TERI WADE – Return to Light – The Completion of Evolution – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 11-6-19


By: Teri Wade


In this Universe everything is energy and that is a fact. It means we are living in a timeless and space-less energy that manifests itself as you, me, trees, birds, every soul, the stars, the planet and all that exists in the Multiverse. Everything is one and EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

Everything is interdependent because nothing can exist in an isolated state without a purpose, a reason to be there. We need food to grow, but the food needs us for it to be grown etc. Living in this third dimensional existence is tough. If our planet was too close to the sun it would be too hot, if our planet was too far from the sun it would be too cold either way life could not sustain itself. But, we can say that everything is as it should be and everyone is placed where they are meant to be, where they choose to be. Everything is in divine order even if it appears incredibly chaotic.

Out of chaos exists a level of order to give birth to necessary events. Think about the death of a star into a Supernova. A gigantic explosion of pieces of gas, molecules and matter thrown into the cosmos with no apparent order. Meaning, a new generation of stars can be created by the same bricks, shall we say, composed by the original star and those same bricks are the bricks that make up the atoms of our bodies. So, was that explosion chaos or was it divine order? On one level it was chaos but on the highest level it was order.

Everything is designed under mathematical rules, everything is perfect in its individual expression. We give labels and names because we experience life through a 3-D reality. We separate the individual from the oneness, the interconnectedness we all are.

This happens because when we incarnate on a 3-D planet such as Earth meaning its denseness and duality we have to lower our frequency so much in order to exist in such a physical environment. We are multi-dimensional beings whether we are aware of it or not!

We exist on many dimensions at the same time and we operate in each one of them under specific rules. Our “higher self” which is pure energy would disintegrate our human vessel because our human vessel could not sustain that extremely high frequency. So, what I’m getting at here is the Ascension process our physical bodies are going through are feeling these physical symptoms brought on by these higher Ascension energies.

We are raising our frequency higher and higher and as a consequence we are making the impossible possible because now with this Ascension process our physical bodies are being able to sustain these higher frequencies which are bringing in incredible abilities, awareness and insight. We can now operate in a wider spectrum of reality.

As you raise your vibration you can access new portions of reality. This is why the third eye is so emphasized throughout our world and the spiritual community. Two eyes = symbol of duality, right and left brain hemispheres, male and female, the third eye is unification, perception beyond duality, higher awareness and divine wisdom.

Our DNA is morphing being brought on by these higher energies we are receiving from our Central Sun. A fully functioning human being as originally designed and created had 12 fully functioning strands of DNA. We were once a being that was one with Light, God in our ancient times.

Through DNA manipulation we were made into an unconscious race easy to control by a very sinister and service to self Dark agenda. This being called “God” by organized religions is divine pure Light and of the highest frequency which is love. The human race is an emotional race and as this Ascension process ramps up we as a species cannot be controlled any longer. God or Light is not only all that exists but it also is everything that doesn’t exist.

Religion preaches separation meaning you’re separate from this “Light” and that’s all an illusion. This is how they control the human species. They have you looking outward when it’s always been inside. Once you receive this higher light the unconscious becomes conscious, the asleep becomes awake.

Remember, darkness is just the absence of light. Once these energies start flowing and our awareness starts to heighten darkness remembers itself as Light hence, our Awakening. We will all eventually become one with the Light.

Completion of Evolution!

source: https://www.facebook.com/teri.wade.1610/posts/253047445669663



QUENTIAL – GETTING TO ENLIGHTENMENT – A State Of Inner Rest – Discovery Of Your Inner Presence – 7-28-19

QUENTIAL – GETTING TO ENLIGHTENMENT – A State Of Inner Rest – Discovery Of Your Inner Presence – 7-28-19

Amongst the many tasks you think you need to do to finally get there is learning to incorporate some recreation in your life and learn to rest. When you come from a position of already stating the obvious, that you are a supreme being experiencing life, then you won’t look for validation for who you are and if you have made it. 

Animals go about their business of what they are by their nature. Humans are different, their mind gets in the way and the mind is always running judgments and critique and it isn’t until the mind becomes calm and trained that one learns that the competition is not the world but what you think you need to do to be somebody. 

Stop taking the pill of shame and worthlessness and the position that you are a sinner because that enslaves you to compensation. When you take the position of love and consciousness you experience a wonderful thing called ‘life’ and you will find yourself in the flow of events and experience less stress. 

The question is, who are you comparing yourself to and for what? You must learn to come to a state of innocence that is a state of mind when you let go of all of shame and worries and your focus of the moment. Think about your very bodies, they know how to heal and this works automatically. 

It is your invention that causes the disease in the mind, for dis-ease is a state of action with imbalance. The best way to be spiritual and enlightened is to lighten up. 


OPEN HAND – The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the Non-Duality Bubble – 4-23-18

Courtesy of Open Hand Web

These are amazing times of great transformation for the earth and for humanity. People everywhere are graciously stepping out of the darkness of separation and disconnection from the divine. With each passing day, ever more are realising their interconnectedness and at-one-ment with all life. It is a breath taking liberation! But as souls emerge, there are still many traps and fixations. We must not settle in fixed reality constructs. The soul is a continually inquiring, exploring and unwinding ‘creature’, at the core of our experience. It’s expression is intimately interrelated with Enlightenment. 

That’s why we must be careful not to slip into the uniformity of the ‘non-duality’ trap…

In non-duality you cease to exist

When you step out of identification with the lower three densities, the expansion into the 4D is utterly amazing, practically beyond words. Initially you may feel light, expanded and free. It can be so liberating, it’s quite often the case, that people feel they’ve already attained the mystical state of “Enlightenment” of which many are now speaking. 

Crucially, the contrast between the disconnect of unawakened living, and the interconnection of the higher density, can be so poignant, that you feel at-one with everything. And the realisation may then dawn, that at some place, you and everything around you are indeed one. BUT, if you contemplate it deeply, that condition can only exist at the level of the absolute, where everything does indeed merge back into pure presence – that which precedes the manifest.

Consider it carefully: as you – your soul – merges back into the absolute potential of presence, there can be no experience at all at this point; because there is no relativity, no “this” and “that”. Hence when there really is the condition of “non-duality” of which the mainstream speaks, then experience has dissolved. You cease to exist. 

How then, is it possible to be in an “Enlightened state” of presence, and still be in existence?

The last great attachment is to that of non-attachment!

To master this, you have to hold a duality – two apparently contrasting truths simultaneously: internally there is the state of presence at the core of your experience and through your experience, which is a non-experience in the background, like the canvas upon which the masterpiece is painted; and, AT THE SAME TIME, there is a flowing experience of coloufull soul, a brush stroke on the canvass, which is completely unique to you.

Let’s be clear, if a part you owns a particular state – if it fixates on a particular phenomenal experience, then in that moment, the risk is to build identity, which then disconnects from the flow of the soul, which in turn dissolves out the possibility of true presence – you may attain a bubble of peace, but not the real thing (which is a no-thing!). I witness many people on the path thinking they’re in the ‘non-dualistic’ enlightened state, but are actually stuck in – attached to – an expanded 4D bubble. In many cases, the psyche has installed a ‘trip switch’, saying….”drop any feeling of separation, tightness or attachment”. And this becomes a subtle inner identity doing so.

The last great attachment, is that of non-attachment!

Student: master, I have reached the state of oneness, all is perfect
Zen Master: tell me more…
Student: I am at one with the divine, there is no duality
Zen Master: what else?
Student: I am….
Zen Master: what else?
Student: I……..
Zen Master: what else?
Student: no reply…dissolving into state of oneness
Zen Master: strikes the student hard across the face
Student: OOOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!!!
Zen Master: well who felt that then!

Check out this Openhand Article on Unwinding Inner Identities

The One Hand clapping conundrum

Let’s be clear, you cannot intentionally aim for pure presence and truly find it. Because in the very moment that you do, you’ve already subtly established the inner condition of separation. You’ve said to the Universe…”I’d like to let go now and become the One”. But who is the “I”? You’ve already established, in your subconscious, the inner separation of the “I” from the absoluteness of the One.

It’s a one hand clapping conundrum!

So, what I’m saying, is that the truly enlightened state, is where your consciousness has mastered the ability to hold a duality of apparently contrasting truths SIMULTANEOUSLY: the separation in you has surrendered into the unique flowing experience that is the soul; AND THIS intimately interconnects you with the sense of presence within, which in itself, is a non-experience. Which is the sense of presence. 

So is there anything you can do to attain that state? Bearing in mind that to aim for the state itself, is to already prevent you attaining it.

Ride the wave of the soul

I believe there most definitely is. If you, as the separation, work to dissolve into the fullness of what you truly are – which is the expression of the soul – then you’ll be riding the wave of the soul, and as such, this will deliver you onto the shores of the One inside of you; you’ll discover it progressively, until one day, all the lights come on, and stay on…you’re constantly sitting in the presence. Crucially, you don’t have to aim or effort to get there. And neither do you have to dissolve the glorious story that is you – your soul. 

What this means, is that you can have your apple and eat it too.
in fact, I would say, that’s what the Universe is inviting of you:
to fully enjoy the apple of all experience, and yet not be attached to it.

How might we then attain this ever flowing state of truly enlightened experience?

It is to embrace everything that shows up on your path, not to deny or push anything away. Instead to bring the full light of awareness into it. Crucially you’re looking for the doorways of tightness within those experiences – where you attach or close down or where you disconnect in aloofness. These are the places to identify and work within.

Here’s how to ride the wave of the Soul with the Openhand Approach

How might we best work in the places of tightness?

At Openhand we apply what we call the “Breakthrough Approach”:

Honour the truth of the moment, exactly as it is
Express fully into the tightness
Become as-One with the tightness by completely accepting it
Unwind the natural feeling of soul that wants to emerge out. 

Ultimately, you’ll come to be able to unwind through all the various circumstances of your life, as they are happening, and this is true Enlightenment – there is nothing else going on. The One in you is constantly bringing the light into the Universe by unleashing soul through it, and where a soul is enlightened (fully self-realised, in other words….always realising of the One Self), where there is some density or darkness in the outer, then it’s immediately turning into whatever inner tightness that generates and unwinding through. This then brings light into the outer to help realign the situation. That’s how the inner and outer interrelate.

Meditation to Bring this Understanding into Your Life Right Now By Unwinding Through Density

Here’s how to work with this understanding through anything that’s challenging you right now.

ake an experience that’s causing you challenge or difficulty in your outer life.
– Sit quietly in meditation and reflect upon all the circumstances. See them in as much detail as possible.
– Breathe with them, but crucially, don’t try to change them, simply honour them as they are.
– Now look for the tightness it generates. It’ll be in the physical, emotional, mental or in your energy field.
– Notice what this feels like, honour and express the pain or challenge of it.
– Explore what particular outcome you think you need from that situation. What can you not accept?
– Work to completely accept the situation to the degree you don’t need it to go away. Keep going deep in.
– Now work to open a doorway through it, with complete acceptance.
– You become simply present, with the movement all happening within you.
– Once you’re settled into presence with the situation, you can start to unwind through it.
– Start to breathe and move with the contraction, but from the place of the presence.
– Feel yourself unwinding through any tightness you feel. Movement may also help.
– Finally, you’re simply sitting in the presence, but gently breathing through your inner world.
– What you’re now doing is bringing harmony from the inner, into life’s outer circumstances.

his process becomes straightforward, but not always simple. Some of the inner layers on the journey back to the One are complex, based on past life karma, that can be subtly deceptive and limiting – like the non-duality trap for example. The essential key is profound self honesty and owning the manifestations that you create and draw to you in the outer world, because they reflect back to your inner movement of consciousness – the inner creates all the circumstances of the outer. So if there’s disharmony in the ‘mirror’, that’s why you create it – to reflect back to the inner convolution for you now to work through.

Mirrors to the Soul

Everything around you, all sentient life and people, are mirrors your soul draws, which reflect both the distortion and the new beingness that wants to emerge as soul. If you keep honouring what shows up and keep inquiring, the soul will break through, and you’ll be delivered onto the welcome shores of the One inside. You’ll progressively come home to presence, after which, you’re constantly living in it, but with each moment shaping ever new relativistic experience.

This inner journey is reflected miraculously into our outer world. Each moment delivers bounteous abundance of experience, both distorted and aligned, all of which are designed to continually bring you back to the abode of the One, AND to have a reflective experience of that, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You’re constantly manifesting new materiality and tasting it too.

