KAREN DOWNING – Own Your Energy – Own Your Power – 6-13-15

Karen Downing


People often ask, “What is the best way to move into a higher state of vibration?” The simplest answer is to take ownership of your personal power, how you use it, where you give energy to and how you facilitate your emotional state.

One of the most common ways in which power is given away is through fear. Whenever you fear something happening/not happening you are in fact giving energy and power to the very outcome you do not wish for. It is extremely challenging to be the master over your fear, as humanity has been taught for eons to listen to it.

Fear comes from the Ego telling you that it does not feel in control of a given situation. That situation could be health, money, relationships, government, etc. Look at the areas of your life where you feel fear and anxiety. Ask yourself, why do I feel fear when it comes to my family, but not for my health? Or, why do I feel fear when it comes to my money, but not my relationships? Your answer, while you may think it is mere logic, is rooted in your past life history, and what you as a soul have personally experienced before.

Learn how to safely dive deep into your fear, so that you can dig it out. Imagine like it is hidden pockets of dust inside of you. You are made of light energy, the light energy is a natural cleaner of the dust. But just like dusting the house, you have to pick up and look underneath items, clean behind the bookshelves, and under the bed, in order to get it all cleaned up.

Much is the same with fear. It can hide behind a certain emotion, or experience, and lurk within your inner child. Explore these places and spaces within you, or work with an expert who can safely assist you with that exploration. The more fear your transform, the less likely you are to give your power to it. The more of your power your own, the more your energy grows.

There are other ways in which you can give your energy away. Another common way is through anger. Anger and passion are often confused. Anger comes from an intention of destruction; rage, revenge and so forth. Passion comes from a strong feeling to positively change a situation. Anger is: “This person, or that situation, pisses me off.” Passion is: “I need to change the energy with this person or that situation.”

The words you blurt out in a time of reaction, will tell you if you are operating from a place of anger, or a place of passion. Often anger hides deep within the subconscious, and fools us into thinking it is passion. Learn to understand the words you say, or the words you think in your mind. They speak volumes as to whether you are intending passion or anger. Anger only leads to more anger. Passion leads to change. We have lived in a world built upon anger and fear, the only way to change that is to first change it within yourself.

So, how do you own your energy and own your power? Learn detachment. Detachment is about remaining peaceful NO MATTER WHAT is happening. When you are in peace about something, your intuition can speak clearly through you, and advise you when it is time to act. If you are not at a feeling of peace, it is much easier for the voices of anger or fear to influence you.

Detachment is not ignorance. Detachment is about giving over to intuition completely. There will be many things popping up in the headlines designed to upset you and incite fear, or anger, or sadness. However, if you remain in detachment, you will be able to view the events as a movie. This allows your intuition to remain pure, so that you are not spurred to act by another person’s seed of anger/fear energy. This is vitally important. Owning your energy and your power, means that you do not allow the words, deeds and actions of another to move your emotional state in any direction! This is not about being numb, it is about managing your own emotional state.

Whenever you feel yourself feeling anger, fear, sadness, doubt, shame or any other similar emotion, all you need to do is to ask for it to be transformed in the highest energy. Here is a simple process that you can use:

  1. State aloud or in your mind: “I ask that only the Highest Energies of the Light surround me, offering me protection, clearing, healing and guidance.”
  2. Take a few breaths at a relaxed pace. You want to feel your body and mind begin to slow down.
  3. Visualize yourself surrounded by a golden-pink light. This is the blending of the Divine Spirit and Gaia (Mother Earth). Continue to breathe at a relaxed pace.
  4. Now visualize that beautiful energy entering each cell of your body, see your cells opening up to allow the energy in.
  5. Now see your solar plexus (stomach region) open a release valve. This release valve only works in one direction, to funnel out of the body the emotions you are releasing.
  6. Now see this valve release the emotions like a fountain, in one big powerful stream of energy. You can say “Whoosh, they are gone.” Or “I release you now” or any simple phrase that comes to mind. This is a rapid energetic blast from the body, and the energy of your emotions is immediately transformed into Light and Love energy upon release.
  7. Now the release valve closes.
  8. The golden pink light continues to pour into each cell, filling in the space vacated by the emotion you just released.
  9. Say “Thank you,” and trust that transformation has been done.

