Greetings My Beloved Masters of The Universe! What a month February is turning out to be! So many exciting portals and opportunities to change our lives are opening up for us! Whereas the past few years have been a roller coaster for many, February finally begins to bring release and JOY into our lives!

Again, I am very excited to bring you this particular message, as many of you have been waiting for an opportunity to align with a very special part of yourself located in another physical body , yes I am talking about a part of your soul which here on earth we call the TWIN FLAME.

However, as I wrote in my book mission to earth and in an article available for you to read here, there are actually 16 parts of your own soul in various physical and none physical bodies, then there are soul mates, then there are soul families, and really considering that we are all ONE it’s rather tough at times to find that special part of your soul whom you are to travel on this amazing journey on this planet, but in this particular moment in time the one whom we call the TWIN FLAME could very well be here on earth and in the channeling that you’re about to read we are being informed that in the next few days and weeks Twin Flames are going to start awakening and looking for their other half to join together.

This is such an important moment! We had this mass Twin Flame awakening happen in 2014 and then again in 2016, and of course we have this happen all the time, but I’m talking about a MASS awakening. These mass Twin Flame awakenings are so important for all of humanity because the merging of these pairs brings incredible energies onto our planet.

Here is an excerpt from a channeling that I shared with all of you back in 2016 about the IMPORTANCE OF TWIN FLAMES:

“For the twin flame union brings with it, and generates tremendous energies which are necessary in order to propel all of humanity onto another level of consciousness.

And so as each soul moves through the ascension process each one then contributes a particle of truth to the giant sea of energetic pathways which constitutes the human experience. Whereby their contribution is interlaced with all that is. In the form of twin flame unions, said particle of truth is multiplied by 3. Which opens a TRIAD vortex of Benevolence, Triangular Degree of Consciousness, Peace, Harmony, Understanding, Light, Abundance and Love for ALL.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the unity of twin flames opens the door for “mini” portals if you will to appear on your planet allowing many souls to pass through said portals into another dimension, into another state of being, onto a new earth platform. And so, those who have chosen to come together in this lifetime, carry tremendous responsibility to merge not only for their sake, but the sake of all humanity, as through their union a door is literally opened into another dimension for all.

And hence, you shall find said pairs working diligently in various professions around your globe, mostly gravitating toward the healing arts in whichever shape or form that may be.” You can read more about the process of Twin Flame reunion in this article here.

But going back to the NOW moment in time. The portal that is coming up for us which begins on the 11th of February, 0211 2020, will have many awaken to the idea of finding their true twin and begin the search. If you have found your twin flame and have worked through all the levels of awareness together and actually managed to handle such a wild ride CONGRATULATIONS! And if you are just awakening to the idea and truly want to start this journey and need a little assistance, I’ve put together an online on demand Twin Flame Guided Online Course which you can learn more about here:

Finding your twin is one of the most exciting experiences, and yet one of the toughest. It can be daunting at times trying to swim through a sea of possibilities when selecting the partner of your dreams and that is why with the guidance of my celestial guides I’ve put together this Love GRID GUIDE for you! I have tested this grid on many of the ones that have come to me for assistance in tuning into the cosmos and attracting their other half and it WORKS! When you truly allow everything to unfold for you and follow the guidance not only in the step by step instruction that you’ll find in this guide, but also when you truly tune into yourself, release everything from the past and ALLOW, you will attract that perfect someone into your life! Working through a twin flame relationship is another story altogether, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take one step at a time and dive into the beautiful world of Twin Flame Manifestation

Now having said this here is a channeling that I have received from Archangel Metatron:

Masculine principles align with the feminine energies to bring through the state of enlightenment and purification of Being. The intricate dance of illuminated ones changes the shape of its mobility sequence to expose for all to see the beauty of said creation. For the feminine and the masculine principle of BEing unite into an unimaginable dance of unity benevolence and light, unity benevolence and peace, unity benevolence and harmony. Harmony light and love. Love unconditional, immemorial, sequenced for all to experience. For the purification of the alignment which is coming your way as we speak, shall bring about the energies of upliftment, purification and peace. Harmony bliss and joy, joy light and love.

The unity principle of BEing dancing through the aforementioned principles, unites at the third degree of unification aligning with the aforementioned rotational light frequencies and in so doing bathes the earthly core and connects it with its very own twin planet, and so and thus, the unification principle coming your way as we speak shall find many of you enamored with those around you, enamored and enticed to seek out your other half, the half that you are destined to spend your journey through the ascension process and beyond.

Twin Flame Disc – helps to connect with your twin flame, eases the process of acknowledgement, appreciation and understanding, growth, mutual assistance, complete and utter acceptance and recognition of all that both are.

And so, in the hours and days to come the alignment of planets shall allow many of you to anchor in the energies of both feminine and masculine vibration in order to uplift, secure and continue to awaken all that are still very much asleep. And when such moment occurs and it will, many shall find themselves seeking that which they are longing to find, seeking their inner selves, seeking their other halves, seeking the truth, seeking, searching, longing to find the answers to that which shall begin to burn in their hearts as an urgent desire to quench their thirst for knowledge, for the seeds that you have planted within their hearts has begun to blossom and spring to life, and so, they shall search for answers in your very own eyes, they shall search for answers in your very own hearts and you shall be there for them, bringing the answers that they seek, in order to assist them in unifying with their very own hearts, and the ones that that they shall travel the ascension journey with and beyond.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the time of TWIN FLAME initiation is fastly approaching, the time of twin flame unification and the new journeys await.

And so and thus, the time that we speak of is your February 11th, 2020, for during said time a light spark shall be seen on your planet which shall ignite the hearts of many who are yet not aware of anything that has been brought into your own awareness, and when such moment occurs and it will, it will once again be you who shall assist said souls in finding their link back home, home to themselves through the intricate dance of self-evolution, self-awareness, self-love, self understanding and recognition of BEing.

