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Lioraharmonics·85 videos Liora Spiritual teacher speaking about the vibrational frequency of the Sacred Twin Flame Reunion
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♥~The Sacred Twin Flame Reunion embodies a frequency throughout the spiritual, emotional, physical, etheric, and mental body of a balanced physical human vessel of pure divine unconditional love, fully aligned with the I AM presence~ The Soul.
In that vibrational awareness there is only a h…eightened sense of beauty, joy, love, wonder, ecstasy and bliss. This is experienced in each individual Twin Flame. In this frequency embodiment, of awareness/consciousness, there is a vibrational entrainment of neutrality, creating a mirrored experience of faith and trust, love and peace, contentment and joy. There is no egoic reactions, they do not exist in this consciousness.
The belief is in a knowing~ The Beloved is YOU~. YOUR Beauty~. YOUR magnificence~ . Your total unconditional acceptance and love, knowing and sharing the Divine Perfection of all.
The Beloved is a Gift ~ as YOU are the Gift ~ The Beloved is the Treasure~ as YOU are the Treasure. To love and embrace The Beloved is to love and embrace YOU.
The Heart is so open and expansive. All who come in contact, with this vibrational energetic field of pure Divine Love, are entrained into such an exquisite Divine Heart upliftment of the Soul.
This is the true beginning of a New Earth. A Golden Era of Unity Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness of the individual TWIN FLAME HEART.♥~ Words by Liora~copyright 2011
The Teachings of the Twin Flame Sacred Keys

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