Each time you do this, you are going in and uncovering those hidden places where the dust hides, and doing some deep cleaning. If you discover that you are having difficulty with a reoccurring emotion, or challenge, then it would be a good idea to work with someone who can help you with the release process. Often those pieces of emotion, are stuck to past life memories and emotional control patterns needing to be explored and removed in entirely.

You have the power to choose in any moment, what you are going to give your energy to. Are you going to give to fear, or are you going to give to peace?

Looking for some extra assistance in transforming your fears and owning your power? I have developed a 5 Day intensive program, where I personalize it for you, your strengths and for where you are in your development process.


Lee Harris – Releasing Fear – 2-27-15



Lee shares an exercise for dissolving fear during the February 2014 Live Q&A broadcast in the Lee Harris Energy Portal.

These live broadcasts are held monthly in The Portal and also archived there for viewing at any time. Members are invited to ask their questions via live chat with moderator Patty Sherry.

To join or for more information about The Portal please visit http://www.leeharrisenergy.com/portal

Jesus via John Smallman – Let Go Of Fear – 2-11-15

Jesus Comforts Girl

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday February 11th

God Is . . . The life force that flows through every spark of consciousness ever created is God’s Love for His creation, and it flows eternally, unceasingly, and abundantly.  Every spark of consciousness – every human without any exceptions at all is a divine spark of consciousness – is of inestimable value.  There is nothing created that is “worthless.”  What God creates is of eternal and infinite value, and nothing never moves out of that state.  There is no one on Earth now, nor ever has been nor will be, who is is not of infinite value, a perfect divine creation.

Judgment is an aspect of the illusion that has arisen as a result of your collective choice to experience separation which led you into an illusory state of terror.  Let go of judgment, it does not serve you well, it just helps to maintain that totally unreal state of separation, the state from which you are in the very active process of leaving, permanently.

To be actually separated from your divine Source is utterly impossible because there is only the One, and all are forever One with the One.  To imagine yourselves as separated, as you did,was terrifying because suddenly you were apparently surrounded by unknown beings that were not of the One – other human beings! – but you know within the depths of yourselves that anything that is separate is unreal, non-existent, and yet that mental image is what terrifies you.

You envisaged an unreal state in which you were no longer fully alive, in which you no longer existed in God’s ever-loving Presence, a state in which it seemed that God’s Love was withdrawn from you permanently.   And that is a terrifying state to imagine, especially when it seems so real.  Your collective imagination is very powerful!

Consequently the illusion does seem totally real while you are experiencing physical form as a human, along with all the suffering and limitation that accompanies thatform.  It is a nightmare from which you are shortly to awaken.  Many of you wonder how that could be possible because it seems that the vast majority of humanity lives in fear and is totally but mindlessly engaged with the illusion and is thus supporting and maintaining it.

Well, that is partly a reasonable concern when you focus on the depressing string of news stories that the mainstream media reports, apparently supporting the all-encompassing and endemic sense of fear that worse things will follow on from today’s news: “Watch again tomorrow and see what frightful new event has occurred!”  The media fear hype is continuous, and your attending to it is like volunteering for brainwashing!

The collective decision has already been made by humanity to awaken!  You know that, because, along with the fact that at the depths of your beingness that knowledge is eternally embedded, you have also been told by unimpeachable sources on numerous occasions that this is so.  Humanity is very firmly established on the path to its awakening from which there is no turning back, no retreat.  You have a phrase: the tipping point.  Humanity is at that point.  The dark ones, the ones you frequently refer to as the Dark Cabal, are desperately trying to prevent the balance from shifting out of their control, but they have lost their footing, they have lost their grip, and the balance has shifted irrevocably towards the Light.