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

FREEDOM JOURNEY KARMIC RELEASE COURSE – The reason that I have put this course together for you is to give you the tools not only to understand what karma is, not only to get yourself off the Karmic Wheel of Life, but to find the FREEDOM of thought. This is a life changing course, a course that should help you move away from the outdated belief systems of your parents, grandparents, society, etc., and help you to find your own inner voice, the voice of truth. This course will help you shed the layers that you have allowed yourself to be encapsulated into by your upbringing. It will help you to dive deep within and release all the triggers that are holding you back from aligning yourself with the life that you are meant to live! This course will help you unlock the mystery of your heart. Get to the bottom of your issues, and let it all go.



BEVERLY NATION – Twin Flames are Completors – The Basics On the Twin Flame Experience

Beverly Nation

In this video, Beverly teaches basic truths about the twin flame, completor, experience.

To learn more about Beverly:

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Matt Kahn – Soul Contracts, Twin Flames, Soul Mates Redefined

Matt Kahn All For Love
Published on Jul 8, 2015

NOTE: Matt is redefining the terms twin flame and soul mate from a 5D perspective. No matter how you wish to define any relationship, the essence of this teaching is moving you beyond the veil of labels to discover a love that has no other.

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and highly-attuned empath who, along with meditation guide and yoga teacher and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence to remove all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

TransformOtion: QHHT – Part A – Learning with the Elohim – Powerful session –

Published on Apr 26, 2018

Learning about Creation, Twin Flames, more about the mission Operation Terra, the disaster in Atlantis, the Healing Centers, Healing Energy, Ascension, Gay Men and 2 spirited, HIV medication, Source Light, Timelines…

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Twin Flames – Guidelines by LIORA


Published on May 13, 2015 Twin Flame SOUL Guidelines by LIORA. The Teachings of the Twin Flame Sacred Keys “Collection” offer all Twin Flame clarity and Soul Awareness. Instant and secure download. When the SOUL is ready. Music by Liquid Mind

Mary Magdalene, Twin Flames – Trust in Your Own Pure Divine Essence – 12-31-18

Higher Self

Published on Dec 31, 2018

Mary Magdalen, Twin Flames, Trust in Your Own Pure Divine Essence December 14, 2018 via Beti Kotevski

This Article:…

You can contact Betty at: Betty’s YouTube Channel – Twin Light Tarot…

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – The Twin Flame Deception – via Love Has Won – 7-11-18




Greetings Dear Ones, I come again to assist our Brothers & Sisters in raising consciousness and granting clarity on Twin Flames. There are many messages with regards to the Twin Flame connections happening on our Beloved Gaia. Much range from little Truth, to Whole Truth and blatant Fantasy. We have observed the energies from the collective lightworkers, and noticed many have been thrown off the path of ascension to continue in a mass fantasy, mostly orchestrated by the “old controllers”. This was purposefully done, so that the lightworkers can no longer assist Gaia and Humanity in the Ascension Process. Let us delve deeper into the Twin Flame history and the deception many fell trap to. Keep in your Hearts, Awareness=Consciousness.

In the Beginning, the very beginning of Creation, Love and Unknowable came together and created Mother of All Creation, Prime Creator, the Holy Spirit, Our Mother… Mother of Creation wished to create and express creation… Love Mirroring Love. She then created Father of All Creation from Her Heart. This is what many know to be the Image of God. Twin Souls, a Balanced Harmonic of Feminine and Masculine energies, created in the image of both Mother and Father. They both created the 144,000 original Twin Flames. After, a trickle down effect created the rest of the Twin Flames… The Fibonacci Fractal.

Planet Earth was created originally as the primary “Garden of Eden”, a place where Love having experiences in the Physical. A place where Love Mirrors Love. A race of Heart based Beings of Pure Love to be stewards of the Planet, gaining wisdom and knowledge from their experiences. However, this was short lived after the Fall of Atlantis. The explosion caused by the Atlanteans, placed the planet into the lower dimensions and most of it’s inhabitants. Lemuria was caught in the explosion and few Lemurians were able to escape into the Inner Earth, where they have been residing ever since, and both races are Now reincarnated in this lifetime.

The inhabitants left on the planet were sent into a primitive state, this is where the Annunaki came onto the planet. They convinced these inhabitants that they were their God. The Annunaki, then began to perform genetic modifications and sever the right and left brain hemispheres of all the Beings. This caused the separation from Source, Prime Creator, the Holy Spirit. This also severed the connection of Twin Flames.

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The Twin Flame connection has never been on the planet ever since the Fall of Altantis, say for Mother & Father’s incarnation on the planet. They have been trying to assist the collective in raising consciousness, for the preparation of these End of Times… The Ascension of Gaia, and have reincarnated this lifetime. What many lightworkers, channellers and more do not comprehend is the immense power of the Twin Flame connection. They are too powerful for lower density existence. Therefore, no one has ever or could ever connect with their Twin. It simply is an impossibility. This information may spin and disrupt the belief systems created by many lightworkers around this topic. Hence, many of the channeled messaged you may have read, stresses the Letting Go of belief systems, as they stunt your Spiritual Growth. The same purpose of Religion, never to connect with God and staying in lower consciousness.

I would like to Re~Heart All my Brothers & Sisters, Feel into this information of the Twin Flames more in terms of Energy, not romancism or relationship. Due to the severe unworthiness and seeking outside yourselves for Love, the “old controllers” played a hand in convincing the collective of a Twin Flame Fantasy. Even sending their own messengers to infiltrate the lightworker collective. This fantasy consists of the continuation of the old paradigm of relationships, Being in self-importance, continue the lessons of the old paradigm and throw the lightworkers off the Path of Love, the Heart… These actions tells the Universe, that you wish to continue the lessons and not move forward in the Ascension.  To provide a contrast of the old paradigm relationships, here are their traits which includes:




Power over,





Lack of trust,

Perverse Sexuality,

Taking of Energy from one another,


Seeking Validation,




Lack of self-love,

 and more…


Some of you have been in these relationships and have learned the lessons of these experiences. If you are currently going through such dysfunction, ask yourselves; Why? Why continue the old paradigm? Are both fulfilling your mission to Gaia or stuck in self-importance?

