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Emmanuelpeaceofficial1Emmanuel Dagher


Dear friend,

I’m excited to reconnect with you again. Sharing in this space, where we get to honor each other in this way, is one of the things I cherish most, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

I am also grateful for all the heartfelt messages I receive from you, sharing your own personal journey of how you came to be the miraculous person you are today. It reminds me that we are truly all in this together.

There’s a lot for us to catch up on in this Energy Forecast, so let’s get right to it.

The Gap Narrows

In the past few weeks, a resurgence of light frequency from the celestial skies has been pouring into every single corner of the planet. This light has also been pouring into our biomagnetic sheath (auric field), body, and mind.

For a while, it appeared as though the two worlds (the world of Unity/Oneness and the world of fear/lack that have operated in the context of duality) were headed in completely different directions, creating a large gap between them.

This was creating a kind of anxiety and sadness in many sensitives and empaths who felt as though they had to leave behind many of the people, places, and things they had grown to care for, and formed bonds and connections with.

A few months ago, many of us even went through a deep cleansing and grieving period, as a result of releasing many of the people, places, and experiences still choosing to operate in a world of fear and lack.

Well, the recent resurgence of light that has been pouring into our planet is a direct answer to the yearning of many wayshowers’ prayers, to not have to leave behind the people and things that may not have chosen yet to awaken to their greatest Self.

The reason we as empaths have a kind of yearning to remain connected to the people and things that may not be fully awakened to their greatest Self, is that at our core … we have a resilient faith that they eventually will.

It’s that part of us that just doesn’t give up on anyone or anything, even if the world around that person seems like it has.

Our Divine Will has summoned a narrowing of the gap, so that no one and nothing gets left behind.

I know that at first, that sounds like a tall order. However, the amount of light pouring in at this time is a clear confirmation that it is happening.

It’s easy for any group of people who gather in community to deem themselves as more enlightened than any other group. But we’ve seen every attempt at that model fail, because it is very much based in judgment.

What if no person, place, or thing was better or worse than any other? What if we were able to embrace our seeming differences, and accept that we’re all on this journey together?

What kind of reality do you think we would manifest?

The rational mind usually goes to a thought such as, “That kind of world is just wishful thinking.” That is just the mind’s way of creating a protective barrier for itself, as a result of past experiences that the mind may have found disappointing.

Meanwhile, the Spirit within each of us knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that a world where we all embrace our seeming differences and accept one another fully is possible in this realm of existence.

That’s actually why each and every one of us chose to come in at this time, because on some deep level we knew we could make it happen. And . . . we are!

I’d like to offer you a daily prayer/intention that has helped me tremendously in letting go of the judgments the mind sometimes likes to create out of self-protection:

‘Dear Spirit, I ask that I see beyond my story, and the stories of others, and into the truth of who they and I really am. I ask to see, hear, and feel myself and others through the eyes, ears, and heart of the Divine One Spirit of All that Is. I choose for this to be easy and graceful for my mind, body, and emotions. With profound gratitude, I say … And so it is!”

Try adding this prayer/intention or something similar to your morning daily practice for the next 28 days, and notice the shifts that begin showing up for you.

You may find yourself feeling more loving, tolerant, and compassionate. You may also notice many doors that once seemed closed to you, now open up completely.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience!

Simple prayers and affirmations like this will help to narrow the gap between the world of unity/love and the world of fear/lack, so that all that is left is a world of love. That’s how powerful we are.

The Crystals Speak

Like most on a mindful spiritual path, I have always had an affinity with crystals and minerals. I often use them in my healing practice, and during my personal meditations. I remember as a child being captivated by their beauty and energy.

With the resurgence of light pouring into our planet, just as we are being affected by it, so is every living, breathing thing on the planet. This includes our friends in the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and yes, mineral kingdom!

Many colleagues, clients, and friends I’ve been working with have noticed that their crystals are vibrating in ways they never have before. Many of them couldn’t even feel the subtle energies of crystals and minerals before, and are now feeling them without question. So one morning I decided to bring my crystals out and meditate with them to see if they felt any different from how they had before.

To my amazement, I did notice a big difference. As an intuitive and an energy worker, I’m already quite sensitive to crystals and minerals, but there has definitely been an expansive shift. The most accurate way I can describe it for me was that new life has been breathed into the crystals and minerals. It’s quite awesome!

I’ve noticed that when I use them during meditations and healing sessions, they are generating even greater and more remarkable results.

The crystals I have been working with lately are tektites such as selenite and moldavite, as well as aquamarine, Lemurian Seed crystals, citrine, and phenacite. I’d love to hear from you about which crystals you are most resonating with right now.

To check in with your crystals to see if they are shifting, place one crystal at a time in your left hand (the receiving hand) and let your hand rest comfortably on your lap, while sitting with eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths, and notice if you feel a vibration or energy move from your hand into a certain part of your body.

From this relaxed state, mentally ask the crystal to share any wisdom, message, or healing it has to offer you. You may be surprised with the guidance and support you receive!

Isn’t it amazing how everything on our planet, even the rocks, are alive?!

Now, more than ever, everything in our natural environment is available to support and guide us back to our most Divine Selves.

If you haven’t connected with crystals, minerals, and nature in general for a while, now is an excellent time to do so. It’s amazing how life gifts us with the most spectacular tools to help us awaken our body, mind, and Spirit.

The month of June will feel quite busy, so giving ourselves permission to pace ourselves, and to take it one day a time, will serve us tremendously.

Making sure we are well hydrated and that we’re getting plenty of rest will also help us to quickly integrate the current waves of light pouring into our world.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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Dana Mrkich – 2015 Energy Report – 1-9-15

Dana Mrkich

This is by far the most complex energy report I have written in the 8 years of writing them. In previous years it has been much easier to tune in to our overall collective energy. The wave of ‘awake souls’ were all going through similar processes, the ‘old reality society’ was trucking along relatively predictably, while the elite was trying to hold onto its power structure wherever it felt vulnerable.

Now however when sitting down to write this, instead of feeling the energy of very distinct groups, I get the vision of billions of ants on a timeline along with the corresponding billions of vibrations! Some are moving forward with purpose, carrying supplies on their backs, very clear on what they need to do next. Others are stuck in a traffic jam, not able to go back, but not yet knowing quite how to move forward or in some cases it is simply not yet time. Some are moving back and forth between realities, spending time in the new, dropping back into the old, then recharging in the new again.

Others are reclining in a hammock over the bridge (will talk about the bridge later on in this report), feeling retired from worker bee/light ‘worker’ life, ready for what their new retirement phase brings them. Much like the life of any worker, the retirement phase for many of you in this category will be busier in a good way if you want that, more restful and flowing, more fun and fulfilling than your preceding years.

With time being what it is these days (accelerated and increasingly irrelevant), you may find yourself resonating with one of the above groups one minute, and then thrust into another the next. As I always say, our evolutionary journey is a spiral not a straight line. This concept seems to be on fast forward right now. So your pathway may feel more like a dizzy rollercoaster as you go higher and deeper, higher and deeper, faster and faster!

That said – see, it’s a complex and contradictory report! – it is getting easier to cruise along in neutral, feeling centred, taking a philosophical approach to whatever is going on around us and within us. It is emotionally exhausting to flip from high high’s to low low’s constantly, and so I highly encourage you to shift to your centre as often as possible, especially when it all feels a bit much.
You can do this by:

  • Focusing on your breath, deeply inhaling and exhaling
  • Spending a few minutes in meditation, just closing your eyes and letting thoughts go
  • Consciously moving up the scale of emotions along the lines of the Abraham Hicks teachings.That is, if you feel angry, change your focus to ask yourself what is it you are so passionate about that is triggering you? If you feel yourself focusing on what you are lacking, think of something in your life that you appreciate. With energetic and emotional sensitivity at an all-time high, and increasing daily, you will feel your current vibrational GPS location more acutely.When you are thinking and acting in alignment with your heart and soul, you will feel greater clarity, increased calm, more joy, deeper appreciation and gratitude – regardless of external circumstances. Life takes on a magical feel, with synchronicities and responses to your divine requests happening rapidly. Even in the moments where you feel sad, when aligned you will also feel the immense presence of love within you and all around you, supporting you forward.

When your thoughts and actions are going against the grain of your heart and soul, instead of feeling love amidst any sadness, you tend to more feel the unbearable separation of loss. Any heart heaviness feels extra suffocating. The body tenses up, adrenals go into overdrive, physical health issues manifest and stress levels skyrocket.

Our acute sensitivity is one reason why many people are finding these times extremely difficult on a physical body and emotional level. Once upon a time we could get away with thinking sabotaging thoughts. Well, on a soul level we weren’t really getting away with anything, but physically and emotionally our thoughts didn’t catch up with us at the speed with which they are now. We could (kind of) get away with a job or relationship that wasn’t right for us. Now, we no longer have that indulgence.

Our evolutionary impulse is to grow. We are all like beacons set to a timer that has gone off, alerting our energy that it is grow time. Anything not in alignment with who we really are, will come up for transformation or release, you can count on it. It used to come up in a subtle way, and the process once upon a time took years (lifetimes even). Now, it is direct, in your face, and when we insist on not paying attention or ignoring the signs to evolve, the process will be downright painful because sometimes that is the only thing that will get our attention!

Many of you have released and released until it feels there can surely be nothing left. And when it comes to the past, yes you may have released the bulk of it in which case congratulations! You may even have graduated from the Karmic wheel, woohoo! Yet, our souls are calling for nothing less than absolute impeccability, authenticity and integrity in this new cycle. Our souls are calling now for the embodiment, in the physical, of our highest truth, knowing and consciousness. How are your thoughts in each moment of every day? How are your actions? Are you following through with your soul’s inner nudges when it comes to your daily goings on? These days, when you are in alignment with your soul nothing feels better. And these days, when you are out of alignment nothing feels worse.

The good thing about these new energies is: it is easier to be in alignment than out of it. Good feelings and thoughts are natural to our soul, and the more access we have to this higher frequency energy that is now available to us in this new cycle, the more naturally we gravitate to BEING who we really are. Look at the responses to recent events like the Sydney Lindt Café hostage situation*, and the Paris cartoonists murders*.


In the wake of each of these events, it created a grassroots uprising of positive intention with the respective #illridewithyou and #jesuischarlie tags. Where years ago the primary response would have been anger, as well as fear, the primary responses with these events have been a desire for unity, connection and peace. What a telling confirmation of where the mainstream collective is at now, compared to five or ten years ago.

*Yes I know that much of what we are seeing now are false flag events orchestrated by TPTB. There is plenty of info out there if you want to read about things from that angle in more detail. While I provide social commentary on certain events and issues as I am passionate about the truth coming out, my primary job is to focus on things from an energetic perspective. It is what most naturally flows through me when I write. I welcome comments and discussion however if you have information to share as people can only benefit from having access to all the angles involved at this critical time.

Evolutionary Cycle Overview

We have emerged from a very challenging yet deeply consciousness-expanding two year period, with 2013-14 feeling to have been a transition point between two major transitional periods.


Evolutionary cycles are cycles within cycles within cycles, each marking significant transformational and turning points for planets, for life, for growth, for the Energy Collective of which we are all a part. One of the most recent cycles within a cycle was the 25 year period starting from Harmonic Convergence 16-17 August 1987, through to 21 December 2012.

Multiple wisdom traditions and prophecies including the Tibetan Kalachakra, the Mayan and Aztec Calendars, and the Cherokee Calendar Wheel, all calculated periods of time that converged on 16-17 August 1987.

All spoke of a 25 year period from that date, seen as a Purification, Transitional or Crossroads Time between ‘Worlds’, culminating at the end of 2012. They all used their own words and language, yet all foresaw a new ‘world’ emerging after this time.

Take a moment to think about the profoundness of this for a moment. Different people from different cultures from different time periods, were all pointing to the same period of time hundreds, in some cases thousands of years into their future. All of them shared a similar message about what this time would mean for Earth and all beings living on her.

A Mayan elder explained to us that ‘new world’ in the context of the prophecies refers to ‘new cycle’. Cycles and transitional times generally don’t start or end with a bang, (although there are many collectively-generated global/community meditations and events created to honour these important dates) – and if we look for naturally occurring monumental events on those specific days as proof that a new cycle has started or finished, we will likely be disappointed. The dates mark gateways and doorways, ushering in new energies and opportunities, leaving behind the old.

We are living in the midst of the great shift right now, and we don’t often realise how profoundly reality is changing when we are in the middle of change. It is only in hindsight that we say “Oh wow, look at how everything has changed!”

More people are awake now seeking to remember who they are and live how they came here to live. More like-minds are gathering online and in the streets, dismantling the old and standing up for truth, peace, equality and fairness. This is creating momentum, and we are creating a new reality here on Earth for future generations.

This is not to say that a monumental event won’t happen at some point. Too many of us can feel something big up ahead for it not to happen. However, no-one can say what it is for sure, and no-one can give a date.

I think the biggest global perspective shift will come when we know we are not alone in this universe. While that perspective shift has happened already for millions around the world, there is still this inner knowing that the ‘big thing’ we all came here to be a part of hasn’t quite unfolded yet.

We don’t need to wait for any big event in order to create change – we can view it as an added bonus that may come along to give us a big powerful booster shot of evolutionary assistance. In the meantime we are continually receiving plenty of mini booster shots in the form of solar flares, incoming high frequency energy and astrological formations which I and other writers cover regularly.


The  time of 16-17 August 1987 through to 21 December 2012, marked a period of time during which many ‘First Wave’ and ‘Second Wave’ starseeds/souls (as named by Dolores Cannon among others) experienced their awakening, and/or remembered ‘Phase 1’ of their purpose which for many has predominantly been about:

  • Helping awaken as many as possible ‘by a certain time’
  • Assisting people to get over the bridge ‘by a certain time’

(Many of us received the above inner knowings, even before consciously realising what the bridge was, where it was going to or from, or when the ‘certain time’ actually was!)

  • Raising the vibration here, whether simply by your presence and natural day to day energetic offering, or by being actively called into a healing/service-oriented role
  • Grounding the incoming high frequency energy that was coming in increasing amounts during this 25 year time period. Acting kind of like receiving rods for the light
  • Helping others understand what was going on when it started to become obvious ‘something ’ was going on.

During this time period, many ‘Third Wave’ starseeds/souls were able to be born, ready to step into leadership roles for our emerging New World. They have arrived knowing who they are, and quite rightly, will not take direction from an outdated system. They are here to show us a new way of living and being, and have come armed with practical knowledge, skills and talents.

The end of 2012 came and went without a bang, leaving many feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Yet around us personally and globally the signs were everywhere that things were shifting, and that people were awakening. From the higher perspective, things were and are on track. From a human perspective, it felt like things couldn’t have been going more slowly!


