the bank to see it that way.  I took a look at my credit score, for no other reason than curiosity and again, felt the inner urge to look at it.  I went to credit karma which shows the transunion and equifax reports and I was sort of boggled.  My payment history was “excellent” yet, my credit score was in the crapper.  I read up a little bit on credit karma’s explanation and when you do not possess any credit cards it lowers your score.  Go figure.  I decided, ok I need a little credit card to up my score (its 600 right now) doncha know for the first time in geez forever, I got a pre approved, no payment, no fee credit card application yesterday.  Of course, outrageous interest rates, but if you pay your bill in full, zero interest happens.  I was actually just stunned.  I applied, got approved and sat on my couch and I could feel the energy just pouring down all around me and the feeling, the very deep inner feeling that something is being set up down the road that I cannot foresee today.  But then again, I wake up feeling like something changed or is changing, getting ready to move in a sudden and unexpected direction and I have no freakin clue what it is.

Then again, I must also look at the fact within days of changing my plenty of fish profile (which I have not even looked at in many many months) a meditating fishy swam my way.  Mother nature is making sure there is no meet and great right off the bat (pesky lady that she is lol) but it is still sudden and unexpected fulfillment of action put into play.

Let me bring this all back to my first man of the day.  For the first time in I cannot remember when, we actually got a 5 year look (well, sorta) at his field.  His pipeline is taking him right into the higher octaves of may, he comes out full size again and I was only able to see about three feet into this energy.  His image was very transparent (still in the midst of solidifying) but there were these massive flowers everywhere I looked.  When I say massive think, sunflower only there were all kinds of flower heads, none of which I recognized, but they are part of spirits great give back, shambhala being given back to choose from.  All of which will take him to his central mission in this lifetime, everything between now and then, is setting him up, getting the grander stage ready… 5 years up the road (and I mean up like above even Mays high elevation) I could see his platform as a recognized player on the field of life (he is currently an actor now) and what his team said… which I equally felt into all afternoon in their little sneak peek of what’s to come, in that timeline (5 years) he will be a such a position to be a catalyst to solidify the many changes on the planetary stage of life that are starting to be created now.

I don’t know which excited me more, the fact that I am going to be able to sit back and say “I read for him in his early years” or the fact that we actually got to see there is a 5 year plan in play with his path.

So I had to wonder, why do we get a sudden uptick in the years with him and rarely anyone else?  The reply this morning is, most people are more focused on their inner life and discounting how incredibly important their outer life is and what they do and how they get to the grander stage of their life’s agenda is.  We do not always realize just how impactful, spiritually and physically the grocery store clerk can be, how impactful the technicians who come to our homes and hook up our cable, internet and stuff, can be.  One person spiritually placed at my car loan company can save me months of fighting.  There is no such animal as a “mundane” job, it’s all spiritual.  And truly, it’s the outer jobs that enhance our inner abilities.  Most people ignore the outside calling because it doesn’t fit their version of “spiritual” or using their gifts in a way that fits with their idea of what that could look like.

Let me give you an idea of how tricky the universe is in getting you where you have no desire to look.  When I went to visit my son for a few months (getting out of the (non) spiritual community) I realized I needed a little job to make my time there more fun.  I arrived on friday and started looking thru the help wanted ads on Monday.  I circled a few I was interested in then came across an ad for an “accredited massage school.”  It wasn’t a job at all, but a massage school that was able to take financial aid like the pell grant.  The Lisa personality, had zero interest in doing massage, at all.  Yet there I was on the phone with the school, who invited me over for a tour of the place.  My son gave me a ride there, 2.5 hours later, for shits and giggles I did the financial aid paperwork just to see…  I started class that very night, August 15th, 2005, my 43rd birthday.  It wasn’t a thought or desire to do that, at all, ever.  Yet, there I was, asking my son if I could stay 9 months instead of one or two (the length of my school) and it changed everything I was capable of doing (spiritually) from that moment on.

I didn’t have to do it, I could have gotten a little job and just do what I thought I was doing, taking a break from the craziness of that community, but instead, my life took a massive, sudden unexpected turn into a greater direction.

We always have free will.  All-Ways.  If you have a sudden opportunity show up, and you ignore it, you will never ever know what could have been, until you physically die and see why that opportunity was presented in the first place.  Chances are, you will reincarnate and give yourself another chance at taking that route.

But why wait…

Enjoy the build-up into May, it is changing EVERYTHING, if you let it.  There is a 7 foot wall (and growing, the octaves of Light are expanding BECAUSE of what you are bringing in/doing) at the end of this month.  Someone placed on my facebook wall (thank you so much for keeping me up with planet earth) the series of earthquakes happening in Japan and what is is doing to the landscape there, opening it wider and raising it higher.  Here look you at the video:


Earth is shifting right along with us.  We are either going to move with the energies, or hit a wall because of our stubborn views on our own lives.

Go up my friends, go up!!!

I love you all so much, so very very very much and thank you for gracing my heart, my life with Yours.

((((HUGZ)))) of love raising up to be seen, felt and experienced by ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – Duck! Incoming Intense Energies! – 4-13-16

rain of light

Lisa Gawlas   –   Duck… Incoming Intense Energies!


I really felt like I was viewing everyone’s field from a football stadium and the understanding of the crystal clear visuals I was getting, was being said from some baseball stadium… I had the hardest time understanding what I was seeing.  The audio communication from spirit felt like it was coming from somewhere else in a faint whisper.  All the visuals stopped at the threshold of this “next phase.”  Something bigger than I can even understand is underway, that I am sure of.  What it is, not sure at all.

Altho, I do have to mention my last reading of the day had this light infused, crystal like rain falling down all over her field with these big clumps of crystal rain bouncing back upwards from the ground.  I could not for the life of me, understand fully how that fit into her reading.  I think she was showing all of us what was already being released via the sun storm and then some!!

Last evening as I do what I always do, ponder the readings, suddenly there was a massive opening in the sky and rain just poured down to the ground in intense audibility.  Hey why couldn’t the field be this clear and audible.  With its release, it must have brought in some high intensity energies because instantly my right eye and my lungs felt like someone shoved a red-hot poker into each area.  Ouch even.  I had to hurry up and take my contact out before the tears running out of that eye glued it in place.  Then I couldn’t breathe, so to the albuterol I went, it was so intense I needed a double dose.  WTH??   My lungs burned so badly I was even thinking… maybe this is my end game… maybe?  It was sudden and so intense.

On top of the rains pouring down outside, I also knew we entered a G1 solar storm as well.  This is a freakin duzy, I just went to bed.  I’ll either sleep it off or transition in my sleep, either way, I’m tapping out.  The night was hell.  I woke up several times, each time more aggravated than the next.  I woke up because I was so hot and my covers were wrapped around me and I couldn’t get out of them, pissed me right off, then I woke up because I was so damn cold and my covers were nowhere near me… pissed me off.  Then I woke up for what appeared to be no reason at all, I tried to check the time on my phone…. battery completely dead.  I went to bed with a fully charged phone.    That pissed me off too.  So I decided to go potty, freakin 1:30 am, pissed me off I was wide awake so early, but went back to sleep as quickly as I woke up… 3 more times.


So lets take a look at our crazy sun and what it has been up to.  I checked the day everyone became an egg.  The sun looked like this that day:




There is mad energy coming out of the reversed vortex looking opening.  It kept growing and morphing and now it looks like this today:




It’s got a heart on!!  How beautiful… so why did I spend my entire night aggravated!!

Now that I am on my second cup of caffeine and returning to mySelf, I think I do understand, going right back to my sharing the other day of our dualistic energy emotions.  I spent some time yesterday in that venue… using my anger to get things done.

My car loan, now over 6 years old, I should be done with my final payment in September this year, my car lender Santander, decided thru my financial hardships in the past where they took my payment that I could not pay and said they would just put it on the back-end of the note, without my knowledge, decided it charge me an additional $8,000 in interest for their kindness.  Which would make me pay for well over another year.  Not!  I’ve tried talking to them on the phone twice now, both time, I hung up in their ear.  I took to email yesterday.  They are opening a complaint with the office of the president.  Action is needed to change things.

Then I was watching some videos on our elections and what is happening.  Piss me off that Bernie Sanders keeps winning the popular vote and freakin Hillary is getting all the delegates.  Ripping the vote right from the hands of the people to serve the political agendas own affairs.  If we do like we did in 2000 when Gore won the popular vote but the delegates put Bush into office and we do nothing about it.  We are going to repeat a cycle far bigger than the one we experienced in 2001.

I posted a video on my facebook wall I seen that really surprised me that the media, more specifically “The Morning Joe” show was actually talking about this issue and calling it what it is.  YAY.  Here you watch you it:



So much is coming to light in this wild, diverse arena called the presidential race like never before.  As I was listening to the comments being posted to this thread on my facebook, I got a visual that sticks with me now.  So much has been swept under the rug for decades and now, via this visual, there is a wind blowing under this rug, I could see its currents moving… and WE the PEOPLE are what is under that rug.  We are empowered now in a way we weren’t in 2000 and we MUST take action and use our power to create the change for the greater good.

I kept thinking, we need to do what the Egyptians done back several years ago that was called the Arab Spring.  Don’t ya know just before I went to bed I got an email from that contained this image:


rally in dc


It’s happening!!  WE ARE HAPPENING.  Spirit is now demanding we all do something different, something we would never do before and that the rewards back will blow our loving minds and hearts with the return from action.

Well, my day begins.  I love you all so much and am so grateful that you dare to be You in all ways.


Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, joy and determined action to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas – The Beginning… Creations of Light Thru You! – 3-25-16

creations of light


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

Well here we are, the first day of the second quarter, the next evolution of our pimped out Self’s in body.  Our beautiful new circle of energy, that thing that reminds me of a basketball net (smile) is now set in place around you as your enhanced energy field.

I found a picture online that is sort of similar to the way I had seen everyone yesterday, except, what will show you in art here is our potential down the road, way down the road, as we learn and master this intricate, intense system we now are:

Each one of these hexagon thingies are intake and output valves, each has their own frequency and all are designed to work together as a whole unit. I kinda see these valves like the shutter of a camera lens, opening and closing at (your) will.

Most of the spaces at this beginning moment, are closed, on purpose and for our protection.  The more we master input and output, the more time each of these light centers will remain open and on.

Inside the ball, obviously is where you are.  Your vast magnetic field programming the light field output as well as input.  We must take in light in order to output light (think, breathing.)  Equally, it is sooo important and part of our learning, to discern the input of light that you take in and making sure it matches with your frequency.

Equally tho, you will find that those that resonate to your frequency will help to expand your light field (and vise versa.)  There will be those who want to do all they can to close you off in their attempts of being right (which is an ego thing,) just smile and walk away.

Most of what will be coming online, as I seen thru yesterday’s field of readings, is at the ground level, which makes sense really, but I cannot say why yet.

The only thing I seen thru yesterday’s readings, besides the magnetic fields creating the landscape around the your ball of energy, is the slab like mosaic of light that started to emerge, replacing the dirt in what looks like light infused slabs of various color crystals.  Not completely unlike this image:

crystal slabs

Your energy ball in the center, but these slabs of crystalline light that replaced the dirt, were long and wide and varies in sizes.  That’s all I got to see and (barely) understand, for now.  Today is a whole new day!!

If I am understanding the ongoing story correctly, as we went to sleep last evening, the energy centers at our core, plugged into the hexagonal output valves to create the initial steps of our new life experience.

My day is already about to begin, but I want to get this amazing tidbit of info into this sharing.  One of my lady’s asked yesterday about her divine counter-part and instantly I heard her team say “he is being programmed into your next phase.”  But then they gave us a visual of 4 potential incarnate Beings (it was a little strange to hear someone referred to as an incarnate Being lol.)

I could not see the face of any one of them, but what was explained is which one arrives first depends on what she most wants to experience within her new energy field.  Each one holding a particular key of experience and expansion for both of them.

Then they showed what I know to be a Pleiadian energy pouring down his energy field into one of these incarnate Beings.  The closer this blue stream of energy got to the upper part of the crown, the Pleiadian energy started to fold up like an accordion and inlaid itself on this mans brain.  A new kind of hybrid!!

The one thing for sure, this game is about to get even more interesting than it has ever been before.  There is no long game that I see, meaning, don’t even try to put a 5 year plan together.  The light energy coming from you will change with each encounter.

On that note, I must close for today.  Enjoy the amplified magic that is you!!  You’re freakin awesome, and please, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different!!

Big big super ((((HUGZ)))) to You!!!  I love you soul much!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Ha!!  Just a quickie… looking at you and the field/the ground itself.  YOU are now the Above that programs the Below (dirt of earth solidly holding your Light.)  Love it, love you!!


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Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Keys are Now In the Engines of Your Life – Vroom, Vroom! – 3-23-16

the key of life 


Lisa Gawlas   –   The Magnetic Keys are Now In the Engines of Your Life   –   Vroom, Vroom!   –   3-23-16


I had a feeling, even as I was writing my blog yesterday, my energy system was so low from the lack of sleep, the day of readings was going to be challenging.  Forget challenging, they were just non-existent… sort of.  I think the easiest way to explain the enormity of understanding and experience yesterday, is to explain what I could see, when and why.

As I tried to connect to my first lady of the day, both out in the field as well as in my kitchen to see her new pimped out body matrix, neither happened.  Instead, there was a swirl of energy in the airspace in my kitchen that communicated that the field itself as well as the body, the magnetic points of each, were in the process of linking up together, sending the energy signals to each other to create the next phase called life experience.

Something similar happened thru the rest of the day, no seeing the field itself, but the energy connection was there, felt and really, only in hindsight, seen.  With this energy in mind, it was only after I hung up with each person, did more and more of the happenings within the field become revealed.  I call this view seeing thru my peripheral vision.  I am not looking at the field directly, but sitting on my couch… pondering.

Spirit has been saying for years now, that there are times, the conversations are as important as the readings are.  I just assumed it was because we tend to talk about things we would never get to when we are doing a reading.  Ohhhh…. its soooo much more than that!!  There is an energy exchange taking place.  I could feel it yesterday, and I just kept saying to those I was talking to, you really are here to prime my pump, share the new energy and allow my inner resources time to adjust to the new frequency.

Absolutely true!!  Because up until my very last appointment, I could see the workings of the field and the body and the added energy flow that brought it all together.  After my last appointment, nuttin.  I was down and spent the rest of my day overeating and not moving lol.

With all this understanding and experience, I am hearing a quote that I think we (whoever interpreted the words) got a little bit wrong.  Jesus’ words “when two or more at gathered in my name.”  Let’s completely change that last word to reflect “when two or more are gathered in my Presence.”  When two or more people get together to purposely share their higher energies, their skills and understandings, that releases a very potent energy… kinda like what chocolate releases thru our glands, endorphins!! lol  Highly charged spiritual ones tho.  (Not that all things are not spiritual, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.)

So, with all that explained (smile) what I was able to understand in my peripheral vision yesterday and tying it into the glimpse I did get thru the field the day prior.

Remember I said that the energy on the field looked like a huge basketball net with a round wind pushing it forward, well let’s get a visual on that:

Ignore everything except the net, most especially the knotted intersections of the net.  Lets call them, magnetic nodes.  The ball itself, colorless (to my eyes that one and only day I got to see it) but pushing the basketball net of your life, outwards and super size the net to I don’t know, let’s say 25 feet up and down as well as wide.

Now, lets take you and place you in the field at direct center.  Ohhhhhh, there was so much I forgot to share yesterday, the tired in my mind hid a lot of info lol.  I want to put this little tidbit here, only because I am thinking about it lol.  On my drive home 2 days ago, when my eyes were seeing all kinds of new stuff, as I got about 2 miles from my house, I seen something that shocked me.  My backyard, the very place each and every one of you show up.  There was an energy system unlike anything I have ever seen before.  Circular at the ground level, these I don’t know, wispy, moving lines of colored energy with bulbs or something threaded thru out each one, wiggling around like seaweed.  Spirit said it is what we would consider a portal that allows your energy in its fullness to present for my view and our sharing together.  Kinda (extremely simplified) like this:

your portal

Only there were many more lines and bulbs.  Freakin kewl!!  If I look at the knots on the basketball net, I have a feeling that the bulbs on your energy field is what we get to see together.  The ones that are fired up to look at.  Interesting!!

Anywayz, back to my original point lol.  Your body merging with your new network of life.  Again, simplifying the visual (less work on my part lol) lets start here:



Again, the magnetic system is much more complex than my simplified visual and explanation, but I think it should be enough for understanding.  The yellow lines I added into this picture is the extended magnetic field from various activated points within the body, obviously in this picture we are using the central eye, solar plexus area, right shoulder (reach for life) as well as the right kidney area (for no reason other than it was easy to do.)  I also mixed together the right shoulder with the solar plexus, because that changes the magnetic output when combined and activates various places on the basketball hoop intersections for your life experience.

For many of us yesterday, we were able to feel inside our bodies what energetic group(s) are being activated in the field of our lives.  Mine, not surprising was my physical eyes, holy shit did they burn all day long.  You know that burn when you are so over tired your eyes are on fire… mine was constant.  Also, my crazy elongated disco ball or would that be a disco pole lol, my spine, had the strangest energies.  But then again, this is what I do day in and day out, use my core and my vision to see and understand you… and us thru you.

There is a contrast that, even tho I didn’t experience it, I am hearing to talk about it now.  We beloved humans are creatures of habit, and there is much falling away from our lives to allow the larger experience to unfold, if we allow.  So if you or anyone around you, had any negative feelings (anger, sadness, whatever…) pay attention to what is being released and allow for it.  Sometimes when something is unplugging from your grid, your hologram and your mind is not too keen on letting that go, we get what we call the negative emotions flowing thru us due to the mind, the unconscious resistance within.

On the other hand, I had two very weird experiences, one yesterday and one the day prior, the day I went for my ride into the big wide world.  Just getting into my car, a car I have had for shit, 6 years now, felt… awkward.  Like I got into a vehicle I was not familiar with and it even felt clunky to maneuver.  I knew (without knowing the details) our movement forward is going to be clunky as we adjust to our new bodies and interactions in all of life.  But yesterday, as I was sitting doing nothing, which was the only thing I had energy to do (ohhh and eat… a lot!! lol) I kept having this bizarre feeling that there is now room in my life for something more.  I could actually feel the space in my life.  Kinda like when you rearrange your closet and now you have two feet of extra room on the bar to hang more clothes… that’s kinda what it felt like.  Of course my mind thought…. maybe…. after all these elusive corners, that divine counter-part will be stepping in.  I have no idea, but hey, its a great thought!! lol

On that note, I will close here and get ready for a day I full anticipate seeing the combined energy of new body matrix and field together!!  It is the full moon and a lunar eclipse add in the light of Jupiter, we are ALL being stretched and pulled and eclipsed into our next grander version of Self!!


Big big (((HUGZ)))) of magnetic wonder and magic thru All You DO!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas – Holy New You! – Enjoy the Wild Energies as You Morph thru this Week! – 3-17-16

universe 2



Lisa Gawlas   –   Holy New You!   –    Enjoy the Wild Energies as You Morph thru this Week!   –   3-17-16


I think, my little quicky yesterday was simply that which writes and sees thru me, way of setting up what we were about to see and experience yesterday.  Phew baby!!  What a wild, unexpected ride yesterday was!!  I pray, I don’t forget at thing!!  I think the clearest way to put all the information into a larger context, is skipping around the readings to sew each piece together.

My first lady really kicked started the whole labor thing, visually.  Consistently for the last many days, when I see your soul skin, at the ground level, it is flat and rests just on top of a the surface of the earth, easy 7 feet wide (of course, going to scale of my vision.)  My eyes were instantly drawn to the ground level of her reading, and having had 3 kids, I knew what I was seeing.  There was a magnetic wind already blow up from the earth, opening the very bottom of her soul skin, what her team said is what we would think of as the cervix of a woman starting to open, but with a twist.  Instead of anything being pushed out, it is all being pushed in!!  In another reading, I could see the emergence of the magnetic pole of the equinox elongating in the center of the soul skin itself.  Every emerging inch of it, emitting and taking even more energy.  One would think (or is that hope lol) that the intense energy in the upper atmosphere would have at least subsided, ohhh hell no, it is as wild up there as it has been, if not more so.

In between my first and second reading I actually had some space to take a shower, that alone almost never happens during the morning, so I took advantage of the time.  I could not help but bring the image of my first lady’s opening of her soul skin at the ground level into my shower with me, pondering…

Every human on the face of this new earth is going thru this very same thing.  Every human is the divine feminine bringing in new life.  (Just for the record, those within deep duality, that place I call soap-bubble land, are indeed going thru energetic fluxes, but not like this, more to target what is still held in the density of the darkness.)  Equally, as we emerge from this equinox phase, every human will have their own magic wand (spirits words here lol) to play and experience with (as I get a visual of a penis with a giggle.)  The Divine masculine will emerge in-powered thru this amazing phase of our evolution.  Again, with the amazing humor of spirit, they said you best be holding some ceremonies to honor and celebrate the divine masculine too!!  (I so agree, our ceremonies are so lopsided, kinda like celebrating the right arm and ignoring the left.  Imagine how potent it all will become when both are celebrated together!!)

After my enlightening shower, I was all ready to see some magic wands in the field (smile.)  Nope, instead one of the most visual readings yesterday was all about Wonder-Woman!!  No super woman, I was verbally corrected each time I accidentally called her super woman.