Twin Flame connections are none of these traits. Twin Flames are Unions of energy, Balanced Harmonics of Feminine and Masculine energies. These Unions are attracted through the Ascension Process, which is the dissolvement of the ego mind, the anchoring of Higher Consciousness and in Unity Consciousness. The process also balances out the body and the brain, reconnecting the right and left hemispheres. These connections are experienced and felt deeply within the Heart. A Heart based Union.

The mind can never mimic such energies or connections. You can not seek out the Twin Flame as this is the same concept as seeking Love outside yourselves, mostly due to unworthiness. The Twin Flame Unions both are on the Path of Love, for Mission… The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity, of Service to Love. True Twin Flame qualities are the reflection of Our Mother & Father, where the Masculine Support the Feminine, not vice versa such as the old paradigm. These qualities are as follows:







Heart Based,


Makes Love,

In Unity Consciousness,

Unconditionally Loving,

of Service to Gaia, to Mission.


If your relationship does not exude these qualities, Check Yourselves Dear Ones… Ask yourselves bold questions, and Be Brutality Honest. Are you Being Honored? Are you Being Respected? Are you in Service to Love, to Gaia and the Mission? If you feel energies being attached to your field from these illusionary relationships, use your Gold Rainbow Sword to cut those energy cords. Call in Archangel Raphael and utilize his Emerald Flame to heal any Heart Break. We recommend to go through the “7 Stages of Grief” to completely transform, as well as taking full responsibility and forgiving All in the experience.

Twin Flame Unions are not always blissful connections at first. The energies of both Beings will go through an integration process. You will both Mirror each other, which projections may occur to release any residuals of the old energies, so that the New Energies can Birth. Be Patient, Compassionate and Unconditionally Loving with yourselves. It is a Magical and Blissful experience, one that no 3d relationship can ever compare.

We are in the Final Moments of the Ascension Dear Ones. Bold choices are to be made in these moments. Do you Choose Love? Do You Choose Fear?

Call on Us, the Archangels, Angel, Elementals and Star Family. We are Here to assist in the Ascension. It brings Us Great Joy to further your path of Ascension, back Home into the Heart. We Look Forward to Our Reunion with All of You, in Unity Consciousness with All of Creation, and begin the New Story of Creation with Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


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REPOST – YOUR PERFECT PARTNER – TWIN FLAMES – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – The New Divine Humanity – 4-9-17

Originally posted on The New Divine Humanity: There are many misconceptions about what Twin Flames are, and what they are not. The use of language on Earth is not the experience of something. Language simply points to an experience, that, at the higher levels of existence, of Being, the use of words used to describe…

via Your Perfect Partner, Twin Flames ~5th Dimensional Consciousness — The New Divine Humanity



Judith Kusel

Love always seeks to expand upon itself, to ever delve deeper into the depths of All-Loving, and seeks that mystical and sacred union with the Beloved in ever deeper and more profound ways.

There is a highest pathway of the True Mystic, which seeks the alchemical Marriage, that Divine Sacred Union, which goes beyond the norm and stretches into the very Mystery of Mystery, the infusion and the working, the co-creation with the Sacred Fires and the Kundalini or Serpent Energy.

Only the highest-ranking Initiates could catch a glimpse of the deepest inner mysteries in the Ancient Mystery Schools as held in the Pyrenees, and Southern France, in the most hidden and sacred, secret places, and then they had to go through stringent initiations, and training, before they could delve into these mysteries of Mysteries.

There was a very sacred, secret Order, the of Rose, the Serpent (Kundalini) and the Sacred Chalice/Cup/Grail.  Those who belonged to this secret Order identified each other via the symbols imbedded on the SOUL self, and on the forehead, for they could read with via the inner seeing and knowing.  Most of these souls belong to this sacred and sanctified order in the inner planes and thus always serve together in some great way.  It is the call to the highest service to the Divine and thus the bestowal of co-creatorship in a deeply alchemical and mystical way, which has made them stand out in so many lifetimes, parallel lives and Universes, as the very highest and most evolved of the Illumined Ones.

The true Mystic seeks to delve ever deeper into the Unknown, the Unchartered, the Unrecorded and to seek to experience the Divine through this alchemical and mystical union.  It is therefore in essence not self-seeking, or ego driven, or that self-gratification, but goes beyond the self, into the ALL.  In fact, if one is not willing to totally dissolve, disintegrate and therefore be transmuted into a much higher version, creative, mystical, ALL, thus dissolving into the vastness of the Divine Energy Fields itself, one could not be reborn into the highest Mysteries of the Mystery itself.

The moment that one dissolved into the No-thing, one became Every-thing:  You became the same intelligent and unified Energy field, the Spiralling and Creative Energy force (Highest Kundalini/Serpent Energy Energy) and with it the Sacred Fire itself.  You became the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as you merged into one single energy force-field, and now, with immense intricate and highest training, could direct this whole energy field to create miracles.

This was the highest of all the sacred Mystery School’s hidden Rites, and therefore then only the highest and most disciplined of the all the Initiates were ever allowed to enter these.  More than this, it took total dedication and immense commitment to adhere to the Divine Alchemical Laws, and Divine Sacred Sexuality Laws, to gain this type of high degree of Mysticism.

One could enter through these means such immensely powerful Super Consciousness Energy fields, that one could experience the Divine in much highest and more profound ways, than through any other path.

Not all Initiates ever chose to do this in union with another – male and female, but some chose to do this on their own.  Every soul has free will and choice, and therefore then each pathway has its own challenges and more than this stringent initiation.