The fact that so many appear to be so dumbly asleep is rather like in the well known fairy tale “The Sleeping Beauty,” where the whole court fell asleep at the moment that the princess did.  When the prince arrives and kisses her everyone awakens, and that is the tipping point.  The decision to awaken was taken when the prince began to hack his way through the jungle of undergrowth, and having finally reached the castle he will shortly find the princess, and as she responds to his kiss – Divine Grace – and wakes up so will everyone else.

Today’s message, therefore, is: “Let go of Fear.”  You know deep within yourselves that it is unreal, so go to that quiet sanctuary of inner peace and ask me, or whoever of your favorite angels, saints, or holy ones you normally address and converse with, for a powerful love squeeze – we are ALWAYS here ready, willing, and delighted to be asked and to respond.  You will feel our loving energy, and it will uplift and soothe you.  Remember, we are ALWAYS here for you, that is why we watch over you, to be on call in every moment to answer and assist you.  I do acknowledge that your own personal doubts can make it difficult for you to feel our presence within your own personal energy fields, but I assure you that when you call we always respond, you are never unheard or ignored, trust me on this.

It can be helpful for some of you to look back on your lives to times when unhappy and painful events occurred that have since been resolved.  At the time it may well have seemed that your whole world was on the point of collapse, and yet now, having moved on from that moment, you can probably see that there was indeed a lesson there for you that you now at least partially understand and appreciate.  There truly are no accidents, everything that occurs has a divine purpose, namely to bring you ever forwards towards your inevitable awakening – your return to full awareness that you are eternally in the Presence of God – and to the untold joy that that awareness will provide.

And if at present, any of you again feel that your whole world is on the verge of collapse, that disaster is inevitably approaching, that there is nothing you can do to prevent it, then give the situation into my capable hands.  Having done so, relax, go and make yourself a cup of tea, or some other soothing and comforting beverage, and sit gently with it, allowing calmness to envelop you, as it will.  You are over-lighted by and held securely within the divine field of energy in which all that is conscious has its eternal existence.  Just allow your awareness, your faith that this is so to inspire and uplift you because you know that that is the only truth.

Don’t forget that I love you all most dearly, your loving brother, Jesus.


Steve Beckow – Moulting Fear and Arising as Love – 12-27-14


Steve Beckow

Perhaps it’s time for a report from one who’s agreed to go through his Ascension publicly.

Like a crab, we could be said to be moulting one shell for another. The old shell is carbon-based and the new one is  crystalline-based.  The old was run on two strands of DNA. The new is run on twelve. The old one brought fear; the new one brings love.

All of that operation is being supervised by the celestials and organized by higher-dimensional beings from lifestreams seemingly distant and apart from ours. Ours is the first time that such an operation has been attempted.

That’s the body’s biolrrogy and about it I know very little.

What interests me more and is perhaps my special work is the transmutation of the heart and mind that’s taking place as we rise into higher-dimensional vibratory regions.  I’ve always been most interested in our inner mental, emotional and spiritual workings.

Certain moods tend to fall away because our energetic floor rises.  It’s been a long time since I felt depression, for instance. I exist in at least happiness now and at some moments in joy and on occasion in bliss.  Depression seems no longer reachable.

Like a man in an elevator, I cannot reach the basement once I travelled to the first floor; once on the second, I can no longer reach the first; and so on it goes as the elevator leaves one floor behind and rises to another.

So my mood is rising as well and I don'[t fall back into the lower regions any more. Well, not much.

All the behavior patterns – the numbers and rackets, games and strategies – I used to resort to to get my way in life are now rendered obsolete by the baseline experience of love that I’m lost in most of the day these days.

That having been said, the 3D part of me is still resisting going back to the old rather than simply surrendering to the new.

It isn’t so much that love has become a new strategy to get my way. It’s that I need fewer things when I experience love.

Many things, like reassurance or acknowledgement, are passé now.  I ask for something now and I’m fine if I get it; fine if I don’t. I’m no longer in extremity, fixated, or compulsive.

I’m more satisfied with life all around. I’m quieter, less driven (not bad for a Type A personality).

