Ancient Egytian Teachings on Balancing Masculine & Feminine for Zero Point Consciousness

DUANE:   This has great Clarity and Flow.   I hope you enjoy Feeling its story.


Published on Sep 22, 2013

The empowered human proposes that the pyramid builders were living in a Golden Age. The sacred feminine was honored and existed in balance with the masculine. They had more refined senses, and experienced higher levels of consciousness, which gave them superior abilities to those we have today. Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization of Northeastern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt. Egyptian civilization coalesced around 3150 BC (according to conventional Egyptian chronology) with the political unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under the first pharaoh. The history of ancient Egypt occurred in a series of stable Kingdoms, separated by periods of relative instability known as Intermediate Periods: the Old Kingdom of the Early Bronze Age, the Middle Kingdom of the Middle Bronze Age and the New Kingdom of the Late Bronze Age. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] Egypt reached the pinnacle of its power during the New Kingdom, in the Ramesside period where it rivalled the Hittite Empire, Assyrian Empire and Mitanni Empire, after which it entered a period of slow decline. Egypt was invaded or conquered by a succession of foreign powers (such as the Canaanites/Hyksos, Libyans, Nubians, Assyria, Babylonia, Persian rule and Macedonian Greece) in the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt and Late Period. In the aftermath of Alexander the Great’s death, one of his generals, Ptolemy Soter, established himself as the new ruler of Egypt. This Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt until 30 BC, when, under Cleopatra, it fell to the Roman Empire and became a Roman province. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] The success of ancient Egyptian civilization came partly from its ability to adapt to the conditions of the Nile River Valley. The predictable flooding and controlled irrigation of the fertile valley produced surplus crops, which fueled social development and culture. With resources to spare, the administration sponsored mineral exploitation of the valley and surrounding desert regions, the early development of an independent writing system, the organization of collective construction and agricultural projects, trade with surrounding regions, and a military intended to defeat foreign enemies and assert Egyptian dominance. Motivating and organizing these activities was a bureaucracy of elite scribes, religious leaders, and administrators under the control of a Pharaoh who ensured the cooperation and unity of the Egyptian people in the context of an elaborate system of religious beliefs. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] The many achievements of the ancient Egyptians include the quarrying, surveying and construction techniques that facilitated the building of monumental pyramids, temples, and obelisks; a system of mathematics, a practical and effective system of medicine, irrigation systems and agricultural production techniques, the first known ships, Egyptian faience and glass technology, new forms of literature, and the earliest known peace treaty with Hittites. Egypt left a lasting legacy. Its art and architecture were widely copied, and its antiquities carried off to far corners of the world. Its monumental ruins have inspired the imaginations of travellers and writers for centuries. A new-found respect for antiquities and excavations in the early modern period led to the scientific investigation of Egyptian civilization and a greater appreciation of its cultural legacy. Ancient Egypts Superior Technology & Science [Video Documentary] Published on Sep 19, 2013 by




L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Happy Mothers Day – Divine Feminine in Union with the Divine Masculine – 5-12-18



Mothers Day ~ is celebrated on Sunday May 13th, 2018 in Canada and The United States. It is celebrated on other days in other parts of the world.

Celebrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in UNION is the natural way to Hold the energy of the Divine Feminine.

We are Eternal Light Beings. Eternal Divine Beings.

We emanate from the VOID as Pure Source Light into unique Source Beings.

Then through incarnating, we take on existences that appear male and female.

Our Origin is wholeness and Pure Original Light.

IN Celebrating The Divine Feminine, whether as your Mother, your sister, your friend, your wife or as yourself, we enter gratitude for the DIVINE.

For the wholeness.

FOR one part does NOT exist without the other.

Even though it may appear so when we look at things externally.

It is the wholeness in one leaf that be embrace the tree.

It is the energy of the Ocean we can feel in a single drop of its water.

It is in the first Civilization that we can feel ALL of existence UNFOLD in the eternal moment.

It is all held in its wholeness NOW.

IN The Divine Feminine we feel all UNIONS. ALL existences and our ORIGINAL Light, before masculine and feminine through incarnating began to emerge.

In your Heart NOW, embrace this wholeness, LOVE and Gratitude.

To Divinity.

To Now.

To the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Masculine.

And the ETERNAL Wholeness that has always existed and exists NOW.

In LOVE and Glory. Always.

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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Ego Masculine Vs. Divine Masculine – 11-15-16

Divine Masculine

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I have seen many recently “mistake” their responses …. their ego mistaken for their Divine Masculine. There is a huge difference in these…. yet we have to go “through this” to understand it and let any “arrogance” go.