The reasons why one needed to be gradually initiated and introduced to this type of the highest mysteries, was mainly because the immense potent and powerful energy forces one starts to tap into and work with.   If the initiate was not yet of the same vibration and frequency as the superconscious energy fields entered, the physical body would disintegrate.  Indeed, the soul would have to leave the physical vessel, and could not return to it.

The trick was to enter these potent energy fields, dissolve into them, and then be resurrected within these fields, which one could only enter via the SOUL energy, and the direct the entire in co-creative ways.

Now, if the physical body was not tuned into the higher frequency yet, it could not hold form, as said, and therefore once the Kundalini energy and Sacred Fires are ignited to a high degree, many initiates died in the process, for FEAR stepped in, as they physical form started to disintegrate and they had not learnt to anchor themselves into the physical while also traversing the heavens, so to speak.

The Kundalini opens certain channels in the physical form and energy bodies in and around the human body, but it must go into higher octaves of such.  If one activates this energy too quickly, one is great danger of harming oneself, for there will be immense pain in the physical form and when blockages occur even more so.  If this energy is not directed in scientific ways (remember that metaphysics is as science) then the body will disintegrate – it cannot hold form.

The same applies to the sacred fires as well.

Highly trained Initiates could literally step in very powerful and almost superhuman co-creative acts in sacred union, and then direct the super consciousness energy fields in the exact forms they wished to manifest this.  This was called co-creatorship.

Remember in this that the sexual energy is not attached to the physical form at all, as is the kundalini, as is the soul.  It can expand in immensely powerful ways, into Divinity and therefore the ALL, the Omni-verse itself and all contained there-in.

In truth, there are no boundaries.  Human beings perceive false separation and false boundaries, were in truth there are no limitations.

All is One Unified and Superconscious and Intelligent Energy Field with sub-energy fields.  In truth, all is one and the same.

One could not do this work with just anyone.  No, the souls concerned we carefully chosen for this work, and most often would be Twin Flames and Soul Mates.  Mainly because in the case of the Illumined One, they were created by the Divine to co-create in this way. 

This must do with keys and codes as held within each soul flame and therefore when the two unite, they activated these within each other.  It is one by merging as one, that they could co-create in this manner.  This was by Divine Creation.

The True Mystical Partnership, was an agreement between these two souls to co-create in this mystical way, and then to do so in the highest possible service.  Indeed, it is usually to co-create the extraordinary together.

In such a union, there is no place for a third party, mainly because the third party must be created between the two, and this is the Sacred Fire. 

Trinity in truth means the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Fire (sometimes referred to as the Holy Fire or Holy Spirit).

With it came Truth, Respect, Integrity.

One had to have that degree of utter trust, that when one dissolved into such fields, that the fusion of the two, would hold the rest together.  Thus, not one of these two would disintegrate and out of mistrust or fear have their physical bodies disintegrate!

First, it was the fear of death which had to be overcome, and this fear can come in many forms and disguises. So often this fear is disguised in attachments, to things, to people, to places, etc.  Or is can be disguised as negative ego, which wishes to be better, than the partner.  Therefore, they had to be equals meaning equally soul-empowered.

The stringent initiations then were meant to not only allow the initiates to overcome fear, self-doubt, self-aggrandisement, etc. but also to become fully soul empowered, therefore fully standing in their own power and light, to not become overpowered by their partner.

It is only when both are whole and in balance within themselves, that they can merge fully and completely in such sacred alchemical marriage.

When these two souls then agreed to do this work together, they always held a special and very private ceremony where they committed they whole life, and physical and soul embodiment into the highest service to the Divine.  It was something very sacred and private they agreed upon.  This first and then only in the Presence of the Divine.

Then only they would be consecrated and anointed by the High Priest and High Priestess of this Sacred Order.

The Anointing itself was profound, for here they stood, as the Beloveds, in the face of the Divine, and those anointing them and the those witnessing this, that they would commit to their union to the highest possible service, with truth, integrity and respect, and that they were prepared to die for this, in needed.  Indeed, they were vowing to commit their entire life to uplift humanity (if on this planet) and to raise its consciousness, to blaze new and higher trails and that they would be there, leading from the front, fearlessly, and with great courage and inner strength.

For delving into the deepest Mysteries and retrieving what needs to be retrieve and worked with, co-created for the highest good, is not for the faint-hearted, the half-hearted, the ones would be fly-by-nights.  It is only for the those who are brave enough to dissolve and die totally onto themselves, to be resurrected into the work and then direct the work by co-creatorship.

Such is the Calling.

Such is the Sacrifice but also the Resurrection.

Such is the Truth and the All-Knowing, the All-Wise, the All-Seeing and the Omni-Being.

Copyright Applies.

(Judith Kusel)  for Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings

Facebook:  Judith Kusel






Karen Star @ iN5d – How To Win The Heart Of A Goddess – 6-28-17



by Karen Star,
Guest writer,

Even in today’s age of growing gender equality, the onus is still predominantly on our men to make the first move in relationships and many of you are struggling with this. So, allow me to pass on an important tip to winning the heart of that Goddess you have fallen for – One which will place you way ahead of any other suitors who may be knocking on her door.

As a single, spiritually awakened woman, I don’t get out much in the real life social scene. I’m done with the small talk from men, the awkward chat up lines and most definitely being appraised up and down like a piece of meat. I’m a happy homebody who enjoys her own company, independence and peaceful, drama free lifestyle. However, that’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome a relationship but I’m only willing to renounce my single status for a man who can fearlessly open his heart. Someone who is strong enough to be vulnerable – A modern day warrior who can show me who he is without his walls and armour – I’m looking for a hero

I hang out quite a bit on social media. I love my online vibe tribe. We have a, beautiful, inspiring connection, sharing a passion to lift humanity and the planet. The other topic that gets thrown around is the fact that many of us are single. The men often lamenting about how us women have set our standards way too high and us ladies wondering, where the hell are all the heart connected men hiding?

