ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL via Natalie Glasson – Evolving and Healing your Heart Chakra – 10-30-15

Natalie Glasson


Evolving and Healing your Heart Chakra by Archangel Raphael
Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 30th October 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
Your Heart Chakra is a space of profound blessings, the truth of the Creator and encourages you to
experience the deepest vibration of love you are willing to accept and experience from the Creator.
Your Heart Chakra creates a mirror to demonstrate to you who you really are as a sacred soul and
the truth of the Creator that is available to you to share upon the Earth.
When working with andaccepting your Heart Chakra there is a need to realise that it will reveal to you many aspects ofyourself, your most powerful and expressive love, your deepest and most painful wounds and an
ability to feel as if you are touching, sensing, embodying and experiencing the Creator.
Your HeartChakra is a powerful tool which demonstrates to you the many aspects and qualities of your being
as a physical and spiritual being. We can recognise the Heart Chakra as a bridge between the inner
planes and the physical Earth, every dimension between these levels can be experienced fully
through the Heart Chakra. It is true that any energy or aspect of the Creator can be drawn from the
Heart Chakra to be fully experienced especially at a physical level; experience is the greatest gift and
lesson of the physical level or Earth. It is time to embrace the experiences that the Heart Chakra can
convey in order to gain a deeper remembrance and recognition of the Creator.
While your Heart Chakra can demonstrate to you the physical and spiritual aspects of your being,
the Heart Chakra of the Creator also known as the Cosmic Heart can convey to you all that is the
Creator sharing this with those who are willing to receive. The greatest lesson that your own Heart
Chakra and the Heart Chakra of the Creator invite you to experience is your ability to receive from
your Heart Chakra the wealth of wisdom, light, love and knowledge it has to share. To receive and
accept your own Heart Chakra allows you to receive and accept the Heart Chakras of those around
you, as well as receiving and accepting the Heart Chakra of the Creator. With the action of receiving
and accepting you begin to allow yourself to exist in the divine flow of the Creator, to be present in
every moment and to realise your power.
Everything will flow with ease and perfection allowing lifeupon the Earth to be experienced as a deep seated joy and process of fulfilment. Through theprocess of acceptance and receiving you may realise that your Heart Chakra is a reflection of theHeart Chakra of the Creator with the opportunity in this lifetime to become a greater and fullerreflection, embodiment and expression of the Heart Chakra of the Creator.
Pure love exists within the Heart Chakra of the Creator, the same pure love is present within your Heart
Chakra except that within your Heart Chakra there are also reflections of yourself as a physical being with
your emotions and thought processes, the pain of the present and past lifetimes, as well as the many
energetic patterns you have created over lifetimes which embed restrictive and limiting pattern projected into
your reality to create a separation from the Creator. Your Heart Chakra shares with you the wealth of who you
are as a physical and spiritual being, there is simply a need to approach your Heart Chakra with the
willingness to receive and accept all that your Heart Chakra demonstrates to you, realising that this will lead
you to the truth of your being therefore the Creator.
At this time of ascension sitting in peace with a focus upon your Heart Chakra is immensely powerful, I invite
you to place the attention of your third eye Chakra into your Heart Chakra repeating for a few moments: ‘My
beloved Heart Chakra, I accept and receive you now.’ Then simply allow yourself to breathe deeply in and out
through your Heart Chakra, being aware of any insights which may arise.
The process of bringing healing of any form whether you feel discomfort in your Heart Chakra or not, is to first
be willing to receive and accept your Heart Chakra as a whole realising that you may not be able to fully
understand your Heart Chakra.  This can be achieved through simple affirmations of acceptance, speaking
lovingly and directly to your Heart Chakra or simply surrounding your Heart Chakra in love allowing it to
penetrate and further awaken your Heart Chakra.
The second process of healing your Heart Chakra is to be willing to recognise the reflections of your physical
form in this lifetime and past lifetimes, as well as the emotions and beliefs which are connected within your
Heart Chakra.  This is to recognise with love aspects of yourself held within your Heart Chakra and most
probably placed there by you which are based upon fear or seemingly are shadows of pain or suffering, these
could be labelled illusions. The only way to be accepting is to love your Heart Chakra, recognising love within
your Heart Chakra will allow pains and shadows to come forth into your awareness. The process of any
energy moving into your awareness is a movement of release and letting go. Through this process you allow
yourself to recognise yourself and truth in the pure love of your Heart Chakra seemingly embodying this
energy of purity or more truthfully recognising something which has always be present. Allowing yourself to
recognise shadow aspects within your Heart Chakra support you in accepting your power and deciphering
illusions to realise truth.
The third process of bringing healing to your Heart Chakra is to allow your willingness to love your Heart
Chakra to transport you into the pure love of your Heart Chakra, recognising that this is the embodiment of the
Heart Chakra of the Creator and you have the ability to exist within the Cosmic energies of the Creator’s love.
Thus you are allowing yourself to embody and realise the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator in your physical
body and reality upon the Earth. This to be experienced as a profound stream of love strongly and
continuously emanating from your Heart Chakra core creating feelings and sensations of bliss, as well as a
sense of being healed rather than needing healing.
This three step process you are experiencing everyday with and within your Heart Chakra without realising, it
is a process which allows you to recognise your truth and experience it fully. Your truth is that you are a
reflection of, as well as an embodiment of, the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator. It is your purpose to
receive, embody, express and experience Cosmic or pure love in every moment of your reality supporting and
encouraging others to do the same.  The process of healing your Heart Chakra which I have described is to
bring you back into full alignment with the truth of your Heart Chakra and the Creator. This is something which
is occurring throughout the universe of the Creator, everything is awakening a deeper and greater alignment
with the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator. We see this by your soul’s desire to create and experience love
upon the Earth within every experience and every person. Manifesting the Era of Love is simply a process of
realigning and remembering the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator which is your natural existence and will
always bring forth fulfilment.
At this time to support you in understanding the process of seemingly healing, however more truthfully,
remembering the purity of your Heart Chakra I, Archangel Raphael, am anchoring a healing vibration which is
specifically for your Heart Chakra. My love vibration can be anchored into your Heart Chakra by my energy at
your request. Much of the work of the Ascended Masters at this time is achieved through the anchoring of
templates of light as this creates accelerated healing, awakening and embodiment. I, Archangel Raphael,
have created a template of light to be anchored into your Heart Chakra, you can imagine the light as a bright
and vibrant green in the shape of a circle symbolising that love is eternal and continuous. Within the centre of
the green circle is a deep pink centre moving into a pale pink light at the very core of the circle. Embedded
into this symbol or shape of light are Angelic Light Keys which are programmed to awaken your Heart
Chakra, create a shift of releasing unneeded energies within your Heart Chakra, more powerfully align you
with the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator as well as awakening a deep seated love from within the core of
your Heart Chakra. The anchoring of the Angelic Light Keys into your Heart Chakra will create instant
movement and shifts which will impact your entire being.
‘Archangel Raphael, I call upon your Angelic Healing energy to anchor into the core of my Heart Chakra.
Please anchor your Heart Chakra Healing Template into my Heart Chakra. I now receive this circle of green
and pink light with its embedded Angelic Light Keys into my Heart Chakra to bring forth the necessary
healing, release and alignment with the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator. With your assistance, Archangel
Raphael, I now allow my Heart Chakra to heal becoming the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator embodied
within my being. I am supreme love in manifestation now.’
Simply now imagine, sense or acknowledge the template anchoring into your Heart Chakra as my love
surrounds you.Please know I am supporting the evolution of your Heart Chakra, your remembrance of the Creator and yourcreation of love within and around you.
In love eternally,
Archangel Raphael

Accessing the Wisdom of Our Chakras

Third Eye and Crown Chakra Activation


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HEALING EARTH NETWORK – Chakra Basics – How to Work With Chakras to Achieve Quantum Balance – 8-3-15

Healing Network

Working with our Chakra system is key to reaching Quantum Balance.  Learn what the Chakras are and how to work with them to achieve Quantum Balance.

We discuss each Chakra, what it does, where it lies within the body, what sound/vibration it carries, and much more.  As we explore, in detail, how to work with these Chakras, we have a better understanding of the function and power of our Chakra centers.  This is a key to achieving Quantum Balance, as everything is vibration, and we must learn to reach the Mastery levels of Quantum Balance.

SUZANNE LIE – Becoming ONE – Fourth Chakra – People and Planet – 6-15-15

Suzanne Lie

Fourth Chakra

LOCATION: The location of our fourth chakra is in our heart.

PETALS: This chakra rules the first of the higher vibrations. There are twelve spokes or petals. Twelve in numerology reduces to the number three. Three is the number that represents the relationship between Wisdom, Power and Love. It is this balance that is a primary focus of the Heart Chakra. Wisdom without Love and Power would be cruel and weak. Power without Wisdom and Love would be dangerous and selfish, and Love without Power and Wisdom would be victimized and foolish. In our hearts we must learn how to find and join all three of these virtues.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The note for this chakra is F# and the mantra is “Yam” or “a” as in ah. Chanting theses mantras in the key of F# while focusing our attention on this area of our body can enable us to more consciously access the Heart Chakra.

COLOR: The color for this chakra is green (and pink for the High Heart). Green is the middle color on the light spectrum and represents healing, growth and health.

RULES: The Heart Chakra is the hub of our bodies, the center point where our internal masculine and feminine and our human and divine energies meet. The fourth chakra rules ALL of our intra- and inter-personal relationships. This chakra rules our perception of Love, our ability to give and receive Love from others, our highest essence, and ourselves. Our High Heart rules Unconditional Love and the lower Heart rules human love. It also governs compassion, healing, lungs, breath, and our sense of time, which is tied into the rhythmic cycles of our breath and heart beat.

SENSE: The Heart Chakra rules our sense of touch. Touch is the first intimacy that we know as infants and remains our most powerful unspoken means of communication throughout our lives. Touch can be the most loving or the most fearful means of communication. It is in our hearts that we learn about touch and how we, in turn, wish to touch others.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Libra is the sign of relationships and Venus, the planet of Love, rules it. Libra teaches us to balance our attention and love between our Self and those that we love. Venus urges us to strive for contact, love, harmony and the augmentation of Self.

ELEMENT: Air is the element that is ruled by this chakra. The fourth chakra also rules our lungs, which is how we bring air – oxygen – into our bodies. The relationship between our lungs and our heart is vital. Without the fresh oxygen that our lungs drive into our hearts, our red blood cells could not carry vital life-force throughout our bodies.

CONSCIOUSNESS: The fourth chakra rules our everyday, conscious lives. However, even in the most scientific person, some fourth dimensional aspects of empathy and intuition arise. The Heart Chakra rules our family and community consciousness, and it is through our hearts that we strive for Unity Consciousness with all life and with Mother Earth Herself.

Our “human love” can often be filled with negativity, fear, hatred and cruelty. However, if we can function from our “High Heart”, our Love is Unconditional and we are accepting and free of judgment. It is the challenge of our hearts to connect with and receive the Love of our spiritual SELF so that we can heal the harm that others have done to us. Then, from the heart space of healing and self-love, we can love others as well.

PERSONAL TIMELINE: This chakra represents the adolescent stage of life. In adolescence, a child creates his or her own identity, and to do this, they often rebel against those who have loved and guided them. They then must find the qualities of Wisdom, Power and Love that they have received from their inner and outer realities to develop the persona they wish to live.

SOCIAL TIMELINE: The time era best represented by the Heart Chakra is the Renaissance. It was during the Renaissance that art and beauty was reborn after a long and painful dark age. The concept of “nations” began to replace the reality of “empires,” and worship was focused primarily on one God.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine gland for this chakra is the Thymus Gland, which is the core of our immune system and vital for our healing. Often it has been said, “Love heals”. Both the psychological and the physiological centers of healing are in the Heart Chakra. The heart is known as the symbol of life. In metaphysical literature it is said that the Atma, which is the Three-Fold Flame of Life, is activated at our birth and extinguished at our death.

NERVE PLEXUS: The nerve plexus for this chakra is the cardiac plexus, which is the neurological hub for the heart, lungs and the blood circulatory system. Without the circulation of blood and oxygen, we cannot live in our third dimensional world.