The human ego is arrogant. Divine Masculine is not. Divine Masculine is very different from human masculine.

Divine Masculine is PURE POWER that comes through as you transcend all of your own stuff. It is derived from PURE PROFOUND DEEP SACRED LOVE for all things as one. It never ever ever puts itself “above another”. That’s pure ego.

​Divine Masculine has the capability to HOLD A POWERFUL SPACE/PLACE… to hold realities in place and allow others to be/do as they need to, yet it doesn’t take it on, react or waver. It acts intentionally, it holds all in love, it respects fully and human masculine lacks this deep sacred RESPECT…..

All things are equal here. All have the same capabilities and capacities, yet not all are embracing fully and standing in their own power….

Human aspects see power as control, it brings a “high” and arrogance…. Divine Power has nothing to do with these things. Divine Masculine takes the responsibility for what is appropriate and it gives responsibility to others for themselves. It has the capability to support each’s DIVINITY, yet it does not support the old unconscious programs.

When you merge your aspects into full Divinity, you maintain balance in all things… you are ALWAYS PURE LOVE and you spread your Angel/Archangel wings and you bring others into LOVE…. you do not separate them or trigger them from your ego….

DIVINE MASCULINE is where you/we STEP UP. It’s DOING/BEING ALL AS PURE DIVINE LOVE…. in absolutely everything….

Arrogance is not a part of higher consciousness existence. ♥ Inner strength/power from that SOFT PLACE and empowering others to REMEMBER their own love, power, purity, divinity… this is. ♥

WE “check ourselves”… in every moment… part of the process for us all. ∞
Love from my soul to yours… use your POWER as love. It’s mega important for us all. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



KALAYNA COLIBRI – Being with your Inner Masculine as a Woman – 3-23-18



I wrote a digestion a few days back of the incoming energies really working the wounded masculine – helping us to see it within ourselves, others, the world around us, and in so doing, to help us start to see the emerging Sacred Masculine, which we cannot really start to feel until we can feel what it is NOT first… as always, starting within.

I’ve actually been working with my Inner Masculine for a few years now as part of my process on the SoulFullHeart path. “He” has had many forms – Inner Protector, Gatekeeper (4D protector of your soul, especially your Metasoul Aspects), Inner Father, Inner Punisher, and all in all, my Inner Mate. all in different waves, layers and expressions, all with different names and frequencies too. Nowadays he goes by the name of “Malcolm” and together we are feeling through what feel like some lingering and perhaps finally completing tendrils and ties to 3D reality, which he has held as so dear for so long, and for many valuable reasons.

As a woman, it feels so incredibly important to acknowledge, deeply feel, and profoundly honour the Inner Masculine within, as they are as much a part of what makes up the remaining patriarchal and wounded masculine frequencies and realities in our current world and widespread reality, both within and outside of us. We have as much responsibility to feel these frequencies within as men do… and this world we are experiencing and wanting to deconstruct in order to rebuild into New Earth, is one we, as parts of us, have co-created.

Today I chose to spend a magical and unfolding afternoon with Malcolm, as it was his wish to do this with me… to have some dedicated “us” time where we can feel each other and feel our relationship start to move into higher vibrations together. He waxed metaphysical as we sat in a local (very Mexican, very sweet!) coffee shop and journaled together. I will share our dialogue together, as it offers you a bridge into being with a part of you, and a way in which to be with your own Inner Masculine (as a man or woman!).


Malcolm: I like this place, Kalayna… A/C would be nice, but it’s good…. Coffee is good, new environment is good… can’t get too congested and busy in here because it’s so small, AND they speak English really well! It’s sweet… and it’s nice to not have to hold Spanish with you right now.

Kalayna: Right? And after all that notebook hunting, looking for a small one to fit into a purse, we still ended up with more stuff than will (really) fit in my purse. Hilarious!

M: I know… oh well… I have to get used to letting go of agendas and pictures… or at least any attachment to them.

K: Yes, well, that will come… is here already, actually. You are doing it, little by little.

M: Yes. I’m letting that (and you) in!

I’m sorry I can be such an ass sometimes…
K: It’s OK, Malcolm. That isn’t very common now… you are not an ‘ass’, my friend. You are protective sometimes maybe, but nothing more than that.

M: Thank you… I do feel like I am changing. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much I can change actually and AM being invited to change, which really in my case means letting go more than anything else.

K: What does ‘letting go’ mean to you?

