Jose Sanchez Update – Unification of Light – Field of Absolute Potential, Light Symbol – 1-21-15

Hello my dear family,

So much has been taking place and we have all been pushed to our breaking point in order to transform into greater beings of light as our light bodies expand. It is my honor and pleasure to share my insights and messages as I receive them. My wish is to always share the best messages and encoded activations as my light allows to infuse in every word and symbol I share.

We are entering one of the most beautiful phases in the Unification of light that started on the 22nd of September in 2014. The Divine Union Force is more and more prevalent as it manifests at our dimensional level. We are witnessing the birth of the new and exciting possibilities the new forces are manifesting. We are also having more and more access to this new forces that will allow us to activate and to integrate greater light into our cellular structure.

The process is a slow and steady awakening of the inner core of the cellular structure. It started as a tone and now it is manifesting at the string level of our physicality. Many are already starting to show in their auras the new hues in color that this new light is activating within the self. The number of chakras has increased exponentially. The basic 7 chakra system is becoming more and more obsolete. Our energy system is very intricate and beautiful now as it manifests the new possibilities as our soul-spark becomes active.

The Soul- Spark is a new quality being birthed within our souls. In the past my teacher talked about the soul-spark which seemed a far possibility and now here we are. This new spark will give us access to the upper levels of our reality and into the new dimensions from 5D on. We will also begin the notice the greater qualities of our 3D reality and will begin to realize how amazingly beautiful this level is as well. We have seemed to forget or to have overlooked this magnificent reality we exist on.

What is happening is that we are beginning to make the best of our 3D reality as we begin to be inspired by the new frequencies of 5D. We are finally seeing the upper portions and vibrations of 3D which has been underrated by most. If you think about it what has made this reality isn’t simply the disconnect or separation as it is something we can overcome. The issue has been the control programmed run by the handlers and the oppressing monetary system they set in place to keep most from achieving their full potential. We are slowly rising from the control system. It has been an arduous journey but we are beginning to see the light.

A form of nuclear fusion is taking place at our lower levels. It is the mirroring of the merging of the divine masculine and the divine feminine sacred codes through the Great Central Suns. Our bodies are showing new qualities, new aspects and new gifts. The new children being born are encoded with such high energies. The new children are beyond the known crystal children and the indigos. They carry a more complete and pearlescent metallic qualities to their energy fields.

As the new energies manifest and we are brought closer to our divinity reality will begin to behave and interact differently. As difficult as it has been it is starting to show by the constant denial of humanity to accept the false flags and the lies that used to work so well in the past. Consciously or unconsciously most of humanity is becoming resilient to the tactics of control.

In reality and in essence we are simply changing perception and clearing and removing the veils of illusion. Except this time it is being done at a very large scale. After eons and eons of time the control system is being dismantled for good as it no longer has a value for growth.

Recently as I meditated I connected to a beautiful and powerful yet unknown energy. I wrote an article and a poem which I called the Sun of Unknown Possibilities. We have entered a stage of so many qualities and forces and vibration that the opportunities for growth are as much as all the possibilities and the unknown possibilities combined .
We need to keep our focus in the reality of potential. There is indeed an essence and a force of Potential or potentiality to create and manifest in a tremendous and powerful form by simply connecting to the Absolute Potential. When we begin to asses the energies there is indeed undifferentiated Source and it is there we can find the Absolute Potential.

The Divine Union Force, not to be confused with the divine union of twin flames by the way is the new frequency that can help as access the field of Absolute Potentiality. In the past creation and co-creation was an extremely beautiful field of energy and vibration that was readily available to all of us. The frequencies were a bit more difficult to connect with due to the levels of limitations including the quarantine we were in. Now and from this day forth we have a greater access due to the bridging and connecting power of the Divine Union Force.

Many beings at every layer of existence are and starting to merge with their mates as they are already tapping into the Divine Union Force which in turn is allowing them to see the larger scale of the field of Absolute Potential. When we find the potentiality to life, light, love and existence we open to infinite opportunities ad possibilities galore.

As they are now beginning to embody and function to the new energies and forces the domino effect or the trickling down has already begun to manifest into our reality. That is happening in conjunction to the direct field of energy being directed towards us key players in the golden ascension.

Due to the manifesting of the Divine Union Force many people are now beginning to find their mates and their better match in this life time. You will see a lot more marriages take place and more couples expressing love and people simply falling in love as they start to recognize the beauty that is within. February will indeed be the month of Love this year and in fact the entire year will be coded with the energy of love. The new codes of love will start to resonate stronger and stronger and more and more people will demand peaceful living. We will witness the fall of many old systems, including the financial trap. We are approaching the end of many phases and the beginning of many new forms of behavior and ways for humans to interact and behave. Light is becoming more and more apparent and and the manifestation of purity is now here at hand. We will in fact witness great changes in living, and great planetary changes which will happen in a more harmonious and peaceful manner rather than the gloom and doom predictions of timelines ago.

The symbol below when taken through the eyes or the hands, specially the hands can encode your light body with the new templates of Absolute Potential through the Unification of Light. Enjoy and feel free to use in any way you feel guided to do for the highest good.

Everything here is copy righted but feel free to share as long as you share the source.



Gaia Portal – Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals – 8-28-14



Streams of Higher Photonics align for

transmission through selected Gaia portals.

Such portals will be selected with in-built time flex

as final adjustments are required.

Severance from prior Light influx plans has completed,

as prior methods were evaluated as non-optimal.

Progress toward final Photonic activation of Gaia continues.