The past two years feel a lot easier to understand from the perspective of Now, with 2015 ushering in a completely new energy.

For those who had the set mission to ‘get as many people as possible over the bridge’ it feels like we now have greater access to the other side of that bridge and you may find yourself wanting to spend more time on this side, as opposed to hanging out bridge side.

For some, hanging out on the bridge is no longer an option. Being connected to the bridge as we were, we were able to tap into dual realities: the denser 3D and the higher 5D. Initially this was okay, however the more that time went on, the harder it was to maintain that connection with the denser reality. Our bodies increasingly reacted with physical symptoms whenever we veered too much into old reality paradigms, thoughts and actions. Yet, it wasn’t yet time to completely let go and jump with all our bodies into a new paradigm.

2013-14 was a strange in limbo void time in many ways, for many of us in the above category. Our old contracts were over, expiring at the end of 2012. However our new paths were not fully ready yet. It was kind of like having our nose pressed up against the glass of the new reality, while behind us the bridge’s conveyor belt kept moving, bunching up a multitude of old issues that we thought had long ago ceased to be relevant for us.

I wrote about the process of being ‘squeezified and juicified’ a year ago. This is how this time has felt, refining us and refining us, clearing out any last remnants of old ways of being prior to our shift into a new phase. You may have felt yourself regressing with issues from 10-15 years ago, or that corresponded to a time during or prior to your initial awakening.

The message coming through is that during the 1987-2012 cycle, once we had dealt with many of our personal issues, we were allowed to spend the remainder of that cycle primarily helping others. So for many years up until 2012 you may have felt “Woohoo, I’ve graduated, my job is just now to help others and wait for the new reality to roll along!”

However what happened is post 2012 we ended up in this strange ‘transition’ time, where the expiring old reality was bumping up against the emerging new one – with us feeling a tad squashed in between. As we bunkered down among the folds of time squashing up around us, we were confronted by remnants of every issue we had ever had. As hard as this was to endure, it ensured that once we finally popped out the other side – as we have now – we would emerge as clean and clear as possible without old baggage.


For some people, the energy of 2015 feels like we are being shot like rockets into completely new territory, moving further in just a few days than it feels we have moved in the past two years!
For those who have felt their noses nudged up against the glass wall of a new reality, something most definitely changed when we stepped across into January 1 2015. It feels like suddenly we have greater access to a new field.

Picture a gigantic meadow that we can’t see the end of. Potential is limitless here, our connection to our higher consciousness is greater and more clear here. We feel lighter here. It is really hard to think old thoughts here. It feels foreign to judge people here. Old issues feel like they are irrelevant here. Old and new dreams suddenly feel more possible here. Connections and synchronicities happen more frequently here. Manifesting with your thoughts and energy is the norm here.

If you are yet to experience this new field, you will soon. It is here and available. It is not so much what we need to do to open up to it, it is more that we need to stop doing what we do that closes us off from it! Old negative thoughts, worries and doubts take us out of our centre and eject us from this higher vibration. Focusing on your breath, focusing on what you appreciate and doing what you love with those you love gets your mind out of the way, helping you to ‘let in’ this field that is already all around you and within you.

Where delays and procrastination have seemed the name of the game for all too long, the last few days of 2014 had a strong ‘hurry up and clean house’ energy on every level. I found myself re-organising rooms, putting things in storage, and cleaning like crazy! Others have reported feeling the need to shed and let go of old attachments and other manifestations of old energy once and for all in those last days.

Now, on one hand this is normal for the lead up to NYE. What felt different however was the push behind the releasing, and that was this massively increased READINESS for the new. Actually, readiness aside, it is more like a timer went off and after some years of feeling a kind of in limbo energy we were all told that it was finally GREEN GO TIME!

As we know, clearing out the old – whether physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically – creates space for the new, and sure enough with January 1 came new clarity, new energy, and a new forward momentum around who we really are, what we came here to do, and what we want to create at this time in our lives. This has come by way of intuitive nudges, clear visions, external messages, and inspired action steps that are piece by piece guiding the way forward. This push forward will continue all year, and if it hasn’t started yet for you then say: “I am ready to move forward, show me the way.”
‘Push’ feels like the wrong word to use, because the experience feels much more organic and flowing than the masculine-style of ‘push’ we are used to. We are being pushed along as a river pushes along a leaf, being taken to where we need to go, and encountering synchronicities when we need them. Our guidance will come from the heart, and we will feel compelled to live with authenticity and integrity to a greater degree than ever before.

The thing with this year though is we have to actually step forward. We need to take action when guided. We need to follow through when we get that strong feeling to start doing this, or stop doing that. It is time to show up for our selves, for our dreams, and for the reality we are here to create.
The clarity we are receiving isn’t coming in the form of a detailed manual explaining your purpose It is coming by way of those inner nudges and external reminders that are repeating strong messages to us on a daily basis.

Some of you feel more crappy than happy in this New Year. I want to talk about that because when one is feeling low, happiness and all this talk about ‘forward momentum’ can make you feel even lower, isolated and questioning what is ‘wrong’ with you.

It takes a lot of courage to feel ones feelings, and to express them. Nothing is wrong with having feelings, no matter what they are. Feelings are messengers. We can talk to them, and receive guidance from them. Journal with Doubting Dave, Sad Sarah, or Unmotivated Uma. You will surprise yourself with what comes through.

Many sensitive, awake people are so attuned on an inner level to energy that it is easy to feel down more than up at times. Feelings are felt more acutely – not just ours, but those of the collective. We are also finely tuned to what our reality on a higher dimension is like, and so anything involving a lower density – fears, doubts, worries, feeling not good enough etc – is absolutely suffocating.


Especially now. Especially as we enter more and more higher vibrational energy here on Earth.

Remember the downs will feel denser and denser, while the ups will feel lighter and lighter. I am not one to discount anyone’s feelings, you are entitled to feel what you feel.


However, be discerning and know that our soul priority right now is on our alignment. Our soul’s natural energy is of a higher, not lower, vibration, and so this tells us that our natural tendency is to feel good rather than not. If you are feeling not good more than good, pay attention to what is going on within you or around you.

Think of it this way: we are allergic now to that which is toxic for us. This means we are being called to change many of our lifestyle habits from what we view on television, what we browse online, what we eat and drink, who we associate with, and what we do with our days. We are similarly allergic to old thought patterns. They can literally make us sick – emotionally and physically.

Are you genuinely needing to feel/express a lower vibrational emotion? If so, try to find a healthy outlet for it. Journal. Artwork it out. See a healing practitioner if it is ongoing/regular. Or are you stuck in an emotional habit, feeling the energy of the collective, or feeling someone’s energy you picked up at work or at the store that day? It sounds like a cliche, but I highly recommend starting either a daily Happiness Jar or Gratitude Journal. It gets you on the ‘upswing’ at least once every 24 hours, rather than sinking in the down.

Just know everyone has their moments, and I try to honestly share about the downs as well as the ups yet I will keep on urging you – as I am urged by upstairs – to keep your vibrations high this year. We have not had a year like this yet. We have access to a new frequency, and it feels like this is just the beginning of what is a very, very wide field of new consciousness. Manifesting will happen faster so again, it is imperative that you pay attention to your thoughts!

We will see more false flag events as the old elite attempt to keep us dumbed-down, distracted and in fear, yet the heartening thing is: it isn’t working. People are waking up, they are seeing information online or having it come to them, hearts are opening and the masses aren’t quite so quick to believe something just because it comes from the media or government – actually it’s quite the opposite!

The truth is being revealed and while they are doing all they can to keep covering it, a momentum among humanity is rocking and rolling. PLEASE keep focusing on that. Continue to have hope and faith in your brothers and sisters on this planet that those who are yet to awaken will, and that those who are awake are doing all they can – even simply by our presence and awareness as a minimum – to ensure humanity live with freedom and empowerment, as every being is entitled to by divine law. We did not come here this time to have this story repeat itself for another cycle!

On a quick numerological note, 2015 sees us enter a Number 8 year. Interestingly enough, the Chinese Year of the Goat/Ram/Sheep starting Feb 19 is also associated with the number 8, being the 8th sign in the Chinese wheel.

An 8 year is associated with prosperity, success, power and good fortune. Yet it comes with the caveat: be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! If we have learned anything from the past it is this: power used without consciousness can result in destruction. We have also learned that consciousness without action can feel physically frustrating. Now is the time for us to combine our consciousness with action, and our action with consciousness.

It is time to get clear with ourselves as to what defines wealth and success for us personally? It used to be that people would instantly think of material things, and there is nothing wrong with the material, but ensure that you build any physical wealth on a foundation that is emotionally and spiritually wealthy and healthy for you. Ensure your true soul priorities are met – vibrant health, a happy family and/or great friends, a loving relationship, a peaceful society…..add to the list!


Keep on trucking this year, we are all in this together!
Love Dana x


(c) Dana Mrkich 2015 – http://danamrkich.blogspot.com/2015/01/2015-energy-report.html

Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast January 2015 – Year of Abundance

Photo - EmmanuelEmmanuel Dagher

My Beautiful Friend,

What a joy it is for me to enter the sparkling energies of a brand new year with you!

Before we dive into the energies the year 2015 has in store for us, I’d like to answer a question that people have asked me since I began these forecasts back in 2009.

The question usually goes something like, “How do you tap into the energies of what’s going on, and where does it come from?”

The answer to the first part of this question has always been simple: mindfulness.

Everything becomes crystal clear when we choose to lead a life of mindfulness, paying attention to our internal and external environments.

Mindful Living: Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

The key to living a mindful life is to use our daily life to be of service to the greater whole, rather than leading a life that is so self-involved that we are unable to move beyond the limiting stories we’ve created for ourselves.

Personal development, where one commits to pursuing the inner healing necessary to live a happy, more fulfilling life, is not to be mistaken with being self-involved.

In fact, when we dedicate our lives to empowering and healing ourselves, we are empowering and healing the world. It’s when we become so involved and reactive with the stories we are creating for ourselves, that we lose sight of what’s really happening around us.

Each and every day, with my little notebook in hand, I write down the common themes I see, feel, and witness in my environment, in my friends/clients lives, and with what’s going on globally.

Soon after, I start to notice specific themes that keep coming up over and over around the same time. This usually provides me with a confirmation that something is up, and that it’s time to check in with what’s going on through the language of energy.

To answer the second part of the question (“Where does it come from?”), before every forecast, I meditate (to move out of the mind and into the heart) and relax into the frequency of pure, unconditional, neutral love.

Of course, there are other factors that allow this process to be even easier, including eating a nutrient-rich, healthy, clean diet daily.

Once the mind is clear and the heart is open, the forecast begins to write itself.

The Energies of 2015

As I connect with the energy of 2015, I instantly sense a big sigh of relief for humanity. It’s like we can all breathe again.

Humanity has been on a long and winding road to get to this point in time. The road has been bumpy and challenging, which is probably an understatement for many. But something deep within us never allowed us to give up.

The potential for 2015 is infinite, and the two words that keep coming up over and over again are Abundance and Love.

The Year of Abundance

When we allow ourselves to truly see it, the energy of abundance is all around us. It’s in our cells, in Nature, and beyond.

So how can we tap into this abundance in a more intentional way, so that we can see it bloom and materialize in areas of our lives that we may not have been allowing it to do so, including our finances?

To create greater abundance in all areas of our lives, it’s important to understand what abundance really means for the majority of us. At the core, abundance is simply a means to freedom.

So, to create greater abundance, we must give ourselves full permission to be free.

Now, this can be a bit of a process for the mind, because it has conditioned itself to find safety and comfort in smaller, structured ways of being.

So although our Spirit have and will always be free, the mind may not be comfortable embracing the vastness that comes with this freedom. The key is to gently teach and retrain the mind to find comfort in the freedom that resides within our core, so it can begin to open up and flow with life, instead of resisting it.

When we find ways to affirm that the mind is not losing anything by embracing our free self – but in fact gaining everything – then we can create the kind of abundant reality our Spirit desires for us to experience.

As we enter the New Year, let’s reflect on whether or not we are allowing ourselves to be free in all ways.

Are we allowing ourselves to shine brightly? Are we speaking our truth fully? Are we embracing and sharing all of our gifts, talents, and presence with the world the way we truly desire?

Are we taking time to love, pamper, and nurture ourselves and others often? Are we expressing heart-felt gratitude for our blessings?

If we answered yes to these questions, then we are most likely experiencing a great freedom and abundance in our lives. If for any reason we are feeling stuck or are still experiencing lack in some way, that is simply feedback, letting us know that one or several areas of our lives may need a bit of fine-tuning.

Intention for 2015 and Beyond

If we aren’t feeling as free and abundant as we’d like, we can turn it around right this minute through the power of intention.

We can proclaim:

“From this moment on, I give myself full permission to embrace, recognize, and receive the infinite freedom and abundance that reside within and all around me. This all occurs quickly, with ease, grace, and joy. And so it is!”

Sacred Unions

Earlier, I mentioned that the other word that kept coming up for the year 2015 was Love.

The kind of love I’m seeing unfold first and foremost is a reverent and intimate kind of love for ourselves. Once this self-love is anchored and practiced, it will then begin to call in a sacred and intimate union with a soul partner whose vibration is aligned with ours.

It’s important to note that when our love for ourselves is full, the love we experience towards others no longer has complications, drama, and pain around it.

It is pure, easy, joyous, flexible, and fun. If it doesn’t feel to be in alignment with these energies, it’s not true love.

If for any reason you are experiencing a love with a partner that has been quite challenging, know that you are either being prepared to experience a much greater love with this person (once the lessons are learned) or preparing to align with a new soul partner who will give you the opportunity to experience a much greater love.

Either way, be gentle with yourself and your partner, and know that all is in Divine order.

When the time is right, your soul partner or twin flame will appear on your path in the perfect time and way, and you will be ready to receive him or her into your life with gratitude and joy.

It’s time to breathe, open our arms up wide with palms facing up to the sky, and say “YES!” out loud to the abundance and love this New Year is drenched with.

We are all in this together,

Miraculously yours,


“Energy Forecast January 2015 – The Year of Abundance,” by Emmanuel Dagher, January 6, 2015, at http://www.emmanueldagher.com/energy-forecast

Source Link: Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast

©2009-2015 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved http://www.emmanueldagher.com You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.


Gaia Portal – Productivities in New Gaia Paradigm have lost all meaning – 12-23-14



Productivities in New Gaia Paradigm

have lost all meaning.

Relevance to schematics is high.

All recollections from past intentions are null.

Statisticians come to the fore

as Nova Energetics come forth.

Primaries are enabled.

Alternatives have dissolved.

