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Having the courage to move ahead is an essential quality for living your best life. Sometimes it’s easier to muster the courage, in part because your whole being wants to do something new. Other times, like when moving through a big life crisis, finding courage can feel daunting. Continue reading for insights about developing increased levels of courage in these tumultuous times. 

Your Best Life

Let’s begin by considering why courage is so important. As a divine changemaker you incarnated during these revolutionary times to be at the forefront of mega changes throughout society. It’s like our world has been turned upside down and many things aren’t making sense as we collectively reassess things and discover a new more loving way to be.

Living your best life now means something radically different than in ages past. In part that’s because on a soul level you are being asked to step into your higher spiritual nature in order to grow and be an active participant in humanity’s dance of change. This is a joint effort, all of us involved and caring about what happens next.

On a personal level, too, this particular life will challenge you exponentially more than perhaps any previous lifetime. To live your best life means accepting this and being willing to go beyond your comfort zone, often daily.

Facing a Blank Canvas

Each day we create our reality brand-new. Things may seem the same, yet in quantum terms energy is continually changing. This means as we start our day or the next project or interaction, metaphorically we have a blank canvas and we fill in the details with our mind, energy, and actions. In the morning, our life could feel just like yesterday, yet that day is gone. What we have is today and what we put on our canvas.

The Buddha and Fearlessness

To the Buddha, who we celebrate at Wesak, courage is fearlessness. It is an essential quality for enlightenment. Gautama Buddha said: “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.”  

Since all of us are works in progress, it’s important that we strive for fearlessness in all things, balancing this with qualities of self-love, patience, and willingness to fail. Think of failure in the big picture – you didn’t meet your goal to be courageous one day when in a challenging circumstance. Let go of self-judgment and continue doing your best to be fearless. Know that more opportunities are around the next corner.

Courage to Face a Challenge

In order to respond to a life challenge with courage, it’s essential to stay present. That sounds easy, of course, yet the conditioned mind likes to replay past scenarios and ruminate about future “what ifs.” The ego can conjure all sorts of nonproductive dialogue that can sound so convincing that a person decides to do ANYTHING but the life task he or she needs to courageously tackle. Sound familiar?  

When that happens to you, come back to the present. That is your source of power.

Remember, too, that challenges are a normal part of life. There’s always a reason for things. No matter what shows up, there is a higher purpose and something you can learn. Don’t make the challenge about someone else or something outside of you. Own the challenge as a gift from spirit to help you grow. Accept that the challenge is a sign from spirit that you need to move outside your comfort zone and experiment.

Keep in mind that all of life is rather like an experiment anyway – so be bold, curious, and as fearless as you can be in each moment.

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The Miracle of Courage — OMTimes Magazine

It takes great courage to face your fears head on

and break through them.

Facing Fears: The Miracle of Courage

Throughout our lives,

we face different kinds of fear.

Our courage is tested in a myriad of

situations and events in which

we will have to make decisions.

Choices which require bravery. It takes a…

via The Miracle of Courage — OMTimes Magazine

Pat Cegan – No Limit – 6-22-17

There is no limit to the strength God gives

only our will to persevere.

God’s grace is ever overflowing to

he who surrenders and follows the Lord.

via No Limit — Source of Inspiration

Terence McKenna – Nature loves Courage – 6-3-17

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.” ~Terence McKenna

via “Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.” ~Terence McKenna — Under The Blue Door

Open Hand Web – Hunger for Change – Finding the Courage – 10-19-16


Open Hand Web   –   Hunger for Change – Finding the Courage    –   10-19-16


Most people I meet on the road have lived their lives within this limiting conditioning of society – telling people what they should do, how they should think, what is ‘normal’ to consume, what they’re capable of, and what they’re not. We live in a logic based world that works on a complex system of rules – “If I do this, then I’ll get that. If I don’t obey the system, I won’t get the things I think I need and want”. And so we tow the line and live ‘normal’ lives, based on those rules that become deeply engrained within the psyche.

That’s fine, in a way, as long as the system keeps working. Except it isn’t working, it’s breaking down. Just look at the situation in the political system for example – who can you trust? Who can you vote for? More importantly even than this, is what it does to you inside – how it disconnects you from the natural flow, how it isolates you from the divinity of your True, Cosmic Self. Life can be so much more. We can live in the miraculous flow of the divine, with synchronicity clicking in all around us, where we’re supported, loved and cherished, where every single situation conspires to reveal the majesty of you. Where all your true needs are taken care of. This is the message I’m sharing on the road that so many people can feel as truth and are responding positively to in their hearts.But here’s the difficulty – even though people can feel this expansion through the work, even though they can literally touch the divine inside themselves and feel the bounteous wonder on our gatherings, afterwards, it’s all too easy to slip back into that limiting box once more – family, friends, relations and work colleagues providing constant reminders of “who you should be” in their eyes – the old acceptable you, which doesn’t rock the boat, which doesn’t cause them to have to question it all too deeply. And so there’s the risk of sinking back down under the surface of this strangling, constricting consciousness.

