MORAG @ iN5d – Celestial Events | Message from The Arcturian Council – 1-26-19

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MORAG @ iN5d – Celestial Events Message from The Arcturian Council – 1–26-19

UFO Portal / Bolide Meteor Remnant Smoke appears over the ocean at Gaviota Beach, California …👽👽👽… — Mission Galactic Freedom – 10-19-16

Strange and unexplained sightings in the skies have been recorded last week. An amateur photographer was shooting over the ocean at Gaviota Beach, California, when he spotted a bizarre ring floating distantly over the ocean on October 2, 2016. The photographer wonders whether a UFO portal to another dimension has opened over the ocean or […]

via UFO Portal / Bolide Meteor Remnant Smoke appears over the ocean at Gaviota Beach, California …👽👽👽… — Mission Galactic Freedom

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Sirius, Mass Star Gates Opening Up – Transformation For Planet Earth – 10-18-14



Sirius has always been one of 12 Master Galaxies involved with planet earth, since the very beginning.  In this then it acts as a type of central hub or star-gate from which life on planet earth is constantly monitored.

When the earth was put under quarantine after numerous occasions when the warring faction on planet earth nearly blew up the planet, massive inner earth star-gates were closed down as well as the energies emitted from the pyramid grids and the vortex energy centers of this earth.

This was done purposefully and central keys, codes and also blocking devices were put into place, so that the very high technology locked into these places, would only be accessible to mankind again, once they have finally mastered the art of balance again, and also unity consciousness: – therefore stopping their warring ways, and finally understanding the value of true brother- and sisterhood, which does not harm, but rather works together for the greater good of all.

There are certain sites on earth that have been so purposefully hidden that even our most advanced technology will not as yet pick these up, because those in government still have not shed their controlling programs and their warring ways.

However, in the meantime planet earth has pledged to ascend into a much higher evolutionary state, and as she is one of the Thrones created by Source and a living entity whose physical manifestation is the planet, she has agreed to go through mass changes in order to evolve.

She has also taken it upon herself to ascend into these higher evolutionary states with the rest of this solar system and counter-solar system and Universe/Counter-Universe.  As she is part of much greater and intricate whole, whatever happens within the Universe and cosmos has massive catalyst changes for her too.

We are mere passengers on this planet, and at some stage we as souls all signed contracts with the Intergalactic Counsel and the High Lords of Sirius, that we would agree to partake in an EXPERIMENT of life on planet earth.  Therefore we are never to forget this, but understand that the planet agreed to have us participating in this experiment and thus at any time this experiment can be terminated – especially if mankind does not adhere to cosmic laws and keeps on repeating its old destructive patterns.

However this is neither the time nor the moment to go deeper into this (I have recorded this in detail in my book:  SOUL EMPOWERMENT which you can order directly from my website,

What is important to understand is that at this moment and because of the planet’s agreement to stepping up the evolutionary process, mass star-gates inside the earth are opening up and with these mass star-gates in Sirius.

This is bringing in massive shifts in the inner earth, and has for some time, but now accelerating and immensely fast.

With this that the star-gates on Sirius are now busy being opened up, this is creating  massive vortex-like energy fields, and as the pyramid grids are now being activated as well (most of them have not been re-discovered and are purposefully hidden as well) which, combined with the vortex energy being beamed down from Sirius, is creating a vast tunnel – or wormhole if you like.

This has then a sucking movement.  It is literally SUCKING the whole planet and all life upon her into a different dimensional and evolutionary state.

In the next ten years, this will accelerate, and as the full impact of all of this hits home, very few souls on planet earth will be able to withstand the intense energy releases as this is pushing us into an incredibly high frequency band.

Whatever is too dense a mass will start disintegrating and is already as the old way of life is now dissolving faster than we know what to do with it.

Most Light workers have been aware of this since after World War II and have steadily been warning mankind of the advent of the New Golden Age.  Most of the star children carry within them as programmed in the higher frequency band transmitters, which will enable them to step into this new dimension, if they did not get stuck on the wayside.

Most affected will not only be those affected by the mass earth changes, but also those who do not have the ability to adjust to the higher frequency bands and higher dimensional state, as this sucking movement will accelerate.

A lot of the first wave of Light workers have completed their mission and will return home.  Some have volunteered and been assigned to stay with those on earth and assist them through the massive changes.

The Indigo and Crystal children born since 1950’s will now have to carry the rest of mankind through these changes, as they have the keys and codes to do so, if they are fully awake and activated.

The New Children born since 1994 have all the tools in place and will be able to move through these changes as their higher crystalline bodies can adjust more easily to the higher frequency bands.  Most of them are also very much connected to the Motherships of the Intergalactic fleet and their home galaxies who are constantly monitoring their process.

This is then mass TRANSFORMATION into something NEW.

There is nothing to be afraid of.  When you are in totally tune with your own soul and therefore empowered from deep within, and you are in higher alignment with the Divine, then you will be able to raise your frequency band with the help of the angelic, Archangelic realms, and those of the Cosmic Hierarchy who are assisting us en masse at the moment.

They have been recently reinforced by those Higher Ranking Light-Beings from the 7th Central Sun and the 9th Central Sun and then now coming in are the Beings from the 12th.

Be aware that this is a mass return to Unity Consciousness and the advent of the new reign of peace on planet earth, as has been decreed by the Divine Source and Cosmic Hierarchy and the High Lords of Sirius, under whose direction we fall.

So be it! It is done!

(Judith Kusel)

For Twin Flame and Soul Readings:

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Anna Merkaba – Pleiades Message – Quantum Leap Portal – The Cardinal Grand Cross – April 23-24



~Quantum Leap Portal – The Cardinal Grand Cross – April 23-24- Pleiades – “The interdimensional flow of energy emanating through the central gravitation pull of the earth’s magnetic fields and the transgrassional understanding of life force are in effect. The effect of the Grand Cardinal Cross with an overlay of the lunar solar eclipse have indeed created the energies facilitating the necessary, albeit at times cumbersome, and turbulent energies within the consciousness, sub consciousness and transience of the human vehicle of time and space.

And as such, the concurrent results shall open the doorway and gateways to allow the manifestation of all that you deem necessary to come to path within your structural reality, by merging the sub atomic principles of the encoded DNA within your structure to reflect the DNA of the cosmic proportions. Upgrading your body to allow the full potential of that which you are, to shine through and allow you to manifest that which you wish to see in your known world”.

