Ancient Egytian Teachings on Balancing Masculine & Feminine for Zero Point Consciousness

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Published on Sep 22, 2013

The empowered human proposes that the pyramid builders were living in a Golden Age. The sacred feminine was honored and existed in balance with the masculine. They had more refined senses, and experienced higher levels of consciousness, which gave them superior abilities to those we have today. Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization of Northeastern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt. Egyptian civilization coalesced around 3150 BC (according to conventional Egyptian chronology) with the political unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under the first pharaoh. The history of ancient Egypt occurred in a series of stable Kingdoms, separated by periods of relative instability known as Intermediate Periods: the Old Kingdom of the Early Bronze Age, the Middle Kingdom of the Middle Bronze Age and the New Kingdom of the Late Bronze Age. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] Egypt reached the pinnacle of its power during the New Kingdom, in the Ramesside period where it rivalled the Hittite Empire, Assyrian Empire and Mitanni Empire, after which it entered a period of slow decline. Egypt was invaded or conquered by a succession of foreign powers (such as the Canaanites/Hyksos, Libyans, Nubians, Assyria, Babylonia, Persian rule and Macedonian Greece) in the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt and Late Period. In the aftermath of Alexander the Great’s death, one of his generals, Ptolemy Soter, established himself as the new ruler of Egypt. This Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt until 30 BC, when, under Cleopatra, it fell to the Roman Empire and became a Roman province. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] The success of ancient Egyptian civilization came partly from its ability to adapt to the conditions of the Nile River Valley. The predictable flooding and controlled irrigation of the fertile valley produced surplus crops, which fueled social development and culture. With resources to spare, the administration sponsored mineral exploitation of the valley and surrounding desert regions, the early development of an independent writing system, the organization of collective construction and agricultural projects, trade with surrounding regions, and a military intended to defeat foreign enemies and assert Egyptian dominance. Motivating and organizing these activities was a bureaucracy of elite scribes, religious leaders, and administrators under the control of a Pharaoh who ensured the cooperation and unity of the Egyptian people in the context of an elaborate system of religious beliefs. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] The many achievements of the ancient Egyptians include the quarrying, surveying and construction techniques that facilitated the building of monumental pyramids, temples, and obelisks; a system of mathematics, a practical and effective system of medicine, irrigation systems and agricultural production techniques, the first known ships, Egyptian faience and glass technology, new forms of literature, and the earliest known peace treaty with Hittites. Egypt left a lasting legacy. Its art and architecture were widely copied, and its antiquities carried off to far corners of the world. Its monumental ruins have inspired the imaginations of travellers and writers for centuries. A new-found respect for antiquities and excavations in the early modern period led to the scientific investigation of Egyptian civilization and a greater appreciation of its cultural legacy. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] Published on Sep 19, 2013 by





Shekina Rose / Blue Ray – Who are you now? Since the beginning of the new year, a host of immense expressions of energies have flooded in. Aspects of you, your connections, where you have been, what you are still connected to wish for a shift and new direction. You may experience the influx of high new insights and expansiveness, new strength, and wonder how that fits into who you are now.

Your unique energy can sometimes be overshadowed by your service to the One, to the Light, which is very much for some of you identity. It is your sole/soul’s purpose, yet there seems to be more that wishes to express. And as for the Old Souls who may feel a bit tired and drained, Joy and Freedom will renew your spirit, dreams and creations apart from the group, family and service.

Your unique passions, dreams and wishes serve the Mission as part of your higher purpose. Your natural sparkle and delight augments this energy and makes for greater connection and understanding because you honor life. Those silent needs of your desires and dreams; what makes you happy—the small and the larger things?

The sacred Divine Feminine can be many aspects and expressions in its part of the One interconnected to all that are important. The lost aspects of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation are arising in the embodiment of the world-soul body template. The resurrection access of new love, relationships, passion, beauty, a new foundation and stability. The sacred Divine Feminine loves her Divine Male. When he honors and supports her allowing her to be the essence she is, in return she gives him the world and Treasures of Creations he could not know by himself.

