Raise Your Frequency – Raising Your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Vibration – 11-28-14

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All is energy vibrating at some frequency or another. Just like the physical body’s immune system is stronger in an alkaline state where germs cannot survive, so is it important to maintain a high level of emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.How we think, act and respond to our environment has a direct energetic impact on our experiences. Our choices create. When we are aware and fully accountable for our choices we can shift from being a victim of circumstances to seeing any and all challenges as opportunities to ask “how can I learn & grow, and help others learn and grow from this?” Until our biggest challenges become our brightest blessings, we have some perception work before us.

“Map of Consciousness”

The below map was created by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/map-of-consciousness-from-david-hawkins/

As David shared in several of his books, the intellect ends at level 499 and the leap of faith via Love begins at 500. This is where we shift out of our head and into our heart. This is where there is less, if any resistance from ego and a stronger surrender to something beyond “me”. It is a profound shift when one can distance or detach from ego, even for a second and realize that there is no need to define the infinite possibilities of what we can BE! We don’t have to believe that we are this, that or the other. Just BE it! Get into Action. BE Love. BE Compassionate. BE Kind. BE the Change You Wish to See in the World! That simple!

Start your day in Service ~ Power of Pure Intention

Consider starting each day, immediately upon waking asking for a clear path to being the most efficient/effective catalyst for positive change.

Making this choice is like setting your emotional/mental/spiritual GPS to experience infinite potential in the realm of miracles. It is a simple yet profound space to operate within and will draw in the energies of awe and gratitude.

You may want to start a journal to keep track of all of the synchronicities that begin to become a natural way of interacting with a higher frequency state of being.

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Raise Your Frequeny! How to Raise your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Vibration

Live Your New Life With Passion! – Infinite Waters

REPOST – Archangels and Devas Blog – Raising Your Vibration Through the Pillar of Pure White Light – Merging with the I Am Presence at the Throne of the I Am That I Am – 11-2-13

 Brethren of Light, I Am Michael.

As you traverse on the path to Enlightenment, you may find that hardships and obstacles are placed on your path to test you. This will make you stronger and bring you wisdom. When you pass these tests, you evolve further. The obstacles are like rotten eggs. The fear of facing the obstacle is like the smell of a rotten egg. You can get rid of the smell when you get rid of the egg. The anticipation of how and what you do, the fear and anxiety of facing the obstacle brings you down and lowers your Light. Problems and obstacles serve by distracting humankind from the Light. Yet, through the distractions, they make you stronger. By your efforts to remove them, you gain momentum and become more determined to pursue Light. The more Light you hold, the greater your ability to cope with future distractions and obstacles. As you evolve spiritually, you become worthy of greater Light and with it comes the ability to conquer all obstacles.

When you are able to see the obstacle as a mere distraction and the distraction as a means to delay you, then you can see to it that you are neither distracted nor delayed. To achieve this task, I will teach you to call the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. The purpose of this pillar is to raise your vibrational frequency to help you feel connected to the Source. Then, you are not easily distracted or affected by problems and obstacles. Obstacles can only have an adverse impact on you when you allow them to. You allow them to have such an impact because you feel lonely, left out, fearful and at a loss to cope.

When the Pillar is fully formed and you reside inside of it permanently, you can remain detached from the fear of failure and the feeling of loneliness, separation and rejection. When you are inside the Pillar of Light, you connect to the Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, God in Form. This is the individualized presence of God which has taken form and resides at the thirteenth dimension of reality. Through your Twelfth Chakra you are able to connect with this dimension and experience the perfected presence of the I Am That I Am, by merging and uniting with the presence.

This is perhaps the most important step in returning to the perfection of our Original Divine Plan. The Divine Plan as originally intended by God was to allow you to remain connected to God and to the Pure White Light at all times and in all circumstances. Then there could be no fear of separation or loneliness. The Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, also known as the I Am Presence or simply the I Am, is also called the Magical, Luminous, Glorious, Victorious Presence.

To change the energy in you and around you and to raise your own vibration to Higher Light; every morning as you arise, call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. Enter into the Light and move to unite with the Presence of the I Am. Do this again at night before you fall asleep.

Meditation to Receive and Hold Pure Light and Unite with the I Am Presence

I now offer you a procedure to raise your vibration to Higher Light and to stay protected in the Pure White Light of the I Am at all times. Now take a deep breath and sit or lay down in a comfortable position to begin this meditational exercise.

Say this invocation,

“I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I Am. I ask the Presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me.

You may have difficulty feeling a change or a shift in your own energy field at first. It is important that you persevere and continue to ask for the Pillar of Light to surround you. Sometimes your vibration has become so slow that the Presence of the I Am That I Am cannot reach you. This is because there is a certain level of energy vibration below which it will not extend. Therefore, you will have to raise your own vibration to a frequency which will reach up to the Presence. The Pillar of Light will raise the vibration around you. As you stand inside of it, the lower vibrations dissolve and you begin to gather more Light and Energy.

Ask for the Pillar of Light, Cylinder of Light, Tunnel of Light; it matters not how you say it; what is important is to surround yourself in Light and allow it to heighten your vibration. Visualize the Presence waiting for you at the top of this Pillar, Cylinder or Tunnel. Imagine it to be there. Let your heart convince your mind that it is there. At that point, begin to move the energy upward through your Crown Chakra at the top of your head.

Move up inside this Pillar of Light in the direction of Higher Light. There are chakras above your head (chakras eight through twelve). Visualize that the energy moves up to your Eighth Chakra, pauses to energize that chakra and moves up to the Ninth. Repeat for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Chakras. In this way, energy moves chakra by chakra to reach up to the Twelfth Chakra in the thirteenth dimension of reality to the Throne of the I Am That I Am. There you shall meet with the Presence of the I Am. The I Am Presence, which is the essence of God manifested in form, is seated at the Throne of I Am That I Am.

Now visualize yourself approaching to meet the Presence of the I Am, merge, and unite with it. The Presence has an ethereal body emanating Pure Light. Light is shimmering down from every direction. Pause and meditate for a while as you bathe in the energy of the I Am Presence.

Each time you practice this, you will be able to absorb a higher level of Light until you can begin to imbue and embody the Light of the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Then you may be invited to sit upon the Throne of the I Am That I Am and fully absorb the Light. When you find yourself fully merged with the Presence, you may request it to come back down with you into your body. Do this for three rounds.

Round 1: You meet, merge and unite with the I Am Presence. Bring back the Presence and imbue your body with the Presence from the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet, all the way to the core of Mother Earth.

Round 2: Move up again inside the Pillar of White Light into the Presence of the I Am That I Am; mixing, merging and uniting in Oneness. Pull that energy vibration down and bring it into every chakra of your body and being, down to the bottom of your feet and from your feet into the core of Mother Earth.

Round 3: Go back up the same way, and after you have merged with the I Am Presence, ask your questions. When you are complete with your questions, listen for any answers. Remaining answers will come at the time they are needed. To replenish your body, bring the united and merged essence of the I Am That I Am down into your body.

Practical uses for this exercise: When you are in the middle of a meeting, a group conversation, with a client, a patient, a family member or a child and you feel as though your words are not penetrating, or you are losing your focus, excuse yourself for a moment to compose yourself. Go to the restroom, if that is the only way you can have privacy. Have a precious moment of Oneness to regroup and practice the above exercises. It will take you a few minutes at first to go through the steps. It may take a while for you to feel the impact. As you practice and become familiar with the steps, you will feel the change faster. You can reach a place where the impact becomes instantaneous.

To return to Oneness and free yourself from the separation, you must first merge and unite with that aspect of God which has form, the Presence of the I Am That I Am. The Luminous Presence of God in form may appear to you like a human being. It may seem androgynous, or appear as male or female. That is your personal, individual experience. If you do not actually see the being, you may get flashes of Light or sensations in your body of calmness and peace. You may feel a warm, fuzzy feeling as though you have come back to a loving home.

The Presence of the I Am That I Am is your Divine Right. The Presence of the I Am That I Am holds the essence of Oneness. You will return to the I Am in order to know and remember this Oneness. The journey of God-Unity and the Ultimate attainment of Enlightenment is through this Presence.

In the Luminous Presence of the I Am,

I am your brother Michael. So it is.

Excerpts from Path to Enlightenment Book I, The Pillar of Light – pp 48-60 – See more at: http://www.nasrinsafai.com/angels/archangel-michael/

Christie Marie Sheldon – How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

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Christie Marie Sheldon’s talk at Awesomeness Fest 2010 in Costa Rica.

Christie Marie Sheldon will change your life. Energy healer and author of Love or Above breathes the kind of talent we wish we had.

Christie was born with the gift of seeing your energy vibrations. She’ll tell you in an instant what’s standing between your goals and dreams. At last year’s Awesomeness Fest, Christie shared the realities which creates our blocks and taught us how to overcome it. So if you’re ready to unlock your truest potential, check this insightful video out…

To get know more about Christie Marie Sheldon, visit: http://www.loveorabove.com


Awesomeness Fest is an annual non-profit event that brings together people who are by nature, driven to change the world.

It’s a unique combination of personal growth training, intimate bonding, charity and Woodstock-style parties, all in the midst of a paradise island.

This year’s guests include Frank Kern, Amish Shah, Arielle Ford, Lynne Twist and a host of other icons in business, personal growth, spirituality and philanthropy.

Awesomeness Fest 2011 happens on November 3 – 6 in Maui, Hawaii.

Join the tribe and find out more at:

George Hahn – Observing the Joy of Riding a Bike

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… as evidenced by the look on bicyclists’ faces.

The Angelic Guides – The Process of Ascension

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The Angelic Guides channeled by Taryn Crimi

Quite simply put it is the natural process of evolution of your soul, reverting back to its most natural form in the higher dimensions. Ascending can and does have many meanings. It is a very tricky thing to explain; especially to a newly awakened human who has never before heard any of this before and has been engrossed in the lower belief systems. So what we wanted to say is that it simply is the elevation of your beliefs, your overall vibration and frequency. Right now on a scale of 1-10 many of you are vibrating at about a 2-4. This can fluctuate but very little in order to remain in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. By consciously choosing to ascend you consciously make the decision to increase your overall vibration. Now with keeping that intent in mind, you do not need to know how to ascend; because on a subconscious level you are already quite aware how to do so. But as you focus your intent on increasing your vibration, naturally anything that is not of the higher vibration will come to the surface to finally be cleared and dealt with. Because as you move into the higher dimensions you no longer have the limitations that you put upon yourselves here. You have a much more expanded sense of awareness and you begin remembering much of what you came to forget.