After the channeling I talk about what to do to take advantage of this immense energy that is about to open up to all of us. How to manifest what you want and allow abundance to enter your life…~

—-The interdimensional flow of energy emanating through the central gravitation pull of the earth’s magnetic fields and the transgrassional understanding of life force are in effect. The effect of the Grand Cardinal Cross with an overlay of the lunar solar eclipse have indeed created the energies facilitating the necessary, albeit at times cumbersome, and turbulent energies within the consciousness, sub consciousness and transience of the human vehicle of time and space.

For through the fore lore of your creator selves and the abilities that are hidden within the psychedelic nature of human species, within the structural hierarchy of times immemorial, lays the key to the eternal kingdom of grace, beauty, love, harmony , peace, health, unity, and unconditional understanding of self.

And on the day of the planetary alignment the intergalactic pathway of creation and manifestation shall come to path. For the quantum leap of your creator selves, shall realize its full potential and blast through your known understanding of self and the world in which you dwell.

And as such, the concurrent results shall open the doorway and gateways to allow the manifestation of all that you deem necessary to come to path within your structural reality, by merging the sub atomic principles of the encoded DNA within your structure to reflect the DNA of the cosmic proportions. Upgrading your body to allow the full potential of that which you are, to shine through and allow you to manifest that which you wish to see in your known world.

And so, the time is neigh and you are to utilize all that you have learnt in the following months to come. For the road of your success and the road of plenty that you shall manifest for you own selves is wide open. For the obstacles that were shall be melted away in the months to come of your earthly understanding of time. And as such, the clearing away of the old paradigm and the welcoming of the new mentality on the conscious and subconscious levels shall occur without delay.

When such manifestations comes to path, for those of you who have put your wisdom, the wisdom of the ages that you have brought forth with you from other dimensions, other realities and other timelines, other universes, and other galaxies prior to incarnation on planet earth, shall be fruitful indeed. For the wisdom and the eternal truth that of your creator selves, that you have brought with you encoded by your own higher consciousness into the subatomic structures of your human DNA shall become evident to the beholder, for those of you who have come to this planet to assist in the birthing of the new channels of understanding, the new consciousness if you will. Shall begin to unfold readily. And so, it is of utmost importance that you gather all of your might and strength, all of your wisdom, and ALLOW this wisdom to guide you, and allow this wisdom to manifest in your daily reality in order to assist you on your personal level of attunement to the newly found energies , in order to catapult your desired dreams into the utmost positive and fruitful outcome for all involved.

Take heed of the truth of your own hearts dearly beloved ones, heed the truth of your own expectations of the grand unfolding of schemes that have and are and were and will be put forth by you own higher consciousness, your own higher selves, and your own understanding of being.

Understand the powers that lay hidden deep within the wells of your being, understand supreme simplicity of that which you are. For all that is effortless is indeed complex, for all that is complex is indeed effortless.

Know that you are supported by the incoming energies from the source and the creation of the divinity. Remember that which you are and allow your consciousness to expand without delay. Allow your consciousness to blossom and attune you to the magnificent energies bathing your soul in divinity, change, liberation, freedom, understanding, love, unity and peace.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Personal Note: What I am being told by my guides is that on the date of the Cardinal Grand Cross the Quantum Leap Portal will open up which will literally allow all of us collectively and individually to take a “quantum leap” forward towards our desired outcomes. So how can you utilize these energies to your maximum advantage?

I am being told to do something incredibly simple. Take a piece of paper in the next few days and write down everything that you WANT to happen in the next 12 months. Be as specific and as detailed about what you wish to occur. At the end of your list write down the words “I am ready to be guided, please show me what will it take to get there”.

Now carry this list with you, and on the night between the 23rd and 24th before you head off to sleep read this list again. When you do so, imagine that you are expanding out, from your body, from your room, from your house, from your neighborhood, all the way out and floating up to the source into space. All the way keeping what you desire to manifest in mind. Then when you feel you have arrived in a place of divinity say that you are ready to undertake whatever action is necessary in order to manifest everything that you wish for into your life. Return back into your body. Put the list under your pillow for the night.

You can keep this list around and re-read it from time to time, or you can put it away fro save keeping, do not throw it out. Keep it with you and check it from time time. Now the key is to be open to events that will begin unfolding before you. Listen carefully to your intuition and if you feel the urge to do something, go and do it.

saintgermainvioletflametransmutationdiscHere is a link to an article I wrote about how to achieve abundance: and how to manifest things into your reality. It will help you, if you listen to your intuition AND take action. ACTION is VERY important. Speaking of which, you will be prompted to REALLY take action at the end of May. I do not have all the details yet, I was just told by my guides that after May 20th everything will flow smoothly, and seeming roadblocks that are happening to many of us now will dissipate.

And finally I’d like to draw your attention yet again to two phenomenal tools that have helped me many times over, the Sain’t Germain Disc and My beloved Metatron’s Disc. For more information on both of these please see this site here:


~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL


Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn – Cardinal Grand Cross – The Harmonic Trigger – Achieving Crystalline Integrity – Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid – Theta Coherent Consciousness – 4-15-14

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light !


As the most powerful phase of 2014 begins , we ask each of you to take pause and consider the powerful progression of events you have experienced individually and cumulatively over the past few years.. Whether or not you fully recognize that the Planetary Ascension has occurred is truly a moot point, for time moves faster now than ever before.

And so as we begin this discussion, we encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of individual Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such ‘channeled’ message.

The Harmonic Trigger

2014 offers great opportunity for achieving crystalline integrity. This is a frequency termed impeccability. it is simply stated, walking your talk – Standing in your Truth.

Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you more fully encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth, you achieve the compassionate aspect of integrity. This truth then applies to individuals and nations as well, it applies in macro and micro. Understand then that it is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid that enabled and continues to drive the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater and more lucid dimensional reach. And take note Masters, the energy from 5d to 12d that is accessible to you now is only the beginning. For the aspect you term zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension. It expands into energy dimensions that indeed exist within you, but have been dormant, inaccessible to the masses of humanity, yet these crystalline dimensions are your true impeccable origin, and you exist in higher form within them.