Ultimate Light Influx portals will show themselves

to all as activation moment nears.

Gaia Portal – Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals – 8-28-14



Streams of Higher Photonics align for

transmission through selected Gaia portals.

Such portals will be selected with in-built time flex

as final adjustments are required.

Severance from prior Light influx plans has completed,

as prior methods were evaluated as non-optimal.

Progress toward final Photonic activation of Gaia continues.

Ultimate Light Influx portals will show themselves

to all as activation moment nears.

Judith Kusel – Energy Shifts


We are now going through the greatest phase of being revamped and this will continue throughout and more or less until 2024.
It is an intense time of wakening up to the new and ancient energies being released.  It is something so powerful and potent, that I am doing my best to translate this into a language that you will be able to understand, as I have had mass downloads of energy field knowledge yesterday, with intensely important keys and codes getting activated.
In this there is a huge shift now from what we had in the industrial and technological ages, where all was in the mind.  The balance is now returning into that the mystical and magical is now returning.  With magic I am really referring to changing energy forms – therefore whatever one can dissolve and then reassemble is but a form of high technology.


Remember that in ancient days, magic basically was to understand the alchemical laws of fusion.  It was also a method of dissolving what looked like solid matter, into tiny particles and then rearranging it into a different form.  Therefore it was understood that all of life was but energy, and because one was energy one could have an effect on other energy fields, if one just knew how.  One was consciously rearranging energy fields and creating them into new patterns and forms, within the cosmic laws of creation.
It truly was not magic, but just a much higher state of consciousness and a more advanced evolutionary state.  Please do not confuse this shamanic work – I am not referring to this at all.
One of the components in doing this, was sacred geometry.  Another was sound and yet another was the vortex energy field as in the use of quantum energy fields.  This is something mankind will start remember how to do in the next 50 or so years – at the moment we are not even grabbling with an inkling of what this was all about.
In what I have been shown recently, there is thus a whole immense type of energy field now opening up within the earth which has lain dormant for billions of years.  It was removed or deactivated a long time ago, and it is now going to make itself felt. 
For want of a better word I will call this a marriage between the vortex energy fields and Goddess energy fields but in reality the two are one and same.  It is a vast creative force and it works via the intuitive heart-mind.  Therefore certain energy channels in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies have to be activated in order to be able to allow this energy to move through one and then to activate certain unused chambers within our third eye-brain, dormant for so long, and within our heart and solar plexus areas.  In reality this all links up to our spinal column – as this works in tandem with our chakra energy systems, but the higher chakras, need to be activated in order for all of this to start functioning and one whole.
I have had some amazing experiences in the last few months as I was shown this and I was being activated within so that I could move into this advanced technology – I had to get my own frequencies and vibrations up to that level in order to even glimpse this.  This is such advanced technology – but it is ancient – and it is like stepping into the quantum future of this planet, but in reality it is stepping into the past.
In a lot of ways we have to be reprogrammed to move into a different state of advanced being, where we can remember all of this.
The triggers therefore are not so much then in our energy fields and that of the planet, but are far more intricately evolved that this.  It works with the SOUL energies, as each one of us has unique soul frequencies and vibrations, and some souls are programmed to activate at certain times, when they get into contact with certain vortex energy fields in the planet – often they do not do this consciously but subconsciously, when they are being pulled to a certain place and then just feel like they FEEL better, or more activated there.
With all of this which is being now reactivated within us, we need to understand once and for all that the old ways are leaving us.  It does not help to try and rationalize this, nor go into fear patterns, nor try to run away from it – for indeed how can you run away from your own soul and its soul contracts?  How can you run away from what you knew would happen when you would incarnate onto planet earth?
It is just that most have been so controlled and programmed by the society and institutions that they cannot think for themselves, and more than this, they have not learnt to question and find the truth from deep within. 
All paths lead within.
I would not be able to share all of this with you, if I had not been brave enough to leave behind my old life and then follow my visions and calling and move into a totally different way of seeing and experiencing life. 
I know this to be true of many people who shared their stories with me.  We all at some point lost everything, in order to regain our soul and be led to expand in many ways.  This expansion has given us a whole new conscious awareness – but the old first had to disintegrate completely, and we had to be reprogrammed so to speak from our soul connections, and cosmic citizenship, in order to remember and then allow this to be activated from deep within.
So these next few months and years are going to bring us in truly more and more quantum shifts in consciousness.  It will literally shake us awake from the sleep of billions of years and the depths of forgetfulness. 
I have found the more I remember, and the more I am getting activated, that there is a sense of familiarity – some part of me knows this and has known this for eternity.  I just fell asleep for awhile, that fraction of me that is incarnated in the here and now on this planet.  The rest of me as access to the most amazing information held in the whole cosmos, for it is all one and same vast energetic field – all creation is one vast energy field.  It is a matter of learning to tap into this vast field and claiming your own keys and codes within it.
(Judith Kusel) 
Judith Kusel

Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe – Male and Female Energy – 8-17-14

Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua: Male and Female Energy, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, 2014 at:

Dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to be with you again. I am so glad to be in your company. You have a tendency to look up to me, or to beings like me, as masters but we do not see it that way. We see you following your path on earth at a challenging time, a time when much is changing, and we see you growing towards your own mastery.

We see you becoming the masters that you still look up to at times. And this is what it is all about – finding your own mastery! Do not follow any master that is brought before you by tradition or by books or by anything someone else is telling you. Find your own mastery – that’s what it’s all about.

Today I would like to speak about a theme that reaches back far into your history: the energies of the male and the female. These are old energies and a lot is going on with them right now.