But first, we had one hellofa time getting the phone call connected.  Google kept kicking her to voice mail every time I answered the phone.  I think she was already breaking the satellite systems google voice uses to connect us!!  Once we finally connected, there wasn’t even the moment to say hi, how are you… nope the flurry of freakin energy bombarding her soul skin from every conceivable direction knocked me off my rocker!!  All I could say is holy shit, your being electrocuted!!  I am not even sure the whole sentence she said back, cuz my ears honed in on the (accidental???) word she said “electra-coated.”  OMG that’s it!!  This energy bombarded her entire soul skin, externally was coating her with intense electrical energy!!  Freakin kewl… but had my whole system on some sort of speed,  I couldn’t talk fast enough to keep pace with the incoming energy and information.  I did even crank my antenna out, it was already underway, with out my saying let’s go!!   Once we got the “electra-coated” understanding out, there was a shift in the entire field of visuals.

The imagery was just outside her “soul skin” connected to it, but still outside of it at the mid section.  Keeping in mind, every freakin day now, this whole soul skin gets taller and taller and now resides just below the energy of the sun, all the way down to the ground.    Her image was all decked out like Wonder-Woman (yup, we are keeping the hyphen to keep the two together as one energy.)  Her left arm was extended backwards into the full energy of the soul skin and inside it.  She was using that energy of her soul, rounding it as she moved her arm lasso style.  By virtue of her purposeful interaction within that area of the soul skin, the skin itself went from clear (how I have been seeing everyone) to the most beautiful yellow.

As we talked about some of the super powers of Wonder-Woman, I realized that her soul energy IS the invisible plane, taking her where ever her heart desires, cloaked until she wants to be seen (and so much more than that too.)  Then, the entire focus was on her image of pointy boobs.  Excuse me, breasts.  These are powerful, potent things I never realized before.  The breast itself, nurturing, replenishing.  There is a whole magnetic field that comes out of each one.  As her team said several times there is a”breast matrix.”  Really???  Ohhh the things I have been taking for granted all these decades!! lol

Geez, even waking up (finally) at 5am is still not enough time to get everything out.  I need a faster processor here (my brain and fingers lol.)

I do want to talk about our Intergalactic Community realigning to us thru this enormous shift of energy, of us!  My first lady of the day was actually an ET package, and for the first time in geez. probably well over a year, I turned my focus to the front yard, what I affectionately call ETville, after I seen her field energy.  (I gotta add too, my wonder-woman had ET’s circling her field too, I will mix these two understandings together.)

My first lady, her Intergalactic team (three of them) showed up in the near horizon like they had before, only now they are presenting what looked like a wagon wheel platform.  The wheel was parallel to the earth and I could only see the half they were bringing, energy wise, kind alike this only make it horizontal and not vertical:


I added the extra spokes, since there were three energy spokes for each of her friends.  The other half of the wheel was within her field of energy and as she absorbed what they were going to be sharing with her, her side of this wheel will become visible I guess lol.

Now, wonder-woman lady, at the very end of her reading, something similar appeared.  Outside of her intense soul skin, suddenly 5 areas of black showed up, encircling her fully.  The black sky, various realms, 5 different intergalactic friends.

The wheel of life is expanding beyond our horizon, to include our friends from the stars in ways that have not been done is no long, it is no longer a part of our memory matrix… but thru each one of you, willing to connect… we are bringing back those spokes to our side of the universe.

I do want to touch on my last two connections yesterday, more the energy of them.  My man’s soul skin was being twisted like I have never seen before.  I think the only way to really describe it, he was looking very much like a screw:


Much fatter and taller than this image, but hey it does give a visual.  What I understood thru his field is that his entire soul skin/Being is being absorbed into the emerging magnetic pole of the equinox, as he comes thru the other side, there will be a massive and rapid expansion into a form I cannot see, yet.

However, I do want to give a visual of the way I see the magnetic pole of this equinox:

snake rope

The masculine and feminine so intertwined within itself, empowered, separate and the same all at once.

My last lady, she was melting lol.  Her entire soul skin was melting like an ice cream cone, and the melting parts were yellow as they dripped downwards toward the ground to create her new form, which too, her team said I have no ability in yesterdays moment to fully understand…. yet.

I must say, my sinuses went wild the moment we connected, good old spirit lube on steroids, which is still present this morning.  Thanx for melting my wires too!!

On that note, the equinox season is now upon us and I must go strap myself in to prepare for the readings today.  I love you all so much.  For those with a bit of the Irish within them… Happy Saint Patrick’s day!!  I am cooking me up some corned beef and cabbage… yummmmm!!!  (BTW,  I am not irish at all, just love me some corned beef and cabbage lol.)

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wild times and Wonder-Woman/Super-Man skills to All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Thanks to:   Kauilapele

Lisa Gawlas -The Electromagnetic Enhancements Start in the Body – 3-7-16



Lisa Gawlas   -The Electromagnetic Enhancements Start in the Body   –   3-7-16


Holy freakin biological soup batman!!  So rough on the body, but man oh man, extraordinary to witness and experience with understanding.  So let me share with you what I understand is happening within me, so you can understanding what is, or will be happening within you.

With the first of these 3 power nodes, on March 3rd, my head became congestion heaven.  It didn’t disrupt my ability to see or connect, just made me really nasally in my talking and I would have to blow my nose a lot thru the readings.  Thru the readings I started to understand that these three power nodes served to be the energy system of all three quadrants emerging thru March (upper magnetosphere, mid section and then the lower section that is infused with earths magnetic fields.)

What I didn’t see coming (I am sure I would have ducked out if I did) was that for me to be able to do and see and understand thru the entirety of March, my whole system would have to go thru the event all at once.  Yippie!!

So when the power node of the 5th arrived, my voice left the building (it’s still not back yet) my body felt like sludge, I have been running low-grade fevers off and on the last two days, and every joint in my body radiated this rather unpleasant energy.  Nothing really “hurt” just massively uncomfortable.

Let’s first understand the importance of congestion, snot, phlegm.  (smile)  Not only does it serve as a lubricant as all the wirings get up graded to higher frequencies, but it also serves as an anesthetic for the body itself.  My congestion is 100% in my head, not in my chest at all (thank you dear lord.)  But as my team tells me, it really is the brain that runs the entire body, so its effect is on the whole body.

When i attempted to talk to my first two appointments on the 5th, my lack of voice was different than it ever was before.  My lungs just could not keep up with being audible.  It was exhausting to try to made my head spin from the effort.  Usually, forcing the voice makes my throat hurt, not this time tho, it depleted my energy.  So I tapped out and stopped trying.

The surface of my skin was hyper sensitive, and not in a pleasant way either.  My team showed me the work being done at every pore chakra on the skin, intensifying the magnetic field output from the surface of the skin itself.  Equally, the fascia beneath the skin, I could feel just as intensely.  Similar things happening in their.  Each muscle group is going thru a higher frequency upgrade, preparing the body for the things it will be capable of doing moving forward.

I was also shown the inlaying of energy thru the muscle fibers themselves, very kewl to look at and watch (but not so much experience) and yet, knowing what is being done and what it means going forward… I have no idea lol, dammit!

The kewlest part tho, was watching a brand new circuit board being inlaid in my throat.  Kinda like witnessing a whole sci fi movie happening in the body.  The electromagnetic output thru the breath and voice is going to be off the charts.  Kind of exciting, kind of nerve wracking lol.

Of course, as usual, our sun has an amazing hand in all of this intensity.  From spaceweather yesterday:  GEOMAGNETIC STORM: The ongoing geomagnetic storm has intensified to G2-class as Earth moves deeper into a stream of solar wind. The magnetic polarity of the stream is negative…

Taking in the negative polarity of this storm release, that would make our bodies the positive polarity, if we have done the inner work to align ourselves as such.  What my team is explaining to me the more integrated the ego is with the unified field of Life, the stronger the intake of the energy is… the more open the vessel is to receive this energy.

Of course, spirit has warned all of us that March is going to be a highly intense, energetic month.  I kinda wish they were a bit more clear on what that meant to our bodies!! lol

Of course, the human in me, not enjoying the building congestion in my head, making me feel like a zit that is ready to pop and ohhh the pressure in my ears, has been on a steady diet of decongestant pills. Not even coming close to touching it at all.  My team explained this is not an illness but a massive energy upgrade and they can override what any pill or remedy is supposed to do to keep my biology safe.  They even completely took out the mentholyptus in my vicks vapor rub… zero smell at all.  Hey!!  Not nice!!

So here we are, the 7th, the 3rd of the series of three power nodes that take us into the full solar eclipse tomorrow… a planetary reboot like never before.

The electromagnetic grid will change in intensity for everyone.  I wish I could say everyone is going to be excited about this, but this is equally going to serve to pull out any stray hairs left in emerging fields heading to the new earth (and out of soap-bubble land) and for some, the untended karmic closet will appear to explode all over one’s life field rather quickly.  It kind of comes down to clean up or get out.

On the other hand, I am already experiencing thought/desire to outcome within minutes of the thought.  Each time, I stopped in my tracks to witness the extraordinariness of it.  And this was before this weekend’s intensity!!

This morning, I don’t feel as sludgy as I have been these last two days.  My voice is not back yet, but I am having voice sounds, which I had none of the last two days.  I cannot say a whole word yet, but there is breakthrough!!  lol  The head is deflating, not near as fast as I would like, but hey, I will take any relief at this point.  I think I will straddle the blowing winds encircling my house (literally) to clear up the last of the congestion today.  One more day down…  can I say how much I miss you when we don’t even talk on the phone.  Geez…

Ohhhhhhh… as I get slightly pouty face here lol, my team explains that this is not a time to be sharing energy with others (the way you and I do in readings) because the connection can amplify, if not bring in to ones own field, another’s energy.  This is being stated on both sides, expansion as well as clearing the hairs lol.  When we are not in this massive energy state like we are in now, we have buffers in place to connect to only things ready to be connected to.  This particular system would be like massive storm clouds merging, and if one person has not done their inner work, that inner work is absorbed by someone ready to it.  Equally, an amplification of the energy can take place even if the one is not ready for it.  I hope I am making this clear.

I do get a little sneak peak at tomorrow tho… the energy coming from the skies pouring into every individual consciousness, every collective consciousness group, every version of earth (new and all soap-bubble land areas) as we fire the grid for the rest of our story this year.

On that note, hang on tight, we have more energy to come this month!!  Phew baby what a wild ride!!

((((HUGZ)))) of electromagnetic field expansion to All!!

Lisa Gawlas


Lisa Gawlas – Restoring the Christed Energy thru the Lands and Waters – 3-6-16

bridging love


Lisa Gawlas  –   Restoring the Christed Energy thru the Lands and Waters   –   3-6-16

The Shift of Time and Energy


Now I am kinda really hoping this whole aware of the lessons being shared during dream time is part of my new antenna set. It is becoming an every night event, last night again we were given very particular messages.

And once again I was up half the night because my head is sooooo freakin congested, primarily, the entire right side of my head, the left side, barely.  So again, I wake up to blow and sneeze and start bitching a bit last night.  The congestion in my right nostril is so thick I cannot blow it out, it feels impacted in there and pressing against my ear, ouchies.

So as I wake up, blow, bitch, go back to sleep, I get the strangest image to start with.  I see my head separate from my field of vision and this charcoaled looking O and X but only half of each (like someone erased half of the O and X.)  One was floating over my head, the other over my field of vision.  XOXOX hugs and kisses, our symbol for love in action.

As I look at these symbols wondering, why the hell are you charcoaled and only half present, I realized I am not honoring the processes happening in my head.  Sleep is my focus and not the energy expansion taking place.   As I got over being angry, the O and X became full letters and one turned red and one turned green.  Christmas colors… Christ colors.

Again, I wake up to blow and sneeze and be ok with this disrupted sleep, and go back to sleep.  Now there is an image of a map showing the USA and Cuba.  Again, a half-formed O over one country and a half-formed X over the other, charcoal black.

50 years of hate and separation.  50 years of that energy spreading thru the waters that separate our land mass.  WE MUST heal this individually, which will heal it collectively and restore the love of our neighbors to the christed energy of love.

We have done the same with another neighbor, Mexico.  Instead of feeling the plight of the Mexican people, we build walls to say nope can’t have none of ours.  The Syrian people are going thru similar things as well.  Refugees being ousted so they don’t bring harm or take away from current residents of other nations.

Do we ever sit back and wonder why things remain the same, the wars, the poverty, the drug lords that rule… because WE have not learned from it yet.  WE have not taken personal responsibility YET.

WE are waiting for others to change things, for governments to change things and yet… NOW WE are the catalyst to create change.  To demand it in all our actions, our thoughts and deeds.

To sustain and spread the true christed energy, WE must BE that inside and out, 24/7.  We must come from a place of unconditional love, not the facade of love.  No burnt hugs and kisses that are meaningless, first and foremost, unto ourselves, then outward.

As we restore true love, release the energy of separation and not enough, the waters of earth flow with that loving energy again, the lands of the earth grow from that energy system, restored back to its original blueprint of the unified all.

Today is the second of three power node days (the last one in this phase is on the 7th) and there is no doubt in my heart, thanx to my dreamscape, the focus within every heart must turn to the Unified field and love and love for all and thru all.

I am remembering back in I think 2002-ish, when a very special trigonic quartz crystal took me to the dead sea caves to read, have engraved in my heart, the teachings and understandings of Jesus, I would hear a song clip over and over again for days before that several week adventure began and I am going to leave the entire song at the end of this sharing, for all of us to embody once again.

We are now Here to restore the garden of eden, the fullness of Shambhala by our Life and actions, out loud in the world we are changing.

Ohhh, there is something I wanted to mention but kept forgetting.  Light bulb went on right now lol.  In the ancient prophecies about our world being restored to that which we know (barely know lol) as the garden of eden, it says the lions will lay down with the lambs.

Thru the years and the series of uploaded videos now available, we are really starting to see how so many species of life, one predators to each other, are now playing and loving each other.  This is happening BECAUSE WE changed inside.  The more we are in alignment with the fullness of love, the more and more the predator energy will cease to exist.

On that note, I am going to go make some tea and see if it will restore my lost/congested voice before my day starts.

I love you all so much.

(((((HUGZ))))) and {{{{KISSES}}}} filled with the love of the unified Christ thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Lisa Gawlas – Intense First Week of March Downloads, Engravings… – 3-3-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Intense First Week of March Downloads, Engravings…   –   3-3-16


Once again, I woke up really late for no reason what so ever, well, except for these energies of course.  I do want to put out a quickie on what is happening as we plow thru this intense first week of March.


The last day of February, the 29th, the readings were focused primarily on the new universe expanding from your core energy.  Of course that means, you are the light and sun of your personal world.  We seen the magnetic frequencies, swirling out, aligning into what looks like a spiral design around you and readying for this first week of a highly intense month.


Thru some of the readings yesterday, it became very clear that this “expanding” new universe of each one of us will continue thru June, maybe July (I could not say June without spirit putting “maybe July”) into my mouth each time.


Yesterday, the primary focus thru the readings were the onset of everyone’s personal magnetosphere forming.  To be clear what this means to each of is, I found an easy definition:

  1. the region surrounding the earth or another astronomical body (that would be yours) in which its magnetic field is the predominant effective magnetic field.
 I could only see part of the top of each persons, but the common theme was much was being recorded at the top level of this clear looking membrane.  For some people, it resembled the ridges on the old records we used to play, others were like magnetic points that would open at certain magnetic frequency connections, another was being inlaid with what looked to me like pyrite crystals.
A lot is going to be released to those who are magnetically aligned to this information, these new abilities and no doubt, sudden promptings and epiphanies.
For the first time since last year, my last reading had two Intergalactic Beings show up to encourage her connection and conscious assistance with doing energetic work at various points on the earth lines.
Today, the 3rd of March, concludes the sun phase of the siamese twin gig, but it is also the first of the 3 power nodes happening.  They are the 3rd, the 5th and the 7th, giving way to the full solar eclipse on the 8th, and I just realized yesterday that in this solar eclipse lineup is something very unique, Jupiter is squeezing his big old body into the alignment.  The planet of expansion.  The big opportunity with this amazing alignment is that which has been hidden from consciousness, will now be revealed THRU those aligned to receive the original truth without twisting it up into yesterday’s understandings (meaning, all the old things we knew to be true getting to here.)
From what I understand, we are going to be receiving tremendous, random appearing tidbits, please write them all down, whether you understand whats coming thru you or not.  Nothing about how we receive the pure, higher information is linear, to us humans it comes in sporadic and seeming almost meaningless.  Nothing is meaningless, we are just getting bits and pieces at a time.
Thru at the very least, this first week of March, our brains capabilities may seem less than usual (can we say space cadets lol) that’s because quadrants are opening up and new info being inlaid and so some of what we consider normal functioning of our brain’s ability may seem offline or sluggish at the least.  Honor that place and the sluggish energy that will happen within the body system.
We also got a small sneak peek into the upcoming equinox.  It will be a huge system, of course that almost seems a no brainer now.  It will start to come online 3 days prior to the equinox and thru three days after. So the equinox even tho it is technically on the 20th, will start to enliven with intense magnetic earth energies from the 17th thru the 23rd, 7 days wide!!
On that note, my day is about to begin.  I love you all so much!!
Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with every magnetic dream come true/thru you!!

LISA GAWLAS – 11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today – Happy Full Moon – 2-23-16

moon and sun


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

Lisa Gawlas   –   11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today   –   Happy Full Moon   –   2-23-16


Today we officially kick off the Siamese Twin system!!  Happy full moon everyone!!  The moon was the first thing I seen shining in my eyes when I woke up this morning.  Let me share my morning light with you too:


full moon


It’s hard to see, but I have a series of upper windows, and looking at this image now, I realize something bigger.  If we look at the windows themselves as battery cells, day by day we will each be filled with the new light of the reflective moon and then each cell will be sealed in with the light of the sun halfway thru this system timeline (22nd thru the 3rd.)

Ha, I just realized today thru the 3rd is 11 days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all, given the 11 is all about spiritual illumination.  But we are also going to bring in the element of 5 as well.   Five days of the moon energy filling our cells, then the day of the membrane, where the energy of “conjoined” takes place, which would be the 27th, and then the 5 day journey to the 3rd (to include the 3rd.)

This actually compliments all that I had seen and understood thru the readings yesterday, especially since this system is happening at the higher levels of consciousness, to fuel and enliven what is happening at the ground level of creation, of you and us.

The constant thru every reading had two parts to it, the first one was the view of the electromagnetic field around the upper portion of the body. In its most humblest form looked a lot like this (only, uniform, I don’t have good flow in my hand free forming cut outs lol)

magnetic field

However, this come pretty darn close to how I seen everyone’s upper portion of the their electromagnetic field.  Gray scale, and long wiry looking things that were in constant motion, the magnetic field itself.  So I suppose, it only makes sense that the moon and sun will serve to be the electrical current to magnetize the magnetic field around us.

With the exception of my first lady on the field, which I am going to save for last in this sharing, had a field moving upwards from the ground towards their electromagnetic field.  Unlike the spiky one shown here, the earths however was sooooo smooth and soooo clear.  The understanding thru everyone was, these two electromagnetic fields will come together and conjoin as one whole unite as we move thru this “siamese twin” system.

I am going to use a beautiful male virgin on the field (giggle, for those who aren’t familiar with my use of those words, someone I never read for before yesterday) because he gave us an amazing view of what we are getting ourselves into next.

I watched as these two electromagnetic fields meet each other to form a whole circle or globe or something round lol, he was in the middle of it all.  His electromagnetic ball started to rotating forward, as it moved into the system we are in now it started to change the way I seen it.

At the upper portion, these long artery looking things started to grow outwards and seemed to connect into areas of the air I eventually understood were multidimensional portals.

Then, the bottom part looked like it was growing the most beautiful green moss, as the moss-covered the lower portion, long tree roots started to emerging form the moss-covered area and instantly i got a connection to the painting I shared yesterday, those roots were tapping into the leyline storage areas, the arteries were pulling in the multidimensional energies and he was storing them in these storage centers within earth.

Then he hit a whipped cream bank lol, well, that’s what it looked like to me.  The only thing I knew yesterday was that he was about halfway thru this system and then it all got really thick with this white substance.

Now, given what I shared in my first paragraph, I do understand that it was the membrane that conjoins it all. The Living Unified Consciousness called US!!  Go US!! lol  But I couldn’t see anything past that, nor was he moving past it, he was parked in whipped cream land!!

One of my lady’s after him, broadened the story a bit by what I seen her doing.  She had what looked like a pipeline thru the center of her upper and lower magnetic fields, pulling in the multidimensional energy from above, pulling up the stored energy from below, stored deep in the core of the earth, the energies that have not been topside since before we created soap bubble land, and was “fusing” (hear; fusion) the two together creating a breathable, usable new energy.

I seen this fusion go thru a separate pipeline and emerged out the front (north) of her upper electromagnetic sphere as a long skinny flame flapping in the wind.  This allowed the new fused energy to fill the airspace hours before we walked into it.

Then I had a lady who first confused the hell out of me, then brought me to my knees in reverence.  Let me just tell you, each one of you are the most amazing creatures that has ever graced this amazing planet.

The moment you realize this, OWN this, you would stop looking to and for those of the old, because they had no idea just how phenomenal you would be, Here, Now!!  Just think about that very familiar phrase from Jesus, what I can do, you can do and more.  But he never said what the more was because he had no idea.

