Gold F Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl – 3 Minute Meditation

Jedi Shaman Jed Shlackman

This is a short sound healing meditation with a gold frosted quartz crystal singing bowl. This is an F tone bowl for the heart chakra – get ready to have an open heart of gold after listening to these soothing sound waves. More healing meditations from Jed at Visit for lots more healing resources and info on Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC counseling and healing services.

Waterfall Meditation with Yana

Awakening Our Truth

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Fade into nature with this Wonderful Waterfall Meditation with Yana at Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon Florida

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Ananda Yogiji – Bow To You

Spirit Voyage

Published on Jul 11, 2019

Ananda Yogiji’s official music video for ‘Bow To You’ from the album Flower of Life (Ben Leinbach Remix).

Bow To You’ is from the stunning remix of Ananda’s album Flower of Life. Ananda collaborated with renowned audio engineer Ben Leinbach to take this remix to another level. A collection of some of Ananda’s most loved songs, he mixes English devotional poetry and sacred mantras to uplift, heal, inspire and invoke a profound state of connectedness to life, Spirit and Love.

This album is great for yoga, road trips, dancing, singing and so much more. It’s also loaded with amazing singers and musicians you may know. Artists such as Prem and Jethro of Sacred Earth, Govind Das and Radha, Sukh Dev and Akahdahmah of Aykanna, Masood Ali Khan, Kevin James, Michael Stillwater, Gabriel Logan Braun, and Annmarie Soul. His long time musical partner Jaya Lakshmi is also singing on many of the tracks as well.

Download the album now at

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You Are God – Powerful Guided Meditation for Advanced Meditators

Rising Higher Meditation
Published on Oct 29, 2018

A Zen-Inspired Guided Meditation to assist you to connect to the Source that lives within you! A POWERFUL technique to connect you to the DEVINE. For ADVANCED MEDITATORS ONLY





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You are the Infinite expressing itself in physical form. This is a guided meditation to help you to get to your own experience of the Source of All that Is, that lives inside you and pervades every person, animal, plant, object, and experience in the universe.

Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences.

Many blessings, love, and light to you my friends from Jess.

Music by Rising Higher Meditation

Written, spoken and produced by Jess Shepherd About The Speaker: Jess Shepherd is an amazing Energy Therapist from the Gold Coast, Australia. If you want to learn more from Jess or get in touch, please visit or email us

Mooji Meditation Music ॐ) – Lose Yourself

Buddha’s Lounge

Published on Apr 14, 2018

Radiant Rose Academey – Conversations with Our Body Meditation

Radiant Rose Academy

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The Radiant Rose Academy offers a Spiritual Educational Platform for peoples from around the world who are seeking a greater understanding and growth of their Spiritual Nature

“There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”