Processes are finished.



Aisha North, Constant Compantions – Welcome to the Solstice Gathering around the Pond – Sunday, Dec.21

aishanorthAisha North  –  Constant Compantions

Dear family of light! We are approaching a pivotal point of the year, and the CCs have asked us to have a special Solstice Gathering around the Pond this Sunday at 21:00 Oslo time. Here is what the CCs wanted to share about it:

“And so it is that we ask you once again to come together to pool your resources the way that only you can do, and this time it is indeed for a very special occasion. For this time, we ask you all to come together to mark the turning point that is approaching, and no, we are not simply referring to the one that concerns your planet’s movement around the Sun, we are also referring to something far, far vaster than this. For this time, you will all get the chance to be a part of something that is not simply another twice yearly astronomical occurrence, for this time, it is all about adding your weight – or light – to this already tipping scale, in a way that will ensure another quickening of the process.

Let us explain. We know by now that it has not escaped anyone’s attention that these last few weeks have had more than the usual energetical adjustments, and rightly so. For this year has been all about shifting not simply into a new level, but also about making sure that you all get perfectly poised to literally dive fully into the New. And we are not just referring to 01.01.15, for this is something that does not adhere to any specific date as such. For this time, you are all already fully immersed in this huge turnaround that will reach its climax in the very near future, and so, it is not by accident that we call upon you to perform this extra get-together at this unusual time. For these are indeed unusual circumstances, and once again what you are about to take part in, is something that will go above and beyond what any one of you have taken part in before.

Yes, we speak in familiar words and phrases, but again, you are true pioneers in every sense of the word. So as you continue the preparations that this extra special get-together brings with it, know that you will all be literally accompanied all the way to the door, or rather, threshold. For every step you take now, is one that carries a lot of extra weight, and even if your days may seem to be filled with just trivia, or you might even feel as if disconnected from anything that might carry the label energetic activity, know that this is not the case. For this time, the preparations started early, and so, you are all already very much an active participant in this upcoming Gathering, whether you decide to take the time to sit down and connect at the stipulated hour or not. For remember, this is in every way a multi faceted event that carries through a multitude of timelines, and as such, it has already come to pass, and so, what you will do now, will in many ways be like adding that final stamp of approval to it. In other words, fear not that any of you will miss out on anything whether you choose to take an “active part” in this or not, for your higher self has already chosen the role you will embody. And know too that whatever it is, it will once again be a role that carries much significance, no matter how small or how immense the imprints of these events will register as they unfold. For you are all indispensable cogs in this huge and complex construction that has already served to sever this entire planet from the old anchors of fear and despair, and the forward momentum you have allowed the collective to acquire by your former actions will now once again be speeded up exponentially.

For this is all about energetics of course, and just like when the Sun shines through a lens, the focal point will increase the potency of the light immensely, and once again, this will be your role. For you will act as a fulcrum, one that will serve to intensify the impact of the incoming light to such a degree, it will become almost blinding in its intensity. This may sound like a negative trait, but it is not, it is more akin to a soaring pillar of light that will serve to cauterize any lingering traces of the “old density infections” if we may use such words. Not just in you, but also in a sufficient number of resident souls so that you once again ensure that critical mass will be assured.

And so, we ask you all to take some time before this upcoming event to sit with yourself for a while, so you can have a chance to listen in to that inner conversation that is already taking place. For you are all already busy taking on the forerunners of this energetic mass movement, and as such, the outer distractions will as usual also mount accordingly. As they say, for every action there is a reaction, so too this time, as will be amply demonstrated to those having the urge to take a look at the outside world. In other words, the incoming light is already busy at work and buttons are being pushed left, right and center in all those still resisting the chance to step fully into the light. Just remember that any external noise is once again a testament to the activation already taking place, so make sure that you do not get waylaid by any of these attempts at outside intervention. Rather, take extra care to step away from the hubbub, for at this time of year, it is apt to reach fever pitch any way because the approaching holiday season.

For now, your role as an enlightened being will once again be taken to a level that will make you all in some way notice the increased intensity, but at the same time, it will also bring with it a level of joy that far surpasses anything that you may associate even with this time of the year. For this year, Christmas will come early, but it will do so in a way that is more linked to the esoteric impact of it, and not the commercial denotation it has acquired over the years. In other words, this upcoming period will be designated as a period of enlightenment in a way that have not been witnessed before, at least, not on a mass scale. For now, you will all have your share of the more than generous gifts of light that will bestowed upon All, and thanks to you, these gifts will also be distributed in such a way, the effects of them will continue to multiply in a rippling effect that can only be likened to a tsunami of love of the most wondrous kind. So again we say a heartfelt thank you to every single one of you. For you are more than magnificent, and the work you do is something that is truly invaluable, not just to the inhabitants of this planet, but to All of creation. So know that the time for celebration is coming close, and it is doing so at top speed, so there will be many a jubilant choir breaking into joy-filled thanksgivings in the very near future, and your contribution to all of this will literally make thousands of spirits soar even higher.”


Bilde2792 kopi


I thank you all for “adding your weight” to this special event. Together we have already made so much change happen, but now, we will help to make that change go even deeper and even faster. I am so looking forward to seeing you all there!
With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.


Karen Dover – Exaggeration of Energetic Fields – Preparation for the Shift – 12-21-14

Karen Doverby Karen Dover

December 17, 2014

Many of us may be forgiven for wondering when we can actually walk fully in these New Earth energies for any “length of time” and as these energies are now expanding rapidly we are having to find balance over and over again. These next few linear days are the “exaggeration of energetic fields in preparation for the SHIFT”. This is our energy signature aligning fully with the New Earth frequency realities whilst still observing the old 3D earth created construct. THIS is what is changing at an energy level. It is not that those who exist in a lower frequency will physically disappear, it is that we will become observers only to their actions with no energetic connection at all. Thus there are two worlds that exist and we walk through one whilst living and aligning with the New Earth as it physically anchors.

Many people are in confusion around this and “expect” their loved ones to be taken from them in some way, this is a teaching from the old 3D earth created construct which attempts to teach SEPARATION and is attempting to keep us within the old 3d earth created construct. Why would we after all leave our loved ones if “LOVE is the answer”. We dont leave them, we merely exist in our own reality and co-create with SOURCE to change the outer waking reality around us. Thus we share this planet with them, all the while the planet is changing and shifting and we co create with SOURCE to show TRUTH. Those who choose to remain locked into the old reality will have their karmic life played out around them without it affecting those who have chosen to walk in the New Earth. By this I mean it will not pull on the energy signature of those who have reached a higher frequency. Thus the higher frequencies will pull UP the lower frequencies and not as has been happening the lower pulling down the higher. This is not hierarchical, this is UNIVERSAL LAW and we are asked to step out of any ego in relation to this. We cannot assume that someone else is in a higher or lower frequency based on what we view at any one time.

At any one moment in these coming linear days we will find new DOORS of opportunity, these doors are there for us to choose to walk through, KNOW that we cannot leave anyone behind in TRUTH. We CAN BE THE CHANGE that WE WISH TO SEE in the outer waking world. At this time the outer waking reality is morphing and it is a physical choice where to place our focus. If we keep our focus in our heart space then we can allow this separation to flow with ease and grace for we cannot from our human view see the vast picture of our evolution as a race at this moment.

SOURCE is where we all came from and it is what now seeks to flow and anchor across and within this planet. Each waking reality a personal choice, it matters not if you are choosing the “spiritual”, the “religious”, the “new age” or “general public” version of the outer waking reality for ALL LEAD TO SOURCE for that is where WE ALL CAME FROM ORIGINALLY. Each person has their own interpretation of said outer waking reality and none are any more valid than any other. Come linear time we will let go of all of this and be able to understand and accept SOURCE in a wider and more expansive way and understand GOD in the context of TRUTH without the perception or definitions that are bandied about. We are after all remembering the vastness of the universe and the knowledge that is now available to ALL.

Like small children in the playground, the human race has been taught to “belong” to one part of the playground or the other, this is duality for ALL JUST ARE. Like a bully the old 3D earth created construct sought to teach that if we did not choose to “belong” then we were a sitting target and that we must choose. To choose to BE is a “valid” choice for it is TRUTH. We do not need to define ourselves any further than BEing, this TRUTH will now begin to anchor as world events seek to UNITE the human race in the LOVE that IS albeit the old 3D earth created construct will try at all moments to show us that this is something else.

LOVE cannot be defined for it is beyond our human understanding and perception at this moment, it is the energy that seeks to UNITE us on all levels and is the energy that seeks to allow us to move into expansion and realize our own nature in TRUTH. We do not mend this planet with money, we do not mend its peoples with money, we mend it with the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, from this ALL ELSE FLOWS and evolves and is solved. LOVE is the key that we have been searching for and we have now found in this our human form upon this planet in TRUTH. We are asked to stand fully in the frequency of the LOVE that IS and watch as miracles are birthed around us, within us and through us at this time.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



Gaia Portal – Selectivities of Energetics at Gaia hu-man level has refined to enable those who have resisted Alternative Pathways – 12-19-14



Selectivities of Energetics at Gaia hu-man level has refined

to enable those who have until this moment resisted alternative pathways.

All remaining un-cooperatives are being removed by the Light.

Eruptive planetary energetics come to fruition shortly,

and catalyze “massive” changes.

Hue-Beings are called at this moment to recognize and receive

Higher capabilties and skill sets.

Alternatives to the concepts within this message are not supported.



Gaia Portal – Collectives of Light are empowered – 12-14-14




Standing waves of Cosmic-enabled energetics

couple with Higher Realms via Hue-manity partnership.

Shadow realms have dissolved and

may not be reformed as Cosmics will not permit.

Severance from prior pathways is near completion.

Entrustments are key at this moment.

Collectives of Light are empowered.



Aisha North – A short update on the energies – 12-11-14

The times they are a’changing, and for so many of you, these are no longer words devoid of meaning. For not only the time, but everything about you has started to change now at such a rapid rate, you would be hard pressed to keep up with it all. So again we say that no matter what happens in this upcoming period, try not to try at all when it comes to hanging on. In other words, allow the flow – or perhaps we should use the word flood – to take you with it, for the more you resist the harder the pressure will become. So once again the optimum option is to desist resisting and to allow the magic to unfold at its designated pace, no matter how fast paced it may be. And believe us when we say that at times, everything around you and indeed about you will be reduced to a blur, a seemingly indistinguishable mass hurtling forward at such a speed, you will feel like no more than a cloud of particles merging with the energetic environment around you.

Again we speak in parables, for what we speak of, is not of you ceasing to exist per se, but rather of an obliteration of all of the old programming that used to be you, to such a degree not even the faintest imprints of them will be able to survive this complete transition. And where will that leave you, you might ask, and rightly so. For this transition will not be without its own challenges, for remember, you have all to some degree staked out your lives according to all of these now outdated signposts, and as these will be relegated to the scrap heap alongside so many of the old components that used to constitute your very own version of reality, you might find yourself floating in a void of emptiness.

For even if you dream of nothing else than to be free of everything that has been holding you down, know that as soon as you are fully liberated from these old clutches of yore, you stand there seemingly bereft of anything familiar to grasp on to. And then, we venture to guess more than a few of you will begin to struggle mightily to keep your balance. Do not think we say this in order to impart fear in any of you, rather, we say it in order to prepare you all for what lies ahead. For what lies ahead is something that will literally challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before. For even if you have taken this journey step by step in what at times seems to be an excruciatingly slow tempo, the fast forward conveyor belt you are about to step onto now might lead a few of you into thinking back on that old pace with fondness and even longing. For now, it will no longer be a slow and gradual climb, you will be elevated so fast it will be like being thrown out into a trajectory that takes you so far above the old atmosphere, you might be apt to lose your breath for more than a few moments.

Again, this is not said in order to give you a reason to hesitate before you take the plunge, for you have already taken the plunge, so what we are referring to, are the first signals of the effects of this leap of faith that you have all consented to taking. Remember, this is your choice and no one else’s, so our task is simply to help you better see where you will be heading in this upcoming period. For now, the sand is literally beginning to run out in the hourglass marked not only with the year 2014, but also with the coding that used to constitute not only you, but also the reality you live in. And soon, the hourglass will be turned on its head to start anew – with a new year and indeed a very new existence for so many of you. And yes, the very act of being turned on its head is also one that will apply to you.

For you will find so many things literally turned not only upside down but also inside out, and every direction in between, but the world around you is not what will be the most unfamiliar and perhaps even daunting aspect to wake up to. No, what we are referring to, will be your inner landscape, for that is about to change into something that will feel almost eerily unfamiliar at first. But again, it is all a process of elimination before you begin the process of reconstruction, and as such, you will all in the time ahead literally land in that void that may seem endless and almost frighteningly so at first. So know that all is well, no matter how alone you might feel, like an astronaut floating in space, fully untethered from his spacecraft with nothing in view except an endless space on all sides. But do not forget, you will not be cut off from that at all times ever present voice within, the one that will guide you through this step of the process, the one that will guide you safely home to your new home, the one that has always been there, waiting for you to arrive.

For this will be a transition period for all, longer or shorter, according to your own personal programming, and so, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about how it will be at one stage or the other in this upcoming period. For as this year comes to a close, so much more will do the same, and at times, it will be as if you are surrounded by doors slamming close or even in your face. And so, you might feel more than once that you have outstayed your welcome, but that is simply not the case. For this is all about closure, as in untethering yourselves fully from all that ever was, in this life and in the former ones, not just as individuals, but also as a part of the collective. Remember, at this stage, what you do as individuals, you also do for the collective, so we wanted to advise you yet again not to take anything personal, and we do mean that in a very literal way. For this is not about you, but about literally checking off every single remaining object – or perhaps we should say objection – from the list, the list that needs to be completed before take off, if we might use such a word. For you are all on the runway now, and just like pilots you are going through every single item that must to be looked into before the engines are revved and you are good to go. So for some, this will be a busy time indeed, as you have been chosen to perform quite a few of the itemized tasks remaining, while for others, you might find yourself almost unsettlingly settled already.

Again, this is at all times an individually managed collective process, so it does you no good to compare yourself to others in this. Know simply that everything that happens now, does so for a reason, and the reason is all about completing everything that needs to be completed in the short time remaining before take off is announced. So make sure to stay connected at all times to that very center of your being, your own “center of command”, your very own home away from home if you will, the place that you can – and should – always turn to no matter what happens around you in the upcoming days and weeks. For that is where no questions will be asked, for there are no more question, just a pure and loving silence that tells you beyond any shadow of a doubt that all is well and you are exactly where – and who – you are supposed to be. And that is all you will ever need to know, for then, you can simply keep breathing and continue to BE you in the way that only you can be. And that is why you are all here, to be what the very essence of you tells you to be. And when you do that, everything else will fall into place, and it will do so in a way that may take your breath away, but it will do so in the very best way you can think of.