So beware the non-duality trap on the flowing path of Enlightenment. Because it limits the full unbridled emergence of soul, and delivers instead, only an expanded 4D bubble, which although initially may feel very harmonious and peaceful, ultimately becomes very limiting. Look deeper, into the truly expanded Universe – a veritable kaleidoscope of colour, change and transformation. Not only is it at times peaceful, but it’s also crashing and smashing as entire world’s come and go. Each has its unique story, just as you do. And when you truly discover the story of your soul and unleash it, then even in that incredible crucibal of transformation, you become immortal. Like the rainbow that emerges through the rain, your soul breathes colour through the all of it.

n loving support

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Discover more: Openhand Events Program

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Open Hand

About Openhand Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living. Join us…OpenhandwebOpenhand fbOpenhand TV


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rysa5 – Sacred Secrets – Enlightenment of the Teachers of Light – 8-24-18


Published on Aug 23, 2018

As the Game begins wherein you are now a player every step and move must be made clearly and carefully. You are now in a charged atmosphere with cosmic energy and your enlightenment is closer. There is on each point of your hand an image a symbol detailed by the lines of your hand that has a message for you … which hand does not matter and to energize use qi gong to feel the ball of energy grow between your fingers. Feel the touch of the divine in each moment of life and find the sacredness of sec when you are in love and in your inner being fully safe and empowered with the other as they are. In this moment the energy of the heart exists closestest when this love of the heart is shared intimately into surrender and the surrender is full and it begins the quest of the soul. As a Teacher you will need to return to the worlds and become clear as you speak of the wayshowers who are of your family. … So it begins in cryptic messaging from all sides as the reorientation begins for humanity.



Calling The Awakened ( 432Hz ) – Music by Joe Darwish – 7-13-18


Thanks to   https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2018/07/video-calling-awakened-432hz-music-by.html

I feel like following my friend Jonathan Carty’s footsteps by permanently leaving Youtube on that day. It’s been 5 years of adventures which brought me much – and hopefully to you as well. I’m giving thanks to the amazing people I met via this activity. I leave this plateform with a light heart, happy and gratefull for this unexpected journey.

Youtube is a most amazing tool with a strategic importance for the Light Forces – as it allows anybody to vehiculate soulcodes massivly, quickly and very easily. I thus invite people who receive ‘ higher insight ‘ to start a Youtube channel and follow the flow of their own creativity.

A special mention for my ‘ role model channels ‘ who inspired me such as Smaly7, Truthearth.org, FA SIRIUS, 777ALAJE, and some others :


Video Credits : Hammock ( ‘ Sinking Inside Yourself ‘ / ‘ One Another ‘ )
Music : Calling The Awakened (432hz) by Joe Darwish

All credits goes to Joe Darwish for his amazing performance. This work was finalized and submitted to me on that day. You can download the original song directly via that link :


Victory of the Light,
Arbre Solaire

Lyrics by Dinar Chronicles

“Calling The Awakened”
(by Joe Darwish)

Full disclosure is what’s needed to ascend.
Living in the matrix is a struggle playing in my head.
From the heart and not the ego is where its at.
Raise your frequency to levels of where love is everywhere.

I won’t let the feeling die.
Divine has decreed.
A positive bright timeline for humanity.

Calling the awakened.
Leading the ascension.
Filled with love and light.
Angels guide you now.

Break the illusion,
with the love you share.
Just open up your heart.
I know the light will free us now.

You have the key within you.
You won’t find it out there.
The bad guys want to keep your consciousness suppressed,
With the drugs, vaccines, and chemtrails in the air.
Its amazing how we’re still on Earth and not blown up to bits.

I won’t let the feeling die.
Divine has decreed.
It’s time we say good bye to duality.

Calling the awakened.
Leading the ascension.
Filled with love and light.
Angels guide you now.

Break the illusion,
with the love you share.
Just open up your heart.
I know the light will free us now.

I can’t wait to meet my galactic family.
It will be the greatest show on Earth you won’t want to miss this for anything.

In this game of separation,
It’s only just a game.

Calling the awakened.
Leading the ascension.
Filled with love and light.
Keep vibrations high.

Break the illusion,
with the love you share.
Just open up your heart.
I know the light will free us now.

I know the light will free us now.
It will be the greatest show on Earth you won’t want to miss this for anything.



VOYAGES OF LIGHT – Mike Quinsey: Higher Self Message – 7-6-18

Enlighten yourself on your voyage to the 5th Density.



How long is it before you advance into the promised future and experience the many benefits that have been spoken about, it depends very much on you. At present the conditions upon Earth are deteriorating and a solution does not seem to be coming. Yet the answers are known, and it is only a matter of time before a wave of expectation resulting from what is approaching lifts up the people. Certainly many sources have been tirelessly working to get things moving, so that an announcement can be made to keep you in the picture, and encourage a more acceptable outlook.

You are still experiencing the result of the old energies, but they are slowly being dispersed and the souls involved are being lifted up in consciousness. It is no longer necessary to dwell upon past events that have proved to be negative, and it is far better to enjoy the thoughts of coming changes that will prove to be far more beneficial than previously. No one wishes you to continue experiencing the troubles and traumas of the past, and in fact it is essential that you help the new energy to be fully established upon Earth. You will find it hard to make visible progress but by persevering you will eventually see results.

There are no shortcuts to success but hard work will undoubtedly bring you results. All around you there is an awakening to the responsibilities that you have to look after the Earth. In many respects the problems have reached dangerous levels, and the need for correcting them is yours to work out. However, once you indicate your intention to put things right there are legions of helpers waiting to assist you, but you must make the initial move to change things before help can be given. Certainly there is a movement amongst you to create groups capable of initiating moves towards putting things into good order. Whilst they will improve with the upliftment of the vibrations, you must start to think “New Age” and help the upliftment of Humanity.

Movements in the right direction will come with the acceptance of all other Human Beings regardless of colour or religion, and the creation of a worldwide network of help. There are currently too many differences between you all, and it is time to set them apart and encourage all that is beneficial to the whole. Help will come to you from some surprising sources and it will help speed up the changes. In the meantime there are inventions about to be released that will enhance your quality of life. In real terms you have been held back for such a long time and almost been stuck in a time warp. However, everything is slowly changing and you have yet to see the beneficial changes that are ready to be introduced that will greatly lift you up.

The major changes that are needed relate to the appointment of those who have the experience and right intentions to move Humanity into a new era. It will be one of fairness, charity and consideration for all those who have suffered under the old regime. What was acceptable previously has no place with the new ways of cooperation and sympathy that will address the inequality that exists at present. You are One Human Race and working together will achieve great things that will speedily lift you into the New Age.

There are suggestions that the timing of events is at hand, and as things are developing, the time for Ascension is drawing nearer and ready to bring in an instant change. It is possible because as soon as the “old” is cleared away the “New” is ready to be manifested, and with help it can be established in a relatively short time. There are certainly mammoth tasks involved, but with ET technology and assistance, advancement will be miraculous as judged by your existing abilities. The size of the tasks may appear very daunting and overwhelming, but with help you will be surprised if not amazed at how quickly they can be carried out. So do not allow yourselves to become morose or disheartened, as on a higher level all is proceeding well.

There are many of you who subconsciously sense that great and welcome changes are coming, and instead of spreading gloom are as you would say “upbeat and confident” where the future is concerned. For eons of time it has been known that the last Age would most likely end in success instead of failure as has occurred for the previous end of cycles. Be assured that you have earned the success that is coming to you, and you will not have to wait too long to begin to see the first signs of it. Project positive vibrations for the future and the sooner it will come into being.

You could say that having reached rock bottom, there is nowhere to go now except back up again. However, having dropped to the depths of darkness that are holding you back it will nevertheless become apparent to you, that it is now time to rebel against that which is not of the Light. Not only that, turf out those who have assisted the dark Ones for personal benefit, as they in no way represent the people or their ambitions for freedom, and free speech. You are not exceptional in your needs, but the United States as a very large country of huge wealth and potential you should be able to ensure that your monies are well spent on you, and not to further the causes of the dark Ones, who have redirected your wealth to cover their covert activities. Once the truth is really recognised there will be a great uprising and the people will demand and obtain the changes they need. Remember, that your thoughts are powerful and collectively you can get things done. Do not be swayed by false promises and question whatever is placed before you, and bear in mind that the whole world is in the process of change and it is all leading to Ascension.

As you rise up into the higher vibrations you will find less and less disharmony, and eventually that it cannot exist at all. The new energy is powerful and of a high vibration and in the course of time souls of a lower vibration will be unable to exist in it. So automatically you will find yourselves with like souls, and it is such conditions that have often been described as Paradise. It is your future to continue evolving, and move into the higher levels of Light whilst at the same time raising your own levels of awareness. Eventually you will become a totally evolved soul with a full set of chakras. You will have powers beyond your present imagination and also have the power of creation, but through your evolution will be able to handle them correctly along with the attributes of Universal Love. This is what to expect way into your future, and as each lesson is learnt you grow more in spirituality and understanding.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Source: Tree of the Golden Light

KERRY CASSIDY PRESENTATION – Kundalini Activation and Enlightenment – by Ascension With Earth – 12-8-17

Related image

Kerry Cassidy

KERRY CASSIDY PRESENTATION – Kundalini Activation and Enlightenment – by Ascension With Earth – 12-8-17

(DUANE:   This  goes very deep.  Sometimes surprising and shocking.   This is for your information and understanding.   Kerry does not recommend that you replicate her experiences. )







JELELLE AWEN – In These Moments Of Enlightening Mind, Awakening Soul, Enlovening Heart – 9-22-17




Jelelle Awen

In these moments, your heart opens and whatever IS in that moment…it IS enough. MORE than enough. It is overwhelming actually, when its true essence is seen and felt by your heart.

The love ALREADY in your life through what your soul has so bravely chosen is overwhelming when let in more deeply. You could spend the rest of this life letting in more deeply what you already have and already ARE and still have MORE to let in.


In these moments, the filter raises and the essence of everything arises and dissipates. It is no longer whatever ‘name’ and ‘label’ it has been given, yet, rather magic in the form of energy. Nothing is ordinary or flat or common. Nothing is solid and static. It is ALL alive, pulsating, and constantly shifting. It is not actually the fear energies to which it might temporarily cling, but always sourced in and returning to love.

In these moments, the identities lift and the names, occupations, stories dissolve too. You are free then to BE beyond the labels, judgements, and boxes of five sense reality filtering. You have shed the false skins of your 3D conditioning. In those moments, you are bare flesh experiencing bare reality.

These moments of enlightening mind, enlovening heart, and awakening soul are the WHY of your incarnation here during this era of great ascension. These moments are a motivation and reminder of why you go into your own shadows to reveal the gifts they hide; why you go through death and rebirth and letting go of what no longer serves your expression as love.

Your enlightening mind is expanding beyond all it has been taught, conditioned in, and learned. You are seeking out resources to continue the re-education, the remembering of soul kNOWledge that goes much beyond the logical and rational boxes you may have previously felt trapped in.

Your enlovening heart is opening beyond the barriers and protections that it has needed in order to be around other defended hearts. You are increasingly choosing intimacy….with yourself, with others in relationships that allow an open hearted love flow based on compassion, respect….bonding but not binding, freedom.

Your awakening soul is spreading its angelic wings, unfurling beyond the limits of 3D reality. You are remembering you have stardust in your DNA and angels as ancestors and aspects too. Your multidimensional soul can live in your highest timeline even as it is fully present to your now.

These moments provide the juice and motivation to keep going, keep awakening, keep opening, and keep feeling. As you align your life more and more to your Divine service of love purpose here, so you experience these moments more and more AS your life and yourself as the Infinite Love in human form that you ARE.


This writing was inspired by re-reading my book, Keep Waking Up! about awakening journeys I experienced (kundalini, non-dual, Archon/Matrix reality, star BEings, travels to Avalon and Golden Earth/New Earth/5D, etc.) during an intense phase in 2015 on a remote, off-grid ranch here in Mexico. I am reminded reading it how these experiences greatly inspired and are the basis for all of my current writings and teachings. You can purchase it on our website here and my other book as well, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/books


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

Enlightenment ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – via Daniel Scranton – 7-27-17


Enlightenment ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – via Daniel Scranton – 7-27-17

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have enlightened you to a certain extent, but enlightenment will always be an inside job. It’s not something that you learn. It’s something that you experience. It’s something that you bestow upon yourself when you feel that it is time for you to make a shift in the way that you are relating to yourself, to others, and to your world.


Enlightenment is a rite of passage. In many ways, it is unique to the individual who experiences it. Enlightenment is that moment when all aspects of you are awakened to the truth of who you are, and in that moment the light that is inside of you, the light that is at the heart of you, is able to shine more brightly and be expressed through you and by you in your unique way.

In many ways, it is a beginning. It is the beginning of your journey as a fully conscious and awake being who then seeks to know him or herself in the most authentic way. The most authentic way to know yourself is to experience yourself through your connections to others. When you see everyone else as a projection of you and an aspect of the totality of who you are, that’s when you know you have reached that state of enlightenment.

You see no separation. You see no need to judge anything, and you are completely present in the moment with your current experience. Now, as wonderful as all of that sounds, if it were the only valid experience for humanity, then you would just go right there. But it isn’t. It is one experience, and it is not the purpose of your lives.

The purpose of your lives is not to reach some enlightened state of being. The purpose of your lives is to move through everything that is along that path of enlightenment and to experience all of it. There is so much that you are experiencing that you might not consider to be positive or spiritual, but it is a part of your journey and it is a part of who you are.

The more you embrace all that life has to offer, the quicker your path is to enlightenment. And once you reach that knowing, that experience, and that projection, you will be ready for your next journey. You can always go deeper. There is always more to explore, and nothing, no state of being will ever be the ultimate or the end of your experiences and your journey.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Eckhart tolle – how to understand the evolution of consciousness





By Frank M. Wanderer, The Mind Unleashed

Courtesy of   https://cultureofawareness.com/2016/12/15/4-surprising-truths-about-enlightenment/


The ultimate goal of our spiritual quest is Enlightenment, that is what we all wish to achieve.