If my inbox is any indication, I believe the problem here lies in the initial approach that many men have when they decide to reach out to the woman who has flipped their interest. They see a woman they like, maybe it’s her smile, her energy or her passion for life and decide to test the waters. So, they decide to reach out half-heartedly in a nonchalant manner, unwilling to risk rejection and gauge the level of interest by just sticking their big toe in the water.

Maybe they send a casual message just saying, “Hi beautiful” or “Are you single?” or “Can I teach you Tantra?” – I’m laughing because believe me, I’ve heard them all. These introductions lack depth and originality. They are just not to stop the girl of your dreams dead in her tracks and make her go – “Wow, I really feel I want to get to know this guy better.”

If you really want to impress your crush and explore if she’s open to getting to know you better, you’re going to have to dig deeper and give her something special. Oh boy I can hear you saying, more flowers, chocolates, fancy restaurants – Well no actually, that’s definitely not going to win the heart of a woman with any depth, and what I’m suggesting you give her cannot be bought with any credit card or impressive bank balance either. If she’s an awakened woman, you’re just not going impress her with your shiny car, bulging biceps, cheesy words or corny memes.

Right from the start she’s going to want to know if you can fearlessly open your heart…. That’s what she’s looking for in a man.

So be brave and give her something no one else can – Give her a piece of your heart. Give her an insight into a side of you that you don’t show to everyone else. Tell her how you feel about her and mention that you’re nervous but she’s worth taking the risk for. Be authentic and genuine, she’s not interested in flashy showmanship and you only ever going to get one chance to make that vital first impression.

Now doing that takes real guts – Warrior courage…. But she’s never going settle for anything less in a man.

Look at you, you’ve been walking the hard yards on your own spiritual journey. You’ve embraced the lessons from past relationships and grown from the inevitable pain. You know you have something special to offer her. You are unique, no one else can give her what you’ve got – After all that’s what you’re selling right? … Your heart.

And you know what? Despite your best efforts, maybe she’s still won’t reciprocate your same level of interest. But I’ll tell you one thing – You’ll have gained her respect and she’s unlikely to forget you either.

If she’s not interested, don’t see it as rejection, we can’t fall romantically in love with everyone we meet. Just look how strong you are to even allow yourself be vulnerable – Now that shows real strength as a man.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t close the door on your heart, everything is a stepping stone. Gently remind yourself that you’ve managed to wrench open your heart a tiny bit more, ready for when that one special lady who will see you as her true hero, comes along – And she will. because a man who can open his heart is in huge demand with us single goddesses.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fearlessly show her your heart … And just maybe, you will win hers.

About the author: Karen Star is a passionate writer, poet, yogini, mother and vibrational alignment coach. She’s down to Earth with her head in the stars – Clearly from another galaxy. Speaking her truth from her heart, she delights in demystifying the bridge between quantum reality and our human experience, as we ride the highs and lows of the roller coaster through life. She lives in a reality where everything is energy and we are all dancing to the sacred music of the cosmos. Feel free to connect with Karen via her Facebook account.




Sophie Gregoire – Twin Flame Message – Shared Pool of Personal Power Between Both Counterparts – 6-25-15

By Sophie Gregoire, 06/25/2017

I’ve recently come to an important breakthrough

which happens to be true at a personal level,

but isn’t demonstrated at a large scale yet.

This is quite new and big to me,

but it’s totally possible that part of you

won’t resonate with it. Twin Flames share the same Solar Plexus

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Twin Flame Message ~ You’re Tested Until Your Energies Find Balance ~ May 2, 2017

By Sophie Gregoire, 04/11/2017 Let me start the story from the beginning again. So, you both met and it was wonderful. It was a while ago now. Years, centuries, you can’t even remember. It seems to be so far away in time — you’ve grown so much. Your Twin Soul came your way like Princesses […]

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REPOST – YOUR PERFECT PARTNER – TWIN FLAMES – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – The New Divine Humanity – 4-9-17

Originally posted on The New Divine Humanity: There are many misconceptions about what Twin Flames are, and what they are not. The use of language on Earth is not the experience of something. Language simply points to an experience, that, at the higher levels of existence, of Being, the use of words used to describe…

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Twin Flames – Come Back To Your Own Infinite Self and Just Let It Be – 2-28-17

Originally posted on roseramblesdotorg: By Sophie Gregoire, 02/28/2017 I’m here speaking to you today to tell you all that it doesn’t matter – what they say, what they don’t say, what they do, what they don’t do. No it doesn’t matter what your Twin Souls do. This is the moment when we can and will…

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SPIRITUAL UNITE – The Kundalini Awakening And Twin Flames Energy

Everyone has a twin flame and everyone has a chakra system; our chakra is our energy centers and the energy which runs through them is called the kundalini. So what is the kundalini awakening and twin flames energy? Whenever twin flames connect for the first time and spend time together, they feel the sensational bolts […]

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SUNANDA SHARMA – Twin Flame Telepathy & Third Dimension — Dreaming With Dolphins

One may question why would twin flames choose to live on the edge? Well, it is more like they are divinely tested to that extent that they exude crystal light and pure unconditional love. To really exude unconditional love, one needs to refine one self and let the diamond within unfold. Doing so is quite […]

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SOPHIE GREGOIRE – Message For Twin Flames ~ Trust Your Own Inner Knowing — Dreaming With Dolphins

“Twin Souls are ‘committed’ to each other but they don’t need to say it. They’ve agreed to come together in this life but this requires no words, no rings, no schedules or timelines. It’s a commitment of the higher realms.” ~Sophie Gregoire There is no need to “let go” or “move on”: You can […]

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SURPRISES FROM OUR COSMIC MASTERS! – MICHAEL EL LEGION,CHANNELER – A Twin Flame Love Experience is in the Offing for Everyone! – 10-29-16






Both a group message for all Earth Collective and a joyous personal message for each of us.  – Yes, the energies are shifting into a personal upliftment – never before happening.