Aisha North – Welcome to the December Gathering around the Pond on Sunday December 7 – 12-4-14

Aisha-NorthAisha North

Beloved family of light! This Sunday, at 21:00 Oslo time it is once again time for another Gathering around the Pond. This is the last month of the year, but I have a feeling it will not be the last Gathering of 2014. For this year has been unlike any other, and now, everything seems to have shifted into a whole new level yet again, so I will not be surprised if we get the call to have one more of these “collective events” during the upcoming weeks. But first of all, let us focus on the task that lies before us, for it is an important one. Here is what the CCs have to say about it:

“And so it is that you once again stand before one of your communal get-togethers, and this time, it will indeed be an event on a massive scale. For this time, it will once again coincide with a myriad of other suchlike events taking place all over your planet during the same time frame, and the reason for this is indeed a very specific one. For this time, your co-creational event will serve as a hub if you will for so many others, and through you, the energies that come in will help to pull together so much that has been running on parallel lines.

Let us explain. For now, what has been held apart for various energetic reasons will now once again seek together, and this process is one that will once again help to elevate mankind to a whole new level. And yes, we do speak of the collective here, even if a great majority of mankind still live under the supposition that life as they know it has not and will not be changing much at all. But that is soon about to change, as now, so many hitherto separate rivers of light will begin to coalesce to such a degree, it will bring the notion of change to a whole new level, and yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word. You see, these seemingly separate strands of light will now begin to become one, although they will in many aspects keep their own individuality. But just like a fair maiden will weave together strands of different colored ribbons to make an homage to Creation, so too will these multicolored strands of light begin to form a grand new whole, one that will literally help to transport you all to a whole new way of being.

You see, you are but one hub in a giant complex of interconnected strands of light, all serving their individual purpose while at the same time serving the whole. But now, these hubs will begin to coalesce to such a degree, the information being carried through these seemingly separate strands will begin to interact and interconnect in a very new way, one that once and for all will prove that 1+1 equals 3. Yes, yet again we resort to our little riddles to make you sit up and take notice, and no, it is not by accident that we once again insist on using numbers. For this is very much like creating music, a music that this time will be composed along a whole new set of scales, scales comprised of all of these new intermingling strands of light that together will create a whole new symphony of light.

So as you approach what is on one half of your planet designated as the darkest portion of the year, know that this time, your whole globe will be bathing in a shimmering light unlike anything you have ever witnessed any of you, regardless of place of origin or span of lifetimes. For this time, you will all be instrumental in setting up a whole new weave of light, one that will not only support you all, but it will also help to ignite a whole new set of internal melodies within each and every one of you.

For this time, it can once again be likened to switching from the rather blurry black and white images being projected into those old fashioned electronic devices that used to constitute the pinnacle of your technological prowess and into the current state of the art, high definition, surround system apparatus many of you are already housing within your homes. For this time, dear ones, you will all be invited to step into this effervescent river of light that will appear before you like a shimmering cloak of multicoloured strands, much like those magical carpets from yore. So step aboard and see where it will take you, for we venture to guess you will all find yourself transported to a place in space where you have never been before. And we also venture to guess it will be an experience that will leave you not only delighted, but also far more enlightened than what you were before you decided to join in this exodus out of the old and dreary and into the shimmering, dancing lights of tomorrow. And this time, the lights will go all the way into your being, announcing the arrival of tomorrow in the moment of Now.”

photo 4 kopi

Once again the photo I have chosen to accompany this message is one that is not taken by me, it was taken by our Pond sister Tara last weekend. As some of you know, she came all the way from Australia to take part in Philip’s SOL workshop on Crete in October, and she is still in the same area anchoring the New energies. But last week, she was guided to travel to Egypt, and that is what she did, despite the violent unrest taking place there. So thank you, dear sister, for BEing who you are and for doing what you do, and for allowing yourself to embrace your role as a part of the “ground crew” in this energetic hot spot! Your photo says it all, for now, these are no longer “ancient pyramids”, they are shimmering hubs of the New light, set free from the shackles of the old, ready to begin to vibrate fully as this New World continues to unfold.


I thank you all for what you will add to this Gathering, for I am certain it will be a powerful event. As the CCs like to remind us, “it is not done FOR you, but BY you” and without each and every one of you, this Pond, this Gathering – and this New World – would not come into being. So let us step aboard this “magic carpet” and see where it takes us all 🙂

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.



Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast December 2014

Photo - EmmanuelEnergy Forecast December 2014: Our Five Year Anniversary – Thank You, by Emmanuel Dagher, December 2, 2014 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

My Soul Friend,

It’s an honor for me to connect with you in this way today. I always look forward to our time together, and often feel the love you send my way.

These forecasts first began in December of 2009 when I felt a nudge from deep within my core to provide dedicated support and nourishment to those who were guided to understand what was happening, energetically, in their lives and in the world.

And so I answered the call of my inner guidance, and the Energy Forecasts were birthed.

During times when the energies felt as if they were all over the place and we couldn’t seem to find our footing, I received a stream of daily messages from many of you, sharing how these forecasts had created a safe haven for you to breathe, realign, and regain your inner balance.

There is a sea of information now being shared out in the world, and I thank you for saving a special place in your heart for me over the years, as I have for you.

In honor of our five year anniversary, this Energy Forecast will be unique, because it will highlight my profound appreciation for you.

Thank You

First and foremost, thank you for being you. Please know that you are valuable and worthy beyond measure.

Your sacred presence alone is creating a great shift in the rising of our collective consciousness.

Even those hardships and experiences that may not feel to be of the Light are greatly contributing to the expansion of humanity.

Thank you for choosing to be selfless enough to enter this realm during this era, which your Spirit knew would not be the easiest of times.

But It also knew you would be resilient enough to overcome any adversity that might be placed in your way, and that you would always come back to a state of grace where you would remember that the magic has been within you all along.

Thank you for your commitment to your inner healing and spiritual development. It’s how the world is able to shift so quickly!

Thank you for allowing yourself to stand out and shine! For so long, especially as children, many people who are energetically sensitive have just felt that they wanted to belong. Thank you for not dimming your light, and for allowing yourself to be seen in the world, even if your energy didn’t fit into a specific societal standard.

It’s people like you who are advancing humanity. Thank you for also celebrating the uniqueness of others, exactly as they are.

I am profoundly grateful for our friendship. Even though we may not have met in the physical realm, see each other often, or are living in different parts of the world, you are a dear friend to me.

In spiritual terms, we our connecting in ways that transcend time and space, by way of a heart-to-heart connection, so thank you! Thank you for allowing me to see you as whole and Divine.

I remember as a kid, asking the Universe, “Could you please show me what true compassion is?” Because of you, I have received a greater understanding of compassion.

I used to think it had to do with sympathizing with people. But over time, I began to realize that sympathy only contributes to the illusions of separation that no longer serve us.

It’s almost impossible now for me to see anyone as anything less than perfection. Yes, even in the midst of seeming imperfections.

Through you, I’ve come to understand that true compassion is being able to love and recognize the wholeness and Divinity within a person to such a degree that they too, in their own time, can begin to see the wholeness and Divinity within themselves and others.

Our connection has truly allowed me to understand what many of the teachers and sages that came before us were able to tap into. That’s why they were able to create miracles with such ease.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you in every way I can think of! It makes life so full and enriching for me!

A Celebration of Your Love and Support

Thank you for your unwavering love and support of me and the message of kindness and love I am so committed to sharing. Some of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received are the letters you have written to me. I place them in my ‘magic box’ where I keep some of my most beloved inspirations.

And thank you for sharing your gifts, talents and creations with me. I just love learning about the magic you are choosing to create in the world.

I love celebrating anyone who spends time and energy creating upliftment and expansion.

Celebration to me is like saying “I see you, Universe, and thank you for all the blessings you are sending my way!”

As our family and message of love continues to expand, know that you will always remain a priority in my life.

As a Taurus, being a friend is one of the things I treasure most in life, so know that I am always supporting you every step of the way. And if you ever need a little more support, please contact me, because I love hearing from you.

I look forward to co-creating even greater joy and miracles with you, as we continue on our journey to greater expansion.

Life really is good, and you’ve made my life sweeter by being in it!

I humbly thank you for creating a little room in your heart for me. You are always in mine.

Miraculously yours,

©2009-2014 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved

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Lee Harris – Energy Forecast December 2014


Lee’s December 2014 Energy Forecast – Clear, Open, Discern, Live, Love!

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THE PAUSE – 11-28-14


The Pause

From December 1 through December 7, 2014 the Energy will feel as if a “pause” button were being pushed somewhere in the Universe to pause all unnecessary physical activity before the Creator World begins on December 8, 2014. Most Souls will not even notice for their bodies seem to stay in perpetual motion as if the Universal Energies’ guidance for their activities does not even exist. This will not be so after December 8, 2014 when Mother Earth opens the Creator World for all Souls who chose to participate with her from July 12 through August 6, 2014. For you, dear Ones, the Pause will only be a Time of simply attuning your Heart and Soul to prepare yourself for the new experience the Creator World will be offering you and your fellow members of the Legion of Light.Man of Destiny Souls will begin a nineteen month process to begin recognizing his or her Spiritual Nature on December 4, 2014. When the process completes on July 31, 2016 most Man of Destiny Souls will have advanced through three Spiritual stages of evolution. The First stage will be to evolve as a Man of Light Soul, one who understands with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe, secondly as a Soul in Unity with God, and finally as a Co-Creator in Unity with God through an evolutionary process of learning about the Spiritual Power of Love. There will be no deviation from Man of Destiny’s evolution as Mother Earth’s Sanctification with the upper Dimensions of the Universe completes on December 6, 2014 and will nullify any attempts by Man of Destiny Souls to avoid the evolution process entirely, as there are no more choices to return with Mother Earth into the Fourth Dimension, for it does not exist!The Energy of the Pause by the Universe will be for all Souls to take time out to give thanks and reflect upon the progress of Mother Earth with the Universe, for Mother Earth will never return to the Fourth Dimension or as a place of learning to evolve with the concept of Love! This brief week will be as if the anticipation of Christmas were here earlier than usual! And it is for all Lightworker Souls ready to return with the Creation Power that Love bestows with the upper Dimensions of the Universe! From December 8, 2014 Mother Earth will only be a place of being in the Harmony of the Universe. This will give further cause to celebrate and rejoicing for all Lightworker Souls, for it is your return to the familiar environment you were born in!As the month of December 2014 proceeds and brings closure to the year of 2014, the Energy and Vibration of the Universe will be in full effect upon Mother Earth from December 8, 2014 onward. Mother Earth’s “homecoming” with the upper Dimensions of the Universe will raise her Vibrations to the point that only Lightworker Souls effectively in Unity with God and the Man of Destiny Souls progressing towards the process of moving into Unity with God will be fully functioning. Although Man of Destiny Souls will be in the process of moving into Unity with God, keep in mind, dear Ones, they will be moving towards Unity with God in staggered starts. Some will evolve quickly and join you as Man of Light Souls in the spring of 2015 to assist Mother Earth’s Reorganization for the Fifth Dimension. Most will withdraw from public view to resolve an Identity Crisis caused by Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension and work solely on removing futile beliefs and lies lingering from the Fourth Dimension. Others will find it too large of a task and choose to start all over!

Mother Earth’s conditions after December 8, 2014 will be much like the time of Noah’s flood for the Man of Destiny Souls who chose not to be part of Mother Earth’s “homecoming” into the Fifth Dimension. But rather than Mother Earth being inundated with 40 days and night with rain, it will be the Universal Energies “flooding” all Souls with Light, Love, and Harmony! This will bring a 24 month Time period for Man of Destiny to evolve with the Changes Mother Earth will be producing in her Transition into the Fifth Dimension. Though it will not be as extraordinary as a 40 day rainy period, this “flood“ of Energy will produce the Conscious Awareness that will be needed for one to unite with the Energy and Vibration being formed. The Time has come, dear Ones, for all things to Change as the wave of Energy being produced from God’s newest Dimension, the Eighth Dimension, will have finally reached the Milky Way Galaxy and our Mother Earth!

From December 1 through December 7, 2014 the Energy will feel as if a “pause” button were being pushed somewhere in the Universe to pause all unnecessary physical activity before the Creator World begins on December 8, 2014. Most Souls will not even notice for their bodies seem to stay in perpetual motion as if the Universal Energies’ guidance for their activities does not even exist. This will not be so after December 8, 2014 when Mother Earth opens the Creator World for all Souls who chose to participate with her from July 12 through August 6, 2014. For you, dear Ones, the Pause will only be a Time of simply attuning your Heart and Soul to prepare yourself for the new experience the Creator World will be offering you and your fellow members of the Legion of Light.

Man of Destiny Souls will begin a nineteen month process to begin recognizing his or her Spiritual Nature on December 4, 2014. When the process completes on July 31, 2016 most Man of Destiny Souls will have advanced through three Spiritual stages of evolution. The First stage will be to evolve as a Man of Light Soul, one who understands with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe, secondly as a Soul in Unity with God, and finally as a Co-Creator in Unity with God through an evolutionary process of learning about the Spiritual Power of Love. There will be no deviation from Man of Destiny’s evolution as Mother Earth’s Sanctification with the upper Dimensions of the Universe completes on December 6, 2014 and will nullify any attempts by Man of Destiny Souls to avoid the evolution process entirely, as there are no more choices to return with Mother Earth into the Fourth Dimension, for it does not exist!

The Energy of the Pause by the Universe will be for all Souls to take time out to give thanks and reflect upon the progress of Mother Earth with the Universe, for Mother Earth will never return to the Fourth Dimension or as a place of learning to evolve with the concept of Love! This brief week will be as if the anticipation of Christmas were here earlier than usual! And it is for all Lightworker Souls ready to return with the Creation Power that Love bestows with the upper Dimensions of the Universe! From December 8, 2014 Mother Earth will only be a place of being in the Harmony of the Universe. This will give further cause to celebrate and rejoicing for all Lightworker Souls, for it is your return to the familiar environment you were born in!

As the month of December 2014 proceeds and brings closure to the year of 2014, the Energy and Vibration of the Universe will be in full effect upon Mother Earth from December 8, 2014 onward. Mother Earth’s “homecoming” with the upper Dimensions of the Universe will raise her Vibrations to the point that only Lightworker Souls effectively in Unity with God and the Man of Destiny Souls progressing towards the process of moving into Unity with God will be fully functioning. Although Man of Destiny Souls will be in the process of moving into Unity with God, keep in mind, dear Ones, they will be moving towards Unity with God in staggered starts. Some will evolve quickly and join you as Man of Light Souls in the spring of 2015 to assist Mother Earth’s Reorganization for the Fifth Dimension. Most will withdraw from public view to resolve an Identity Crisis caused by Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension and work solely on removing futile beliefs and lies lingering from the Fourth Dimension. Others will find it too large of a task and choose to start all over!