So there is my lady, upper and lower electromagnetic fields already in my field of vision, and then out of the west comes this long sword looking thing, slices her fields in half and turns them inside out.  WHAT THE HELL???  I am already over my head in the world of science and meta-science, now we are going to literally turn things inside out.  Geez, I so need a raise lol.

Keep in mind, I am in no way, trying to be scientifically correct with any of this, I would be so out of my league in trying to do so.  However, I cannot ignore the words I hear and the visuals I see within the words, so please keep that in mind.  The first thing I hear is “negative polarity.”

Alrighty then, I don’t know what that means really, but given that I now see all her energy radiating outwards, instead of inwards within her field, that has got to be their (hear teams) point.  And they explained the best they could to this mush mind of mine, that her energy radiates outwards, the in breathe without the exhale is suffocation.  So her electromagnetic field sends outwards.  Once again I get the visual of the plasma ball:\




She is gathering the incoming energy and like this plasma ball, spikes it outwards.  Then she started to complain (a girl after my own heart lol) that no one has ever been able to tell her the name or names of her spiritual team.  As she was stating this, one of her team members came forward with both sound and visual.






This very simply eye was hovering at my back door as her team expressed this name, quite carefully in syllables.  EYE-OWN-AH.  What is so funny, I am sooo incredibly slow on the uptake, I made this eye exactly how I seen in, including the color spectrum.

I kept telling everyone yesterday that their fields coming together looked like two contact lenses coming together.  DAH!!  I was saying something I didn’t even realize until this morning.  Two contact lenses form a whole eye, a WHOLE field of vision.  The central EYE.

What good is having anything is you do not OWN it???

The reverse polarity, negative polarity, the AHHHHHH.  Instantly I was in the living memory of a bathtub experience I had back in geez 2002 I think.  Let me copy and paste from my website this part of the experience, if you want to read the whole story, just click here.

There was not so much a vision as there was a feeling of Presence and a sound ohhh my what a sound it was a vibration of aaaaahhhhhhhhh that lifted so far into the universe and thru my very soul that just hearing it made my whole being cry with joy as the sound escalated (not in sound, but more like motion.. like as the ahhh kept going on, it lifted higher and higher in vibration), it sounded like the entirety of All There Is joined into make this sound. 

I could feel my heart beating, I became very aware of the rhythm of the air around me, the sounds that I have heard around me, but didn’t hear.. and it was all in unison with my own heart beating.  I could feel the heart of my being in my arms, in every cell that makes up my body, and the air around me coursed in the same beautiful motion.

Just say the word ahhhhhhh… your breath goes outwards, onwards, expands everywhere.  The expansion of the universe, the unified field of creation is in the AHHHHHHH.  As opposed to the OM, saying it, the sound is held behind the lips and what you get is vibration, creation creating within the electro-magnetosphere.

Expansion/feminine and contraction/masculine. (Again, nothing to do with actual gender.)  Positive and negative polarities.

Well, lets change the subject just for a moment, since I just went potty (coffee out lol) and got this amazing visual and I think… a tiny glimpse into our mexico adventure.

My mind flashed to one of my lady’s I had a conversation with last night, she will be going to London for the equinox in September and will be at Stonehenge and other sites in that miraculous landscape.

As I thought about her on my holy throne lol, I heard spirit say “we will button up our batteries together.”  Huh??  Then I got a visual of the two pyramids my team said we must be at, the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon (holy shit, the twins!!!  I am sooooo freakin slow on the uptake lol.)

But I had seen us gathered together at the top of one of them, I want to say the temple of the sun, but I am not 100% sure about that… and we were in a circle at the top doing god knows what, and this beam of white light engulfed us, or came thru us really and went upwards.  Ohhh my whistle is soooo wet for this adventure!!  That’s all I seen, I think I leaped off the toilet when I realized the sun and moon temples here, there, wherever lol… OMG!!

So now lets talk about my first lady on the field yesterday.  I realized as we moved thru the breath of yesterday on the field, having innate desires, working within those desires the best we can, is what is pulling/attracting the magnetic field of earth up to conjoin with us.

When you have no idea what you even desire, as was the case with my lady, there was no bottom part of the field, just her upper electromagnetic field was present/viewable.

Leaning into something, anything, it doesn’t matter what, that attracts the earth energy to conjoin with you, with us.  It doesn’t even have to be something big, just clear and coherent.  I am given my own simple example.

I wake up every morning with the focus of clearly being able to share with you the enormity of the information released the day prior, once I get that done, my next clear focus is on understanding what is coming thru today and how each person can work with it.

We have such an amazing participation, conjoined energy system with the original earth, our original blueprint back in the day, the system of life expanding and our hearts of desires.  Hell, even mexico plays into the field of unified creation.  To stand by and wait for something to be presented begets the universe sitting next to you, waiting with you, in love and in grace.

The days of being told or guided to what you need to do or experience next are long over.  YOU ARE THE DECIDER!!  This is not just in the metaphysical realm, we live in the land of created reality, there are so many things to desire.  New shoes, a good meal, a hot rod, whatever.  The moment you receive it, desire something else.  You are learning/remembering how you create and uncreate.  If you are a void waiting for inspiration, that is what you are creating too.

On that note, I would like to ask you to help me use this massive system we are in to house my daughters future with.  She has her hearing coming up on the 3rd of March (interesting dateline, huh?) and she is looking at 3 felony charges and 3 misdemeanors and this is a guilt or innocence hearing.

When I talked to her attorney, he injected something into my system of hope I never thought of… if no one shows up for the hearing, everything will be dropped.  Of course, as her mother and seeing how much she has changed since her incarcerations this last year, I pray for that.

But also, I am willing to surround her with this light that comes from her souls best interest.  If she needs to do something, may she feel the energy of doing it.  And may the system that wild decide her future, see the precious soul that we do too.  I am going to give you two of my favorite images of her to lean into:





I want to mention the tattoo on the bottom, the words “I wish you were there for me,” is her expression to her father.  But really, is it her biological father, or god himself?  I know I took out my anger on my own biological father because I felt abandoned by god, depicted thru my own father abandoning me.  May she come to fully realized, LIFE and the LOVE of All LIFE, our Father, is Here, Now, Forever, thru each of us!!  The top picture shows, she is open to receive!


Thank you so much for all you do so heart-fully and unselfishly!!

I love you all soul much!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of magic and bliss and illumination to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Lisa Gawlas – The Power Of Knowing – Uneqivocally – 2-15-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Power Of Knowing   –   Uneqivocally   –   2-15-16


Ya ever have day when the inability to see beyond a single thing became the most reverent thing you have ever seen.  For all five people on my dance card, a stream of pure white light flowing down into their life, their bubble of creation was a constant.  Pure Source energy, Love of the One Source…

My first three readings really showed up to rearrange me, my thoughts, my knee jerk bitching, to fully realize how profound this moment is.  And it IS!!  I am not even sure how to put it all into words.  The constant tho, this stream of pure white Light flowing down from above and the only thing I could see as it connected to my people’s field was the upper part of their bubble of creation, it was changing into this golden energy, a golden color I have never seen on the field in this spectrum of radiance.  Altho I was not able to see any body, any biology what so ever, I knew this stream was coming into the crown, flowing thru the entire human construct and releasing outwards into again, what I call your personal bubble of creation.  The only thing I know for sure about the visible golden energy that I could see, and barely see, was becoming a spectrum of magnetic energy like never before available to us.  In my field of readings, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I can see, well now, it is infused/being infused with pure Source energy.

The way my entire energy field was redirected thru my hmmmm limiting expression was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Our teams is really good at love slapping me when I am using the incorrect words/expression of what I am seeing and feeling, but this was a redirect so powerful, so engorged with reverent love.  Using the words “that’s all i can see”  (which is more habit than anything) in the moment I was saying them it was af if my entire energy was ballooning out from deep inside of me, engorged with this feeling and I have not a single or even multiple words to describe it.  It did however, intensify an already building headache.  But lets just say, it was the most incredible way of being told to stop feeling so limited when what I am witnessing is so extraordinary, even if its only held in my vision as a momentary snapshot of what is happening.

But the conversations themselves provided so much illumination thru the day, so much more than I could have ever hoped to have.  In one of the conversations we started to talk about the coming equinox in spring.  I realized something thru that conversation, this Source infused love fest that we are undergoing right now is also feeding the new stream of energy into that magnetic pole, which, to my peeping eyes is silver, the higher vibration of earth energy that I see in readings.  So imagine this… by March 20th, the full force field of Source and Earth, as intense complimentary magnetic systems will be laid out, enlivened.  No wonder spirit warned us of so many power nodes embedded in March and also way back in January they said this whole first quarter was all about the full spectrum of energy we now as Shambhala, Heaven on earth, the new earth… pick a name.

Also, an experience I had the evening of the 13th brought so much clarity not only to my experience but the full energy of “knowing the arrival is imminent,” which replaces waiting.

It was close to my bedtime and I was just sitting on my couch (yeah, I do that a lot lol) and scrolling the news feed on my phone on facebook.  Suddenly i seen this advertisement for a hoodie that just caught my heart.  I clicked on it, and was thrilled to see this hoodie was also available in t-shirt style:

inhale harmony

The feeling inside of me, was explosive in its own rite, all I could feel was this would be a great t-shirt to wear for my Mexico trip.  There was nothing in that feeling infused thought that separated the moment I was in from the 7 months worth of moments between the now and the actual Mexico date, both were in the same moment.  While I took a breath in (I rarely spend money on things I really don’t need and I usually hesitate to the degree of missing it or having to pay more for it) I truly felt the loss of months between now and Sept.  This feeling was so strong that I had to giggle after I went ahead and got this shirt that I realized I actually had 7 months to buy it, but let me tell ya, in that moment, 7 months did not exist, at all.

So, in one of the conversations yesterday, with my precious lady talking about that phrase, “KNOWING the arrival is imminent” must also live the feeling, the elimination of what we perceive as time.

I have seen already, several people declare they will go to Mexico IF they have the money.  This is one thing, shockingly (giggle) I am not feeling inside of myself.  I KNOW I will have enough money since I have 7 months to put money away, stock up for grand adventures!!  KNOWING does not involve an IF anywhere.  Of course, this applies to everything, anything.

Think about it all this way… YOU are the collective force of creation.  Your magnetic field is what is declaring your reality, your creations, even, your waiting.  Saying words is not enough, because often times, we embed doubt into the words, the stronger the doubt the stronger creation is.  It’s an unbiased field.

This KNOWING is also what collapses time.  Think about what time offers us… ongoing lessons.  Ways to use or remove time.  Last year, when spirit first talked to me about this Mexico trip, my entire mind was focused on the lack of money, christmas and my kids and grandson.  I already fueled the not going by the deeper energy running within me.  Of course, I didn’t see it that way because I declared I would go.  Then I couldn’t, everything got tangled up.  My birth certificate was wrong, and even when the new one arrived, I ripped it half when I opened the envelope, requiring another new one be mailed.  Of course, I couldn’t get my passport, blah blah blah and I didn’t even have gas money to think about it.  I Am powerful!!  Unbiasedly powerful.

So in this scenario, time had to stretch out even longer, giving me more time to get my shit together, to breathe out the bullshit lol.  I Am together Now.  Time collapsed and the challenges I created last year, no longer serve the agenda.  It’s already happening and we will just arrive at the event horizon Sept 18th with all our needs/desire met and exceeded.  Period.  (Hello ET family, we will see you in the zone of silence! 😉 )

KNOW THYSELF unequivocally!!

Now, back to yesterday lol.  By my third connection on the field, I fully gave in to the enormous reverence that today, God descends into the clear and open vessels I have the utmost privilege to witness.  So as I was pondering my last two appointments, one a man who he himself had to reschedule for months to get a date that was perfect for him and all i could think was, shit…  today I am rescheduling everyone.  Same with my precious lady after him, she has hit my reschedule zone the last few times we tried to connect, so her first session has been delayed.  There is always a higher reason, but us humans… well… today is always better than tomorrow or next week lol.

However, I wasn’t bitching just kinda feeling bad (not negative bad, just I knew we had to reschedule) then two details were added, one in the energy stream of my man, one in the energy stream of my lady.

When my mind was focused on my man, I could see the most amazing fires streaming down thru this white light.  The passion of God/Creator, the fires of God/Creator.  When I switched and thought about my last lady, there was this magnificent rainbow hue, as if we took the actual rainbow out of the sky and wrapped it around this white pole of inflowing Source energy.  The fires of Divine Masculine, The expanse of the Divine feminine. The radiance of wholeness.

I want to talk about an experience my man had, it is so telling of…. well… everything.  I pray I remember the details correctly.  (I think) He was just waking up from sleep and realized his body was levitating above his bed and her heard the word Jesus and out of his back feel all these black beads onto his bed.  As he was telling me of this experience, and I pondered what the beads could mean, I suddenly thought of the rosary beads:


If you have ever been Catholic, you know this is a structured prayer thingie, repetitive and filled with the energy of penance.  Structure, repetition, death (see the dying guy/Jesus at the bottom.)  We have entered, as a collective, whether you are catholic or not) the time of Lent, the stations of the cross (a horrific reminder of pain and suffering) and his experience was showing the full release of it all.  Dismantling the structure that once signified ascension by death.  No more structure, let loose, your body has risen and the Christ is You (Jesus.)

Let me be very clear here, he is not nor has been a practicing catholic, he was born catholic but not a practicing one.  This however, goes to all systems, all things, a full on release, dismantling of all repetitive acts to try to “save ourselves.”

WE are now the living embodiment of Christ, of God in body.  The Sons and Daughters that ARE the Living Christ.  Those that have risen above the chaos, the separation, the ascended ones Here Now.

All that was, was dismantled.  Loose and free and unrestricted.  KNOW THYSELF AND THY POWER!!

You are not only Loved Deeply, you are the Living Expression of Deep Love made manifest!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – The Unified Field Amping Up – Full Moon Grows Nearer – So Are You! – 2-10-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Unified Field Amping Up    –   Full Moon Grows Nearer   –   So Are You!  –  2-10-16


Lisa Gawlas

One thing is for sure once again, the field is so focused on our individual participation within the unified whole of creation.  I think we can even look at the theme of yesterday as the restoration of the fullness of you, of us and bringing back all the original energy that once was the “original earth” or the pristineness of the garden of eden.

Thru every reading yesterday, one constant was present, this large see thru globe representing the earth as a whole.  Equally, the energy of the coming full moon on the 22nd was prominent too.  Now I pray I can get the details out in coherency.

My first lady showed up in the northern quadrant inside the globe itself.  She was in bed, all tucked in with this beautiful patchwork like comforter draped over her.  The energy of the full moon infiltrating her, her body at rest, in stillness as she absorbed all this energy.  Then I really understood the comforter itself as I remembered the soft, gentle energy of this Being that showed up in my meditations in my early years.  When I first asked his name he said you can call me “your comforter.”  I like that, he was warm and cozy and indeed comforting as my mind was melting down within the reality constructs I had believed in and my body was going thru zingers and flu-like symptons of change (of course, I had no idea about any of that in those moments, I was just hanging on for dear life as everything I once new, changed.)

My comforter eventually changed his name to “your shepherd” and then the truth of his name, his soul name… Sananda.  The soul energy connected to the dude we know and love as Jesus.  My 3 year relationship with him had absolutely nothing to do with the man named Jesus and nor does that energy now.  It is all about being the Living Christed energy in a biological body.  So the image of the comforter on my lady’s resting body was the full Christed energy laid over her resting body as the energy of the full moon as the radicalization of change continues.

I had to laugh as I wondered what will happen with my lady after the full moon, instantly I seen her body spring up out of bed, on her feet were quad roller skates and she was ready to zoom!!  The wheels themselves were interesting, switching between yellow and orange, the seeds of life and fertilization/outcome.

My first instinct was to interpret the energy of 4, I was stopped in my tracks.  The numerology relationship I have used has been of the old earth, soap-bubble land.  Extreme duality.  If we look at the skates in a new way… two wheels at the front, two wheels at the back, that would be 2-2 the master builder skating thru creation.  Harnessing the power of the pureness of four, earth energy period to be the catalyst at the creation point (again, like my valentine’s day special that starts today) using the energy of 4 as a dual power point to the point of 5 CHANGE.  My lady herself representing the energy of 5 in all she does.  Again to give you the visual I had seen in regards to my crazy special:


Even just looking at that denotes energy and motion.  We can even look at one of the 4 energies as divine masculine and one as divine feminine working in harmony to create change, to create period.  To Be the Christed Energy in body fully awake and alive on earth, You must harness both energy as a whole.  I love the visual I get in contrast to this, very much like making tea.  If the teabag never gets placed in the water, you will always have the potential of tea but will never have tea itself.

While I am sharing metaphors lol, gotta give you one that is constant this morning with our old stories, our old hmmm belief systems.  Often times, we throw out a name, its familiar to you and you instantly assign it that energy package (story) around that name.  In which case, you never move beyond what you think you know and what IS available beyond any of it.

The visual I get with this is that of a tree with a ton of green leaves, one of the leaves on this bountiful tree happens to not be green and is gold.  Because it is such an anomaly the people who witness it or even heard the stories of that amazing golden leaf, create stories around it, put it on an alter and call it special, sacred… simply because it is different from the rest.  What gets lost is the fact that it became gold to send a message that you don’t always have to be a green leaf.  No siree, if you delve inside you can be gold and different.  But instead, most people pay homage to the leaf and never see the golden energy within themselves and that was its only purpose of Being different.

I find it funny that so many people talk about sheeple, those still being Green leaves and not daring to even look at the golden leaf.  Yet, in this crazy place called our awakened spiritual journey, there are just as many sheeple.  The ones who do not go beyond the story of the golden leaf resting upon the altar of life.  Stories emerge from the ego, the perception of the ego.  In which case, the golden leaf remains an analogy instead of a key to change yourself too.  This becomes an important analogy when I get to talking about my last lady of the day…

Ha!!  When I seen my lady on her new roller skates instantly a song started playing, looping over and over in my head even after we hung up.  I had to go to youtube and find a video of the song, cuz often times, sharing it (on facebook) releases the loop.  I got more than I bargained for in the message of the video:


Before I seen my lady in her bed, the first thing I had seen was these golden lines of energy inlaying all around this huge clear globe.  If you go to the lyric at 1:10 in this song: “for someone who don’t drive, I’ve been all around the world” just leaped out to me.  In our stillness we are laying the tracks for the world to come in its pureness.  However, if you are looping around in old stories, well, you are simply looping around in old stories.  But my lady, she has a brand new pair of roller skates and this new earth IS the brand new key!!  Take to the streets like children in play… no replicating, sing and dance new songs.

Now I have no choice to bring in my last lady of the day (guess we are going to build a oreo cookie today lol.)

She was on the outside of this massive clear globe thingie in the northwest quadrant of the outer field.  She was facing the globe thing and in front of her was this beautiful bongo.  (Image just for added visualization)


No dangly thingies on it, but the entire base was made of a tree that no longer exists on our earth, it had etchings and bony elements all around it.  The hide itself was from her power animal that lived and died on the original earth.  What took my breath away is the relationship of how this bongo came into creation and the wonder of relationship between her and that animal.  Let me tell you the story!! lol

Back in our beginnings, the original earth, the animals and trees and everything living in matter had a relationship to each other.  A communication system thru the heart.  Back then, we often aligned with particular animals, what my team is calling our “power” animals.  They shared their unique power and abilities with their human and vise versa.  The animal (as well as the humans and all life) knew when it was time to leave the earth and go back Home.  This particular animal (that is not in our memory banks at all, they never lived in soap-bubble land) let my lady know it was almost time for it to go and the celebrations started.  When all that was left was the animals body, she harvested its skin and bones to make this bongo, along with a tree that was more than happy to give of itself to this instrument.  She also made herself a tarzan-jane looking outfit from this animal’s hide to embody its presence and sing its songs and bongo out its energy in joy and celebration.

The reason we were seeing this amazing, humbling memory of long ago, was because NOW, she is going to bongo the energies back into creation.  I could see and hear and feel her playing on that bongo and in the bottom of this clear globe, a mist started emerging.  The first thing that will happen (per her team) is the consciousness of the ones who long ago left the earth, will return.  Eventually, over time (and it will take time for everyone to fully release the old stories, all of which, originate from soap-bubble land, deep duality) these animals and plant life and many other things will be in body once again.

In Between these two amazing ladies, so much energetic abilities are coming online.  I had one precious soul as I was desperately trying to explain what I was seeing in her field meant to her, suddenly my own eyes came back into my kitchen and I could see this amazing auric field around my coffee pot.  THAT was sooo freakin kewl, especially knowing that what just happened, I was seeing thru her eyes, her ability!!

But again, even with this came a full releasing of what we think of as auras as they related to the old earth scenarios.  We are NOW on the new earth, in a fully function new body, all antennas at the ready but working at the level of wholeness not broken or separated.   So what I seen around my coffee pot was less its emotional field and more its energetic codes of life.  There is a mid range of color spectrum that she will learn to recognize when the coffee pot is working as it should be.  There is also a range that will show its loosing its life force and as she starts to use this ability, also in her super power set is the ability to restore life force, if that is in the greatest good for the coffee pot.  Of course, the more she practices with what we think of as inanimate objects, then to move to a much more complex system, living things like the human.  With this (or even plants really) she also has the ability to go beyond their normal range, to speed up their field to enhance their emerging consciousness into the new earth.