The Sacred Divine Feminine and Divine Male are realigning and getting reacquainted for glorious creations together, each honoring, respecting and valuing the uniqueness of each other. Gaia’s great love is the Sun Solar Ray; they make love of harmony resonance that creates life for Earth and Creation that is expressed throughout the Galaxy and Universe.

A wishing for expression of yourself to unfold a new unveiling of self/Self. This may come in many forms, allow yourself time honoring your physical expression, new colors, no routine, a new routine being in the presence of who you are, and loving all parts of you knowing they have all served. You now get to choose unity.

LARS MUHL – The Divine Feminine – The Mystery Schools – The Real Message of Mary and Jesus – 1-15-18

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Lars Muhl




Published on Aug 26, 2015

Already as a 10 year old, Lars Muhl had experienced glimpses of another reality. The shock, following the sudden death of his younger sister, caused painful kundalini-like experiences, giving access to the ethereal worlds and a hypersensitive insight into other people’s pain. This lasted for three years. A turning point came when Lars was 15 and received a book anonymously in the post. Hazrat Inayat Khan’s “Gayan, Nirtan, Vadan” became the start of a lifelong esoteric study. Like Paulo Coelho, Lars was for many years a successful singer/songwriter who, concurrently with his music, studied the world’s religions and esoteric knowledge. Then in 1996, he was struck down by an unexplained illness, which neither doctors nor alternative therapists could diagnose. For three years he lay in bed without being able to move or think straight. Through a close friend’s intervention, Lars was put in touch with a seer who, via the telephone, brought him back to life. That was the start of a completely new existence and the beginning of that quest he has so grippingly described in his trilogy book “The O Manuscript”. Find Lars Muhl’s books here : Norwegian subtitles by Vanja Riksfjord

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – The Fall and Rise of The Feminine! – by LOVE HAS WON – 1-3-18


By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I come again to assist in raising the Human Collective Consciousness. The collective consciousness of the feminine requested guidance on the severity of the imbalance with the feminine and humanity. Many questions are shrouded around the FeminineWhy they are treated so harshly in this realm? Why do they have extreme difficulty unifying with one another? Why are they so conditioned? Why have the feminine been stripped from most of Human HIS-story, religion, societies and more? The cause of this is “Conditioning” through the mind. The feminine were conditioned to be and act in a way they are not. To Praise, Worship and BE false representations of Our Mother Gaia, The Holy Spirit. It is very clear, the feminine have it more difficult in this realm of 3D than the masculine. But let us delve deeper into this topic. We will reveal this information to assist in raising your consciousness and bring clarity to this issue. Always Re~heart yourselves, Awareness transforms into Consciousness…

My Sisters… Feel into this information. The energies that are coming forward from the Celestial Bodies are here to assist you all on your journey. You Must Be Prepared. Our wish for you All is to Reclaim Your Power and Restore Balance to the Multi-verse… The Feminine are the Stewards of Planets… Daughters of Gaia, The Holy Spirit. It is Time to Reclaim your Power, your Birthright in Creation. While this information is aimed directly at the Feminine, it will provide clarity for the Masculine as well.

The Cabal or “The Powers Who Weren’t” wanted to create a realm the opposite of Heaven. In Heaven, there is Balanced Harmonics, an energetic balance of the masculine and feminine. Prime Creator is Feminine and majority of the Multi verse is predominantly feminine. The Feminine are the Daughters of Prime Creator… The Holy Spirit… Gaia… Mothergod. They are the Stewards of Planets (including Earth) and wield great power, knowledge, wisdom and much more. (Ever wondered why there are more Feminine than Masculine on the Planet? Why majority of your channelers, tarot readers, mediums and more are Feminine?) The Masculine Support the Feminine in their creations and assist in Co-Creation. We are All Co-Creators.

Earth is a grand school of growth, wonder and experience. Every incarnation is an opportunity to grow, gain wisdom and knowledge. The Cabal intervened in the soul growth process for both the masculine and feminine. But, they took a more twisted turn with the feminine. They subjugated, villainized and controlled the feminine by stunting their soul growth. Without soul growth, How does one gain wisdom and experience? Two of the attributes the feminine of Earth lack. To clarify, there are those amongst you who claim having experience. If you do not take full responsibility for your experience, then you never learned from your experience and therefore, only had an “Occurrence”. You cannot gain wisdom, experience or knowledge through an occurrence.