4 surprising Truths about Enlightenment:


Enlightenment is not a remote state of Consciousness that we need to achieve some time in the future, but it is the very heart of our nature.


Our spiritual quest diverts our attention to that imaginary, future state of Consciousness that we believe to be enlightenment. In this way, the spiritual quest detaches and diverts us from our true nature, enlightenment. We are therefore unable to ever reach enlightenment through the process of spiritual quest.

#3. Truth

Enlightenment is, as we can now see, our true, inner nature. But what is in our true, inner nature? Unfortunately, during our spiritual search, most of us have been alienated from it; so much so, that we have even forgotten about it. It is, however, permanently present in our life, but we simply disregard it. Our attention is always engaged by something, something that we need to deal with, so we very rarely take the trouble of looking into ourself. Still, if we were able to concentrate our attention on ourselves, that brief moment of alert Consciousness would be enough for us to recognize that the alert Consciousness, free of emotions and thoughts is our true inner nature.

#4. Truth

We are now enlightened, we have never been anything else.

The question now arise, where that enlightenment, that alert consciousness has disappeared from our life?

As children, playing free of problems, we live in the present moment, in the state of alert Consciousness (so if we wish to meet an enlightened human being, all we need to do is go out to the nearest playground).

Then, carefree playing was replaced by more serious things in our life. From our parents we learned who we are and what our mission in life is. We were told that we are young human beings, still in the process of developing and shaping, and becoming an adult is a hard work.

Carefree playing was gradually replaced by purpose-oriented work in our life. Our teachers and parents therefore taught as how to set up objectives, how to make plans, and we soon learned that future is more important for us than present. We then concentrated out attention from the vividness of the present moment onto the image our parents and teachers created in us, onto the image we need to become one day. Simultaneously with that process, the impression that we are not what we are supposed to be emerged gradually in our mind.

As children we simply had no choice, we had to accept the process, we had to identify with the new image. We are therefore moving away from our own inner nature, under the hypnotic attraction of a future goal to be achieved later. It is thus understandable that we look upon enlightenment as a goal to be achieved in the future.

Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. We aspire for something all the time, we always want to achieve something. This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we would like to be better, more beautiful, richer than we are at present.

Everybody nurtures an idealized image of what he/she would like to be like. The mind projects this idealized image into the future, and reveals the way leading to it. But this image requires a constant rush, stress, anxiety and worry in our life, as nothing is free, we have to struggle to achieve our goals.

But this is not our own personal tragedy, but that of the entire mankind. Generation after generation is conditioned to that attitude by the preceding generations. It is a vicious circle, and breaking out of it is almost impossible.

During our spiritual journey we must recognize this process, and we must realize that we no longer need to become something new, as we are all in possession of all the qualities that we have been pursuing so far in our dreams.

We must make efforts to be present at every moment of our life. That Presence shall bring alert Consciousness back to our life. In the state of alert Consciousness thoughts will no longer keep our attention in captivity, and we may experience silence. In the alert silence we recognize that it is our real Self is, it is our real inner nature. Enlightenment is us, we ourselves.

~From the book: Frank M. Wanderer: The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind

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SOUL ASCENSION – Emotional and Mental Maturity – Celestial White Beings – 12-2-16

Natalie Glasson   –  Sacred School of OmNaAudio Download



We are the Celestial White Beings, labelled so due to the pure celestial white light we emanate from the core of our being and source. We have been overseeing and supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity since its creation. We add our energy to every transition taking place upon the Earth and within each soul. It is our purpose to create and reactivate the vibration and perspective of bliss within each soul. When the vibration of bliss manifests, with no outer reason, from the depths of your being it symbolises your remembrance of your connectivity and constant union with the Creator. Bliss is a state beyond love, it is the energy created and experienced when you recognise yourself as an embodiment of the Creator’s pure love. It is our purpose to support your realignment with the Creator through awakening your remembrance of the Creator.

Call Upon Healing

During this time of ascension currently dawning upon the Earth there is a need to ask for a download of healing light into your entire being and reality as often as you can. A powerful transition is taking place which requires great volumes of supportive healing energies. Your soul is merging, synthesising and being embodied more fully at a physical level. Your soul requires additional healing energy to support its synthesis with your physical being and personality. Your body, personality and auric body requires assistance to ensure that all aspects of your soul are embodied successful with ease and perfection. Sometimes when a higher aspect of yourself is merging more fully into the physical reality some aspects of your being can reject the energy because they are not fully aligned with the new energies anchoring. This is when trauma within the mind, body or emotions can take place. With additional healing energy all aspects of your being will be prepared and aligned with the new vibrations of yourself and truth wishing to be embodied. We, the Celestial White Beings wish to offer to you our healing energies to support the current transition taking place within your being.

‘Celestial White Beings, I call upon your pure and powerful healing energies, light and consciousness to download into all aspects of my being. May your healing energy support my entire being in aligning with the new aspect of my soul dawning within my being. Please dissolve all forms of rejection or anything that may be hindering the synthesis of my soul with my entire being now. Thank you.’

The Purpose of Soul Embodiment Now

The ascension process you are experiencing now has a purpose of developing your spiritual maturity within your mental and emotional body. Your soul is merging specifically with these two aspects of yourself and existence upon the Earth to encourage you to think and feel from your divinity. If your thought process is born from the truth of your soul and your feelings are born from the compassion of your soul then it will be easier for you to act, react, experience and create from a space of love, from the truth of the Creator. Your soul is supporting you in accessing and unifying yourself with a higher, pure and true consciousness. With the support of your soul these transitions may appear subtle and yet you will notice a deep-seated peace, love and joy emerging and radiating from every aspect of your being. This will be due to your emotional and mental bodies aligning with, healing, embodying and expressing the love of your soul. New wisdom may anchor into your conscious awareness from your soul, however this is not the original purpose of this ascension transition. The purpose is to gain understanding, love, compassion and freedom within your emotional and mental bodies, therefore feelings and thoughts.

Why Emotional and Mental Maturity is Necessary

Many people upon the Earth are now accessing greater volumes of light, wisdom, consciousness and enlightenment. They are achieving their spiritual initiations at great speed due to their devotion and dedication to experiencing unification with the Creator. The constant quickening of the Earth’s vibration is also enhancing the speed at which many people access different levels of light dimensions, ascension and enlightenment. Even with light pulsating throughout their being some people have yet to master the lessons that the mental body and emotional body bring forth. Every transition and ascension level accessed, first synthesises with the soul and spiritual body, then the same energies or understanding must merge with the mental body, emotional body and physical body in order for completion of a transition to fully take place and be grounded eternally into your physical reality and consciousness. There is a need to download and create the same spiritual maturity which is being obtained and remembered in the spiritual body within the emotional and mental bodies as well, otherwise there is a lack of completion of each level of ascension.

You may recognise a lack of spiritual maturity, awareness and understanding within the emotional and mental bodies of those around you. You may recognise that some people speak spiritual truths and wisdom and yet act negativity to other with blame, judgment or fear. Others may embody powerful and beautiful vibrations of love in meditation and yet constantly allow their emotions to be triggered by the outside world. They experience feelings of insecurity, anger, heart break, sadness and upset which causes them to swing between love and emotional trauma. You may recognise that some people radiate such generosity and act as a pure example of kindness to others and yet they harass themselves inwardly with destructive thoughts and emotions,, believing they are unworthy of receiving the same for themselves. It is natural when embarking upon your ascension pathway to swing from limiting thinking and feeling to expansive thinking and feeling. Often it is more challenging to recognise areas of lack of spiritual maturity within your own emotions and thoughts. A lack of spiritual maturity within your emotions and thoughts means that they are not yet fully aligned with the truth and love of your soul. A lack of spiritual maturity within your emotions and thoughts can symbolise that there are destructive or limiting pattern within these two bodies which have not yet been addressed, healed and released. When we, the Celestial White Beings, speak of a lack of spiritual maturity in your emotional and mental bodies, this is not a judgment, we simple wish to share that healing emotional wounds and releasing negative mental habits is a part of your ascension process. While you still hold onto emotional wounds and negative thoughts you will not be able to fully experience unification with the Creator, your ascension will in many ways be stunted. Emotional and mental clarity allows you to surrender more fully allowing your entire being to absorb and embody all high vibrations of light you access.

We realise that you may feel that there are numerous wounds and negative habits within your emotional body as well as negative thoughts within your mental body. You may feel that to bring healing to all is an impossible task. This can be especially challenging when you realise that it is most common that you are unconscious of most of the blocks and limitations you have created within your emotional and mental body. The current ascension shift taking place of the transition and synthesis of higher aspects of your soul merging with your entire being, especially your personality holds the answer and can support you immensely in this quest of spiritual maturity. Your personality is composed by your thoughts, beliefs, habits, perspectives, subconscious, viewpoints, feelings, emotions, wounds, conscious mind and soul. Your emotional and mental bodies play a key part. When you allow the higher aspect and higher consciousness of your soul to merge with your personality, your soul’s healing energy, wisdom, truth and divine knowledge will influence these two bodies creating balance, understanding, divine inspiration and a new perspective. This means that your soul is ready to support the spiritual development of your mind and emotions so you can leave behind illusions, fears and limitations to embrace and experience truth, love, bliss and empowerment.

Synthesising Your Soul with Your Emotional and Mental Bodies

‘My beloved soul, I now invite you to merge your energy, light and consciousness with my entire being, especially my personality, emotional and mental bodies. Please heal all emotional and mental wounds, blocks, limitations, habits, fears, negative patterns and perspectives which I am holding onto. Please enthuse my mind and emotions with your love, wisdom, clarity and intuition so that my mental and emotional bodies can achieve spiritual maturity, being aligned with the ascension of my spiritual body and soul. Help me to recognise habits and perspectives within my mind and emotions which require to be healed and released so I may experience unification with the Creator manifesting as a pure bliss within my entire being. Celestial White Beings please assist and oversee this process. Thank you’

How to Achieve Spiritual Maturity

You can achieve emotional and mental maturity by observing the thoughts and feelings you create and experience each day. Recognise that your thoughts and feelings are not random and in most cases, do not activate because of outside influences or experiences.  Often they are repetitive. When you observe your feelings and thoughts daily you recognise patterns, cycles and habits. These can reoccur so much that they become boring, tiresome and monotonous to observe. This is when the love and compassion of your heart and soul is essential because of the higher consciousness that love and compassion manifest within your being. You will then be able to access the insights and guidance necessary to create the necessary healing.Soul Ascension: Emotional and Mental Maturity by the Celestial White Beings

When you recognise an aspect of your mind or emotions you wish to heal:

  • First activate love and compassion from your heart radiating these pure vibrations into your entire being.
  • Focus on the emotion or thought you wish to heal and imagine that you place it into your heart chakra where it absorbs all the love it requires to be healed and released.
  • Then allow yourself to be guided or contemplate the required action to further the healing and release this thought or emotion physically. This will allow the healing to ground into the physical level of your being as well as releasing the energy eternally.

For example, if the pattern is of being unworthy, create an action that allows you to honour that you are worthy. If the wound is from an old relationship create a step that allows you to fully release the relationship.

When you take time in your reality to focus on your emotions and thoughts realising they are an essential part of your ascension process then you will allow yourself to attune with the higher, enlightened and sacred consciousness of your soul. You will access a new perspective of yourself, others, reality and the world which may be beyond your imagination at this moment. A perspective which supports and assists you in being your true embodiment of love.

With eternal love and bliss,

Celestial White Beings

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LISA ASCENDANCE BROWN – The Gift of Enlightenment, Purity Frequencies & Holding NEW Earth in Place


Lisa Transcendence Brown



DOORWAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT – Lord Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin – 9-23-16



Doorway to Enlightenment A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 23, 2016


Courtesy of   http://theearthplan.blogspot.com/2016/09/doorway-to-enlightenment-sananda.html


Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. Get ready for birthing through both fire and water followed by integration of a completely new you, one portal at a time. Earth is in an anomaly bubble of time where your DNA upgrades must be phased in as you will move into the 7th Dimension very quickly. More will be leaving the Planet. It is immanent. It must be done this way so your bodies do not implode. I will explain what is taking place and some things you may do as you transition through this exciting process. The Equinox is followed by the Triad Portals of love, 11.11, 12.12, & 12.21.16 (November 11, December 12 & December 21).

It has been a fast paced period and there is more speeding up. Everyone must be born both of fire and of water. To review, the September 1st New Moon Solar Eclipse was a Ring of Fire Eclipse where we figuratively and effectively crowned though the fire of dissolution leading up to the September 16 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. This was a birthing out of our Mother’s waters into New Earth. The Equinox is a time to recalibrate the updated systems and the New Moon is a time to rest after the labor of New Birth.

When the Moon is new, the Luminaries, the Sun and Moon, are aligned in the same Zodiac sign. That makes it a charged time with concentrated energies of that sign. Jupiter went into Libra on the September 9th 9-9-9 Portal. Expect miracles because it is all unravelling. Jupiter rules law givers, lawyers, judges, expansion, abundance, devotion, protection, justice and prosperity.