A Twin Flame Love Experience is in the offing for everyone.  Yes!  How will this happen comfortably? Let Prime Creator tell us!  All has changed – bringing Love upon this planet as never before…“…a major activation of Love!” says Prime Creator! Earth is becoming a Paradise of Love!  Yes Earth, “the most difficult planet in the Univeerse!”

Sananda answer’s Anne’s question:  “Was the recent decision I made for the HEN Collective in the best interest of Divine Will?”

Ashtar tells us of the REAL Cupid’s – little ones – shooting their arrows of Love – and they never miss!  And we learn of Love Potion No: 9! Ashtar tells of his other half, Lady Athena.

And St Germain confirms the fun he and his other half, Lady Portia have at the Light Parties. And again, confirms Love Potion No: 9 and the little ones… the Cupid’s… all very real!

What a wonderful, uplifting call!

Channel:  Michael Ellegion   206-235-8402

Michele Cornacchia – WHAT IS A TWIN FLAME? – 9-24-16

MATEO SOL: “Twin Flame Test — Have You Found ‘The One’”?” — Dreaming With Dolphins

“Twin flames are our mirrors. They reflect back to us our every strength, insecurity, weakness and shadow element. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help us undergo soulwork and become the best version of ourselves possible.” ~Mateo Sol Have you found your twin flame? Take our free twin flame test to find out.

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Koty Neelis – 17 Things You Should Know Before You Fall in Love With an Old Soul – Rose Rambles dotorg – 8-19-16

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17 Things You Should Know Before You Fall in Love With an Old Soul

It’s the simple things in life we have the most fun with. The easiest way to our heart is just doing things like walking around a city exploring, going on long drives in the country on the weekend, a trip to the bookstore, conversations that last long into the night.


We value seemingly simplistic gestures over anything else because it’s in those moments where we feel we truly connect with someone.

by Koty Neelis

2. We spend a lot of times in our heads.

Like, A LOT of time. Old souls create rich inner lives and it’s within ourselves where we truly flourish. When you find us lost in thought or daydreaming don’t be afraid to pull us back into the real world.

3. Don’t expect us to ever care that much about material possessions or gaining wealth or status.

To old souls, none of those things really matter. We don’t really care about how much money our partner makes or living the typical modern lifestyle with an emphasis on materialistic things.

4. Sometimes we’ll prefer hanging out by ourselves to hanging out with you.

We need a lot of alone time to reflect and decompress from whatever’s going on in our lives, and we just need the person we’re dating to understand that, rather than feel rejected or upset.

5. We hold unconventional ideas about life and standards of living.

We see the world and our life on a much larger scale and because of that, our philosophical views can impact our relationships and the way we interpret the things that happen in our lives.

6. We tend to have an easy-going and carefree nature about us but sometimes it can seem like we don’t care or like significantly hard moments aren’t as hard on us as they are for others.

It’s not that we don’t care, or we aren’t impacted on the same levels, but we see each struggle in life as a moment to learn from and make us stronger.




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TIFFANY KEEFER – LOVE SEED ACTIVATION! –  We heard Tiffany on the last call – an exceptional energy infusion in another tongue!  And guess who really received this downloand of poweful energy? You’ll hear, tomorrow! Tiffany, a healing intuitive, brings a one-of-a-kind presentation – unlike any other!  And the results can be felt!

MARY KAY RICH – Mary Kay’s romantic Twin Flame Movie, “My Dream Beside Me!” opens our awaraeness to even more possibilities! You’ll be surprised at this exceptional Twin Flame story! And I believe Fred will be there with her for even MORE understanding!

FRED GREAVES AND… THE TWIN FLAME PROJECT! – Fred and I just did a quick review of all he has to share. What fun! We can see now what is waiting for US! – Fred is the Wayshower! — What is “Life in 5D” really like?  What has Fred learned in the past two years, fully connected to his Twin Flame? – We’ll hear all about it on today’s show!

Rose Rambles Blog – Lion’s Gate Energy Ascension Update – Message For Twin Flames – 8-5-16

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Powerful Energy Influxes Trigger Shifts: Awakening Sleeper Twins, “Bending Reality”, Changes Incoming – New Codes Unlocked. Plus, Shared Twin Dreaming, Merging Timelines, Synchronicities, Deja Vu, Signs That You’re On the “Right Path”….


Rose Rambles Blog   –   Lion’s Gate Energy Ascension Update – Message For Twin Flames   –   8-5-16 ~ Aug. 5, 2016


“Dear everyone,

Thank you for being here and receiving this message. We have specifically asked to get to communicate this with you today for a reason. There is much being stirred up and changing around you and inside of you in recent times and in the months to come.

It is important for us to give regular updates, as we wish to keep you informed and assure you that things are progressing in a steady and positive direction.

You Are Heard – Releasing Fear of the Future

You are important to us. never feel that your prayers for assistance are going unheard. We hear you. The help will come, please allow yourself to open up to receiving in possibly unexpected ways. Sometimes we need to work in roundabout ways to circumvent any blocks and resistance you may have.

We want you to know that everything is OK. We want you all to know that what is coming is good. Fear of the future is a big theme in the collective energy fields right now. It is being stirred up for a reason.

In these next few years many many people’s lives will be changing – and in releasing the fear of the unknown the fear of the future that has been passed down to you for so many generations, we are helping to free you up to joyously expand and grow and pursue your bliss. Do your best to not “buy into” any fears that come up – resolve and release and clear. Fear is never truthful about you or your situation.

Shifting Life Circumstances

Twin Souls and Lightworkers all over the world are set to be moving homes, changing jobs, shifting their life situations. These are all answers to prayers received. Your souls changing their focus areas, as decided in advance. As is needed for you to pursue your mission, for Twin Souls to come together in the physical.