First I would like to say something about the nature of the male and the female. These energies are two aspects of the One. They therefore are not really opposed or dualistic, they are one; they are two faces of one energy.

The male energy is the aspect that is outwardly focused. It is that part of God or Spirit that drives outward manifestation, that makes Spirit materialize and take form. The male energy therefore knows a strong creative force. It is natural to the male energy to be highly focused and goal-oriented. In this manner the male energy creates individuality. The male energy allows you to separate yourself from the One, from the Whole and to stand alone and be a specific individual.

The female energy is the energy of Home. It is the energy of the Primal Source, the flowing Light, pure Being. It is the energy that has not yet manifested, the inner aspect of things. The female energy is all encompassing and oceanic; it does not differentiate or individualize.

Now, imagine the energy of the female becoming aware of a certain movement inside of her, a slight restlessness, a desire for… reaching out, outside of her boundaries, moving outside of herself to attain experience. There is a longing for something new, for adventure! And then an energy comes to her that answers that longing. It is the male energy that wants to be of service and help her manifest in matter, in form. The male energy defines and shapes the female energy and by their cooperation the total sum of energies can take a completely new direction. A new reality can be created in which everything can be explored and experienced, in ever changing forms of manifestation.

The dance of the male and the female brings forth the fluctuating spectacle of created reality, of your creation. This is a spectacle of great beauty wherein the male and female energy worship each other and celebrate their cooperation and playful joining. And this is as it should be. The male and female energy belong together, they are two aspects of the One and together they celebrate the joyful manifestation that Creation is supposed to be.

It has been said that in the final realization of who you are, the only truth that matters is: I AM. And in this mystical mantra, precisely those two aspects merge. In the I is the male energy, in the AM is the female energy. The I is constricting, differentiating. It gives focus, it gives direction, it individuates: I, not the other, I. And then AM. AM is oceanic, all encompassing. It reflects the ocean of Home, the female energy, the inexhaustible source that knows no bounds, no differentiation. The flowing and joining aspect is the core of the female energy. In the I AM, the male and female come together and blissfully join their energies.

Now in the history of humanity and even before humanity existed, a conflict arose between the masculine and the feminine. I shall not go into the origin of this conflict now. But in your history there is a drifting apart of male and female energy so that they appear as opposite forces. The yin-yang symbol demonstrates the true situation very well. In the masculine there is always a core of the feminine, and in the feminine there is a core of the masculine, just as there is a white dot in the black and a black dot in the white. But in the course of history, this mystical unity of the masculine and feminine has been forgotten and these energies have become opposed to each other as black and white. The underlying unity was no longer recognized.

Right now, you are in the last phase of this history of conflict, in which the male energy has played the part of perpetrator for many centuries. The male energy has long been playing a part in which it oppresses, mutilates and destroys the female energy. It was not always like that. There have been times in which the female energy had the upper hand and wrongly manipulated and ruled the male energy. But that time is over. The conflict took a different turn at a certain point and the roles of perpetrator and victim were reversed.

The male energy has been in power for a long time now and has misused this power in such a fashion that the female energy has been weakened and does not realize the integrity of her Being anymore. Whenever the masculine and feminine are in conflict, the disintegration of both is inevitable. Where the feminine gets victimized more and more and gets lost in self-denial, the masculine energy loses itself in ruthless violence and the kind of aggression you know from the many wars in your past.

The masculine and the feminine depend on one another. When they battle each other, the consequences are disastrous. But times are changing. Since the 19th and 20th centuries, the female energy is regaining its strength and rising above the role of victim. This resurrection comes from deep within the feminine energy. She has finally reached the outer limit of her self-denial. At this point she has looked herself in the face and has stated: this is as far as it goes.

By the way, this is how it always goes in the dynamic between victim and perpetrator. Change starts when the victim refuses to accept any more. The perpetrator could well hang onto his role for a longer while, for he has less of a reason to stop. Revolution starts where the victim refuses to accept any more and finally takes back her power. In all situations of repression, for example of women in their family or in society, the real moment of change is when the woman – or the feminine energy within a person – decides for herself: I will not take this any longer. This is when change truly starts to happen. External measures are useless until this moment presents itself.

The female energy has arisen and its star is rising. Actually the most urgent matter in this time and age is the transformation of the male energy!! It is now time for a new definition of male energy. I could have easily called this channeling “the rebirth of the male energy.” For I want to stress that it is only in reunion with a matured and balanced male energy that the female energy can flourish again.

The female energy has in the past century and even before that regained power and strength. It has begun to flourish in a new and more balanced way. Despite the inequality of the sexes that is still present in your society, the rise of the female energy is unstoppable. However the female energy cannot gain full strength and vitality without cooperation with the male energy. This goes for the collective level as well as the individual.

The female energy cannot make its final breakthrough without the support of and connection with the male energy. This is not because of an inherent weakness in the female energy. It is because of the essential nature of male and female energies: the fact that they are intertwined and can only fulfill their brightest potentials in cooperation. This is why it is imperative now that the male energy reshape itself and venture into the new!

When you look at the interplay between male and female on a collective level, the female energy is now in a position of waiting. She is waiting. At present there is a struggle going on within the collective male energy between the old and the new. A new wave of energy is dawning within the collective male energy that honors and respects the female energy. This new wave of male energy wants to join with the female and together enter the New Age. But at the same time an older wave of male energy is still active and trying to persist. This energy is clearly working in the series of terrorist attacks that has taken place all over your world.