Right before you ascend, in the days and hours leading up to your ascension you will remember many of the things that you came to forget. You will think: how could I have forgotten all this. Many of the questions that you have for us now that are so very hard for the linear human mind to conceive will be revealed to you right before you ascend. It will not be scary, in fact it will be quite the opposite, it will be quite enjoyable and you will understand much more about the process. Concerns that many of you have when you first learn about the ascension are: will my family go with me, am I going to be all alone, will I have a home, what will come with me and what will stay? You will be able to answer many of those questions on your own leading up to the time of your own ascension. They will be downloaded and learned along the way in little packets of information that you specifically wanted to know at certain points along your journey. Finding all of the information out at once would be too mind-blowing and you would not be able to integrate it or even comprehend it. So it is meant to be given to you in spurts along the way. But to calm your minds, many of the worries that you have here will not follow you there. It doesn’t matter which dimension you ascend to, many of your everyday concerns are no longer a concern in the higher dimensions because you are more connected. Well we would say that you are more aware of how connected you have been the entire time and so worries of lack, of money, of health, of being separate do not exist in the higher dimensions.

You will find yourselves being free of much worry, yes you will all have new things to work on and experience and grow from but it will not be in such a dense, forgetful, harsh environment anymore. The pendulum will not be able to swing so wide anymore. The huge range of possible emotions that you can feel here will not be so volatile in the higher dimensions. There is much more peace and the peace of mind of going with the flow will ease your mind. You will know much more than you do now about creation, and about your own power.

The time is short before many of you begin to ascend into the higher realms. You think that you are ready to leave now and wonder why you can’t expedite this process. Be careful what you wish for, the arduous journey back to being a fully conscious being can be filled with many pitfalls along the way. You are going along this path as fast as you possibly can while still being able to integrate all that is being surfaced for you to clear. You will ascend in just the right amount of time, not a second sooner or later.

Also we would like to point out that this particular ascension is quite different from any other that has gone on before it. This is so unique, that those of you who are privileged enough to be an active part of the ascension are incredibly grateful on a soul level for the experience. You are not only changing your world but you are having an effect on every soul in the universe! That is how profound this is. Now in regards to why this ascension is so different from any other, there are several reasons. For one, this is the first time that conscious beings and the planet are ascending at the same time. This has never happened before. Also you are not ascending through the death process; you will be taking your human bodies and transforming them biologically to be able to remain in the higher dimensions. This is very special. You are also making this biggest vibrational leap there is to make!

46 Articles by Michelle Walling, CHLC – Ascension, Spirituality – in5d.com



Michelle Walling, CHLC

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for www.in5d.com and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.


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Michelle Walling, CHLC – Ascension – How to Emerge on the Other Side of Chaos – Back To Basics of Raising our Vibration, Clearing Negativity, Going Within – Center ourselves, Clear our Energy, Ground ourselves to Mother Earth – 4-4-14

cosmic children





By Michelle Walling, CHLC

As we awoke from our slumber we read books, attended seminars, went to psychics and channelers, and found ourselves further down the rabbit hole. Within the rabbit hole, we explored new tendrils and passageways and we followed advice until we exhausted ourselves. We look at what is happening in the world and we wonder why we have not ascended. We find ourselves asking, “How can we finally shift out of this reality”?


Spiritual awakening history

There is a small population of people on the planet that have been awakened for more than twenty years or more. They are the way-showers and leaders on humanity’s trek toward enlightenment. The practices that they used twenty years ago were appropriate for the vibration of the people and the planet at that time. Amongst other important tasks, these people have worked with opening up stargates and vortexes which allow for the planet to breathe deep during her labor pains.

More people have awakened in the last twenty years and there have been more “progressive” methods of spiritual advancement that have acclimated to the vibrations of people as we have experienced the “quickening”. These people have been the teachers and leaders of various awakening movements and have written many books and provided countless lectures that were appropriate for the preparation of the times we are now in.

There is a large group of people that have awakened in the last five years or so that have been able to advance so quickly that what used to take someone five years might occur in a month or even a day, relatively speaking. Children are being born with amazing recollection of who they are as wise beings from the stars. A recent explosion of newly awakened people has brought us almost to the brink of extreme polarity on the planet where the showdown is occurring between the light and the dark in our experience. The intensity is palpable and we all feel like this can’t go on forever and something has to give soon.

Waves of light have been washing over the planet from our sun and our great central sun in order to gently push us along the path of awakening and to be responsible as human beings living on a conscious sentient being, Mother Earth. We are all supposed to “come together” and co-create a New Earth; one without hunger, government, or money. But how do we do that with so much diversity on the planet? Even the lightworkers and starseeds don’t see eye to eye all of the time. This reason for this of course is that we came from many different places and times, and we all forgot that we have a common goal that needs to be reached through individual inner work. We now realize that when what we are doing is not working, we need to stop and re-evaluate the basics that we have learned by extracting the simple pearls of wisdom.

Back to the start line via the finish line

The answer is simple in its terminology but difficult in its application. Many of us have come full circle, having learned so much but realizing that some of it simply wasn’t true or was propagated by the dark forces in order to distract us from what we need to do to optimize our light quotient. Many of us simply investigated so many ways of spiritual enlightenment that we forgot the basics of raising our vibration, clearing, and going within.

The best thing we can do for ourselves right now, in this time of extreme polarity and chaos is to center ourselves, clear our energy, and ground ourselves to Mother Earth.

Every day we are given a new energy with which to bathe in. Earth is raising her vibrations exponentially which is only relative to what the denseness of the planet was twenty years ago.

This is all part of the divine plan which involves vibrating apart those negative energies within Earth’s body and subsequently in the human body which will allow light to flood the space left behind. This expansion of space will allow for the light body to integrate with the physical body.

If this were to happen too fast, Earth could spew with many volcanoes and earthquakes that could potentially cause her to self destruct. The same thing is true of the human body. So day by day situations and challenges have presented themselves in our lives that show us that there are energies that still need to be cleared. Patterns of behavior and situation are repeated until we are able to identify and acknowledge the energies associated with them and let these energies go. This is called transmutation.

What does it mean to be “centered” and grounded?

The body has seven major chakras or energy centers that begin at the base of our spine and go up to the top of our head. There are many more minor chakras and energy vortexes but for this reference of alignment we will focus on the major ones. There is an invisible line called the hara line that runs through these chakras that connects us with Earth below and to our higher selves above.

To be centered means to change your awareness and consciousness from your head to your heart center and to consciously connect your heart center to your higher self through your hara line out through your crown chakra. This place of “being with ourselves” is the balance we need as we go through these changes with Mother Earth. This involves the practices of mediation for deep connection and discernment through every day choices. In your heart you are more able to connect with your higher self in order to make proactive choices rather than responsive choices as you begin to learn to stand in your power. Your heart controls your body’s reactions to truth, so paying close attention to those reactions is the key to discernment.

To ground means to connect with Mother Earth through your grounding chakra. Imagination is a very powerful when grounding. Imagine yourself as a tree and your legs and feet are roots planted deep into the crust of the earth. Another analogy is to imagine your hara line runs directly from your base chakra down to the iron core of the planet, and gently and wraps its arms around it. Some people are instantly grounded when their bare feet touch Earth’s green grass or when they hug a tree or swim in Earth’s glorious water. Eight methods of grounding can be found here.

The Hopi prophecy relative to the heart center

Within our heart we can emerge on the other side of chaos in “no time”. There is no suffering there, no pain, no lies, and no tyranny. It may be the metaphor for the Hopi statement about what to do during the three days of darkness during a pole shift- “go into your pueblo, draw your curtains, and pray”. In metaphorical terms and in dream interpretation, a house symbolizes our body. In this case, it makes sense that you would go within your body and pray or meditate in this holy space. The pole shift they were referring to may be a magnetic pole shift, or the “Zero point” that Gregg Braden discusses.  The zero point would be a period of time existing in the “void” or the space between which represents dark matter.

This time is not only upon us but may have been intentionally delayed by forces of the light in order to help more of humanity awaken to the truth of what has occurred in our history and to make the choice to free themselves from tyranny by coming into their power as a sovereign free willed being. This sovereignty has never been revoked as this Universe exists in a Law of Free Will.

We are in fact these forces of light and we have come from various places of time and space to assist in our mission of ascension by integrating our light body with the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies this time around. We sent forth aspects of ourselves in order to remember how to safely bring this soul essence into the physical body. This new physical being is the first of its kind in our Universe.

Everything has to be in place as part of the plan

All dimensions attached to the third through the fourth, fifth, and higher have to be perfectly in alignment, like perfectly matched pancakes in order for us to be able to ascend with our bodies. Because this has never been done before, we are making up the time frames and rules as we go. Our moves are based on strategic moves that balance out what the dark is doing relative to what the light quotient is of humanity; relative to how long Mother Earth can hold in her baby, the New Earth.

The dark forces have to hit extreme polarity in order for the veil of illusions to fall. We all know that is right around the corner. It seems that it can’t possibly get too much worse. There are also people working on the planet who are clearing dark forces that have remained hidden and as each large shift the planet makes with solar flares and CME’s, these forces are being uncovered. This of course was all part of the plan in patience so that all dark forces will be revealed and dealt with. Rest assured that they are being dealt with by being sent back home or by being reconstituted into the energy source from which they came. With this being said, any interference you clear within yourself is also representative of the macrocosm of clearing our Universe.

Although humanity is one big family of oneness, we also have the freedom of individual expression on this planet. We also exhibited this uniqueness on other planets before we came to incarnate here. Because of the free will of a soul to educate itself and take a certain time frame to ascend back to oneness, there are also different levels of advancement only relative to space and time that each individual is following. In “no time” it seems that everyone has already found their way home. But in the illusion of space and time, some have advanced knowledge that is deemed necessary for the advancement of human civilization.

Some people who have extremely crucial roles to play in this lifetime have been targeted by the dark. They were either implanted with devices that would try to keep them from raising their vibration  or they were targeted through other means such as ELF frequencies and various apparatus triggered by HAARP and GMOS etc. There are ways to deal with these implants professionally through implant removal sessions. However, if you are successful in going within, centering yourself, and bringing in light from your monad, these implants will be deemed ineffective as they cannot exist in a body of light. Hard core determination and faith is required to rise above these dark forces, but you knew you would be able to do this before incarnating into your body.