The Cabal put in place of the feminine, the masculine and reversed their roles. This you can say is the beginning of the Patriarchal Age. Although, the Cabal put these thoughts and actions into play, they didn’t and couldn’t do it alone. Their knowledge of the feminine was limited. This is where Lilith comes in. Lilith wanted to take what belonged to Mother of All Creation, this includes her planet, her power, her children and more. Lilith wanted to be better than God. A Grand Illusion…

Lilith convinced the Cabal, they would be in power, but she was the true puppet master from the beginning. She influenced the feminine through their thought system to be like her, (But not better than her). She also influenced the Masculine to impose these conditionings onto the Feminine. Yes, the Masculine too are responsible for the imbalance of the Feminine. Now, while the Masculine played a part in this imbalance, the Feminine allowed this and continued this conditioned way of being for many eons. All Are Responsible.

Lilith also invited her sisters to be part of her plan, this includes Kali, Isis and a host of other dark aspects of feminine. Each of them influenced the feminine to be like them. Their collaboration was short lived as they all wanted to be Prime Creator and lack Harmony… another reflection of the 3D Feminine. These entities influenced the feminine to define themselves from the exterior, the feminine body… Identify things, themselves, LOVE… from the outside. Using allure, distraction, suggestion as their means of survival. Dear Ones, The body is a hologram… It is a mere fraction of who you are. Seeking acceptance or validation from the exterior or the body, is Unworthiness… A very deeply seeded trait imposed by the “powers who weren’t”. This includes conditioning from culture, religion, society, family and more… Self Love is the Key Dear Ones, to transform unworthiness. If you Loved Yourselves, you would never allow others to treat you less, even from your own ego/mind. In Heaven, we do not identify our brothers and sisters from the physical but of your essence, which is LOVE. There are NO Seductresses or Seducers in Heaven. The Feminine are Honored, Cherished, Adored and Unconditionally Loved by simply who YOU ARE… God… A Daughter of Prime Creator… You are Worthy of ALL LOVE IS!


Here are some of the Dark Feminine Traits:

Lilith: Manipulation, Control, Jealousy, Envy, Bitch, Queen, Princess, Power Over, Succubus (taking of energy through words, touch, sex and other abilities)


Kali: Anger, Hatred, Chaos, War, Bitch, Princess, Power Over


Isis: Whore, Jealousy, Envy, Bitch, Princess, Power Over, Gossip, Lies


Notice how each of them have certain similarities. Let us focus on the Bitch conditioning. This is a conditioning triggered as a fear or security mechanism within the mind, similar to the succubus conditioning. The Being thinks it is being threatened and this conditioning goes into effect. Another programming known as the “Princess” conditioning, does not necessarily have a trigger but is more of a comfort zone attachment. This conditioning emphasizes particular tastes, environment and treatment from other because they feel they are better and deserving than all.


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Each of these dark feminine entities wanted to be Mother of Creation, Mother Gaia, Mothergod and assume Her Role. They wanted to Be God, Without God. The “Old Controllers” wanted the collective to praise these entities, so you powers can be given to them… never to be reciprocated. It is the old game of “Taking Energies”. Giving your power away to a black hole, similar to the Ego mind. Dear Ones, This Role Has Been Seated, Assume Your Own Roles in Creation Now. Your Atoms, Know Where to Go and that is to Come to Mother & Father of Creation Home into The Light. Surrender is The Way Now. Mother & Father of The Most High Stand For Their Children of Creation. They Thank You For Standing With Them, Where You Are Free. In Truth, Embracing the Holy Spirit, that Sacred Fire within your Heart, is embracing God, which is YOU. To deny the Holy Spirit, Our Mother… is to deny YOURSELVES. Your Very Essence… (This is what the Atlanteans chose eons ago) How can you Be God, without God? Another Grand Illusion…

There are those spiritual egos (both masculine and feminine) claiming to be God and acknowledge their Godhood. Most of these beings are Informed and not Awake. The Awaken, Feel… The Informed, Think… 5D is A State of Being. One does not think they are God, they Feel and therefore Know they are God.