CLEAR: When our Heart Chakra is clear and balanced we can experience love, compassion, acceptance and fulfillment. Our heart and respiratory system are strong and healthy, we have a good immune system, and we feel calm and joyful. We are able to balance our masculine and feminine aspects as well as our human and our divine aspects. Our relationship with our SELF and with others is happy, and we have found our service to our family, our community, our nation and our planet.

UNCLEAR: When our Heart Chakra is unclear, we have an immune deficiency, lack of joy, heart problems, and bitterness in life. We are insensitive, emotionally closed, passive and sad. We have cardio-vascular or respiratory problems. We may suffer from hypertension, a stroke, a heart attack or asthma. Our lives often feel unfulfilled and we have not found our position in our family and in our community. Our relationships are unloving because we are as unable to receive Love, as we are to give it. We are often critical, judgmental, uncompassionate and joyless.

EARTH CHAKRA: Earth’s Heart Chakra is Haleakala, Maui. One visit to the verdant growth and aromatic breeze of Maui is enough to understand why it is Mother Earth’s heart.

DIMENSIONS: The Heart Chakra rules the Beta wave consciousness of everyday third dimensional life and the Alpha wave consciousness which is the bridge to the higher dimensions. When our heart is open, we can live the beauty of every moment, smell every rose, create a reality of Love and harmony and combine our superconscious guidance with our mundane life.

Metaphysically, the Heart Chakra rules the areas of the brain that are the higher cortex and abstract thinking. These areas are best activated when we are “in the groove” of handling our everyday reality and when we have taken the time and focus to access our creative Self.

SUMMARY: Our Heart Chakra determines our ability to expand our consciousness. There is no degree of meditation that will access the higher dimensions if we cannot open our hearts to Love. Without Love we could not travel beyond the Lower Astral Plane and our consciousness would be limited to the separation and limitation represented by our ego Self.

Above all else, it is LOVE that allows us to climb the stairs to our observer Self and allow true objectivity in our lives. From a perspective of objectivity, we can be free of the desires and passions of everyday life. Then we can be free to find our meaning as we progress through the development of our consciousness from dependent – to independent – to dependable.

When our Heart Chakra is opened, our sense of Self is not limited to our ego. When we have learned to balance our masculine/feminine and human/divine energies, we expand our SELF from individual consciousness – to family consciousness – to a community consciousness – to national consciousness – to planetary consciousness. Then we are ONE with the Mother, Lady Gaia, and we can realize that whatever we do to another member upon the body of Earth, we do to ourselves.

Source:Becoming ONE. Fourth Chakra – People and Planet. Channeled by Suzanne Lie. June 14, 2015.

TheSpiritScience – Locations of Earth 7 Chakra Points – 4-15-15


The Spirit Science

When I decided to approach the topic of the earth’s chakra points and write a piece about it, I believed it was going to be a very straightforward piece with clear-cut information and I found that assumption quite wrong.  There are a few schools of thought about where the chakra points are located on the earth and how the entire ley-line system works as a whole.

The basic concept is that as the macrocosmic mirror to the human microcosm of the chakra system in the body, the earth, as a living being, possesses active energy centers that are consecutively aligned based on perspectives of consciousness, earth-organ equivalents, and vibrational states and exist in different sacred locations throughout the earth.

The most common way of looking at this concept from what I have found in my research is by overlaying a basic outline of the infinity symbol over the chakras4outstretched flat image of the world map; deriving from this basic geometry comes the more complex lines of connection between major vortex points and earth chakras which are the ley lines or song lines.

These would be akin to the energy meridian, acupuncture points, and nadis in the human body which are more numerous and secondary channels of energy that work in concert with the major centers of the chakras to disperse or circulate that energy.

Therefore, in the most popular viewpoint on earth chakras, each point is a super-powered point on the earth that serves as a central place of focus for the perspective of that chakra- for instance the heart chakra center on earth regulates the flow of energies on earth that allow the earth and its inhabitants to experience and relate through unconditional love and compassion whereas the root chakra of the earth would resonate with energies of life force itself, will to live, genesis, and so on.  I found two differing ideas about where these specific locations were, yet interestingly both sets of points involve mostly the same locations on earth, except rearranged.  Here are those two systems:

Robert Coon’s Earth Chakras System

Nearly all of the information readily available online that I was able to find regarding the earth’s chakra points seemed to be directly sourced from this one author- Robert Coon who owns a website called  This site is fascinating and offers very in depth information about the chakras of the earth, the earth’s elemental vortices, ley lines and much more.  Whether you take this information as theory or fact, it is fascinating food for though.  In the system provided by Coon, the earth’s chakra points would be located throughout the earth as follows:

Root (1st) Chakra- Mt. Shasta, California.  Red; Raw biological life force energy- precursor to deviation into individual life forms.

Sacral (2nd) Chakra- Lake Titicaca Peru (but also includes Machu Picchu).  Orange; Creation of new species and positive evolution. Specification of pure life force into individuals.

Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra- Uluru and Kata Tjuta Australia (twin monolithic sites). Golden/Yellow; Maintenance of the vitality of earth and all of its species.  Immortalization of life force.

Heart (4th) Chakra- Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England.  Green/Pink; Representing the Holy Grail and the Sacred Spear of Purpose, Respectively.

Throat (5th) Chakra- Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives, Middle East. Blue; Voice of the earth emerging, listening to the will of the earth needs to be mastered

Third Eye (6th) Chakra- Mobile Chakra, Shifts every 150-200 years, currently coincides with world heart chakra in Western Europe. Purple/Indigo; Moves 1/12th of the way around the world, westward, at the dawning of every new aeon.  Distills gathered wisdom of life on earth for collective advancement of consciousness, aligned with astrological sequences.

Crown (7th) Chakra- Mt. Kailas, Himalayan Mountains, Tibet.  White; Broadcasts the earth’s purpose or true will.


Reflecting on the Robert Coon System:

In the diagram above you can see a visual representation of the locations of earth’s chakra points as given by Robert Coon.  Does anything visually strike you as a bit curious about this particular layout?  I noticed that with this system the arrangement of the chakras seems to be quite random in the sense that there is no recognizable geometric reason to the way the chakra points are aligned.  They seem scattered. This is bothersome because everything in creation flows geometrically within certain mathematic ratios and symmetries.  The chakras in the human body are more or less equidistant from one another in a straight line going vertically up and down the spine as it moves through the center of the body.  I feel that this one reason detracts a bit from the strength of this particular theory.  It seems counterintuitive that the energy grid of the earth would be geometrically precise with the chakra points peppered randomly throughout.

Version 2 of the Ley Line System

I found that the other school of thought out there on this same system of thinking featured basically the same locations but some of them were attributed to different chakras than the system briefly described above.  In this secondary explanation the Root chakra is found in Ulura Australia, the Sacral chakra is located in Lake Titicaca Peru also, the Solar Plexus is found in Mt. Fuji, Japan, the Heart chakra is in Haleakala Hawaii, the Throat Chakra is in Glastonbury England, the Third Eye chakra currently resides in The Himalayan Mountains, and the Crown Chakra, rather than the root chakra, is based in Mt. Shasta, California.  This system was described by Bridget Nielson of who visited all these sacred sites for self-exploration and –confirmation.  This perspective on the location of the chakras was also apparently re-confirmed by the well-known teacher of metaphysics, Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka.  So which is it?  They are both very compelling systems.

An Alternative Earth Chakra Theory

In my research I came across one last theory about where the chakra points reside and why.  This one is much less widespread, but perhaps more logically satisfying and equally compelling.  It is based on a direct comparison to the human energy system.  There exists a toroidal field of energy around/interpenetrating the human form which pulls in and sends out energy in a self-sustaining current.  In the middle of this energy field dynamic there is the central energy channel, along which the 7 main chakras are positioned vertically.  Taking this layout and superimposing it on a spread-out map of the earth, based on the polarities of the north and south poles, this would put bands of color in correlation to the chakras striped from bottom to top going up the map in horizontal bands.

Within each horizontal color/chakra band, the geographical zones within it would be considered to fall under the resident chakra color in that location.  In other words it creates a map of chakra zones as opposed to acute concentrated points.  So it would roughly break down like this:

Russia would be the better part of the Root chakra/Sacral zone, parts of the Sacral and the Solar Plexus would mostly include the US, China, and Europe and the Middle East.  The zones near the Equator would be the Heart chakra and would potentially include parts of India, a lot of Africa, Colombia, Peru and much of South and Central America and probably Hawaii.  The Throat chakra zone would be South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and finally then the Third Eye territory and Crown Chakra areas would be the least populated and coldest areas like Antarctica and Greenland.

Intriguing Correlations

Just as the earth is laced with a complex interconnected map of energy lines, invisible to the naked eye, the pieces of information from various sources on the earth’s chakras are lighting up some intriguing connections that only add to the mystery.

For instance, with the first two earth-chakra theories discussed above, we saw that many of the same locations were included in both line-ups, yet as mentioned, they were arranged differently in each one.  What I found to be of particular interest was that in only one of those systems was Hawaii included at all as an actual chakra point.  Yet when I dove a little deeper into the Robert Coon material I found myself swimming in the depths of even more interesting insights.

Coon shares in his essays that the earth’s ley-line or energy grid system includes not only the chakra points but also a whole system of vortexes as well.  According to coon, there are 4 major vortexes, similar to the chakra points in potency or significance.  These four vortexes regulate or energize the four elements of life on our planet- earth, fire, water, and air, and guess what one of those locations is? Haleakala, Hawaii, the power point that was included in the other chakra list.  Could it be that Haleakala is an undeniable power point of some kind that is perhaps being misinterpreted by one school of thought or one that is simply serving multiple purposes?

Certain other pieces of information regarding chakras and how they relate to consciousness also revealed interesting synchronicities.  In the alternative earth chakra theory that I discussed last, the third chakra band contained a major percentage of earth’s current population and the countries and people groups found in the band were the US, China, much of Europe, and possibly the Middle East (keeping in mind that this particular theory is formative and it’s respective zones are approximations).

The connection here is that the third chakra is one of the chakras grouped into the lower three centers of consciousness in the chakra system of the human body.  Lower meaning that they are physical body chakras governing primarily earth experience functions.  The third chakra is the chakra of activity, opinion, intellect and the mental body.  What could better describe the level of consciousness of these industrial nations? Think of the US, China, Europe: primarily male/yang, emotionally immature, caught in dogma and competition, thinking more than feeling, highly political, aggressive, and industrial- very third chakra.

It has also been written by clairvoyants that often the dominant color of the auric fields of Americans is yellow, the color of the sacral chakra.  The indication being that a person experiencing life through the perspective of the third chakra is a person ‘living in their head’.

It also seems very fitting that the heart chakra band would include most of Africa, much of Central and South America and also perhaps Hawaii.  The people and cultures native to these places, in general, feel more generous, earth- connected, and humble as a cultural norm than the people living in the cultures found in the sacral band.

Which Theory is Correct?

Which theory is the correct one?  I truly can’t say.  There is no consensus and nor is there any clear scientific treatment of this topic to help sort it out.  It seems that each theory has some definite validity to it, or perhaps each one is completely valid in and of itself, but also an integral component to a complete idea that has not yet come together fully in a cohesive way.  Perhaps also the constant shifting that is reportedly happening with earth’s magnetic fields and the poles could be causing confusion and affecting these dynamics.

In conclusion, I do not feel that there is any clear cut conclusion at this point.  Rather it would seem that the significance to be taken from this discussion is the need to feel deeply into the energetic nature of the earth as living conscious being and to observe ourselves as microcosmic reflections of the great planetary body of which we are an expression.  It would only make sense that if we operate from an energetic chakra system that is orderly, dynamic, and harmonic in nature, then the larger planetary body of which we are a part would form the greater basis that regulates such a system.

We can focus into and bring into resonance any of the chakra bodies from any point on the planet; this is a matter of clear intention.  However, for those deeply drawn to or intrigued by one or all of these power points on the earth, there is certainly a great depth of mystery still waiting to be explored.