Mother Earth’s conditions after December 8, 2014 will be much like the time of Noah’s flood for the Man of Destiny Souls who chose not to be part of Mother Earth’s “homecoming” into the Fifth Dimension. But rather than Mother Earth being inundated with 40 days and night with rain, it will be the Universal Energies “flooding” all Souls with Light, Love, and Harmony! This will bring a 27 month Time period for Man of Destiny to evolve with the Changes Mother Earth will be producing in her Transition into the Fifth Dimension. Though it will not be as extraordinary as a 40 day rainy period, this “flood“ of Energy will produce the Conscious Awareness that will be needed for one to unite with the Energy and Vibration being formed. The Time has come, dear Ones, for all things to Change as the wave of Energy being produced from God’s newest Dimension, the Eighth Dimension, will have finally reached the Milky Way Galaxy and our Mother Earth!


Aisha North – A short update on the Energies – 11-24-14

And so it is that we once again would like to take the opportunity to connect with you all in this more formal manner if you will, or rather, by way of words, in addition to the countless less visual ways of information that we utilize to connect with each and every one of you. For by now, you are all becoming quite well versed in the ability to tune into the more “silent ” ways of communication, the ones that are merely vibrations instead of going by way of a human’s head, hands and eyes and in through your eyes, mind and heart by way of your electronic equipment. Again, merely trying to explain all of the details that are necessary for us to convey our messages in this kind of fashion takes time, and yes, words, and so, we would like to delve a little bit into the more “invisible means” of transportation of information that are taking place even as we speak in these convoluted terms by way of sharing words that will be typed down, corrected and then published electronically. For during the time it takes for us to convey just a short sample of these words, there is a veritable ocean of information that is passed on by more direct means, and not just through this channel that we are using to disperse our words. No, this is something that is passing through each and every one of you at a speed and at a rate that would make anyone almost faint just trying to digest the very idea.

And now, this stream of consciousness if you will has grown exponentially just over the space of a few short weeks, and as such, the traffic is more than heavy, and it can literally feel as if you are in the middle of an afternoon rush at times where it may seem so congested, it is as if everything is stuck and unmoving and unreachable. But that is not so, for this information cannot be held up, it is merely your physical body that at times like these tries to sort out all of the signals coming in, and by doing that, it is in actual fact merely adding to the confusion it itself has already created. In other words, your physical body is still trying to come to grips with the fact that it does not need to try to control all of the information that is coming in by way of these energetic emissions that are being projected onto your planet. All it has do to, is once again the same thing we have asked you to do, merely to allow the flow. But again, your own inherent survival set up if you will is still largely geared towards handling the old and much denser vibrations, and as such, it can be a little bit slow on the uptake. But that will soon rearrange itself, as your own body also has a capacity for intelligent processing of data that it has kept mostly dormant over the eons in preparation for a time like this, when it will once again become activated to such a degree, all kinds of informational sequences will be handled effectively and speedily, no matter what kind of vibrational signature or content it carries. And as such, the teamwork between the more esoteric and the physical parts of your being will start to run much more smoothly in the not too distant future.

You see, there are so many changes happening at such a rapid rate now, there are bound to be what can only be referred to as “lags” where one aspect of your being will be advancing ahead of the rest of you. And now, as you are in the middle of just such a period of expansion, you would all be hard pressed to “keep it all together” as the saying goes. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that there will be periods of chaos and bewilderment, even perhaps utter confusion, but do not let that faze you in any way. For as we have already told you, what comes apart now will do so in order to make it possible to unify all of these at times seemingly very scattered fragments back into a whole that bears little comparison to the old and outdated version of your being.

So again we say know that all is well no matter what transpires in the upcoming period, and we also venture to guess that you will also have shorter or longer periods of what we can only describe as bliss and a deep state of knowingness that will help you to better see what it is that lies ahead. For this period of fragmentation is only a temporary one, and even if it may cause more than a few of you to hit the panic button at one time or another, know that you will also know in the very core of your being that the panic that may start to arise is simply a small disturbance on the surface, much like the waves that will be churned up by a heavy storm. But just like in the ocean, these energetic upswells will never be able to disturb the equilibrium that exists at all times below the surface, and so too it is with each and every one of you. So do not berate yourself if you react to the onslaught of these energetic swells in ways that you perhaps may think is “beneath” you, for they are simply triggered by any tension that still lies within that outer layer of your being. But even so, they will not do anything at all that may cause you any problems at a deeper level, for there, you are already fully balanced and you will continue to be so no matter how high the waves become or how much disturbance you might be able to perceive on the outside. And this goes for all of you, whether you observe the effects in your own being, or whether you observe the effects in your surroundings.

For this can in many ways be likened to a thunderstorm, where nature seeks to balance out any energetic imbalances by literally firing off neutralizing charges to those spots that are too highly charged one way or the other in order to rectify this imbalance. And so too it is with you. In other words, all of this emotional thunder and lightning will sooner or later come to an end and you will find yourself breathing easier in every kind of way as all of these wildly fluctuating “ground currents” will become much more balanced. So perhaps this will also allow you to better be able to take a step back and simply observe the display of energetics being played out, both near and far. For remember, everything that happens now does so for a reason, and the end goal for all of this at times frenzied activity is simply this: to reinstate the state of equilibrium that this planet has so sorely needed for such a long time. But in order to attain that goal, there are a lot of energetic pockets that will and must be opened so that the contents of them can be entrained with what is already accomplished at a deeper level. And so, expect this energetic storm to continue on for quite a while yet, but do not take it as a sign of doom and gloom, rather, take it for what it truly is; a carefully composed energetic symphony created in order to help everything fall back into place after having been literally out of tune for eons.

So continue to take everything that comes with an open heart and with an open mind, and know that even if you yourself may feel more than a little bit wobbly in so many ways, you will soon be able to continuously connect with that deep layer of your being that is already fully balanced, and you will be able to do so at all times, no matter how much energy that will be blowing around your ears in the time ahead. For as we said earlier, this incoming flow of information and energy will not slow down, in fact, it will continue to increase as your abilities to literally tune into it will also continue to pick up. And so, best get used to the idea that even if what you think of as balance and equilibrium may seem to be the most tranquil place to be, it will also at the same time be filled with so much information, you will literally be swimming in it. But you will be able to do so in a way that will enable you not only to absorb it but also utilize it without having to go through all of the extra work of literally putting it into words like these, and that in itself will help you all to find a way to stay afloat in this ocean of information without having to exert yourself too much. But until then, we will continue to serve up messages like these in a way that will help you to see the unseen by way of letters and the spaces between them. But over time, you will all begin to take in the fact that it is in fact the spaces between them that carry the most important messages. And with these words, we will once again leave you to ponder the full content of this message at your leisure.


Jose Sanchez – New Rays, New Forces now being Manifested through Great Central Sun, Father God – 11-23-14

November 23, 2014 by  

I have talked so much about the levels of light that we are receiving. We are on an accelerated path to light unification. That path has placed us now in a sort of observance of the self. The self being pitted against the self so to speak. This isn’t about competition though, it is about acceptance of our lowest level of the self. By accepting our humanity, our weaknesses and frailties as humans we are allowing for growth to occur at a human level. It is so easy to grow spiritually now that the energies are so high but we have to also learn to move our frailties along and now make them into strengths.

November has been a month that energetically did not disappoint. It came with many surprises. One being the sealing of portals of darkness all around the globe by a small group of us. If you who are reading this took part of such venture, I give you and the masters give you the greatest gratitude for stepping up to the task. Owning our responsibilities was extremely necessary. We wether it is a couple or just 11 of us have power to transform our planet into something more beautiful. Through the closing of the dark portals and the permanent protection of light through the union of the trifecta of light; Golden Buddha Force, Complete Violent Flame and the Perfect or complete Christ Force gave birth to something really beautiful. Now the awaited disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life and many more secrets will be a lot easier to be exposed since the dark powers opposing it have been cut off from most of their power source. Life as we know it shall be no more as we have now entered a stage in our reality that is past the point of no return.

It all started to change drastically on the 22nd of September and I have written an article about it where I talk about the unification of light now taking place. The 22nd of November has been key day, although it started a day or two before. What took place and will be taking place until the next change over on the 22nd of December is a powerful movement of light. The Great Central Sun through the grace of our Divine Father has begun to fully merge with the codes and energy of the Great Central Sun female. They will be fully merged by the 22nd of February 2015.

The 22nd of November marked the point of the great influx of the new force being given out by Father God together with the Great Central Sun. New rays of force and of light are necessary to begin our body’s transformation and awakening of the codes already existing within. This new ray and new force being presented carries a very unique type of gold energy. It isn’t just the regular blessed golden light. This new quality of gold is here to infuse us with a more powerful form of manifesting energy. What that means that from this point on our power to manifest will be more pronounced and much more powerful. This new power focuses on the positive creation of a new reality, of which we are all a part of creating. We are being given this blessed power because we are in many ways ready, regardless of the apparent imbalance all over the world.

A new level and frequency within ourselves is now being awakened. We have many multidimensional layers all within the space of our sacred hearts. All those layers and levels are now being unfolded in order for the dimensional layers to be accessible in order to also tap into the new dimension around Mother Earth where new forms of manifesting are now accessible and possible.

As above so below, or shall I say “as within the All so within the human heart.” We are now starting to become the great mirrors and carriers of the divine form. Levels of understanding and awareness are now being accessible and can be tapped for now via meditation and eventually they will be available to those with clear minds without needing to fully stop in meditation in order to access this great forms of energy and forces.

All this leads to what is really taking place that is very powerful and concerns us all as humans. We are beginning to descend, or better said, our higher selves have begun to descend. What that means is the separation between our humanity and our divinity is disappearing and we are starting to realize the truth about who we are. There is indeed no separation between who we are as humans and as higher beings of light because we are all at once.

The reason why I’m bringing this to the attention of all is that so many are so focused in what is happening outside of ourselves. Yes there are so many beautiful things taking place and the universe itself is unfolding right before our very eyes, but so is our true identity unfolding right within ourselves. The descend of our higher selves into physical reality is a signal of the steps we have all taken. We are now becoming ready to be the divine with have always carried within.

Through the descend of higher consciousness into the reality we are existing now in, is like the meeting between dimensions as we are being pulled together by all forces of creation. This is leading into the grand transition of the lowest and the highest into the next level of itself. As this transition is taking place many of you will start experiencing certain symptoms that are very familiar already. The feeling of vulnerability, cold and flu like symptoms, clearing deep emotional trauma and so on. The kicker is, not only are we doing it for ourselves individually but we are doing it for every one who isn’t aware yet. We are processing at a planetary level.

Many talk about ascension which is our natural human process but it is now time to start talking about the descend of higher energies into our lower reality. Reason why that is happening is that we need to be reminded of what the purpose of our existence has always been… to manifest the divine into this reality as conscious beings. When a descend of the higher self happens for a period of time you will be left feeling extremely human. Vulnerable and yet still very connected to the subtler frequencies and vibrations.

Our focus needs to change and we need to start paying closer attention to what is taking place within us. Many including myself were focusing on higher energies and were not focusing on the higher energies awakening within. Yes there are portals of light being opened every single day all through out creation. It is now time to pay closer attention to the minuscule portals of light opening and awakening our cellular structure to greater divinity each and every day.

There are true divine miracles taking place within us every second and through every breath we take. It has been ordained to be so and now it has taken greater presence and importance. My dear family awaken to the greatest power and disclosure taking place within your very own hearts, your very owns cells. Bring focus back to yourselves and stop worrying about E.T disclosure and so forth as by our focus and intention change will take place. Be the disclosure and the change you wish to see. Be love and power and presence of self and through that power let’s change the world!


Aisha North – A short update on the energies – 11-20-14


We would like to take some time to delve a little bit into the expansion that is currently occurring on this planet, or rather, that is occurring in every aspect in this particular portion of the time and space continuum that you all currently constitute a small part of. In other words, this entire bubble of energetic programming that has now taken on a life of its own if you will. For it has started to act in ways that are not at odds, but rather, is starting to fall more into sync with the rest of Creation. For as so many of you are already aware of, this tiny little bubble of spacetime that you define as your universe has in many ways been separated from the rest of Creation, and so, no wonder so many of you have felt separated and at times even lost. For you have been living a life or rather, playing out an existence, that differs on so many levels from what the rest of Creation has been doing, and rightly so. For this bubble has been defined as a special place all the way from the very beginning, as a place of Higher learning, a place where the most evolved of souls have traveled to in order to further expand their body of knowledge.

That may sound counter intuitive to some of you, for when you look around you, you will find what may be described as primitive behavior acted out on all sides. But again, that has been the exact purpose of this place. For what has taken place here on Earth cannot be likened to what has been happening anywhere else, and it is all linked to the vibrational field that contains the entirety of your environment. But now, that environment is changing at such a rapid pace, it can in many ways take your breath away as we have already referred to. For you have indeed outgrown the old curriculum, and so, the collective opted to shift into a New era, one that will be forever defined by the heightened collective energy that will ensure that the old way of learning by going ever deeper into the actions governed by fear will no longer hold true. For now, you are all set to begin to fully integrate the new energetic vibrations, the ones that will automatically reset your behavioral patterns away from the old and ever limiting ones and over to the ever expanding light filled creational endeavours that will be fully fueled by love.

For the old ways of learning by being exposed to an ever increasing energetic pressure that continued to trigger more and more of the behavioral instincts fully focused on survival by allowing the impulse of fear rule your life has now come to a close, and the doors to the New World are fully opened for all those already agreeing on altering their course by aid of these newly arrived frequencies that will support your endeavours in every way. For now, you no longer need that added friction to create, for the old way of creating out of bare necessity and in order to ensure your individual survival in a very real way will be forever banished to the history books, and what will take over, is a joy-filled sense of creation that will be entirely based in the collective. In other words, a simple but profound shift from ego based to collective based existence, and one that will be acted out in a way that will serve to trigger all of the latent talents you have carried with you every single time you did arrive on these shores in a physical body.