The male energy in its old role of heartless aggressor is thereby showing its nasty side. In the ones who commit these horrendous attacks there are very dark emotions: aggression, anger and at the same time utter powerlessness and helplessness. It is from this utter helplessness that they appeal to the most brute and destructive types of power display. This male energy we are speaking of is in its death agonies. It senses that there are important changes going on collectively and that humanity is on the threshold of a new era.

One of the problems you are now facing, while growing towards a more balanced cooperation between male and female, is how to deal with this kind of ruthless energy. What are we going to do about this old male energy that is trying to create as much havoc and destruction as possible in its downfall? Let me tell you this: its downfall is a fact. The struggle has been lost by the old male energy, but it will not surrender easily and it will resist to the very last with aggression and merciless attempts at domination.

Much will depend on how the inner collective attitude will be to these aggressors. Will you allow anger and powerlessness into your own energy field as a reaction to acts of violence? Then you open up to the energy field of the aggressors. At the very moment you feel overpowered by anger and resentment toward them they have reached their target. You are then sucked into their energetic vibration and you would be willing to kill as well: kill the murderers of the innocent.

This is all very understandable, but is it vital to realize what’s happening here. As soon as there are intense emotions rising up, it is wise to make a pause, in silence. Go back to the quiet, knowing part of you and ask: what is really going on here? It is all about your wisdom and discernment now, your ability to see through things and to feel what really is at stake. The world will not be taken over by terrorist powers; the old male energy has served its time and its dying hour is at hand.

The most important message I have about terrorism, this manifestation of old male aggression, is: stay conscious! Do not let yourself be taken off-center by emotions of powerlessness, i.e. by getting victimized. Know that no one will be touched by this aggressive energy if they do not allow it into their energy field. If you do not react with anger or hatred, you will not draw it to you. You will be safe and protected by your own light.

I now would like to pay attention to the more mundane individual level, the level at which you deal with the male and female energies within yourself. For on the individual level as well there has been a struggle between the male and the female energies. Everything that happens collectively mirrors processes at the individual level.

To illustrate the importance of balance between the feminine and the masculine on the individual level, I will speak of the energy centers in every human, which are also called the chakras. There are seven of them that you know of now and these are located along the spine, from the tail bone to the crown. I will go into all of these chakras briefly, to show you that they are all characterized by either a predominantly male or female type of energy.

The tail bone (root) chakra is the energy center that connects you to the earth. The energy in this chakra reaches out to the earth and allows you to manifest your soul energy in physical form on the dense, material level of reality. In view of the reaching out and manifesting type of energy in the tail bone chakra, you may call it a predominantly male chakra. A chakra is never completely male or female, but one may say that the male energy has the upper hand here.

The second chakra is called the navel (belly button) chakra and it is the center of emotions. This center allows you to experience emotions, mood swings, in short all the highs and lows of emotional life. It is a receptive center. That is why I call it a female center, a chakra in which the female flow of energy dominates.

The third chakra, also called the solar plexus, is a center of action and creation. This is a center which reaches out and allows energy to manifest in physical reality. You may compare it to the sun, the outpouring of rays and the power of the yellow sunlight (the natural color of the third chakra is yellow). In the solar plexus your thoughts, ideas and desires are transformed into outer manifestation. It is the chakra of action and outward expression. It is also the seat of the ego, meaning the earthly personality, without negative implications. The predominant energy is male.

The heart chakra is a receptive center like the navel chakra and it has the special ability to connect different flows of energy. It is the center in which the energies of the lower three chakras (earth reality) and the upper three chakras (cosmic reality) connect. The heart is the bridge between mind (head) and emotion (belly). From the heart you are also able to connect with others and transcend yourself. The heart transcends the boundaries of the ego and enables you to feel oneness with anything outside of you, even with All That Is. The heart chakra is the gateway to the energy of Home. It is clearly a center of connection and it is therefore predominantly feminine.

The throat chakra is male. From this center inner promptings, ideas and emotions are given physical shape through speaking, crying, laughing, singing, yelling etc. Here the inner life is expressed outwardly by communication through the voice and through language. This center enables you to make your inner life known to others by means of physical signals: words, sounds, concepts. It is a center of manifestation that enables you to focus your energy outwardly into the physical plane. It is also a center of creativity.

The sixth chakra, also called “the third eye” which is located in the middle of your head, is feminine again. It receives extra-sensory, intuitive impressions and transcends the boundaries of the physical (the five physical senses). It is the seat of clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. Through this center you can feel the energy of someone else – the emotions, the pains, the joys – as your own. With this ability of empathy, you transcend the boundaries of the ego and you connect with “that which is not-you.”

Finally there is the crown chakra, on top of the head. This chakra is neither male nor female. Or you might say: it is both. In this chakra, you rise above the duality of male and female. The crown chakra is an interesting combination of both energies. When this chakra is balanced, the consciousness therein is in a state of receiving as much as reaching out. There is a reaching “upwards” to other dimensions, where it seeks spiritual meaning or support, or to deeper layers of the Self. And at the same time there is a quiet and tranquil receptiveness, a knowingness that the answers will come in good time. It is a type of consciousness that is both highly focused and highly receptive. In this “state of mind” you come very close to the unity that underlies male and female energies, the energy of Spirit or God.

I have now sketched very roughly the movement of the male and female energy flows throughout the energetic body of the human being. Now I wish to speak of the lowest three chakras in particular. These are the chakras that are most connected to the earth, that are most involved with being in the earthly realm. This area of the lowest three chakras is of utmost importance in your inner road to healing, for in this area lie the deepest traumas and emotional scars.