How do you definitively change this repetitive story?

Hunger for Change – is it a 10 yet?

The first thing is you’ve got to really want to change. You’ve got to be hungry for change. And you’ve got to find the courage for change. Because you’ve got to be prepared to step into the direction of your discomfort. Because when you stand up above the parapet, the old system and the old rules will try to shoot you right back down again. If you allow it to, it’ll just keep on trampling right over you, inside yourself. It’s no wonder that it becomes hard to read the signs and synchronicities in that kind of situation. And because people have read so much about ‘acceptance’ and ‘surrender’ in the spiritual mainstream, they get confused and accept anything goes. So you’ve got to be really hungry for change, to be prepared to take the knocks and the set-backs, but get right back up again.

You know the truth don’t you? You really know how you want to live and be. In your heart, you know what does and doesn’t serve your True Self. So don’t settle for anything less. Take yourself out for a few hours and be bloody clear with yourself what’s important to you and what you’re prepared to commit in order to get it. You’ve got to cultivate the divine masculine (the “ray 1”), which is every bit as essential and the divine feminine (the “ray 2”) of acceptance and surrender – it’s surrender to the truth that we’re looking for, not acceptance of anything goes.
(Check out The Soul’s Purpose and the 7rays).
So this is a really important step. Be clear with yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is positive change to you? If it’s not 10, then there’s not even any point beginning. Because the old system will keep pulling you back. Be clear with yourself, its a 10, and if not, then go back to the old routines, but do so in awareness, keep observing what does and doesn’t serve, until you can find in your heart that big number 10 – that big bucket load of commitment.

So now you’re ready for change. What next?

Surrender yes, but not acceptance of ‘anything goes’

As we’re sharing in the Openhand Breakthrough Approach, you’ve got to explore the profound truth of the moment – “this is how the situation is right now”. You’ve then got to find the limiting doorway in the moment – your tightness. This is where you close down and resist the truth that you know in your heart to be real – “I really shouldn’t have my head stuck in that not-so-smart-phone all day; I really should get out into nature; I really should give up that job and move to a different location; I really should confront those old patterns in my relationship, which are draining the juice out of life; I really should change my diet in a way that raises my vibe.”

There’ll be bags of tightness and subconscious resistance to this pull of the soul – the quiet inner voice. Because there’ll be conditioned desires and wants that you think you should strive and struggle for: that better house; that you need this particular job or relationship to make you feel whole; that life won’t possibly work if you give up that job. Let’s be clear, the wholeness is inside of yourself – the immaculate Cosmic Self, that needs or wants nothing, because it is everything. But all your fears stand in the way of it. So you’ve got to break into these fears by confronting and feeling into them – you literally have to step into the direction of your fear. In this way you honour it, and become as-one with it. Soon you burst the illusion that it always was. It’s at this point, there’s that immaculate liberation where you become “The One” in it. The fear no longer holds you.

But here’s where I believe confusion creeps in again. And I see this in the spiritual mainstream. Just because you can find this eternal presence, and it feels whole and complete, doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to do. There’s the illusion. Because when you touch presence inside, you’re simultaneously touching the infinite potential of The One. Whereupon, the soul ignites, which initiates action inside of yourself. A feeling or a vision will come to you – “Be like this now, express like this, follow the pull in this direction”. Which brings me right back to the in-the-box mentality that’s so prevalent as I look way down to the landscape below me. When the soul kicks in, it’s going to butt right up against all those reasons why not to take action. And if you let it, if your commitment to change is not at 10, it will beat you right back down again. The True Self inside of you will dissipate, like the disappearing spot on a switched off TV screen.That’s why it’s so important to be hungry for change,
to be committed to change,
to be courageous for change.

So here’s the final part of the Breakthrough Approach then, the one that’s so important in order to prosper on the spiritual path. You’ve got to be able to recognise the sense of the soul which is now igniting and give energy to it. You’ve got to pour fuel on the igniting flame so that it becomes a fire inside of you. How do you do this? What are you looking for? I’m reminded of a clip from “Breakthrough”, Openhand’s new book.