For we venture to guess that you have all at some time in one or several of your former incarnations on this planet felt the inner stirrings from this wondrous well of unending creativity, and you have at least tried to tap into it in some small fashion from time to time. But now, it has finally come to pass that you will all be asked to do so, and to do so with the entirety of your being. For this is no longer something you can dabble in as an amusing sideline while at the same time trying to balance your life precariously on that same cliff of destiny that was your former way of life. No, in this, it is either all in or not at all, but again, your Higher Self has already chosen your choice in this, and now, the choice that was made even before you came into being in this very body that you walk around in, will begin to make itself heard. And it will do so in a way that leaves no doubts to any of you. We say this in order to remind you all that even if you still feel as if you are struggling to find your footing in these at times rather intense energetic upheavals, you will all know in your very core that you have already taken the plunge.

For this is a choice you have already taken, but it can at times be hard to listen to that inner voice underneath all of the heavy swells of energetic information that at times like these are thundering onto your shores. So again we say make sure that you give yourself ample opportunity to simply BE with yourself. For then, you will clearly hear the call from your core, the one that is already standing tall and proud out in the light, the one that has already embraced the New with every fiber of your being. For you have already arrived, but still, it may take some time before you all fully SEE just where you are, and so, it is indeed imperative that you do what you can in order to fully perceive what it is your inner voice is trying to tell you. For it has nothing but good news, and it cannot wait for you to get ready to take it all in. So step back and step into YOU, that is where all of the questions have been eradicated already, for there are no more questions there, it is all a knowing that goes beyond you and all the way into the very core of Creation itself.


Gaia Portal – Self-contained Higher Beings enter all of Gaia consciousness at this time – 11-19-14




Self-contained Higher Beings enter

all of Gaia consciousness at this time.

Far-reaching connections form readily

with all ready to ascend to the next level.

Far-reaching elements of these

portend rapid change.

Flashbacks contribute only as needed

for consciousness ascension.

Forgone efforts now release.

Flashes of Higher Gaia are visible to all.



Lisa Gawles – Enhancing the Nervous System – Preparation for Energy of 2015 – 11-18-14


What a freakin day in body yesterday, holy batman!!!  At first I just thought so much light came thru with the readings, it always pings my eye with my contact in it.  It was so hard to look at the computer screen yesterday, took me hours to write that little sharing I did.  It got to the point, even sitting down for longer than 5 minutes was getting annoying, I would get up, sit down, get up, sit down… then daylight rose, and everything seemed to intensify.  It almost felt like something was crawling under my skin, and it was annoying me.  Sound was annoying me.  My space heater doing its job and warming me up… the warm air it was throwing annoyed me.  Being in a body was super annoying, super sensitive to every freakin thing.  Up and down my spine, i swear there was a golf ball just rolling upwards then downwards and up again… for hours and hours.  At least that kinda felt kewl, didn’t hurt or cause discomfort at all, at least, until it would stop and spread out.  The spreading out activated the nerve endings and it felt like something was crawling under my skin and became super sensitive to everything again.

I was hoping I would find neutral at least to do my day of readings… not.  My lungs started coughing, which they have not been doing at all.  I get it, something is happening inside of me that just needs the day to do its thing.  I sent out an email to everyone on my day’s agenda, I didn’t dare start the cough machine again.

I retreated to the couch, but couldn’t sit still.  I decided, maybe taking a bath will help, it always helps.  I ran the bath, decided, much to my dismay, to put some rose essential oil in my bath, I almost puked, my sniffer was on super sensitive and it was just pungent, which annoyed me!!

I cannot ever remember when my nerves were so grated by every single thing that happens in the course of a moment.  I got into my bath, first asked for mercy for my eyes, I just put my contact back in a few days ago and was not ready to take it out.  Then I demanded to know what the hell is going on in this body and I was able to hold myself together long enough to understand.

My team explained that it is my nerve endings that are going thru an upgrade and are being adjusted.  Nerve endings??  Why!!  Geez Louise, gimme some Novocaine thru this please.

It took me several times of centering, recentering, sitting up in my bath, laying back down in my bath (every position was annoying) to get the whole story.

My team explained to me that there was a group of us currently being prepared to move up to the timeline I see as 2015.  Now let me explain what I do understand, and even what I don’t.

Getting to this moment in our time, spirit has had the entire month of December completely blacked out.  To me, it looks like the month of December is in a full on eclipse shadow and I cannot see much thru it.  The year 2015 has constantly been an energetic line about 20 feet above the earth.  I get that, another super intense raise in the frequency of both human and earth and all that surrounds it.  The energy line (kinda looks like a nuclear power line you see outside) has consistently been a white blue pulsation of light that stretches from left to right and reflects the energy of the year itself.  The blue-white energy has been showing the energy of Creator, God, Source (pick a name) on earth.

I knew that thru the unseeable energy of december, choices points will be presented to either catapult your energy up to the energy of 2015… or not.  I have not yet seen what happens in the or not section.

Keeping in mind, everything we are experiencing is all about the increase in energy.  I just tell the story month to month, year to year and fortunately, the energy acceleration points do coincide with those points, but it really has little to do with a year or even a month, it’s all about frequency or vibration.

My team gave me a visual of being plucked out of the energies of November, shooting upwards to the vibration of 2015 and then casting a hand down into the fields of December, purposely helping those walking thru their unseeable choice points.

Suddenly, several things made sense.  Some of the information the last few days seemed to pile up on top of each other.  Granted, everything about the readings and even the language in the readings have changed, but this was odd.  When someone asked a question that had anything to do with time, I would even see it if the potential was to happen in December, it would be the only thing I could see in the blackness of December.  Like I said, for a couple of people, suddenly it was as if everything piled on top of itself within the light of November.  Now I get it, for some, we are ending this year, this vibration early.

I also had seen in some of the readings the past week or two, some of the folks I read for, even tho they were moving thru the energy of December, they already put the action out onto their field of life and the passage way (which is an energy line that I see) from the end of this year to the start of the next, was already in play.

If I would have questioned a little more with one of the lady’s the other day, when I seen this ladder taking her upwards to 2015 from the light field of November… I would have understood this even more, but I didn’t ask.  Silly me!!  I thought  understood what it was revealing and to a half a degree, I did, just missed the whole november end of our year thingie… until now.

I find all this timing with our poor, blessed bodies interesting as that massive sunspot that released 6 X class flairs, zips to the earth side of the sun again and machine guns out a series of M class flairs, one even creating a radio blackout yesterday.

This particular sunspot, in its previous version released the energy that was needed for the vibration of earth.  Even tho it spit out 6 X flairs and what 20-30 M flares before it rotated around the back of the sun, didn’t affect our biology like it usually did.  This time around, it is going to the core of the body and the nerve endings themselves.  And it just arrived!!!  It has two weeks to do its thing again.  (Ducking over here.)

So I gotta wonder… why our nerve endings.  I mean, holy shit, it is tough enough when it is major organs, the head, the spine, but the entire nervous system!!  Mercy!!

Our heightened sense of awareness actually comes thru our nerve endings, sends signals to the brain, which is produced as information.  As we spring into a higher vibration faster than ever before, the nerves are skipping the month and a half adjustment time and opening and accelerating all at once.  Yay us!

What I do not know and what spirit is tight-lipped about… what is up with December??  This is so reminiscent of December 2012, the entire collective of earths were at massive choice points, to go back and redo some lessons, or let it all go and jump up to 2013.  This feels as big, but different too.  I have to go to the way I seen myself, I was blacked out (body wise) but standing on the energy line of January 2015, bending down with my arm outstretched to help others making choices.  Of course, it’s what I do anywayz… so, it’s going to be interesting to see the rest of our story.

When I got out of the bath yesterday, I think I was so frazzled, I completely forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  It’s still in my hair this morning.  I was too annoyed to even think about running another bath or a shower or anything that touched my skin.  However, I do have to give thanks to my body and my team, my eyes were perfectly ok when I got out.  No more leaking, burning, light sensitivity at all.  The rest of me a whole other story tho!!  By the time the sun was setting, the nerves were less exposed by man oh man did my head feel like a cracking egg-shell.

Ohhhh there is something I do want to ask, I am pretty sure I asked already, but what the hell!!  Please do not send me (or anyone else going thru upgrades) “Healing” energy.  Love, comfort, gentleness… yes, but healing denotes something is wrong and the energies sent from that intention are counterproductive to the process at hand.  I have put a shield around me to bounce healing energy to someone who may genuinely need it, but not everyone does that.  Becoming consciously aware of what you send, how you send it and why you send it and to whom and what they are truly going thru… is super crucial.  I know we can use words like old habits, but those old habits need to be released.  This is more important now than it ever has been before.  So on that note…

This morning… I feel perfect again.  Phew!!

May your day be gentle and your body ready to leap upwards in frequency!!

I love you and thank you so much for your ongoing patience and understanding with me.  You make my hards times so much easier!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of acceleration into the new living fields of light to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html


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Another Influx of Light Energy… The Sealant   –   Lisa Gawles

light energyWhat an extraordinary species y’all are turning into.  By the time I completed my fifth connection on Friday, my whole body was vibrating as if I had stepped on a vibrating pad for an hour and once stepping off, the vibration is still happening.  I tried as hard as I could to pin myself down so I could complete my 6th connection, but the moment we connected, zoom baby zoom, I was vibrating all over again and I fell apart.  I stayed in that vibrational space until the sun went down.  Phew baby!!What I realized yesterday thru the readings and was also happening with my 6th reading the day prior, another system of light was released unto us.  The spectrum of light was the same for everyone, the presentation of it tho, the way it came in, as unique as the person I read for.

A white light spectrum I have never seen before.  No matter how it presented, either in lightning bolts, encompassing circles, chunks of energy en masse, it all had the same spectrum, white with what spirit kept calling living color within its spectrum.  Sometimes I could see that color, hues like I have never seen before.  We can look at this influx as the “sealant” within your new house.  And yes, everyone is still presenting as that house.

It seems this light was coming in and targeting the place that is going to be activated first, again, no place in particular on anyone person.  On my lightning bolt lady it was at her heart center, I had a man where it was coming in in rapid circle to his core as well as around his house, another lady, directly at her sacral plexus in a 380 degree circumference.

I made the mistake of wondering where I am being targeted before my day of readings was over.  My last connection for the day came in and made it absolutely clear, as we were both being targeted in the same area.  She had these rings of light coming in and moving just under the roof of her house, which I know was her consciousness, unlocking key codes and expanding her abilities and understandings.  The light would go into her house then angle itself to meet my forehead.  Holy flipping dizzy batman.  I had to hold onto my chair for the first 5 minutes of our connection and finally I took her rings of light and retracted them from my head so I could do the reading!!  Careful what you ask for and when!! lol  YOU are potent!!!

I want to share a couple of yummy tidbits that came thru the readings yesterday.

One of my ladies was so different from all the rest, instead of having a form of white light with living color targeting her body somewhere, instead, wayyyyyy up in the sky was an arched mass of color.  Think the form of a rainbow, only with entangled blues and violets that were really really deep in color.  This arch was stretched south to north and did I mention… wayyyyyy up in the sky, which confused me (my natural state these days lol.)  There was a time, like a few days ago, i would have said that arching of color was on the other side of the veil, and actually I tried to say that to her yesterday, except her team said, where we are at now, there is no other side of the veil.  Her emerging job is that of a “time walker.”  Moving out into what we perceive as future time lines and bringing back chunks of energy, wisdom and whatever else she will be doing for herself as well as for others (eventually.)  This is why her energy was wayyyyyy up in the sky, showing the ability to maneuver thru the upper vibrations of earth that lay ahead of us.

Now I am going to wrap this into what came thru for my first man on the field yesterday, we can bring with us anything we are focused on.  Meaning, if we are still struggling with anything that we would consider 3D (fear based) free will is never taken away.  Or even 4D (doubt and limitations) but truly, we are in what many consider 5D, the expanded field of light, of love, where heaven and heart are one.  How could their be anything less that love, or even a veil, if that is the case??  Our memories are strong and our job is to diffuse them.

Your job right now is to start playing with your spiritual senses, expand them, hone them into mastery.  Preferably one or two at a time, the rest will follow.  If you try to do 10 at once, you will barely get them to where they can be.  Think of it like having 10 plates of food in front of you, if you nibble from every plate, you will be full and have not eaten an entire serving.  The great thing about our spiritual plates, nothing ever spoils and once one plate is cleared, the next one automatically starts to empty for you.  YOU must be the one to start tho, nothing nor no one can do it for you.

There is so much more, but man oh man, I still am feeling the vibrational wave machine in my body… gotta find neutral before my first reading.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of great adventures with an unlimited toy box to play with!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html



P.S.  THANKS-GIVING Special:  ONE DAY LEFT: Save $20 off of the 3-4-2 thirty minute reading package now thru Nov. 17th.  (Which is actually a savings of $79 off of three readings.)



Aisha North – The manuscript of survival – part 430 – 11-17-14



For now, what has been set into motion can no longer be negated, and as such, all of the consequent reactions will come about from a positive energetic charge, even if some of the outcome of it may be labelled as negative by those still set on maintaining status quo.

Let us elaborate. You see, this whole chain of events that is now in the middle of being activated is one that will have far reaching consequences, and as we have already informed you, the rippling effect from what is taking place on this little planet of yours is far greater than you at your current level perhaps can even begin to understand. And when we say current level, we simply refer to your ability to fully tap into your very own reservoir of inherent knowledge. In other words, we are not calling you incapable in any way, simply reminding you that things will become clearer to you at a pace that will make it possible for you to literally digest it. For when we refer to mankind’s choice to truly take the required quantum leap that is absolutely necessary for this whole operation to come about, it is also implied that this quantum leap will come about in such a way, it will serve its intended purpose, namely to shift the entire region into a frequency that will be beneficial to all that inhabits it. And so, everything needs to come about at the exact right time frame and in the stipulated sequence so that all the chips may fall in their designated directions.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but again, it is simply to allow you to better take in the underlying message in this message. For as we have already repeated repeatedly, what this contains is something that far surpasses the mere wording of it, and as such, we need at times to make these rather circuitous routes in order to better help you to get the gist of the message. And the gist of this message is simply this: you are no longer where you used to be, and neither is this planet that you live upon. And the same goes for your immediate surroundings. For you have already changed the very fabric of the Universe to such a degree, nothing can ever be the same again. And remember, these changes come about in a way that will be hard to define from a human’s standpoint, but it will be very easily identified when you look upon it from our point of view. For we can see that the very basics that your world has been build upon has already been changed, and so, the algorithms are indeed brand new. On the outside, it may not look like much, merely a few scattered numerals that have shifted ever so slightly over a period of a few days, but what these slight changes will in effect do, is to set off a cascade of rippling effects that will tear away all of the old and restricting cocooning material that you have been swaddled in, almost like the ancient peoples used to do to safeguard their deceased.