You often feel you are earthly beings opening up to the spiritual. But we see it the other way around. You are spiritual beings opening up to the earth. The earth is a brilliant destination, a hidden diamond that has yet to reveal its true beauty. The earth is the Promised Land!

Heaven is your birth place. But you will not return to the state of consciousness that you remember as “Home” or “Heaven,” to a state of purely spiritual being. The adventure of Creation brings you to new destinations; you are always expanding and progressing towards a wholly new type of consciousness. (We have spoken of this before in the last chapter of the Lightworker Series). Earth is an essential part of this journey.

However in your manifestations on earth and your attempts to express yourself there, you have suffered much pain. Almost all of you have severe emotional wounds in the lowest three chakras caused by experiences of rejection, violence and abandonment. This may have happened in past lives as well as in this lifetime. Almost all energy blocks in the upper chakras are related to emotional hurts in the lowest three chakras.

I will say a little about the tail bone chakra first. Your connection to the earth has become emotionally burdened, especially for lightworkers. Because you have met with grave resistance over many lifetimes, there is much fear and reserve in you when it comes to truly grounding yourself. Grounding yourself means being fully present in your earthly bodies and expressing your innermost inspiration in material reality. The resistance to grounding yourself fully has been discussed before (in the Lightworker series). It has mainly to do with you “being different” and having been rejected for it.

In the second chakra, the emotional center, you have also been affected deeply by experiences of being threatened or deserted (literally or emotionally) and by being severely restricted in your self-expression.

With these traumatic burdens in the lowest two chakras, the solar plexus (third chakra) is also heavily affected. The solar plexus has to do with life force, creative energy and power. You know few examples of what true power means. With this I mean power that is not aggressive and destructive. In the solar plexus chakra you often see that a person manifests himself or herself either in an aggressive, controlling way, or in a subdued, overly modest way. Both ways are the result of underlying feelings of helplessness, stemming from a wounded first and second chakra. In the third chakra it is all about finding a balanced way of dealing with power and control, it is about a balanced ego.

Ego is okay! The ego has a proper function; it lends focus to your consciousness which enables you to create and manifest as the separate individual that you are. Yes, you are part of a greater Whole but you are also “I,” separate and different from anyone else. The ego is a necessary complement to the spiritual part of you that transcends the “I.” The energy of the ego is fully honorable and justified in the energetic reality that you live. True power is in the joyful alignment of ego and Spirit.

The area of the lowest three chakras is the most important area in self-healing and inner growth. The greatest spiritual challenge to you now is to take care of this wounded area in yourself. Meditating to transcend physical reality or connect to elusive cosmic levels is not your main goal now. Your goal is to give your gentlest understanding and loving support to that hurt inner child within you and to restore its beauty and playfulness. This is your spiritual journey; herein lies the greatest treasure. Cherishing and respecting the human side of you, the child part of you, is your road to divine compassion and enlightenment.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that within this energetic area, two out of the three chakras concerned are male. This shows that especially with regard to the male energies within each of you, much healing work is to be done. Therefore my message to you now is: heal the male energy within! The feminine energy is in many ways recovering and acquiring the strength needed to express itself fully and beautifully. The female qualities of intuition, sensitivity and connectedness are being appreciated more and more, individually as well as collectively.

But it is not so clear what a balanced male energy truly looks like. The male energy somehow got lost in false images of what it means “to be a man,” stereotypes that always boil down to power through aggression. It is vital to recognise and express the true nature of male energy. The female side now needs the balanced male energy to be able to truly fulfill her role. The female energy is waiting, not just at the collective level but also on the individual level. The female energy is getting out of its victim role, regaining its self-esteem and it is now wanting to manifest itself powerfully and joyfully through reunion with the male.

So, what then is the power of balanced male energy? This goes for the male energy in both men and women.

In the first chakra, a healed and balanced male energy leads to self-consciousness. The male energy does not have to fight and struggle anymore, it is present through self-consciousness. Presence, i.e. being fully present with all of your soul, is an essential quality of the first chakra. Being present self-consciously means to stay aware of yourself, remaining centered, not getting lost in someone else’s opinions, expectations or needs. It is about finding the balance between connecting with others and being true to yourself. A balanced male energy in the tail bone chakra allows you to remain centered and aware of yourself while you interact with others and the outside world.

It is essential to develop this quality of self-consciousness, for it will protect and guide your female energy. The female energy is naturally inclined to connect with others (other living beings) and to be present with the other in a caring, nurturing way. The male energy makes for boundaries and helps find a balance between giving and receiving. With regard to the flowing, connecting female energies, the male energy in the lowest chakra fulfills the role of anchor and backbone. It is the point of coming home to yourself, the point of releasing ties to other energies you have connected with.

The solar plexus or third chakra fulfills the same role in a different way. This chakra is, as I said before, the energy center of the ego. You still have trouble with this concept of the ego. Especially among lightworker souls, there is a tendency to look upon the giving, self-transcending energies in the human being as “higher.” But it is not so. You live in a world in which two energies play together and form the building blocks of Creation. One tends to connect and seek for unity, the other creates separation and individuality. And the latter energy is just as viable and valuable as the former one.

It is important to make peace with the male energy, to embrace your individuality, your uniqueness, your “I-ness.” There is an essential “aloneness” in life which has nothing to do with loneliness, but which has everything to do with you being an “I,” a unique individual. To embrace this aloneness does not stand in the way of experiencing deep connections to others. If you truly embrace your individuality, you become an empowered, independent and creative individual able to share your energy deeply with anyone or anything, because you are not afraid to lose yourself in it or give up your individuality.