Hi everyone, my name is Laura Weber. I am an artist, writer, and hydro-crystalline alchemist. My background includes Massage Therapy, Reiki, professional writing, and visual art, and last year I self-published my first book, “2013”, a book of soul poetry. I believe that each person is an expression of the one creative source, and thus we are all powerful creators. My daily ritual includes an ongoing expression of my crystal grid, mandala art, and alchemy work.  If you resonated with my writing you can follow my creative ventures and universal explorations via my Facebook Page or check out The Daily Grid to follow my daily crystal grid creations.

Thank you for connecting.

One Love

Archangel Michael, Archangel Faith via Natalie Glasson – Illuminating, Awakening of the Crown Chakra – 3-20-15

Archangels Michael, Faith

Channeler Natalie Glasson

Through our loving angelic frequency we bring forth our divine consciousness of inspiration and healing to touch your being and awaken remembrance from your soul; a remembrance which is beyond your current reality, beyond the dimensions and realities of consciousness of the inner planes.

Such a remembrance cannot be contemplated by the mind; only digested as a familiar vibration through the soul.

Your soul is capable of an immense magnitude of abilities and creations. As an Earthly aspect of your soul, the greatest and most empowering way to recognise your soul is as truthful loving magic.

Imagine if consciously you held the belief of your soul being the most awe-inspiring magical vibration, light, and substance, capable of anything and everything. You would take notice of your soul, consciously weaving it into every aspect of your reality, your creations, thoughts and experiences.

You would become the acknowledged divine creator of your reality; a sacred force attuned to and flowing from the Creator. Imagine how exciting and fulfilling each day upon the Earth would be. It would be a fulfilling journey of evolution, understanding, and acceptance of the Creator.

Your soul is greater than any magic you could possibly imagine. It is already the truth of your being; there is simply a need for your recognition.

Let the only limitations you choose to hold onto within your being and reality, especially when existing in harmony with your soul, be the limitations of love.

Allow yourself to exist, create, think, feel, and experience within the limitations of the Creator’s love. Of course the love of the Creator has no limitations, and this is one of the understandings we wish to bring forth; and yet when you exist in the limits of love this signifies you are always creating and experiencing in a space of love.

You know love to be expansive, and so this space is [expansive]. When we move beyond the love we enter into fear, anger, pain, and suffering, which allows each soul upon the Earth to evolve, understand, and learn; and yet this process of learning is no longer fully satisfying to many.

When you allow yourself to exist in a space of love within your being, mind, emotions, reality, creations, and experiences, you are offering to yourself an ever-evolving and inspiring freedom.

Allow yourself to let go of barriers which hinder the glorious magic of your soul, and yet if you must hold one limitation let it be to stay within the confines of love.

This can be a challenging concept, as limitations and barriers encourage a feeling of disempowerment; and yet living within the confines of love is completely freeing because love is more expansive than you could possibly imagine.

By existing in the limitations of love, you are asking yourself to change your perspective on limitations while realising that love is the most expansive and freeing space you can exist within.

To remain in the space of love within your being, mind, emotions, creations, and experiences, is a conscious choice due to your understanding and experience of the sacred love of the Creator.

All of your actions and reactions, even the way you perceive yourself and your reality, is a conscious, or was once a conscious,choice.

‘I choose to exist in a conscious space of love.’

The greatest tools for remaining consciously in a space of love are awareness, release, and then returning to love.

This is awareness of energies, thoughts, emotions, or blockages arising from within you, which are not born from the space of love; a conscious release, detachment, and breathing away of that which no longer serves you, and then the ability to recognise the space of love once more.

Your space of love evolved from the Creator, and yet it is personal to you and can span across the entire universe of the Creator; it is so magnificently free.

With these tools and allowing yourself to consciously exist in a space of love (an energy, vibration, feeling, resonance) within you, the magic of your soul is far easier to see, sense, and utilize within your physical spiritual reality on the Earth.

We can acknowledge any experience, thought, or emotion beyond the space of love as a conflict to love. When we accept a reality beyond the limitations of love, we are accepting contradictions, which is akin to believing in two realities, one within the limits of love, and maybe one within the limitations of fear or illusions.

The second phase of the energy wave of ascension labelled the Crucifixion energy brings forth the illumination of contradictions, asking you to consciously choose the space you wish to create from within your being.

The illumination of contradictions proposes a deep purging, especially at a mental body level. Many people upon the Earth wish to see beyond the illusions of the Earth, to see and sense the inner planes, and yet a mental shift and modification is required.

With illumination of contradictions, you are able to consciously choose which you believe to be untrue and which you wish to accept as your truth.

You may believe that your contradictions, like habits, are a part of your personality; that they are what make you who you are, unique, and create your personality. To some extent this is true, and yet your contradictions do not belong to you.

They are energies, beliefs and perspectives you have chosen to carry with you. They do not define you. It is your conscious choices, especially when born from your soul, which create and maybe even define who you are and wish to be as a soul upon the Earth.

When you observe your contradictions, consciously choosing that which you believe in, wish to energise and experience, then you are creating a focus perspective within your mind, and a focused pathway before you; a clear pathway, more fully resonating and aligned with the Creator.

Notice your spiritual beliefs; notice how these alter throughout your day, even becoming the complete opposite.

Through the dissolving of contradictions, you are dissolving rifts within your being, within the consciousness of the Earth and humanity, and even within the universe of the Creator.

This purging within the mental body symbolises a coming together, a unification and fusion of the Creator’s light within, all while dissolving the illusion of separation, which is still so prominent within the language and actions of many upon the Earth.

At this time when the energy wave of Crucifixion brings forth the illumination of contradictions, a powerful penetration of light is streaming through the universe of the Creator, anchoring into all dimensions, while piercing the Crown Chakra of the Earth and the Crown Chakras of Humanity.

This penetrating light moving forth from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator has a purpose of enlightenment and illumination.

In awakening the Crown Chakra, the light stream holds the purpose of penetrating the mental body while awakening wisdom of the soul and wisdom already held within the Crown Chakra.

A shower of illumination of wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment is upon us all now. It is a time of the activation of the Crown Chakra, a time of receiving the divine luminosity within the mind and mental body, to bring forth tremendous healing for all and the Earth.

This divine intervention is being supported and encouraged by many upon the inner planes, with Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena overseeing the shift and awakening.

Lady Quan Yin is the Chohan of the Eleventh Ray of Light, focused upon embodiment of the soul while Lady Pallas Athena is the Chohan of the Twelfth Ray of Light, an expression of the Christ Consciousness, an active love. Lady Pallas Athena also assists many to complete their ascension processes at an Earthly level while supporting each soul’s Christ Initiations; she is a source of empowerment.

With these two divine goddesses supporting a needed activation within your crown chakra to develop your soul light flow and understanding within your being, they also act in assisting light, soul, enlightenment, embodiment, and empowerment within your being and ascension process.

This activation is beginning now and will continue for several months, thus supporting acceleration of your energetic and light vibration.

You may wish to use this invocation to support your unification with this activation of the Crown Chakra of the Earth and humanity:

‘I embrace myself in the energy, light, and consciousness of Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena, with your support, and as you oversee all aspects of my being and ascension, I invite the penetrating light from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator to connect with my Crown Chakra, awakening, purifying, activating and empowering my Crown Chakra.

‘Light streams through my Crown Chakra into my Mental Body, creating states and insights of enlightenment and illumination born from my soul and sacred wisdom.

‘Let the light of the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator simultaneously dissolve all forms of contradictions within my thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives.

‘I now consciously choose the space of love within my being, allowing my sacred vibrations to unfold with ease and perfection.

‘All aspects of my being are now showered with illumination of wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.

‘I know I am connected with Mother Earth; the activations now occurring within my Crown Chakra and being also occur simultaneously within Mother Earth’s Crown Chakra, allowing expansion, illumination and the release of sacred wisdom from Mother Earth’s Crown Chakra, to either be returned to the inner planes or anchored into the consciousness of humanity, whichever is appropriate.

‘I know all is in balance and harmony as we all resonate with the truth of the Creator.
We are all divine receivers and magnifiers of the light of the Creator. And so it is.’

Please practice this invocation as often as you wish. Always leave time after the invocation to allow the energy to flow into your Crown Chakra. Imagine the light from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator flowing and penetrating your Crown Chakra, observing as the light fills your entire being while being aware of the shifts it instigates within your being.

With Angelic Love Eternally,

Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

“Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith: The Illuminating and Awakening of the Crown Chakra,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 19, 2015 at Source:…

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

Archangel Michael – Second Phase Heart Chakra Ascension – 11-28-14




Archangel Michael   –    Second Phase Heart Chakra Ascension   –   11-28-14
Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael

Second Phase Heart Chakra Ascension by Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

28th November 2014


Do you feel your heart chakra transforming? Do you feel your capacity to love and be love enhancing? Are you experiencing the suffering of your past coming up once more through your heart chakra to be experience and released? This is a most sacred time upon the Earth and the inner planes, especially as you move from 2014 into 2015, the heart chakra of the Creator which is the deepest purest core of love is expanding, pumping greater volumes of love into the vibrations of all. All which occurs within the Creator occurs within every soul upon the inner planes and the Earth. For some it is uncomfortable that the purest core of love within their heart chakra and soul is expanding, merging and synthesising with their entire being. This is causing a deep activation of healing. The pure vibration of love can sometimes feel like an imposter within the beings of many causing chaos, unbalance and a purging of energies, thoughts, emotions and consciousness. If one chooses to consciously or unconsciously resist the arising pure vibrations of love within their being then of course a battle begins and yet if one is able to set their sight upon the divine truth within their being therefore viewing everything from that perspective then the pure love will feel like a bonus, a miracle and a healing. A deep expansion of the heart chakra will be experienced, developing your capacity to be and express love as well as acknowledging the world around you as love.

This is more than simply a greater wave of love being sent to you to enhance your vibrations and ascension. It is akin to a deep awakening within your being of truth. For each soul upon the Earth the awakening of love will have a unique and diverse influence on their being and reality. The truth awoken within their souls and heart chakras will also be diverse, filled with magic and a deeper essence of your soul.

If you have been searching for your true self, your essence or your purpose then the activation within your being at this time will be all that you seek. Its vibration and energy is of truth born from love, it is exactly what your soul believes you require at this moment of your ascension. There is an opportunity of greater fulfilment; the enormity of this fulfilment depends upon your capacity to accept and the expansion of your perspective. The truth born from love activated from your soul will come forth to you as a gradual energy, vibration and consciousness activating a gradual process of embodiment before its complete manifestation in your reality. The activation may also ask you to let go of unneeded energies within your being or reality in order to encourage your vibration to soar and to make space for the new energies which are more aligned to your soul.

It is a most wonderful time and it is the second level of heart chakra activation and expansion in the New Era of Love. The first activation occurred directly before or just after the transition of all moving into 2012- 2013. Some people upon the Earth experience an expansion of their love while others experience a disappointment in the reality before them. This in truth was an activation of the pure core love of the Creator within all, causing an enhancement of love or a deep purification of old energies, habits and beliefs to make space for love. Now almost two years later the same is occurring again; a deep enhancement of love and a deep purification of all that hinders love. Since the end of 2012 and before you have been moving upon a wave of energy which is continuously evolving in energetic vibration, meaning the speed of your energy vibration is constantly quickening. The vibrations of love you are and will experience at this time are far more heightened and yet as you exist in the energy continuously you do not recognise the greater magnificence and achievement of your ability to accept evolved vibrations of love.

You may recognise the clearing of the heart chakra which is occurring on a grand scale at this time of ascension. When the heart chakra is clear, the energies of the soul and the Creator can flow with greater freedom and purity to all aspects of your being and reality. It is the same for the heart chakra of Mother Earth which is also moving through a powerful purification and release process at this time. Mother Earth is focusing much of her energies at her heart chakra, she is inviting all aspects, energies, situations and manifestations on the Earth which are no longer needed, require or aligned with the vibration of love to be drawn to her heart chakra to be dissolved in the pure vibration of love expanding from her own heart chakra due to the activation of the Creator. Mother Earth is also calling forth all contracts, vows and promises made in the past which no longer align with the Era of Love to be drawn to the surface of the heart chakra to be bathed in love, transformed and lovingly released. The heart chakra is the home of contracts, vows and promises as such expressions are created and held in the heart chakra. Whether these contract, vows or promises were created for you or by you in your current lifetime or past lifetimes or created by the consciousness of humanity for the Earth, it is now time for them to be cleared to allow the further flow of love through, from and into the heart chakra.