Much is set to change in the coming years. When things shift and you feel fear coming up, know this: it is a part of making room for what you have asked for. The puzzle pieces shifting and falling into place bit by bit.

We are in important times, friends. We do not desire to put pressure on you, but we know you are already feeling the shifts and changes to the energy fields and your own systems and timelines. We want you to understand why things may be shifting uncomfortably for you in this now moment – things are adjusting and opening up to make room for what you have asked for and what you planned for your journey.

Many of you have in recent years lost jobs, relationships have ended, relocation is on the cards. This is your soul shifting your situation around to open up to what you have asked and prayed for.

Staying Open – Allowing Change To Show Up

What we ask of you is this – stay open. Please do not fix your minds on how or when something will happen, because this puts up boundaries. Again we remind you that “divine timing” means when the energies are a match.

So please stay as open as you can, keep the highest intentions – visualize your end goals of joy and love and harmony. But do not concern yourselves with how exactly you will get to that place to take until each step is revealed.

You will know the “right” steps by the feeling given to you as they show up. They will have the sense of home. Lightness. The sense of what you decided before you came here. The “map” is already in you.

Many of you have been experiencing this, flashes of recognition of a place or a situation – what human beings refer to as “deja vu”. Your inner knowing telling you “this is significant” – check points. More and more of this to come.

Dealing With the Physical Struggles of Ascension

Another issue we would like to share with you again is grounding. You came here to earth to evolve, to Ascend back into your spiritual limitlessness, to relinquish your earthly baggage and identity structures and reawaken into your full being as unlimited souls.

Rising up. This is happening. More and more. The planet is receiving strong influxes of light, increasing this fall and onwards. This is good. Please do not worry. Your systems can handle it.

What we ask of you, to integrate this powerful light in a way that benefits you and earth itself is to ground into the planet often. Every day, see yourselves rooting into the earth, into its core.

This assists you in integrating new light influxes into your body systems so you avoid the pangs of growth, the dizziness, the uncomfortable release of emotions many of you have been experiencing. The physical struggles of Ascension need not be. Learn ways to manage your personal energy and emancipate yourselves, it will serve your journey positively.

The Shower of Light

Many Lightworkers and Twin Flames are unconsciously afraid of grounding – feeling afraid of being on earth, in a human body, feeling lost. We want you to know you are safe. You are supported. Please connect to the core of the planet to receive more support and strength energetically.

Running energy is also very beneficial to flush out stagnant energies. A fast method is to visualize yourself standing in a shower of light and see any negativity flushed down the “drain” into the center of earth to be transmuted.

Walk Ins, Third Wave Twin Souls, Awakening “Sleepers”

Sleeper Twins are awakening rapidly both now and in this coming period. We can call them the “third wave” of beings.

Some are coming in from the higher realms in soul exchanges as what has been referred to on earth as “walk ins”. Again, this is outside of the realm of most human experience – we ask you to be open to all eventualities, in a positive sense. The fabric of your reality is shifting. More room is being made for uplifting coming in.

The “third wave” of Twin Souls (many of whom are already in touch with you but have so far been unaware of their true soul identities – the so-called Unawakened Twins) are set to awaken even more rapidly than you yourselves did.

Developments are increasing on all fronts. Many of these third wavers have been undergoing deep preparations behind the scenes in recent years – they are becoming ready to shed their resistance.

To remember. To come home. Many “new” ones are coming in carrying important new light codes to benefit the rest of the Twin collective.

In the midst of all these events we know you feel it. You sense that change is imminent. You feel it in your bones, in your hearts. All is well. That is our deepest message to you. You were a part of carefully engineering this time’s powerful events before you came here. All is going in the desired direction.

Uncovering The Truth Of Love – Shifting Out of Illusion

Please remember to enjoy your lives. This is an adventure you are now on, and we are so excited for you for these coming years! More and more Twin Souls reuniting in energy – and further into the physical dimension.

We all root for you. Remember in your hearts what you came here for. Love. And the Love is already there. You have shifted so much of the illusion, so many of the human lies that were obstructing and covering up this love.

Nearly there, dear ones. You have come so far. You will soon look back upon this time as an adventure like no other. We are so excited for you.

Moving Into “The Payoff Phase” – Bending Reality

These next few years are moving into the payoff phase. So much has happened to pave the way. Those of you who are already in union as souls are paving the way for the next wave and moving closer in the physical.

Those who are connecting with Twins who are Unawakened to their true selves will begin to experience shifts in their functioning, in their remembering and understanding. Keep interacting with them on the soul planes, as this strengthens the process of remembrance.

Things are now beginning to come into play which will begin to bend your previous perception of reality.

Synchronicity, collective Twin dreaming (where both twins in a pair share the same dream), collective Twin memory, Timelines shifting, coincidences and warping of reality you would not be able to explain with existing human facts.

Bridging The Gap – Unity In Love

You have been doing such wonderful work, dear ones, more and more of you are taking charge of your lives and energy fields and your minds and paving a golden path before you. Know that your work is paying off. We see you filling your energy fields with more and more love, removing the obstacles in your path.

This is what you came here for. To be pioneers of love, to bridge the gap between people – between woman and man, between the higher and lower dimensions, between races, between ages, between countries and beliefs. You are succeeding amazingly.

And for those who feel still stuck or left behind – it is an illusion. Look within and feel your power, shift into the light of all things and know that you are it. You are love. Every day affirm: “I am love. I am always loved. Love is who I am”. This will find you. Aligning with your infinite light self. What you focus on, you get more of.

August Energy Gateways – Powerful Light Influxes

Lastly, we remind you that the particular upcoming energy gateways this month of August are a precursor to the large impact energy influxes of autumn 2016 set to happen. Strong impacts incoming, which may be stirring up old issues for many.