Other people that have extremely important roles to play are surrounded and protected by a plethora of angels that helped to hide their identity as they passed through the “vibration detector” of the dark forces upon incarnation. These people are no more important to humanity as a whole, but have volunteered for the most difficult assignments in order to play a very specific role in the light’s strategy. Not all of these people have awakened to their roles but 2014 will be the year that most of them step forward and play catch up.

Faith goes a long way

We have nothing to lose in having faith that there is a divine plan underway and that those of us who chose ascension at this time will have the opportunity to choose it in his or her reality. If you think that the dark forces had an ingenious plan, wait until you remember what our plan is!

Although it is helpful to gather information from articles, channelers, and psychics, the exact plans of the light forces will not be disclosed until it is the final chess move. This move will be the exposition of the dark forces, the truth about our history on the planet, the truth about our history before we came to earth, and the truth that we all are as an aspect of Creator Source. This will be shown to us within our heart space. Don’t miss the show- have faith in the plan and those beings of light that are working on the other side, faith in humanity, and faith in yourself as a divine co-creator.

Remember, we have already shifted and a part of our energy lies within the new reality. We are walking a tightrope and on the other end is a masked minion trying to knock us off. What the minion does not know is that we can bounce up and down harder than it without worrying about falling off because we have a net underneath us and it does not. Our net is the knowing that we live on after we leave this body. The minion’s lack of net represents needing our energy in order to survive. Patience will be the winning force this time around.

Author’s note: Special thanks to my client from the east coast who inspired me to write this article based on her holistic life coach session with me. I witnessed the core essence of needing to go back to basics and to change the focus from the head to the heart. I am grateful to the Universe for providing this message to me as it is such an important part of being able to deal with the dark forces at this time.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for www.in5d.com.  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website MichelleWalling.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which states that this article can be reproduced in full or part as long as the appropriate credit is indicate if changes were made.




Inelia Benz – Raise Your Vibration – Host Katarina Ilic

Katarina Ilic·49 videos

Katarina Ilic interviews Inelia Benz about ascension and raising the vibration of the planet including how to process our fears, manifest through impeccable intention AND the reality of free energy.

More from Inelia: http://www.Ascension101.com
More from Katarina: http://www.katarinailic.com

St Germain via Goldenlight – Raising of the Frequency of Money – Revaluation of Currencies, Global Currency Reset – Our Rising Consciousness – Golden Age Nears – 3-27-14





Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Dear Friends, I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with St. Germain lately about the world financial picture, including the revaluation of currencies and the global currency reset. Below is a message I brought in last night with a snippet from another recent conversation added in at the end. Please note I channeled this message in “stream of consciousness style” and I’ve left some of the punctuation out so that it reads back with fluidity, the way I brought it in. Love, Goldenlight


Hi St Germain, just checking in on the progress of the RV…just an update on where we are at in the process.

You are an important part of this transition, your messages have helped and uplifted many already and as you know this transition is about raising one’s frequency. The frequency of money is going to be raised by this RV (Revaluation of Currencies) and by this GCR (Global Currency Reset)… it will be raised to match peoples consciousness. A new paradigm around money will develop, eventually leading to a money-less society. We in the higher dimensions live without money because we are so highly aware that we are All One that we would never even consider living outside of that mindset. So we know that everything we do affects the whole and affects the good of All. Things are just of a different DENSITY in the higher dimensions… Things are more energy-based and not as dense as they are in 3D… We can pretty much manifest instantly here but we do it with the deepest intent for the highest good of All for we know that another’s well-being is our well-being, and vice versa. It takes the Golden Rule concept to a higher level, that to do anything to another is to literally do it to yourself… So we know that we affect things throughout the universe with each action we take and each thought that we have.

So getting back to this RV and the bigger picture of the GCR on Earth… what is happening is a balancing out of goodwill, energy, power, and well-being so that all may enjoy living on your planet, not just the elite, royal families, people in government or churches in power, etc. An even more advanced concept would be for each county to give its citizens enough income to live for each month or year or some increment of “time.” Some countries are already starting to do this, such as Switzerland (1). Easy for Switzerland to do because this country doesn’t spend its money on wars. Eventually it will all become one planetary nation acting as a whole for the betterment of All. Imagine such a society! It is a very real possibility for your planet in the future. The GCR and RVs of currencies will create a more level playing field which is also coinciding with a raising of consciousness and eventually a returning of your planet to full galactic membership. As you know, the surface population of your planet (2) has been somewhat “quarantined” (from interaction with other galactic star nations) for a very long time as an experiment, and this quarantine will be lifted as the consciousness of your planet continues to rise and your collective vibration begins to match that of the higher dimensional societies with which you will begin to interact after full galactic citizenship is achieved.

So this RV and GCR process is part of the process of the raising of your vibration and frequency to the point where you really begin to realize that your consciousness is actually One Being as you are all “Emanations of Source” as the Council of Angels like to say… So as you are all beginning to realize this you then begin to realize that you want well-being and happiness for the All just as much as for yourself and so as the planet awakens to this and that includes some of the power players. Then these players realize that indeed to uplift others is to also uplift oneself and the whole unit of consciousness on earth then really begins to raise to a much higher level and poverty becomes a thing of the past along with wars etc because each currency now has a somewhat similar value… not exact because they will be based on countries assets, but even that too will level out in the future as countries’ borders begin to dissolve in goodwill and harmony… as the wars stop, poverty stops hunger stops and the whole world begins to come together as one… do you begin to see the picture here?

Oh yes it is a vision I have seen many times in these wonderful channelings I’ve brought forth and I thank you for describing it so eloquently.

You’re most welcome and so this is all rolling along and progressing nicely because in fact all those who are involved are an intricate part of making this happen because it is a collective manifestation… So all good thought towards it is also helping to move everything along besides what is happening by the power players and by the hidden powers behind the scenes. This is an elaborate process that is rapidly coming to a conclusive end as one by one people are waking up to the truth of many things and realizing that there is a better way of how things could happen on Planet Earth. And the revaluing of worldwide currencies is a part of this and so it is all coalescing into a higher frequency vibration so that money becomes not a weapon of the elites’ power, control, wars etc, but a tool for planet-wide well-being and harmony which signifies a shift into the Golden Age.

That’s an excellent description and was easy to translate because of the vision you were showing me, thank you. So from an earth perspective, everyone here wants to know the answer to the big question of when we will see the RV and GCR?

Well as I mentioned when we spoke last time there is a strong likelihood of its occurrence before or during the month of April, as many things are colliding on that date, but it is difficult to estimate on an earth timeline when this will occur. Many things can shift a timeline and from a higher perspective dates are irrelevant… from my perspective in the higher dimensions it already has occurred as there is no time here and everything is happening simultaneously. So in order to answer your question it can be difficult as I have to tune into your current timeline of possibilities to give you an answer. There is a target date being set by some but it seems to be a moving target. Nonetheless all is proceeding rapidly now. What I can tell you is that, as many have said, the bonds have been released which signifies the release of the funds for the RV so you can see that that part of the process has been unleashed. There is also the worldwide situation of the collapse of world economies, which is also setting the stage for the RV of many currencies; the decline of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the switch to asset-backed currencies worldwide (including the new UST note), etc. The dinar is the catalyst or first domino in a chain reaction of currencies resetting or revaluing worldwide. And everything is being set into place for this. The US is trying to set it up so that pandemonium does not ensue and this has been taking a lot of strategic planning, but things are almost finished being set into place.

Thank you for showing me that answer and for taking the time to talk with me tonight. I love the vision you showed me of the great shift in the frequency of money and how it is shifting into being a positive frequency used for the good of all rather than for destruction and power or control. So that instead of money being “the root of all evil” as some may have previously perceived it, it will instead be seen as “the root of all good”! I don’t mean this literally, of course, just that it is a huge paradigm shift. It is exciting that we on earth will be a part of this shift in how money is perceived and used for good and well-being, not just for ourselves but also for others.

Yes this is the higher dimensional way of things and the mark of an advanced society…to act always with the intention of creating the highest good for All. And as the earth’s populace moves into even higher frequencies, you will move into even more goodwill and love for others… eventually into a free trade and money-less society but that is a ways down the road. For now the transition in the frequency of money is a huge leap forward. That transition is occurring now and being fully implemented with the release of funds for humanity as well as the RV of worldwide currencies including the two catalyst currencies of dinar and dong which will set off the chain reaction of the GCR… Or: If the elite powers trying to hold those two RVs back continue to stall, the GCR is well underway and cannot be stopped and will catapult forward with those two currencies being included. Either way its a massive avalanche that is already underway. There’s no stopping it and and it will reach its conclusive endpoint when it is supposed to, and the raising of your consciousness, frequency and vibration is coinciding with the timing of it all.

Thank you very much again St Germain for taking the time to speak with us tonight. I will share this on the site with your permission?

Yes of course that is why I’ve taken this time tonight… Please share with all and know that this is a process that cannot be stopped now… and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, this is all occurring in the great NOW time.

Imagine a world
Without borders
Without poverty hunger or homelessness
Without wars
Where nations share resources
Where people share wealth
Where there is abundance and joy and freedom for all
That world is coming into being with each thought of each person in each country who focuses on this vision today
Thoughts create reality many people thinking the same thoughts creates the same reality
So focus on the world you want and you will be a part of thinking it into being
Never underestimate the power of your thoughts
Thoughts are Things



Excerpt from St. Germain conversation, 3-22-14

The transition to a new treasury note (TRN) and replacement of the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) is almost complete… Monies from China are in place to fund the RV exchanges for dinar and dong. The fed funds itself through debt, wars, and loans to foreign countries fueled by the ravages of war. This will all change… the new treasury note (TRN) is backed by gold and assets and held by the US Treasury and therefore (there will be) no need for debts loans wars IRS, etc.. It will change the entire paradigm.. We’re trying to hold off the RV until we can get new TRN in place, but we may just have to let it go and have a slow phase-in of the TRN… we just want to make sure your money is safe after your currency exchange and it will be safer when the TRN replaces the FRN, as it will not be based on debt. Eventually there will be a new type of bank, that is the kind of bank that should be in place, which serves the people… with no corruption… and is tied to the TRN not the FRN … Where your money is safer.