I had one beautiful man yesterday show up inside his bubble of creation within the larger clear bubble called earth.  He was upside down (feet in the air) and this massive energy system coming from the full moon oozing into his feet and moving upwards.  His life path about to change.  There was I think at least one other person inside their bubble of creation too, getting rocked with the incoming energies.  The visual I got as the full moon passes and all this energy is within each person looked very much like this, only colorless.  Color sets intention and I was just seeing what will be the field around us:




It kinda looks like the “cell” image of the other day.  And with that, here is more details (I love my crazy team.)  Each one of us are the cells of this new world, working in harmony with the greater all, the “unified field of creation.”  Just like in the physical body, when new cells emerge they are either going to work in harmony with the all or die off and allow new cell with clearer programming to replace it.  Here too.  We know how difficult it is to release all the old programming, stories, idea’s and so on, so if this becomes the case, the living cell called one of us simply goes back to soap-bubble land where they can be utilized with the masses still coming out of amnesia and a new cell will come into its place.  The energy of ascended vs ascending.

Going back to the rarefied living field of energy called you, also thru this beautiful man I was able to see when someone moves into your field:

touching plasmaball


The current of you moves towards that person or thing and releases the electrical currents of change.  This visual and understanding helped me to realize why, for the last 3 days I am having such crazy static electricity moments all day every day.  Zapping everything I touch.  I have lived in this house for 4 years now and I only have a throw rug, the rest of the house is cement floors… and yet.. zap zap zap all day long.

We are amping up our voltage and bringing our environment with us!!  Ouchies lol.

Have an electrifying day my friends, I love you all so much.  Thank you for loving me back!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Enjoy this amazing song my bongo lady emailed me last evening…. sooooo fitting lyric and music:

LISA GAWLES – The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set – 1-28-16



LISA GAWLES   –   The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set   –   1-28-16


Finally!!  Life returns to the surface of the earthing in reading land!!  YAY!!  We once again have our personal bubble of creations set, and let me tell ya, they are as beautiful and radiant as the unified bubble of creation, only instead of being gel like in texture, it is much more glass like in texture.  Solid, reflective thru the whole universe and made up of that mixture of deep golden bronze coloring.  And thru the readings yesterday, it was finally revealed why spirit is showing this amazing color mixture.  The golden energy is from the sun, the bronzish coloring is from the earth, the two blended as one whole living system.

Also, thru January, when spirit was showing us the “original earth” and this new expanded one, the original was always shown to the left (denoting past,) yesterday, it is now snug as a bug in the core of our earth in a reddish, bronzish color.  It kind of reminds me a power cell plopped into place.  With this original earth at the core, i can no longer see thru the energy center of this earth down to the old “soap-bubble” earth.  If one needs to revisit that, you must take the long way.  Point being, no need, but if you want to, you can of course.

There already feels like a lot of similarities to our original birth and path (I am talking this lifetime here) happening thru the readings.  Example, my first lady of the day opened with a mole digging dirt up from the surface of a bare, but soil rich earth.  His little hands were digging to beat the band.  When I looked to see what he was digging for, that is when I seen this large core I know as the original earth.  This is her power animal (not to be confused with animal totem.)  Her Guide to unearthing the original wisdom and the ability to remove what is in the way of that target.  Hence watching the dirt fly all over the place.  Just like you and I arrived Here with our memories of all our stories in tact, so has this earth.  With it, its easy to assume that old story still is valid now, just like our journey to here… doing the same things in the same old ways and adding a new flavor to it all.  That still muddies it down and makes invalid energy wise.  But we are creatures of repetitiveness and habit, more than likely the reason it will take us the full stretch of this year to settle into the new living system we know as the new earth.

Her mole knows how to tunnel into the earth for its target, how to remove what is not needed and move fluidly to its Source.  This is the power of this new earth he shall show her.  I found it wonderful when she said she has been asking for the wisdom of this new earth, to use and live.  Well, very much like the journey getting to here, we must dig for it and we have the greatest creatures here to assist!!

Now let me back up to this amazing dream experience I woke up from.  My soul was in deep space, the sky was amazingly black all around.  In the center of deep space with the massively huge silver thing.  The surface of this thing was polished to a super shine, reflective and super stunning to view as it was suspended in the black sky.  The shape was very much like this:

the silver bullet

The only thing I understood from my souls perspective is there was a group of us working this energy thing.  Ohhh and the top was not open like I made this picture, that the closest I know how to make this image 3D looking.  I really suck at art in any way, but at least microsoft paint gets me closer than my damn hand does in visual.

From what I am understanding given the days readings yesterday, life creates and uncreates thru magnetic force and release.  In my world of readings, silver is the higher vibration of earth energy I see, gold the highest spiritual vibration.  Getting to this point in our evolution… all thru January, gold was the element of creation that was being shown.  Our souls working overtime to get all the magnetic flakes/particles of creation set and ready.  Now, we are at the ground level, the human soul level of creation.

My second lady showed up with this really long (easy 5 feet going to scale of my vision) silver drill bit sticking up out of the center of her creation.  Even tho it was placed in the area I call, NOW, it also had the energy of the spring equinox within its system.  My lady herself was looking very much like a fairy dressed in silver.  She flew semi-circle in front of that drill bit thing, east, north, half way west then back again.  Her team said she is working with the elementals, ALL of them, not just the ones we know about.  At the simplest interpretation of what she is doing, is taking the energy of the spring (east) and the energy of the future (north) and releasing it in the west (I guess that would be now, or something.)

This drill bit then, altho it was still in our opening (she needs to consciously work with it for me to see it move for her) I did see it spinning clockwise, sealing in the energies was working with.

It took me the better course of yesterday to really understand the relationship to my very vivid, very real dream and what was coming thru the readings, but for the most part, I got there.

This big silver thing is my dream, the magnetic force of creation for the all.  The drill bit I had seen in her reading was the magnetic points working with that big thing in the sky, creating a magnetic force field of attraction and repelling.

This understanding got easier to visualize as one of my ladies team showed me an etch a sketch, the golden energy would be the flakes of potential creation, the silver is the magnet bringing the flakes together to create form/outcome.  They even went one step further… the golden flakes of creation flows from our right hand, the left hand itself is the magnetic guide bringing it all together!!  I seen this from my lady that was out the outside of her beautiful bubble of creation, right hand targeting the energy into the center of her created world, the left hand guiding it all into whatever her desire is.

This is really showing that we are the Creator and Experiencer all at the same time.  In the old soap bubble land of which we came, our guides helped A LOT!  Here, we truly are the guides of this new earth.  That is not to be taken figuratively either.  How can we ever truly be a master creator if we never learn the very tools we are equipped with and constantly calling on our team, on god, whatever to do it for us.  Nope we are now each others guides and helpers.  Call on each other.  That’s how we learn… oops, excuse me, that’s how we remember what is innate within us.

Before I run out of morning here, I do want to talk about my last reading of the day.  There she was, on top of her bubble of creation looking like she just came off the ski slopes.  Skies on her feet, ski poles in her hands, dressed for the deep winter, scarf and all.  I had to ask if she lived up north, knowing they just got an avalanche of snow.  Nope, she lives in california!!  WHAT??

As this new reality started forming this month, spirit made a point of all of us understanding that we live at the southern node/pole of earth, the north pole (and this is an energy stream) is connected to the old dense dualistic soap-bubble land.  Its cold down there (emotionally speaking.)

Her skis allow her to slide in and out of all the dimensions with ease, her poles again magnetic guides and more.  Her team talked about that scarf, I found it exciting that she was actually wearing a scarf in her moment.  Take it off!!  No more shielding our expression on any level of reality.

Little did I realize, even as we talked about what was happening in her life (I really can be slow on the uptake) that she lives in the midst of duality, she is married to an alcoholic and they never really talk about that fact.  She has kept her scarf safely over her throat chakra and became skilled at navigating the upper and lower dimensions.

Her team was so wonderful and creative in their visual replies, she said she didn’t want to open a can of worms, they showed a silver (labelless) can filled with worms and literally dumping it out.  Then, they turned it all into a bowl of spaghetti, saying the answer lays buried at the bottom and when something is at the bottom of anything, the weight of it all starts crushing it, making it/the answer/action not only unseeable, but unrecognizable until you set it free.

One of the most important replies her team gave her in response to her questions of… what should I do.. she has two teenage boys and their reply was stated many times thru our session “what do you want to teach them.”

Her entire reading was enhanced on my drive into the big wide world as I was listening to my audio book (which I started over again) “My Life After Death” and Erik was talking about his life review and the choices he made, the effects it had on the others involved in his choices, the good and the not so good choices.

We ARE the guides, the living example of this new earth, in all our authenticity.  No more covering up any part of ourselves.  No more holding back.  Get those worms back on the ground where they belong and trust all will unfold perfectly (do not interpret that to mean, easily.)

Well, my mind just went blank lol.  So I will close there for today.  But I do want to take a moment and explain the layout of my day and the boundaries I had to create.

I spend easily 8-10 hours of my day, sharing, exchanging energy and information from the moment I get out of bed.  I do my very best to reply to emails, but often times, I fall behind simply because I don’t have the extra time to tend to them.  When my day of readings is done (usually by 2pm) I am so done.  My energy field wraps around me like a blanket and I digest all that was presented thru the day.  I can barely go near a computer by that point in my day.  So a long time ago, I opted out of replying anywhere else privately except emails.  I talk out loud in group fashion on facebook but refuse to have one more place to look for private conversations, I cannot even keep up with emails.  Even replying to the comments on this blog, often times goes forgotten as my day barrels away on me.  I tried to get as much done between the time I wake up (usually 4-5am) and before my first appointment rolls around (8am) and I am not that efficient any longer and I apologize.  If you have written an email that I have not replied too, it simply got lost in my inbox, please forward it to me again.  You are not being a pest, there is just so much of me in a given day and either forget or tap out or both.  I try, I really do!!

And the next phase of my day is about to begin!!  I love you wild and crazy guys and gals, soooo flipping much!!  Thank you for always being there to show us all the way!!

((((HUGZ)))) of eternal gratitude!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawles – The Unified Field, Soul Partnership and More – 1-11-16

time and soul



Lisa Gawles  –   The Unified Field, Soul Partnership and More   –   1-11-16


Phew baby!!  I never in a million years would have dreamed we would have already had a huge shift in the field already, I barely got my foot of understanding steadied and wham, that new moon changed it all.  Altho, as I am being shown this morning, more like what we got in the first four days of reading was an introduction to the field.  Kind of like an introduction to the new play, the new stage and cast of crazy characters (us) before the play begins.  The new moon was the close of the preview as we moved into act I now.  The energy thru the readings yesterday, much more intense, much more… hmmmm…. alive than ever before.  Even the collective voice I hear thru readings, phew baby.  Not in a million years did i think it could become more unified, but holy cow, it has and that unification intensified its stream of energy coming thru me.

Before I get into all the new wonders of our life now, I do want to start this sharing with an experience that happened thru one of my beautiful men on the field yesterday.  His question evoked not only a surprising response from his team, but their embodiment thru me was like nothing I had ever experienced before and would invite much more of!!

He asked me if there was that loving, together relationship is in his field.  At this point, I don’t even know where to look or tap into for the replies, but his team and what I learned later was truly, directly from his soul mind itself, was ready with a reply that just blew my mind, less the words that were spoken but the energy and enormity of how we are to experience ourselves Now.  The response, which actually happened twice thru the conversation was filled with an energy, it must be what spirit is calling the unified field experienced thru the soul mind itself, because it was like nothing I ever experienced before and have very few words to fully detail the experience itself, but I will give it a go.  This response came only after his team said “we don’t care about that right now.”  Hey!!  We humans do!! lol  (Eyeballing myself for years with that desire!!)

As I was trying to figure out where in the field to find this answer or energy, it was as of this massive wind wrapped around me, thru me and said: “When we look at something not from the lack there of, the fulfillment is always there.”  (Thank god we recorded his session, I went back and listened and am sharing word for word in blue italics.)

With that response was an indescribable experience I am going to do my best to describe.  The unified bubble of creation that I am seeing, with the fibrous network of well, threads interconnecting everything to everything is where I was centered in my body and mind.  Everything we could possibly desire, that we are ready to experience, is already there, Here.

If we really look at the enormity of this statement like magnets, we are a magnetic field of attraction and dispelling.  When we desire something with all our hearts, it is really because it is already in our field to experience. (Think about that for a moment.)  But if what we desire, within our minds magnetic field, appears to be missing, or maybe better said, not here yet, then we keep looking for it.  Very much like keeping a wedge of energy between us and that.  (No wonder Jorge seems to have left the building lol.)

His team even said they don’t care about relationships, because they are ALWAYS here.  (I need much more of my soul mind online to get to that knowing place lol.)

His team or soul has also stated (for him but equally all of us as we really get our footing on this new, full way of life) that everything we have seeded is already there.  We have this thing with time, because it is not here right now in our timeline, we feel like it is not there, but it is.  KNOWING that it is, is key.

OMG, something else too.  In his reading out past January I could see all these opalescent cellophane like layers that looked a lot like this (minus the vase):


Now let me go to the end of my day on my drive to the grocery store, I am listening to a new audio book by my favorite dead person, Erik Medhus, from the Channeling Erik book.  His new book is called “My Life After Death” told in the first person of his entire death experience, I am listening to the part in which he shares how the Now works on his side of the veil, the lack of time or really the way he explains it is that time is stacked on top of each other, instead of being lady out back to front like it is here on this plane.  Very much like pages of a closed book.  When I was knee deep doing ET connections in the front yard, many many times our ETs would show me the dimensions, the layers of time, just like that.  Well, the cellophane that I seen with my guy, same thing. less stacked tho, because our job as an incarnate soul is to remember how to navigate the outcomes, the dimensions that are all here and no longer separate, to merge with the seeded growth of desire (does that even make sense as a sentence lol.)

And as I rambled on trying so hard to not only tell him what I was experiencing, but understand it all myself.  So they brought his reply into my house by presenting a bouquet of deep red roses in front of my face, intricately wrapped in this cellophane that I see sprawled out in his “future.  The deep red is the deep, passionate love, not only of another, but Life itself.  There was a circle of  roses and then the center one, the 6th one was popped up from the circle of , with it, the understanding that the center of his (hell, of all of ours) is New beginnings encircled by change ongoing.   And yet, when we add the fullness of this bouquet up, there are 6 roses and his soul reply, once again engulfing me like the first reply (I am truly loving that experience) was:  “A soul partnership that is so absolute that these questions that appear to be lack, will never be again.”

There is so much more I had wanted to share today, but my mind feels scrambled now.  Probably because I need more information and understanding about the enormity of what has transpired and is unfolding at a speed that blows my mind.  Ohhhhhh, speaking of speed and our cells (smile) I do want to share this release of information yesterday too.  The rate in which our cells are vibrating now, and why the body has taken on so much congestion and stuff for a good many of us….

They gave me a visual of a clock and the second hand moving around the clock itself, equal to the vibrational oscillation of our light cells, the cells of our body.  They went from moving at the rate of one oscillation per second to the rate of one oscillation per nano-second.  This is why spirit has said that we are using the fulness of January to assimilate to the new (original) energy of this earth and our fullness on it, which too, is equally using a lot of our vital energy and we are (for the most part) sleeping more than ever or at least laying down and not getting up cuz we are too tired.  I am sure this gives way to the tapeworm that suddenly seems to occupy my stomach, holy constant hunger batman!!!

Well, that’s all I get to share today, spirit says I don’t have enough information to accurately share anything else.  I have a full dance card today, so until tomorrow….

I love you all soul much and my gratitude for your Presence in my heart spills over!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of passionate, boundless Love and Joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

LISA GAWLAS – The New Earth Set Up in it’s own Realm of Reality! – 1-8-16




LISA GAWLAS   –   The New Earth Set Up in it’s own Realm of Reality!   –   1-8-16


Ohhhh lordy lordy, things are much more different than I ever dreamed them to be.  My first two appointments yesterday were such magnificent compliments to each other, to just how incredibly different it all is and I pray, my humble, incredibly inadequate words can explain just how different it is.

My first man showed up like a giant made of golden energy wayyyyyy above the earth.  It took me a moment to realize his presence was up on the magnetosphere, using his feet to open and close the magnetosphere shielding to allow the “space” energy in or keep it out.  I say space for a reason, the energy coming thru is so much more than just what the sun releases, altho that too, is a huge part of what we are ingesting day by day.

What surprised me more than anything is that I didn’t recognize the magnetosphere at all.  I could see him standing and doing his thumping on something made of a gold energy but his team needed to tell me what he was working on.  I have been connected to the sun and the magnetosphere since my beginnings, I would have said I know the energy, the signatures well.

Now let me put him on pause for a moment and go to my next appointment right after him, so far, she is the only one I have seen that had any visibility of this earth, but it wasn’t topside, it was inside the earth itself.  She was on what looked like a snowmobile just big enough to have her set on it, with a small plow at the front.  She was beneath the earth moving upwards, moving dirt out of the way from east upwards to center, what her team explained as the southern pole of the earth.  I also eventually realized this snowmobile looking thing was part of her, very much like a transformer or shapeshifter.  Her team explained that what she is doing is creating (this is where our words completely fail us, because no matter what word I use, its inaccurate in fullness) an open pathway inside the earth from the north pole to the east pole upwards to the south pole (which is where I call reading land) to the west and will finish when the west connects with the north.  This plowing, if you will, that she is doing is done inside the earth in a perfect triangle, but at each major point (north, east, south and west) she is creating an opening from inside the earth to outside, like holes I guess.

What I found equally profound, important and oddly synchronistic, both of them are scheduled on the same day at the end of January in the same order, he is first she is second.  Hmmmmm…..!?

Thru the day of ponderings (smile) I realized my first man on this brand new field of life readings gave us more information than I realized.  WE are truly in a new realm!!  Think about that for a moment.  I am realizing this earth, this life we are now on is no longer tangled up in all the other earths.  It has been pulled up or pulled out of the web of all the past energies.  Which is why when my one lady asked about a reading in december it was like looking off a cliff into the abyss, that was more literal than symbolic.

So if we have been pulled up, or out, however you want to say it, then we would have had to have a new energy of space, a new magnetosphere around the earth, a new earth itself.

Makes complete sense now why everyone teams for the last year, most especially the last quarter of 2015 kept insisting to realize we know nothing and even what we thought we knew, is no longer relevant.  The only story that is in any way relevant to us, we have not been privy to until now: earths original beginning.  We have seen and remembered the layers upon that, the era’s that have come and gone, the story books stacked on top of the platform it all began on, but has on purpose, been hidden away.  Until now.

The new realm must give birth to a new reality.  A larger reality than we ever dared to dream.  Until we fully understand those two aspects of importance, that is when we will start to really understand our fuller roles in it.

There is so much more but I just realized I have a 7am reading this morning so I am going to have to end here for today.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and orientation to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

LISA GAWLAS – Understanding the Dimensions, – The Vortex Pathways – Shifts We Are Undergoing – 11-14-15

LISA gAWLAS   –   Understanding the Dimensions, The Vortex Pathways   –   Shifts We Are Undergoing   –   11-14-15

Wouldn’t be just great if we could develop a camera lens that could see the higher light fields that we can only see and experience with our central eye?  Everything we are turning into, changing all around us, needs a video to go with it, because words have become very limiting, even more than before.But, before I attempt to share the wonders of yesterday’s evolving field, evolving you(s), my team has just pointed something out as I went and poured myself another cup of java, for all of us to ponder and obviously important to go beyond what we think we have known from here on out.When I do readings, I sit at my kitchen table, my chair facing my back door, which is a 10 pane window from top to bottom type door and I put my head to my knees to start the higher light of my vision.  On those precious days where my floor is not visible, nothing else is visible either, except your field of light.  My back door is not there, my wall or coffee pot and stuff, does not exist in my field of vision, at all.  I do not see any of, not initially anywayz.  Even the backyard, the trees, the earth, that big ass mesa, no longer there.  The only thing I can see is you, your field of light expressing.  Even the thing we think of as the sky, no longer the same, it becomes whatever is presenting in the readings.  Your field is moving, animated, interactive, participating within our conversations.  Its audible and deeply feelable (is that a word?? lol)  And yet, in my immediate space, my phone, whatever I am drinking, my smokes and my kitchen table are always there.

The images (are they only images or is it as real as my home is?) have texture, I can feel the textures in my hands while sitting at the table viewing.  My physical body will become affected if there is something I am not getting, or just because the emotion is so big I am engulfed in it.

And yet, none of this ever happens without you.  I have attempted many times to do my own reading just like I read for you, nope. Us together turns a charge on, flips some sort of switch that creates, shit, I don’t even know what to call it.  Parts of the denser realities cease to exist while the higher realities unfold.  And yet, even tho my door or walls are no longer visible, the elements from outside do not make its way inside.  The rains, the snows, the heat… never just pouring into my space while we are together, and maybe that because, they do not exist in the reading either, at least, until I blend the two together.  That usually happens when we are coming to the end of our time together. OR, if a critter shows up on the field that i need to pay attention to for you.  Then my view goes to the back yard as it is, then back to your field of light once we mention it.