2014 – The Seeds of Change

Masters 2014 is a year of that will seed change…extreme change. And the ‘codes’ of the requisite changes occur in openings, primary nodes that you term as astrological events. These are far more than you currently comprehend. Within each astro-node are codes that affect both your auric field through induction, and shift the planetary resonance. These codes serve myriad purpose.

A coded astrological event is like an animated energy fountain, an organic cascade that affects all of you on a very deep level. It is an infused conscious and purposeful coordination of sacred frequency. Within its own arrangement of particalized light, it is just as alive as you are, the difference being that it has no ‘individual’ agenda and its evolution depends somewhat upon its astrological ‘blend’ & resonance as well as the environments of the earth-plane. But to be clear the geo-codes & ionic infusions brought by the astro openings bring a subtle upshift that not only allows for change, they underpin up-shift by bringing a higher frequency matrix.

If astrological powernodes, specifically solstices, equinoxes and eclipses were to be truly understood as the devices of induction they truly are, you would then define them more aptly as an aperture in the space time contingency, a hologramic insert succinctly purposed & governed by the organic geometric nature and framework of resonance of their entry into your plane and their expansive essence. Nothing stands still, and regardless of how time and dimensionality are measured, change continues to reveal and express itself through the mechanism and driver of that termed astrological gravity-waves. And there is a divine logic in this process, for you in higher selves have created it.

In Year Two of the New Earth, you are required to make a greater effort in your mental focus. It may at times feel to you that you are struggling to maintain balance, to keep focus. This is a combination of the new energy influxes and the requirement to not only adjust & calibrate but to crystallize your purpose and intent. The Aquarian shift with its change in ionic ratios (from the past 2 decades of Solar Radiation) now surrounds the planet and is compelling each of you to put your spiritual life in order. The ionic ratio change is up-shifting the ‘code-wiring’ between the mental fields of the conscious and subconscious, between physical actuality and divine pattern. Because of the coronal mass ejections jet streams of anionic plasma circulate the earth and pocket around specific ‘sacred sites’. These allow for easier access into theta coherent consciousness, and it is within theta coherency that you are able to more effectively create the New Earth.

The Cardinal Grand Cross

April 2014 presents the most extraordinary heralding of shift in all of your current lifetimes. It is an astonishing & exquisite frequency…albeit intense. Our goal here is not to give you a horoscope, rather to tell you of the grand purpose in what is taking place. Yes, the energy will challenge you, but it can be optimally managed, and in doing so will you increase your light quotient. The Solar Maximum and reversal of the suns magnetic poles began in the 2nd half of 2013, and it created a state of subtle disorientation & unrecognized confusion for many of you. A lethargy pervaded. But we tell you that effect will absolutely evaporate in May, and you will lunge forward on many of your projections. You will have a renewed sense of direction and clarity.So although this timing of transition in the Grand Cross and Harmonic Trigger will have its challenges, It is essential that you not only maintain stability during this phase, but also utilize this energy for highest good. One of the key points is that your creative abilities are being liberated in this new matrix. This carries a responsibility, for what you dwell on you will bring to yourself much more quickly than ever before. You must be the responsible steward of your thoughts.

Cardinal Second Phase

In candid truth, this magnificent Cardinal Grand Cross is the second phase forerunner of a series of harmonically blended events that will have a monumental effect on the Earthplane and Humanity. The events in the ‘short-term’ will occur in an intense expression over a 4 month period from that began in March and extend to June 2014. But in the ‘long-term’ but these will crystallize in a manner that will change the paradigm forever.

The astrology over the next 7 weeks will represent some of the most powerful & transitional shifts of the New Earth thus far. As we have now passed the initial phase of the Harmonic Trigger , the March Equinox, April 2014 precursors a very rare and extremely potent astrological event, where four planets (Pluto at 90 degrees opposing Jupiter and Mars opposing Uranus at exact 900 angles to one another, hence forming a Cardinal Grand Cross.

Each are also at 130 angles of the 4 Cardinal signs: Pluto at 130 Capricorn, Jupiter 130 Cancer, Mars at 130 Libra & Uranus at 130 Aries – signifying major up-shift & transition. The rare Cardinal Grand Cross will be exact April 23-4, with all four listed planets at thirteen degrees . Thirteen is the frequency of the New Earth transformation, as well as the Auric -Crystalline Lite Body Codes of the 12+1 =13.

There are other very significant coded astrological factors amplifying this Grand Cross that must be recognized:

Two eclipses bracket the Grand Cross – a full moon lunar and a solar, both in the effect.

Mars, Pluto & Saturn are also retrograde during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.

The Sun is still completing its pole reversal and Solar Maximum

There is a potent meteor-comet shower

Less than 2 weeks ago the strongest X-Class Solar Flare (Coronal Mass Ejection) bombarded ions onto the planet, these are still in effect as amplifiers…

The frequencial bar is again being raised. The planets forming this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23rd and 24th of April are located succinctly and exclusively in Cardinal (Primary Force ) signs, representing the Four Sacred Elements of the Earth Kingdoms.

The 4 planets of the Cardinal Grand Cross further accelerate an opening that began with the March Equinox. This will be an extremely challenging configuration , and the energy will combine with all of the factors of this frequencial blend. It is a quickening of all in the etheric and physical realm of the Omni Earth and is in effect now.

Lunar Eclipse – April 15

With the full moon Total Lunar-Eclipse of April 15 , each of the Earths Kingdoms and Humanity will quicken into major change. All of the living kingdoms and multi-dimensional aspects of the Omni-Earth are becoming more lucid, more capable of communication and life vitality expression. This is part of the expansion.

*Already your scientists are noticing curious new forms of light, which are termed light-sprites and ‘interestingly ‘photonic jellyfish’. (*Reference – past channel ‘The Aquarian Shift’)

The solar eclipse is followed by a coded comet-esque meteor shower for the first week of May with Mars in retrograde. May is embellished with a Star-Gate occurring between the 23rd & 28th leading into the June Solstice. This is the Portal of Harmony.

Solar Eclipse – Star-Gate & Quantum Emanation

In veracity, the coming Cardinal Grand Cross is the aperture mechanism of a spectacular triggering , a Quantum Emanation seeding the path and potential to a heralded transformation….to a sacred potential ; a cosmic truth built upon the foundations of Unconditional Love and fulfillment of hallowed prophesy. It is occurring on many fronts.