Keep in mind that much of what you may struggle with is body related at this point. The human body is concerned for its survival, and it carries programming that dates back to the stone age and further.

Considering The Human Body – Source of Twin Blocks

So if you are facing difficulty with your Twin Soul, ask “How does this relate to body/survival?” These are the deepest issues you are working with now as we upgrade the physical structures to handle running higher and higher vibratory frequencies.

To take you from the genetic programmed human body to the upgraded new “light body” which is truly more “you” as a soul. Awareness of body and genetics are helpful now. Then use your metaphysical methods and eradicate the fear based energies and patterns.

Help is incoming. You have for a long time been “shut off” from the higher dimensions on earth because of entrenched energies of fear in the collective. The gap is being bridged more and more between you and us. This is opening up now. We will be able to assist you more and more in coming years.

You knew this when you went “under” to live your human experience. All is well dear ones, and we see so much joy in your future. Keep your intentions high, take charge of your experience and your thoughts.

Be mindful of what you read/watch/take in/engage with – and live with as much excitement as you can muster, to attract more and more positivity for your forward path.

We stand with you always on this important journey, and we command you on your efforts!

Yours always,

Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light

Jose Sanchez – The Legend of the Atoned Twinflames – 4-29-16

The Legend of The Atoned Angels ( Twin flames)

Traveling through time a space and both feel a tremendous pull. An attraction to a force, seen and known yet existing in different shape this time. Powerful beings taking different roads and roles in the ever searching direction, towards each other. To live and to love.

Traveling distances at the speed of god, moving through dimensions. Taking high roles of divine angelic rings and realms and then taking “lowly” roles as humans. When they both blessed and entered a beautiful planet, of which more than half filled with water and a motion and a speed in perfect connection between creating and uncreating.

Life time after lifetime they were following each other’s traces as their perfectly aligned frequency can be recognized in heaven or in the very depths of hell. Meeting through  angelic guidance,the moment their eyes locked magic took place within their hearts and souls
J waved, slowly moved towards her as her angelic blue eyes beckoned with a love not yet known. It was in that very ecstatic that very instant through her lovable laugh, J fell deeply in love. He knew he had found his match and his perfect partner. In that moment nothing else mattered. He merged with her heart to heart and she could feel it, and even her guides supported us.

At times they would say more love less talking . At times they would play music tailored for their hearts to open and for them to be embraced by the magic of music. What set everything apart was the soul recognition through the eyes, which beckoned at each other. This meeting was a meeting of the hearts, of two souls finally finding each other through eternity.

They spent very little time that night seeking, speaking until the recollection of times passed made her shyly walk away. The connection was reborn. This connection opened something great and it led to an amazing romance.

A love affair to remember, magic took place when they were next to each other, love became a natural flow between the two of them . Both  willing to give up all in order to embrace and to expand such love onto the world. A simple touch of the hands was magical as different beings  would assist.
One day at a restaurant three ascended masters did a small ceremony and they said “You are married.” It felt beautiful and so very true. E was ecstatic and so was J , and it was a wonderful dinner specially when master Hilarion and Athena oversee such a union.

Being with her made a simple drive to the beach, ecstatically magical, J remembers….sweet sensations” E Sang along and it was beauty to J’s heart. They had a great time at the beach and J so loved her playfulness.

Smart woman, met a smart man, both from two different realms of academia yet both very well educated. She is educated in the corporate department J educated in life and in the greatest form of healing and frequency transmutation , and much more.,,

Every moment was intense and magical with the true beloveds and when in alignment they are a force unlike any other. Blessed was the moment they recognized each other, and the gift of knowing became stronger. Miracles became a daily reality as they embraced in pure love.
Note: Human life can be amazing when we are in alignment and so much can take place, our connection was magical and tantric in its essence and we fit with each other in true perfection.
We were read the Vedic charts and told we are mirrors of each other and what one lacks the other one has, perfect match if egos can be kept in check. Magic and miracles is who we are, but when you join two twin-flames the greatest miracles of all occurs.

At the human level the sacred union of twin flames is the most beutiul experience anyone can have in this life time. It can also see and be the merging of the souls and the end of the reincarnation cycle for such individuals.

One of the obstacles can be the runner who can’t handle the situation. I was a runner but instead I would go within. The other was a quiet runner and disappearing long periods at a time. all of that put strain in our connection but never in our love. When love is real nothing can touch it.

Discernment can help as spirit or God has no right to say, your partner is cheating on you where there is no proof what so ever. Thoughts like that create unnecessary separation. But true love can never be apart. We are love first as we carry the templates of heaven and the purity of love and even the frequency of the creators.
Above all we carry Father and Mother Gods frequency so that we may all once again reunite in absolute love. We are free to be but when united and when we get past the first years of relationship the true full potential begins to unfold.

It is time to embrace and embody the absolute twin flame templates but in order for that to happen the ego twin flame body must die. Twin Flames are very unique individuals and the roles they have taken are major in shifting the planetary grid. Very reason why they (darkness) attack one or the other to divide and conquer.

My simple and basic advise is to move from a place where we keep score of who did what or who didn’t do that and to understand marriage is a partnership that unfolds like a beautiful flower if nurtured with respect and love.

I am daily making different choices within my essence to be able to realigned to the highest love I feel in this land and between this reality.

Life has made my edges smoother and has made my heart gentler, yet I feel stronger all within my potential. One thing I advice is to enjoy and love every moment and never take anything personally as it is a short route to misunderstanding.

Above all twin flame love never dies and it just keeps getting stronger and burning with a deeper sense of love, unconditional, blessed love. Two humans being as gods through their love. When that happens we begin to heal the original separation which took place between the creators.
It is time for all of us as twin flames to step up to the plate and be the protectors and the nurturers but above all to be the ones to manifest the heavenly templates here and now.

Twin Flame relationships are extremely powerful. let’s use that leverage, that power and change from within.

I Love You Ootya


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