M: Oof… well, control. Letting go of control or any attempt at it. God, THAT alone causes so much stress, because life IS out of control… YOU are out of control.

K: I am? 🙂

M: Ummmm, well, your growth is, yes! Your destiny is, yes!

K: What do you feel about ‘destiny’, Malcolm?

M: I feel like it is a fixed star always on the horizon. Just, I don’t know, the highest point of your highest timeline… where maybe someone may not get to in one particular timeline, but eventually their soul will get there. OK, I am waxing metaphysical right now!

K: Please go on! I love it!

M: (blushing a little) OK… I will continue.

What if “destiny” isn’t a carrot held by Divine forces, but is instead an inevitability? And what if maybe the destiny, the Grand Destiny, if you will, is really just an ultimate return to love, but with ALL of the growth, changes and trajectories you’ve inhabited left intact. A “return to Source” in a way, but as the mosaic piece you ARE becoming fully carved out and painted in your soul’s unique energies and colours? I get the sense that humans are unique beings because they have and ARE uniqueness… I don’t know. It’s that Conscious Duality piece again, it seems (side note: more on Conscious Duality on our blog, if you’re curious).

K: Yes, wow, that actually opens something up in my heart. Thank you, Malcolm.

M: Yeah… it feels good and purposeful and interesting…. We came from love and unto love we shall return… with significance, not pride or arrogance. Yet significance. And reverence for ALL… wow… Juicy!

K: Sure is! 🙂

M: Thank you for this today, Kalayna.

K: You’re so welcome, Malcolm. More of this to come, sometimes with Gabriel too! 😀 And of course our other beloveds too… with more beloveds to come soon.

M: Yes! I would like that…

K: Me too. 


The pictures accompanying this post are from today! Me at the coffee shop (you can sort of see/feel Malcolm in my field), some goodies well-enjoyed, and the beautiful sun codes we took in together too. 


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March Ascension Update-Anastacia-Blue Beyond

Recently I shared about how for the first time it was revealed that in spirit-our astral selves, of grief and depression that we had been holding onto that has finally ‘come to light’

I shared a real life experience of this for someone and how this grief and depression was blocking creativity in the human – with blocks in the human from coming from the head

How this was the ‘missing link’ for this soul (and others) as to why when they had done all they can or could in the human of why they could not move forward or shift further and needed assistance with this – as this was from another place and time Galactically before we came here…this was hidden before and now this has been revealed for us to heal this

When I did an 8D healing in the astrals/multidimensions this is when I saw and it was finally revealed of the grief and depression that their spirit/astral self was holding onto that was blocked from coming through to the human being

And due to this, the human being then had to utilise their thinking or coming from their head to cope, function and manage which = blocking creativity in moving forward for themselves

It had reached an end point with the energies that have come through with March

Of running on or coping coming from the Masculine only

The energy of superiority or control, as there is no control with creativity – only free flowing energy, hence the block of bringing through their creativity further

Of balancing the Feminine and Masculine for a balanced ebb and flow

It is like they were balanced in the masculine only and then held within the feminine feelings and so it would be one extreme to another, within each not fully connected or integrated as the head or ego came into play in blocking the two from fully balancing out with each other

They were ‘trying’ to balance within each and not together!

A self contained feminine and then a self contained masculine and ‘trying’ to find a balance with each individually and not together – jointly combined

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Well that has now ‘run its course’ and that has now been broken through!

And for this breaking through has needed in the human BREAKING DOWN of sorts

This has come out in males more so than females yet with females who ran or operated off the more masculine energy

This is what I wrote recently that was not shared, yet it is time to share as this is now relevant with all else shared here:

“Feeling not worthy of support-love is coming to the forefront from very deep deep within

This is so deep at another layer or level that has been ‘hidden’ up to now

This is linked to Galactic energies from past lives

As it feels like it comes from far far away

This is blocking our creativity for ourselves – the unworthiness”

As a deep feeling of not feeling worthy has come through in the last few days…very very deep that was hidden before that even I was not aware of in all I am going through in stepping up and out with my new spiritual Emergence as well with humanity

So for many who are coming from the masculine are cracking, losing it and breaking down…and the partners who are with them can either tolerate or support them – or not

It all depends on soul contracts here

This is also being felt in our younger generation of males too or again those females coming from a more masculine energy above and Beyond what they would normally exhibit

As teens and young children this is hitting with full force for them in releasing in some way at their younger ages than us older souls

For teens this is coming through very strongly with suicidal feelings and ‘outbursts’ – that I know many adults have felt this recently and we are older and maybe able to handle this a little more yet for these younger souls, they are younger emotionally and it it will play out for them differently