Wow thats great so not much longer right?

There are many events colliding into one goal and one direction of the Iraqi Dinar revaluing first, then the GCR, and hopefully this will all happen after the TRN is in place.

The iraq bonds are in place at 3.71 with the budget set at that rate to start April 1 so with luck it will go international by then… we just hope to get the TRN in place by then. And once the IQD goes, then it’s a domino effect on other currencies like the VND (Vietnamese Dong), Rupiah, etc.

Then the GCR happens as a result of that, as well as central banks being replaced by gold-backed and asset-backed currencies all over the world, along with the release of humanitarian funds also beginning to flow in earnest, and the erasing of world poverty starts to happen… colliding with the raising of consciousness and enlightenment as we head into the final Golden Age on Earth. Your planet has always been a showcase planet and will be restored to its pristine beauty following the restoration of full consciousness, return to full galactic citizenship, and the unleashing of free energy and planet-wide prosperity for All just as we have in the higher dimensions.

(1) http://themindunleashed.org/2014/03/swiss-pay-basic-income-2500-francs-per-month-every-adult.html

(2) i.e., not including your Inner Earth, containing the Agarthans (formerly of Lemuria), who are a higher-dimensional society and members of the galactic federation

Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.




Marco Missinato – 144,000 Will Raise Their Vibrations Via Music – Host Ari Kopel

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“144,000 People on this Planet Cohesively Holding the High Light & Sound Frequencies Can Achieve the Critical Mass Needed To Transform the Planet It will Begin a Chain Reaction that Cannot Be Stopped” Composer Marco Missinato, composer of Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart, joins Ari Kopel on Shattering The Matrix. Marco’s passion is to gather 144,000 plus people to listen to his music via concerts and live streaming, in order to get everyone resonating to high-vibrational music simultaneously. This will not only transform us individually, but will also transform the planet. This type of music will help us transform our DNA, activate our pineal and open up our hearts, thus allowing us to raise our vibration. Unfolding Secrets is the fulfillment of a life-long dream by Composer and Executive Producer, Marco Missinato where thousands gather from around the globe to fully embrace a heart-opening experience of Oneness and fusion with “All That Is.” Humanity has been in an artificially created reality that promotes scarcity and the illusion of separation. Individually and collectively our existence is like a symphony that is out of tune. At this important time in Earth and humankind’s journey, music “plays” a significant role as a channel of harmony and transformation. Music can dissipate the illusion of separation and facilitate our evolution through the necessary healing process to attune and awaken us to life’s true purpose of love joy, peace, passion and return us to our essential Oneness.

To get tickets via live streaming, go to: http://SymphonyOfTheHeart.com

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Amy Steinberg – Exactly – Music to Raise Your Vibration

joyousenergy·3 videos

Thank you Amy Steinberg for the #1 Frequency Raising song of all time. She joined us in Hot Springs, SD, and shared the love with the whole community, which resonated forever after. Download her songs at iTunes and support a inspirational artist. http://amysteinberg.com/ http://amysteinberg.net

Booge – A Positive Word in the Times When So Many Doubt – Letters To Adromeda Council – 1-24-14

​Hey Tolec,
I just wanted to share with you something that has been brought to my attention. I have come to the understanding while all the visible signs that the shift is right at our doorstep that through everyone’s worry that something has been forgotten.
All the fear that is brought on by the over thinking of creating useless doubt. Blinding the self from the real truth that there is something much bigger at play here. That this upliftment actually involves the entire solar system. That the vibrations that are changing are not only changing the people on this planet but that of many other planets and affect many different dimensions as well.
That this change will affect the smallest of beings in the 3rd dimensions right up to the top of the entire whole. I have witnessed so many people to the aspect or fear in these last days because I feel there are not seeing the effect that this will have on the entire whole of all creation. That they have not listen to the entire story and are creating a bad situation in their own personal vibrations by not adding all the pieces of the puzzle together. Jumping from source to source living in self and causing themselves unneeded discomfort.
My latest vision I have felt what it was like to lose the aspect of self and be a part of the whole. The vibrations that are coming in will not leave on single stone unaffected. And in the end that the perception of the individual will be what is left to decide whether what is to come is a positive change or a travesty.
People have also forgotten the many sacrifices our star brothers and sisters have made for us. That in there own wollering that they have overlooked one very important truth. The truth that many higher dimensional beings have had to give just as much if not more than the people in the 3rd dimension. That many sacrifices have been made on both sides.
We are shifting to a collective vibration and leaving the self. One that is really about the entire solar system. Not one person need for a spaceship to be in the view of the eye. And in the end they will look back and see how silly it was to fret over the little details.
I see so many people making assumptions based on a story that half the words are written in a language they can’t read yet. I feel at the end of the day if they chose to will have a chance to be mentored by people that could teach them how to speak the language. They project their fears outward and don’t inject love inward and allow it to shine by example. They have failed to listen when so many have told them time and time again to be the change instead of waiting on it.
This shift never was never simply about helping just people. But about the natural progression of an entire solar system. Answers can not be given to a story that has not be written but is being wrote. The pages being filled in as people make the choice to live in love or continue to feed the delusion of fear.
This upliftment is about WE. And WE then chose to see it are leaving the I and preparing for the greatest times that have ever came.
“The love you hold is the pain you carry”. This has such a profound meaning to me now. Meaning that whenever you choose to live in separation of anything that has come from creator/source, you are choosing to carry the burdens of that void.
In the end Mother earth is moving through her birthing cycle and about to give birth to a new era. There are millions that have come from all over creation to be apart and a witness to the beauty of the this process and its result. One that is ruled with feeling and not thinking, love and not fear. All you have to do to get a ticket is wait and smile.
Thank you Tolec for all the work you have done. And thank the Andromeda Council, Galactic Federation and everyone else that has given so we could have.
There are many of us ready for this shift and are trying to keep others anchored in the higher vibrations. I feel this is just the beginning to the beauty of what is to come.
And I for one am humbled and grateful to be a participant and a witness to such an event.
Mitakuye Oyas’in.  We are all One.



James Gilliland – May You Be Blessed With Chaos

James Gilliland
Happy New Year!
January 1, 2014


Before you get confused as to whether this is a blessing let me explain. When you are engaging higher consciousness and energy and rising up the vibrational continuum chaos comes with the territory. Those who understand cymantics know when you introduce high frequency sound to sand patterns it disrupts the previous pattern which goes into chaos then reforms into a new more intricate evolved pattern. This is what humanity and the Earth is going through. All the ancients foretold about these times and it is cyclic, natural and the forces are cosmic in cause. Little hint about global warming – all the planets are going through transition, atmospheric changes and they don’t have cars on Mars. I have always been a strong supporter of fueless energy. Yet this problem – climate change – is much bigger than auto emissions.

Many ask what is going to happen in 2014. My answer is chaos. How much chaos depends on our decisions individually and collectively – how much we resist change.

There are two things people resist and fear the most – change and the unknown. Change is coming and the unknown is going to be made known. All that was suppressed, covered up, held back, is going to come forward. The power elite, the banksters, the puppet governments and their agencies are going to be real busy cleaning up the mess, doing damage control as their dubious deeds rise to the surface. It is like a black kettle of smelly fish boiling over as the energy increases.

The fueless energy, alternative cures and the exposure of those who suppressed them will come forward as well. The lame stream media will eventually come to the realization the masses are awakening, no longer listening and they have lost all credibility. Ever wonder why they are trying to give away newspapers? Subscriptions are in the toilet. People are turning off their TVs and going to alternative news for the truth. This is bad for business and we all know money talks.

Advertisers pay according to ratings. So they are doomed to eventually tell the truth and it will be sensational. When main stream news came out to film ”Debunk” (the ships) they were in awe when the ships appeared. I debunked the NASA and government debunkers before they even started telling them we are using your data to prove these are not space shuttles, space stations, satellites or known man made objects. They referred to objects landing on Mt Adams, morphing into three objects and leaving with jets chasing them as the space shuttle.

Officialdom at its best. Now who is looking ridiculous? The UFO topic took their ratings to a record-breaking high which the advertisers love. So will end the cover-up because covering UFOs will be driven by profit. ABC, Fox News, History Channel, Paranormal State, Danny Dyer Special, and other coverages are all on the site, http://www.eceti.org. Breakthroughs in alternative energy and healing technology will soon follow not just through alternative media but eventually in the main, “lame” stream media.

We need to pay close attention to the Earth as well as incoming objects from space over the next two years. There will be many leaks as well as disinformation concerning incoming objects. We are getting a lot of help in this arena. Our off-world brothers and sisters have destroyed or diverted may incoming asteroids and comets much to the amazement of many top scientists who headed for the hills leaving the masses uninformed. This is where our own inner sensitivity, our BS meter needs to be set on high. The alignment with Galactic Plane, Alcyon and entering the dark rift will get very exciting. The Earth is already reacting to these energies as well as the Sun which is a major driver for change.

We need to pay even closer attention to the illuminati, their genocidal programs such as HAARP, weather wars, chemtrails, gulf oil spills, corexit toxicity, inoculations, GMOs, and now Fukushima radiation. Research Morgellans disease if you want to know the big picture. It is referred to as Satan’s dream by many physicists.

Know where your water and food are coming from and what is in them. Fresh clean water has already exceeded oil in value which is why the elite are buying up the fresh water around the world. We have to get out of our Pollyanna program, take the blinders off and realize what ever way possible to profit and control the people will be rolled out by these malevolent puppets of the archons which have an agenda of major population reduction and feed off the pain and suffering, the lower frequencies necessary to maintain their world.

Research the archons and ancient references to them. Know there are many levels to the hierarchy when it comes to power and control over the masses. It is time to be brutally honest as to whether we are willingly serving the beast, or turning a blind eye due to a false sense of security. There is no security in engaging in actions that are harmful to humanity and the Earth. There is only universal law and a reaction.

It is time for love in action. Standing firm in your own divinity as well as your own God/Spirit/Creator given rights. Many are spelled out in the Bill of Rights and there is no valid reason for trespassing on those rights. Those who serve in official government capacity took an oath. It is time to revisit that oath and apply it with impeccable integrity and honor. Our forefathers said those who give up freedom for safety are neither free or safe. Those who have abandoned their oath and are in breech of trust will be held accountable in the days to come.