Many of you who have more recently experienced pain, suffering, release or a process of healing within or connected to the heart chakra may have been achieving this on behalf of all. Many souls on the Earth have been taking on energies from Mother Earth’s heart chakra as she focuses on clearing energies within, around and connected to the heart chakra, in order to act as a vehicle of healing and purification. These beings recognise their connection will all aspects of the Creator and so at a soul level accept the task of running certain energies through their physical manifestation to clear energies at a larger, worldwide and universal level. When a soul accepts the task to run energies through their being to aid mass healing the energy is projected into their being and experienced as a situation personal and appropriate to their reality. It may manifest as an energy pattern completing with someone, a loss, a healing realisation which alters that person’s perceptive. Whatever needs to occur in that person’s reality to create freedom, expansion of love and healing, the energy healing task taken on by the soul will encourage what needs to take place in the person’s reality to manifest thus energy is healed and released on a mass level and the individual reaps the rewards as well. You are all Ascended Masters, you are all evolving through the ascension process on your own behalf and yet more importantly on behalf and supporting others. Love is the key; love is the focus, experiencing life while reminding yourself of love, experiencing all which needs to be healed within your being while reminding yourself of love. One doesn’t constantly have to act in a loving way to be love and yet if you know you are love constantly retaining this knowingness, it will manifest through you accordingly.

The pure love core of the Creator has activated and there are energies which need to be let go of in order to allow yourself to completely embrace and fully experience love. It is my advice to you to write down all you feel yourself willing, able, wanting and ready to let go of, such as thoughts, emotions, perspectives, habits, people, situations, reoccurring patterns, lack, resistance and so forth. Create a list which is entitled, ‘All I am willing to let go of to accept and experience the pure love activation of the Creator expanding within my being.’ Then write all you are willing to let go of. When you surrender to the Creator, as creating such a list is a process of surrendering to the Creator, you are declaring your willingness to experience the deeper love of the Creator within your being. This will mean that much of that which is placed on your list will be release and let go of without you realising, thus allowing you to move through this process of cleansing and healing through the expansion of love with greater ease. It is only when you are unwilling to release, acknowledge or accept what you need to let go of that difficulty, pain and unbalance arises, causing deep learning which is often not needed to be experienced. It is only when you hold on to that which must depart your being and reality that you create greater challenges for yourself and create an ascension pathway which seems so steep and rocky.

Accepting love isn’t always about letting go of what is no longer needed and yet it allows for a greater experience of love. The more you engage with the love within your being the more you will discover that all which is no longer needed falls away without your distress or need for acknowledgement.

The second phase of heart chakra ascension in the new Era of Love has begun now and will continue for as long as is needed and appropriate for your being. In truth it will continue until the third phase of heart chakra ascension which could be one month from now or again two years from now. We are all moving through an ascension process which is no longer restricted by deadlines or goals associated with time. The Earth, you and all is simply evolving freely; every moment of ascension is now new and no longer dictated. How long you wish to remain in the second phase of heart chakra ascension is your choice. Not the choice of your mind, desires or needs, the choice of your soul and the dedication of you personally to the truth of your being. So dedicate yourself rather than pushing yourself, love yourself rather than being frustrated with yourself and level of growth. Let all unfold in alignment with the Creator.

‘I allow the clearing and fulfilment of my heart chakra to unfold aligned with the Creator.’

A focus upon clearing your heart chakra at this time is also beneficial. I, Archangel Michael, am safe guarding the heart chakra of Mother Earth through this tremendous period of clearing and fulfilment at a heart chakra level. I am also safe guarding the heart chakras of all. Please call upon my energies to assist in the clearing of your heart chakra. ‘Archangel Michael, I honour your presence, love and protection supporting me now. I am now ready to clear, cleanse and purify my heart chakra appropriately aligned with the will of my soul and the Creator. May all contracts, vows and promises connected to or held within my heart chakra which are no longer needed be easily healed and released. Let all energies, habits, perspectives, emotions, pain and suffering held within or connected to my heart chakra which are no longer needed or create a resistance to love to be healed and released. With every day I embrace the core pure love expanding from the Creator within my soul and heart chakra, recognising pure love as my truth in my reality now. Thank you.’ With deep heart felt love,

Archangel Michael

Natalie Glasson – Awakening Of The Earth Goddess Heart Chakra By Goddess Tamara – 3-22-14

natalie glasson

Greetings to you loved ones; I honour and respect the divine essence and light within your being. It is love, light and consciousness that we hold as a familiarity and the very origins of our beings which allows us to recognise the same within each other. I am Goddess Tamara, I return to you once more to bring news of the awakening of the Goddess within the Earth and within your being. Such celebrations are occurring on the inner planes as a major landmark in the ascension process has manifested signifying a shift in the Earth’s vibration. The Goddess vibration is truly manifesting upon the Earth now in great volumes but more importantly the embodiment of the Goddess is taking place.

I am the Goddess of Divine Order, it is through the energy vibration and birth of the Goddess light that I ensure all ascension shifts take place with Divine Goddess Order, signifying that all transformations are born from love and create love. It is my greatest purpose to maintain harmony and balance within the Creator’s universe. There are many beings that have similar roles but the vibration of the Goddess is extremely influential and powerful when merged with the activation of transformation as the Goddess vibration feeds the transformation to intensity its presence while ensuring its eternal alignment with peace and harmony. Invoking the Goddess vibration of divine order to be present within your being and everyday reality will allow for your greater conscious alignment to grace, harmony and tranquillity within all creations, transf ormation and manifestations.

My purpose of connecting with you today is to share a beautiful transformation and shift that has occurred on the Earth and will occur within your being with your acceptance. For some time many light beings and Goddess beings have been focusing upon pouring the highest and quickest vibration possible of Goddess light into the Earth. The Goddess vibration has been anchored in numerous ways and forms into the Earth but has been especially focused upon the heart chakra of the Earth.  We have been pouring special Goddess vibrations to support the Era of Love into the heart chakra of the Earth, these vibrations have been building filling and swelling into Mother Earth’s heart space, merging with the vibrations of love already present. This is creating a significant rise in the Earth’s vibrati on and has encouraged Mother Earth’s heart chakra to evolve. We are very pleased to share with you that a new Goddess heart chakra has manifested within the heart chakra space of Mother Earth. This is akin to the most beautiful active breathing jewel of light, like a small baby just born it is so tender and pure. Over time and with the divine intention and focus of many encouraging more and more Goddess light to anchor into the Goddess heart chakra, it will grow to gradually merge as one with the heart chakra of Mother Earth.

With an integration and union of the Goddess heart chakra becoming fully evolved and seeping into the heart chakra energetic walls of Mother Earth a powerful eruption of love will exude being transmitted across the entire Earth, even reaching into the inner plane dimensions of the Creator’s universe. It will be such a major shift which will encourage many more people to move into spaces of love within them as well as those already in a space of love to be amplified encouraging a healing of their emotional body, creating an eternal stable vibration of love within their beings. As a greater volume and purer vibration of love erupts from the heart chakra of the Earth it will allow for the emotional body of Mother Earth which has in the past been scarred holding a vibration of turmoil due to wars and other such human created manifestations t o be cleansed and healed.  With a healed emotional body Mother Earth’s vibration will be of a softer and gentler vibration allowing any harsh vibrations held by humanity to be released. Such a deep cleansing of Mother Earth’s emotional body could be considered as a form of erasing a history of pain which has been embedded within Mother Earth’s vibration but is no longer needed or justified as we all hold the intention of moving into a reality of love. For Mother Earth it will be a deeply purifying process which will allow for her heart chakra and strength to amplify signifying a greater ability and possibility for her to pour more of her love into manifestation upon the Earth.

We felt the need to share with you such a powerful and important process of awakening, healing and transformation which is beginning to manifest now. We cannot share with you specific dates of when the Goddess Heart Chakra will reach its fully potential and merge fully with the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth or when a new magnificent wave of love will erupt and cleanses the emotional body of Mother Earth. Each process requires support, focus and intention given by those on the Earth and inner planes to bring forth manifestation. Even with this in mind we are deeply delighted that the seed has been planted, the Goddess Heart chakra has manifested and is present, being cradled within the heart chakra of Mother Earth. It is a time to rejoice because it symbolises that Goddess vibration is returning to the Earth and is activating from within souls o n the Earth.

We also share this news with you as we wish for you to be of service and support the process while benefiting from a similar activation within you as the Earth can be a mirror of that which is inside of you.

We wish for you to imagine in a peaceful and meditative state the process we have described to you. We wish for you to imagine the Goddess heart chakra of pearlescent light so small inside the heart chakra of Mother Earth. Give to the Goddess heart chakra the Goddess love and vibration of your own being, from your heart chakra and watch or sense as the Goddess heart chakra grows in light, strength, size and power, gradually integrating with the vibrations of Mother Earth’s heart chakras, as if they are threads of light intertwining and weaving together as one. You may also wish to call for appropriate Goddess and Angelic beings to draw close lovingly surrounding the heart chakra of Mother Earth as protection and to maintain a high vibration of light around Mother Earth’s heart chakra in support.

We advise you to visualise, sense or lend your energy to this process and you will notice when the time is appropriate for you to assist the next stage as you may recognise a light wave holding a pure vibration of love erupting from Mother Earth’s heart chakra and cascading over the Earth. We ask you to direct the love wave to Mother Earth’s emotional body asking for all past energies held within Mother Earth’s emotional body to be cleansed, healed and purified. Your intention will ensure that the love vibration achieves its purpose. You may also imagine yourself experiencing the love exuding, breathing it in to your own being and cleansing your emotional body. Mother Earth will thank you with deep gratitude for your support.

It is important to realise that you can ask for your own Goddess heart chakra to activate being present within your being. Simply say out loud:

‘Goddess Tamara, please surround me in your loving Goddess vibrations and Goddess Divine Order. It is my wish to activate my Goddess vibration and aspect from my soul to bring forth my Goddess heart chakra in manifestation into the centre and core of my own heart chakra. With the birth and connection of my Goddess heart chakra within my own heart chakra I allow my Goddess love, purity and truth to emanate filling my entire being with supreme divinely blissful love. Let the love emanating from my Goddess heart chakra encourage it to merge and become one with my own heart chakra. This also assists a deep purification within my being, especially my emotional body. Goddess Tamara support me in this activation and experience if it is the divine will of my soul and the Creator. Thank you.’

Simply sit, imagine, sense or acknowledge the activation and allow yourself to emanate light from your heart space with faith and trust with every breath you exhale.

My love is with you eternally, with Goddess Divine Order,

Goddess Tamara

(The heart chakra of Mother Earth currently situated in Glastonbury UK,)

Isis Ra – Awakening Your Seven Major Chakras – 3-16-14



Isis Ra's picture
Submitted by Isis Ra on Sun, 03/16/2014 – 11:04

Most of us here in India are familiar with Chakras to the extent that we know they exist in our body. But we don’t really get in to the specifics of where the Chakras are located and what do they do? Chakras are well known in the East, and are fast gaining popularity in the West.

But as we in the East have moved away from our roots, the knowledge of Chakras is no longer taught to us in our system of education, instead we learn a horse load of stuff that will never come to much use.

The knowledge of Chakras is an alternative science, that has common grounds with other ancient healing tools namely, Tibetan Bön, buddhist tantra Vajrayana, Chinese Qigong and even Islamic Sufism. Let’s get to know more about Chakras!

Read the rest here:

Mary W – Trust, Forgiveness, Love – Our Triflame and Chakras – 2-23-14

Triflame 22

Written by Mary W, the Golden Age of Gaia,

The Divine Mother said through Linda Dillon:

“Long ago we have told you the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love. Open this doorway with your keys and step into your new life.” (1)

And Steve speculated in his article, “Love, Trust and Forgiveness: The New Pattern for Nova Earth,” that “forgiveness relates to the past, love relates to the present, and trust relates to the future.” (2)

My meditations often feature visions, downloads, and messages.   Yesterday in meditation I was shown something I regard as significant about our Tri-flames.