A clip from Breakthrough

      “So how do I live this now? Everything else seems so pointless. How do I exist from day to day?”

Just follow the pull.

“What, literally? All the time?”

There is nothing else but the flow of the Universe, which pulls through your heart when you let it. Or else simply fires as a knowing… “this is the way to go now.” The whole Universe is interconnected with just one purpose and aim – to reveal yourself to yourself; to reveal you, as the divine. And there is absolutely nothing else going on.

“But all the families, out there, the businesses and the schools, all the lifestyles – they all have objectives, goals and ambitions. What about them?”

They only think that’s what they’re doing. They have amnesia, believing life’s all about achieving some sort of goal, some kind of security or objective to make them happy. They’re locked in a kind of space- time warp – an eddy current disconnected from the flow. Yet even there, the light is flowing in, working to reconnect the dots, to bring wayward souls back into the loving embrace of the divine. Even these structures that people build in life contain reflections of the original light of the soul. Literally everything you see, and do, invites a deeper feeling connection inside. When you go to the shops, the school or the cinema, when you’re at work or commuting through the city, even when you have an accident in your brand new car, literally everything is speaking to you saying… “Look at yourself, see who you really are at the core of you – be that!”

“So I just follow the pull and live like that?”


“But how do I make a living? How do I work, eat and connect with others?”

Everything that you need will come to you. Just give it a try and see.

I can’t say I was completely with it, but so far, this guidance had made far more sense than anything I’d ever experienced playing by the rules of society. So I sat there, at my desk and felt inside. In the beginning it wasn’t at all easy. I expected to feel something, to see something or get some kind of message. But all I got was heaviness, denseness, and a busy mind that so wanted to fill the moment with thought.

Put your attention in your heart.

So I do. And sure enough, after a little while there’s a tingling sensation, which, as I continue to focus on it, builds as a warmth, which then seems to subtly spread through my body. Suddenly the phone rings, and the feeling immediately dissipates.

It’s what you’ve attuned your consciousness to. So like everyone else, you miss the subtle interplay in the space between the spaces.

I wasn’t going to be put off, so I ignore the phone, and when it eventually stops, I go back inside, feeling into the heart once more. The strange but comforting tingling and the warmth, is now spreading through my entire body again. I feel to let go. So I lean back in my chair and stretch my arms out wide. The movement means that I reach back into a beam of sunlight now entering my office window behind me, which warms my neck and seems to somehow connect with the heat inside. A thought comes to me…Why are you facing the computer when this feels so beautiful, so magical? So I turn myself around, and draw myself up to the window, the sun now able to embrace the entirety of me, lighting up my face in a golden warmth.

Wow, this is amazing. Just a simple tingling, a very simple commitment to follow the sense, and now I’m literally basking in the sense of universal sunlight, warming my entire body.

Well I did tell you!

What now? A bird suddenly calls, as if to answer. I feel like a walk in nature, and even as the thought lands, a subtle pull is drawing me away from the chair. But what about the office? I’m thinking, and the emails, phone calls and appointments I have to keep? They just seemed so irrelevant at that moment. And even though my mind is struggling to let go, nevertheless I follow the pull, grab my jacket, and even though other colleagues are arriving for the day trying to engage me in conversation, nevertheless, I keep following the flow that now wants very much to carry me. “I’ll be back soon,” I speak over my shoulder as I hurriedly leave.

Now I’m out in the fields. It’s beautiful and expansive: intense blue of the skies reaching up into the heavens, vibrant greens of the grass, the soft caress of a gentle breeze on my cheeks. There’s no question, I just have to take my shoes off. And how wonderful that feels, squidging my toes in the dirt, feeling a part of the earth. Why does everyone stick their feet in shoes? I’m wondering.

Why indeed!

Igniting the Kindling of the Soul

The soul will ignite as a subtle sense inside, often a quiet vibration in the beginning; one that easy to ignore in our busy distracting society. But it’s these subtle feelings that are the kindling of the soul. And even if you’re going to light a great bonfire, it will have to begin with the small kindling. Without which, it won’t burst into flame. So you’ve got to pay attention to the subtle feelings – this kindling. Feel in. Look for it. It’ll be a sense of timelessness, expansiveness, joy, peace, love. But also excitement, passion, commitment, courage and will. When you can touch, and immediately recognise, one of these kinds of senses, that’s when you got to pour some fuel on the fire. Get up, make some movement to that sense, make a sound (any sound that feels natural), put some music on and let it dance you. Do something creative, like paint or play an instrument or sing. One of the biggest challenges of society, is that people have become so repressed, so trodden down in their sense of themselves, of who they really are.