Pluto – Capricorn (Cardinal Earth)

Mars – Libra (Cardinal Air)

Jupiter – Cancer (Cardinal Water)

Uranus – Aries (Cardinal Fire)

None of this is by chance, these energies encompass a magnificent ‘astrological cocktail’ of energies that will bring incredible change in the following ways:

Equinox & Solstice Aperture amplifiers

Eclipse apertures and coded downloading shift

Thinning the veil in the resulting Star-Gates

Bringing in the Codes of the ‘Return of Dharma’ & ‘Seeds of the Cristos Return’

Leading to the 2038 New Crystalline Firmament Completion

The DNA Shift to Crystalline Body thru the Ionization – CME Process

Humanity must awaken en-masse to higher consciousness, to sacred wisdom and transcend the social, political and religious frameworks built on greed, power-lust and fear to co-create the dawning New Earth on foundations of harmony, peace, highest good in sovereign compassion and integrity.

The Harmonic Trigger is a time of action. Gather in mass, plant the seeds of change, and fear not ! The revolutionary astro-dynamic that dominates the Portal of Harmony requires group understanding and indeed participation of the savant among you.

Most of your astrologers will look at the events occurring in the traditional studied manners . But we tell you that much more is occurring here than many may understand or accepted . Everything occurring is coded in a manner that could not have occurred before now….in the New Earth of 2014 everything leads to 2038.

And we tell you that those of you in what may be termed ‘senior’ phases of your physical sojourn, may indeed feel very driven, compelled within the energies of 2014 to ‘make things right’, to improve relationships. Dear Hearts, there is no better time for this, no better energy for this, than the ‘Harmonic’ phases of 2014. The two Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2014 (April & December) offer superb timings to make major changes, needed changes for those who wish to clarify into greater honestly in their relationships, to make necessary ‘repairs’ Keep in mind that your time on the duality plane is measured in heartbeats, and changes can happen anytime. Take advantage of ‘Now’ time.

The Aquarian Shift

The current time offers each of you an opportunity to choose to live free, to choose to release worry and fear, and create your own well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the Nation of Humanity will UNITE, it is the way humanity will Ascend, and 2014 is a key phase for allowing you to coherently create the Earth you desire. Year Two of the New Earth, 2014, energetically initiates the true phase into what is termed the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the true beginning of the Aquarian Shift.

Accordingly Masters, you are in the folds of a key sojourn. Indeed there are specific lifetimes that are more highlighted within your vast sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer succinct quantum leaps. Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This is one of those lifetimes. Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as you continue to adjust and calibrate to the Crystalline transitions of the New Earth in 2014. It will not be easy, nothing truly worthwhile occurs without focal effort … but it will be a joyous accomplishment and credential. For you are among the souls that are collating to create the planet of harmony. Accordingly 2014 is an incredibly important year, in many ways more so than 2013. For in 2013 you were in the early phases of adjustment to the New Earth. You were exercising the utility of new chakras that extend into higher dimensions. In 2014 you will begin stretching new wings and trying out flight into new spectra. You will be working in theta coherency to visually create a world of harmony ! It will take time but potent tools are now in place.

What happened in 2012 was a beginning, not an end. 2013 was Year One of the New Earth paradigm, a new beginning. That new beginning is the New Template of the New Earth. The Ascension of the Earth has allowed for the dimensional revision and expansion of the planet. The Earth is expanded to a Crystalline Field, expanded from the 5th to the 12th dimensions. In 2013 you began learning the ropes, and in 2014 you will progress further in this exploration. It will take concerted effort.

2014 will be a year in which you continue to experience many subtle shifts on your levels of awareness. Your expanded 33-chakric system is still adjusting to operating in new manners and indeed in new dimensions. The layers of your CEF (Crystalline Auric Field) are still somewhat in flux, still stabilizing for most of you. The expansions can and do effect to varying degrees your sensory systems & emotional field.

Bearing the Cross – the Grand Cross

In 2014, the aspects of inner conflict will move into the crucible phase for purification. Any dishonesty, any flaws that were hidden, any shadows will come into light in order to be faced. Align your actions to highest goals. Prioritize ! Examine your path..and plan your journey consciously.

Life can be difficult, and that is a great truth . But it is in only through facing your challenges that you transcend them. You are not only graduate students in the ‘University of Earth’, you are the professors who wrote the curriculum in higher realms. Mental focus is required, but you have the tools to walk the path of Mastery.


You can not sit complacently on the fence in the Grand Cross energies. You will be effected. We urge you to embrace it, for although it will have its challenges, it is an exquisite benevolent resonance.

Dearhearts, the Harmonic Trigger & Star-Gate of 2014 is the perfect opportunity to determine the missing pieces of your puzzle. It is time to make your mark, to contribute your part, to consider the legacy your life will be. And yes it involves putting all the final the pieces together … assembly is required!

The Crystalline Frequency is becoming even more powerful in 2014. This is a resonance that increasingly will influence each of you into your impeccability. Impeccability is simply understanding who you are and becoming true to SELF in the highest standards. It requires you each to take your power and walk in integrity…and that is the earmark of True Mastery.

It is time for the Masters among you to take part and move into wisdom , heart & courageous action.

We told you that there would be timings in 2014 in which you will be compelled to focus on those remaining areas of your life stream that need to be addressed. That time is now. You will be required to confront the self and prioritize what actions are needed. Redefine your inner contracts and determine how you wish to utilize your remaining time on the planet. You will be compelled to seize the moment , and make a bucket list …linear life is a quantum of heartbeats …seize the day !

It is time to write the book within you, time for the dreamer to awaken. It is the time of the Grand Cross and Portal of Harmony !

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is…And it is so….

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Polona Aurea Dawn – Grand Cardinal Cross – Explanation, Light Activation – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my video about the Grand Cardinal Cross. You have probably noticed that almost everyone Now talks about the alignment of the so-called Grand Cardinal Cross forming in April. The play of these interwoven planets is a constant Now, but this is when it will be the most exact. Because not everyone yet knows what this truly means, Spirit guided me to share a higher perspective on it … through the eyes of Divine Creation of One. The first important thing to be aware of is the fact that we can’t just blindly follow the generalizations that come from the external. The main point of Soul awareness is to always form our Divine knowing from within.