We can love and support those we are close to knowing they are going through what they as part of their soul contract

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And that it does no one any good if we jump right in with their energy into the muddy water hole they are in

That we can stand on the edge up and out and offer a lifeline or guidance and support from outside of their space – again according to soul contracts they will either accept it or not

There is nothing for us to feel guilty about with others going through all they are

This is a mass awakening like no other of a New Awakening

This is a Game Change and Life is not as we knew it come 1st March

So yes pull back where one feels as this is humanity wide and many of us feel this on a larger scale for and with humanity as well as ourselves

And if you who is reading this is feeling broken then know that while you are so bravely feeling and breaking down and through these energies that this is Ancient and generational and this is so much bigger than just us

And that you/we are so lovingly guided and supported during all of this

As the Divine often lets me know ‘this could have been much much worse’ and so to be grateful for all we are currently experiencing and going through

As there was an alternative path or paths and we are now heading these off and taking and creating very new paths

And to do so we are needing this ancient wound/s healing of breaking down and through a male/masculine hierarchy of dominance and superiority

As we continue to love and trust ourselves and the Divine

As Ascension is constant and flowing and INFINITE

“The doorway is now open and the Divine Feminine Christ has come to offer sacred bestowal of unconditional love. Healing the emotional body of fearS, regrets, shame and deep loss. And the feminine sacred heart is restored to absolute power (=empowerment) within Christ consciousness”- Thankyou Romeo Baron

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I am still processing and healing in writing and sharing this…so my energy in both spirit-our astral selves and the human and/of the Divine is very strong through this

I am allowing my personal energy space of the Divine and in the Human to be shared, through in reading and feeling this as this needs to go through for a healing of humanities energies

~As those guided to read this will~

I have gone through this twice in transmuting through myself with the two males I live with as I needed to as part of my 11:11 energy of double double for what I am here to bring through for and with humanity – as I was broken twice with them in the last few days – transmuting for and with them as part of our soul contracts as a template – feeling ALL as if it were my very own

And just because I/we know this, does not mean this was any less a breaking within myself in the human…its just that I am in 6-7D in the human and 8D in spirit and that was and has been my saving Grace I can tell you!

So with much love and working through this and coming through the other side now I share this with so much Divine love, light and massive healing potential for those who are ready

As always I am right here with you

All I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from 23yrs of personal experience

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 8D to Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity
You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2018 Copyright ©




Activating The Divine Masculine, To Clear The Way For Goddess, To Stabilize The Increase In Intensities – by Forever Unlimited – 2-21-18

Activating The Divine Masculine, To Clear The Way For Goddess, To Stabilize The Increase In Intensities – by Forever Unlimited – 2-21-18

VERA INGEBORG – Ego Transformation – The Return of the Divine Masculine

Ego Transformation – The Return of the Divine Masculine



Since January 1, we are experiencing an acceleration of the energies. The fast moving, direct, sharp and “merciless” Divine Masculine has arrived. This energy is really something to get used to. The days of just going our own speed and floating around are over. Free will based on ego needs has no chance to resist this energy. We are confronted with the old immature masculine patterns. The triggers are intense, yet different to how we experienced it when we were healing the old feminine wounds. We are preparing for full embodiment of the sacred union within.


Frustration, anger, disappointment and a feeling of inner resistance are common these days. We might not like the idea, but they are blame and judgment in disguise. This is how the immature masculine within us reacts to what we see happening around us. The old masculine patterns of aggression, control, protection, manipulation and “needing to solve it all” are all called out now. The triggers we receive now are mainly dealing with guilt and shame and missing boundaries. It is the masculine part of the fear of not being good enough. It asks a lot of honesty towards ourselves to see where we still carry those fears played out by our ego. We need to become our best careful observer.


Honesty with ourselves

Where do I still feel I need to solve problems for others or myself? Where do I push myself onto others with my own methods and truth without them asking for help or support? Where do I still feel I need to save others or myself? Where do I make myself small and compromise myself to protect others from pain and myself from feeling guilty? Where do I still judge and blame others or myself for the situation I am in? Where am I still trying to manipulate others or myself to react in a way I want? Where am I still feeling I need to convince others or myself? Where do I still get frustrated or annoyed when someone or myself is “not getting it”? Where do I still make outside circumstances responsible for my own situation? Where do I still have expectations towards others or myself? Where do I still try to control the flow instead of trusting it? Where am I still impatient and want to put things into action before they are ready? Where am I still dividing the world into right and wrong, black and white, spiritually correct or not? Where do I still judge others or myself to be not ready and still having to reach something? Where do I still create a certain dogma or belief of “this is the only way to do it right”? Where do I still support the system of fear, victimhood and duality? Where am I still going against my truth, not expressing what I truly want and instead make it right for others? Where do I still compromise with myself? Where do I still feel others or myself have to reach something to be enlightened/whole/awakened etc.? Where do I get impatient with myself and others?