Universal Law is God/Spirit/Creator law. Universal law is pressing hard upon the Earth. As we said before those who are not evolving, aligning with Universal Law and cannot match the new frequencies of Earth will go into chaos and eventually implode. Their temples, empires, and their physical bodies will not endure.

It is time to transcend all cultural and religious boundaries into unity consciousness. Love and Kindness are the first and foremost practice of any enlightened being. Judging, condemning and warring on the other children of God is no longer acceptable.

The war and disease profiteers will see the reactions to their actions. Being lord over the physical does not exempt one from karma and justice from the higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels have fully engaged the Earth. Diversity is just another expression of Source yet we cannot trespass on those who believe differently, have different names and images most of which end up at the same place. As long as those beliefs do not harm humanity or the Earth they are to be honored as another expression of God. There has been more pain, suffering and death due to religion than service, empowerment and assistance in making ones own personal God/Spirit?Creator connection.

I have prayed and meditated with masters from every culture who hold universal law first and foremost in their teachings. I have seen their archetypes, sign posts of transcendence, representations of positive attributes and nature. Each path leads to the same place. We all came from Creator. We all return to the same Creator and we all have our cultural names and images. When the God spark within ignites to the full flame you become all cultures, all names and images.

As Buddha said the whole universe is within. Knowing this how can you harm or take from another? How can you operate outside of universal law without the awareness of consequences?

What is it about Omnipresence we don’t comprehend? Would that not include you, others in all their diversity, all inanimate and animate, all life? Is it not the goal to become one with God? Is it not written there are no divisions in God? Love God/Spirit/Creator with all your heart, honor each individual the whole of life in all its expressions as unique expressions of God/Spirit/Creator. It is really that simple this is Universal Law in a nut shell.

There are also understandings of what happens when we step outside of Universal Law often referred to as Karma or Action/Reaction as spelled out by all the prophets and masters. We have to get back to basics to get through these times. We need to make Love and Kindness our religion, our practice, our way. We are also going to have to set boundaries with those who do not practice Love and Kindness, who act outside of Universal Law.

It was never the plan of the forefathers, those truly in service to God to be governed by predators and parasites where war, disease, injustice, manufactured lack and the enslavement through dependency are common place. This is all unsustainable. It is not in alignment with universal law or the evolution of Earth. It is not frequency specific therefore chaos will ensue as these barbaric ways either transmute or disassemble.

Change and making the unknown known will be unfolding. That which is not evolving will devolve, implode in the quickening. As the 5D grid and Universal Law press hard upon humanity and the Earth there will be a great unraveling. It is time to flow with the process, make any necessary changes and again practice love and kindness in all that you do. This means loving yourself as well and setting any necessary boundaries with those choose a different path.

Be well, Happy New Year.

James Gilliland

Michelle Walling – How to Ascend – Raising Your Vibration Part 6 – 12-18-13

Raise Your vibration


By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Vibration is the song of life that moves atoms into patterns of form.  Everything is energy, everything is alive in motion, and the planet we live on is a conscious, sentient being vibrating at a certain song. The planet is going through a change in vibration of resonance, and she wishes to take all living beings with her. The raising of ones vibration will change the consciousness or reality that you perceive.

The mineral kingdom vibrates at a slower rate than plants, and animals vibrate slower than humans. Part of the ascension process involves raising your vibrational frequency to that of your light body and beyond. Above your light body is your soul body, oversoul, angels, Archangels and ascended masters, the leaders of the spiritual hierarchy, universal gods, and everything stems from Source (and perhaps beyond into infinity). To raise your vibration means to be with the frequency that is your true self. The Earth is moving form a place of denseness where there has not been much space between the particles. As the earth increases her vibration, more space between the particles allows for an expansion of vibration. Vibrating at a higher frequency simply allows for expansion of more light for those who choose it. Most of us came to ride the ascension wave with the planet with all of our bodies- emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental, and this has never been done before in the history of our Universe.

The science of vibration has been explored with Dr. Masuru Emoto’s explanation of how thoughts and emotions affect the vibrational resonance of water. Since the human body is mostly made up of water, the same theory applies to our vibrational level- fear, anger, and dissonant emotions will create inharmonic patterns in our bodies which lead to disease and stagnation, and harmonic emotions will produce perfect patterns of symmetrical beauty within.

How do I raise my vibration level?

The following is list of ways to raise your vibration from the In5d article “Why Raising Your Energy Vibration is So Important”:

There are many free and simple ways to raise our energy vibrations.  Here a just a few:

  1. Meditate – many people who say they don’t have time to meditate will find time to watch TV.
  2. Get out into nature – whether it’s a walk or planting a garden or bed of flowers!
  3. Stop watching TV – and meditate! … Or simply do something else that gives you a positive return of energy.
  4. Play with your pets – our pets give us the lesson of unconditional love which always raises our vibrations.
  5. Watch children playing –  try to remember the fascination of experiencing things for the first time, or the innocence of childhood
  6. Exercise – as long as your able to do so, then go for a walk in nature and you’ll get two benefits at the same time!
  7. Forgive yourself and others – none of us are perfect and there are those who either have hurt us, or that we have hurt. Forgive them but also remember to forgive yourself.
  8. Express gratitude – be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you, even if it’s a small tree in the middle of a big city.  Be grateful for the meal you are about to eat and anything else that has been blessed to come into your life, including some of the negative things that ended up being wonderful life lessons that expanded your spiritual growth.
  9. Face your fears and see them as an OPPORTUNITY to spiritually evolve – fearing anything always elicits a negative emotion.  There are reasons why these fears keep coming into our lives.  Once we face our fears, the fear disappears as this was yet another one of life lessons.
  10. Buy organic food and express gratitude before eating it – organic food has more nutrition than GMO’s, so that alone will increase your physical energy, which in turn will increase your spiritual vibrations, especially if you bless or express gratitude before eating your food.
  11. Do things or be with people who make you laugh – laughter is a very high vibrational energy, even if we’re laughing at ourselves!
  12. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels are eagerly awaiting your call for assistance, so ask them for guidance, assistance, protection and direction each day!

Daryl Anka channels a spirit being collective by the name of Bashar. Bashar tells us that the first three minutes of Beethoven’s symphony #7, movement 2 is the frequency of letting go and forgiving yourself, which will in turn raise your vibration. Music in general is an excellent way to raise your vibration, as long as it is something that you love and makes you feel good. Anytime you are doing something that you love, you raise your vibration.

Essential flower essences and oils can also help to put you in a place that allows for transmutation of energies. Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” was invented over 100 years ago and is made of five flower essences that can center you and relax you. Frankincense and myrrh are classic examples of oils that can bring your body into balance.

A combination of crystal lasers, sound, and colors were used at the time of Atlantis to heal the human body back to a perfected state. The Temple Beautiful was the place to go, and the priestesses used alchemy under the direction of Isis to target energies that needed to be transmuted in order to keep the body a certain age and in a state of perpetual health. Crystals can be cleansed and charged with intention in order to help raise our vibrational level. Don’t be surprised more of these alchemical technologies begin to surface again as the planet raises her vibration and people begin to remember how the highest form of existence is being connected within ourselves and others as well as being connected to Source.

Lovemaking is an extra dimensional way to increase your vibration. Sex with the one you love can increase your blood flow, increase self esteem, and can have the same side effects of meditation. Tantric sex takes this one step further into higher, conscious loving. Loving yourself is an imperative part of raising your vibration, and you can read more about that here.

What is keeping me from raising my vibrational level?

Some people have been on the path of awakening for many years and some people have just started awakening to the fact that we are here to raise our vibrational level in order to raise our consciousness. No matter what the level of advancement, some of us seem to have hidden blocks that are keeping us from moving to the next level. These blocks may be due to karma, fear, patterns of belief imposed in this lifetime, or may even be caused by implants.

The race of ET’s known as the reptilians are responsible for implants within the physical and etheric bodies of humans which control many emotions and responses in our daily lives. Implants are part of the incarnation process and are etherically placed within the baby’s body as part of the continual trap on the wheel of incarnation. Before incarnating, many of our recent past lives were reviewed by the reptilian workers and computer programs were written which triggered and played on fearful situations that would re-emerge in order for them to feed off of the energies. One of the biggest fears the reptilians now face is our awakening to these programs and our freedom from this control. The domination of this planet and her inhabitants is about to be freed from their claws.

There are several types of these implants and many of them can be transmuted by thought and intent and the raising of vibration. However, some of them inhibit the raising of vibration, therefore it is necessary to recognize when it may be time to seek professional help. For our discussion, we will explore physical implants of abductees, physical implants from vaccinations, etheric implants from incarnation, and etheric implants of way showers and lightworkers. The main purpose of addressing implants is not to raise fear about them but to educate the possibilities that they may exist in order to bring a balance that allows integration of self.

Abductees usually receive a physical implant placed somewhere in the body for several reasons. These implants can be used for tracking or to trigger and event or emotion within the human. Most all abductees have given permission from their higher self to go through this experience, although the person usually does not remember their agreement and therefore the aliens will block the memory of the abduction as well. These implants can be used for malevolent and benevolent reasons. Benevolent reasons involve saving races of beings who have cloned themselves out of sex organs and thus have a dying race, so they are breeding with humans. Malevolent reasons always involve feeding off of negative emotions in order for them to survive and to keep humans and planet Earth under their control. Implants have been discovered through x-rays and have been physically removed from people. Some of them survive the extraction and some of them self destruct.

Vaccines are another form of physical implant, and are imposed by the modern day version of the reptilian ET race- those who run our government. Mandatory vaccines were all part of the plan for domination and control of our children. These implants can be triggered with the emotional instability that occurs with the hormone changes in puberty and are usually designed to help the ET’s feed off of the turbulence of negative emotions. Once triggered, these implants can run like computer programs to tell our children that they are not worthy or not loved. This can obviously bring about emotions of despair and can start the spiral of depression. These implants also shut off the third eye capabilities of children.

The etheric implants placed into a baby’s etheric body upon incarnation have several purposes. The main purpose is to monitor the vibration level and to monitor the human body from within. If there is a rise of vibration to a certain level, those who monitor are triggered to go into the next mode of monitoring and destruction by activating a part of the program, or perhaps even the program of another person in their circle of loved ones.  This is very advanced technology but these kinds of implants can still be dissolved through thought and intention and help from the ascended masters and healing angels. Recognizing self destructive addictions and behaviors can trigger the self healing process and therefore eliminate these but to completely rid yourself of the more complex past life imposed patterns and behaviors, help from the higher realms may be required. The Pleadians and Arcturians are available to help those who ask for help to clear these types of implants.