This means that we need to see how things relate to us personally, and how they are interwoven into our sacred Soul journey at this time. This is how the fabric of our uniqueness is being formed. Besides what is being shared about it in general … what does it bring to us? What is the current expansion of our Divine Soul? We need to understand what it means on a higher level of simplicity of the Divine Truth, and how we can most benefit from that energy support of that activation and the embodiment of that sacred Truth.

What this Grand Cardinal Cross alignment represents on a higher level (the grand scheme of things) is the balancing of the inner polarities in our physical embodiment. We have a formation of four opposing planets, which are currently all in cardinal signs. The cardinal signs are those that begin a certain cycle of Creation … they usher in a new season, and these signs are; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The planets that are currently in these signs while forming a square (rectangle) position are as follows; Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. It is important to know what these plants represent and how these signs then attribute those aspects, but it’s even more important to be aware of how we ourselves embody those as inner archetypes/Soul Essences.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. You can read the entire article here:…


David Palmer – April 14-15 2014 – Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Aries Cardinal Cross

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Astrology Horoscope Special: April 14-15 2014 Lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries Cardinal Cross

Simone M. Matthews – Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 – Quantum Potential

Simone M. Matthews·13 videos…
April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER & MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 90 degree angles to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.

In addition, each of these planets are sitting at ’13 degrees’ of the 4 CARDINAL signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra & Uranus 13 degrees Aries). Plus Mars is Retrograde (appearance of going backwards) during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.

PLUS, adding to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 28 April 2014.

Hope you enjoy this slideshow summary of the energetic ‘Quantum Potential’ of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014. For a more detailed understanding of this event and to receive a number of free energetic tools, please visit:…

PLEASE NOTE: At the 3:40 minute mark, there is a typo in the heading on a few of the slides. The Annular Solar Eclipse is on the 29 April 2014 (not the 14/15 April, as that is the date of the Lunar Eclipse

Tsunami of Love – Linda Dillon

CouncilofLove·12 videos

This is the Council of Love meditation to guide you in anchoring your sacred self in the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love. The more often you do this meditation the more potent it will become. You are anchoring and activating not only for your sacred self but for the collective of humanity. Thanks for watching! xxxx


The Event – MC SuperKenn – 1-15-14

Smaly7·144 videos


Comet ISON Debris Field – late Dec 2013 Update

Remote viewing ISON and Cloaked Object

Large Meteor Event – 600 Fireball Reports – ISON Debris Field – I12-26-13



We are seeing a huge uptick in Fireball sightings over the mid-western united states. Already over 600 reports have been reported. It is expected that we will be seeing a lot of NEO’s (Near Earth Objects) between Dec 26th and January 12th.


Comet ISON – Closest To Earth Now – Marking a Shift, Where Love is Reborn – Mother Mary – Golden Age Of Gaia

Comet ISON back around sun

By Stephen Cook – December 26, 2013

Golden Age Of Gaia

Comet ISON is providing a unique energetic potential to humanity over this festive season and the next remaining  few days of 2013, according to Mother Mary (or the Divine Mother as she is also known).

Right now, this intriguing and much talked-about comet is beginning its closest pass to Earth, as it makes its way through the heavens above (and possibly below) between Christmas night (December 25)  and December 28, depending on where we each live.

According to what Mother Mary told Linda Dillon: “It’s marking a shift, an energetic download of shift where love is being reborn”.

Mother Mary gave Linda Dillon a bit of a startle when she woke her at 4am last Saturday morning,  just before she talked to me on Lift Your Spirit: December 21, One Year On…What Now? last Saturday. I asked Linda about the comet and its role over this week.

Stephen Cook: “Linda, what are your thoughts on comet ISON and it’s relevance to what may or may not be going down. Because it literally comes closest to us, from what I understand and what I still believe, basically Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the day after.”

Linda Dillon: “Now, if you’d asked me this question months ago, I would have had one answer. If you’d asked it of me a few days ago, I would have had another answer.

“But I’ve been having some very interesting conversations – as early as 4:00 this morning when I woke up and was talking with Mother Mary.

“And she was reminding me and telling me  – and therefore telling all of us, because I’m just the conduit – that as much as the higher realms… shall we say, don’t necessarily adhere to dates and timelines that, in fact, on Christmas – and this Christmas, which is now – is that she is once again birthing and bringing to Earth, Love.

“And she did in fact: Two thousand years ago with the birth of Yeshua,  because that was the embodiment of divine love.

“And she is doing so, as she tells us, again this year. And that, of course, has been the forerunner of the gifts of clarity and purity and it’s the birth and rebirth of love.

“And I see that connection with the Comet ISON – which I do not tend to connect comets passing by and giving them monumental import, like the grand cross or the eclipses or what-have-you. They’re energetic? Yes. Do they affect us? Absolutely. Solar flares do, too.

“But I believe this is actually marking…it’s like, again, the discovery and the arrival of the Blue Star. It’s marking a shift, an energetic download of shift where love is being reborn.

“So it IS electromagnetically affecting us in terms of the download.

“It’s coming close enough that it’s interfering with our regular, what we have thought of as our electromagnetic grid, so that impulse (of love) can just come flying at us.”

White Tara, who speaks through channeller Jose Sanchez, talked about Comet ISON this week in her December 23, 2013 message:

“The many new energies and the new light infusing and surrounding you like a golden, silver light is quite beautiful to watch. ISON awakened the new codes within your sun and now those energies are activating the new codes within your DNA.

“Yes many see and saw what they needed to see and out of fear witnessed the ship ISON disappear and apparently disintegrate and for those awakened enough and with the eyes to see, see it and feel it as it approaches and comes closer to your dear planet.

“It carries within it the energies of the new light and the new Earth now fully manifested which is now bringing you closer to your exalted existence. You are to be divine, you are to know the divine and you are to manifest the divine fully in your day to day existence.

“ISON also carries the new reality that will allow and lead to disclosure of life in other planets and that you are not alone.

“For those of you who now know and believe of extraterrestrial life it will pleasantly bring you closer to them and for those in fear it will help awaken their hearts so that they may be ready to accept the truth with courage and peace in their hearts.