The male energy of the solar plexus helps you become truly creative and empowered. That is what the female energy in you is waiting for. Your heartfelt inspiration wants to make itself known on the material level, it wants to come out in a very earthly manner and bring tidings of love and harmony to the earth. The female energy is the carrier of the New Age but it needs a balanced male energy to truly manifest itself and grow roots into material reality. That is why it is of such great importance that the energies of the first and third chakra are healed.

The energy of a healthy ego, the healed solar plexus, is self-confidence. In the first chakra it is self-consciousness, in the third chakra it is self-confidence. This is not the kind of arrogance you see in an inflated ego. It is about simply trusting yourself: “I feel that I can do it!” It is being aware of your own deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities and then acting accordingly. Let your energies flow out of you, trust your natural talents and gifts, trust who you are and show yourself to the world! Especially for you lightworkers who carry so much inner knowledge and wisdom, it is now time to show yourself and not hide anymore. It is time. This is your destination and in this you will find your greatest fulfillment.

Make peace with the male energy within. Do not hesitate to stand up for yourself, to receive abundance and to take good care of yourself. Be egotistical, in the pure and neutral sense of the word. You are an ego, you are an individual. You cannot and need not be forgiving and understanding all the time. It is not spiritual to tolerate everything and anything. Clearly there are moments at which you have to say “no” or even “farewell” and not compromise who you are. Do this without guilt or fear and feel how the male energies of self-consciousness and self-confidence empower you to let the delicate flower of your female energy flourish and shine.

It is all about the cooperation between the energies. Male and female energies have gone down together in a long and painful struggle. They will also rise together, for one cannot be balanced without the other. Now that the female energy is ready to rise from the ashes of humiliation and repression, there is an urgent need for a rebirth of the male energy. This rebirth of the male will become visible on a collective scale eventually, but it will first manifest in each of you separately, man and woman. You all are the keepers of these ancient energies within you, and it is your birthright to make their partnership equal and joyful.

Ascended Master Hilarion – A Love Bomb to End All Darkness – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May – 8-2-14

A love bomb - HilarionImage Source


Ascended Master Hilarion:

Greetings everyone! It is a great pleasure coming through this channel for the first time, although I am not a stranger to the work that is being done here. I am delighted for the chance to speak with all of you. Mother God let us know that we would have a special opportunity to come through, since Kathryn has agreed to do a message every day until the Revaluation of Currencies. I suppose you are aware that the purpose behind these messages is to provide a challenging lesson for you every day, one which will help you to clear away an old remnant of darkness and replace it with Light. I am happy to be a part of such an uplifting project.

We are all interested in the path of humankind toward their Ascension. We watch carefully as the dance is acted out – the thrust and parry between the Light and Dark on your planet. Of course the deck is stacked in favor of the Light, since the appearance of darkness (and what you sometimes call evil) is really just an illusion. Are you really in full understanding of how that is possible? Perhaps I can give you another perspective on it.

Let us take the example of the minions of dark ones who are now carrying out the terrible assassination plots against the bankers who have worked for the largest of the corrupt financial institutions. Of course these 38 and counting bankers whose deaths have been counted as “suicides” are nothing of the kind. Not one of them had any psychiatric problems, they were all successful and highly paid, and had absolutely no motive for suicide, unless you consider the possibility that they all suddenly had a fit of conscience and could not live with their own participation with the cabal systems. That is highly unlikely, since the kind of high life they were all living generally becomes addictive and difficult to leave – all the more likely that it was not suicide.

Most of the deaths were people who worked in the area of IT or communications in their banking companies. They therefore are the ones at high levels of responsibility who had access to the information about the fraud being committed every day. Is it not obvious to you that these would be the ones who need to be eliminated, just as the Treasury Department comes searching around looking for evidence of the extreme and unethical practices they know are epidemic in recent years? These are the men (they are all men) who have the evidence needed to shut down all the major banking corporations on the globe.

Now, why do I, Hilarion, who is usually concerned with the natural world, bring up this issue right now? Because I am also interested in the new governance coming to the Earth which will allow many of you to be free to support your Mother Earth and the precious Kingdoms of Elementals, Animals and Plants which have suffered along with you for so many years.

Do you see the fundamental connection between the kind of greed that drives a cabal leader and the ongoing devastation of the natural world? Of course you do. Where there is a connection between power and money there is greed, and where there is greed there is corruption, and where there is corruption one of the first things to go is any concern for protections for Mother Earth’s health and well-being.

This is why we who are the protectors and healers of the non-human Kingdoms are so involved right now with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters who come to work with us on removing toxins and nuclear waste from the environment. We are watching hopefully as the humans who were trained – brainwashed, really – by the Reptilian-controlled cabal, to see how they will carry forward now that their leaders are gone from the planet. We continue to hope that in spite of the ruthless programs under which they were trained, they will gradually find their hearts and begin to question the use of murder, blackmail, extortion and threats when they deal with the threat to their power base, which is dwindling.

As the energies of Light on the planet increase, the pressure is on for everyone, even those who have prided themselves in being completely immune to feelings of compassion or generosity, which they consider weakness. As they go through their days priding themselves in being callous, others around them are beginning to soften, awaken, and question whether they wish to continue on the path they were seduced into when they were young.

There are developing schisms between the most powerful leaders, who formed the tight-knit family connections by calculated marriage and business arrangements, not out of Love for one another, but because of the power they could accrue by creating tightly-controlled secret organizations. There are cracks forming in the foundations of their structures, as younger family members begin to defect in opposition to the status quo. Just as in the natural world, it is the young who are the promise of the future for their parents, and the Universal Laws which govern all are beginning to be felt, especially by those who still have a glimmer of connection to Creator.