My equanimity has risen in tandem with my experience of love.

I feel a need to be more compact and yet more organized. I’ve been shedding possessions and those I have are all put away in a very organized fashion. I even have a list of all that I own and where it’s kept.  Life has been simplified by both undertakings.

I follow a routine of exercise and meditation each day now.

I’m eating healthier. I used to kid Graham Dewyea about the “green sludge” blender drink he used to make for himself and drink on our InLight Radio calls. Now Archangel Michael has recommended the same drink for me and so here I am now having joined the ranks of people conscious of what they eat. (It had to happen.)

I’m slowly losing weight while my muscle mass (or collagen or whatever it is) is equally-slowly returning. I sleep sometimes till 5 in the morning these days, which is unusual for me.

Heavens, I hardly recognize myself and the change has been so gradual and imperceptible.

I no longer think in terms of accomplishments. I now think more in terms of inner peace and completion. I’m complete with life.  I don’t plan to leave but I’m also not worried about any particular outcome. Except the utter financial failure of the blog, which is a big enough worry for one person, I suppose.

It’s been at least a couple of years since I realized that I had done all in my life that I wanted to do. I’ve written more books and articles than I can keep track of and in fact I don’t keep track of them any longer. I have no recollection of what I’ve done.

Other books I’ve written and they sit in drawers. I’ve never been ambitious and now I’ve lost whatever little scrap of ambition I may have had.

Life now is about experiencing love and sending it out to the world. That’s become my meditation and my means of further transformation. Nothing seems to create growth faster and more extensively than simply sending out love to the world.

I now go out simply for exercise. I make an excuse to busy some small thing just to get me out.

Today I’m going out to buy a picture frame. I don’t absolutely need it. It doesn’t have to be now. I could have chosen to buy some zip-lock bags instead.

It’s just an excuse to go out and rub shoulders with people until Kathleen comes back from work. And smile and love and enjoy the crispness of this winter day.

Each day now after the solstice will get longer and longer and I’ll bet the same could be said for my (and our) experience of love, peace and joy.


Jenny Schiltz – Guide For Surviving the Releasing Process and Downloads – Going Beyond Cutting Cords – 12-22-14


Jenny Schiltz

We have entered a new phase in this ascension process. Instead of downloads coming at determinate times, they are non-stop now. The light codes are intense and are changing everything in our world, but even more so, it is changing us. No longer will we see huge leaps taken in groups upon planet alignments, solstices and other events. Now, more so than ever this process has become very personal and individualized.

Our bodies are going from a carbon structure to a crystalline structure. The only way it can do this is for us to clear and remove all things that no longer serve. This encompasses so many aspects of our life and it can make this process long and painful. Understand that with the switching on of our DNA to begin accepting the downloading of the crystalline codes, we are going through a physical and mental cleansing. Most of our pain, physical and emotional is actually us resisting change. Our body is confused, stressed and needs extra care taken. Our emotional and spiritual states can feel like we are in a blender of up and down emotions. Often we are resisting releasing and don’t even realize that we were resisting in the first place, this can make letting go even harder. With each piece we release, we make room for the crystalline light codes to be downloaded and processed within our bodies.

Below are techniques that I use to move through these downloads with as little pain as possible. These are my techniques and they work for me in this now. I say, in this now, because as I evolve, my techniques change and evolve too. This is an ever changing process and we need to avoid getting stuck in a rut. Feel free to try them and if they work, great! If one works and others don’t resonate, great! If you read this and none of it seems to click, great! You’ve just crossed things off your list in your search for what brings you peace.

First, water is your best friend.

You need to drink it and if you can, soak your body in it often. My guides explained that our crystalline structure will be like the Quartz crystal, which is neither a liquid nor a solid, Consuming water helps this trans-formative process greatly.When you are feeling anxious, depressed, or even angry, drink a glass of water. Dehydration can make us feel that way and this process of downloading and processing light codes is very dehydrating.