Interestingly, before it went quiet on Comet ISON – after initially alleging the comet had disintegrated; even though its own images, such as the one above, clearly showed the comet DID make its way around the sun and continued on its important journey – NASA admitted:

“What remains of Comet ISON appears to brighten and spread out, then fade. The disappearance of a strong central brightness condensation after perihelion is telling, the comet is clearly fainter and more diffuse going out than going in, but it continues to shine”.

“I saw these at 8:30 am on Dec. 25th,” says photographer John Dean of Nome, Alaska. “They were the first Christmas auroras I have ever seen.”

Separately, there is even more going on in our skies during this week. In its post today entitled Christmas Lights, Space Weather reported that:

“Skies above the Arctic Circle turned green on Dec. 25th when the interplanetary magnetic (IMF) field near Earth turned south. This opened a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in and fueled a display of Northern Lights:

“‘I saw these at 8:30 am on Dec. 25th,’ says photographer John Dean of Nome, Alaska. ‘They were the first Christmas auroras I have ever seen’.

“The day after Christmas could be good, too. A solar wind stream is expected to brush past Earth’s magnetic field on Dec. 26th, prompting NOAA to estimate a 35% chance of polar geomagnetic storms. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.”

So, with Comet ISON bathing us in its special cosmic energy as it sweeps as close as it will ever get to us, plus the beauty of the “Christmas Lights’, we have much to “feel” forward to from the heavens above over the coming days.

Meanwhile, according to Tony Darnel, the creator of Deep Astronomy, on January 17, 2014, instead of Comet ISON simply passing by us, as it is now, Earth will cross through Comet ISON’s inbound path.

“Maybe, just maybe, there will be a nice little meteor shower somewhere in the middle of January 2014, from the particles left behind when ISON flew through before,” he says.

My feeling is, just as Mother Mary says, that we are already experiencing something much less visible and far more life-changing.

So I suggest we simply enjoy the ‘impulse of love” she speaks of, as it now comes “flying at us”. And keep our hearts and minds firmly focussed on this intriguing intergalactic love infuser.

Comet ISON Debris Field – Mimics Chinese Myth Feng Huang

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彗星 ISON Comet ISON: Phoenix Rebirth myth 鳳凰 Comet ISON mimics Chinese legend Feng Huang or fenghuang

Yuan dynasty (1279-1368) Embroidery; silk and gold thread

Japanese Phoenix (Hou-Ou/Ho-Oo)

In Hindu mythology, Garuda was a creature with a human body and an eagle’s head, wings, and talons. This Indian miniature painting portrays Garuda with the god Vishnu and his wife on his back.

In Jewish legend, the phoenix’s name is Milcham.

Comet ISON debris tail could mimic Chinese Legend

Large Object Passes By Sun – NASA Keeps Silent

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Alex Collier – December 3rd 2013 – Graduation From Third Density?

PLEASE TAKE NOTE   –   This video just appeared on the Reader   –   Alex Collier has impeccable credentials. He has the full trust of the Andromeda Council.  This video is carefully composed to lead us to conclusions.  On the face of it, quite convincing. One detail: no current clip Of Alex confirming this.  The video author has plenty to say below this video.

Each of us creates our own reality.  If this is true, we better accelerate our learning really fast.  In any rapidly changing scenario, it’s to be with the ones you love. care for each other.  Be Centered, meditate for the best possible outcome for all of us.  Enjoy every moment of your life.  BE Love. Pray.

Having said all that, I fully expect to update this  blog, well into the future.  COMMENTS  WELCOME,

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Published on Nov 14, 2013

VERY IMPORTANT !!! Alex Collier makes reference to December 3rd, 2013
*ATTENTION* MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2013 Judith Kusel ~The New Cosmic Portal opening up and immense new wave of cosmic changes is upon us… “There is a massive cosmic portal opening up just in between Jupiter and the earth, which has been closed for millennia. It looks something like a wormhole, and it brings for the first time in millions of years the return of a mass cosmic consciousness which is embedded in certain star gates in this solar system.

The mechanisms of this massive field of consciousness is that of the ancient beginnings when the first galaxies were formed, the first 12 master galaxies, and then, when the wars of heavens started, this massive portal was closed down, and moved towards those new galaxies forming in the outer reaches of the cosmic whole.

What is will be doing is affecting the pyramids and pyramids grids inside, on the surface and those under the sea, and bring about the acceleration of the rising of consciousness on this planet.

It will trigger immense memory banks in our inherent DNA and molecular memory banks, and bring about the a massive shift in the way we perceive our material world, as a lot start disintegrating which once held form, while other forms of life, which have been living alongside us, in different dimensional states, and also inside the earth, will now for the first time be visible to those who are tuning into the cosmic impulses emitted by this massive portal.” http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.c

Comet ISON and Mercury’s Electrical Phenomenon Nov 12-18 2013 Return of Mythical Plasma Dragons
*URGENT* Grid Ex Drill in Affect & IRS Page Says There Will Be A Planned Power Outage! November 2013

Hilarion – Many mind boggling occurrences are about to unfold – 12-2-13

Beloved Ones,

There are mighty signs in the heavens that humankind can no longer ignore or deny. Something big is taking place that involves not only the planet Earth but the entire cosmos. You are the conduits who are now taking on an even greater role of keeping the Earth in balance. This is a most important function of your presence here on Earth. Daily ground your roots into the crystalline diamond core of Mother Earth and as you feel the Earth’s energies rising upwards through your column of light, connect into the great diamond in the great central sun. This intention will bring the energies of the higher dimensions into the Earth’s core and spread out in concentric circles throughout the planet through each of you. There is no place upon and within the Earth that will not be touched by these energies.

Transformation in all systems is now a moment by moment occurrence. No one knows what will happen next, for your planet is traversing the unknown and there is nothing to do but go with it. It is both exciting and exhilarating and rather frightening at the same time. By carefully watching the signs in the heavens and those upon the Earth, you can keep moving forward in faith and trust that all is well and according to the Divine Plan for all life in the cosmos.  There is Earth changes taking place which are quite startling in their suddenness and many that are taking place beneath the oceans of your world that you are not aware of. The last vestiges of old programs and belief systems are insisting that you pay attention to them and it behooves each of you to be steadfast in your determination to stand in your light and your truth and go the distance.