Sanat Kumara and the archangels often ask us to ignite and balance the Tri-flame in our hearts. We ignite our blue, gold and pink flames and then we balance and entwine them. But the Company of Heaven also asks us to go deeper.

Today I was shown how the Blue flame represents the trust that the Mother speaks of, the Gold flame represents the forgiveness and the Pink flame represents the Love: the keys to our new life.

Furthermore, these divine qualities are also associated with our chakras.  Forgiveness and Joy reside in our solar plexus;  Love spins in our hearts; and Trust and Peace spin in our throat chakras.  We are ourselves the keys to our new life.

I write this today as the Tsunami of Love gently washes away debris from this lifetime of mine and all of us and many, many lifetimes, moving us all closer and closer to what the Mother called “the time of cosmetic repair, the birthing of Nova Earth.” (3)

We are the Love. We are a reflection of it. We can see it in our triflame and in our chakras. As within, so without. As above, so below.

Archangel Michael – Updating the Chakra System – Channeled by Natalie Glasson – 1-22-14


Archangel Michael: Updating the Chakra System, channeled by Natalie Glasson, January 16, 2014 

Channeled through Natalie Glasson of the Sacred School of OmNa,



Your chakra system is your gateway to and expression of the Creator’s universe, it is your source of spiritual and energetic nurturance and enables a constant flow of the Creator’s light to support your continued existence in oneness with the Creator. All aspects of your chakra system are continuously altering and evolving, even their purpose can change as the vibration of energy within and around you heightens.

Your chakras are personal to you and act as a personal connection and expression of the Creator through your being. Sometimes when you experience blockages in certain chakras this can symbolise the area in which your connection with the Creator needs to be contemplated and enhanced.

For example, if you have a blockage in your heart chakra then it may be that you have issues with connecting with, receiving or expressing the love of the Creator so there is a need to connect consciously into the chakra to decipher that which the chakra wishes to share with you concerning your connection with the Creator. Remember that your greatest purpose upon the Earth is to express and radiate the purest vibration of the Creator’s light, love and consciousness.

Anything that is hindering you in doing so is asking you to glimpse an aspect of the Creator that you may not be familiar with or may be fearful of because of past circumstances. You then are presented with the most precious gift, a new focus and understanding of the Creator and a new pathway to gain a deeper unity with the Creator.

Your chakra systems are akin to energy gateways, pumps, distributors and collectors, they are tools in which you can anchor the vibrations of the Creator upon many energetic and physical levels of your being. Therefore preserving their purity and strength is essential if you are focused upon embodying your soul and the vibrations of the Creator.

Each day you can invoke the purification, cleansing and strengthening concentrated light of the Archangels to flow through your chakra system to maintain and preserve the purity of your chakras and therefore retain a high vibration of light within your entire being.

‘I invoke Archangel Michael to oversee the cleansing and purification of my entire chakra system. I ask to receive the concentrated light of the Archangels focused upon the purification, cleansing and strengthening of my entire chakra system. Let the energy I receive be born from love and fill my chakras with the blessings and expansion of love. Let all unneeded energies created by me or accepted by me and held within or around my chakras to be erased completely and absolutely.

It is my wish for my chakras to expand and strengthen appropriately so that I may embody and express through the purest vibrations within my chakras the light, love and consciousness of my soul. Let the Archangels support me as I free my chakras from limitations, experiencing any shifts within my chakras as blissful easy processes of awakening. Thank you.’

Imagine that I, Archangel Michael, stand behind you orchestrating and instructing the concentrated light of the Archangels to be absorbed and to flow throughout your chakra system. As you experience the deep purification process let yourself focus upon your breathing, as relaxing the body will allow for any shifts to take place with greater ease. When you are ready allow yourself to focus upon your soul light which can often emerge from your heart chakra. As you allow your soul light to radiate throughout your chakras notice how empowered, expressive and expansive your chakras and their expression are.

With your focus upon your spiritual evolvement and awakening the truth of the Creator within your being your chakra systems and their purposes are constantly evolving, even the colours and sound frequency of the chakras can alter considerably even from day to day. Your chakras constantly update their energies as new shifts in energy and consciousness are obtained within your being but also by humanity and the universe.

It is at this time that I wish to make you aware of the shifts and updating that is occurring within your chakras so that you may be conscious and attune to the process taking place. At this time the Archangels have been given permission to oversee, assist and inspire many new activations for souls upon the Earth. The Archangels are accepting this responsibility so that many Ascended Masters upon the inner planes can work on a more general level re-attuning the Earth and the universe of the Creator as one.

The Earth and the universe have always been connected but the Ascended Masters are being guided to create new pathways of light from the Earth to the inner planes and universe of the Creator due to the speed at which humanity is evolving. In the past when Ascended Masters ascended they discarded their physical body, moving into their light body they travelled into other dimensions and the inner planes to continue their journey of growth. In doing so they created pathways of light likened to tunnels that assisted more and more people to ascend from the Earth.

It can be likened to a new road being built. The more pathways that the Ascended Masters created the easier it was for others to raise their vibrations and achieve the same, they allowed for higher vibrations of light to be channelled into the Earth but they also assisted in creating areas of high vibrational light upon the Earth that would inspire others and allow for a space to be accessed that already had a strong attunement to the Creator thus making the shift of ascension easier.

It is the same when you meditate in the same room for a long period of time, the room and its surroundings hold a high vibration and so if people enter the space who have never meditated before they will be supported to do so by the energy created.

Due to the ascension process of souls evolving and many souls being able to remain in their physical bodies after ascension the process and demands of ascension have altered, meaning that many of the pathways created by the Ascended Masters are no longer needed. Now from the inner planes the Ascended Masters are creating new pathways of light from the Earth into the universe of the Creator.

Not only does this mean that higher vibrations of light are able to penetrate the Earth and your being, it also signifies that there will be sacred spaces upon the Earth or energy consciousness that can be accessed to support the new process of ascension and attunement with the Creator. While the Ascended Masters are achieving this, we the Angelic kingdom are inspiring and overseeing the activations of light within your being. This is why we ask you to be consciously aware of the updates occurring within your chakra system.

Golden petal-like energies are forming from the hearts of the Archangels born from a vibration of freedom of love. These golden petal-like energies coil themselves into a funnel shape as they connect with each of your chakras, entering into your chakras with the smallest part of the funnel first. It is as if the golden petal-like energies have umbilical cords connecting them to the hearts of the Archangels.

As the golden petal of a funnel shape anchors into one of your chakras, it begins to draw and pour a great volume of light from the hearts of the Archangels into that chakra thus updating the chakra with consciousness, pure angelic vibrations of love and a freedom that can only be born from supreme and pure love. This is a process that you can allow to occur during meditation simultaneously to all of your chakras.

You may then experience that each of your chakras becomes or holds the vibration of the angelic kingdom, with the consciousness of selfless love and service and unconditional love this may cause a deep and powerful opening and expansion of your chakras allowing the light of the Creator to pour with great abundance throughout your being, flooding your entire being with light. Not only will this raise the vibration of your chakras but it will also activate a deep remembrance of being of service with and from a space of love allowing you to integrate this vibration throughout your entire being and reality.

Updating your chakra system is focused upon allowing you to experience the Creator more fully within your reality. While it assists to be conscious of the process there isn’t a need to fully understand the process as this is different to being aware. You may wish to use the invocation below to support your conscious acceptance of this updating process of your chakras.

‘I invoke Archangel Michael and all the Archangels to surround me completely as I gain a meditative state of being. Please protect and oversee my process at all times. I call upon the light of the Archangels to penetrate my being and chakra systems, let the golden petal like energies from the heart chakras of the Archangels anchor into my chakras simultaneously like funnels of golden light.

I allow for the light and consciousness of selfless love and service and unconditional love from the Archangels to pour into my chakras allowing for a deep expansion and experiences of freedom born from love to be sensed and accepted within my chakra system and entire being. Please ensure that all the energies I need to accept to be anchored within my chakras to aid the next stage of my spiritual ascension and my conscious awareness of my inner truth to emerge. Please support the abilities of my chakras and process of expressing and radiating the truth of the Creator. Thank you.’

Simply allow yourself to breath and relax being aware of your senses and the energy around and within you, until you feel the process is complete.

Please know that the Angelic Kingdom is supporting you tremendously at this time of your ascension.

With Angelic unconditional love,

Archangel Michael

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Ascension – Learning Module 02 – from Ascension

This is a guided meditation for re-connecting to your higher self, and also activating your Crown chakra and Pineal gland.

The Cosmic flush is a simple, powerful meditative technique that can instantly connect you to infinite, galactic energy. It is the basis for all energetic self-clearing and self-healing practices that are available for free at

The Energy Refund technique is a simple yet powerful method for clearing your energy field of harmful external projections. This technique is also very helpful for people experiencing “psychic attacks.”

The Ego Minimizer is a simple technique that will allow you to free yourself from the incessant chatter of the ego mind.

Watch part 2 of this process here:…

The Reclaiming Energy process builds on the Cosmic Flush, Energy Refund and Ego Minimizer processes, allowing you to reclaim energy that you have “bound up” in harmful emotions, limiting attitudes and disempowering beliefs.

Self-clearing is a process, so be patient with yourself.

This video builds on the information and techniques in the Cosmic Flush:

This is an easy meditation to use as a basis before engaging the Cosmic Flush, which you can access here:…

My name is Cameron Day, and I have been doing long distance energy clearings for over 10 years. These videos are a way to share what I have learned in order to help others.

To find out about Remote Energy Clearings, go to…

This is a guided meditation for re-connecting to your higher self, and also activating your Crown chakra and Pineal gland.

This is an easy meditation to use as a basis before engaging the Cosmic Flush, which you can access here:…

My name is Cameron Day, and I have been doing long distance energy clearings for over 10 years. These videos are a way to share what I have learned in order to help others.

To find out about Remote Energy Clearings, go to…

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Wes Annac – Our Universal Family – Rivers of Energy – Pouring into your Chakras – 11-1-13




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Channeled through Wes Annac, /   The Aquarius Paradigm   /   Wes Annac’s Personal Blog

Humanity is finding and rediscovering endless and bountiful joy and bliss with your reality and the experiences that play out before you, and as we have in the past, we reiterate that allowing your existence to simply be and to play out in the manner it’s intended to will see you able to navigate your experience and the lessons you’re being given much easier.

One of your aims in incarnating on the Earth has been to learn and grow from within the lower vibrations, while for many of you, subsequently lifting up the collective and helping show the way for the rest of your planet to see the Light and evolve.

You’ve learned much amidst the course of your experience, and while you stand at a pivotal moment in your collective awakening and you have much to offer your planet indeed, we ask you to remember that you’re experiencing a personal ascension process amidst helping others and that you must allow yourselves the necessary time and energy to rest and integrate the ever-purer energy you’re being given.

Uniqueness is Intended to Unify

It’s important to allow yourselves to integrate this energy as it leads you to deepened spiritual perceptions that’ll awe and amaze you when attuning to it, because it’s very powerful and has the potential to drain you if not properly integrated.

Allow yourselves to rest when you feel it’s necessary, and when you feel the enthusiasm to be a part of your new paradigm and humanity’s spiritual evolution, you can throw yourselves into your work and produce as much as possible for the benefit of your collective.

We, your Family from beyond the ever-thinning veil, have worked with much of ourselves on your planetary ascension and the general awakening of your populace.

There’s much needing done before your collective can reach the point of being able to unify and work together to build a new paradigm far away from the control and personal agendas driving your current, and we have faith in the awakening public to continue to act as beacons for change and show the way despite what you perceive to be differences between one another.

You’re all unique and individual and everybody possesses their own perspective, but remember that this is intended to unify you further rather than divide you.

You’re meant to come together while performing your respective individual work, and any future coordination between conscious souls will be met with much jubilation in the higher dimensions because a unified populace will be able to achieve a lot indeed.

Souls from all across your planet are being called in the way that best suits them to be a part of the enacting of your new paradigm, and we ask you to see the amount of progress you’ve achieved while keeping in mind what needs done still, because you’ve done much more than you tend to give yourselves credit for.