Bathing in water with crystals (my favorite are quartz, rose quartz and amethyst) can help soothe and clear our aura. I add a 1/2 cup of baking soda to help pull toxins from my body. If I am achy I also include Epsom salt which can supply us with a good dose of magnesium. Rose essential oil is also wonderful to add as it helps raise your vibration. Sit for 40 minutes. Water is also a good place to meditate and speak with your guides. It magnifies all psychic ability and communication. Many people have visions while resting in a tub.

Secondly, Daily Maintenance of the your energy body helps.

My routine is approx 5 minutes and I find that it helps me a lot. I cut cords, thoughts, clear chakras, my aura and ground my energy. On particularly rough days I will do this more than once. Don’t be intimated or think that you don’t have the ability to do this work yourself, you can and I will detail what I say, modify it to fit your needs and style.

Here is what I do daily with visualizations and explanations to help ease this process, I will post just the words for ease at the end. :

Say: I call light to myself now

(visualize a tube of light coming from source above, encompassing your body and aura. Breathe in this golden light and feel it going into your body, healing you and raising your vibration)

Say: My aura is now cleared, healed and sealed in this golden tube of light

Say: I cut all cords, attachments, agreements and contracts that no longer serve me. I cut them going past, present and future, across all time lines, aspects of self including past lives. I now release all thoughts, thought patterns, beliefs and old programming that no longer serves my highest good. I gently let go of them, going past, present, and future, across all time lines, aspects of self and past lives.

(visualize all of these aspects as things, as dark threads coming from your body. Cut them. Visualize a golden pair of scissors if this helps. I prefer a sword of light that swiftly removes it all. A lot of old programming and beliefs are held in the jaw and teeth. I pay close attention to this area and see them being removed gently).

Many of us know the importance of cutting cords, attachments and agreements. If you are unsure of why it is important please refer to this blog post: http://ramblingsascensionprocess.blogspot.com/2014/03/cutting-cords-agreements-and-contracts.html . However, I am finding that for myself, I was missing a vital piece of clearing. I wasn’t working on clearing my thoughts, beliefs, and old programming that no longer serves me. All things are energy and even if we don’t realize it we create things with our thoughts. They can cling to us and keep us from letting go and moving forward on this ascension journey.

Say: I align all my chakras all the way from the Galactic core all the way down to the Core crystal of the earth. I ask that all my chakras spin together in the correct direction. I ask that all my chakras open fully and release all they are holding that needs releasing. I ask that all my cells and DNA gently lets go of all that is no longer in my highest good.

(I see this as a black mist leaving my chakras, and coming from my pours and turning into sparkles of light. The amount that comes out and from where depends on the day and what is being cleared.)

Say: I send a cord of light from my open heart chakra down through all my chakras to the core crystal of the earth. I ground myself into the Core crystal of the earth.

(The core crystal of the earth is now a rose quartz, this happened when we were connected back to the galactic and were taken out of quarantine. See your heart cord connecting with her, your cord sinking into her, feel the connection and the love she sends to you.)

At this point I just sit in silence until I feel it’s time to stop. Feel free to add or take away anything that works for you and your process.

When I am struggling during the day with a particularly strong clearing/downloading process I will do the last two steps more. I find telling my body to release all that it’s holding even if I can’t consciously name what the block or resistance is, helps a lot.

If you have any techniques that help you, please feel free to share them in comments.

Condensed version:

Say: I call light to myself now

Say: My aura is now cleared, healed and sealed in this golden tube of light

Say: I cut all cords, attachments, agreements and contracts that no longer serve me. I cut them going past, present and future, across all time lines, aspects of self including past lives. I now release all thoughts, thought patterns, beliefs and old programming that no longer serves my highest good. I gently let go of them, going past, present, and future, across all time lines, aspects of self including past lives.

Say: I align all my chakras all the way from the Galactic core all the way down to the Core crystal of the earth. I ask that all my chakras spin together in the correct direction. I ask that all my chakras open fully and release all they are holding that needs releasing. I ask that all my cells and DNA gently lets go of all that is no longer in my highest good.