Now is the time to focus on your individual Ascension. What is Ascension? Ascension is the transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirth. How to achieve this? It is easier now than ever before to achieve Ascension. Xenon gas was lost after the Great Crystal in the Atlantic Ocean was destroyed and blew a hole in the atmosphere at the higher levels and the xenon gas drained off into space. The hole has been mended with assistance of our galactic brothers and sisters. As a result, the total renewal of body, mind spirit is initiated; our siddhas, our gifts that we had from the time of Atlantis and before, are awakened; clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, seeing auras, angels, fairies and walking with divas. How do you know when you have achieved this? At that moment you will know because you will suddenly know all the answers. For any question you have, you know the answer. You no longer have questions. This is a full merge with your Ineffable, unchangeable, immortal self, your Atma. You become your true Self. You are merged with your TwinFlame. You are Whole. One with Oneness. As you emerge as the new you, reborn on New Earth we come together for Changeover. After the Event we call Disclosure and arrests with the announcement of NESARA Law, we will have landings.

In order to get through this accelerated phase the three portals of love will step up the energies at a rate which is resonant and safe for our bodies as we transition to the 7th Dimension at Alcyone, the Great Central Sun. The three portals of love happen each year and will be 11/11/16, 12/12/16 and 12/21/16. The final portal on December 21st will be the alignment of Galactic Center with Cosmic Center. Great changes will take place including activations which allow your body to do things it never could do before as we ascend and become multidimensional Beings of Light.

Meditation and Telepathy are skills to practice now along with breathing exercises and yoga asanas. Slowly add these practices to your life. Meditate each and every day without fail. Meditation is a requirement to absorb the energies so we can be service to all life and the return of the new golden age. As you begin use Guided Meditation and help your ego to dissolve down to nothing. Detoxification of the physical and self evaluation help on the Path of Enlightenment.

Soon after the Event, we will see a replacement of the United Nations as we implement Divine Government. We will see the formation of the Universal Council, lead by M T Keshe working together with Ashtar; One Planet, One Nation, One Race. The Light Cities become open to receiving people for healings, mentoring and integration.  Archeologists and scientists who have studied the geomancy of the pyramids will find the seed pods in the pyramids around the world, starting with the capstone at Giza, many Beings are present who are have the knowledge of this, and are being Guided to go to the various pyramids and bring this technology forward. These seed pods can grow long, long vines, miles and miles in days across the land. Can cover the soil where it is so terribly polluted or damaged and deforested. There are masses of places where nothing will grow. These vines in 2 days produce gourds, which then open up and xenon gas comes out at ground level and lifts every Being in the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms into higher vibrations.

After the Event we will have Landings of Craft holding our Galactic Family, benevolent Extraterrestrials. They will land in phases so it is possible for everyone to integrate the Visitors with as little disruption as possible. The first Groups who will land will be the Pleiadians and Arcturians. They will closely be followed by Andromedans and Sirians and others to follow. Their advanced technologies will be shared with Earth to help anchor in the new golden age. Much more is in store. During this phase-in period, activations will make it possible to accept new understandings, drop the veil placed over memory and no one will be left behind. All is in Divine Order. You are NEVER alone. Call on me, Sananda, Lady Master Nada, Ashtar and Athena, St Germain and Lady Cassiopeia, Archangels Michael and Faith, Maitreya and Mother Sekhmet, Archangels Metatron and Neptha El Ra for Guidance. Namaste!


This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.org An Invitation: Many have benefitted and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking please email me at eltrutwin @ gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session with video Skype or telephone. And you may ask anything you like.I have several written testimonials. SANANDA’S INVITATION THROUGH ELIZABETH TRUTWIN: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this moment. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked beth to offer her services for one hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda, to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the Light.~LORD SANANDA Please book here.http://cosmicascension.com/private-session/

The September Equinox

Friday, September 23, 2016


Please join me on a Conference Call Friday, September 23, 2016 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT                     for personal instructions to further your gifts including traveling out of body through the StarGate in your heart. Through Guided Meditation, Setting Intentions, Attunement and Question and Answer we will explore specific instructions and answer questions about how to enhance the gifts you now have of inspiration, telepathy, inner sight and out of body travel. We will cover specific instructions about the clarion call for TwinFlame Reunions. In the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we are finally ready for LOVE. The 9-9-9 Portal saw an end to the old and opened to New Earth, New You. In the Equinox we balance our new bodies; subtle, physical and etheric opening to who we really are. Able to finally grasp the Path to Ascension.

bethRebeccaA special Guided Meditation will be gifted to all prior to the 9-23 Equinox Event for your use. Please share it with others on your list, website or FB posts. Join in the Conference Call as you desire personal instruction and questions answered as well as special instructions rarely shared of ancient techniques to increase your gifts during this extremely high energy period. A clarion call for Individual and Planetary Ascension. This Equinox prepares us for TwinFlame Reunions. Thank you for all you do. love, beth

Please register for the call below. See Your Life Come Alive.

The teachings of life mastery and liberation do not refer to one specific pathway or tradition. The essential wisdom of the highest teachings is, by its very nature, beyond the confines of tradition, culture and language, absolutely universal and timeless, and unlimited in application and scope.

The greatest teachings have the power to lift the soul out of misery and darkness, to bring light to any and all life challenges, and to set the soul free. True wisdom is the property of humanity, and belongs to no person.

Your support directly enables the global humanitarian work of elizabeth trutwin to serve others. After registering, you will receive your conference call number and access code by 9/23/16 in your email. For the Conference Call, please make the $21 donation using Paypal >

Heaven Letter – Enlightenment Isn’t a Personal Gift – 9-10-16

Image result for Heaven Letters

God said:

What if today you had realized Enlightenment, how do you think you would feel?

Most likely, you would expect to be thrilled. At the same time, let Me say that there is no certain way that Enlightenment has to feel like or appear like.

It’s possible that you will not even notice. It is even possible that you have not noticed.

It’s possible that what you associate with Enlightenment is not your experience. You may not experience Enlightenment the way you thought you would. You expected something amazing, and, yet, you still seem to be as you always were or thought you always were.

You may not experience this great change with the bright colors you have been waiting for with all your heart.

You know, dear ones, life always presents itself to you, yet life does not always present itself to you in the ways you expect.

Remember this, Enlightenment does not have to always appear as a rapturous experience. Enlightenment may not be what you expected. It may not feel momentous to you. Enlightenment could even make you weep, not for joy, and yet weep you know not why. Alas, you wonder what is the matter with you because you do not find yourself jumping for joy. You may have been sure that you would experience Enlightenment as an out of this world experience, and now you experience its realization as an experience of the world.

The thing to remind yourself is that Enlightenment is not a medal pinned on your chest. Enlightenment rather is something you hold in trust for the benefit of the world. It is not intended as a pat on your back. It is a reward yet not a medal. It is an honor, yet you may not feel Enlightenment as an honor or as anything at all, for your Enlightenment is not on behalf of you. It is on behalf of the world.

You want to feel stupendous, yet you may feel rather nonplussed. You want to feel ecstasy, and, yet, you may not.

The presence of Enlightenment isn’t personally gift-wrapped for you.

As you seek Enlightenment, your seeking is for Enlightenment and not a Far-out Experience of Enlightenment. Do you see the difference? Old habits linger. It is not for you to expect a definitive change to your physical and personal experience of Life on Earth.

You are rising above yourself. You are rising to your True Self.

Your personal experience is not the purpose of Enlightenment. You are more like a by-product of Enlightenment.

One of the attributes of Enlightenment is that you are on an even keel. You may not experience Great High’s. Nor may you experience the low roads so clearly either. The contrast may not be so startling.

Become silent, and you may notice the Quietness of Oneness enveloping you. You will notice the Oneness that surpasses excitement.

A High may not excite you any longer. To be excited requires contrast. When you are already stirred, you don’t have to keep the boiling on high.

You may be comfortable with Evenness. A smooth path is not dull nor does it go up and down as if your spirit is a sword you wield. A peacekeeper is not usually astonishing nor astonished. As a peacemaker, you wield peace and love. You are a fount of peace and love, and so your life flows.

Old habits die hard. You have a habit of firm inviolable expectation. You may also have a habit of feeling disappointed. You win the Top Prize and wonder where your New Self is, after all. You wonder where the exultation you seek is waiting. You do not yet see yourself as a wonder creature in front of you to be amazed at.

Thrills may subside in favor of the Elemental Life of Service you give now.

TRIPLICATE NUMBERS 9/9/9: The ENERGY of ENLIGHTENMENT! – Rose Rambles dotorg – 9-6-16


Number 3,6,9 Numerology Mandala: Hand painted by Rosalind Pape.

On the 9th of September we reach an auspicious date, the 9th day of the 9th month of a 9 year, giving us the figure of 999. Triplicate numbers catch our eye, we make a note of it when we see them and look for meaning, and looking at numbers from the right-brain perspective, looking for the patterns and connections and energy characteristics through Numerology, and our emotional reaction to them, gives us great insight.

When we see a number tripled, there are three clear messages we need to decipher: the meaning of the number, and the meaning of the trinity, and the sum total of that number, all speak together about a certain synchronistic message that our subconscious, or higher-self needs our conscious mind to hear. And then on a deeper level, we can examine the meaning of synchronicity too, as these numbers look for us before we start to look for them!


So let’s start with 9, what does 9 mean? Let’s start at the end! 9 is the last of the single digits, and so naturally being the final vibration in a sequence, it represents endings and completion, and attainment, too, having reached the pinnacle of the single digit vibrations, which are considered vibrational archetypes, numbers to which we reduce larger numbers to extract the “root-essence” of that vibration.

Number 9 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

We place the 9 up on high, the 9 has climbed the mountain of vibration, there are 9 steps to the top of the Mayan pyramids, where initiates worshipped the Sun God, and naturally, the Sun is a symbol of the number 9, and it’s ability to shine its warmth and light on humanity. For this reason amongst others, 9 is known as the Humanitarian vibration.

So 9 represents cycles of time and experience that have reached their completion and maturity, and as we are in a 9 year (2+0+1+6 = 9), this year has been one of endings and conclusions, and as we reach the 9th month too, this theme is further amplified. During September, cycles of influence and experience that have been working with us for some time are now wrapping up and urging us to assess what has come to pass, AND to let go of those cycles to pave the way for the new ones emerging. This is certainly reflected in the astrological transits/relationships that are ending in September too: we have the LAST perfect Square between Saturn and Neptune in September, which is all about conclusion and resolution, and this was amplified by the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees VIRGO on the 1st September. Yes. REALLY!! And not only that, the big cycle that ends on the 9.9.9. portal is that Jupiter moves from Virgo into Libra on And guess what? The name Jupiter adds up to 36/9!!!

With 9, and with the cycles of time governed by the Sun, these cycles never stop turning, as soon as one has completed itself, another, new cycle of awareness grows from the Gnomonic spiral that the energy of the 9 creates. You can see the spiraling growth and evolution in the actual symbol of the 9 itself: We can see that the 6 and the 9 are the same symbol, just flipped vertically. The 9 is a spiral that moves out from the centre, which expresses the energy of evolution and expansion, while the 6 is a spiral that curves inwards, symbolising involution and fertility.

The main intention of 9’s vibration is to promote natural evolution. Evolution is a process of moving through experiences, learning from them, and then letting them go so that you can move ahead to further experiences. Knowledge becomes wisdom over time, this is the gift of the 9. Notice how similar the words REVOLVE and EVOLVE are, suggesting that to evolve we must revolve around a cycle of expanding awareness which is in fact, a spiral. And of course, the word LOVE appears in both words. So to evolve we must revolve love, move it, give it out freely with no conditions at all, attached. This generates a spiral of expansion that increases energy. The spiral and the energy of the 9 is the form and function of EVOLUTION.

And guess what again? The word EVOLVE adds up to 27/9, and the date vibration of 9.9.9. adds up to 27/9 too! AND the word REVOLVE adds up to 36/9! And 36/9 is at the core of the magic of the triplicate numbers we keep seeing, as we shall see! By studying Numerology we are witness to this unifying field of divine, cosmic intelligence, weaving its way through our daily experience of life!

But back to LOVE. It’s what makes the world go round, and unconditional love is embodied in the 9’s sense of idealism and empathy: 9 is a perfectionist because it is at the top of the range in the single digit series. So it strives to live the perfect life, defined by its high ideals. The highest ideal of all is Unconditional Love, which is the foundation stone of all the teachings of light. All these teachings revolve around the cyclical/spiral energy of unconditional love, which evolves life in all dimensions. The symbol of 9 is often referred to as the “Lamp of Hermes”, the vibration that can enlighten humanity through its wisdom and loving empathy. The 9, then, symbolizes reflected light, and we can look to the 9th card in the Tarot to elaborate upon this symbolism further. (The Tarot as a divinatory tool, originated as a way of interpreting the energy of the number vibrations).

