Alice Clagett – Mental Filters Lifting – Love Of God – Importance Of Density – 7-23-14

Alice Clagett

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video on mental filters, on the Orion Wars, service to self, service to the All, the ‘Earth hologame’ mental filter, the history of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, on forgiveness, war and peace on Earth, love of God, anchoring Earth as human beings,
cities of light, the illusion of Earth, parallel world spinoffs, soul group wounding, guilt, blame, self-worth, the importance of extreme density, and ‘the key to ascension’!

In love, light and laughter,

Bashar – 3rd 4th 5th Dimension – Choosing Future – Past Lives Consciously

Felipe Alexander·195 videos

Bashar speaks on how we are moving out of 3rd density and into 4th density and how we can be able to conscioulsy choose our past and future lives in the higher dimensions since time will become non-linear.

The Angel painting (2:073:02) and the Peter Pan painting (7:348:04)was created by Artist Risto Turunen, his website can be found at

Bashar – Ascension and Densities Of Our Body

truthshallsety0ufree·90 videos


The Crystal Body – Dimensions and Densities – Avatar Energy Mastery Institute

Avatar Energy Mastery Institute·33 videos A brief lecture on the nature of the crystal body and how to obtain it as well as the difference between dimensions and densities.

Ascension of the Physical and Energy Body – Tobias Lars

Tobias Lars·131 videos

Crystal Body – Dimensions – Densities – AvatarEnergyMastery

avatarenergymastery·29 videos A brief lecture on the nature of the crystal body and how to obtain it as well as the difference between dimensions and densities.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – by Pablo Arellano

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Pablo Arellano·151 videos

Drunvalo is the author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart, Serpent of Light and his newest one, The Mayan Ouroboros. These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world.

He has been on television and the Internet, and written about in magazines, newspapers and books all over the world.

Having left the United States over 280 times, Drunvalo is a world traveler helping people understand their intimate connection to God.

Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba.

He is a consultant for the international Internet magazine, Spirit of Maat, with over 1 million viewers each year.

He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries.

He has now founded his newest (and complete) teaching in a facility called School of Remembering with the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teachers who are beginning their global work. Recently the school exceeded 1000 live workshops held worldwide with an average of almost 3 a day added to the calendar.

Drunvalo graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in fine arts. He also has a minor in physics and math with only one quarter to finish his degree.

He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his loving wife Claudette. He has six grandchildren.

Alex Collier At the Ranch

MrFlackjacket·61 videos

This is a Classic Documentary Session was Part 3 of the Series in 1996.

Leave Your Conscious Body And Journey Into Astral Zone

William Buhlman on A Fireside Chat – Out of Body Experiences

ZanyMysticRadio·546 videos

Guest WILLIAM BUHLMAN is the author of two books on Astral Travel, Out-of-Body experiences and methodologies: “The SECRET of the SOUL” and “Adventures Beyond the Body”. With over 30 years of personal experience, associated with the Monroe Institute and via Global 6 Day Intensives, he is a leading expert on how to actively engage “other worlds” as real as this one! We discuss vast civilizations which exist, peopled by beings at every level of development. He is interviewed in the DVD, “THE PATH”, which I highly recommend. To learn more, go to his website here:

Jim Self – Keeping Pace With The Shift Update

Jim Self talks about what to expect in this ‘Keeping Pace With The Shift’ interview.  Self believes the changes are going to be ‘very accelerating and very, very personal’ adding ‘The great part of this shift is about who you have always been, but forgotten.’

Bashar – December 21, 2012 and the Agenda for Contact With the “Interstellar Alliance”

Advanced Meditation Of Unity Consciousness – The “New YOU Attunement”

Tantra and Kundalini

According to the philosophy of Tantra, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness. In manifesting the universe, this pure consciousness seems to become divided into two poles or aspects, neither of which can exist without the other.

Portal 2012: DAY OF THE CONTACT – 12-21-2012

Co-creating A New World

What is your vision of the New World?  You are a co-creator of the Golden Age. We are all One beautiful energy in service to self and service to others. Our finest moments originate out of love and compassion. Let's build communities of light and love!


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