A few have “slipped through the cracks” by pretending to be interested in the dark religious practices they were raised in, while secretly exploring the internet sites which have proliferated like this one, offering a different view of what Life can be. You see, Light will out, always. Once one begins to question and absorb these lessons, there is no turning back. Have you not noticed this? The more of these messages you read, the more it all begins to fall into place, to form a larger understanding of the Universe than you ever dreamed of a few years ago.

Now, let me sketch the rest of the picture for you. The military-industrial complex is owned and operated by the same people who control the financial institutions. The military-industrial complex is the source of the worst toxins and invasive practices which harm the beautiful beings who have always lived in peace with humans, doing their service of nurturing and protecting the natural world. So you see, the war between the banksters and their minions is going to soon spread to the military leaders and their officers and troops.

The U.S. Navy has resumed their irresponsible testing of sonar technology, even after the people’s letter-writing campaign which brought a halt to the testing and a supposed “rethinking” of destructive practices. When the cetaceans begin leaving in large numbers because they cannot stand the pain and hostilities toward them, it will create an even greater outcry from the people, and it will become difficult for even the previously hard-nosed bureaucrats to maintain their indifference.

Whales, dolphins and even merpeople are considering a mass exodus from the planet at this time. The attacks on them will no longer be able to be kept secret when they begin washing up on beaches. It is difficult to hide or quickly dispose of a dead whale, and there are activists everywhere watching the beaches and creating protests around the world to protect their Brothers and Sisters of the oceans.

So you see, Beloved Ones, everything hinges on all of you raising your vibration to a point so high that it sweeps everything before you in a great upsurge of Light, making it impossible for the banking/military leaders and their troops to continue their dark practices. In doing so, you will rescue the Kingdoms of the Earth from the destruction they are suffering right now. In creating this powerful tsunami of Light, you will reach the tipping point, beyond which no destruction will be possible because the higher dimensions are completely intolerable for anyone invested in darkness.

The dark minions will be forced by the simple physics of Light to drop their weapons and close the doors of their greed-fueled establishments. They will experience exactly the same overwhelming, painful vibration which has driven the cetaceans to beach themselves. A whale cannot cover its ears and scream, but the humans who harbor destructive energy will feel that way.

So, Dear Ones, here is my challenge to you: Envision your friends and fellow travelers in their ocean, air and forest habitats. See them close to you, joyfully swimming, flying and bounding toward you to greet you and look into your eyes. Feel your exhilaration and joyful laughter as you see emerging around you the fairies, elves and other nature spirits who are so gentle and filled with Love. Watch in your mind’s eye the playful leaping and splashing of the dolphins with their young. Revel in the sense of intimate connection with these beautiful Creations of God.

Picture in the distance the scheming and calculating managers of money and power, engrossed in their dirty dealings. See their sallow skin, their hollow smiles and contrived gestures. Notice how empty of joy or real camaraderie they are. Do not draw close to them; they are not of your vibration. Instead, focus your attention on the overflowing Love you feel in the company of your Brethren, and create a Light channel to focus and direct your joyful and loving feelings toward them.

See the Light and Love wash over them, seeping into every pore of their being, pouring directly into their hearts. As they fight against the onslaught of Light, see them stiffen and try to fight off the feelings of Love they are absorbing. Some will double over, others will cover their ears and close their eyes, others will cry out in pain as they fight against the Light.
Soon, it will be impossible for them to fend off the great power of Love, and they will find themselves, weak and overcome, helplessly falling to the floor, submitting to the feelings of joy that fills every part of their soul, their bodies and minds.

They will feel themselves hopelessly in Love, weak in the knees with the deep and powerful energies which course through their veins, opening all their channels to receive Light. They will arise from their faint with the sound of a song in their ears and in their hearts. It will be a song of joy and celebration for the deep and abiding connection with All Things.

They will be brought to tears by the emotions of compassion, gratitude and Love, and they will fall to their knees to ask forgiveness for the pain they have caused their precious Brothers and Sisters. God’s great Light of forgiveness will fill their souls with relief and happiness, and the gratitude they feel will remain with them as the new and permanent feeling which will guide their actions henceforth.

You, Beloved Ones, are going to change the world. These newly-awakened people will become the next wave of impassioned activists, and they have the skill and know-how to change all the things you have prayed would be removed from your world. You. You have the power to create this massive shift.

Join with your friends on your internet Facebook site, Healing for Ascension Tour,* and set a time for all of you to create a meditation such as I have described above, and create a Love Blast so powerful that you will bring on the immediate announcement of the RV, and drive everyone to who has been playing on the dark side to make the leap into the Light.

What fun you have ahead, Dear Ones, you who are gladiators and warriors for the Light. Exercise your great power of Oneness. Feel the thrill of conquest, as you vanquish all darkness with your great tsunami of Love. Know that in doing this, you will create a new energy on the planet which can never again be defeated. You are on the upswing, with powerful help from the blast of energies from the Central Sun to buoy you up and carry you across the line into the New Golden Age. You will arrive hand-in-hand, so to speak, with all the beings, all the humans and all the spirit world into the loving embrace of our Great Creator.

Hallelujah! Let the celebration begin!

I am your Hilarion, in great joy, savoring the Vision of Life we have just created together.