Many mind boggling occurrences are about to unfold and it is necessary to stay connected within your divine heart space as much as possible. Be flexible in your expectations at the start of each day and takes what comes with equanimity. The unseen realms are making their appearance with greater frequency and are aligning in proximity at the edges of the end of one dimension and the beginning of another. You are the masters of alchemy and can now create the world of your deepest hearts desires. There will be many opportunities to join together in unity to focus on that which is needed in specific moments of time upon the surface of the planet. Know that as you connect with the rainbow portal of light as you come to this website, you are being activated to higher and higher levels of consciousness. It is a continuing work in progress for each and all.

The raising of your frequency level is absolutely essential each day if you want to be able to cope with all that manifests upon the surface of your planet and in your daily lives. Work together and help each other as you become aware of the need to do so. Love comes calling in its many facets and wonders. The people that you are meant to meet appear as if by magic, projects that have been put on hold suddenly complete themselves in complete grace and astounding ease! Life takes on the magical quality of synchronicity and you will find yourselves filled with enthusiasm to create new projects and tasks. You will be raising the bar on the standards needed to walk this Earth as a divine being, fully expressing your kinship with the creator of all.

You can access greater information and knowledge from the crystalline grid than was ever possible before. Tuning into the great crystals that reside in and on the planet will help align you to the hidden treasures that have been hidden within you.  Embrace these gifts with zest and relish as they come to your awareness, for it is not only that which is not love within you that needs contemplation, release and reflection but also the celebration of that which comes to remind you of your magnificence. You begin now to experience your own greatness as the blockages to this knowledge are lifted in the upraised frequencies.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

Comet ISON Best Viewing – Thanksgiving Spectacular

Infinite Shift

Stephen: This comet is being noted for many things, including its positive energetic flow-on to us all. For a complete overview of how to view Comet ISON, check out the links within this article. The Mother Nature Network report is particularly good.

By Jenalyn Villamarin, IBT – November 26, 2013

The close flyby of the 2013 Comet ISON to the Sun on Thursday, November 28, brings a rare celestial viewing opportunity. Given below are some safe tips on how to best view the “Comet of the Century” on perihelion day.

In the Huff Post Science report, the astronomers currently believe that Comet ISON is rapidly brightening up, therefore making the space object easily visible to the naked eye under the dark sky. The comet may grow brighter until it reaches perihelion on Thursday and it becomes visible even in daylight but viewers may be in danger from the solar…

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Sandra Walter – ISON Energies – Ascension


Comet ISON is making its way around the Sun this Thursday …

After the opening of the Aion portal last Saturday, this is one HIGH VIBE week! Intense energetics are in play to create this major acceleration of the Shift. Personally, I AM still integrating the profound Heart activation from last weekend, and meditating as often as possible.

This gateway is wide open, and getting wider, so if you have ringing ears, movement in the heart center, blissful states of grace and the sensation of *this is it* – you are not alone. Distinct thinning of the veils is in progress, so be sure to communicate with all of those lovely beings, lights and orbs that are visible 24/7 now.

Found on  Galactic Free Press

ISON – Archangel Metatron

ISON COMET“As she soars through the skies of the second merger
She brings with her the wisdom of the ages to have come
As she merges with the Sun’s rays at the noon of the eternal waters
She brings forth the understanding of all that has gone by and has arrived
For she brings with her the eternal truth of The Source,
The eternal truth of the understanding of the key of life,
For she swirls within her very passion
In order to bring forth the mightiness of ONE.”

The ISON, the magnificent, and the magical and the all powerful and all encompassing comet, as she is known to your earthling selves, dwelling on GAIA at this very momentous splinter of time. Have you no clue as to the prowess that is about to unfold before your eyes?

We the ascended masters of the 33rd parallel, the 33rd decree and the 33rd dimension are here to quench the inquisitive minds of your human selves, for we look upon you with delight, for we look upon you with understanding and unconditional, unyielding and eternal love. For you all, are the children of the creation of the minds, that have come and gone before you, for you who dwell upon GAIA bring forth such awe within us, that we shall share the mightiness of the informational decree that is about to unfold on your GAIA.

And so, let us begin the venture of explaining to your minds the true history and the idea, and the informational powers, and the codices hidden within the one that you call ISON.

No, dearly beloveds, there shall be no fear amongst your hearts, for the fear that dwells therein, shall be removed once and for all, for the fear that has been generated for you by those that you understand to be in the power of your own bodies, and your own souls, bears no rulership over your souls, bears not rulership over your hearts, for the ones that you believe to be in power of your souls, are mere mortals, walking along the side of your very beings. Those who shall benevolently accept the assistance from the above decrees shall bear witness to the bridge of the ISON that shall open wide before their very eyes.

For what we are referring to, is the evolution that is about to unfold within your very beings, a change unseen and unheard and misunderstood and unattainable to your naked eye. For only through your hearts, shall you know the real meaning of the ISIONIC energies that are about to engulf and spread throughout your GAIA.

And so, the collective energies that are lifted from your earthly selves, desire to know that which you shall expect to occur on the physical planes of your existence, shall any calamities to be expected? And we say to you that there shall occur such a state, for when there is change, there shall be great change.
The upheaval of the earth shall bring forth the hidden knowledge, the hidden knowledge that most of you are in dire need of , for within your human incarnations, you still are seeking from the outside that which you shall and must find within, and so to help you rediscover who you truly are, the upheaval of the earth energies, the earth grounds and dust and core, shall bring forth the hidden treasures therein, the hidden treasures that have been hidden for your generation eons prior, by those how have come before you, by those who have returned, indeed returned onto your planet GAIA, to assist you in your incredible, astounding, phenomenal, mind boggling, and all encompassing growth. Growth that is affecting not only your own psyche, but the psyche of ALL who dwell in this magnificent universe of yours.

And so, upon the close encounter with your sun, the ISON shall pass through the outer ridge of the suns’ holographic self, and shall recode the sun’s energies and the suns codexes in the sequence of the directional womb, and redirect such energies in the sequence all too familiar to your earthly selves, the sequence of the fabionachi codexes, and once such sequences of the binary codexes enters your psyche, and is absorbed by all that sustains you on GAIA, you shall incorporate these energies into your very being yet again.