So what is really happening?  Is anything REALly happening?  But of course it is!!  But not like I ever imagined.  Suddenly I am remember the many connections I have had with your Intergalactic family and they would show me how dimensions really look and work for their travels, for our future travels.  To me they looked like thin sheets of translucent paper all stacked together, very much like this:


When we try to use our linear mind to see them, the dimensions end up having space within them because that is how our mind perceives our reality.  It also gives view to my team and even the Intergalactic beings that have graced us with so much understanding, both say, the dimensions that truly exist, are uncountable.  However, they do become recognizable when we move thru them, if we really understand what is happening.

Now, if we use this image of paper stacked on top of each other, and using the very bottom as the place we consider 3D reality, the densest of all realities, the place where fear and separation is the school of evolution and where most of us started out before this ever evolving moment we are in now.  To fully be there, our bodies, our minds and even our antennas were filled with gook, on purpose, not as a punishment in anyway.  There came a moment in all of our lives, we were triggered to look higher, look and feel beyond what is in front of your face.  When we cleared a little handful of the gook of our lives, we actually opened to the next sheet of paper, the next dimension, which was only a sliver above the reality construct we were living in.  However, to do this took more energy from within our physical bodies, we triggered a higher frequency to be activated within us.  There is not a soul born into matter that doesn’t already have everything they need to go as high in the dimensions as they are willing to take themselves.

Once we were able to sustain our awareness in that next dimension, we also had to start living the energy, the way of life if you will, that is within that next dimension.  To use my own example, I went from (a non practicing) catholic to this, sin and unworthiness was deep inside of my belief, even if i never acknowledged it as true, it ran deeply and strongly in the background of my wiring and this unconscious part of me, kept me in my own realm of limitations… until I picked the freakin catholic out of my energy field forever.  Meaning, I raised my energy system and all that goes with it and resided in an upper dimension as my reality construct.  No longer living on the lower one I started out on.

Each time we release the limiting belief systems we are programmed to believe and live as an experience called our lives, the lower dimension can no longer sustain our light field and we move up into another dimension and live there.  Living there because the strong hold in our lives and we no longer see, feel or experience anything that once was for us. Sure, we can see it happening outside the windows of our lives, but it no longer has any effect on us.  There is no power source connecting to us.

These “shifts” we talk about, that we feel and experience, more and more now than ever before, is our collective going higher, opening and living in dimensional fields that were never accessed from this realm of density before.  This is why our bodies seemed to go thru hell so frequently any more.  We are moving and shaking and releasing so many of the old power constraints that once held us back, not by their doing, but by our own tie into their systems and working orders.

The amazing and beautiful thing with our lives, we can always see the lower vibrations, dimensions and what is happening there in their reality construct, but they cannot see ours.  Not until some of the gunk is released from their Beingness.

So now, let me tie this in to my first lady on the field yesterday, my yarn lady I could not understand when we connected the day before.  I really needed your puzzle pieces first, to understand hers and even, this surprising expression of the dimensions to fully understand how incredible we are!! lol

Lets take an image of her yarn, which actually represented her body, sort of, wrapping itself around the moon.  The color was a deep yellow, closer to the color of gulden’s mustard, but fuzzy link this image:


When she and I connected yesterday, her image took on another element, at the upper part of the moon she was now wrapped around suddenly some part of her made a pin prick in the moon itself, which is, to my view, a little lighter yellow color than her yard.  This pin prick released a stream of pure light that emanated out of the pin prick hole she made (by her fuzziness lol) and then turned blood-red.  What the  hell??

Instantly I remembered my blog from the day prior: “We cannot force light into the darkness, but we can and must create the pin pricks that will one day serve as the avalanche that will happen there too.”   A pin prick of higher light into the lower dimensions changes the electrical field of that person, of that area, of whatever was just pricked by your Presence, and in people, the blood carries the electrical currents and the light changes from the depths of the blood.  Light infused blood be carried to whatever parts of their body that is ready for the upcurrent of energy.

All this just because this lady woke up in the morning.  Her Presence alone is doing this.  Her body naturally emits this current and changes lives by Being!  Changes landscapes, pulls them up into higher dimensions and those that walk upon it can feel it, even if unknowingly!!!

This too, is what people experience as power centers on earth.  These power centers are simply openings solidified (if you will) into higher dimensions.  Now here is something interesting, as that landscape fully engulfs itself in the higher dimensions, that feeling changes, lessons to a degree because it is now spread out.  And yet humans want to go back and fix it simply because they don’t fully understand the grandness of the change.

Damn, this sharing is putting everything I seen yesterday together in understanding.  But before I try and touch on as many of those readings as I can before my day starts, something keeps happening in my nighttime that I finally understand.  I went to sleep with a fully charged phone last night.  I woke up this morning and it was dead as a doornail.  This is a brand new battery in a note 4 phone, a big battery!!  Yet, it was completely dead this morning.

Zero point.

When we open to and sustain ourselves in the next higher dimension, everything is reset energetically, charged but returns to zero point.  Because of what we do together, we opened, enlarged and continue to build the vortex energy that goes higher and higher.  This is how I read the way I do.  We are inlaying the next highest dimension into our evolving field of life.  Changing it with every breath.  When we hit pivotal points together, that’s when I lose electricity, internet, battery drains and my own body goes off-line for the upswing in energies.

There are two readings I really want to make sure I touch on before I run out of time today.  Altho the full moon, the milky way platform and (what looks like) snow is still relevant, bits and pieces are being added to our evolution story.  I had a man on the field yesterday and he confused me (again, my natural state of being these days lol)  because he had a massive amount of snow coming directly out of the bottom of the full moon.  I could see the time alignment as the day of the full moon (the 27th) and his team said “the second coming” WHAT???????

Then they explained that this first avalanche of snow/pure emotions if you will, rained down on all dimensions, all people, places and things in all realities.  It happened that way so that everyone would adjust to the new frequencies.  Those pin pricks of light.  With this full moon, a super release will happen to those in alignment, living in the highest of dimension as their life.  Not peeking in and out, fully resident there.  He is.  Then I could see really thick white space boots on his feet.  No other part of him, just his boots lol.  His team said, the rest of him is out of my field of vision until we pass thru the full moon and I am able to see that high. (I too am an ever loving work in progress.)  He has just embraced the energy worker he is recently.  What I seen thru his reading, think of astronauts bouncing around in space, in antigravity.  His boots had living veins of light in them, showing this is part of his DNA now, and he will be able to freely move up and down the dimensions to bring in higher light to those in lower dimensions for full use and upgrades as needed.

One of my lady’s had a freakin super shiny silver guillotine swinging from west to east, shocked me!! lol  The silver representing the higher frequencies within the earth realms and even tho it was suspended up above where the magnetosphere is, she has the ability to slice and dice anything into a new reality construct.  One of the most precious images was of a person (no one we knew) placed in her right hand at the small of this persons back, her team using the analogy of someone having cancer, and my lady raised this persons vibration, for me it was watching this person laying across her hand at the small of their back and she raised her hand upwards, bringing this person thru the upper dimension, raising their vibration to the degree that the guillotine sliced across the body in the places the cancer was and instantly it was gone.  She can do this with anything that no longer serves the higher dimensions.

Then I had a lady, my last one of the day, holy freakin blow my mind and energy field will ya.  There she was, suspended between the full moon and the milky way platform thingie snow blowing into from both areas and she was become a large (think, beach ball sized) non solid snow ball rotating around and around west to east.  As I was watching her snowball of a body enlarge at the same time, suddenly she was sucked into the deep west… but unlike days before now the deep west is this amazing freakin blue.  Particles of snow being sucked into this stream with her and then suddenly I knew what happened.  She was in both places at the same time, rotating around building her snowball self and sucked into the bell of god at the same freakin time.  The blue, pure Source energy (creator, god, pick a title) and she was in the belly of Source.  He (my personal choice of reference) was doing something to each and every individual snowflake that made her her sphere, whatever he was doing created a silver radiance around and thru each snowflake as he finished (or whatever lol.)  Just before the full moon in our landscape he spit her out like a slingshot to the ground we call her reality.  Holy shit!!  The belly of God, source whatever…

Lets back up a minute… starting out, we couldn’t even barely hold the vibration of our guides.  To be able to stand in their presence we had to raise our vibration high enough to sustain that connection without blowing ourselves up.  Of course, they had to lower theirs to meet us half way.  God cannot lower his, so the only way we can sustain ourselves in his belly (and please, I use that word for lack of a better way of saying it) WE MUST vibrate at that level of purity, of unconditional love, zero judgement for full use of what we have been saying for so long… Creator energy.

We have been working eons and eons of time to clear our energy fields in this realm to this degree and it is sooo freaking exciting to know… we arrived!! This sets the stage for all people, all things in this realm of reality, right down to the densest layer to move on up with speed and actually, not all the work you and I had to put in to get to here.  By doing our work, we cleared the way, created a vortex of upward motion for all to experience, if they desire.

The evolution revolution is in full gear and it is done with pure, radiant LOVE!!  We, together are melting the reality constructs that were once so firmly in place.  Merging the realms we think of as heaven into and onto the slowest of vibrational dimensions.

Keeping in mind, when realities change the appearance is radical.  Unpleasant to look at or experience even.

Just before I went to bed last night, I heard about the Paris massacre.   Altho I wrapped a blanket of comfort for those left behind, I targeted my direct energy to those who created this massacre and to the ones who organized it.  Pouring gallons of pure source love into their hearts, into their reality constructs.  Witnessing them being so separated from their Selfs, that I shot a bridge of light into each one.   Those who appear to deserve to be loved the least, are the one who need it the most.  Please join me of flooding their reality, their dense and divisive dimension with pure love Light.  No judgement, no anger, just… LOVE.

Until tomorrow… holy Heavens batman, We Are HOME!!!  (And its freakin snowing lol)

(((((HUGZ)))))) of well, everything!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – Destruction Underway as The New Creation of Our Lives Inlays – 11-10-15

Thanks to Wes Annac

creation and distruction


LISA  GAWLES   –   Destruction Underway as The New Creation of Our Lives Inlays   –   11-10-15


Creation and destruction, one and the same energy.  Every new beginning comes from the destruction of something old, something released in our lives, in our world and serves as the fuel for something new.  So too, does the energy system of our lives.  It took me a while to fully understand what I was witnessing yesterday, but once I did, I felt beyond privileged, in awe really, humbled to the core to witness this amazing time in our evolution.

I woke up really late yesterday, it was well after 6:30am, too late to even start a blog, not to mention the wiring in my brain was feeling a bit stuck together.  I assumed, way too much sleep.  My first thought went to the readings and I was able to shift my vision to the field itself, all I could see is what looked like a major snow storm underway, I instantly thought about the energy, excuse me, the “avalanche” of light happening on the 11th, this must be the precursor.  Now I am nervous about how the readings will unfold, nor not unfold.  For days now, we have been able to see consistently… shhhhhh… I don’t even want to think that thought even to myself.

My first lady showed up, the light was too bright to see thru and once again, it permeated into my house, emanating its silvery glow in front of my head.  But this time, it wasn’t white light, it was that same reflective coloring as the long shard thingie that blocked our view for a few days.  Pure energy from spirit, reflective in its release.  Of course, I didn’t realize any of this until later in the day, I was busy bitching about not being able to see thru the light.  Same happened with my next connection.

My third lady tho, she freakin baffled me to the core.  I actually seen the field thru her, but not like I was hoping or dare I even say… expecting!!  Everything was in gray-scale, even the field itself was reduced to simple line drawings.  It kinda reminded me of when my central eye started to open, all I could see were simple line (pencil like) drawings.  The biggest confusion with what I was seeing thru her, was the fact that she was waist deep beneath the ground level of the accelerated earth and her bottom half dangled in the filtered earth.  I have read for this lady for years, I know she does not reside within the filtered earth at all.  Yet, my hearing and my feeling centers, crucial communication centers of understanding, must have been in the snow storm, neither worked.  Sometimes (a lot of time really) I crack myself up, I started bitching about being able to see (when the last two connections I was bitching about not being able to see, can’t make me happy lol.)  But really, why turn on the TV if there is no sound or understanding of what we are seeing???!!!!

My next reading, everything started to go nova.  Before I even connected to my lady, I could see the field itself, blowing up.  Exploding into pieces.  WTF????????

That explosion must have taken my voice with it, because by the time my last appointment rolled around, I lost my voice.  There is nothing more bizarre to be able to talk (and bitch) freely all day long, then at 1 in the afternoon, I got to say hi and I leave out wind instead of words.  Again, no sore throat, not gradual loss of sound, just one moment I am talking the next moment I am breathing deep to be any sort of audible.

Sometime during this crazy day I call yesterday, someone posted a video on my facebook about a CME.  Really??  I head to and sure enough they posted: BROKEN QUIET: So much for the “quiet sun.” Confounding predictions, sunspot AR2449 erupted on Nov. 9th at 1312 UT, producing an M3-class solar flare and a bright CME.

Yeah, that broken quiet just oblivated the field and my freakin voice.

As I sat and pouted after my last appointment, the rest of the story was revealed, the pouting turned to awe and reverence.

The release of this 11-11 energy is currently underway.  In order for everything to be set into live energy, it must first be pulled up, coated, then relaid back into its working position.  Think of it as the time when a farmer goes to plant new seeds, he must till the soil, make it fresh and ready for the new season of life about to be planted.  We too, are being tilled and replanted, stronger than ever before.

I suppose we can look at the time of the 12th thru the 28th as the germination period.  What are you bringing to life within your life??  You are the owners of all the codes, all the miraculous energy that ever was and ever will be and it is on you what you shall grow from it all.  Equally, I now fully understand the reason why I can see these two date lines as connecting points, but nothing at all between them.  YOU/WE are deciding what becomes germinated and what we share see and understand together.

Like a farmer who uses so many tools to get the job done, so do we.  We call those tools, the universe, which includes, each other.  You give me vital pieces of the puzzle by your presence.  The sun explodes and it is reflected on the field.  I breath the new story in via you and my voice explodes to hold the new energies underway.  We are all intricate in the tapestry of evolution by everything we think, do or say.

My lady suspended between the accelerated earth and the filtered earth… shows how much we affect the greater all.  Our feet, the flow of Source energy from our crowns down thru the feet, thru the earth, touches all life, whether we participate directly with that field, or not.  With that thought, we are equally upgrading or downgrading our Source energy with all we do.  (Just feel in with that for a long moment.)

Source, god, creator, whatever we call that Source of All Creation (smile) never withholds any of it energy from anyone.  However, one must equally be aligned with that energy of love to fully use it for all its worth.  When spirit says we have unrestricted access to all energy, for all creation, there is a little “but” that comes with it.  Unconditional, non-judgemental Love, energy.  Anything less than that weakens the field of (one’s personal) creation energy.

As I woke up way early this morning (yippie lol) I am still without voice, dammit, but I feel great, I realized there was a storm warning on my phone.  When I clicked on it to see whats coming my way I had to smile so big, because it really is reflective of this amazing, changing moment of time we are all in.  I also must mention, the current temp here is 33 degrees F (smile.)

There is a “wind advisory” in affect from 1pm today thru 1pm tomorrow.  Do you see that???  1-1  This advisory is for the Jemez and the Sangre de Cristo (which is spanish for “Blood of Christ”) mountains.  It goes on to say that the wind direct will be out of the Southwest, then shift out of the west and northwest… strong crosswinds will affect the north and south oriented roads.

Lets look at the winds of change, the energy of creation.  Kryon talks a lot about the “winds of birth” as we became incarnated.  We are now in the throws of the winds of (re)birth while incarnated!!  The West, pure unlimited energy potential.  Everything we have ever experienced and everything we want to experience that was never done before, all this potential resides in the west field (in my readings, of course.)  North, future, south, past.  The trinity of it all, north, west, south.  When the three come together and participate, the only place left is east, new beginnings, new growth.

The winds of change are blowing thru the blood (life) of all the christed energy everywhere.  Destroying and Creating at the same time.  Think of how the sperm and ova are completely destroyed thru the penetration process to become something brand new… a me and you!!  Lets look at what is happening via Comet Encke this year, again, from “Earth runs unto the debris zone of Comet Encke every year around this time. Usually, the encounter produces a minor meteor shower, but 2015 is different. By some measures, fireball rates are 10x higher than normal. The extra fireballs are coming from a “swarm” of gravelly meteoroids that weaves in and out of Comet Encke’s dusty debris zone. In most years, Earth misses the swarm. This year, however, is a hit.”  I go back to the visual of the lady who’s entire upper biosphere was being pummeled, changed by the meteorites.  Impregnation underway!! 😀

I guess that is where we are ending for today, spirit just pulled back its flow of energy.  I know that signal all to well lol.  It is going to be interesting to see what, if anything, is revealed today, be it thru a reading or conversation (should I have enough voice to conversate lol.)

Big big (((HUGZ))) of unconditional power to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLAS – Time Twisters – 11-8-15


LISA GAWLAS   –   Time Twisters   –   11-8-15


Can you feel the daily increase in the energies.  Holy melt my mind batman!!  I swear I have got to put my running shoes on every morning just to keep up with the shear changes every single day.  Higher and higher we go!!  It’s becoming harder and harder for me to put into words and be accurate in the wording, both in these sharings as well as in the readings.  I swear spirit has a hook at my vocal chords and the words are removed before they even find air to be used.  HEY!!!  Not nice, I need my words lol, at least until we all learn telepathy efficiently!!

Our DNA is in a radical state of change, of super expansion (and even that, is not really correct, it’s so much more than that, but that’s all the words I have to describe it.)  In the last few days, I have seen two people show up directly just outside of my back door, their physical bodies looking like a multicolored double helix minus the twisting element.  From our toenails to our hair follicles, we be changing, if we allow for it.

I want to talk about time today, how much it’s changing as well as our relationship with it needs to change (dammit lol.)  When I first started doing readings back in 2003, I could almost pinpoint to the hour something would arrive in your world.  The date and time were a constant for a very long time thru my readings.  We were walking a journey to here, intersections that were crucial and set up before we incarnated that needed to be experienced or chosen, they were time oriented.  As we crossed from 2012 into 2013, time started to change radically within the readings, hell, readings started to change radically period.  WE CHANGED RADICALLY!!  (Spirits emphasis there.)

Now we are no longer looking at time as much as we are looking at a pivotal frequency point to bring in or push out our reality constructs.  This has become so evident thru the readings the last two days, holy shit, time is now elevated off the ground and suspended in air.  The several people who asked about things they are seeking, job, relationship… whatever, the outcome was in the north field (future) but not on the ground where I orient to “time” and instead, up in the air.  Every time spirit said it will arrive when the frequency of your desire (as well as that which you desire) hit that pivotal point of merger.

I have also seen thru the readings, how we are able to take the element we perceive as “time” and fold it in on ourselves.  Example being, if there is something out in the landscape of 2017 that is waiting our arrival, we have the ability to go within, grab that energy package of desire and fold it into our present moment.  I like spirits expression of what we are doing “twisting time.”  We have always looked at it as linear, laid out in a forward or backwards stream, when its none of that really.  Time is really intersections of frequencies, interdimensional experiences that we can harvest and bring forward now.  Hell, we do it with the past all the time, usually, in a negative way.  We remember and experience, charge it up with emotion and watch it unfold over and over again in our lives in bigger ways.  Why not do this same thing with what we desire!!  That is spirits focus on what we are learning to do now.  It really does give a new twist on the “time travelers” within each of us, doesn’t it!

Now lets talk about the wiring being laid down thru all the universes, straight into us.  Keeping in mind, since the start of 2013, our souls have been in their spiritual classrooms learning this new adventure we call Life.  Tweaking, rearrange everything and filtering it down into our conscious mind.  It also became vividly aware that the many times I cannot “see” you is because the perfection of energy, what I am able to see and understand, is still being worked out from the soul level.  Once our soul has the energy down pat as workable and usable, that’s when I see and can express what is happening (or at least, try too, lol.)  However, we have made a collective giant leap with the emergence of November.  We have worked out many of the kinks and challenges from the soul level on down here to matter and the wiring is now taking hold, being inlaid in the multiverses for greater use and stuff.

What I am seeing as an avalanche of Light coming in on the 11th is the sealant, the coating on the wires, so they are not bare and exposed as they have been in working the voltage and connections out over these last several years.  I sure hope that means ease of the energy systems within our bodies!! lol

Well, I know there are many things I am leaving out today, but my day is going into many different directions already.  So on this note, I am going to close until tomorrow.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of super sonic DNA that twists time into any concoction that you desire!!

Lisa Gawlas

LISA GAWLAS – The Merger – The Melding of Above and Below Within US – 11-6-15

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LISA GAWLAS   –   The Merger   –   The Melding of Above and Below Within US   –   11-6-15


Boy oh boy are things getting interesting and dare I even say, more surreal than ever.  When I cranked out my crazy antennas on the 4th to see what was happening now, all I could see was this long reflective/silvery shard of light coming from as far above as my vision has ever gone before.  It was a constant thru every connection and that is ALL I could see. The surrounding area pitch black, nothing even viewable at the earth level and I think it must have come down to the border of the upper atmosphere and earths atmosphere.  I started to get the information that it was coming directly from the other side of the veil, thru a now constant opening somewhere up in the deepest of space.  It kinda looked like this (except all around it was black not white:)

Upside down view of the London Shard

As the story/realization grew through each connection, I understood that what we were seeing and experiencing was the stream of energy directly from spirits side of the veil itself, luminous and reflective and changing everything within our reality.  I guess akin to providing the supersonic fuel to run our pimped out space ships.