The 9th card in the Tarot is The HERMIT. The Hermit is standing on top of a mountain, holding out a lamp of reflected ageless wisdom to the rest of humanity. S/he has attained, and evolved through the cycles of growth that 9 completes. The Hermit has detached from the pettiness and density of the material plane by focusing on the task and goals s/he has set and by looking at all obstacles as opportunities for growth, experience, and ultimately wisdom.

The key symbolism of the Hermit is the “Lamp of Hermes” that she holds out. If you look closely, you will notice that the symbol of 9 is actually a lamp with a handle, a container of light that enlightens and illuminates darkness and ignorance. The Hermit knows that knowledge is worthless and meaningless if it is isn’t shared. True wisdom, and true fulfillment is achieved by giving out and reflecting your knowledge, and watching it enlighten others. The Hermit can also be seen as Virgo, the Virgin, the Nun of Numbers who has retreated from outer distractions to climb the mountains of the mind, and of course we enter into Virgo in the zodiacal cycle in September, and with a Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo!

The Hermit can be portrayed as a wise old woman or man, the key theme being one of learned wisdom. But the negative aspect of age can be expressed by rigid stubbornness and an unwillingness to accept or entertain new ideas and perspectives of life. The Hermit is really our timeless inner teacher, the aspect of ourselves that records everything we have learned throughout our many lifetimes. A true teacher never stops learning and is always open to being questioned and offered a fresh perspective on life, and this is the attitude that the 9 as the Hermit, urges us to take on board.


So now to look at the deeper symbolism of the 9, and the power of 3, the “Holy Trinity” as we approach the triplicate number date of 9.9.9. And this is where the power of images carry more understanding than the power of words! Geometrically speaking, the 9-sided polygon or star is created from 3 interlocking equilateral triangles, and here we can literally SEE that 9 is 3 x 3, the power of the trinity multiplied by itself:

Number 9 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

So when we see a number tripled, it carries the energy of the Trinity and the triangle through it, and the energy of the Triangle is at the core of all creation. It is the Prism of Light through which all forms reflect, and therefore, exist:

The most profound way to understand the energy of number and vibration is through the visual symbols and forms that the geometric expression of numbers create. What makes the trinity holy is that three-ness points to the fact that the Universe is much greater than the sum of its parts and no-where is this more apparent than in the sacred geometrical form known to the alchemists as the Vesica Piscis, the image constructed from two over-lapping circles that show what happens when 1+1 join:

In sacred geometry, the number 1, or ONE is represented as a circle. And let’s not forget that the circle has 360 degrees (3 + 6 = 9!). Here we can see two circles intersecting each other through their centres, and when this happens, 1+1 = 3, not 2! The Vesica Piscis is the oval shape created from the overlap of two circles, and it is here that we find the REAL holy trinity, the three sacred ratios that give us the blueprints for triangles, squares and pentagons. Pictured in the diagram is the ratio expressed by the square root of 3 which creates the blueprint for triangles to appear. Light, fire and creativity are released through this geometric pattern and you can see how the nature of these divisions of unity create a holographic expansion of form. Start counting the triangles in the diagram above and you will see how the process of multiplication through the energy of Triangulation creates exponential growth!

The square root of 3 is known as the Foundation of Light cross. The trinity is the fundamental blueprint for manifest creation, and shows how we are all patterned (or even patented!) from light, and that the nature of light is to grow and expand as the universe suggests. To meditate on the trinity through the image of the Vesica Piscis, is to understand and experience the origin of that light within you. It balances your polarities and takes them beyond the bi-polar see-saw into harmony.

The 2 that are 3: Vesica Piscis: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

Number 3 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The triangle is called the Mother in India, because it is the form through which the transcendent powers of Unity and its initial division into Polarity must pass before it manifests the surface of form. In this sense 3, the Trinity and the Triangle form the principle of creation that can then go forth and manifest all the tangible forms in the Universe.

The 3rd card in the Tarot is the Empress. The Empress is the Mother Goddess, the theme of birth and creativity is naturally reflected in the Tarot symbolism, too. The Goddess represents the abundant flourishing of Nature, and also reflects the 3-fold cyclicity of life, death and rebirth. The Empress is sitting on a cubic stone, with 12 stars above her head. Ripe corn and an abundant harvest is in evidence all around, with a waterfall or flowing river pictured behind her.

Next to her leans her shield, heart-shaped and with the symbol of the Goddess and Venus upon it. The Empress as a figurehead has the ultimate authority over an empire, which in her case, is the natural world of manifest creation. She is often depicted as pregnant, a clear symbol of fecundity and abundance. The cubic stone indicates that her awesome creativity must be channeled through the realm of the material realm, the earth. The square and the cube are the symbols of earth and manifestation.

The triangle forms the shape of the Pyramid, and the word Pyre means FIRE. The Ancients knew that the triangle contained the secret to light and fire, and therefore the triangle and the pyramid are the symbols for the element of Fire. The triangle is also used to symbolize Spirit, the eternal flame. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth and light and inspiration.

So looking at 999, the power of 9 tripled through the trinity, we see that it emits the most powerful expression of Love and Light possible, the divine essence of love and light itself! When you see 999, or when we have a 9.9.9 date (and there won’t be another one for another, yes, you’ve guessed it, 9 years!), all of the themes just discussed need to be taken into account, such is the richness of the symbolism of the language of vibration!


Now when we move through multiples of 3, we go from 3, to 2 x 3, 6, to 3 x 3, 9, so we have the succession of 3’s multiplying energy as 3,6,9, and this is another group of numbers that our mass-consciousness has been made increasingly aware of in the last couple of years, thanks in a big way to this quote:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”- Nikola Tesla

 Tesla was fascinated, or indeed “obsessed” with the power of the 3 and the Triangle and its relationship to the creation of Light and Electricity, and the nature of Number 9 and its cyclic properties, and how all numbers feed back into 9. There are many amazing articles, blogs and videos describing this and the realm of “true” qualitative Mathematics known as “Vortex-Based Mathematics”, all mind-blowing and too many to mention here. As the impetus for this blog was to talk about the auspiciousness of the triple date of 999, I wanted to focus on just one aspect of the amazing power of 9’s cycles and its relationship to the triplicate single-digit number series, and it’s relationship to the 3,6,9 progression, and the table below illustrates this:

As you can see, the Triple numbers add up to 3,6,9, 3,6,9, 3,6,9! I started and finished my 3,6,9 Numerology Mandala on 36/9 vibration days, and my aim was to show via the right-brain, female/receptive perspective, (in other words, through imagery and symbolism and our emotive response to that) the awesome vibratory power of Light, creation, and its ability to shine and manifest beyond all limitations:

3 is the TRIANGLE, expressing Fire, Light, Expansion, and the expansion is achieved through the geometric progression of Triangulation. The 3 is the Goddess, the Membrane of Creation, the birth canal through which all other forms in the Universe flow, through the blueprint of LIGHT. 3 in the Tarot is The Empress.

6 is the DOUBLE TRIANGLE, the REFLECTION and INTEGRATION of POLARITIES, the Star Tetrahedron, As Above, So Below, Light and Dark, Polarity, a return to the Vesica Piscis, but this time , manifested. Balance. The Middle Way. 6 in the Tarot is The Lovers. 9 is 3 x 3, the TRIPLE TRIANGLE, the Light multiplied by itself, infinite reflection, the FRACTAL, HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE, this is why everything adds up to 9, 9 is all and nothing, the seed and the fruit, the Spiral of Evolution.

9 in the Tarot is The Hermit, shining reflecting light to all. Quite simply, it’s the creation, reflection, and fractal mirroring of light that is enabled through this vibrational GEOMETRIC progression, and it shows us how the Universe is created through a hall of triangulated mirrors.

The secret? We are all Light beings, reflecting consciousness to itself! We are the universe creating itself and it is through the mirror of light we can see ourselves, the unified matrix of creation. Seeing these number patterns is spirit re-minding us of this as we pass through the days, going through our mundane activities. This is how the Universe expands, how it enlightens itself through conscious awareness. The light source has to be reflected to be seen, to exist, to expand, to become conscious.

This is what my 3,6,9 mandala depicts, and you will see the outer layer glitters with reflective complexity: what started quite simply as Light, the trinity, 3, at the centre has expanded, reflected to the 6, the double triangle, As Above, So Below, enabling polarised reproductivity, and then the 3 multiplies itself by itself, 3 x 3 to reach the 9, the pinnacle of creative achievement, as represented by the final single digit, and the Hermit Tarot card, depicted at the top of a mountain.

3, 6, 9 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

So when you see one of these triple numbers, it’s meaning embeds all this wisdom of Light too, as well as the particular meanings of the compound numbers as we move up the table. In the coming weeks, I will post blogs about each of these triplicate single-digit series numbers, and give a detailed examination of what they mean, but here in the first of the series, we concentrate on 9.9.9 in celebration of that date, and we see that it adds up to 27/9:

9.9.9. = 27/9:

I write a Daily Vibe report for each day, on the day, in the spirit of the NOW moment, and will post a full report on the 9th of September for the day’s date vibration of 27/9, but for now we can focus on two key aspects of the 27/9 vibration: We also have the 7 and 9 working together on that day, and both 7 and 9 govern cycles of time and therefore evolution. The 7 is aligned with the Moon, and the 7 day a week, 4 weeks a month time cycles, with the lunar phases evolving over a 28 day period. The moon represents the feminine, receptive side of our natures.

The 9 is aligned with the Sun, and the larger cycles of time that govern the changing seasons and the Solar year. The Sun in that sense represents the male, expressive side of our natures. So, with 27/9, we have a balance (2, and the image of the Vesica Piscis, where we get 3 from!) between the Moon (7) and the Sun (9), and so we have a grand opportunity to strike and maintain a balance between our receptive ability and our expressive ability. A balance of the mind, between the Left Brain and the Right Brain, where ENLIGHTENMENT happens!

And amazingly, the 27th card in the Tarot is the Ace of Wands, and represents the element of FIRE, (Light), and all fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are grouped under this card. The wand represents divine intent, the first thought-form that moved out from the void and began the process of reflection/materialisation. Inspiration, initiation, and crystal-clear intuition are the energies offered to us on this date, and we can go forth with absolute confidence today, the time to act is now! So quite literally, on the 9.9.9. portal, we leave the old cycle behind and are initiated into a NEW way of thinking, feeling and willing, and we step into the expansive consciousness that Jupiter moving into Libra on that date also offers us. And when we enter October as the 10th month (10 = 1 + 0 = 1), those new beginnings really start to emerge as a sneak preview of the exciting 10/1 year to come that is 2017!

The expressive fire power comes through strongly with 27/9, and you will be compelled to share your visions with the rest of us. In fact presenting your work is a great idea under the 27/9, showing any kind of creative enterprise will be well rewarded. Shining your light on the 9th of September will reflect back to you warmth, success and abundance.

I hope that sharing my insights with you here enables an exponential reflection of LIGHT in you too, Go forth and SHINE your UNIQUE LIGHT and EN-JOY yourselves! And if this resonates with you, please SHARE and spread the LIGHT too!

” The Lamps are different, but the LIGHT is the same.”  Rumi

And the last word goes to: SYNCHRONICITY!!


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Courtesy of   https://roserambles.org/2016/09/06/triplicate-numbers-999-the-energy-of-enlightenment-september-6-2016/

Steve Beckow – Fear of Nothingness or Free at Last? – 7-23-16



Steve Beckow   –    Fear of Nothingness or Free at Last?   –   7-23-16



In my view, we fear going back to nothingness, but, if you’ll allow me to say so, that’s indeed our destination.

We fear finding out that we’re in fact nothing. But guess what? We are in fact nothing.

Says the Koran: “Does it not occur to man that there was a time when he was nothing?” (1)

The Atman or Self that we are is nothing. It’s a spiritually-accepted fact.

And everything we do spiritually is at least in aid of helping us to realize that – even as we flee from the inquiry. Many of us have a divided, push/pull mind on the subject.

I feel myself turning from the world to God, which is, in my way of seeing things, the basic spiritual movement.

My taste for things and experiences is going down. My interest in sights and sounds is going down.  I feel myself withdrawing from the Third Dimension.

If I were to reframe the “way of negation” (via negativa) of spiritual philosophy for today’s lightworkers, I’d say it was, not neti, neti, neti (not this, not this, not this), but let go, let go, let go.

The way of affirmation (via positiva) is love.

How could we not be nothing at heart? God is no thing. God has no connection with the material world of things. God is not material, is beyond, transcends. As Krishna said, speaking as an Incarnation of the Divine:

“This entire universe is pervaded by me, in that eternal form of mine which is not manifest to the senses. Although I am not within any creature, all creatures exist within me. I do not mean that they exist within me physically. That is my divine mystery. You must try to understand its nature. My Being sustains all creatures and brings them to birth, but has no physical contact with them.” (2)

So, given that we are God (3) – since God is everything, as well as nothing –  we must be transcendental, formless, no (material) things. We are nothing. … And everything. As God is.

Allowing this in can make for a pleasant or a rocky ride. For anyone holding on to the world of things, it can be rocky at times, yes.

But for those who are willing to let go of a 3D idea for a higher but unfamiliar, to go with the flow rather than with the mind, to adapt to the drift of this moment’s reality, and this, and this, it’s a wonderful ride.