But this time, dearly beloveds you shall fully reawaken to your true selves, no more shall the masks be worn upon your faces; no more shall you hide beneath the masks that you have placed upon yourself in this incarnation. For you will have unclothed it all, in order to leave that which no longer positively serves you behind, and to move forward in your destination to the new planetary alignment of GAIA.

Many revolutionary discoveries are to be brought forth into your world., many technological advancements, but more importantly and what you are all seeking first and foremost PEACE, peace within every cell of your being, peace and harmony within every single cell of your understanding, and those around you. And this is just the beginning, for more and more of the awakened ones shall bridge the gap and create a circle of light of such magnitude that it shall encompass the whole globe and shift the energies in the direction of true peace, true understanding, from heart to heart and not from mind to mind, the peace and harmony on earth that you have been dreaming about, and have been holding onto for a very long time shall finally spread throughout your GAIA, step by step brining you to your final closure of liberation, freedom and understanding.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

AA Metatron & The 33rd Dimension – Channeled by – Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Archangel Michael – Choosing Love Over Fear – 11-22-13


Oracles and Healers

Michael and Company

We begin today by once again offering our congratulations on your continuing progress.  You perhaps see nothing, although you are beginning to feel much, but we see amazing changes in the field of energy surrounding you.  A great deal of beneficial change has been initiated and is having lasting effects which are, perhaps just peeking into your awareness.  Think of it as the plantings in your winter greenhouses.  They shall be well along by the time your new season of growth arrives, able to be transplanted from your inner to your outer lives.  That season may occur sooner than you imagine.

Let us now speak of a heavenly happening which many of you are watching.  Some are watching it in trepidation and fear.  Some are seeing beauty and wonder.  It is, of course, your choice.  There is a great light, a comet, about to light up your nights.  We heartily recommend that you look upon this approaching piece of the cosmos, this approaching being, as a bringer of gifts, as a wondrous and beautiful holiday present, if you will.  As you know by now, everything gives you the opportunity to choose between fear and love.  What if you choose love this time?  How will that impact you and also your world?  It is a happening not seen in this magnitude before, and perhaps never again.  And it is, we affirm for you, a happening mentioned in some of your indigenous lore for quite a long, long time.

This will confirm for all who ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear’, as you like to say, that the time has arrived.  You are truly in the thick of it.  And although you may not see great change in your personal surroundings yet, we urge you to pay close attention to yourselves as a community, as a oneness.  As you learn to do that, you will begin to sense what we can only describe as an upheaval, a major turning point, that which you have all been waiting for.

It will not be a ‘flash-bang-what-was-that?’ sort of change.  And yet, when what has happened begins to sink in, you will see that it is exactly that.  It will be almost as quick as the change which did in your dinosaurs.  Of course your dinosaurs were not wearing wrist watches and following twenty-four hour newscasts.

So our best advice now is to welcome the changes, both inner and outer.  Receive them with gratitude and appreciation, after all, you have co-created them.  And continue to focus on the better world you wish to live in.  See it in as great a detail as you are able.  It approaches.

We hold you in our loving embrace and thank you for your fortitude and the amazing abilities which you have demonstrated and still do not see.  Good day, dear ones.

Oracles and Healers

Astonishing Asteroid Becomes a Comet – ThunderboltsProject

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Comet ISON – Mercury’s Electrical Phenomenon – Nov 12-18 2013 – Return of Mythical Plasma Dragons

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Video by David Stig Hansen
Follow Up Video Here: Comet ISON: October 19th – Our Electric Universe and the T-Junction of Mars/ISON/Earth (

Rapture, Comet ISON, Martial Law, December 2013, MUST SEE !!!

Comet ISON Interview about Electrical Phenomenon & Worldwide Power Disruptions, Nov-Dec 2013

Comet ISON and Mercury’s Electrical Phenomenon Nov 12-18 2013 Return of Mythical Plasma Dragons

Comet ISON Nov 03 Triangle Conjunction What will you see next?

BP EarthWatch – New ISON Images – Rapid Brightening

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ISON and solar update.
Solar and Quake Links:

Massive Star Explosion Seeded the Early Solar System – Meteorite Study Suggests

The oldest documented supernova, called RCW 86, was witnessed by Chinese astronomers in 185 A.D.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

A supernova could have shot matter into the early solar system, a new study shows.

The explosive death of a star seeded matter into the solar system soon after its birth, analysis of a meteorite now reveals.

Earth and the rest of the solar system coalesced from a giant cloud of gas and dust more than 4.5 billion years ago. Many of the details about the galactic neighborhood in which the solar system arose still remain a mystery.

Meteorites contain some of the oldest material in the solar system, dating back to its formation. As such, researchers often analyze these objects in order to discover what materials were present when the sun, Earth and other planets were born. This study sheds light on where these solar system bodies might have come from.

All elements heavier than nickel are ultimately created by supernovas, giant explosions resulting from the deaths of stars. These explosions are bright enough to momentarily outshine their entire galaxies. Now, scientists analyzing meteorites have found that a supernova may have injected matter into the solar system within a small window of time after the solar system’s first solids formed. [Supernova Photos: Great Images of Star Explosions]

“This is evidence for supernova addition at the very start of our solar system, over 4.5 billion years ago,” said the meteorite study’s lead author,Gregory Brennecka, a cosmochemist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Brennecka and his colleagues investigated the Allende meteorite, which fell to Earth as a fireball in Mexico in 1969. Theyfocused on lumps within this meteorite known as calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions. These particles are some of the oldest objects in the solar system — they were the first solids to form in the protoplanetary disk that eventually gave rise to Earth and the other planets.

The scientists focused on a wide range of isotopes within the inclusions. In general, elements come in a variety of isotopes that differ in how many neutrons they possess in their atomic nuclei; carbon-12 has six neutrons, while carbon-13 has seven. (Both have six protons.)

Mars Interacts with ISON – 10-2-13

seeingatruth·10 videos

Hear Professor James McCanney talk about ISON interacting with Mars:…
He said Mars brightened tremendously and developed a Coma. Incredible.

See J7409 pictures of the moon a few nights before this shot of Mars:…

J7409 channel captures Mars interacting with comet ISON C/2012 S1, Electric Universe? Mars lights up and then flashes shoot out, gains a coma, caught on camera!

Update to this video is here:…
and here…