In other words, the ripples will spread out from these minuscule gashes in that old fabric, the fabric that was woven with so much care in order for you to strain and struggle against it until the day you finally opened your eyes and opened your hearts and realized, that the only way to end the struggle is simply to surrender to the powers that you carry within you, the ones that have been there all along, waiting for you to rediscover their presence at the very core of your being. And then, this process of unraveling the old illusion in order to fully set free not just you, but the whole and glorious truth of who ALL of you are began to come alive in such a way, there is no way now anyone can stop this old cocoon from dissolving completely.

But again, when something dissolves, it inevitably leaves a gaping hole in someone’s armour, as in the walls that so many of your fellow men are still busy keeping intact. For not all are ready to face the reality after living lifetime after lifetime enshrouded in a wall of make believe, and so, to them, there will be much anguish, pain and indeed anger erupting within. For with this new clarity also comes a new insight, and that is that you are no longer beholden onto others to make your life a good life. But with this realization also comes another realization, namely that you can no longer blame your misfortunes on anyone else either. And for some, that realization will perhaps to them be perceived as the heaviest burden to bear. For with freedom also comes responsibility, and this is not as easy to embrace as the idea of freedom. For freedom means that you are once again aware of creating your own lives, and so, there is no longer any outside source that can or will be blamed for any perceived “misfortunes” that may befall you along the way.

We know that this will not be news to many of you, for you have stepped into this truth a long time ago, but again, we want to remind you that you are not yet amongst the majority on this planet, and so, what you have seen as the dawning of the New, they will simply see as the disintegration of all that they have staked their very existence upon, and so, they will rebel in any way they can, and the range with which they will display their dissent will vary, from anger to sadness, from fear to downright terror.

But again, this will simply be the final nail in the coffin of the old, if we may use such blunt words to describe the shift that is taking place now. For remember, you have already pushed the buttons that activated this whole operation by your willingness to fully embrace your inner light, and so, what comes around now will be a change that will affect all, and it will do so because you as a collective have come to a place where a decision was needed, and the decision was to say a resounding YES to the New. And so, the wheels of change will roll faster and faster now, and as such, more and more of your every day actions will be governed by this new light that is imbuing every sentient being on this planet.

And yes, enough of you have already chosen to open your hearts to this light, and this in itself is more than enough to set the wheels rolling. And so, what took only a small number of the population of this planet to make come into being, will give every single one of the souls currently inhabiting this little sphere the same chance to take part in the process of recreating your world. And so, the call has gone out, the call to join in on this magnificent make over, a make over that far surpasses anything ever accomplished anywhere else in All of creation. And make no mistake, you do have a lot of things that needs to be rectified before this whole project is over, but again, there will be no lack of willing hands nor of inquisitive minds that will join forces with you, the true vanguards. For as we have told you again and again, you already possess everything you need in order to fulfill every single dream you might carry within of the paradise you so long for. There is no lack of skills, nor of manpower, nor of resources, and as you have finally allowed yourselves to re-enter the ancient halls of knowledge that has been kept safely hidden away until you as a collective were once again ready to enter them, there is no longer anything nor anyone standing in your way for this whole thing to become a success beyond compare.

And so we say again know that all is well, and take every single eruption of fear, anger or hatred as clear signals of the advent of the New World. For you have felt it already, and now, it will begin to seep into the consciousness of every single individual on this planet. For some, it will be such a welcome sight, they will instantaneously know just what to do in order to fully embrace the New. While for others, the very idea will still provoke their old gut instinct to safeguard the very last piece of “security” they can cling on to, namely the very idea itself that change must be avoided at all cost. And so, they will dig in their heels and protest in any way they can. But we can confidently predict that the latter will be the minority this time, for remember, on a higher level, it has been a decision that was made with an overwhelming majority, and the answer you gave back when the question was raised, was simply this: “yes, now, we are finally ready to step away from the old and fully embrace the totality of our being and to re-enter the prosperous sea of love that we for so long have turned our backs to.” For you as a collective are more than ready to take to these shimmering waters yet again, and it is you, the forerunners, who have been given the wonderful task of being the first ones to take the plunge.

And so once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation. You have chosen well, and you have already set your actions behind your words, and the actions that have already been accomplished by what may seem to be only a small handful of individuals scattered all over your wold, will have a far reaching and wondrous effect on All. And for that, we can only once more extend our greatest gratitude, and we would also like to add that from now on, the pace of this ripping apart will continue to escalate at such a pace, it may at times literally take your breath away. But for you, we know the breathlessness will come out of pure and simple joy and the knowledge that what will come apart now, will do so in order to make it all come together again in a way that will bring joy into the hearts of ALL.


Aisha North – A short update on the energies – 11-13-14


By now, the acceleration will be palpable on all levels, and so, we will once more take the opportunity to remind you all that even if the pace seems to be more than a little wild at times, know that as always, no thing and no one will be left to chance. For in this, it is as always a carefully orchestrated plan behind it all, one where the light at all times is doing what it can to help the majority amongst you fully embrace the all-pervading message of love that is being pumped in through countless channels at this moment in time. For even if some of you will still feel as if you are simply awash in chaotic sequences of ever changing fields of energy, know that they are all coming from the same Source and they are all sending out the same message of “LOVE thyself – that is the key”.

For the time has once more come to shout out the same advice of stop fighting the light within and instead, release the hold on the old that some of you still hold so tenaciously on to: the old idea that you have got to “do the right thing” in order to be allowed to step into the New. Well, the only thing you have to do, is to stop disallowing yourself from fully embracing the core within you, the one that holds no secrets, but have the same single message of LOVE at all levels and in all aspects.

Granted, there are still some of you who continue to tune into the same disruptive messages of disbelief and disarray, all stemming from the old ideas of disempowerment and disintegration, and to those of you still listening in to that old and outdated message we will simply say this: let go of the old, it no longer serves you, it is no longer a part of your identity, it is merely an old sticker that used to cover up the real you. So let it come off once and for all, and let your light shine fully forth so that no one no longer can doubt the truth in these words: you are all equal, and you are all equally loved, you are nothing more nor nothing less than any single soul you see around you. Nor are you nothing more nor nothing less than all of the unseen that stand around you applauding your valiant efforts to tear this entire world away from those old limiting definitions.

For you are all as bright as the brightest of light, and even if this is a message that has been oft repeated, it needs to be said again and again. For to some of you, these words are still a necessary requirement in order for you to step through those inner words that are still barring up the entrance to your own treasure trove of loving light within, and so, we will continue to serve them up in a way that can act as a key to unlock that door. But let us also remind you that alongside these words there is an ever increasing flood of light flowing in to this planet, and that light has more the effect of a battering ram. So again we say know that the light will not stop in its tracks for anyone or anything, and so we say that the easiest way to stay afloat in all of this energy, is simply to acquiesce to that inner light that is already there. For the moment you do just that, you will fall perfectly into step with this incoming light, and together you will help to put this entire planet on an even more direct trajectory towards the New.

Again, this is a collective process, but it is you as individuals who must decide just how long time it must take for you to truly see the light of this, and so, we will once again leave you to ponder these words, and to listen well to the message that they carry within. For the inner workings of these messages resonates fully with that inner truth that we so want you to rediscover within your own being. It is here for you all to find, and it has been waiting for this moment to finally be set free. So let you heart sing to this new tune of love, it is nothing it wants more than to be fully able to join in this heavenly choir with the richness of your voice and with the totality of your being. So let it rip as they say, and be prepared to be astounded by the power it carries within its very vibration. It is enough to make even the farthest reaches of Creation sit up and listen in awe.


The Manuscript of Survival, Part 429 – 11-9-14


Once more we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the way that you continue to embrace these ever evolving and rapidly unfolding sequences of events that were initiated during the week of gatherings that took place a short while ago in Crete. Again, this was indeed something that involved a much, much larger number of participants than those collected under the same roof or even in that specific geographic location. For not only was that crowd more than outnumbered not just by all of the otherworldly beings that came together in that same space at that same time period, for in addition, a whole host of souls took part in what can only be described not just as a global but also as a truly cosmic affair. For in this, we can in no way overstate the importance of what took place during that one week period of staged events, for it was indeed something that had far reaching repercussions not only geographically but also time wise.

You see, as you entered that time period here on this planet, you also entered what we can only describe as a pocket, or perhaps bubble would be a better word for it, of linear and non-linear sequences of time, all coming together for the very first time in such a way, what was undertaking during one of them, affected also those more free flowing ones. So what took place during that week of coordinated events did not simply affect life in your timeline, it also managed to literally jump over into other and far less linear concepts of time than the one you are all currently experiencing. Let us explain. You see, during this period, the sea of time can be likened to a frothy foam, one where individual bubbles of cosmic time are thrown together, seemingly haphazardly, but with a carefully orchestrated plan behind all of it. And so, as you went about putting into action those seemingly small and unconnected pieces of the puzzle that you as individuals were given to carry out during that same time frame, what you did had a far reaching effect, one that literally crossed over into so many other sequences of hitherto unconnected timelines. And so, as one spark may jump from one cable to the next without any parts of them having any direct contact at all, what you set into motion in your timeline affected so many other timelines as well, setting off a veritable firestorm of interconnected events that in turn served to sever that hold the Old world had not only on you, but also on your forebears and indeed your children’s children’s children in an ever widening ripple of time sequences.

So again we can only say thank you – not just for your willingness to step forth when asked to do so, but also for your tenacity. For this was not a one-off thing that was concluded as that week was concluded. No, this is to all intents and purposes an open spiral that will continue to unfold and evolve as your timeline continues to roll out, and every day you add another layer of intricately wedded pieces to this spiral, making it ever wider so that it in turn can encompass ever larger swathes not just of humanity, but of All of creation.

Again, we know that our words will be met by hesitance and perhaps even incredulity, but let us just remind you of this simple fact: everything you do now is connected to everything else that was shaken into motion as you set forth to set yourself free. And as you finally managed to open that hitherto closed door that stood between you and the New, you created such a huge surge of energetic realignments that it can only be likened to the most complex of what you describe as the “domino-effect” but in this, more pieces were set into motion than any record breaking event that you yourselves may have witnessed on your TV-screens or anywhere else. For what was previously unconnected has now become connected in a very new way, and for some of you, the results from all of this coming together has already become more than obvious. For now, you are truly multi-dimensional and multi-faceted beings, capable of travelling at a speed that far surpasses the speed of light and capable of feats that would seem to be more than impossible just a few short weeks ago. For as you decided to step across that divide that separated you from the new beginnings that you have hankered so for, not just during this lifetime, you also ignited so many of the underlying layers that are contained within your own merkaba of light, you each became like a veritable troupe of time acrobats, all contained within that single bubble of existence that carries your signature.

We know that this will be more than a little bewildering for most of you, but let us simply say that as you became ONE by stepping into the New, you also split into a myriad of parts that individually will continue to carry out the work that was set into motion by that one single YES you gave not only to yourself but to All of creation. You see, you are indeed more than just the forerunners, you can also be likened to the special forces, beings capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks that crosses over any and all borders of abilities, and unlike the rest of creation, you can do so while currently being housed within the confines of that seemingly frail human body. Not only that, your ability to split into a myriad different compounds at the blink of an eye can only be explained by diving into the field of fractals, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. And so, we do think that a large number of you are already beginning to understand in what direction we are trying to direct your focus. For even if many of you still will struggle just trying to take in the magnitude of what has taken place energetically over the last two weeks, we know that there are some amongst you who have already started to literally tap into this never ceasing source of numerical information that you can now access and that is housed just within your own energetic field. For as that door to the New was opened and you gave yourself permission to access it, you also gave yourself permission to access the totality of your being. And as you did just that, it began to not only unfold, but to multiply in a way that can be likened to the sequence of a fractal equation. In others words, your field of influence and your field of intercommunication started to come alive in such a way, it will actually continue to unfurl itself in ALL dimensions, and before you get lost in this billowing sail of seemingly impenetrable information that we share with you now, know that you are more than capable of not only accessing, but also in controlling this formidable source of information. For you are old hands at this, remember, you were chosen for this very task because you are the true experts in this combination of linear and sequential computations that in turn gives birth to a very fluid movement of energies, one that is capable of penetrating every single barrier of time that has ever existed.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but the significance of what we are sharing with you is simply this: you have accessed your “mainframe” to use a word that will perhaps help to explain the force field we speak of, and through accessing this, you will be able to re-compute the underlying algorithms that control the timelines in your area in such a way, you will be able to literally figure out how to reset them all in such a way, the past, present and future will become one single fluid sphere of interconnected information. And when that system is fully set, you will no longer have to contend with any of the old programming that still clogs up some of that interstellar space that you inhabit. In other words, you are not only Masters of Love, you are also Masters of Time, in ways that will be hard to fathom in that single dimensional layer of your being, but that will start to seep into the other and far more advanced layers of your consciousness at an ever faster rate. And when this begins to permeate your being more and more, even those human parts of you will begin to truly take this into the equation. Again, we like to play around with the words, not to add to the confusion but simply to allow the deeper parts of your consciousness to begin to fall into place so that it in turn can begin to focus more on the tasks ahead. For they are indeed many, and they are in their very nature so complex, you have little or no ability to truly to understand them at your current level of capacity. But as we have already told you, the motion that was set into motion just a short while ago will continue to increase not only in speed but also in magnitude, and so, what was incomprehensible just a short while ago will begin to be not just understandable, but also doable in every sense of the word.

For you have come to the stage where what you do will literally help to change not just your world, but so much more of this vast interconnected fabric that constitutes All of creation, and in that sense, you are indeed Masters of the Universe. And before you begin to think that these words carry within them some rather ominous echoes from the past, let us simply remind you that when we say Masters, we allude to the fact that you are at heart nothing but light, and through your many sojourns here on planet Earth, you have finally stepped into your true roles as Masters of Love, and it is through this capacity that you now can begin that last and most impressive part of your assignment: to recreate the fabric of the universe through your willingness to let this newly acquired expertise of love permeate ALL that you come into contact with, and through that, setting off the vibrations that will bring everything else into tune.

It may sound like a task too large to fulfill for anyone, let alone a group of human beings recently arriving within their own self-created space of harmonics, yet, it is nothing less than what you are about to embark upon, and there is no one in All of creation that have any doubts at all as to your abilities to succeed at this. For in this, nothing has been left to chance so we will simply remind you of this: what is to come has already come to pass, but in order for it to truly become, you must take all the necessary steps that have been set up for it to come into being. And for that, we could not have picked anyone better suited than that glorious group of souls that have come together on this little sphere of light that you call Earth, but that the rest of us simply refer to as genesis 2:0.


Gaia Portal – Stratification potentials reach maximum during the coming moments – 11-7-14




Stratification potentials reach maximum

during the coming moments.

Gaia collectives requiring assistance for trans-leveling

have all required to complete this function.