AND one minute into bliss and any residual downside disappears. Nothing else than the enjoyment of the state you’re in matters.

Free at last. Free at last.

Heavenletter #5701 – The Land of Enlightenment – 7-4-16


God said:

You have a calling. You may not know what your calling is, yet your calling will find you. Life will take you by the hand or Life grabs you by the neck, or it grabs you by the ear, or it shoves you, and you are pulled or pushed forward. Ultimately, you have no say about it. Your calling will come forward. You might as well surrender now.

You are going faster and faster in this whirling Universe. You may be going so fast that you feel slowed down. Ho ho, you are really going faster until you know Stillness and only Stillness or Silence or Vastness or Infinity. Of course, the word doesn’t matter. The Realization matters.

You, who are Born of Spirit, recognize your Self. Your Life, as you see it, is changed forever. You cannot go back into ignorance. You may try, yet you can’t. You may want to sink into an old comfortable couch, yet you will find that the old couch is no longer comfortable. You just can’t stay there.

A New State of Conscious arises. It can no longer be the old State. You are a Spark of Light lighted. Light is always new. You will become comfortable with Brighter Light. You will embrace it. You will run with it. You will soar with the Brightness of All That You Are.

You will look for Me, and you will find Me. You have been seeking Me all along.

You will surely enter the Land of Enlightenment. It may take you a while to recognize where you are. Being where you are and realizing where you are do not always keep the same pace. All the same, you are where you are – ready or not.

There are some matters that you have no choice about. There are some matters you choose that you may have forgotten that you pledged to choose. If you are here on Earth, you chose to be here, and you chose to be lighted here. You chose to be more than you may presently think you are. You chose to be My Bright Light on Earth. At some point, you will no longer deny that you are the Light of the World. It could be today. Why not today? Do you have another appointment more pressing?

Once, you were blind, and now you see. Once you were lame, and now you want to run at the speed of light. Or, you might want to run away from the light that you cannot escape. The old darkness may seem safe to you, yet you cannot hide in darkness any longer.

You are on a Crash Course to Enlightenment. Another way to say this is that you are fiercely on the trail for the Truth of Life, and nothing but the Truth.

What is True is True and doesn’t vary. Truth is Truth, or it is not Truth. The Truth is the same Truth for all. You may have been taught or learned ideas that you call true that are not true at all.

Death has seemed true to you. The Truth is that there is no death except of the body. No offense to the body, but your physical presence is a coat you borrow for a while.

The body is a Miracle on its own, yet you will remove this borrowed coat and leave it behind. The Truth of You rises, and you have a High Time.

The concept of death that you have invested so much in is not Truth as you have believed. You refuse to not believe it. You hold onto this concept that makes you cry. You may feel that the ache you feel is your penance. Penance for what? I have no idea.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff Describes Enlightenment

The Teachers Speak (KEEP)


Franklin Merrell-Wolff Describes Enlightenment

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness



Wouldn’t it be great to have a description of one of the stages of enlightenment from someone who experienced it? I’m not referring to a guru, but to an active student on the path who discovered what he called the ‘Current’ and shared his experiences with the world.


This person is Franklin Merrell-Wolff. I might devote the next few articles in this series to dissecting and discussing his writings, because in them are embedded interesting experiences and mind-opening wisdom.

First, we’ll learn about a powerful experience that resulted in a deeper understanding of the fact that even though the mind creates reality, you experience enlightenment and oneness with the Source in a place beyond the stream of thought.

Despite this, Franklin was at peace with the mind during the experience we’ll learn about; he was aware of it but he didn’t engage it. This shows that despite the advice from many to get out of the mind and transcend the ego, they both accompany us into initial stages of enlightenment in a way that we are only loosely aware.

In the first passage, Franklin describes some of the circumstances preceding his experience.

“… During the latter half of July, I had some days of solitude combined with underground physical work, plus meditative readings in the ‘System of the Vedanta,’ as noted previously. Much clarification was achieved in my consciousness during this period, but two facts, one a correlating idea and the other an experience, stand out above the rest.

“The experience was a spontaneous development in the Current, but this time in a form that was more sensuously evident than on any prior occasion. Here, for the first time, I submitted It to analysis, in so far as It was reflected in the organism.

“…. During the first week of August we returned to San Fernando and, on or about the 7th of the month, the Glorious Transition came.” (1)

After reading and meditating on a section of The System of the Vedanta devoted to liberation, he realized that symbols and external validations of what we already know can inhibit the evolutionary process.

“I had been sitting in a porch swing, reading as previously stated. Ahead of the sequence in the book, I turned to section devoted to ‘Liberation’, as I seemed to feel an especial hunger for this. I covered the material quickly and it all seemed very clear and satisfactory.

“Then, as I sat afterward dwelling in thought upon the subject just read, suddenly it dawned upon me that a common mistake made in the higher meditation – i.e., meditation for Liberation – is the seeking for a subtle object of Recognition, in other words, something that could be experienced.

“Of course, I had long known the falseness of this position theoretically, yet had failed to recognize it. (Here is a subtle but very important distinction.)” (2)

I don’t discourage using symbols, music, spiritual text or anything that helps you, because it comes in handy in difficult times.

Franklin’s distinction is that he was intellectually aware of the futility of seeking spirit in symbols and experiences but he had not yet realized he was still doing it, and there’s nothing wrong with looking up to something that helps you as long as you remember that liberation comes from within.

When he realized that focusing on the symbol or the experience would inhibit him, he dropped all expectation for what would happen in this slowly emerging enlightened state of being.

“At once, I dropped expectation of having anything happen. Then, with eyes open and no sense stopped in functioning – hence no trance – I abstracted the subjective moment – the ‘I AM’ or ‘Atman’ element – from the totality of the objective consciousness manifold. Upon this I focused.

“Naturally, I found what, from the relative point of view, is Darkness and Emptiness. But I Realized It as Absolute Light and Fullness and that I was That. Of course, I cannot tell what IT was in Its own nature.” (3)

He also shares an important thought about relative and non-relative consciousness.

“The relative forms of consciousness inevitably distort non-relative Consciousness. Not only can I not tell this to others, I cannot even contain it within my own relative consciousness, whether of sensation, feeling, or thought. Every metaphysical thinker will see this impossibility at once.

“I was even prepared not to have the personal consciousness share in this Recognition in any way. But in this I was happily disappointed.” (4)

If you wonder what it was like to feel the ambrosia (spiritual bliss) and experience the Current, here is Franklin’s description:

“I felt the Ambrosia-like quality in the breath with the purifying benediction that it casts over the whole personality, even including the physical body.

“I found myself above the universe, not in the sense of being above space, time, and causality, My karma seemed to drop away from me as an individual responsibility. I felt intangibly, yet wonderfully, free.

“I sustained this universe and was not bound by it. Desires and ambitions grew perceptibly more and more shadowy. All worldly honors were without power to exalt me.” (5)

When compared to such an amazing experience, one can’t help but think there’s nothing to desire in this world. However, Franklin realized that one thing makes our time here worthwhile: sharing knowledge and good vibes with a world lost in darkness.

“Physical life seemed undesirable. … I looked, as it were, over the world, asking: ‘What is there of interest here? What is worth doing?’ I found but one interest: the desire that other souls should also realize this that I had realized, for in it lay the one effective key for the solving of their problems.

“The little tragedies of men left me indifferent. I saw one great Tragedy, the cause of all the rest, the failure of man to realize his own Divinity. I saw but one solution, the Realization of this Divinity.” (6)

We learn from this passage that the world’s problems are caused by a lack of enlightenment and can be solved by the understanding that we are one with Source and each other.

In my opinion, love is what the world needs more than anything. To be fair though, love probably overflows in a state of enlightenment. I’d imagine it’s as effortless as breathing, but it can change the world with or without enlightenment.

Next, Franklin describes a second experience in the Current.

“I had been following this course while completing a cross-cut in a gold-prospect near the small town of Michigan Bluff. Much of this time I was completely alone and was more than usually successful in penetrating the meaning and following the logic of what I was reading.

“One day, after the evening meal and while still sitting at the table, I found that, by gradual transition, I had passed into a very delightful state of contemplation.” (7)

His experience, which I’ve shared before, was less powerful than the first but still profound.

“My breath had changed, but not in the sense of stopping or becoming extremely slow or rapid. It was, perhaps, just a little slower than normal. The notable change was in a subtle quality associated with the air breathed.

Over and above the physical phases of the air there seemed to be an impalpable substance of indescribable sweetness which, in turn, was associated with a general sense of well-being, embracing even the physical man.

“It was like happiness or joy, but [these] words are inadequate. It was of a very gentle quality, yet far transcended the value of any of the more familiar forms of happiness.” (8)

For Franklin, the ‘elixir-like quality’ was the most powerful when he exhaled.

“Introspective analysis revealed the fact that the elixir-like quality was most marked during the exhalation, thus indicating that it was not derived from the surrounding air.

“Further, the exhaled breath was not simply air expelled into the outer atmosphere, but seemed to penetrate down through the whole organism like a gentle caress, leaving throughout a quiet sense of delight. It seemed to me like a nectar. Since that time I have learned that it is the true Ambrosia.” (9)

I might share Franklin’s third enlightenment experience in another report, because it’s just as fascinating as the first two. No two people will have the exact same experience, but sometimes, it helps to have a general guide to go by.

No matter who you prefer to listen to (or if you don’t prefer to follow anyone), remember to go within and rely more on your authentic inner connection than external things that help illuminate it.

It only takes a sunset or a pretty patch of flowers to show you that we have everything we need in the spiritual sense, and with openness and dedication to the path ahead, we may eventually have an experience similar to Franklin’s. Then, we can share the wealth like he did.

NATALIE GLASSON, OMNA – Exchange of Light to Awaken Enlightenment – by Celestial White Beings, Goddess Isis and the Beings from Venus – 2-26-16

 Natalie GlassonNatalie Glasson,  OMNA


NATALIE GLASSON, OMNA   –   Exchange of Light to Awaken Enlightenment   –   by Celestial White Beings, Goddess Isis and the Beings from Venus  –   2-26-16


Audio Download


Celestial White Beings: ‘We gather upon the Celestial Planes in an Ashram of Peace to discuss and co-create an exchange of energy to boost and aid the consciousness of humanity in returning at a greater speed. Many upon the Earth are calling out to the Creator to advance and support them to experience enlightenment which is the exchange of light or more truthfully consciousness. We are allowing our gathering to be observed and witnessed by many to enable our response and actions to be further accepted and embodied by those who initially created a request for accelerated enlightenment. We, the Celestial White Beings, deeply honour those present, Goddess Isis representing the light body and consciousness of the Goddess and Beings of Venus who are deeply welcome. We represent three bodies of light and consciousness expressing the truth and divine power of the Creator. Thank you to those who join us in their light bodies or with conscious awareness from the Earth as observers of our creations.’

Goddess Isis: ‘In this moment I am present with all of the Goddess consciousness exuding from my being, I am more than my soul, I am the Goddess consciousness of all in this moment. Our purpose as I am aware and which has been gifted to us by the Creator is to create an exchange of light. To me this symbolises two pathways of creation which result in one and support the unification of those wishing to receive the Creator. The request we have received from humanity is for a higher consciousness to be activated within those who are ready, while the Creator is inspiring an exchange of light. To me it seems that humanity’s request is in response to the Creator stimulus as the Creator exists within all. An exchange of light is to enhance the conversation which takes place constantly between the Creator aspects upon the Earth (Humanity) and the Creator. As we know a conversation with the Creator is a whole body experience, every aspect of one’s being is in constant communication with the Creator, giving and receiving. The purpose at this time is to open the networks within many upon the Earth through which the Creator flows so that a higher consciousness, awareness and knowingness may be grasped. The additional purpose of an exchange of light is to recognise that this will create a switch or an interchange of light / consciousness allowing old consciousness to fall away or be detached from and new consciousness to be accepted. This is our understanding as the Goddess consciousness.’

Celestial White Beings: ‘This is our understanding as well and something we wish to promote upon the Earth through the unity of our three expressions of the Creator. We have gathered your energies to co-create a consciousness and source of light to be delivered to humanity, especially as a response to those seeking support in accessing a higher consciousness and enlightenment. We, the Celestial White Beings, wish to give the energy of freedom and expansion from the core of our source and connection with the Creator. We invite you to lend your energies also.’

Goddess Isis: ‘The consciousness of the Goddess wishes to share and add to this co-creation the qualities from our source and expression of the Creator equilibrium, balance and equality given in a vibration of peace as the highest expressions of these qualities present in the Goddess consciousness.’

Celestial White Beings: ‘Thank you.’

Beings from Venus: ‘We are honoured to be present, to be of service in a co-creation which will further awaken humanity. The focus of our planet at this time is expression, we are openly expressing our consciousness, love and wisdom freely to humanity and Mother Earth without expectancy of anything in return. It is our role and purpose at this time. From the core of our energy we wish to share an expression of our love and peace. While this expression seems simple it is multifaceted with numerous levels of love and peace consciousness, insights and activations for individuals upon the Earth to explore, accessing their inner enlightenment and knowingness. We are present to lovingly co-create with you now.’