As has been mentioned by other higher-dimensional sources, you dear souls on the Earth tend to sell yourselves short and convince yourselves that you’re much less than what you truly are.

You’re the Universe; Source incarnate in a lower-dimensional body on a lower-dimensional planet working to uplift yourselves and the collective into understanding who and what you really are.

The Next Evolutionary Step

Your power and ability to Create and sew so much change couldn’t be expressed enough, and while events on your world may look bleak, we can say with Love that our efforts and yours combined will see humanity happily avoid any negatively oriented timelines or futures that see the old paradigm in play in much greater measures than it currently is.

We refer to doomsday scenarios wherein survival of the fittest becomes the rule of the day all across your planet. Rather than these old qualities continuing to be expressed and felt, humanity is ready to enter the next cycle in your evolutionary growth, which is a leap you’ve long been destined to take.

The majority of your society as it stands at present existed in Atlantis and many souls were ready then to take their next evolutionary step, but the sinking of Atlantis and the warfare that preceded it saw your collective avoid the ascension timeline and take more lower-dimensional cycles.

You now stand at the end of your last cycle wherein you ascend into greater understandings and perceptions, and we stand by your side with Love and appreciation for the achievements you’ve already been able to make in your personal Lives and on the world stage.

Understand the magnitude of the personal work you’re each doing for your ascension, because the work you perform for yourselves helps others when their time comes for personal growth and lesson-learning.

In a future that could seem anything but positive from the current perspective many on your Earth possess, you have so much to look forward to.

The Responsibility lies in the Awakening Public

Economic woes and pollution concerns paint a bleak future for humanity, but the understanding that you’re being looked after and Divinely guided by Source and by us, your Family from the stars, will help you see that the future you’re heading into is both bright and will be built by humanity after your understanding of the need to come together is brought about.

Despite the work we have and continue to do, we don’t encourage looking toward us or any source other than yourselves to bring about the future you’ve heard so much about. We’ll continue to happily assist your planet and do everything we can from behind the scenes, but we’re unable to have a say in the most important decisions being made on your planet.

The responsibility lies in the awakening public to begin building your future, but we encourage the understanding that we’re indeed here for you and have much to offer you in the way of assistance along your evolution.

In this overall collective speaking with you currently are myriad races and civilizations who you’d refer to as “extraterrestrial” or Galactic. Many of us are fifth-dimensional, but our lineage is far more diverse than the fifth dimension.

Many of us have come from star systems very close to your Earth, and needless to say, the closest star systems (to Earth) with planets that have been discovered by your scientists boast brimming and advanced Life.

There are few planets throughout Creation that don’t boast brimming Life, because the purpose of Creation and of each Galaxy and Universe humanity has yet to discover is to exist; to Love; to evolve back into the understanding of ourselves as the Creator of our existence.

In evolving from our respective planets, we’ve joined together with various federations and organizations with the intent of helping as many civilizations and planets as possible find the awakening we’ve been able to find.

Many of you have read channeled communications purporting to come from these federations and organizations, and communicating with humanity is just one facet of the work we happily and lovingly perform for your ascension.

Heart-Centered Telepathy

The fifth-dimensional humans speaking with you (along with the rest of us) who are the closest with your planet hail from star systems such as the Pleiades, and exist partially cloaked in your atmosphere in our ships and partially outside of the Earth, existing on Motherships or choosing to help the Earth from our respective home planets or the planets we’ve branched out to and chosen to Live on.

Needless to say, Pleiadian souls can easily Live in various other star systems of advanced civilizations, and it’s not uncommon to find a great number of Pleiadians in the Sirian star system, for example.

There’s brimming Life waiting just beyond your conscious perception to pick up on and chat with, and the manner in which we’re communicating with you through our scribe is purely telepathic.

Telepathy is just as much heart-centered as it is mind-centered, and our scribe is bringing our energies through his heart and mentally interpreting the impressions we’re giving as he translates them into the writing that’ll be produced from this discussion.

We’ve spoken with humanity telepathically through what could be seen as “channels” for centuries of your time, and while channeling us has been picked up on more recently in your society, it’s been performed nearly endlessly as it’s preceded your physical contact with the various civilizations who are the closest with your planet.

We’re waiting and willing to make open, widespread contacts with humanity, but we understand and respect the perimeters in place and seek to help awaken you from beyond the veil until we can openly land without the worry or fear of our presence amongst your general populace.

Myriad Evolved Humans and Energy Beings

The understanding has been fabricated in humanity that there’s no conscious Life in what you’ve seen as “space” that’s been discovered, and your perception of extraterrestrials has largely been shaped and molded by the television and movies you’ve been given for decades of your time.

When humanity understands that myriad evolved humans and energy beings exist around your planet and are peaceful and harmonious in nature, seeking to spread such harmony to your planet, the fabricated mindset of “evil alien invaders” can diminish and you can understand us for who we are at heart.

Individuals comprising what’s been referred to as the cabal work rigorously against humanity’s undistorted understanding of your star family, because like incarnate souls who’ve seen the Light and worked to awaken your populace, we have much to give and spread that’ll vastly improve your understanding and quality of Life.

When the collective is unified and the differences between you no longer feed division and hatred, you’ll be much more easily able to accept our presence and the general influence of the lower vibrations will diminish.

You have a long road ahead of you indeed in breeding unity, and in many ways it’ll be necessary for the general public to be shocked into awareness. Keeping this in mind, we seek not to overwhelm but continue to stand ready to make contact with your planet as the collective vibration continues to lighten, naturally and with your efforts.

You can aid the rising of the collective vibration in every moment if you make the effort to walk your talk and display the Divine qualities in every aspect of your Lives.

It becomes much easier to surrender the mental need to control your existence when understanding the bitterness that attempting to hold onto what you perceive as “right and wrong” can cause.

Monitor the unhappy feelings that can arise and result from employing resistance in your Lives. Monitor the times when you could avoid putting yourselves on a low vibration, and take the lessons you’re given in stride knowing that ultimately, you’re being led back to realms wherein worry is a thing of the past.

Constant Bliss and Ecstasy

Earthly words don’t do justice to the expression of just how joyful your experiences in the higher dimensions are going to be. Constant bliss and ecstasy surround every facet of consciousness in these wonderful higher dimensions, and as you absorb this communication, you’re being given slightly distorted doses of higher-dimensional energy.

You’re absorbing the energy our communications arrive on the back of as you read the words we’re giving, and many of you who feel yourselves especially attracted to reading channeled messages are more attracted to feeling the energy that comes with them.

Each of you can open up to a connection with us and channel us if you wish, and the energy we’ll impart unto your evolving temples when doing so can help remind you of the reality of everything you’ve come to know and feel within regarding heaven and the higher dimensions.

You’re growing back toward heaven as you embrace physical and spiritual evolution, and you’re being given a higher-dimensional perspective with each attempt you make to attune.

As more souls are led to step up and begin using their voices to mend the physical problems plaguing your reality, so will more spiritual revolutions occur in the minds and hearts of a growing number of souls who no longer resonate with the old paradigm and the things that have kept it in motion.

Lower-Vibrational Purge

Those of you who are awakening and consciously undergoing your spiritual evolution have and will continue to purge everything from your Lives that no longer matches the realms you’re growing back toward, and this will come about in the form of those things that perhaps once worked for you no longer resonating.

You’re expanding and embracing new ways of Living and being as you rediscover the higher dimensions, and your ascension process can entail giving up some things that worked for you in the lower dimensions but that no longer resonate or assist you in the ways they have for so long.

We can only recommend embracing this and understanding that every change being made is for your evolution and growth into a greater state of awareness and perception.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that rivers of energy are pouring into your opening and expanding chakras at this time.

Feel the whooshing and rushing of this energy as it comes through your chakras and helps you adjust to purer states of consciousness, and remember that we’re always and forever with you, offering guidance, advice or a shoulder to cry on when you require it.

We’re here to serve you, dearest souls, and upon evolving you’ll find your desire to serve increase dramatically.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

— —

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

Also see Wes Annac’s Personal Blog and The Golden Age of Gaia.

Light Body Activation – Crystal Chakra Cleansing

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“WOW, absolutely powerful! Truly words cannot describe what I just experienced. Thank you for this gift. Many blessings to you and all who had a hand in making this masterpiece.”

From: Healing And Love – How to Heal Yourself and Others – How to Energize the Chakras


Once you have scanned and removed all diseased and blocked energies, it is time to fill the energy chakras with new energy.  After you remove all diseased energy by scanning, feeling, sweeping and flicking the diseased energies (see step 4 on how to do this by clicking HERE), you are ready to energize the energy chakras.

So here is the process on how to do this.  Remember that when you were scanning and cleansing the body, you were standing next to the body.

So after you have removed the diseased and stuck energy, go back and sit down on your stool.  Your stool is behind the person’s head.  Put both your hands on the person’s crown, the top of their head.  If the person is not physically there and you are doing a distant healing, then imagine them there lying in front of you

Imagine them lying there in front of you and bring your hands and fingers together and imagine yourself placing both hands close together on their crown.  Your will start with the energizing the crown chakra.

As your hands are on the crown of the person you are healing, say these words to yourself slowly and try to imagine and visualize what you are saying. Say this in your mind:

Your crown chakra is cleansed, it is cleaned, and it is clean. 

Imagine the person’s crown chakra in front of you.  See it with your mind’s eye.  Your eyes are open.  What does the crown chakra look like to you?  How big is it.  What are it’s colors?  See yourself cleaning it with your hands.  See yourself scrubbing it gently with your hands and see the crown chakra clean and sparkly.  See it completely clean.  Now say:

Your crown chakra is happy, it is healthy, it is healed. 

See the crown chakra happy, healthy and healed.  See it in perfect condition full of life and color.  Visualize this in your mind’s eye.  Take your time to see this.  See the front, the back, the insides, and the petals.  This is not a race.  It is about seeing and visualizing what you are doing.  Now say:

Your crown chakra is activated, it is energized and it is filled with liquid white light. 

See yourself sending energies into the crown chakra with your hands.  See liquid white light flowing from your hands into the crown chakra.  See the crown chakra start to move as it is activated.  See the crown chakra start to vibrate as it is energized.  Feel how happy it is.  See this in your mind’s eye.  What does it look like as it is moving, vibrating and energizing?  Keep your hands over it and continue to send energies to it with your hands.

See liquid beautiful healing white light flow from your hands and fill up the crown chakra.  See it filled with liquid white light.  See the excess liquid white light flow from the crown chakra.  Now say:

Your crown chakra is spinning freely and it is open. 

Now watch it spin, watch it move in a circle and spin in a circle.  Feel the buzzing as it is moving in a circle.  Watch the colors and white light as it spins.  What does it look like?  Watch its beauty.  Watch the inside of the crown chakra as the petals start to open.  Watch the white light flow out of the crown chakra upwards to infinity as it opens.  See the liquid white light burst into infinity above the crown as it completely opens.  Watch this as it happens.

See its beauty.  See this all happening in your mind’s eye.  Feel the immense energies of this liquid white light as it bursts out from the crown chakra.  You are there, you are doing this and you are flooding the crown chakra with your love and your intention to heal.  Feel this and see this.  Throughout the energizing of all the chakras, keep your hands on the crown.

Your hands will not move as you move to a different chakra.  It is the intention that is moving, not the hands.  Now move from the crown chakra to the following chakras and repeat the same process above with respect to what you say and what you visualize.  Do this with the following chakras:

Forehead chakra

Back of head chakra

Ajna eye chakra

Jaw chakra

Throat chakra

Thyroid chakra

Heart chakra

Solar Plexus chakra

Navel chakra

Meng Mein chakra

Basic chakra

Sex charka

Spleen chakra

Hand chakras (both hands)

Knee chakras (both knees)

Feet / Root chakras (boot feet)

It is very important that you say the above words in bold for each chakra that you work on.  Take your time and visualize everything that you visualized with the crown chakra.  Try and see the work that you are doing based on what you say.

See the chakras cleaned and cleansed as you cleaned them.  See yourself cleaning them.  Again, take your time.  This is not a race.  You are helping to heal another soul.  That has tremendous responsibility so you want to be accurate and not rush.