Many way showers and lightworkers on the planet at this time slipped under the reptilian robot system when the computer planning system was scanning them before incarnation. These way showers had many lifetimes that led up to this lifetime where they learned how to disguise who they really were and to hide many of their special qualities in order to become invisible to the system of control. However, there are some that were not able to hide everything, and these people received the big bad boy etheric implants which require some specialized removal processes. These implants are technologies that have consciousness. They come in many forms, one of which looks like a black octopus with tentacles. These are placed within the body for tracking and monitoring purposes, as well as to replay thoughts of self doubt, depression, anger, and other negative thoughts. These implants can be the cause of schizophrenia and manic depression. The most common places for these implants to exist are in the spinal cord, where the imprinting of our DNA lies. Another place is the base of the skull, and the tentacles can reach up into the brain. People who have had past lives with psychic abilities may have a disc-like implant over their third eye. They can also be placed around the heart, liver, lungs, throat, and the womb. Clearing of these implants can be done by skilled healers and since these technologies are living beings with consciousness, they have to be returned to the light to be recycled. When they are pulled out through psychic surgery, an empty space is left which should be filled with light. Usually only way showers with important missions have these kinds of implants, and although professional help is suggested to deal with these types of implants, never underestimate the power of someone of a high vibrational level remembering who they are and what they are capable of. To read more about extraction of these types of implants, please click on this link from the Galactic Connection website.

Most of the simple forms of implants that manifest as voices, beliefs, and patterns can be dissolved by spiritual intention and ritual. Some forms of this are:

-Burning a sage or cedar bundle or smudging
-Repetitive mediation and increasing the light quotient
-Calling upon Archangel Michael to remove any foreign objects or energies
-Thought and visualization of these being removed by the angels
-Ceremony- asking the ascended masters to gather and asking for removal

Keeping the body more alkaline than acidic and strengthening and growing your pillar of light make it more difficult for these implants to function. For most people, raising your vibration is ironically the best way to rid yourself of unwanted energies and technologies, since these technologies were meant to keep us from raising our vibration.

One of the biggest tools we have as human beings is laughter. Laughter instantly raises one’s vibration and negative aliens cannot feed on this type of energy. Imagine what would happen if everyone on the planet laughed at once- we might instantly shift into another level of vibrating!

Can raising my vibration lead to ascension?

Raising your vibration allows you to be a receiver for the fifth dimensional healing energies being sent to you from our ET brothers and sisters of the light. There are many races of beings available to us that agreed to help us realize or free will to move beyond the construct of the matrix. Freedom from this matrix allows entry through the doorway to fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies. Crossing the thresholds from density to expansion and raising our consciousness is the process of ascension.

Recognizing what is happening in your life and being aware of how you are feeling is the key to consciously raising your vibrational level. Life is like a computer program, a hologram that we are co-creating. Fear is the number one culprit of lower vibrational frequency, and the beings that need this emotional energy cannot exist without stealing it from humans. Simply put, eliminating fear on the planet will eliminate those who dominate and control the planet. Recognizing what has happened to humanity since the fall of Atlantis and transmuting this fear is the key to a mass ascension across the planet. Taking your power back and winning this game of control will be discussed in part ten of this series. Raising your vibration will automatically open the doors to the knowledge and wisdom only available to us through our inner knowing.

Many times information that is presented in articles and videos are layered and encoded with a vibration that will reach exactly who needs to hear it. Some of the information will just not resonate with others. Using your discernment about what feels right in order to keep raising your own vibration is many times confirmed by synchronicity and can be felt when the truth is confirmed through your body with “chills”, inside and out. Listen to your body in order to know what to eat and what needs more attention. Rather than trying to control your ascension, going with the flow will allow for more expansion and awareness, so do not get too wrapped up in techniques but rather feel them as you read them and let your higher self guide you to the place that you need to be. Trust yourself over anything or anyone else, and keep moving forward on your inner nudges and thoughts.

Stay tuned for the next article in this series- Transmuting karma, where we will define karma and discuss how karma affects this lifetime and what to do about it.

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About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events and as a contributing author for www.in5d.com. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.

David Wilcock – Personal Spiritual Development – A Guide To Ascension

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Lanto Speaks – Current Events – Prosperity – Power of Your Intention – Transcribed by Kathryn E May – 11-8-13

Dr. Kathryn E. May Kathryn E. Mays Lanto Speaks Message

Galactic Connection

Thank you for taking this message.  I come to you with news about the planet which I know you will be of interest to you and those who read your postings.

It is a time of tremendous change, as you know.  I will give you an update on some of the happenings you could not have access to in your media.

First, the Middle East.  Iraq is still suffering under the iron fist of Maliki, but this is beginning to change.  The dictator was severely chastened by your President Obama, and has begun to cooperate because he sees he has no choice but to do so.  I cannot tell you what pressures he was able to bring to bear, but you will learn these things in due time.  Your Obama is a brilliant negotiator, and he has the force of the Universe behind him.  It is a very effective combination.

Once Maliki steps aside, accepting the offer he cannot refuse, things will begin to change more rapidly in Iraq.  The people of Iraq are tired of living in primitive conditions, without proper services like electricity and clean water.  They did not thrive as they might under Saddam, but conditions were far better.  They are a proud people, used to creating much out of little, and they are ready for a change.  They are eager to take part in their own recovery and rebuilding, but Maliki is a selfish and controlling man who has prevented growth with his heavy-handed tactics and extreme greed.  Such is the aftermath of the war your previous administration engineered.

There have been negotiations around the world, involving the leaders of every major country involving the state of the global economy.  Many countries are over-stretched economically, threatening the global security.  This is the result of the dark practices of the rich and powerful cabal, the association of the Thirteen Families – those who nearly succeeded in draining away the resources of the entire planet by funneling the riches into their own pockets.  There are a few in your government who have seen this travesty and have struggled to stanch the flow, but every time they began to gain some ground toward enlightening the people, a new strategy was hatched by the Powers That Be.

Many of you are aware that the electorate of the United States has been relentlessly manipulated and mislead by campaigns which have been funded by the cabal.  The Tea Party Movement is only the latest of these ploys to stir up hatred, discontent and division in order to neutralize the efforts of any who oppose them.  They were nearly effective recently, when they succeeded in shutting down your government for no reason other than trying to create difficulties for the President, whom they despise.

Their reasons for despising Barack Obama are the following:  He is resolutely proceeding, with great restraint and patience, to change the entire global atmosphere.  He is a Lightworker of great power, which is recognized outside his own country, and his presence is welcomed whenever a difficult negotiation takes place.  He is working with very talented and dedicated underground teams to bring fundamental change, including the global reset of currencies.  He is also actively participating, in concert with his Secretary of State Kerry, to bring peace around the world.

It has not been apparent to the citizens of the U.S. that he is having a great effect, because of the barrage of propaganda that fills your airwaves, and because he does not wish to advertise his actions.  Nevertheless, in this fifth year of his administration, things are truly beginning to move.  I will alert you to a few of those things.

The stability of the world markets, and the civil control in many countries was in jeopardy because of the economic imbalances.  The only solution would be to accomplish a redistribution of wealth, including the dissolution of the institutions which had created the problem of great debt and overwhelmingly steep payment programs which are strangling nearly every country on the globe.

How did this come about?  Was it because of profligate spending on social services, as the world propaganda machine suggests?  Not at all.  The debts were created by the usury of National Banks around the world, which are all owned and operated by the Thirteen Families.  They had been successful in destabilizing governments around the world through war, engineered natural disasters and other trauma-producing devastation.  They then lent the money to repair the damage they had been paid to create.  It was a tremendously profitable enterprise, but it is coming to an end.

The United States will become a leader in the great Shift that is coming, in spite of the dysfunctional government of the moment.  New blood, and continued work behind the scenes will gain momentum in the coming days.  The true leaders will come forward, and those who have been elected and supported by the cabal will be exposed for the buffoons and scoundrels they really are.  The more visible bad actors were funded and supported by the so-called Tea Party, which was anything but a party of the people, but there are many more in both parties who are simply shills for the cabal.

You see, the great changes will be largely extra-governmental, as they have always been.  Your elected representatives have been largely powerless to effect change against the power of the Thirteen Families, until now.  You are now getting help from your Star Brothers and Sisters, and as you know, the Reptilians are gone.  The memory and teachings of their Dark ways is already losing its grip on the imaginations of the people, as they turn their eyes to the skies in wonder.  The stars are suddenly brighter, are they not?  Have they not become more numerous and brilliant than ever before?

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, the skies are filled with bright ships, and the astronomers are speechless.  Fortunately, your internet is carrying the news of the phenomenon.  People are seeing the pattern in their uncloakings as well.  They appear over large sporting events, where the energy is high and people are in a celebratory mood; they dance about in the skies for witnesses to document and share.  They respond to flashing lights on the ground by lighting up their green and red lights in greeting.  Their behavior suggests the playful camaraderie of friendly revelers, not threatening invaders.

All this is leading up to a marvelous, joyful culmination – a triumph of Love and perseverance.  You who have raised the vibration on the ground to such a high level have created these changes.  You will learn after your Ascension exactly how your Light  energies were instrumental in moving these changes forward.  It is the dynamic you have been taught – you create with the power of you intention.  The flow of energy which creates change is invisible to you, but it is not to us.  We see the actions and feelings of those on the ground, and we can follow the rippling effect of those actions.  It is these waves of energy and the patterns they create which give us the evidence we then use to predict how the change will unfold.

Sometimes we are a bit optimistic in our predictions, but we prefer that to discouraging you with negative news; it is not our way.  As the days passed and you became more organized in your concerted efforts to effect change energetically, the process has escalated.  The past year has been historic in the speed with which you move toward your glorious goal of Ascension for all humankind.  We congratulate you, and celebrate your success.

Now you will have a respite, Beloved Ones.  You will be given a time of rest and pleasure as you reap the rewards of your Faith and hard work.  The investments you have made in the currencies of Iraq and Vietnam will repay you handsomely, and you will create another global change by spreading the prosperity to all you meet.

