Karen Dover – Balancing the Male/Female Within – 9-18-14

Karen Dover

For many of you the past few linear days may have seemed like a roller coaster, with your emotions moving and shifting so much that you may wonder what on earth is going on.  Add to this the moving and shifting in those around you and you may have spent the last few linear days in much chaos and confusion.   The balancing of the male /female energies in TRUTH have begun in earnest and they move and shift all that is not TRUTH to the very surface of your BEing.


It is to be noted that in order to move into a New Earth the requirement is to let go and therefore release ALL paradigms that have prevented the balancing of the male/female in TRUTH. For those of you who managed to access tonight’s Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show, you will have heard me explain the release that is occurring within the human vehicle are the teachings that have sat at an unconscious mind level and play out through your human life experience.   It is to be remembered that ALL that occurs within the human life experience within the old 3D earth created reality is a MIRROR image of that which was created OFF PLANET.


Many of you may be continually releasing residue only for it to re-occur within your waking life experience, this is due to the ORIGIN point being OFF PLANET.  View it  like brushing your hair in the mirror, to release the frequency only on planet earth is akin to trying to brush the hair of your reflection only. It is not possible, you have to release the frequency at its POINT OF ORIGIN.  It is very easy indeed to only reference this human life experience, after all your human logical mind only has this life time to reference, it believes only what it sees through the eyes of your human vehicle and has NO reference points for that which is playing out AT POINT OF ORIGIN.   Therefore only by moving into your heart space can you illuminate that which is playing out, for your SOUL can reference ALL life times no matter their origin.




Movement into the New Earth frequency reality of your choice (choice is made at SOUL level) is determined by your frequency.  As you approach the frequency required to move to the portal your SOUL will begin to illuminate that which is preventing the manifestation of your DREAM in TRUTH, it is NOT POSSIBLE to move through the portal to the New Earth frequencies whilst carrying any of the teachings of the old 3D earth created reality.  You will find yourself stuck in loops of behaviour/patterns of creation which ignite much frustration and possibly feelings of grief, abandonment and betrayal within you.  Indeed many of you may be playing these out in your human life through the actions of those around you.   These are illuminating in order that you SEE the patterns clearly and take action to disconnect and release the patterns, this must be done by releasing from the POINT OF ORIGIN of these patterns.

It is also to be noted that just because you cannot see a frequency does not negate said frequency, the patterns are there to HELP YOU, you can only release that which YOU can SEE, until that moment it remains hidden within you.   The lead up to the EQUINOX will now intensify in order to move you into place at a very physical human level. For many of you this may take you to what you interpret as breaking point, only in breaking the hard shell that you have been taught to place around your heart space can you allow the expansion and evolution that your SOUL is now crying out for. You did not come here to remain contained and suppressed, you came here to experience expansion and take part in the evolution of the human race in TRUTH.

For those of you who align with the portal of 528 mhz of the New Earth I provide various tools to help you align and achieve the necessary alignment including personal recoding sessions. (For more information please visit www.karen-dover.com).

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.




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