Twin Flame Message ~ You’re Tested Until Your Energies Find Balance ~ May 2, 2017

By Sophie Gregoire, 04/11/2017 Let me start the story from the beginning again. So, you both met and it was wonderful. It was a while ago now. Years, centuries, you can’t even remember. It seems to be so far away in time — you’ve grown so much. Your Twin Soul came your way like Princesses […]

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Your Perfect Partner, Twin Flames – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – The New Divine Humanity – 4-9-17

Originally posted on The New Divine Humanity: There are many misconceptions about what Twin Flames are, and what they are not. The use of language on Earth is not the experience of something. Language simply points to an experience, that, at the higher levels of existence, of Being, the use of words used to describe…

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Twin Flames – Come Back To Your Own Infinite Self and Just Let It Be – 2-28-17

Originally posted on roseramblesdotorg: By Sophie Gregoire, 02/28/2017 I’m here speaking to you today to tell you all that it doesn’t matter – what they say, what they don’t say, what they do, what they don’t do. No it doesn’t matter what your Twin Souls do. This is the moment when we can and will…

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SPIRITUAL UNITE – The Kundalini Awakening And Twin Flames Energy

Everyone has a twin flame and everyone has a chakra system; our chakra is our energy centers and the energy which runs through them is called the kundalini. So what is the kundalini awakening and twin flames energy? Whenever twin flames connect for the first time and spend time together, they feel the sensational bolts […]

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SUNANDA SHARMA – Twin Flame Telepathy & Third Dimension — Dreaming With Dolphins

One may question why would twin flames choose to live on the edge? Well, it is more like they are divinely tested to that extent that they exude crystal light and pure unconditional love. To really exude unconditional love, one needs to refine one self and let the diamond within unfold. Doing so is quite […]

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SOPHIE GREGOIRE – Message For Twin Flames ~ Trust Your Own Inner Knowing — Dreaming With Dolphins

“Twin Souls are ‘committed’ to each other but they don’t need to say it. They’ve agreed to come together in this life but this requires no words, no rings, no schedules or timelines. It’s a commitment of the higher realms.” ~Sophie Gregoire There is no need to “let go” or “move on”: You can […]

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SURPRISES FROM OUR COSMIC MASTERS! – MICHAEL EL LEGION,CHANNELER – A Twin Flame Love Experience is in the Offing for Everyone! – 10-29-16






Both a group message for all Earth Collective and a joyous personal message for each of us.  – Yes, the energies are shifting into a personal upliftment – never before happening.

A Twin Flame Love Experience is in the offing for everyone.  Yes!  How will this happen comfortably? Let Prime Creator tell us!  All has changed – bringing Love upon this planet as never before…“…a major activation of Love!” says Prime Creator! Earth is becoming a Paradise of Love!  Yes Earth, “the most difficult planet in the Univeerse!”

Sananda answer’s Anne’s question:  “Was the recent decision I made for the HEN Collective in the best interest of Divine Will?”

Ashtar tells us of the REAL Cupid’s – little ones – shooting their arrows of Love – and they never miss!  And we learn of Love Potion No: 9! Ashtar tells of his other half, Lady Athena.

And St Germain confirms the fun he and his other half, Lady Portia have at the Light Parties. And again, confirms Love Potion No: 9 and the little ones… the Cupid’s… all very real!

What a wonderful, uplifting call!

Channel:  Michael Ellegion   206-235-8402