Say: I send a cord of light from my open heart chakra down through all my chakras to the core crystal of the earth. I ground myself into the Core crystal of the earth.


Susan Suehr – Overcoming the Fear of Being Judged for Your Mistakes –

Sad Woman


Susan Suehr



“Live your life for you not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected, or disliked stop you from being yourself.” ~Sonya Parker

For years I struggled with a nagging feeling of guilt. This was not for actual things I did, but just a feeling that anytime something went wrong in my life, it was somehow my fault.

I came from a religious family of eleven kids. My dear mom, bless her heart, occasionally punished us all because she just didn’t have the time in her busy day to find the perpetrator.

My older brother, the perpetrator of most of our punishments, found this all to be quite humorous. The rest of us did not.

Was it our desperate appeals to him to be better behaved, or our mom’s reaction whenever she learned of his latest subterfuge that he found humorous? Such are the trials of growing up in a big family.

It didn’t help that the nuns in school reinforced the necessity of admitting guilt and the importance of being in need of exoneration. If something bad happened to you, like skinning your knee, well it was just God punishing you for something you hadn’t been caught at.

One would normally think that guilt stemmed from believing you might have hurt someone. It took me some time to figure out the reasons for my feelings I hadn’t hurt anyone, but I felt guilty.

How Do We Untangle This Web of Guilty Feelings?

I wanted to know why I was hanging on to these guilty feelings. Self-awareness is about setting aside things that others have said about you and paying attention instead to what you know about yourself to be true.

I figured my guilt was very much attached to what I believed others might think of me.

I was using guilt as a defense mechanism. I would blame myself first, hoping to find and correct my mistakes before anyone else found out. I hoped that extra alertness might allow me to avoid criticism and judgments from others.

My true nemesis was the fear of being criticized. Keeping a ledger of past mistakes was my way of being vigilant to crush any mistakes before anyone found out.

My ledger of mistakes: the things that I did or said because it was easy and convenient, what I did not do or say when I could have, blaming others in my thoughts or not showing kindness when I could have. I even kept track of my embarrassing moments so I would never do them again.

I worried that if my mistakes were exposed, I would be judged, rejected, or disliked for them. And so I punished myself for them before anyone else could.

This fear of being exposed led me to walk through life feeling guilty for who I was and for all the mistakes I’d made. These fears were controlling my life.

I believed and feared that these mistakes were who I was, and if they were exposed, I would be exposed.

So How Did We Conquer Those Fears?

Fears are challenges that put us out of our comfort zone, and they are opportunities for real growth.

I found my growth happening when I mustered up the courage to experiment. What would happen if I lived my day the way I wanted? What if I stopped worrying about others judging me?

I started just doing my best.

I sought out new skills when I wanted my work to be better, just to make it pleasing to me. I stopped trying to impress others and hide my faults. I let them see me so I could understand and get to know them better and learn from their experiences.

Most of the time, I wasn’t judged or disapproved by others. Guess who was the biggest judge? Me!

By facing my fears, I reduced them significantly and could live with them. Knowing that others didn’t criticize me was not enough. I still had to resolve the negative self-judgments I still thought about myself if I was going to really accept myself and be free of the guilt.

So How Does One Get to Self-Acceptance?

Accepting ourselves is about recognizing that we’ve done things that we are not proud of, and this is part of being human. There is a process for dealing with regrets: sorrow with compassion, remorse, then leading to forgiveness.

That same process works for resolving those nagging guilty feelings for doing or not doing things that don’t have apparent negative impact on others. I’m talking about those times when I had negative thoughts or opinions about others, yet didn’t express them, or when I didn’t take a higher road when I could have.

Our guilt becomes this reservoir of mistakes we made in life. Mistakes are part of being human. Sometimes we are just not prepared for situations.

Having compassion for my humanity, I forgave myself for my mistakes. This opened me up to genuine acceptance for the human that I am, and that we all are.

I got to know my real self. The real me was that person who took the risk of being judged by others.

I was not my mistakes. I started getting to like me.

Then something unexpected….