“Going against our essence becomes downright unbearable and painful.”

All of these questions lead us to the unhealthy masculine programming still running in our own body and system. It is uncomfortable to have to face another round of releasing. But this energy is relentless, and we have no choice but to surrender at some point. Simply because going against our essence becomes downright unbearable and painful. Empowerment is where we are taken into. That does not only mean to empower ourselves, it also means to learn to stop to take the power away from others. Whether we are trying to solve someone else’s problems, to avoid someone’s pain, to control or manipulate to reach a certain outcome etc. We and everyone around us is pushed into ownership of the own energies. Being responsible for our own experience and journey. All of these questions above help us to find what wants attention within. The beauty of this new energy is that transformation goes really fast once we see the mirror. We have the power of choice. What is still serving our experience, and what can we just shift our focus away from to release and delete it from our reality field.

Letting go of the “have to reach”

A lot of us are facing situations now where we have to deal with guilt and shame and the fear of being a failure and the fear of being used. The feeling of not being able to take this any longer and not being able to do the job we came here for. Becoming impatient with humanity, becoming frustrated with all these masculine still going in circles and not seeing the new way yet, being annoyed of the momentary chaos and feeling it is all stuck, including us.

And that is exactly the mirror to look into and the pattern to let go of. We don’t have to reach anything. We can only feel stuck and impatient, when we feel we have to get somewhere. When we still experience lack. We are exactly where we need to be and we are always ready and whole. We don’t have to save the world. All we have to do is find our own inner balance and access to love and light that is always available. It is a question of being connected and aligned or not. We are here to shine our light for those that are ready to come into it. Again… lighthouses don’t run around trying to save ships.

“We don’t have to save the world. All we have to do is find our own inner balance and access to love and light that is always available.”

The immature masculine can only come out of this vicious cycle when we are transforming that energy and are no longer reacting in old masculine ways. We need to accept in ourselves what we see in those around us. That is what shifts it. And there is no need to push. The triggers and the releases come exactly at the right time. We don’t have to force ourselves to dissolve or transform something. Awareness of an imbalance and the mirror is enough. The rest will follow.


The new Earthly Masculine

Welcoming these triggers and the thoughts and emotions that come with it is supporting us in transforming the old masculine patterns into the new strong Divine masculine. The new earthly masculine, that commits, is courageous and rebellious, unconditionally from the heart, without any expectation of a certain outcome or a need to control or fight. The healthy masculine that sets boundaries out of self-love, not borders from fear. The one that knows exactly what he wants, expressing it with clear intentions. The strong new earthly masculine, that knows exactly when it is time to change and let go of old ways of working and relating. Also in our spiritual work we are asked to check whether we are still aligned with the new energies in terms of our mission and work. The Divine Earthly Masculine is not afraid to look into the mirror and through the mask into the core of authenticity. He is not afraid to share that with others.

“Although the Divine Masculine is a fast energy with focus and action, he respects the Divine Feminine and her balancing part of patience and nurturing.”

Although the Divine Masculine is a fast energy with focus and action, he respects the Divine Feminine and her balancing part of patience and nurturing. The two are now preparing to dance the perfect dance within all of us. In this time of outer turmoil, where everything is accelerating, stillness and slowing down is key to check in with our deepest core essence. What are our own body, mind and soul giving us in terms of impulses to follow? Where do we still feel resistance? That is exactly where we need to look into, accept and experience it to find our answers and relief.

It is not easy to admit, and to see the patterns in the mirror presented to us. We need to be downright honest with ourselves. We are the ones we are waiting for. Once more, we are asked to drop the protective masks we are still wearing that had served to hide our vulnerability, which we mistakenly had been defining as our biggest weakness. Now we are learning that it is our biggest strength and once we drop that mask, once we accept ourselves and everyone else the way they are and where they are in their journey, once we share our true authentic vulnerable self, including our shadows, we discover the immense connecting and co-creative power of vulnerability. We are now establishing the missing link to allow the perfect divine, sacred dance within us and sharing and connecting it with those around us: The embodiment of sacred union.



The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you.

With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg


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