Thru the conversations and visuals provided thru the conversations, so much understanding was presented.  Thru one lady I could see what looked like little silver  BB’s shard of enormous light hitting each BB and the BB would open up and unfold flower petals.  It was really beautiful but given what was seen and experienced thru yesterdays readings, that was phase one to a much larger, ongoing event.  Let me see if I could harness some words to explain it.

First, these BB’s would be equal to DNA codes ready to open, to flower if you will.  Taking the common term “flower of life,” I was literally seeing a tiny flower bloom so I could understand what was happening.  New patterns of higher thought coming online.  Equally, it kind of resembled a sperm entering an ova.  Yesterday, the entire area that I would call just beneath the veil of spirit all the way down to the earths atmosphere emerged a new pattern, a new flower of life.  From the earths atmosphere to as far below as I could see, another pattern, representing a different flower of life energy, to the left (past) and to the right (future) yet another pattern, each one in its own radiant light spectrum, and then I could see all four area’s connected to each other with a big gaping void in the center of it all.  This void is where we live.  The most simplest way I could show you is kinda like this (emphasis on kinda)

pattern with a void

The multicolored patterns of light had spaces between it, and I could see where the above, below, left and right came together to form an arching at the top, bottom and sides of the void.  It was stunning really, this is as good as google gets in replication.  It was stated the void is where we live and create from.  What I have got to smile about this morning, as I googled flower of life (I know the term and even the application sort of, but that’s as far I as go, it’s not a part of my need to understand lol.)  Here is what I found this morning: The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”. Everything is made from the Creator’s thought.  (My underlining.)  This was really spirits way of saying we are now the shards of light, of Creator light, creating from the void into creation.

“To be Here, is to have completely released any form of negativity from your mind and heart and deep inner knowing.  For those still embedded in fear and separation, may the coming storms serve you well.  Those preaching fear and separation, may the fires of purification allow you to see beyond your current, limited view.” (think phoenix.)  ~spirit.

These will be an exhilarating next few years and for many, a stripping down like never before.  (Change is like that.)

Yesterday tho, everyone’s position was outside of their biosphere in the thick blackness of whatever surrounds us.  Spirit said what we are seeing now is how we have our biological footprint on the other side of the veil and our spiritual footprint on this side of the veil.  Straddling both worlds at once as we bring them into unified harmony as a living energy system.

I could see everyone’s amazing, mosaic of light, biosphere.  One man’s biosphere was made of protruding clear crystal quartz, similar to this (minus the thingie at the top)

light dome

Everyone else’s was illuminating all kinds of light in a mosaic pattern.  For those working directly with the crystalline grid, I realized there is sooo much more to that story and god knows, it’s getting complicated in my mind.  I could see him as a long shard of light inside his biosphere dome thingie and each emotion targeted a particular section of the crystalline dome, released particular energy upwards to I suppose where the milky way area is and then from there, directly to the opening within the view of spirit, this created a diamond shape relay system.  Once the combined energies energy the other side of the view, very much like a computer program, spirit gathered all that was needed from their side, and transported that energy down thru the diamond energy transmitter back to him and all around beyond him.  (So much easier to see and understand than try to put into words.)

Each of our biospheres are doing similar things, each unique to our position in the emerging reality we are creating.

Each person I read for yesterday (and I must interject here, since I am hearing it again, spirit is not liking my word “reading” for what we are doing, because what we are doing is real and happening and bringing it all into conscious awareness together,) all were outside their biosphere doing work, in each in their own unique way, of bringing this reflective, shard of pure spirit light into their biosphere of consciousness.  I will share my first beautiful lady’s presentation from yesterday.  Please forgive my beyond super humble example here of how I seen her:


The semicircle is her biosphere, that thingie outside, the fractal itself is where she was located down at the far left part of it.  I could see her body diving down into the open space between the slats and her team equalled that to taking a deep dive into the ocean, then coming back up, standing on the slat in front of her, processing and integrating what she just harnessed from the ocean of spirit within herself.  This was all creating a new fractal, area of massive growth, within her, within her field of life and beyond.

Another lady had a pair of scissors and was cutting open the top of her biosphere from west to east, harnessing new quantum energy with every cut and melding it to her current biosphere of consciousness (and beyond!!)

Let me tell you, there is only so much I can even try to understand thru the readings these days.  The HUGE emphasis from spirit, get into meditation because you will never get this from the outside in.  These are your power tools and you need the inner, not linear, instructional!!

Two things because repetitive in the readings as well, which really excited me.  I have been seeing our dateline of the 11th (11-11) as a massive influx of pure, thick white light energy, spirit called it an “avalanche” all day yesterday.  I suppose we can look at it as the sealant of all that we are doing and bringing in since this month started.  Like the coating on electrical wires, ready to be used.  On the other side of the 11th, everyone has some new teachers to help you understand how to work your new wiring within the void of creation.  And then… we have another target date of the 28th of November as we, I really don’t understand fully, but lets just say… go live.  It’s obviously more than that, but that’s all I get for now.

Spirit is saying, there is going to be tremendous shifts on both sides of the 11th as we acclimate and integrate and most importantly APPLY!!  Knowing something is not the same as USING something.

I am so grateful meditation class starts tomorrow, I know I am going to be learning a lot of new tricks of the trade thru it all.  Life has changed way to much to not have new skills and applications added.  Phew baby, I’m kinda excited.

On that note, have an amazing day, living large and in love.  I LOVE YOU soooo freakin much!!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of unabated opportunities for ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  Straight from spirits heart… today only save 33% off anything from my online calendar.Coupon Code:LOVE for all single readings or homework sessions.  HAPPY for all packages.  (all caps required)

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LISA GAWLAS – Going Beyond the Physical Eyes to Using the Central Eye of Creation –

 central eye*

LISA GAWLAS   –   Going Beyond the Physical Eyes to Using the Central Eye of Creation   –

I have grown accustomed, perhaps way to accustomed lol, to each of you arriving on the field in a certain type of order that builds on part of the puzzle into the next.  It sure helps me understand the story better that way.  Well, yesterday that didn’t happen at all, really throwing me out of my comfort zone (didn’t even realize I had one of those with readings lol.)

My first lady showed up with her field of life shining so damn bright I couldn’t see thru it, the entire light spectrum was reaching into my home.  Usually, the field stays out in the field and doesn’t cross the threshold into my home, unless we are looking solely at your physical body.  I was wiggling and giggling my antenna the best I knew how to snake inside the brightness of her light to look from the inside out.  Holy Moley batman, the lining I see as the biosphere was starting to retract, separate directly at the middle and slowly retract downwards I guess into the earth or something.  What the hell??

I am already having a melt down because they (spirit) has taken away my paint (read) by numbers kit.  All the energies and all the sections were distinctly divvied up by energetic lines, over the last few days, those lines left, blending all the energies, all the sections into one massive area.  How do i discern what is what without the lines of distinction??  Spirit said they needed to orient me to the enormity of what we have available and what it means moving forward, but it truly is all blended together as one living system, not a bunch of sections.  Just… fine!!  I reoriented myself to the now condensed version of everything to help you (and my self) understand what you are doing and how.  Now, the only outline i have of distinction, that dome-shaped biosphere of light, leaving… geez!!!

But I suppose I should have realized this final removal was about to happen the day prior with all the light and then the work happening within.

As her team stated, first we had to build the house, the framework to orient ourselves to the new environment we are in, then remove it so we do not feel limited by its structure.  We could not possibly live in an unrestricted energy field with visions of restrictions in place.  (Yes, we can!! lol)

Now to switch the story for just a moment, actually add to in the crazy way spirit does.  I ordered some books for my daughter to expand her mind with from amazon the other day.  I actually went there to get her book two in the Eragon series and instead, somehow I ended up getting her two very different books.  One being “The Four Agreements.”  I knew I had that book outside in my car and for some very strange reason, that book has been in my car since before I moved to New Mexico over 5 years ago.  I have not read it, I skimmed it, seen the 4 agreement chapters and knew I lived that way anywayz.  Something inside of me prompted me to go fetch the book from my car and have a little read.  So I did, of course.  The first thing I see is the preface, named the “Toltec” is about mexico, the temples outside of mexico city known as the place where “Man Becomes God.”  Well, I know I see why AA Michael said I must visit the ruins in my Mexico adventure.  Kind of exciting.

It was when I read a few lines on page two of this book did the bells and whistles go off within me from my ladies first expression of the field.  Speaking of the brain when it is awake vs sleeping and now what if we truly reversed how we use our brains as I had witnessed the retraction of the lining I call the biosphere: “The difference is, when the brain is awake, there is a material frame that makes us perceive things in a linear way. When we go to sleep, we do not have that frame, the dream tends to change constantly.”

Tie this into what spirit said the other day, to stop using our physical eyes to experience the world around us and use our central eye, what we call the third eye.  That is the eye that sees when we dream while asleep.  This is quite literally dreaming while awake, with purpose and intention to change it all, starting within ourselves.  To not see limitations the way our physical eyes have been programmed to see limitations.  We must remove the boundaries of our limiting perceptions of who we are and what we are capable of doing.

Then my second lady arrived and threw me for a linear loop, I was expecting more of the same (silly me, I do know better, but have those expectations anywayz lol.)  her biosphere was intact, except it was getting pelted by geez what looked like rocks made of intense light.  Fireballs without the fire, but beautiful, radiant hunks of light.  What the hell is that???  I was officially confused (more than usual) given what I had seen with my first lady.  Instantly I was reminded of the passage in the book I just mentioned, we are removing the linearness of our evolution.  Well just shit!!  Do it in my meditations, not on the field, please.

I started to feel these pounding hunks of illuminated light rocks had something to do with a meteor shower we are in.  Are we in one right now??  I had no idea, went to spaceweather with my lady on the phone, sure enough: TAURID FIREBALLS: Earth is passing through a cloud of gravelly debris from Comet Encke, source of the annual Taurid meteor shower.

Her team explained what I was seeing.  These fragments of debris are blending into the thing I see as the dome of the biosphere, completing the transference of energy into the living spectrum called us, changing the energy field and every single and multiple thing all at the same time.  This is what is causing the body symptoms, the light surges, and even the crazy weather patterns (which will be amped up as we move forward.)

My third lady, holy blow my phones out batman.  We spent the first 15 minutes of our 30 minute session getting disconnected over and over and over.  Calling back, the call drops again and again.  Keep in mind, you call me and I call you thru google voice, an upper atmosphere satellite system.  This is actually the second time this very same lady came to the field and broke my phones, at least for the duration she was trying to connect.  We snuck around the satellites, I gave her my landline number, she called me from her landline, we were fine for the rest of the 15 minutes.  The good thing, I had plenty of time to understand her bizarre part in this ever evolving field of Life.

Behind her biosphere there was a huge, gaping black substance (which I eventually understood as the reverse side of a black hole.)  The way her team explained this system, was this black hole exists in our current sky and what is happening is it has made a U turn in a way, transmuting the energy it sucked in to the higher energy as it spits it back out into our new, accelerated world we are orienting to.  This black hole energy was blowing her (all of ours) biosphere in half and collapsing it as well.  So not only is the meteorites affecting us, so is this energy system.

Ohhh and what also came thru this reading as well as my first lady’s, the communication frequency that is happening thru the field of light now emitting from the center of our creation.  It is speeding up the communication, altering the way sound waves are sent and received.  It is setting up like a superconductor.  Equally, so is the magnetic field of response.

I have one living, shining example of what this means and how it works.  My beloved baby girl.  For the first 8 days in jail, it has been a living nightmare for her.  No one would her pleas to make phone calls, to take a shower, to get a pen so she can write an appeal to her solitary confinement punishment.  She would have to beg and get louder and louder just to get 15 minutes with me on the phone.  When she found out the day before yesterday that she is going to be required to do all 30 days in solitaire, I put a please on my facebook as soon as I hung with her.  Send her love, prayers, strength and if you feel like, an actual letter or two.

Less than 24 hours later, I get a call from a happy girl.  My daughter’s energy level is up and joyful and hopeful.  She only had to ask one time yesterday to make a call and she was let out instantly to call me, she also asked if she could take a shower after the call, they said sure.  She asked again for an ink pen and was handed one immediately.  She was in a state of awe when she called me and I told her about the facebook post and the souls sending the love and energy to hear.  She wants you to know how incredibly grateful she is.  It has changed everything.  So much so, that even after she had a wonderful, long shower, they let her call me again.  Twice in one day and a shower too, and ink pen.  Miraculous!!!

Your love and light opened hearts like I have never been able to witness in this way.  We can use my daughter as an amazing validator of how powerful and how speedy your Love is and how much it is instantly changing even the harshest of environments.  Thank you so freakin much!!

I want to quickly go to my last man on the field.  Holy fires batman!!  The amazing flames of fires filled the entire inside of his biosphere.  Pure fire energy that was so clear to see thru.  I realized there were two “pipes” (if you will) one from west to east, which was pure in its clarity and then one from the north and south, a little denser, or thicker in the fire energy.  His team said he is pulling hydrogen from the west to the east and that is what is creating the clearest of fire energy that I am seeing.  From north to south, because that energy already exists here, is a little less clear/transparent.

He was also told that (and this is so important for us to understand too) that fire is both a creator and a destroyer energy.  In this realm, we must destroy energy to reuse it.   The d(appearance) of destruction is as important as the creation.  They gave him an example of a baby being born, creation.  One day, that same life will die, destruction.  Transmutation really.

Well there is more, much more, but I have an early day of readings today and its about that time.

Thank you for rocking my world and expanding my eyes and understanding to the unfathomable made manifest thru your Soul Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of unrestricted Love and Dreams made manifest!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLAS – The Living Light Particpating – 11-2-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, November 1, 2015

Sure enough, things have changed and will continue to change in this amazing, crazy story we have embarked on. Up until yesterday, when I seen the biosphere it had always resembled a clear plastic dome, not no mo’.  Now it is emanating its own brilliant light, split down the middle (for now) in essence.  The right side (denotes future and more) the light is a stunning golden radiance.

The left side (denotes past and more)  is a thick white radiance.  Interestingly enough, the light itself changes or enhances the moment you become part of it.  Kind of like, before you arrive its is shining in all directions, just as light would.  The moment you arrive within it, it I don’t know, contracts itself maybe, becomes focused where you are at.

The light itself is aware of your presence (isn’t that the kewlest thing ever lol) and refocuses its energy, its stream, to assist you in what you are doing.  I do not understand much more than that, yet.  And I am pretty damn sure now, by the time I do understand it, we will shift again.

Yesterday was such an interesting, odd day in the field.  First of all, the last hour of writing my blog, the electricity in my house started flickering, going off completely for seconds, everything rebooting again and again.  The very moment I published my blog, it settled and didn’t flicker again at all.

I (eventually) realized, the power surges I was experiencing in my home had everything to do with the fact I was sharing, bringing in this higher field of energy thru the stories I was sharing.  Just on this blogsite alone, I have already put out over 1000 blogs, over a 1000 nuggets of understanding and never did it cause energy surges in my house.  But then again, nothing is the same as it ever was now.  WE are bringing this higher field of light, to life, to our created reality we call, Life.  When we share, however we do it, its like turning on light switches that can never be turned off again.  That’s a great thing, but it does affect our actual power grids here in our created world.  Equally, beyond the electricity we use, it affects the power grids in earth, in the air (read that to mean, storms, earth events) in people too!!  No-thing is left unaffected.

My first lady on the field yesterday really shined a light, a bigger revelation for all of us to fully understand.  I pray I can make this important messenger (my lady) and message understandable for all of us.

She showed up underneath the earth itself, underneath the upper domed biosphere.  It was dark and even seemed to be dripping dark under there.  There was what appeared to be a ladder with only the top three rungs visible and she was hanging onto the bottom rung trying to pull herself up.  As I was going into my usual melt down  (of what the hell is that) I instantly got a parallel with my son, with what I just wrote about and the things I have not in relationship to him.  So I had to ask her, your playing in the old, dualistic world and have been for the last week or so… what the hell you doing girl??  She thought a moment and then her light bulb went on, she is trying to get a second mortgage on her property and another property and has been for the last 2 weeks.  THAT’S IT!!  Stop it!! lol

Her team explained that by seeking money that way, it ties her to a system, bound in duality (and not the pretty side of duality) to a system that does not have her interest at heart but only their own.  There are other means of money available to her, and she needs to find what she needs up in her biosphere, looking in places she never thought to look.  Yes, she has homework to do!!

If we really think about what we are doing now, changing it all, one soul light at a time (together, that’s a shit ton of soul light) we must stop playing in the old, broken world and build the new even in our daily and long-term needs.  We must start where we can, and plow forward together.  All the while being blind folded lol.  Ha!!  Even as I type that sentence I hear no one is blindfolded if they do meditation, that is the greatest direct link with your source, with the new you will bring… ARE bringing in!!  So close your physical eyes and open your third one, you’re Centered one!!

Thru her reading, she was assured (and hopefully, you will be too) that the universal life force that IS, IS abundant and giving, but you are the one that must reach your hand (heart) out and ask for assistance.  The universe is also balanced, meaning it does not create excess or lack.  What you need is already here, your job is to ask for it and step into it, however that may unfold for you, for us.

Speaking of dripping darkness, my daughter called yesterday crying.  She got the news that they are going to keep her the full 30 days, it doesn’t matter that she is in there on a misdemeanor traffic violation, the fact that she missed a PO meeting/created a probation violation, she must serve all 30 days.  On top of that, it appears she must serve the 30 days in solitary confinement.   The paper work she was handed stated they will review her again on November 21st, meaning… they could decide she must do longer.

The banking system and the jails, not much different really.  They are there to serve their own interest, not yours, not ours.

We need to be each other’s well Being, the very source of hope that the old system is desperately trying to take away.  The good thing with all of this in regards to my daughter, the strength that had always been inside of her, for years, masked by xanax and methadone and other drugs, is now rising up to the surface, and she is even surprised at herself, more determined than ever to not let this bring her down to where she once was.  If you would like to just reach out your hand, your heart and write a letter of inspiration, of encouragement, of love her address is:

Valorie Gawlas #15-03399 Section F1
Western Tidewater Regional Jail
2402 Godwin Blvd, Suffolk, VA 23434

I am a huge fan of alone time, of Self time, but 24/7 without another soul to talk to except maybe (and emphasis on maybe) once a day when you have choice of calling someone or taking a shower.. she has been locked up since Oct 20th and has not showered yet.  She calls me instead.  She may not even fully realize that she chooses love consistently.  I would too, I need you, our connections, our expansions together.

Another thing I am fully realizing thru the readings, those who have started the homework they were given, are now getting phase two of their evolution, of their homework assignments.

My last reading of the day yesterday really started to reveal the network of light within the biosphere itself.  As he was spinning gold and white threads/strings around the inside middle area of the earths atmosphere placement within the biosphere, I could almost see the emergence of content (that I have yet to see) called life itself.  I suppose we must build the house before we move into it, but hey, this energy and light… that we turn into matter.

Before anything arrives in our world, it is held in the highest frequencies of potential, first.  The example spirit keeps using thru the readings is if you had liquid gold, the gold itself was heated to high degrees to create its liquefied state, now thru our mastery, our energy field we are taking that high liquefied energy and pouting it into molds (what we desire within creation) and we must also learn how to cool it (the energy we put out.)  For anything to exist (material wise) within matter, it must lower its vibratory rate to become form.

Ha!! One of the readings a few days ago, a funny came thru.  I will paraphrase cuz I don’t remember all the details, just the part I will put into quotes, but now it makes even more sense too.  When we put a desire into motion, it goes into motion in the highest of frequencies, that is all we need to do, we “do not need to baby sit the desire” (this understanding just came to me) because if we constantly look at it, reenergize it, it remains in the high vibratory state of potential.  When we just set it into motion and know it will show up, that’s where the cooling happens and it becomes form in our lives.  TRUST in who you are, crucial!!!

We are the visionaries, the master creators of this new landscape, if we do not trust ourselves… who will???  We also must realize we have co-workers here, each doing their part to create the whole.  The moment you activate your desire, the other workers instantly step into motion to do their part.  Right now, this is primarily being done from the soul mind as we all step into our conscious co-creation and harness our (conscious) participation within it all.

On a completely different note, our clocks bell back last night (I thought it happening was tomorrow.)  So as of today, I am now on MST (as opposed to daylight savings time.)  Equally, we have a massive Light storm coming in from the sun:  (ALMOST CERTAIN) CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters estimate a 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Nov. 2nd-3rd when a fast-moving stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind speeds could exceed 800 km/s and spark a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm. Sky watchers in the USA should be alert for Northern Lights as far south as, e.g., Oregon and Illinois.  (Taken from this morning.)  Which always affects my ability to read the field, again spirit said we are going to have many shifts thru November, obviously they weren’t kidding and no lag time in the events!  lol

I know there is much more to share, but I feel like I am missing pieces of our amazing, ongoing puzzle to share adequately, so I will just leave off here and see what you bring to the party thru the readings today.  However (smile) I cannot seem to leave without sharing this (not understood completely, yet) tidbit.  String theory, what if we are the strings creating.  I found a website for dummies that if we look at each string being us and the unified whole of creation… there is… something…

Big big (((HUGZ))) of astounding Joy and New Directions to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Someone just posted this Kryon channeling on my facebook and I wanted to add it here.  It so fits with this (inadequit) sharing of mine!!:

This Kryon just came through and resonates so much with today’s blog and experiences….
DNA Templates

Your DNA is filled with information and templates. Now, templates are patterns and paradigms of life. Most of these templates are ones that you have that are not complete. Now, what you don’t know about a template is that is has what we would call a patterning of its own. If you have a portion of a template already, that is to say, a piece of the design, it draws to itself the rest of the design, if it can. Did you understand that? If you have a piece of the picture, that piece has an attitude – an attitude of desire – wanting the rest of the picture! As soon as it’s possible to get that missing piece, it’s like magnetics. It literally flies to itself and the template snaps into place and you get the whole thing. All of you have pieces of the template and the ones who have the most profoundly “ready” pieces are old souls (the ones reading this). Your earth experience has waited for this! You are then going to complete the templates that are missing, old soul.