The banks in Iraq are already distributing the currency at the new rates, quietly instituting the global currency reset in their country first.  Since Iraq has recently gained status as a global trading partner, their action will signal the change around the world, and all must now follow.  You need not worry about further delays.  The work is done; it is now unfolding according to plan.

You may wonder why it is I who have come to give you this news, since your channel could give you the same information through St. Germain.  I asked to come because I wish to tell you of the tireless efforts and brilliant achievements of our Beloved Master whom you call St. Germain.  He has been the energy and the creative force behind this endeavor for centuries now, attending to the complex intricacies of the financial systems, establishing enduring connections with Lightworkers on the ground, and nudging freedom forward in every arena where a spark presents itself.  His partner, Lady Portia, has been an equally tireless and effective participant, incarnating in many overlapping lifetimes, carrying the message to the people as she does now.

Together these representatives of the Godhead have carried the torch of freedom forward, setting the pace, in step with their beloved brothers and sisters whom you know as your Ascended Masters.  They have taken a leadership role during the past centuries to prepare the way for the return of our beloved Sananda, for this, above all, is the glorious event which will inspire and lift all hearts.

It is a time of celebration, a flowering of hope, and a glorious Final Chapter which reveals the great Truth that Love truly does indeed conquer all.  You are here to take part in the great celebration, the Ascension of Planet Earth – you, the hardworking beacons of Light and Love who have made it possible.  I bring you this message of gratitude and admiration from the Company of Heaven.  We love you without end; we cry tears of joy as we watch the final unfoldment of this Great Earthly Adventure.  We are One with you, and we await your triumphant return to the Fifth Dimension as cosmic heroes.


I am Lanto.

Via Kathryn E. May, on October 8, 2013, 7 am.  EST

Galactic Connection

Jesus – Channeller John Smallman – Your true nature is Love – Make a point of being Love in every moment


November 3, 2013 by John Smallman


The enthusiasm to awaken and to know God is intensifying daily as more and more of you add your intent to the human collective intent that God be known and honored all across the planet.  You are going to achieve this by living lovingly and compassionately and by cooperating peacefully and harmoniously to change yourselves, thus letting go of any egoic self-serving agendas to which you may have been attached, and by so doing changing the world into a place of holy joy.  This is not a pipe dream, this is an environment that you are working constantly and most effectively to bring into being, and success in your divine venture is inevitable, because it is the divine Will.

What is occurring on your beautiful planet is quite astounding, so stand ready to be amazed when you awaken and discover what you have brought into being.  You are all part of God’s divine creation, and you are, therefore, creating with Him a state of incredible beauty and goodness, the like of which has never before been seen on Earth.  It has been a long time in the planning and a lot longer in the accomplishing as you experience the stages of development from initial design concept to completion in linear time.  In truth, however, the entire creative process from inspired idea to fulfillment and completion has taken but a moment, just as long as it took to imagine and intend that it be so.

As divine beings your ideas or thoughts, when so intended, are created instantly, in the now moment.  That is how creation was designed and it is continually fulfilled by your infinitely wise and loving Father.  However, once you entered your illusory world of extreme limitation this was no longer possible, and because it seems so real to you, you believe that to create anything of value, in fact anything at all, takes a very long time.  And because of the limitations with which you have freely engaged this is what you experience.  This need not be so!  When you awaken these self-imposed limitations will just fall away, leaving you free to create whatever you desire instantly.

Within the illusion the limitations that you imposed on one another, by your collective choice and intent, have enabled pain and suffering on a massive scale to enfold you with apparently no adequate way of relieving it.  It appears to be an endemic and constant companion in your daily lives, whether you are a member of the wealthiest self-serving 1% or one of the rest of humanity.  You are all, by your freewill choices, subject to the limitations of the illusion in the form of illness, violence, pain, suffering, and finally death.  No one escapes, the wealthy just get to experience their suffering in relative comfort!  And that offers them very little actual comfort.

But that is all to end, because its time has passed, and the New Age, which was established very recently, is one of joy, peace, and abundance for all, although you still have linear time to contend with and so its fruits are not yet fully apparent.  A little more patience on your part is still requested, and that is proving very difficult for many of you because your hopes were raised and then seemingly dashed as apparently nothing of note occurred as the New Age birthed late last year.  Of course there has been an enormous energy shift right across the planet, as evidenced by the public and ongoing disclosing of so much of the endemic corruption that has held you in its thrall for so long.  Much has changed it is just that you were expecting change of a different nature – a magic wand sprinkling fairy dust, perhaps? – to see corruption and all its allies defeated and shamed.

Nevertheless, the intense and powerful field of divine Love enveloping the planet and all sentient life thereon is having a truly remarkable effect on all of you and your hopes have become a very strong intent that is bringing in the changes for which you have been hoping and praying.  The old order is collapsing, their power is dissolving, and their selfish and self-serving agendas can no longer be made manifest.  Political organizations everywhere are in severe disarray, and the economic policies that have caused so much damage worldwide over the last several decades can no longer be displayed as magnificent models that have proven to be effective in bringing wealth to many – the much touted theory of “trickle-down economics” has rightly been totally discredited.  The truth of the matter is, as all are now seeing, that those policies never worked as claimed, that they have always been used to enrich the already rich and disenfranchise everyone else, and that can no longer be permitted.

The days of “every man for himself” are long since passed, but the clearing away of the distrust and damage those policies produced does take time, which is why all that you had been hoping for so enthusiastically is taking a little longer than you had imagined to bear fruit.  The fruit is there and it is growing beautifully, so do not despair – that never helps anyone – observe it growing and swelling as it must prior to becoming ripe and abundant as the harvest approaches.  No one will be left out, short changed, or denied their share, for all will partake of this magnificent abundance, and joy will be boundless in the ensuing celebrations.

Keep returning at least daily to your place of inner peace and holy quietness.  When you are settled there reconfirm your intent to be channels of divine Love assisting all to awaken by living, teaching, and demonstrating Love in action.  All in the spiritual realms are with you encouraging and inspiring you to reach out and lovingly embrace all with whom you interact in any way at all.  A physical embrace can often be misunderstood or misinterpreted, but holding the intent to embrace all with Love without engaging in the physical aspect is exceedingly effective, and will most definitely be felt by those at whom it is directed.

But do not let that discourage you from physically embracing those whom you intuitively feel are open to it, remember that seeing loving hugs being exchanged uplifts the onlookers.  After all people go to the movies to enjoy watching demonstrations of love in action, and mostly they feel insufficiently loved in their normal daily lives.  Your true nature is Love, and within the illusion no one gets enough of It, so make a point of being Love in every moment, sharing It, and thereby bring all to their awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Wes Annec – Our Universal Family – You’re helping raise the Consciousness of your Planet – Ascension

newearth3-Image Source   –   Universal Angelic View


Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so much brimming Love and joy for the continual progress being made by each of you, we express that you’ve only reached the beginning of your enactment of widespread change and your fashioning of unity for all to enjoy and be a part of.

We note the efforts being made by an increasing number of souls to establish unity amongst themselves and those around them, and while our scribe seeks guidance about his own involvement in such things we can say that similar unity-based movements are being started all across your planet.

You’ve always been meant to come together and establish widespread unity and harmony, and we’ve long looked toward the dear Lightworkers and conscious souls to pave the road for unity by becoming examples of it in play.

We’ve given this idea to our dear scribe when he’s chosen to write about it, and needless to say, the process of writing can be very similar to that of channeling if the writer is opened up to inspiration from the spiritual realms.

Everything is Spirit

Every one of you is a Divine spiritual being existing in a realm comprised of physicality and spirituality, and it would of course be incorrect to state that your physical realm isn’t also spiritual.

Everything is spirit, and as humanity continues to come together and breed unity so will your oneness with every facet of consciousness around you be understood.

We can anticipate the awakening humanity taking the first steps toward establishing peace and harmony and presenting such concepts to the rest of your planet in a way that can be picked up on and accepted by everybody, and we’ll forever support every soul who decides to be a part of anything aimed at bringing forth unity and harmony because they’ve always been intended to come about.

Individuals and entire groups have always been meant to understand and act upon the need to unify and build a paradigm far away from your current, as the manner in which your current paradigm functions is one of keeping oneself ahead and letting everyone else fall if necessary.

You’re meant to share and Create everything together, dear souls. If you desire an economic system, in the eyes of Source it’d be based in abundance and prosperity for all instead of any “rat race” to get to the top of the financial pyramid.

Wealth and status aren’t as prevalent on other planets, even lower-dimensional planets, as they are on the Earth because it’s generally understood that all are One and are meant to respect and Love one another.

We applaud you dear awakening souls for the progress you’re making in every endeavor you undergo, and we encourage your continual expansion and addressing of everything holding your populace back from the full bloom of enlightenment waiting to be felt by all.

Those of you who are awakening and beginning to feel the energies of your descending heavenly reality can take the inspiration you’re being given and work to motivate and activate as many awakening souls around you as possible, and we encourage you to encourage others without pushing your belief or ideology onto them.

Sewing Awareness and Spreading Enlightenment

Every soul is awakening in their own way, which has been mentioned plentifully, and those who you can identify as “awakening” could always use encouragement and support amidst their process.

Every one of you is accessing the blissful vibrations that can be felt when opening yourselves up to the idea that something exists beyond your current perception, and the aforementioned illusion of limitation is being broken as more souls see beyond your purposefully instated, limited reality.

Your cabal has only been able to keep your general public ensnared in states of physical and spiritual limitation because of the non-understanding of the reality of the spiritual realms they’ve had a strong hand in breeding amongst the populace.

A philosophy of your cabal has been that as long as the masses can remain distracted and convinced that the reality they experience is the only one in existence, they’re malleable and controllable to enact the cabal’s wills and agendas.

The cabal has indeed thrived off of the unawareness of the general public, and those of you who feel yourselves on a mission to awaken the planet can work as actively as anyone else in sewing awareness and spreading enlightenment to every soul around you who’s becoming aware.

We encourage any attempt to pick up on and bring the energies of the spiritual realms through, because in doing so you’re helping raise the consciousness of your planet exponentially.

The entire collective benefits when you can situate yourselves on a good vibration and bring through the resulting pure energies, and the energies you’re bringing through are being given to those around you who may otherwise seem as if they could never awaken to all you’re coming to feel and understand within.

They certainly can and will in the manner that suits them best, and the energies you’re bringing through are accelerating this process and helping them and everyone else be a part of the awakening of your planet and the widespread establishment of the Divine qualities.