Celestial White Beings: ‘Let us begin our light creation. Into our Ashram of Peace, we invite the Creator to be fully present forming a light source shaped as a pyramid. Within the light of the Creator and the pyramid shape that is forming we ask that all levels of the Creator’s Universe be present in their highest and quickest frequency, the Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi Universal and Cosmic Levels. This allows those who connect with our creation to access the highest frequency of consciousness appropriate to aid accelerated enlightenment awakening. We also invite Celestial Beings such as the Celestial Dolphins, Lions, Birds and Elephants who represent a specific consciousness of the Creator to anchor their energy into our creation. Please act as a source of activation of the original source within all who connect into our creation and exchange of light.’

Goddess Isis: ‘To our light creation we, the Goddess Consciousness, add equilibrium, balance and equality given in a vibration of peace, which will be evident throughout the entire creation emanating from the pyramid and pulsating throughout the core.’

Beings of Venus: ‘At the core of the pyramid we create a star shaped light and consciousness of our multifaceted love and peace.’

Celestial White Beings: ‘And so our co-creation is complete. We now address those who are present with us or observing from the Earthly plane. Our creation is a response to your request for accelerated enlightenment. Please use our co-creation as guided.

You may wish in meditation to travel to be present with us in the Ashram of Peace at a Celestial Level through your intention, allowing yourself to exist in the centre of the pyramid with the Venus star resting at and engaging with your third eye chakra. The Celestial Dolphins, Lions, Birds and Elephants will gently move throughout your being as light spirits purifying your being and creating activations of remembrance of your original source of enlightenment and knowledge. Please allow this to occur as you breathe deeply. You may also feel the glow of the Creator’s energy represented by the pyramid you exist within seeping into your being as well as the presence of our energies supporting you, the Celestial White Beings, Goddess Isis and the Goddess Consciousness and the Beings from Venus. Please breathe deeply as you focus upon absorbing light and consciousness to create a climax and gentle burst of remembrance within your being. You may or may not be aware of a burst of remembrance occurring within your being, you may experience it as a rush of energy, light, heat or coolness.

The final experience within our co-creation is to use a key to further unlock and activate your remembrance of the Creator within you. The key we share with you is an affirmation which instigates your conscious awareness of your conversation with the Creator and your purification of old consciousness with the emergence of higher consciousness. Repeat with your focus at your third eye chakra where the Venus Star rests, ‘With all aspects of the Creator, I co-create the consciousness of a supreme enlightenment within my being now.’

Repeating this affirmation for a few minutes or as feels appropriate will shift you into an open state of accessing your enlightened consciousness within while absorbing the consciousness we share with you. This is an exchange of light, we receive your unneeded consciousness or lower consciousness and transmute it into light while you absorb the contained higher consciousness creating further awakening within your being. Your conversation with the Creator which occurs within all aspects of your being is heightened thus you are able to recognise and receive new consciousness of the Creator from within your being.

In the moments after you have completed the affirmation let yourself be still and peaceful acknowledging any insights which may enter into your mind or awareness, this is your conversation with the Creator, this is the Creator responding and answering you.

Then simply when you are ready ask to return and ground yourself back into your physical reality. You may also wish to follow this with a cleansing of your physical body such as a bath, shower etc. to amplify the shifts of consciousness which have taken place within your own being.

You are in constant conversation with the Creator, the more you raise the vibration of your conversation, meaning the energy, thoughts and emotions you express daily to all, the higher the frequency of consciousness you will receive or awaken from the Creator within you.
We, the Celestial White Beings, Goddess Isis and the Goddess Consciousness and the Beings from Venus will remain present in the Ashram of Peace at a Celestial Level to be of service to you.

Celestial Blessings,

Natalie Glasson

Exchange of Energy to Awaken Enlightenment by Celestial White Beings, Goddess Isis and the Beings from Venus


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Archangel Michael – Enlightenment and Dimensionality – by Steve Beckow – 2-2-16



Archangel Michael


It’s becoming clear to me that our (OK, my) conventional understandings that correlate level of enlightenment with dimension or plane are not adequate.

We sometimes think that a certain kind of enlightenment opens the door to a certain dimension but increasingly we’re being shown that the matter is not as simple as that.

For instance, if I were the planners, I’d have made Sahaja Samadhi (a permanent heart opening) the entry into the Fifth Dimension.

I now learn that one can have a lower level of enlightenment (Seventh-Chakra enlightenment or Brahamjnana) and still be in the Fifth Dimension, as Archangel Michael here discusses, from a personal reading through Linda Dillon on Jan. 20, 2016.

He also told me on another occasion that many of us are already in the Fifth Dimension and yet we haven’t had even Brahmajnana yet. Moreover, we’ll have Brahmajnana sometime in 2017, he’s said elsewhere, and still be inside the Fifth Dimension.  Sahaja will come some time later. My theories are no longer fitting, stretch them in all directions as I might want to do.

So there’s a need to begin to nail down the manner in which enlightenment is related to dimensionality.

Steve Beckow: Is XX’s Enlightenment Brahmajnana or Sahaja Samadhi?

Archangel Michael: Brahmajnana.

Steve: When he talks about a world that works for everyone, that’s the Fifth Dimension?

AAM: Yes, it is. It is the beginning of the Fifth Dimension. There is room to keep going, and you will.

Steve: So you can have Brahmajnana and be in the Fifth Dimension. You don’t have to have Sahaja Samadhi to be in the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension.

AAM: No, you do not.

This is something that we are really going to be discussing.

Because what you are thinking about, and it is a mental thought/construct, is that certain properties belong to certain dimensions. Now that has been a construct that has been workable and applicable, shall we say in terms of understanding, of how things work upon your planet.

As you fully integrate, anchor, become the fullness of your interdimensional self, you will learn about how you can, can we say, transport various spiritual experiences and qualities into various dimensions. That is your next assignment.

Steve: Oh wow! When do we begin?

AAM: Today. I have just begun the lecture, dear heart.

Steve: Thank you! Some people wait for the next Seahawks game but this is what I wait for!

AAM: Yes, [football is] not exactly at the same level. It brings excitement and joy and moments of great pain or loss. We will not enter into that realm.

You Are Getting Closer – by Soul Soothing Sounds Blog – 11-19-15


You Are Getting Closer  –   by Soul Soothing Sounds Blog   –   11-19-15

December 19, 2015


You are getting closer to your enlightenment, in spite of what you may be experiencing physically and emotionally in your life.  In fact, the more unsettling things become, often it is a sign that you are clearing on even a deeper level.  But to your human self, it may feel like you are just not getting it, or you are doing something wrong.  You may become increasingly disillusioned, wondering if you will ever get past issues of a physical or emotional nature.

Sometimes when I feel that I’ve had enough of the challenges of being human, of going through this amazing yet often overwhelming transformational process, and I consider going to the other side, I get sad. Not because I am afraid of dying. I’ve done it thousands of times, but, I am sad about leaving. I would miss the little pleasures. And at the risk of sounding sentimental, here are some of them.

I would miss that first cup of coffee at the café in the morning. I would miss that warm ocean breeze.  I would miss the cacophony of crickets resounding throughout the night outside my window. I would miss my nightly walks. It’s a sacred time for me as I gaze at the stars. I would miss laughing with friends, the few I have left. I would miss listening to my music, those creations that give me so much pleasure. I would miss the taste of food, and I would even miss a good cry.

It’s the little things that, as angels, would make us nostalgic for being physical again.

But now we want to enjoy those moments more on our own terms, with our soul in our bodies, in good health and with plenty of money in our life. With passion in our heart. But a different kind of passion. Not a passion for a mate or a career necessarily, but a passion for life, for just being here. For feeling that fulfillment from the inside. And then watching it manifest on the outside.

We are becoming more lovingly and healthfully detached from the world news …

STEVE BECKOW – The Role the Celestials Play in our Enlightenment – Part 1/2 – 12-15-15

Angels 7821Steve Beckow


Most lightworkers are angels who’ve descended into form to serve as wayshowers in this Ascension. A few are archangels; others, seraphim; and still others, elohim.

Most terrestrials are angelic in origin but are at present ascenders. They descended eons ago to have a physical experience and then began to climb back up the ladder of consciousness. Many lightworkers however have come down expressly in this lifetime and for the purpose of leavening the loaf through their Ascension. (I acknowledge that others have contracted to have many lifetimes on Earth, to help terrestrials prepare for this Ascension.)

In this article, I’d like to look at the role the celestials have played in the enlightenment of terrestrials, described mostly by Archangel Michael though various channels.

Among humans known to have been enlightened by angels in scripture were Moses, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Mohammed, and Alfred Lord Tennyson. (1)

In the case of Moses, “the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.” (2) When Moses came down from that encounter, he was enlightened.

Isaiah was also enlightened by angels; specifically, a seraph.

“In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple … and one [seraphim] cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. …

“Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.TheCambridgeAngel

“Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:

“And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.” (3)

It was also a seraph that enlightened Alfred Lord Tennyson as he stood on the shores of Africa. It’s so dramatic that I think it merits citing at length:

“I stood upon the Mountain which o’erlooks
The narrow seas….

“A curve of whitening, flashing, ebbing light!
A rustling of white wings! the bright descent
Of a young Seraph! and he stood beside me
There on the [mountain] ridge, and look’d into my face
With his unutterable, shining orbs. …

“Stagger’d beneath the vision, and thick night
Came down upon my eyelids, and I fell.

“With ministering hand he rais’d me up:
Then with a mournful and ineffable smile,
Which but to look on for a moment fill’d
My eyes with irresistible sweet tears…

“‘There is no mightier Spirit than I to sway
The heart of man: and teach him to attain
By shadowing forth the Unattainable….’” (4)

I once asked Archangel Michael to confirm the role the angels historically played in enlightenment.

Steve Beckow: We often say that we “get” enlightened, and we sometimes say that God graces us with enlightenment. But is it not the case that angels actually mediate enlightenment; in other words, bring enlightenment to us?

Archangel Michael: They assist in your enlightenment process, yes. That is one of the gifts to them and to you. (5)

Later in the same program, he expanded on the celestials who were involved in our enlightenment and what they do. He calls enlightenment the greatest of the Mother’s gifts.

Archangel Michael: The angels, particularly what you think of as the second and third spheres, but particularly the archangels, the angels, and the virtues, actually, play a great role in bringing that enlightenment that you asked for, that you seek, that you open your heart to receive, and acknowledge that is already within you. …

That is our joy, not simply to serve the Mother, but to bring and to be the bearers of her gifts, the greatest of which is enlightenment. (6)

What exactly do the celestials do in their work as the Mother’s agents of enlightenment? AAM continued:

Archangel Michael: What we do is in many ways we blow on the flame until it becomes an inferno. And their breath is the breath of wisdom and love and joy and sweetness.

But do not ever make the incorrect thinking, thinking that you do not have the essential element to bring enlightenment forward, because you do. You always have.

I guesangel of lights this is one of our greatest joys! To beckon to you, to travel with you, to embrace you, to point you in certain directions.(7)

He then made a very significant statement, acknowledging that our karma yoga, our seva or selfless service was enough to bring us enlightenment. I know many people wonder if they should meditate (which is often called raja yoga) or follow other spiritual discipline as well as serving. But AAM says here that service is enough.

Archangel Michael: Now, let me give you an example quickly, if I may. Many of you — and particularly you, my beloved friend — travel with me and do remarkable service on my behalf.

Now, you think of this as service to me. And whether it is the building of the platform [the Golden Age of Gaia] or traveling with me to the war-torn areas of Afghanistan or Egypt or Korea, when you go in that service, you are also receiving the energy, the catalyst for greater enlightenment. So think of it as an infinity flow: ‘I do my service. I receive more enlightenment.'(8)

In a previous article we looked at the team of higher-dimensional beings bringing enlightenment to us, as the means of our Ascension.  They join the celestials who have always mediated enlightenment for this planet’s inhabitants.

Tomorrow we’ll look more at how they do their work.

(Concluded tomorrow in Part 2.)

Wes Annac – 5 Things to Release on the Path of Enlightenment – 6-11-15

Image Source

Wes Annac   –   5 Things to Release on the Path of Enlightenment   –   6-11-15

You probably don’t need me to tell you that spirituality isn’t all about feeling positive or uplifted. The enlightenment path requires us to sacrifice things that hold us back and keep us from making progress, and maybe this is where the notion of religious sacrifice was created.

Most religious sacrifices throughout history have been unnecessarily violent and wicked, but maybe the idea of religious sacrifice originally came from the external (and even internal) sacrifices we have to make on the enlightenment path.

Why do we have to make these sacrifices? Because there are a lot of things here on Earth that stop us from making genuine spiritual progress and we have to avoid these things if we want to elevate our consciousness or awaken others.

The purpose of self-sacrifice isn’t to boss ourselves around or give up things we cherish, unless they cause serious damage – it’s to detach from things that are destructive so we can make room for more wholesome things that accelerate our evolution.

Here, I’ll list four things we’ll want to give up if our goal is to walk the spiritual path without falling back into limiting habits or mindsets. Ridding ourselves of them right now will allow us to forge ahead with strength, and they’ll eventually stop influencing us and fade away.