*Facebook: Healing For Ascension Tour

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Aug. 1, 2014, 8 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,



Saint Germain – In Divine Light – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E. May – Accept the Cloak of Divinity, with Humility, Gratitude and Joy! – 7-20-14

purpleSt. Germain: In Divine Light


Saint Germain

Hello, Dear Friends,
I am in love. My heart is swelling with laughter and joy at the wonderful things we have ahead, but even more so, with the exquisite pleasure of being here with our Kathryn, in the deep woods of Quebec, looking out at the wondrous lake where we came to spend a few days in meditation and channeling. The lake is completely silent today, even though it is Saturday. There are no motor boats here, no jet skis to break the beautiful sense of communion with God.

A bird is singing in a nearby tree. It is the only sound, save the quiet lapping of the ripples along the shore. It is here that we wrote the prose-poem to Nature which we called “The Hawk and the Hummingbird.” It was near the time that she was finishing her book, and we included it as a light and loving note to express our deep love for Mother Terra. It was inspired by thrilling encounters with the birds, animals and insects which came to visit us during that wondrous September week, almost three years ago.

Did you know that we too revel in the sensuous delights here on Planet Earth? Of course we do. We are not sitting on a cloud peering down our noses at you, or far off on a distant space ship waiting to come to you. We are here beside you, hearing the same bird singing that you hear, tasting the clean, clear air of a sunny summer morning in the woods. We especially enjoy meeting you in nature because the silence you hear is alive for us with the sounds of trees singing, insects humming, and Mother Earth breathing.

Let me try to describe to you what our experience is as we accompany you through your lives on the surface of the planet. Since our ears are tuned to the higher vibrations, we hear a greater range of sound than you do in a human body. Yes, we hear the din of traffic and the airplanes above and the voices from across the courtyard, in addition to the singing of the flowers and the voice of the breezes, and the heartbeat of the galaxy. This is why we enjoy being in nature with you. It does not require us to “step-down” our sensitivities when we linger close to you.

I am especially fond of the northern woods, having spent lifetimes with the Native American tribes of the Iroquois nation. It was where we – Lady Portia and I – learned the deep and abiding love of nature, as well as the strong and fair traditions of governance which were the inspiration – although not as thoroughly as we would have liked – of what became the Constitution of the United States of America. As you know, it has been distorted and co-opted by the corporations of the cabal, but the original document stands as a good beginning, because it captured the spirit and the intention of equality and freedom. That original intent will yet be accomplished, and She will soon stand as a beacon for all of humanity – a true melting pot of all races, all nationalities and all religions living in harmony. This is our Dream.

As I speak these words, I am reminded of the delightful song, “…When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet, and Love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius…..Aquarius…” It was sung by the group who called themselves “The Fifth Dimension.” They were ahead of their time, were they not? It is always thus; the artists and musicians are the harbingers of things to come. They speak to us of hope for the future, the better day we can envision together when we hear their melodies and see the images they paint for us. When our beloved Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling with the monumental image of God passing his spark of Love and Light to Adam, he was not just connected to God; he was One with the energy and Love which guided his brush and filled his heart.

Be that artist. Sing the songs of Love in your heart. Practice them in the shower, and sing them to your young children. Children have no judgment about whether your voice is operatic or plain. They hear only the message of Love you express. If you can also carry a tune, that is a plus, but not a necessity. The ears of a child are tuned to higher dimensions as well. They speak to us freely, see the fairies hiding in the forest, and feel the presence of their Guides and Angels around them. If you are respectful and matter-of-fact about your knowledge of such things, you may be lucky enough to hear the child tell of mystical experiences and magical visions.

When you pick up your pen (or your computer) to write, feel the flow of Love, like a river of energy. Place yourself in that flow and let it free your mind and your throat chakra, the center of expression which has been so suppressed for so many of you. Promise me and yourself that you will never again say the words, “…but I’m not creative at all.”

This, Beloveds, is a straight-up impossibility. You are a member of the Creator race. There is not a one of you who does not possess that spark which Michelangelo felt.

Perhaps your greatest gift is the ability to tell an interesting, animated story, or perhaps you have a talent for seeing spacial relationships – feeling the rightness of harmonious proportions of a structure, or where the furniture should be placed, or the perfect height for the monumental sculpture you will create. Perhaps your sense of color is highly developed, or your ability to hear 1/16th of a note on the scale. Perhaps your art is in your ability to look deeply into the eyes of a stranger and feel deeply where they have been and what they need, or perhaps you have a highly developed sense of taste which allows you to invent tasty new dishes for your family, or you are fearlessly able to climb heights, to scale a mountain or repair a steep roof. You see, the possibilities are infinite.

You are truly created in the image of God. This is not just a nice saying to help you feel better about your poor inferior self. You are God. You carry in your genetic make-up the essence of God. Each one of you is a sparkling facet of the brilliance which is God. No being can be outside the circle of God’s love, nor outside the Truth that we are all One. You may have lost track of your knowing, in the rush of life, but now, Dear Ones, join me, reach for me, and in doing so you will reach for your own Higher God Self.

There is no greater happiness than to accept the cloak of Divinity, with humility, gratitude and joy. It is your birthright, your destiny, and your great triumph. We envision the time when all humankind, and all the creatures and conscious beings of Planet Earth and beyond are joined in the pure and glittering Light of eternal Love.

I love you beyond words, and I speak from the heart of the Company of Heaven when I say ‘Namaste, Beloved, Namaste.’ The God in me humbly bows to the God in you.

I am your Adamos St. Germain.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 19, 2014, 12 PM, Lac Chevreuil, Quebec

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,