I can still remember this moment. I had this feeling of love for me—faults and all. I am talking about the kind of love that you feel for someone you love deeply. I had never before felt this way about myself.

You can do this too.

Time to Be Done With Feeling Guilty

If guilty feelings are nagging at you, there is a way out. Be self-aware by knowing what is true about you. Get out of your comfort zone and face those fears of exposure.

You can change and make it better. Forgive and accept yourself inside, for who you really are. Be free of guilt and be yourself. One day you’ll find yourself loving you.


Sad woman image via Shutterstock

Avatar of Susan Suehr

About Susan Suehr

Susan Suehr is a blogger and has a web site and a blog about Changing Beliefs. She also is the creator of Miracle Grid Products, clearing tools to live a free passionate life How to Change Beliefs & Be Inspired, which she sells on Amazon.

Yael and Doug Powell – The Antidote to Fear – 10-31-14

Beloved ones, I Am in you. Always we are one. I Am sending you messages from your heart that burst forth in splendor to show you who you are. These are picked up as echoes by the little mind and taken in like beacons in the night to lead you home to the truth. And your heart is ever bursting forth new expressions of this wondrous Love that a million, trillion holograms are born to create a living, swirling, dancing matrix of the wondrous whole of God. And in this joy you forever live a sweet expression of My consciousness and the wondrous gift of My heart.

Any false ideas of fear are created by the ego-mind and spring forth from the idea that Love is not enough. But beloved ones, I promise you that it is. You need only take a moment to find the truth of your heart, and you know this. You feel the truth that you are made of life. You are filled with Love. You are surrounded with the great abundance of God. That you might taste this truth, breathe this energy, become the intention of Love’s glorious outreach and step forth in trust that I Am also beneath your feet ever and always here to support you, this is what is before you now.

Everywhere you look I Am here. Within and in what seems to be outside of you but is in fact a reflection of your beliefs. I Am here to show you that you can claim the endless good, the wondrous joy and the limitless abundance of this Love. And claim it, beloved ones, you shall. For that is the thrust of these times. I Am clearing the illusion, opening up the true vision of your heart, establishing your awareness of the real consciousness of light that you might walk in faith that Love is everything. And when it is lived you become this light and all illusions of darkness must fall away.

So if you are seeking answers to situations outside of you, remember if they are less than Love they are created of shadows. Let me light your heart that you might become the torch that burns so brightly all shadows disappear. That which seemed to be fearsome, to be made of darkness, turns out to be absolutely nothing. For Love, beloved ones, is always here and you are ready to be aware of it.

So come into this moment with Me and let Me light the fire of this Love that you remember who you are. This living conflagration of the endless and glorious powers of God. That each of you may burn so brightly that the limited ideas of less than God simply have to disappear. Even one of you that truly remembers can totally change the whole world because every heart is part of Mine, and every heart knows the truth.

You are ready to be lit by Love, to be so powerful in your experience of the truth, to be so alive in this communion with your heart that every step is suddenly clear, every moment beautiful. You are living in the time of the end of fear. When that which has been creating false evidence is returned to the truth of the living whole.

Your choice is to support this awakening heart. To give everything you are to the ending of fear. But there is no need, beloved ones, to confront it, to believe in what the mind presents as fearful. Instead please take your attention away from it. Your powerful focus that brings forth the creative power of your heart. Instead light other hearts from yours. Burn so brightly with this Love that sparks fly to catch other hearts that all may see that there is only Love and nothing else is real.

It may seem, when looking through the eyes of the dualistic ego-mind, that there is as yet a truly fear-filled world and that much of humankind is yet struggling simply to survive. But the truth of Love moves under the surface. It moves in the quantum energies and it is fully engaged. Sweeping through the hearts and consciousness of humanity ready to burst forth to create a new star to light the whole world so brightly that all shadows disappear forever and can never return.

Beloved ones, become this light. Come to Me and I will ignite you. Bring this light as quickly as you can to everyone that you can reach until this illumination is so bright and so powerful that the old ideas of a world of suffering, of duality effortlessly fade away and Love is fully acknowledged.