See the chakras happy, healthy and healed.  See their radiant colors.  See the chakras activated and energized.  See them moving as they are activated and energized.  See yourself filling each chakra with liquid white light from your hands.

See the chakras filling up with liquid white light.  See the chakras now spinning in a circle with joy fully healthy and alive.  See all the petals of all the chakras opening up and see the light bursting in all directions to infinity from the body.  Feel and hear the buzzing of the chakras as they are spinning.

See the body as a disco ball with white light flowing everywhere as far as your eye can see.  See the person you are healing in such joy and happiness with no more pain, and all emotional issues gone.  Then say:

__________(person being healed), all of your chakras, major, minor and mini are cleaned and cleaned and are all clean.  They are all happy, healthy and healed.  They are all activated and energized and filled with liquid white light from Source’s heart.  They are spinning freely and they are all wide open. 

As you say these words, see the chakras collectively all clean.  You are now seeing the full body and not the individual chakras.  See the chakras all happy, healthy and healed.  See the chakras being activated and energized.  See all of them moving and glowing as they are energized.  See the liquid white light flowing from your hands to all the chakras.

See the chakras spinning freely and see the petals slowly start to open until all the chakras are freely open.  Finally see the white light flowing in all directions as all the chakras are wide open.  See the person as a disco ball radiating light from all the chakras to infinity.  Now, bring in Arch Angel Raphael by stating the following:

Arch Angel Raphael, please be with me right now.

Wait a few moments and see him in your mind’s eye.  What is he wearing, what is he holding and what does he look like?  Feel him energy next to you.  See the emerald green energy around him.  Say hello to him when you are ready.  Watch him acknowledge you.  Then say:

Arch Angel Raphael, please seal all of the chakras with your emerald green light so that the energies do not leak and so that the energies stay with ___________(person being healed). 

They watch what he does.  What is he doing?  Try to see him sealing each energy chakra.  See the chakra fully sealed where no bad energy can enter.  See the emerald green protective seal around each charka.  Go through each chakra as outlined above.  After all the chakras are sealed thank Arch Angel Raphael and wait for his response.

What does he say to you?  After you do all of this, you have now energized all of the energy chakras in the person’s body.  The next posts will go into detail on how to remove karma and cords and attachments.  Happy healing everyone!  Love.


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list.

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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Polona – Ascension Update – The Higher Chakras – Ascension Pioneers

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is something about the higher chakric system that we are moving into, because we are already transcending the traditional 7-chakric system, and moving into a 13-chakric system. This is the state of a sovereign integral, an integrated Divine Human Being that we are becoming in this physical Ascension process. Please know that this system already exists, it is nothing new. We are now just remembering and activating it through the process of Divine remembrance and physical Ascension. And remember, it’s not about numbers at all. It is also not about the names, but energy importance of them … so Divine attributes and meanings associated with them. Each of them are interconnected, as we truly are One with everything. When all are in perfect flow, symmetry and harmony, eternal life force can effortlessly flow through us.

More in my article shared here:

Lincoln Gergar – Higher Self Guided – Personal Transformation – Earth, Water, Fire, Air Mastery

ChannelHigherSelf·1,645 videos

We live in an Universe created with 4 elemental energies and substances — earth, water, air, and fire. Learn how to use these energies to live in harmony with the world and the original design of your human mind, body and emotions.

Ancient systems of health and spirituality understood that 4 elements are creating all of the Universe and life on Earth. It was taught that creating balance and harmony in these elements in our own lifes brings greater physical health, increased lifespan, deeper emotional peace and joy, and higher states of mental functioning. When all of life is in balance, then stress is removed and happiness is naturally present.

The 4 elements are not only physical, but also emotional and mental. The energetic nature of the elements create our different chakras, govern our human karmas, and determine our mental performance.

This video will teach you how to use this ancient wisdom in your own personal life to bring all parts of your human self — mind, emotion, and body — into greater states of health and happiness. By working with the physical earth, you can increase the amount of Earth element in your root chakra and physical body — giving your greater cellular and tissue health and emotional security. Water governs the 2nd chakra and will provide healthier relationships, sexual organ function, creativity and movement in your body and life. Fire is the element of transformation and expression, governing the 3rd chakra and your personality’s expression in your life. Air is governed by the 4th chakra and creates expansion, compassion, connection with your community and environment, as well as improved mental function and lightness of being.

When all 4 elements are high in energy and operating in balance, we experience the highest levels of health in mind, emotion and body.

Many blessings and much Love!

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

June 13, 2013

Suzanne Lie – Alchemy Of Creation – Part 4 – Recalibrating The Chakras – 25 June 2013

3EnergyUp / link to original article

Greetings From The Arcturians,

We return to continue our information about the Alchemy of Creation. Since you are now deeply into your process of returning to a conscious alignment Multidimensional SELF, your creative powers are greatly increasing. Furthermore, since beloved Earth has returned to Her alignment with the Galactic Center, Gaia and all her inhabitants are able to receive and download extremely high frequencies of light.

This higher light creates a constant flow of multidimensional and unconditional love into your Sun and into Gaia’s body of Earth. As this cosmic, multidimensional light gradually downloads from the higher dimensions, it enters the light network of your fifth-dimensional lightbody, your fourth-dimensional astral body and your etheric body, which is slightly above your physical resonance. The etheric body serves as the interface between the physical and astral body.

Since this light is multidimensional, even though it first enters your physical form via your Pineal Gland, it is then dispersed into the chakras. Each chakra is calibrated to a certain frequency of light. Therefore, the higher light is dispersed to each chakra according to the frequency of that chakra. In this manner, each chakra receives the healing and transmutation that is consistent with the purpose of each chakra.

For an in depth explanation of how to prepare for the conscious download of the higher light, please click the below link:

For the greatest benefit, please read through to the end of that section.

If you choose not to do so, we recommend that you at least read this message from Mytria about the Lemurians:

As well as downloading the higher light:

And Calibrating the Third Eye:

It is also important that this higher light becomes integrated into your consciousness and your physical body. See link for integration your consciousness:

Reading the above writing will greatly facilitate your ability to understand what we are about to share.


It is vital that this higher light be grounded in the body of Gaia before it is distributed to your chakras. You would not plug in powerful oven without a third grounding prong or it could short circuit the electricity of the house. In the same manner, it is important to first ground the higher light into Gaia. A way to ground this light is to:

·      Visualize yourself as a speck of light within the core of your brain.

·      Look up to see the pineal gland of your Crown Chakra just above you to see the higher light entering that chakra.

·      Allow the higher light to enter your Brow Chakra, and look forward to see through your Opened Third Eye. How does your world appear when you see it through your Third Eye?

·      Now, look down from the core of your brain to see the long corridor of your spinal cord. Allow yourself to float into this corridor.

·      As you float past your Throat Chakra, pause for a moment to look at the world through this chakra. How does reality appear through the frequency of this chakra?

·      Continue your journey down into your Heart Chakra. How does your life appear through the frequency of your Heart Chakra?

·      Float down into your Solar Plexus Chakra. How does your reality appear through this frequency?

·      Continue into your Navel Chakra. How do you perceive your world through this frequency?

·   As you enter your Root Chakra at the base of your spine you see Gaia’s body of Earth. How grounded in Gaia are you at this moment?

To fully ground yourself into Gaia’s planetary body, think of your favorite place in Nature and see yourself surrounded by that area. It is from this location that you will journey down into the Core of Gaia’s form. Move through Her Crust, Upper Mantle, Lower Mantle, Outer Core and deep into Her Inner Core.

Take the Core of your Essence and wrap it around Gaia’s Inner Core. Feel how you, people and planet, are ONE Being. As you merge your First Chakra with Gaia Her fourth dimensional Elementals of Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines intermingle with the third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water to calm your adrenal glands and assist you to remain within your own center core.


From the Core of Gaia, you move up through Gaia’s Inner Core, through Her Outer Core, past Her Lower Mantle and Her Upper Mantle and exit through Her Crust. Feel the grounded higher light as it moves through your feet, up your legs and into your First chakra.

As this grounded higher light moves up your spinal cord, it is dispensed to each chakra. As this grounded, higher light enters each chakra the function and area of the body for that chakra, the nerve plexus for that chakra, as well as the endocrine gland for that chakra are gradually transmuted.

The lowest frequency/dimension of higher light moves into your First Chakra.


(See links below each chakra for third dimensional function and service.)

FUNCTION AND AREA OF BODY: The higher light transmutes your first chakra to serve as the third grounding prong to ground your changing earth vessel into the Earth.

NERVE PLEXUS:  As the higher light enters the nerve plexus for this chakra, it is calibrated to the expanding frequencies of Earth. Then you can remain in alignment with Gaia while people and planet prepare the foundation of fifth dimensional New Earth.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your adrenal glands slowly become accustomed to a new frequency so that you do not go into Fight/Flight response with every download.

The next octave of light will enter your second chakra.


FUNCTION AND AREA OF BODY: Your second chaka is between your waist and the First Chakra at the base of your spine. The higher light will prepare your second chakra for your rebirth and the vast changes that will occur due to the transmutation of your self, your family and your society. It will also prepare you for a new concept regarding money and different systems of compensation based on the balance of energy out is energy back.

NERVE PLEXUS: This nerve plexus represents your Hara Center, which is the core of your balance within your physical and emotional life. This core will begin to expand to encompass core of the Earth and the core of your Multidimensional SELF.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM:  Your polarized identity as male or female shifts into the androgynous versions of your Lightbody. Hence, your female hormones will expand outward beyond reproduction of a child into reproduction of a new reality, while the male hormones will turn more inward to send the seed of new life into your self. Remember, that women have male hormones and men have female hormones, but at a much lower percentage. This separation will increasingly diminish as both genders create the balance of male and female hormones within their earth vessels.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your third chakra.


FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY:  Your third chakra is between your second chakra and the base of your rib cage. This chakra is the power center of your physical body and functions as either power-over or power-within. As you consciously begin to commune with the higher light, you will begin to remember your innate power-within. Then, you will no longer allow yourself to be a victim. Will you face this challenge by activating your power-within or will you seek the revenge of power-over?

NERVE PLEXUS: Your solar plexus is your own inner Sun that shines your inner power into your reality. Thus, the higher light will amplify your inner power and free you from the cycle of victim/victimizer. As you inner Sun glows stronger and brighter your power within will reveal and release hidden thoughts of fear or victimization. Hence, you will no longer create those scenarios, as you will know that you are powerful and find no need to become involved the 3D Game of power-over.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your pancreas is the hormone that has to do with digestion of food, information and energy. Hence, your intake of food will greatly change as any dense or difficult to digest foods will interfere with your more important task of digesting and distributing the higher light. Since your body will now be focusing on digesting the higher light, lower frequency foods will become indigestible and hopefully stricken from your diet. Also, with the intake of higher light you will begin to crave vast amounts of pure water to regulate and cool your system.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your fourth chakra.


FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: The fourth chakra rules your heart and lungs and has the ability to run energy through your arms and hands. Your heart and lungs work to together to feed you cells oxygen enriched glucose. As the higher light continually enters your system, your cells bodies begin to crave light rather than glucose. This transition of cellular food is the first stages of becoming Lightbody.

NERVE PLEXUS: Your heart plexus is intermingled with your High Heart. Just as your physical heart runs your physical body by distributing blood through out your system, your High Heart runs your Lightbody by distributing higher light through your system. Since the highest frequency of light is unconditional love, your High Heart distributes unconditional love through your system.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: The thymus gland of your fourth chakra rules your immune system and is the source of all the physical, emotional, mental and dimensional healing. Since unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse, once your High Heart has taken superiority over your human heart new forms of healing and transmutation will be revealed in your daily life.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your fifth chakra.


FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: Your fifth chakra is your throat center, which is the center of communication via your physical voice and ears. As your heart and mind become the Heart/Mind of your High Heart your throat chakra serves as the waylay device connecting your opened Third Eye and your High Heart.