1. Negative or toxic people

I’m sure we all know someone who seems overly negative or constantly upset with life, and we’ll want to keep our distance from them for the sake of our spiritual growth. When we’re around other people, we tend to be subconsciously influenced by their expressions and, sometimes, their outbursts, and if we aren’t careful, we could end up repeating their behavior.

We could end up frustrated with life or with the people around us, and we won’t even realize we were influenced by someone else’s negativity. We’re all subconsciously connected, and the words and actions of people we’re close with can affect us in a deeper way than we realize.

With all of this said, we should remember that the issue isn’t always black and white. We might have a loved one who means a lot to us but tends to have random or not so random outbursts (or their opinion on any issue is just too negative to take), and we won’t just want to abandon them.

We don’t want to abandon our family or people we’re close with just because of their negativity, so we’ll have to find some kind of middle ground. We don’t want to spend so much time with them that they start to influence us, but we don’t want to avoid them just because we don’t like how they express themselves.

We’ll want to stay balanced and listen to our intuition when we’re met with any difficult circumstances. Our intuition will help us make the best and most helpful decisions, and we can spend time with an angry loved one while finding some way to stay impervious to their negativity.

Credit: Spirituallythinking.blogspot.com

2. Sugary, artificial, GMO foods

It’s no secret that our modern society is filled with cheap, fake foods that make big food corporations money while slowly poisoning us and ensuring that we’ll be sick when we’re older. These foods don’t just hurt our physical health – they’re a detriment to our spiritual health as well because mind, body and spirit are one.

What we put into our bodies affects us deeply on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, and if we want to be clearheaded as we go throughout our day or we want our meditations to be more potent, then clean, healthy and preferably organic food is our best bet.

I’m not trying to be one of those food snobs who tells you how to live your life, and while I try to be healthy, I tend to eat as much fake, sugary food as anyone else.

I’ve felt firsthand the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, and the first choice gives us energy, clarity, vitality and an enhanced sense of passion while the latter pleases our taste buds before making us feel lazy, tired and awful.

We’ll also want to avoid unhealthy eating habits, like eating too much or too late at night. We don’t realize how this affects us when we’re doing it, but the effects will make themselves known at a later time when we feel terrible and we can’t understand why.

3. Too much television or technological stimulation

Watching television is one of the most destructive things a spiritual seeker can do. Again, I don’t want to tell you how to live, but a lot of things on this world (including TV) seem designed to keep people unhealthy and, for lack of a better word, stupid.

Television dumbs us down while keeping us fixed on an artificial reality that’s usually violent, hypersexual or just plain juvenile, and intelligent people aren’t the only ones who might want to avoid it.

Credit: Itsmonopolymoney.blogspot.com

Spiritual seekers would benefit just as much from avoiding TV or any other kind of technological stimulation, but there’ll always be times when we have to use technology. Most of my work is done on a computer, but when I’m done working for the day, I can always get outside, go to a nature spot, ride my bicycle and generally detach from technology.

It’s important to reconnect with nature, which technology can prevent, because it’s our true home and it’s provided everything we’ll ever need for survival or leisure.

We can’t reconnect with nature if we’re too busy staring into the TV, our smartphones or any other gadget that distracts us from life, so we’ll want to put these things down sometimes and rediscover reality.

4. Laziness or fatigue

I know that fatigue is sometimes unavoidable, and we never want to feel it when it comes along. However, there are driving factors, like laziness, that we’ll want to be on the lookout for if we don’t want fatigue to bring us down.

While the advice we’ve been given from various spiritual teachers to ‘become nothing’ is helpful on the path, I think we should be active in the midst of all of our spiritual practices that reconnect us with nothingness.

I don’t see anything wrong with exercising a little each day, and I’d imagine it can boost our meditation and make those higher vibes easier to feel.

Not to mention that being active can help us find a sense of purpose, and once we find what we want to do in life, we can enthusiastically pursue it with an active, awake perspective instead of sitting down on the couch to be entertained by whatever reality TV show is on.

I think being active is an important part of spiritual evolution, and laziness or fatigue won’t go away until we remove ourselves from them. It might require us to step outside of our comfort zone, but we’ll see that it was worth it when we feel better and the good vibes can flow in without restriction.

5. Suppressing negativity or avoiding the ‘shadow self’

We all have a ‘shadow self’, which is the aspect of our personality that’s constantly negative, hurtful, narcissistic, etc. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not encouraging us to give it up. I’m encouraging us to give up trying to suppress it, because it’s a crucial part of us that we’ll want to embrace, heal and release.

Credit: Pinterest.com

In embracing the shadow self, we’ll also want to stop avoiding the negative situations we have to deal with in life. No matter how hard we try to stay ‘happy’ or aligned with our higher consciousness, we’re going to have to deal with negative situations that we’d rather sweep under the rug.

How we handle them is our choice entirely, and we can do it with grace, patience, and most importantly, centeredness. We have to stay centered when we deal with these kinds of situations, and leaving our center can cause us to lose ourselves in the emotional fray.

The destructive tendency to suppress negative situations or even the negativity we carry within will stifle our spiritual growth in the long run, so let’s give it up and willingly embrace any negativity that comes our way – from the world or from within.

As we continue along the enlightenment path, we’ll find plenty more things that we have to release into the ethers if we want to keep thriving. This might be a difficult or uncomfortable process for a lot of spiritual seekers, but it’s all for a good cause and the positive change will be evident when we look back.

We just have to be willing to give up things that no longer serve us, and it gets easier when we can call on our higher consciousness and allow our spiritual/creative essence to work through us.

Opening up to the ‘higher self’ will make our disciplines and sacrifices easier, and whether we know it or not, we have an infinite source of love, guidance and creativity within that we can access at any time.

Our connection with this part of ourselves will become clearer and more refined as we willingly sacrifice the things that stop us from maintaining it, and the guidance we receive from our higher consciousness will make any future sacrifices easier.

With this in mind, we see that our sacrifices really don’t have to be hard. They will be hard as long as we build them up in our minds, but opening the mind and connecting with the intuition will help us understand that sacrifice and discipline boil down to a moment-by-moment choice.

Share freely.

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The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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The Signs of Enlightenment by James Swartz


The signs of enlightenment by James Swartz

James Swartz is a Vedanta teacher and writer, greatly influenced by Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Abhedananda and Swami Dayananda Saraswati.


Dear Ram,

In your last e-mail you made the statement “So that ‘you’ which is unaffected by experience is called the ‘Self’ and the knowledge ‘I Am the Self’ is enlightenment. What would be the signs of that?

Ram: Here is a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, so I am just going to tell you what it is. First Arjuna asks Krishna the question, ‘What are the signs of an enlightened soul?’ and Krishna says, ‘When a man completely casts off, O Partha, all the desires of the mind …’ [Ch.2, v.55]

Joseph: Does that mean, for example, if I were sitting in a restaurant and a beautiful woman comes in and I start fancying her?

Ram: It has nothing to do with whether or not you fancy her. It has everything to do with why you fancy her. If you fancy her and are thinking that making love with her will increase your fundamental happiness you are deluded. If you fancy her as the Self, if you see the light in her and recognize it as the light in you and everything, then that would be the response of an enlightened person. But that does not mean that you will try to get her in bed. If you are just conditioned, like Pavlov’s dog, to start fancying a woman that your vasanas attract you to, then you are just an animal. It’s OK to be an animal, but it isn’t Self realization.

Joseph: But there is nothing actually stopping me from doing it? As long as I am not caught up with the idea that it will make me feel good or feel bad?

Ram: People usually want things because they think things will make them happier. If you feel that love is modifying you, then you are not the Self. That person would be Joseph, the Ego. It is very easy to fool yourself on the issue of desires. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna is not saying not to have desires in the mind. In fact in one verse he says, “I am the desire that is not opposed to dharma.” An enlightened person can have desires, it is quite natural, but an enlightened person…someone who sees his or herself as limitless awareness…has a non-attached relationship to the desires that appear in the mind. It is all about one’s relationship to the desires.

So how does a jnani, view desires? In The Course of Miracles, it says, ‘From what you want God won’t save you.’ What does that mean? It means that the karma from indulging your desires may not be as wonderful as you think. In fact experience teaches that sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t, so, on one hand, we can’t even count on getting what we want….which can lead to frustration and depression. It also teaches that sometimes we aren’t happy when we get what we want and at other times we are happy when we get what we don’t want. So, on the other hand, tying happiness to the satisfaction of your desires is foolish.
In the Gita it also says when a person, ‘… is satisfied in the Self by the Self, then is he said to be one of steady Wisdom.’ [Ch.2, v.55]

This is a statement that applies to an enlightened person: when one is satisfied in the Self alone. The desires of the mind are optional and can be ignored without causing agitation. When you know that ‘you’ are the source of your satisfaction and don’t look for satisfaction outside yourself through fame, security, pleasure, wealth and duty, etc. then you are wise.

Joseph: I think one of my difficulties when you tell me these things, is when did it start? When was it that I started to say certain things? In some way, I could say I was always like this. As long as I can remember that was true.

Ram: Yes, that is the Self. It was always true for the Self. It did not become true at some point for the Self. Maybe for Joseph it became true at a certain point. But for the Self it is always true. It says in the Upanishads, “It is not for the sake of the wife that the husband loves the wife but for the sake of the Self.” Now that could mean the ego but it does not mean the ego – it means the Self. Because everything is done for the sake of the Self and everything is the Self, including all activity. When you love somebody, it isn’t your girlfriend you love although you perhaps think it is; it is the Self in your girlfriend that you love. When you get involved as a person love goes out the door.

Joseph: So what do you make of my personal situation? How does my situation fit in with this whole Self-thing we are discussing?

Ram: You see, Joseph, you are not a person. You have no personal situation. What is personal about you…your hair, your nose, your mind? Nothing here is personal. ‘Personal’ is a concept that comes about when you don’t know your real nature. How does any of what you consider yours become yours? Your body is just five elements, not different from any other body. The physiological systems are just universal forces working in the impersonal body.

Where is it written that any of it belongs to a guy named Joseph? Are any of the thoughts in your mind unique? They are not. As we speak there are millions of people thinking the same thoughts we are. What about your feelings? When you feel lust, is it a special Joseph lust? It isn’t. When you enter the state of deep sleep are you entering your own personal state of sleep. No. A king sleeping on silk sheets and a drunk sleeping in the gutter are enjoying the same state. There is nothing personal here.

The Bhagavad Gita says, ‘He whose mind is not shaken by adversity, and who in prosperity does not hanker after pleasures, who is free from attachment, fear and anger, is called a sage-of-steady-Wisdom.’ [Ch.2, v.56]

If you hanker after pleasures, that may be Joseph, but it is not the Self. If you are upset when things don’t go your way, that’s Joseph and not the Self.

Enlightenment confers the power of viveka, the ability to discriminate between the Self and the non-Self – to know which is which. So all you need to do is know what Joseph is and know what the Self is. When you get that sorted you can decide whether you want to be Joseph or the Self. It is up to you. When you think of yourself as Joseph, a person in this world, working to get certain things and get rid of certain other things, then you are said to be an aviveki, someone who lacks discrimination, a samsari.

Joseph: I can clearly say that I am unattached to those sorts of things. Today in satsang I was telling a story about how I met this person and someone called out, ‘that’s not satsang’. Everyone was shocked by the interruption. I didn’t react at all. I stopped talking and waited to see what was going to happen and then other people started to talk and a whole thing happened. I sat quietly through it and it felt really good. I noticed that there was one man in the room who was simply present in the Self, sitting there and everyone else was being hooked into the big drama that was happening. I felt myself totally with him.

Ram: The first fellow was right. It wasn’t satsang. It was Joseph talking about Joseph. But it is also true that as the Self you are not going to be any less than what you are if people either like of dislike you. It isn’t a statement about you at all. It’s just their own projections that are causing them to behave in the way they do. Your happiness and peace of mind doesn’t depend upon their opinion, or their feelings about you and whether they love you or not. It’s the ego that cares.

Joseph: I feel pretty clear about this one. That is definitely not the case.

Ram: Let’s get back to the Gita. This is something that only you know in your heart unless you’re in denial. You may be able to delude yourself but you can’t conceal it from others. Anyway, the verse says ‘The Self free of attachment, neither rejoices nor hates.’ The one who rejoices is the ego; the one who hates is the ego.

Joseph: ‘Joseph’ is attached to a friend staying here longer, but at the same time I really don’t care. Does that make me unattached?

Ram: No, it doesn’t. Joseph cannot be unattached. It is simply not possible. Being limited, Joseph is by definition always attached to something. Spirituality is not about a person, like Joseph, achieving a state of non-attachment. This is a very common misconception. Behind this idea you have a lot of people trying to detach from bad habits, other people, negative thought patterns, etc. But it is a futile endeavour. You cannot gain what you already have by karma, by doing something, in this case detaching. You can only see if you are Joseph or the Self. When you see that you are the Self you get perfect non-attachment, a non-attachment that does not have to be cultivated. But then, Joseph, after living through so many experiences, can suddenly realize that nothing here is going to make him permanently happy and he can just let go. So in that sense a kind of relative detachment can come.

This is probably enough for now. I hope it clears things up.

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