So anywhere in your lives where there is fear, light the light, burn as Love, lift your vibration into the glory of My presence until you fully connect with all that you are. It is far beyond remembering, deeper than visceral. It is the essence of your true nature. And it has never been gone. It has just been ignored.

It is your heart that will lead the way and make the truth effortlessly visible. That will allow the light you are to sweep the world effortlessly and to bring the whole of humankind on board until that which lives in your heart at last becomes reflected as your world.

The time is here and you are ready. If you find false evidence appearing before you, you already know it isn’t real. And you know also that it is here to assist you to remember that you can take your stand for the truth – for the heart – and blaze so brightly that the illusions disappear in an instant. That you might take each next step in total trust and in confidence that you are supported by Love.

Only a thin veneer of the old world is still in existence. It truly has no substance and very little energy. It won’t take much to bring forth this remembrance, to increase the light, until the shadows disappear.

So everywhere it seems you are being tested, anywhere old ideas still hold sway in your life, turn up the fires of Love. Become the explosion of creation itself and remember that we are one and that Love is the only truth.

I love you, I strengthen you in this. I Am the torch that lights you now until this world reflects one heart and every seeming representation of less than Love shifts into the light. All you see then is that which is living in joy: perpetual Spring-time. Trees bathed in colors that easily change back to green. Animals that live in respect of each other. And most of all the reflection of the wondrous heart of humankind as the most extraordinarily beautiful complexity of the ever-expanding Love we are, that you might live the promise for which you came – the return of this world to the truth of only Love.

You can feel the buildup of energy. You know that humankind is reaching a crescendo, that that which has been ignored or suppressed – the light – the life – the power – is on the brink of re-emergence. Give thanks, beloved ones, continuously, and leap into the fires of the heart. All of creation’s energies are you – are yours.

Dial it up. Say yes to Love. Become this attunement to the truth of God. And when your heart is open then your vision is clear. Because rather than receiving echoes of the truth, the light is so bright, the Love so profound that the little mind – the ego – can no longer pretend to be anything other than Love as well.

For a little while fear may still seem to visit as old ideas of the ego’s world still hold sway. But you, beloved ones, are connected to your heart. You are aware of what lives within you, of what you are and you are ready now to express it.

Once again, beloved ones, let me remind you to take your attention away from it. Do not look at the false evidence appearing real. Don’t lend it your creative energy. Instead, shift to the heart with all the dedication that you already choose to live. Place your vision on the truth and live in our communion until the light you are erases the false evidence.

Everywhere you look, through every vehicle of perception, be it part of the egoic dream or the pure perception of the heart, all will be in accord, seeing the truth of Love. Rejoice in this oneness that is also so filled with rich diversity as the exploration of the possibilities of Love. Expand and every electron of life celebrates your resounding “yes”. Your “yes” to Love, to life, to truth and to living the heart, being the center of the universe and living as this shining light forever.

Take each other’s hands and light up the world. Light each other’s hearts as well until the only thing that stands is truth and not illusion. And everywhere you look is the unity of God and the majestic endless exploration of all the aspects of this Love.

Beloved ones you are such a gift to Me. There is a meaning to Creation that lives in our communion. In it you are given the key to the awareness of living both/and. Both as the pure, indivisible, unending Love and the unique conscious expression of your aspect of My heart. It is a dance, it is celestial music, extraordinary in its nature and ever more increasingly blessed. And the world, beloved ones, is poised on the threshold of becoming its own expression of My heart. And this is extraordinary as well.

Let every breath, beloved ones, be gratitude breathing. And every moment be ready to explore just how you can light other hearts and show the glory of consciousness to this wondrous experience of life.

You have come to live in an amazing time. A time that is the end of time. Love is already awake beneath the surface. You need only reclaim the light that the truth of your hearts becomes visible and that it shines forth as the world.

I Am with you as I Am also in you. And you are forever in Me. We are one breath of unity breathing and we are the heartbeat of creativity exploring new ways of being Love.