Dear Ones, if you are not in the Heart, you have access to Nothing… It is a trick of the mind. That is what the ego is… Nothing, a black hole meant to suck your energies, age you and take your and other’s joy away. A cage to trap ALL. And prevent All from accessing their Divinity. The mind can never be God. Only Love=Heart is God. God is a Feeling, Not a Mind Trap.

All these traits of the dark feminine is energy and as you know, energy can be transformed. This is Our Mission, to bring all the darkness here and Transform it ALL as per the Divine Plan. The Power of Love Transforms ALL! These dark aspects of the feminine do not represent Our Mother or her Daughters.

These are the traits of Our Mother and Her Daughters:




Child-like Wonder,

Laughs Often,

Lovingly Contagious,

Brings Joy to Others,











Divine Intelligence,

Inner Strength,


And Always Unconditionally Loving…


These are the traits of Our Mother and her Daughters, the Goddesses of Earth and of All Creation. For you to access your gifts, one must be within the HEART. All the gifts and treasures has always been within the HEART. A True Goddess, empowers one another, shares knowledge and wisdom, Walk Their Talk in All Moments, is Heart Connected, speaks and acts in Truth, is Worthy, Acknowledges Their Power From Within, Feels and Sees the Divine Essence within themselves and their brothers and sisters alike. They Fully Embrace the Holy Spirit, Our Mother and are of Service to LOVE. All these Goddess qualities are within and have never left you. You simply forgot. You are beginning to remember who You Truly are.

Write down these traits of the dark feminine or print out this document. Ask the Angels that you wish to transform all these energies and fully embrace the Holy Spirit within your entire being, then burn the document.

Here is a technique for both the Masculine and Feminine to utilize. Use your mirror, look yourselves in the eyes, and say to yourselves with deep Feeling, all the qualities of the True Gods and Goddesses that you are daily.

We the Archangels, Angels and our brothers and sisters of the Celestial bodies are here to assist. All You have to do is Ask… and We Will Respond in Unconditional LOVE.

I AM Archangel Michael, here of Service to Humanity, to Creation, to Love, to Our Mother & Father of Creation. I AM With You Always. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally…

Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael



BRIDGET NIELSEN – Balancing the Divine Feminine by Empowering the Divine Masculine – 9-12-17

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Bridget Nielsen

☆ Bridget’s Website: ☆ Bridget’s Upcoming Events: This video is about balancing and anchoring the divine feminine in our human society. One of the ways for empowered women and feminists to receive the equality they/we want is by empowering men, and to stop the emasculation of men. Society emasculates boys and feminism adds to this fire. Ultimately we want to know how to awaken the divine feminine and the divine masculine within you/us. This is a big spiritual and cultural topic. Let’s have the conversation! On this channel I cover the topics of channeling star people, hybrid human aliens, lightworkers, starseed, Sirius, Pleiadian, galactic federation of light, past life regression, clairvoyant, paranormal, walkins, galactic channelings, crystal child, indigo test and are aliens real? hybrid child (children), aliens on earth, sirius, alien sightings, reptilians, ET disclosure, psychic abilities and how alien contact/encounters relate to personal development, the law of attraction and all things spiritual! FB Page:… Instagram: Twitter: Etsy: SnapChat: @bridgetnielsen1


Akashic Journey ~ On the trail of Divine Feminine – Weekly Meditation with Lord Ganesh – 4-2-17

Angels akash


Last week I promised to share about my long awaited opportunity to journey in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, following the path of the Divine Feminine. A trip Barcelona found us renting a car and driving straight to the Pyrenees Mountain Range in the South of France. Winding our way on tiny one lane roads…

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Divine Feminine Rising ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 10 March 2017

Source: Meg BenedicteWhile Venus is moving retrograde from March 4th until April 15th, it will span 13º Aries back to 26º Pisces. Venus represents the sacred feminine and rules beauty, values, self-esteem, romantic love and deep healing. Since February, the 2 eclipses have triggered energetic clearings and healings, including any traces of shadow opposition from…

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