Allowing the Expression of the Divine Qualities

The Divine qualities can become much more prevalent and expressed in the Lives and experiences of each of you if you allow them and the understandings that can come with enacting them into your Lives.

You’re meant to enjoy your experiences and tap into the greatest Love imaginable from the realms of the lower-dimensional Earth, for in doing so you’re achieving the goal you set out to achieve when making your incarnations on the Earth.

The ultimate goal of many of you in incarnating on the Earth was to anchor the Light from a place that’s been a hub for darkness and service to self-oriented entities who’ve used your planet and your many species for their own benefit.

Humanity will come to understand the actions of corruption and tyranny on your planet and just how far your cabal has gone to keep your awareness of the reality of your existence suppressed, and as more people on your world find geopolitical awakenings so do more find spiritual awakenings, which can result from understanding the actions of the cabal.

It’s been mentioned before that understanding the distraction and illusory limitation prevalent and enforced on your planet will help plenty of dear souls to see past the illusion and glimpse the spiritual realms in clear and pure ways, and you each have the potential to break away from the illusion as it’s fed and enforced and tap into something much greater.

Not only do you have the ability to do so, you’re encouraged to do so in this and every moment. We ask you to recognize and honor your abilities, dear souls, because you have so much to Create and so much Love to sew and spread from the position you currently find yourselves in.

The level of Love and brimming joy you can now express and feel is growing in every moment as more awakening souls expand and take in the pure energies you’re being given, which are leading many of you to the perceptions you’re now uncovering.

You’re being led back to the understanding that Love and bliss are meant to be constant driving factors of your individual and collective experience, and unity amongst every facet of consciousness is a big aspect of feeling and expressing constant Love and bliss.

Disclosure and Free Energy Technology

The temporary difficulty and pain of the Earthly experience will matter little when one realizes their infinite nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, and if we haven’t stressed it enough in the past we’ll happily reiterate that you are much more than your bodies and the third-dimensional stresses that can come with them.

As long as you can allow yourselves to believe you’re deeply rooted in realms far beyond your physical wherein your spiritual potential and ability is infinite, you can break free from the matrix of control and spiritual enslavement and you can make real progress toward a new paradigm wherein every person has a say in the decisions that are made.

We’ve long thrown out general ideas for as many as possible to absorb and potentially act upon in regards to establishing a new paradigm on your planet, but ultimately, the work is yours to be done and while we have and will continue to assist you, we recommend understanding the power and ability you each possess and aptly getting to work.

If we could only express how much good your united populace is going to do and how much change and Love you’re going to Create and spread everywhere, then you’d understand our positive perspective when discussing your future and the work you’ll all be involved in doing.

As has been mentioned in the past, the free energy-based technology you’ll utilize when it’s been disclosed and put into production in a widespread manner will be brought to your planet before open landings of your star family and a collective understanding of our existence on and around your planet for longer than your history has been recorded.

Much has been suppressed concerning our existence and the assistance we’ve always offered your developing societies, and we’ve offered telepathic and physical contact to various civilizations in your past who found themselves ready to take the next step in their physical and spiritual evolution.

Indeed, people have ascended from the Earth in every time period of your history, even those that haven’t been recorded or disclosed to humanity, and your history in general is much different than you’ve been told.

Souls with the aim of keeping humanity uninformed and distracted about the reality of your existence and your true history have suppressed much information that’s vital for all of humanity to understand, and we’ll have a hand in introducing free energy technology and a plethora of other things that’ll see your current paradigm, however technologically advanced, vastly outdated.

Free Energy Tech has Various Purposes

The clean, free energy technology we’ll offer will be used for various different important and leisurely purposes, and devices will be and have already been Created that orient specifically toward using free energy to mitigate and cleanse the widespread pollution that remains fed in your current moment.

Gaia experiences much pollution of Her surface, waterways and atmosphere every day, and beyond the awakening public’s active involvement in projects and things of a similar nature designed to put an end to the most destructive pollution being allowed, you can send your positive energy to Gaia and offer healing and cleansing to Her water and Her atmosphere.

As awakening energy workers who are discovering your potential to sew vast amounts of pure energy unto your planet, there’s much you can do in every moment in the way of utilizing an ability many of you are just beginning to remember you possess.

You’ve possessed the ability to perform Lightwork for your planet and collective consciousness all throughout your Earthly experience, but it’s remained dormant as it awaited your understanding of its prevalence within you when you reached the stage in your individual growth you’re now reaching.

We understand that we’re speaking to a host of different Earthly souls at once when delivering this communication, and we wish to address those of you who don’t feel as if your spiritual abilities are clearly in your reach or are developing for you.

We can reiterate with Love that you’re only beginning to understand and re-access the abilities we speak of, and your very desire for these abilities to reach you has bred and is breeding such a rediscovery for many of you.

Allow any preconceptions about yourselves as human or spiritual beings to fall by the wayside as you embrace your infinity and the Love and bliss you can feel and express, for it’s here for you in abundance.

Allow the pain, strife and disharmony to integrate and dissolve away from you now as you embrace infinity and constantly-replenished bliss and joy, because this is the reality of your existence.

Difficulty = Catalyst

What humanity perceives as darkness or difficulty can, in many cases, act as a catalyst for the greater growth and development of your personal Light, and each of you holds pure troths of Light within that can be constantly accessed and felt.

Embrace your developing roles as Lightworkers and as conscious souls who can Create endless physical change in your outward reality, and understand that there truly is no separation between you and the higher dimensions any longer.

You’ve come from the higher dimensions to help uplift the Earth and Her collective, and in doing so you allowed yourselves to get lost in the illusion and the Earthly dramas that played out before you in each Life.

You’ve learned so much, grown so much and experienced more than most of us who are speaking with you during your time in the lower vibrations.

We’ve had our lower-dimensional experiences of course, but the extremes of the Earth have tested you and helped you gain the greatest understandings of lower-dimensional existence and of anchoring the Light from such existence.

Anchoring the Light from the Earth, a planet formerly shrouded in darkness, has been your ultimate task all along and now that you’re awakening out of the illusion, you’re remembering this task and anchoring exponential Light in preparation for your planetary ascension and remembrance of who you truly are.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we thank our ground crew in Love and appreciation for all of the trials, all of the conflict and pain you’ve willingly and Lovingly experienced for the good of your planet and the good of Creation.

Feel our Love spilling through this communication to each of you, and feel our presence around you as we bid you adieu and welcome you to connect with our lingering energies, which can now be felt and accessed.

We maintain constant links with those of you who are interested in connecting with us, and even when you decide to connect with us yet can’t feel our presence, trust that we’re with you and offering a plethora of Loving energy for your absorption.

Thank you to our Universal Family.



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Robin Marvel – 5 Surefire Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

By Robin Marvel

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Your Personal vibration is a lot like your fingerprint; it is unique to you as an individual.  Each moment, we have the opportunity to raise our vibrations, resulting in a healthy mind, body & spirit.  Living a conscious, positive lifestyle will encourage a strong inner core as well as raise your vibrations.  Enhance your life by choosing to experience elevated vibrations.  This will benefit you and all those you come in contact with.

Five Surefire Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

1.  Live in Gratitude~ Find something as simple as a plant in your home.  Take some time to appreciate the beauty the plant has added to the room and your life.  This works to shift your attitude because it is impossible to be in a state of gratitude and unhappy at the same time.

2.  Visit/Call a friend who has a positive personal vibration~Just being in contact with a person with a positive personal vibration will boost your levels immediately.  High vibrations always dominate low vibrations.  Socialize with those with high personal vibrations and elevate your spirit!

3.  Hold Your Power~Holding your power means being true to you.  The demands a person deals with can be overwhelming.  The things we need to get done and taking care of everyone else.  You have to remind yourself that it is ok to say no.  This means saying no to your spouse, your children, your parents, your boss and the list goes on and on.  Nurturing yourself is so important because if you are not true within yourself, you cannot be true to all those in your life. Taking the time to honor who you are does not mean you have to go out and spend money; it only means devoting some time to who you are!

4.  Practicing Acts of Kindness~Doing nice things for others is a surefire way to elevate your spirit.  Every person you encounter is busy on their own path.  Offering a kind smile or a compliment can change the moment as well as someone’s entire life, not to mention the change it creates in your life as well.  A great affirmation to practice while exploring acts of kindness is “because nice matters”  Do not underestimate the distance kindness travels.

5.  Living a Healthy Lifestyle~Your body is your temple.  You have the opportunity to decide the health and wellbeing of your body.  By nurturing your body with positive energy, good foods, and exercise you are creating a strong, resilient, healthy lifestyle.  Living a healthy healthy lifestyle includes taking care of your integrated whole:  mind, body & spirit.  All low vibrations and illnesses start on the inside and reflect throughout your life.  Some great ways to live a healthy lifestyle are eating good foods, practicing positive affirmations and exercising your body.

Robin Marvel is a multi-published author and motivational speaker in the field of self-development. She has devoted her life to encouraging others to stop looking through the wounded eye of negative experiences and start LIVING by applying the tools she has used on her personal journey that have changed her life.

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Penney Peirce – Frequency – How to Raise Personal Vibration and Why it is Essential

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Are you aware of your personal vibration as it changes, moment to moment?

How well do you manage your increasing sensitivity?

Can you raise your physical, emotional, and mental frequency at will?

What’s the higher purpose for the collapse of our traditional institutions?

Do you sense you’re shifting into a whole new reality—The Intuition Age?

Penney Peirce, pioneer in the field of intuition development and author of the groundbreaking classic, The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness, now leads us into new, more advanced territory with her latest release: FREQUENCY: The Power of Personal Vibration. Now Peirce moves beyond intuition, helping us achieve an even deeper connection with our body’s natural ultrasensitivity and giving us the means for recognizing and interpreting the guidance we receive via the subtle vibrations all around us.

In Frequency, Peirce explores the dynamics of energy, personal resonance, and our accelerating evolution into a totally new reality she calls The Intuition Age. You will learn to free yourself from negative or low vibrations (like suffering, depression, and victim consciousness), to feel your own unique “personal vibration,” and attune it, just as you would a radio station, to the naturally high frequency of your best, innermost self — your soul. By learning to live skillfully in an energy world, you will literally change yourself into a new kind of human being — and experience what is is to become “transparent” or enlightened.


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Much love to everyone.

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