NERVE PLEXUS: The throat chakra is ruled by the laryngeal plexus, which rules your throat, shoulders, arms and voice. Hence, your tone of voice, posture of your shoulders and movement of your arms will begin to give a clearer meaning of your communications than your words. This transmutation prepares you to communicate via telepathy, empathy and communing, which is the norm for higher dimensional realities.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your fifth chakra is ruled by your thyroid gland, which sets the pace/timing of your entire system. Hence, as the multidimensional light begins to integrate into your physical form your thyroid gland is called upon to maintain a steady pace for this higher resonance through out your entire body.

The next octave of multidimensional light will be dispersed into your sixth chakra and the octave beyond that is your seventh chakra. Since your sixth chakra, pituitary gland, and your seventh chakra, pineal gland, work in unity to create your opened Third Eye, we will look at both of these chakras at once.





FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: Your sixth chakra is based at your forehead and your seventh is based at the top of your head. These two chakras work together. The pineal gland of the seventh chakra pulls the higher light into your earth vessel and sends it to your pituitary gland. The pituitary gland of your sixth chakra is the Master Gland that distributes this higher light throughout your entire body. This distribution is based on matching the frequency of light with the frequency of each chakra.

NERVE PLEXUS:  The nerve plexus for these two chakras is the physical brain for the unenlightened and the Cosmic Brain for the enlightened. Your physical brain cares for all the needs of your physical life, whereas your Cosmic Brain cares for multidimensional life. It is via your Cosmic Brain that you receive communications (often known as channels) from your expressions of your SELF in the higher dimensions of reality.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: While you are unenlightened your pineal and pituitary glands work together as separate partners. However, as the pineal and pituitary gland merge to become your Opened Third Eye, you perceive frequencies of reality far beyond the third dimensions. Then you know that you know are not your body. Instead, you realize that you are wearing an earth vessel, which is the lowest frequency expression of your Multidimensional SELF.


Once you remember that you are a wondrous multidimensional being you begin the amazing journey of personal and planetary transmutation. In fact, this journey is likely the reason for your present incarnation. At this point, all the physical laws of separation, polarity, limitation and illusion are transmuted into a higher frequency of expression. For example:

·         Separation is transmuted into Unity

·         Polarity is transmuted into Convergence

·         Limitation is transmuted into Abundance

·         Illusion is transmuted into Truth

You will also remember that you are among those who volunteered to be a prototype of transmutation of form into a higher frequency of expression.  In this manner, you can assist with the transmutation of your entire reality. You greatest challenge is that you will undergo this personal transmutation while you inhabit the form that is transmuting. This process is similar to totally remodeling your house with a new roof, new floor, new plumbing, new electricity etc. while you are living within this house/body.

In order for a species, or planet, to transmute forms without destruction of the previous form, it must be inhabited by an advanced consciousness that can communicate with its higher expressions of SELF, as well as the cellular consciousness of the transmuting form. Most of you do not remember that you volunteered for this adventure, but knowing that you were brave enough to choose this challenge gives you great “power-within.”

Gaia’s planet, Her animals, plants, elements and fourth dimensional Elementals are all waiting for the very diverse, and often wounded, population of humanity to transmute into their higher expression. However, just as you would not transplant a tree into a larger pot when it was “sick,” a human who is wounded cannot be transplanted into a higher frequency body. Transmutation best occurs when your foundation is strong, your body strong and your conscious expanded.

Therefore, we recommend that your first job is to heal your body, mind and emotions. This healing will be ongoing as you adjust to higher and higher frequencies of form. As soon as you adapt to one frequency of form the bar is raised and you will be called upon to adjust to even a higher frequency.

Since the highest frequency of multidimensional light is unconditional love, and unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse, this higher light heals as it transmutes. Thus, as you cells are healed and transmuted, you become increasingly aware that you are not just your body. YOU are a great multidimensional body that has extended its lowest frequency into a physical body on Gaia to assist with Her process of planetary ascension. You will assist Gaia by ascending your physical AGAIN!

Yes, you are Ascended Masters in human bodies who have volunteered to assist dear Gaia. As you remember your higher, ascended SELF, your higher state of consciousness can open portals of communication with your cellular consciousness. Your cellular consciousness has direct access to the matrix for your body. When your body’s matrix is fully transmuted into the fifth dimension, you will flash point into Lightbody.

When you, as your multidimensional Ascended SELF, send unconditional love into the cellular consciousness of your earth vessel, you greatly accelerate healing of any wounded areas of your body. In this manner, your physical form can more swiftly transmute into its higher expression of Lightbody. Furthermore, when you, your SELF sends unconditional love into your subconscious self, you free the many perceptions of reality that have been stored in your body’s matrix until your human expression was ready to perceive the higher dimensions of reality.

The healing of this unconditional love will occur without draining any energy from your third dimensional self. All you need do is to recognize this steady stream of unconditional love from your Multidimensional SELF into your physical self. You can then relax, and the healing will proceed beyond the limitations of time and space.

We are viewing your process and will happily communicate with any of you who call,

The Arcturians / link to original article

5D Media Network – The Transitioning – Julien Wells and Bob Wright

5D MediaJulien Wells and Bob Wright.

The Transitioning   –   BlogTalkRadio   –   Click To Listen

With Julien Wells and Bob Wright.

“In these times there are beings that are expanding their consciousness into the unknown. Two such beings are Bob Wright and Julien Wells. Join them and their guests as they adventure into the unknown and explore the frontiers of their awareness and what is possible.”

Intro music supplied, with thanks, from opanarise

Diana Cooper – Awaken Your 12 Chakras – Ascension Chakras

dianacooper·56 videos

Pleiadian Quantum Shield of Rejuvention

SolaraAnRa·109 videos

WARNING from Solara: some of the hathor sounds are LOUD! If you open yourself to the sounds, you will feel the recalibration they offer 🙂
Mp3 download on
To activate the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, you will spin the emotional body octahedron around your body in a clockwise direction, at the same time as spinning the mental body octahedron in a counterclockwise direction around your body, and within the sphere of Light 77 feet in diameter around you. You do this seven times at the Fibonacci ratio of 34/21 (34 to 21) 33 x God speed to infinity. What this means is that the mental body octahedron will spin around you 34 times while at the exact same time the emotional body octahedron will spin around 21 times, and this is for 33 sets God speed to infinity, a speed not possible to measure. Keep practicing. It may not activate the first time or even the second, but you will start to feel a difference in terms of your focus in your body and health and finding a better emotional balance.

The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield is a sphere of Light radiating around the body and energy field 77 feet in diameter around us, with an inner energy sphere approximately 7.2 feet in diameter around us. The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light recalibrates and restructures the lower bodies, organs and body parts in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, to bring about rejuvenation, healing and rebalancing. Additionally the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light protects us from environmental toxins, harmful electromagnetic radiation and the energy of others.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light is initially activated through the re-energizing and recalibration of particular organs within the body, as well as the 12 main meridians found along the body which connect all the organs and systems in the body. Additionally, in reactivating the flow of energy through each body part and related channel, we further activate the axiatonal lines through particular spin points of sound and color found along each meridian. Furthermore, we link into the axiatonal lines found along the ley lines of Mother Earth, taking us to the Unity Grid of Divine Love and the New Earth Templates.
We are taken into the Ascension Seat within Alcyone and embraced within a Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, are placed within five Healing Chambers of Light connected to the emotions and body parts that need rebalancing and re-energizing respectively, to recalibrate the flow of energy through our bodies and energy fields and to activate our own Pleiadian Rejuvenation Shields of Light.

The first Healing Chamber is Light is the Spleen Healing Chamber of Light. The Spleen Healing Chamber of Light recalibrates the spleen in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, and releases excessive mental energy that takes us into worry and stress.
The second Healing Chamber of Light is the Lung Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the lungs through particular breathing techniques, and well as releasing the emotions of grief, sadness and detachment.
The third Healing Chamber of Light is the Liver Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, and well as releasing the emotions of anger, resentment and frustration.
The fourth Healing Chamber of Light is the Heart Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the heart, and well as releasing the emotions of lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia and despair.
The fifth Healing Chamber of Light is the Kidney Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, releasing the emotions of lack of power, fear and isolation.
Following this, we activate the axiatonal lines found along the acupuncture meridian lines within our bodies as well as connect into Planetary Axiatonal lines of Mother Earth, and from here, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love.
We then activate our own Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, using the sacred geometry of the octahedron, and spinning these octahedrons within our outer sphere of light, 77 feet in diameter around us, at particular Fibonacci ratios God speed to infinity. Once activated, we need only repeat this Fibonacci ratio God speed to infinity to re-activate and permanently create our Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light further assists in clearing out old false beliefs and judgments while bringing greater frequencies of Light into our energy fields, physical bodies, organs and body parts for good health, vitality, increased energy levels and emotional well-being.
This is a most wonderful gift given to us from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and brought to you in a co-creation with Solara An-Ra and Anrita Melchizedek, two well-known Pleiadian channels.


Solara An-Ra Webinar – Understanding 7 Chakras

SolaraAnRa·109 videos

Webinar 3 on the chakras, preparation for the Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Skills Series.
In this webinar I teach some more ‘energy A-B-C’s – fundamentals of how to heal and balance the energy centres inside your body or in your healing practice with clients. Enjoy!
Love love love
Solara An-Ra
Light Tribe of Gaia

Sacred/Higher Heart Activation – 518hz Frequency – Love & DNA Repair

Helen Demetriou·482 videos

The “Sacred/Higher Heart Chakra Activation” video is empowered with the love and DNA repair 518hz frequency and with mandalas and sacred sounds like the ‘Hum’ . The ‘Hum’ was given to Helen Demetriou during a meeting with ‘Zamiroz’, a light being from a collective consciousness known as the ‘Brarn’. The Hum is a natural vibration which comes from human vocal cords; the frequencies of the Hum bring healing and universal love to all who use and hear it.

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Healing Tone 141.27 Hz – Benefits Throat Chakra – – Supports Throat Chakra(Mercury

RECCOMENDATION:   Try listening to this while reading some articles.

Dino Sabanovic·48 videos

141.27 HZ – Frequency associated with the orbit of Mercury: intellectuality, mobility.

Binaural beat : Schumann Resonance 7.83 HZ “the earth’s natural brainwave”
Headphones Recommended  /  Background audio: Deep Sea.

Mercury is the planet nexte the sun, its rotation around the sun lasts about 88 day. Its tone oscillates in the 30th octave with 141.27 Hz. This tone is a C#. The corresponding colour is a blue with a wavelength of about 480 Nanometers.

Of all planets only the both inner planets (between sun and earth) can be associated to a chakra. Mercury, which is, according to astrological and hermetic tradition, the morning star of Gemini and the evening star of Virgo, stand for communivation and cleverness.

The tones of the planets are heliocentric tones and so they have by far less meaning for the beginning of life on the earth than the oscillation of our own planet and that of the moon. 

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the center of higher creative energy. Like the Sex Chakra it governs self expression, creativity, self esteem and communication. Its creative energies are strongly linked with the Sex Chakra and if one is blocked it is very likely that the other will also have problems. While the Sex Chakra governs the self expression of the Lower Self which is a more physical and sensual type of expression such as with movement and connecting with nature and other people etc, the Throat governs the expression of the Higher Self which is more involved with mental and emotional expression through thought, speech and writing.

Being the center of creativity, the throat has immense powers of creation. In its fully active and awakened state this chakra would give you amazing powers over your reality and your future. If it was fully activated, when you spoke it would come true and so indeed you would speak the truth. In fact the inter-dimensional forces that connect with this chakra have the power to create anything and are the forces from which the Universe is created. Unfortunately we cannot access these deeper powers of the throat because in our current state these types of powers would destroy us very quickly. If what you said came true you would want to be very careful what you said as you could cause immense havoc very quickly while in a negative emotional state. Until we have transcended negativity and gained control of our desires and thoughts, the full powers of the throat will never be ours. This could be a long way off but even in our current state with very little creative power the Throat Chakra can be cultivated to give us more power over our lives. The throat also contains powers of healing, transformation and change that we all are in need of.

If the throat is especially blocked or unbalanced, it will often lead to feeling timid, quiet, weak, inhibited and unable to express thoughts clearly. In the physical body the Throat Chakra relates to the throat, lungs, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland.

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