Genesis Cells: The Starting Template

This term I’m using in this message is a Kryon term today, not a medical term. There may be a medical term similar, but this is different. One of the templates that always exists and never goes away is part of the Human manual. It’s not as linear as in this explanation, but it will work. Think of it this way: I want you to think of the manual of birth. When you came in, what was the manual like? What page were you on when you were five days old? What page were you on at six months? What page were you on when you were 30? You all know that all the pages are different because of the chronology of growing up.

The pages are still there, and the template is still there for what I call Genesis cells. Genesis cells, as I will define them, are the cells of a newborn that accelerate growth and learning in a special way. The child absorbs so much of the world around him/her in six months. This includes speech, language, the beginning of standing and walking, and much more. The antennas of the Genesis manual are so big! They are listening to the attitudes and the consciousness of everything around them. You already know that. It’s active for a newborn Human, then it slows down and you become the adult. Genesis cells are magic. They are used at first, then they are not, but they’re still there and never go away. The template is still there, the instruction sets for how they are made, if you want to call it that, are still there. This is all physics, for the chemistry of how it all works is physics. What you should know about the children of today is that the antennas are up to 10 times as long as they were for you.

Now, old soul, what if I told you that you could release these cells now, make them active for you? They could be available for you now, just go get them in the manual. Do it with affirmations, do it with consciousness change, do it with meditation. However you communicate with innate, it’s ready to release the Genesis cells from their time prison to be used again! What that means to you is fast-track growth to enlightenment! They work with the Akash!

It’s for any situation you might have. Don’t limit it to what you think you need! Always ask, “Dear Spirit, what do I need?” State, “Dear Spirit, this and something better.” Use this potential! Genesis cells are ready for the old soul. I keep saying old soul, did you notice? In other words, a number of lifetimes gives you the template information that a newbie would not have who has only been on the earth a few times. Old souls have hundreds of lifetimes, maybe thousands in order to develop experience and the template of knowledge. Every one of you in this room can say to yourself, “I know that I’ve been here before” and your innate will vibrate with the truth of it. You know too much! You feel too much! You’re in this room listening to channelling! This message is accurate and it’s true. You’re an old soul. Everything I’ve just told you is about the enhancement of the Human Being in an energy that you have expected.

I close with this: The secret to mining your Akash, or releasing the template, is by having a compassionate consciousness. Does that surprise you? That’s what has been missing all along. If you are going to mine your Akash [pull upon the things you have learned in the past] and start rewriting who you are, you’re going to have to come to an agreement of compassion with yourself. How are you doing with lack of anger, care for others, purity of God inside? The physics of consciousness to create compassion creates what I call compassionate action. It’s for everyone in the room and those reading. An old soul knows how to do this. Listen: I know who you are. You wouldn’t be listening or reading unless you were an old soul, even an uninterested old soul. You are one, and you know you are. Compassion is the king of all emotions at this point on the planet. It’s going to lead you into an evolved state of love, and without compassion and caring for others, it is not going to work. In fact, nothing will work.

Very slowly there is going to be a split of consciousness on the planet, and we have talked to you about it before. There will be those who are compassionate and those who are not, and it’s going to be obvious, so obvious! Caring and uncaring. There is a dark army right now on this planet. What is its “compassion factor”? Do you understand? It’s a free choice state of mind, but that’s the split to come. Don’t worry about this, compassionate one. When you take the attributes of the master, light surrounds you. No more fortressing or protecting yourself from darkness. It will retreat from you automatically. No more catching the diseases of the day, they won’t be able to touch you with compassion. It’s physics; it’s real; it’s physical and it’s happening now. Your society will reflect this sooner than you think. When you turn on your news and you think I’m crazy, just wait. There’s some wild cards coming. Benevolence is a new energy!
I’m Kryon, in love with humanity.
And so it is.

Kryon – Lee Carroll


Found at:

LISA GAWLES – Be In-Joy, In-Power-ed – That is the ONLY Sustainable / Acceptable Energy in Our New Biosphere! – 10-30-15

By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, October 29, 2015

Holy shift…. again!!  I woke up yesterday as blank as I felt on the morning of the 23rd.  But considering I had been pulled off the visible field for a day and a half, I knew something bigger than myself was underfoot.

The first day I was pulled off midway thru my appointment schedule, the energy completely engorging my mind, that evening, the chest area chimed in with the energies, coughing, asthma-like chest tightness and of course, puberty set in in my vocal chords again.  My mind and consciousness got the first drop of higher light as it seeped down into my soul mind/heart and on the way down, bless my vocal chords!!  Yesterday morning, I was perfect again, tired, but very functional!!

I realized something as my first reading showed up and all the way thru the end of the day.  I don’t think I really paid attention to this now clear pattern before.  When we are at the end of one cycle of the field, when it starts to shift, I get really tired.  Some days, I am exhausted after the first reading or two and eventually gets to a point, even if I wake up with tons of energy, the moment I sit in my reading space, I’m energetically exhausted.  What I realized is happening is the field is starting to degrade, fall apart, change.

There are occasional planetary alignments that create these degradations, but more often than not, it happens because of a frequency shift upwards.  As our collective consciousness starts to hit a higher pitch in emotional frequency, the energy must change to meet it, I must change to meet its new visual construct to do what I do and not try to stay connected to yesterday’s field/story/frequency.  Of course, you are experiencing it too, in your own way.  These body symptoms we have are the old cells of the body degrading as the new higher frequency cells come on-line.

I bitch, a lot, because it affects my calendar, our time together and I have always begged for it to please happen on a day off or after my day is done.  I realize today with vivid clarity the moment the frequency is set I must go off-line until it is reestablished in its new frequency.  I can choose to not do this, but that would mean I would stop seeing your evolution of soul light and read you from an older energy system that will no longer serve your immediate soul growth.

I equally didn’t realize that we were in the 3rd and final installment of that super moon trinity.  Hell, I didn’t even realize it was a full moon until someone within my (attempt at) readings mentioned.  I can barely keep up with you, forget the happenings on earth lol.

The biggest thing that has changed on the field is that big fat silo/vat looking thing has changed to what spirit is now calling a biosphere.  Think of a super large hamster ball, completely clear, half hidden beneath the earth (affect the lower frequencies of earth, AKA the filtered earth) and reaching above the earth’s atmosphere into the multidimensional zone.

This “biosphere” is a full spectrum energy system.  Not only supporting all life forms, but creating them too.  The only people allowed within this biosphere are those who match the frequency within it, which of course, is an emotional frequency that WE MUST sustain within ourselves.

This gives such clearer understanding to my last two readings yesterday.  Both of them, back to back, both of them on the outside of this biosphere thingie.  I could hear within both of their voices, the moment they said hello, something in their energy was off.  Maybe having a rough or frustrating day, either way, it was only later in the day as I was processing the enormity and complexity of the day, did I fully understand how important our core emotions are.  I mean I knew it before, but until yesterday, it in no way affected us like it does now.  They both got homework to do. (smile)

We have got to understand what keeps us in the higher frequencies as we move thru the experience of life.  We are going to have days where we are not brimming with happiness, when things don’t go our way and we bitch (pointing finger at myself with that one lol) and moan and even get a bit pissed off.  We are allowed and rejoiced over having these emotions that come with being human, for as long as they do not sever the core energy that is crucial to live fully within our new, pimped out biosphere.  That emotion, that constant, MUST be JOY.

Do not confuse joy with happiness, not the same.  To be happy 24/7 would actually be exhausting.  It takes the same amount of energy to be happy as it does to be sad, being sad for a long period is exhausting to the body, so does being happy.  We just are much more aware of the depleting energy of sadness and usually attribute the depleting energy of happiness to tired or doing too much.

Joy, however, should be a constant.  The electrical field that runs your entire life, regardless of how you may be feeling in a moment.  I found a website that gives us a clearer understanding of the word joy in relationship to the god within:  This joy, gladness, is not happiness that depends on our circumstances and our moods; which has to do with our emotions or station in life.  This joy is something that is constant; it is from within us because He (God, Creator, Source)  lives within. One can have the same joy in terrible circumstance that they would have when all is well, the same attitude of being on the mountain top when they are in the valley.

I really want to dig into this most crucial understanding of Joy vs Happiness.  I found another website Psychology today that gives a great analogy and understanding.  His example is using our relationships, but it can be anything, your job, your location, your ability to do or not do something all giving you that external happy or unhappiness instead of living strong in Joy.  I will give you excerpts, feel free to click the link to read the whole story.

Happiness is external. It’s based on situations, events, people, places, things, and thoughts. Happiness is connected to your hope for a relationship or your hope for a future with someone. Happiness is linked to that ‘some day when I meet the right guy’ or ‘when he starts changing and acting right’ or ‘when he goes to counseling.’

 Happiness is future oriented and it puts all its eggs in someone elses basket. It is dependent on outside situations, people, or events to align with your expectations so that the end result is your happiness. These expectations can be seen especially during the holidays when whether or not you have a ‘merry christmas’ or a ‘happy holiday’ depends on whether or not he is with you, shows up, isn’t drunk, isn’t cheating,or a list of other behaviors you expect for a ‘happy holiday’ experience. Unfortunately, pathology rarely obliges in that way. So when the relationship falls thru, or he isn’t wonderful at Christmas, or you kick him out, or he cheats again, or he runs off with your money, or he was a con artist…then your holidays were not ‘happy’ and your happiness
was crushed.

Unhappiness is the result. It’s a typical and inevitable result in pathological love relationships. Afterall, it’s the only way it CAN turn out. …

…Chronic unhappiness leads to despair and depression. Remember the emotional roller coaster you rode with him/her/it? You were happy when he was good, and miserable when he was bad? You were hypnotically lulled into happy-land when you were with him and in intrusive thought-hell when you weren’t? Your happiness was hitched to his rear end. When he was around (and behaving) you were happy. When he wasn’t, your happiness followed his rear end right out the door and you were obsessing, wondering, and pacing. …

…So she entered into voluntary simplicity where the fire of purging away ‘stuff’ left a clearer picture and path to the internal life. When stuff, people, and the problems they bring fall away there is a stillness. Only in that stillness can we ever find the joy that resides inside of us, dependent on nothing external in order to exist. 

Her joy came from deeply held spiritual beliefs but it also came from a place even beyond that. Joy comes when you make peace with who you are, where you are, why you are, and who you are not with. When you need nothing more than your truth and the love of a good God to bring peace, then you have settled into the abiding joy that is not rocked by relationships. It’s not rocked by anything.

With all that said, what we are sharing with others is as important as how we feel (since the two are irrevocably intertwined.)  Another thing I had seen in the processing yesterday was the stages of “growth/evolution” we go thru to get to this magical place of alchemy.  The evolution of our belief systems and our relationships with that with which we believe.

What we do not see or even most of the time, remember (on purpose) is the life reviews and larger understandings that come when we leave this body and go back to spirit.  We take notes on so many things, the beliefs we held, the larger truth beyond those (mass consciously imposed) belief systems and each incarnation served (if we let it) to release those beliefs and move into expanded understanding of our spiritual selfs.  For some, that releasing is still underway in this moment.  Look at the negative talk that abounds the field of light, this is bad for you, that is bad for you, take this it is better for you, do that it increases your vibration.  Whatever it takes to surrender to what was and what you are moving into, but don’t stay there too long either, because that is just a hallway to your ultimate destination.

To Be Here, in this magical, mystical biosphere of evolved life, you MUST reside in empowerment.  In-Power-meant.  Its ok if your walking around, passing hallways and you overhear the shouts “careful, someone/something is trying to manipulate you,” please keep going.  That’s not your hallway!!

We are the greatest alchemists every to have walked the earth in an interconnected group.  Nothing, not food, not air, not ETs, not discarnates, or other people, whatever… NO-THING can manipulate or change your energy, your vibration except YOU, your thoughts and feelings.   This is living and Being empowered!!  In-POWER!!

Imagine the amazing gift we have been given to create and uncreate at the speed of thought/emotion and if you are still handing over your power to anything outside yourself, you will pose a risk to yourself and others.  So please, know that is not for you and no longer a part of your classroom.

It’s ok to still wobble, like riding a bike with training wheels.  But never let anyone, anything tell you you are less than what you know yourself to be, an In-Powered, In-Joy-Full Creator Being disguised as a human.

Whatever it takes to make this an effortless, irrevocable knowing within yourself… DO IT!!  And do it a lot!!

Never before in all the readings have I seen the emotional frequency completely pull you out of your center, but now, this is a collective center, not just one person’s.  We are working in harmony and harmony MUST be the prevailing, constant emotion of the group, of us worker bees together in one hive. (smile)


I understand now, as well, why spirit kept pulling my description of the field out of my throat, I kept wanting to call it what I have always called it YOUR field of creation.  Not no mo’ it is OUR field of creation.  The new factory of Life, of new amazing life and we are the creators assigned our section of amazing mastery within it.

We are no longer in the field of lag, or the filtered earth as spirit calls it now.  We are literally creating in nano seconds within our emotional field.  If you can think of it this way, we are surrounded by stem cell energy, living energy not yet assigned an attribute.  The moment we think with feeling something is bad or good for us, those stem cells become charged and create the experience you are feeling.  Here is where the importance lays, what you feel for yourself, you are feeling for others.  If you feel something is bad for you, you instantly charged that thing for others to experience who may not have the where with all to discern yet, they are still in one of those other evolving hallways.  This is why it is more important now than ever, to be aligned with the LOVE that you are and the LOVE that is ALL THINGS.  If ALL THINGS are love, made from Source energy, then nothing in this whole wide world and beyond could be bad.  Right??

There is so much more that I want to share from yesterday’s huge reveal, but spirit wants this to be the only topic today.

I want to share a posting someone excitedly put on my facebook wall yesterday.  It helped me so much.  It helps to validate more than she may have ever realized for me (thank you Zarney, so much) the fuel that keeps me KNOWING.  Yeah, I like validation too:  I am SO excited!!! I just finished listening to the Keshe Foundation Teaching Livestream, and the nuclear physicists are talking the LISA GAWLAS language!!! Lisa says “stem cells,” the physicists say,”plasma.” BOTH say EMOTION is the influencer/controller of what the stem cells/plasma creates.
The diagram on their whiteboard looked a LOT like the diagram LISA GAWLAS so humbly drew for our edification of the fields we are playing in!!!
WOW! This IS OUR TIME!!! The nuclear physicists are backing up what we know in our hearts!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

It really, really, really is OUR TIME!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful, powerful nuggets of Creator energy in Body!!  I love you so much!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))))) of in-powered JOY to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.S.S.  I found images that are very much like I am seeing this new biosphere for each person.  It just gave me an AH-HA moment in seeing it and the instruction set of playing in our own created reality this year as we experiment with our creational abilities.  Suddenly, I could what one would think of as molecule structures, interconnected sphere creating new realities together.  I find it ironic too, this image is from the video game called minecraft, lets change it MIND CRAFT!!


The darker underside of the spheres, that’s the filtered earth.  Everything we do topside is affecting that area without our direct participation.  More to come on all this tomorrow!!  I just had to add this part in today before I closed.

LISA GAWLAS – Ohhh Being Pushed into our Uncomfortable Zone is… Uncomfortable!! lol – 10-15-15


LISA GAWLAS   –   Ohhh Being Pushed into our Uncomfortable Zone is… Uncomfortable!! lol   –   10-15-15

What a flipping bizarro day yesterday was from start to finish!!  I really feel the major theme of it was, “the human has no control over anything.”  lol Of course, that would be a statement straight from my ego.  Spirit, on the other hand, would deem it more like “we have b0und together now and we are shifting priorities.” lol

I could feel my mind starting to crash as I was writing my blog yesterday.  That alone should have been my first clue that this day was not going to be usual.  It is not unusual to feel my mind crash, like all the energy and ability drain out of it, but usually that happens after noon, not before 7am!! I was going to take a bath before my first appointment, which I set purposely at 9am so I could sleep in on my day off that wasn’t, instead, I wake up an hour earlier than usual.  The other hazard of living here in the beautiful oasis of a desert, the nights get really really cold and my water heater never gets the water really hot over night, instead, I have warm water in the morning.  So that nix-ayed a bath before my first appointment. Instead I did dishes and stuff to drain the water heater of its overnight supply to refill it for a hot bath.  So as 9am drew near, I started peeking out into her field, praying I have enough energy to “see” for her.  Sure enough, her beautiful daughter was running around playing in the backyard, in her field of Light.  YAY!!

Since I have been back, I stopped sharing the personal super powers I am seeing with each person simply because what I am seeing thru you, no one else on the face of this earth possesses in skill and ability.  Can you imagine that, NO-ONE!!  What this beautiful lady and her young daughter now fully on the other side of the veil showed us yesterday, is really important for us to fully understand.

Her 10-year-old (at passing) daughter was vividly running around on the ground level, future orientation on the field if life, the ground level.  The only people I have seen at the ground level itself, are those connected to the past or tying up the past as they move upwards, so they all have been on the left side of the field and her baby girl was on the right side, future side, playing.  Mama on the other hand, way up in the rafters, working from the multidimensional zone of the middle atmosphere.  Talk about a HUGE role reversal!!

Mama was throwing her daughter what looked to me were pieces of stained glass from the multidimensions down to earth and her daughter was catching them and laying down the new foundation of earth itself.  Until this point, it has always been the other way around.

I am sure there is more to the story, but that’s all we got about that, for now.

So after our time together was finished, I decided to take a bath because oddly enough, I had a 2 hour gap between my first and second reading.  Even tho something felt off about yesterdays schedule, like someone was missing, I could not for the life of me figure out who or why I would leave such a big gap in the day.  So into the hot bath made of dead sea salt and eucalyptus oil I went!

It took me a long minute to get oriented and connected in meditation, which tends to happen when we have a major shift.  Altho my intention for meditation is to see where I am at on the field and understand what I am doing in relationship to it, it sure as hell didn’t go my way, or, at least it I didn’t think it did.  Instead, I got this new surround sound energy system telling me what I need to do and do right now.  Odd things like… order a vanity license plate that says “thank u.”  The reason being, I literally say thank you all day long, I cannot help it.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude, with awe and reverence that it just slips from my heart out of the mouth to the air I breathe.  So my soul wants us to allow that be part of the energy that my exhaust system of my car spreads outwards.  What is really funny tho, as I printed out the application to send to the MVD here, I had three options on what I want my tag to say, so at first I did: THANK U, THANKU, and as I pondered how else I could form that and keep the desired effect from my soul it became THANKHU.  Can you see the ANKH embedded in it??  I rearranged my priorities and made that number one on my choice list.

But the next thing I was told to do, was not as easy to swallow at all.  Back in 2004, while I was living in Rupert Idaho, Guadalupe became relevant for a day or two.  I cannot remember how it came about or why, but Guadalupe has lingered in the back of my mind since that time.  I had assumed (silly me) that since I moved here to the Jemez and I live literally at the foot of “Our lady of Guadalupe Mesa” that was the connection.  I suppose not so much, that was/is the middle of an interesting cookie.

I was instructed to forgo seeing my kids this holiday season and take a trip to Mexico.  Guadalupe, Mexico.  Why the hell would I want to do that???  I don’t want to do that.  With such amazing conviction, my soul said, you know that man you want to meet… *perk*.  Yes, yes, yes… I gotta drive to freakin Guadalupe to meet him??  Really???? (and yes, very distinctly, drive not fly.)

Then, as I am having a slight meltdown about christmas, my soul said everything you do, EVERYTHING is based on what others want of you, of us.  Moving here to New Mexico was to be the untangling of my field from my children’s and start to really and fully align with my own expanded desires in life.  And yet, every vacation I take is for my kids, and every time I have extra money it goes to my kids and grandsons needs.  I really don’t mind that at all, I am grateful, really!!  Of course, now with my son in Boston and my daughter in Virginia (and my oldest daughter gives me a free pass cuz she has not talked to me in 3 years) I am really torn on where to be this holiday season.  I decided to be with my daughter, incase this is her last “free” christmas outside of a cell.  I was assured, if she keeps up in the energy and focus she is in now, she will never have to be behind bars again.  So go to Guadalupe this holiday season.

Boy, talk about being shoved into the uncomfortable zone.  I have not been brave enough yet to mention this to them.  But I am not, not going!!  It got even more bizarre as I started looking for hotels and stuff, nope… no preplanning anything, just drive and decide along the way.  The first thing I must do, get a freakin passport!!