Particulates are coalescing at this time

into a recognizable entity for Ascension.

Hindrances are leaving the Gaia sphere continually,

as conditions warrant.

Prior timelines have collapsed,

as the Higher Gaia timeline is strengthened and recognized.

Unprecedences continue until finalization.



Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast November 2014 – Letting Go of the Struggle – 11-6-14

Photo - Emmanuel

Emmanuel Dagher

Letting Go of the Struggle, by Emmanuel Dagher

My Amazing Friend,

How are you? Thank you for taking the time out of your full schedule every month to connect with me in this way. It is truly one of the highlights of each month for me, and I always look forward to it.

I am deeply grateful to you for allowing our friendship to continue to blossom.

Energetically speaking, what was your experience like during the month of October? If it was a challenging one, then you are definitely not alone.

The celestial happenings for October included two eclipses, among other astrological alignments such as Mercury in retrograde and the biggest solar flares recorded in decades. It’s safe to say that it was a month of immense expansion.

When moving through certain energy cycles, the expansion we experience can feel less joyous in the beginning, and more like we are being stretched to the max.

It’s during these times that taking frequent breaks and nurturing and pacing ourselves become our saving grace.

With all of that said, once the dust settles, a new level of peace, love, and connection emerges within us that transcends what any words could describe.

It makes any challenges we faced seem less powerful and imposing.

Even if it’s only for a brief moment, when this ‘clarity’ emerges, it’s important to celebrate it. The act of celebrating those special moments, hours, days, weeks, or even months of bliss we experience will provide the mind with a reference point that is easy for us to access at a later time, when things may again feel a bit less joyous.

It also expands on that which we are celebrating, so that more of those experiences can begin showing up in our lives.

In the previous Energy Forecast, we talked about how the energies are giving us the opportunity to look at our relationships from a higher perspective.

We asked questions such as: Are these relationships operating from a space of integrity, honesty, and mutual respect?

Is it time to move on from certain belief systems, people, places, and experiences that no longer feel to be in resonance with where we are in our lives?

We are most likely receiving the answers to those questions now. If we aren’t, we might ask ourselves something like, “What am I not to allowing myself to see?” or, “What am ignoring?”

These questions help us pierce through the illusions and into the truth of who we are choosing to be.

Letting Go of the Struggle

The days of struggling are no longer necessary. There was a time when experiencing hardship was an important part of our expansion process. And of course, for some it will continue to be so until they choose otherwise.

However, our personal and collective consciousness has now risen to the degree that the lessons we are meant to learn in life simply don’t need to be over-the-top dramatic anymore.

I remember the days of wanting to ‘fit in’ or ‘receive approval’ from others. I used to bend over backwards to be what everyone else wanted me to be, and I’d end up selling myself short every time, feeling completely exhausted and unhappy on all levels.

It was only when I began seeing the value and worth in being my true authentic self that every door to living my greatest life potential opened up.

That is when I truly became free. That is what I also see happening for you, my friend.

As mentioned earlier, the consciousness of the world as a whole is now resonating at a higher frequency. This means that the ‘fighter’ and ‘savior’ archetype roles that many of us took on as a major part of our identity need no longer be the main outfit that we wear.

That’s not to say that everyone will want to release the identity of being the one who struggles. However, those who feel that they have learned the lessons from identifying with this archetype, and are ready to allow more ease, joy and love to enter their lives, will be able do so with less effort.

For some, letting go of the struggle may leave their minds feeling a loss of self-identity. Know that this is absolutely OK.

The key is to give the mind time to grieve. Then, as things start to feel a little more stable, we can begin letting the mind know that it has lost nothing by releasing its identity of needing to struggle, and that it has actually gained so much.

If we are someone who finds themselves still struggling and experiencing much difficulty in life, and are ready to release this struggle, it might just be that at some point, we unconsciously took a vow or oath to remain in the vibration of one who has to struggle. There could be some past-life experiences or religious patterns that are still carrying over into this lifetime.

If we do feel we’ve taken on some of those vows, we can:

1. Ask the Universe to make us open and available to learning the lessons quickly, so that we no longer need to keep recreating them, and

2. Set the intention that all our vows be resolved and released once and for all.

When we mindfully set intentions such as these on a consistent basis, we set things into motion so that those old patterns can begin to resolve and dissolve even faster.

Emotional Independence

A big part of letting go of the struggle is to let go of being co-dependent in our relationships. There’s a push-and-pull that occurs when people start to become co-dependent on one another. In fact, a great deal of our sense of self gets lost in that process.

When we take full responsibility for our own happiness, and no longer seek to find it in others, true freedom is found.

Now, the mind will come up with every excuse to say things such as, “Well, you don’t understand my situation. I have to live with my parents because I’m not making any money.” Or “I love my partner so much and can’t live without them, but they just aren’t doing what I want them to do.”

Do any of these ideas sound familiar? Whether we have experienced those situations ourselves or we know someone who has, those beliefs are simply an easy way to not take full responsibility for our own happiness.

There’s also the idea the mind likes to come up with sometimes, that if we are emotionally independent, then we will be alone. So the fear of being alone then begins making all the decisions in our lives, which results in us being miserable, and consistently expecting things outside of ourselves to make us happy.

I know this can be a bit of an uncomfortable subject to reflect on, however it’s important to shed light on it and be truthful so we can heal it completely!

To begin building emotional independence, it’s imperative for us to remember to turn within to find our core emotional strength, instead of looking for it outside of ourselves.

Here are some simple yet super-effective ingredients that can help us begin building a healthy emotional independence:

1. Choosing to make ourselves a priority, through consistent acts of self-care, self-love and self-acceptance.
2. Releasing the need to always be right, and having to prove ourselves.
3. Letting go of the pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect.
4. Integrating creative, expressive, fun and play into every single day.
5. Setting and achieving goals.
6. Sharing love and compassion with others without buying into illusions of fear and exchanging lack-based stories.
7. Consistently choosing to look and feel your best, for YOU. We can achieve this through nourishing our bodies with super-healing foods, exercising/moving the body, and taking care of our physical aesthetics, so that we reflect to the outside world the beauty we have always carried on the inside.
8. Expressing gratitude to the Universe every day.
9. Changing up our daily routines every few days, to keep things fresh.

If we remain consistent with these 9 ingredients, within 28 days, the seeds to becoming emotionally, physically, mentally and financially independent will be fully planted.

As we move into the next few weeks, lots of things will continue to change.

But the one thing that will remain constant is the love the Universe is drenching us with daily.

Take good care, and we’ll be in touch again soon.

Till next time,
Miraculously yours,

©2009-2014 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved

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Gaia Portal – Eminence of Gaia Energetics provides all Hue-manity with Validation of Coronal Crafting at the Highest Level – 11-3-14




Eminence of Gaia Energetics provides all Hue-manity

with validation of coronal crafting at the Highest Level.

Crescents of BEingness are now unveiled

at all Gaia-culture levels.

Impacts of Sol beams allows transcendence

of each Hue-being and hu-being

to the next level (phase) of consciousness.

Fractals of awareness continue to manifest

the Higher D “reality”.

Consequences of individual and collective Heart-Thought

manifest near instantaneously,

a benefit to all aware Gaia inhabitants.

Modulations of Cosmics continue indefinitely

so as to assist all planetary occupants

with their Light Path Development.



Gaia Portal – Energetic Pulses of 5-7D Light dissolve all shadow appearances and clarify to Higher Awareness – 11-1-14




Energetic Pulses of 5-7D Light dissolve all shadow appearances

and clarify to Higher Awareness.

Frantications are diminished,

followed by dissolution.

Extraneous energetics are cleared,

first in individual Hue-Beings and hu-beings,

followed by rapid collective clearance.

All darkness is now dispelled.

Paths of the Higher Life of Light are now

fully illumined within all Gaia inhabitants.

Focus on untenables is softened, then dissolved.



Lee Harris – Energy Forecast – November 2014


Lee’s November 2014 Energy Forecast – Multiplying Love and Shifting from Density to Light

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Aisha North – The Embodiment of the New World – 10-29-14

Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

During that amazing week in Crete, I was fortunate enough to see some of you literally stepping into your divine powers in front of my very eyes, and it was such a wonderful thing to be allowed to witness. Over these last few days, you have been joined by so many others here at the Pond, and to those of you who have been waiting – seemingly forever – for us to catch up with you: thank you for blazing a trail and holding the space so the journey could be a little bit easier for us all.

I just wanted to share a little bit more about the ceremony we did at the sacred spring close to the Church of the Five Virgins last Thursday, for there, we met a man who made such a huge impression on us all. The spring is in a beautiful place, and it is guarded over by a huge, ancient tree that is also considered as sacred, for it was at one time split in two by lightning, but both parts lived on and now they form what looks like a portal where the pathway enters the area in front of the spring.

It is a popular place to visit, but while our group was there and we performed our ceremony, it was quiet and peaceful. As I mentioned in my previous message, I had brought with me some water and a small piece of quartz from the area in the Norwegian mountains that my sister and I have been drawn back to again and again to do ceremonies there, for I knew that all the work we had done previously was actually leading up to this moment. I had also brought with me two prayers, one to open the sacred space and also the beautiful Maori Water Prayer that I have shared here earlier. My sister was standing in the middle holding the water bottle, and the others were sitting around in a large circle. Just as I was about to begin reading the first prayer, I suddenly saw a man coming up towards us out from the forest on the path that led to the tree portal. He had long flowing, curly grey hair and a beard, he was dressed in green, and he carried what looked like a shepherd’s stick and he just looked like a god of the forest who had come to join our ceremony. The moment I laid eyes on him, I just knew that his presence at that ceremony was not by accident, and in this, I was proven right.

For he entered our circle and sat down and told us a little bit about himself. His name is Thomas I. Venakis, he has a PhD in Chemistry, he is retired now but for 17 years he had hiked this path every day on his way to his job as a teacher in a small village nearby. His ancestors had lived in this area for many, many generations, and he told us that his mother had given birth to him in one of the caves that was next to the spring. He was passionate about preserving the ancient culture of Crete, especially the traditional music, and his love for Mother Nature was so immense, it was literally like the soul of Crete and Father Earth in one single person had joined us in that circle.

After I had recited the two prayers, I could hear him humming softly, so I asked him if he would like to add his voice to the ceremony, and he did, by singing the most beautiful ancient hymn I think I have ever heard in his powerful voice. It was as if we could feel the very vibration of this ancient land in his voice, and I know I was not the only one crying with pure joy and love as we all listened to him singing for us, for Mother Nature and for the sacred spirits that surrounded us.

When I had finished the ceremony by pouring the water I had brought with me into the source and by placing the white quartz inside it too, we all stood in a circle holding hands. Thomas poured some of his herb tea in a small cup, it was made with wild herbs he had picked himself, and this cup was passed from person to person in the circle, each taking one small sip. When the circle was completed, Thomas filled the cup again and we sent it one more time around the circle in the opposite direction. I suddenly realised that we were all literally drinking in the very essence of this land, suspended in water that had been blessed during this ceremony, and it made it all come together in such a simple and yet profound way.

As we stood there, a young French family came down to the spring, and their oldest son came straight over to our circle. He peered at us from behind the legs on one of us, and soon, he entered confidently into the very center of the circle with this huge smile on his face. His eyes were lit up frown within by such an amazing light, and as one of the others said “look, that is the New World standing here amongst us.” Soon, his mother joined him in the circle, carrying an infant in her arms, while her husband walked around that sacred tree. I looked at this joy-filled family and I looked at Thomas and I just knew that they were all the true embodiment of the New World. This little family just WAS the light, while Thomas was the representative of all of the ancient cultures and knowledge that this land has accumulated over the centuries, the “hidden treasures” The CCs have talked about that now will come out into the open again.

After we had finished, Thomas invited us all back to his house, and there, he gave us a taste of the bounty of the land. For he had everything there from his own garden, fruits, vegetables, flowers and seeds, herbs for tea and home made raki with honey and thyme, and his generosity knew no bounds. He WAS the New World, one that has been waiting for this very moment to arrive, for in us, he has found others who can help his message to come out into the world. Both the treasure trove of Cretan music that he has kept alive, but also his knowledge about old varieties of different vegetables and fruits that others have forgotten about. In addition, he is also a trained scientist that has such a deep connection to Mother Earth, I am certain that he will in one way or the other play an important part in bringing together the old and the new, the science and the spirituality, across borders and across age groups. And he is just one of the many, many enlightened souls out there, all of them getting ready to do what we all will be called to do: to step fully into our powers and start to come together to share our knowledge and our passions, so that we together can build the New World. And as my sister pointed out, his name was just perfect, for he was not the “doubting Thomas” in the Bible, he was the Thomas that cleared away any doubt any of us might have had about the sacred importance of this ceremony. For he told us that he had been alone home that day with no plans when he just felt the urge to walk up to that sacred spot, and his arrival in our circle could not have been more divinely timed.

It was the perfect ending to what had been a week of countless group meditations and ceremonies, all building upon the next, culminating in this blessing and activation of the waters in that sacred spring. And when the rain and the wind and the lightning started in full the next day and lasted for hours and hours, we could all feel the powerful purification and activation that was taking place, and I had a vision of the water pouring out from that sacred spring ever faster, ever stronger, flowing over the land and down into the sea, carrying with it this message of renewal and rebirth, just like in the wonderful little song Ingrid had us all sing at the end of the ceremony. Thank you to everyone present there for helping to make that into such a magical experience, and thank you to everyone else for “entraining” your energies with us in such a way, it did literally feel as if you were all present as well.

With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha

photo 4

photo 1

Thank you to Tara and CosmicBear for the photos!

You can read more about Thomas here: www.thomasvenakis.gr


Gaia Portal – Storage locations of Hidden Energetic Pulses become known to all attuned to Higher Self – 10-28-14




Storage locations of hidden energetic pulses

become known to all attuned to Higher Self.

Fraternal/Maternal entities become connected to Gaia inner network

as Pleiadean Guides begin to repopulate prior home areas.

Multiple entities remain to anchor the Gaia Nova energetic grids

which have been forming and now congealing.

Relativistic physics is attained from all levels of Beingness,

including the so-named “hu-man” lower energy realms.

Flashes of insight continue to impel all Gaia inhabitants

during these next weeks.

Primary Inner players now take their hands

in preparation for Higher End game out-playings.



GaiaPortal – Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing – 10-24-14



Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing

Sweeps of Light engage all surface dwellers.

Gaia connections now require all to

access Inner depths of BEing.

Surface activities decrease as all awaken to the Higher Inner

as Gaia collective awakens to the Higher collective Inner.

Transformatives engage hu-manity

with full magnitude of awakening Light.

Brilliance embraced.

This time moment is marked.



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