Now here’s the thing, when you find an authentic sense of you, when you pour a little fuel on that kindling by bringing attention to the feelings inside you, they’ll begin to grow, stronger and stronger inside until they become a raging fire. This fire becomes literally unstoppable, because whatever tightness and resistance gets in your way, your soul will just burn right through it. And as you unleash soul, it is incredibly creative. All manner of opportunity and possibility will come your way. You’ll be living in a flow of miracles and magic.Right now there are massive growth opportunities within the field of spiritual facilitation. Because there are 7 Billion people out there in desperate need of change!

Do you have what it takes to be a healer, a way shower or a path finder?
Because if you do, the flow is calling you…Become a Spiritual Facilitator with Openhand

Healer heal thyself!

However, you can only unleash another to the degree you’ve unleashed yourself.

So, what is it worth to you to be living in this way? How much are you prepared to commit – is it a 10 yet? Are you hungry for change? Because when you truly are, when you’re prepared to really commit to the authentic sense of you, then the limiting box around you will begin to break and fall apart. You’ll burn right through it. Then each step you take forwards creates a new, less limiting landscape until its a flowing river through your life. This is truly living.

So, your hunger for life, for the divine way of living…. is it a 10 yet?


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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone | Yubing Zhang | TEDxStanford

The Elohim – The Divine Badge of Courage – by Carla Thompson, Georgi Stankov – 3-9-15


The Elohim: The Divine Badge of Courage

by Carla Thompson, March 9, 2015

The highly compressive energies of the February 21st portal led to sweeping changes in our perception, not only of ourselves but of the reality around us. Here we experienced highly compressive and unrelenting energies through to the end of February and into early March. This entire time has been another gift of massive deconstruction that has made way for the truth to reveal itself in yet another expansion of our consciousness.

The Elohim have a very strong message for us: Share truth from a strong foundation of courage!


“The World as you knew it has now changed. Your life, as you knew it to be, shall now be of greater beauty. Your Being, as you knew it, drops the old attachments that your mind truly knows to have no more value nor benefit to you along this road to enlightenment. True freedom has been graced upon you!

There are great shifts that continue to flood your reality. Shifts that pull the dysfunctional lineage of mankind back into the newly created third and lower fourth dimensional parallel Earths. Shifts that push the highly light-filled warriors further along their way to enlightenment, through the upper fourth dimensions, as the revelations expand through your light work, both as subconscious and conscious creations.
We feel immense joy as your world begins to accept the truths presented in synchronistic fashion, using fresh language and supported by a solid foundation in science.
Dearly beloved and the family of Man, we know great joy as every one of you begins to dismantle your masks of untruths that have ruled your lives seemingly from one eternity to the next. Untruths that have grown from silently accepted deconstructive treatments from one’s own self to those of society, where society claims uncontested ownership over your beingness and therefore your “accepted” expression.
The foundation of society with all it’s lies that formulate the facades and structure living “truths” by only being repeated over and over again, is now being torn from its moorings, as the old third dimensional holographic overlays melt in the presence of such powerful energies flooding in to your Gaia, and you, on a moment to moment basis.
It is the time of Revelations! It is not enough to state what is wrong with the world, or what is wrong with the leaders; the power of change lies with the people, and great power lies with You, the Great Light Warriors!
Speak your truth Now, with clarity.
Speak your truth Now, with directness.
What ails Mankind is not “knowing what to do” because you know what to do, you know how to act, you know where to turn, you know how to speak and you know what to say!

However, these are actions that must be carried on the wings of courage, for courage is the foundational skill needed to speak your truth, and to speak and live the truth of the Ages. To have courage, is to live the way of the heart.

This is the way of the Ascended Master!
To have courage means to be fearless, to not be controlled by your fears.
Join together and begin by presenting to the world, your reflections and your point of view on this reality in an open, direct, and transparent fashion and welcome to the New Earth!
You are now Creator Beings moulding your reality by knowing the truth as it arises from your sacred heart space, and by choosing carefully the correct spoken words to best convey the truth that has presented itself for sharing.
We are the Elohim and we are so full of joy and love for you as we feel your expanding awareness of the true issues that have held you from your natural expansion.
Follow your heart!”
          You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous
          You cannot be loving if you are not courageous
          You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous
          You cannot inquire into reality if you are not courageous

Hence courage comes first and everything else follows. – Osho