After I got out of the bath and started opening websites to MVD and look at my route from here to Guadalupe (16 hour drive) a beautiful artist on my facebook asked if he could link some of my words to his stunning painting he did in the morning.  Let me show you his art, his name is Jeff Schauss:

Jeff Schauss Painting

And the conversation that took place:

Lisa this is my painting TURMOIL from this morning.With your permission I’d like to link your above writing to it on Red

Lisa Gawlas How incredibly beautiful Jeff!!! You never need my permission just do it!! And thank you for linking it together… it really does fit!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 hrs
Jeff Schauss
Jeff Schauss Thank you thank you they just seem to fit like they came from the same source 🙂  ❤

Lisa Gawlas (whisper… they did, our hearts are One Source) 😉

Typing out the phrase “One Source” I was immediately overlapped with intense Pleiadian energy.  When I first learned to channel, I channeled the Pleiadians and they always finished their messages with “love from the One Source.”

I have always assumed that their phrase “One Source” is equal to our word “God” or “Creator” and realized yesterday, not so much.  There is only one true Source of ALL Life and that is Love.  Unconditional, nonjudgmental Love.  The very thing they taught me from the get go… how to be that Source of energy, of life in all I do.

Oddly enough, I also, instantly felt a connection with Guadalupe and the Pleiadian connection.  I surely don’t understand any of it, but will honor the direction and spend christmas and new years in mexico.  Gulp.

It was finally time for my second appointment and when she called I attempted to say hi,… I got the H sound out and that was the end of my voice.  Gone, just… gone.

What the freakin hell happened to my voice??  I don’t have a sore throat, it worked perfectly for my first reading, I don’t even have a sniffle…  I ended up rescheduling the other two appointments on my dance card.  When my voice leaves, which is hadn’t done in a very long time, it hurts to force the breath, it has to come from deep down in my lungs to create even a whisper and then it actually hurts the vocal chords in that attempt.

For three hours it stayed in the inaudible zone, then slowly started coming back, but more like listening to a boy going thru puberty.  The octave has changed, I can hear it and feel it when I talked.  And I had to talk because I found the missing person (well, she found me lol) that should have been in my 10am slot.  Her rescheduled appointment into yesterday never made the leap from her original day and time.  But then again, if she was on my dance card, I would never took a bath, a meditation.

The one thing I had to do yesterday, was go grocery shopping.  So the long trip to walmart was actually looked forward to.  I knew I would get more information about the bizarro experiences of my morning on the drive.  The drive to walmart was more focused on how I will experience my holiday driving to Mexico, that is where no plans, no prebooked hotels, no nothing except the experience of each day came thru.  Alrighty then!!

Something weird must have happened during this morning.  Never ever have I been so flirted with at walmart.  Sadly, it was like senior citizens day there, but how odd that men were going out of their way to not only talk to me, but flirt too.  That was really, oddly uncomfortable.  I am not interested and have no desire to flirt back.  Now lets look at something else that happened that I am sure created the attention.  My damn shopping buggy.  It was rolling along fine and then suddenly it was as if the most beautiful song bird got stuck in the wheels and tweeted and tweeted non stop as I rolled a long the isles.  Just weird.

On my drive home, that is where the fuller understanding came from.  A binding of my soul and myself like never before.  I was shown kind of like when you take cellophane and bunch it up to create something… pretty??  lol


However, it was not in a vase, but part of my new throat chakra energy.  Which actually looks very much how I am seeing the bubble of creation… OHHHH and I finally got up with the gal who’steam renamed that umbrella looking bubble of personal creation thingie… it is now a “MAGNETIC FIELD CAPACITOR.”

Ha, this is kinda funny:  A capacitor (originally known as a condenser) is a passive two-terminal electrical component used to store electrical energy temporarily in an electric field.

Two terminal, our body and our soul!!  And yet, there is sooooo much more to it all!!  So I am feeling, direct from my crazy day yesterday, the “binding” is well underway.

I promise you, every one of us is going to be pushed out of our comfort zone over this year.  You cannot be trail blazers and keep walking the same trail over and over.  (Dammit.)

Anyone want to teach me conversational spanish???  Por favor?? lol

Ohhh and in all the things I was focused on yesterday, in the new and uncomfortable I ordered my pan flute and it should be here by next week.  It is coming from Hawaii and hand-made from the heart and comes with an instructional CD.  I am on a mission to learn it well enough to play, passionately, “El Condor Pasa.”

On that note, enjoy this crazy freakin ride, we are in the front seats laying the track down with every sudden uncomfortable turn!!

Yeeeee Haaawwwwww!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with excitement, passion, and stuff!! lol  I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Meditation classes forming now and will start November 7th.  I finally got m

Lisa Gawlas – New Instruments or Mounting Obstacles? Which Way Did You Choose? – 9-15-15

heaven and earth!8

Lisa Gawlas   –   New Instruments or Mounting Obstacles?  Which Way Did You Choose?   –   9-15-15

I really thought I would have nothing to share today, true to spirits forewarning (about damn time…smile) the field itself is void, nothing I can see at this moment.  So I decided to see if I can dive into the bathtub and get a little news we can use.  The one thing I can say for sure, there was a distinct shift in everything.  At first, all I could see is the black behind my eyes, when this happens, I always take it old school, back to the beach in my mind’s eye, back to the alignment of my team walking the beach with me and then wham… somehow, I find the new frequency, the new entrance into the expanded field of me, of us!  Sure enough…

The energy around me was so fuzzy, like tons of gray cotton balls all stuck together, but yet, I knew I landed at a small table in a room that was not visible at all to me.  Directly across from me was a dude I recognized from many of the readings over the years, Merlin.  He too was fuzzy, but I know his energy signature well.  He placed these 4 or 5 hollow tubes, wood, something on the table in front of me.  Each as a different length and he told me this is your new instrument.  Huh??  Tubes sprawled out on a table??  What the hell do I do with them?  I will never ever forget his reply, and his reply set up the theme of the rest of this month in readings.  “You’re not going to figure it out by looking at them.”  Well dah!!

I had woken up yesterday morning sure I went thru the birth canal of the eclipse.  My head was a dull aching thing, the base of my skill, from ear to ear, hurt.  The headache radiated up from the base of my skull and spread out in bursts.  I could feel the energy in the bone structure of my skull moving, expanding and giving me a headache.  I really wanted to give it the whole birth thing, since most babies come out head first.  Nope.  Mr. Merlin showed me that as I slept and went thru the eclipse (it happened from just before 11pm until just after 3am in my world) the first of these hollow sticks was placed in my core energy.  He then showed me the back of my spine being energetically opened up and this crazy hollow stick being inserted.  Thanx??  But I still don’t know what to do with it, how to use it.  I then was shown a pan flute.  Ohhhh so this is a musical instrument??  Besides not being able to draw, ya know, I have zero musical ability too??

pan flute

So the headache was the first of four musical pipes placed in my spine, the longest one first, each month, the next longer one will be added until we hit December, then the last one.  So I had to ask, you’re a magician, why do I not have a music teacher here???  I got a belly laugh in reply!!  NOT FUNNY!!

After I got out of meditation, I looked up an instrument made out of hollow sticks (I had no idea what it was called until found it in the internet.)  I had to laugh as to why its called a “pan flute.”  The pan comes from the Greek god Pan (god) The “flute” part of the name comes from them being a woodwind. (taken from wikipedia)  I got the connection!!  The Medulla Oblongata is also called The Mouth of God.  It is located on the cervical aspect of the spinal chord and attaches to C-1, C-2 and C-3.  This is in the Throat Chakra center that governs Self Expression. (taken from my website)  

So, back to my crazy meditation.  All of it is more a message to all of us, which is why I am sharing as much as I can remember today.  The next thing I know I was asked again about my desires.  Wouldn’t it be sooo nice is spirit just told us what our desires should be and we follow that??  lol  I have no idea, to assist my daughter in her emerging growth??  And then the reply comes back… but what about for yourself??  Hmmmmm… Well, I am at the giving up part of a partner, but there is still a little fire burning on that spectrum.  That must have been the magic reply because what came next, soooo surprised me.

There was the beautiful energetic Archangel Michael hovering above our earths atmosphere, completely aligned with the planetary system I know and love called the Pleiades.  He seemed to pluck a man from that system, suspended him in from of his own (energy) body, merged with him, then fanned out the combined energy down to earth… to a single man on earth.  Archangel Michael explained that this man is going (or has gone thru) a near death experience so the energy merger can fulfil itself.  Knowing spirit talks both in literalness as well as metaphors… I had to ask which this explanation was surrounding.  They told me it doesn’t matter.  Ummmm, well, yeah it does!!  You are going to show me this and then tell me it doesn’t matter!!  What the hell?  Then I was instructed to pull up all my fishing poles (hey, I don’t have that many out there lol) and remove them from all the ponds because in this version of the new story, he ain’t coming thru that gateway.  Wanna give me a hint on how he will just magically show up??  Maybe in my box of Lucky Charms???  God forbid… I get a sly smile from the angel of truth.  Dammit.

Then it all just got weird really.  The information went more planetary wide with the entrance into this new light field (of all earths.)  There are many people who were given the task of alignment with their field of light who choose other things.  For most people, that’s just the way of it, for others, their responsibility was to align, period.  I was shown very particular examples (people I am familiar with.)  Some may get sick, this one person (no one I read for) was forewarned already that if he didn’t do things a different way, his body would start breaking down and in this meditation, I was told, he will become very sick.  Bless his heart.  Others I had seen climb down a light tan wooden ladder onto the filtered earth, which I now see in the center of the expanded earth.  Where the opportunity to transmute the obstacles that they avoided or just weren’t sure of, will be placed in front of them.  I seen like a massive mound on the earth, and the only option is to transmute it.  You can no longer walk around it, I even seen the potential of walking thru it, and all these bees flew out.  Yikes…

And then I seen the ones coming thru the eclipse to the dust particles floating back down to earth.  Merlin said this coming week, we will be focusing on the new instruments being inlaid in people.  Kewl beans!!!   Seems to me, there is a whole new orchestra of music being readied!!

For the rest of the afternoon yesterday, all I could hear in relationship to this instrument thing is was the first line of St Francis’ prayer, but the whole embodiment of the prayer is what is now being Demanded of us… not to seek to be that, but to BE THAT.  I am changing out the “make me” to the “I AM” authority, and equally changing out “let me” to “I WILL.”  The reason being the difference between KNOWING who you are and still trying to figure it out.:

Lord, I AM an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, I WILL sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life

(Lets make clear that last line, is not about physical death at all, but to die to the old and reborn into the new expanded field of life we are living now.)

So with all this, the point is, no more looking under old rocks for what you once sought with a burning desire.  All of life reincarnated in one way or another this weekend, new codes, new soul blue prints, even new “divine partners” coming to the fore, if we will let go of the life that just completed itself.  If you don’t let go, no worries, the obstacles will become so big… you will either park in front of it for the rest of this incarnation, or transmute it.  Because as we cross over the full lunar eclipse… well, lets just say focus on the joy of transmutation as well as really understanding your new instrument.  Take nothing for granted!!

Dammit if the choice isn’t, as always, ours!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new music creating magic for ALL that have ears to Hear!!

I love you soooo much!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas – Have You Made Room For Higher Light? – 9-5-15


Lisa Gawlas   –   Have You Made Room For Higher Light?   –   9-5-15


Phew baby!!  That pause for the cause sure brought in an uptick in the energies, in the vibrancies of the energies.  The colors that are now apart of you, your “clothing,” your life, so intensely Light emitting and yet, we are still taking in more light, more vibrancy.  Equally tho, we are the ones responsible for allowing that higher Light to come in and be a part of our new life matrix.

One of my readings yesterday, who ended up being a no-show, but her spirit didn’t let that stop me from seeing for her, what I call a pre-glimpse.  I emailed her the details and she understood it completely.  This morning, it’s what hangs in the forefront of my mind to share as well.

Do you remember back in grade school during arts and crafts, we would get a piece of paper, fold in half, fold it in half again and then again, then get scissors and cut pieces of the paper out along the folded edges and when we opened it up, there was pretty designs now cut into the paper?

I seen her standing on that upper wire thingie still heading into the eclipse energy, what was interesting is her back was towards me, and it was as if she was leaning backwards (as opposed to standing straight up) and in her left hand (physical life) a folded piece of paper, in her right hand (emotional life) she had a pair of silver (earth energy) scissors.  When I wondered what she was doing I got a visual of the cut out streamer, sorta like this but one elongated paper:


The understanding was that when we cut out what is no longer needed or vibrationally useful in our lives, we change the frequency that is our lives and allow new energy, new experiences to come in.

What I couldn’t figure out was the position I seen her in.  Again, keeping in mind, we are all in the higher atmosphere of our expanded mind, but obviously, very much engaged in our own life (which is why I see bodies instead of just pure energy.)The winds of change are billowing from her deep west (harvested energy, storehouse…) and demanding she make room for the new… and she is.  If we are not cutting things out, we are by free will, taking a pass on the new and entertaining whatever old we are engaged in.

Some of us are in that “quantum soup” stage, where we are morphing at a high velocity into our next version of ourselves.  In that state, I cannot see a thing.  Then we have one like my last lady yesterday, I started seeing her before her arrival, I think I needed the time to understand it.  For the first time, I had seen the silver wire we are all standing on engorged with massive energy moving rapidly to the eclipse (which I am still being blocked to see anything on the other side, dammit.)  Included with her energy moving thru this high frequency line were tremendous silver sparks coming out of her toes billowing upwards towards her face.  Her team said, when we have such force moving us forward, it creates friction, sparks of new life, new energy, and heat!!  I am old sparky the moment the sun starts to set… holy heat flashes batman.  Now I understand why.  Thanx!!

On top of all this information, I am now having an experience I had the other day hung in my face to share.  In its simpleness, it really is so directively profound.  I was standing doing my dishes, watching the hummers eat and dive bomb each other, I love those crazy little birds so much.  Their flock has already been reduced by about half and as I was enjoying them and giving them thanx for being here with me, I also said to them I am going to miss you when your gone.  With that sentence, inside of myself, I could feel the day they migrated elsewhere, it was sad in my heart.  I heard my team say “but they are here now.”  Instantly I was back to the present in love and in joy.

It is kinda funny how we can move ourselves without even realizing it out to the future and be affected by it today.  This is when we are out of our magnetic flow of Self.  I am finding myself realigning a lot these days, especially as we get closer to my daughters bond hearing coming up Tuesday.  When I am not “thinking” about it, I know with an unmistakable surety she will be home when I get there.  Then, for a moment, I think about her bond itself, the unalignment of the thought “if its high, we’re screwed.”  It shatters my energy field, then I walk around, more like pace and get myself back to the flow energy where that thought does not exist emotionally.  Phew… a work out for sure!!

Which brings me to my first reading of the day, a wonderful male virgin upon the field I read from.  I was so surprised by his visual, he was swinging around and around, clockwise on a thick silver pole that was held deep in the ground and connected to the high wire.  He was about center on this pole and as I started to feel into it, he was swinging on the magnetic frequency pole of the 23rd.  Holy shit batman!!  How the hell is that happening??  Well, we works in the construct of time and magnetics and this is part of his super powered spiritual attributes.

As we talked about this and what he does, which is working with ancient structures here on earth he said something that just brought my entire focus to the 4th hypnosis in the super power course.  He said he works with the temples and opens the energy fields within them… OMG that is exactly the last of the 4 hypnosis events.  Holy shit even!!  So I had to talk to him about gifting him the super powers course and as I was like a kid talking about christmas, something just out the back door caught my eye.  This white something or another was gently floating down to the ground.  What the hell?  While we were still talking I went outside to look, obviously important to him or I would not have seen it as clearly as I did.

feathers from heaven

They floated to the ground exactly in this position.  I thought they were all one connected energy until I picked them up.  Three down feathers, not a bird in sight, I looked.  They came floating in just to the right (near future) of the east field (new beginnings and new growth.)  Three in this expression of spirit has a dual meaning, the triad is complete.  Soul, Source and physicality.  The number three demands action and communication.  I had to look up the purpose of down feathers and found out they are the closest feathers to the body and serve to trap heat.. energy.  All this while talking about gifting him the super powers course.  The message doesn’t get any more clearer or more tangible than that!!  What he is going to do with it all, is going to be my blessing to witness and watch.

On that note, my is about to begin.  But before I close, let apologize to the 50 plus emails I have sitting in my inbox… there is not enough of me to do all that I have pending.  Please forgive me if you have written and I have not replied.  I know I had several people write and ask about the personal course with the ET/Hypnosis and I looked for your emails last night, but my inbox is an ongoing explosion of inquiries that overwhelms me at times.  So please, forward it to me.  Equally, I want to put out here too… I DO NOT look at or reply to private messages on facebook.  Emails will always have first priority to reply to.  My facebook is an out loud, together, expression of the day, the energy, our time together, nothing private!!  Just saying.

I love you all so much, thank you for patience with me, your love that surrounds my whole world, my whole life.

((((HUGZ))))) of joy, laughter and the present moment to All!!

Lisa Gawlas 

P.S.  I have not had the time or energy to fix my super powers special on the main page of my website, so if you are still interested, it is still only $33

Lisa Gawlas – A Massive System Overhead Comes With Sudden Changes – 8-5-15

system gathering
Lisa Gawlas


There is something massively huge happening overhead.  It is so big and so profound I cannot look at it more than 30 second clips at a time and never directly thru the field.  I got tiny glimpses yesterday in my moments of frustration of not being able to see…. again.  Emotionally, I was back to perky happy me, ready, centered… nuttin!!  Heyyyyy!!

The first glimpse I received was this energy in our upper atmosphere coming together like huge storm clouds, only, it was made from that image of the membrane slicing august in half.  Then, a little while later, the information that this system I am seeing, is our collective consciousness gathering more intensely together, more intimately sharing to one another.  Well, that sounds good!!  Can we hurry it along, I have work to do, readings to understand…

A while later, I was shown my own antennas, a massive amount of them all sticking up in an organized bunch out of my crown.  Then I seen this cloud/consciousness thingie release electrical rain down to my wires sticking out of my head and all around me.  I knew that it was showing us all being linked up together in new, exciting ways.  I didn’t take it too personally tho, silly me!!

Last night I was up all night long, my left eye oozing thick liquid as the pain centers just kept firing over and over again.  Hey!!!  This freakin hurts and I am going to be too tired to work in the morning.  But who cares about my bitching!!!???  It was all freakin night long.  I finally gave up sleep and got out of bed at 5am.  I had nothing to write about but  a lot to become proactive about regarding my daughter.  I focused and launched into what needed to be done for her, left eye still dripping and hurting and swollen almost to shut.

It wasn’t until I was having that “we gotta reschedule and here is what I understand so far about why” conversation that is getting to damn familiar this week, did I really get the brunt of last nights fiasco, excuse me, electrical upgrades.

If the chemicals must be discharged/enhanced first, and they do, the biology is next.  Today it is even more intense than yesterday.  AGain, I cannot see the field, freakin eye hurts too much, but is decreasing in size (less swollen and less painful, thank you ibuprofen) which is allow me those 30 second glimpses of understanding.  Well, as much understanding as I can muster.

And again, I get an intimate view with the vast different experiences called my kids.  My son, joyfully and gratefully on that accelerated earth, is making movements in his new job of 3, 4 if we could today, days.  The foremen of the job he was just assigned today had to go somewhere else for two weeks, so they made him foremen while he is gone.  They originally told him he will move up in 6 months, now, it’s 3 days!!  And his pay rate doubled.

On the other hand, I finally got to talk to my daughter last evening.  Jail is not like it was 2 months ago when she was there.  They changed it all up and not for the better.  They took away the a lot of the communication abilities that were in play last time.  Example, I can no longer leave her a $2 voice message.  There is no more library for her to read books from and occupy her mind.  There is no more people in the jail like there was last time, an open pod with free access to move in and out of the cell, talk with the other females, play games, watch TV use the payphone, which was also removed, anytime you wanted.  Now she had to wait for a guard to give her a portable phone to make a phone call.  Also, they are no longer keeping anyone longer than a week, you are moved from the little big house, to the big house, a regional jail instead of city jail.

I had scheduled an $8 20 minute video call with her for this morning, I got a cancellation note at 5:30 am saying she has been released or transferred.  Well, she has been transferred to the big house, the place where jail feels a lot more like jail.  Once again, our communication has been cut off, at least until she settles into this new place.

I am witnessing first hand, thru my beloved children just what is happening in this moment. Movement!!  Realignment on every level, on both facets of earth, the accelerated one and the filtered one.  New soul contracts are igniting and aligning, old dusty karma is up in people’s faces that are on the filtered earth.  And please, do not ever say we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  We are where we brought ourselves, good choices, not so good choices.  We focus on shit, guess what, you will wake up in the shit pile!!  Not because it’s where you were supposed to be, it’s because it’s where you choose to be!  Responsibility is utmost for every one of us!!

Either way, here we are, adjusting to it all.  And it seems, the two worlds are becoming purposely kept further and further apart.

So of course, I had to check out spaceweather to see what’s happening there.  Exactly what’s happening here (surprise, surprise lol)

CO-ROTATING INTERACTION REGION: NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 6th when a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. CIRs are transition zones between fast- and slow-moving solar wind streams. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, producing density gradients and shock waves that do a good job of sparking auroras. (and intense biological stuff.)

As long as I am not looking into the “field” I see this energy overhead.  I feel it.  The one thing I am sure of, its already changed everything!!  Now to see what the hell that means to each of us, personally!!!

Until there is more news we can use (smile,) I love you all so much and thank you for sending me and my baby girl love.  Please send her heaping heartfuls, she really really needs it.  Thank you in advance for that.

((((HUGZ)))) of celebration and tremendous honor to All!!

Lisa Gawlas